Or Is He Just A Big Ego With No Vision & A Rotten Staff? UPDATE 3

Robert David Steele

There are two schools of thought about the current collapse of the Donald Trump campaign for the presidency.


One school of thought — the one favored by the smart connected money — is that Lynn Rothschild has made Trump an offer he could not refuse: $20B to disrupt the GOP nomination process and if nominated, to throw the race by any means necessary so that Hillary Clinton can be crowned “Her Royal Highness” as Maureen Down has so elegantly hinted in her recent New York Times article, The Perfect G.O.P. Nominee.

Combined with the Clinton ability to subvert the US Government (Barack Obama may have been promised a nomination to be a Supreme Court Justice, and perhaps even Chief Justice after Roberts gets an offer he cannot refuse, to retire; the Attorney General and the FBI Director are simply owned by the Clintons and the Rothschilds); and the Clinton ability to use the same electronic voting fraud against Trump that she used against Bernie Sanders (as confirmed by Stanford University, with additional details from Jon Rappoport), this is the most logical explanation for Trump blowing an almost certain landslide against Clinton.

Historical note: Sidney Blumenthal was in the room in 2000 when Warren Christopher relayed the bribe offer to Al Gore from Wall Street. The words Sid has used to sum up that offer to others are reproduced, third hand, below:

Al, if you fight this, you will never get another corporate speaking fee in your lifetime. But if you accept it as being within the bounds of “reasonable dishonesty” then I expect you will be worth $100 million in a few years.


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79 thought on “Has Trump Accepted A $20B Bribe From Lynn Rothschild To Throw The Election?”
        1. Exactly my thoughts-Creepy and I checked, he really is a Jesuit.

          America has no room and is no place for Secret Societies….


    1. The god of this world already has. This is why we are where we are.

      2 Cor 4:3-4… “But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.”

      1. Whats that scripture that says something like “your leaders will be as children (because of their corruption).

        I always think of that one when I look at how stupid and childish our world leaders and congress are today.

        This may be it.

        “And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.”

  1. Oh Shucks..you caught him. So much for my commission.

    Is this MHB or the New York Times?

    They just make up scenarios and run with it.

    “Hillary admits she really is George Soros!!!”

        1. Look at your own comparisons and see the eyes change the nose changes and don’t forget the age difference.

          I think I see things pretty clearly being honest.

          I think these rabbit trails are non-productive as Hillary said “at this point what does it matter?”

          And if I was easily fooIed I would think William Campbell is Paul McCartney and that fool was John Lennon starring in his own movie about his own life .

          Give me some credit Dubsters.

          I think everyone should carefully pick the rabbit hole they jump in.
          And there’s a lot of designed dead ends like the flat earth theory and all these pictures this guys that guy this guys that guy.

          We need to stay focused, we’re at the End game.
          This election is for all the marbles.

          And it’s more real then anything silly theory about Jones.

        2. For what it’s worth I will jump in here and say I’m convinced Hicks and Jones are one and the same entity. I’ve looked at wellaware and some of the other sites arguing some pretty far-fetched claims like Rush Limbaugh is Jim Morrison, for example and I think they’re mostly unconvincing disinfo. But to me the Hicks/Jones comparison is much more compelling.

          I was a kid in the 80s and early 90s so I never knew who Bill Hicks was, but a few years ago when I first began to wake up I would listen to AJ pretty regularly. I assumed fairly early on, though, that he was a character of some sorts, as I knew his age was way off and his voice sounds faked. Then one day I saw a picture of Bill Hicks online and immediately thought of AJ. So I did some googling and found that others before me have noticed not only the uncanny resemblance, but the Kevin Booth connection.


          “Kevin Booth (born October 2, 1961) is an American film director, producer, lecturer and musician. He was known for his documentary film series American Drug War. Booth worked with comedian Bill Hicks, until the time of his death on February 26, 1994 and posthumously produced Hicks’ records Rant in E Minor and Arizona Bay.

          Booth also explored controversial subjects such as the Waco siege and the New World Order conspiracy theory. Booth lectures at universities while continuing to make more films threaded through stories surrounding American drug policy.”

          In May 2005, Booth traveled to Britain to promote his first book Bill Hicks – Agent of Evolution[3][12] about his professional life and seventeen-year friendship with Bill Hicks; It was co-written by Michael Bertin.[3][12] He also appeared in the 2009 documentary about his friends life entitled American: The Bill Hicks Story.[13]

          Further down his wiki page, we find;

          “Martial Law 9/11: Rise of The Police State (2005) was co-produced by Booth with Alex Jones, who directed the documentary.”

          Here’s Alex introducing his “old friend” Kevin Booth:


          I know none of this information “proves” AJ and BH are the same person, but given the strange circumstances of Hick’s death and their obvious resemblance, I think the Kevin Booth connection is significant.

        3. If Bill Hicks had lived he would be 55 now. Alex Jones reportedly is 42, but how about if he is 55? They can and do make people look younger. That said, Alex Jones has a very different way of presenting himself, not that mannerism can’t be changed too. Wonder if George Carlin is still here in someone else’s body. Ric would know.

        4. Everything we need to know can be found at wellaware1 site.

          Caution: Take some aspirin first…….haha

        1. Haha, Jones is not Hicks.
          Simple research.
          Yes, there are certain angles where they look almost identical but the age difference kills that one.

          Just like people were saying that clown that can’t even sing was John Lennon.

          That guy was imitating John Lennon’s look from 1968 in 2006.

          Hey let’s all go to Wellaware 1, Goldbugs site and Rot our brains.

          Paul is Billy shears or is he really William Campbell? Smoky Robinson is really Prince.

          Hillary is really George Soros, I tend to believe that one.

          I think one of the worst things to our cause has been this.

          Yes there is some truth but the exaggerations water down all truth.

        2. Mick, I responded but got holed.

          It was long and too much work just to go in the trash.

          Oh well so many people go through this here.

        3. Nick you need to go to that website where you put your picture in and they will find 10 people that look almost exactly like you from around the world.

          I had a friend that looks so much like me my own mother thought he was I.

        4. In the first half we have Rodney Dangerfield introduce Bill Hicks at the Comedy Club named Dangerfield’s in Manhattan. The year is 1987.

          The second half features Alex Jones doing stand up at Austin’s Cap City Comedy Club in 2004.

          Once and for all this should convince us that Bill and Alex are not the same. Besides, Bill Hicks is funny – Alex Jones is not.

          About 15 minutes:
          Bill Hicks vs Alex Jones – Stand Up Comedy

        5. Ric
          I am troubled with the wellawaresite1 you referred to,
          they don’t identify who they are but it appears to
          Ed Chiarini’s site,
          I have followed some of his claims and talked to him on Facebook,
          his stories appear unfounded, sensational and I found him to be a total jerk, he is quick to attack (vehemently) anyone who questions his assertions

    1. I agree. For someone who supposedly wants to be president he’s making too many faux pas where he should know better. It almost seems deliberate. Perhaps that’s the plan all along to make him seem like an oaf/racist so Shillary gets the vote. Also, check out the YT vid by grindall61 where he breaks down Shillary’s running mate Kain. If she can’t serve he would be Mr. Agenda 21 and more. You can hear him say it himself.

  2. I doubt rothschild would give away 20 billion when he can give hillary 2 billion to saturate the airwaves with negative ads against Trump. A majority of the sheep will believe the negative ads.

  3. Sharyl Attkisson just published an article where she pointed out that they are relatively close in the polls, but msm is spinning them.

    Trump is way better for America than hc, but I find it hard to say that he can’t be bought.

    I think Trump knows what goes on behind the scene and what is at stake. He will know the nature of the deal, if offered like suggested.

    Webster Tarpley has been hammering Trump all along. Such a deal will vindicate his views to some extent.

    It is a wicked game right now. Pray for America.

    1. The Polls are all Fake.
      Trumps running about 67% to Hillary 19% by 3 Polls from CBS,NBC and ABC. That’s Three Polls which they took down after they saw the results. I think Skirt here put up a link.

      They can Only win by saying it is a “very close race” to commit the Fraud they plan.

        1. One theory I have is that they’re not going to actually steal the entire election, as that would only tip off massive numbers of people that the government is totally illegitimate. So instead, they’ll rig the polls beforehand and then rig the vote to the extent that Trump has no mandate. This way they don’t get exposed but Trump will be neutered, especially considering that the Congress will be hostile to him and he’s not exactly ‘experienced.’

        2. Nonsense. You should know by now that Trump is a pro. He will motivate the congress to do the right thing. Remember, all the politicians are puppets and protected. Once President Trump starts letting the public know who is cheating them, they will change and all jump on the Trump train. Trump will never be neutered. He has cajones bigger than any of them – going up against the corrupt establishment cartel is proof.

    2. Tarpley is looked at with a jaundiced eye by some researchers. I’ve always felt he was a limited hangout. Just like Richard Clarke. People like this are cut from sayanim cloth, you’ve got to watch and listen to them very closely to see what they really mean.

  4. Who is Robert David Steele? Who are these “smart connected money” people that “favor” this theory? Has the Trump campaign “collapsed” other than the expected, unprecedented media attack and it’s effect on professional, cowardly politicians who mistakenly think their future is best served by following it’s lead?

  5. After reading Trump’s foreign policy speech just now, I thought “That’s a foreign policy we can all live with”. It’s definitely NOT the proposal of someone about to throw in the towel.

    1. The Clinton forces are throwing every lie in the books at Trump. I expect one of the articles to say he’s a space alien.
      When you own the media, you can say anything and never be bound by its veracity, or lack thereof.

  6. The media is lying and they are going to rig the poll results. There’s no way I can believe that the democratic convention had more viewers than Trumps. The Clintons are the corruptest people who have ever existed on this planet and those voting for them are brainwashed.

    1. Latest Zogby poll shows almost a dead heat between the candidates. Other polls by major networks show Trump well ahead of Clinton. Sorry, I’m from Missouri, you’ll have to show me before I bite for any of these polls.

  7. During a road trip through Florida in the election year 1992 I recall Orlando was practically blanketed in Ross Perot signs. During another road trip through the southwest desert in 2008 there were Ron Paul signs in the most unexpected and remote places.

    Here we are in the election year 2016 with another unlikely candidate “of and for the people” – Donald Trump. No road trips this year so I don’t know how many signs are blanketing the hinterlands, but the first two had nothing on Donald’s showmanship, he’s a professional actor. Nor were Perot and Paul the designated winners.

    There can be no doubts whatsoever that Trump has been at both the giving and receiving ends when hands were richly greased here at home and in other parts of the world. We can speculate and guess till the cows come home, but the winner this selection year was chosen long ago. They will let us know with much pomp and circumstance come November.

    Here is an interesting article detailing Trump’s four corporate bankruptcies and how he came out on top, each time richer than before.


      1. Right. That is why they were not the designated winners, although a large portion of voters were hoping for a real change from the norm with those two candidates. They even gave Ron Paul a second chance.

        Here we have another candidate, Donald Trump, getting hopes up for finally discarding the political norms. According to The Washington Times, Trump has switched political party affiliations at least five times since the late eighties.

        He is just another player in the game, be it the two major parties (two heads on the same snake) or the many lesser parties that hardly get any recognition.

        Alan Watt said in his recent broadcast that presidential elections in USA is the biggest show on earth, getting bigger every four years. Actually, the duration is more than every four years since the next election cycle begins before the last one ends. Pundits are already speculation on 2020.

        Not that elections are not questionable everywhere else, indeed they are, but no nation spends this much money, this much time and media coverage to bring us the next “leader of the free world”.


  8. trump is an elite.Part of the whole game. Could go either way but i have a feeling hillary has already been selected to win. No fbi charges??? come on she is guilty as all get out. She was given a pass for a reason. Obama could run a 3rd term if he forces this country into martial law or if a candidate was hurt/killed. We should all know on this site that everything from sports to lottery to polotics is rigged and gun events are hoaxes….so knowing this its likely the election is a farce and over dramatic just for show.
    As far as hicks being jones…who knows…i am sure age reversal is possible as is cloning and plastic surgery…I wouldnt put it past the elite as we all know jones is a shill and just more drama to get people riled up- put there by cnn to draw out radicals.

    freedom is an illusion

    1. Obama can’t declare martial law. We’re already under martial law. He would have to declare something like double-secret martial law.
      Abraham Lincoln declared martial law at the beginning of the Civil War and he never undeclared it. He got shot in the back of the head (supposedly). No one who came after him undeclared it, either.
      Sort of explains a lot, doesn’t it?

  9. Back on July 25th, 2015 Susan Duclos published a story on All News Pipeline called “Donald Goes Head On Against The NWO!”

    in which she outlined for us exactly why the establishment wanted Trump out of the picture. We have now made it to almost 3 months later and not only is Trump still around but with just over a year to go prior to the 2016 election,

    Trump still leads the Republican pack and as stated in this recent story on CNN, he has no plans to go anywhere. In fact, for the ‘new world order’, Trump has been a human wrecking ball.


  10. Fascinating article! Of the first two theories, I don’t find either to be significantly plausible.

    Clicking on the full article, the “alternate” theories are insular in their very language and impenetrable (at least to me).

    The author is no doubt a seasoned political analyst. There are some very good suggestions for Trump. But let’s go back to the initial question.

    Is it possible Trump has been bribed? Sure. Plausible? Not in my opinion.

    Is it possible Trump’s team is a band of morons? Sure. Plausible? Not really.

    But these theories bring up some good points.

    Perhaps, as it is intimated later, the radioactive Trump (meant as a positive metaphor…though with downside risk) doesn’t have a team which matches his radical approach. Everyone wants to rein Trump in. That’s not a good strategy.

    Trump must roll big. All the chips on 22 (or some such hinge).

    My guess is this: there will be a sort of coup in the U.S. which puts Trump in power. I pray that it is on the information battlefield and not some heinous false flag. The latter would not be worth it.

    Let me clarify. Hillary is so rotten (morally and medically) that I expect a certain portion of the U.S. gov (specifically from DoD) to counter her cheating with a more potent form of cheating.

    To what extent other intel agencies will cooperate, I cannot say. My guess is the CIA “vote” is heavily Hillary. The people who actually do work in the FBI (the mid-to-lower levels) are likely pro-Trump. The upper echelon is Democrat/Hillary/spineless.

    That leaves the NSA as a sort of wild card. It could very well be split much more than the other two agencies.

    The decider (to quote W.) will be the DIA. Or rather, DIA will organize a civil counter-coup to Hillary’s globalist steamroller.

    I’m not saying the military will be successful in installing the better candidate (Trump), but I think they are past playing by the rules when the prospect of Hillary Clinton is staring them in the face.

    For anyone who sees this as me endorsing non-representative government in contravention of democratic processes, I would merely point out that Hillary’s current “advantage” is not legitimate not should it be allowed. I expect a little law-and-order knob twiddling from behind the scenes by the brave men and women sworn to protect against just the sort of quasi-domestic threat which Hillary is. Following the real money would cover the foreign and domestic bases easily.

    This is, of course, all conjecture. I probably have no idea what I’m talking about.


  11. Obama is actually more useful on the golf course than anywhere else he may show up. So please Obama, keep on golfing while the west is burning and the south is flooding. Nothing less is expected from this abomination.

    Trump in Louisiana to survey floods as Manafort resigns

    ~In an editorial published Wednesday, The Advocate newspaper in Baton Rouge called on Obama to visit “the most anguished state in the union.” The newspaper noted that Obama interrupted his two-week vacation on Martha’s Vineyard earlier this week to attend a fundraiser for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on the Massachusetts island.

    However, Trump’s decision to tour the flood-ravaged areas was met with harsh words from Edwards. “We welcome him to LA, but not for a photo-op,” said his spokesman Richard Carbo in a statement. “Instead, we hope he’ll consider volunteering or making a sizable donation to the LA Flood Relief Fund to help the victims of this storm.”~

  12. In this yet another election year I have long soured on elections big and small. Here we create (s)elections with much pomp whereas in other places the new top political leadership gets selected at secret meetings such as the annual Bilderberg conference. They move into these positions with elections lacking fanfare and pomp, and voters thinking they have a choice just like here. No, they don’t. The candidates are vetted by the Bilderbergers and they will do as told, or risk ending up as saloon singers in the hinterlands. My old county has examples of that.

    I am ever so slowly warming up to the Trump phenomena, but with past elections in memory, I just don’t know. The buck does not stop in the oval office. Not long ago a politician, a rare one, who spoke the truth was jailed for several years in this country of the free and the brave. After his release he had an unfortunate accident on a tractor at his farm.

    Looking back at other oddballs promising some real hope and change, not the Obama brand and who got more of the limelight than the lesser candidates, I only see Ross Perot and Ron Paul. Ron Paul ran twice and I forgot that Ross Perot also ran twice, in 1992 and in 1996. Ralph Nader comes to mind as well, now tending to his museum in Connecticut.


    “In the election of 1996, the Democrats were aided by a good economy and stable international affairs, as well as the momentum of an incumbency in the White House. Republican tried to provide a solid reason for the electorate to change the decision it made in 1992, but were unsuccessful. H. Ross Perot ran again, this time with the support of the Reform Party, but gathered less than half the support he did in 1992.”

  13. Look up Resorts International – Trump owns almost all of its shares and it is a Rothschild project, he’s been doing business with them for YEARS (over 30) and it is strange how quiet that has been. Maybe he didn’t even need a bribe, maybe this is just a favor for being bailed out? I had a “gut feeling” since the primaries that Trump was just there to take the xenophobic votes away from the typical republican base so Hillary can get in there. I’m not one to believe in conspiracy theories but I’m afraid people are pretty deluded to trust a business man that has never felt bad about screwing over small businesses that were depending on getting paid for their contracts with Trump just to keep their businesses alive. I don’t trust him.

  14. Tell me if I am wrong but I thought that you need your license to practice law before you could become one. Well did not Obama and Michelle also lose their license to practice law? So they cant practice it?

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