By James F. Tracy

Probing Alt Media’s Most Prominent Limited Hangout


On February 12 2015 alternative media personality Alex Jones mused how Lenny Pozner might have been behind an elaborate plan to “shut down” his alternative news outlet’s YouTube channels. Jones vigorously advocated for free speech, arguing that Pozner was using copyright as a means to undermine his organization’s (overall tentative) journalistic
inquiries on how the image of Sandy Hook victim Noah Pozner appeared in mass mediated photos of public mournings following the December 2014 mass shooting in Peshawar Pakistan.

This is “a reign of terror on free speech,” Jones fumed.

If they can do this to us they can do it to anybody. This copyright notification, if successful, will take down the [Alex Jones Youtube] channel, and already we’re unable to upload over 15 minute videos and are in what they call probation–guilty until proven innocent right now … And, again, if they can do this to us they can do this to anybody … The H-O-N-R or “honor” Network, Lenny Pozner, who reportedly lost his son there, came in and filed a copyright claim for us showing a BBC news article. You can’t do that. For those who don’t know how copyright works …

Hot n’heavy Jones characteristically proceeded to lecture the audience on the intricacies of copyright law, offering various examples from his alleged experiences fighting against such censorship. Yet as YouTube researcher MattyD4Truth observes in the video below, Jones never revisited the attack in subsequent programs.

Below is a sound file of Jones’ February 12, 2015 rant. 

Alex Jones Show Excerpt 2/12/15

A few months later the HONR Network, which research suggests operate unlawfully as a non-profit organization in Florida and Connecticut, filed a similar copyright claim against When James Tracy sought to obtain documentation from Pozner and his HONR Network to corroborate the claim, it was suggested in mainstream press accounts that Tracy was “harassing” the (Jewish) parents of Noah Pozner.

Pozner’s harassment of Jones came just two months after the Pozner clan’s intense attack upon the December 2014 release of Independent Media Solidarity’s blockbuster documentary, We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook, a tour-de-force produced on a shoestring budget. At that time Infowars’ Rob Dew even provided a platform for IMS to contest the censorship.

[The post below originally appeared at on February 13, 2015]

Infowars Assailed by ‘Sandy Hook Parent’

Lenny Pozner’s HONR organization has filed a copyright claim against Alex Jones’ Infowars that jeopardizes the alternative news outlet’s YouTube access.

Pozner allegedly lost his son Noah Pozner in the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown Connecticut.

In early January 2015 Infowars–among the most popular alternative news sites in the world–displayed a BBC article on one of its main YouTube channels during one of its reports. The story included exact photos of the same Noah Pozner being displayed in the aftermath of the December 16, 2014 school shooting in Peshawar Pakistan. BBC later admitted the photo in its Peshawar massacre coverage was of Pozner yet refused to investigate the incongruity.

In December 2014 Pozner’s HONR group filed numerous copyright claims with YouTube in an effort to censor the We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook documentary produced by Peter Klein and Independent Media Solidarity. Despite Pozner’s efforts Mr. Klein estimates that We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook has been viewed more than three million times as other YouTube channels carried the documentary in defiance of Pozner’s bogus claims of copyright infringement.

On his February 12 broadcast Jones vowed to fight Pozner’s claims, asserting that such efforts are not legally sound and constitute an attack against everyone’s free speech.

The post of the February 12, 2015 edition uploaded to The Alex Jones Channel has since been removed by the channel’s owner.

Nevertheless, the February 12, 2015 broadcast was posted on the YouTube Channel of a Jones devotee.

Along these lines, YouTube researcher MattyD4Truth questioned Infowars’ curious self-censorship of the Pozner episode. This further suggests how the entire Infowars “operation” is a limited hangout.

In late 2015 Infowars was again caught censoring news of’s ban of the Jim Fetzer-edited volume, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. As Fellowship of the Minds pointed out:

After 1 month of strong sales, Amazon suddenly banned the new book, Nobody Died At Sandy Hook. The book was pulled from, then deleted from customers’ Kindles.

After Amazon pulled the book, Alex Jones’ InfoWars noticed – and published this article exposing Amazon’s book ban. Here’s a screenshot of the article:


To draw attention to their article, InfoWars tweeted a link:


But within hours after that article was published, InfoWars suddenly deleted it from the Web. The InfoWars article simply vanished – without explanation.

This left onlookers wondering who removed the InfoWars article – and why.

Fortunately, some web services save copies of material. Thus, the deleted InfoWars article was recovered – in its entirety – from a copy stored by Google Cache:



As folks reacted to this curious censorship (by Amazon; then by InfoWars), the Google Cache copy of the InfoWars article was suddenly deleted as well – replaced with this “404 Error” message.

Here is a screenshot of the deleted InfoWars article, “Sandy Hook Truth Book Banned By Amazon,” at Google Cache prior to deletion (Meme text added):


So, we have:

1. Amazon banning Nobody Died at Sandy Hook while continuing to sell 19 other Sandy Hook books.

2. InfoWars writing and publishing an article about Amazon’s banning of that book.

3. InfoWars suddenly deleting their own article the same day it was published.

4. InfoWars (or some other party) asking Google Cache to remove all traces of the deleted InfoWars article by scrubbing the cached version from Google servers.

All that effort makes no sense – unless the government is hiding something. Why ban the book to begin with? Why delete the InfoWar’s article about the book ban? Further, why scrub the article from even the cache, so that there is no longer even a trace of the article on the Web?

Jones has fallen completely silent on both the copyright run-in with Pozner and the retracted reportage of Nobody Died at Sandy Hook‘s Amazon ban. Why is this? Moreover, why does one of the most successful so-called “alternative media” venues pull its punches and misinform audiences on incidents including the Sandy Hook massacre, the Boston Marathon bombing, or the Orlando nightclub shooting? Why did he send personnel to 2015 Roanoke Virginia hoax shooting to “prove” the event took place? Why, after all, doesn’t Infowars return Wolfgang Halbig’s calls?

Here’s what conservative commentator Reverend Ted Pike observed about the radio host’s motivations back in 2009 when Pike was campaigning against hate crimes legislation intended to undermine major US constitutional provisions.

Last year, prior to passage of the federal hate crimes bill, Alex Jones, after years of ignoring my requests to allow me to warn his huge audience of the hate bill threat, finally put me on his June 8th program.

As I was waiting to begin the broadcast, Jones told me off the air that he had heard me the previous morning on Joyce Riley’s program criticizing Jewish supremacists as authors of the hate bill. He said what he was about to tell me was “off the record.” He said his broadcasting empire has “gotten so big” with many mainline affiliates that he cannot afford to lose those stations by criticizing Jews. “But I’ve got to mention ADL behind the hate bill!” I objected. “ADL is okay,” he said. “Talk about ADL all you want, but we can’t talk about Jews specifically.” He then told me that, with this understanding, there would be many opportunities for me to be on his program, especially as new legislative threats emerged. Having said that, we were on the air. I did go after ADL and, fortunately, did not encounter any time in which I would have been morally bound to become more specific.

Yet I felt violated. I had experienced raw censorship in action, by a national talk show host who touts himself (and is believed by millions) as delivering only the truth — whatever the cost or controversy.

Jones put me on again Oct 14th for fifteen minutes. Yet, he was not true to his promise of future interviews, even as I repeatedly left him messages warning of more ADL legislation, such as ENDA and the cyber-bullying bill. Evidently, Jones was as uneasy about having me on as I was about operating under his gag order.

This is what limited hangouts are all about. Lenny and Veronique Pozner have been vigorously promoted in Jewish and mainstream media alike (e.g. here, here, here, here, and here) as “the parents of the little Jewish boy Noah Pozner” who perished at Sandy Hook. Even though there are numerous “families” involved in the Sandy Hook event who are ostensibly Jewish, this family has without question been promoted as the event’s token Hebrews.* 

The by now all-too-familiar message is that anyone who questions the veracity of their identity, claims, and overall story exposes her or himself to severe character assassination via one or more epithets–“hateful,” “racist,” “anti-semitic,” or the most severe discursive dagger, “Holocaust denier.” No one recognizes this better than “Lonesome Jones” and his handlers. And few dare call him on such censorship given the power of his platform and ability to provide authors and alt media figures much-sought-after exposure. It’s the perfect cover.

Andy Griffith in Elia Kazan’s 1957  A Face in the Crowd

“The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the media,” CIA Director William Colby once noted. And such “alt media” personalities are highly significant, perhaps even manufactured whole cloth by the intelligence community, as some observers (e.g. here and here). Pike’s remarks alongside the Pozner episode outline a pattern of behavior that might help to explain why, despite all the bluster about “defeating the new world order” and “defending the republic” Jones simply won’t embrace the truth, why he vigorously defends and promotes corporate media narratives of bogus events, and overall why his operation might be appropriately deemed today’s most prominent and far-reaching “limited hangout.”

*While Dr. Kahleel’s NoDisinfo has been rightly criticized for seeing Zionist conspirators around almost every corner, his analysis of this important geo-ethnic angle of Newtown event is novel and worthy of consideration. 

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48 thought on “When Alex Jones Got ‘Pozner’d’”
  1. Jones has always been a Zionist shill. Therefore this whole rant is nothing more than a distraction which a characteristic of Jones’ show. He’s used to playing head games with his ‘loyal followers’. Jones’ modus operandi has always been ‘avoid mentioning the ‘Z’ or ‘J’ word at all cost. Example: the Arabs run Hollywood and the Jonesites lap it up.

  2. Ted Pike’s testimony is a better clue to ‘limited hanged-outness’ than any one particular event.

    It just simply isn’t the case that any interest group is better served by ongoing agendas in need of special explanation; nor any group more well positioned to facilitate ongoing agendas, than Jews are.

    Globalists taken seriously would hit a brick wall, literally at Israel. Freemasons are everywhere and everyone and not known to be powerful, but they buckle like everyone before Jewish power expressed. European Royals are almost obsolete, the remaining staff-members compelled to welcome the genocide of White people like themselves, yet support Israel’s ‘Right to Exist as a Jewish State’.

    There is no evidence anywhere of White people running anything. Jews run White countries, run their own, and thru the West, run much if not all else.

    That,really, is all that matters. It’s getting harder for the conspindustry to denty these obvious facts. When Jones said ‘Arabs run Hollywood’ I’m sure that almost all of his audience that wasn’t over 50 and wearing Church-bought slippers guffawed.

  3. I notice AJ always cuts the guest off, he makes it seem as if he just wants to tell you it all, but he is crafty in his control. Also noticed his few hints lately on how he is the only one able to care for his children, and not much mention of his marriage.
    As Beck falls, so will Jones the type of people who seek alternative media ( true alternative media) can smell a shill a mile away.

  4. Alex Jones, a limited hangout? Maybe. But since he has firmly affirmed 9/11’s essence as a false flag, he is more credible than the overwhelming majority of information providers and opinion-makers. People who seek to fix and save the world have much lower-hanging fruit to catch.


    1. The government was first, through controlled opposition, to put forward the undeniable fact that 9/11 was a false flag. After that limited hangout, these crafty PSOP agents, having established credibility ab initio, injected enough disinformation and ludicrous theories into the mix to marginalize the 9/11 truth movement, and, make sure (like the JFK assassination) the truth never was revealed by mainstream media or institutions.

      1. Maybe Alex was allowed to talk about 9/11. Seems his intel comes from military maybe the military was left out of 9/11 and they aren’t happy. Many people made lots of money on 9/11, maybe Jones people didn’t get there cut. I also believe that is why he talks very limited about chem-trails.

    2. I don’t buy it. He still refuses to talk about the Israeli mossads involvement in 9/11 and the fact that Israel benefited greatly from it.

      Since the 28 pages have been released, he’s been rambling on about the Saudis.

      I think he is controlled opposition.

    3. I agree the 911 conspiracy was started by the CIA and Directed by the corrupted alternative media. Jones offered nothing but his false self aggrandizing prediction which belongs to William Cooper. Jones doesn’t want to talk about Cooper either like the Zionists. He plants the seeds of Saudi Arabia and grows crops of Islamic fears and loathers.

      He treads around the Jesuits too but will mention them before the Jewish Zionists. The psy-ops are an art form for the CIA and affiliates and to become proficient you must kiss the ‘Western Wall.’

  5. when Alex jones interviewed David Duke, duke kept rambling on about Jewish influence in our media and politics. Jones got pretty flustered and kept trying to divert the topic of discussion away from Jews. Infowars ended up removing that interview from YouTube too.

  6. Can professional photographers help me with photo metadata. If there is no metadata shown, doesn’t that presume somebody had to remove it?

    Enter google search images “Nice France truck attack” and you will see that with a few exceptions, most of the immediate aftermath media photos that were used have no metadata. Take the photo url and insert into this software:

  7. Well-done! I admire Alex Jones, but he’s not perfect. I think the quality of his show and website has deteriorated over the years.

    I reviewed glowingly We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook as well as The Life of Adam on my site. Nobody thanked me for that. I didn’t get a million hits. I did it because it was the right thing to do.

    But I’m as human as anyone. I pull my punches occasionally. Why? Fear. It is lonely to expose oneself strategically with no moral support.

    But it’s better to give than receive. I come here because I admire you, Dr. Tracy, so much. It is a unequivocal travesty that Pozner and his HONR network have harassed you and precipitated your unjust termination.

    But back to Jones… Back to pulling punches.

    What else can we add to fear? [Is Jones immune from fear?] Intellectual weakness. Not everyone has the logical discipline from which to proceed forward. I do not know all the facts about Sandy Hook.

    Do I think it was fake? Yes. Am I 100% sure? No. But it is not our jobs to decide that. That would be for a jury to decide.

    From what I can tell, Sandy Hook was fake. Nobody died. Pozner is a scumbag (if that’s even his real surname).

    Jones avoids Israel and Jewish imbroglios. That’s obvious. Why? Perhaps this source (Mr. Pike) is right. That would explain it. But is it the right explanation? Maybe not.

    So Jones is not the place to go if you want hard-hitting info on things like the Israel lobby. It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t embrace a full-spectrum approach to truth-telling.

    So he’s self-censoring. That’s the fundamental effect of Bentham’s panopticon (overlaid upon media/communications).

    Is Jones an intel operative/asset? I’ve pondered that question many times. The same can be asked of Webster Tarpley. The same can be suspected of any high-profile alt-media host.

    To our dying days we will be wondering which of us are agents…and for whom.

    Jones will reap what he sows. I still think he does some good work, but he’s gotten a little off-track in his uncritical support of Trump (to name but one flaw).

    I’m guilty of that too. I WANT to believe Trump is worthwhile. It’s not hard to understand psychologically.

    The two-party system mocks us.

    Never have we had such hatred from each side. It’s one side’s demon (Hillary) vs. the other side’s demon (Trump).

    One final Jones comment. The “market” for truth will marginalize him the more and more he compromises. Such an effect, then, would rightly make him categorically “conpromised”.

    I would venture to guess that every public voice is conpromised to some degree (on a continuum).

    Our best hope is to encourage our fellow truthers and forgive their lapses of judgement. We need each other. Internal fighting just thwarts any real momentum. Too much “red scare”-ish thinking is probably counterproductive.

    As a source of information, InfoWars has dropped in my ordering of credible sites. The agenda is too transparent and the scope of inquiry too narrow. Which is not to say it’s the enemy. I don’t agree with that assessment.


  8. But Snyder doesn’t linger there. She hews very closely and respectfully to the stories that the parents tell her about their beautiful children. In interviews, she has said that the film was her effort to bear witness to the tragedy: “Something happens through simply bearing witness, through experiencing empathy in front of something deeply emotional. Questions like: ‘What is it like that your best friend got their kid back, but you didn’t? How do you repair that relationship?’ This film became about more than looking at Newtown as just another gun-violence incident.”

    With that decision, she took Newtown into an elevated realm that very few documentaries are able to reach. She says that she was inspired by, among other fictional films, Claude Lanzmann’s epic Shoah, in which survivors of the Holocaust, speaking directly to the camera, recounted their experience with the unspeakable.

    1. Skywriter, thanks for this tearjerker. Hudson Valley is one of my favorite places. Behind the sheer beauty of the nature and idyllic small towns, there is much material for films à la David Lynch.

      From the Hudson Valley Almanac Weekly we find other shades of Newtown.

      Ground broken for development at former Hudson River Psychiatric Center

      “Even in broad daylight, the ruins of the Hudson River Psychiatric Center in the Town of Poughkeepsie conjure every horror-movie cliché you can imagine: the echoing screams of the hopelessly mad, the slammed doors of padded cells, the businesslike snap of manacles on wriggling, unwilling hands and feet.

      Hudson Heritage is a $250 million project that will be built on the grounds of the former psychiatric center in the Town of Poughkeepsie. It will be a mixed-use community, consisting of 750 residential units (including apartments, townhouses and detached single-family homes with retail and hotel space.”

      (The photo shows a compound much like Fairfield Hills in Newtown, except with more elaborate architecture.)

      National Book Award-winner & journalist Andrew Solomon to speak in Rhinecliff

      “In an interview last week, Solomon talked about how he recognized that his writings had a common theme that was particularly timely in the face of the country’s current political plunge into xenophobia and class and race hatred. Like Yeats, he described a dichotomy that was particularly acute to him as a reporter: some journalists evaluated situations from a top-down perspective, interviewing heads of state and their ilk, as a way of understanding the world. The other perspective he called the “mythic common-man” approach, in which a journalist buttonholes anonymous taxi drivers and shopkeepers whose insights purportedly reflect the wisdom of ordinary people.”

      (Andrew Solomon failed to mention his famous interview with one Peter Lanza. Mr. Lanza falls into a category between “heads of state and their ilk” and the “mythic common-man”, being just mythic.)

        1. Tell them to stay alert, Cayce predicts the whole place will go. Nostradamus does so as well indicating New Yorkers will be forced to drink the poisoned waters.

          “A study by a group of prominent seismologists suggests that a pattern of subtle but active faults makes the risk of earthquakes to the New York City area substantially greater than formerly believed. Among other things, they say that the controversial Indian Point nuclear power plants, 24 miles north of the city, sit astride the previously unidentified intersection of two active seismic zones. The paper appears in the current issue of the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America.”

        2. There is a special place in my heart for the Hudson River Valley, having spent much time exploring the wonders of nature there. It helps having a friend living close to the Ashokan Reservoir. Out west here, away from the big cities, the scenery takes your breath away. In the Hudson River Valley your senses get restored by the calm beauty that surrounds you.

          Speaking of water, this is a 21 minute video about water supply to New York City from the Catskills. Ashokan Reservoir, one hundred miles north of the city, is one of several reservoirs that supply fresh water to the Big Apple. I suspect NYC has much better drinking water than Los Angeles where 96,000 plastic “shade balls” were rolled into local reservoirs with much fanfare.

          I am a hopeless history buff. Some may find this of no interest, while others see the value of this precious video. It traces the beginning of the reservoir where farms once stood to the end of the construction of this engineering marvel.

          Deep Water – building New York City’s Catskill water system

        3. At the bottom of the huge reservoir lies a graveyard of barns, homes, churches, businesses, animals and simple hopes for the future. Farmers and inhabitants of the hamlets had no say and eminent domain was exercised. Men in the city cloaked in suits and hats saw to that.

          Today residents and visitors enjoy the sight of the blue, clean water with not much thought as to how it came about. A causeway goes across the reservoir and before 9/11 cars were allowed to cross. After 9/11 only pedestrians and bikes are allowed. Big boulders now block both sides preventing cars from going through. The reasoning behind that, as told to me by a guard, is that someone could cross the causeway in cars and pollute the reservoir with poison. Well, it would take an awful lot of poison to affect the citizens of NYC, and if someone is inclined to poison the water they can do so on their bikes or two feet.

          Anyways, it is more pleasant to cross the causeway now with no cars to look out for. I found this photo that shows how cars are prevented from entering the causeway.

    2. In the wake of the Sandy Hook incident many former (and some current) commenters here met on a now defunct blog that focused on suspicious tragedies and accidents. The owner of the blog decided to return focusing on another important topic she was involved in. Many from the closed blog found another outlet here on MHB to exchange information and opinions about highly suspicious events depicted in msm as the gospel truth.

      Over the years several old timers have retreated from this blog and many are in the process of doing the same. I do miss the days when vigorous and intelligent discussion took place here with no name calling and accusations. There were not many other places to go.

      The main focus in this selection year revolves around politics. The play and its actors on world stage called POLITICS is scripted and played out to distract the audience from what really matters – the real truth. This is a very old play scripted to change with the times – but it’s still the same play.

      Wordsmiths from everywhere devote time and emotions to discuss this theatrical production acted out on an enormous world stage. We all become theater critics – the theater of politics and the theater of war. The final act was written a long time ago and it’s anyone’s guess how many will be left to write their critique if this final act.

      To me Newtown is still the ace in hole of psychological warfare in recent years. We have seen much worse – Oklahoma City, Waco, 9/11 including building 7, other buildings and other locations. We were shown these crimes on screen and in photos. Yet we have not seen a single actual crime scene from Sandy Hook – one that has not been staged. Those scenes are left for everyone’s imagination, also called psychological warfare.

      So, in my little simple life (which I am thankful for) the focus is still on the psyop in Newtown going on for almost four years, with no end in sight. Often we see articles asking where previous well known (more or less) persons are now. A question like that in regards to Newtown is not out of line. Here is one such example.

      Newtown Actors: Where Are They Now?

    3. Skywriter,Undoubtedly,more genuine tears will be shed while reading Snyder’s tripe than were shed in all of Newtown on that fateful day in 2012…more’s the pity,since it never happened.

  9. I think this article is pretty unfair to Jones. He simply told the guy you can’t sit here screaming “the Jews did this the Jews did that” becauce it’s ridiculous. ADl is a better choice to make the point anyway if you want anybody listen to you.

    As a matter fact Jones has explained this many times on the show and I’m just stating facts I’m not covering for him.

    He has offered a lot of good information and done a lot of good work, but you can only go so far if you want to be on 500 radio stations.
    it’s just the facts of life.

    One thing Jones doesn’t do is go way to deep into the weeds like a lot of these alt-sites do.

    I must admit the strangest thing was the Joe Biggs guy at the Virginia shooting swearing it was a real event.
    I thought to myself somebody way up high put a lot of pressure on him . I don’t know but he moved Off that shooting very quickly.

    And also as I’ve said many times I can’t stand it when everybody in the alt news calls each other a shill.

    1. James you really opened the door here with this article.

      But everybody’s issue everybodys a shill, everybody’s cointel blah blah blah crowds are full on yet offer no answers . Then they put one of their crazy insane videos up and we’re supposed to buy that.

      OK so who is the brilliant Messiah on alternative media? Everybody works for those guys but they don’t . Just watch their crazy video and click the link they’ve got the answers. Pointless. An exercise in futility.

      Hey, if we know who did it, we don’t need anymore these sites.

      Case solved.

  10. Reblogged this on COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS and commented:

    A face in the Crowd, Elmer Gantry and Meet John Doe – The everyman alternate media gets too big to fail eventually. Jones has become a snake-oil salesman and psuedo-politician. We have seen this from Art Bell and from coast to coast. Don’t lose your advertisers. This comes timely with the recent info regarding David Icke and Zen Gardner.,_Zen_Gardner,_Confesses_He_Ran_Pedophile_Cult/53412/0/38/38/Y/M.html

    Heroes are hard to find. I ‘ll stick with William “Bill” Cooper and those who died before him, exposing the truth at a much higher price than a bottle of iodine.

  11. A face in the Crowd, Elmer Gantry and Meet John Doe – The everyman alternate media gets too big to fail eventually. Jones has become a snake-oil salesman and psuedo-politician. We have seen this from Art Bell and from coast to coast. Don’t lose your advertisers. This comes timely with the recent info regarding David Icke and Zen Gardner.,_Zen_Gardner,_Confesses_He_Ran_Pedophile_Cult/53412/0/38/38/Y/M.html

    Heroes are hard to find. I ‘ll stick with William “Bill” Cooper and those who died before him, exposing the truth at a much higher price than a bottle of iodine.

      1. There was one from Egypt, religion Islam, who broke through the gilded gates of Hollywood as a producer.

        Emad El-Din Mohamed Abdel Moneim Al-Fayed (Arabic: عماد الدين محمد عبد المنعم الفايد‎‎, IPA: [ʕeˈmæːd ɪdˈdiːn mæˈħæmmæd ʕæbdelˈmenʕem elˈfæːjed]), better known as Dodi Fayed (Egyptian Arabic pronunciation: [ˈduːdi]; 15 April 1955 – 31 August 1997), was the son of Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed. He was the lover of Diana, Princess of Wales, with whom he died in a car crash in Paris on 31 August 1997.

    1. I would stop the train on this report,
      the story may pan out but I would reserve judgement on Icke, at least based on this report,
      there is no evidence that Icke has behaved criminally or unethically,
      in the writer’s own words Icke never met Zen Gardner personally, and guilt by public association is rubbish,
      we all know a high percentage of ALL public figures,are plants from the Intelligence agencies,
      but we must avoid boiling the good ones in oil,
      which is just what the opposition wants,
      I’m looking forward to seeing some corroboration on the charges against Zen Gardner, first I’ve heard,
      if this report turns out to be totally bogus I hope people are smart enough to write off this source, as Icke described in the interview
      “You are a professional clickbait headline merchant”
      we’ll see-man this could be big!

  12. This is a bit off the subject of Alex Jones, but people like Rush Limbaugh have been self-censoring for years, and it’s all due to station affiliates, and ultimately, money.

    Limbaugh is a smart guy, and he has no love for Obama and his Marxism. However, Limbaugh completely avoided (besides a few jokes) Obama’s phony birth certificate issue. Limbaugh, who sees himself as a techie, must understand that the BC is layered and therefore cannot be authentic. Never mind all the other countless anomalies.

    The more money these media types make (sponsorships, advertisers, etc.) the more they censor themselves. You will never hear Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, O’Reilly, etc, go off the reservation. They stick to the left vs right political battles, which advertisers can stomach because there are enough people on both the left and right.

    I’m not at all surprised that Alex Jones is now joining this group. I see his program turning more and more political as time goes by and he will run away from controversial issues such as false flags and government psyops.

    It’s unfortunate, but that’s the way it is.

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