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H/t Penelope and Anne B.

What story belonged to this disaster? What loss, besides mortar and marble and wood-work had followed upon it? Had life been wrecked as well as property? If so, whose? Dreadful question: there was no one here to answer it — not even dumb sign, mute token.”– JANE EYRE, Chapter XXXVI, by Charlotte Bronte


Architecture is one of Connecticut’s few free cultural experiences. A dwindling number can afford to buy their own estates, but anyone can afford to look at one, comment and take pictures.

Unless you lack imagination, it’s impossible not to be intrigued by the architecture at the 770-acre, 16-building Fairfield Hills complex, the remains of a former psychiatric facility based in Newtown, Connecticut. The sprawling site of brownfield Colonial-style houses and bleak halls opened in 1931 and shut down in 1995.


But it has the history, the mystery and revenant associations that attract curious minds.

One of the curious minds belonged to young Matthew Hunt, a Newtown high school student who was fascinated by historical lore. An amateur designer, Hunt was working on a web documentary to catalog his impressions of the site just before his untimely death. He titled his project, “The Lost Asylum.”

At the time, Fairfield Hills was the property of Newtown, which purchased it from the state of Connecticut in 2001.

The town inherited more than brick, mortar and stone: it inherited baggage. Fairfield has tunnels and ghost stories and the same cruel reputation for lobotomies and shock treatments that Connecticut’s other vacant institutions (Norwich State and Connecticut Valley) carry in their millstones.

Hunt must have known that, but respected the kind of property that people his age often don’t. Abandoned “funny farms,” an unfortunate epithet for institutions like Fairfield, are commonly targets for graffiti, vandalism, drinking and drug binges and other teenage mischief.


But Hunt never presented that kind of trouble. He said in a 2003 interview, “We also have a disclaimer on the website that discourages people from trespassing. We absolutely, under no circumstances, condone this kind of behavior.” Hunt’s gentle, compassionate nature was noted many times by his classmates.

Tragically, on Feb. 4, 2004, Hunt was found dead in his bedroom for no apparent cause. He was 18. His friends and family knew of no drug or health problem. An autopsy was performed, but there’s no update in the media record I was able to find. The Newtown police investigated: Detective Sergeant Tvardzik said there was no foul play and was still awaiting the toxicology report on Feb. 12th.

By the time of his death, Hunt had completed audio interviews with numerous former employees of Fairfield Hills – from janitors to shock therapists – with intentions of including them in his web project. He’d visited the deserted buildings with his girlfriend, Sable Stevens, who’d taken pictures.


The pair was devoted to the project, motivated by an interest in historic preservation. In a news report, dated Feb. 12, 2004, William Manfredonia, then the principal of Newtown High School, is quoted as saying that he intended to help Sable complete the project: “‘We can have someone who is very knowledgeable in computers finish it,’ he offered.”

If that really happened, Cinderella failed to find any evidence.

Hunt’s website was, according to this report, but is no longer up and running. Go there and you get a “502 Bad Gateway” notice.

However, you can find the site’s remains on the Wayback Machine. Most of the activity is from 2003, January through October. Here is one snapshot, showing what appears to be the main page. Portions of the image are missing, but the misty black-and-white photo is unmistakably Fairfield Hills, with the title Hunt had chosen. There is a snipe at the right-hand corner that reads: “Public Review Release Date: 5.18.03.” All of the images are similar.


There are no audio files that we could find. And only one other Wayback snapshot, dated Feb. 4, 2005 – the one-year anniversary of Hunt’s death. What appears on this link isn’t another elegiac portrait of a crumbling Fairfield hall but a jolting GoDaddy page full of ads. Disturbing and sad.

Hunt was buried in the Newtown Village Cemetery; there’s a page devoted to him on the cemetery’s site. It includes this note:

“See Matthew’s project at:

Going there brings up one of those awful pages with “” at the top, leading nowhere quickly. Nothing about Matt. Nothing about his project. But typing the same URL above into the Wayback Machine (here) brings up two of the articles (from Newtown Bee) that Cinderella used to write this post: here and here.

Nothing else remains.

In tribute to all whose lives have been snuffed out before their time.

[Matthew Hunt and the Fairfield Hills State Hospital are among many of Newtown’s mysteries, which since the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook massacre have accelerated with the unusual deaths and disappearances of numerous individuals (e.g. here and here] with ties to the the event. There are also notable institutional linkages between Sandy Hook and the dilapidated mental institution. For example, Newtown Fire Marshall and Sandy Hook Fire Chief William Halstead, a foremost operative in the Sandy Hook event, oversaw Fairfield Hills’ Fire Department for 25 years.-Ed.]

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23 thought on “Newtown Mysteries: The Case of Matthew Hunt”
  1. I think a Hat Tip (h/t) is in order here to Penelope for bringing this up:
    August 5, 2016 at 6:28 PM


    Help my memory here, guys. About Shawn Lucas’s manner of death– found at home, no violence visible– wasn’t there another one like it in the Sandy Hook area? In Newtown, Farfield Hills Psychiatric Hospital was closed long ago, but a high scool kid was interviewing ex-employees, etc. My memory is that this kid was found at home dead, no visible violence. I think the story may even have been on this site, but I can’t find it.
    -Can anyone find it?
    -Does anyone know anything about this method of killing by intelligence services?

    … And to Anne B. who found the resource quoted in this article:
    August 5, 2016 at 7:29 PM


    Are you thinking of Matthew Hunt?

    ~At least one recent untimely and mysterious death is associated with Fairfield Hills; that of Matthew Hunt. Hunt died at the age of 18 on February 4, 2004, the same year Newtown bought the complex from the state of Connecticut. He died ostensibly in his sleep for no apparent cause, during a time when he and his girlfriend, Sable Stevens, were working on a photo-journalistic web project. The subject was Fairfield Hills, of course. You can read more about Matthew’s work and his sad demise here.~

    Hat Tips are free and help recognize the diligent work done by independent devotees to reality, who strive to bring facts to readers better than any “journalist” will do in today’s world.

    I’ll also add that I appreciate the continuous work done by commenters here at MHB, who have brought to my attention many things I had not considered before. Thank you.

    1. I have no problem reading this article on my computer. No flashing ads. Can’t say the same for a lot of other sites where pop up ads have taken over and I just scrap the whole thing in frustration. It does not help the owners of the sites and the advertisers.

  2. Thanks for refreshing my memory about the young man who investigated Fairfield Hills. Whatever they were fearful he wd uncover 20 years after it was closed must be important. Isn’t there a large underground center in the vicinity? Perhaps the Gas Co buyout of the entire town of Newtown for that very large gas transport program is partially a ruse to cover some other underground program.

    Seems to be a great deal of ritual about underground projects. That satanic ritual/dance/celebration at the opening of the largest tunnel in EU, the statue of Shiva on the CERN hompage, and some sort of ritual about CERN, the understories of the Denver airport, with a hideous tale told by the murals on the public level. Fairfield County, CN will be site of a 200 mi underground project. Purpose said to be intra-Connecticut transport of electicity. Seems awfully expensive just for some underground cables– apparently tunnels.

    Y’know, re: Sandy Hook, all the men of the firehouse would’ve known the school was long-closed. In fact, all the men who had worked in the firehouse in the intervening years wd’ve known that– even if they’d retired & moved away before the “massacre.” Many neighbors and dog-walkers would’ve known it too. What about the utility bills to the school? The IRS forms & SS records of those who claim to have been employed there. So many lies.

  3. Two questions for this amazing Newtown researcher: Was High School principle William Manfredonia related to running in the woods witness Chris Manfredonia? And, what is the name of Dawn Lafferty’s firtst husband?

    1. I am not the amazing researcher, she really is amazing, but here are the answers to your questions.

      This link explains about the Manfredonias and one reader comment does as well.

      “William F. Manfredonia (who is 64 now) retired from Newtown High School principal position and hired on at Carmel Central School District in NY at Putnam and has been there since; making $176,334.56 a year. William F. is not the father of Christopher M. Manfredonia. Frederick A. is the father of Christopher M. Manfredonia.”

      Dawn Hochsprung’s first husband was Robert DeFilio.

    1. If that’s true (I haven’t checked) it would indeed reflect an almost unheard of power against WayBack, which my own legal experience taught me is Way hard to do. So much so that the best lawyers in the country on the internet told me it was almost impossible even when the facts of the case are strong.

    2. It’s not difficult to get to delete any archives of a website you own. One example I recently came across was Dave McGowan’s website, the content of which his daughter took mostly offline after he died, for the purpose of monetizing the content in several books. Only a smattering of what he did is on the website, and none of it is stored at at her request.

      1. So a blog owner can have pages taken down without much trouble, but random commenters can’t get their comments down from the archive of someone else’s blog?

        What I was told was that even to own a trademark that someone squats in that’s archived isn’t enough to get Way Back to remove it. Or that it’s very hard to do anyway.

  4. Following the film Sleepers (shot at Fairfield Hills) to director Barry Levinson and producer Steve Golin.

    Levinson knows the method: directed Wag the Dog.

    Who directed the drill?

    It seems there was more montage (in the French sense) in the piss-poor coverage of CNN and others.

    So do the auteurs of this spectacular psyop work for CNN, FOX, etc.? It certainly seems that way.


    1. Wow, interesting trivia there…Sleepers was shot at Fairfield Hills, Levinson also made Wag the Dog.

      That doesn’t necessarily connect him to what’s going on there now, though.

  5. The original owner of Obama’s stolen Connecticut-issued Social Security number was Harrison J. Bounel, an Immigrant from Russia who was born in 1890, who seemed to have had some connection with a Jewish woman named Rose Ella Cohen, who was the second wife of the great great grandfather of Michelle Obama. This same Bounel, whose Social Security number is one of Barack Obama’s many SSNs, was institutionalized in and probably died in the Fairfield State Hospital, a now-abandoned psychiatric hospital in Newtown, Connecticut. The same Newtown, CT, where on Dec. 14, 2012, an alleged lone gunman named Adam Lanza allegedly shot to death 20 children and 6 adults in the Sandy Hook Elementary School — a massacre that every available evidence and sound reasoning point to it being a gigantic hoax.

  6. Did the Innocent civilian pro photographer , Eric Langlois, who saw the SWAT Team at St. Rose of Lima and took photos of the “SWAT” take-down and arrest …of a fellow SWAT team guys in civilian clothes (whether fake or real agents) get MURDERED for it? Or was it “an unfortunate accident?

    Were these photos really taken on December 14th and on a phone camera or his professional camera? You be the judge as I don’t know about the quality of phone cameras. (Also where are the crying children supposedly coming out of the school?) Note: no where does she mention a shooting at Sandy Hook; just “see what was going on there”.

    ~~~ For a local mainly “wedding photographer”, he certainly has an elite list of photo friends, since she claims he was called by a photographer from the New York Times.~~~~

    [Approval to post this link given to me by Prof Doom III EXCELLENT WORK]

    Phone call to him by Langlois’ “widow”. She initiated the call and talked voluntarily. After listening to it, I had a lot of questions. Was she involved in his murder/accident? Her own unsolicited statements make no sense and are so hinky, especially taking him back to the scene of bike accident to get his bike the next day, and then leaving him there? Why did she dump him there? To walk a busted-up bike home?

    She says Doom’s original video was terribly upsetting to her and their kids but mainly she didn’t want “his name dragged into all this”.

    After she left him there to “retrieve his broken bike”, shouts for help were heard and 911 was called. Why then did it take a full week to discover his body? I do not know what his autopsy results were or any other information.

    *This is a must hear”! Prof Doom said to invite all fellow truth channels to put video on their channels if they would like to. This wasn’t a “gone missing” but a murder — or an “untimely” accident?

    1. All good questions. The other photos from St. Rose of Lima School taken by Eric Langlois show the front doors decorated for Christmas, whereas the decrepit SH School had no such decorations out front. This indicates that the time of the year is correct.

      No crying children came out of St. Rose of Lima School because the school was in lock down – so we have been told. They were not released to their parents until later in the afternoon. Langlois has a photo of parents waiting outside the front door.
      “The News-Times of Danbury attributed the ID confirmation to authorities, without specifying which authorities, and said the medical examiner said the cause of death was determined to be accidental drowning.”

      Whether the photos were taken on his cell phone or his professional camera, I don’t know. Being totally low tech, I don’t know if Instagram photos can be sent from professional cameras. Someone else here surely knows. The Internet tells me this:

      “Instagram may be designed for smartphones, but you’ve probably noticed that the best photos have a distinctly non-camera-phone vibe to them. Savvy Instagrammers post high-quality DSLR or point-and-shoot photos instead. You can create a high-quality Instagram feed, too, with a little help from Dropbox and your iOS or Android device.”

      I am still clueless.

      Regarding the elite list of photo friends – the tri-state area is not all that large in size and it is not uncommon for people in the same field to know each other.

      From Wikipedia:
      “The most frequently referenced tri-state area is that which refers with the New York metropolitan area, which covers parts of the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.”

      For the wife to leave an injured husband searching for his missing bike by himself raised several red flags with me. At least she could have waited for him instead of leaving as the story goes. Or bring a friend. The previous day after he made it home without a bike, friends reported his eyes were bulging. Perhaps that is common with a concussion.

      The whole story leading up to Eric going missing has many gaping holes. The widow is on record saying that she and the children are well off financially. One of the excuses for the length of time to find his body was bad weather and the search had to be called off. Another one is that his body was hidden under low branches in the water.

      Several persons connected to the Sandy Hook event have met with untimely fates. I don’t see the drowning of Eric Langlois as any different.

  7. New town shooting was done by a sanantic cult in Texas. Using Remote Neural Monitoring to harass and drive crazy the autistic child who was driven to do this. Please find the sanantic cult in Texas that wants Christians to commit suicide or kill. Targeted individuals

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