$50 million Sandy Hook Elementary debut. Khan and Trump’s sacrifices. Media war on Citizen Trump. A rigged election? A long, hot, false flag terror-chat-discussion3filled summer. Crisis actors wanted for … Turkey coup and purge. Stock markets skyrocket further from reality. Strange death of Victor Thorn. Oberlin prof. suspended for thought crimes. Money for hostages. Obama’s Dark Act. 

Time for another Memory Hole Free Form Friday with the best gosh-darned readers and commenters in the blogosphere. Thank you for your continued support and participation in the MHB community.

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  1. You Thought Nutty UC Davis Chancellor Katehi was Out of Control Pepper Straying Students . . . She’s Going to Pepper Spray the Whole World!

    UCDavis Chancellor Katehi corruption/technology transfer, UC Pres. Napolitano and DHS, and former Sec. Energy Steven Chu – How they all fit together and are integrated with Univ. of Calif. NWO industrial parks on campuses – funded by Queen Elizabeth (who also funded Obama’s election w $500 million)

    [I investigated UCD donor and NWO agent Schrem. He is obviously an Israeli and that is confirmed by his U. Utah/Jesuit degree that links him to “Tajiki Mormon Jews” and their obsessive ideas. His Italian wife from Florence looks to me like she might be a Medici. She has a breeding program look to her.]


    1. After looking at the reports on Zikka I am personally convinced it is a hoax, God knows the implications of this movement to vaccinate, the billions of taxpayer money funneled to Big Pharma, etc.

      1. I think it very well could be a hoax as well. Looking back I suspect the entire Ebola fiasco a couple of years of ago may have been one too. Perhaps a cover for something else they were doing in Africa? With Zika, it seems to be vaccine motivated, but as always with these goons who rule over us, there may be multiple agendas at play.

        1. Yes, Zika is a hoax. Here is a good analysis by Dr. Jennifer Daniels of all the faulty language and reasoning regarding Zika and microencephaly.

          Here is the one hour show: Zikes !! Its Zika !! |
          “The latest Pandemic coming to a bedroom and womb near you. Dr Daniels examines the reports from the CDC and gives the English translation. Tune in. Think Happens”


          Here is the two hour bonus show: RBN Radio Show: Zikes !! Its Zika !! |

          “The latest Pandemic coming to a bedroom and womb near you. Dr Daniels examines the reports from the CDC and gives the English translation. Tune in. Think Happens.”


          Once you tear it apart logically, the whole fantasy becomes a very silly fairy tale. Only children think a fairy tale is scary.

        2. And here is more information and a different slant on the Zika Hoax:

          Zika hoax: strategy of liars, house of cards « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

          “The entire platform of “proof” that the Zika virus causes a birth defect called microcephaly has descended into gibberish.

          I’m not going to recapitulate all my Zika-hoax articles here. Suffice to say, researchers have only established a very weak correlation between the presence of Zika and the occurrence of microcephaly.

          This weak correlation is actually evidence that Zika has nothing to do with microcephaly.”


        3. I’ve actually spoken to Dr. Daniels personally on the phone on many occasions. She is dedicated to Natural Medicine, and is extremely anti-drugs and surgery, and rightfully so. She’s seen the system from the inside, and blows the whistle, so to speak, on exactly how it works to kill (not murder, because it is licensed, and licensed killing is not considered murder) over 860,000 people in America each year, according to 2012 pubmed figures (after which they stopped publishing statistics). This done via properly applied “medical treatment”, called the Standard of Care, and is not accidental.

          Dr. Daniels has successfully taught many, many people how to heal themselves of some terrible dis-ease conditions, without drugs or surgery.

        4. Ebola was as well. Same operation, different day. nomorefakenews.com & type in EBOLA. Its a joke.

      2. The stuff they will spray to supposedly kill it however is not a hoax. It actually causes the damage attributed to zika. The coming vaccinations will do the same.

        This was translated from a German newspaper.

        Love Germans living well, then have fun in Paraguay with the many there from 3 generations and the most entrepreneurs who know the Merkel God ever. But Paraguay has the world’s largest U.S. Embassy and mafia without end where you can buy protection know. Enough creamed off has this woman Yes sure… The U.S. Embassy, is also responsible to evaluate the symptoms, the soldiers in the name query the message on the streets, after toxic spraying. Paraguay is a laboratory in which several times a year in mass poison sprays. Poison, which is volatile, detaches himself from odours, or has no more. So neomand noticed when it caught one. Soluble in water. Poison which supposedly to kill mosquitoes but brings people to cancer and organ failure. Precursors, such as flu symptoms with a huge headache and then fiber and skin rash called dengue today as Zika. The poison deformed babies and kills. It’s the same poison which you rats sexualized Homo to wipe them out. Worst cancer produiert of the Poisons and not just rats can get, but it is sprayed in kitchens, houses in schools and universities. Everywhere in squares and streets. the country is totally poisoned. Genocid. If my daughter were not there, I would say a brilliant country for Merkel. She will, probably, then take antidote to the poison as the ruling. I know but entrepreneurs, do that and are also regularly sick, because it’s not measurable, how much poison is and this poison in the human body simply is not destructible.

        Sind Angela Merkel und Sarkozy CIA-Agenten? | volksbetrug.net

        1. Dubsters,

          I’m worried about you.
          If one of Bill Gates mosquitoes bite you will all your children’s heads shrink like that Mormon guy in Brussels that’s been in 3 False Flags

          Is Zika retroactive?

          Haha, I’m back. It’s Friday!

          Kidding my Friend.

        2. I’ve been sick for almost 3 weeks. Sinus/Respitory crap and many I know.

          They haven’t “Sprayed” in over a month….Go Figure

        3. Ric, they let the smoke from the fires replace the spraying. Two big fires up here in a month, but this last one was real bad. Looks like a moon landscape. Hard to breathe.

          Plenty of photos here:

          Her mother, Tippi Hedren, did not have to evacuate Shambala with her 40 big cats after all. Shambala is up the road here where Steven Spielberg filmed “Duel” in 1971.


          Shambala Update
          In the wake of the Sand Fire, The Shambala Preserve has survived!!! Animals and humans are all OK. There is still no phone service at the Preserve. We are in the process of working to return to normal operation. Further updates will follow.

          ALERT and personal note from Tippi Hedren Re: Shambala and the Sand Fire

          Know that the Shambala Preserve has not evacuated!
          We were asked to stay in place due to the professional knowledge gained over 40 years of work with the Big Cats and experience of the Shambala staff (headed by the Shambala Director, Chris Gallucci), the qualified Shambala animal crew and veterinarians (Gay Naiditch D.V.M., Chris Cauble D.V.M.), the Fire Dept and the Dept of Forestry.
          I was asked to leave by Chris Gallucci, which I declined.

          The knowledge of these amazing men and women is to be commended. The animals did not have to be put through the dangerous and agonizing stress of evacuation. We have been blessed by our staff who evaluated the situation, both the pros and cons of the situation and the pros and cons of a solution, as well as officials who work with us and who I respect on the highest level.

          My most sincere gratitude to Chris Gallucci for his expertise in keeping Shambala safe, with the highest level of clear thinking and control.
          The force of the Sand fire has been demonic. May we never have to witness this display of horror ever again.

          Thank you to all of you who have been standing by us and trying to reach out to us with to no avail. All of our power and communication with the outside world has been out since the fire peaked. The Sand fire has brought us up to really understand our journey and how to protect it.

          Thank you again for caring about the wild ones of Shambala.

          Tippi Hedren
          President/ROAR Foundation
          Shambala Preserve

        4. Jesus Mick-
          we need to see some more research on this-if this is scientifically documented people need to get this information out,
          I hope you can provide more links, this is as bad as what Dane Wiggington is saying about chem trails

        5. Yep, the cure is worse than the disease; rather the cure CAUSES the “disease”. It was the same with the Polio vaccine that caused Polio…except it wasn’t Polio, it was now non-polio related paralysis. Just change the criteria for the disease & presto! the disease is wiped out. Pay no attention to the fact that the inventor Dr. Jonas Salk was a rabid eugenicist who wrote about the utility of inoculations for depopulation(Simian Virus #40 weaponized cancer agent), nor the BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION infecting Indian children with polio through WHO Polio vaccinations. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

      1. Thjis is an act of immense violation-I hope people wake up to this, there is no consent from people, the possibilities of this morphing into a tragedy, what it could start in the biosphere is something out of science fiction

  2. I wonder how many Bernie Sanders supporters will disaffect from the democrats because of the Dark Act. I’d think many of them would be very supportive of consumers rights and overall anti-corporation.

    I myself suffered from mold-induced disease (I’ve since left a moldy apartment) and found out I have some genetic mutations that make me more susceptible to variations of ‘mold sickness.’ Mostly I’m left with a leaky gut that’s healing, but may never be able to eat GMO wheat again (it didn’t bother me personally before). My own mutations requires that I don’t eat the folic acid forced into our flour, pasta, and what seems like all sorts of stuff (some vitamin water). As of now that ingredient has to be named (‘enriched’ or folic acid), but the Dark Act might directly menace me along with the celiac types.

    Anyone who still believes Obama is anything but a monster is deluded. His latest crime must leave some Sanders supporters feeling like boycotting the dems for the Green Party or just abstaining is better than voting for the establishment.

    I think Trump is going to win but that the election will in fact be rigged, after months of poll-rigging. What will the american people do?

  3. Wolfgang Halbig posted on Facebook:

    From Wolfgang:

    “WILL BE IN HARTFORD CT ON AUG 26, 2016 BEFORE THE COMMISSION AGAIN AT 2:30 pm and you know where it is please let all of our friends know

      1. Yep, she sings like an angel. I remember her first song, Snowbird, from when I was a kid. What really amazes me is that the words to this song are so timeless. They apply even more today than in 1983.

        1. I’m really not looking for Trouble but is’nt Anne Murray really Helen Reddy after the “Operation” if you know what I mean..

          Be nice, I’m kidding.

        2. Hm. Anne Murray had an operation and now she is Helen Reddy? Then she is living at the Motion Picture Retirement Home in Woodland Hills.

          Have not kept up with the great singers of a few decades ago, but I read that Helen Reddy has dementia and lives at the retirement home for entertainers in Woodland Hills.

          Ric, you need to be more specific of Anne Murray’s “operation”. I see that she is retired and plays golf, so she’s doing better than Helen whom she is supposed to be.

          Another singer from that era, Linda Ronstadt, is not doing well either. She has Parkinson’s disease and can no longer sing. Her old boyfriend Moonbeam sings aplenty when he can be found between disappearances.

        3. Thanks Anne, I love this song!

          Ric, you’re always looking for trouble….. 🙂 While watching the video of Anne Murray, I realized how much she resembles another singer from this same time period. Her face reminds me a lot of Karen Carpenter; even their mannerisms are very similar, see:


          Don’t laugh…I had this song at my wedding in 1986!

        4. Maryaha, you are right. Anne Murray and the late Karen Carpenter do look alike. The hairdos of the era and the lack of heavy makeup helps, but still – they do have similar facial features. Both blessed with beautiful voices.

          Ric, you need to update your files. Anne Murray is Karen Carpenter, not Helen Reddy.

        5. OK I’ll update my files..hehe

          Every time I think about Karen Carpenter It just breaks my heart.

          It just proves you can be rich and famous and still not be happy .

          Anorexia is a sign of depression to me.

          She never thought she was skinny enough or pretty enough.

          She was both. Sad.

  4. Is anyone else following Webster Tarpley?
    I am seriously starting to question who is funding him,
    he has waged a campaign against Trump from the beginning,
    although he has derided Clinton on occasion he also talks about how we must “live in the real world” which I take as code-speak for voting the least worst candidate (Killary),
    what is really bothersome about Tarpley’s tirade against Trump is his continual attempt to play the psychological angle, portraying Trump as a madman, and unfit mentally for the job,
    while I am no Trump fan (or any other candidate in the two-party system of organized crime) I find this tactic dishonest and further giving fuel to the current trend of using psychology to strip people of their rights and prosecution of citizens without due process,
    he is a great mind and intellect but I am beginning to view him as a limited hangout

        1. Elfmom,

          Jones gets the old “gate keeper” rubbish from all his competition.

          He does his best and knows when to back off to survive.

          Every truther on the net calls everyone else a Zionist.

          He’s been doing exceptionally good this year.

          They try to shame you as being a fool but they tell you “They”are right.


          I’m quite capable and can sort the BS on my own.

        2. I haven’t found that to be the case, elfmom55,
          in alternative news lots of good authors appear on various outlets, I believe to get their message out, while AJ is deep cover he does put out a lot of good info-you just have to verify everything he says

        3. I have seen too many of them over the years that have been on his show to be controlled op. Too many to be coincidence in my personal opinion. I personally don’t trust anyone any more that have been on his show but that is my personal observation and opinion.

        4. Agreed Sun,

          Check everyone out.
          An Interveiw is just that, a interview.

          There is so many good people out there just expressing their own personal opinion and then some who want you to believe they have the only correct answer.
          Beware of them.

          If you can even move beyond this, the liars still have some truth in their lies because all deception are based on the truth.

          You gotta love universal law.

          No one can escape the truth

        5. Elfmom55 I can’t criticize you for that,
          the truth is most researchers have PART of the mystery solved,
          I haven’t actually met or read a researcher that really explained the big picture completely, Eustace Mullins is one of my great heroes and he comes closer than most (I was told by his understudy that he had a photographic memory and could recite a book he had read BACKWARDS), you have to put it together yourself,
          most researchers also have some elements of their research wrong, they often focus on one area to the detriment of others,
          and frankly it takes years of research to take it all in,
          I by no means understand the whole picture of the many secret societies (for which I receive the occasional banter from the good Dr. here), I find for instance good information on Freemasons to be very difficult to find (perhaps that’s why they are called secret societies),
          so what I see are many researchers who appear on everything from CNN to RT and everything in between, sometimes they have a great interview, often bits and pieces are useful, I have seen Jessie Ventura on CNN and I am certain he does not support any of the major networks, but he knows that this is where most people get their news and wants to get his message out (he may not be a genius but I view him as a Patriot and honest for the most part) ; Webster Tarpley wrote one of the best books on 911 but presently I have come to view him as partially co-opted in other ways-it doesn’t distract from the good work he has done, but it does point out that the truth is elusive and no one but YOU YOURSELF can be trusted to evaluate the information-this is a hard fact of life, IF YOU WANT TO UNDERSTAND THE WORLD YOU MUST DO IT YOURSELF whether you are a professional scholar or self-educated (and frankly I will take a smart self-educated person who is resourceful and motivated over a Ph.D. any day), in the present circumstances the great horrors and deceptions of our era are being perpetuated by Ph.D.s,
          One of the great tragedies of researchers is to become distracted, diverted, perplexed, confused and finally exhausted and spiritually broken to the point of giving up-YOU MUST NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN,
          I hope I don’t come off as a know-it-all, I graduated from two Theological schools, and degrees in college, and I can truly say except for physical science and language studies I learned very little in school, I really began my education after college and still have a lifetime to go before I feel I am edjukamated, there is little money in the truth, but I believe the truth will set you free
          good luck
          suN out-

        6. Sun,
          I’m not blowing smoke….

          That was Great to the Heart .

          What else can I say .

          God Bless.

        7. I’ve learned that the more I learn I realize how much I DON’T know. None of us has the big picture and never will. I choose to not waste my time on those I perceive to be deceivers. I don’t have the time or patience. When I see them giving their Masonic/occult hand signs or pimping Trump or any politician or calling a certain hoax real, etc. I move on. I know what I’m dealing with and just don’t want to have to try to sort out their truth from lies.

        8. Hello, Mr. Sun! I found your comment on Mr. Eustace Mullins interesting and timely. Just last night I read a new article posted by Mr. Miles W. Mathis on his site. Just thought you might find it interesting.




      1. “Before we go any further, we must point out that Jill Stein’s remarks are a form of self-righteous posturing and are easily proven to be mere demagogy, with no facts. The biggest one is that Trump is always babbling about his desires for nuclear war, while Bill and Hillary held the White House for 8 years and, despite their many crimes, never unleashed a nuclear attack.”

        If this isn’t schilling for Hillary I don’t know what is,
        , the closer I look at Tarpley the more apparent this becomes, he really is the King of rhetoric, “despite their many crimes, never unleashed a nuclear attack” yet Hillary is poised to start WWIII by attacking Iran to complete the Greater Israeli Project, and service her Zionist masters,
        the Clintons are directly responsible for the debacle the US is in today-Gatt/Nafta, drug running, international arms dealing, warmongering, pedophilia, sex slavery, murder, obstruction of justice, war in Bosnia, Filegate, Emailgate, Chinagate, Travelgate, Pardongate, Whitewater, Clinton Foundation crimes, Benghazi- the list goes on-yet in a simple phrase all this is dismissed, while ranting about Trump, incessantly deriding him as a madman that cannot be trusted with nuclear codes-as if the Clintons can? Wow I’m looking forward to investigating who funds Tarpley at this point

        1. Americans are one issue dumpkopfs. They see and listen to the liar Bubba and only hear his parenthetic folkisms and think he’s just that down home rogue that goes too far at times, but is still our Bubba. Nothing is farther from the truth. These are nasty, deadly people who have thrown a lot of dirt on our graves. They were bought out by the NWO’ers, their love of money is second to none.
          Still, there has been a lot of failure on our part. We’ve never risen very far because we’ve not done well when it comes to being heard. Mostly individual voices in the wilderness, that never cut the mustard. So we languished.
          We’ve still got time to wax creative. Let’s all rededicate ourselves to gettting out the word. Arguably, the PTB are involved in many projects to throw us into penury and mental and physical containment. We’ve just got to keep on keeping on…

    1. Tarpley thinks (or better yet, acts and speaks as though) Franklin Delano Roosevelt (one of our many globalist Presidents) was a good American. I haven’t paid any attention to the guy for years.

      1. Yes so true,
        a true communists working hand in hand with Stalin, responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor, sold out and controlled by the Zionists who were his closest advisors and cabinet members,
        it is amazing the lies we have been sold, and the heroes that the establishment have made of this ilk

        1. Not to mention FDR was Assistant Naval Secretary in the Colonel House-controlled Wilson Administration & therefore probably in on the engineering of the sinking of the Lucitania that gave the casus belli for entry into WW1, but that’s neither here nor there. Once again: nothing to see here folks. All American History as PR exercise(fashioning the people to suit the product): PRICELESS.

        1. Tarpley actually implicates HIMSELF by virtue of his dialogues & opinions by posing(as so many of these individuals in the “alternative media world” do) as an alternative to the mainstream, when he’s merely an alternate route to the same place we’ve been before. It isn’t as simple as DUPONT CORPORATION stating that “Webster…you know what we want in return for funding you”, but clearly they wouldn’t fund say, Prof James Tracy based on his content and his commenters on this blog.

          Tarpley has done some great research in some areas, but those areas when put together in their totality bring you back INTO the left version of the fake system. Same with his Executive Intelligence Review(EIR) Larouche work: they’ve produced some great work throughout the years(65% truth, rest spin), but ultimately lead you back to “it’s all the British’s fault(which is mostly true)” & “America can be great again” which is BS(you can’t have a real revolution when both sides are Masons & both sides are servants of the King in the Treaty of Paris…ESQUIRES). He does the same with FDR & Keynesian Economics(his economic prescriptions led to super debt, centralization which in those circumstances allowed for his Fabian Socialist plan of Eugenic depopulation to be implemented).

          That’s what I mean…DUPONT sponsorship is itself not very significant, but put it all together &….make up your own mind. Like I said earlier, limited hangouts have their uses. You can’t get to the gold without sifting through dirt.

        2. By Keynesian Economics, I’m referring to John Maynard Keynes who was a Fabian & EUGENICIST & intermarried with Darwins’, Huxleys, Galtons(Mr. Eugenics Sir Francis).

  5. http://articles.latimes.com/2012/feb/07/local/la-me-roger-boisjoly-20120207

    ROGER MARK BOISJOLY, M.E., University of Massachusetts, Lowell, Massachusetts.
    Born: April 25, 1938, Lowell, Massachusetts.
    Died: January 6, 2012, Nephi, Utah, age 73, cancer.
    Quote from “Roger Boisjoly The Conscience of Engineering” by Joseph Trento above:

    Roger Boisjoly – The Conscience of Engineering
    By Joseph Trento, on February 13th, 2012
    Trento’s Take

    Photo courtesy of Online Ethics Center (OEC)
    “My friend and rocket engineer, Roger Boisjoly, died on January 6. He loved his family, his church and his country.
    Every time you get on an elevator, fly on a plane, use the brakes on your car or drive across a bridge, you should think of Roger because you are putting your life in the hands and conscience of an engineer. You trust that engineers have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to bosses who want to take risks or shortcuts to save money or increase profits at the expense of safety.
    Roger was that kind of engineer.
    From its first flight in 1981, Boisjoly discovered that the big, twin, 150-foot-long solid rocket boosters on the space shuttles were leaking hot gases through seals that connect the booster segments. It got worse on each flight. He knew this compromise of the boosters could lead to the destruction of a manned shuttle and the death of its crew. He wrote memos. He told everyone in authority. He went to the Cape and inspected the recovered boosters after launch and, based on decades of experience, he wanted to ground the shuttle fleet until the problem was fixed. No one listened to him.
    The night before the Challenger space shuttle was scheduled to launch on January 26, 1986, there was a meeting to decide if it was safe to launch. Although he did not know it, that night Roger committed professional suicide by stating clearly and flatly the shuttle was not safe to fly the next morning. During a pre-launch conference call with NASA executives and his bosses, he argued that the cold weather made the joint problem even more serious. He was shocked when NASA and Morton Thiokol management (his bosses) overruled his recommendation and gave a go for launch.
    Seven astronauts, including a schoolteacher, were killed when the shuttle blew apart 73 seconds after liftoff from the Kennedy Space Center. Years later, as he sat in my backyard with tears streaming down his round face, Roger talked about the tragedy as if it were still that horrible morning. “I knew they were all going to die, and I could not do anything to stop it.””
    Posted by Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics, 150 Raintree Ct., Athens, GA 30607

  6. Speaking of hybrids, just wait until Bayer buys Monsanto and we all have to contend with that heinous monstrosity.
    Pretty sure this clip from “Network” has been posted here before, but this monologue epitomizes the corporate ethos and its stranglehold over the world, ruining most everything in its path.


  7. Since the second half of 2014, the Brazilian Ministry of Health(5) stopped using temephos (an organophosphate agrotoxic to which Aedes larvae became resistant) as larvicide, massively incorporating the poison Pyroproxyfen, commercially known as Sumilarv and manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical, Japanese company associated with Monsanto in Latin America for marketing of pesticides to control “weeds”. (1,5).



  8. 72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered “Potential Terrorists” In Official Government Documents

    Are you a conservative, a libertarian, a Christian or a gun owner? Are you opposed to abortion, globalism, Communism, illegal immigration, the United Nations or the New World Order? Do you believe in conspiracy theories, do you believe that we are living in the “end times” or do you ever visit alternative news websites (such as this one)? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are a “potential terrorist” according to official U.S. government documents. At one time, the term “terrorist” was used very narrowly. The government applied that label to people like Osama bin Laden and other Islamic jihadists. But now the Obama administration is removing all references to Islam from terror training materials, and instead the term “terrorist” is being applied to large groups of American citizens. And if you are a “terrorist”, that means that you have no rights and the government can treat you just like it treats the terrorists that are being held at Guantanamo Bay. So if you belong to a group of people that is now being referred to as “potential terrorists”, please don’t take it as a joke. The first step to persecuting any group of people is to demonize them. And right now large groups of peaceful, law-abiding citizens are being ruthlessly demonized.


  9. What an easy life one lives as an astroturf activist with Soros-linked subsidized housing.




    The New York Times describes McKesson as a “prominent voice in the Black Lives Matter movement,” rather than a handsomely-paid representative.


  10. Good thing MHB posted the story about the seven Canadian dailies that predated the San Bernardino shooting by one day, on December 1 rather than December 2. They have now changed the dateline on Douglas Quan’s article on most of the papers to December 3, probably because of the article (and subsequent phonecall to Douglas Quan) even though it was the wrong date for months – this shows the column attracts attention. Windsor Star, Regina Leader Post, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Montreal Gazette, Edmonton Journal now also have the new date.


    A search on Google for Calgary Herald San Bernardino shooting brings this up, though, proving the predate did exist.

    San Bernardino police surround bullet-riddled SUV after least 14 killed …
    www. calgaryherald.com/news/bernardino+police+surround+bullet…/story.html
    Dec 1, 2015 – Calgary Herald Homepage · News … San Bernardino police surround bullet-riddled SUV after least 14 killed in mass shooting. 12.01.2015 … Video thumbnail for Emotional Dad: Daughter ‘Hiding’ from Shooter. 0:00:00.

    1. They also changed the Marysville Pilchuck school shooting predate to October 24 instead of the previous 23 in the Calgary Herald. (I put spaces after the www. so it didn’t read these as links.)


      Here is the Google entry, though, still plain as day!

      Photos: Washington school shooting – Calgary Herald
      www. calgaryherald.com/news/Photos+Washington+school+shooting/…/story.html
      Oct 23, 2014 – Students are evacuated from Marysville-Pilchuck High School by law enforcement following a shooting that occurred at the school on Friday, …
      Photos: Washington school shooting – Calgary Herald
      www. calgaryherald.com/news/Photos+Washington+school+shooting/…/story.html
      Photos: Washington school shooting. Ted S. Warren, AP Photo 10.23.2014. Marysville-Pilchuck High School. People embrace in front of school busses at a …
      Marysville-Pilchuck High School – Calgary Herald
      www. calgaryherald.com/news/Marysville+Pilchuck+High+School/…/story.html
      Oct 23, 2014 – A woman talks on a phone at a church Friday, Oct. 24, 2014, where students were taken following a shooting at Marysville Pilchuck High …

  11. Orlando’s Magic Bullet?

    “The medical examiner found that a 30-year-old man died from a complex gunshot wound after a bullet entered his left arm, exited his chest and re-entered his neck.”


    “According to the single-bullet theory, a three-centimeter (1.2″)-long copper-jacketed lead-core 6.5×52mm Mannlicher–Carcano rifle bullet fired from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository passed through President Kennedy’s neck and Governor Connally’s chest and wrist and embedded itself in the Governor’s thigh…”


    The similarities of the trajectories are striking. I appreciate anyone with ballistics knowledge weighing in.


    Mr. Cecil Bentley, Executive Editor
    Athens Daily News/Athens Banner Herald
    One Press Place
    Athens, Georgia 30601
    March 10, 2001
    Dear Mr. Bentley,

     I have written various letters to your writers, Ronell Smith(January 28, Feb. 2, 2001), Janet Jones and Joanna Soto Carabello (Sept. 18, 2000) and the most recent one to you and Ms. Carabello (January 30, 2001), on cancer issues and specifically calling your attention to unethical, improper and possibly illegal activities of the American Cancer Society.  In the last letter I donated several books on this subject to the newspaper.  The authors of these books are indisputable world authorities.  The last letter to you actually documented how the cancer reporting about the American Cancer Society is actually violating your own guidelines you published in an editorial September 17, 2000.  An article today by Ronell Smith “Local Relay for Life honored for fund raising efforts in 2000” again violates the guidelines, all the more so, since the newspaper has been informed of the untoward activities of the American Cancer Society as has Mr. Smith, yet the article omits any mention of them, therefore misleading and deceiving the public.  In fact, this article is little more than a free advertisement for money for the billion dollar American Cancer Society.
     I have never received a reply from anyone to my letters documenting or proving that anything I said, or Dr. Epstein said, was wrong or inaccurate or incorrect.
     Therefore, I submit the following challenge to the Athens Daily News/Athens Banner Herald:

    1. The Athens Daily News/Athens Banner Herald must publish this letter on the editorial page.
    2. The Athens Daily News/Athens Banner Herald must contact the American Cancer Society and obtain their agreement to assign their most distinguished medical doctor M.D. (not a public relations person) and publish the individual’s name and curriculum vita and publication list in the newspaper.
    3. The Athens Daily News/Athens Banner Herald must publish the curriculum vita and publication list for Professor Samuel S. Epstein, M.D. adjacent to or along side that in (2) above in the same edition.
    4. The distinguished medical doctor (M.D.) in (2) shall be given exactly 30 days from the date of publication of (2) and (3) above to produce a written and thoroughly documented rebuttal of the following publication: AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY THE WORLD’S WEALTHIEST ‘NON PROFIT’ INSTITUTION by Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., International Journal of Health Services, Volume 29, Number 3, pages 565-578, 1999.
    5. If each and every statement by Dr.Epstein indicting the American Cancer Society in the above publication in the International Journal of Health Services (4), is documented and demonstrably shown to be wrong; in other words, proved to be wrong by facts, then I will donate $10,000 to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life at the ceremony in May, 2001.
    6. However, if the indictment of Dr. Epstein, M.D. against the American Cancer Society in the International Journal of Health Services (4) is sustained, the Athens Daily News/Athens Banner Herald will publicly admit this on a front page of a Sunday Edition (immediately prior to or following the ceremony in May, 2001) and at the Relay for Life Ceremony in May, 2001.
    7. The final decision shall be binding and shall not be subject to appeal to any other authority. It shall be rendered by a majority vote of the following committee of 3, each person having a single vote. The vote shall be in writing and signed by each party and submitted to the newspaper. The committee shall consist of : i. The distinguished medical doctor of the American Cancer Society above, 1 vote. ii. Professor Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., Professor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, School of Public Health, University of Illinois, Chicago, 2121 West Taylor St., Chicago, Illinois 60612-7260, 1 vote. iii. A third individual to be chosen by the mutual consent of the two above: 1 vote. In the event that mutual agreement cannot be reached on the third committee member, the third committee member shall be the distinguished Professor John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D., Committee for Nuclear Responsibility, Inc., P. O. Box 421993, San Francisco, California 94142.’
    8. All conditions of this Challenge must be satisfied no later than May 15, 2001 or it is null and void.
    9. A certified check for $10,000 will be placed with a neutral party if necessary, to be returned to me, should the distinguished medical doctor of the American Cancer Society be unable to meet the Challenge. All documents or copies thereof shall be provided to me within 10 days after the contest is completed.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph. D., Physics, University of California 1966, 150 Raintree Ct., Athens, GA 30607
    Which side do you believe? The newspaper gave up a shot a ten thousand dollars for the American Cancer Society.

    1. Attempt to fix the broken text in Winfield’s post:

      “I have written various letters to your writers, Ronell Smith(January 28, Feb. 2, 2001), Janet Jones and Joanna Soto Carabello (Sept. 18, 2000) and the most recent one to you and Ms. Carabello (January 30, 2001), on cancer issues and specifically calling your attention to unethical, improper and possibly illegal activities of the American Cancer Society. In the last letter I donated several books on this subject to the newspaper. The authors of these books are indisputable world authorities. The last letter to you actually documented how the cancer reporting about the American Cancer Society is actually violating your own guidelines you published in an editorial September 17, 2000. An article today by Ronell Smith “Local Relay for Life honored for fund raising efforts in 2000” again violates the guidelines, all the more so, since the newspaper has been informed of the untoward activities of the American Cancer Society as has Mr. Smith, yet the article omits any mention of them, therefore misleading and deceiving the public. In fact, this article is little more than a free advertisement for money for the billion dollar American Cancer Society.

      I have never received a reply from anyone to my letters documenting or proving that anything I said, or Dr. Epstein said, was wrong or inaccurate or incorrect.

      Therefore, I submit the following challenge to the Athens Daily News/At”

    2. Press Release, June 2, 2002
      American Cancer Society Indicted by the Cancer Prevention Coalition for Losing The Winnable War Against Cancer

      Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, MD
      Cancer Prevention Coalition Homepage
      Cancer Prevention Coalition Information
      Information, Articles and Books by Dr. Samuel S. Epstein
      Shelley R. Kramer, Director of Los Angeles Cancer Prevention Coalition
      Contact: 310 457-5176 Info@Healthy-Communications.com


      Note: The original website for the cancer prevention coalition operated by Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, MD is no longer in service. However some but not all of the posts are available at the site of Shelley R. Kramer in Los Angeles. This is the third link above. The second link above is Dr. Epstein’s home page, while the first link is the last press release on the American Cancer Society. Do not use the former address for the cancer prevention coalition because it take you to the wrong website. I apologize for the confusion. Professor Epstein is about 90 now and evidently less active. The former address was
      http://www.preventcancer.com (now wrong) but it you click on it now it incorrectly leads you to the wrong site prevent cancer.org which is not Dr. Epstein’s site.

  13. http://www.healthy-communications.com/epsteinawarenessmisleads7.htm
    Breast Cancer Awareness Month Misleads Women
    CHICAGO, Oct. 16, 2007 (AScribe Newswire) — Following is commentary by Samuel Epstein, M.D., and Rosalie Bertell, Ph.D.
    – – – –
    In 1984, the American Cancer Society (ACS) inaugurated the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM), with its Oct. 17 flagship National Mammography Day. The NBCAM was conceived and funded by the Imperial Chemical Industries, a leading international manufacturer of petrochemicals, and its U.S. subsidiary Zeneca Pharmaceuticals. Zeneca is the sole manufacturer of Tamoxifen, claimed to reduce risks of breast cancer, even though it is toxic and carcinogenic.
    The NBCAM assured women that “early (mammography) detection results in a cure nearly 100 percent of the time.” More specifically, the NBCAM is primarily directed to claims for reducing the incidence and mortality of breast cancer through early detection by annual mammography starting at age 40.
    Still unrecognized by the ACS, and also the National Cancer Institute (NCI), is strong evidence that mammography poses significant risks of breast cancer. The routine practice of taking four films annually for each breast results in approximately 1 rad (radiation absorbed dose) exposure, which is approximately 1,000 times the dose from a single chest X-ray. Each rad exposure increases risks of breast cancer by about one percent, with a cumulative 10 percent increased risk for each breast over a decade’s screening. Moreover, the premenopausal breast is highly sensitive to radiation. Not surprisingly, premenopausal mammography screening is practiced by no nation other than the U.S.
    Risks of premenopausal mammography are some four-fold greater for the one to two percent of women who are carriers of the A-T gene (ataxia telangiectasia), and highly sensitive to the carcinogenic effects of radiation. By some estimates, this accounts for up to 20 percent of all breast cancers diagnosed annually.
    Compounding these problems, missed cancers are common in premenopausal women due to the density of their breasts.
    That most breast cancers are first recognized by women was admitted in 1985 by the ACS. “We must keep in mind that at least 90 percent of the women who develop breast cancer discover the tumors themselves.” Furthermore, an analysis of several 1993 studies showed that women who regularly performed breast self-examination (BSE) detected their cancers much earlier than women failing to examine themselves. The effectiveness of BSE however depends on training by skilled professionals, enhanced by annual clinical breast examination by a professional. In spite of such evidence, the ACS and radiologists dismiss BSE, and claim that “no studies have clearly shown the benefit of using BSE.”
    A leading Massachusetts newspaper featured a photograph of two women in their twenties in an ACS advertisement that promised early detection by mammography results in a cure “nearly 100 percent of the time.” An ACS communications director, questioned by journalist Kate Dempsey, responded in an article published in the Massachusetts Women’s Community’s journal Cancer “The ad isn’t based on a study. When you make an advertisement, you just say what you can to get women in the door. You exaggerate a point … Mammography today is a lucrative [and] highly competitive business.” She just couldn’t be any more correct.
    With this background, it is not surprising that the NBCAM neglects to inform women how they can reduce their risks of breast cancer. In fact, we know a great deal about its avoidable causes which are trivialized or ignored by the ACS. These include:
    – Prolonged use of the Pill or estrogen replacement therapy.
    – High consumption of meat which is heavily contaminated with potent natural or synthetic estrogens, or other sex hormones, implanted in cattle in feedlots prior to slaughter to increase muscle mass.
    – Prolonged consumption of milk from cows injected with a genetically engineered growth hormone to increase milk production. This milk is contaminated with high levels of a natural growth factor, which increases breast cancer risks by up to seven-fold.
    – Prolonged exposure to a wide range of unlabeled hormonal ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products.
    – Living near hazardous waste sites, petrochemical plants, power lines, and nuclear plants.
    – Occupational exposures of over one million women to carcinogens. These include benzene, ethylene oxide, methylene chloride, phenylenediamine hair dyes, and agricultural pesticides, including DDT residues.

  14. http://www.usapoliticstoday.com/shocking-new-revelation-michelle-obama-must-read/

    Football at Oregon State eh? The real question is could she get out there and knock somebody down!

    1981 High School Football Team Photo Leaves Little Doubt that Michelle Obama Was Born Michael Robinson!!!

    A google search revealed that Michelle was first outed (as a man) in a story posted on June 30, 2011 by Matthew Glosser at a web site called Christwire.org. I’ve reposted his originMichelle was bornMichael LaVaughn Robinson and was a football player in both high school Photoshop Michelle(photo below) and won a scholarship as a linebacker for the Oregon State Beavers in his first year at college. al article and photos below. The Glosser article says that a former Obama staff member told him that Michael reportedly left school and had a sex change operation on January 13, 1983 (a significant date for satanists. Helena Stoeckley was also murdered on this date) and afterwards entered Princeton University (which is listed among the top eight universities in the USA with an acceptance rate of only 7%) as a female student, Michelle Robinson.

  15. http://www.cnn.com/2016/08/06/politics/obama-administration-drone-policy/

    You will hear a buzzing just before the big flash.

    Washington (CNN)The Obama administration has released a previously secret 18-page policy guidance document that lays out how potential drone targets may be chosen and approved and the President’s role in the decision-making process.

    The policy document, known as the President Policy Guidance, or PPG, says counterterrorism operations, including lethal action against designated terrorist targets, “shall be discriminating and precise as reasonably possible” and says “direct action” against “high value targets” “will be taken only when there is near certainty that the individual being targeted is, in fact, the lawful target and located at the place where the action will occur.”

    1. http://www.wutang-corp.com/forum/showthread.php?t=102666

      Leary attended three different colleges and was disciplined at each.[1] He studied for two years at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts.

      The College of the Holy Cross is an exclusively undergraduate Roman Catholic liberal arts college located in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. Holy Cross is the oldest Roman Catholic college in New England and one of the oldest in the United States.

      Opened as a school for boys under the auspices of the Society of Jesus, it was the first Jesuit college in New England. Today, Holy Cross is one of 28 member institutions of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities and is part of a consortium with other Worcester colleges, including Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Clark University.

    2. gnosticmedia.com does some comprehensive work on the connections between the participants of that talk, Pafifica Foundation, Alan Watts, Allen Ginsburg, while Kerry Bolton details in “Revolutions from Above” how Leary was involved in the late1940’s with a Democratic War Veterans organization which was basically a CIA front, & it apparently was through this organization that he received funding for education, etc. So these guys were identified WELL in advance, steered into particular disciplines & programs, & subsequently recruited(in Dr. Leary’s case by ALDOUS HUXLEY himself). But, even Harvard’s Social Relations Department was a program spun off from OSS operations & headed by OSS/CIA agent. Even Mr. OPERANT CONDITIONING himself, B.F. SKINNER past through that program, which had as its MKULTRA student experimentee a young genius mathematician named TED KACZINSKI…the future alleged UNABOMBER.

  16. Maureen Crowley has repeatedly pointed out the mob’s connection to Sandy Hook. Another commenter here on MHB brought to my attention the interesting connection between Donald Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort (who has quite a resume) and the Manafort Brothers of Plainville, CT – demolishers of the Lanza residence in Sandy Hook. They graciously volunteered to do this at no charge. We can only speculate why.

    The following information is gathered from Internet sources and thus no national or local secrets are disclosed. I may add that the following barely lifts the lid off another deep rabbit hole.

    Paul Manafort’s grandfather, James Manafort, started the company and later his four sons (including Paul Sr.) ran the company which is still family owned by another Manafort generation. Paul Sr. was also heavily involved in politics and civic organizations and served as mayor of Plainville, Connecticut. A very well connected family.


    “……today announced that Plainville-based construction company Manafort Brothers Inc. (Manafort) will pay $2.4 million and implement internal reforms subject to independent monitoring to resolve a multi-agency joint criminal and civil investigation into alleged fraud committed by the company in connection with a public works project that commenced in 2007. As part of the resolution, Manafort admitted that it made false statements to the United States and the State of Connecticut Department of Transportation that disadvantaged business enterprises (DBE) performed subcontracted work on the federally and state funded relocation of Route 72 when, in fact, non-DBE performed the work.”



    MAY 27, 2005
    Richard Blumenthal

    Page 3 in the link above shows the Manafort Brothers involvement.

    There is also a Jason Manafort (CWPM, Inc.) of the same family involved in the mob’s garbage hauling business.


    “Among those charged were Philip Armetta, an executive with Dainty Rubbish of Middletown; Jason Manafort, who operates CWPM, a carting company in Plainville; and Thomas Milo of Mamaroneck, N.Y., a Galante partner and Genovese crime family associate who was indicted on similar trash industry racketeering charges in New York in the late 1990s.”

    The mob connection goes further back. From the book “Squeal” by Les Coleman (1982) we can read the following:


    Page 68
    ~Operating Engineers, the union that represents heavy machine operators on construction job sites.

    In Connecticut, the Operating Engineers is headed by Elwood “Sonny” Metz, Jr., business agent for Local #478. It was Metz’s workers who operated the bulldozers that demolished the Hartford Civic Center after the roof collapsed in 1978. The demolition contract went to Manafort Brothers Contractors, a New Britain firm tied closely to Paul Manafort, the town’s former Mayor and former State Public Works Commissioner. For minority purposes, another co-contractor was listed, “Sonny” Fredericks, a Hartford ex-con. Manafort and Metz were mentioned in the Bridgeport jai alai scandal in 1975. Even a tragedy like the collapse of the roof at the Hartford Civic Center became a bonanza for mobster profiteers.~

    As we know, the above Richard Blumenthal is now a senator from Connecticut and heavily involved in the Sandy Hook event.

  17. I know I am considerably behind on the concerning the wonderful coverage of MHB (and I’m sure I’m not the first to share this), but I wanted to make available a rather astounding link by which I came serendipitously. I was unfamiliar with the Mr. Shanley in question, but God bless him for taking such a tack:


    This was the first I’d heard of this far-reaching lawsuit against government and media for involvement in Sandy Hook charade.


    1. This is concerning, especially given that I personally want NATO disbanded so that Europe might free itself from Zionist tyranny. Trump claims to sort of support that, but if China allies with Russia europeans could all go down.

    1. Anne, this is off topic, but since it is on Free Form Friday’s category, I will go ahead.

      You are a very good researcher and you really know how to find out stuff (and I don’t), so I would like to ask if you know how and where to find info about a death that occurred last year in San Francisco. I have his exact name and the exact date of his death, but I have been searching for months and found nothing, other than the standard obituaries on places like legacy.com.

      The obits I have found all list his death as an accidental fall, but I am assuming the family writes those and they have been pretty closed-mouth about what exactly happened to him. I feel like he may have committed suicide; he had a troubled life. I don’t know his family at all, so I can’t ask them anything. I just need to know for myself what happened to him. I’m not trying to get copies of any vital records or anything like that.

      I thought I would easily be able to find a news article about a person that died from a fall, but apparently, that is an everyday occurrence in San Fran! I did notice that in all of the reports of fatal falls, there were basic details about where and how it occurred. When a person dies of an accident like a fall, do the police go to the scene and make a report? What about in the case of a suicide?

      I asked this same question here a few weeks ago, but didn’t find anyone with any suggestions. So I decided to ask Ms. Anne, the master researcher. 🙂 Do you have any suggestions of where to look?

      1. Maryaha, thanks for the confidence. Not sure if I can be of help since San Fran is a hotbed for fatalities of all sorts. We have the numerous divers off the Golden Gate Bridge, not exactly accidental falls, and the cliff fallers. Beware of standing on cliffs around San Fran and other coastal areas in northern California. Those waves have a nasty habit of making you take a fatal fall.

        Other than those suggestions I found this from June last year. The first link mentions a tourist from Los Angeles, but Temecula is a city in Riverside County. The link has a photo of the building.

        The comments here may be helpful:


        Temecula man dies after falling through skylight of building in San Francisco
        By Newsroom on June 24, 2015
        TEMECULA – A Temecula man died in a fatal accident in San Francisco. The victim plunged to his death after falling through a skylight atop a San Francisco apartment building, authorities said today, June 24.
        Daniel McGowen Lopez, 36, was fatally injured in the predawn hours Tuesday when he apparently stepped onto a skylight that gave way at 83 Shotwell St., near 14th Street, in the city’s Mission District. The San Francisco Medical Examiner’s Office said Lopez was pronounced dead at the scene.
        According to published reports, Lopez was drinking with friends on the roof of the two-story structure about 4 a.m. when he wandered beyond a deck area and attempted to stand on the skylight. The window broke, and Lopez dropped head-first to the concrete garage below, witnesses said.

        1. Thank you so much, Anne! These articles will be helpful in giving me ideas of where to search and what terms to search for. They also tell me that news outlets do go into some detail when reporting accidental deaths.

          It seems odd that it is easier to find info about people that died 100 years ago than last year. I’m not into genealogy, so I was a little surprised at how many ancestry-related sites have sprung up.

          I love San Francisco – that’s my honeymoon city, albeit that was 30 years ago. It appears now that it has completely sold out to a particular “lifestyle”.

        2. I know several people who are involved in genealogy, myself included. It can lead to an obsession, although one that won’t harm you. There is much to learn from the past and from ancestors.

        3. The man ‘ancestry’ sites are not at all surprising. People are giving the gov’t all the info they might not have had before on these sites. They are also sending in tissue/blood samples to these ‘DNA’ companies to find out what are their ‘true’ ethnicities…as if you could trust what some non-descript, pop-up out of nowhere company tells you when you’ve sent them $150 or so along with your tissue sample. God knows they’re likely to tell you anything.
          You can bet all those tissue samples are going elsewhere into other data bases. (Similar to the heel blood draw on newborns in most – if not all- hospitals that started in the mid-1960s, without the consent of parents of course. That blood was going to the state DOH. I forget the pretext as to why the heel blood was being drawn, but a woman in Minnesota discovered some years ago that it was going into a state database.)

        4. I see how it can harm you if you go the extremes of sending in bodily fluids and body parts. That is nuts. I know people who receive large envelopes from ancestry sites with very interesting material. That this too goes into the “permanent file” is a sober afterthought.

          In my case the ancestry of both of my parents were obtained from church and community records by gumshoed relatives before the Internet. Everything I have, it’s extensive, is either handwritten or typed on those machines from yesteryear. My mom’s side was traced back to the sixteenth century and my dad’s to the seventeenth century.

          People in wildfire prone areas are often asked what would they grab in case of a sudden evacuation. In my case it’s those records and my four legged friends.

  18. I couldn’t reply directly to this comment

    Acacia says:
    August 8, 2016 at 10:16 AM

    Hello, Mr. Sun! I found your comment on Mr. Eustace Mullins interesting and timely. Just last night I read a new article posted by Mr. Miles W. Mathis on his site. Just thought you might find it interesting.




    so I will here-THIS IS A PREPOSTEROUS ARTICLE and I do not appreciate it,
    Both Pound, who spent 10 years as a political victim of the Zionist in a mental hospital and the late great Eustace Mullins who is an American hero who worked tirelessly to investigate and uncover the secret societies, making profound and original research available on subjects such as the Federal Reserve have been attacked relentlessly, in an attempt to discredit their work, they paid their dues, their works are unassailable,
    I saw another article posted on MHB some time ago where the writer attempted to portray Mullins as a closet homosexual-he based this on an FBI report-A FREAKIN’ FBI REPORT! This is the typical MO for this terrorist organization, who are responsible for assasinations, murder, gangstalking etc.
    let me say NO ONE including the IRS could stand before Mullins with this kind of CRAP and get away with it, but I guess since he is dead and can’t answer for himself some people think this SH* is gonna fly???

    1. Lately I have noticed a few by Mathis that sound a bit preposterous, such as the shootout at the O.K. corral never happened and Custer’s last stand was fake.

      Doc Holliday is my distant cousin, I am pretty sure the O.K. corral shootout happened.

      Mathis has done some good research over there but some of these are not it.

        1. For history buffs traveling through Arizona, this B&B is rumored to be one of the homes belonging to Big Nose Kate, Doc Holliday’s sidekick.


          “One older man said his mother used to manage it and that it definitely belonged to Big Nose Kate. And another historian pointed out a document which states her place was “off Broad”, (not on Broad Street as some have suggested), lending credence to the possibility that this was home to the famous madame.”

        2. Ann he was buried in Glenwood, Colorado but major Holliday had the body returned to Griffin, Georgia where he was buried in the Oak Hill cemetery in an anonymous grave owned by the Thomas family who were friends, in order to subvert grave robbers.

          My own father’s grave is not far away from his. Mattie Holliday is buried in that grave yard.

        3. Doc Holliday’s distant cousin – thank you for the information. The burial site mystery is no longer a mystery. Doc accomplished much in his 36 years of life. The museum appears to be a treasure trove.

          John Henry “Doc” Holliday (August 14, 1851 – November 8, 1887) was an American gambler, gunfighter, dentist, and a good friend of gambler and lawman Wyatt Earp. He is most well known for his role as a temporary deputy marshal in the events leading up to and following the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.[1]

        4. I still wonder why he liked the cooleridge poem. They have a clip of it in the movie Tombstone.


          That sunny dome! those caves of ice!
          And all who heard should see them there,
          And all should cry, Beware! Beware!
          His flashing eyes, his floating hair!
          Weave a circle round him thrice,
          And close your eyes with holy dread
          For he on honey-dew hath fed,
          And drunk the milk of Paradise.


        5. Thanks, very interesting video and information. I have a severe affinity for everything Old West. The mystery of Doc Holliday’s burial site remains a mystery. Is he buried in Georgia or in Colorado? Scenic Glenwood Springs in Colorado is cashing in on that, claiming he is buried there.


          Doc Holliday’s grave
          ~While there is a large headstone for Doc Holliday, it doesn’t actually mark his grave because, according to the signs in front of the graveyard, no one knows exactly where he’s buried. He is buried somewhere within the graveyard but apparently, only one person in town knows where … and that person is supposedly awaiting the outcome of a “wager” which will ultimately help him decide whether or not to divulge the Doc’s true resting place.~

        6. Dub,
          I never believed in reincarnation before until I saw that picture .

          You are Doc Holliday reincarnated ha ha ha ha.

          No worries I’m Stalin hanging out in Hawaii with Elvis John Lennon Jim Morrison Janis Joplin Jimi Hendrix just to mention a few ha ha

        7. http://archive.ledfrog.com/2008/11/my-favorite-scene-in-tombstone/

          ~While on this topic, here’s another favorite scene of mine. You can only see this one if you own the Vista Series version of the film (at the link above) which contains scenes not used in the theatrical release. Anyway, the scene I’m speaking of is right after the two Earp brothers are gunned down and Morgan dies on the pool table. Doc is sitting in his room drunk out of his mind and he says the following:
          Holliday: “Weave a circle round him thrice and close your eyes with holy dread. For he on honey-dew hath fed and drunk the milk of Paradise.

          This line is from a poem written in 1797 by Samuel Taylor Coleridge called Kubla Khan. It’s the last stanza that Doc is reciting here and it’s said that Kubla Khan (Genghis Kahn’s grandson) had some ten thousand horses on his land to convey his power. Only he and those committing miscellaneous acts of valour were allowed to drink their milk thus becoming the milk of Paradise. In Tombstone, Doc is simply saying that if Wyatt is able to obtain a reckoning for his brother’s deaths, he’ll finally be able to enjoy the rest of his life. Another note of interest is that the poem was supposedly written out of inspiration from an opium-induced dream. It’s likely that Doc Holliday was also under opium influence during this scene.~

          Now, do we know for sure that Doc Holliday recited this poem at the time, or is it more Hollywood fiction? Writer Kevin Jarre had some issues with the producers.


          ~Admittedly, a script is not a book. But I was excited finally to have the opportunity to read Kevin Jarre’s original script to 1993’s Tombstone, because for a long time I’d heard that it was more faithful to history than the film — which was taken away from Jarre’s control — turned out to be. Not that I’m knocking the finished film; in fact, it’s one of my favorites. It would have been an even better film, however, if it had retained more of the material in Jarre’s script (kindly provided to Deuce of Clubs by the film’s historical advisor).

          Jarre’s script was remade and remodeled after Jarre was fired as director and replaced by George Cosmatos, the guy who directed Rambo and Cobra. Apparently, the producers wanted the Peckinpaugh vision of the West, so they doctored the script accordingly (particularly the last third or so). But it would have been a richer film if it included everything Jarre had planned. It’s still a satisfying film to watch, and the script is a fascinating read for any fan of the film.~

        8. I have looked into Genghis Khan a bit myself out of curiosity, the saga of the Ssanang Setzen. I assume Doc became familiar with Genghis during his studies at dental school in Pennsylvania.

          The book from the Keystone library is probably the only one of it’s kind which gives an accurate view of Khan.

          Before attacking the muslims Genghis Khan said:

          ” There cannot be two suns in the heavens,” the
          Khan said, ” or two Kha Khans upon the earth.”

          Chubbily Khan, who was emperor in Marco Polo’s
          time, resided in the Chinese capital. “Chandu”. is Shanda the Xanadu
          of Coleridge’s poem?


    1. After reading this article I must admit I am rattled,
      I would like everyone’s opinion on this article, including Dr. Tracy,
      if this is the case the world is definitely in the grips of slavery on a scale I had not presumed possible,
      if i was a Christian I would be convinced the antichrist is soon to arise in the last days,
      I take it you think the Zionist/Jews are merely cover for what’s really going on, which would explain why it is so difficult to get good research on the other players

      suN (out but not down for the count)

    2. sunaj57 says:
      August 10, 2016 at 1:08 AM

      After reading this article I must admit I am rattled,
      I would like everyone’s opinion on this article, including Dr. Tracy,
      if this is the case the world is definitely in the grips of slavery on a scale I had not presumed possible,
      if i was a Christian I would be convinced the antichrist is soon to arise in the last days,
      I take it you think the Zionist/Jews are merely cover for what’s really going on, which would explain why it is so difficult to get good research on the other players

      suN (out but not down for the count)

  19. Florida police officer kills woman during role-play exercise..

    “Aug 10 (Reuters) – A Florida police officer shot and killed a 73-year-old woman in a “tragic accident” during an exercise with local residents that was meant to involve simulated lethal force, authorities said on Wednesday.

    Mary Knowlton was hit by a live round fired by an officer on Tuesday night at a two-hour event hosted by the Punta Gorda Police Department at its academy for about 35 members of the community.”


    BAN all Drills!!!

    1. Yes, ban all drills! I don’t mean for this to say anything unkind about this poor lady, but maybe something like this will open some people’s eyes to see they are playing with fire. These cops don’t care one bit, they are killing innocent people every day now. People need to wake up to what they are doing and what they are bringing upon their own neighbors.

    2. Perhaps we should not feel sorry for this unfortunate lady. One son has already forgiven the shooter. And perhaps stewarding the community is best done with no police involved.


      ~Mary Knowlton arrived at the Punta Gorda, Fla., police station Tuesday night to learn how to be a community steward. “I forgive him,” Steve Knowlton told the AP of the officer who killed his mother.~

  20. OK, I have to go to a memorial and fly on a Plane.

    I informed my wife I’m not going to go through the naked body scanner.

    She hit the ceiling and said I can’t make a scene.

    So September 1st , I submit to the New World ordor , Haha

    Or my wife kills me.

    If I was flying on my own I would resist. Just sometimes you got to play the game .

    Rick signing out .

    1. Ric, this is Anne signing in. The last time I flew on a PLANE was in 2007 and I almost got arrested because I protested. My daughter became hysterical and swore she would never fly with me again. There was actually a scene at LAX. No problem because I ain’t flying anymore. That is where I draw the line in the sand. Wherever I need to go my car will take me as long as that is allowed. I can’t imagine how much worse it has become at the airports.


      ~Stasi, official name Ministerium für Staatsicherheit (German: “Ministry for State Security”), secret police agency of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). The Stasi was one of the most hated and feared institutions of the East German communist government.~

      TSA/DHS – see above.

    2. Good for you Ric,
      I will never submit to the kind of harassment and invasion that is happening at the airport and in the courts, I also will not serve in any Federal court because this government has NO legitimacy and is nothing but organized crime,
      unless people take a stand there will nothing to stand on

  21. Just a tip for anyone who absolutely must fly: if you are traveling with a child/ children you don’t have to go through the body scanners.

    I can’t be 100% sure this applies everywhere of course, but I’ve had to fly on 3 occasions since I had my first child in 2007, and in each instance my kids and I were directed to leave the scanner line and get patted down. We went through the line much more quickly than everyone else each time too. So if you have the option to take a child with you on your flight it’s definitely worth it.

    1. In the words of Clint Eastwood “we have become a nation of pussycats,” why would the general public have ever allowed these people to start patting people down in the first place, I rarely fly but there is no way I would ever put up with this

        1. Sun, Really?

          You said that to Anne?

          “A pole” ? Really?

          I don’t know what to say…….:::

        2. You got a good sense of humor girl.
          Toni would have destroyed him or her, I still don’t know.

          One thing I surmise, Toni has bodies buried who have wronged her. I’m thinking the deserts of Lancaster and Palmdale per her proximity .

          Ha ha, she ‘s a tough cookie if ya pi$$ her off..

          I’m on her good side haha

          Hey, just havin’ Fun.

          I’ve got no dogs to fight….?

        3. Ric, you silly. I got no bodies buried in the desert. I always leave ‘em alive.

          Some people may have gone up there on their own afterwards, and laid down in the ground. But I can’t help that.

        4. These days humor is our best bet for survival. After watching these 2 minutes of pure hell we can cry or we can laugh. I chose to laugh hysterically. Hillary has a very good memory when it comes to detailing her escapades in Alaska in 1969. Sounds scripted and rehearsed. I am surprised she did not wrangle a grizzly bear to top her salmon story.

          Life Magazine did a feature on this still unknown person in 1969. No photos anywhere of our Hillary braving the elements in Alaska. Such photos would surely be a hit with her fan club. Life Magazine was paving the way for her in 1969 and here we are, 47 years later, still watching her skipping down the yellow brick road. Maybe not so much skipping as being propped up.


        5. The High Plains Drifter hat will do nicely, but that chandelier of yours in the background is a bit small for the occasion. Oh, I forgot to mention that I have thing for cowboys too.

        6. You are in no danger Anne,
          Apparently Rick is my spiritual sheriff around here,
          any time I cross the boundary of good taste Ric is there with his bullwhip,
          I have lately become reacquainted with the power of laughter,
          i don’t understand this energy, but releasing it is something we all need to do daily,
          I wrote this piece about a movie I saw in 1975, Virus,
          even in the worst of times, Life is Beautiful
          (you and your Clint doll)


        7. No Clint doll here, but plenty of Clint movies. Is that you playing the acoustic guitar? Food for the soul, very beautiful. Ric is a musician too when he’s not bull whipping people here.

      1. I agree with you. I think the entire airport “experience” nowadays from the full body scans to the pat-downs (due to the supposed “underwear bomber” if I’m not mistaken?) while forcing passengers to remove their shoes is all done to try to humiliate the public and condition us to be compliant while making us suspicious and paranoid.

        1. Don’t forget the “Shoe” bomber.
          We’ve been forced to remove our shoes since that staged clown supposedly tried to light his smelly shoes on fire..Right!

          All Theater. Where’s the “Bra” bomber?

        2. Right, the shoe bomber! Oh, and at some point there was a “liquid” bomber too right? I think that’s the supposed reason why Americans can’t travel with potentially dangerous weapons now like contact solution and water bottles. There have just been so many of these bomber characters over the years I lose track. At least we’re all “safe” now.

        3. Now boys and girls, we can’t be too careful, can we? I mean, someone could get squirted with contact solution and lose an eye! Oh wait, that’s what it’s for. Nevermind. But don’t forget – those terrorists were able to bring down four airplanes and several buildings using simple box cutters.

          Can’t you just see these jackasses sitting around conference tables, brain storming about new ways to get American sheeple to submit? — Let’s see, we could have some fella try to bring down a plane with a bomb in his shoe, so thereafter, everyone must remove their shoes. Then we can severely limit what they are able to carry in their luggage by having some chick try to make a bomb in her baby’s bottle. If both of these work out, we can really go for the throat with a bomb in someone’s skivvies. From there, it’s all downhill; Americans will agree to be molested in public and/or perform a strip tease act, just for the privilege of being allowed to fly. —

        4. “Americans will agree to be molested in public and/or perform a strip tease act, just for the privilege of being allowed to fly.”

          How many flying grandmas and toddlers have been deemed bona fide terrorists since 9/11? The cabal has one up on the Stasi on this one. As long as the inmates run the asylum and so called normal people comply, it will only get worse.

          Performing a strip tease? Perhaps if Dirty Harry worked for TSA.

          How on earth did the airline business function before TSA? As I recall it went quite well.


        5. “Where to?…”

          You better just go with him, Anne. I’d demonstrate my compliance, if I were you.

        6. Toni, I could try Sunny’s approach:

          Sunny: What does a girl have to do to go to bed with you?
          Harry Callahan: Try knocking on the door.

        7. Well, I’ll admit some “man love” for Clint.

          Dirty Harry was one of my alter-ego Hero type fantasies when I was a kid.

          The bit about I lost count of my shots, Priceless.

  22. Three month anniversary? Can’t wait for the one year anniversary spectacle. The more msm coverage these events get, the more the fakery shines through.


    NEWTOWN – Two nonprofits formed in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre are sponsoring a bus to carry supporters to a Washington, D.C., rally on Saturday to mark the three-month anniversary of the Florida night club massacre.

    Newtown Action Alliance and Sandy Hook Promise are sponsoring a bus along with Connecticut Against Gun Violence to the Disarm Hate rally, commemorating the 49 people who were killed at the Pulse night club in Orlando on June 12. A limited number of seats were available on the bus.

  23. The US Military is now formally endorsing a candidate, a total break from the practice of maintaining neutrality in civilian political affairs (and specifically the war Queen Clinton), as they beat the drums or world war:

     " In the 2016 election, however, the boundaries between civilian politics and the military powers are being flagrantly jettisoned. The military and the Deep State cabal are, in effect, moving to preordain the White House occupant. This situation has barely perceptible difference from a military coup appointing a civilian junta to administer.

    At the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia last week, the endorsement of Hillary Clinton by military top brass was conspicuous. One of the main Pentagon cheerleaders was Four-Star Marine General John Allen, who gave a bloodcurdling and ranting speech declaring how «our enemies will fear» an America led by Clinton.”


  24. For anyone who read the MHB article on McCain and the Saudi bribe they paid him-
    this is a major indictment against this known traitor,
    the only wonder is how government officials and the Press avoid the story

        1. Had an interesting event last month,
          I am a tireless hunter and outdoorsman (which is not to say I don’t get tired),
          I enjoy the hunt but disdain the kill,
          the other day I heard a strange bleating out my two story bedroom window next to the dog cage, I look out the window expecting to see my dogs quarreling, but instead-
          I see a fawn with her head stuck in the chain link fence,
          I rush out to free her and find her head is truly stuck in the fence,
          then my Lab comes up from behind and starts to attack the fawn
          I’m yelling at my dog who is now in a frenzy but also scaring the poor fawn,
          a friend arrives to help, more chaos
          I finally free the fawn, very afraid her neck might be injured,
          I was holding this poor, wild, amazing, helpless creature next to my chest with one hand (which seemed like a very long time), yet the animal was not fighting, but cuddling in my arms, as I was attempting to hold off my Lab with the other hand,
          I didn’t want to let go of the fawn but I calculated the situation and decided my only option to help the fawn was to throw her over the fence to keep my dog off her, which I did, while now having to chase down my Lab,
          I watch this creature walk away, seemingly unharmed,
          I looked all over for her to see if she made it,
          and could not find her,
          I prayed to CRE to help her find her way back to her mother,
          later I felt that I had made a kind of spiritual restitution for the one deer I had killed when I was young (it was one of the saddest experiences of my life, their eyes are more beautiful than words can describe)
          I do not hunt these Elfen creatures anymore,
          so I was wondering oh sage Mick, what your studies have taught you about eating meat?

        2. I have been a vegetarian for up to five years at a time, but now I do eat some meat sporadically. Cause you can’t hardly eat fish now, the Gulf is poisoned and Fukushima is finishing the Pacific ocean.

          I don’t eat any corn unless it is non gmo either, nothing with corn syrup fructose in it. I drink German beer, (Warsteiner) because they are not gmo yet. If I drink merlot it is French or Italian.

          I eat a lot of potatoes, tomatoes and salads.

        3. Sun
          So as not to repeat and become repetitive. There is a post by anirfan concerning Carl Jung, which I pretty much dismissed. But concerning some of the things we have discussed, see the comments. I am afraid I was pretty blunt.

          “I am afraid you will be disappointed with following most anything western man has to say concerning the development of Spirituality. Most of it is almost child like.”


    1. I posted the hive mind piece as I ran into it over on the tap blog. I notice he hasn’t posted since 2012. It is very good.

      The Hulda Clark liver cleanse he mentions, I have used many times. I also use the grape diet. Eat grapes for as long as you can. For beginners that is only going to be about 3 days.


      It is also good to drink from a sterling tumbler. Sterling is 15 percent copper and you cannot form healthy red blood cells when you are copper deficient. It is an excellent conductor of electricity also. Silver particle in the body also fights against bacteria etc. There is no known pathogen which can exist when exposed to silver.

      That is why in ancient times when people actually knew something, a baby was given a baby cup made of sterling.

      The native american indians wore silver bracelets as some silver was absorbed through the skin and in the case of serious infection they would boil the bracelet and drink the water, kind of a traveling medicine kit. That is why they wear silver virtually all over their body. They also knew about penicillin also. They would let a fruit spoil and then eat the mold which is penicillin. The Europeans did not discover it, indians knew about it for 1000s of years.

      1. Mick, this is so interesting, what you said about copper and healthy red blood cells. I have been severely anemic for many years, and have never had nayone tell me about this. I have always been treated with intra-venous iron infusions or blood transfusions, both of which I dread.

        I did know that silver has healing properties; a doctor used it to treat a bad sunburn I got back in the 80s. I had blisters on my face and he was afraid it would leave scars. Within just a couple of days of treating it with Silvadene, it was pretty much healed and I never had any scars from it.

        I am learning to look for natural cures more and more nowadays. I was bitten by a brown recluse spider about seven years ago, and my doctor treated it with the usual antibiotics (the only way doctors know to treat the bite). It was on my ankle and took a long time to heal, so I could barely walk or drive. In October of last year, six years after the actual bite, it came back; the exact same place on my ankle turned purplish blue and started swelling! Who knew that a spider bite could come back? I certainly didn’t, but found out it is common with a brown recluse. I found one person that knew about this and sold a kit to treat it with, which I gladly purchased. The main ingredient is activated charcoal powder that you mix with a simple liquid and apply to the bite. I used it twice and all of the symptoms were gone. Amazing!

        1. I have a couple of balls of silver that were melted down by a Mahatma. I picked up old silver pieces from the flea market. You can roll them around in your hand and the silver rubs off, is picked up through the skin.

          You can also boil them in water and the water becomes a silver collide. Or use them in soup.

          The old story the chosen ones like to pass around about the miracle of chicken soup doesn’t have much to do with the soup. They boil a silver spoon in it. They however don’t tell the gojim much about this.

          Yes hospitals are now days acting like they have “discovered” what ahealing substance silver is. Wow it has been around for awhile.

          In the copper post look at the bottom you will see where gold was used against cancer by the Han Dynasty in China. The elite know this and are using it now, but it is not something for the hoi poi and very expensive.

          Why do you think they hoard gold and silver? Gold is known as the king of minerals for a reason, it does not corrode either. Actually in the Mahabharata it states the ancient nefilim used it to some how power vimanas (space ships)


  25. Maryaha
    I use copper pots for cooking and a bronze frying pan also. I was at a flea market and noticed it. The guy said I need big bucks for this, it is a specialty item. I said well how much do you want? He said I have got to have 80 dollars for this. I peeled off some 20s and handed them to him.

    He said what is so special about this copper pan. I said copper is good for you. It is from China, you need about 2200 degrees to melt bronze.

    I make tea in a sterling pitcher and drink only from a silver tumbler. I found five of them on ebay for 450 dollars which have the chrysanthemum filgree from the Japanese emporer. 950 sterling, that was before Japan became radiated! If it is good enough for the emporer, it is good enough for the mickster.

    In India the brahmins don’t drink out of anything but silver, gold and bronze.

    Come to the center of the earth, and there you shall find the Philosopher’s Stone – Basilius Valentinus (Fifteenth Century Alchemist)


    1. Dub,

      I like all your talk about using silver and copper what about cast-iron pans?

      Isn’t it ironic mover all children we have the best utensils and seltzer’s and natural medicines boy we’ve come a long way In the name of cash for the big corporations.

      1. I use them too, but you don’t want to get too much iron in the blood. I have a giant Wagner 15 inch iron skillet I stole for 50 bucks. I seen people at flea markets ask 800 for one of those or the giant Griswolds. I bake chicken wings in it as I don’t use corn oil to fry them any more. I just bake them in sesame oil and texas pete pepper sauce.

        Much of this common sense stuff could be taught to grammar school children at an early age, but no they tell them nothing while they go home and eat from aluminum and teflon. They spend all this money on education and then dumb them down. They say you can put a parakeet in cage by a teflon pan while cooking and it will die the stuff is so poisonous. I have never tried it.

        I had a sterling silver frying pan once believe it or not but gave it to my daughter.

        The basic formula of this powerful tonic dates back to medieval Europe, that is, from the era when people suffered from all sorts of diseases and epidemics.


      2. And now they are killing holistic doctors. Did you know at the Potala In Tibet, they train their own doctors and dentists? Lobsong Rampa was known as the doctor from Lasa. He wrote a book about it, many books.

        In the old days sometimes in a special case doctors in Germany would fly a surgeon from their to do a delicate operation even though their “credentials” were not recognized by the German medical community. You couldn’t do that now since the stasi have taken over.

      3. Precious metals are what the ancients tried to gather around the pineal gland in order for the sexual energy to travel up the spine and illuminate it. They conduct electro magnetic energy.

        Now people are given fluoride to calcify the pineal gland. They think of everything.

        aluminum paricle collects in brain cells and causes parkinsons disease and alzheimers. It is a very poor conductor of electricity producing the zombie the slave master covets.

        1. its not fixed. Re-Read what I wrote.

          when you enter your website as your name here on MHB you should only enter: https://dublinsmick.wordpress.com/.

          Your entering: http://dublinmick.wordpress.comhttps//secure.gravatar.com/site/wpcom?wpcc-no-close.

          Are you Pasting this URL? If so, Hand type this is then copy it and fix your source your pasting from.

          It’s not WordPress. Trust me on this. I’ve build pages and computors from scratch in the ’90’s, Now anyone can build a website with software.

    1. So does nobody like this song or don’t remember it?

      I was maybe 4 or 5 and my Dad played this song and my 3 older sisters and I would sing it and dance.

      My Dad was a guitar player and a great singer and my mom was a very good singer.

      We all sang and played until my parents split when I was 7.

      For what it’s worth.

      I’m bored and talk too much

  26. From György Schwartz, also known as George Soros the self-appointed global leader, and his foot soldiers:

    ~A leaked memo from left-wing financier George Soros’s Open Society Foundations argues that Europe’s refugee crisis should be accepted as a “new normal,” and that the refugee crisis means “new opportunities” for Soros’ organization to influence immigration policies on a global scale.~

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com#ixzz4HW7Dq4y1

    Yes indeed, the opportunities are aplenty as we see in Sweden where dozens of cars were set on fire yesterday. Perhaps these new opportunities for the refugees include jobs such as firefighters, insurance adjusters, new and used car salesmen and the list goes on as the damages they cause increase.

    Or, they’re just letting out frustration for not being handed over enough of the beloved summer cottages the Nordic people have enjoyed for their families up until now.

    Cars burn across Sweden as fire-starters roam free….

    1. While Sweden faces loss of vehicles to arson and their beloved vacation cottages to the Swedish version of eminent domain, the native population seems neutered without power to fight their own traitors within.

      In Minnesota they just got rid of a 22 term incumbent, perhaps a good thing, and the replacement meets with the approval of the likes of Soros. Replacing the incumbent is a candidate who is cushioned, defended and protected by descendants of European immigrants to that state. Seriously.

      Here is the newly elected politician……

      First Elected Somali in Minnesota Legislature Married Her Own Brother
      August 13, 2016 Daniel Greenfield
      Are you feeling enriched by our newfound diversity yet?


      ~The statement goes on to decry “[Donald] Trump-style misogyny, racism, anti-immigration rhetoric and Islamophobic division.”~

      1. Greenfield is obviously running a Zionist front group:

        “…Without this understanding it is impossible to explain how Americans, whatever their policy views, could collaborate with America’s enemies beginning with the communist totalitarians of the Cold War and extending now to the Islamist barbarians seeking the destruction of Israel and the United States…”


  27. I’ve been noticing in the news feeds on the sidebar, an awful lot of reports of murder-suicides occurring lately. They are all coming from a Twitter account: James Angleton murdersuicide_1. I clicked on one a while back to see what this is all about, and found out that James Angleton was a CIA chief, deceased since 1987. Why is someone using his name on their account, and why so many of these murder-suicides? Just wondering…

  28. Okay, can someone tell me where this article went that was posted this afternoon regarding LSD/MKULTRA 1979 talk? //memoryholeblog.com/2016/08/17/in-plain-view-jaw-dropping-video-of-lsd-promoters-holding-1979-meeting/#more-32772 . Why was it removed? It was a great article, and very prescient.

      1. Thanks for that. I thought it was interesting that Henry Makow so strongly disagreed with the mere posting of the article, claiming Aldous Huxley only wanted to “liberate souls”, not “population control” even though almost all of his writings & presentations spoke exclusively of “making the people love their servitude” by opening the “Doors of Perception” while marketing THE NEW AGE using “THE PERENNIAL PHILOSOPHY”. IMO Henry Makow on this topic is highly questionable.

    1. Here’s the article, for those who missed it:

      In Plain View: Jaw-Dropping Video of LSD Promoters Holding 1979 Meeting


      It’s too bad this post speculating on LSD disappeared from MHB today. It brought up a lot of issues that could use discussing around here. I thought the narrow methodology of Irvin and Atwill, in particular, deserving of critique.

      I could divert myself pleasantly for several hours just on Russ Winter’s assertion that Ginsberg is over-rated as a poet, but I’m not convinced Winter’s even read him. This is emblematic of the larger problem I see with a lot of the assertions made in the post by Winter, Irvin and Atwill. Only people who have never taken psychedelics would argue that the determined result of such experience is cultural debasement.

      “I search for the language

                  that is also yours—
          almost all our language has been taxed by war.”

      Allen Ginsberg

        1. Toni,
          Are you trying to tell us something?

          Tune in, Turn on and Drop out?

          I was there as a young lad hanging out with older hippy people.

          The sugar cubes were sweet. I could’nt even taste the LSD 25..haha

          Many memories and stories. I wouldn’t change a thing and I’m pretty sane.

        2. “Tune in, Turn on and Drop out?”

          Leary was a disingenuous goofball and obvious asset; everything that Irvin, Atwill and Winter says about him is true. Like so much else, it’s probably even worse than we know.

          “I wouldn’t change a thing and I’m pretty sane.”

          You’re too cool, Ric.

        3. Are you being sarcastic or kidding? I seriously wouldn’t change a thing but I never bought into any left wing subversion or nothing like that.

          I had a great childhood and I am truly grateful for all the friends I met.

          That was over 40 bloody years ago, I’m good.

          But tell me, where do the children play?


        4. Ric, okay! You’re NOT cool then. Sorry.

          I did not accuse you, nor is it my suspicion, that you ever “bought into any left wing subversion or nothing like that.”

          I was responding to your “it’s all good” mantra, which now, upon reflection, I refute. It seems to cover up a lot of disagreement for you.

        5. Wow I never meant anything bad. That’s the problem with emails and blogs nobody really knows how you’re really feeling behind the typewriter.

          All good, I was being sincere or not looking for trouble. Back in the early days when email first started and people where misconstruing so many things other people were saying because it’s so hard to convey your feelings with the typewriter.

          Anyways, as Paul McCartney said , I’ll never do you no harm. ?

        6. So Toni,
          where does Donovan fit in among all this mind control in 60’s era?
          I don’t know anything about him except for a few of his hits

        7. Dave McGowan had a great blog about the strange goings on at Laural Canyon . When he died his family took control of his work and plan to reissue it later. Some of his interviews can be seen on you tube.

        8. Donovan suffered a lot of scorn in the sixties as a musician, and though he is not my favorite, I don’t disparage him as past hipsters have, especially in unfair comparison to Bob Dylan (who is my favorite.)

          Though many people think his songs are all illuminatied up, Donovan had no special role in the mind control in the 60’s era that I know of, beyond moving to Los Angeles, following west coast music, and trying to have a career here. This is where a lot of musicians gathered, music was made, and music business was done.

          That intelligence services infiltrated the music scene and facilitated it, or even generated it, doesn’t mean they control it or ever did. They want you to believe it’s their hand on the helm, but they are no match for the authentic experiences of millions of people. The conspirators are betrayed by their own need to make public their claim of control, as evidenced in the tape of Leary’s meeting with the other self-described LSD luminaries. Part of my criticism of Irvin, Atwill and Winter’s article is that they take what is said in this meeting as evidence of a conspiracy, rather than as a publicity stunt for the conspirators to self-congratulate, while regaling the public with tales of its own mind control.

          Don’t believe it. It’s part of the mind control.

          The other thing I wanted to say about Donovan is that “The Trip” is my favorite song of his. It recounts an actual LSD trip he took on Sunset Blvd. It felicitously served two purposes here: it responded to the topic of psychedelics while mirroring the musical interlude video in the No Comment section at right which at the time was “Who are you?” by The Who, a song which recounts a different kind of trip for Pete Townsend, who was woken up from an alcoholic black-out in a doorway by a cop.

          In 1966, Donovan asks, What goes on? I really want to know.

          By 1978, Daltry asks, Who are you? I really want to know.

          Different trips, different songs. The latter, more combative response (“who the fuck are you?”) is made under the influence of an actual drug of control, alcohol, a perhaps telling difference between the decades.

        9. In reply to sunaJAeon.

          Donovan suffered a lot of scorn in the sixties as a musician, and though he is not my favorite, I don’t disparage him as past hipsters have, especially in unfair comparison to Bob Dylan (who is my favorite.)

          Though many people think his songs are all illuminatied up, Donovan had no special role in the mind control in the 60’s era that I know of, beyond moving to Los Angeles, following west coast music, and trying to have a career here. This is where a lot of musicians gathered, music was made, and music business was done.

          That intelligence services infiltrated the music scene and facilitated it, or even generated it, doesn’t mean they control it or ever did. They want you to believe it’s their hand on the helm, but they are no match for the authentic experiences of millions of people. The conspirators are betrayed by their own need to make public their claim of control, as evidenced in the tape of Leary’s meeting with the other self-described LSD luminaries. Part of my criticism of Irvin, Atwill and Winter’s article is that they take what is said in this meeting as evidence of a conspiracy, rather than as a publicity stunt for the conspirators to self-congratulate, while regaling the public with tales of its own mind control.

          Don’t believe it. It’s part of the mind control.

          The other thing I wanted to say about Donovan is that “The Trip” is my favorite song of his. It recounts an actual LSD trip he took on Sunset Blvd. It felicitously served two purposes here: it responded to the topic of psychedelics while mirroring the musical interlude video in the No Comment section at right which at the time was “Who are you?” by The Who, a song which recounts a different kind of trip for Pete Townsend, who was woken up from an alcoholic black-out in a doorway by a cop.

          In 1966, Donovan asks, What goes on? I really want to know.

          By 1978, Daltry asks, Who are you? I really want to know.

          Different trips, different songs. The latter, more combative response (“who the f*** are you?”) is made under the influence of an actual drug of control, alcohol, a perhaps telling difference between the decades.

        10. An interesting response,
          there were/are many many wonderful things about the 60’s, mind experiences one of them,
          psychedelics aren’t for everyone but to the courageous who are willing to face his fears its a brave new world:)

        11. I personally think Donovan was great.

          I love so many of his songs hurdy-gurdy man Jimmy page playing lead guitar.

          Jennifer is great, So many songs.

        12. Yeah, it was really unfair to make him go up against Dylan in the public mind. If you watch Pennebaker’s documentary about Dylan in London called “Don’t Look Back,” you’ll see hangers-on and the press pushing for a stand-off between the two. Donovan is no match for Dylan, and Dylan appears to be too young to avoid being roused by the competition.

        13. And Tony have you seen the interview with Bob Dylan where he talks about the entity he made a promise to and that’s why he continues on working? Very strange. As you are aware i’ve told you about all the people I have met. I never met Bob Dylan but I Have been to two of his houses. I have met Sarah Jacob Dylan’s at the Beverly Hills house.

          I will never forget the picture of Bob and George Harrison in the kitchen. Sara was a very sweet lady. Her and Bob both had ranches in Malibu almost across the street from each other. Sarah’s ranch have no amenities it was a cleansing house to clear the mind of the humdrum of the city.

      1. To be fair & accurate, both Jan & Joe have admitted to taking psychedelics; Joe Atwill in particular during the 1960’s, but I understand the point.

        1. Thanks, Rico.

          I didn’t really expand my case against them fully, but I continue to think that they narrow their methodology to the detriment of their argument.

  29. I was just making a comment using dictation between me and Toni, using my iPhone app and it started going through old comments I’ve made weeks ago, that is more than unusual.

    It wouldn’t post my current, yet it went through all my old comments very very strange. Fascinating

    Did I get lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a glitch? I have never seen nothing like this in my entire life.

    It was Right out of that movie with Jim Carrey, I think it was called Truman?

    All my old comments parade in front of me very strange….

  30. Vatican’s holocaust


    “This is a page from a 1946 US Intelligence report on the Ustasha. Note that the Ustasha had already moved much of their loot to Rome by 1946. The Vatican through Dominic Mandic, Chief Economist and General Definitor of the Franciscan Order was providing financial means to the Ustasha. John Loftus who has researched these issues for well over a decade has written, Dominik Mandic controlled San Girolamos the ratline finances. Mandic arranged the laundering of Ustasha loot likely via the Franciscans Vatican Bank accounts to which he had access and placed the Franciscan printing presses at the disposal of the Ustasha to print false identity information for war criminals. -Unholy Trinity, page 118- Today the Franciscans deny their Nazi past.”

    1. I will reblog this one.

      From wiki

      “In 2003, Scott invested $5.5 million in Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacies,[51] which operates drugstores/pharmacies that offer vitamins, herbal medicine, skin products, homeopathic medicines, and prescriptions. Other investors in Pharmaca reportedly include Tom Stemberg, founder and former CEO of Staples, and Arthur Blank, co-founder of Home Depot.[citation needed]”


      “An avid reader, the First Lady loves traveling the state, sharing her passion for reading and literacy with Florida’s students. She believes that great readers become great learners, and early learning leads to academic success. As a mother, she also knows that healthy bodies make healthy minds. She urges Floridians of all ages to eat healthy and get out and play.”

  31. Chemtrailing over northern California begins again. After beautiful blue skies for most of the summer, they are now an opaque gray with lines that look like my bulky yarn. There’s also an unusual brown element to portions of the fog. My guess is that they’ll stop over the Labor day weekend and return full force next week.

    1. I was just outside observing the sky, as the sun made an appearance after days of rain. I saw regular white puffy clouds, which remained white when they came by the sun. There were also strange looking thin sheets of clouds that were in a higher layer and when they were by the sun the colors were rainbow – like looking at an oil spill. You could see the colors with the naked eye, but they were quite bright when looking through sunglasses.

    2. I’m in grass Valley today and ithey started spraying today. I’m up here from Southern California for the weekend and very curious if they started spraying in LA this weekend.

      1. I’ve been filming all the chem trails up here in Sacramento grass Valley area today they are blowing it up like they’re trying to make up for the last four months the good news is everybody up here including my brother-in-law all now realizing something wrong.

        1. Great news that people are waking up to it. Here in the Pacific NW the trailing has been off and on this summer. Last weekend was horrible, then the rain moved in, so it’s impossible to tell what’s going on. Sometime when we’re having an overcast day, the clouds will break and you’ll see trails above the clouds. I’m still so curious about what the purpose of it all is. I have yet to meet another person (other than my immediate family) who notices it or is interested at all.

      1. Skirt,
        You can’t even trust earth cams or even satellite photos of the weather anymore when it comes to Chem-trails.

        A weatherman in San Diego showed live on TV how the Software they use in the news separates the Real clouds from Chem-Trails.

        He turned it off and on to show his viewers(I wonder where he is now). It may still be on YouTube .
        The software he claims is used by Every Station in the Us so you Never see Chem-Trails from the Satellite photos during the Weather segment.

        It’s true not a therory.

        1. Perhaps the weather reader in San Diego was talking about this gadget from Raytheon – video game weather in real time. Forget about the weather outside when you get real time weather delivered in video format on the screen of your choice by your favorite weatherman.

          Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System

          In September 2015, Raytheon delivered AWIPS II, the next-generation upgrade to the AWIPS system. The AWIPS update includes powerful new capabilities that help meteorologists deliver more precise forecasts sooner.

          ~A variety of data types are processed in real time, allowing video game-like visualizations and interaction.~

    3. So last night driving home through Marin County – worst I’ve ever seen. Dark brown and black chemtrails created an horrific pink and red sunset. I noticed transparent black trails, haven’t seen those before. This morning the trails continue to cover the sky and the sunrise is still pink, red and black. They really do seem to be making up for lost time. Very discouraging.

  32. I’m watching a movie, Ides of March,
    I note at least 3 reporters who do cameos in this movie, playing themselves, including Rachel Maddow,
    I’m not sure when reporters starting selling their persona like this openly,
    it represents journalism at their worst, selling their reporter persona
    on the screen-
    the whole idea of building this persona of trust, journalistic integrity, appearances etc. is to build a relationship with their viewers,
    once that trust is trampled there is no connection between news and their audience,
    I am of the opinion if a reporter did this in the 50’s they would be out of a job, though that is a little before my time to be sure of the timeline

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