Federal Officials Refuse to Disclose Nature of Exercise 

Ken Picard
July 20, 2016

Want to take part in the largest dramatic production Vermont has ever put on? We’re talking a cast of 5,000 participants performing over nine days at 50 sites around the state, at a cost of $570,000. The live-action thriller promises plenty of “death” and “destruction,” and may include one or more of the following simulations: terrorist attacks, collapsed structures, cyber warfare, chemical and/or biological agents, and massive casualties that overwhelm local hospitals.

Image Credit: Paul Ghiozzi

This theatrical production isn’t for entertainment purposes, however, but a disaster-preparedness drill dubbed Vigilant Guard, which will run from July 25 until August 2. The federally funded exercise, which has been in the works for three years, is designed to test the response capabilities of the state and region’s military and emergency services personnel. Participating agencies will include at least a half dozen local municipalities and 16 area hospitals, as well as Vermont’s Army and Air National Guards, the Department of Homeland Security, the Vermont Department of Health, the American Red Cross, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to name a few.

Unlike many disaster-training exercises, this big-budget extravaganza will require significant audience participation. Specifically, actors from local communities are needed — at least 200 per day over four days, from all walks of life. Makeup and costumes will be provided, and no previous experience or auditions are necessary. Best of all, every actor goes home with a good story to tell and $80 for each day’s work.

“I take pride in saying that we pay more than ‘The Walking Dead’ for a day of being an extra,” says Paul “Paulie” Ghiozzi of E-9 Enterprises, referring to the AMC hit television series. The Colorado Springs, Colo., firm is under contract with the federal government to provide logistical support for Vigilant Guard, including extras, props, makeup and costumes.

Image Credit: Paul Ghiozzi

Ghiozzi, a 1996 Norwich University graduate and 20-year Marine Corps veteran, is E-9’s project director, day-shift site commander and self-described “bodies guy.” He regularly travels around the country finding participants for these federally mandated natural-disaster and domestic-terrorism drills. His goal, he says, is to create the most authentic scenarios possible, which enable emergency responders to identify gaps or weaknesses in their preparedness.

We do everything from tsunamis to hurricanes to avalanches to tornados to WMDs to nuclear/chemical/biological [attacks]. Single shooter, multiple shooter, you name it,” Ghiozzi adds. “It might be a hurricane the first day and looting the second day.”

Neither Ghiozzi nor state and federal officials, who hosted last week’s press conference at the National Guard’s Camp Johnson in Colchester, would disclose the exact nature of the simulation. The reason: Planners aim to simulate, in real time, the surprising and often unexpected nature of how these catastrophes unfold. Even Ghiozzi admits he hasn’t been informed of all the incidents that are planned.

What kinds of acting roles are available to the public? According to Ghiozzi, the scripted event will feature various scenarios and “injects,” or complications, which develop over the entire course of the drill. For example, he says, the exercise may require a certain number of “walking wounded” who are covered in (faux) radioactive dust and soot, akin to those who were near the World Trade Center when the towers collapsed.

E-9’s makeup and costume artists will be there to help actors “get into character,” he says. That might mean they apply facial lacerations or thermal burns to simulate victims’ exposure to radiation or chemical agents.

“We can do mustard gas, sarin gas, stuff like that,” Ghiozzi adds. To simulate more serious, nonambulatory wounded, E-9 will provide nearly 100 rescue mannequins, including at least one CPR dog mannequin.

Although the actors won’t necessarily need to memorize lines, Ghiozzi says that some may be asked to simulate specific conditions or behaviors, such as showing signs of post-traumatic stress disorder or mental illness. Other actors may simply wear cards around their necks to inform first responders and medical staff of their injuries so patients can be triaged for evacuation, decontamination and treatment.

Vigilant Guard will also involve the use of numerous military vehicles and aircraft, as well as at least one pile of rubble that was constructed at Camp Johnson specifically for this exercise. The pile, on display at last week’s press conference, consists of several shipping containers, tons of concrete slabs, overturned cars and, according to one National Guard official, hydraulic lifts that can simulate an unstable collapsed structure.

Despite the hazardous sets, state officials emphasize that no actors will be put in harm’s way — no leaps from flaming rooftops or evacuations via helicopter winches. According to Ghiozzi, about the most action the actors should expect is a stretcher ride in a Humvee.

[Emphases added.-Ed.]

Still, despite what might feel like fun and games to the actors, Christopher Herrick, director of Vermont’s Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, says that creating a high “degree of realism will help us hone our response by identifying not only what went right but what went wrong, and rectifying those mistakes in the future.”
Interested in acting for Vigilant Guard? Contact Paul Ghiozzi at 619-602-0547 or email paul.ghiozzi@e-9.com. Must be at least 16.


Vermont Department of Public Safety
July 6, 2016

Want to hone your acting skills while helping emergency responders in Vermont? You can do both by volunteering for Vermont’s Vigilant Guard catastrophic exercise from July 25-August 2.

Vigilant Guard will help prepare emergency responders in Vermont for future disasters. Two-years has gone into the planning of the statewide exercise that will include 4,000 people and evaluate the effectiveness of state and local responses to a number of crisis.

The public can help with the training by volunteering to be “actors” during the exercise. About 200 people are needed to spend a day at a shelter, visit a hospital with simulated injuries or illnesses, and other roles.

The Vermont Division of Emergency Management & Homeland Security, in collaboration with the Vermont National Guard, is conducting Vigilant Guard 2016 to evaluate the ability of responders to ply their trade and work together during a large emergency event. The scenario will include a surge in patients at local hospitals, the activation of emergency shelters, and many more activities.

Volunteers will be given a role to play and instructed on what needs they should present to responders. They will then play out the scenario in order for evaluators to record how fire, police, medical, and other responders react. Those observations will then be used to identify gaps and improve response. Before the event, actors will be given a complete orientation to the incident site and what actions are expected of them.

Volunteers must be 18 or over with the following exceptions:

16-17 year-olds may participate with parents’ permission.

Younger children can participate if part of a “family” at a shelter.

If you are interested in volunteering should contact Brittany Marquette at VT DEMHS at Brittany.marquette@vermont.gov or 800-347-0488.

More than 200 volunteer actors will be needed at the following locations on these dates:

July 27

July 28

July 29
St Albans

July 30
St Albans

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97 thought on “Crisis Actors Sought for Statewide Disaster Drill in Vermont”
  1. Reblogged this on The PPJ Gazette and commented:

    “His goal, he says, is to create the most authentic scenarios possible”….and then MSM will pick them up and do their part by reporting them as actual events. then comes the politicians who will be gravely concerned…hang wringing and tears are optional. These people are disgusting.

    1. Yes, they are disgusting. It is a closed system. These functionaries have decided that our “purpose” is currently to facilitate their complete control. To that end they steal our money and time and bombard us with these manufactured events.

      Those who don’t want to participate will be dealt with. That is why I sound like a broken record. There is only one remedy for this that I can see. We have to turn our backs and step away. We don’t need to announce this. We need to DO it.

      Those who show up for these things are their own worst enemies. We can do little about that, however. We can refuse to participate and we can continue to ridicule these things.

      When asked about these things by others I always refuse to acknowledge them. I think its more effective than a lot of people think. I have more people come back and continue to ask than otherwise. Often they start to express their doubts as well.

      If one is not angry or confrontational and laughs at these it is effective. I always tell them, “hey, go ahead. You can believe anything you like”. Then chuckle at them. Most people don’t want to be the brunt of a joke.

  2. This would be a perfect opportunity for an enterprising muckraker (a real one) to infiltrate by applying for a ‘position’, then making full reportage on the goings on within.

    1. Now THAT would be what I call “creative”. Done correctly, that could be fascinating. Of course one would have to be careful, especially when it comes to the gag order. I wouldn’t sign it under my own name.

    1. Vermont still has people who expect to be treated like Americans. They haven’t been totally cowed yet. Personal freedom is still a living ideal there.

        1. That’s too bad. He sounds like an interesting man. They mentioned “The Utne Reader”. I used to get that. It was pretty good.

          I think as many Vermonters as possible should sign up. What an opportunity. I’d go see “Animal Crackers” first. Just think of the opportunities to “get creative” with your roles.

          I have visions of “Round in Circles” done seriously. A person can work remarkably hard at failure. You just have to perfect your blink and deadpan stare. “OK boss, I can to this….”.

  3. My husband and I were talking about the “NLE ’09” “exercises” that we freaked out about 7 years ago and he said, “You know, the ‘N’ in NLE isn’t for ‘National Level Exercises,’ it’s for ‘National News Coverage.'” Locals are left clueless and the major news outlets run the stories via MSM over and over to communicate (and sell) the State’s/Gov’t’s agenda, e.g., gun control, TSA, Federal takeover of state and local police, etc.

  4. This is what happens when you (Clinton) Federalize the Education system for 22 yrs and teach all of our kids to hate America then have a far left wing Pres. elected (King BO) for 8 years of Divide and Conquer politics.

    Listen to these kids….they truly know Not what they do. They would be the first to crumble if they lost their freedom/rights.


      1. It would make more sense concluding that this rally is in Trump’s name but not his consent. It would be just like the Dems to create a straw man and beat on it and blame the Repugnicans.
        Party lines will be justifiably blurred if Trump takes over for the Impostor. Neither party is worth ten cents at present. Time to stand for principle and not a party. Wasn’t it deplorable to see so-called Republicans vomiting all over Trump?
        Still, Trump will Triumph!

  5. A cast of 5,000 suitable for a Cecil B. DeMille production in a quiet state of 626,000, a state known for tapping maple syrup, mountains, autumn foliage, mountains, cows, cheese, villages, towns, and small cities nestled in bucolic settings, Lake Champlain, and Bernie Sanders, what is there to do in the summer? Employment jobs for the summer! It will be a great production!

    1. Remember my advice about “herding cats”? This is too good an opportunity to pass up if you’re in Vermont or that neck of the woods. Everyone should sign up and have fun. You could turn it into a Marx Bros. production.

  6. The Rebel – The terror travesty

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

    — H. L. Mencken


    Like the aftermath of an earthquake in the minds of all Americans, the terror aftershocks keep coming, manufactured by a corrupt government desperately trying to prove it is needed for lifetime supervision of a wayward populace, though all it ever does is put people in jail and prepare for war against threats it itself has created.

    This profound dishonesty has plagued the American republic since its inception. The leaders know what’s really happening and the public is always kept in the dark. The American people have been turned into a cash crop that is periodically harvested by the foreign impresarios who control the world by controlling everyone’s money.

    Can’t let Americans off the hook, though. They went along with all the unjustly spilled blood and profited from it, except for their sons and daughters who spilled theirs.

    America, will you ever awaken and see that the profits of your labor are being stolen? Or that the criminal actions you perpetrate upon the world are truly evil? You show no signs of doing so. Perhaps you don’t even deserve to be warned.

    Crisis terrorists

    Terror! Our government thrives on terror. If genuine terror can’t be found, the government invents its own, hires crisis actors and authorizes trillions for the development of new, ever more sophisticated ways to intimidate the public into quiet obedience.

    Billions in new infrastructure. Millions more for consultants. Cradle to grave, 24/7 monitoring of everyone. Drones that can monitor your blood pressure. Well-paying ads for crisis actors on Craigslist.

    The top law enforcers break the law. Local cops terrorize motorists with false testimony and frequent extortion.

    Our government likes terror, which is why, since the early part of the 20th century, it invents terror to further to achieve its own ends, principally to start wars and to regiment its citizenry into grateful slaves.

    Ever since the demolition of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City in 1995, the government has conducted a series of false flag operations, ever increasing in intensity and always accompanied by new legislation aimed at removing all guns from the hands of the population.

    Since 9/11 we never apprehended a single legitimate suspect for the greatest crime in American history, and everybody who handled the case got promoted.

    Does that not reveal the true character of the U.S. government as something that is not good for the American people at all!

    What is it in our belief systems that permits us to accept a government administrative apparatus that is clearly working for our own destruction? What kind of pothole in our own consciousness would allow this to happen?


    1. We all know this is ocurring,
      we must move from talking to doing something about it,
      patriots have to lead this movement and pull this monstrosity down
      like the ravenous critter that needs to be put down

    2. Yes. That’s what I mean by a “closed system”. Think about it. How is it that they can do this? Simple. They just do it.

      The inverse is also true. If I could stop them I would. The reality is that I can’t. So, what can I do? I can refuse to participate. How? Simple. Just do it.

      If someone runs up to you on the street and says “look out, there’s a herd of purple antelopes headed this way!”, what do you do? You say “right” and walk away.

      When they say “shelter in place”. If you can, don’t. If its going to get you in trouble, play along. Laugh at it. Have a good time.

      Part of subduing us is the creation of despair. Despair is the condition of people who fight against the unwinnable. Joy is the condition of those who take responsibility for their actions and refuse to be manipulated. Freedom is the product.

      1. Well said, Lophatt!

        If I may be so bold… What does your “name” mean? I must admit my country girl mind reads it as Lop Hatt (hat), but I guess others might read it as Lo Phatt (fat).

        Anyway, enjoyed your well written comment!

        1. First, Hi Acacia! As to the name. I once saw a picture of George “W” with the Chinese Premier where both of them were dressed in Chinese traditional silk coats. The premier was a little porky and “W” a little dorky.

          I sent it to a friend at work with the subtitle “Lophatt meets Dim Son”. That’s where it comes from.

        2. Brilliant, I had a good, long belly laugh when I found the picture online! The image I downloaded has the Chinese premier in red / black silk and ol’ Dubya in blue / silver. What a pair, Dim Son indeed!

          I’m not as code savvy as some of the other commentators or I would have included the image with this reply. If anybody can tell me how, I sure would appreciate it!

        3. You should be able to right click on the image, copy, paste. If you’re using a MAC, hit “Control” left click.

    3. Good Rant from Rebel.

      Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has vowed to individually sign 13,000 clemency orders allowing ex-cons to vote, after the Virginia Supreme Court invalidated his executive order restoring voting rights to nearly 200,000 Virginia convicts.

      At least they’re consistent in their corruption. The Dems get 13,000 free votes.

      At the same time Felonies come in at different levels and it shouldn’t be a blanket law.

      1. Ric, to be honest, I’ve never understood why a felon should lose any rights. After all, the penalty is the penalty and, once they’ve completed it, what right does anyone have to punish them further?

        Of course I’m one of those guys who thinks that a person should not be able to sign away any of their rights, period. They should stand on their own because they protect all of us.

        Of course I draw the line at letting dead people vote.

        1. Right on Lophatt.
          It’s True.

          It’s a watered down version of ” Double Jepordy” that gets worse year by year.

          Of course its not that simple but you know.

    1. Hmmm? Lone nut shoots (fill in the blank) with AR-15 or equivalent. Obongo demands action on civilian disarmament. Manifesto found in back pocket. Shooter is gay transvestite black woman with leprosy.

      They will place the entire state in lock down. “Shelter in Place” or face summary execution. It’s for your safety. Those who refuse to OBEY will be riddled with bullets.

    1. Isn’t Vermont the stuff they pour in a Martini after the Vodka and Green Olive?

      I’ve been Chem-Trailed one too many times….Ok, I’m bored

    2. Yes! All of this works together. First, the economy sucks so people are out of work and hungry. When they’re hungry they’re likely to invite the Devil home if he pays. So making us miserable benefits them.

      There are people there who wouldn’t cooperate with this if their lives depended on it. On the other hand, just like everywhere, there are those who will sell their soul for a buck. That’s what makes prostitution so degenerate.

      They get off on dangling a little “green” and making us do tricks. It wouldn’t take too many episodes of chasing them down the streets before they stopped coming around.

    1. I guess because of all us ridiculing them they’re stepping up their game and paying up to $1k a day for amateurs that can fake cry for real.

      Heck, they want head shots, bios and even invite known actors!

      We are all paying for this.

      Didn’t we see Spielberg directing the BMB?…..ha

      1. Yes we did see Spielberg and that pointed nose lady who was an eye witness there and at Sandy Hoax!

        Perhaps using the same actors over and over worked so well until the over kill and now they are running out of willing sinners.

        Of course they can move the players to anyplace they want, they even have air force one at their disposal.

        The rail system moving the elites into DC through Philly, NYC and up the NE crime belt is a total disaster. DC has daily fires that they keep putting out, literally! CT ground to a standstill when their lines to the big city went down shortly after SHH, can not imagine being packed like a sardine in those tin boxes.

        Predict there will be a major catastrophe that facilitates the rebuilding of the already crumbling, antiquated system with high speed trains. Maybe CA can ship theirs over to the east coast, understand they are still not running to nowhere!

        1. http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2013/04/15/us/20130416-BOSTON-slide-9010/20130416-BOSTON-slide-9010-hpLarge-v2.jpg

          First of all, Spielberg is much older than this guy in Boston.

          Second, a director would not be part of the “action” running alongside the gurney or whatever. He’d be directing at a remove, probably from a production truck in this scenario.

          Third, do you know how famous Spielberg is? Everybody in the world wants to get next to him. He has people to keep that from happening. If BMB was his deal, he would be a total distraction to his own production, running around in the street without a crew.

          Fourth, if the Boston Bombing were a Spielberg production, it would be lot more believable. One thing for sure about his movies, they are not criticized for their unbelievability.

          Fifth, I know Steven Spielberg, and that’s no Steven Spielberg.

        2. Toni,

          it’s just a joke which came from that picture you posted. Everyone was saying that guy looked a lot like Spielberg because he does.

          Did Spielberg direct the BMB production..of course not.

          He would have been ridiculed by Rotten Tomatoes for that production.

        3. Sometimes I hear comments about production around here that are so off the mark, I don’t take anything for granted.

        4. Called him The Director? heh

          If you went to a set and took pictures, they might not look all that convincing either because it’s set up to look real for the actual cameras.

          But the producers of these events, especially Boston, don’t know that. It’s as if they heard tell about Hollywood and sent away for some of them special movie effects – gonna put on a show!

          Then they went and got their blood at the Halloween store.

        5. Hey Toni,
          If you know Spielberg I got a movie I’d like to pitch to him.

          It’s about a frustrated Gay Muslim who works for GS4 but secretly serves ISIS who goes in to a Gay Club and releases his built up anger.

          No, No not like Orlando, this is in Los Angels……. it’s different, kinda.

        6. Sorry, Ric, that story’s already been optioned.

          It’s well into works, as they say.

        7. Ric, tt’s “G4S” (as in “G-Force”), get it? I used to have a contract with them. I could tell you some stories.

  7. 5,000 crisis actors for a fake terror attack in VERMONT? Storyline will be something like “ISIS terrorists sneak in from Canada and attack shopping malls, just like FOX/CNN have been predicting for 3 years.”

    1. Continued:

      Here is a link to an archive of Einat Wilf’s Wiki Page as of July 18, 2016
      Here is a link to an archive of the SCRUBBED page, July 23, 2016

      What is Unit 8200?
      Wiki on Unit 8200: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unit_8200

      Unit 8200 is the largest unit in the Israel Defense Forces, comprising several thousand soldiers.[3] It is comparable in its function to the United States’ National Security Agency and is a Ministry of Defense body just as the NSA is part of the United States Department of Defense.
      Subordinate to Unit 8200 is Unit Hatzav (Hebrew name for Drimia (Hebrew: יחידת חצב‎‎)), responsible for collecting OSINT intelligence. The unit monitors and collects military intelligence–related information from television, radio, newspapers, and the internet. The translation of various items accounts for part of what is termed “basic intelligence”, which is collected by the units. According to media reports, the unit provides over half of the overall intelligence information for the Israeli Intelligence Community.

      In depth articles on Unit 8200:
      Inside Israel’s Secret Startup Machine: http://www.forbes.com/sites/richardbehar/2016/05/11/inside-israels-secret-startup-machine
      Archive: https://archive.is/qwzz6
      Unit 8200: Israel’s cyber spy agency:http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/69f150da-25b8-11e5-bd83-71cb60e8f08c.html

      Archive: https://archive.is/cNJhX
      And the plot thickens…
      EDIT: For those who doubt the veracity of the original Wiki page, here are more media and web references to Wilf working in Unit 8200 (all archives)
      From the Jerusalem Post: https://archive.is/oTVPA
      Amira Dotan (Kadima), a former army officer with the rank of brigadier general; and Einat Wilf (Labor, Atzma’ut), a former intelligence officer in Unit 8200, with a PhD in political science, who was last to raise the issue, in the course of the 18th Knesset.
      From FactualIsrael: https://archive.is/56f90#selection-807.0-813.138
      Dr. Einat Wilf explains why the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) perpetuates ‘maximalist’ Palestinian territorial claims and is a major obstacle to peace in the Middle East. During her national service in the Israel Defense Forces she was an Intelligence Officer in Unit 8200, and reached the rank of lieutenant.
      From WIZO News: https://archive.is/yZ3o4
      Born in Jerusalem, Dr. Wilf is a former IDF intelligence officer (in the elite 8200 unit), foreign policy advisor to Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres and strategic consultant with McKinsey & Company. She has authored several books, the latest of which, Winning the War of Words: Essays on Israel and Zionism
      Google search for “Einat Wilf Unit 8200” brings up many more mainstream references.

      MUCH MUCH Thanks to Amos Quito on this!!!

      This is INSANE!

      This absolutely implicates Israel in all of these fake attacks!

        1. Hee hee…this is a good one. When I say I am blind, I’m not teasing, I have lost so much of my vision I now qualify for “visually impaired”. When I read your comment about Hillary having naked butts on her cheeks, I was using my tablet. When you said “…leaning towards her ear….”, my lousy vision said CAR instead of EAR, so I kept looking for a car in the pictures and didn’t see one. I am glad to say that I now see the butts on her face! It’s a good thing I can laugh at myself… so go ahead and have a little laugh with me. 🙂

  8. My first thought was weaponized listeria at Ben and Jerry’s (Unilever). Vermont?!?

    But then the name: very close to the Vigilant Guardian of 9/11 (and its complement Vigilant Warrior).

    The underlined portions are priceless. Starting to see who’s giving plausibility to these recent improbable terror attacks.

    Great work!


    1. Nice catch. There was a piece yesterday on Gutjahr talking about all the time he spent in Israel. Gee, what a “coincidence”.

      At this point I really don’t understand how anybody doesn’t see this for what it is. For those who don’t think about things, if the respective government wasn’t in on it don’t you think they’d arrest them as spies?

      Hmmmm? Why, it’s almost like the respective governments work for THEM!. That couldn’t be….., could it?

  9. Remember in 2012 after the whole Crisis Actors SHE was first brought into light the. Govt., CNN Cooper said we were all nutty conspiracy freaks.

    The were taking down all of their crisis actors websites .

    I guess we’ve come along way since then and now they just openly advertise for crisis actors .

    1. Yeah Ric. I think we rubbed their noses in it but they continue to pee wherever it suits them. The incredibly weird A.C. is a world-class shill of the highest magnitude.

      It’s really pretty funny when you think about it. We kept asking for proof and they kept feigning indignation. “Proof”, I no have to show you no “PROOF” maggot”.

      What can possibly be served (besides Satan) by watching these pukes?

  10. How about $1,000 a day. think anyone may get hurt? Details:Date: November 14 – November 17, 2016
    Location: Colorado, USA
    Salary- $1,000 per day (10-12 hours). 3 Meals and snacks per day, Accommodations and Travel
    Audition Date: Friday, July 17, Downtown Toronto

    Please cut and paste a recent full body photo along with previous crisis acting work, in the body of the email. Resumes MUST reflect crisis acting experience.

    do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers
    post id: 5678749549 posted: 2016-07-12 12:44am

        1. Anne I just read there was a 6.1 quake north of Sand Diego also in addition to the Big Sur fire. I know a guy out that way who barely made it past the other fire there, it came right by his house. I am surprised there is anything left to burn. There were no fires in Yuma when I was there, nothing to burn. It was like landing on the moon.

        2. Mick – there was 3.1 in northern California today. Don’t see anything about a 6.1 in San Diego. That would be pretty bad. They had a 5.2 last month in Borrego Springs which is in San Diego County. Sparsely populated area.

          I have been to Yuma and sand only burns when you step on it barefoot in 120 degrees. You are pretty safe from wildfires there.

          The fire up north is in the Big Sur area – between Big Sur and Carmel Valley. Beautiful country.


        3. I lived for a time in Humboldt County California. We had earthquakes almost every day. Some of them were very large. Oddly, you get used to it.

          In Southern California they always exaggerate. I’ve been there when I wouldn’t even consider the shake worth noting and the news will get all breathless about it.

          Fires are far worse, in my opinion. Big Sur is very pretty. I won’t say that about Yuma. Anne is right, sand is hard to burn. I know that they sometimes have brush fires in Nevada. When that happens its time to say “so what”? Have you ever tried to set sage brush alight? It ain’t easy.

        4. I agree with lophatt that fires are worse than earthquakes – at least moderate quakes. But in the city of Lost Angels you would think southern California was headed out to sea at even the slightest shake and rattle.

          Many moons ago on an overnight stay in Eureka, CA (lophatt knows this place since it’s in Humboldt County) I experienced the largest EQ during my time in California. It stopped my heart for a second. But it was not as s large as the 7.2 they had there in 1980. lophatt, did you live there then?


    1. Yes, well they must be following the old Hollywood practice of having a “stable” of actors and promoting them. There are probably “scouts” among the feds who search for “talent”.

      After all, it isn’t like these things have enough variety in them to require special talents. It’s bad enough to have them insulting us. The least they can do is to try to make it believable.

  11. We are discussing the “makeup” of people who have no conscience and no shame. Lying and cheating for fame and fortune is what they do. Also called sociopaths and a grade or two up we find the psychopaths.

    The last few days have brought out the best in ordinary people helping with rescue of animals and feeding those who’ve had to evacuate their homes from the Sand Fire here. Over 33,000 acres have burnt so far since Friday afternoon and it is far from over. 2,000 firemen are battling the flames.

    I have shed a few tears over the kindness and stories developing. Myself I am handicapped from a recent surgery and can’t get around quite yet. Otherwise I would be helping too to the best of my ability.


    Can’t help wondering if all these horrible fires are step towards getting people away from nature and into asphalt jungles. This is the second large fire up here in two weeks. We know “they” can make rain so why not now? Another fire is raging in the Big Sur area north in the state.

    1. Sorry to hear about your troubles and I hope you feel better soon. I’m just recovering from a lengthy illness as well.

      As to the fires, they can be awful. I remember them virtually every year I lived in California. So, while I wouldn’t put it past them, its hard to say if they’re natural or not. I don’t think the droughts have been “natural”.

      I hope you don’t lose anything in the fires. It’s amazing they can burn there in the first place. Rain would be good but unusual. My daughter had the same thing raging around her place. Luckily for her it bypassed them.

      1. Thank you Lophatt and same to you.

        A fire official is quoted as saying this one is not a normal fire. Another said that in 32 years of firefighting he has never seen a fire so strong and so fast. The wind has shifted and the smoke is over Nevada now, but the flames are still local.

        In California they give fires names, easier to remember. This one is called Sand Fire due to its origination in Sand Canyon. We have canyons and mountains and very rugged terrain here in northwest Los Angeles County. It does not look anything like the City of Los Angeles and that is why so many people have moved here. Drawback comes in fire season with plenty of land and vegetation to burn.

        One official even says “these are not normal times”. Yes indeed.


    1. How else are they going to learn to grow up to be “Lone Nuts”? This is hogwash. If it happened (and I doubt it), it is engineered. I don’t care if anyone was killed or not. It’s just more booga-booga.

      Florida……where else!

    2. Hillary’s corruption is coming home to roost–the media can’t keep it hushed. There will be plenty more staged shootings to try and distract.

    1. There are probably new listings on the federal jobs list for “propagandist” or “professional liar”.

      Everywhere we look its booga-booga, all the time and everywhere. Those who are a little older may remember a time when media and politicians always sought to calm the population. Not these days. It’s quite the opposite.

      I know its been said so many times that its becoming trite, but Gladio was very real. Whether this is “round II” or an extension of the original is arguable. The results are obvious. Generalized fear and unease.

  12. US Airbase in Turkey engulfed in Fire after Media IDs US General as Coup Leader

    "Update: The Fire was started just two hours after Turkish paper Yeni Safak identified US Army General and NATO International Security Assistance Force Commander John F. Campbell as the leader of the coup!"

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