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CNN plays a central role in propagating current “active shooter” events, giving them the wall-to-wall coverage that terrifies a significant segment of their viewership and stampeding the herd toward polices like “common sense gun laws.” 


The cable news network was likewise on the scene as the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre event played out, presenting misleading and incorrect footage of the response to the shooting, while Anderson Cooper traveled (i.e. green screened) to the scene to interview individual family members of the victims, who as if on cue rose above their grief to recite various gun control boilerplate.

In apparent preparation for the Democratic National Convention and pre-coronation of Hillary Clinton beginning July 25 CNN is apparently fortifying its propaganda cache, uploading close to 100 videos July 21 on the Sandy Hook operation, a finding one MHB contact has graciously shared with the editor. “For some reason CNN just posted more than 30 different Sandy Hoax segments to YouTube,” he writes.

They suddenly posted a barrage of short Newtown (Gun Grab) videos about 16 hours ago (Thursday) — at the same time. Why so many, and why now? Hint: DNC convention starts in a few days — they’re spooling up the propaganda.

Images of the uploads are reproduced below.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 6.32.55 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 6.33.11 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 6.33.27 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 6.33.39 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 6.33.49 PM


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30 thought on “CNN Readying DNC Sandy Hook Propaganda Arsenal?”
    1. Not yet ! But they are pre-positioned so that after Erica Lafferty (daughter of Dawn Hochsprung, slain teacher) addresses the DNC they will come up in any searches related to Sandy Hook.

      1. Oooh, ooooh, can’t you feel the excitement? It will be the full Pinocchio. Let’s see if the lying little wench can keep from laughing this time. Well, I suppose it IS appropriate. Telling lies at a liar’s convention.

  1. What a great time to make a big stink about SHE by demonstrating at the DNC while all the phony SHE victims are speaking and running these videos in the background.

    Call then out on Nation TV. What a lost opportunity.

    Hey, Maybe Rick Thorne will show and finally tell us his side of the story? Not!

  2. One of the comments on the youtube video was that peekay truth posted a video that the same cameraman was on site for Nice and Munich. “Munich reporter Richard Gutjahr was the cameraman who filmed the now iconic footage of a Truck just before hitting a crowd in Nice. He just happened to be on a Westminster Hotel balcony at 10:30 PM and thought it was a good idea to film a truck driving past.
    Less than a week later he is back home in Munich and just happens to be at the Munich McDonalds Shooting.” Here is peekay’s video.

    1. Richard Gutjahr should hook up with the Mormon kid who has been “caught in the middle” of 3 False Flags. Ya remember the shrinking head dude….

      1. Oh yeah, I remember him. He’s like that “Alex Israel” character that got resurrected as somebody else late in another drill. Come to think of it, there are quite a few of those.

    2. Gutjahr would translate to “good year”, no? Do these people think they have had a good year? Well, Three Card Monte might not pull in a lot of money nowadays, but terror hoaxes sure do. So, for some, it certainly has been a “Gut Jahr”.

      Would any of you be angry with me if I go get my $80 per day in one of these hoaxes? I could eat for three months on $80. Hell, with a little practice, I could become another Gene Rosen!

      1. Move over Nick Pugh! Nick’s turn as star witness at both 9/11 and the LAX shooting took place over a fourteen year span. He finally had to confront the discovery of his “man on the street/tarmac when it became well known. Nick tweeted out a massage to the effect that he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time – twice. Gutjahr covered two crazy attacks in the same week! We may see him again soon since a new self radicalized lone-wolf active shooter attack plays out weekly.

        1. Phew! (get it? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Only the witnesses get recurring parts. They “kill” the star every time.

    3. Well it doesn’t hurt to have a wife who’s a Mossad spy like him. They’re a husband and wife team, like the Rosenbergs.

      They’ve been busted, big time.

  3. The DNC is making a huge mistake. The over-kill obsession of highlighting the Sandy Hook false reality at their convention, will have the effect of waking more people up, to the whole fraud.

    Bring it on, you mainstream media whores……………

  4. Reblogged this on happytailswag and commented:

    In apparent preparation for the Democratic National Convention and pre-coronation of Hillary Clinton beginning July 25 CNN is apparently fortifying its propaganda cache, uploading close to 100 videos July 21 on the Sandy Hook operation, a finding one MHB contact has graciously shared with the editor. “For some reason CNN just posted more than 30 different Sandy Hoax segments to YouTube,” he writes.

    They suddenly posted a barrage of short Newtown (Gun Grab) videos about 16 hours ago (Thursday) — at the same time. Why so many, and why now? Hint: DNC convention starts in a few days — they’re spooling up the propaganda.

  5. This is a great compilation of all the “crying” without tears we saw with Sandy Hook. It reminds me of a friend I have, who when she first heard about SH on the radio of her car, had to pull over because she started crying so hard. Hmmm, I don’t think we saw anything even close to that with these people.
    On the bright side, my friend did wake up to the truth.

  6. A fun compilation of all the tearless “crying” from Sandy Hook: This reminds me of a friend I have who broke down crying so hard when she first heard about SH on her car radio, that she had to pull over on the road. We never saw anything even close to that from parents. On the bright side, said friend woke up to the truth!

  7. As much as I loathe Fox News (and that is considerably), I’m glad I never even accidentally catch CNN’s coverage. I can stand about two minutes of Fox News grimacing the whole time from being talked down to like a poodle.

    PBS is just as bad. They’re all bad. If any of these networks said something true without an ulterior agenda in the wings, the entire studio set would crumble in disbelief of the unprecedented utterance it just “heard”.


  8. It just confirms how crazy the DNC is.. Do the majority of Americans believe SHS actually happened.?. the DNC must think so… to have this story backing them….Somebody should call the shots this time and bring it all out in the open again. and tell it how it is….I hope they do.. I tell every one I know about SH.. because it woke me up to what it going on in the world…. 9’11… 7/7.. and all the other events.. You can read them like a book….


    1. It doesn’t matter “who” is reading their copy. They are all employees. They may be highly paid, but they are paid to read what they hand them. They are supposed to be breathless with excitement or somber, depending.

      Basically, they’re whores. CNN, The Clinton News Network, is planning on a blitz of 100 videos on SHES. You can rest assured that NONE of them will question their storyline.

      Hildebeast is even more tone deaf than most. I doubt that she even considers that there are people who don’t buy this business. So she is going to appeal to “her constituency” with the gun grab issue. Of course its all a ruse. They will select her anyway.

      Voting means nothing. The fix is in. Every cycle surpasses the last. She’s the most crazed to date. She’s a bought-and-paid-for NWO shill. But, in case you’re worried, so are the rest.

  9. CNN is trying to bury the hundreds of Youtube videos that prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the event at Dickinson School in Newtown Ct was a two-day DHS/FEMA drill. This is the time to repost the research on Sandy Hook, and to truth bomb CNN’s line-up.

  10. Seems like the DNC wiki leaks emails are a distraction, we already knew all that already and more.

    Perhaps that don’t want us to see the movies coming out – Hillary’s America is in theaters now and the Veterans for Bernie published Clinton Cash on facebook ahead of it’s planned release.

    Unbelievable billions on the backs of the poorest of the poor.

    1. The DNC convention has been over taken by angry Bernie supporters – wonder how that will be reported… Some rocket scientist had some Love TRUMPS Hate signs for the camera to pan to when the crowd gets too disruptive!

      Clinton Cash has probably been seen by millions already as we know the government run networks do not allow high numbers of views on the enemy’s reports.

      Expect all the players mentioned in the expose to disappear just like the sudden removal of this ceo…

  11. CNN is certainly the ringleader in the false flag phenomena, but we must understand that ALL of the main media outlets contribute purposefully and significantly to each and every charade.

    I am painfully aware of this as a result of a recent spree of news watching. Highly unusual on my part. Recent events such as Nice are taken at face value with complete lack of scrutiny.

    Without question CNN was THE major news agent with regards to the Sandy Hook production. How can we ever forget the party at the McDonnell’s house during Anderson Coopers interview of wee murder victim Grace McDonnell’s parents, where laughter abounded as Lynn McDonnell shared the glee experienced by the family as they Sharpied up the white casket of their daughter.

    Awe, ain’t that America today, John Mellancamp? When your loved ones are butchered just put on a happy face.

    A compelling character in all of this is CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who also was an on scene presence in Sandy Hook. Cuomo has an appearance and passion about him that Cooper sorely lacks. Cuomo, if you are not careful, is convincing in his presentation.

    We have to be aware of how the programming works. Last night, 48 hours prior to the DNC in Philly, CNN ran it’s 60’s cinema production, one of its executive producers being Hollywood entrenched Tom Hanks. Highlighted was the two hour long piece on the assassination of JFK. They played the game of appearing to fairly and reasonably present the “conspiratorial” aspect of Kennedy’s murder while simultaneously pouring derision on those who immediately challenged the stacked Warren report, such as author Mark Lane and New Orleans D.A. Jim Garrison.

    They really do not have to work too hard to make us look silly and insignificant.

    How many of us are in it for the long haul?

    1. Joseph, “the long haul”, for me, does not include CNN. We are all in it for as long as we’re alive. The choice is, do we participate in our lives or are we spectators?

      How we “feel” when the bought-and-paid-for news whores say something is entirely up to us. I personally would not give them any power. They don’t have any unless we pretend that we care what they say. I don’t, so I couldn’t care less what they say.

      The “media” are part of the operation. If you let them, they will tell everyone what is “acceptable”, where the “limits” of discussion are, what is a “conspiracy”, ad nauseum.

      All of it is false. It isn’t real. You could do the same thing if you had a TV station. Just make up crap, or, like them, read other people’s crap.

      We have to quit expecting these devils to behave in ways that aren’t in their nature. They are paid to do what they do. We KNOW that they simply read what’s handed them. Yet people still talk as though they were “journalists” (ha!, that’s rich).

      The media midgets are just like the SHES characters. Just that, characters. There is “Chris the Screamer”, there is A.C., the weird. The are highly paid to protect their owners. That’s what they do.

      1. Lophatt, I was well aware that I was more or less preaching to the choir here. CNN is not included in YOUR long haul, but tragically it is, along with MSN, MSNBC, Fox, etc, for the vast majority of Americans.

        There are always newcomers to this site who still suffer residual effects from long term exposure to television “news.”

        In the same way that chelation therapy rids the body of mercury and lead, it is my hope that continual exposure to this as well as other similar sites, will rid the curious, venturing mind of all MSM pretense.

        We are dealing with the preternatural. Entertainers such as Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo exist to present the diametric; that events such as Sandy Hook are the result of organic failure and malfeasance, and therefore can only be remedied in like manner.

        These are spiritual issues.

        You wont hear Erin Burnett or Megan Kelly discussing the devil’s involvement in Sandy Hook or Charleston.

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