Jim Fetzer joins the program this week to discuss current false flag terror events, the 2016 US Presidential Campaign, and new edited volumes he has recently edited on the Sandy Hook massacre, the Boston Marathon bombing, the 9/11 terror attacks, and academic freedom.

fetzerFetzer is the Knight emeritus professor of philosophy at University of Minnesota Duluth. A founding member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, he has authored and edited over 30 books on the philosophy of science, artificial intelligence, and analyses of American political conspiracies, including the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the plane crash of Senator Paul Wellstone, and the events of September 11, 2001.


Fetzer hosts The Real Deal at Media Broadcasting Central. He also produces The Raw Deal at RenseRadio.com. His most recent edited volumes are available from Moon Rock Books.

Additional writings and information are available at jamesfetzer.blogspot.com.





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112 thought on “Surveying the US Political Terrain and Government Intrigue”
  1. Shooting happening now at a mall in Germany. 15 reported dead. Wonder how long it takes for it to be 3 suspects then 2 then 1 “lone wolf, self radicalized, Isis sympathizer with manifesto in his pocket?”

      1. Well…….sure! All the EU member nations need to have declared “emergencies” to enable their big push. I have a hard time believing that the French are as accepting of this as the media would have us believe. I noticed that they have been experiencing protests lately.

        The Germans are pretty fed up with Frau Merkel. Who can blame them? These things are SO obvious its hard to believe they’re getting away with it. But, there it is.

        1. Well, I think its part of their agreement with the “Lone Nut Shooter’s Union”. It they use more than one shooter in a production, they have to negotiate who gets top billing, payment schedules, etc.. It’s cheaper to pay one the “superhero” rate than to pay two the “nominally fearsome” rate.

  2. The interview stated that 9/11 was a Mossad engineered event. I do not believe that this can be accurate for several reasons. The Mossad has a total of arout 1800 employees. The sheer size of CIA/NSA, and their respective budgets, exponentially dwarf that of Mossad. It is unlikely that Mossad was on to 9/11 and not Mil/Intel in the U.S., given that the U.S. spends over half of what the rest of the world spends on both military and on intelligence. Secondly, it would be political suicide for the Israeli’s Not to inform the PTB in U.S. Mil/Intel about what they knew regarding 9/11. The U.S. is necessary for the survival of the Israeli war machine, and, the U.S. veto on the U.N. Security Council, which is the only veto preventing Security Council sanctions over the Israeli occupation, is necessary for the sustenance of the Israeli military and economy.

    Mossad was involved, as evinced by the “dancing Israeli’s”. Some Mossad agents, and certainly higher ups int he organization, certainly knew more than some of their U.S. counterparts (e.g., the good faith detention by the FBI Newark Field Office who detained the dancing Israelis- until neocons, headed by Lieberman forced their release via political pressure).

    1. I think it makes every bit of sense 9/11 was engineered by the Mossad,
      this is part of the Greater Israeli project ( a nice way of saying the murder and killing of the inhabitants of the Middle East for Zionist/Israeli greed, murder and despoiling),
      this is the modus operandi of this tribe, they have never had the numbers, yet they are at the forefront of all major movements, nodes of control (Bolshevik revolution, MSM, etc.),
      the Zionists/Israeli Intelligence has infiltrated and has access to all major Intelligence services in the West,
      to suggest the Zionist/Israelis were not intimately involved in 9/11 (which is really about Israeli interests) is a failure to see the big picture here

      1. to me it fits the agenda because islamaphobia.

        If Israel can get the rest of the world to think all muslims are terrorists, it helps with their illegal land grabs.

        Just sayin’…..

      2. I agree that the treachery of Zionism, and their Neocon co-conspirators can not be understated. Nietzsche correctly wrote that, when faced with the existential question of existence, the Jews chose to exist “at any cost”. However, we can not make light of other political evildoers that have their own agenda. The CIA is the largest and most active covert intelligence agency on the planet. Their domestic and, much more so, international plots are legend. Operations from the domestic to Condo, Gladio, etc., have propped up and pulled down regimes worldwide since the inception of the agency. Heads of state in Latin America, trained at the School of the Americas (so hated it was renamed Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation). The CIA maintains its own agenda ( not wholly disconnected from Zionism, but, certainly distinct in many respects). This includes manufacturing the 2014, Ukraine coup, placing American born and educated CIA operative Natalie Jaresko (under former Dep’t of State cover) as Finance Minister (she only obtained Ukrainian citizenship in 2014, i.e. post-coup), and, arranging IMF funding to a bankrupt Ukraine that was at war, against IMF policy. Ukraine is a continuation of Gladio, of which, Mossad is a marginal player at best (many Gladio elements are overtly neo-Nazi).

        As a matter of survival, Israel informed top U.S. officials of 9/11. When arrested on 9/11, the dancing Israelis told both local police and FBI that “we are your friends” (unable to explain how they were celebrating in Hoboken, watching the first plane hit the tower in real time). All conspiracies are compartmentalized/stovepiped by necessity, and, therefore, the Mossad’s duty to disclose was met by sharing their information with Cheney and a handful of other rogue players. As influental as the stranglehold of AIPAC is on politicians, as much as they own media internationally, and Hollywood, they still had to disclose to the CIA what the CIA already knew about- the 9/11 LIHOP (let it happen on purpose) Operation.

        1. Just what makes you think that the CIA is distinct and separate from Zionists? Or the NSA, or the FBI, for that matter, or even your local police department? Do you not realize the depth that this government has been overtaken by these “people”?

          Once the enemy were inside the gates, the gates might as well have never existed, and that happened long, long ago.

        2. The FBI had a COINTELPRO squad dedicated to Jewish militants such as the late Rabbi Meir Kahane and JDL. I do not believe in ZOG. I do believe that AIPAC, as well as Jews that dominate banking, finance, Hollywood, etc., are a corrupt influence on our government. However, there are competing factions in our government. There are factions that believe in the primacy of the Constitution and federal law, and, factions that believe personal fealty to Administration leaders and bureaucrats trumps “a God-damned piece of paper”. The FBI is aware of the links between militant Zionism and radical elements ranging from organized crime to the American Communist party. To claim that Zionist influenced government is the be all and end all of this countries problems is sophomoric.

          BTW, the WTC Israelis were part of the same Mossad cell as the bogus Israeli students and dancers. Also,based on information and belief, the FBI is targeting elements in radical/militarized Judaism. These include elements close to home for me, including Jewish Task Force in Queens, N.Y.

    2. There is no shortage of “Sayanim”. There are also other Israeli spook outfits other than Mossad. Whether they do it themselves, or hire it out, that starting point is always the safest bet.

      1. I’m aware of Sayanim. In fact, based on research I’ve done on organized stalking victims, I believe that militant Jews and organized crime have endeavored to seek and destroy Amalek (there is a Biblical and Talmudic mitzvah, or holy command to destroy enemies of Jewry in every generation; it amounts to a Jewish Jihad). This has been going on for a long time, and many gentile families merely perceived as Anti-Semitic have been destroyed. This is an ongoing and international conspiracy. I know that my family, including myself, were targeted on this basis. I have no pretenses about the ability of Zionists to destroy people, not just high profile derailments, like Michael Jackson and Mel Gibson, but, severe and widespread behavior destroying countless thousands of families. I am no apologist for the Jews or shabbos goy. However, we live in a society with many bad actors, and, we have to call a spade a spade, and, admit that there is a lawless and toxic culture in the military-industrial complex, that acts with impunity, particularly in the intelligence agencies. This widespread, systemic element makes policy and allowed 9/11 to happen for its own opportunistic advantage (as well as staging numerous other treasonous events, some of which have been examined on this blog).

        1. Wow Peacefrog,
          first I have heard of this “Holy command,”
          if you have any links or material on this I would appreciate a post

        2. That’s what I keep harping here it’s all of them the bad guys.

          To single out a single race is ludicrous.

          As I said here before evil is an equal opportunity employer.

        3. The “Juice” as you called them (if I understand your meaning) is not the only Mafia but I believe they are the controlling mafia, the umbrella that more or less controls the various other mafias that have relations, agreements and their own turf that work under them,
          this is a tribe, not a race (as far as I currently understand them)

    3. No. You forget the ‘Israeli Artists” who occupied a floor of one of the towers, and were photographed with boxes of electrical terminals behind them that are used in explosive destruction of buildings (controlled demolition).

      “The Mossad has a total of arout [sic] 1800 employees.” Okay, I don’t know your source on that , but you are also not mentioning the unknown and assumed huge number of tribesmen who are sworn to come to the assistance of Israel whenever called upon. I forget the tribe’s name for them, but they do exist.

    4. What I said is that 9/11 was brought to us compliments of the CIA, the Neocons in the Department of Defense and the Mossad. It could not have been done by Mossad alone without the complicity of the CIA, where the Neocons in the DoD insured there would be no response by the US Air Force. The version offered here is a simplification to make it easier to attack. For specifics on who was responsible and why, seehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yR87VIaL0sw&index=112&list=PLsfS5KpYMzb20sCxyfSotfX1ELkIBrXZ3

      1. I agree 100% Mossad did not act alone and I’m sure the CIA notified all other intelligence agencies such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia to mention a few.

        And don’t forget MI6. They were so impressed they had their own 7/7.

        1. I don’t think there’s ever been a total separation between the Mossad the CIA. Certainly there hasn’t been one for at least 50+ years. I base that conclusion on reading I’ve done of ex-CIA operatives who weren’t jewish, and on other sources.

      2. I’m sorry if I missed a nuance in your argument, and, I did not intentionally try to distort it. I am tired of some commentators stating that 9/11 was a Mossad job. Israel is a political state that needs to survive as such. My counter-argument, to anyone who contends that Mossad would withhold intelligence on an event like 9/11 from key U.S. officials, is that that is bunk. The Mossad does the bidding of the U.S., because, without the U.S., Israel would be a heavily sanctioned, international pariah state in existential crisis.

        1. Well, when you say the Israelis do the bidding of Washington-
          the power of World Organized Jewry IS in Washington, we have dual Israeli traitors in high office, and Israel is but a beachhead for World Organized Jewry, some of the most powerful people in WOJ that control Israel do not reside in Israel

        2. The CIA is paid by the UN, so who do we think they are working for? All abc agencies are paid by the Un and IMF. The treasury dept collects taxes for the City of London which has declared the American corporation bankrupt and in default being 19 trillion in debt.

          Rothschild keeps financing the US as an agent of war.


      3. I believe that stating that the U.S. has not historically attacked countries that have not threatened her is misleading. As early as the Monroe doctrine, the U.S. has sought regional hegemony. This extended to a worldwide quest for hegemony during the Cold War with Korea, Vietnam, etc. Israel benefited much from our wars in the Middle East, and, it is clear that their proxies in our government (i.e., neocons) were instrumental towards that end. However, our involvement in the Ukraine coup demonstrates that we are predisposed to militant hegemony even without Israeli instigation. I see Israel as a regional proxy for U.S. power in the Middle East, a kind of mafia lieutenant role.

        1. My observation was that, at least officially, prior to 9/11, we did not attack any nation that had not attacked us first, but that after 9/11, we became an aggressor nation intent upon changing the governments of seven countries in the next five years, beginning with Iraq and Libya and ending with Syria and Iran. Yes, we did violate that stance through the use of “false flag” events used to justify our actions, such as maintaining that the USS Maine had been blown up in Havana Harbor by Cubans in order to warrant the Spanish-American War. But your attitude toward Israel is completely indefensible, where AIPAC exerts tremendous control over decisions made in Washington and, as Cynthia McKinney revealed (for the first time, to the best of my knowledge), when new members of Congress reach Washington, D.C., they are asked to sign a pledge to put the interests of Israel ahead of those of the United States. If they refuse to comply, they confront a well-financed opponent next time around or discover their districts have been redrawn and they have lost their seats. And 9/11 originated in the fertile imagination of Benjamin Netanyahu, who conducted a conference and published a book entitled, TERRORISM: HOW THE WEST CAN WIN (1987) before anyone had even heard the term before, which I have explain in the study of 9/11 that I cited above: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yR87VIaL0sw

        2. I am in complete agreement on AIPAC. I believe that lobbying on behalf of a foreign interest should be illegal since it neutralizes the democratic rights of our citizens to have their leaders represent their best interests first and foremost.I also agree that Netanyahu, and other Israeli hawks, have used undue influence, including the Zionist, Neocons that have dominated our Middle East policy for decades, for Israel’s interest, and, against the interest of our country.

          However, this country has aggressively used its military in dozens of coups, and coup attempts, worldwide post ww2. Most of these instances were unprovoked, and had no nexus to Israeli interests. Here is a good list:


          I am sure that there are a strong cabal of Zionist interests that “Edit” Wikipedia. In Fact, the Jewish Internet Defense Force tries to purge any perceived anti-Semitic comments from all social media. However, our government is just as reactionary in its suppression and use of media blackouts when it comes purging the media and internet. I tried to add MSM news sources to a Wikipedia sub-article on stalking, to wit, group stalking, and it was eventually purged. There was no substantive reason given, I was just ganged up on by “Editors” and accused of “edit warring”. In other words, Wikipedia is only partly a Zionist controlled entity as you refer to it. There are plenty of political and governmental interests controlling the content of the world’s largest internet encyclopedia:


      1. “Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11 as he observed at the time.”

        I disagree. Bin Laden was already an enemy of the U.S., indicted in 1998 for, inter alia, the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings and the U.S.S. Cole. His post-9/11 recordings, publicly aired on Al Jazeera, praised 9/11 as a just jihad:


        If you look at the tapestry of patsies used by the intelligence services in post WW2 era, a leitmotif emerges. The arch-terrorist, political assassin, etc., are groomed as useful idiots and largely, unwittingly directed by the intelligence services who grease the rails for their antics. The Mil-Intel machinery then proceeds to capitalize on “their extremist atrocities” and proceeds to pass new terror laws, clamp down on domestic political opposition, and wage foreign wars for profit. I think that Bin Laden is an excellent example of this. This is an excellent documentary on the subject as it relates to Middle East Terrorism:


        I do not speak Arabic, but this video claims that Bin Laden is admitting to the attacks (I believe, given that attention seeking Bin Laden is not center stage, that this videotape was taken by an informant in his immediate circle):


        1. This is embarrassing. Osama bin Laden was our man in Afghanistan. He was Col. Tim Osmond of the CIA. An official of the agency visited him in a hospital in Dubai shortly before his death. He died in Afghanistan on 15 December 2001 of complications from his medical maladies. (It is tough getting those dialysis machines in and out of those caves.) There were local obituaries about it at the time. Nick Kollerstrom has an article, “Osama bin Laden: 1957-2001” and David Ray Griffin even has a book about it, OSAMA BIN LADEN: DEAD OR ALIVE? (2009)

          I am sorry, but you have been played for a sap. When first informed about 9/11, Osama explained that he had nothing to do with it, that it was contrary to the tenets of the Koran to murder innocent women and children, but that there was a government within the government that wanted to blame it on Muslims. He was right on all counts. Even Bill Clinton admitted that there is a government within the government and that he did not control it. Check out “Peeling the 9/11 Onion: Layers of Plots within Plots”, which I published with Preston James, Ph.D.

          There are many phony audio and video tapes attributed to Osama, where I even published press releases about them for Scholars for 9/11 Truth. (Go to 911scholars.org and check out “Press Releases” at the top.) When the fake raid on the compound in Pakistan took place and a film was made to glorify the event, I published “Zero Dark Thirty: The deeper, darker truths”. I don’t understand how you can used the handle of “PeaceFrog” and not understand what happened to us on 9/11.

        2. I believe that 9/11 was a Let It Happen On Purpose “LIHOP” event. The dancing Israeli’s, insider trading, and, all of the anomalies that you point out, in specificity, PROVE IT. I am unfamiliar with any publications disputing the Bin Laden audio/videotapes, verified by CIA, and, aired on Al Jazeera between October, 2001 and May, 2011. The last journalist’s interview of Bin Laden was several weeks after 9/11, this seems somewhat suspicious, given that his tapes were allegedly sent to Al Jazeera for another 10 years. There should be an attempt to debunk these multitude of audio/videos made, and broadcasted by Al Jazeera, over a ten year period. If there has been a critical examination disputing the authenticity of these audio/videotapes please send me a link, I’d love to read it.

        3. You really are ignorant about 9/11, which you continue to prove–even after I have sent you TWO HOURS OF PROOF that you are wrong. It takes some kind of arrogance to persist when the evidence is all against you. Are you also unaware that some half-dozen of Osama’s “suicide hijackers” turned up alive and well the following day, which David Ray Griffin makes as the first point of THE 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT: OMISSIONS AND DISTORTIONS (2004)? And what does that tell us about the attempt to pin the tail on Osama for 9/11?

          Are you REALLY willing to continue this exchange WITHOUT READING OR WATCHING the sources I have given, including “Peeling the 9/11 Onion: Layers of Plots within Plots”? Are you supposed to be some kind of 9/11 expert? YOUR BELIEFS ARE PROVABLY FALSE. It is appalling to me that someone like you would persist in defending an indefensible position AFTER HAVE BEEN PRESENTED WITH PROOF THAT HE IS WRONG. And if the video that I have already linked is not good enough, try “The Real Deal Ep #100 The 9/11 Crash Sites”,

          The Real Deal Ep # 100 The 9/11 Crash Sites with Maj. Gen. Albert …
          Video for The Real Deal Ep #100 The 9/11 Crash Sites▶ 1:59:49

        4. The only issue I have is with the 10 years of audio/videotapes, originally aired on Al Jazeera. Numerous journalists had interviewed Bin Laden prior to 9/11. These included the non-establishment and well published Bill Fisk. Why hasn’t anyone who interviewed Bin Laden given an opinion that the voice was false? This is all that is necessary under the strictures of the Federal Rules of Evidence 901(b)(5):


          Is this an unfair question?

        5. So you are not only massively ignorant of the facts of 9/11 but unwilling to admit when you are wrong? Based on this post, I think you ought to change your name to “Peaceworm”, because you are insulting to frogs!

        6. When you are exposed as a fraud who is unwilling to even look at the evidence I have specifically advanced to refute your beliefs about 9/11, there is something wrong with you. I founded Scholars for 9/11 Truth and have devoted more than a decade to its pursuit. I have published many articles and videos about 9/11 and am about to release my second book.

          You have done nothing by way of making a rational response to points that I have made, which discredit your contentions. This was not a case of “letting it happen on purpose”. It was carefully planned and executed to justify going to war in the Middle East to benefit Israel. I am sorry if the truth makes you look bad, but that is simply how these chips are falling.

        7. There is compelling evidence that our government detonated the Twin Towers and also Building 7. There was also the passenger airplane that was taken down under suspicious circumstances. So, I concede that you can make the case for MIHOP or Making It Happen On Purpose.
          I am not a fraud for asking about why there was little controversy regarding the authenticity of 10 years of audio/visual tapes, of Osama Bin Laden, broadcasted to millions worldwide. You cite one article, hardly a slam dunk case unless your standards are as low as George Tenant’s were for making the case to invade Iraq. Some ideas you have bandied about are fringe. The planes that hit the Twin Towers were holograms, or, were non-piloted drones (disputed by actual experienced pilots). I am not claiming to be an expert with all the answers , but, I certainly know how to raise legitimate questions. Note that, while I am not the tenured professor with a military background, I still have demonstrated the civility of not attacking your person. Personally, this behavior puts into question your agenda and possible current government connections. The fact that, Gordon Duff, your editor at Veterans Today stated that almost half of what he publishes is disinformation speaks volumes:


        8. Why do you CONTINUE to embarrass yourself? Do you think I take any pleasure in exposing your ignorance? You fault me about “no plane’s theory”, but you OBVIOUSLY have not studied the evidence. I gave you a link to a two-hour study where I was featuring the former head of U.S. military signals and photographic evidence–and HE AGREED WITH ME!

          Not only that, but Duff and I had a falling out IN APRIL 2015! I have not been with Veterans Today for a year and a half! Once again, you speak out without knowing what you are talking about. I have described Duff as running a limited hangout to keep veterans from getting exercised over issues the CIA wants them to ignore. Do yourself a break: Stop digging!

        9. The “no plane’s theory” is exactly the type of disinformation poison the government injects. They need to tell just enough truth to establish credibility, and then inject enough disinformation so that the mainstream never takes it seriously. They want these groups to implode and become marginalized from the inside. And how many writers does Duff need to run a limited hangout? I wouldn’t be surprised if more than half of them are working for the government. Who else is going to mobilize, other than vets, when conspiracy theorists and other enemies of the state start getting rounded up in FEMA camps?

        10. This is ridiculous. You have no idea what you are talking about. You do not know the evidence. You could not reconstruct the arguments that you are rejecting if your life depended upon it. I give you proof and one of the world’s leading authorities in this area and you simply ignore it–again! This is pathetic. And now an ally wants to hold your hand! Unreal!

        11. @ Fetzer, the way you respond to people on this blog is completely off-putting. Do you realize how arrogantly you come across?

        12. So we have a guy calling himself “PeaceFrog” who REPEATEDLY ignores the evidence that I am offering so he can learn the reasons why he is wrong AND YOU ATTACK ME? How many times has he done it? But at least he has you as a sidekick to let him wallow in his ignorance.

        13. Thanks for the Peeling The 9/11 Onion article. It certainly helps clarify the what had always seemed to me a contradiction: the evidence of hijackers coupled with the lack of evidence for them having been on the planes (if there even were planes). Also nice to be reminded that the Palastinians were actually blamed in the beginning.

    5. Your explanations are pathetic. You say Mossad has 1800 members and then you rant on and on about the CIA/FBI as having more members. So what? 911 was very important to Mossad et al. and they certainly spared no personnel or efforts to pull it off. Remember also, they had plenty of sayanim here in the states.

      1. Reminiscent of the argument that Israel cannot be exerting massive influence over the government of the United States because it is a small country and the US is large! When you deal with phonies and shills, you can expect to encounter positions that are wildly detached from reality.

        1. Tim Osman was the code name for Bin Laden during the Soviet-Afghan war that ended in 1991 with the dissolution of the USSR. You keep bringing this up, spinning a new and unproved fairy tale that Bin Laden was a CIA asset over 10 years later on 9/11. The world had changed a lot, and the fall of the USSR paved the way for a shift in the focus of global jihad from the Godless Soviets to the American empire.

          I have commented on AIPAC as well as the fact that a majority of MSM, disproportionate number of finance/ banking cartel members, billionaires, tenured professors, and, corporate and government elite are Jews.

          You are making a false “straw man” argument in order to knock it down by suggesting I am a Zionist shill. Nothing could be further from the truth.

          I am aware that Mossad played a role in 9/11. The “dancing Israeli’s” arrested by the Newark FBI, and detained for a month before being released by Neocon efforts, led by traitor Joel Lieberman proves that Mossad was involved. These same Israelis were spying on the U.S. prior to 9/11 for the Mossad. However, those who focus on 9/11 “the Mossad Operation” are exculpating the clearly traitorous elements of our own Mil/Intel’s leading role in 9/11, and, demonstrating that they have an axe to grind with Israel by singling out their illegal activities out of context.

          I believe that you are a career government agent. You are probably connected to FBI’s Racial Intelligence Unit, Division 5, out of Washington D.C.

    1. OK,

      Guy whips out a Pistol and starts shooting.

      I counted 21 to 23 shots fired simultaneously no changing a clip.

      I’m no expert on Guns but is this even possible?

        1. Thanks Lophatt
          But ya never know, they may have 30 round clips for small pistols in Germany, after all it’s just a Movie.

          Also, I like how the guy who filmed it just happened to be in the right place but then points his camera to the ground on Cue.

        2. Well, they could have some of those “Virginia Guns”. You know, the ones they use to shoot reporters with. They shoot a big flame out the muzzle and never eject spend casings.

          Having lived a couple of years in Germany I can attest to the fact that the laws of physics very much apply there as they do here.

      1. I need to finish my harp about this BS.

        I said this already:Guy whips out a Pistol and starts shooting.

        I counted 21 to 23 shots fired simultaneously no changing a clip..

        They say 8 kids killed in McDonalds, 9 dead including the Gunman.

        So in the above video “C” put up the shooters outside shooting at a crowd of people running. 22 shots or so. No one died? Just the 8 kids in Mc’ds?

        Also same guy who filmed this Munich BS filmed the footage we say at NICE with the truck running everyone over. We are starting to see them “recycle” their players as with the Mormon kid in 3 FF’s.

        Here’s how they did the Truck stunt:


    1. They had one, remember. It was a hoot. People milling about right in “the line of fire” with hundreds of blank gunshots ringing. Reporters standing right behind cops while they “fired” into the melee. Of course their fellow cops were what they were “firing” at.

      It’s been a while though. You could be right.

  3. I had to go straight to the bottom here and comment something that I feel very strongly about (for whatever that’s worth).

    “Fetzer is the Knight emeritus.” Yeah, well, sorry but that doesn’t add any credibility to Fetzer, as far as I’m concerned, and I’d really recommend you omit that silly piece of crap, because it does NOT signify any worthwhile achievement whatsoever. You guys have to join the rest of the world and realize that what you have “learned” is almost absolutely useless and wrong. Get a little humility, it’ll do you good.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Fetzer. My first introduction with him was when he devastated the shill Judy Wood in a debate about her ideas of what caused the destruction on 9/11, and I like his way of thinking, but really, someone who continually sits on “laurels” such as these titles (including PhD) becomes suspect in his motivations and knowledge.

    It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the entire “education” system (including all levels) is nothing but a pile of well…shit. I suggest everybody become an ordinary human again, and forget the “titles”, that way, the suspicion of wrongdoing can be determined after what you say is evaluated, and not before. I’m highly “educated”, but almost everything I was taught in my “education” (indoctrination) was wrong, and is provably so, when compared to new science being done by “amateur” scientists who cannot get by the “peer review” gateway. Everything my doctor friend, Doctor Jennifer Daniels, (Harvard educated, and with multiple “degrees” (except the 33rd), she admits was absolutely wrong.

    I suggest that you “smart guys” with titles, just suffix your names with “SG” (for Smart Guy), rather than the Freemasonic “degrees” and other claptrap that goes along with the HOAX that people have fallen for over the generations. Think about it, these “degrees” are tantamount to calling yourself a Priest. Is that what you want? Are you still falling for the HOAX yourself?

    Be the first to let go of your “degree(s)” and do the world a favor. Who knows, it just might catch on!

    1. It should have been McKnight Professor Emeritus. But I don’t get it. You are suffering from some kind of academic inferiority? Why in the world are you suggesting I am “sitting on my laurels”? Egad. I have 33 books and hundreds of articles. Check out “Jim Fetzer, JFK”, “Jim Fetzer, 9/11”, “Jim Fetzer, Wellstone”, “Jim Fetzer, Sandy Hook”, and more. This is a bizarre post. It is completely commonplace to introduce a guest by giving a sketch of their background. But we all know that even experts can be wrong and every argument has to be evaluated on its own merits.


    2. I agree with you in principle,
      at the same time there are many wonderful academics like Jim Fetzner that have proven their worth and deserve respect and accolades for proving themselves,
      we all were taught many lies and historical falsehoods in school but those worth their salt work through these deceptions,
      and should not be dumped in the same cesspool as those Drs. that dishonor their title

    3. It is always good to see another in the educational field who is not corrupt. I have great respect for Fetzer. I also don’t believe there were any planes involved in 911. It is very easy for the corrupt media to manufacture the phantom planes, subsidized with names of people who are already dead. In fact the BBC reported the fiasco ahead of time before it actually happened.

      1. Thanks for your vote of confidence. I cannot abide those who take strong stands on issues WHEN THEY HAVEN’T DONE THEIR HOMEWORK. Here is an article on Duff taking me out of VT shortly after it happened:

        THURSDAY, APRIL 30, 2015

        Gordon Duff: Covering for JADE HELM and the Boston bombing

        By Jim Fetzer

        As a journalist and editor for Veterans Today, the Senior Editor of which is Gordon Duff, I was astonished when he trashed an article by another former Marine, Robert O’Dowd, by adding an “Editor’s Note” claiming that what O’Dowd had to say was uninformed, unsourced and misleading, since he (Gordon Duff) had “checked with his sources” and they all told him that JADE HELM was an innocuous “training op”.

        After doing my own research, I published an article about it, “JADE HELM is NOT a ‘normal training drill'”, where I was not surprised that he added another “Editor’s Note”–this time twice as long and even more venomous–trashing my article, too. After it received 600 reads in the first hour (which hinted it would become #1), he took it down. The next day, he tossed me out of Veterans Today.

        . . . .


      2. I would wager that Rebekah Roth is a limited hangout. Remember that her book was FICTION! She used fiction and many people bought the malarkey. Imagine….

  4. The Twin Towers on 9/11 were brought down in controlled demolition, as was WTC 7. I don’t know what hit the Pentagon that day, but it was not a jet aircraft; more like some tiny missile disguised as an aircraft. No bodies, no engines, no seats, no fusilage. Same with Flight 93 in PA: no hole in the ground, no bodies, no engines, no seats. Yell, rant, scream, vent, foam at the mouth, but none of that provides any explanation for these things. Complete inside job. Wake up American sheeple, bah bah bah.

    1. I am delighted to learn this. You obviously know a lot about 9/11.

      “The Twin Towers on 9/11 were brought down in controlled demolition, as was WTC 7.”

      I did not know that.

      What I want you to tell me is what caused the unique destruction pattern of WTC6 that morning? Also, WTC3, WTC4, and WTC5? All display completely different, incredibly odd, evidence of foul play, but I can’t for the life of me explain it. You may be the one I have been waiting for.

      Also, please tell me how the entire mass of both WTC1 and WTC2 crashed down, yet the mall just below street level was largely unharmed (certainly not crushed by that unimaginable weight), and the “Bathtub” was unharmed.

      I look forward to finally having these mysteries settled.

      (Oh, and Building 6 is the most gnawing of the mysteries I mentioned, so please give it precedent, when composing your answer. It looks like a 12 foot wide post hole digger was used by a giant to systematically gouge out the guts of the building.

    2. Apparently some(1?) of your nemeses are not aware there were molten pools of steel in the basements of ALL 3 Buildings for weeks, they couldn’t even begin removal of these areas initially because of the heat

  5. James H. Fetzer Government Disinformation Agent:

    Fetzer attacked the validity of the Zapruder film, in an attempt to invalidate the best evidence against the lone shooter JFK theory (i.e., he promoted Oswald did it alone). Only a government agent (and former Marine like Fetzer) would attempt to validate the Warren Commission, in a stealth manner, by attempting to undermine the only film that proved that there had to be another JFK shooter, and, perforce, a conspiracy. Fetzer has no professional or academic expertise in photography/filmography, and, made these claims against the Kodak expert who knew the film Zapruder used better than anyone else in the world:


    Fetzer claims that no planes hit the World Trade Center on 9/11. He claims these planes were holograms. This is classic injection of disinformation poison to undermine scientific research on 9/11. Fetzer was criticized by 9/11 Scholars for Truth Steve Jones for this and other ludicrous, unscientific propaganda (e.g.,Directed Energy Beams). Thousands of witnesses witnessed that both planes hit the tower, Fetzer insults those traumatized with these lies:


    Fetzer was roundly criticized for calling for a military overthrow of the George W. Bush administration. Only an agent provocateur would suggest an attempted military coup that would be doomed, ab initio, and, would put in place immediate martial law:


    Fetzer wrote extensively for Veterans Today, whose Jewish editor admits 40% of its content is disinformation, and, that it is used to monitor anti-government sentiment among veterans:


    Fetzer claims to be an expert and professor of logic and critical thinking, yet, in this very comment thread, when I challenged his theories, he reflexively made ad hominem attacks against me calling me “peace worm”. This is the hallmark of imperial hubris and contempt demonstrated by government pseudo-intelligentsia shills.

    1. Had anyone harbored any doubts about the competence and intellect of the party who calls himself “PeaceFrog”, they are settled decisively by this post, which reflects the pivotal traits of a person with a fragile ego, on the one hand, and weak mind, on the other–an awful combination. He seems to have done whatever he can to dredge up criticisms from other parties I have defeated in exchanges past to enhance his image on this forum. Alas, he has only made his limitations all the more visible.

      (1) The Zapruder film. The problem is to separate the authentic from the inauthentic evidence. Operating at his superficial level, we might as well conclude that “Lee did it!” because of the backyard photo holding two communist newspapers, a Mannlicher-Carcano and a revolver around his waist, where he is supposed to have shot JFK with the carbine and J.D. Tippit with the hand gun. But it’s a fabrication: his face was pasted onto someone else’s body, part of faked evidence used to frame him.

      Of course, the violent back-and-to-the-left motion seen in the extent version of the Zapruder film is proof of a shot from the right/front, but only if it wasn’t fabricated like the backyard photographs (where there turn out to be four or five). There have always been multiple indications of fakery in relation to the film. No one in Dealey Plaza reported seeing that violent back-and-to-the-left motion, which is in the extant film, and 60 or more reported seeing the limo either slow or stop, which is not.

      I conducted the first “Zapruder Film Symposium” in Dallas in 1966 at the invitation of George Michael Evica, who was the program chair. We had a ten-hour workshop the day before, where I selected the best people to present the following day. David Lifton, David Mantik, Jack White and Noel Twyman were among them, where Noel’s masterpiece, BLOODY TREASON (1997), already provides enough evidence to prove that the film was massively edited and revised. But we know much more today.

      I published articles about the film in ASSASSINATION SCIENCE (1998) and in MURDER IN DEALEY PLAZA (2000). More importantly, however, I conducted a second “Zapruder Film Symposium” with Lifton, Mantik and White joined by David Healey and John P. Costella. This resulted in THE GREAT ZAPRUDER FILM HOAX (2003), which makes the matter beyond dispute. Doug Horne, INSIDE THE ARRB (2009), confirms it.

      There are at least six students of the case who have seen what appears to be the original, unaltered film, some on multiple occasions, of whom all confirm the limo stop, during which JFK was hit at least twice in the head: once in the back of the head (which caused him to slump forward); Jackie eased him up and was looking him right in the face when he was hit for a second time (roughly in the right temple) and slumped to his left.

      The limo stop was made to insure that he would be killed. That had to be take out because it was devastating proof of Secret Service complicity in setting him up for the hit. But two shots–one from behind and one from the right/front–confirmed multiple shooters and therefore a conspiracy. So they merged the two shots, leaving only one frame of forward motion, and took out too many frames turning the slump into a violent sequence.

      Larry Rivera has rediscovered the interviews by Fred Newcomb with the motorcycle escort officers, all of whom confirmed the limo stop. In fact, Officer Baker riding to the left/rear parked his bike and ran between the two cars toward the Grassy Knoll in the belief shots had come from that location. Officer Jackson on the right motored up the Grassy Knoll also in pursuit, until his bike fell over and he continued the pursuit on foot. You can find all of this in “The JFK Horsemen” (in two parts) on YouTube.


      There’s more, including that five Secret Service agents dismounted from the Queen Mary and surrounded the Lincoln. One of them took a piece of skull from a little boy and threw in into the back seat. Just think how much more incriminating evidence we have now that we did not have before, where the search for truth must be based upon real evidence, not fabrications. (See “JFK at 50: The Who, the How and the Why”:


      The Kodak expert PeaceFrog cites, by the way, Rollie Zavala, was an expert on the celluloid, the actual film itself, not its contents. My books bring together multiple experts and we discuss and explain all of this. But he really doesn’t care about the truth of the matter, only getting back at me for having made him look bad in the past. Readers are welcome to decide for themselves the extent to which he has succeeded at that.

      (2) 9/11 Research. PeaceFrog appears to be so ignorant he does not even know that I founded Scholars for 9/11 Truth and invited Steve Jones to be my co-chair at the recommendation of David Ray Griffin. Steve is a proponent of the theory that the Twin Towers were destroyed by nanothermite, which is an incendiary that attains high temperatures and brilliant light but lacks the explosive power to have destroyed the Twin Towers. I have discussed this issue many places, including here:


      The hypothesis known as “no planes theory” is the conjunction of four theses: (1) that Flight 93 did not crash in Shanksville; (20 that Flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon; (3) that Flight 11 did not hit the North Tower; and (4) that Flight 175 did not hit the South. There is abundant proof that those four theses are correct and well founded. Here I discuss them with Major General Albert Stubblebine (USA, ret.) formerly in charge of all US military signals/photographic evidence, who happens to agree with me:


      We have all seen the videos of the planes hitting the towers. But there are lots of reasons to doubt they are real planes, including that Pilots for 9/11 Truth established that Flight 93 was over Champaign/Urbana, IL, after it had officials crashed in Shanksville; and that Flight 175 was over Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, PA, long after it had officially hit the South Tower. Look at the evidence and see how it appears to have been done.

      (4) I am not into “space beams”, where he seems to confuse me with Judy Wood. And my observation at the 9/11 conference in Chicago in 2006 was that it would not surprise me if a coup were to take place, not the same thing as advocating one. But PeaceFrog is not concerned with nuances of language or getting things right. He only cares if he can find a way to spin things he doesn’t understand in his efforts to smear me.

      (5) Gordon Duff and I parted ways in April 2015 because he didn’t want me to publish on JADE HELM 15, but I published anyway and he gave me the boot. This is not a secret. I have published about it many places, say, “Gordon Duff: Covering for JADE HELM and the Boston bombing”, http://jamesfetzer.blogspot.com/2015/04/gordon-duff-covering-for-jade-helm-and.html PeaceFrog really should do better with his homework.

      When his criticisms of me have so little worth and require so much to explain–illustrating that it can be easy to lie and hard to demonstrate why something is a lie–I have a hard time not being insulting. I have rebutted his criticisms, which are based upon ignorance, confusion and misunderstanding. He has yet to advance a serious criticism that is well-founded in my own work. But I have no doubt that he will continue in his quest to find something wrong with research that lies beyond his ken.

      1. Anyone who is dimwitted enough to entertain your fairy tale that no plane hit either the North or South WTC Tower on 9/11, in the face of thousands of witnesses to those events, televised on live T.V., is a victim of your government disinformation Program.

        However, like all disinformation agents, you reveal yourself, and your true fealty to the government cabal that was behind 9/11. In your words, from the thread above:

        “My observation was that, at least officially, prior to 9/11, we did not attack any nation that had not attacked us first, but that after 9/11, we became an aggressor nation intent upon changing the governments of seven countries in the next five years, beginning with Iraq and Libya and ending with Syria and Iran. Yes, we did violate that stance through the use of “false flag” events used to justify our actions, such as maintaining that the USS Maine had been blown up in Havana Harbor by Cubans in order to warrant the Spanish-American War.”

        Really, you expect us to believe that our recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were “out of character aggression” for this government. True to form, for a government apologist, you cite the bombing of the USS Maine in 1898 as our last act of aggression. Do you remember the Vietnam war? You should because you dodged it by leaving the service, and re-entering academe. What about Korea, Grenada, Gulf War 1, and, the dozens of coups and attempted coups of sovereign governments by the military and CIA. Do you conveniently lose your memory on these issues? I do not think so. I think it is clear that you are an elaborate, career disinformation artist and apologist for war crimes, crimes against humanity, etc.

        The fact that you co-founded 9/11 Scholars for truth just means that the government hijacked the 9/11 truth movement from its origins.

        1. You possess a very hackneyed way to demean Jim Fetzer. It’s like you are using Alinsky tactics like insults, out of phase critiques and outright lies at times.

          It’s common on MHB to have limited hangouts come, do their thing, and then disappear in the night. I think this will happen in your case, too.

          Moreover, you are simply boring and loose with the truths lots of people accept as fact. Are we really supposed to drop someone with the acumen of Jim Fetzer and take up with the likes of you? I think not.

          You might do well to find another venue that accepts your drivel. Your hero Saul really didn’t do much of a job on you, you have too many rough edges and don’t yet realize it takes finesse and smoothness to harpoon the work of a well accepted scholar. Would you care to list your CV for us to evaluate and criticize? I didn’t think so,….

          Take a hike, we’ve seen your type come and go all too often.

        2. So, the government disinformation agent needs your troll support. Your comment history here is highly suggestive of a shill posing as an opponent of Zionism (like your friend Fetzer). You can BOTH take a hike!

        3. Why don’t you layout my arguments on some specific issue and explain what I have wrong? You need to lay it out to show you have it right. You are so juvenile and immature that your zeal to attack me undermines the exercise of the modicum of reason you may possess. You can’t imagine that planes could be faked, so you conclude that they were not faked!

          But there is more to reality than the confines of your imagination. Think about it. The original plan had been to use drones to hit the towers, but they had to get them all the way inside BEFORE the exploded to have a pseudo-explanation for the “collapse” of the buildings (from the jet-fuel based fires). But it was physically impossible to get them into the towers.

          I explain all of this in such excruciating detail in these presentations that you OBVIOUSLY have either not bothered to watch them or have been unable to understand them. That is my complaint about you: you have no idea what you are talking about. As a test, what are the reasons why (on my account) THEY HAD TO FAKE THE PLANES? Why do I claim that?

          You don’t know. You have no idea. You can’t explain it. Which makes it ridiculous for you to complain about arguments you do not understand. Yes, many witnesses watched (what they took to be) planes hit those buildings (especially the South Tower). But they cannot have been real planes! I lay it all out. What are my arguments? What do I have wrong?

        4. Dr. Fetzer
          Can you tell us who Kennedy really was,
          he could not have been naive about the secret societies
          that control the world,
          his actions in office strike me as highly unusual, coming from
          a family that knew how things really worked,
          his image as the Camelot president is PR of course,
          and I highly doubt he was as altruistic as his legacy would have it,
          I tend to think the PT-109 incident was a concoction, I think his whole crew was probably stoned or otherwise negligent,
          can you shed some light on he really was please
          Thank you

        5. JFK was the real deal. His policies and approach were light-years ahead of those who contested them, including the CIA, the Joint Chiefs, the oil boys and the Eastern establishment surrounding the FED. He refused to invade Cuba against the unanimous recommendation of the Joint Chiefs; he signed an above-ground nuclear test ban with the Soviets contrary to their unanimous opposition; he was pulling our advisors out of Vietnam, again contrary to their unanimous recommendation that we stay and fight. He was bringing more indictments and convictions against the Mafia than ever before in US history.

          He was threatening to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces, which would have been the greatest gift to America in its recent history. He was planning on cutting the oil depletion allowance, a huge tax break to the oil industry which had been passed on the ground that, because oil is a finite resource, by pumping it out of the ground, they were putting themselves out of business. He had the Department of the Treasury print hundreds of millions of United States Notes in the believe that it was absurd for the US to pay a private interest of a consortium of banks to publish the currency of the United States.

          He was not a perfect person. Like all of us, he had his human failures, including, in his case, promiscuous relations with many women. But the story of PT-109 was legit: he was a bona-fide war hero. And his actions on behalf of the American people far transcended his class as a member of a wealth family. He took actions that were in the best interests of all the people, not just the rich and powerful, which puts him in a different category than the politicians we encounter today. And because he was genuinely committed to world peace and distributive justice, he continues to be revered around the world to this day.

        1. No. JFK had half his brains blown out in Dealey Plaza. He loved being president and was too good at it for the military-industrial complex and the oil boys to tolerate. So they took him out. Miles has lost his way.

        2. He does point out however in that treatise of a JFK with a much longer jaw that showed up after the motorcade stopped. There could have been a switch. And the body laid out with the brains shot out appear to have been a much more athletic and younger specimen than JFK.

        3. No, the real JFK was killed. I brought the best experts in the world together to study this, including a world authority on the human brain (who was also an expert on wound ballistics), a Ph.D. in physics who is also an M.D. and board certified in radiation oncology (making him an expert on the interpretation of X-rays) and a physician who was in Trauma Room #1 with JFK and, two days later, was responsible for the treatment of his alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, in Trauma Room #2.

  6. Someone brought up VT. They have a new one over there and this piece is not all that bad.


    “The Jesuits…are simply the Romish army for the earthly sovereignty of the world in the future, with the Pontiff of Rome for emperor…that’s their ideal. …It is simple lust of power, of filthy earthly gain, of domination – something like a universal serfdom with them [i.e., the Jesuits] as masters – that’s all they stand for. They don’t even believe in God perhaps.” — Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-1881; famous Russian novelist)

    “It is my opinion that if the liberties of this country – the United States of America – are destroyed, it will be by the subtlety of the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests, for they are the most crafty, dangerous enemies to civil and religious liberty. They have instigated MOST of the wars of Europe.” — Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834; French statesman and general. He served in the American Continental Army under the command of General George Washington during the American Revolutionary War.)

    “…the SS organization had been constituted according to the principles of the Jesuit Order.” —Adolf Hitler

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