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92 thought on “Cleveland RNC w/ Protests/Rioting Live Feeds and Open Thread”
    1. I didn’t realize that that there has been what is being alleged as rules misconduct. The Stop-Trump forces have been denied a roll call vote to change party rules to unbind delegates from having to vote for Trump. It was called for the ayes amid a mighty noise. Stop-Trump forces are livid. Some states are walking out.

      This is actual convention stuff, and not the pageantry I disdained above.

      We’ll have to wait till tonight for that.

  1. It’s usually the rif raff democrats rioting with lots of gov people mixed in to portray certain agendas while preventing the real protesters from voicing their opinions.

  2. Gee, I don’t know. I caught the day’s coverage of the people there through and they were tame.. Low in numbers and later therealnews reps could not find people to interview. So if this is funded to disrupt, it doesn’t appear so. (The funniest signs I saw and enjoyed as today real humour arrives with truth, in a play on Trump’s PR firm’s slogan.. The communist party’s read, “America was Never Great.” In orange signs. They are a real group, I know of their works. I laughed on the play off Trump’s sloganeering. It is true if they were funded it certainly wasn’t the activists, it was the 100 million dollar parties the RNC is having, and the cops of course. 50 mill they say.

  3. THE DNC is going to feature Trayvon Martin’s mother and Eric Garner’s family member as speakers. Does Hillary actually think she’ll convince any middle class whites to vote for her, or does she just figure she’ll convince them not to vote for Trump? Since only a third of americans qualify as truly middle class, I guess she’s counting on all the poor dependent whites to vote for an ever-expanding federal government. Communism here we come.

    1. “Communism here we come”.. WTF? And less than 20% have any resources. Fascism here we are. (I was going to add the fact that only a tiny percentage has been granted capital and proprietary businesses, and that in fact, all along they always “owned” the planet with the ownership of the media and banks. They spread bread crumbs around for a decade or two, and had college free then, but this one percent meme is not new. It is just Americans do not understand real wealth, or made up really, but stolen “wealth” only a few families were in on, who kept subsidizing themselves. So lady if you are mislead by “communists” let me offer who 2 are / Trump and Clinton. (No one to this day in history has been more subsidized than they have been.)

      1. ‘Lady,’ if you really think there’s any difference between ‘communism’ and ‘fascism,’ in their true full forms, I can’t help you. Extreme classism is what it is – oligarchical and tyrannical.

        Historically, people who swear at other people on here aren’t well tolerated, even when it’s deserved, which in this case it most definitely isn’t.

        You’re triggered because I obviously don’t drink the Black Lies Matter Kool Aid, Trayvon Martin flavor. Deal with it.

        1. Cursing? Really? Wow. We are a stupid nation. Real communism has never been allowed, Sue. Except possibly in your imagination based on your imaginary friend Jesus. Lunacy. 2016>? Really. Yes, black people have a lot to worry about, matter of fact. The only group who has not has been right wing whites. Even white trash. As long as one clung to “Jesus” and that incredulity one was just fine. From police harassment that is. This began to ramp up in the late 70s when reform went to why not make a profit off putting people in prisons, and then Clinton and right away on prestigious college campuses we began becoming harassed for walking down the street.. With long hair and hippie attire. In 2006 we were almost run over, by an unmarked obnoxious SUV full of mercenary cops, and they pulled their guns an almost shot us AFTER having nearly run us off the road. I do not suffer fools and you are sadly one of millions in this nation. Dumber than a box of door knobs as Dennis Cumino remarked, and no your stupid opinion is not equal to an informed argument. This is dangerous. Americans are asinine in they walk around perceiving an opinion is equal to a fact based dialogue. (You can never recover from this as a people.)

        2. One factor, is the era of the mega-churches, [frankly if you want to really point to something “replacing the familia”] an the play on the public with these “right to religion laws”, BTW a total inversion of what this nation, founded on mass genocide, wrote into the Bill of Rights. It was to be in theory a total separation of church and state; today they are turning all these poorly educated people, to religious fanatics par with the Puritans, bec/ it is the easiest way to predict peoples’ behaviour/s. All these millions into these mega-churches, over are you Christian enough, is the exact opposite of what was meant by the – frankly – atheists that wrote the Bill of Rights. Albeit their god was money/ or capital more correctly. Paul Craig Roberts, a man who changed, said a week ago, “Capitalism became way more tyrannical than any King or Queen could ever have dreamed of…” The truth is the truth. And BTW Trump who hangs out on the lolita express with Clinton who is a pathetic liar if obviously working with the Clintons. Even if he were not he’s a criminal of the highest order just like she is, third party pressures is all that ever forced changed historically, it must be created and not another third right wing party.. Rather Jill Stein. She’s a truly moral person. Gary Johnson is a capitalist wet dream like the Pauls; if you want orange water to shower in get behind that BS.

        3. Stephanie
          what do you think of the idea that England has turned coat on USA with the Brexit vote and is making a major trade/finance arrangement with China?

        4. I usually don’t respond to this rhetoric.

          Your comment:

          “We are a stupid nation. Real communism has never been allowed”.

          That is a Pie in Sky argument that is False.

          Socialism turns into Fascism and then Communism. (they kill)

          Men can NOT ever wield that much power without total corruption.

          You want to give Hillary that much Power?

          I really don’t want to engage you but separate your sentences for clarity and Topics.

          Karl Marx’s ideas will Never work, They can’t as long Humans are in charge.

          Mankind will never see peace.

        5. Fascinating discussion please continue. We see what is very close to real communism in China today, however there is debate on the central bank as some say Rothschild owns 49% and China 51%.

          Whether communism or total fascism, it doesn’t seem to matter much as long as the best people are in control at the top.

        6. China is capitalism Writ Large. Duh. Do you you know our own history? Children’s limbs laying in dirt bins, from a 12 hour day and an “accident”. Well, since all the “revolutionaries” of the 60s got jobs in colleges for LIFE. Their sudden revolution ended. And the ones who were real were murdered. The ones that mattered to lead. Don’t fall prey to idea that China is our enemy, China is our nations best friend.! Now we won’t be losing limbs, we’ve gone through that stage, we’ll just end up in one way or another these private prisons. Which are a new beast.

    2. “Sybrina is a religious woman. She attends the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, which has four tall pillars and an active community-service program. Tracy believes in service, too, and once took Trayvon to feed the homeless. He will never forget his son’s compassionate shock. He was like, “Wow, these people don’t have nothin’ to eat.”

      But Tracy doesn’t want to name the group they worked with, probably because they were Masons and the Internet is full of people who still think the Freemasons are an international conspiracy. These tend to be the same people who took offense when President Obama said Trayvon Martin could have been his own son: “Mason Barack Obama & Mason Tracy Martin are working together; There is almost no difference between Islamic-fascist & masons; What role models,” etc.”

    3. It started with trying to figure out why Traydaddy, Tracy Martin, changed … Crump, Daryl Parks and the Martin Family team of handlers? … Oh yeah, and about that pesky Orlando Masonic Convention during the same weekend as the shooting. ….. It’s a very, very strong tree with deep roots: the rebels and the …

        1. A lesson from Martin Luther King – Opinion – Jerusalem Post 05/01/2013

          “In his 1968 speech to the Rabbinical Assembly, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said “peace for Israel means security, and we must stand with all our might to protect its right to exist, its territorial integrity. I see Israel as one of the great outposts of democracy in the world, and a marvelous example of what can be done, how desert land can be transformed into an oasis of brotherhood and democracy.” Less than two weeks after giving that speech, Dr. King was assassinated.

          Unfortunately, since Dr. King’s passing, some high-profile African-American individuals have embraced anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. Rather than building upon the strong ties forged between Jews and African-Americans during the struggle for civil rights, some African-American leaders have damaged both communities with their demagoguery.”

          The author is the African-American Outreach Coordinator for Christians United for Israel and the author of We Too Stand: A call for the African-American church to support the Jewish State (Frontline Publishing, 2013)

  4. Now for some Comedy:

    King BO Responds to Petition Seeking to Label ‘Black Lives Matter’ a Domestic Terrorist Organization

    “The White House plays no role in designating domestic terror organizations,” said last week’s response to the 141,444 signers of the online petition.

    “The U.S. government does not generate a list of domestic terror organizations”

    Really? Who does then, the Easter Bunny? Keebler Elves?

        1. You know, that’s probably true. I know they designate “foreign” ones. Barry really gets off on droning people to death. That’s how he got that Nobel.

          So let’s see if I get this. You can be in all sorts of trouble for “contributing” to an organization they designate as “terrorist”? He just had the leader of BLM at his and Mooch’ squat and entertained him. Of course he is a completely fabricated “leader” to begin with but the issue is the same.

          So it isn’t being a “terrorist”, its which one. ISIS, for example, is both “enemy” and “friend”, depending. Merde!

    1. Bad move having Rudi speak but he would have done so if there were a 10 party system. I feel like I would do a better job managing a campaign than the professionals that are paid millions to, who are out of touch with us dumb regular folk according to them.

      1. I can’t believe they let a character like G speak at the Convention, talk about sprinkling salt on the wounds, but it does go to show the vile nature of the Republican (Dem) Party

        1. Now THAT is the perfect image for “our Rudy”. He’s so self-centered his own mother wouldn’t talk to him. He’s the perfect foil for…….hmmm?

          They should all have a similar photo made. It says it all.

  5. Well, please do give a three-sentence summary of how it all turns out, because from my bird’s-eye, thousand-year perspective, the whole thing is incredibly boring, and I have important things to do.

    1. Mick, maybe you can tell me why I cannot bring myself to watch any of this. Here at MHB we’ve spent a great deal of time debunking hoaxes. This circus may eclipse them all.

      I mean really, tell the truth now. If you owned a sno-cone stand, would you hire any one of these mutts to sweep up? I didn’t think so.

      Watching these contrived performances and phony dramas is a taste I never developed, thank God. Pompous, pontificating losers strutting around giving meaningless speeches, while being “analyzed” by breathless, soulless copy readers. Wow.

      How exciting.

  6. Melania Trump’s speech was clearly borrowed from Michele Obama’s; this isn’t anti-white fabrication. It was so glaringly obvious that I doubt it happened spontaneously. Trump is inexperienced and has enemies all throughout his own party. One has to wonder if the speechwriter his campaign hired was batting for another team. Whether Trump is particularly bright or not I don’t know for certain, but I highly doubt he’s so inept as to not recognize that someone’s credentials and abilities are so bad that lifting entire phrases from a recent First Lady speech would seem doable. The level of cheat there is just too amateur to be ‘real.’

    1. Out of a 1400 word speech a few lines about being raised to work hard and follow your dreams that are similar is not plagiarism. It was a great speech and came from her heart.

      This is another false flag in that the ‘news’ is obsessed with it, even wiki already talks about the big controversy on her speech. It very well could of been planned as it is the main focus of ‘news’ today.

      Anything to keep us from discussing the real issues of the day, there were many great speakers last night. Trump2016!

      1. People have won awards for plagiarizing off of my work, sometimes I wrote stuff for people who then pretended they received no help. This was no coincidence – these phrases weren’t just similar and banal; they were clearly distinct and copied. Anyone with a verbal IQ over 130 would know this.

        Many think it was an inside job courtesy of the Cruz people Trump brought on to ‘unite the party.’

        1. It was about 2 sentences verbatim of Moochelles speech.

          Irony is that this analogy is so typical when describing the US in many speeches.

          The writer is the responsible one and I’m sure he’s being water boarded as speak.

          “Who do you work for” pour

        2. Ric, do you think it was sabotage from the inside? It seems pretty unconscionable that speechwriters at that level would make that kind of mistake. I think the Trump camp was set up. People want to see that guy ruined any way they can.

        3. It might have been a set up or an accident or they may have thought it would not have been caught. I think it was a set up just because in a US News article yesterday it named the individual who “caught” it. He is an African American gay democrat media person, occasional news commentator and has a YouTube page on interior design and commenting on news. He doesn’t seem like a famous person, so the fact that he “caught” it, and it was front page on CNN before the convention was even over – how would he have so much pull it immediately make it national/international news? How would he happen to know every word of Michelle’s speech so instantly from a real time speech 8 years later and catch the few sentences right away and CNN immediately picks it up? There are too many things that don’t add up.

        4. Toni,

          I think it was more laziness or just not being thorough on the writers part.
          He probably liked that part of MO’s speech and was going to paraphrase what she said after he cut and pasted it in the speech but screwed up and forgot to fix it.

          I don’t know what to make of stephanieanne comments.

        5. Lophatt Really?
          Why because I don’t go down everyone of these useless roads ?

          I thought my explanation to Toni was pretty upfront, reasonable and logical .

          How about I put about 15 links that go down dead end roads will that make you happy?

          I actually never expected a comment like that from you.

        6. You (Lophatt)) and Dub just said said you don’t watch the posted videos or Links?

          Lophatt: “Mick, maybe you can tell me why I cannot bring myself to watch any of this. ”

          Dub: “I don’t watch it either Lophatt,”

          Neither do I because it’s sensationalized BS,

          Would I be More exciting if played this?

          I don’t know what to say…………..

        7. Meredith McIver, an in-house staff writer at the Trump Organization, released a statement Wednesday saying that the apparent plagiarism in Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention “was my mistake.”

          McIver said that while working with Melania Trump on the speech, she referenced Michelle Obama as someone she admires, and read her passages of the first lady’s speech as examples.

          “I wrote them down and included some of the phrasing in the draft that ultimately became the final speech,” McIver said.

          This was my mistake, and I feel terrible for the chaos I have caused Melania and the Trumps as well as to Mrs. Obama. No harm was meant.”

          McIver said that she offered her resignation to the Republican nominee for president, but he declined to accept it.

        8. Ric, OK, I’ll change it to “you need to learn to take a joke”. Wow. All I was doing was teasing you about watching the phony production. My wife does it all the time (and I tease her too).

          But, if you want to get offended, go ahead. It wasn’t an insult. I have no idea about the rest. I don’t think I’m the one with the “endless links”.

          If you’re referring to Mick I don’t always agree with everything he posts (and there’s a lot of it), I just let him believe what he says he believes. That doesn’t imply anything about me.

          Anyway, sorry if I offended you. It wasn’t my intent.

        9. Lophatt,
          I missed your dry sense of humor as I am too. Sorry for that. I just thought I was getting ridiculed for just basically being logical not making it some kind of conspiracy theory.

          The old flat Earth theory is back in the program again and I already stated how I feel now I guess that means I’m some kind a shill. It’s the best Psyop the ABC agencies got going today.

          It encompasses even 911.

          All good of course and thanks.

        10. Lophatt,

          I guess I just missed your Dry Humor. So is mine.

          I wrote a whole spill but got “Holed” so to be clear:

          All Good.


        11. ” Spiel” for the lizard people in the Infrared light.
          Auto correct corrects Nothing.

        12. Dr. THX prescribes a larger dose and better quality alcohol for commenters from this point forward.

        13. Sue, I didn’t see your post here. Thanks for the plagiarism clarification. I agree with you that this looks like a set-up. The anti-Trump people want to cripple the campaign and usurp the convention.

          But what is the Trump campaign’s intention behind denying the plagiarism? Is he still trying to unify the party? Shoot those bastards! (hyperbole – not an actual call to violence)

          Trump should have intervened yesterday and asked that the Stop-Trump people be allowed their vote. That would have gone a ways toward unifying the party. Wouldn’t have averted the speech debacle but still.

          MSNBC’s Andrea Greenspan just said that Trump’s campaign manager is “in denial” about the plagiarism, not that he denies it. That’s some high-class reporting right there, when you can slip in a psychological observation of your own.

        14. Sue, I should have put psychological in quotes.

          “… slip in a “psychological” observation of your own.”

        15. I don’t know what they were thinking when they went into denial mode, other than that it’s worked for Trump so far. This time, however, it’s proving to be more destructive than the original ‘gaffe.’ It’s unfair for the media to claim Melania said she ‘wrote every single word’ when she explicitly admitted to getting help, just ‘as little as possible.’ Given her actual pre-speech comment an acknowledgment of error would have made a far better tactic.

          Word is Cruz’s people were the saboteurs, and that some if the goal was pay back for the gutter tweet Trump made comparing Heidi Cruz to Melania Trump, using a ‘gotcha’ shot of Heidi to boot. Whether Trump’s people are still trying to ‘unite’ or not is unclear. I suspect they really are used to just pretending it ‘didn’t happen.’ Hubris is the likely culprit.

          Besides mortifying Melania Trump and making her husband look incompetent, it took the spotlight off some rather compelling speeches by Giuliani (whom I personally detest) and that Milwaukee sheriff.

    1. Ted, agreed about smoke and mirrors. From yesterday’s discussion, more history – in this case America in 1947, but it actually was all through the 30s on as well. Check out this movie. Starts out slow and is too sentimental but it carries the message about how prejudiced Americans were. Many today don’t realize what happened here in this period and not Germany.

      1. I believe that’s the movie about how a section in NJ outside NYC tried to prevent jews from moving in. Jews prevent palestinians from inhabiting their own homelands. They also not only prevent non-jews from moving into ‘their’ neighborhoods all over NJ and NY, they actively rig government programs in both states to benefit them at the direct expense of whoever else.

        The wasps in this neighborhood merely attempted to defend themselves from jewish violence towards them. To this day, where jews move in white people suffer. White women and people are killed in NJ in jew-majority areas under the aegis of jewish politicians.

        White people wanted nothing from the jews. The jews don’t just prevent people from ‘moving in;’ they rape rob and pillage every inch they force.

        If white people – europeans – are so incredibly ‘oppressing’ of the jews, why is it they’ve been following us into our homelands for millennia?

        1. Watch the movie before you comment next. It’s about NYC and CT. Also, according to Al Jezeera stats the rate of rape and beating for Palestinian women is 74% – about the same as Egypt. Stop showing your ignorance about the Middle East. The Koran condones violence toward women, and more so for what it considers captives – non Muslim women.

        2. Both Connecticut and NJ are considered the suburbs of Manhattan, NJ even more than Connecticut. Versions of this took place in Manhattan’s NJ suburban towns. Israelis control the sexual slave trade, which mostly enslaves european as opposed to semitic females. It’s not the Palestinians’ fault. Jews are anti-european.

        3. You’re missing the point Sue ! The jews and the wasp(words you’re using) has always been in partnership for years to control all other ethnic group in the states of New England you have mention.

          “The Patriarch” by David Nasaw tell the story of the life & times of Joseph P. Kennedy and of his Irish ancestry and how as a classified group did not fare any better in xenophobic behaviour.

          I would highly suggest you travel to Iran or even better make a female Iranian friend, those women are far more educated than their counterpart in most of the middle east, including Israel.


    Foiling Senator Cornyn’s amendment to Murphy’s mental health bill, that demands a court hearing decide a ‘mental patient’s’ ultimate Second Amendment status, may be the goal of this theme being worked. Even the FBI supposedly couldn’t detect the ticking time bomb of ‘disease’ lurking in Omar Mateen so how would a simple court hearing? As of now some insiders predict that Cornyn’s amendment will stagnate the passage of the bill in the Senate for at least the remainder of the year.

    Or, it could be the ‘even the criminal justice experts couldn’t see it’ theme is a way to justify forced inpatient ‘treatment,’ and to prove that longer terms of it are necessary.

    Or both.

  8. I’ve never seen MHB link to Red Ice before. I feel the need to state that Lana Lokteff’s empty suit misogyny makes Trump’s look anemic. The woman only interviews the most vapid, insipid idiot females; their only ‘expertise’ is claiming feminism is evil (without, of course, attempting to define it). Her roster of ‘important’ white women is worthy of SNL satire (and I despise SNL’s anti-white).

    And the punchline would be that while decrying all of ‘feminism’s’ achievements she lives off a huge sexual harassment settlement.

  9. ‘Black Olives Matter’ pun sparks outrage, boosts sales for Italian restaurant

    But also unexpected was the advertisement’s effectiveness in bringing in new customers, thanks to people sympathizing with the business being targeted by outrage.

    “Since Wednesday, July 13, we have been inundated with positive, supportive phone calls from the community as well as overwhelmed with business, not only from our ‘regulars,’ but from so many new customers who came from Albuquerque, surrounding cities, and even neighboring states simply to support us,” the restaurant wrote on its Facebook page, adding that some of its crew were moved to tears because of the outpouring of support.

    “Many nowadays would contend that society has changed for the worse, but our experience this week has proven the opposite,” the post continued. “We have encountered so many quality people of character; salt of the earth and the bedrock of America. Awesome.”

  10. When you tire of the puppet show and decide to have a gander at the puppeteers themselves, make the Yellowstone Club (“billionaires’ club”) near Bozeman, Montana your first google. I was born/raised in Livingston, Montana, 50 miles north of Yellowstone National Park, and I confirm that the fiends who control all this mayhem are clustered around the greater Yellowstone region. 35 miles downstream from Livingston on the Yellowstone River is the ranch of James Johnson (Bilderberger), a front for Kissinger. The local guys with whom I went to high school have waxed rich building hideouts for the international war crimes fugitives, and the report is they were a month just wiring security for Kissinger’s/Johnson’s ranch. On the Madison River in Ennis, Montana, is the holdout of Rumsfeld (you can google this). Up the Gallatin is Ted Turner, somewhere next door to the Yellowstone Club where Bill Gates has his underground Armageddon bunker (reports of him alone in a psychophorasthenic state – wait staff told never to approach him until his handler/wife marches him down his chute to his bunker)… Hillary a frequent visitor, all the rogues… On the south of Yellowstone caldera find Cheney et al, the Saudi oil boys and the entire cast of Goldman SucksBlood and the Fed in Jackson, WY. This is where the Federal Reserve has its meetings, recall. Not some getaway from Wall Street but their residences along with the Rockefellers, Whitneys, Vanderbilts et al who flank Cody, WY. Anyway what binds them is probably not the legendary beauty of the region – there are more beautiful areas on the planet too beautiful to count – but something even my grade school science teachers boasted of, which is harnessing the power of Yellowstone. All that magma could power the entire network of DUMBs, etc. And of course in these high times of everything phony – absolutely the apogee of fakery ( – look for a fake volcano next. I have plenty of reason to believe they’re planning it. Their puppetmasters from the legendary middle east colony that governs all deep state, media, politics and warfare in the US wants to snuff out this nation. Looks like the coup is long over, the fat lady sang even prior to Ground Nero in 2001, with the second “world war” culminating in the great rogue middle east colony’s creation. Time to brush up on the Revelation.

      1. I read you. Been a nightmare watching them take over the area. But we’re talking about psychopaths. That they surround Yellowstone is not theory or speculation. Google this. Jackson has been home to all doings of the central bankers for decades. With all the hellbound tools of geoengineering at their command, how could they refrain from messing with – “managing” – Yellowstone? I know. It sounds crazy to even be there. But when I interviewed Jerome Weisner in the early 80’s – science advisor to Eisenhower and Kennedy who masterminded the “duck and cover” campaign – he almost gasped when I said I was from Montana. “Go home and tell them they are ground zero” he urged. For at that time 90% of the missiles were there. Montana is said to be the world’s fourth largest nuclear power still. They literally stick to their guns. For sure there are the darkest of secrets. The entire epoch of “Ma Guru” and the Church Universal and Triumphant was an extravaganza of building fallout shelters (CUT had the world’s largest state-of-the-art fallout shelter at the time). How they remained uninterrupted in constructing their shelter while going Waco (nearly an armed stand-off) defies reason. Plowing such a furrow alongside the very protected Yellowstone River. Now there are ads whereby former CUT members sell underground bunkers and related accoutrements. I tell you if Livingston, Montana isn’t the weirdest town on the planet, it will do.

        1. The cult literally bought out Livingston’s real estate after the corporate/CIA megalith destroyed the railroads. During the 50’s Livingston’s locomotive repair shops – the only ones on the Northern Pacific line, being the halfway point between Seattle and St. Paul – flexed its muscles in a 1954 strike which first shut down the NP RR, then every other national line in succession (this was before transportation was dominated by trucking). Black shiny shoes invaded Livingston and never left. Locals were never, after about 1960, hired as teachers, hospital widgets, any kind of power spot. All the better to bust up the Irish railroaders and their vast extended families, hence the blue collar world and the unions. The appearance of Claire “Prophet” (“Ma Guru”) was no accident. A vast MK Ultra, as all cult events are. I wager she certainly did hear voices. Just that she was conceited enough to believe God had specially chosen her to be a messenger. Not entirely unlike the widgets we call presidential candidates. Livingston is spook central. Tom Brokaw lives nearby, scads of media whores, presstitutes, movie stars and their flunkies of every stripe. This is a small town, and about three years ago they had Ted Turner ride horseback as Parade Master in the annual 4th of July festivities. This is not about just the landscape. Pretty enough but hardly the only dazzling spectacle worldwide. No coincidence either that Ma Guru got a ranch previously owned by Forbes. CIA black ops written all over the joint.

        2. Horsegirl, thank you so much for this. Wal-Mart heirs and Harrison Ford also have adobes in Wyoming while Ralph Lauren opted for a large piece of Montana.

          This may explain why the Hamptons, the east coast playground for the rich and the famous, is going through a severe real estate slump. Fancy dwellings are selling for only half the price of the not so distant past, if they sell at all.

        3. Absolutely. They are nestling into the greater Yellowstone periphery. I don’t know all the reasons, but I guarantee you they’re there. In 2009 when the inhabitant of the oval office met with the heads of Canada and Mexico in the latter country, the US puppet in chief flew directly back to Bozeman, MT to ‘have a buffalo burger’ with his handlers on Team Genocide, particularly Ted Turner. That’s when I comprehended that the presidential office is actually an assignment as carrier pigeon. I think that infotainment is still readily available on the internet – the bummer supposedly touring Yellowstone immediately after the summit. No coincidence whatsoever.

      2. Well, maybe they know 3 things that most people don’t know:

        That nucular war can never happen because nucular bombs are fake.
        That “scientists” have no clue how volcanoes work, and have no clue if or when Jellystone will erupt.
        That volcanoes are an electrical phenomenon, that their electric power comes from the sun, and that we are living with an incredibly quiescent sun now and for many years in the future.

  11. No doubt there is a mole in the Trump camp. Back in 2008 when Missus Barack Soetoro Hussein Obama needed a speech for the DNC convention, she sat down and made an effort to write her own words. Being inexperienced and having just emerged from her executive status is the medical field, as Washington Post put it, a professional was brought in to write the speech for her. That was none other than Sarah Hurwitz.

    Did Sarah Hurwitz use phrases from other speeches? I am sure she did because if you have heard one political speech you have pretty much heard them all (imho). How much can they twist the same subjects decade after decade? I have no patience for political speeches, but what I have come across over time seem all regurgitated – again imho.

    1. Yeah, the original read; “I was born a poor black man…, girl. I’m sure that Ms. Trump, when faced with writing a speech, immediately thought of Mooch. She’s (?) such a charmer. You don’t find a “woman” with shoulders like that every day, I can tell you.

      Of all the people on Earth she could “plagiarize”, what would possess her to even consider Mooch? If the conversation isn’t about football or arm wrestling what could she steal? Oh, I get it……NOTHING.

      1. My theory is that this fits the pattern of brilliant media manipulation Trump has consistently displayed. There was no “mole.”

        Step one: write the speech and “leak” the “plagiarized” portion to MSNBC, so they are instantly ready to pounce on the “gaffe.”

        Step 2: Deliver the speech and watch MSNBC take the bait and obsessively digest it all night long; no one even asks how anyone remembered Michelle’s worthless remarks, much less instantly was struck by the same phrases used in the two speeches.

        Step 3: Refuse to apologize, and watch conservatives who are Trump-skeptical spend days bemoaning the stupidity of the campaign: “All they had to do is fess up right away and announce that the low-level incompetent speechwriter has been fired, and this would be already forgotten–but Trump simply can’t apologize.”

        Step 4: Trot out the ashamed speechwriter, who apologetically tells the world it’s her fault, that Malania SO ADMIRES MICHELLE that she really wanted to use quotes from her uplifting speech of eight years ago!


        Who EVER remembers a first lady convention speech? Who even knew they give them? Now, for the first time, everyone will always know and remember these things. This one goes down in history.

        And by the way, what better way to force the media to put the two figures side by side, day after day, driving home the stark contrast between the world’s most smokin’ hot babe and the world’s ugliest transexual? The suffering we have gone through gives way to the glories of looking at the stark opposite from now on! Another reason to vote Trump!

        Trump has consistently manipulated the leftist press to tell his story, trusting they will do it with an obsessiveness only explainable by the press’ belief that if they milk the supposed disaster sufficiently they will finally destroy him–only to find that it made him stronger. Again. It’s said that he’s gotten more than two billion bucks’ worth of free media over the past year using this amazing technique, and no one seems to notice the pattern. They always fall into the same exact trap.

  12. This is totally off-topic, but I know there are excellent investigators here and I need a little quick advise. I need to find info about someone that died in San Francisco in February 2015. The only info I have been able to find online is from sites like “Find A Grave” and “The Advocate”, which list his cause of death as an accidental fall. Something tells me it may have been suicide, and I need to know just for my own self whether it was or not. I don’t know his family and I wouldn’t ask them about it even if I did. Whatever it was that happened, there should be a police report about it, but I haven’t been able to find one. Does anyone know of a good website where I can find more details about such a case? I am not trying to get copies of death certificates or anything like that; I just want to know what happened to him.

    1. Unless you are a party to the report, I don’t think you can ask for a copy if there is one, and if it was suicide the family might not publicize it online…

    2. Mary, you should be able to find public records. You do not have to have an affiliation with the deceased in order to look at any public records that may exist.

      I don’t know which paper is the “Newspaper of Record” for San Francisco. I’d guess its the Examiner. They should post deaths on a daily basis as well as any related information that requires public notice later.

      In most cases death certificates are public records. I’m not sure about coroner’s reports. I think that if they are connected to an ongoing investigation they could be excluded from public scrutiny.

      You could also FOIA the information. They do not need to contact family members, etc., to respond. If the death is listed as an “accident”, that is probably from the coroner’s report. Usually if they’re in doubt they list “unknown”.

      As far as police records that may depend on where they are in the process. Once there’s been a trial, or some sort of hearing or decision issued by an authority, those records should be available.

  13. Trump affirmed his support for the First Amendment in his nomination acceptance speech tonight:

    “An amendment (to the tax code), pushed by Lyndon Johnson, many years ago, threatens religious institutions with a loss of their tax-exempt status if they openly advocate their political views.

    I am going to work very hard to repeal that language and protect free speech for all Americans.”

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