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NICE, France — A long white truck ran into a crowd of people in Nice, France, on Bastille Day, killing “probably” 30 people and injuring 100 more, a local prefecture official told CNN.

Fox News says Sky News is reporting 60 are dead.

The driver of the truck that drove into a crowd in Nice was shot dead by police, Pierre-Henry Brandet, a spokesman for the French Interior Minister, tells CNN.

One witness, an American who was about 15 feet from the truck, said the driver pointed his tractor trailer into the crowd, mowing bodies over.

A CNN affiliate in France, BFM-TV, reported police exchanged gunfire with people in the truck.

Here are the latest developments in the tragedy:

• Maryam Violet, a witness, said she was walking along the beach and saw “a ton of people on the ground and on the sidewalk.” “You could see someone with a bike or a wheelchair and someone with a bag full of flowers, innocent and normal people on the beach.”

• French President Francois Hollande is returning to Paris from Avignon for emergency talks at the Interior Ministry after the mass casualty incident in Nice, according to French national radio.

• Facebook has activated the Safety Check feature for people in and around the area of the attack.

• An American witness at the scene said the driver of the truck was mowing bodies over, and that he appeared to accelerate as he hit those bodies. The witness said he saw only the driver. He heard gunfire as he ran away, but did not know its source. It seemed like an accident at first, but it became apparent very quickly that it was deliberate, the witness told CNN.

• BFM posted an image of the truck that reportedly was involved in the incident. The photo shows what appears to be bullet holes in the windshield of the white truck.

• Christian Estrosi, the head of the regional council of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, said late Thursday: “Dear Nice residents, the driver of a truck appears to have caused tens of deaths. Stay for the moment in your homes. More info to come.”

• Eric Dartell was eating at a restaurant on the street where the incident happened. “You can see wreckage all along the way, a body, bicycles, street lamps and debris everywhere,” he said.

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146 thought on “Terror Attack France: 77 Reported Dead After Truck Hits Crowd During Bastille Day Celebration”
  1. Oh, my god. So sickening.

    It’s already being leveraged to trumpet the typical narrative of “evil other.” News people don’t know if this is ISIS or al Qaeda. Which of these contrived and western-controlled outfits is it? Either way, the expanding Caliphate must be refuted and folks are not taking this seriously!

    Now, like Dallas, it looks like actual people have died in order to force an issue that benefits the global shadow government.

  2. Seems like this would be very hard to fake; even a black op would be logistically challenging. I suspect the perp’s story will be faked so that ‘mental illness’ factors in.

    1. If they admitted to getting into a truck and driving through a bunch of people I’d still say it was a fake, because it is. That does not depend on if or how many were hurt or killed. That is just a detail. .

      Left alone, it would be SO rare to see something like this that it would take a lot of explanation to get anybody to believe it. Instead, we are told that these things are just popping up everywhere. B.S..

    2. “… hard to fake…”, well skilled magicians have convinced audiences that they made a tank or an elephant disappear right before their eyes. Of course sawing a woman in half is so passé nowadays, but it is a good old standby trick, and now you can do it on the streets! Who needs a theater?

  3. This is where I get perplexed by these scenes: I can’t believe everything is a “false flag”. OTOH, the impact sights are always cleaner than expected and seem odd. I was looking at forensics sites on Pedestrian -motor vehicle accidents. That kind of impact would have pushed people to the side or under in which case you would expect crushing and at least some blood. I don’t see that here.

    1. The news outlets use the convenient excuse that they are “respecting” the story by not showing the explicit stuff. It’s convenient because their manifold lies can hide behind this excision.

      I don’t know if that’s what happened here, but when the Dallas event started, footage that I saw of the bodies of cops on the ground surrounded by their confused fellows were never broadcast again. Out of respect. And as we saw, the dissembling began immediately.

      “Out of respect.” What kind of j-school did these people go to? Oh, that’s right. CIA j-school.

    2. Well, you CAN learn to believe it, and you would be wise to do so. It IS possible for something bad to happen naturally. It is, just like ever, so rare that it is notable.

      It is no “normal” to have the amount of ridiculous events occur as described. The safest position would be rejection. What is there to lose by non-belief after they’ve shown themselves to be inveterate liars for so long.

      I don’t need them to tell me what to believe. I almost never agree with anything they say. I don’t have to work at that. I don’t want what they’re selling. I won’t allow them to manipulate me.

    3. Personally, I wouldn’t ask you to beLIEve anything. But your comment at least shows that you are thinking.

    4. Look at it the other way round. We are to believe that since 9/11, suddenly there are all these people who want to go out and commit mass murder. Mass murder was very, very rare prior to 9/11. Now, it’s routine. What is consistent about the stories of these mass casualty events, is that they’re everyone of them, weird.

      So, let’s run this one backwards. Guy decides to murder a bunch of people after the fireworks by running them down with a truck. Okay. He fills the truck with weapons that don’t work. (Huh? Is he crazy — yes. Because he wants to murder a bunch of people with a truck. Note: never before have so many crazy people wanted to murder lots of folks. This is post-9/11 madness again.)

      So he parks his truck right by where he’s going to start out his rampage, and fields police questions all day. What is this truck doing here? He tells them he’s delivering ice cream. Which is why his truck is parked there for 9 hours.

      This is stupid. What a real perp would do is park the truck 15 minutes away, in a place where it would not be questioned or challenged. In a parking lot, where it isn’t noticed. Not right at the sight. Right at the sight makes me think of a prop for a stage play kept handy right by the stage.

      Okay, then, he gets in his truck when the crowds start walking along the blocked-off street and plows into the people. Say he hits a dozen or two at the start. Where do the rest of the people go? Do they run away down the street, as we see in the videos? Why don’t they step off the street and onto the beach, where the truck won’t follow them? Why do hundreds of people stay in the street, despite the sounds of the roaring truck, and the screaming of the people he has hit, and the screaming of the people shouting warnings, when they can just step off toward the water and be safe?

      No, the French people stay in front of the truck for 1.1 to 2 kilometers, and get mowed down. And then they abandon their 77 family members and friends, and leave them lying dead in the road, and go home. And the French health officials and medical personnel leave the bodies lying in the street overnight and into the next day.

      My suspension of disbelief has been stretched to the breaking point.

  4. Truck Control, its about time! Tell me, where did they get all those sheets? Is there a street vendor? Is that normal practice? It certainly looks dramatic, however.

    I do know that they’ve been having a LOT of trouble with their “refugees” lately. They are also a prime target for more Gladio episodes.

    If it happened as advertised the least they could do is withhold the stats until somebody actually knows what’s going one. Again, I would look for people being transported to hospital, not covered with sheets and left in the street. They don’t do that, even in France.

    1. If trucks are outlawed only Tunisians will have trucks.

      Merkel and her stasi is unreal. There are 1100 ISIS members now in Germany and 500 in France. Then she rounds up 60 people complaining on facebook about it organized out of churches no less.

      1. Heh, heh. One would almost believe she was a commie! That’s pretty funny. There are so many USrael extras that its a regular R&R center.

        A while back she was evicting old Germans from their lifelong homes to make room for her little brown playthings. Someone tried to had her a German flag and the look on her face said that they may as well have tried to hand her a rag dipped in pig’s blood.

        She’s a lot like Obongo if you study it. Same “out of nowhere” aspects. Outrageously out of step beliefs that she imposes as if no one has a choice in the matter. Worldwide there are a whole crop of these. It is only a matter of style and degree that separate them. NONE of them work for their constituents.

        My only question remains, and this applies universally, everywhere, why doesn’t somebody throw them out? Chasing them down the street while shredding pillows and heating tar would be fun.

        Just like the response to the “refugees”, you have to know its contrived. Nobody would put up with their behavior. If they can’t control that mess they can’t govern. Just set up camps to hold them until they can be deported. Round them up and throw them in.

        Instead they want to thump their chests and tell the world what mega-tough military punks they are while at the same time saying that they can do nothing to protect the citizens and their property from a bunch of backward punks?

        Their actions always lead to one conclusion. It is easy to see who makes the plans and calls the shots. No other group in the world has such interests.

      1. Make mine a nice cotton percale. I hear that sheets are almost as effective as CPR. If the field morgue arrives we’ll know its deja vu all over again.

        What color do you reckon the ribbons will be? What’s the exchange rate? I want to contribute.

        1. Lol !! CPR facilitated by sheets. I think the SOP triage is a thing of the past and since Nice is a seaside town and it is summer they will probably go with a pastel colour ribbon, seafoam or turquoise.

        2. I think it is good to point out the major, early presenting, anomalies of any event, however, I only looked at a couple of stills of this event and was just struck right off with the staged fakey appearance. I do not have time to study the false events these days.

          We may think we have discovered “their” patterns and general modus operandi. Maybe we have to some extent. But they are holding all the cards and they have most people so mind controlled and fearful that they do not have to try at all to make an event somewhat believable. They can script any ridiculous thing they want and change the script any time they want. It all flies.

          All we know about any event is what ‘they” the media choose to tell us. They all have one and the same boss and script writer. I think we ought to move beyond analyzing the unbelievableness of certain reporting. We have established that they are all just paid liars. No need to refer back to what real reporting used to be. That is what many commentators do such as Grey Hunter of USAWatchdog. That whole theme, and even Greg, is just operating within a false narrative and in no way gets at the truth.

  5. FBI director warns of terrorist exodus as ISIS ‘caliphate’ squeezed
    July 14, 2016

    FBI Director James Comey predicted an exodus of Islamic State fighters spreading worldwide as they prepare for the potential fall of the so-called caliphate in Iraq and Syria, warning lawmakers Thursday that ISIS will become increasingly “desperate” to launch attacks elsewhere.

    During a hearing before the House Homeland Security Committee, Comey and other top security officials also acknowledged concerns over ISIS operatives using fraudulent documents to gain entry into western countries.

    Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson noted there is “general concern” over the issue.

    Comey repeatedly stressed the U.S. and its allies must stay vigilant, as ISIS moves its focus away from the Iraq and Syria battlefield, and operatives spread out.

      1. Funny. They have such a paucity of vocabulary.

        “Really? it was like a dream then?”

        I know you’re saying it’s a code-word, though to what end, I’m not sure. The code word, I mean, not your saying it.

        I think the newscasters may just be deeply uncreative.

        1. Or that they are unimaginative, and can’t describe their own reactions with authenticity. They just remember that this is what people have said in the past during similar situations.

          Especially true for news people parroting previous newscasts.

          I suppose it’s a sort of programming, but it’s the newscasters who are programmed.

        2. First of all the word “surreal” went out of popular jargon during the 70s, I have never seen it used with any regularity until this summer, and the many False-Flag attacks,
          I was originally a student of linguistics, not that I am an expert or anything but I pay attention to words and this one really caught my ear

        3. Ok, let’s say it was mandated from on high, to be read from a script as a code phrase to the masses.

          What do you suppose is the purpose of such a thing?

        4. Sunaj, I understand exactly what you are saying. They ARE reading from a script, just as numerous YouTubers have been documenting for several years now.

          For the word “surreal” being repeated over and over, perhaps the intent is to persuade the audience that, even though this event doesn’t seem real, it is.

          Words are powerful, just as symbols are powerful. I’ve noticed for years now that, whenever there is a mass-casualty event, the news media specifically dub it a “massacre”. That’s a powerful word! There is also a term that is used repeatedly by the media in these events, that I had seldom heard anyone use prior to all of these hoaxes; that term is “shelter in place”, and the Boston event comes to mind. Every witness used that term repeatedly.

        5. Sunaj,
          I get it. I’m not completely sure why they do this, but they do. It’s like a signal or something. It’s the same with the hand signs and symbolism.

          It is like saying, “hey, I’m one of you, the Kool Kidz”. Maybe its a way of letting the other minor players know that their adaptation is “authorized”.

          It’s like a password. “Who goes there? Micky Mantel”. You are attuned so you’re aware. I tend to do that as well. The words just jump out.

          We mustn’t forget that there is programming taking place as well. The words are often “trigger words”. They are designed to subliminally evoke planted thoughts.

          Some people are obviously much more susceptible than others. If one tends to be easily manipulated, they’re a sucker for these psyops. If one has learned to be suspicious of these mutts and their motives, not so much.

          Frankly, at this stage, just about EVERYTHING televised or printed is false. It is not designed to convey information. It is designed to sell a program. If it doesn’t facilitate that, it doesn’t play.

    1. Really? Wow, how scary. Given the fact that “ISIS” is a wholly-owned subsidiary of USreal, I think its safe to assume that they go where directed.

      The fact that Comey and Johnson said it confirms that it is a lie. That’s what they do……., lie. “Staying vigilant” means, standby, we have more of these events planned for you.

      The FBI director is trying to convince someone that Hillary is not a crook. The “Jeh”ster is one of BO’s personal friends. Neither of them would tell the truth if their very lives depended on it.

    2. The perp is being described as a French Tunisian who was ‘known to the police’ but for being a petty criminal prone to violence, not as some terrorist.

      Soon we’ll hear how he exhibited symptoms of ‘mental illness.’ I think this will help push Murphy’s mental health bill through the Senate full speed ahead. I’m not sure how the profile emerging of the driver influences policy in Europe.

  6. All I know is this getting Old.
    This Stinks to High Heaven but if anyone was Hurt ….Your Day WILL come Due.

  7. This one is perplexing. And utterly predictable.

    Did the French film industry finally capitulate to state terror? Nice is 33 km. (20 miles) from Cannes. Cannes has the most famous film festival in the world once a year (this past May).

    But have we just witnessed the real Palme d’Or for 2016?

    I expected to see some convincing footage. I almost want one of these attacks to be real. Real would be less scary than the constant stream of fake, manipulative attacks,

    But the footage is lackluster. The truck was driving at full-speed? Not from what I saw. Is that kinda like the 9/11 fighter pilots flying as fast as “scalded apes”?

    All bystanders seem calm. I have not been a big proponent of the “drill” scenario for these “attacks”, but this one seems to exude “drill” on many levels.

    There is no sense of urgency from all of the people caught on video. Particularly the first responders…the EMS.

    But there are other problematic questions. Supposing this was a real attack (which I don’t think it was), then DGSE is absolutely worthless.

    We would be left wondering whether they orchestrated this attack themselves.

    Seems that these attacks are not achieving their intended ends.

    Back to the DGSE. France is a small country. Are we to assume that the FBI/CIA have done a better job (much larger territory and population) [not including 9/11] for the past 16 years? I don’t think so.

    Gladio was to keep the communists out of power in Italy. Is Nice a particular response to Brexit?

    And how is Germany making out so well as regards “terror attacks”? France and Belgium (ostensibly) have borne the brunt. Britain had 7/7 long ago.

    Are we to believe that NSA/GCHQ have been that efficient for so long?

    If this was a real terror attack (which I don’t think it was), I’d have to suspect Germany as the authors. As it seems staged (mise-en-scene), I have to suspect the French are employing the Sandy Hook zero-casualty approach to state terror. It is the humane, liberal arm of staging.

    The rapid succession of these events is the most disturbing part. On what are they converging?

    I would beg my more mathematically/statistically minded “colleagues” to examine the unprecedented acceleration of attention-usurping mass casualty events…perhaps with a lower control limit of four deaths and a criterion of above-the-fold NYT coverage.


    1. Yes Paul, that’s a good point. “What are the odds”. I doubt that they could be computed. It is BEYOND implausible.

      I have thought about this from every angle I can think of. Not because I believe ANY of it, but because i want to see if I can actually come up with a plausible explanation. I can’t.

      No single group, or even a couple of groups would have the resources to pull these off. There are not enough crazy people out there with the right skill sets.

      Why would this radical increase occur in concert with the Obongo Administration? Individual groups or “lone nuts” do not own media. They cannot coordinate drills with DHS and FEMA.

      In many ways we really shouldn’t be surprised. After all, do we really expect coup conspirators to announce themselves? They really don’t care if they’re believed or not. That’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

      I know from talking to people that it is generally effective. Most do not look at anything in depth. They get “impressions” and that’s what they remember. If you question them about it they can’t answer your questions. They are self-censoring.

      1. All excellent points. I consciously avoid passive media intake. I make up my mind pretty quickly regarding these events (especially now that they’re occurring with such acceleration). The reason being that a general consensus among big news outlets is the kiss of death regarding credibility these days. There are no investigative nuances from source to source. The only thing that’s different (at all) is the agenda being pushed.

        I trust the researchers I’m exposed to on MHB far more than any slick anchor.

        Thanks for your comment,


  8. “This is Abu Bakr al-Bagdhadi. Unless the United States immediately terminates it’s attacks on Syria and limits aid to Israel, these attacks will continue.”
    Unfortunately, there is no claim ever made in these attacks. We are left to believe that the world is just full of crazy Islamic inspired terrorists who are capable of the most heinous acts with no motive, remorse or reason.
    I find it difficult to believe that one truck could kill 77 people. Although the lone video going viral SEEMS quite graphic, let us remember that there are businesses that specialize in creating just such scenes of terror such as
    What concerns me is that Obama just signed an Executive Order that addresses civilian casualties outside the scope of hostile territories, which could percievably include an event such as this.
    “Ooops, sorry, it was an accident”- followed by monetary compensation for those caught up in a “drill” could now be well within the confines of the law.
    Don’t think it can’t be simulated, because it most certainly can.

    1. Of course it can be “simulated”. Or, they can simply kill people. It makes no difference to them. It is merely a matter of efficacy.

      The exact intent (just as in Gladio) is to produce a generalized fear. The hope is that people will simply submit and allow them to decide whatever they think needs to be done to “keep us safe”.

      It works with a number of people. I have no idea what the statistics are. For others, abdicating free will is out of the question.

      There is no mystical force out there that is causing all of these alleged shootings and other “acts”. These are contrived and for a purpose. Whether they actually ran people down or just staged it makes no difference to the fact that it is not naturally occurring.


      1. For some reason it cut me short. Anyway, BO and his little friends don’t care one whit about law. This is the most lawless administration ever, by huge factors.

        They are going to continue this until and unless they are stopped. The only thing I can think of to stop it would be nobody watching or paying attention to their productions and no one showing up for the $1K/day casting calls.

        They need to be told to go peddle their poison elsewhere.

      2. Why were there no barricades or a stronger police/military presence when large crowds gathered, in the second largest city in France, for a national festival? There were several other attacks in France in the last year, so why the lax security? Sacrificing a few citizens to ramp up the anti-refugee agenda in a Gladio fashion?:

        Look at this lone motorcycle chase this huge commercial truck, and even try to open the door- no help from the militarized police DGSI? One way to end the refugee crisis!:

        I wonder what Swiss Professor Ganser, who has written books about Gladio and European flase flags, such as those in Italy in the 70’s and 80’s, has to say (remember the Gladio terror events in South and Southeastern Europe; this is where Kissinger expressed concern for Soviet expansion)?

        1. I can only guess what he has to say. Think about this. They’ve, allegedly, had multiple incidents of civil unrest and “refugee” misbehavior in the last several days. Now they are going to have a Bastille Day celebration, as you say, in the second-largest city in France.

          Does one imagine that they roll out the military and all the reserve cops and cop equipment available? You know, just in case? I think that would be a safe bet, unless………., you know that something is planned that makes that inconvenient.

          Then you stage this 2 MPH “rampage”, and line “bodies” up with sheets over them and leave them lying there for hours. “Take your time with the photos boys. We won’t let any ambulances or medical personnel get in the way until you’re finished”.

          Then we’ll show tourists wandering in and out of the “crime scene”. They are standing around having a chat amidst the bodies. It reminds me of that “beheading” in England where the woman went up to the knife-wielding suspect and lectured him. Headless body in the street, people milling around.

          Somehow, AMAZINGLY, we still have people going “I don’t know, maybe its ‘real'”. Of course it is. I can assure you, even if they murdered the lot of them, it is NOT ‘real’.

    1. We need a couple of hundred more just like him. Being him must be like being alone on a planet of lizard people.

      Look at how hard the news stooge works to sell the NWO position. Filthy varmints, the lot of ’em.

      “Let us have our way with you or we’ll run over you with a truck”. Wow, that’s “persuasive”. Just wrap me in a sheet and call me “dummy”. I’ve managed to live all these years by NOT standing in the middle of the street, especially when there’s a truck plowing through the crowd (maybe!).

      One of the simplest ways to look at these is to think of what its like to be invaded by hostile forces and THEY control the TV. They wipe out a neighborhood, then come on the air to tell you that it isn’t “them”, its “terrorists”. Everyone is supposed to start humping up and down and making monkey noises.

      Screw these guys, that’s my humble advice. They should all be wrapped in sheets.

        1. Yeah, he’s wonderful. I’ve followed this from the outset. You could always see where this was going. The fact that they got this far adds credence to all we’ve been saying here.


    Violence and terrorism produce the best results in governing the ignorant masses, not academic discussions.

    Our power will remain invisible until the moment when it has gained such strength that no cunning can undermine it.

    The end justifies the means.

    The power of Gold is the power which has replaced the liberal rulers.

    We are despots (tyrants). The mob is savage. Their youth have grown stupid from immorality, seduced by our special agents. The might of a mob is a blind, senseless and un-reasoning force. Only those of us trained to rule since childhood understand the words that make up the political alphabet.

  10. Re: the video of George Bush at the Dallas funeral,
    he looks either high on drugs or under mind control,
    he is not acting normal in any way, his face appears
    blank, pale, his eyes seem to stare, his actions are of course inappropriate to the event (along with the other traitors)

  11. Here is the truck after the rampage. Its lower front should be smeared all over with gore. Do you see any blood at all?

    The 9/11 Families have hounded the government, filing suit after suit, relentlessly pursuing truth and justice for their murdered loved ones. I think that is why they use crisis actors now, and no suits are filed. (Honestly, 20 7-year olds murdered at an elementary school, and no parent files a lawsuit? Except years later against the gun maker? Really? Not the school, not the district, not the town, not the family of the murderer, not the principal, not the newly-installed security company, but the maker of the gun? Their lawyers should be fired.)

    9/11 was meticulously planned. Having gotten away with it, it seems that numerous departments are now carrying out their own scenarios. Sometimes the scripts get run away with midway, and the story suddenly changes.

    Down the road from me, there was a terrible accident. A car rolled, the driver was killed, and her kid was trapped for over an hour. Two different people pulled over and sat with the kid until help came, talking to her, holding her hand.

    Look at that shot of people scattered in the middle of the road. Where are their loved ones? You’d think every one of them went to the fireworks alone, and we know people don’t usually do that. Even strangers would crowd around, calling for help, holding their hands. Would you leave your friend’s body lying in the road?

    The death toll is ludicrous. People are hard to kill. They should be flopping, moaning, and bleeding out. Friends should be calling for help, demanding help, not just screaming. In a crowd, even if he tried, the driver couldn’t go very fast.

    By the way, has anyone seen the driver? Any picture? We know that self-driving cars are now available. Any evidence that there actually was someone driving the truck? Where did it come from?

    Note the many dramatic videos of people running down the road, running down the road, when the truck is nowhere in sight. Carrying babies, they’re running down the road. Why? And the dramatic narrative of the woman who got into a building and climbed to the fifth floor, and is reporting from the fifth floor. Okay, it’s possible someone might be that panicked, especially if she heard gunfire. But would she then go out on the balcony to look, and count the dead?

    In Hollywood, scripts are rewritten dozens of times, until all the problems with veracity in the story are smoothed out. This looks like another first draft.

      1. You’re right, they are. You know, for all the bare legs, bare arms, and white sheets in these photos, I don’t think I’ve seen a single drop of blood.

  12. Which makes this one of the most obvious, blatant inside jobs you could think of. The report that France was going to end the state of emergency was literally the SAME DAY as the attack that conveniently provided the basis for CONTINUING the state of emergency – literally just hours before it happened.

      1. “Make it a pepperoni with black olives…”. “Napkins, no, I’ll just wipe my hands on this sheet…..”.

    1. At least the blood is the right color this time. Nice of the police to just let someone make phone calls next to a recent murder victim. Other photos show they left the bodies all night on the pavement for a good daytime photo shoot.

      1. Yeah, they do that in France. They leave the deceased lying around like bottle caps and cheeseburger wraps. People often sit on them.

    1. Notice this scene. There are cops, there are people “filming”. Where are the ambulances. Are there no ambulance in France either, like Dallas?

      They’ve been there long enough for someone to go out a buy sheets. No ambulance. No CPR. No first aid. Just sheets.

    1. The concrete looks pretty clean too. The flimsy-looking white fence looks to be untouched. How did the driver manage to hit this person, but didn’t even ding the fence? The bicycles weren’t even knocked over, and the dead person, whom I am assuming is a woman because of the purse sitting there in perfect upright position. Say, is that a Louis Vuitton?

  13. Omar Mateen and Micah Johnson found alive?

    I chose to post this comment under the most recent article on MHB because I think this is a matter of urgency. I have previously posted links to this blog, which is a Trump-supporting blog. The people behind the blog are anonymous, but it seems to me that the information they provide is legit. Based on their twitter account, it appears that they know Trump personally.

    The shocking claim is put out in an article:

    Also, they claim to have a video showing Mateen and Johnson. This is password protected and they have put dollar signs in the link to the video. However, no link to any online transaction site and no price. I assume that they are selling this video to news outlets.

    This is something that potentially can blow the government schemes wide open. I don’t see what this blog can gain from falsely claiming that Mateen and Johnson are alive.

    Maybe a summary of this article can be published on MHB? I have copied the entire article if need be.

    1. I’m not sure exactly WHAT to say about the article. It isn’t exactly “wrong”, but it isn’t exactly “right” either. If one has a certain overview, it really doesn’t matter much what names or alleged organizations one assigns to certain actions.

      To begin, whether its Obongo or Hillary or The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, they are all just employees. One may be more highly placed than another, but it matters not. They follow orders and ensure that The Plan moves forward apace.

      Every so often there are minor “course corrections” based on reactions and other problems of real world implementation. Even expert psychopaths can have errors of judgement, especially when it comes to human reactions to their actions.

      “Agenda 21”, is a blanket term. Basically it relates to certain things that are supposed to be implemented before the advent of the new century. Most are infrastructure and related changes. There are many other things they have in store that are categorized under other nomenclatures.

      It is no surprise that “terror events” did not happen as advertised. Of course not. The “leaders” are responsible for all of them. It is psychological warfare against their populations.

      I can’t begin to relate how amazed I am by people who are surprised by this. The conditioning must run very deep. They simply don’t want to acknowledge the obvious. If they did they would be scared and have to reevaluate their actions.

      Think of it this way. You have been taken over by a population of aliens from “Outer Space”. That should make it easier. After you come to accept that, simply switch “Outer Space” for “here”. These mutts may walk on two legs but they most definitely are NOT human, at least as far as their actions go.

      1. The claim that they have a videotape of Mateen and Johnson is sensational. However, it does seem far-fetched that after they have been implicated as patsies in their respective shoot-up engineered by the government, they are found together alive by a relatively obscure group of citizen journalists. Not only that, both agree to a three hours sit-down, tell-all interview with them.

        1. Indeed. And “Sorcha Fail”? I will say that the Russians DO have much information on them. Of course there is a lot of collaboration between them as well. This is because they have certain “shared goals”.

          Both want total control over the populace, they just work for different psychopaths. The Russians have ALL the goods on these guys. If they wanted, they could blow the whole thing wide open.

          That is one of the reasons they are held up as the bad guy. They will not agree to become subservient to the West’s psychopaths. They prefer their own.

    2. That is an interesting article, he makes some very dramatics claims, says his daughter was raped and almost killed in retaliation for reporting, if he ever shows proof they are alive he has something

    3. Before I go into this subject in any great depth, I would first like to deal with Sorcha Faal, otherwise known as David Booth of the CIA. David Booth works within the Central Intelligence Agency in COINTELPRO. Other western intelligence agencies known for using COINTELPRO methods include MI5, MI6, GCHQ, and the think-tank, DEMOS. To be quite blunt, all intelligence agencies have their own COINTELPRO departments.

      Here is a picture of “Sorcha Faal” from

      She does not exist. There is no “spokesperson” within the GRU named Sorcha Faal. Intelligence agencies rarely make public statements, and when they do, it is always through either someone in the highest echelons of the organisation or a government minister with the correct clearances, and never a mere “spokesperson”.

    4. Just to round out this little digression for future reference: Several days have passed and still no video of the suspects in the shootings. It seems like other commenters were rightly wary of this information and so far it seems like the article has turned out to be nothing more than an own goal to the credibility of this blog.

      The article is still up, but it is not listed on the front page or in the category it was filed in.

  14. I just have to say I’m grateful for this blog and others like it because watching and/or listening to the fake, controlled MSM makes me physically ill these days. I’m just so sick of the lies and manipulation.

    I resent the psychopaths in power for many reasons, but not the least of which is I feel somewhat forced to spend the mental energy trying to explain to those closest to me why they shouldn’t be terrified of “Isis” or “active shooters” hiding behind every corner. I’m just so sick of being subjected to these sloppy ridiculous staged events on an increasingly regular basis.

  15. Reports claim the cops saw the truck parked in a no parking zone set up for the festival, but the perp told them he was there to deliver ice cream or something. But he didn’t produce any papers or apparently show them what was in the truck.

    I have a hard time believing this story, set as it is in terrorism-torn France. At the least the cops would have wanted to confirm that there were no bombs in the truck.

    Doesn’t mean it was ‘fake,’ just possibly shepherded.

  16. I think I may have a Clue to what happened….

    Martial Law Lite that President Francois Hollande declared last Nov. After the Concert shooting was set to expire in less than 2-weeks..A la new terrorist attack?

    “After Thursday’s attack, President Francois Hollande said emergency measures would be extended for three months beyond their planned July 26 expiration. “

    Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer said to prevent this in America we need to combat online radicalization and restrict gun sales. What a Joke. What about “Truck” sales?

    “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D., Md.), and other leading Democrats unveiled the agenda for a “stronger America” at a Thursday news conference on Capitol Hill.

    House Democratic leaders unveiled a national security agenda that is less than two pages in length and prioritizes combatting online radicalization and restricting gun sales.”

    They found his ID at the scene..right like the 911 perfect passport.
    Remember to bring your I.D. To your next terror attack.

    1. Wow, what coincidences! It’s almost spooky, ain’t it? Nancy Pelosi, you say? Hey, if you can’t believe HER who can you believe?

      “On line radicalization?”, oh my! Not to be confused with free speech. Do they ever have plans for us? Joe Stalin’s got nothing on these guys.

      1. Our two Ca Senators are part of the West Coast Zionist Power Group, with Jerry Brown who for all practical purposes is part of the Tribe now, after brokering a deal with baby-killer Netanyahu to open all trade (and trade secrets) to the Mossad,
        good ole’ Jerry supporting our safety by running the San Bernadino False-Flag event

      2. government declares a ban on the possession, sale, transportation, and transfer of all non-sporting firearms. A thirty (30) day amnesty period is permitted for these fireamis to be turned over to the local authorities. At the end of this period, a number of citizen groups refuse to tum over their firearms. Consider the following statement:

        I would fire upon U.S. citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the U.S. government
        (_____) (____) (_____) (______) (____)
        Strongly disagree Disagree Agree Strongly agree No opinion

        They have plans in place for over 20 years. #46 of 29 Palms USMC questionnaire.

  17. I would like to see a timeline and map of the incident. The daily mail says he went on a 30minute rampage, over 1.1 miles (2mph??). I am curious whether the bodies were distributed over the entire 1.1 miles, or whether all casualties were in a small concentrated area (that could be closed off before the attack).

    I think it would be difficult to stage a terror event over 1 miles of crowded public streets. That said, if it really occurred over 1 miles and 30 minutes, there should be lots of video of the whole thing.

    1. Why would the cops allow a truck without any papers prove it belonged in the area to park so close by for supposedly 9 hours? Why didn’t they shoot at the tires when it began driving towards the promenade? Heck, why didn’t they shoot the driver at that point? This is a country riven by terrorist attacks. Plenty of cops would have preferred to shoot a possibly innocent driver over allowing an inevitable crash with even a couple of civilians and children.

      Something’s very hinky here.

      1. That is the very first thing I thought.. So the French either can’t hear well, …. Or… I guess this is going to go on forever, and the repeaters will repeat. I saw Stepford Amy Goodman explain (and she was going to utter something too revealing it seemed as to how she was chosen..) explain how after 2000 selection, she was positioned to do that as a show. Now isn’t that “ironic” timing. NPR reported the State of E was about to end and was renewed! Before they began attacking France, I used to say that the French were our only hope, in that they don’t put up with human rights’ violations to their people as we do, and I am guessing that is why they started going after their country. They almost overthrew the country in 1968! I really do think it is due to their constant history of protesting, mostly. They know very well how is stupid and who isn’t.

        1. Who is stupid and who isn’t! Also, with all that “independent” mad cash behind Greenwald et al, you’ll see their true colours now as to the fact they have funding — but don’t investigate on the ground… If you don’t investigate, but you claim you are funded to be independents, well that can’t and doesn’t fly in the real world.

    2. Good point. The reporting on this incident, as in all recent “terrorist” attacks, is below high school level journalism. If he went 1.1 mile in 30 minutes, how was it he was driving so terribly fast? If he was driving slowly, why didn’t people climb up and haul him out of the cab?

    3. Here’s a timeline from the Austin Statesman. I wish that every mention of “social media” and world reaction was deleted from this account. It’s just noise.

      This is the first mention that the guy got out of the truck with a gun. Hundreds and hundreds of witnesses, and this is the best account they can put together of events. Whatever has happened to reporters?

      1. Here is another link.

        This one says the attack began at 10:30 and ended at 10:45-11:00 (2-4mph average speed). It also says “The area of most destruction appears, according to early reports, to be in an area of about 500 metres between the Negresco hotel and the tourist office where the four lanes of roadway were closed to traffic in each direction and full of pedestrians.”

        1. Note- The damage occurred in an area that was closed, at least to vehicle traffic, before the incident. Was the whole promenade closed before, or just the section where casualties occurred?

        2. The whole thing is bogus, therefore……fake. They also said that the truck was full of broken firearms. Why would a would be attacker (evil doer) take guns that didn’t work?

          He was traveling slow enough that somebody could have climbed on the running board and clubbed him unconscious with the non-firing guns.

          At even 2 – 4MPH nobody can get out of the way? Was he invisible? Ever been to France. They don’t have the world’s finest drivers and it is not unusual to have to leap out of harm’s way.

          The French exercise what they call “freedom to be an individual” which is plain bad manners in anybody else’ vocabulary. Kind, helpful behavior is not something one encounters. They’ve been known to deliberately give false directions and laugh at their victims.

          One site reported that all the victims were foreigners. I don’t know what to make of that.

        3. Lophatt, ever get the feeling that the hoaxsters continue to add one preposterous detail upon another in order to see just how farcical they can make this and still have people believe their fairy tales?

        4. Yes Mary, I think that’s what I’m trying to say. You can chase these little tidbits forever but they don’t contribute a thing.

  18. I’m wondering if this terrorism event is hiding the SoS Kerry’s unofficial emergency meeting with Putin in Moscow on July 14, 2016 and why this meeting and EU/US NATO build up along Russia’s borders has not been covered by our press?

    Youtube sources:

    Scott Anthony Emergency meeting in Russia: State department/ White House Acting Strange

    Pravda Report Kerry comes to Moscow to talk to Putin

    RT America NATO accused of warmongering against Russia

  19. I am just so sad today. I am always skeptical of every event and everything that I see on the news. I always try to seek the truth but I can’t seem to get a hold on it anymore. Fake, real, or staged? I have no idea but this darkness is having an effect on the world. How will the general public ever figure out that hidden forces are at work pulling the strings when those of us who actively seek the truth can’t figure it out anymore? I feel so much worry and concern for us all.

    1. That was a good find, Patrick. The only thing that has looked real about this event. Notice it carefully did NOT show any faces clearly. I tried to pause at standing gray haired man. The pause made him blurry but he didn’t seem terribly shocked, more like patiently waiting?
      I’m glad I have folks like you and this blog to start looking at the truth. The still photo is of a huge pile of bodies, how would a truck create that?

      1. The pile of bodies is odd. I think they mix in some real with mostly fake scenes but I’m not certain of anything anymore and I believe that is intentional. I have a bad feeling about things the closer we get to the election.

        1. In another live leak video, there was a really dead animal that looked like a young cow. It was adjacent to a non-mangled person. I think they mixed in recently killed cows as preposterous as that sounds.

    2. Thank you. I notice two things. None of the bodies is in a position that I can’t get into myself. No parts missing, no obvious fractures, no strangely twisted limbs. The screaming is ongoing. Where is the, “Can we get some help here?” No frantic wound dressing, or pressure being put on bleeding arteries. No family or friend groups, only individuals around the victims. Yet people go to fireworks shows in groups, often family groups. Would you leave your family member lying in the road? If they’ve gone off by necessity, why didn’t they straighten the body first, make it seemly? If this is mid-crisis, then peoples’ friends and family should be seeing to them before the EMTs arrive. If this is post-crisis, the bodies should have been straightened. Who would leave a family member lying in the road like that? They would stay until the body bag plus official attendants arrive.

      1. I hate to say it, but I think anyone hit by a truck would go underneath the truck. I think bodies would be very mangled after passing beneath.

      1. Thank you. So, enough time has gone by that they’ve got sheets over some of the bodies, but there is not an EMT working on that person with the strangely long skinny legs? That’s a civilian doing CPR, and they don’t seem to know how. The place should be swarming with EMTs and ambulances.

        1. But remember, it’s the French….their EMTs are probably too arrogant to work on injured people.

          Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

  20. Mark my Words.

    During the upcoming Convention when crowds of people are protesting some white bible thumping conservative (with pocket constitution) will ram his Ford 350 right into a crowd of BLM protesters.

    Nation wide protects ensue………

    or something close. They are still writing the script but I think I’m close.

    1. Don’t forget the “Trump” bumper sticker and his Facebook rant about illegal immigration which will be broadcast ad nauseam on all MSM outlets. And the AR-15s in that 350. He’ll have at least 2. Oh, and he’s a veteran, but that almost goes without saying.

      1. Haley,

        You need to catch up on the program.

        Since late 2014 ALL terrorists are Required to keep their Manifestos in their back pocket or Wallet at all times. Unless a Fax machine is available.

        Also, you forgot the Bible found on the Cabs floor and the Hillary for Prison Tee Shirt he was wearing……

  21. I am soooooooooo not buying this phony “terrorist” act other than it was done by people with i s r a e l ties for their interest to turn the world against their enemy, just like they’re behind all the Syria bombings/war that the world is ignoring other than the uS funding, so if the US is funding them, then says it’s by Isis (code word I s r a e l) then the US is funding ISIS.

    Conveniently an ID was found on the “terrorist” just like the passports that survived the supposed airplane explosions in 9-11, laying on the streets, and the ID of the supposed Orlando and San Bernardino shooters. Maybe it was to take the thunder from Trumps VP announcement or simply to continue turning the West against Islam so they will fight them instead of Israel, we do the dirty work for them and in the process CREATE real enemies. Wake up people. This attack is so orchestrated on every level. And the sheets so conveniently covering bodies instead of transporting them to hospitals is a friggin joke!

    1. One other consideration…last winter and spring, many top EU officials were warning that the EU could break up this summer over pressure from the financial imbalances, anger over the migrant influx (migration slows during winter) and Brexit. Good time for a “solidarity”

      “The European Union can break apart. This can go incredibly fast, when isolation instead of solidarity becomes the rule internally and externally … We may have only a couple of months,” Jean Asselborn told the DPA news agency. Luxembourg holds the rotating presidency of the European Council.

    1. Well, that would mean that somebody would be “wearing” the grill. That should be easy to spot. The windscreen is suspect too. It looks like bulletproof glass.

      When I was in Europe the glass was not tempered. If you wanted to send a car to the U.S. you had to replace the windows. That may be different now, I don’t know.

      I haven’t really spent much time nit-picking this as it is such an obvious hoax. There are even pictures of dead cattle. But, as you say, whatever magical coating they used on the truck caused all blood and other bits to simply fall where they hit.

      Basically, they have simply SAID that this happened in a certain way and showed a few pictures of people in sheets lying on the ground. That seems to be the standard of proof these days. Remember the Paris hoax? Remember the footage of the lady with the smoke bomb?

      They are all substandard but they are apparently quite satisfied with them. Now that I think about it, maybe the dead cow got a few of them.

  22. The crisis actors were probably waiting by the rail and flopped down in the road as the bus was going by. How is it nobody has a phone or camera pic of the bus actually hitting somebody?

    Somebody on the other side most have noticed the acting but will probably be too afraid to open their mouth about it.

    The blood was cowboy Carlos wrong color also.

    1. Well, now we know where they got the plot. Some day there’ll be a tell all book, “Having Fun with Gladio”.

      Maybe our driver lost control when “Cato” assaulted him. Remember, “you must give no quarter”?

  23. Reports stated that there was explosives and grenades in the back of the truck. Why wouldn’t he have tossed the grenades out of the cab? Did he plan on stopping after mowing down civilians, walking around and opening the back to throw grenades? Unless the grenades were to add more power to the other explosives. How did he plan on detonating it? It’s strange that all of these terrorist attacks in 1st world countries are committed by absolute amateurs and in 3rd world countries suicide bombers, truck born IED’s, and roadside bombs are routinely successful as if the experts don’t want to do it in the 1st world.

    1. As usual, depending on WHICH story one reads, one gets a different list of booga-booga. They have also reported that he was questioned by police earlier and, somehow, I guess they missed all of the paraphernalia he was packing.

      As far as I’m concerned they could say he was hauling a UFO with a death ray in the back. We crossed the B.S. threshold a long way back and now it is simply determining how high our boots need to be if we’re to wade through this.

      Have they scraped up the bodies yet? I suppose having them stiff with rigor mortis makes it easier to stack them like cordwood.

  24. Many fine comments. Someone has messed with my WordPress settings and not only can I not do Likes but I have to sign in to WordPress every time I want to post — like now. Truly disgusting.

    I was going to do a little rant on the word “psychopath” but will restrain myself for now. It too is one of those high-manipulation-value words.

    Basically associate the word with evil, as in Satanic evil. (Do not basically associate the word with “mental illness.”)

    1. It is a set of behaviors or traits, whether one ascribes them to “evil” or feels more comfortable with using psychological terms it is hoped that the use of the word conveys what is meant.

      It is only a word. People are free to believe whatever they will. So am I. I could easily ascribe the behaviors associated with psychopathy with evil as I have little regard for the whole field of psychology. Most, however, believe that it is somehow “scientific” and, therefore, more intellectually viable. I disagree.

      Nonetheless, I realize what I’m up against and if I have to resort to using terms that others will accept in order to make my point, I will.

      1. I was just speaking from my own rule of thumb take on the term when we speak of people like the Klintons and Soros and the Rothschilds and Kissinger et al. To me, these people may reasonably meet the criteria to be defined as “psychopath” of the personality disorder kind, but they are beyond those usual classifications and generally much more dangerous.

        I do believe that people generally misunderstand the term “psychopath” to mean the person is “psycho” or has a psychosis or is psychotic, and I suspect that general misunderstanding is usable by ”

        You shall know them by their fruits and it they rise to very powerful positions and demonstrate all bad fruit, it just simplifies things for me to think and act as though we are dealing with a truly evil person. I think the “professional” descriptions of the term “psychopath” leave out the spiritual dimension completely and that is just another lie.

        1. I see. For what its worth, I understand what the term means in psychology-speak. To me it most certainly fits the people who I use it to describe.

          I could just as easily say that they are evil and I think I would be right. In both cases there are degrees. One group could define “Psychotic” as either a person’s primary condition or a type of behavior. True psychotics are said to constitute approximately one percent of the population. Many more have “psychopathies”. That is they exhibit elements of the condition but either not all the time or to a limited extent.

          If I use “evil” I could be talking about a range from mildly sinful to perfect possession. Before we had psychology people would have probably referred to psychopaths as possessed.

          I’m not arguing with you. I suppose the best I can do is use the word I think fits the best and/or conveys what I’m trying to convey. They are only words and words are only as useful as their effectiveness.

  25. Of Interest:

    AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

    “The relationship between impact speed and a pedestrian’s risk of death has been studied extensively;…

    This study estimates of the risk of severe injury or death for pedestrians struck by vehicles in the
    United States using data from a federal study of crashes that occurred in the United States in years
    1994 – 1998 in which a pedestrian was struck by a forward‐moving car, light truck, van, or sport
    utility vehicle. …

    2007 – 2009.
    Results show that the average risk of severe injury for a pedestrian struck by a vehicle reaches 10% at
    an impact speed of 16 mph, 25% at 23 mph, 50% at 31 mph, 75% at 39 mph, and 90% at 46 mph. The
    average risk of death for a pedestrian reaches 10% at an impact speed of 23 mph, 25% at 32 mph,
    50% at 42 mph, 75% at 50 mph, and 90% at 58 mph. Risks vary significantly by age. For example, the
    average risk of severe injury or death for a 70‐year‐old pedestrian struck by a car travelling at 25 mph
    is similar to the risk for a 30‐year‐old pedestrian struck at 35 mph.”

    1. Some of the obvious fakery that has become routine: an iD on the “terrorist” to identify them (same as the passports magically and miraculously found on the footsteps of the World Trade Towers of the ‘terrorists’ on 9-11 and in Orlando, San Bernardino where the CNN reporter on live TV found the drivers licenses so conveniently laid out on the counter in their home, Boston etc) – well i don’t want to get too long but that’s always a red flag lol. There are many other items that are the same so far in each event.

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