By Scott Creighton


“49 dead, 53 injured”supposedly…sure let’s party like it’s 1999…you shameless frauds are disgusting…”-YouTube Commenter

When events in the American Gladio campaign take place, one of the first instincts for the leadership class of the town or city involved has to be centered around self preservation. If it’s a city that centers on industry (not many left here in the states) then the first inclination of the spin doctors working for the city would be to assure the financial investment class that they are #BackToWork so that the global speculators don’t write them off or worse, start pulling capitol out of their localities.

In the case of Orlando, the main industry is fun. Tourists don’t go to Orlando to be depressed. They want to enjoy the illusion, not dread the stark reality of what happened (?) . They have enough reality at home.

With that in mind, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office has put together a little video of them dancing around at a mock press conference, in their offices and on the streets of the city. It’s marketed as a “healing” move but in the stark reality of what happened (?) there on June 12, you have too understand, it’s not about “healing” the hearts and minds of Orlando citizens as much as it is about “healing” the profit margins of the tourist industry in the city. These “fun” based industries certainly hold a lot of sway with the local politicians who could tell the Sheriff’s Office what to do and when.

Below the fold I have posted the video which I find extremely offensive. It should be noted that the Youtube video was posted to the official Orange County Sheriff’s Office Youtube page where it has received twice as many “dislike” votes as it has “likes”

You will also notice the date it was posted, July 1st. That’s about 3 weeks after the shooting (?) at the Pulse nightclub which supposedly took 49 lives and seriously injured another 53 citizens of Orlando.

A video like this isn’t made overnight. With all the different locations and shoots presented in the video, one has too assume it took at least a week to film and then edit and process. Perhaps more.


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37 thought on “#KeepDancingOrlando (Until Your Next Drill Goes ‘Live’)”
  1. The triumph of spectacle exemplified! Such an absurdity is being disapproved two to one on Youtube, a modest success for thinking, given that, in generation ADD, reality TV and MTV reign in America’s living rooms.

  2. I think you are missing an important point here. This is the cabal mocking us. Just as they did with the SHES students appearance at the Super Bowl

    The cabal loves occult symbolism and signaling each other. This is signaling…for those with ears to hear

    1. Absolutely! They’ve moved to a new level of mockery – with witnesses blatantly contradicting one another, victims healing miraculously immediately after being shot up with a semi-automatic, a woman streaming her boyfriend’s death on Facebook and then filming herself with hands cuffed behind her back, an assassin being blown up with a robot, and everyone in the Orlando PD dancin’ for the world two weeks after the “massacre.” Super Bowl be lookin’ tame – so 2012…

  3. Maybe this video abomination was created
    Before the hoax / frame-up !

    The total NewGladio campaign has

    all those talented CIA / wackeyhut=FBI Interns

    in Fits of CreativeDestruction.

    1. “Maybe this video abomination was created
      Before the hoax / frame-up !”

      I highly doubt that. A fundamental bedrock of any conspiracy is compartmrntalization/stovpiping of information, and a need to know basis handling of information (this is the modus operandi of the FBI investigation). Remember 9/11, the Newark FBI Field Office detaining of the dancing Israelis? They did not know. The bottom 99 percent of the intelligence agencies/military/Pentagon did NOT know. The same for JFK, and for conspiracies of former times and in foreign lands. Maybe a handful of people had a birds-eye view of the operation. The video is filled with low level useful idiots. I believe that many on the ground, including BLM that were interviewed, were victims of perception management with the use of special effects and other illusions.

  4. This is the whole idea behind those old medieval scenes of adherents dancing before Satan. It demonstrates their total absence of dignity and their willingness to prostitute themselves for personal gain.

    At the same time, it establishes who are in control. And, as Thomas said, they are mocking us. Those who would get indignant and claim that these events happened as advertised, because “officialdom” doesn’t lie, are one notch above the revelers.

    On the other end of the spectrum, TPTB have degraded and humiliated their sycophants and forced them to “dance” a sort of naked psychological hula. They are laughing at both the actors and the audience.

    I know that some are tired of my advice but I’ll say it again anyway. Don’t reward and encourage this codswallop by treating it seriously. “PeeKay” has the right idea. If we can’t lock them up at least we can shame them out of existence.

    1. It also shows why the courts ruled that law enforcement applicants can be turned down if their I.Q. is considered too high.

      It goes a long way toward explaining why the former Sheriff Bahre did not run again sometime after 911. He said I am not running again, I am out of politics and I am no longer part of the republican party. Now look who they have, a joker that breaks out boom boxes and begins dancing.

  5. It has served its purpose. Deflecting off the Hillary, GOP, DOJ, FBI reality. Rules for them -Laws for us. Consistency should tell us that a grander event is waiting for Ohio and PA. I would think the dance was ‘swing’ for the fact they just nailed the state of Florida. The Texas hoax almost seems to be a response.

    Let’s plan for the next one in Ohio, PA, Virginia or Michigan in that order.
    In the series, I suggest we see lone wolf whitey (killed) shooting up a mosque. That ought to carry the MSM through convention.

    Orange is the new Black in psy ops!

    1. Yeah, now that the way’s been cleared to blow up the suspect they can call in aerial strikes. That’ll be theatrical.

      After a while they’ll just blow things up and claim “State’s Secrets” for the rest. “You’ll just have to take our word for it, move along”.

      1. That is a good point. Sets a new field, so to speak. Although, they’ve been slipping in advertisements for those robots for a while. Now, as you remarked, they used one. But oddly they didn’t kill anyone, or the mixed Malcolm X character hybrid with LBJ! Got the Johnson part correct..

  6. What I’d Like to know is are those people (the so-called survivors) being paid, and by whom?!? What a bunch of whoey! There are still people running about shouting “We Are Orlando”, AMAZING!! Brain washing techniques are improving I’m guessing. For all of “you” who still believe that 47 people were killed in Orlando Florida, Just do some research, and you’ll see the truth.!!

    1. They want everyone on Windows 10.
      It has More holes than ” Blackburn Lankershire”. Lennon
      They should have named it NSA/DARPA 10.0 !

      Apple has always “played” along. It’s the “cool” hip Company

      1. I think they all play along. The NASDAQ is like a bunch of CIA tech firm proxies. Every time I sign in to yahoo mail they ask if I want to add my cell number, an alternate email for “my account protection”. Data mining, data mining, data mining…

      2. I have had these jokers from the middle east call here seven to eight times. The other day he said, hi how is your computer doing. I said fine how is yours doing. He said great thanks for asking. Then he said we have been watching your computer and people are down loading viruses and taking it over.

        I said I have been watching yours also. Interpol is all over you, my advice would be to lay low for awhile man. Then he hung up.

  7. The entire charade is wearing thin.

    Imagine if the Connecticut State Police released such a video in the first week of January 2013, or if the Boston PD/FD did so in May 2013? It would surely undermine the weeping and wailing programs translating to the wild success of so many fundraising efforts.

  8. The parenthetical part of this title just fully hit me this morning…”Until you’re next drill goes live”.9/11. Oklahoma City, actual bloodbaths, that what these fools are dancing to. It is obvious that these sociopathic engineers WILL let future drills go live with resultant body counts!

    1. This whole meme is putrid, but I admit I smiled at the Corgis. I’ve had a couple of Cardigans in my life, and they are pretty cool dogs. I blame the owners for exploiting them in this charade. The dogs know not what they do. 🙂

  9. My impression of Orlando is that it’s essentially a hellhole–the worst concoction the American Dream is capable of. I would refer ambitious researchers to certain clips from the 2012 film To Write Love On Her Arms (particularly the scene in which a Cinderella from Disney World is smoking a cigarette at a disgusting bus stop on her way to work). No city in America reminds me of my own mundane burg (San Antonio) quite like Orlando.

    Also worth researching are the original attractions from Disney Land in California (including the Monsanto Hall of Chemistry [!]).


  10. The tactical gear worn by the two officers accosting the black lady in the dress (and the legion of geared up cops behind them in the photograph), and NOT shorts and t-shirts worn by police, seen in the Dallas sniper case, is a real world, realistic portrait of police in an emergency, life threatening situation.

  11. Interesting times ahead…

    …Charles H. Ramsey, who served as police chief in Philadelphia and Washington, also warned of another potentially dangerous moment in the near future, saying that it’s likely “some incident” will occur at the the coming political conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia because of the “extreme rhetoric” raging nationwide.

    “We are sitting on a powder keg,” Ramsey said during an interview on NBC News’ “Meet the Press” Sunday. “I mean, you can call it a powder keg, you could say that we’re handling nitroglycerin. But obviously, when you just look at what’s going on, we’re in a very, very critical point in the history of this country.”…<<

  12. Yes, the National Petroleum Broadcasting Corp, is a dandy. The intention is revealed the next day. It was a “conversation” from Dallas officials, on how so dearly, they need better Kevlar Vests. As those would not have helped in the first place. (Very revealing in that they marketing newer military equipment. BTW as I’ve informed after every event.) It really is not a surprise at all, is it? Or should it be? No mention of police murdering people NONE. Just polly anna talk, as it seems all is required, apparently. Not a shred of how it is against the law to murder people in cold blood. I saw even Oliver Stone comment, ” I get really worried when a cop is behind me…”

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