farrakhanLouis Farrakhan

“That’s a wicked woman”

“Mass incarceration [of blacks] came about under the Clintons”

“[Hillary] orchestrated the destruction of Libya and the killing of Muammar Qaddafi”


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25 thought on “Should Blacks Vote For Hillary?”
    1. Ronald Really?
      Bernie, a Communist Juice would be better for Blacks?

      And I’m not a the “Juice” did it kinda guy.

      With all respect.
      Trump for 4 years or killary forever.

      1. Ric, even the monniker of “communist” is so 1950’s and McCarty inspired. We are way past that. Bernie has good proposals that benefit the working people of all colors in this country. Hillary is just a corporate wall street shill and will only be helping the rich get richer and all of us pay.

        1. Ronald,
          I hear you its just after 4 yrs of BO and how the ‘left” have de-clocked and are not the Good Democrates l remember. I think it’s time we at least move center and remember we are a Republic not a Mob rule De-mockracy.
          Americans have been divided by BO on Purpose.

          Anyways all Good, I understand.

        1. @nader paul mckinney ventura

          Thanks. I just received my copy of Hitler was a British agent. I haven’t read much of it yet but from what I see, everyone is right. Hallett is a genius. Soon we are going to put this Hitler matter to rest. The intricate details of this whole fiasco are difficult to summarize. I would however recommend to anyone, buy this book, it is one of a kind.

          Per Hallett, there are two histories, one for the public and one distributed to intel and the iluminati. Unless you are one of those, it takes a lot of digging to reach the truth only partially.

          Great detail on the Rothschilds impregnating the servant girls on August 31st to produce a war child. They would sometimes tell the girls go to bed we will be out for the night. They would then sneak back in in devil costumes and rape her. They would never know it was the Rothschilds. With fear adrenalin flowing the perfect child, according to them could be born.

          Sometimes they gave the permanent servants vacation during this time and brought in temporaries who were carefully selected and watched for long periods.

        2. we like us some RedSilverJ too
          almost as good as Peekay
          from Boston Hoaxathon

    1. Do Blacks vote to act like Whitey? Do they know that Whitey still believes in Santa Claus and that voting makes any difference? Whitey is pretty stupid and does not know that the system is rigged. Rigged to favor the rich and screw Whitey and Blackey both !

      1. Lol.. Ronald, funny but true. Whitey doesn’t realized that the word “whitey” is codified language for slave and that he or she is an indentured servant when they cast their votes and it means the same thing as “casting of Lots” but that`s ancient history to them. One day whitey will wake up and realize the truth.

  1. The demonization of Hillary Clinton has worked well (thank God). I see the same conflicted reactions from Democrats who would have preferred Sanders: they don’t know up from down now.

    So there now seems to be a shame in supporting Hillary (which, significantly, has a parallel in the shame that has been foisted upon Trump supporters).

    Was thinking this morning about when Hillary might have been recruited by a d joined the CIA. Maybe back as First Lady of Arkansas? Drug running out of Mena?

    Vince Foster would seem a textbook case for criminalistics: murder made to look like suicide.

    Funny how love-everybody liberals can be implicated in such nasty stuff. At least Trump is an honest jerk. What you see is what you get. I think that’s why he’s done so well and why he’s going to dismantle Clinton. Her long-cultivated faux-nonchalance doesn’t stand a chance against Trump. She never mastered the acting necessary to put over her disingenuous agenda. James Mason’s quote about the Actor’s Studio (from NXNW) would apply to Hillary.


  2. The question asked (axed) here is “Should Blacks Vote For Hillary?”.

    This really doesn’t make much sense because according to the DNC, King BO, Hillary, the MSM and the Left, Blacks aren’t even allowed to vote because not One Black person in America has an ID or a Drivers License.

    This is because the “Mean Old GOP” right wingers clutching their Guns and Bibles refuse to let Anyone vote without presenting some form of ID.

    This is why Holder and BO has sued every State in Union to remove any laws so Illegal Aliens.. oops, I mean Blacks can Vote.

    How ‘am I doing so far?

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