Robert David Steele joins the program to discuss the political and historical context of false flag terror in the post-9/11, Sandy Hook and now Orlando eras. From vast experience in public service as a CIA case officer he argues how the US government has been long-Steeleinfluenced by forces working decidedly against the American public.

Steele suggests how the efficacy of probable false flag events to influence public policy is aggravated by the American people’s conditioned apathy and often willful ignorance toward public life itself.

Steele’s skepticism toward the alleged June 12 mass shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando prompted him to research and write a special research report, The Orlando Mass Casualty Event: A False Flag Drama, Atrocity or Hybrid? The document lays out 65 curious and in many cases inexplicable features of the so-called “worst mass shooting in US history.”

Steele also recently published an open letter to FBI Director James Comey imploring him to prosecute Hillary Clinton and conduct a genuine investigation of the Orlando mass shooting event.

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Robert Steele holds degrees from Muhlenberg College, Lehigh University, The University of Oklahoma, and the Naval War College. The author of over eight volumes, his most recent title is, The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Transparency, Truth, and Trust. He is the foremost reviewer of non-fiction titles in close to 100 categories at Steele’s websites are and

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47 thought on “Empire of Manufactured Terror”
  1. Scintillating interview. Witness Protection could be a major breakthrough in understanding the apparent “disappearing acts” that happen after these “mass casualty” events.

    I agree that well over 90 percent of the individuals in the intelligence field are probably ethical at heart. However, the fact that the political top of the pyramid sets policy does not mean that these activities are the work of “rogue elements”, in fact, they are POLICY. The top 1 or 2 percent of organizations setting policy for the rest has been happening from time immemorial. The rest of the agency claiming that they are “just following orders” is a redux of the failed Nuremberg defense. The fact is that, given the context of mass deceit and treason against the public, the willful blindness of middle management (SAC’s and Station Chiefs) is not only unethical, it is criminal. Any suggestion that there is not organizational criminal liability in this treasonous activity amounts to being an apologist at best, and perhaps even a limited hangout tool.

    It is clear to me that the FBI is trying to universalize the felon in possession of a firearm felony, and apply it to all unlicensed carrying of firearms. The case of U.S. v. Lopez, 514 U.S. 549 (1995) struck down the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990. This law gave the federal government the power to criminalize the possession and sale of a single gun in a school zone under the commerce clause. The laws failure resulted in ever greater and more labyrinthine tactics to go after gun owners, along with an expanded push for confiscation and nullification of the Second Amendment. This is what all the terror theater of Sandy Hook, et. al., is all about. COINTELPRO and MKULTRA are both alive and well, refined and on steroids. Many of these shootings are engineered by these Programs, going back to Columbine. They may have new names, but they are the same old methodical and maniacal, illegal government Programs. The CIA may be as active in this as FBI or DHS. It all depends on whether or not CIA has a funded Program as they did against the domestic Anti-War movement in Operation Chaos.

    The NRA should call the bluff, they have the resources to do it. If they do not want to tread that far, or do not see the need to, then they should capitalize on cases where the good guy with the gun stops the mass shooter. There have been over a dozen such cases in recent memory including one around the July 4th holiday 2016 in a nightclub in South Carolina. A media noteworthy award to these heroic gun owners could be the right remedy to the yellow press churned out by the gun grabbers.

    1. Just how influential is the book, “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”? Sure, it was banned by Amazon and became a free book on the Net, but really now, despite busting out with truths in all directions, are we effective at all by our insistence that “truth opens all doors”? Are we even making a dent in the corrupt carapace of our crime ridden government?
      How can we be more effective? Comey was grilled by the House today, he was made to look like a blithering idiot with a bad vocabulary, will anything come of this exercise?

      1. “NOT A SINGLE ANNOUNCEMENT WILL REACH THE PUBLIC WITHOUT OUR CONTROL. Even now this is already being attained by us inasmuch as all news items are received by a few agencies, in whose offices they are focused from all parts of the world. These agencies will then be already entirely ours and will give publicity only to what we dictate to them.”

        Applies to the CIA and other international intelligence agencies as it does to the owners of the media.

      2. When something newsworthy happens, just ask the questions out loud that reporters SHOULD be asking, we can only wake people up, one at a time, use a gentle nudge. Point out something obvious, but don’t tell the whole story, too much too grasp at one time. Just keep peeling back the onion, one layer at a time. People will get it if you give them time.

    2. The NRA is controlled opposition. They are there to help the lemmings dance over the cliff. You’ll never see any effective push-back from them.

      1. I agree that NRA are conformist and mainstream. If they were not, they could easily have had a forensic team of investigators put out independent reports on Sandy Hook, Charleston, Orlando, etc. However, they are privately and voluntarily funded by gun-owner members, and, I’ll trust that over a government funded agency any day.

      2. The NRA has always coddled criminals in the organization, I have accepted this in the past from the philosophy that as long as you are strong on 2nd Amendment we let you have a pass,
        that is harder to accept as time goes along

  2. I’m sorry, this guy is a little too proud of himself. “The Vatican”? Come on!

    The problem with this type of analysis is that the basic premise is that government does what it claims to do but it somehow momentarily “flawed”, etc.. That is patent nonsense.

    What passes for “government” are a group of employees who do not work for us. They serve their globalist masters completely. Whether helping to advance this agenda or merely remaining silent in the face of it is inexcusable.

    Something like “Orlando” is not deserving of deep analysis. It is too ridiculous its surface to be considered possible as advertised. Many of these theatrical events fit this mold. Personally, I think ridicule is more effective. After all, they certainly are not going to admit their actions. They are not going to stop either, unless their owners tell them to.

    I suspect if every time they pulled one of these stunts the general public roared with laughter and turned off the TV their efficacy would be seriously diminished.

    Here’s how “deep” this is. Those who would oppress us would prefer not to be shot. Hence, “gun control”. Pretty profound, huh? They are at a stage in the plan where armed resistance would not be surprising at all. There isn’t any, of course, but they would very much like to minimize any danger to their aspirations.

    The New World Odor knows where it is going and how it plans to get there. What passes for “government” does not make any decisions that could impact the advancement of “The Plan” without orders from above. They certainly are not off on a tangent producing these ridiculous events all by themselves.

    These things have become so obvious that it is unnecessary to dig. I mean, come on. These events belong to an alternate “reality”. They deserve to become irrelevant as badly as the mutts who create and sustain them.

    1. “I suspect if every time they pulled one of these stunts the general public roared with laughter and turned off the TV their efficacy would be seriously diminished.”

      I suspect the raison d’etat for this blog is this neither the public nor media is laughing.

      1. We can only wake people up one at a time with a gentle nudge rather than a thump to the top of their head. I asked my 78 year old mom, “Why weren’t there any ambulances if over 100 people were injured and/or killed in Orlando?” It was a good enough question, even she is starting to question why? Just ask the questions and then just shut up, let people start to think for themselves. It works.

  3. Ex-CIA?? Sorry, I call bullsh*t. Don’t they all sign non-disclosure agreements upon pain of prosecution? (And that’s only if they like you enough to bother to prosecute you?) How can this guy have written 8 volumes without giving away some secret or other? Really?

    And Robert David Steele? Please, enough with the three names already! It’s so old.

    Here is what Mr. Steele (if that’s what his name really is) won’t discuss:

    1. Those are good questions. I certainly don’t know of Mr. Steele. I do know that I’m ALWAYS suspicious when someone uses their prior spook experience as a bonafide. For me, the reason for this is simple. If they were good at it, they would know that 1), the whole thing is nonsense, or 2), people don’t want to listen to those aligned with the problem. There is nothing to feel good about being a spook.

      I have read countless pieces by those who claim “insider” information. Since I know that these functionaries are not allowed to make decisions, what is to be gained by hearing them spout about “who’s who in the zoo”?

      In fairness, spookdom is not the only offender of this principle. Whenever someone starts a discussion with “I have degrees from……”, I shut them off. It’s the old “you can’t fool me, I have an MBA from Harvard” bit. I am fond of telling people (truthfully), that the dumbest man I ever met had an MBA from Harvard.

      What this approach says is either, “I am so insecure I need props to bolster my arguments”. Or, “you must bow to my superior knowledge for you are not me”. Both approaches are highly suspect.

      It is true that many judge people by who they think they are rather than what it is that they say. This is regrettable. We have spent countless hours establishing, at a minimum, that things are not as advertised. There can be little doubt about that.

      Government is merely an operational arm of an organized manipulation effort. One would do better to ignore the efforts at manipulation and stop searching for other forms of it.

      1. It’s good to hear from you lophatt. And I agree 100% with your comment. And from my reading and research, it seems that former Intelligence who actually go ‘off the farm’ are dealt with… quite harshly. See Philip Marshall (and two children) as an example. Or see how the Pre-Snowden NSA whistle blowers were/are treated; Binney, Tice, and Drake.

        Intelligence services modus operandi is Deception. What is chiseled at the entrance of the CIA?

        “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”

        The arrogance, duplicity, audacity.

        Which is precisely why the CIA does NOT want you to know the Truth.

    2. Agreed. My earliest comment on “Steele” mentioned my subliminal suspicion regarding this guy. Something about him doesn’t fit. Write to him and you get the “I have no pension, no money, no nuthin’ and can you spare a shekel”? None of his “info” is news, it’s just the common stuff you see and hear all over the alternate site. He admits he “took the sacred oaths” to keep his piehole shut on secret issues, etc. I would wager that most/all of these types are limited hangouts. The Phoenix like germination of guys like we had here, the fellow from New London, Conn. who was going to see the bad guys for a trillion dollars, etc etc. I have a hard time on this Halbig issue, too. Some things don’t fit but they have the same MO, people just seem to come out of the darkness with some new slant on old news. Steele will be gone soon, too. He’ll vanish after doing his part.

    3. “And Robert David Steele? Please, enough with the three names already! It’s so old.”

      I’m trying to decide if I should be offended or not? j/k

      Once I decided to identify myself online, I chose to use my full name in part because ‘Kevin King’ is not that uncommon. Using my full name was a declaration of sorts. I’m no longer going to hide behind a pseudonym. In part because all the numerous Entities spying on us know who we are regardless of what name we use online.

    4. Hear, hear. I have perused his bio and find nothing to substantiate whether he is retired or not. Would guess the latter.

      Can’t help wondering if this interview is not a face-saving public psy-op on behalf of the treacherous agency. Quite a smiley face on a corpse, this personable voice. But the agency is so tainted (like I need to inform this commentariat). Like saying “there’s just a drop or two of urine in your soup, sir.”

      At least it’s evidence that the power structure is squirming. Can’t take their own b.o. anymore.

    1. In light of what we know, the default position should be “fake”, unless proven otherwise. We know that they lie, constantly. We know that nothing gets on TV unless its carefully vetted. If it’s on there, there’s a reason.

      We know that they routinely ignore important stories that should be “news”. Instead, they run pieces like this one in support of their agenda. “If it bleeds, it leads” is only viable if it is “useful”.

  4. What are people’s thoughts on the MN police shooting? In the video the girlfriend seems quite calm, and ready to narrate a video that may go viral for a cause. The steering wheel doesn’t seem to be on the left side of the car. Very strange. Also, supposedly there was a child in the back seat, who we don’t hear at all during the video-taping in the car, but hear crying after the lady gets out. If a passenger was shot 4 times in the front seat, the young child in back would most likely be hysterical, and the lady should be comforting the child or the boyfriend. This seems fake.

  5. Enjoyed the interview, Prof. Tracy, but as is always the case, at least for me, your volume is extremely low, while the volume of your guests is extremely high. This makes listening a bit annoying because I have to adjust the volumes each time you go back and forth with your guests. Anyway, appreciate all your work – thank you.

    Dallas Police: Snipers Shoot 11 Officers, 4 Dead
    Chief Brown sent the following statement via email Thursday night before the fourth officer died.

    Obama and Hillary High 5 each other. They were over heard saying” wait until they see what we have in store for all you Serfs….”

    1. Something all should know. This whole Ferguson/Baltimore and the whole lot is a Con. The Feds are using this to “Discipline” these local Police organizations and put them under Federal Control much like what happened when the LAPD here in CA were taken over for 5 yrs.

      It’s a UN Agenda SCAM for the UN to be in charge of our local Police Departments and it’s working.

      35 Police Departments across the US are now under “Federal” control because they are Bad and only the UN can Police them because we are a Bad Nation via King ‘0.

      They are winning. Mission Creep is working.

      We are truly under siege and we can win only in a landslide or Hillary will be the President.

      I know, All say there’s nothing we do it’s all Fake.. There is.

      I don’t want to hear one complaint if the Dem’s win due to Fraud because you thought there’s no need to participate.

      This is your Last Chance. Really.

      This IS Really it.

      1. Interesting. I heard an NPR piece today talking about the shootings and saying the problem is with the training of officers, and that standards are so different across the country; we need consolidation of police, like most countries have (the speaker claimed) so that these types of shootings don’t occur.

        1. You said it. “we need consolidation of police” that’s it. And The Dept. of ED was a consolidation of Schools and All Fed. money comes with String attached, do this, implement agenda 21 here, abide by this Federal law when Federal Law only can be enforced on Federal Land!

          Oh yes, You cross state lines they get the Gig but they are acting in Every Jurisdiction under “Color” of Law.

          This is whats been happening since Bush Daddy, but he kept his Nose clean and handed the reins to his Drug/Gun running Buddy Bill Clinton. Because of Iran/Contra. Bill was selected and ordained as the next President as your seeing here again.

          They are truly Desperate. No Ones Safe.

          Oh Well,

        2. PS: Don’t listen to NPR. 100% Govt. Controlled unless your awake and “checking” in on the Commies.

        3. NPR has been giving Klinton massive free publicity all year, without doing any real substantial analysis of relevant issues,
          Berkeley Public radio has a few good shows like Guns and Butter, but it is largely the base for LGBT and commie radio, they even have a professor giving lectures on the merits of Marxism, which strikes me as very peculiar, Communism was taken very seriously in the mid 20th century, but now its just labeled as old racist redneck hate speech, yet what the NWO is bringing about is this very Soviet-style communism to this country, everywhere we go (now to auto races, airplanes, tomorrow baseball games, on the subway, etc.)

      2. Thanks for your comments, I have been wondering what is the end game to these “fake” police shootings, both shooting civilians and shooting officers. I think there are multiple reasons many which you mentioned. I’ve noticed all the new police cars going black and white, same design, no matter what town you are in, from Federal $$$? There is also a problem when you accept a gift, you are beholden to the lender. Eventually, they will just peel the local city name off of the vehicle and it will all be “Federal Police”. Grim days ahead.

        1. ell one of the effects of these False-Flag staged shootings is California/Jerry Brown just passed a number of devastating gun laws, we will now be registering to buy ammo, I have one answer for these traitors in office-From My Cold Dead Hands

    2. Multiple suspects/snipers at large then why are all the police being filmed live without any tactical gear like Ferguson/Baltimore? Local Los Angeles interviewed a guy they said was an attorney and he referred to “we” as if he was an active cop.

    1. We have Half-a-Chance if Hillary is to be Defeated.

      We only have 1-Choice

      We can only Win in a massive Landslide. I’ve said this a million times here.

      We are up against every Country, Global Corps, Central Banks and the Far Left and the NeoCons/Rinos on the Right.

      They all Hate 1-Person who wasn’t “initiated” in a Secret Society and did the “Rituals” as Newt said on Nation TV.

  7. Looks like we might have another one…this time down in Texas.

    City: Dallas (Dallas chief of police explicitly mentioned “triangulation” live on FOX “News” just moments ago)
    “Rifle” (Drudge Report)…”snipers” (Fox “News”)…triangulation…Dallas…JFK…Oliver Stone’s thesis taken from Jim Marrs (“crossfire”)
    Snipers at protest. Modus operandi? Maidan (Ukraine)
    Number of dead at Maidan protest? 49. Number of “dead” in Orlando? 49.

    Who benefits? Cui bono?

    5a. Always suspect is the CIA. Almost as rotten is the FBI. DHS might be the new outpost platform from which to stage these lunatic psyops.

    5b. U.S. government benefits from another gun crime.

    5c. Strategy of tension (à la Operation Gladio) continues. Specific project is the manufactured race war psyop.

    5d. Possibility that Russia is behind Dallas attack. Modus operandi borrowed from U.S.-sponsored Maidan massacre. M.O. is warning to U.S.

    5e. Possibility that Russia was behind Orlando (same number of dead as Maidan). [Very unlikely]

    5f. The secret “code” of Orlando was death toll number. U.S. gov false-flag with plausible “blame Russia” angle

    5g. U.S. gov attacks law enforcement in Dallas using same M.O. they used in Ukraine.

    5h. Possible (unlikely) scenario that Dallas is psyop to actually quell domestic racial tension. No officers actually killed. Another fake crime. Police deaths defuse momentum of anti-police movement.

    5i. Fake police deaths to incite further racial division building up to full-on race war as pretext for martial law and widespread gun confiscation.


  8. Reporters are not being segregated to a certain area like they were in Ferguson and Baltimore seems suspicious… 4 cops dead, 11 injured none being filmed geared up military style?

    1. That IS a poser, isn’t it? No, for this production they’re supposed to be “victims”. Victims don’t do body armor.

      These things are so bad they make Bollywood look professional.

  9. The interviewee comes off so personable. But really it seems stilted. The agency has to be trying to save face, to head off the fracturing to bits of the “republic” which I would describe more as a wild west cartel hideout adorned with a 1,000 ring circus effecting Potemkin statehood.

    The end of the republic is guaranteed to center on something much more banal than immolations (please) or riots. Figure: the railroad. The nation’s food/water/supply stream is now configured by trucks. The minute bridges start blowing up (by anybody) the independent charioteers will pull over and quit. The railroad was designed to function as an armored carrier, but that’s not what’s holding the nation together. In fact with most people living 1,000’s of miles from sources of most of their food, etc. – beholden to truckers who depend on orderly transportation routes (not common during riots/invasions/earthquakes, etc.) – knocking off the functional veneer of nationhood can happen in grave finality in one hour. We’re talking about a deluded public most of whom couldn’t identify a potable water source (remember: no water once the electricity is out for most) near their home if offered millions. Etc., etc., etc….

    Gee, who would do that? Who would knock over the nation? When I looked into becoming a dual passport holder as a Mexican/US national, I learned that their constitution forbids dual passport holders from entrance into deep state affairs. I could never, for example, be a harbormaster of a port. Further on I learned that every nation on earth has such exclusions. Minus one significant exception: the US. In the case of dual passport holders to a certain middle eastern colony. Whose citizens happen to control every aspect of deep state, notable that Walmart of weapons called the Pentagon. Oh, and Hollywood, and the media, and much of the spook agencies…. FEMA… in short, everything vital. There is no need for overthrow of the nation. It has already happened. Just a question of how the neocons intend to style it post-collapse. Time to brush up on the Revelation.

  10. Enjoyed this interview except for the HILLARY PARDON?????
    and subsequent job???????

    No, no no non nyet and nein. They didn’t call the show “Prisoner Cell Block H” for nothing!

  11. Re: Orlando shooting. The locales of both San Bernardino shooting and the Orlando one were chosen so that the lockdowns following the “shootings” could camouflage the actual drills being conducted:

    In Orlando, the assets of the oligarchs needed a drill for their protection in case of civil unrest: Notably Port Tampa is the site of immense warehouses holding the goods which used to be in stores. Tampa Bay Port is Florida’s largest container port. Just like in San Bernardino they’re rehearsing how to secure rail & road transportation.

    Florida is 3d most populous state w 20 mil+. The Tampa Bay/Orlando I-4 corridor has the 10th largest economy in the U.S. with a GDP of more than $300 billion.

    Florida is the leading state for merchandise exports to Latin America and the Caribbean, responsible for 36% of all U.S. exports to the region. Asia is the top source of Florida’s merchandise imports.
    Just like San Bernardino a major hub of the oligarchs’ import/export. Venezuela is starving because they reduced growing their own food in order to grow soy, etc for export credits. Which means they were dependent on importing food, but their oligarchs had control of their warehouses. They hoarded for highest price and to destabilize the govt.
    Been lots of rumors that in case of US resistance to govt’s plans food control will be practiced. Gardening is a nice hobby. Chickens and/or caged rabbits are easy. But really nothing will suffice except to remove the oligarchs from power.

  12. Pulse nightclub close to intersection 551/408 E/W & interstate 4 N/S.

    Safety Summit 2016 – Port Tampa Bay
    ‎Welcome to the Port Safety & Risk Mitigation Summit Please join us for an
    important program including presentations and panel discussions from industry February 2016 Active Shooter Drill in downtown Tampa
    “Also, in parallel to the Boston bombing, the Orlando shooter has a relative with a long-time history with the CIA. His dad has a CIA-backed cable show on satellite in Afghanistan.

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