“By killing the news Sandy Hook also kills ‘the regime’.”

Barry Soetoro Esq.

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17 thought on “How Sandy Hook KILLED TV”
  1. That’s a pretty great video! Yes, it seems like hyperbole, but even Netflix is destroying television. Lots of changes happening.

    I’ve been observing these events as a layperson since 9/11. I’ve noticed something new with Orlando. The public is just not buying it. The networks are halfhearted in their propaganda. The U.S. is oversaturated with false flag terror. It has lost its effectiveness.

    Cable is freaking out because of Netflix and streaming.

    Washington Times piece quotes Russian Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky as saying Netflix in mind control. And he’s absolutely correct.

    And he has reason to be nervous…because Netflix has just done a major global expansion.

    News is becoming more customized. I’m here because I love this site. Mass production of media is dying. Once that happens, the nodes of power will be spread out in a diffuse network.

    Big chance to find ourselves of the phonies who have been terrorizing us.


  2. Thank you for outstanding video. Barry Soetoro appears to be focused on moving toward TRUTH now. No matter what happens all round us even down to our relationships with friends and family, Truth is where God wants us to go. That is where peace of mind and soul resides.

    Yes, Barry’s exposure of Sloppy Sniper David Wheeler and Francine the Filth Wheeler is monumentally important for the anti-Truth terrorism metastasis.

    The unique characteristic of these bilge water spigots, unlike all the other hall-of-fame multi-used crisis actors of other false events, is that they are locatable real live people living somewhere in the USA. Shine the light on their home, and all other personal identifying information you can about them. There will be some trolls in there right way muddying the waters but truth has a way of surviving and cannibalizing all the cannibalizers. Post every tiny tidbit of this information on websites Barry Soetoro recommends. Make their everyday lives as miserable as possible. Take phone photos of them when they walk out on the streets. Make them a huge liability for their controllers to continue to support. Force their controllers to have to “eliminate” them. This is what Truth journalism is about these days.

    And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret. But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light. Therefore He says: “Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will give you light.”

    Ephesians 5:11-14

    1. The message; We need 10,000 more websites, plus other freestyle thinking around this is the kind of talk, strongly believe, we should act upon. An urgency to the tone, general unction and “come on” – makes for vital listening. Ambitious hope. God bless this vision.

  3. Florida,Orlando,Christy “CGI” Sheats,Brumby,Banning Any Maybe Weaponry.

    The hoax train is still at a whistle stop in Florida.The 4th of July hoaxes.A 14 year old Sarasota boy accidentally shot by religious father at indoor shooting range.Man has leg blown off in NY. Fireworks and ammo reloading supplies will be restricted.Christy Sheats the clearest CGI to date. The incorrectness of the reporting of the mental health issues regarding Christy Peace to Bobby Sands and Americans might want to toughen up.Watch Disneyworld for an attack.They have a controlled environment and tunnels to hide.

  4. Gave away my TV years ago. Went through slight withdrawals. Makes me physically ill to watch a TV now. One of the best decisions I ever made. People marvel that I can live without a TV. They can’t imagine themselves without one.

    Now I work 16 hours a day tracking down hoaxes in all areas and discovering new (to me) truths. I guess I’m atoning for all those hours of wasted time watching TV. And for all those years, I thought it was just harmless entertainment. Go figure.

    Now I’m getting a much better education in history, science, cosmology, health, “medicine”, biology, astronomy, physics and on and on, than I ever got in college. Now I’m getting to see all of the things that college omitted because of their biases and agendas. What better way to spend the end years of my life?

    1. Good for you. After all, when you come to realize what it is and the extent of the lies, what possible excuse could one have for watching it? I will look at a clip once in a while if it is related to something I’m interested in.

      Whenever I find myself near one and the “news” is on, I get nauseous too. What crap! Breathless excitement……..over what?

      If I want to go mind numb I’ll do it with music. Less chance of someone filling my head with nonsense.

  5. That’s a great video and I agree with his perceptions completely. We shouldn’t be scratching our heads over crooks and scoundrels behaving like crooks and scoundrels.

    The trick is to make them irrelevant. To do otherwise is to play their game by their rules. Even objecting simply verifies their control.

    When someone mentions one of these staged shooter productions the reaction should be insane laughter.

    I think it always gets worse during the so-called election cycle. People actually watch that circus and want to believe that they select their poison. In light of recent events, how anyone can look at that and have such beliefs is truly remarkable.

    Barry has the right idea. I’m glad that he’s so optimistic. I’m afraid that I’m not. To have something acceptable you have to start with something that, if it worked as advertised, would deliver its promise. We don’t have anything close to that.

    The promise is that the status quo will remain, the elites will stay in control, and they will continue to rob and abuse us. It matters not that it is a worldwide phenomena. Why we accept it is the puzzle. Becoming cats is the answer. Ever try to herd cats?

    1. With all due respect, you are advising us to do nothing and then ask why we accept all this. In order to not accept it, we have to do something about it. We have to convince our slower fellow Americans that these shootings are indeed staged. Once we’ve done that, the rest will take care of itself.

      1. With all due respect to all, lophatt is not advising us to “do nothing.”

        He recommend laughing or ignoring.

        Laughing is doing something, and I found out today how beautifully passive aggressive ignoring can be.

        A relative always sternly stifled me if I tried to speak a little truth about certain false events so I just kept conversation on very superficial level thinking it is futile to get through to him. Today that person attempted to thrown me a bone and said “wasn’t that terrible what happened in Dallas?” and I decided to not say a word for a few seconds and then skip on to another topic. It was very satisfying. I gave him a dose of his own medicine. I think he got the message very clear that I do not buy Dallas official story and I do not even care to try to tell him the truth.

        I think there are more options as regards to “doing something” and “taking action”. I am still thinking about this but it has to do with deciding what is the most important thing in your life and the way you want to live your life consistent with that value. Moving forward consistent with that value is pro-action, doing something, not reacting, and this behavior somehow shines the light on the dark evil lies and we did this without getting angry and frustrated and breaking relationships.

      2. Doxie has it right. If you, however, would rather engage yourself in a totally contrived and manipulative contest with TPTB far be it for me to stand in your way.

        If you have a plan I’d love to hear it. In the meantime, I’m not going to let them decide what my options are. They are going to do whatever they wish regardless of the reception out there in TV land.

        I fully intend to keep poking fun at their silly works. There are others that do a splendid job of that too. I have no doubt that every day that goes by someone reads or sees what they have to say and does a rethink.

        I do not believe that I have the power to simply turn off the mutts. I’d like to, but it would be a rather unrealistic endeavor. So, maybe the next best thing is to ask oneself “what CAN I do?”. Well, for one thing, one can stop reacting and playing their game.

        People are conditioned to believe that they must respond. They do not have to do any such thing. If it were true that we “must” respond we would lack freewill. All I’m suggesting is that we use our imaginations to develop creative ways to resist.

  6. Great video and in light of current events including; the fbi coming out about the injustice dept that guarantees the elite go free and the conspiracy nuts pay dearly, and that all mention of sharia and similar terror words must be stricken from the record and known terrorists set free, my optimism grows that there are many good guys fighting in the ranks!

    Time is very critical, what terrorism are we allowing our children be subject to?

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