Citizen journalist Robin from and YouTube channel HowISee the World joins James this week to discuss the Orlando mass shooting event and other related “terrorist” Robin-HISTWnarratives now commonplace in the corporate media terrain.

Robin’s online research and analysis of such poorly-understood incidents suggest how easy it should be for journalists and news organizations to examine the storylines presented by government agencies and spokespersons. Over the past several years he has made dozens of recorded calls to the very official parties whose feet need to be held to the fire, including the FBI and medical personnel, yet who are rarely held to account in any meaningful way by salaried reporters.


Podcast: Download | (Duration: 59:59 – 27MB)

Robin’s activities have unsurprisingly made him a target for harassment and numerous bogus copyright infringement claims from those directly involved in such events His site is especially designed to direct inquisitive minds to some of the most informative research on the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, which he argues was designed to undermine the Second Amendment.

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32 thought on “It’s a Staged Terror World After All”
  1. When the spu shooting hoax broke out in my hometown I made several phone calls and sent emails to the local paper and TV news teams. They responded once with placating bluffs and never returned follow-up QUESTIONS. They never answered anything tough directly. Check this link, the woman was hit with a 12 gauge and reacted like a Marvel super hero, then hysterically reaches for her phone instead of worrying about getting the hell outta Dodge. Tons of anomalies in this, and no one has a single problem with it in the media!!

    The woman SARAH WILLIAMS, who was allegedly shot, spent 8 days in the hospital, with abdominal wounds that required 5 hours of surgery, tho she was shot in shoulder, and then on morning of release attended her graduation celebration at 19!! Amazing!

    1. Notice the Quality of these Cameras at a School?

      Brussels and Turkeys Airports have BETTER cameras yet we get fuzzy, grainy B&W videos from them as also from our own FBI/DHS homegrown and paid terrorists.

    1. Dachi,I think Robin is spoofing the “HONR Network” invented by the dishonorable Lenny Pozner to encourage harassment of folks who are simply questioning the “official” stories fed by the State Run Media.

    1. Nice look at another unbelievable scripted fantasy. This is so blatant a psyop it is beyond absurd. Anyone buying this story and script needs to refer to the DSM-V manual under Internet Induced Delusional Disorder IIDD. It’s one of the shared disorders.

      Nice work Ziggy.

  2. These eyewitnesses in the airport are remarkably composed and bland. Also, whoever was wearing a vest and was shot threw his gun pretty far away from him. While he was writhing on the floor, the policeman who wounded him should have targeted his head, but instead he was allowed to cause a big explosion. Pieces of the ceiling came down and it looked like the same architect who did the Brussels airport ceiling that came down – large squares with no pulverization.

    1. There is a complete lack of explosive residue (black charring) anywhere to be seen. These were percussion bombs, (alot of noise, some wind, but not dangerous in the least).

      The Turkey airport play is just another government sponsored HOAX. The difference, and there is a huge difference, between HOAXES and FALSE FLAGS, is that in HOAXES, in reality, there are zero injuries and zero deaths. FALSE FLAGS, on the other hand, although sponsored by the government 100%, result in injury and death, like Pearl Harbor, The Reichstag fire, OKC, Waco, and 911.

      I prefer, (but do not condone or support in any way) Hoaxes to False Flags any day of the week.

      1. I must respectively disagree. In fact I am working on an article about said subject. A Hoax by definition simply means that deception was used. A False-Flag always includes deception at some level. A False-Flag can exist without ANY deaths (see Sandy Hook) and thus is also a Hoax.

        I would argue that a False-Flag is always a Hoax, but a Hoax can be any number of things that are not False-Flags. Also a False-Flag event always means that the real perpetrators, creators, authors of the event are different (never revealed) from the accused instigators (patsy).

        It is my opinion that we should avoid using the word Hoax in regards to these staged events all together. Just label them as government sponsored false-flag terrorist events. Whether or not people actually died does not change the fact that they are government sponsored events used to create FEAR in order to push a specific government agenda.

        1. I disagree. A hoax is a non-event, theatre, didn’t happen. A false flag is, by definition, a happening which is blamed on another. The term refers to committing an act while flying the flag of a different nation. It contains elements of deception; that’s what “false” means, but that doesn’t make it a hoax.

  3. Great Interview. Audio problems but Great Interview.

    I like his logic. He adds up so many minor points that add up to Major issues that get glossed over in the Bigger Picture.

      1. dublinsmick, I haven’t checked out this item about the wax corpse, but I know of two items in which the nodisinfo stie falsified pictures. They are good to point you towards something, but you must confirm it from someone else. regards.

    1. This is a pretty worthless article
      he makes some good points about the crisis actor but the body being wax? Probably, but there is no proof to this assertion (throws a wet towel at Mick)

  4. Well part of the purpose of another False-Flag operation is keep people moving to yet another crisis and keep chasing another rabbit….I wonder if this is about keeping the focus off 9/11, which is the pillar of State Sponsored Terrorism,
    and until we as a society attack this the structure will continue to stand as it is

    1. Speaking of which we have another one!

      “Air Force spokesman Captain Derek White told the BBC there is a gunman at the base’s hospital, the Malcolm Grow Medical Facility.

      Joint Base Andrews, home to the president’s plane Air Force One, is located in one of Washington’s Maryland suburbs.

      Reports of the gunman emerged at the same time as an “active shooter exercise” was scheduled to take place.”

      Male, gay, Muslim, ISIS, crazy, gun lover, patriot, conspiracy theorist, domestic terrorist, current user of psychotropic drugs? What meme(s) will they use this time?!?

      It’s gonna be one of those Summers again. And we’ve still got the RNC, DNC, and the Olympics!

  5. Here we go again..

    The Washington Times Reports:

    .”Joint Base Andrews is on lockdown amid reports an active shooter in on the Maryland military base.

    The report of an active shooter came on the same day that the base was scheduled to hold a drill on such an emergency, leading to some confusion.

    “The base was scheduled to conduct an active shooter exercise, however, reports of a real-world active shooter situation were reported at Malcolm Grow medical facility,” the base said in a post online. “Due to the serious nature of this report, the base is reacting to ensure the safety of all personnel.”

  6. A lockdown at Andrews Air Force Base because of a Drill that was not reported to all base facilities was mistaken for a live active shooter situation:

    You would think that after BOTH Fort Hood massacres were connected to that bases medical center, the Andrews Medical Facility would have been informed that there was a planned shooter drill there. Unless the purpose was to create fear and paranoia…

  7. Excellent interview, very revealing.

    The one point that I want to stress, after hearing this great interview, is that we researchers must remain open to alternative theories of these shootings/terror events (of which there are literally hundreds per year).

    I personally believe that the FBI is using COINTELPRO style techniques to socially engineer political ends (e.g., the fake mass shooting for gun control measures). Many in the intelligence area that spoke on the issue expressed the belief that both the Oklahoma City Bombing and 911 were done, in large part, in order to pass The Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 (Ted Gunderson, Anthony Hilder, Northeast Intelligence Network). Effectively, the AEDPA was the first installment of the Patriot Act-an extensive document signed into law by Bush weeks after 911.

    Just as COINTELPRO is alive and well, and, on steroids, MKULTRA is still around from its inception in 1953. Oswald/Sirhan Sirahn Mind Kontrol patsies such as Timothy McVeigh, and possibly Jared Lee Loughner, James Holmes, and certainly others, are still being developed and deployed. Everything old is made anew!

    1. Btw, rent-controls, guaranty of housing, utility controls, free college, to Phd. These are programs Americans have never had. The USSR had them, all of Europe had them. So say you could be objective and not manichean, for a second, wouldn’t life be a lot more tolerable if you had smarter people to converse with, who weren’t greedy, but like yourselves and would not it be better [though not utopia] to have a more equitable society to live in, rather than one depraved? I think so. And many of you if you have any hart at all would agree. Well that is what a government CAN DO. Corporations masquerade as governments as fool most of our public here that that is all government is. When that is the biggest psy op of all, Regan. Who finished ushering this in, these lies, a man who was senile from the get-go as Helen Caldicott revealed in 1981 after her interview [with him].

  8. As Ralph Nader, always reminds: “It’s a corporate government”!

    Let us not be confused. This fascist slant is not new in the land of free, so let us get it right once and for all.

    I appreciate his work, but really, that age and “woken up”, and I will remind you that the interweb is their wet-dream. Keeping a docile public even [more docile] is that is possible.

    1. IF that is possible. Do you find it merely happenstance that is occurred even if you knew nothing else, right when all these horrors like NAFTA appeared, and de-regulation of Wallstreet, and wiping out a very very weak social safety net… Came on? (BTW for you Reganites I want to inform you that JFK wanted so desperately ADD to this pathetic system, and his first day was spent trying to do so. Literally 1st day.) Now old Noam who never seems to die either would tell you otherwise I am sure.

      1. Sorry. My words become missing, I type fast. And do not read it and this one cannot edit. Please read them as well as can. Peace.

      2. Stephanieanne4 I would be interested in hearing more about this angle on JFK,
        he wasn’t the darling he was made out to be, but I can find very little info on this, please share:)

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