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Below is the full text of my letter to James Comey, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Mr. Comey’s past includes distinguished service as US Attorney for the Southern District of New York (Wall Street); United States Deputy Attorney General for George W. Bush; General Counsel and Steele-with-logoSenior Vice President of Lockheed Martin; and — wait for it — a Director of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Holdings plc which is the advanced now global version of THE drug and money-laundering and Gold War bank by the same name (less “Holdings”) founded in 1865. He is also a devout Catholic and a legitimate candidate for a Supreme Court nomination. I see real potential in this gentleman as a moderator in the transition from the old order controlled by the Rothschilds to the new order controlled by the BRICS and the real gold that will emerge from the bunkers outside the USA once the old order (which is over-leveraged at 600:1) gets vaporized.

See Robert David Steele’s “HOME PAGE: The Orlando Mass Casualty Event: A False Flag Drama, Atrocity, or Hybrid?


24 June 2016

Mr. James Comey, Director
Federal Bureau of Investigation
935 Pennsylvania Ave NW,
Washington, DC 20535

Dear Director Comey,

I write to you in the spirit of a concerned citizen, a professional intelligence officer (I enclose my latest book, please note the professional references on the back cover), and a “friend of the court,” if you please (and with a smile). I think I understand – and I certainly respect – your complex background.

I am a Reagan Republican and I watched in agony as Colin Powell sacrificed his integrity to enable Dick Cheney to orchestrate 9/11 months in advance of the event and despite warnings from thirteen different countries – and then collaborate actively in the telling of 935 lies that Larry Wilkerson now tells us were known to be lies by Colin Powell. The FBI helped shut down ABLE DANGER and blocked others.

Now you are in an analogous situation. If you do not indict Hillary Clinton for conflicts of interest – never mind the mishandling of classified information, the real stake in her heart is the use of the private server with malice aforethought to keep all her communications off official servers. She was naïve to believe that no one would ever see the emails on deals with Israel and Saudi Arabia and Goldman Sachs, among others – cash to the Clinton Foundation, policy from the Obama Administration – what price Syria? LBJ would be jealous – she and her husband have taken influence peddling to a new high, and if you do not indict her, I believe this will disqualify you as a candidate for the Supreme Court, where I happen to think you would excel. If NSA will not give you the missing emails, the Russians might.

On Orlando, I have mixed feelings. The enclosed chapter is probably the only systematic look at sixty-five anomalies associated with what appears to be a false flag event. It is scheduled to be published formally on 1 July, informally next week for public comment. As a friend of the court, if you will permit me this affectation, I offer it to you at two levels.

At one level, this itemizes all of the perceptual inconsistencies that the US Government has failed to address in its public communications. At another level, this chapter offers you an opportunity to reflect on the ethics and the possibilities of where you stand in relation to Orlando. Is there a public service you can render by holding your investigators to the highest standard and sharing with the public your determination as to what really happened here? Do you really want to be in a position where you are covering up a major false flag event or a major mass casualty event if the Israelis hijacked this, putting you into the role of accomplice in this crime against humanity? The USS Liberty is your marker for both what the Israelis are capable of, and of the cost to the US Government and the public of covering up their role in such an atrocity that will inevitably be public knowledge. Whether this was theater or a real mass atrocity, if you tell the truth, now, before the two conventions, you empower the public.

If I can be of service to you, from pro bono to employee, in the next ninety days, you can count on me to be faithful to you in serving the public interest. You are at a cross-roads. I pray you be right with God, with the Constitution, and with your beloved family and your extended network, as should be all of us.

Semper Fidelis,

Robert David Steele

Robert David Steele is a former American spy, one of the first to be assigned the terrorist target as a full-time assignment, and also the senior civilian responsible for creating the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA), both in the 1980’s. Today he is the CEO of Earth Intelligence Network, a non-profit educational corporation that teaches holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE).

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83 thought on “Open Letter to Mr. James Comey, FBI Director, on Indicting Hillary Clinton and Telling the Truth About Orlando”
  1. So many conspiracies, so little time…The disposition of this open letter by the FBI is not difficult to predict: ignorance. It will be equally ignored by the bully pulpits with a vested interest in these matters, starting with Trump. Therefore, it will yield very little top-down activism.

    Also, the concepts the letter alludes to are not trivial. An intelligence above average and a commitment to study a rather large quantity of data for a few hours are required to master it. Accordingly, expect it to inspire relatively little bottom-up grassroots work.

    It is a good idea to corner the FBI into exposing its invaluable contribution to institutionalized malevolence. I would respectfully suggest that a more effective approach would be to publicly challenge Comey to deny any resemblance between the video records of Building 7’s destruction and of a controlled demolition, followed by a few reminders and the publication of the relevant mail-tracking data. The resulting web page could be advantageously used by any activist to teach the general public the limits of the FBI’s commitment to prevent and investigate crime.


  2. HRC knows this that is why she needs 8 DEFENCE attorneys.
    OIG performs specialized security inspections and audits in support of the Department’s mission to provide effective protection to the personnel, facilities, and sensitive information. Hillary Clinton did not nominate anyone for that position while she was Secretary for dubious reasons. This created at a minimum the appearance of impropriety by avoiding any official Inspector General of the Department of State to investigate instances of fraud, waste, and mismanagement that may constitute criminal wrongdoing during Hillary Clinton’s entire tenure as secretary. The Omnibus Diplomatic Security and Antiterrorism Act of 1986, section 4861, specifically directed “the Secretary of State to proceed immediately to establish an Office of Inspector General of the Department of State not later than October 1, 1986…”
    The Title of Nobility Clause is a provision in Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution that restricts members of the government from receiving gifts from foreign states without the consent of the United States Congress.
    Certainly the presents of an official Inspector General of the Department of State to investigate instances of fraud, waste, and mismanagement would have provided her notice of the appearance of impropriety of using an off sight private server because the OIG performs specialized security inspections and audits in support of the Department’s mission to provide effective protection to the sensitive information. An I.G. could have provided security for our mission in Libya because to provide effective protection of personnel and facilities with specialized security inspections and audits in support is part of what they do. The I.G. could also have exposed the obvious conflict of employing a known employee of a foundation that receives gifts from foreign states without the consent of the United States Congress and the conflict with the Title of Nobility Clause which is a provision in Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution that restricts members of the government from receiving gifts from foreign states without the consent of the United States Congress.
    If HRC fans like the term “appearance of impropriety” fine, but it is outrageous Impropriety as opposed to integrity.
    These conflicts are at least are why there is an on going FBI CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION under way. Get on the right side of history with or without an indictment.

    1. Yes, HRC was very wrong in not appointing an IG and yes, an IG theoretically is a very good idea. However, all the would’a coulda’s should’a’s in the world won’t put our intractably corrupt federal government back together again.

      HRC will not be indicted. She will be protected. However it is looking very much like there is no way she could be made president.

      Just as the HRC’s indictment matter is falling off the back page and never was on the front page, the bombshell missing 28 pages story has fallen off the back page now too.

      Oh well.

        1. Thanks for link about Virginia ex governor. I sent it to some local politicos who need to read this.

          DeLay deja vu all over again.

        2. I would say the SC just demonstrated they are totally corrupt, and no meanigfull convictions of high ranking officials is possible

      1. Love your understatement, but HRC failure to appoint an OIG was criminal in itself, not merely wrong. I think she is already being “made president” as we speak. I’m intrigued as to the rationale you use to determine that she can’t be made president.
        We’re going to have a make believe election in November, that’s what I believe in.
        Has anybody read “Barack Hussein Obama: Quintessential Manchurian Candidate” by David Chase Taylor? It’s either fantastic fiction or titillating truth and I don’t know which it is…..I don’t know.

        1. “HRC failure to appoint an OIG was criminal in itself, not merely wrong.”

          Of course, you are correct about that, however, I find myself in very basic communication mode these days, wanting to just sort out facts and truth, from error and falsehood. Please forgive my cynicism but when I see the phrase, “was criminal”, my mind thinks ‘criminal schriminal”. “Criminal” seems a quaint concept from the past, when there was some semblance of law and justice.

          “I’m intrigued as to the rationale you use to determine that she can’t be made president.”

          I only get my news from a very limited and dwindling number of sources on the web these days so we could not say I have a “well rounded” take on things. I just don’t listen to all sides anymore and am having a heck of time just finding what I regard as truth seekers and truth tellers.

          It just seems that Killary is so off-the-charts evil and proven crook that even all the crooks manipulating the “election” won’t be able to pawn that off on us. I equate Killary with immediate world nuclear war and the end of human life on this planet. Nolo condere – T’ain’t no freakin contest here!

          “We’re going to have a make believe election in November”

          Yep, but could you tell me what elections have not been make believe in recent history?

          Still like the 1931 words of U S Senator Huey P. Long, the wonderful Kingfish, assassinated by Carl Weiss, M.D. in 1935.
          “You give me a couple of elections commissioners and I’ll make those lever machines sing ‘Home Sweet Home.’

          “Has anybody read “Barack Hussein Obama: Quintessential Manchurian Candidate” by David Chase Taylor?”

          Sounds like a wonderful book. I have to be very selective about what books I read these days. Not much book readin’ left in me. I am open to any and all fantastic sounding theories about Obummer because these days the outrageous and unbelievable are the norm and closest to the truth.

  3. Comet will recommend indictments be handed down but will the DOJ act on them ? Not on your life . That will mean zero will be implicated or complicit in Hillary’s actions and crimes. Lynch will never allow her boss to be anywhere near the investigation.

  4. Well it is surprising to see this letter come from someone who, one might think MUST have been part of all the chicanery during these years, but perhaps there is hope yet,
    lets see if this causes a spark that sets the world on fire to restore the Constitution and arrest all the Traitors

  5. FBI cannot indict Clinton, they may recommend that indictment is used, but only the DOJ, that wonderful little ball of fuzz, can do the actual indictment.
    I found the author’s letter to Comey disingenous and really quite pathetic. As if the author really thinks Comey will call on him to unravel this case for him….really quite a stretch, laughable at best.

    Then again, Steele is really just mocking Comey, anyway. Comey was given a huge buildup by the press at the behest of the US controllers, not including Obama, of course. “His integrity is sky high”. Sounds like he has a nefarious past, who are we kidding here?

    Just more gubbermint drivel, that’s all.

  6. Fortunately, Trey Goudy’s Benghazi investigation report wasn’t released before Orlando. Ms. Clinton’s poor leadership at the State Department is even more indefensible than already understood. When called to testify, she chuckled – taking a little trip down memory lane and remembering Chis Steven’s wonderful sense of humor. He was just being funny when he described purchasing ‘fire sale” security barriers from the abandoned British embassy. That Chris, such a card!

    1. I have doubts regarding the penetration of Trey Gowdy’s interrogations directed at the latest generation of thugs in DC. He theatricizes, he agonizes, does he deliver the goods or is he throttled down by the controllers? If the fix is in for Clinton, who’s to say it isn’t in for Gowdy? No lawyer here, but I don’t see much for evidence he’s particularly effective. He had a lull in his effectiveness some months ago, has he gotten it back or is he just play acting?

  7. So an old Jarhead and ex-spook has assumed that the FBI will do their job. An agency that was once headed by a transvestite that spied on everyone for blackmail endeavours and hasn`t change it tactics.

    Semper Fidelis Brother, but it isn’t 1980 anymore and as a parallel processor my intuition tells me nothing will change.

  8. I simply no longer believe there is an honest man or woman that can make it to the higher levels of politics in this country. There are a few governers…and I mean truly, only a few, that still govern as justly as they are allowed to, still have a backbone, and still fear God rather than man. They stand out in a crowd.

    I believe it IS too late for this country. I believe God is gracious, loving, and merciful, but He will not hold back his hand forever. I believe this country, and more specifically, a particular part of it, that is the entity described in Revelation 17 and 18 as “Mystery Babylon”, the harlot that thinks she is a queen, but will be destroyed in one hour. Call me crazy, but there is no other place that even comes close to meeting the specific attributes listed for her.

  9. Comey’s resume almost screams conspiracy. A Jesuit, Bushie. Obama could have appointed no better Chicago syndicate insider nor could Bush have had a better man when Ashcroft flaked out on the NWO. Comey is cut from the mold of J. Edgar. His coverup and advancement of the surveillance state is unmatched by his predecessors. It escapes me how many do not see the mafia family connections of Bush Clinton regime regardless of Georgetown or Chicago Law.

    It is theater to watch this joke of an investigation. I’d prefer to watch a leaky faucet. One is to believe Clinton was working her own angle for benefit to herself and her personal financial and political ends. Even Obama and other Clinton connections are crying foul. But the global mafia is making sure their “private server” does not see the light of day. Hillary has no fear of criminal charges and Comey and Lynch are clear on this. In order to play it out for the dumb-down public, they may look to civil actions and courts. SCOTUS can’t hurt her. A civil action maybe to give the sheeple some sense of Justice but the Kissinger loophole has already been in play for a Supreme Court action. And as well know Hillary is a protoge of the “Kiss”

    Bread and Circus here folks. The election may be planned with this factor in mind, and she may have give back some of her winnings but anyone who thinks the truth of Benghazi and the US Gladio operation known as ISIS is coming in emails is just deluded. Nice touch by Steele to include 911 and Project Orange though.

    1. This was a very deft and darting analysis of extant information floating around the ether. Not taking any credit whatsoever in lieu of your unfolding of this individual, I had the feeling that the immediate buildup Comey was receiving was very suspicious. The incessant and laudatory verbiage was blatant, in your face, and it was painfully obvious we were being set up by the controllers of his image. Oh, he was sooooooooo honest, the straightest ramrod of rectitude ever seen in DC!! It pays to be skeptical, this simple observation didn’t take a psychology doctorate to unravel. The professed pillar of piety is actually your garden variety limited hangout.

  10. Hi, Someone needs to tell this guy you can’t shoot faster than 1-3 rounds a second with semi auto. He does five a second for his first 40 round mag and goes on (a little slower) to do another 60 rounds (with two more mags) directly afterwards. He does it with a Sig Sauer MCX, the weapon reportedly used in Orlando.
    At no time does he look like he’s having any control issues.

    1. Not sure of the meaning of your post but this is a real demo, it is a semi, you can see him work the trigger,
      he is very proficient and he is shooting at a target, which is much easier than moving targets,
      I would be interested in what caliber he used (or should I say, since this whole thing is a FRAUD what does the Cia PsyOp narrative claim which caliber he used, this gun allows for 3 seperate replaceable barrels/calibers, .300 whisper (typically a silenced rd,) 5.56xd45 (AR15), 7.62×39 (AK)

    1. The problem is Larry Nichols was the brains behind the Clinton dirty works, I can’t see how anything this guy says can be trusted,
      the fact that he has a donation site on his website is enough to make one hurl

      1. Sun,
        He has turned against them for Real, IMO, and he’s dying of Cancer broke and just asking for Help. Again IMO

        He certainly is Not doing the Clinton’s any favors.

        1. Agree with you on this Ric. I heard Greg Hunter interviewing him and Nichols seemed embarrassed when Hunter mentioned that there was a donation button on Nichols site. Nichols tried to play it down.

          If there is anyone who probably needs financial help, it is this man who is under heavy medical care with all kinds of tubes in him put in by nurses at his house every day and who is certainly on the hit list of the Clintons. The only reason Nichols is still alive is that Nichols fully gives out his home address and phone number and email and if they kill him, it will be very obvious and public who did it.

          I think he gives interviews in much physical pain and you can tell his voice is on its last lap. He is trying to amend his life for his past actions and I cannot even make myself imagine all the evil things he did to facilitate Clinton. Believe it or not there are people who play the role Nichols did for Clinton attached to many local state officials, covering up for their gross immoral conduct.

          He has done some serious damage to the Killary and I think he and other still have some ammunition to fire at the right time.

      2. Don’t be so callous, Larry Nichols is born again and seeks honest redemption. He knows he sinned and he’s regretting it more and more each day. I’m waiting for his secret information that will sink Hillary Clinton. Be wary, but bear charity.

  11. From our end, isn’t it self satisfying when we can, with often only a sentence or two, identify the modus operandi of our favorite corruptocrats. Isn’t it amazing how these repetitious and tedious events are so identifiable?
    Speaking of, has anybody seen or heard Dr Fetzer lately? Jim was ubiquitous for a long time, now he appears to keep a very low profile. I may lead a sheltered life, but I was accustomed to reading his stuff virtually weekly, often daily. Where has he gone?

    1. Both Kevin Barrett and Jim Fetzer are each working on books about Orlando.

      I hope our favorite Administrator here at MHB will be a contributor to both books.

      1. Are we really ever going to get any traction on these issues the alternative press comes up with? What is the sum total of all the alternate journalism as far as causing constructive change and awareness by a significant percentage of Americans?
        Right now the score is 27-0 in favor of the liars, does anybody see palpable progress directed toward moving on these issues or are we stillborn once again? Is it just me or are we moving at negative warp speed? Take any piece of journalism you care to, are we approaching the goal line on anything at all?
        We have brilliant constitutional lawyers like Francis Boyle and Edwin Vieira who write books, appear on You Tube until hell freezes over and we come up empty handed? Really empty handed, is this a nether universe we are in and isn’t it galling to see Orwell quoted so often? Think of the TV shows he’d be on if he was living today. Imagine a coherent futurist being interviewed by our typical airhead late nite conversationalists…..

        1. Even if we achieved “awareness by a significant percentage of Americans”, it would not necessarily translate to “constructive change.”
          The mass mind control and social engineering is going along nicely for “them.”
          I do see more and more people questioning official stories, but really all this “awakening” has split us from our family and friends, especially if we are trying to follow the One Who is Truth and if we have been raised as “Democrats.”

          “does anybody see palpable progress directed toward moving on these issues or are we stillborn once again?”
          “are we approaching the goal line on anything at all?”

          Depends on how you define “palpable progress” and “approaching the goal line.”
          I too see no palpable progress in this world system, but from the standpoint of exposing the deeds of unrighteous and darkness (Ephesians 5:) and seeking truth, I do see real progress.

          As I said in several other comments, I think timely books, available in paper format as well as all other formats, are the most substantial thing around. That constitutes “doing something” and “taking action” in my book.

          If I were going to teach a class on all these matters I would teach from a Christian worldview and show students how the way we interpret, respond to, and otherwise “imbibe” big news events fed to us by the mainstream media influences every aspect of our lives. Correctly seeking and finding the truth is good for us and helps us and is consistent with our nature.

          Having a place where we can talk about these matters is good for our mental health. People in our ordinary lives don’t want to hear about these matters and I can see what has been done to their minds and understand how they cannot deal with these subjects. Seeking truth correctly and exposing and fighting evil relates directly to the resting place of our eternal souls, and that is all that matters. (John 8:3, Ephesians 5:11)

          Fides quarens intellectum

          Faith seeking understanding

          Saint Anselm of Canterbury

        2. By viewing media comments I think it is very real that people ARE waking up,
          I also see a LOT of what appears to be sock-puppets about, attempting to throw a wrench into the gears to attempt to control the direction and conclusions of the threads,
          and i spend a good deal of the time refuting them/humiliating them (kind of like what users here do to the SP Pat[hetic] and refering them HERE)
          I have high hope in this regard,
          my only concern is we are being pushed to a war with the police, and this is all the excuse they need to put Martial Law/UN troops on the ground-when that happens its on and will be hard to turn off

        3. Knowledge precedes change. Until knowledge can generate some massive unrest, we are stuck in the mud. While the majority of Americans are ambivalent about pursuing justice in lieu of their creature comforts, the central core of resistance has to come from the Magnificent 7. I can’t identify them because they are currently undercover.

    2. I too am missing Dr. Fetzer on the web. I have found no live stream show for last four dates on

      Media Broadcasting Center Official Channel .

      Last couple of articles have been by other writers so no “current and live” contact from him there.

      Dr. Fetzer does have some health problems so I pray for him. We need his vigilant voice for facts and truth.

      Toni tells us Dr. Fetzer has a book in the works on Orlando. So very happy to hear that. I think Dr. Fetzer’s books and his articles and shows on The Real Deal have been the closest thing to “taking action” that I have seen in the “patriot movement” since I have been hanging around in it since the late 1990s.

        1. Thank you.

          Recommend all listen to this show. Professor Tony Hall very impressive. Shined the light on Webster Tarpley and Lyndon LaRouch outfits a bit.

          All of Dr. Barrett’s False Flag Weekly Shows are on the
          noliesradio youtube channel. Show is live every Friday but think live broadcast is pay only.

        2. Holy ___ Lady, I see your point after listening to this, Fetzner is a great resource but these two shouldn’t have interviews face to face:)

        3. Not wanting to get off on a tangent discussion here, but Sun, if you listened to the show


          Dr. Fetzer and Dr. Barrett are incapable of communicating in an objective and dispassionate way on subjects that relate even remotely to their respective what I call “pet” issues — Trump and Muslims.

          Dr. Fetzer seems to skirt around what I consider a crucial matter. Right after Orlando happened, Trump went all over the place touting his plan, which he proposed a few months ago, to temporarily screen Muslims from immigrating to U S. Here is one example of that…

          Donald Trump Faces Backlash for Tweets About Orlando Shooting
          • Sam Frizell @Sam_Frizell
          1:56 PM ET
          “Appreciate the congrats,” Trump tweeted

          The timing Trump used in starting talking about and reminding us of his ostensibly reasonable plan to carefully screen immigrant applicants and particularly immigrants from Middle Eastern countries made it clear to me that Trump had immediately accepted at face value and as true the Muslim part of the Orlando/Pulse event.

          In the Barrett / Fetzer / Hall interview linked above Dr. Fetzer seemed to me to also be accepting the fakey Muslim part of the Orlando production, but not accepting at face value based on evidence, but rather sacrificing the truth on that aspect of the Orlando event to promote Trump presidency.

          Again, the fact that Trump started speaking again about his plan to hold “Muslims” temporarily out of immigration to U S IMMEDIATELY after Orlando shows Trump automatically accepted Orlando official story, as did Killary, and so many other “alternative” news personalities.

          Now Dr. Fetzer is putting together a book made up of writings from several different people that is supposed to give us all the data points, evidence and facts – give it to us straight and unvarnished, and Dr. Fetzer seems not to want to face the fact that his candidate in fact certainly did show himself to be a lot less lesser of the two evils.

  12. The real meat to the about correspondence to Comey requires that you open the attached document, where Steele lays out a long list of problems with the official story. Eleven parking spaces with room for 60 patrons. Hmmm….

    My goodness but the crack editors over at The New York Times read fast. Within minutes of the release of the 800 page Benghazi Investigation Report, they were able to determine that there was nothing new that showed HRC to have been at fault. Well, that’s a relief.

    I’m 70 pages into the report, and have surfed ahead a bit. The report is completely fact focused – and is comprised of direct quotes from witness statements in a minute by minute timeline, and it is loaded with bits of new information. Obama left his Benghazi meeting to attend a big dinner. We did not want to go in to the rescue looking like ‘boots on the ground.’ Our soldiers were ordered to change out of uniforms and into civilian clothing and to use civilian vehicles. This left them so vulnerable, that it was decided to get them back into uniforms. Still, the disagreement in Washington continued, and the guys once again changed out of their uniforms. Once they were ready to go, the order came down. Uniforms, weapons, hardened vehicles. Ok say the dudes who start unbuttoning their golf shirts. Four clothing changes while the compound burned, before they were given a stand down. This stand down has not been determined to be an official order, or simply the use of an expression.

    Nope, nothing new from this congressional investigative report, except for the discovery of the private e-mail server, hacked by the Russians, and containing sensitive confidential information including the identity of an undercover operative. The money laundering path has also been revealed, which starts with wealthy foreign stakeholders – to a dummy Canadian Corporation, and forward on into the Clinton Foundation, which runs 90% administrative costs.

  13. Everyone is so desensitized to False Flags no one cares about the Turkish Airport that just got blown up Brussels Style.

    They may as well have used the Footage from Brussels.

    No injuries, Bombs blown up from the ceiling and so on and so on..Yawn

    1. But the Pulse was Real… and there are deniers (like Global Warming?)

      After listening to “Patience” and her “Cousin” whom sister was shot and Killed (while they laugh), I’m Convinced this is the Real Deal…..

      At about 10.41 they go into a spill of Deniers (US).

      A Must Listen.

      300 People, 11 Parking Spots, Killer has only 5 of the 300 people in the Bathroom….This is the Real Deal People.

      1. They are trying to refute the claims that this is a FAKE (which it is) so apparently people are getting the message that this and other events are in fact acts of STATE SPONSORED TERRORISM,
        it might have something to do with people who claim to have recently been involved in the worst US massacre, with a relative (s) killed, and these crisis actors sound like they are having a picnic with Oprah

        1. Just to be clear. The Pulse was a gay MEN’S club correct? Why are so many interviewed survivors women? Where are the flaming gay men survivors?

          I see REAL smiles, but NO evidence of trauma.

          The fact Sunaj57 that they are acknowledging that people are calling out the BS means that those who are, are making a difference. They are not calling them conspiracy theorists, or truthers, but ‘Haters’. This is the same tactic as labeling those who are opposed to our utterly corrupt Governments as ‘domestic terrorists’. Just to be clear, I am 100% opposed to criminally corrupt Governments. This also means there must be a HUGE number of domestic terrorists (freedom fighters, patriots) around the world. Because exactly who is NOT opposed to utterly corrupt Governments except those who benefit from it?? No wonder the USGovt is afraid. Because thieves, crooks, and villains ALWAYS FEAR REAL JUSTICE!

          Sidenote: Be wary of ALL ‘former’ intelligence persons. The very essence of intelligence services is deception. It is the core of their existence.

        2. Hit the nail on the head. Former intelligence personnel are likely watched very closely, especially in these days of massive surveillance. Once a spook, always a spook. Keep your eyes and ears open, komrade.

      2. Judge Napolitano said no deaths were tallied until just after 5am. Witnesses that said the killing started much earlier than that are paid stooges. Whom are we kidding here? This is just another in a long series of Israeli rooted false flags. What else is new?, ho hum.

    2. Ric,
      I guess it’s a kind of desensitization when the clues that a new event is a false flag are immediately recognizable: no video of any carnage, cops and medical personnel milling about without any sense of urgency, “injured” parties with no obvious injuries, etc. All the usual unreality.

      It’s like reading shorthand.

      Also, I’m so tired of the looping footage of inconsequential video images taken from some unadvantaged position. Over and over again.

      Whatever happened to live TV? Live coverage of news events was the only thing TV used to be good for.

    3. You have to see this. Super Bad Fuzzy Camera in 2016 when a $10.00 camera is clearer.

      The Bad runs by (with bomber vest?), gets shot by Guard and falls down.

      He throws something (canister?). Watch it Closely.

      Smoke is coming out the Canister. Bad Guy to Left.

      They claim he detonated himself.

      I think the Canister is the (smoke) Bomb for the explosion is to the right where it sits there Smoking until the explosion occurs.

      WATCH: Suicide Bomber Is Shot Then Detonates Self at Istanbul Ataturk Airport:

      1. Law Enforcement Sources: Gun Used in Paris Terrorist Attacks Came from Phoenix

        One of the guns used in the November 13, 2015 Paris terrorist attacks came from Phoenix, Arizona where the Obama administration allowed criminals to buy thousands of weapons illegally in a deadly and futile “gun-walking” operation known as “Fast and Furious.”

        The Phoenix gun owner that the weapon was traced back to was found to have at least two federal firearms violations—for selling one weapon illegally and possessing an unregistered automatic—but no enforcement or prosecutorial action was taken against the individual. Instead, ATF leaders went out of their way to keep the information under the radar and ensure that the gun owner’s identity was “kept quiet,” according to law enforcement sources involved with the case

        “Agents were told, in the process of taking the fully auto, not to anger the seller to prevent him from going public,” a veteran law enforcement official told Judicial Watch.
        It’s not clear if the agency, which is responsible for cracking down on the illegal use and trafficking of firearms, did this because the individual was involved in the Fast and Furious gun-running scheme.

        I hope the Wheels are coming off Corrupt Federal Govt.

  14. Wow! Thank you so much Mr. Steele!! And thank you Dr. Tracy for posting this!!!

    I found the linked document to be particularly instructive.

    Mr. Steele makes a very good point. The shoddy aspects of false flags may in certain cases be manifestations of resistance from within the operations themselves (courtesy of those with conscience, patriotism, etc.).

    However, if the FBI is deeply involved (as Mr. Steele indicates they might be), then we are essentially asking Comey to investigate himself.

    So it comes down to how much distance Comey has between himself and this event.

    If it was a DHS event, Director Comey has a real opportunity to make history. If Comey knew about this event in advance, then we are barking up the wrong tree to think the FBI will do anything productive or beneficial to the nation.

    I must say that I don’t find the Israeli angle particularly convincing. From what I can tell, the BDS movement has largely waned. It wish it wasn’t so because I have no sympathy for Israel’s position.

    However, there could be different degrees of reality (and simulation) at work in the Orlando event.

    I find most of Mr. Steele’s points to be strongly convincing. Again, the proposed chapter (hypertext-linked) written by Mr. Steele is masterfully-written and of generally immaculate logic.

    Now it’s time for more intel pros to step forward. This current serial progression of false flags has to be exposed. Each one puts us further in the hole. But, as I’ve mentioned before, I think the U.S. “market” for these faux events has become oversaturated. Apparently, our leaders have no other tool in their box of tricks. [Not to mention the increasingly-poor quality of the purported situations at the center of these respective events.]

    We are told daily that only our military are brave…overseas and armed to the teeth. But the only true bravery I’m seeing is that of people like Dr. Tracy and Mr. Steele.


    1. Lots of people have a hard time realizing that Snowden is a CIA plant. Does it seem out of place to have a former government “spy” blabbing his fool mouth off all over the place? Wouldn’t you expect people like that would leave government service with fat and tidy gag orders in place? How would the agency view his loose tongue?
      For the same reason Snowden is not “in custody”, that’s why. The US would have gladly traded some Russian apparatchiks for Snowden, what’s more obvious than that? Obviously, he’s a side show plant of the American “security establishment”.

        1. No doubt, Snowden has put on a good show, as has Assange. Read what Veterans Today says about both of them.
          I’d agree that the number of limited hangouts is astronomical these days. As a website gains exposure and attracts an audience of thinkers, it attracts flies in the form of trolls, too. They come and go, some limit their activities to one event or episode. Then, “Poof”, they are gone. Like Robbie Parker, for instance.

        2. I stopped reading veterans Today after the main dude (forgot his name) wrote an article on the Oregon Militia Hoax in which he said the Montana cowboy committed suicide by cop,
          of course those that studied it in depth could see he was probably never killed, no blood, on snow, etc., there were more known FBI agents inside this cell than unknown, the stories surrounding the hoax were the usual drivel,
          if this guy is Mr. Intelligence there has been a real dumbing down

        1. Uh oh…if the women that have been telling for years about Bill’s sexual assaults upon them are truthful (and I believe them), Loretta may want to pack a hockey mask for the trip. That sucker bites!

        2. Literally
          Many of the women who allege rape claim he likes to bit them on the lip and hold them down as he does his thing


    Yesterday this was the News: Judge Expands email investigation into Hillary Clinton’s Foundation.

    A federal judge on Wednesday ordered the State Department to produce the e-mail records of Hillary Clinton’s scheduler during her tenure as secretary of state, expanding an investigation being pursued by conservative nonprofit Citizens United into the overlap between Clinton’s official travel and her meetings with foreign Clinton Foundation donors. FELONY

    Read more at:

    Then as I already posted yesterday, Bill Clinton had a secret meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. They meet accidentally on the Tarmac when she landed in Phoenix AZ. RIGHT

    Now Today: EXCLUSIVE: State Department Won’t Release Clinton Foundation Emails for 27 Months

    One day After the secret meeting. Loretta Lynch and whole King ‘O Clan Defy the Judges Orders via the DOJ. They need to go to Prison.

    If the court permits the delay, the public won’t be able to read the communications until October 2018.

    The Deck is Staked. Revolution coming if she’s handed the Presidency by the King.

  16. Anyways, got Zapped again but this is big news.

    A Federal Judge yesterday ordered the Emails and Hillary’s schedules from the State Department which pertain to the Clinton Foundation. This is Huge.

    Billy just happens to run in the head of the DOJ, crooked Loretta Lynch on the tarmac yesterday in AZ and they have a Secret 30 min. Meeting which is illegal.

    Today, the DOJ tells the State Department defy the Judges Orders today and wait until After the Election.

    The President should Not be in charge of the DOJ, IRS, CIA or FBI.

    There’s nothing Anyone can do about…

    1. 34 116 emails between State Dept. employees and the CF?????
      Funny, hc deleted some 30k emails as personal – what a coincidence.
      That’s over half of all her business ‘declared’ emails (not saying she was copied on all of them, but I bet dollars to donuts she was and those are the ones she deleted saying they were personal).
      Those people were interlopers between the CF and State dept while on the state payroll!!!!

      This situation backfires on the DOJ. It PROVES the damages done by the rogue server and its obstruction to FOIA laws. It’s PROOF.

      This is bigger than Watergate…it is HUGE!!!!

      Also, this is about FOIA requests. The FBI has the server so they have access to these emails. They just are not the agency responsible to disclose the contents publicly, only in a court of law.

      Are our senators and congresspeople going to let this go???

      And the timing of bill and loretta meeting is not being reported in connection with the court filing. Not all American people are fooled all of the time.
      (and where is orlando shooters wife- under investigation and disappears – did obama fly her out of the country?)

    2. I just read that that The Clinton Foundation records were sealed for 27 months until 2018. What s going on with that and why if it was true? I also read that 1. John Ashe dies from pumping iron(who was to testify against Hillary on The Clinton Foundation if true) 2.Then a secret meeting with Lynch B. Clinton in Phoenix airport.(even if only golf travel and grandchildren were talked about… not right) 3. Lynch will follow what F.B.I. recommends on Hillary (but what will the F.B.I. find if she was a average person she would have been in jail along time ago or stayed in jail until the hearing). So many things going on all in such a short period of time around the Clintons. I don’t know if Hillary should even be allowed to run as President with all being said. But who am I a just a average person who would be treated as guilty until proof I was innocent. But that is how I thought the law was maybe I have had it all wrong. I don’t think so ! number 4. why did the F.B.I as I read order no cell phones or pictures taken on Lynch/Bill Clintons secret meeting? Our whole system is corrupt it seems. who thinks I am wrong?

      1. “2.Then a secret meeting with Lynch B. Clinton in Phoenix airport.(even if only golf travel and grandchildren were talked about… not right) ”

        Even if the ridiculous cover story were believed, the Attorney General of the United States commits some kind of law breaking just by meeting with Bill Clinton who would likely be called as a witness or testifier in any legal case brought against Killary. If no law was broken just by that simple fact, it most certainly gives every appearance of impropriety.

        Here is entertaining commentary by Greg Hunter -about first ten minutes of video.

  17. Colin Powell, John Roberts and now James Comey, all men who seemingly had a measure of respect concerning their reputations who have, to a man, sold out their country, their families and their respective reputations. I know that there are many things, to a good man, that are far worse than dying, one of which is the loss of one’s good name and reputation. Unfortunately, for these three individuals, they are going to find out, if they do not repent, that paying for what they have done in eternity was one of the most easily remedied, yet one of the worst decisions ever made.

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