“[N]obody really knows how many Palestinians live [in West Bank].”

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has backtracked from his neutral position on the Israel-Palestine conflict, and is now “committed” to supporting Israeli settlement expansion on territories it has seized illegally, according to an advisor.

David M. Friedman, a real-estate attorney serving as Trump’s main advisor on Israel, said the Republican presidential candidate and reality television star would not support the recognition of the Palestinian state without “the approval of the Israelis.” Friedman also remarked that Trump was unconcerned with the inhabitants of the West Bank, because “nobody really knows how many Palestinians live there.”

Donald Trump discussed Israel issues at a meeting with members of the Jewish media on April 14, 2016. (Facebook)

Trump made Friedman a part of his campaign staff in April, at a meeting with Orthodox Jews, naming him and Jason Greenblatt, another real-estate lawyer and Trump’s chief attorney, as his advisors on Israel. Friedman said at the time,

“Mr. Trump’s confidence is very flattering. My views on Israel are well known, and I would advise him in a manner consistent with those views. America’s geopolitical interests are best served by a strong and secure Israel, with Jerusalem as its undivided capital.”

Friedman has made no secret of his feelings about a two-state solution with Palestine, writing that, “It was never a solution, just an illusion that served both the US and the Arabs.”

Trump has earned a reputation for taking contradictory stances on issues, and when asked in May if he thought Israel should cease construction on the West Bank, the candidate said, “No, I don’t think there should be a pause…because I think Israel should have – they really have to keep going. They have to keep moving forward.” Later in the same interview he remarked, “I’d love to negotiate peace. I think that, to me, is the all-time negotiation…I would love to see if peace could be negotiated. A lot of people say that’s not a deal that’s possible. But I mean lasting peace, not a peace that lasts for two weeks and they start launching missiles again. So we’ll see what happens.”

Friedman says Trump’s attitude toward Israel is positive, and his view on the Palestinian state springs, in part, to a lack of power on the part of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. “His [Trump’s] feeling about Israel,” Freidman said, “is that it is a robust democracy. He does not think it is an American imperative for [Gaza Strip and other territories seized by Israel] to be an independent Palestinian state.”

When asked directly about his own feelings on recognizing the State of Palestine, Friedman was open, if tentative.

“If the Israelis conclude that they need to do this [recognize the Palestinian state] in order to enhance their long-term security – which I think we are very skeptical about – but if this is what they conclude they want to do, we will respect this decision…. If the circumstances change… and there is a reason to be optimistic, then great, but the current facts don’t make that [recognizing the Palestinian state] an American imperative at all.” he said.

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81 thought on “‘President Trump’ Won’t Recognize Palestinian Statehood”
  1. Another great lead by MHB! There are many excellent reasons to vote for Trump, but sadly several significant reasons not to vote for him. This stance by Trump is unforgivable. Seriously…guy needs to pick up a book (other than one he’s written).

    I have reviewed (glowingly) two films which highlight the plight of Palestinians on my website: 5 Broken Cameras and Corner Store. Both of these documentaries show the reality which is conspicuously missing from mainstream U.S. media concerning the disgusting actions of Israel.

    I look forward to catching up tonight on the great MHB coverage of the past few days. In the meantime, have a laugh (you’ve earned it) courtesy of a company I just discovered called Send Your Enemies Glitter.



    1. Give him a Break. He has to talk this Talk.

      If anyone can or will even try fairly to resolve this it’s Trump. IMO

      This whole issue is a political Football/Bomb for anyone. Yea Yea, his daughter married a Jew and converted. My Nephew married a Orthodox woman and had to deny his roots for her hand. He’s still a good guy.

      1. If we do not have borders or laws, we do not have a country.

        He has raised amazing children and will not disarm our country and military as currently being fast tracked. We are running out of time to make America American again.

    2. If Abie is willing to admit to Talmudic hatred of the Goyim, I’d be willing to sit down with him. This “good jew” jazz doesn’t turn me on, the reality is we have massive problems with Israel and Zionism. But, we are suffocated by the many infiltrating organizations and until we solve those problems, we will continue to be suffocated. Is that what Americans really want, this clearcut suffocation in the name of a “strong and secure Israel”??

  2. Friedman is quoted above: “…….America’s geopolitical interests are best served by a strong and secure Israel, with Jerusalem as its undivided capital.”
    Translation: You do what we say or we crash your economy, capish?

    1. strong and secure Israel has destroyed much of America. Owns Congress, WH, banksters and other organizations and people. Our geopolitical interests are NOT served by a strong and secure Israel, what is more clear than that?

    1. And Chairman O’ wasn’t?…Hillary is the worst thing after the “O” that could ever happen to the US.

      4 Traitors in Row. Bush, Clinton,Bush, Obama now Clinton again? NO

      1. Like Obama said back in ’08. “She’ll say and do anything to get elected.” Such as rig a Primary or even a General Election.

        Bush and Obama were merely incompetent.

        But she is truly evil!

        Personally if it came down to only a choice between her and Trump.

        I’d rather it be Trump.

        1. I always get a chuckle when I see people distinguish between Obama and Clinton,
          Obama appointed her, hence he is the enabler in all her crimes while in office, he failed to prosecute her for her actions because they serve the same masters

    1. Why don’t we stop with the all the pretense and just install Nuttyahoo to be the President of the U.S. too? He can split his time between the Knesset and Congress. After all, Congress is just Knesset West.

  3. And may all the gullible Drumpfters celebrate the jewish power victory over their chosen candidate.

    And remember that B’Man was the first to say this Likudnik sycophant would be the Trojan Horse to secure the Israeli onslaught against the Palestinians. I was the first to call out his pathetic jewish subservience. I was the first to point out that this liar for jews would tickle the ears of the desperate white people, just to let them down like every other R or D candidate before him.

    Thanks jews. And thanks all you idiotic Drumpfters.

  4. Maybe Trump saw this video and drew the only reasonable conclusion: the Arabs who call themselves “Palestinians” are intent on becoming even more wicked than they already are:

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM07qFvcTE8&w=560&h=315%5D

    I’m certain those kids are going to grow up ardently wishing to live peacefully in their own state, side by side with Israel. Not.

    Remember, the people training these little children to become monsters are the same people who devised the most evil tactic in the history of warfare, when they used hospitals and schools as launching pads to shoot missiles into innocent civilian neighborhoods in Israel, hoping these same little tykes will be killed when Israel inevitably retaliated, knowing that all the world’s media will use images of the hapless victims for anti-Israel propaganda.

    There is no one on the other side of the table from Israel that acknowledges Israel’s right to exist. The PLO and Hamas don’t want a “two state solution.”

      1. “Israel has insisted that its use of white phosphorus in the conflict was permitted under international law and that it sought to avoid unnecessary civilian deaths in Gaza.”

        Which is true.

        In that war, Israel always warned, repeatedly, the people in the areas where they were being used by Hamas, well ahead of time, before the missile launching sites were going to be hit. There is lot of footage of people heeding that advice, and Hamas forcing them back into the targeted buildings. Never has a people been so wicked. Remember, Hamas is in power because those people voted for Hamas, and they have not rebelled against Hamas.

        [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTu-AUE9ycs&w=420&h=315%5D

        [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMO-_qEpgg0&w=560&h=315%5D

        If you think that’s justifiable, you are one sick puppy.

      2. Hamas to Fleeing Palestinians: Back in Your Houses! (http://www.israeltoday.co.il/NewsItem/tabid/178/nid/24746/Default.aspx)


        But Hamas was unwilling to lose its most prized weapon in the battle against Israel: human shields. The group ordered the thousands of Palestinians who had already left the area to return to their homes immediately.

        “To all of our people evacuating their homes – return immediately and do not leave your houses,” read a statement issued by the Hamas Interior Ministry. “Heeding Israel’s warnings only aids [Israel] in achieving its agenda…”

        Late last week, the Hamas Interior Ministry more clearly explained that heeding the Israeli warnings could be seen as “cooperation” with the enemy. Reading between the lines, those who do flee their homes when Israel gives them the chance to do so could be labeled as traitors and therefore face a fate far worse than Israeli bombs.


        Another: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2753176/Hamas-DID-use-schools-hospitals-Gaza-Strip-human-shields-launch-rocket-attacks-Israel-admits-says-mistake.html

        These people do not want peace with Israel. For an American president to pretend that they do is evidence either that the person is ignorant of the facts, a fool, or an enemy of peace in the region.

        This posting at MHB is more evidence, if any more is needed, that Trump understands what the establishment elite are absolutely committed to concealing: American policy, domestic and foreign, is based upon lies. Will he be a “good” president? His judicious reassessment of the likelihood of a settlement of the Arab/Israeli conflict indicates to me that he knows how to modify and his policies when necessary, and in the right direction.

        1. The Israelis can bomb a hospital (s) with children being born, Drs and nurses in operating rooms, old people in wheelchairs -AND BLAME THEIR VICTIMS
          The Organized Jewish Crime Syndicate has bought, bribed, extorted, killed and murded people to get control of our USA government, Media, Fiance,
          and the only thing this CLOWN caius come onto this site and POOH-POOH these facts, and cry ANTI-SEMITISM, HATERS, etc.
          You have

        2. no credibility in this room and your input is synonymous with the usual garbage coming out of the Jewish Internet Defense Force, a rabid online terrorist group that should be shut down and the members jailed for treason

      1. So, you think that the most evil tactics in the history of warfare are just peachy, perfectly justifiable.

        You are one sick puppy, Mick.

        No one with any decency can justify launching missiles from hospitals and schools, confident that it will lead to the death of innocent kids, purely for the propaganda value–because they forcibly restrain the innocent who are warned to flee, ensuring the poor souls will likely die. No race of people has ever been so wicked. Under any definition of decency, its completely indefensible.

        The people who do that are pure evil. But the outside observers who cheer it on (like yourself, Mick) have a special, elevated category of evil reserved for them. It is insane evil you revel in.

        Training children, toddlers, to train as terrorists–in KINDERGARTEN–should turn your stomach. Instead, you post a picture of a grown man throwing a rock at a tank, as if that answers this profound, existential evil of raising a new generation who knows nothing but the virtues of terrorism. I am at a loss for wordsl.

        Are you capable of thought?

        1. So, Mick, you think that moulding the minds of generations of children to regard terroristic warfare as a genuine good is virtuous.

          You think evil is good.

          You can’t express any dismay at the use of hospitals and schools as launching pads for rockets, precisely because it will likely lead to the death of innocent civilians. It doesn’t bother you at all.


        2. It is pretty well know the IDF sneaks into Palestine and fires bottle rockets so they can then attack with white phosphorus.

          Why don’t you hop a plane to Tel Aviv Paddy since you have such a love affair with killing sprees, they could use you.

        3. Again, you have no problem with the kiddy video. You are absolutely silent about it. Which means you think it’s peach-keen. You are a sick man, Mick.

          You also have absolutely no reaction to the massive program of human-shield warfare. A healthy mind recoils in horror. Yours is obviously not a healthy mind.

        4. You are stone cold killer Paddy.

          An international Israeli conspiracy to kidnap children and harvest their organs is gathering momentum as another shocking story divulges Tel Aviv’s plot to import Ukrainian children and harvest their organs.

          The story brings to light the fact that Israel has brought some 25,000 Ukrainian children into the occupied entity over the past two years in order to harvest their organs. It cites a Ukrainian man’s fruitless search for 15 children who had been adopted in Israel. The children had clearly been taken by Israeli medical centers, where they were used for ‘spare parts’.”


        5. Amazing. You persist in defending the most wicked group of people in the world–maybe the history of the world. You defend that pure evil by misdirection. Changing the subject.

          That is, you refuse to state categorically that using hospitals and schools as military sites is monstrous evil.

          You refuse to acknowledge that this vile culture does so to draw fire, to produce deaths of innocents for use in propaganda, which will be spread by horrible people like yourself, cheerfully.

          And you refuse to denounce the systematic use of the schools in that horrible, sickening sewer of a land, to pervert the minds of future generations into mindless killers, so that peace will never be possible.

          Instead of denouncing these obvious evils (as anyone civilized would do), you talk about an unrelated topic.

          And once again again, your ignorant yahoo lapdog clicks “like.” MHB sure is riding high these days.

        6. http://cis.org/sites/cis.org/files/articles/2001/back1301.pdf

          Steven Steinlight (American Jewish Committee) states in this article for CIS.org (Center for Immigration Studies) in 2001:


          “I’ll confess it, at least: like thousands of other
          typical Jewish kids of my generation, I was reared as a
          Jewish nationalist, even a quasi-separatist. Every summer
          for two months for 10 formative years during my childhood
          and adolescence I attended Jewish summer camp. There,
          each morning, I saluted a foreign flag, dressed in a uniform
          reflecting its colors, sang a foreign national anthem, learned
          a foreign language, learned foreign folk songs and dances,
          and was taught that Israel was the true homeland.
          Emigration to Israel was considered the highest virtue,
          and, like many other Jewish teens of my generation, I
          spent two summers working in Israel on a collective farm
          while I contemplated that possibility. More tacitly and
          subconsciously, I was taught the superiority of my people
          to the gentiles who had oppressed us. We were taught to
          view non-Jews as untrustworthy outsiders, people from
          whom sudden gusts of hatred might be anticipated, people
          less sensitive, intelligent, and moral than ourselves. We
          were also taught that the lesson of our dark history is that
          we could rely on no one.”

        7. What does that have to do with my comment, stlonginus?

          As I reply to Gil, down below,

          “My point, of course, was that these two pieces of evidence fully justify Trump’s change of policy, which was the theme of the article these comments are to do with. I said that Trump has obviously, quite reasonably, drawn the conclusion that the PLO and Hamas want the elimination of Israel, not a “two state solution,” so there is no point in pretending that they want peace with Israel.”

          Why is everyone here pretending to reply to my comment, but talking about things completely unrelated instead? Weird.

        8. “…launching missiles from hospitals and schools, confident that it will lead to the death of innocent kids, purely for the propaganda value”

          “Training children, toddlers, to train as terrorists–in KINDERGARTEN”

          You are saying that I’m IMAGINING these facts?

          And the ignorant yahoo, sunaj LIKES that weird comment of yours?

          I’m NOT imagining these things. The videos are legitimate. Did you even watch them?

        9. The people who use kindergartens as terrorist training camps are monsters. I denounce them. Do you?

          The people who use hospitals and schools as launching pads for rockets against innocent people are monsters. I denounce them. Do you?

        10. What proof is there of where these poor excuse for missiles come from and who launches them except Jewish propaganda? What proof is there as to the source of your supplied video other the claims of a Jewish station?

      2. According to the Corbett report our sold-out traitors in government esp. the dual Israeli traitors serving in high office are about to give $40,000,000,000 to these very same Israelis, committing these atrocious crimes using YOUR TAX DOLLARS, as you struggle to keep your homes and feed your families,
        along with that we have these Zionist traitors who infiltrate all of media-blogs, discussion groups, etc/Jewish Internet Defense Force, like this PATRICK character who in spite of clear evidence continue to spout their criminal rhetoric in order to prevent YOU the American Citizen from getting this information, their whole reason for being here is to confuse, confound and disrupt public commentary,
        in the future there is going to be a citizen’s tribunal to try all these traitors in government who have been attacking us from within,
        when that day comes I am going to make SURE that Patrick is on that list


    1. The Israeli thugs use force against the Palestinians that is far disproportionate to the force used by Palestinians. The Israelis are very, very proud of the picture of the Palestinian child with his entire brain blown out by Israeli snipers. Israel wants genocide, the end of the Palestinians. That said, many Israelis are NOT in favor of this Likudist nightmare.

      Israel is our biggest enemy, overall. Some day we will have to confront this FACT.

      1. “The Israelis are very, very proud of the picture of the Palestinian child with his entire brain blown out by Israeli snipers. Israel wants genocide, the end of the Palestinians. ”

        A ridiculous lie. Thee are no “Israeli snipers.”

        How do you define “genocide,” Gil? Apparently, you have a unique, personal definition that does not have to do with the elimination of an entire people-group.

        “The Israeli thugs use force against the Palestinians that is far disproportionate to the force used by Palestinians.”

        Well. Another question for you, Gil: what should Israel do when Hamas sends rockets into peaceable villages, day after day, traumatizing children into PTSD? Bonus question: since those peaceable civilians have done nothing to Hamas to bring those rockets raining down, wouldn’t the launching of the rockets be, by definition, “disproportionate”?

        Please answer these questions. Or do you love the wickedness of the Hamas monsters who are actively endeavoring to make their horrible population even more wicked, from the cradle?

        1. No arguing with you, Pat. Seems like the last year or so you’ve exhibited a bad case of burn-out. Sorry to hear about it, Pat. You sound so Likudist these days.
          The accumulated detritus of the Jewish state should be enough for you to make an informed decision that is accurate. But, sadly, it is not. Perhaps you can rationalize the function of ADL, JDL, AIPAC, too. Do you consider them wonderful?

          Poor, poor Talmudia. Tsk, tsk.

        2. ” accumulated detritus”? Have you ever BEEN to Israel, Gil? It’s a very lovely country. It’s a wonderful place. But that’s far off my point.

          Why is it that you, and the rest of the repliers to my comment, so assiduously resist replying to its content? It is about the pure, undiluted evil of the Arabs who have awarded themselves the name “Palestinians.” Specifically, their invention of the most unimaginably wicked tactic of warfare ever devised, and their training their children, from kindergarten, to become crazed murderers.

          Why? Why do you insist upon talking about something else, ignoring what I said?

          My point, of course, was that these two pieces of evidence fully justify Trump’s change of policy, which was the theme of the article these comments are to do with. I said that Trump has obviously, quite reasonably, drawn the conclusion that the PLO and Hamas want the elimination of Israel, not a “two state solution,” so there is no point in pretending that they want peace with Israel.

          But you, like the rest, ignore that, pretending that’s not the topic I raised, so that you can ride your own completely different hobby horse. And then accuse me of affinities for groups you have no evidence to associate me with. You can have no idea what I think of the organizations you mention, or the political leadership of Israel–because I have never written about those things.

          What I HAVE written about is the undeniable, unprecedented, evil of the group of people who elected Hamas to rule them, and who have not recoiled in horror once Hamas started training their toddlers to become terrorists. To the contrary, they are so degenerated that they approve of it. Are you willing to call evil evil, Gil, without changing the subject?

          Israel exists, and the people that Hamas represents exist. The people Hamas represents will never acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, much less put down their weapons and live in peace along side Israel. American presidential policy has been a fantasy. Perhaps a president Trump will be the first one to see the situation as it really is, and shape a policy that deals with reality. It would be a healthy change.

        3. Very typical of these Zionists,
          watch a film about their terror upon children,
          like the one on the face of this Youtube,
          but does it phase them? “Collateral damage,” “It was their fault”
          you people have truly earned the description of parasites,
          you do not belong in the company of intelligent ethical people,
          you share in these crimes by promoting them,
          your pathetic posts are nothing but empty rhetoric,
          you have NO loyalty to the country you swore an oath to
          and you WILL BE JUDGED for your treason

        4. You think Israel should just absorb endless missile attacks from outside her borders, without intervening to stop it.

          That’s because you have something wrong with your mind.

          If you think the United States should just absorb endless missile attacks from, say, Mexico, raining down on border cities, terrorizing, killing, traumatizing innocent Americans, and not retaliate, then you are a moron. A nincompoop.

          The Arabs who elected Hamas to lead them are by definition evil not simply because they levied terror war against Israel. They are evil in a way unique to history by launching those rockets from hospitals and schools, in the hopes that their own children would die in the war they started–for propaganda purposes.

          If you defend that pure, indescribable evil, you are as perfectly evil as Hamas. To call that a shameful club to belong to is to give shame a bad name.

        5. You are getting more and more pathetic, Pat. You sound desperate, trying desperately to “score” some points off people who are on to you. I think they’d love you over at Veterans Today, they eat up punching bags readily.
          We’ve all seen people come apart from time to time, this appears to be your time.

      1. So you, too, think children should be raised, using the schools, to become maniacal terrorist killers?

        Do you have kids? If so, would you approve of that for them? Or only the enemy of your enemy should destroy their future that way?

        Likewise, you, apparently, also agree that it’s a fine tactic of war to use hospitals and schools as launching pads for rockets into civilian neighborhoods, and that it’s just wonderful when that’s done to hopefully produce child casualties, for propaganda.

        Chicken or egg? Are you insane? Can’t you call evil evil?

        What has MHB come to?

        1. Welcome back Pat!! Man did we miss you here. And you haven’t changed a bit with that Pro-Israel garbage. And MHB has change to where we agree to disagree and not have adolescent taper tantrum.

          I guess that Mormon friend of yours is still fuming. Such is life ! We’ll all mature one day and learn wisdom to your standards.

          Welcome back friend.

    2. Those aren’t children, silly; they are very short “crisis actors.” Can’t you tell they are “posing” for the Hollywood cameras? 🙂

      BOTH sides are playing their expected roles. It’s called the Hegelian Dialectic. It’s been planned for centuries. The Rothschilds reportedly bought Jerusalem in 1829 for this very purpose. The Niles’ Register of Nov. 23 or 28 (blurry), 1829, reported on it in their “Miscellaneous” section. The gentleman who ordered/purchased a copy of that old newspaper & who originally published screenshots of it last year 2015, his site is no longer active, but Archive.org copied the page:

      Original link:

      Archive.org copy:

      It sounds to me like you might be a deceived Evangelical Christian who has bought the “God created Modern Israel” lie. Don’t feel bad, I fell for it, too, for several years. Your sanctimoniousness is a bit much, though.

      Trump, like you, sadly, has some very large blind spots only due to the massive overwhelming propaganda (even though Trump KNOWS the media LIES, he, like you, still believes their “NEWS” is actually REAL “News”). It takes a LOT of time & a LOT of reading to get up to speed, time that many people just do not have so they stay deceived. It also helps to speed things up if the Lord Himself wakes you up to the fact that HE has nothing to do with “Modern Israel.” It’s a Rothschild Judeo-Masonic construct. They “lust” for Jerusalem so they can rebuild Solomon’s Temple plastered in gold from top to bottom (hello Fort Knox) so their long-awaited (fake) Messiah can appear (Biblical anti-christ).

      And why pick on James Tracy? He’s been through a lot since the Sandy Hoax investigative work & book, or hadn’t you heard? Maybe he was too busy fighting off attackers, & dealing with the loss of a job to be able to moderate every single comment. Give the guy a break already.

      Stating reality is not anti-semitism, btw. Please go read Henry Makow.com’s site. He’s Jewish & he’s wide awake to all this. If you won’t believe us Gentiles, go learn from a Jewish person. Or will you accuse him of being a “self-hating Jew”?

      1. I have written about all these things here at MHB, for years, and you pretty much get it all wrong.

        “It sounds to me like you might be a deceived Evangelical Christian who has bought the “God created Modern Israel” lie”

        It may sound like that to you, but it’s not true. I explained my position is some detail last March:


        “Trump, like you, sadly, has some very large blind spots only due to the massive overwhelming propaganda”

        Well. You ASSUME I have “blind spots” because I fall for propaganda; you only make that assumption because you are new around here and are unfamiliar with my thought. That’s fine. You have no way of knowing.

        Here’s a germane excerpt from the comment I linked to:

        “From my perspective it is neither a good thing nor a bad thing that the Zionist enterprise was launched in 1879, and that Israel declared independence half a century later. It is simply a fact of history.

        “Zionists have a value judgement about that fact of history: they think it’s a terrific thing, and encourage it. I regard myself as an objective observer. Since it happened, just like the settling of America happened, we must accept that the people who are born there now belong there. Should it have happened? That is the kind of question a child asks….

        “The emergence of Zionism in the pages of history is of particular interest to me, of course, because the Bible set out in so many places predictions that it would happen, and that it would lead to the culmination of history–which is a situation that will be exceedingly unpleasant. But, Jesus told us in more than one place to keep an eye on “the signs of the times.” Good advice. The creation of Israel is of seminal importance.”

        Read the whole thing.

        Israel’s leadership has always been very bad, but that does not make Israel’s enemies automatically good. Israel’s people are just like us; its a Western country that feels just like America when you go there. They are just people, raising families, going to work, shopping in stores, driving around. It’s not evil. It’s just another country. The same cannot be said of any Moslem country–and it is certainly not true of Gaza or the West Bank. Islam is toxic, and makes the lands it dominates very unpleasant, because it is social poison–which is why it seems natural to them that Hamas would use kindergartens to train the children to become terrorists, and why they feel no shame in launching rockets from the roofs of hospitals, in the hopes that it will get their own children killed.

        In any event, it does not matter how much of the media simulacrum of reality Trump believes, when it comes to deciding that the “Palestinians” cannot be trusted to have their own country. Any objective observer will conclude the same–and it has nothing to do with the question of whether Israel should or should not exist.

      1. At least he didn’t shoot himself in the back of head at 9 yards, then slit his own throat and jump in the pool.

        That one was getting Old…hahaha

  5. BTW- The Talmud is HATE SPEECH anyway you slice it,
    I don’t typically support banning organizations, religions, etc., but in the truest sense of the word this represents true terrorism, and those that proclaim it and practice it (Talmudic Jews, or any other group that conspires to enslave others, practice pedophilia, assert that people outside their secret society are cattle to be used and abused etc.),
    it has no place in public organizations, celebrations or public displays-especially in the White House-
    and this practice clearly demonstrates what whores the politicians in DC are, it looks like a Jewish festival there,
    this goes for any other secret society that takes an oath over and above their oath of office, who conspire to overthrow the country by subversion

  6. This has proved to be a pretty good experiment.

    MHB started out being an expression of media criticism, which its founder is a specialist in. Naturally, it became a venue for the exploration of events the media refused to investigate. Increasingly, it became clear that there are no “reporters” anymore. Just stenographers. It attracted lots of aggressive investigators. Exciting times.

    Something changed, though. MHB (I’m guessing, here) became known as a “conspiracy” mongering site, which naturally (sadly) means it became a magnet for Jew-haters, and all the toxic bile they swim within. These people hate lots of other people, too. So the colonists, the newcomers so enthusiastic in their happiness in having found a new place to express their hate, drove away the rational thinkers.

    James Tracy, who claims he “moderates” this place, did not care about this transformation. I know not why. He let it happen.

    So then, he posted this article. A ridiculous piece. Why he thought it worthy of posting is beyond me. Donald Trump is obviously to be commended for changing his mind about the likelihood of the Arabs who claim the moniker “Palestinians” being worthy of the grant of statehood. Yet, Tracy, by posting this, implies that Trump errs in this deliberation.

    So I pointed out how wonderfully judicious Trump’s felicitous change of policy is. I gave proofs that the Arabs who are routinely seated across the table from the Israelis have absolutely no intent to acknowledge the right Israel possesses to exist, much less stop trying to destroy it.

    Why did Tracy post the article? I can’t read his mind. I’ve never met or talked with the man in any way. All I know is what I have evidenced from this web site. But he did make that decision.

    Here’s the point. The premise of the experiment I subjected you all to. I answered Tracy’s implied question. My answer was that Donald Trump probably changed his position about “Palestinian” “statehood” because he found out the facts: that they have no intention of accepting a “two state solution”; they will not relent until Israel is no more. I said, thank God a presidential candidate has finally emerged who acknowledges that incontrovertible truth.

    Well, not one commenter paid any attention to my point, much less addressed it.

    My comment drew lots of comments, all of which were saturated in Jew hatred. Open hate the likes of which I have never seen before. David Goldman recently wrote about How anti-Semitism became respectable again (http://atimes.com/2016/06/how-anti-semitism-became-respectable-again-spengler/). He needs to read the comments at MHB to REALLY understand the depths of that depravity.

    How anyone can side with people who use hospitals as launching pads for rockets randomly targeting suburban neighborhood homes is beyond my ability to comprehend. And that they could still side with them when it’s pointed out that those horrible people do that because they WANT children to be killed, so that the deaths can be used for propaganda, well, I am left speechless. I do not belong in the company of people like that.

    It was a good experiment. Because not one person who is left in this place who sides with the good said boo. All the replies sides with evil.

    MHB is dead.

      1. Thanks, Mick! Nothing could serve more perfectly as a coda to my little experiment than these pithy remarks. “A disgusting individual,” am I?

        Well, what, then, are you (and all the others who replied to me–and also didn’t)? I mean, none of you addressed my point. Why? Could it be because it is obviously true, and you can’t handle it? Can’t cope with its reality? Are you all cowards, so wedded to a false reality that you can only react by silence, misdirection, and finally find yourselves reduced to sputtering that the bringer of the bad report is a “disgusting individual”? I think so.

        In the event, you all stand guilty. (1) You believe that Israel should do what America would never do–that is, not react as America would if Mexico rained down rockets in San Diego and El Paso. (2) You believe that it is a positive good that the Arabs who elected Hamas to represent their collective voice train their toddlers to be psycho killers. (3) You believe that it is just fine that the rockets Hamas rained down on innocent suburbanites in Israel were launched from hospitals and schools–precisely so that when the inevitable retaliation comes, children would die, because dead kids are a dandy weapon of propaganda war.

        And I am the “disgusting individual.”

        You created a brand new definition of “disgusting” here.

        What YOU (and all the others, commenting and remaining silent) stand for, those three points, is the truly disgusting thing, in the REAL world. If standing against training children to be terrorists, standing against the use of children as human shields in a terrorist war, and the advocacy of national self defense against those evils is to you “disgusting,” then you are a truly sick man. And all who stand with you on those three points. No one reading this site stood up with me, siding with truth. Trump, clearly, sees the so-called “Palestinians” to be unworthy of statehood. Anyone with sense does the same.

        That not a single commenter piped up to side with good against evil is, again, proof that MHB is dead.

        [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNLhxKpfCnA&w=420&h=315%5D

        Afraid not. Not any more. Just ignorant yahoos.

    1. Your vacation at Tavistock did you no good. The transformation is simply amazing, you are angry, vicious, and pathetic all rolled into one.

  7. Mick-
    That is a devastating article you posted on the Israelis transporting 25,000 Ukranian kids to use for ORGAN DONORS,
    thi is so typical of the Zionist, now they herd 25,000 children to slaughter to harvest their organs???
    PAT(THETIC] be glad Dr. Tracy is moderating this forum, most of us would throw you under a bus for your monstrous responses to these and other crimes from your handlers,
    I am asking everyone to send a letter/fax to your (sold out) representatives and demand they END Israeli blackmail/welfare from US tax dollars-remember-if you sit idly by why these monsters perform their heinous crimes against children you share some of that responsiblity

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