Will the Pulse Nightclub Crime Scene Also Be Demolished?

Hours before the alleged “worst mass shooting in US history” at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, the City of Orlando created an online record either concerning the bar’s business tax or a potential building permit involving an unspecified project at the business’ 1912 South Orange Avenue address.


This is according to the transaction’s case number of BUS0004986-003 via the municipality’s online records system at CityofOrlando.net. In the most unusual timing, the electronic record was generated on Saturday June 11, 2016 with an expected completion date of October 1, 2016.

The reason that the document appears to involve construction is that it further states: “Plan revisions may not be submitted until all disciplines have completed their plan reviews.” As homeowners who have pulled a permit to remodel their homes are well aware, the process anticipates several stages of bureaucratic review.

[Click to Enlarge]

An MHB reader contacted the City of Orlando and was told that the city doesn’t normally conduct business on Saturdays or Sundays. Thus if the record below is accurate and not the result of automation this client must have been very special indeed.

Another party, YouTuber HowISee the World (below) was informed that the new “case” was merely for submission of Pulse’s “2017 Business Tax,” indicated in the “Fee Description.” If this is true it remains an uncanny coincidence.


One may recall that the main crime scenes of the Sandy Hook massacre–the Sandy Hook school and residence of Adam Lanza–were demolished in 2013 and 2015 respectively (here and here). Is the Pulse Nightclub also scheduled for a similar fate this summer or early fall?

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29 thought on “Orlando Mass Shooting: Foreknowledge of Mass Casualty Event?”
  1. Fifty-Nifty Orlando Omar Failed to Find the Pulse.


    The property records and google earth pic of Pulse.
    Some Sandy Hook facts.
    I predicted gays in Psy -Ops in an April vid.
    Using Gay agents is a successful way of using two agents to appear married.
    Trump is a NY builder.Heavy organized crime and unions.The licensing and building permit agencies could make business extremely difficult.He had to have a good relationship with Hillary when she was Senator.
    He gave the Clinton Foundation 100,000.

    1. To be fair,giving $100,000,for Trump is like giving a homeless gay guy 20 bucks so he can go get that desperately needed blowjob….drop in the bucket.

  2. I once drove several hours to find a seafood restaurant because of the glowing reviews on TripAdvisor, only to discover that it had been closed for years. I was puzzled therefore to check the Pulse nightclub on TripAdvisor, two days following the shooting, to read that it was “Temporarily Closed.” Accurate yes, but it seems an odd bit of housekeeping in the immediate aftermath of a massacre.

    1. Good catch! Mrs. Poma didn’t waste any time setting that up!

      I notice it is NOT listed as a “NOT FOR PROFIT” but as a regular LLC.

      I also notice she did NOT use their regular Tax/Biz attorney, Robert Lee Underwood III, as the Registered Agent for her new “Pulse Employee Recovery Fund” but is using just a standard process receiver company in Tallahassee.

    1. There’s more breaking news at tv reporter Frances Wang’s twitter feed. She got these two interviews with a counter-protest organizer, who reveals her own fascism when she says, “There’s no free speech for Fascists…anyone thinking of joining them, don’t.”

      "There's no free speech for Fascists…anyone thinking of joining them, don't."RAW: https://t.co/uynqkesDs5 @ABC10 pic.twitter.com/gkAzyY4I2P— Frances Wang (@ABC10Frances) June 26, 2016


      A protest leader talks about "militant tactics" & "self-defense" to shut down "Nazi recruitment rally" @ABC10 pic.twitter.com/fpIcIKrz1X— Frances Wang (@ABC10Frances) June 26, 2016


      Here’s the coverage from Wang’s local ABC10 television station in Sacramento: http://www.abc10.com/news/local/10-hospitalized-after-violent-clashes-at-capitol/256289403


      Protesters by the Traditionalist Worker Party were called Nazis by counter-protesters in demonstrations June 26, 2016 that led to clashes with police.

      Staff, ABC 10 , KXTV 5:47 PM. PDT June 26, 2016

      At least five people were stabbed in violent clashes between demonstrators and counter-protesters Sunday at the Capitol. At least two of the victims have life-threatening injuries, according to the Sacramento Fire Department.

      The Traditionalist Worker Party — which bills itself as “defending faith, family, and folk against the politicians and oligarchs who are running America into the ground” — was met by counter protestors calling the party “Nazis” and “fascists.” According to the Sacramento Police Department, multiple people were injured.

      In total, 10 people were transported to UC Davis Medical Center, including nine men and one woman, fire officials reported. Injuries varied from multiple stab wounds to lacerations.

      The Traditionalist Worker Party had a permit to hold a rally at the Capitol. The rally was canceled after the confrontations.

      The Sacramento Police Department is advising motorists to take alternative routes if traveling near the capitol this afternoon. Sgt. Matt McPhail of Sacramento Police says a gun was found in the area of the melee after the incident at the Capitol. He didn’t know what kind of gun – or if it’s a handgun. The Sacramento Police have not yet made any arrests.

      This is a developing story. ABC10 will have more information once it becomes available.”

      Once again, here’s a picture of the black-block contingent that delivered the beat-down, with their faces conveniently covered to prevent identification. Needless to say, no arrests have been made. Who knows? Maybe they’re cops themselves.

      A lot of counter protestors in all black, covering their faces. For some reason, they don't like media. @ABC10 pic.twitter.com/WqnXkjzkpa— Frances Wang (@ABC10Frances) June 26, 2016


    1. If that conversation was Real, that should be good enough evidence to hand over to the MSM and prove Chem-Trails are Real and hold the Govt. Accountable!

      Oh, Never Mind……

      1. “hand over evidence to MSN to “prove chemtrails are real” ? are you kidding me , first of all MSN is a counsel on foreign relations / ESTABLISHMENT /CABAL, OWNED military weapon of brain washing , apparently you are not aware that ALL MEDIA OUTLETS are owned by the establishment & the tv is a piece of brain washing equipment of distraction, race wars, Who Owns The Media? The 6 Monolithic Corporations That Control Almost Everything We Watch, Hear And Read http://www.dcclothesline.com/2014/10/23/owns-media-6-monolithic-corporations-control-almost-everything-watch-hear-read/ —-The Mainstream Media as a Weapon of Social Engineering & War https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eEY-9kUkyg & as far as chemical trails, that subject is also not up for debate , WE ARE BEING SPRAYED DAILY, by the establishment & the U.S military ( one of the most corrupt entities on the planet , you seem to be completely unfamiliar with the testing that has been done historically on U.S citizens , chemtrails are NO TEST, we, our children & our entire planet are being murdered by these sprayed DAILY heavy metal carcinogens they are dumping into our atmosphere that is coming down then on us , ALL RAIN WATER TESTING has been done and is HEAVILY LADEN WITH ALUMINUM,BARIUM, STRONTIUM, LITHIUM, ARSENIC & MANY OTHER heavy metals, molds & virus’s , i suggest you RESEARCH & not parrot what others say on this subject Geoengineering, A Clear And Present Danger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uv0Ko2OU4Ec —– Climate Engineering Desperation, Decimation, And Destruction, What Will It Take To Wake The Masses? http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/climate-engineering-desperation-decimation-and-destruction-what-will-it-take-to-wake-the-masses/ for Gods sake wake up & HELP your own children , they have ZERO chance of growing old on this planet at the rate the weather & chemical destruction is going on on this planet brought to you via your miltary & establishment cabal. chemical trailing / weather warfare goes hand in hand with the false flag events that are taking place Weather Warfare Assault, A Physician Speaks Out http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/weather-warfare-assault-a-physician-speaks-out/

  3. Has anyone read about an FBI report that reports the beginning of the Pulse shootings as 5:13 AM…just after the stormtroopers crashed into the club? That completely louses up the official timeline,if it’s true.

  4. This one stumps me a little bit. I clicked on the enlargement and it seems to clearly indicate it was a tax matter. Perhaps I am not interpreting it correctly.

    If, however, it was purely a tax matter (which it might not have been), then I got to thinking about federal income tax (which this certainly is not).

    I suppose a pertinent question would be this: when does the municipal business year end/begin for the City of Orlando? It’s not unusual for these business years to be significantly “off” compared to the years we know to end/begin in Dec/Jan.

    The timing does seem very odd, but the presumably automated nature of the invoice seems plausible enough.

    I think the event was fake as a three-dollar bill (to use one of Alex Jones’ old chestnut phrases), but I don’t know that this piece of information is necessarily significant.

    However, when considered in conjunction with other anomalies, this detail might indeed have a significance which I am just not appreciating (not for lack of trying).

    I would add that the alligator thing at Disney World MUST totally be tied into the grand Orlando psyop. I witnessed firsthand yesterday a class of graduate students ENTHRALLED by the alligator attack while not mentioning the Pulse shooting whatsoever (over the course of hours in discussion). Our class had not met since before the Pulse event.

    I would also add that the “carjacking” of the Sanford, Florida mayor MUST be part of this measured psyop. In fact, I’m guessing it was a message to silence anyone in the greater Orlando area who might have been considering speaking out about the fake shooting.

    I also need to research the singer who was killed in Orlando (not in the Pulse event).

    One other tidbit. The writer of Big Gay Musical supposedly committed suicide in the days after the Pulse event. Was this like the Sanantha Power visit to the gay club in NYC. A.K.A. Was this another seemingly extraneous detail meant to reinforce the veracity of the Pulse narrative?

    Common sloppy logic can be greatly influenced seemingly-verifying events. I’m sure a more erudite commentator can cite the exact cognitive bias for which I am grappling.


  5. I would also add the strangely-timed death of “American interior designer and gay rights activist” Melvin Dwork (you can’t make this fabulous stuff up!). The quote is from a Wikipedia list of recently-deceased people. –Paul

  6. The Big Gay Musical author in question (“suicide” on June 13) was 41-year-old Fred Caruso. Gay-rights-activist Melvin Dwork is said to have died at age 94 the following day (June 14).

    Perhaps the cognitive bias in question would be a form of confirmation bias. If one has “bought” the story that the Pulse event really happened (or at least happened in any way resembling the always-lackluster modern news coverage), then said extraneous events (though they are likely unrelated in any substantial way) lend a reality to what was probably an unreal event.

    Once a viewer has made their mind up (one way or the other), then everything confirms what they already believe. Most often, confirmation bias seems to be illustrated as a case of conflicting information being twisted or blended into the supporting details of an erroneous hypothesis. This would therefore be a less dramatic form of the same phenomenon. [Please correct me if there is a more specific name for this error in reasoning.]


    1. CIA shell game no doubt. They offices and buildings and even retail fronts all over the US and the world.

      There is also a large $$$ factor here.

      WTC = 3 Billion Ins. pay out, alone. SHE = 55 Million and this doesn’t even include all the “fake” donations they received from all the FF’s..

      It’s Tax Payers Money.

  7. Did Authorities wait over 90 minutes during the shooting carnage because they NEEDED a high body count for a politically motivated gun grab???

    “Victims trapped in the gay nightclub said they remember Mateen darting around, pacing between the club’s three bathrooms, and opening fire sporadically for as long as 90 minutes.

    “I don’t know why they didn’t come in to save us sooner,” said Serrano, of Deltona, who was rescued about a half hour into the ordeal. “He just kept shooting and shooting.”


  8. Very interesting little tidbit you found there re the 6/11/16 entry for Biz Tax &/or Building Permit/Plans!

    Re: “…the new ‘case’ was merely for submission of Pulse’s ‘2017 Business TAX,’ indicated in the ‘Fee Description.’ If this is true it remains an uncanny coincidence.”


    The Registered Agent in the 1912 South Orange Avenue LLC corporate listing at sunbiz.org is an TAX Attorney, Robert Lee Underwood, III (born 1946 in Georgia). His website is RLULAW.com (his initials + law). He has a big home in Raleigh, NC, where their main law office is located at the Edwards Mill Road address.

    Their site lists two other satellite law offices as well, the Major Blvd. address in Orlando, & another office in Las Vegas.

    The owner of the Major Blvd. Orlando office address, I believe, was Emerson International, so maybe Underwood rents space there.

    I could not find any RESIDENTIAL property for Underwood at the Orlando/Orange County Property Appraiser site. So if he ever actually works out of that Major Blvd. Orlando address, he must rent somewhere to live or maybe he has a second home in another nearby Florida county. I also tried to check for a Washington, DC, residential property for him but their Property Appraiser site does not offer searching by NAME but only by address.

    Per his bio at his law firm site http://rlulaw.com/members.php, Robert Lee Underwood III went to a NC law school yet does NOT have a NC Bar license (a little odd to have a home in Raleigh & a main law office in Raleigh but no Bar license for NC). However, he DOES have a FL Bar license (1996) AND a DC Bar license (1973/4). So maybe he stays put in Raleigh & does work “long distance” for DC & FL clients only.

    (Maybe he has “friends” in DC who could hack the Orlando/Orange County Records site. 🙂

    His wife(?) Anne Underwood is also shown at his law office website as a “Consultant.” I saw her name & the website/email addy …@RLULAW.com on a letter at the sunbiz.org site from 2003 for 1912 South Orange Avenue LLC, so they have been working for the Pomas for over a decade at least.

    Brief description of their law practice from their home page at RLULAW.com:

    “SCOPE OF PRACTICE: Underwood & Roberts, PLLC is a unique law firm that provides a wide range of tax, legal and business services for high net-worth families and owners / executives of closely held businesses throughout the world. These services include tax and business planning, estate planning, corporate and individual tax compliance, automotive dealership law, business transactions and negotiations.”

    One of the videos posted in comments above tried to make a big deal over the fact that Poma had an address at Edwards Mill Road, Raleigh, NC. But that is the above attorney’s main law office address, so that is not unusual at all since Poma is one of his clients.

    Speaking of Pomas, they have a nice big 4-bedroom 4-bath house in Maitland, FL. I put the links re that in a comment here:

    All researched links re the attorney/Underwood I put in this comment:

    And lastly, I betcha that “eyesore” building will be razed soon enough! 🙂

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