Orlando Countersues Associated Press on Behalf of Feds

Associated Press/Toledo Blade
(June 23, 3016)

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer reads details of the shootings at Pulse nightclub during a media briefing June 13. Gov. Rick Scott at right. Chris O’Meara AP

ORLANDO, Fla. — About two dozen media organizations including the Associated Press, CNN and The New York Times filed a lawsuit today seeking disclosure of city of Orlando phone recordings stemming from the Pulse nightclub shooting.

The city, meanwhile, claimed in its own court filing that the recordings are exempt under Florida public records law and that the FBI insists releasing them may disrupt the ongoing investigation.

The media lawsuit contends city officials are wrongly withholding recordings of dozens of 911 calls as well as communications between gunman Omar Mateen and the Orlando Police Department. Mateen was killed by police early June 12 after a lengthy standoff in a mass shooting that killed 49 people and wounded 53 others.

A death certificate issued Thursday shows that Mateen’s body was buried at the Muslim Cemetery of South Florida in Hialeah Gardens near Miami. It doesn’t say when the burial took place.

Also Thursday, a new assistance center for shooting victims opened, and an evening street party was planned by the Pulse nightclub owner as a way to show the community’s resilience. The party was Latin-themed, since it was “Latin night” at Pulse the night of the shootings.

The media lawsuit filed in Orange County Circuit Court says the public needs to fully understand how events transpired that night, including the timing and tactics of police, and any indications from Mateen about the motivations behind the attack. The audio recordings would likely give clues to the tone and demeanor of those on the calls, including some calls possibly made by hostages during the three-hour standoff.

“There is strong public interest in fully evaluating how first responders and police reacted during the most critical phases of this incredible tragedy,” the media organizations contend. “To be sure, the news media do not approach this petition with any preconceived notion that the city somehow acted inappropriately. Indeed, the audio recordings may well serve to substantiate and justify any action taken.”

In its own lawsuit — which names only the AP as a defendant — the city claims the FBI doesn’t want the recordings released to protect its investigation. The FBI has released a partial written transcript of Mateen’s calls to police, but a letter from the Tampa FBI chief to Orlando officials makes clear the bureau wants the recordings sealed for now.

“The FBI considers information obtained from state and local law enforcement agencies in furtherance of its investigation to be evidence, or potential evidence,” says the letter dated Monday from Paul Wysopal, special agent in charge of the FBI Tampa field office.

The FBI and city claim the recordings are exempt from disclosure under Florida public records law because they pertain to the ongoing investigation, could endanger witnesses and might disrupt any possible future prosecutions. The city also cites other exemptions, including any recording that depicts “the killing of persons” that may include gunshot sounds and victim voices.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said in a statement that the city supports the FBI’s need to protect its investigation but also must “balance that with our responsibility to be transparent” and comply with state and federal law.

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37 thought on “Orlando Mass Shooting: News Orgs File Lawsuit to Access Crucial Public Records”
  1. How can anyone believe this obvious COINTEL NONSENSE? The JEW media is asking for tapes???? And why’s that, to bust Israel/Rothschild/CIA hydra? …. thought you were smarter than that 101 ruse.

    1. Dyer is well known in Orlando to be crooked as a snake. Beware of any politician named “Buddy”.

      The Florida Democratic Party, and Orlando Mayor John H. “Buddy” Dyer (who paid for the mailer), think YOU ARE THAT DUMB.

      This is the ultimate sign of a career politician who no longer puts right before wrong, the truth before fiction…and should be motivation enough to send this special interest errand boy packing on November 3rd.


  2. The whole story kind of fell apart. I think the speculation of his sex life reported in such venerable publications as the LA Times is to throw people off the original lie that this event is a false flag. The fact that Omar is an actor and works for G4S sends alarm bells. The spectacle of the buddies carrying the injured was so fake looking. I knew it was another phony shooting. I saw the issue with the 911 audio coming. If this is a phony shooting or false flag, there might not be any audio or at least what the FBI and authorities have said. The lawsuit by AP and CNN could even be a psyop to let us think something is being done. Nothing is believable anymore.

    1. Steve, I think you may have hit the nail on the head; that’s exactly what I thought when I saw this story. The MSM have proven themselves to be utterly useless, so they need to be able to claim they are seeking what really happened in Orlando. They will appear to come up against some serious opposition in trying to get info from the city of Orlando, but in the end, it will be another “nothing to see here folks, now move along”.

      The MSM have been a vital part of every one of these criminal government acts for many years, and they are not about to bail out now so late in the game. This is just another act in the same scene, playing out on the same stage. Everyone here at MHB probably knows this.

      1. The identity of the heavy guy in the hat has been established. I’m referring to the man who is helping to carry a black woman, who bears no visible injuries, towards the shooting. He asks her casually: “So, what brings us to Orlando?” He is a director, writer, and you guessed it – an actor who used the name Chris Hansen and was a star witness on every network multiple times. Chris’ Facebook page is only a few days old and only shows photos from the massacre. He is however Bjorn Jiskoot Jr. He does not appear to be gay since he posts many online photos of himself and fiancée, including a close-up of her engagement ring on his Facebook page, which goes back tp 2009. Also posted are photos of his work to create fake open wounds, bruises and horrific lacerations. He has so many online postings, from IMBd to YouTube, that scrubbing this guy would be a hopeless challenge even for the Honr network. Check him out.


        1. Sandy, is this the same fellow that Jim Fetzer talked about in one of his latest shows? The one that has played everything from a rabbit to a satanist?

        1. Oddly, this guy was born in Ft. Hood Texas! One of his comments on his IMBd account shows him to have done some sort of film work for Disney. Mr. Jiskoot has some ‘splainin’to do.

  3. Ongoing investigation exemption under F.O.I.A.:

    “records or information compiled for law enforcement purposes, but only to the extent that the production of such law enforcement records or information (A) could reasonably be expected to interfere with enforcement proceedings”;

    Reasonably interfere with WHAT law enforcement proceeding?

    So the FBI can squash these information requests without showing ANY tangible link to any person or organization either foreign or domestic. This is stonewalling.

  4. An excellent idea would be a F.O.I.A. request for Mateen’s FBI records, including all materials related to the closed investigation in which the FBI tried to get him to conspire to a terrorist offense.

    Obviously, this guy was on a watch list, this guy was subjected to COINTELPRO/gang stalking tactics. This could reveal a lot about Motive that the FBI would never want to see the light of day.

      1. HowISeeThe World is his YouTube channel and he has made a number of calls, one of them to ask if it’s allowed for patients to wear street clothing in their hospital bed. He’s tenacious and cheerfully stayed on the line, transfer after transfer until he finally got an answer. No, it is not allowed. Despite six gunshot wounds, one of which hit his ‘behind,’ Angel Colon sat up in bed sporting a skin tight Hawaiian shirt. His arm sported and IV port which was not connected to any tubing, and he was surrounded by dozens of balloons, some of which wished him a Happy Birthday, and another was all about Valentine’s Day. He even had matching bouquets!

  5. IMDB lists “Bastille Day” as a 2016 production but the German newspaper “Die Zeit” says it was shot in 2014. According to Die Zeit:

    Erst jetzt kommt er ins Kino – und wirkt wie zufällig visionär.

    “The film is opening in theaters and seems coincidentally visionary.”



    For readers here, the “coincidences” might be worth reading about…

  6. “Before Omar Mateen gunned down 49 patrons of the LGBTQ Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, the FBI attempted to induce his participation in a terror plot. Sheriff Ken Mascara of Florida’s St. Lucie County told the Vero Beach Press Journal that after Mateen threatened a courthouse deputy in 2013 by claiming he could order Al Qaeda operatives to kill his family, the FBI dispatched an informant to “lure Omar into some kind of act and Omar did not bite.”

    While self-styled terror experts and former counter-terror officials have criticized the FBI for failing to stop Mateen before he committed a massacre, the new revelation raises the question of whether the FBI played a role in pushing Mateen towards an act of lethal violence.”


    This guy was Gang Stalked/COINTELPRO’D/watch listed provoking the shooting, and his FBI file from BEFORE the shooting would prove it!

      1. Exactly. The fact that he was not arrested and tried for the offense speaks volumes. He was already “at play” IMO, and, the courthouse threat was probably a result of the stress of it. He would have made an excellent case study for Dave McGowan in Programmed to Kill: the Politics of Serial Murder.

    1. On the night before the shooting, Mateen is reported to have been researching drugs, and did so for hours. This adds to the possibility that he was part of a psy-op.


      It would be important to see if he and James Wesley Howel shared a similar toxicology profile.

      Always optimistic, I am hopeful that journalists will stop their cooperation in these ops, now that they know that they have lost the trust of the general public. Afterall, even with Scalia gone (hmmmm….) the court did not support Obamas legacy amnesty order, nor did Congress cave in on the recent gun control legislation, despite a democratic sit in. And to top it off, Britain has walked off the path towards the new world order. What a great week. Florida needs to release the call recordings, not redacted transcripts – what a joke!

      1. Big Pharma has hidden the almost universal link between psychotropics and mass shootings. However, if you read the stories of workplace and academic mobbing, in case studies by Ken Westhues and others, it is clear that there are other factors at play. These include community mobbing or so-called gang stalking.
        I frequented a Chinese restaurant in the 1990’s. There happened to be a mass shooting there by a disgruntled tenant that killed, inter alia, both owners. The pree downplayed that he was on Prozac and was a victim of Asian organized crime (he lived in a Chinatown style, illegal basement dwelling that was partitioned giving each “tenant” a cubicle). I experienced low level, street theater at this Triad restaurant before my employment lawsuit against a Wall Street firm that started the active phase in my personal gang stalking. Here is a link to my very own personal mass shooting at a neighborhood restaurant in Queens I frequented:


  7. Wow, what a lame tack by Orlando/FBI/U.S. Gov.

    As far as false flags and fake Terrie (which this appears to be), a state-sponsored event couldn’t be undertaken at this magnitude and fail to anticipate such inquiry.

    So did the Feds fail to concoct some fake phone calls? I doubt it. They must be lined up and ready to go. So is this delay merely another wrinkle in the psyop?

    In other words, when they finally release a few seconds of these calls (which will be the extent of disclosure, like Pentagon 9/11 footage), then they can say, “See? It was a real event.”

    OR, the news media is finally remembering what their traditional job was. Perhaps the Feds just expected the AP etc. to keel over like sated dogs?



  8. ““There is strong public interest in fully evaluating how first responders and police reacted during the most critical phases of this incredible tragedy,” the media organizations contend. “To be sure, the news media do not approach this petition with any preconceived notion that the city somehow acted inappropriately. Indeed, the audio recordings may well serve to substantiate and justify any action taken.””

    This is almost funny. The “news media” are opening an new wedge issue and at the same time reaffirming in doublespeak their commitment to not investigating the possibility that Orlando may not have taken place essentially as advertised. But then, what would one expect from “news media” that “don’t know” how to make an inexpensive and riveting documentary on the quasi-miraculous spontaneous disintegration of a certain NYC skyscraper by an office fire?

    One more little weapon of mass distraction…is anyone still counting?


  9. All terrorist acts are ‘False Flag.’
    All False Flag actions are legal.

    According to David Steele, Marine Corps intelligence officer of 20 years, and the second highest-ranking civilian in the U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence:

    “Most terrorists are false flag terrorists, or are created by our own security services. In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI. In fact, we now have citizens taking out restraining orders against FBI informants that are trying to incite terrorism.”

    Should Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and his cronie-crooks worry about the Rico Act? Maybe, maybe not… Propaganda, False Flag ops using Crisis Actors is Legal

    A law was passed that makes staged hoaxes and crisis-acted movies legal. In July 5, 2013, government amended a 1948 anti-propaganda act, making these False Flag ops and the broadcasting of such events to deceive … legal.

    1. No
      it is not legal,
      writing a law does not make it legal,
      many of the laws written are written by organized crime For organized crime,
      that does not make these laws “legal,
      The Federal Reserve is a Felonious Criminal Enterprise, I don’t care what laws they quote,
      AIPAC is a criminal Spy Agency that should be arrested and sent to Guantanamo, no rights, no lawyers, no creature comforts, just like the treatment they have written into their “law” and practice (on typically innocent people)
      if legislators decided to write a law saying you must submit to arrest, torture and confinement for no reason, you wouldn’t call that legal, and you wouldn’t be compelled to obey it,
      I don’t care what law these criminals wrote for themselves making their deeds lawful,
      these so called laws are going to be rolled back when the citizens of this country remove this Cabal and reinstate leaders who represent the interest of the People of the United States,
      not World Organized Jewry/Zionists, not the Freemasons, nor the Vatican, nor the City of London,
      it is the responsibility of all US citizens to become citizen reporters, and start doing our own intelligence, find out who these crisis actors are, the people involved in lying to us in the Media, etc., get their names, their background, keep lists, make them public, pass them on to your neighbors, start outing these people, these corrupt politicians, make videops of everything,
      if they think we are sheep that will obey these kinds of un-Constitutional laws they are in for a surprise,
      I remember Daddy Bush being quoted as saying, “If they ever figure out what we have been doing they will be chasing us down in the streets”
      get your brooms, bats, knives and pitchforks ready, Mr Cheney and your ilk


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