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It’s no secret that when a person trains in a certain field they become very knowledgeable about how things operate in that field, don’t they? Today we’re led to believe that unless you pursue a degree in a particular field it is okay to be ignorant of knowledge in that field. It’s like we’ve outsourced the process of critical thinking to those who have degrees in specific fields. Thus not being trained in that field becomes the excuse many people use today to blindly accept whatever they are told (in this case by mainstream media) about issues pertaining to that field of study. What I’m describing here is someone who doesn’t want to think on their own. Stepping back and taking a bird’s-eye view of the situation, we’re describing someone who not only doesn’t want to think on their own but someone who considers critical thinking a bothersome (mental) exercise. This is actually no different than the person who doesn’t ever want to go to the gym because they are lazy. This willful ignorance is then similar to a mental laziness.

As the controllers continue to conduct one false flag shooting “event” after another to destroy our mental peace and sense of safety, and as they deliberately tamper with the general public’s psyche to prepare them for martial law and permanent enslavement, this mental laziness or willful ignorance becomes a key tool that allows the controllers to get away with what I call medical miracles and fantastic improbabilities playing out before our very eyes as few are even catching them or (for that matter) even questioning them.

Orlando Shooting: Missing medical reality

Taking a closer look at the mass shooting false flag in Orlando Florida however we’ll observe that in this event (as I’ve already written about) we saw medical impossibilities, miracles and massive protocol and ethics violations on full display in broad daylight with few saying a word. I’ll provide emphasis on the word “zero” to make my point more clearly. From police officers playing the role of emergency medical services and paramedics, to another big shooting scene with zero ambulances clearly seen anywhere saving lives, to the miracle of police being given the power to pronounce people dead, to zero accounts of people who almost died then were saved during surgery, to zero accounts of people who were thought to survive and then crashed later on, to zero cases of stories from the front-line nurses, doctors and paramedics telling us of specific challenges with those who sustained gunshot wounds. No stories for example of any victims who perhaps suffered a pneumothorax or pulmonary embolism from the gun wound but was later saved with other life support measures. No tense days of waiting to see who makes it or who dies. Amazingly, everyone died at the same time during that immediate aftermath period when the story and ceremonies were being constructed.

This medical miracle of all patients dying at the same time as I’ve said many times again assumes the fictional reality of “one shot one kill” video game-style. We see this medical miracle pushed on us all the time in staged mass shootings. At Sandy Hook we’re told that a weapons untrained featherweight boy magically wielded his assault rifle with such skills, precision and speed that his victims were hit and killed immediately without any possibility of being alive entirely rationalizing why the police (of all people!) were able to look visually, examine and confirm death completely rendering unnecessary the skills and services of the medical professional emergency service and paramedics workers etc. This my friends, is a wild medical impossibility of epic proportions. I couldn’t help but to notice that in an attempt to control the 2-dimensional reality the mainstream media set up what appears to be a staged doctor press conference where doctors tell how “lucky” they were that no one died at the hospital according to Dr Michael Cheatham chief trauma surgeon who happen to be the same doctor selling the “lockdown” rationale the morning of the shooting. As a former medical professional I personally sense no reality to this conference and political interviews. Doctors generally don’t behave this way getting prettied up prepped for the camera to calmly tell their “story”. The odds of this “luck” where no one died in surgery from massive “assault rifle” wounds are extremely bizarre in light of the event that took place. So what we have is zero footage of ambulances, emergency rescue workers saving lives and a bunch of doctors seemingly staging a press conference to explain what they know is an improbable medical coincidence. This is exactly what I predicted earlier this year when I said that false flags would migrate to a “hospital” near you with plenty of “stories” told to us by the doctors and surgeons themselves. Stories you and I cannot confirm for reasons of patient “confidentiality”. Get it? You decide.


I believe the reason these doctors bounced out of character to do these bizarre story telling interviews selling the all-or-nothing idea that everyone at the club died due to (presumably) head wounds (?) while everyone that came in with body wounds was miraculously saved in surgery is because they know that studies have shown that a person rarely dies from one single gun shot. The human body is actually resilient and tends towards life. Let’s listen to Dr Andreas Grabinsky talk about gun shot wounds and how “most” people actually “survive” gunshot wounds.


So, as I see it there is reason to highly suspect these Orlando doctors are “telling” us these stories in a manner that conveniently suggests the fictional- “body-shots 100% lucky and alive- dead people 100% dead at club, no need to bring to hospital” with no in-between organic reality. This “all or nothing” claim is highly suspicious! Again, this idea that someone gets shot one time (or even twice) and automatically they are dead is a delusion not based on reality. In fact nowadays medical researchers will tell you people are surviving gunshot wounds at a better rate than ever. Listen to Dr Thomas Scalea professor of surgery at University of Maryland Medical Center explain this. Writer Rachael Rettner writes (emphasis added to point out rather important facts):

Over the last 20 years, the chances that a person will survive a critical gunshot wound have increased substantially, perhaps by around 30 to 40 percent, said Dr. Thomas Scalea, professor of surgery at the University of Maryland Medical Center’s R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, who has treated thousands of patients with gunshot wounds over his three-decade career.

The most important factors, in terms of a person’s survival odds, are the location of the injury, the amount of blood lost and how quickly the victim is transported to the hospital, said Scalea …

Being shot in the trunk or torso is more life-threatening than being shot in an extremity, Scalea said.

And within major organs such as the heart or liver, some injuries are more serious than others because they cause more bleeding, Scalea said.

For example, being shot in the left side of the heart generally causes more bleeding than being shot on right side of the heart, because the right side has lower blood pressure, Scalea said. An injury to more than one of the heart’s four chambers causes more bleeding than an injury to only one chamber, and a wound that goes through the septum — which separates the heart’s left and right sides — is worse than an injury that does not go through the septum, Scalea said.

With gunshot wounds that involve the liver, an injury to the organ’s center causes more bleeding than an injury to its periphery, and a wound on the right side is worse than the left, Scalea said.

The main concern with gunshot wounds that involve the intestine or stomach is not bleeding, but infections that result from spillage of the contents of those organs, Scalea said.

Both technical advances and changes in trauma practice have led to an increase in the percentage of people who survive gunshot wounds, Scalea said.

Rather than trying to stabilize victims in the field, health care personnel now try to get injured people into a transport vehicle and to a hospital as soon as possible, Scalea said.

While people can, theoretically, survive a gunshot wound to any part of their body, the chances of survival vary on a case by case basis, he said.

Pass it on: More people now survive critical gunshot wounds than they did several decades ago thanks to changes in trauma practice and technical advances.

There you have it. As you can see, again, the idea of one shot one kill is not grounded in reality especially given the circumstances of a dark nightclub, aimless gunfire, people running and all the confusion in the middle of poor lighting etc. Again, to make up for this extremely odd improbability Dr Cheatham implies but doesn’t say it directly that the people who died were shot in the head. If that is the case they should be prepared to prove that. And in light of the video above, as you can see the odds of all of the “body-shot” victims surviving is extremely small also because a shot to the heart or vital organ can make a big difference between life and death even if that person doesn’t die right then and there. However we’re told of no such stories. That’s an extremely bizarre coincident in more ways than most people realize.

Also, from the shooters standpoint it’s one thing to fire an assault rifle, it’s quite another to aim and precisely hit your target with little time to think and the pressure of hitting every single target perfectly. Every human that gets hit by one or more bullets will react differently and has a completely different outcome compared to the person next to them. There are simply too many variables at play to assume they would all somehow die at the same time and the “body shot” people all conveniently run out and are “saved” in surgery accounting for zero deaths in the operating room as told to us by perfectly posed doctors.

All this aside, that’s just one medical miracle and impossibility among many others we are seeing now regularly because the controllers apparently only care about convincing the mentally lazy, willfully ignorant segment of the population as we discussed earlier. Obviously they realize that those of us who are thinking critically are going to figure out that none of their stories make medical sense, it’s the mental zombies they feel they need to convince. Well, apparently their assumptions about this ignorant segment of the population is accurate; they are indeed falling for these medical psyop miracles and fantastic ironies that defy nature, and not just once but with every false flag shooting.

Body Identification

I imagine everyone needed a proper ID according to Florida state alcohol distribution laws to enter the club then why the confusion over how many dead people and who died? How can the death toll number change … for a smaller (not larger) number? How can you count one “more” dead person who isn’t dead. Oh I know what the sheep will say, ‘it’s a simple mistake’. Don’t look now but their hasn’t been one shooting “event” where the dead body count hasn’t changed. Ask yourself, where is the only other place we see changing body counts in both directions? Video games perhaps. In the organic world one cannot be counted dead then rise from the dead. Again, since every single person at the club had an ID on them at that time the death count should have been very concise and easy to calculate. I digress.

Police playing role of paramedics!

Then there is my pet peeve issue, where we are now seeing police being inserted into the role of paramedics and EMS as the image below shows, not to mention being given the absolute medical authority to pronounce people dead or more properly, not worthy of life-saving intervention as we saw in Sandy Hook. The only theoretical role the police department would play in any real life-saving situation is the obligation to protect the medical professionals as they do their jobs, and to move their cars OUT of the way so that medical professionals can get in and out.


The entire process of saving lives, including CPR, providing of oxygen, saline into your veins to build up your blood pressure, blood transfusions to replace loss of blood, tourniquet applications, chest pumps, the application of chemical and electrocardioversion, making the key decision when NOT to move an injured person and HOW to move them. All of these actions only describe a fraction of the responsibilities of a professionally trained medical emergency worker. They get a license and training for a reason. As I often point out, making a mistake in this critical life-saving process could be a subject of a life-altering lawsuit or malpractice charge against a medical professional. There are rules that guide the ethical behavior and obligations of these medical professional workers in real life-saving situations and for this reason many medical professionals especially doctors pay a very high premium for medical heath malpractice insurance. That’s because we are talking real lives here.

In the typical false flag pre-planned and staged shooting event we are not only seeing police playing the role of paramedics despite that they have no training whatsoever in medical care, but the police seem to move around confidently as if they know that no one is going to sue them for moving that injured patient and causing the rupture of his aortic or femoral artery and triggering an pulmonary embolism, or whatever it might be. When it comes to medical injuries every medical professional knows that you simply never know what is happening. This is why the professionals train for so many years.

All of this reality is now taking a back seat to the staged false flag psyop reality we are told. I’m not suggesting I know who died and who didn’t die and I’m not even claiming that no one died. I’m saying that we have to challenge every segment of the reality they are presenting us with in the proper context not in the mainstream media context. In this case I’m offering readers a chance to prove me wrong and to deliver the medical reality of this shooting. In fact here is sequence of events that will add more reality to the Orlando shooting above and beyond those that are telling us they know someone who knows someone who died. We should all know this list of criteria as we’ve all done this before.

Steps on how to easily prove this article wrong

1. For all 49 deceased victims we should account for 49 stories telling exactly how they died and what exact time.

2. For all 49 deceased victims we need 49 medical records with details of the cause of death written and signed by a licensed medical doctor to include the surgeon who attempted the life-saving surgery, the ER doctor and or the licensed Coroner who did the autopsy. All of this is standard medical practice and should not be a problem for all researchers who commit to proving this article wrong. Needless to say I’ll be very curious if indeed all of these victims suffered wounds to the head as is being implied.

3. Building on #2, I’d like to see a list of all the surgeries that DID take place that evening for comparison. I’m actually wondering why no lives were lost whatsoever during these presumably intense surgeries. Yes, they’ve “told” us they were “lucky” to save everyone, but now we need to see the full reality of HOW this happened. This claim again is more remarkable than most people realize given the circumstances.

4. All 49 deceased victims should come with easily and quickly available clear-to-see (no resistance please) death certificates.

5. We should see organic clear and undeniable funeral images of these victims. With every single person walking around with a smart phone which has a built-in video camera this should be a rather easy task.

Sadly, should they get this far and prove the actual deaths of these victims, these deaths would still not account for all the other fakery surrounding this complex false flag event but it would at least allow us to check off the death claims and label this both a staged fake event and a Gladio style murder.

So while we’re waiting for the conveniently missing police scanner audio from the hours of the shooting and hostage scenario to appear; while we’re waiting for the countless cell phone videos from people who were there; and while we’re digesting that one guy would hold the door shut from the outside so that no one can get out AND then brag about this crime on CNN; and while we’re waiting for the unredacted 911 calls, the clear overhead helicopter videos of the standoff, a reason for the unethical hospital “lockdown” which would surely cost lives and much more, consider that maybe, just maybe the Orlando shooting event was a multi-dimensional event with mixed realities designed for maximum psychological and political effect. Consider that the obvious crisis actors we’ve been laughing about were perhaps intended to be shown to us. Consider that the conflicting realities are all put there deliberately because they know they can do it this way.

So, instead of wondering if anyone died or not, or how many did actually die if anyone; and instead of wallowing in the FBI obvious connection to the accused now dead patsy killer which we actually have no proof of either (Mateen’s death), the obvious implied foreknowledge and all the “connections” neatly being presented to us by both mainstream and alternative media, what if we treat this one differently?

I say I’m holding on to my final verdict in terms of how many people died until I see all the actual proof. I’m a living breathing organic person and I demand living real organic proof of these simple easily verifiable things. Realize that if we think this way, from a scientific integrity and scientific method and organic reality point of view this event is not much different from Sandy Hook or perhaps San Bernardino or Boston bombing.

Perhaps this is the intended purpose, to have people divided on many different fronts fighting over whose reality is more real. When you practice something many times eventually you get really good at it, and perhaps they are getting very good at this. No, not the skill of hiding that it’s fake, they are getting better at dividing us while getting away with it. Perhaps THAT’S the real reason for the obviously fake crisis actors.

The lacking medical reality however is a special challenge I pose to all. Show me the medical reality of this event and then we’ll go from there. Either way it’s another false flag which we have to cope with. It’s time we fight back by using our intelligence and all our senses to think at a much higher level. Then and only then will we be able to categorize these events properly and not take the baits they are obviously too happy to put there for us to react to and then for them to observe and see how we react to them.

Finally, stop thinking that you are a spectator in their events and consider for a moment and for a change that THEY might be the spectators in the event that YOU, the casual observer, are in the middle of.

If you agree please share this message.

Bernie is a revolutionary writer with a background in medicine, psychology, and information technology. He is the author of The Art of Overcoming the New World Order and has written numerous articles over the years about freedom, government corruption and conspiracies, and solutions. A former host of the 9/11 Freefall radio show, Bernie is also the creator of the Truth and Art TV project where he shares articles and videos about issues that raise our consciousness and offer solutions to our current problems. His efforts are designed to encourage others to joyfully stand for truth, to expose government tactics of propaganda, fear and deception, and to address the psychology of dealing with the rising new world order. He is also a former U.S. Marine who believes it is our duty to stand for and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. A peace activist, he believes information and awareness is the first step toward being free from enslavement from the globalist control system which now threatens humanity. He believes love conquers all fear and it is up to each and every one of us to manifest the solutions and the change that you want to see in this world, because doing this is the very thing that will ensure victory and restoration of the human race from the rising global enslavement system, and will offer hope to future generations.

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77 thought on “Medical Impossibilities, Wild Ethics And Protocol Violations Now the Norm In Today’s False Flag Events”
  1. I love the “white coat” syndrome. You put on a lab coat and you have instant credibility. Put on a grey Armani and a Rolex and you’re a financial wizard and not the Pulse DJ anymore.

    There is some fraternal order that binds many of these charlatans into this contract of deception and the hospitals, staff and county officials are no different than law enforcement and judicial. The tidy whiteys and institutional greens should not compel us as bonafides.

    Please note that they all wore them. You think they might have staged this with them in their street togs? Not a chance. The optics and narratives are no less than Hollywood and continuity is critical (unlike the patients)

    I already did a investigation into Dr. Joshua Staphany, ME, who was just confirmed to a three year contract with the Orange County Commissioners, succeeding “Dr. G” who retired from the position but not her TV career “HOW NOT TO DIE”

    Here’s an exercise. Take all those mugs in the doctor video and photoshop them in orange jumpsuits and tell me which one could not be rapists, murderers and thieves?

    In my opinion they all

    1. [Dr. Chatwick Smith choked up a bit talking about the night. He described calling in additional staff and telling them,”This is not a drill, this is not a joke.”]

      [ “Of the 44 patients brought to Orlando Regional, nine of them died,
      27 are still hospitalized with six of them in intensive care.”]

      [ And as for the shooter… “This person had to be heartless. Heartless, ruthless, said Colon. ” I Don’t know how someone could do something like this. Seeing all those bodies everywhere, there’s no way, I don’t know how.”]

      This is not a drill? Not a joke? Nine of them died?

      Who would have thought that it could have been a drill! I wonder why he seemed compelled to say that, and what happened to the 9 who died in the hospital. Where they counted with the dead in the club or simply not added ?

      From another comment by Dr. Cheatham: “No patients have succumbed to their injuries since the initial nine patients who came to us at the time of the shooting,” Cheatham told reporters. “All of the patients since arrival to the hospital are still with us.”

      (What does that mean? It just does not make sense, the number of patients and dead do not add up.)

      The doctors all are wearing identical spotless green outfits and white coats, relaxed and smiling, after having treated all those patients with gunshot wounds and some in critical conditions!
      How can anyone believe such behavior?

      I checked the website for the hospital: all of them are listed as doctors working there, except for the one on the right with his legs crossed: Will Havron and Kathryn Bondani, not visible in the picture, but there are no pictures to go with the names.

      1. This sounds crazy I know but from what I could hear when the volley of shots went off, I really think they were outside shooting in the air. That’s what it sounds like to me.

  2. Thank you for excellent article. (Microsoft Corporation apparently does not think so. The most anomalous thing happened to my computer that never happened before while I was reading this article.)

  3. 1) Those 3 “Drs.” do not have the persona of Drs. 2) Cheatham’s discussion of the incidence of “rifle wound” statistics is not even close to the actual numbers. His use of misleading numbers is scripted, also the use of false numbers is not the behavior of a trained Doctor. The numbers I refer to are his statement that we see these high powered rifle wounds every day and the numbers of rifle wounds in FL. He’s lying.

  4. Thank you, Bernie. For this much needed article that truly questioned the narrative of 49 supposedly dead gay actors, Oop! I meant club goers.

    My short but needed holiday was well worth it and it gives me the opportunity to reflect on the reality of life and how grateful I am to be alive in these very interesting times in Walmartland.

    On that note,
    Nobody died as Ive stated before, and the noted doctors above are all apart of a satanic club. So their job is to deceive everyone and to profit off this staged event.
    The non- medical evidence is compelling, as I
    ve mention many moons ago in previous articles that my background in the military was combat medicine. And none of the civilian SOPs were followed. But the armed forces service ones were.
    I say that to remind you
    ll of the video of ” Mr.Red Shoes” and how the actors were carrying him and there was a “point man” who hid his face from the cameras , but forgot that there was another camera pointed at them from above. The point man is usually the person that will provide relief to one of the casualty/injured aides( in battle it’s mostly the junior corpsman or medic)
    And then there was the celebration that they did there jobs correctly and followed the given instructions.

    And again Bernie, Kudos for the mention of the police element acting as medical first responders. That my friends is the icing on the cake and has been taken out of many DOD Field manuals regarding mass casualty drills or combat operations. Where the police/combat teams are now providing medical, disaster,food and nursery care to their CV.

    I’ll add some recent history to a similar scenario with our old friends Jeff Bauman & Carlos Arredondo and the wheelchair musical chair show. I wonder what ever happen to the asian lady and the fake EMT with the sunglasses and when is their books being released ?

    Below are links for your reading pleasure and research.

    J-4 Page of the above link will state why they can effectively pull these events off.'+'Reaching+Out,’+1966+(1).jpg'+'Reaching+Out,’+1966+(9).jpg'+'Reaching+Out,’+1966+(2).jpg

    There is also the aspect of “Compassion Stress Injury” which is very real emotional condition and how is the medical staff of this hospital and shooting survivors dealing with it ?

    Russell, M. & Brickell, M. (2015). The “double-edge” of empathy: A unifying neurobehavioral theory of compassion stress injury. Social Science, 4, 1087-1117

    1. Ted
      the medical staff may have a gun to their head,
      being forced to sign non-disclosure forms,
      most likely a core of them are professional agents of sorts,
      but I see no information suggesting they are satanic, unless you are using that term very abstractly
      welcome back:)


      1. This a fine post by Tammy,
        the article is about public officials refusing to release info on the alleged Orlando Shooting,.with scores of organizations AND Florida State politicians joining the rally
        worth reading and saving

  5. Excellent points! One of the major issues I have is with all the people released from the hospital the next day with these horrible “assault rifle” wounds.
    People sitting up- talking on TV- giving interviews, completely lucid all just out of the hospital after being shot not once but numerous times. What? Man bun dude got shot in the back 4 times-through and throughs-with the 9mm because ‘he said’ the shooter shot over ‘reached over’ the top of the stall door-not possible with the AR. Yet this dude is released the next day! He then tells Anderson pooper he was shot 2 times? WTH-did he count the exit wounds as separate gunshot wounds? Another medical miracle!
    Then there is the relatives of the dead and injured. We get 1 mother out of 103? who is smiling from ear to ear while talking to pooper? after finding out her only son is dead? Where are the others? The fake grief and tears is too much.
    It insults the intelligence of those of us that know better. I am completely insulted and disgusted!
    The media make me want to barf with their dumb a$$ questions about …how did you feel when…it’s all about the emotional response they can get from the sheeple.

    1. l am pretty sure that joker in the next video, Casiano said he was shot four times in the back but I can’t find the video again. He was laying in the hospital smiling and said yeah I was shot in the back 4 times, but they were clean wounds man, went straight on through and didn’t hit any vital organs! How can 4 assault rifle bullets go straight through you and not hit any vital organs?

  6. What would make doctors mislead the public? Money, threats, membership in a secret society? All of the above? Surely there are members of the public who know these doctors and could provide us with insight….

    1. I wonder if these doctors are really surgeons or medical doctors with a license to practice.
      I can’t imagine a real doctor, who spent years to become an MD, who swore an oath to be true to the medical profession, could behave like these doctors and become part of a scheme to deceive the public.
      Why are they not willing to speak out? Are they being blackmailed?
      Or paid off?
      Do they really believe that the general public is too stupid to ask questions?
      Anyone living in Orlando should be able to find out who these guys (doctors) are and also find out where the shooting victims “limped” to, after their one day miraculous cure!

      If only they could tell the truth !

      1. A very similar type picture was seen at Sandy Hook where a group of 3 supposed State Police troopers was a total fake. None of the “troopers” was a legitimate cop. One of the other high ranking cops was not a cop at all, he was a CIA plant overseeing the entire “investigation” of the event. He disappeared from sight and allegedly died from a mysterious illness in very sudden fashion.

      1. Well, as with Sandy Hook and Boston, snitches end up in ditches. The list of mysterious deaths grow in Newtown as the players have a change of heart. If you value your life, you take it to the grave.

  7. And what about Angel Colon? He gave multiple interviews telling all that would listen he was shot three times in the right leg, and his left leg was shattered from being trampled. Then his buddy posts a pic of them together in the hospital stating he was shot SIX times. Did he get shot three more times while in the hospital? Ugh! It won’t let me post the picture.

  8. This guy called Angel Colon

    As soon as I ask him about the scene of the shooting he hangs up on me. Also please note, that he stops asking me who I am. WHY does he do this? Because he’s there to take such calls pretending to be shot and at a hospital and yet he knows he’s going to get calls from inquisitive people and alternative media researchers. His handlers have told him to hang up on us, and so he does.

    1. And today the NYTimes (p.A17) published an interview with the police officer in Orlando who pulled Colon out of the club and to safety, named Omar Delgado. The reporter, Frances Robles, explained that the officer needs counseling badly as the scene he viewed after initially assuming that all the people lying on the floor were faking their deaths was so grisly. He visited Colon in the hospital and gave him “a tight embrace”, which I guess is just the thing for someone who had been shot six times.

  9. Statistics and probability to the rescue 🙂 I love it! Tremendous article!!!

    I would pose one thought which has been with me for a few days. Germane to the question of “how to concoct identities” (and thus fake these kinds of events), let us not forget about the famous FBI Witness Protection Program.

    Perhaps our “victims” are now spread out across the country to live lives under different names (the m.o.) and their protectors may (at the operational level) be unaware just what these “witnesses” witnessed.

    It just may be that they witnessed this own “deaths” (on TV).


    1. Why do they have separate bathrooms for men and women in a gay club? If shared bathrooms is the dream of Obozo, etal, shouldn’t gay clubs be the ideal place to start rather than, say…Target?

      I’ve also wondered why they have made such a big deal about these alleged people crowding into a bathroom stall. Isn’t that where the action usually takes place in a gay club? 😉

    1. The “additional shooters” element is one of the bait and switch tricks from several other of the false flag events designed to mislead and deceive and really set the public against the media even more. Additional shooters assumes there is one original real shooter.

      Of course if it were a real event, there could be one real shooter and one or more additional shooters but it also has been made crystal clear to us from the beginning that this is NOT a real deal. Confusion and lies piled upon one big lie. It’ll do ‘ya proud every time!

      1. This is the sloppiest hoax yet. President Obama signed HR4310 on 12/29/12 (shortly before creating ISIS), authorizing the use of propaganda inside the US. These mass hoaxes have been played with the help of the media to propagandize the American people in order to brainwash the entire nation and world. .

        1. “This is the sloppiest hoax yet. ”

          Deliberate sloppiness is not sloppiness at all.

          They have jam-packed this latest hoax with all the obvious fail elements of previous hoaxes. This was not sloppiness.

        2. True, and they know full well that the brainwashed sheep will hammer the “tin foil hat wearers” down for being not being believers, while keeping everyone at each others throat and not paying attention to what is going behind the scenes.

        3. I agree with you….or maybe they know the hoax only has to be good enough to fool 95% of the people……….Sometimes I wonder if there is a real mass shooting in the works with real blood running in the streets in order to shut all the truthers up…

          Another oddity noted…None of the crisis actor witness ever describe the shooter….some say they spoke with the shooter, some say they saw the muzzle blast, etc….but none ever describe him physically….They could have easily given a description to the crisis actors as part of their lines…..Maybe the crisis actor interveiws were done months ago when they still had not decided on who the ” shooter” would be.?

        4. Yep…they are sitting back laughing it up that such a ridiculous story is, for the most part, swallowed hook, line, and sinker by the comatose public.

          Tammy is right on…those of us who are watching with discernment will be called nut jobs by those who are too stupid to discern the truth themselves.

          Our tax dollars are being used to fund a lot (or most) of this treasonous monkey business too.

    1. I looked at one youtube where a woman said normally just before closing and after closing there would be many clusters of people standing around outside talking as usually 300 or so people would be in the bar. There was none of that on this particular night. According to her several hundred people must have disappeared.

      One thing that isn’t looked at closely enough is the Pulse emblem on the bar which is just about the same as the pulse movie production company.

  10. There was a female that claims she was shot and making the news rounds (can’t remember her name) that stated she and her friends went to 7-Eleven before midnight to get change. It would interesting to see if the nearby stores had their security footage confiscated, or if the employees had to sign NDA’s. If I had to run out of the club I’d go straight to a nearby business, hunker down, and wait for police (assuming you didn’t have your own car to speed off home or gun to go back and intervene.) Has anyone heard reports of the nearby business’ witnesses or footage?

  11. Perhaps there is a response from the Washington Post with regards to surviving a single gunshot wound.

    “Surveillance footage from inside the Orlando club the night of the rampage shows Omar Mateen firing at people, stopping and then shooting again those who were already wounded, said officials who have viewed the evidence. The video suggests ‘he was making sure anybody who was shot was dead.'”

    The medical information within this post appears to be, at least in my mind, prodigious, raising clear, concise and sound questions that demand answering. What has consistently stymied my mind towards reason in all of these false flags is the utter lack of a hue and cry from both medical professionals and legitimate law enforcement officials. As controlled as these events are, there still ought to be a way for voices of reason and logic within these fields to be heard, other than alternative outlets such as this one.

    The doctors highlighted in this blog would be a good start.

    Another anomalous excursion in Orlando was the immediate instructions to willing citizens by officials to give blood, not at the hospital where the casualties were being treated, but rather at local blood banks. I guess the hospital being in lock down would have made giving blood directly where it was needed a bit difficult.

    I am wondering what the protocols are for any hospital to be placed in lock down, and who would be responsible for making this call?

    I can almost understand the complete lack of scrutiny from the younger generation, trained to be so easily manipulated through various contemporary means and seemingly unable to manage even rudimentary reasoning. But the 40 on uppers…wow.

    What we continue to be left to deal with is the instant jump from A to B. We are told that yet another tragedy has unfolded, and before they are able to count the dead and injured (like there ever are any) we have the obligatory heralding for common sense gun reforms from the usual suspects.

    Forget expanded gun legislation. That’s an old dog and pony act. This is all leading up to citizens willingly turning in their weapons. And if you don’t turn them in we will come and get them, regardless of how long it takes. And the kicker is this; there will be overwhelming support for these official actions (at least we will be told there is) from Americans.

    Probably commencing sometime after November of this year.

    1. Hospitals are not set up to receive blood directly from donors in large numbers, in this scenario blood banks will prioritize for the emergency, a blood bank IS set up for large numbers

    2. All good points, Joseph. I have a difficult time explaining my sense of just what is happening with these. I think that is due to our wanting to limit these models to one or two objectives on their part. I think they are more far reaching.

      The basic outline and unrealistic background in which they occur seems designed to create an almost “nightmare” atmosphere. It’s a dream state. Those who used to have “duties”, such as fact finding for the populace, treating the injured, etc., suddenly have new functions. Collectively, their function now is to support whatever message the State is manufacturing.

      As the article says, none of these will withstand any rigorous scrutiny. We are the only ones subjecting them to any form of scrutiny. That is now becoming an “extremist” act.

      “Professionals” aren’t so much those who are highly trained to perform functions now so much as mouthpieces authorized to speak for the State. Those who are not “professionals” have no business whatsoever questioning whatever drivel comes from their mouths.

      We wonder; “aren’t they concerned with how sloppy and ridiculous these are?”. It doesn’t bother them at all because the goal is “belief” (at least professed) on a scale that will accept impossibility. Pointing out the impossibility or extreme implausibility of a thing no longer resonates. People are not looking for information to help them decide. They are desperately looking for authority figures to tell them what to “think”.

      So, as with any other action of the cabal, they are never about one single desire. They are all intended to deliver extreme docility. Just think how dangerous work would be in the packing house if cattle were aggressive.

    1. I Pet Goat has creeped me out since it came out. There is something very, very sinister about it, even the music. Enterthe5t4rz (Casey I think) has really cultivated his skill in spotting things like this that most people miss…or dismiss.

  12. Now I get it! It is all explained in the LA Times article, “Paramedics barred from saving Orlando shooting victims because club was deemed too dangerous”:

    The Orlando Fire Dept, with a station a block away from the club, “sent more than 80 personnel and 34 vehicles, but they were forced to remain outside, treating the wounded who emerged or were rescued by police…There were no EMS teams going in because at that time it was still a ‘hot zone.’ It was not a ‘warm zone,” said Deputy Fire Chief Richard Wales.

    No problem, though, according to Dr. Joseph Ibrahim. Because the EMS teams could not go into a “hot zone,” the Orlando Police stepped in and rescued people from inside the club – rendering “first aid” and applying “tourniquets on the extremities to stop the bleeding.”

    The Orlando Fire Dept is not completely ineffectual, however, and has responded to other mass shootings. But, according to Richard Wales, “those ended before warm zones developed.”

    1. Police acting as EMTs? that does not compute, if its safe for police to render aid it is safe for paramedics (we know police don’t purposely risk their ass in real life), and we rarely use tourniquets except for frank bleeding and then only temporarily,
      people that are shot up if still alive are typically bleeding internally and don’t require a tourniquet, and a policeman is not trained as a paramedic

  13. Apologizing if this is a repeat posting; the web page went wild when I first posted…

    “Perhaps this is the intended purpose, to have people divided on many different fronts fighting over whose reality is more real.” Very good remark. Therefore, a wise course of action regarding the possible Orlando hoax is to simply table it and rather act on hoaxes that are very difficult to disbelieve and very far-reaching, Building 7’s being arguably the most promising and still very difficult to teach.


  14. I very much appreciate the “Steps on how to easily prove this article wrong” part of Bernie Suarez’s article because it at least offers positive ways to move toward truth. However, it seems that we would have to acquire a considerable number of important records – medical records, death certificates, coroner records, autopsy records, funeral images of victims.

    All of this brings to mind Wolfgang Halbigs’ valiant attempts to get Sandy Hook records. He probably spent in excess of $30,000 and he obtained few or no true and correct copies of records requested. It certainly requires the assistance of attorney for even the simplest of records requests. We did learn much though as to how far the Connecticut “officials” will go to deceive and manipulate and otherwise obstruct and obfuscate the true record of Sandy Hook.

    I do not really know what strategy to take if one were to seek Orlando / Pulse truth and justice, but I do know that it would take sophisticated strategies and planning from some very good attorneys. I would hope that for an end goal that was not something benign such as proving Bernie Suarez’s article wrong, or just seeking some basic records as Halbig did, but rather a more noble goal of planning toward a RICO lawsuit.
    Again, I do not know but I guess our legal system is really too far gone and even the RICO law has become weak because of the corruption, corruption that saturates our nation like Stage 6 metastatic cancer contaminating even the lowest level local governmental structures.
    I have been trying to get “medical reality” and positive identifications of people since 9-11-01. The only medical reality I found up to Orlando was two real doctors claiming to have been involved with the surgery and rehabilitation of “15” Boston Marathon bombing amputee victims. I have learned full well how far gone the medical system and medical doctors that have zero personal integrity and who will sell their high profession out for a pot of porridge.
    Maybe a book about now would be propitious from Dr. Fetzer et al. and Moonrock Books, on the Orlando event, a book not necessarily drawing any firm conclusions but just getting the large quantify of suspect looking anomalies already present and that are ample to fill a book. There is power in getting things in paper book print and getting the book out while the event is still playing out. That seems like the most powerful thing we could do with the outside chance also that some attorneys would be willing to work diligently toward Orlando / Pulse truth and justice.

    Another thing – we will now come upon various individuals in the news about Orlando event and they will be claiming to be a “little ordinary person” just speaking out and speaking the truth. But the reality is that they are part of the script, even it they seem for all the world to be telling a truthful detail and to be a real ordinary person. Here is one example of that.
    ‘I Thought They Were Playing Dead’: Officers Are Haunted by Scene at Orlando Club

    The New York Times
    By FRANCES ROBLES 1 day ago

    There are thousands of people connected with 9-11, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon Bombing and now Orlando / Pulse that have been successfully and fully gagged, regardless of whether they have signed nondisclosure agreements (aka gag orders). We need to better identify how this is done but being able to silence people has been part of the brotherhood of darkness’s arsenal for at least a few centuries.
    So when you see these stories of an “little ordinary person” who is speaking out, you have to wonder how they are not silenced too if they had real truth to reveal.

    “As the controllers continue to conduct one false flag shooting “event” after another to destroy our mental peace and sense of safety, and as they deliberately tamper with the general public’s psyche to prepare them for martial law and permanent enslavement”

    Yes martial law and permanent enslavement is “their” goal. Doubt it not. We have to do something even if it is only our small contributions to the truth on this blog / forum.

    Memory Hole commenters, never sell out the truth.

    And I always say PRAY.

    Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!

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