Corporate news tout mass shooting events with increasingly gory details alongside no real visual documentation of carnage

By Vivian Lee


A “survivor” with no visible injuries, being carried toward the club instead of the hospital. Image: ABC News.

New information on “the worst mass shooting in U.S. history” reveals a complex and confusing scenario at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando during the three hours of the “shooting” and its aftermath. The official story – or perhaps one should say stories – is a fragmented narrative composed of bits and pieces, consisting of interviews of “survivors” and “witnesses,” cell phone videos supposedly taken inside the club, news footage, and pronouncements by various officials. Added to this are the texts and phone calls allegedly made by Omar Mateen, the “shooter,” along with statements given by his father and wives, past and present.

Leaving aside the ludicrous idea that Mateen phoned 911 three times while he was killing people, and also called News 13 TV as well as “a friend,” at the same time as he was texting his wife and searching on Facebook – the various parts of the Orlando story just don’t add up.[1]

As with other recent “mass shootings,” there is a pronounced lack of evidence that a “massacre” actually took place – no bodies, no frantic attempts to save anyone at the scene, and no ambulances rushing people to the hospital, although 53 people were said to have been injured. Notably, there is no blood. But this does not present a problem for the official story, as numerous witnesses have attested to a huge amount of blood everywhere inside the club and covering all those who were shot. The use of the “blood” meme for the “Pulse” shooting is positively Satanic.

Orlando victim being carried away

A “victim” being transported from the scene by “hero” Christopher Hansen and others – although he is actually being carried back to the Pulse. Image: CNN.

One of the witnesses describing the blood bath is Christopher Hansen, who claims to have helped several injured people – including a man who was shot in the back, whom he supposedly hoisted over his shoulder and carried. Hansen gave many interviews to the media while the shooting was still in progress, and more after the fact.

He says he crawled out of the club, drink still in hand, crawling over many bloody bodies, finally making it out and into the street. According to Hansen, there was:

… blood spattering – I didn’t know if it was mine or somebody else’s, but when I got out I realized it wasn’t mine – it was somebody else’s. The person I was with was shot in the back – I had to take my bandana off and tie it up…He was bleeding so bad his whole pant leg was red, and it was so soaked…my hands were just covered…[2]

But Hansen’s on-camera presence shows no blood at all, with his clothes and hands virtually spotless. One wonders where and how he had a chance to clean up. A Facebook post by his father, Bill Hansen, confirmed that Christopher “helped so many people,” including two who were bleeding. And yet, there was no blood to be seen.[3]


Christopher Hansen, “hero,” giving an interview to the press, with no blood at all on his hands or clothes.

Chris seems to be an actor, one of many at Orlando – seen playing a photographer in a promotional video for “Motivated Models,” a “boutique trade show modeling agency” of “competitive, college educated individuals…looking to help you reach your event goals.”[4]


Christopher Hansen, actor.[5]

Chris is not the only one who saw blood – a continual feature of the horrifying story. “Survivor” Miguel Leiva, who has also given many interviews, sat down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on June 17 to chat about his experiences. Leiva is the one who supposedly took the video just released to the press, purporting to show a group of people holed up in a stall in the bathroom. Leiva not only saw the blood, he smelled it. According to his account:

I just remember, like, you can smell, like, the blood. There was so much blood, there was, like,  you could just smell it, and it’s like everywhere you lean, like all my clothes was full of blood…we were sitting down, and it was just like a huge puddle of blood, and after awhile when it started drying up, it just started, like to smell really bad…


Miguel Leiva and Anderson Cooper, June 17, 2016. Image: CNN.

According to Leiva, the gunman fired twice into the stall, where “there was about 17 of us” – but “only like five or six of us made it out.” The scene inside the bathroom stall is captured in Leiva’s video, said to be one of three he took – either to send to his girlfriend, or to tell the world what happened if the group didn’t survive.

Unfortunately for the official story, the “grainy cell phone video” doesn’t provide any real evidence, and certainly does not show the “huge puddle of blood” that Leiva describes.[6] However, since he smelled the blood, it must have been there, and we can all believe Leiva and Anderson Cooper.

Numerous Orlando doctors and medical staff are complicit, giving press conferences and interviews to detail the bloody carnage they supposedly saw. Drs. Matthew Lube, Michael Cheatham, Chadwick Smith, Joseph Ibrahim, William Havron, and Marc Levy sat down with Scott Pelley from CBS News for a televised conversation. In the presence of doctors and hospital staff, “survivor” Angel Colon, another staple on the interview circuit, recounted a medically impossible version of his injuries.[7] The fact that so many personnel have signed on does not inspire confidence in Florida’s medical establishment.


Bodies supposedly being removed from the Pulse after the “shooting,” with no visible signs of blood. Image: Orlando Sentinel.

Bringing up the rear are Dr. Joshua Corsa’s bloody sneakers. Posted at his Facebook page, Corsa details the mess he encountered:

These are my work shoes from Saturday night…On these shoes, soaked between its fibers, is the blood of 54 innocent human beings…This blood, which poured out of those patients and soaked through my scrubs and shoes, will stain me forever. In these Rorschach patterns of red I will forever see their faces and the faces of those that gave everything they had in those dark hours…while I work I will continue to wear these shoes. And when the last patient leaves our hospital, I will take them off, and I will keep them in my office. I want to see them in front of me every time I go to work…I never want to forget that night.[8]


Photo of Dr. Corsa’s bloody sneakers, with other bloody items, posted on Facebook.

If one looks closely at Dr. Corsa’s sneakers, however, one sees only a small amount of red color, which may or may not be blood stains, and not “the blood of 54 innocent human beings” that had “soaked between its fibers.” The red bandages seen at left are certainly too bright for real blood – and look more like the red paint of the Boston Marathon “bombing.” BUT – if we can’t see what they say we should see, we can trust that they saw it – and smelled it – because otherwise there would be no evidence at all for the Orlando “shooting.”

The Orlando event coincided with the one-year anniversary of the Charleston Church “shooting,” where there is likewise no good evidence that a “massacre” occurred. Except, of course, for the body of the Reverend Clementa Pinckney, which lay in state at four separate venues before his burial on June 26, 2015.[9]


Parishioners embracing on June 21, 2015, in the basement of Emanuel A.M.E. Church, the room where the “shooting” supposedly took place on June 17. Image: NBC.

The blood meme is featured here too, with a horrific blood bath supposedly occurring in the church basement. Amazingly, only four days after the “slaughter,” the Emanuel A.M.E. Church opened its doors for its regular Sunday service, with no indication that a bio-hazard team was brought in for a clean-up. In fact, an NBC photo shows members of the church community pitching in to tidy up the site.[10]


Parishioners clean up the basement of Emanuel A.M.E. Church on June 21, 2015, where the “massacre” supposedly occurred four days earlier. Image: NBC.

The anniversary of the Charleston Church “shooting” elicited press coverage and television tributes.[11] The New York Times interviewed members of the families of the “victims,” many of whom said they forgave the “shooter,” Dylann Roof. Felicia Sanders, mother of victim Tywanza Sanders, alluded to the room in the basement, saying she was told at the time that the room “smells like blood.” Daniel Simmons, whose father was allegedly killed, said he didn’t think the church should have opened so soon: “When I went down to the church a couple of days after, I could still sense and smell blood.”[12] The shooting must therefore have occurred, and the smell proves it.

What a clever way to convince us that, despite the lack of physical evidence, all the “mass shootings” actually took place. Starting with Sandy Hook, the many horrifying “massacres” produced no torrent of blood – and no bio-hazard teams to clean it up.[13] As if to counter this deficit, the details are increasingly gruesome and graphic. With each new shooting we get more blood and gore, as though the worse the accounts of the witnesses, the more readily we will accept the story.


People line up to donate blood after the “shooting” in Orlando. Image: Newsday.

Even the call for blood donors in Orlando was macabre. People rushed to donate blood in such large numbers that the blood banks were filled to capacity, and donors were asked to return – but later.[14] The urge to donate blood was surpassed only by the urge to donate money, with the Pulse GoFundMe page tallying over $5 million from 110,000 people in five days – and this is only one funding venue. Finally, the “shooter,” Omar Mateen, allegedly gave blood on May 29, two weeks before his shooting rampage – in a bizarre twist – to a center that supposedly supplied blood to the victims.[15]

All of this enforces the idea that any of us could die at the hands of a domestic terrorist, or a racist, or a guy who hates gays – or is gay – or something. At any rate, we had better watch out, or we too could be victims of a hideous blood sacrifice.


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Vivian Lee is the nom de plume of a tenured professor at an east coast university. 

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73 thought on “From Orlando to Charleston – Witnesses ‘Smell the Blood’”
  1. This morning I’m thinking of the KKK and those guys riding around on horses killing people, burning, etc. disguised in sheets and I think of the same behaviors today with those people disguised in intelligence services, congressional offices,military contractors, administrators. The behaviors have yet to be purged – the disguises have changed. Nice suits in basement planning, driven by lots of money, driving some lunatic ethic that requires fear and violence.

      1. It MOST CERTAINLY was, @ the very least start at this book: “The FBI and The KKK”. Also, Webster Tarpley gave a talk for Larouche’s outfit Executive Intelligence Review(EIR) almost 25 years ago talking about the origins of The KKK(as well as B’nai B’rith-British Jewish Talmudic Freemasonry) as The Knights of The Golden Circle(southern cross masonry) set up by 33rd Degree & Civil War Confederate General….ALBERT PIKE(and others), author of MORALS & DOGMA. They mostly recruited former disillusioned confederate soldiers released from prison into the carpetbagger occupation by the Union, and the recruiters were almost all Mason affiliated Sheriffs & Law Enforcement. Then, The FBI infiltrated then from the inception of the FBI & the rest is history. Incidentally, The KKK was also the terror arm of The DEMOCRATIC PARTY, and the Motion Picture ” Birth of a Nation” serves as the basis & engine for what became HOLLYWOOD, with its creator eventually being squeezed out by ZIONIST Jews like MGM Studios(ironically Talmudic Judaism also helped set up & finance the KKK) and would form UNITED ARTISTS with Charlie Chaplin.

        1. That is some crazy S* I’m gonna start calling you Mick,
          I would like to request some comments by the honorable trusted members her who have information on this, and can speak to these references, and add their own
          I swear the more I learn the ‘stoopider’ I feel
          sorry to chase a little rabbit here for a moment

        2. Also, check into Confederate President Jefferson Davis’s Gay Lover(or closest advisor). He was also a Talmudic Jew & well-connected Mason as well as a scion of plantation family who was also a powerful figure in…THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, and also connected with(drum roll please) THE ROTHSCHILDS who purportedly helped him escape to England.

        3. The 3rd World War was designed between Israel and The Middle East , no wonder Radical Islam (controlled by The Knights of malta) does the Heil Hitler salute and no wonder Pope serving Masonic Labor Zionist state of Israel was founded right after WW2.

          Albert Pike was supervised by a Belgian Jesuit John Peter de Smet who also co-founded the Mormon Cult , designed the 14th Amendment and was the Grand Inquisitor of The Native Americans because he tutoured General Sherdian who said:The only good indian is a dead indian , influencing the Status Quo and mentality of the masses.

  2. Maybe people who can discern these events as not similar to the media version are the people put on gangstalking lists. The object would be to neutralize them before they can influence others.

  3. Headline:
    Loretta Lynch: “Partial Transcript” Of Orlando 911 Calls Will Have References To Islamic Terrorism Removed

    “What we’re not going to do is further proclaim this man’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups, and further his propaganda,” Lynch said. “We are not going to hear him make his assertions of allegiance [to the Islamic State.”


    The 2nd Faction trying to save American will be ignored by the MSM (in which we own) and this is the Direct result of Christians, Patriots and anyone who wants to protect the Republic from the NWO, Lynch said.

    The Electronic Voting Booths are Rigged and Hillary will be the Next President, Lynch went on to say.

    The British “think” they can vote themselves out of our Tyranny June 23….Hahaha.

    Lynch went on to to say to the people of America.

    When the “Brexit” fails, and it will, Know your Fate.

    We are going to clamp down on the UK like you’ve never seen before and the Police State in America will be activated.

    The NSA knows who all you people are who just want peace, Justice and prosperity.

    You are the Enemy of the State…

    Happy fathers day !!!

  4. I have been following this event very closely, and am pretty up to date on all the videos and ideas that have emerged.

    I believe that the timing of this event – happening precisely the weekend that Hillary and Trump face off as candidates: adds suspicion to its origin.
    Second, when you go over the google maps of the pulse club and the hospital they were taken to : you can literally walk out of the front of the pulse club, and look down the street and see the large emergency room of Orlando hospital, a level one trauma center. It is measured at 1200 feet feet from the door of the Pulse to the door of a level one trauma center.
    If you were tasked with setting up a false flag event like this, you would want to do it at 2am, when there would be the fewest number of outside witnesses, and you would want the smallest possible corridor from your shooting scene to the medical treatment facility – if you wanted to control all aspects of the false flag. 1200 feet from the pulse to a level me trauma center. 1200 feet. 1200 feet.

    Even if you make the assumption that many gay bars will be in the vicinity of downtown populated areas – say Christopher St in NYC- how many gay clubs are located within 1200 feet of a level one trauma center? There cannot be that many.

    Really, if you move the shooting 1200 feet, you are in the emergency room bay of a level one trauma center.
    1200 feet.

    The only argument for not taking a hundred casualties to multiple hospitals – which is the standard practice – why would you swamp a single hospital with a hundred casualties : the only possible excuse would be if that hospital is within sight of the crime scene. So this is just perfect for a scenario where you needed total control of the scene.

    Now, most of the hoax community has done a great job of showing the probable use of crisis actors, in what appears to be an entirely manufactured scene – what I think hadn’t been focused on, and what can be studied by folks with audio and visual tech skills is these two videos. They show footage from what appears to be the 5 am entry of a swat team into the club.

    This is a different way of digging into it : this is audio and video of when they entered the club. If someone has the skills to decipher exactly what was said, and also try to augment the visual – this is the Zapruder film of the event. It needs to be dissected for every piece of info. I think there is clearly a helicopter overhead, filming. So where is that info. It sounds like they are yelling drop the bomb – which s their concussion grenade, I think – did they drill a hole in the bathroom wall and fire it in? Can this bomb, dropping into a closed bathroom , kill whatever it lands on?
    There is an incredible volley of automatic gunfire – hundreds of bullets.
    There is screaming of orders- what is being said? There is a minute or so of not firing, then yelling, then a single gun shot. What was that single gunshot? At the end, there is a mechanical pounding sound, like a machine is Breakng in the wall.
    What was the sequence of events here? There are later pictures of the wall where they busted thru, and there are some bullet holes in the wall, but not nearly as many as were fired. The firing sounds appear to be loud enough that the automatic volleys sound like they are from outside the club, not inside it.

    In the videos, there are photos that appear to be taken from a helicopter. They do actually show the only photos I have seen so far that show realistic people – two, on gurneys. One is covered with a sheet – this is the only photo that looks real to me. That scene needs to be careful dissected. There appears to be medical personnel off to the side. Who are these people? They appear to be docs in white coats, but not at the hospital.

    Are there traffic cams between the pulse and the ER? Can anyone hack footage from these?

    I was trying to think how could you tell if these casualties actually came to this hospital, and were treated for these injuries? Well, you have a huge hospital system, with thousands of people who log in.
    There should be hundreds of pages of documents showing treatment, and specific injuries.
    More focused: if they actually treated a hundred casualties that Sunday morning, there would be a vast record of blood bank use. The blood bank at that hospital should have vast documentation of all the units of blood used. If those documents are there- then maybe this occurred as it was said: but if there is not a vast record of blood bank use- there is a problem.

    Again, as I said, the two videos I listed above have a lot of data about what transpired at 5am. This may be equal to the Zapruder film. What does it reveal, on microscopic examination.? I think I can make out, towards the end, that the film actually shows people exiting thru the hole in the wall. With contemporary forensic software – I think all this can be seen. Maybe their are clues there?

    So far, there is no rational explanation for why most people did not escape thru the exits. There is no rational explanation for why there is a three hour delay between the initial shooting at 2 AM, and the swat team entering at 5 am. It is totally insane to have left all those people to bleed to death over three hours. It would not happen in any normal situation. Not happen. Not happen.

    Someone needs to explain why one of the worst massacres in US history took place 1200 feet from a level one trauma center, at 2 in the morning, on a weekend days after Hillary becomes the democratic candidate, and needs a Big Bang start to the summer.
    In a gay nightclub, when LGBT is the hot topic issue.

    Paul Craig Roberts offered 25,000 reward if anyone could offer video footage that actually shows real casualties, and any evidence that there was real shooting and injured bodies. The above two videos are the best evidence that SOMETHING happened, and the shot taken from the helicopter shows, in my experience, an ACTUAL severely wounded, and probably one dead – victim. This is the place to start. This is the Zapruder film. What was the exact sequence of events here? What can be heard? What can be seen? What is that lone single final gunshot?

    1. When I look carefully at the overhead footage of the video titled: Did Police Wait, I see that the gurney on the left side appears to have something wrapped in a sheet on it – maybe tied off at the top. One of the men working there takes out a sheet that is black and shiny on one side, and has orange and black stripes on other side. He unfolds it and puts it over the gurney. There appears to be another stack? of them nearby. Are these bodybags, or blankets? Is anyone familiar with this pattern of material? Also, the black van sitting in front has a fancy – doesnt look military – logo in a white circle on the side. Anyone from the Orlando area know this logo?

    2. The gun he used is reported as being semi-automatic which required a trigger pull for each shot. What we hear on this video is a simultaneous barrage of hundreds of rounds from two or three automatic weapons.It reminds me of the sound you get when you ignite a bag full of firecrackers.

      The Indiana man, who was arrested while on his way to attack the Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade, told an amazing tale. His story is a huge break in how this was staged, and how the two events are connected.

      “LA Patsy Was Connected to Mateen In CIA Plot -Surprised The Gay Pres. attacked gays?

      reposting this story from Edward Griffin’s website

      and the original source to give them maximum exposure.

      Santa Monica– Two police officers who wish to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation say that James Wesley Howell, an Indiana man who was found with a car full of explosives and weapons on Sunday morning, told police he was part of a team that planned shooting attacks on gay communities in Florida and California.

      Howell told police he was turning himself in because he wanted protection. His story was that he had been assured by his recruiters that he would not be harmed in the shooting but, when he heard on the news that Omar Mateen, the lead gunman in the Orlando group, had been killed by sniper fire, he realized he was being set up as a patsy and would be killed.

      Soon after that, the FBI took over the investigation, and information to the public was filtered to remove any facts that might show the Orlando shooting as a planned event involving others. GetOffTheBS 2016 Jun 15 (See Below)
      – See more at:

      1. Sorry, meant to correct this. I combined two differnt things in my head. Paul Craig Roberts put out an appeal for any videos that actually SUPPORT the official story – with the idea that if no one could produce this, then it allowed you to disbeleive the official story. You can read that tread here:

        The $25,000 reward was from a similar thread at HuffPo blogs.
        They ARE offering $25,000 for video proving a hoax. You can see it here:

        I got the two stories confused as I wrote too hastily last night. Hope this clears that up. Thanks,

      2. It wasn’t Paul Craig Roberts:


        The Huffington Post Bloggers Club is offering up to $25,000 for hard evidence that the June 12 Orlando massacre was staged.

        We have growing circumstantial evidence that a certain British firm was used to create the illusion of the mass shooting in Orlando.

        A similar crisis acting firm rehearsed in Orlando several months ago.

        The attack fits the same pattern observed dozens of times over the last several years; in particulars, the summary execution of the suspect and disbelief of those who knew him best, including his family.

        Yet again, the timing of the attack combined with the demographic of the alleged victims and the demographic of the alleged gunman, dovetail too well with the domestic and geopolitical agendas in Washington. The Orlando shooting is simply perfect for at least six top priorities of the Obama regime:

        push the Gay agenda,
        repeal the Second Amendment,
        justify Orwellian surveillance,

        embolden the police state,
        fan hatred of Muslims,
        intervene on behalf of terrorists in Syria while pretending to fight them,
        distract from the most influential American Muslim of all time: Muhammad Ali.

        We seek documents, videos and other material showing that actors rehearsed this incident and/or the alleged victims are not real people. What ever you have, we are interested. You don’t have to identify yourself, encryption is fine and we can pay in bitcoin.

        If, on the other hand, you have proof that we are mistaken, that the massacre was real as advertised by the media, we would also like to see it.”

        1. Good to see this here, THX.

          I need some help from you or others.

          I put a post up on your reward thread.

          I don’t think people have looked at it. I need someone to look at it – and either agree with me, or put it to bed. I think I see something that would absolutely rock the world if it is true. I just hate to think that it is real and would be missed.
          Here is the story. A day after the Orlando shooting, someone hacked Luis Burdanis IMDb page. They added the credit for the music video Spirit of Orlando : Shooting Up.
          It was then taken down quickly.
          The hoax finder people looked at it, and said that Luis Burdano wasn’t even in it., and chalked it up as a prank – just funny that it has such a weird title. I just had this spider sense thing that maybe someone put it up because there really is something there. I looked that the password she types in the video is Shooting Up. Just odd.
          But what hit me was that there is a pretty black girl in it that looks very much like the Orlando witness Patience Carter. The one that works at Fox News. I thought that this is crazy. I did screenshots of the girl in the video, and shots of patience carter. I put them side to side. I stared at them for hours. am I hallucinating? The lip line is exact. The jaw structure is exact. The eyebrows are exact. This has to be her.
          Of course I am aware that I may simply be seeing African American features – but I really don’t think so. I think that is Patience carter in that video made in 2015. I feel it is my duty to have this known. There is a history of these people leaving bizarre clues – and I just felt that this video has some meaning.
          I need someone with cujones or ovaries, or , hell- transgendered even- to look very carefully at the likeness. If patience Carter was in a video with this title , made in 2015 – it goes a long way to proving that something is amiss. PLEASE- someone look at this carefully. I have and I am very convinced that the shape of their faces is identical.
          Also, and I don’t know where this leads: the pictures and video of patience Carter, as a victim last week: she appears younger than subsequent pictures you can see on google images. I think this also indicated that her witness Orlando footage was filmed a while ago.
          Help me either substantiate this, or put it to rest. This could be very relevant to pursuit of hoax proof thanks.

  5. I don’t know where to post this, but everyone should be reading this. The ‘mental health’ tyranny has gone way farther than even I realized:

    Obama issued an edict that basically allows any ‘designated agent’ working in the medical field to report a patient and get them on a federal list of people prohibited from buying firearms. The article also mentions that law enforcement is privy to certain HIPAA violations.

    The Constitution is collapsing right under our feet and most americans are oblivious.

    I personally would advise people to record any interactions with any ‘medical professionals,’ and to keep them to a bare minimum. It’s no longer an issue of merely avoiding the crackpots aka psychologists. psychiatrists, counsellors, etc.

  6. This is so ridiculous I can’t even finish hearing these lying meat socks on the videos. Sorry to get graphic on you all but half the adult world, roughly, menstruates once a month and should be able to testify how quickly blood color veers from bright red. How stupid is this? Or do scabs/scars stay bright red or turn dark? The geoengineering/spraying has to be turning everyone’s brains to tofu, this is all so feeble a lie.

  7. A bit confused on your statement about this hoax concerning a person or persons “being carried toward the club instead of the hospital” As far as I know the only nearby hospital is the hoax hospital, Orlando Regional Medical Center, which is straight up Orange Ave about 4 blocks, in the same direction the fake injured were being carried.. That were was a fake attempt to carry persons allegedly injured by gunfire anywhere rather than stabilize them where they lay and wait for an ambulance is just one ridiculous example of fakery.

  8. anybody know FOR SURE when this club had its closing time? If it was 2:00, as it is in many places, ought not it have been closed before this “incident” (so what were all the people still doing there then?)

  9. Am trying to collect the footage that doesnt appear to be staged. This is excellent video of the police cars initially arriving on the scene – shortly after 2 AM. There is a short volley of gunfire between Mateen and the police – reportedly in front of the club. The reactions and conversations of the people filming these videos seems random and real – not staged at all. It also establishes all the police cars responding at this time. Few, if any,ambulances- Why? If anyone has any detailed knowledge of police procedure in Orlando – what units are responding? what are some of the unmarked vehicles responding? are these the vehicles and response you would expect at a “shots fired” event? Are there fire trucks? Is this typical – or unusual- for Orlando? You can see figures running around in front of the club. With forensic enhancement of imagery – can you actually see the shooter? There IS a Helicopter responding – even at this early point. You can see it fly over. What time was this? Where did the helicopter take off from? who notified the helicopter to take off? What time was it notified? Is it reasonable that it was on the scene at all -at that point? Could it possibly have taken off and gotten there in the right amount of time? What if it took off BEFORE the event happened?

    This is all apparently shortly after 2AM. Had the shooter already shot people- then came outside to exchange fire with the police. and then went back in? Why didnt people run at that point? With this police presence outside, it only makes sense that he had already killed the majority of people, because it makes no sense that that amount of police would sit outside while he was still shooting. So, this frames the question – if there was THIS large polic e presence outside the club, shortly after 2AM, with a helicopter overhead: why did they wait three hours to go in? The probable answer is that they were informed he may have a bomb, It took them three hours to get proper equipment on scene- a mobile robot to enter club with a camera.
    Still, it does not explain why they let all the wounded possibly bleed out.
    It also does not explain why there is no footage of the intervening three hours. How many people would have been milling about with cellphones? Why is there this three hour info gap? It does not make sense at all. With all these known injured, why do we not see a huge number of ambulances on the scene? That does not make sense.

    I am gonna try to figure out what is known about where the helicopter came from, and when it took off. It takes time to notify a crew and take off and get there.

    1. Since you asked about normal procedures there, if somebody can tell you that, I’d LOVE it if they could also tell us if the bar normally closed at 2:00 like many elsewhere. If it did normally close at 2:00, the music/drink ought to be shut down at 1:30 and the lights on at 1:30 to get the people out by 2:00 so why are they still there?

      1. These are their posted hours.

        Mon: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
        Tue – Wed: 11:00 am – 2:00 am
        Thu: 11:00 am – 1:00 am
        Fri – Sat: 11:00 am – 2:00 am
        Sun: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

        In one of the witness accounts- don’t remember where I saw it – the witness described them having begun the process of closing before the shooter started – I think they had done last call already, but the music was still going. Dont know of any specific info beyond that.

      2. My best guess is that this bar closed at 2:30 am, on June 12, 2010 and stayed closed until the play. I have observed the construction condition of this small building, and it looks pretty decayed and vacant to my findings. I am going by the MSM video presentations on this club, looking at the police entrance holes, and I see moldy drywall, roof decay, peeling dark gray paint, etc.

        Someone should do an internet search of this building, and see if it had bankruptcy, was hooked up to city water and sewer, electricity, etc. My guess would be no. The building, just like Sandy Hook, looks like it is a foreclosure special and is falling apart.

        1. Somebody found the hours that it’s open and it was open to 2:00, so everybody ought to have been out of the place by then

    2. You state ” There is a short volley of gunfire between Mateen and Police” …may I ask you how you know it is Mateen shooting or how you know it is the police shooting?

      In reviewing the video you posted… my opinion it is the best evidence yet for calling this a hoax….. There are a dozen police cars on the scene yet they are letting civilian cars drive casually down the street as if nothing is happening….The Police are also letting random civilians wander around an active shooting scene? I find that hard to believe.

      Forget all the other stuff….just show us the surveillance cam video of the club that night…….just explain how a guy walks into a club, through security toting an AR 15 and nobody bats an eye….

  10. I will give my 2 cents on the appearance of the medical response, being a nurse of 40 yrs:
    There is no activity that I have seen that represents what a true shooting massacre would look like,
    the hospital is down the street, there would be long lines of ambulances transporting and dropping people off, there are almost no videos of serious wounded gunshot victims being loaded into ambulances,
    100 injured patients is a state emergency, they would be quickly triaged at the nearest hospital then the stable pts would have been referred to other hospitals,
    there would be special triage personnel at the hospital, they would be out in front of the ER for initial staging-I have seen nothing that approximates this
    one hospital could not accept this many pts except to triage and refer (they still have the normal load of sick pts in the ER, and Sat/Sun is the heaviest day of the week with long waiting lines),
    there would be blood all over the Pulse parking lot/building, cops would be tracking everywhere-the place looks as clean as a museum
    the people associated with the shooting (including the police and fire-they are not above the stress of such an alleged massacre) show no signs of the kind of shock/trauma that would be associated with such a terrible event

    1. Thanks for your two cents. I agree with you. I had a career as a military trauma surgeon, and I know exactly how it would look. What I am having a terrible time reconciling is that the videos I have put up DO show real gunfire, there are some real sounds of crying and panic of people outside the club. Those videos show real gunshots.
      So, I actually think that there were people in the club, and people did get shot, and some people escaped.
      I think that is real. I am afraid I think some people did die- and maybe Mateen died.

      But, there is also this whole other part of it- which is all those fake people carrying people- and the other crisis actors. You and I both know what real people act like in a real trauma- and it aint like these people. One thing that rang out as false, to my eyes, was the six people carrying that one wounded guy past the cameras – with that fat fedora guy being one of them. They are carrying him with almost perfect six point stabiliazation – like you would if you were instructed to do so, to look real. In a real sitiuation, with untrained folks- in a panic, adrenaline rushing- IF they were carrying people at all – it would be MUCH more random hand position. It almost looks like a strange diagram in a booklet come to life. That is not real.

      Did these scenes with these actors carrying people even take place the same night? Is there anything that is seen in the “good” video of the first part of the shooting – and in these ones where they are carrying people bizarrely? Is it the same night?

      So, how do you reconcile what appears to be very real footage of cops arriving, gunshots, swat entrance sounds very real: how to reconcile that with the media response which seems preplanned, staged, and ON AGENDA? And a medical response that makes no sense at all?

      The 911 transcript comes out tommorow, so a little more would be added. But, I think this is likely a realevent, with real deaths, with a whole bunch of staged stuff on top. It was planned and carried out- and is being made to look like Mateen did it. Oswald, Dealey Plaza.

      The diffennce between 1963 and now is the instant colloboration on line- and the massive amount of digital tracks that are lain down.

      There SHOULD be records of massive amount of transfusions at the hospital.

      As I have said, there is forensic software that can dial in and enhance that video footage- make it look like daylight. Could you, with this software, see things you arent supposed to see? Can you see the shooter? MAYBE.
      I also saw a little knoll of grass out in front of the Dunkin Donuts. There are possibilities here to discover some things. Anyone know how to enhance video footage shot at night? Who knows what info is sitting there.

      1. I am of the opinion that a lot of footage (such as the weeping woman witness looking for her son, hugging reporters, smiling (son dead less than 2 days)) is done in a studio using green screen technology, she seems to have the reflection of indoor lighting reflecting off her glasses in one analysis,
        other footage appears to be filmed BEFORE the shooting.
        Its not possible to tell if anyone was actually shot or killed but I am absolutely sure there were not mass casualties,
        as a trauma surgeon it would be great if you could describe what a real triage scene would look like, both at the Pulse nightclub and the hospital, down the rd a few blocks; I think when we get more information on this hospital we are going to find its not an ordinary hospital, that it was set up to be a part of this deception, but that is conjecture on my part at this time

        1. Okay, This is what I think it would have looked like. There would have been immediate notification – a TRAUMA ALERT, MASS CASUALTIES- going to the on call surgeon at Orlando Regional – 1200 feet from the hospital. This would be an extremely unique situation – being so close to the crime scene.
          That surgeon’s main job would be to mobilize as many trained people, as soon as possible. A hospital this size would have a mass casualty protocol that would typically call all doctors associated with the hospital – ANY kind of doctors – to report to the hospital immediately. It would be interesting to know if this kind of alert was issued.
          The leading surgeon’s primary goal- in the first minutes – is to get the “ABC”s (airway, breathing, circulation) to each and every victim as soon as possible. There are two ways to do this; or a combination of two ways. One would be to mobilize as many ambulances and fire crew to the scene, and get airway control (intubate) and IV access at the scene. A hospital this size may have “Go Trunks” filled with supplies for mass casualty scenes like plane crashes.
          The second approach would be to NOT spend much time at the scene, but instead, “Scoop and Run”: in a safe way, get the patients on gurneys and get them to the hospital as soon as possible.

          I think, since this was so close to the hospital, I would have done both of these things – because any delay would cost lives.
          At the scene, you would designate one or two highly trained people to immediately triage people into categories of either not needing immedaite attention, or needing minor attention – but you would also have to very quickly identify the dead, and mark them with a colored tag; you would need to mark with a differnt color tag, people who were alive, but unlikely to survive ( a gunshot to the head, but still breathing) because you should not waste initial resources on these people. You are mostly looking for the most seriously injured, who are likely to survive (gun shot to abdomen, in shock, but arousable).
          within about 15 minutes, every one should be marked as dead – and you should have identified about ten to twenty people that are going to be the main focused effort.
          At the hospital – depending on the layout of the hospital- you would need to figure out how to physically expand your treating area. It is best if you can keep all the victims in a single area, so that all resources can be in sight of eachother, and in communication. The leading surgeon would have to make this decision quickly. Often, in a level one trauma center, the ER is located right next to the ORs. You might simply expand the ER area into the OR area.
          You should, then have about twenty gurneys, with twenty to thirty live and seriously injured patients all lined up. They are all getting IV fluid and blood as needed. Pressure is being applied to all wounds as needed. Pateints are intubated, as needed.
          Now, you have to assess how many surgeons you have immediately available, and what the likely injuries are- and you need to decide say taking six to ten people to operating rooms, with the surgeons you have.
          As the lead surgeon, you are needed now to operate. But you also need to get the remaining twenty or so patients to ANOTHER nearby facility. There should have been a move to get some of these pateints to other nearby hospital. This hospital cant take care of all these patients at once.

          That is how I see it having been done. Will be very interesting to see, as more and more details emerge, if this is how it was done.
          As I have already stated – there should be a massive electronic record of all this. It would be subpeonable. It has to exist. There are also many ways to gather info about what happened, from all the ambulance companies, all the EMT payroll sheets, etc, etc. What are all the peripheral and tangential activities that make this hospital function? There should have been a massive increase in telephone calls between hospital personell. There are likely many secururity webcams in businesses and parking lots along the entire corridor from the pulse to the ER entrance. some of these cams – traffic cams, should have shown small snippets of ambulances going by. They should be there. If these security cams clearly show the roadway – Orange ave-during this period, and there are NOT ambulances going by, then that is not good for the story.
          If this actually happened, the way it was supposed to have happened, there will be many ways to detail it. But the same is true if it was somehow manipulated, There is evidence out there, Journalists are supposed to be trying to figure this out.

  11. Sorry, I know this should be in Freaky Fridays section but its buried way down low because of all the new stories/Blogs.

    Free Fridays should always be 2nd in or 3rd in line on page One.

    Ok, Whatever. anyways.

    This may/will be an interesting week. The Globalists will NEVER let the UK Leave the EU. Never, Never.

    They are going to do the “it was close vote” act.

    This is the only way you can commit fraud, if the Vote is close you can (Electronically Stuff the ballot). That’s why Here in the US they (MSM) keep saying Hillary and Trump are just Points away from each other in all the Polls. 46/48 then 48/46 and so on.

    The scum in the UK extended the time to register to vote by 4 days…436,000 new votes were entered….Do I really have tell you “they” have 436,000 votes to “throw in” on the Stay/In Vote?

    I only say this because if the UK loses and gets stuck in the EU forever, that will be our sign here in American the NWO/Globalists won and Hillary will be the next President of America.

    If the UK gets free, Trump will be the President and we will have a Lull of Peace until the next attack by the Globalists/NWO losers.

    Just my Opinion as I said they will Raze the Pulse Club as SHE.

  12. Hello,
    In the section: Photo of Dr. Corsa’s bloody sneakers, with other bloody items, posted on Facebook, you mention that the bloody sponges look more like paint, red paint.

    Actually, as a trauma anesthesiologist who trained at LA County hospital, I can reassure you that what you are seeing there is real blood. It stays nice and red just like you see in the photo (if it’s arterial). The truth is that surgery produces lots of bright red arterial bleeding, so does trauma.

    Now, one can argue where the blood came from. Each large sponge can hold as much as 250cc of blood (about 1/2 unit of blood) when soaked. These are not completely soaked but there is a significant amount of blood on them. I’d guess at least a liter not knowing what’s inside the bucket. SO at least that part isn’t BS.

    The doc was exposed to someone bleeding, but if it were 50+ victims you’d have racks and racks of bloody sponges perhaps even 50 times this amount. And there is no way this doc treated all of them. Even if he treated a dozen, his shoes would be unwearable unless he was using either ‘ortho’ boots, or shoe covers and he would have been an idiot not to wear covers since his shoes would be unwearable afterwards.

    Look, when you anticipate trauma you dress for trauma. That way you don’t have to cry about your shoes later.

    Has anyone talked to the trauma surgeons or anesthesiologists? All three teams first, second and third call, would have been called in. Other hospitals would also have participated. They could tell you in a heartbeat what went down, and that’s where I’d look. Hint.

    Lastly, go to the American Red Cross or whatever large blood bank is in the area and ask to see how much blood was used that night. An event like this would ‘break’ the bank and they would have run out of blood. That would be pretty easy to find out I’d think. If you needed 50 -100 units, you’d have easily busted the bank, and with 50 shootings you’d need a hell of a lot more than this!

    1. The blood does look real on the sponges, but I don’t think you can determine real vs fake from a photo, although I have seen some pics that were so bad it was obvious it was fake,
      today’s video editing and FX capabilities are pretty advanced

  13. Excellent work as always! Thank you!!

    I was looking at the “victim” names today and noted what seemed to be an overwhelming majority of Hispanic/Latino surnames. This should come as no surprise considering the demographic makeup of Florida.

    However, it occurred to me that the best identities to use for a faked event would be stolen identities (rather than invented personages). And the ethic group most ripe to be victimized by identity theft for this purpose would be illegal aliens.

    Think of how many illegals die after walking miles in the scorching border heat. How many bodies which are found in the border interior are actually identified? Very few.

    Another possible pipeline if identities: the DHS deportation system. There are not very close tabs kept on most entrants who cross U.S. borders illegally. If they are ever caught and deported, it doesn’t seem like the system is very transparent.

    Whatever the method may be, I think it’s possible that the Orlando casualties (real or simulated) were populated largely with the identities (at the very least) of illegal immigrants if not the immigrants themselves.


      1. Thank you! Yes, I was just wondering if a switch could have been pulled…sort of like the remote control plane of Operation Northwoods which was to fly the trajectory of the actual plane which departed (and was soon to return to Eglin AFB in Florida).

        In other words, if anyone died, a prime target for identity theft would be Mexican or Central American immigrants. Actually, I suppose it would be a variation on identity theft. The ostensible identities would be those of the reputed Puerto Ricans, but the dead would be other Latinos who had been somehow disappeared or kidnapped in some facet of the Byzantine immigration apparatus.

        I admit this theory may fail Ockham’s razor, but I wanted to at least pose the possibility in case anyone could see something which would make it a plausible candidate for actuality.

        Thanks again for the info! Cheers 🙂


  14. Wa Po has released a great deal more specific detail of what went on. a lot of details. Need to dissect this.

    ooting rampage
    By Mark Berman and Matt Zapotosky June 20 at 11:51 AM
    Chasing a ghost: What we know about Omar Mateen
    Play Video5:30
    People who knew Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen describe him as a man who had many demons and potentially led a double life. (Erin Patrick O’Connor,Jayne Orenstein,Thomas LeGro/The Washington Post)

    A little more than a week after the shooting rampage at Pulse, an Orlando nightclub, key details remain unknown about what exactly happened during the violent episode and the hostage standoff that followed.

    Even as investigators try to determine what may have motivated the attack that left 49 people dead and dozens more injured, they are still working to piece together exactly what happened during the three hours between the first gunshots and the moment police fatally shot the attacker.

    While some elements of the siege became sharper with new details that emerged Monday when the FBI released partial transcripts of police communications with the gunman, other parts remained hazy and uncertain.

    Authorities have not said yet if any of those killed or injured at the club were wounded when police officers fired at Omar Mateen, the 29-year-old gunman, something police have said was possible, or when police SWAT teams tore through the walls of the bathrooms where people were hiding.

    When police made the decision to go inside at about 5 a.m. to end the standoff, officers assumed there were “badly wounded” people in the club still needing to be rescued, the SWAT commander at Pulse said in an interview Sunday, a week after the shooting.

    “The situation is very bad, and we want to save as many people as we can,” Mark Canty, the SWAT commander, recalled in a detailed account of what happened at the club.

    While some victims at the club and other observers said they think police should have acted more aggressively, Canty said officers were always acting with victims in mind and that there was “never really a time” they weren’t working to save people.

    Canty said these efforts included SWAT operators at one point popping out an air conditioning unit to help free hostages, and described the situation at Pulse as fluid and dangerous given the gunman who had fired at clubgoers and officers alike before taking hostages and claiming he had explosives.

    The FBI is still working to determine if any of the victims at Pulse were hit by police fire, according to a U.S. law enforcement official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation. The official said it may take as long as a week, and possibly longer, before authorities are sure.

    As part of this effort, agents are reviewing graphic surveillance video from inside Pulse, which the official said clearly shows Mateen gunning down victims. Investigators have said that their evidence response technicians remained at Pulse for days after the shooting to map the crime scene and try to determine precisely how the bullets flew as they analyze the trajectory of the gunfire.

    [The volatile, angry life of the Orlando gunman]
    Anesha Collins leaves flowers at a cross honoring her friend Shane Evan Tomlinson and the other victims at a makeshift memorial to those killed in the Pulse nightclub mass shooting a few blocks from the club Saturday, June 18, 2016, in Orlando, Fla. (AP Photo/David Goldman) Anesha Collins leaves flowers at a cross honoring her friend Shane Evan Tomlinson and the other victims at a makeshift memorial to those killed at Pulse. (David Goldman/AP)

    On at least three occasions during the attack, police opened fire on Mateen.

    He first came into contact with an off-duty police officer working security who exchanged gunfire with Mateen near an entrance. Soon after, police stormed into the club, opening fire on Mateen again. Later, after police broke holes in the wall of two bathrooms on the western wall of the club to rescue hostages trapped inside, the officers opened fire on Mateen after they say he emerged through one of the holes.

    Orlando Police Chief John Mina acknowledged that it was possible people were struck during the crossfire when SWAT officers fired at Mateen during the hostage rescue, saying that this would be part of the investigation into what happened. The SWAT commander at Pulse said Sunday he was not sure if any victims may have been struck by officers’ gunfire, and the chief medical examiner has said he does not know.

    [After Orlando, some American Muslims are anxious about what comes next]

    Autopsies of all of 49 people killed at Pulse were finished by Tuesday afternoon, according to the Orange County Medical Examiner’s Office, which declined to release those reports.

    “This is an active criminal investigation, therefore, the autopsy results and any reports generated will not be released at this time,” the office said in a statement.

    Florida has broad public records laws, but the state has exemptions for “active criminal investigative information.” In an interview with reporters, Joshua Stephany, the chief Orange County medical examiner, said these autopsy reports would not be released due to the federal investigation. The Orlando Police Department referred questions about the Pulse shooting investigation to the FBI, saying that any information about victims would have to come from the bureau.

    The FBI and a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office did not immediately respond to requests for comment Sunday about the decision not to release the autopsy reports or say if any of the victims were killed by crossfire.

    During a news conference Monday, officials again would not say if they believe any of the Pulse victims were killed by police gunfire, though they suggested that even if this turns out to be the case, they still hold the gunman responsible for these deaths.

    Ronald Hopper, an assistant FBI special agent in charge, referred to Mateen as “the killer of 49 and the shooter of 53 others” during the briefing.

    “That’s all part of the investigation, but here’s what I will tell you: Those killings are on the suspect and the suspect alone, in my mind,” Mina said.

    Stephany said his office did not collect information on whether any victims were killed by police gunfire.

    “There would be no way for me to tell if they were shot by police or the shooter,” Stephany said. “The same gun can hold different kinds of projectiles. There are too many variables. I am not going to speculate.”

    Stephany, who said he did not talk to the families about the autopsies, declined to go into specifics discussing the nature of the injuries to victims. He said that he and and a group of medical examiners recovered projectile fragments from the bodies as well as the club itself for law enforcement in case they need to recreate the scene, but Stephany did not say whether these fragments would be limited to bullets and bullet fragments specifically.

    But of the victims, Stephany said: “It’s no secret how they died. The injuries were typical of gunfire.”

    [How to improve your chances of surviving a mass shooting like Orlando]

    Witnesses at Pulse described seeing many of the victims fall on the floor of the main dance hall, which was riddled with glass and blood after Mateen launched his bloody rampage. Several other people appear to have been killed in one or more bathrooms, where they sought refuge.

    It remains unclear if any of the victims could have been saved if police stormed the club sooner. Police have said that after the barrage of gunfire stopped, they treated the situation as a hostage negotiation.

    Mina, the Orlando police chief, said Monday that he believes “there was this misconception that we didn’t do anything for three hours,” and emphasized that police officers were continuing to work, an effort that included heading back into the club to rescue people.

    During the news conference Monday, authorities repeatedly pushed back against questions that have been raised about the law enforcement response at the club and whether officers could have acted more aggressively to stop the gunman. The officers who responded during the attack “should not be second guessed,” A. Lee Bentley III, the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Florida, said at the briefing. “They performed valiantly during those early morning hours. Lives were saved because of their heroic work.”

    Patience Carter, who Mateen shot in the leg after she fled with into a bathroom stall, said that Mateen shot a number of people, including herself and two friends, one of whom didn’t survive, when he rushed into the bathroom early on in the attack. Mateen ultimately remained holed up with hostages in that bathroom, which police have referred to as the north bathroom, until after police stormed the building.

    At a press conference last week, Carter recalled “hours and hours” passing in which the injured and dead around her lay on the floor beneath the stalls in pools of blood, as victims called 911 and loved ones begging for help. She said that a man lying on the floor told her that her friend Akyra Murray had a pulse at one point, but Murray did not survive. Angel Santiago, another survivor, said that Mateen went into both bathrooms during the standoff, and it is not clear how many people he shot in the two rooms.

    Carter also said that after police called for people inside to back away from the wall — before police broke through it at the end of the ordeal — Mateen appeared to shoot at least three people inside the bathroom.
    Survivor describes being trapped in the bathroom with the Orlando gunman
    Play Video7:16
    Patience Carter was trapped in a bathroom with her two friends and the gunman during the Pulse massacre. During a press conference at Florida Hospital on Tuesday, she gave her chilling account of what happened. (Reuters)

    According to Canty, the SWAT commander, once Mateen retreated to the bathroom it did not appear any more shots were fired, except for possibly in the moments when police moved in for the final confrontation with him.

    U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Sunday that authorities will release “limited transcripts of the calls” between the attacker and the Orlando police negotiators during the standoff, telling CNN that these will show what the gunman said to police officers during the standoff. Lynch also plans to travel to Orlando on Tuesday, the Justice Department said.

    [Orlando gunman exchanged text messages with wife, searched Facebook during standoff]

    In the minutes and hours after the first gunshots, officers from the Orlando Police Department scrambled to take as many people as possible out of harm’s way, Canty said in a 45-minute interview Sunday, providing a detailed account of the SWAT team efforts.

    Patrol officers and others moved all those they believed to be living victims out of the patio and dance floor areas, and — while Mateen was holed up in a bathroom on the club’s west side — trained SWAT officers took people out of the dressing rooms on the club’s north side.

    Canty said he was not sure what happened specifically to those who were gravely wounded inside the club and potentially unable to communicate. But he said officers always worked with the victims in mind.

    “There’s never really a time when we’re not trying to save people,” Canty said.

    Canty said he was sitting on his couch and watching TV when he first got a page activating the SWAT team after 2 a.m. Sunday morning. He said SWAT officers were told initially there was an “active shooter,” and then, later, that “he was barricaded with possible hostages inside the nightclub.”

    “It was so dynamic; it was so fluid,” Canty said.

    Canty said he got dressed and rushed to the scene, arriving about 2:45 a.m. Before SWAT arrived, Orlando police officers had already exchanged gunfire with Mateen inside the club, Canty said. He said an officer working off duty encountered Mateen about 2 a.m. and was the first to do so.

    Canty said that, in active shooter situations, even non-SWAT officers are told, “You’re immediately to go to the gunfire.” He noted the first officer “did engage” the shooter, but Canty said he was unsure why he did not immediately rush after the attacker, and he was also not sure if the encounter happened inside or outside the club.

    “I don’t know what he heard, what he saw,” Canty said. “He has a handgun. The suspect has a rifle. Those are considerations.”
    Orlando police chief details 3-hour standoff with shooter
    Play Video2:03
    Omar Mateen showed no signs of remorse in phone calls with police during an hours-long standoff at the Pulse nightclub, Orlando Police Chief John Mina said in an interview with The Washington Post on June 13. (Gillian Brockell,McKenna Ewen/The Washington Post)

    After that encounter, more officers were called and another shootout ensued, at which point Mateen retreated into the bathroom with hostages. It is not clear why the police officers who exchanged gunfire with Mateen did not pursue him into the bathroom.

    A police officer from Belle Isle, Fla., said an officer from that city south of Orlando was one of four who entered the club after the officer working at Pulse called for backup. The Belle Isle officer said he cleared rooms until SWAT arrived and began to evacuate people.

    While inside the bathrooms with hostages, Mateen called 911, pledging allegiance to the Islamic State, and also called a television news station and exchanged text messages with his wife, officials said.

    [The attacker searched Facebook for news of the shootings during the standoff]

    During the chaos, SWAT officers rescued some people from dressing rooms on the north side of the club, popping out on an air conditioning unit in one to facilitate the escape. But in the bathrooms on the club’s west side, Mateen had taken hostages whose rescue would prove more challenging, Canty said.

    Mateen was in the north bathroom, though there were also people trapped in the south bathroom, and an attempt to flee would have forced them to cross Mateen’s path, Canty said.

    “The only way to get out is to come out the door which is right directly across the hall from where he is,” Canty said.

    He said as Mateen talked with crisis negotiators, those in command weighed their options and worried what Mateen might do next. “This is someone who is determined…they’ve already killed several people, there’s a possibility they may have explosives,” Canty said.

    When Mateen threatened to strap explosive vests onto hostages, police made their decision to breach knowing the potential consequences, Canty said.

    “Once we do the breach,” Canty said, “he will know.” Canty said the “kind of deciding factor in all of this is we know there’s a possibility he’ll kill more people.”

    Canty said the explosives did not blow down the entire wall, so officers then crashed into it with an armored vehicle. That, he said, created a hole between the bathrooms, which was not the spot that police had intended.

    He said officers threw explosives meant to distract the shooter in the hole they had created and used the vehicle to break another hole in the wall — this one leading to the south bathroom. Survivors, he said, emerged from that. Canty said Mateen eventually emerged from the hole between the bathrooms and fired at SWAT officers, who shot and killed him. Not knowing if Mateen might have strapped explosives to himself, officers breached another hole in the north bathroom wall for more survivors to escape, Canty said.

    Canty said the department would thoroughly assess its officers’ actions to determine if anything could have been done differently, though, for now, he was “very proud” of how all those responded.

    “I think we did a good job. Obviously, we would have liked to save more people,” Canty said. “That’s the worst part of this. I think we did an outstanding job, but unfortunately people still died, but I think that’s more on him.”

    When asked how Mateen was able to kill so many people, Canty said the gunman was “an evil person” who was determined to carry out a massacre.

    “If someone is determined to kill a lot of people, they can do it, whether they have an AR-15 or a handgun or whatever they have,” Canty said.

    Stephany, the medical examiner, said it appeared that few if any of the dead suffered.

    “The way we determine suffering is if there is evidence of people moving after an incident,” he said. “There was no evidence of that.”

    The police officers at Pulse, Canty said, “did everything they could to save as many people as they could,” and, “they’d do it again. No questions asked.”

    Abigail Hauslohner and Stephanie McCrummen in Orlando and Adam Goldman, Matt Zapotosky, Katie Zezima and Arelis R. Hernandez in Washington contributed to this report.

    1. In that article, they say they have detailed CCTV imagery of the shooting in the club, with Mateen Shooting.
      so,we know that that record is said to exishatt.

      Here is a diagram of the pulse club layout. Need to famiarize with this. Said entry is from West – bathroom side, thru the walls.

      Need to figure out orientation of the videos that show SWAT entry at 5am. Said to be taken from across the street- I think second story view. Need to orient layoutt with objects in video- street lamps and I think the pulse sign, Figure out what exact angle the film was shot from, and what you should see of the shooting.

      article says Mateen came out one of the holes in the walls, and was shot and killed.
      If that is true, then need to figure out the formation of the Swat team around that wall. Obviously, they did not want to shoot eachother, or have ricochets off wall hit eachother. So, they would have been formed fairly perpindicular to the wall- not fannned out. I think they would approach in a V pattern, with a point man, and each member responsible for an arc of fire, 180 forward. They would have had blast shields.
      IF, IF they fired that incredible volley of automatic fire, heard on the video – if it was fired fairly straight at the area where he came out the wall, then there are far too few bullet marks in the wall to account for that barrage. Did many of them go straigght into bathroom?

      Look at the layout of the floor. Mateen is supposed to be in a bathroom with some hostages. It is clear that, if he was holed up in there, there was free escape from front and side exits. There should be no reason for anyone who was not already shot to stay in there while he was holed up. He couldnt see them or threaten them. Why would anyone remain there, with unobstructed exits?

      So, it makes sense that, besides people who were already shot and badly wounded- and the people actually trapped in that one bathroom, with him – there should not be anyone else in that club after three hours. The diagram shows the bathrooms with two in one, and three in the other. These are small bathrooms. How many people were in there with him, in one bathroom? Twenty max?

      Need to get a grip on what this place looked like at 5am, before they entered. Fifty already dead? twenty in bathroom? They seem to indicate that they were probing the club, trying to go in and rescue wounded. Did they get some wounded out before 5Am? is there a urecord of people coming to hospital from scene, before 5AM?

      This article provides a lot more info to frame event. It is being pinned down. Less ability to change story as details emerge.
      Again, I want to figure out orientation of video of SWAT entry- to figure out the vantage point. I THINK you are seeing the West wall. Maybe wrong, but I thought I saw people moving thru hole in wall. If I can figure out how to augment the video, so you can see the details – I think there is a chance you may be able to actually see this swat entry team, and maybe Mateen. This would provide facts. It doesnt mean parts were not staged – it doesnt mean Mateen wasnt set up. It only serves to establish facts that can be referred to, further pinning this story down. I do not know if the folks with good IT skills are already working on this – BUT, using forensic software to see what can be seen on those SWAT videos is a major move forward. Who can make this sharper, and more light? I will get back on this thread when I figure out where that SWAT video was taken from, and what angle of view it is showing.

        1. Is it true? After all, showing up out of nowhere and sitting down at our ‘table’ with lots of bluster while taking
          most of the air out of the room is textbook troll behavior.


        2. No. not true. Was just trying to lay out data in one place, and develop ways to approach finding leads.
          Besides, trolls live under bridges- I live in a van down by the river.
          No hard feelings. I will keep looking for info on my own. Sorry I looked like a troll to you.

        3. MHB Admin.,

          So why did you give him a Guest Post here?

          PS: There’s no one injured on the Gurneys as Mark said was “Proof” “Something” happened.

      1. Just a few random comments.

        When Dr. Tracy first posted the article announcing this event, I read about two paragraphs and said to myself ‘here we go again.’

        Those of the alternative media made an immediate decision or call on this event.

        I noticed that not only I but several others here and on other sites IMMEDIATELY recognized Orlando/Pulse as a false event, more immiediately than on any other recent false event.

        I also noticed that several alternative sites and show hosts very immediately called this false event as true,some taking the ‘Muslim Islamic terrorists” ball and running with it such as Jeff Rense, David Duke, Alex Jones, while Donald Trump and focused on his wise idea to temporarily halt allowing Muslim immigrants to USA and Kiillary focused on gun control agenda. Several other politicians and elected officials immediately picked up on some aspect of the false event official story and not one such personage even hinted that the official story should be questioned and investigated and not immediately accepted.

        So one thing that his multi-purpose false event accomplished was a huge bifurcation in the alternative news writers and commentators and we all know how efficacious the divide-and-conquer strategy is.

        I want to read about anything that talks politicians and who I should vote for. They’re all touting the official story and that makes them at least controlled liars or people who don’t mind sacrificing truth for “their pet issue”, if not low-level participants in the planning and perpetration of the event.

        I also notice a lower than even respect for the mainstream media and all who question the official story or accept the official story just take it as a giving the MSM is a nonstarter, not to be taken as of any value whatsoever.

        I have chosen not to look in to this event very much, but have looked in to the hospital and doctors part of the story a little bit.

        Dr. Joshua Stephany, the chief medical examiner for Orange and Osceola counties, was appointed to his position FOUR DAYS BEFORE the Pulse fake event.

        Also this Dr Stephany was an actor in a TV series.

        Medical examiner on the Pulse attack: Time stood still. Time stopped.

        Here are a few videos containing info about the doctors who treated the “victims.”
        Here are the names of SOME of the doctors and the spelling may be off on some of them.
        Michael Cheatham
        Chadwick Smith
        William Hauron
        Mark Levy
        Joseph Ibrahim
        Matt Luby.

        As with Boston Bomging fake 15 amputees and lying doctors, there is something dystopian and fake about the entire doctors / hospitals part of the Orlando Pulse event. Evidence that the doctors’ names were just recently posted as part of the staff on the Orlando Regional Medical Center website and no records of these doctors ever being in recent private practice.

        Orlando surgeons describe chaos after shooting

        CBS Evening News


        Orlando Hoax – Hospital Drills and Nervous Doctors

        The Paulstal Service


        Captain Obvious

        5 minute video: New Orlando chief medical examiner (also an actor) just appointed to the position on 6/7/16 – only a few days before the ‘Orlando Pulse shooting’

        Orlando Pulse Shooting BOMBSHELL! Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Joshua Stephany’s Acting WOW!!
        New World Agenda

        One last thing I noticed was simple reference to “the surgeon or the surgeons” and “the surgeon on call” and the Trauma Team.

        There are several subspeciaties within surgery and while general surgeons usually take care of gunshot wounds, it would seem that orthopedic surgeons and maybe vascular surgeons would have to be involved too. (The words on the scrubs of some of the doctors shown in the videos are “pediatrican” and “OB, Gyn.”)

        1. CORRECTION:


          I want to read about anything that talks politicians and who I should vote for.


          I DON’T want to read about anything that talks politicians and who I should vote for.

        2. I’m looking at the medical staff and the hospital angle,
          this is a mystery right now, are they in on it? How could they possibly NOT be in on it? The evidence is overwhelming this is a fraud, but how do we explain such a massive deception from Drs and nurses?
          Looking at Dr. Mathew Lube,
          I called one clinic in Orlando, they say he is an MD that uses this clinic,
          however I can’t find any pt reviews on this Dr., which is odd, he has been in practice a long time, and should have a good record of reviews,
          everything on the web suggests Orlando Regional Medical Center is on the up-and-up -we’ll see


        3. “are they in on it? How could they possibly NOT be in on it? The evidence is overwhelming this is a fraud, but how do we explain such a massive deception from Drs and nurses?”

          I posted the names of two doctors associated with Boston deception. They each lied on record and lied big. I did not search deeply into their career history but the cursory search did indicate they were the real deal.

          A search into the backgrounds and timelines of each doctor in the Orlando deception needs to be researched. I strongly suspect that one will reach a proximate dead end early in each search. They will not have a history on records that goes back several years. There will be odd timeline breaks from the beginning of each search.

          It may be that some of the “doctors” are real doctors but do not seem to fit properly into the trauma scenario promoted. I also suspect that the background searches on some of the “doctors” will be so sketchy and shallow that one cannot verify if they are at all actually M.D.s.

          What I have observed so far is that there was somewhat elaborate long-term planning of this event as many elements had to be set in place a good while before the event.

          Here is an oddly worded phrase from this video…


          “Three months ago, Orlando Regional Medical Center practiced an active-shooter mass-casualty drill. On Monday, six surgeons who saved lives spoke with Scott Pelley.”

          It seems they do not say plainly that the six surgeons who spoke actually “saved lives” at the Orlando event. It is vague and seems more connected with the active-shooter mass-casualty drill three months prior.

          On 12/29/12, President Obama signed HR 4310, the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. Section 1078 (thomas.loc. gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c112:H.R.4310:) of the bill authorizes the use of propaganda inside the US, which had previously been banned since 1948 when the Smith-Mundt Act was passed.

          What we are seeing, especially regarding this medical response aspect of this event, may be legally classified as legal propaganda.
          Some of these may be real M.D.s who are being forced, at the risk of their professional careers, to participate in this legal “propaganda” speech. It is though they are very carefully scripted.

          You can see the facial expressions of some of the “doctors” in the videos and they have rather sullen disgusted looks on their faces as though they are being forced to be a part of play that they want no part of.

          One thing I noticed about my abbreviated reading about this event is that it was absolutely loaded with several of the major blatant fail elements of recent false events all rolled in to this one event. It was designed to be an in-your-face production. We are supposed to be duly outraged and go off on our searches and rabbit trails and never get anywhere near truth and justice.

        4. Well Sue
          I am sure some are in on it,
          but I still don’t understand how it could be pulled off in front of so many medical staff members, its hard to hide a triage scene (or lack thereof), its important to prove the deception

        5. Sue I am studying the Medical staff interviews now,
          What I see sounds scripted, these Dr.s are using many of the same phrases that the other crisis actors are using, “it was surreal” is a big one, they are also displaying emotions not consistent with a trauma professional, sounds like it is part of the Gladio-B narrative instead of honest emotions, it seems misplaced,
          what I noticed as a nurse that has worked in ER, surgery, etc., is that these Drs don’t appear to be giving an oral presentation that one would normally associate with a team of trauma specilaists,
          remember trauma Drs work with this EVERY day, they treat much worse injuries with car accidents than these alleged shooting injuries,
          and they use professional jargon when describing injuries,
          it is also a psychological tool that all medical personnel adopt, in that it allows a medic to keep a safe mental distance from the situation, they must be empathetic but not sympathetic, they must maintain a professional “distance” and keep their mental and psychological facilities intact in order to do their (often ghoulish) work,
          these Drs. are describing the medical events not in precise professional jargon but more like a popular speech, almost like somebody who had some medical experience but was coached on how to sound like a real Dr,
          also Drs. tend to sound a bit impersonal in that they are describing the event very concisely (in the same way you hear a policeman describe an event, impassioned typically)
          its subtle, but other nurses (if we can distinguish between the sock-puppets that will inevitably chime in) will notice it and hopefully comment

  15. This alleged witness to the shooting inside Pulse is a liar and a fraud-he talks about the blood and the gore and the terrible scenes of death and destruction but shows no signs of psychological shock or stress, you woulda’ thunk’ he just finished a white water rafting trip but that’s about it,
    and the cell phone coverage inside the stalls which are supposed to be packed with desperate bloodied injured LGBT (after all, these are not Spartan warriors) is absurd, and in no way looks like the scene he describes, people would be moaning, and crying, in shock, in pain, blood everywhere, pandemonium,
    this looks like a party after everyone is chilling out

  16. The Hospital is 3/10-mile away. I would like to see the security tapes from the emergency entrance. Someone should begin angling for proof in the form of security camera recordings. I don’t believe this sh!t.

  17. Can I be there for the demolition ? I’m sure it will be soon. No doubt Orlando officials will pre-publicize it (NOT). In the meantime, after all the official investigations are done, do you think they will allow Independant investigators in (NOT).

  18. Somebody above mentioned “confidence in Floridas medical establishment”. What a joke that is. For decades many doctors in Florida have been ripping off Medicare and Medicaid for every dime they can get their greasy hands on. I could give you many stories about what they did to my Grandmother down in Florida before we had to rescue her from a hospital and bring her back up north. Those bastiges had no mercy on her. They had her so needlessly drugged up with about 20 different concoctions so that literally she didn’t know what her name was. And looking at her chart, every day she would be visited by a slew of “consulting doctors” who would pop in, say hello, then charge Medicare over $100 each for the priviledge. And of course the phoney report of the encounter would cost more. That was when she was about 80 years old. After she got back north with us, and purged of all her “medications”, she lived to be a hundred and a half. I hope those doctors are burning on hell for what they did to her !

    1. That is not an unusual story. My mother had to be placed in a nursing home in Florida. First Dr. Frankenstein tells me she has a lump in one breast and needs a mastectomy. She was 90 years old at the time.

      I said lots of elderly women get lumps in their breasts, it does not autmatically signal cancer and mastectomy. He said do you have any idea how painful cancer of the breast can be? I said do you have any idea how easy it is to do a biopsy? Why don’t we do that before we even discuss surgery? I never heard any more from him about this option.

      Next a nurse approached me and said my mother had low blood and needed a blood transfusion. I said fine set up the table, she and I are the same blood type, you can take it straight out of my arm and put it in hers. She said of course we can’t do that, it needs to come from the red cross. As I am sure you know, many diseases are acquired through blood transfusions. They are now discovering new blood types they were not aware of.

      So I finally told the nurse, I guess she doesn’t need a blood transfusion that bad then. Never heard more about that.

      My mother lived to be a 100 years old. The only problem was she developed diabetes and they cut her leg off. I am sure it was from the trash food they feed them, loaded with aspartame and other chemicals as well as GMO.

      My uncle was 88 years old. The doctors in the same town told him you need a blood transfusion, your blood is low. He got one. The same doctors about 6 months later told him he had lymph cancer and had about 6 monts to live. He passed away shortly after that. Before the transfusion he was launching his own boat and going fishing in Matanzas inlet on the east coast of Florida.

  19. This Guys story keeps changing. He says he was shot in the hand but No Bandages. 1st he was shot 6 times which includes his hand and neck to 3 times only in his hip and legs..

    From CBS: Colon said the gunman shot a girl next to him and then aimed for his head but somehow only shot his hand and his hip. He said he pretended to be dead and the gunman kept firing his gun.

    Meet Angel Colon Butt

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