Doug Auld

With the passing of Muhammad Ali I thought I would share this painting I created years ago, titled, Float like a Butterfly, and depicting a scene from the the famous 1979 Ali / Norton fight.


Float like a Butterfly/ oil on canvas 40x 50 c dougauld 1994

(Ali is on the right throwing a hook into nortons jaw on on the left.)

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11 thought on “‘Float Like a Butterfly’”
  1. I can respect his stand on the Vietnam debacle since I’ve come to comprehend that all wars are manufactured events by those who control the money system. Whether he took that stand knowing that, or whether he was hoodwinked into taking that stand for other reasons, I don’t know. I don’t know enough about him.

    I do think he took a decidedly wrong turn toward Islam. My guess (only a guess) is that he was hoodwinked into taking the anti-Vietnam stand by those who run the nation of islam. And eventually, if one follows the money, It’s all tied to the money system.

    Either way, his death only means something to his immediate family and friends, not to me.

    As for this painting, I guess I’m art-illiterate, but I don’t ‘see it’. It says nothing to me other than it’s a bunch of butterflies. Sorry, but perhaps you’ve gotten me on a bad day.

    1. So, you would prefer that he was “hoodwinked” by some other religion, some other beliefism? Christian hoodwinking and Joodaic hoodwinking are okay, then, no?

      At least, the nation of Islam has been telling some truth, tattling, really, on those who have been hoodwinking the public for a very, very long time. It’s a limited hangout, but still, you can glean a lot from it.

        1. What a lot of Christians don’t understand is Christianity is “Judaeo-Christianity,” it is based on Jewish thought and religion, hence it is a Jewish construct,
          as long as you are part of this Jewish creation you are controlled by it,
          look at what has happened to Christian theology, one can clearly see by their works who the Jews are as a group, yet you can never shake yourself free because you are caught up in the Jewish theology that Jews are God’s chosen people; and while you may criticize their actions you never view this group as anything but God’s special people,
          this is a real work of theological brilliance on their part,
          no matter what you do as a Christian, you cannot get past that idea, because movements, religions, etc. are all about ideas,
          the best ideas re: humanity that comes from the Christian movement are much older than this period, btw

  2. I’ve seen some footage of Ali and Bill Russell giving a press conference protesting the Vietnam War. I respect those guys for having the stones to make that kind of statement as black men in such a volatile era.

    The painting is excellent! Reminds me of the anthropomorphy of Arcimboldo. Genius!!!

    Also reminds me of Bernard Lee’s hobby involving lepidopterae (in his role as M in the early Bond films) and Connery’s humorously all-encompassing knowledge (which was spoofed by the truly ridonkulous Derek Flint).



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