Scottish State Officials Compile Dossiers on Family Activities

[Editor’s Note: As previous research at MHB has sought to emphasize (e.g. herehere, here, and here) the Sandy Hook massacre narrative centering on Adam Lanza has been seized upon by US authorities to proffer the alleged necessity of gradually replacing traditional parenting with state-sponsored “child minders.” Scotland’s “Getting It Right for Every Child” program, examined at length in the article below, involves the introduction of a broad public health scheme throughout the West along these lines.]


Neil Tweedie
Daily Mail

Just imagine that you are a parent and one of your daughters cuts the hair off the Barbie dolls belonging to her younger sister. Cue screaming, shouting and tears before bedtime. But it’s the kind of thing that happens in families, isn’t it?

In later years the crew-cut Barbies will be chuckled about over Sunday lunch. ‘Do you remember when . . .’

But now imagine someone else learns about the Barbie incident — during a seemingly casual conversation with that hurt younger sister, say.

This person is not a relative or friend but an official appointed by the state, without your permission, and allowed to gather information about you and your children — in secret, if it is deemed necessary — and circulate it among other state agencies such as the police and social services.

It so happens that this snooper doesn’t possess the sense of proportion or humour that is essential when addressing the issue of warring children. This hacking-off of synthetic blonde locks appears a bit odd to our ‘state guardian’. Disturbing, in fact.

So, this government-appointed busybody opens a file on you and your family and enters a remark: ‘Older girl exhibiting signs of aggression against younger. Doll disfigurement may indicate deeper issues of anger management within family unit.’


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18 thought on “Stasi Spying on Children: State Snoopers for EVERY Child”
  1. Cuttingthroughthematrix dot com has been exposing this for several years.
    This isn’t simply a Scottish ‘scheme’. This is a world wide agenda, but the ‘democratic’ (formerly Christian) countries have been heavily targeted in the past 30 years.
    Do you think ‘family court’ is actually constitutional? Do you recognize (remember) that CPS workers have been caught many times (in every state) taking children from homes because they receive bonuses? Do you remember that the court system is in cahoots with the juvenile system and the foster ‘care’ system?
    Have you forgotten Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband were ‘suicided’ in 2010 because she investigated CPS and put out a report titled: “The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services”?
    Ultimate goal of GIRFEC and similar schemes: no parental control of children and no control over whether or not you will have children at all.
    This is another reason Muslims are being moved into Europe. Once they are out of their native lands, and under ‘democratic’ government controls, they will be sheep to the slaughter, just as white, formerly Christian peoples have willingly contracepted and aborted their way into oblivion.

    1. Alas, St Longinus. You have forgotten my friend of the Coptic Christians of Egypt and Ethiopia who are far more ancient than your classified “white Christian” and who still speak Amharic the language of our saviour.
      The battleground may be Europe now, but it has alway been wage against those with a tan complexion worldwide who held the teaching and beliefs of Yeshua.

  2. Let’s not forget that Thomas James Ball of New Hampshire burned himself alive outside a court house to protest the actions of CPS against his parental rights. Wes Swearingen, a former career FBI agent, wrote that he believed that the FBI held files on children starting at kindergarten. This world wide agenda, like most of the evil in the world today, is Washington driven.

    1. The world wide agenda, like most of the evil in world today, emanates from the Committee of 300 and Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.
      The US is a Tavistock Toadie and many think tanks and NGO’s are offspring of the brainwashing propaganda machine called Tavistock. It has a yearly budget of 6 billion dollars and has huge complicity in our election processes, notably high ranking people in state and federal governments. If Tavistock doesn’t like you, chances are good your political career is over.

  3. Professor Darrell Hamamoto is my new hero. “Servitors of the Empire” is such a fantastic name for a book, I am considering making a tshirt with the name gigantic on my back…and will start referring to my colleagues as such. He is SO RIGHT about students being weaponized and used by administrators as useful idiots.

    Darrell, you are wonderful.

  4. C’mon, reporters, do just a little work and post what you find! This is the second item in a search, and the report is complete, even if it shows that the authors don’t quite understand the depth and the breadth of the agenda/conspiracy underway, and the tribe responsible:

    Senator Nancy Schaefer: Did her Fight Against CPS Child Kidnapping Cause her Murder?

    “Less than a year before she was murdered, Nancy Schaefer appeared on the Alex Jones show to discuss the American foster care and adoption business, and the terrible corruption involved with it, including “bounties” on children and child sex trafficking. Her interview is available via YouTube, and we reproduce it here.”

    1. I do remember senator Schaefer video and reports, and later on hearing about her murder. I heard about her thru a old friend who was a child therapist that left Catholic Charities in Baltimore for their very close relationship and hiring practices with CPS of that city .

      When I did a stint with them, before I met her, Catholic Charities would hired anyone who was “laid off” or left CPS because they had child care or foster care therapy experience.
      When your`e a ward of the state anyone can advocate for you… Pathetic but true.

  5. You have the power to stop this sick commercial enterprise.

    Mom Speaks Out on Corrupt Kentucky Child “Protection” System that Destroyed her Family

    “Kentucky has a well-documented history of corruption within its Cabinet for Health & Family Services’ Department of Child Based Services (DCBS), which has been exposed by whistleblower social workers and attorneys, investigated at length, and publicized in local radio and news.

    Yet Kentucky continues to carry on business as usual.

    Here is another story which exemplifies the depth of corruption in Kentucky’s DCBS and Family Courts, a system that allegedly routinely destroys families based on lies, hearsay and allegations.

    Amanda Orsetti Downs was initially afraid to take her story public, fearing retaliation from DCBS, even though it’s been 12 years since DCBS removed her children and they’ve all been adopted out. She now lives in another state.

    Overcoming her fears, Amanda decided to share her powerful story, in hopes that her children will learn the truth one day, and that others will realize just how corrupt this system really is.”

  6. This is the aspect of Sandy Hook which has been minimized. I agree that the overarching goal of the event was gun control propaganda, but a secondary goal was to demonize everything which the (probably-fabricated) “Adam Lanza” stood for.

    The choice of Asperger’s is notable. This diagnosis no longer appears as a separate condition in the DSM-V. Indeed, it seems it could be applied retroactively to a vast array of creative types and eccentrics down through history.

    So, in other words, Sandy Hook was certainly an event to terrorize the general populace into further marginalizing “difference” in American society.

    It was another media kernel or seed implanted into the mass psyche in order to bear the fruit of fear later.

    In general, the Sandy Hook event seems to have accomplished little for the conspirators (cui bono) in the short-term, but the damage is done mentally at the level of society at large as long as the intended narrative is allowed to stand.

    The U.S. is due for another Watergate moment. Which false-flag will open the door? All it takes is one fairy tale unequivocally discredited and the whole house of cards could come tumbling down.

    We could be talking “truth commissions” and that sort of stuff.

    Sandy Hook is as good a string as any to pull in order to unravel this ugly sweater our country has become.

    It must take a lot of government resources to keep such a burgeoning list of black ops under wraps. It’s an unenviable task. Morally bankrupt and operationally complex… What a horribly banal collection of terroristic tactics our system of governance has become.


  7. Well written.

    This is what scares the sh__ out of me. A friend of mine is wanting to help me claim my son’s birth certificate. There’s a process to claim ownership back of yourself and your kids…via the birth certificate…legally…the way they did it. I’ve noticed these PRICS (Psycopaths Really In Charge) don’t do anything without first making it “legal” and getting “consent”. So even though we don’t realize what it is we’re consenting to…it’s still legit via the spiritual law they seem to be bound to. Like how they always warn us beforehand…how they reveal their plans to the masses in code…or how they must make all their evil schemes legal before they can proceed. When Hitler was a charismatic figure promoting hope and change (yes that was his line too), he started passing all sorts of new laws.. murky, obfuscated language that sounded “good” on the surface…basically before he started his violent rampage, he made it ALL legal first. SO when the slaughter began no one could say it was against the law. That’s exactly what Obama’s done with all his EO’s. They seem to be bound to the law of consent. They warn us via public mass media events like the superbowl…they pass laws and we vote for them…We MUST consent before they can proceed. We must invite it in first. Just like the demonic.

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