Silvia Cattori, in Arret sur Info
May 23, 2016
(Original headline: Syria: NO, I will not support this revolting Amnesty International campaign!)

Translated from French by Tom Winter


“Why does this man let his people suffer so much? YES I support Amnesty International and I am making a 70 Franc donation. Amnesty International, Swiss section”

Sent in May 2016 to every household: We have just received from a Arret sur info reader this flyer calling for donations, distributed in letter boxes by Amnesty International’s Swiss Section. The flyer leaves no doubt about the outrageous political bias adopted by the NGO from the beginning of the war in Syria.

We denounce this misleading campaign that comes at the detriment of the Syrian people. The Syrian state is the only secular state in the region, and Amnesty is combatting it, seeking the overthrow of the Assad government. This means imposing on Syrians the destruction of their state, and bringing armed groups, who want to establish an Islamic state, to power, the groups supported by obscurantist regimes like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait.

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6 thought on “Amnesty International Solicits Donations By Blaming Assad For Syria’s Destruction”
  1. Assuming these allegations are true, nobody shall be amazed. Amnesty International has accepted as a fact the mythical attribution of 9/11 to Osama bin Laden’s hijackers, with crippling consequences for the human rights it ostensibly champions.


  2. So we know(tacit admission) that Amnesty International is part of the régime change operation against Assad(really against the Syrian People) & the longstanding plans for the destruction of Syria. But, these types of operations always seem to need some semblance of consensus from civil society(itself an operation dressed as a public-private partnership, itself a front for public consumption) to get the ordinary people behind it, as well as the volunteer/activist dupes within these NGO’s who think with the best of intentions that they’re doing good(GOD’s?) work. But, the road to hell is paved with good intentions from the modern day NGO to the Missionaries of yesterday(see Hawaii, Samoa, Dr. Margaret Mead).

  3. Spot-on! Assad (as bad as he may or may not be) isn’t as bad as the international order trying to topple him. My guess is that the U.S. Air Force (under the pretense of bombing ISIS) has caused most of the significant damage in Syria (which is this attributed to Assad and his barrel bombs).

    Most importantly, the so-called dictators of the world are eclipsing in credibility the authors of all of the ludicrous, transparent marketing psy ops intended to demonize them. The real “blowback” is the frightfully-dumb underestimation of American and other peoples. Being over-saturated with venal propaganda, the American populace is probably by this point more ready to go have dinner with Kim Jong-Un than urinate on a fiery Obama.

    Washington and mainstream are two highly-toxic descriptors in this minds of so many Americans. The more the Republican Party breaks (and the more who realize the duplicity of Fox News), the more precarious will become the U.S. political situation.

    My guess is that parallel events are happening in Europe as the “weapons of mass migration” have backfired.

    Amnesty International themselves will soon be requiring amnesty if they keep up such conniving shenanigans.


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