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Manchester Police have issued an apology after getting a fake suicide bomber to shout a Muslim religious slogan during a mass counter-terror exercise in the city’s Trafford Centre Tuesday.

The mass drill involved dozens of people splashed with fake blood and feigning bomb injury to simulate a major terror attack in the busy shopping area.

Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan of Greater Manchester Police told Sky News Tuesday that the test was to prepare for a “suicide attack by an extremist Daesh-style organization.”

However, he acknowledged that “it was unacceptable to use this religious phrase immediately before the mock suicide bombing” because it “vocally linked” the exercise with Islam.



“We recognise and apologise for the offense that this has caused,” he said.

Manchester’s Mayor and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd told the channel it was “frustrating” that the exercise was “marred by the ill-judged, unnecessary and unacceptable decision by organizers to have those playing the parts of terrorists to shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ before setting off their fake bombs.”

A number of community and religious groups criticized the decision after it became known what had happened.


Anti-gun activist Dr Erinma Bell MBE told the Independent that “we need to move away from stereotypes if we want to achieve real learning,” adding that “terrorists can be anyone.”

Islamophobia watchdog Community Safety Forum told the paper that the phrase was offensive and warned that “this sort of thing panders to stereotypes and further divides us.”

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17 thought on “UK Police Prompt Crisis Actor to Shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ During Terror Drill”
  1. The place was obviously filled with low grade street theater actors, but, was anyone not in the script there? If so, it is common for people to take hart attacks, etc., during actual calamities. It seems to me that, if they do not clear these places of unwitting civilians, it is only a matter of time before they face a whopping tort suit.

  2. Ah, more theater, this time purposely made to look fake so they can say, “this is what a drill looks like – obviously different from all the real attacks” wink, wink.

    1. In a way, Babylon the great (Rothschilds, Sassoons etc) placed zios as kings in the middle east and drove the locals nut stomp crazy with there hadiths.

      Lawrence of Arabia was a gay zio with a tranvestite girl friend. The Wahabbis have been training for decades and this is their day in the sun. In fact the Saudi king is now reported to have financed Nuttinyahoo;s election campaign.

  3. Seems like mixed messages. Either every terror attack is fake, or certain kinds (Islamic) terror attacks are always real.

    Wikipedia article on Takbir (“Allahu Akbar”) is a good starting point.

    So is the salient fact that there were crisis actors? Or that one such actor was scripted to yell the Takbir? Or, still further, that those running the drill apologized?

    I suppose the most germane to the Sandy Hook frame of reference would be the quote from the anti-gun activist.

    I really can’t see how anything about this story is newsworthy.

    The CIA leaving live explosives in school buses in Virginia a few months ago after drills…that’s news!

    I’m at a loss as to what agenda this story supports.

    If the purpose is generally-stultifying ennui, then this article achieves the objective easily.

    What am I missing here?

    “Anyone can be a terrorist?” Yeah, we’ve been hearing that since before Janet Napolitano. That was the raison d’être of the OKC bombing: to prove by spectacle that Joe Schmoe was the next potential terrorist. Of course, there were more angles (including the “ex-military are dangerous” trope).

    Again, what is the point of the above article? Is support for Trump getting to be an unthinking celebration of PC iconoclasty?

    Has black propaganda so doubled back on itself that we are now believing it though we saw its genesis? Nothing could be more ludicrous than shouting the Takbir.

    Do we really believe in the 9/11 myth and the various foundational stories of al-Qaeda and ISIS? Because we would have to believe that rubbish in order to believe that political correctness has won the day in this particular story.


  4. Why isn’t anyone here editing Wikipedia when they say Crisis Actors are inventions of Conspiracy theorists?

    In the parlance of conspiracy theorists, a crisis actor is an actor who participates in an event such as a bombing or mass shooting simulated by the conspirators—usually government or corporate forces—in order to achieve some goal such as justifying increased government surveillance, disarmament of the population, or military action against blamed nations or groups. Crisis actors are claimed in this context to play the part of bystanders or witnesses, emergency response personnel, and (with the aid of stage makeup) wounded victims of the attack.

    Conspiracy theorists have claimed to have identified crisis actors at incidents including the 2012 Aurora shooting, Boston Marathon bombing, Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Umpqua Community College shooting, Sydney hostage crisis, November 2015 Paris attacks, and others.

    Robbie Parker, the father of Sandy Hook shooting victim Emilie Parker – after doing a CNN interview on the day after the shooting – became the target of conspiracy theorists, who claimed the interview was staged.[1] Parker has been attacked by theorists who believe he is a “crisis actor” and was “getting into character” before going on CNN to grieve over the loss of his child.[2][3]

  5. the point of the post is that the attack was fake like all the other flag events were fake. There are no terrorists. it has been the US and Great Britten doing the terrorism. They are doing the false flag terrorism in order to blame the terrorism on MUSLIMS. So maybe the actors or police or whoever is doing it should say>>>> USA…USA… USA … MURICA IS #1 .. They should do this because we cant get our government to stop hurting people so they need to identify themselves.

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