Michael_MurphyOn this week’s episode a true “manmade climate change activist” and award-winning filmmaker Michael J. Murphy returns to the program to discuss important updates on the potential global carbon-centric dictatorship and his third documentary, An UNconventional Shade of Grey, which focuses on that imminent threat. Murphy’s third film is due to be released this June. Murphy is the director of What in the World Are They Spraying? (2010) and Why in the World Are They Spraying? (2012) These feature-length documentaries have distilled and presented especially crucial information on the ever-controversial chemtrails/geoengineering phenomenon.




An Unconventional Shade of Grey is a timely project at the present historical moment because agreements are being forged an implemented at the international level that seek to legalize covert efforts to manipulate and weaponize the atmosphere. Such pacts will make it increasingly difficult for citizens and democratic institutions to confront and turn the tide of such programs.

Trailers, additional information, and an opportunity to support and pre-order DVDs of An Unconventional Shade of Grey are available at unconventionalgrey.com.

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34 thought on “This is What Climate Change Looks Like”
  1. This is a very good video about a new movie coming out next month, “AmeriGEDDON”. I figured it was another movie that would sugar-coat reality with the “American Dream”, but it appears that is not the case. This guy, the producer, writer, and one of the stars in the movie, GETS IT! I was very surprised…just watch. Sorry if it’s off topic………

     America is unprepared for an attack with an EMP (ElectroMagnetic
     Pulse) weapon, something that could leave 90% of the American
     people dead within a year.
    Gary Heavin, writer and producer of the new film AmeriGEDDON,
    discusses the threat and the steps we can take to prepare.


      1. If you required a CPAP machine, could you do without electricity to run it? If you needed to keep your food from spoiling, could you do it without electricity?
        I’d be a bit leery in assuming electricity is optional for our style of life.

        1. Our style of life?”, speak for yourself. I have over the last few years taught myself to preserve food in many different ways which do not require electricity or refrigeration. I have home canned meats and vegetables, dried fruits and vegetables, and I am working on growing my own crops. I hope to raise a colony of bees. I also know how to forage wild food, including plants and animals. With a little knowledge, you can eat the “weeds”, and never fear hunger.

          Also, most people don’t know that cold kills far more people than heat does, so obtaining a reliable source of winter heat is of primary importance, wood being the most abundant of fuels. A rocket stove mass heater would be the ultimate in comfort. Cooling in summer can be accomplished with a simple small pool or swimmin’ hole.

          You can drill your own well, finding potable water usually within 25-40 feet below ground level, using a well point and a piece of plywood, and hand pump water from it.

          If you’re sick enough to require a CPAP machine to live, there’s not much hope for you anyway you look at it.

        2. Sure, I can can too. When it runs out, though? You have enough gas to run your generator or stove indefinitely? Don’t forget you will have to have a couple handy folks with rifles watching your back while you can your meat. Of course you will have to feed them too, and the other guy guarding your cow. I expect the Elk and deer population to be depleted quickly, as every guy with a bullet will be out killing them too.

          When entitled people get hungry, they get crazy. I expect lead poisoning to be the number one killer in a such a scenario. America is getting pretty short on morals to survive a total blackout. If there is any controlling authority left, they will most likely imprison you for digging a well. At least out west, where people will shoot each other over water rights.

          Got an orchard for those dried fruits? I suggest building a fence out of the dead bodies you will be constantly creating trying to protect it. That will help keep the hordes from stripping it bare. Occasionally people with orchards around here open up some acreage to people to come pick the peaches for free. Most say “never again”, after well fed “civilized folk” get done raping the place, climbing like monkeys, and breaking branches, to get the free stuff before anyone gets to the tree.

          I hope I am wrong about this, but the filth will stack up pretty quick without proper sanitation. Camped my way through the Sierras once. Never did find a stretch of timber where someone hadn’t taken a dump and left it uncovered for all to see. 90%? Seems like a fair estimate, unless the troops come in from all over to enforce order.

    1. What is interesting is that this ‘message’ is getting traction. Janet Napolitano’s outgoing message as DHS chief in 2013 was “it’s not a matter of if, but when the power grid is taken out”. In Apr of 2013 a electric substation was taken out by sniper fire. Last July former Secretary of Defense William Cohen warned about the vulnerability of the grid. Ted Koppel wrote “Lights Out” that was released late last year about the power grid going down. And about a month ago I remember another Govt person warning about this… military person I think, but can’t find it.

      And now this movie. Things that make you go hmm…

      Just more fear porn? Maybe. But we are utterly addicted to electricity. Maybe ‘Kill the Grid’ is an option on the table if too much Truth gets out and the masses get restless? One absolute fact; if the power grid is destroyed, the USA will be a much different place afterwards.

      1. I believe it is more likely than not to happen. If and when it does happen, it will be done by the enemies within our own gates, and blamed on some “rogue nation”. Just like 911. This was attempted back in 2013 and is the reason for a bunch of military brass being terminated around the same time.

      2. Kevin, Coast to Coast radio show is constantly warning about the vulnerability of the grid to an EMP attack– either natural or terrorist. I regard the show as a more or less CIA program. It offers some value– mostly medical info, but relentlessly propagandizes in support of establishment international politics.

        It is also the leading site in pushing “aliens.” In my opinion the alien bit has been kept alive for decades as preparation for a possible psy-op. In all likelihood we have something that looks like a flying saucer & extremely believable “creatures.”

        I think the “EMP attack” is something they are at least considering, so of course we have to be prepared to “accept” what we’re told about it.

  2. This talk is so rediculous. Water vapor trails from planes were there in the 60’s. The reason you see more is there are 100x more planes in the sky. The idea that aluminum is in the air is because of water vapor trails and not from more pollution that puts it in the air. Change in Arizona clouds is due to more homes with sprinklers. Tracy, your hosting this nonsense ruins your credibility on Sandy Hook.

    1. Then why are there perfectly clear days like today, but yesterday it started off clear but then the sky was streaked with trails by 4:00 pm? The planes are always there, so why the big differences? Even my 6 year old can tell the difference between a contrail and a persistent jet trail.

    2. I agree, now go get your vaccines like us smart people do and go eat your GMO like us smart people do and don’t forget to drink your fluoride like us smart people…Chem trails come on who looks up anyway!

    3. ‘Change in Arizona clouds is due to more homes with sprinklers.

      He’s correct, whenever I over water my lawn about 40 chem-trails appear in the sky over SoCal…/sarc off

      That is the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard….Troll or on Meds.

      Maybe both………….

    4. This is the most ridiculous post I have seen on MHB yet, that is completely moronic to deny the reams of evidence and testimonies from pilots, engineers, the health community etc. about the heavy metals being sprayed into our atmosphere and deposits found in the soil-GOOD GRIEF!

    5. Water vapor trails, as you don’t know, diffuse rather rapidly after being formed from jet engine exhaust.

      Chemtrails, micronized aluminum and barium, do NOT disappear rapidly at all, being up for hours.

      Were you to have credibility, it would be gone in microseconds after reburping this nonsense. Come on, you can do better than this drivel. Then again, you can’t, can you?

    6. Yes, i live in a small town in Central Coast CA. The only time the sky looks normal is after a rainstorm. Then the sky is a beautiful deep blue w normal white puffy clouds. It remains that way until the two planes come. They fly exactly the same route within sight of my house. Their miles-long white trail spreads to wispy long cloud-like things & they spread out over the whole sky in conjunction w other planes’ trails. Within 20-30 minutes the sky is a white-powdered pale blue and almost cloudless. If the two planes don’t come that day my sky remains normal the whole day. Once they didn’t come for two days & the sky was normal for two beautiful days.

      If you are sincere in objecting to airing this matter I advise you to look at the sky after a hard rain or even a very strong wind. There is no comparison to the “overcast” look that is now the usual.

    7. Soooo…is “Yes” the new “No”? Tracy’s credibility has just been elevated by many points simply as a result of your lame effort at trolling…”Sashay Away,Chile!!” Ignorance of the Laws of Physics is no excuse.

    1. Please don’t buy into Dane Wigington’s stuff. The whole AGW agenda he’s pushing is false. Here’s a good site to debunk the global warming hoax. http://www.NoTricksZone.com Here’s another https://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/

      The whole AGW hoax was created by Rockefeller & a group of billionaires. It survives only because their foundations massively support the activist groups & they are able to channel the scientific grants to those who won’t speak out against it. Senate Report discloses who is maintaining the whole hoax. http://www.epw.senate.gov/public/_cache/files/6ce8dd13-e4ab-4b31-9485-6d2b8a6f6b00/chainofenvironmentalcommand.pdf

      Motive is control of development & much, much more thru controlling energy use. Officially the UN is growing in power, but obviously it’s Rockefeller, Soros, the other billionaires mentioned in the study.

  3. Great interview by both of you. While this is the first time I have heard of Michael Murphy and his works I have been “clued in” so to speak to the Anthropogenic Carbon Agenda (AGW) for quite some time. Kudos. It is a tough sell in warning others as to Agenda 21, as the action plan of the corporate founded U.N.-I.P.C.C., with its attached “Smart Growth” scheme of implementation. I often post comments to this end and the vitriol in response is something to behold as the propaganda organ MSM has really done its job in selling AGW to the unsuspecting masses. Everything Murphy speaks of I have mostly verified myself. One of the big funders of the various aspects of Agenda 21 is a relatively unknown bank that calls itself the Global Environment Facility, which operates much like the World Bank-IMF but offers “debt for nature swaps” (taking over sovereign land) with “conditionalities” being imposed on other still sovereign land in the affected nation. Anyway cheers to both of you for bringing geo engineering and its place in this whole scenario to light.

    1. BRF, do you know of an anti-geoengineering or anti-chemtrails site that is NOT pro-AGW? They all seem to be pushing AGW, so maybe are establishment.

      (anthropogenic global warming)

  4. I guess I’ve got to come out of denial and write down what I’ve been thinking the past weeks. Three things are coming together:
    — All the most knowledgeable climate scientists, especially in Russia & Germany, but here too, are predicting an extended cooling period– not as prolonged or severe as the Little Ice Age, which was 5 centuries, but severe enough to require some preparation. This solar cycle is the weakest one in 200 years. The last one like this occurred during the Dalton Minimum, an especially cold period during the Little Ice Age. During weak solar cycles the solar “wind” interferes less w cosmic rays reaching our atmosphere where they increase cloud formation & therefore shading (cooling).
    –There are increased predictions of La Nina (cooling) occurring by June. It usually lasts at least a year. Can last two.
    –They are spraying these aluminum-containing aerosols. As far as I know– but I am NOT knowledgeable on the subject– they reflect incoming sunlight.
    I’m sure I read somewhere speculation that it’s possible to cause an Ice Age merely thru spraying aerosols for several years. I don’t know about that, but w all 3 processes coming together. . . .

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