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[Editor’s note: A world’s renowned investigative journalist Mr. Yoichi Shimatsu gave a special lecture at Tsinghua University in Beijing on another so-called “ISIS-instigated Terror Attack” in Brussels in March 22, 2016.

The 4th Media volunteers created this taped video from the lecture. We do sincerely hopes this video presentation is useful for our global viewers.

FYI, from the day one when, for sure, another “staged ISIS terror attack” as a “false flag” operation allegedly by CIA, Mossad, MI6 and their “NATO counterpart” such as the “Gladio B team” took place this time in Brussels, The 4th Media has faithfully introduced a number of related articles from some of the world’s most known investigative journalists, scholars, experts who write their valuable and timely articles for some of our media partners such as Global Research, Strategic Culture Foundation, etc.

Their articles have been reposted on The 4th Media since the Day One on March 22nd, 2016 as in the following:


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20 thought on “Brussels Decoded: NATO’s Jihad Operation”
  1. I watched this impressive presentation a few days ago when it was first linked from

    He explained, although too rapidly and with poor audio, among other things, the connection to motivations about oil and gas pipelines and energy production and transportation and that was good.

    But after thinking about this a bit, it left me uneasy. He seemed to take for granted that the official story number of 16, or was it 19, people actually died in the Brussels incident.

    I would have to go back and listen again but he generally accepted at face value what was told to the public as being real, and not just things that were deliberately presented to the public to confuse or ponder over. He did give unique interpretations of what those things mean.

    I listened to a show with Dr. Fetzer, Nick Kollerstrom and Ole Dammegaard about Brussels recently and felt it was much better, though it was not so forensically oriented in interpretation. On that show…

    It was understood that we had no real indications that anyone actually died. All we know is what the media tells us and we all know we know longer trust or respect the media at all. We see how totally fake and scripted it is.

    This particular Real Deal show did give us good insight into the series of “False Flag” events experienced in Europe beginning way back with Gladio. Ole D. seemed to focus on the numerology and other occultic features of the event.

    Mr. Shimatsu did demonstrate good forensic reasoning but overall he seemed to a priori accept and work with and from the official narrative.

    1. One way to interpret Mr. Shimatsu’s analysis is to think he’s less concerned about the how than the who and why. I’m pretty sure he’s able to consider the possibility of phony deaths and injuries, but prefers to skip over the specs of the event. I agree his work would be more valuable with some consideration of the staged event possibility. He does reach the “false flag” conclusion though.

      BTW, his very early paper on Sandy Hook was excellent, with great and rarely touched on points. For instance, he introduced the warring factions (CIA/FBI vs. DHS/ DOJ) theory, the significance of Lieberman’s retirement from CT senate and others. He didn’t get to the point of it being a hoax, but it was written in Dec 2012 I think. I keep watching this guy to see if he’ll have more unique perspectives.

  2. As previously posted, a friend’s relation was in Brussels the weekend before the event and said she heard explosions and saw terror police. So the drill was underway before it officially was underway, and the press never reported the pre-explosions at all. Not even the so called investigative sites reported this either and surely some had reporter connections on the ground in Brussels.

    1. I’ve been wondering for a while now if, perhaps, a large portion of what we are shown as news footage from these phony events is filmed way ahead of time, just like a movie or t.v. program would be. I remember Dave McGowan talking about the secret movie studio on Lookout Mountain; I think he mentioned that parts of the moon hoax may have been filmed there. If they could do it then and have people still believing it actually happened all these years later, they could certainly do it today. Not to mention that movies have been using CGI for a long time now.

      I have also listened to Tom Secker telling about how the military industrial complex and Hollywood have been in bed together for ages. They even brag about it, so why don’t people believe they are being shown contrived events as real footage? Tom has some excellent information on his website at You can even download a pdf of his book “Secrets, Spies, and 7/7”, which is about the 7/7/05 event in London.

      1. When I was stationed at the US Naval Academy ,and volunteered at the Naval Institute, certain folks would refer to Tom Clancy as their boy.

        Some of his books were required reading for Intel naval officers. The motto for the Academy says it all.

        1. Thanks for this info, Ted. David Baldacci for sure works with official spooks as well. At Sandhurst required reading is An Infamous Army by Georgette Heyer, romantic historical fiction that has the best description of the Waterloo battle of any book and all within forty pages.

  3. Well done for bringing the two overall perspectives together. I haven’t much… anything, to write, but that. However, could add; Goes toward, symbolically and literally scuppering wherever you look, only-partisan sites. These all right and fair enough but this one compliments and mitigates against all-divided up. Am a little disconcerted some outlets are assuming – without discourse – ‘people died’, when evidence for this is far from conclusive. At least addressing, why this is in their mind, ‘not a question’? The ramping ‘Belgium motive-Muslim’ causes a stir. No – what if? Surely, even minimum false-flagging, should bring some pause on some citing, terrorist=Islam=yet-again(?).

    Ah well, surest way to publicly uncover and beat the deceptions, is normalising this outrageous and alarming ‘alternative-media’. How this must disconcert those for their part reveal/hide machinations. Growing talk like adults, all clear and calm, yet inside with rage and sometimes fitting cries out. Memory Hole is holding good ground. Appreciated and thanks.

  4. “BTW, his very early paper on Sandy Hook was excellent, with great and rarely touched on points. For instance, he introduced the warring factions (CIA/FBI vs. DHS/ DOJ) theory, the significance of Lieberman’s retirement from CT senate and others. He didn’t get to the point of it being a hoax, but it was written in Dec 2012 I think. I keep watching this guy to see if he’ll have more unique perspectives.”

    Would very much appreciate a link to this article. I have searched and so far have only found this one but its focus is not as you indicate. A link to the article you mention should have been posted with this original posting here. It sounds very relevant and very important.

    MK-ULTRA Links To
    The Sandy Hook Assault

    By Yoichi Shimatsu

    “Yoichi Shimatsu, a science writer based in Hong Kong, provides herbal therapy and health counseling to the victims of the Fukushima radiation crisis.”

    This MHB posting says Mr. Shimatsu is an “A world’s renowned investigative journalist.”

    I wonder if it is even the same person.

    1. D-Lady:I find it interesting that your Yoichi Shimatsu seems to buy the entire lamestream tripe as to all the Lanza bunk that Sandy Hoax was a real event,with many deaths. Notwithstanding that it was a thought provoking read on the whole,his Lanza views were more than a bit disappointing to me. Hmmmmm….

      1. I meant my comment to be a reply to

        tyrannynews says:
        April 6, 2016 at 4:37 AM

        who said this fellow wrote a great article back in 2012 about SHES.
        Tyranny News never replied to my comment asking for a link to that article. I found and article by someone with that name but as I stated, I do not think it is even the same person.

        Watch your pronouns and please do not say “YOUR Yoichi Shimatsu”.

        I have strong questions about Yoichi and he may be just another “crisis actor.”

        1. D-Lady,I generally write exactly what I mean. Reread my statement as I was attempting to differentiate between one of possibly two gentlemen of the same name;”your” Yoichi as opposed to some other one. I understand there is no link whatsoever between you and him. No offense meant.

      2. With all disinfo they have to throw in some salt of truth before the twist. the twist here being Sandy Hook was real. Anybody spinning that is wasting your time. Before you get to the top of the mountain there is always as guide along the way pointing this way or that way to throw you off course.

        It is like old Joe Stalin said, to control the opposition, you must become the opposition.

        There are no warring factions among the shadow government. They all get paid through the IMF and the UN. The US has no money, it is in receivership to the City of London which has declared the US corporation bankrupt. It is now just the military arm of the shadow government.

        This warring faction, white hats vs black hats is smoke and mirrors, Fulfordism used by quite a few gimmick sites.

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