34 Reported Dead, 170+ Injured

90 Potential suicide bombers ‘roaming’ EU, French Interior Ministry report reveals

RT, Bloomberg; Additional Live Reports/Updates here and here.

(RT, 21/3/2016) ~ A chilling internal French police report has revealed that as many as 90 “kamikazes” may be roaming the EU. The report also states how terrorists are mastering encryption and bomb making techniques to help them achieve their aims.

The 55-page testimony, which was produced exclusively for the French Interior Ministry and was seen by the New York Times, shows the scale of planning that went into the November 13 Paris terror attacks, including precise encryption, top level document forgers and even sending bomb makers from Syria to Europe.

The documents included interviews with both officials and witnesses and showed how Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) has evolved into being able to carry out terror attacks on such a grand scale.

The report shows that the bombs used by the terrorists were simple to make, but very effective. They found traces of the same explosives used at each of the sites in Paris which were attacked by suicide bombers.

The bomb maker who made the explosives had used triacetone triperoxide, or TATP, which can be made from everyday products such as bleach or nail polish remover – items which could be purchased without raising suspicion. However, the person putting the explosives together certainly knew what he or she was doing.

“Their ingredients, when combined, are highly unstable and can explode easily if mishandled,” said Peter Bergen, the director of the National Securities Studies Program at the New America Foundation, according to the New York Times.

“To make an effective TATP bomb requires real training, which suggests a relatively skilled bomb-maker was involved in the Paris plot, since the terrorists detonated several bombs. It also suggests that there was some kind of bomb factory that, as yet, appears to be undiscovered, because putting together such bombs requires some kind of dedicated space,” he added.

The report also states that a lack of border controls allowed the terrorists to move freely around Europe without arousing suspicion, while the inability of international governments to share intelligence also made it easier for the jihadists to avoid detection.

“We don’t share information,” former head of French intelligence Alain Chouet told the New York Times. “We even didn’t agree on the translations of people’s names that are in Arabic or Cyrillic, so if someone comes into Europe through Estonia or Denmark, maybe that’s not how we register them in France or Spain.”

The documents released by French police also showed that the attackers did their utmost to keep themselves digitally hidden from the authorities. Police found numerous unused cell phones still in their packaging. There were also discarded phones which showed a number of calls had been made between Paris and Belgium – suggesting that the attackers had support from further afield.

It was also revealed following interviews with hostages at the Bataclan theater that the terrorists had also seized cell phones from those being kept against their will in order to access the internet, without leaving any data trails that the authorities could later trace.

Discarded phones that belonged to the terrorists also revealed detailed maps of the theater’s layout, suggesting that they had meticulously planned their operation.

One of the hostages noticed that a terrorist was using a laptop computer. However, when he turned it on, all she could see was lines of text on the screen.

“It was bizarre — he was looking at a bunch of lines, like lines of code. There was no image, no internet,” she said, according to the New York Times.

Following the November 13 attacks, police tried to piece together the movements of the attackers, and the authorities hope the arrest of Salah Abdeslam in Brussels on Friday will provide them with further clues.

Brussels on Highest Alert Level After 26 Killed in Bombings


“We are trying to stabilize the situation to assure security on other sites for which there is still concern,” Michel told reporters. “This is a dark moment for our nation. We need calm and solidarity.”

The Brussels transport network was shut down as Belgian police combed the airport and public sites for booby-trapped packages. Some schools, train stations and shopping centers were evacuated and emergency services struggled to cope with what appeared to be a coordinated attack along the lines of the November mass murders of 130 at multiple locations in Paris.

Social Affairs Minister Maggie De Block estimated that 11 were dead and 81 injured at the airport. Brussels public transport reported 15 dead and 55 injured at the subway station. One of the airport attacks was a suicide bombing, the federal prosecutor said. No one claimed responsibility.

The attacks occurred four days after Belgian police captured Salah Abdeslam, believed to be the only surviving perpetrator of the Paris massacres. The four-month manhunt had been accompanied by criticism that Belgium was too late to recognize the jihadist threat in some poorer Brussels neighborhoods.


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123 thought on “Brussels 3/22 Attacks – Various Coverage”
  1. 3/22; Skull and Bones; Brussels bombs: Is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking?
    These numbers seem to appear with disconcerting regularity, as do 9, 11 and 13. It must be a numerologist’s wet dream. Bring on Mark Passio!

    1. Genesis 3:22
      And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:

    1. His body looks like it has been stretched out and twisted. Unless his left leg is broken badly, I don’t think people’s feet can twist like that. And he does not appear to be in pain, nor is his companion very concerned. This may have been a Boston-type smoke bomb(s). What do you think?

      1. Look at the size of his Torso compared to his Thigh?

        His left hand is bigger than his head.

        The Gray Squares on his shoes Soles are different sizes.

        If you were stand him up he’d be about 8 Ft.Tall.

        And of course “American Interests” are involved…Star Bucks and American Airlines Terminal.

        I think the only solution Chairman Barack will have now is to fully open our borders to Trained EX-ISIS fighters who resigned and want to Protect Americans now on our soil..Yea..thats the Ticket.

    2. Noman & Ric, thanks for the tip on the ever-impulsive Erdogan. Maybe they WILL use it as oppty to go after him. I think US wants civil war/partitioning of Turkey.

      I think the guy lying there “wounded” is an actual human being– just looks strange cuz of the telephoto lens. My legs/feet bend out that way ok.

    1. There was a news story here stating that Turkey’s Erdogen specifically mentioned Brussels in a rant just days ago. Oh shucks…these guys are just really good at predicting terror attacks……..

  2. Opportunity and Motive. eu originally offered 6billion to turkey. withdrew offer. Why, plausible deniability. erdogan 4 days ago threatens eu with bombs. eu now will capitulate and pay 6billion to turkey.

    On the ground most likely another ff. Raison de`etre.


  3. The holiday of Purim falls on the Hebrew calendar date of Adar 14. Here are the coinciding secular dates for the upcoming years:

    2016: March 23-24

    2017: March 9&12

    Note: The Jewish calendar date begins at sundown of the night beforehand. Thus holiday observances begin at sunset of the first secular date listed (with the Purim Night Megillah reading taking place that evening), and the holiday concludes at nightfall the following day.

  4. I just read someone’s comment that said it looks like the brothers from Boston “bombing”. I don’t know. I haven’t looked at this new one yet.

  5. I see zero evidence of a real bomb going off. There is a complete absence of any explosive residue in all of the HD pictures presented. All of the walls are bright white with no evidence of black ash anywhere. Every single solitary sign and advertisement hanging on the walls is in pristine condition. Even the scattered debris lacks any indication of explosive residue.

    This event is 100% drill, 100% False Flag, and 100% Hoax to the max. There are no casualties in this Brussels Drill. This one is just as Fake as the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013.

    The Brussels event is just as sloppily done as it’s many predecessors.

      1. HaHa Anne,
        From the last few stories and posts, I think they’re running out of “Actors” and now are re-circulating the remaining Cast..

        You can’t make this stuff up??
        I’m floored,

        Yet none the of good People who wash their cars faithfully every Tuesday on their Lunch Hour don’t seem to notice or care?

        I’m Lost….

  6. https://s17-us2.ixquick.com/cgi-bin/serveimage?url=http:%2F%2Fi2.cdn.turner.com%2Fcnn%2Fdam%2Fassets%2F141209183611-tl-bob-baer-and-reuel-marc-gerecht-00014029-story-tablet.jpg&sp=7aeab4a22ebe3aa940111973ee19c9f1

    For quite awhile now, my go-to guy for terror event tropes and catchwords has been “former“ CIA operative, Bob Baer.

    Since early morning he’s been in interview after interview, but I wanted to focus on this one from the John Gibson radio show, in which Baer brings up San Bernardino three times in a seven minute interview about Brussels, including, from out of nowhere, this quick assurance about the California terror couple, “By the way, they were trained in close combat – it was clear to anybody you talk to in the investigation.”

    The first familiar theme Baer hits is that of electronic secrecy in the age of terror. It’s the lamentable fact that Brussels, like the US, is relying on data mining, from which the bad guys have nefariously “gone black” using encryption.

    Never mind that encryption covers the standard protocols for basic privacy and the prevention of identity theft, Bob Baer is alarmed. The terrorists are using encoded message apps, and “no one can get in there!”

    Baer segues from decrying electronic security to propounding his next thesis in which he imagines two roads to radicalization. You see, in Brussels they keep their immigrants in cultural no-go areas, which precludes the gathering of human intelligence, (it’s another “dark” area.) The immigrants are “down and out” and have no hope of “assimulating,” as Baer keeps mispronouncing it. So, they concoct terror as a social movement.

    Not like the San Bernardino event, Baer explains. That’s a death cult. That was psychopathic, not a social comment. You see, our immigrants know if they work hard they can send their kids to college. But once again, technology over which the government has not nearly enough control has intervened to poison our new countrymen.

    The San Bernardino couple was self-radicalized by going on the internet and looking at sites. They were induced to leave their three-month-old baby to conduct a mass shooting event at a workplace, with accompanying police battle, by looking at sites on an unregulated internet.

    It’s inexplicable really, as Baer notes, they were doing well economically, and they seemed so assimulated.

    Oh, they were “as simulated” all right.

    Here’s a link to the interview,

      1. No such thing as “former CIA” and the CIA is Murder Inc, it is the most rabid criminal conspiracy in the history of modern nations,
        this IS the secret government that kidnaps, robs, murders, assassinates elected leaders, deposes whole societies, etc. there is NO Constitutional or moral authority for this organization and it does not answer to ANYONE
        We are past normal methods of bringing about reformation, I’m sure a major war will take place and we will see what is left and who gets to pick up the pieces

    1. Thanks for this, Toni. I find you can always figure out the agenda(at least the immediate stage terror production) by reading & listening to the narrative being scripted by “the experts”, who seemingly(though never revealed openly) are part of some thinktank or on board of some military security Intel outfit that specializes in…exactly the very event their alleged expertise couldn’t stop. Yea, right…we’ve seen this rerun before & it ain’t Seinfeld.

      1. Rico,
        You’re so right – “the experts” opine on “exactly the very event their alleged expertise couldn’t stop.” That’s the first clue they’re lying.

        I’ve noticed a couple of words they are hammering this time around.

        One is “TATP, the bomb anyone can make with ordinary household products!” They’ve been pushing this one since the shoe-bomber. See this link for an uncritical description:

        Another one I noticed is when newspeople are describing the rifle “abandoned by the terrorists,” they’re using Kalashnikov instead of Ak-47, a name more familiar to the average American. The Ak-47 design is practically “open-source” in that rifles all over the world are built on it, including Israel’s Galil. But calling it a Kalishnikov gives it a sinister Russian provenance.

        1. And, did they NOT broker an agreement with RUSSIA recently regarding SYRIA & ISIL/ISIS(terrorists always love to take responsibility don’t they)? So many objectives, so little time(& analysis)! Behind every one of their narratives is a fallacy yet to be uncovered?.

      1. Recynd,
        You have a very good eye, and Bob Baer is almost certainly a conniving individual. However, I don’t think he’s trying to fool anyone into thinking he’s giving an interview from the middle of the street in Telluride.

        That’s a studio in town, with a background they use every time they uplink to do a satellite interview with anyone. Studios in every city do the same thing.

        But don’t take this wrong, Recynd. I think it’s more important that you be vigilant about media.

        1. ps Forgot to say that, you’re totally right, Recynd, about the tell-tale green “glow” you can see around figures in a green-screened shot.

        2. Think I’m not? I just hadn’t listened to the interview yet, I’d only seen the photo, and it was so poorly done I couldn’t help but laugh.

      2. “Telluride!”

        Baer lives in Telluride because it reminds him of the Kyber Pass in dear old Afghanistan, where he spent his Company years. Call it “Syriana,” if you want to romanticize it.

        He’s more disgusting than we can imagine.

    2. Amidst other themes like “we need a strong leader” and “we must strengthen NATO,” Hillary Clinton just echoed Bob Baer’s electronic security concerns in her “major policy speech” today, saying, “We have to stay ahead of the terrorists on the technology front.”

      This can be done by “working with the brightest minds in Silicon Valley to more effectively track and analyze ISIS’s social media posts and map jihadist networks online.”

      Replace “ISIS’s” and “jihadist” with “everyone’s” and you get the picture.

  7. If the Belgian govt has anything to do w it, this comment from another site may give a motive.

    Ger Anono • 10 hours ago
    “Once the dust begins to settle in Brussels, it’s almost 100% certain that a whole new raft of Europe-wide (and possible western-worldwide) security measures will now be rushed into place as a reaction to this latest incident. These will likely include, but are limited to, new police powers of search, seizure and detention, biometric ID systems and other ‘enhanced screening’ measures. Also expect some privacy debate to ensue regarding personal device encryption, or unfettered police access to personal information.”

    Spot on. The powers that be have been working up to this. I live in Brussels and keep a close eye on EU legislative developments. The Passenger Name Record legislation is of particular interest, right now. The vote was supposed to take place at the March plenary session but MEPs were divided. The vote is now expected to take place at April’s session.

    “The ideological battle over the proposed system of recording air passenger information raged on this Monday (7 March), as MEPs refused to vote on the bill. EurActiv France reports.

    The emotional response to the Paris terror attacks last November seemed to have definitively settled the sensitive issue of the Passenger Name Record (PNR), a European tool meant to help in the fight against terrorism.

    But this draft directive, broadly criticised by the Socialists and the Greens for the invasion of privacy that it implies, is still no closer to being adopted, despite the initial promise of a vote in the plenary before the end of 2015.”

    Plus I guess you could add the obsession to deny citizens encrypted messaging per the newscoverage above.

  8. http://abcnews.go.com/International/american-mormon-survives-attack-brussels-brush-terrorism/story?id=37850974

    The chances of an American being a terrorism victim is less than 1 in a million.


    I’m not a statistician but one American being in three terrorist events would be odds of a million x million x million or 1 quintillion. The world GDP is 77 trillion (10 to the 12th power). So this is 130 times the dollars of world GDP, or in seconds, 32 billion years (18 billion before the universe was created). Are we this stupid? Are we supposed to accept this coincidence at face value like the MSM?

      1. He does chase news. But think about was any journalist at Boston, Paris and Belgium? I think even if we took odds on an individual journalist “being there” on all three occasions it would be beyond a long shot-astronomical.

    1. And on top of this phony story of the Mormon Missionary at the last 3 Drills, they show footage of the Brussels Airport but it’s really of a Russian Airport in 2011.

      They are trying to play this down now but…WTF?

      The lies are just getting bigger as “they” say are the most believable because so incredible..

      1. The Google pics of the Russian airport bombing and Belgium airport do have similarities. It looks like a drill gone live, they stage-managed a patsy and his friends perhaps? We know the Russian apartment bombings happened and it was 100 percent KGB clandestine operation.

  9. Is this the psychopathic reveal Larry “Pull it” Silverstein moment of the Brussels Attack? Haaretz out of Israel reports remark by Likudnik minister Ofir Akunis, “Many in Europe have preferred to deal foolishly with condemning Israel, labeling (settlement) products and boycotts.
    Meanwhile under the noses of those living on the continent, thousands of Islamist extremist terrorist cells have arisen.”

    None other SITE’s Zio Rita Katz came up with the “connection” to ISIL. Yeah sure Rita.

  10. “…even sending bomb makers from Syria to Europe.” That’s like sending a computer “expert” from the Central African Republic to Silicon Valley to perpetrate a diabolically undetectable cyber-coup. Coals to Newcastle…

    This post (the above article) is completely undifferentiated from the pap choking the globe. What’s the point?


    1. I replied on your site, too, but thought I’d repeat it here. The missionary isn’t flashing the devil’s horns, he’s making the “hang loose” sign popularized by surfers. There might be some occultic genesis of this sign, but I don’t know what it is, and I bet 99.9% of the people who still use it don’t, either.

      The far more troubling aspect of this story is how his 19 year old managed to find himself in the path of THREE major terrorist plots. What’s the point of this story, I wonder? To make conspiracy theorists go crazy? It defies reason that anyone would believe this crap.

      I know we’re a few days beyond Spring Solstice, but I wonder if that had some bearing on this most recent drama? The numbers involved are sure obvious (you couldn’t make this sh*t up!).

      It will be interesting to see the photos and video that will eventually emerge. Toni was quick to find the programming being offered from the usual talking heads; it sounds like they’re reinforcing the fear all around, with plenty of rhetoric, as well as “security” measures and presence being increased here and in Canada (what about Mexico, I wonder?).

      Now, for the next school shooting…

  11. Disbarred lawyer and father of Paris train “hero” indicted on federal fraud charges:


    The thwarted attacker on the Paris train was on 4 countries security/threat lists for YEARS before attack. He managed to get a job at a telecommunications firm in France YEARS after being multiple watchlisted.

    IMO, he was mobbed and gang stalked for YEARS before the attempted attack, and the 2 military “heroes” were gang stalking him and knew exactly what he was up to-they pushed him to it:


  12. New poster here, but I’ve been a regular visitor to MHB for a while now. I very much enjoy this blog, and I especially look forward to reading all of the thoughtful comments.

    Anyway, it appears Ted Cruz has now whole-heartedly jumped on the “if only we had more police surveillance!” bandwagon in response to the Brussels event. I’m sure this has been a part of the agenda for a while now, but if this was a big part of the narrative after the Paris event I don’t remember it.

    It seems they are really exploiting the fear of “Islamic jihad” right now to condition the public to welcome the police state. I was listening to Ted Cruz on the O’Reilly factor last night, and it occurred to me I don’t think the words “liberties” or “constitution” were uttered once throughout his interview.



    1. Isn’t it funny no comments are allowed for this miscreant politician in this Youtube video, the nerve of these people standing before Americans and preaching this drivel!
      Not suprising to see this on Fox

      1. Teddy Boy, what can I say.

        I always thought he was a “good” guy in the cesspool of DC.

        This guys true colors and connections he’s kept hidden have been revealed.

        Jeb (my daddy started the NWO) Bush endorses him.

        So, if Ted’s not in Skull and Bones already, I guess Teddy gets to climb into a coffin, while they all watch, I’m stop here….vomit

        Dub, handle this……..

    2. Here, kid. Take these shekels and do exactly what I tell ya to do…..great, now you’re a well paid shill of your only ally in the Middle East, hahahahha!

  13. OFF TOPIC but wow this is BIG. DailyMail:

    Published: 04:51 GMT, 24 March 2016 | Updated: 05:34 GMT, 24 March 2016

    Crazed gunman who shot Gabby Giffords in the head sues HER for $25m due to emotional distress in conspiracy-laden lawsuit

    Jared Lee Loughner, a convicted murderer who killed six people and wounded 13, ex-congresswoman including Gabby Giffords, is suing her

    In a ranting legal document Loughner accuses Giffords of causing him emotional damages and asks for his freedom as well as $25 million

    He accuses her of being a member of the Illuminati and watching Ronald Reagan films to learn how to fake being shot

    Loughner is serving seven consecutive life sentences in Minnesota for the mass shooting, which he claims was a hoax

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3507238/MY-HEAD-chips-Crazed-gunman-shot-Gabby-Giffords-head-sues-25m-emotional-distress-conspiracy-laden-lawsuit.html

    ^ Recall this AZ event was before most anyone in the awake/red-pill community was wise to hoaxed events, which began to unravel with the July ’12 Batman shooting hoax, then the levee really broke open in the wake of the Dec ’12 Sandy Hoax event.

    Let’s hope Batman patsy James Holmes still has enough of a sound mind to “follow suit” like Loughner! 🙂

    1. I guess his CIA handlers for got to give Jared his MK-Ultra drugs and he woke up and realized he really didn’t shoot anyone.
      I’m sure James Holmes will wake up some day also..
      Sirhan Sirhan did…

    2. Think this might be a hoax, patterned on another hoax involving the Uber killer in Kalamazoo. They both appear to have originated from the same address:

      “The (lawsuit) envelope is postmarked in Philadelphia, the same city where a hoax lawsuit filed in the name of Kalamazoo mass shooter Jason Dalton originated.”

      It’s either a prank, or a psy-op meant to undermine the credibility of shooting event skeptics.

      Here’s the links:


      1. Let’s try again, first two attempts memoryholed.

        I agree Toni. It could actually be a prank and a psy-op, but absolutely designed to denigrate those who challenge the official narrative.

        Reinforces the gun control agenda. Especially to keep guns out of ‘crazy’ peoples hands. You know, because they are everywhere. Reinforce the constant ‘fear’ campaign.

        It’s also very cost effective to re-use past events.

        Did they mention in the article that 9yo girl allegedly killed at the event was born on… wait for it… 9/11/2001. (Because you CAN make this crap up!)

        1. Such a shame about the nine-year-old; she just wanted to learn more about politics!

          Her mom said, “She thought of (9/11) as a day of hope and change, a chance for the country to come together to be united.”

          Her dad said, somewhat confusedly, “But we wouldn’t take it back any of the 9 years we had with her. It was all worth it. But we still believe in this country.”

          Marked as she was as a 9/11 baby, the young patriot also had a brother with whom she was rightly concerned. He’s on the Autism spectrum and you know how those people will just go off and shoot a bunch of 1st graders.

          You’re right, they do make this crap up. It’s really the only way to orchestrate all these elements so that the people will finally GET IT and realize that guns are bad, Kevin, real bad!

        2. Her mom said, “She thought of (9/11) as a day of hope and change, a chance for the country to come together to be united.”

          Where have I heard those words before? I also recall that the little girl who was killed wanted to become a politician (a senator, if I remember correctly) when she grew up (what little girl doesn’t?) and that the reason the child was even at the event was because she was a burgeoning feminist and idolized Giffords (again, what 9 year old doesn’t worship their state reps?). The whole story stinks.

          I only know a little about the Giffords shooting (or whatever it was); aside from the near-mythical child-victim, I think it’s interesting that Loughner was 27 (the infamous “27 Club”?) and that he fired 33 rounds. On a practical note, he had an impressive hit rate…25 people hit out of 33 rounds fired? He should’ve been in law enforcement!

        3. I know! the kill ratios on these guys! They’re amazing. If only the government could harness the tactical abilities of these young shooters before they go off the rails.

          The creepy part about the Arizona girl, and she shares this with other child victims, is the way everything in her young life seems to have led up to the day she died her patriotic death.

          Aspiring US Senator, born on 9/11 and interested in politics ever since, already Student Council President at nine, she was killed at a political rally waiting to meet her Representative.

          Could it be more contrived? It’s as though her death was decided and then her life was written backwards from there.

        4. -The creepy part about the Arizona girl, and she shares this with other child victims, is the way everything in her young life seems to have led up to the day she died her patriotic death.-

          Interesting observation. Something to look out for in the future.

        5. Funny, I remarked in one of my recent comments of the overtly religious undertones of these staged events…like: it was meant to be, her entire life lead to this moment(as if all life doesn’t lead to the moment of your death), his/her sacrifice was not in vain(violins in background), etc. And for those who “allegedly” survive: “we have a new mission, a new crusade, to”……..fill in the blank. That of course, IS THE AGENDA they want. It all conveniently, coincidentally, just so happens to…fall into place? Rather then MHB commenters, we should be ” False Flag film critics”.

        6. Rico says: “Rather then MHB commenters, we should be ” False Flag film critics”.”

          I agree. It takes a lot of the same skills.

    3. False Flag Gabby…..no blood after point blank shots??? EMT’s sauntering while munching on a Juji Fruit…..yeah, her speech pattern is so blatantly mendacious, isn’t it?

    4. The “crazed” gunman’s pictures were Photo Shopped to make him look psycho. Just like Adam Lanza’s pictures…..solving these false flags is a lot of fun, police state notwithstanding.

    5. A few related items: One item I heard on a podcast, host said “lawsuit” had no attorney named, suggesting Loughner self-filed it. Sorry no link, only hearsay from a pod host who I’m otherwise unfamiliar with. I imagine this’ll be thrown out as “frivolous” despite that most of Loughner’s points are probably spot on. Citing the ‘luminaughty, and stating Giffords studied Reagan’s murder for pointers, are weak. But the general point that this event was an FF/hoax with Loughner as patsy, is spot on.

      Secondly, just an observation: this AZ event put Agent “Dallas Gold Bug” or “Ed Chiarini” if that’s even his real name, on the map when he was still in the cred-building phase of his ultimate job, but before he went batshiit with his “Queen Eliz is Betty White” type noise. This was DGB’s video pointing out the AZ event’s prob’s, crisis actors, implausible paramedic activities:


      Allegedly, Federal Judge Roll (first name?) was murdered by whoever was doing any shooting that day; which would be plausible because I recall it was documented that Roll had a key immigration bill challenge before him and he was expected to rule against the interest of Obama/NWO agendas. Guess where I first learned of the Judge Roll murder & background? I read it in a Sorcha-Faal/David-Booth article! but the article was properly linked up to credible sources, leaving little reasonable doubt of Faal’s veracity re Judge Roll in that rare, anomalous instance! MSM was all about Giffords as the poster-victim of that AZ psyop; Faal was the first I’d heard of this fed judge who holds more power than most any HR Rep; MSM was silent about his murder.

      Lastly, and furthest afield of all except for the broad “fake massacre psyops” theme: did you know the Manson/Tate massacre of 1969 was most likely a fraud also? And that last July ’15, Peter Klein of TNN/IMS made a 43 min docu’ about it? I just learned! :O

      1. I wrote this in my ‘Anatomy of False-Flag Events’ article;

        “Victim Judge John Roll, a US Federal Judge, who stated that the Brady Bill was unconstitutional, treading on the 5th and violating the 10th Amendment. The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act mandated federal background checks for gun purchases. The Act was named after James Brady, who was shot by John Hinckley, Jr. during an attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981.”

        Imo Roll was the target, and he was killed.

        1. ah okay thanks Kevin. And I dredged up that Sorcha Faal piece:

          I was way off in saying (without checking!) that Roll’s key controversial (imminent?) ruling was immigration related; I must’ve had too much immigration/”refugee” news on the brain lately! Article above says it’s about some legislation allowing Obama/feds to take people’s money from their accounts based on suspicions alone, read all about it there. Last part of the article goes into vets who are suffering from the effects of CIA drug/mind-control experimentation, and again it points to interesting links.

        2. There is No doubt in my mind Judge Roll was the Target.
          Gabby Gifford was distraction.

          Can you even name one other person there that supposedly died or was wounded that day?

        3. A good source of thing like Manson/Tate is the late great Mae Brussells on Youtube, an incredible source of citizen information dating back to the 60s

    6. I’m just getting my feet wet on the Gifford’s event,
      the lawsuit against Gifford according to the article was filed by the ‘perp’ and inappropriately filed and may be dismissed,
      this would have the effect of dismissing any real attention to the larger issues surrounding the Gifford shooting/event as just more “conspiracy” lunacy

  14. So far seems like standard False-Flag fare;

    Zero evidence of 170+ wounded.
    Zero evidence of any deaths.
    No CCTV footage from 2 locations (Airport, Train Terminals) that have cameras everywhere.
    Released CCTV footage is from a different event.
    Coordinated “need more surveillance” message across news media.
    Magic Mormon at 3 terror events ‘coincidence’.
    3/22 Date

    And it seems to have been a fantastic distraction from the news of all the US Presidential candidates (including Trump) declaring fealty to the State of Israel at the AIPAC conference on Mon 3/21. Well except from Bernie… the Jew. (I guess he gets a free pass since he’s already ‘in’ the club.)

    1. And completer with a “they died for our sins” scenario which is “conveniently” timed for…EASTER. Sorry, couldn’t resist…calling this obvious psyop.

  15. Young Dominka Cathelijn is waiting downtown Brussels outside Grand Central Station. The line is long and security tight. She is being interviewed about the latest in Brussels. Dominka works for a political party that has offices near Maalbek, the Metro station where an alleged suicide bomber blew himself or herself up Tuesday morning.
    Dominka tells of how her colleagues and she helped the wounded to their offices. They dried blood and gave them water – comfort too. Some of her colleagues have not returned to work, the ordeal was too much.

    Yet here is Dominka, freshly scrubbed with a cell phone in one hand and food in the other while waiting for her train. She is holding up well and tells the reporter that increased security is welcome to make residents safer. The reporter adds that more security for everyone’s safety will be a reality.

    And the plan marches on.

  16. The nine-foot tall “wounded” guy — is he connected to the incident in Brussels? I didn’t see a link. Does his image only appear in the comments?

    1. What injuries I’ve seen do Not look real.
      And the 8 foot monster laying there has now been explained…..

      He’s a Basketball Player..right.
      I guess they were getting a lot of flak from the Picture.

        1. The Boobs are Good she just needs to work on that Flabby Gut..Haha.

          I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist…it’s Friday.

          Now on Good Friday were supposed to give up something for the day.

          I wont bomb any airports but just this 1-Day..Hehe

          What are you all going to give up today?

        2. Ric, I won’t “crisis act” out any false flag staged events, but just this one Easter. Next Easter, the bunny’s in trouble…and SO ARE ALL YOUR EGGS!! HA HA HA HA HAAA!!

        3. Rico,
          Thats a good thing to give up Today.

          Bunny in world of hurt next Easter..Priceless..Hahaha

          I also promise today ONLY, not to be an Crisis Actor. (I’m still waiting to paid from the Brussels Job.Haha

          I’m the 9 ft Dude covered in Blood. hehe

        4. I’m not gonna run through any more marketplaces, yelling, “Allahu akbar! Syria! Syria! Syria!”

          In fact, I’m gonna lay off that for the whole weekend, out of respect.

        5. How did that man get there , did some one just leave him stranded alone.. with half his trousers missing.?. the couple hugging seem unaware of him..two men hanging back looking the other way… not sure what to make of it all.. but we have seem pics very like this before.

        6. If this picture doesn’t say crisis actor- guy has his trousers blown off but his balls are still intact and no trauma to his legs, nice stunt

  17. All of these mind-rape games always have a famous photo, that makes us sceptics say WTF !!


    So the Indian flight attendant in the B.B.B. (Brussel Bombing Bullcrap) had burns over 15% of her body and was placed in an induced coma, for what ?
    Where were these burns her back ? They’re not on her belly and was she wearing a sari or a jacket ?

    What even more hilarious is the woman chatting on the mobile next to her, (like she ordering a latte to go) pays no attention to the seriousness of our dear Hindi attendant.

    Just saying..

  18. The false flag police state agenda, alive and well.What a bunch of crap.Great comments everyone,they are just so predictable and need to come up with a new story not the same ones over and over.

    1. Thing is people in UK are believing it..They have sold this one really well on TV… BBC had a full day coverage, and it’s still going on.. one person has lost their life in the area where I live.. You really wonder what is going on.. No doubt the local paper will have his family and friends in.. latest I heard was they want to be left alone.. and their grief private.

  19. Redsilverj; Mormon-Missionary-Mummy-Boy is a particularly audacious propaganda gambit; 6m 31s:

    RSJ again, 9m 30s:

    UK’s Richie Allen Show has had a couple good Brussels guests, P.Henningsen, Gearòid Ò Colmàin, channel:

    KBarrett with guest Ole Dammegard, plus his usual weekly FFWN with co-host Tony Hall:

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