Obama’s SCOTUS nominee, Russia “pulls out” of Syria, crisis actors at Trump rallies(?),farewell to Rubio, Sanders, and perhaps even additional “debates,” illfreeformegal land grabs in the West Bank, “controversial” non-tenured (and non-terminated) professors, internet trolls and thugs harassing Sandy Hook researchers, and much more.

A month has passed since MHB’s last open forum discussion where readers and commenters set the agenda and exchange. Welcome to yet another Free Form Friday!

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  1. Whoever is GIVEN the title of puppet-in-chief will NOT be who the people voted for.
    With regard to the GOP, trump has done his job to get most of the votes but he doesn’t really want the job and just agreed to play the role for fun. The agenda is that nobody will get a majority so it will be a “brokered convention” and all the votes are up for grabs (for sale). The puppeteers could put in boehner, paul ryan, McINSANE, romney, or daffy duck.
    With regard to the dumbocraps, it probably doesn’t matter since the only choices are a murderer or a socialist (commie).

    1. Or Bush….

      It dawned on me this morning that Trumps primary role is distraction, and a massive distraction he is. And primarily distracting Dem/Rep alike from Hillary’s criminal past, and by pushing votes towards her of those who don’t like Trump.

      But he just tweeted about her corrupted past? Indeed, it would appear he has not been enough of a distraction. But this comment will be chalked up by the uniformed as political rhetoric, the rest already know this. And it paints Trump as not corrupt. A major real estate magnet in NYC for decades not corrupt?… I got some ocean front property in AZ I need to offload… let me know if interested.

      Trump worships at the same Temple as the rest of them. It has a Star of David and a $ sign on the front, and Ba’al resides inside. You did know Trump is giving a speech at the AIPAC conference next week, Monday, Mar 21st? So is Hillary.

      1. I agree that the degenerates up top want Hillary as their Capo to usher in the next phases of “the agenda”. I also see the point of Trump being employed as a distraction(the political process itself is a distraction)….at first.

        The problem from the Plutocrats’ perspective is that Trump’s candidacy is actually believable, & that Trump himself believes it; hence he’s gone off the rails & isn’t following the elite script laid out by his “betters”. This culminates in a REAL CONSPIRACY involving(also hatched by) THE MEDIA on one end(notice the mainstream narrative is completely identical, no matter the channel?), and SOROS-connected dupes/operatives on the other, to take out Trump in a cross-wide demonization/terror campaign…while Republican Mob Bosses are sharpening their knives like The Roman Senate on Julius Caesar.

        The body politic, ever enraptured by the canard known as IDENTITY POLITICS, will fall into a schism & externally manufactured Hegelian Dialectical process, where Globalism &/or emergency rule will(if we allow it) be the preplanned solution. Red pill, or Blue pill? How about Purple?

        Disclaimer: This shouldn’t be taken to mean I support Trump…rather any of these degenerate bastards. I don’t, period. The Political process is ANIMAL FARM, where the ultimate solution is CREATING MORE PROBLEMS TO SOLVE without actually solving anything. Then to add insult to injury, they campaign on the very problems politics manufactured in the first place.

    2. It seems clear that Trump is working for Hillary. Actually working for Hillary. Fracture the Republican Party, and put forward an awful Republican candidate (whether Trump or someone else), and then when Hillary is (s)elected, it will supposedly be more believable. Hillary would never get elected on her own terms, liar and war criminal that she is.

      It is playing out exactly as planned. And Wm Kristol & Co have declared that if Trump should be the candidate, they and their ilk would/should defect and vote for Hillary (as Brother Nathanael has pointed out).

      1. disagree. Trump is constantly talking about Hillary going to jail. In the democratic landscape of forbidden language, that’s a big no-no! I think Trump is literally the wild card no one counted on going anywhere. Not everything is a conspiracy.

        1. btw, he is the only candidate who has brought up illegals killing Americans by putting the loved ones of the victims (all races) onstage. The only candidate who talked about vaccines, advocating splitting shots (which I heard doctors are now claiming is not possible because, allegedly, the vaccines aren’t available in individual form). And, as mentioned, he repeatedly talks about Hills going to jail. And how Merkel has destroyed Germany.

          All of the above are NEVER mentioned by any other candidate, regardless of party!

        2. Tammie,
          I agree. They Really are afraid of him popping their bubble. When you have The Presidents of China and Mexico, the Pope and the Davo’s group, not to mention all the Neocon Rino’s freaking out something is up. And the DemonCrat’s too.

          Or maybe the Pope and the President of China and Mexico and the Bilderberg Group and Davo’s are just Crisis Actors?


          No One here like Politics or say they won’t vote because it’s pointless.

          I’ve said “so all those millions of peoples are just stupid”?

          I know I will be ridiculed but whatever. How far do you go down the “Hole” and just give up on Society?


        3. Elf,
          We’ll see. I don’t how much you follow this but so many very respected People I listen to say he’s Real. He’s a very Rich man but not from Global Corps and Wall Street.

          As I said , we will see but the Guise of him setting us for for Killary is a ruse.

          The Scum Republican Establishment are going nuts for real unless you think Mitch McConnell head Scum bag is a Crisis actor.

          I don’t write long winded posts.

          I think this is Real or the biggest Pysop since the World has ever seen.

          I think we are seeing the last time your opinion will ever matter and we go full Commie.

          Thanks People for not crushing me and saying I’m naive, stupid and all the insults.

          We are here, and this is it. If you only knew the arguments I wasted in 2012 telling people how it really works you’d bake me a cake. Chairman Bummer won through pure fraud and the Repub’s were in on it.

          Just as they say they will destroy the party for Clinton. Remember the Ron Paul fraud?

          Voting Fraud can Only Work when it is Not a Landslide

          And Yes, there is fraud.

          I don’t know what else to say. People do what they do.


        4. I used to think the “guise for setting us up for shillary” was wrong, but now I’m wondering if he is meant to get most of the votes but not enough to win, so there will be a “brokered (sold out) convention” and the GOP could even bring back McINSANE to be up against shillary, which would ensure shillary!

        5. Stevor,
          Thats “them” and the false narrative. We will see in a few months.

          Only time will tell and we have plenty of it.

        6. Have you ever heard anyone in any position say ” I lived there” “I known the owners of the Towers for ever”. he not talking about Larry Silverstein who just bought them 3 months prior to 911.

          This is why they hate him. He’s not in the Club.

        7. Sorry about all typo’s. I just type too quick and don’t check it before I push send.
          All get my point.

          It doesn’t matter much to me….

  2. The very fact that these crime figures and schills are presented as real candidates is proof that the election process has been co-opted, throw in electronic voting machines, a criminal conspiracy by the networks, Intelligence Services that are in fact the terror arm of our government that have always conducted Soviet-style tyranny throughout the world and at home with staged terror, the so called phony War on Terrorism, which is State Sponsored Terrorism

  3. Some not so good news, I live on a lake and 3 ducks have grown close to me. One is now missing. It is very upsetting. I can call them like Tarzan calling the elephants, I just go quack quack and they come.

    It is interesting as I give them bread. None of the other ducks will get within ten feet but these 3 come close. I have a very strong bond with this pack of 3 as the little female will come up and peck me on the chin if I do not give her bread fast enough.

    She will approach even in the dark of night on the patio when I do not even see her and peck me. She actually jumps up and pulls the edge of my shorts.

    I was shocked yesterday as I walked out and she was engaged in a sexual act with other ducks that have nothing to do with me and are very stand offish when it comes to me. Now I see why she avoids these very aggressive creatures.

    1. Imagine my shock when I saw the neighbor rooster and duck mating. I just knew I didn’t see what I thought I saw. A little later I looked it up online and it is very common. IF they hatch they are called “chucks”.
      They all hang out at my place now so I see it up close and personal all the time.

        1. I have NO idea. She layed a bunch of eggs in my irises but would not tend to them. I finally brought them in and will use them. I was so hoping she would hatch them. Maybe she knew they were from a kinky, perverted affair and would be mutants. 🙂

        2. According to the website, the eggs are “no good”. I don’t know if that means “not tasty”, but I know they’re not fertile. But let us know!

  4. James: Maybe you could start a music topic so people who aren’t interested can skip it?

    Wow, Beck has grown up. His most recent album, “Morning Phase” is quite a departure from his debut album (which I loved), “Mellow Gold”, and its follow up, “Odelay”. This particular song, though, reminded me so much of Peter Gabriel–and I know there are hardcore fans here–that I had to share. “Blue Moon” has a mature, dreamy quality to it, too, that I found very poignant. I hope you all enjoy.


        1. Word is the lead singer is a Satanist. Big surprise there! 🙁 He also owns his own winery. I’m a product of the 60’s and really try to stay away from the influence of all that stuff as much as I can but do stray a little at times and enjoy.

  5. I have tried two times to post something to this this morning and both times my post was completely disappeared and ignored as though I had never posted.

    I am seriously displeased !

      1. Thanks, Recynd77, for letting me know someone saw it. It must have briefly posted and then was disappeared. I tried to post it three times and changed the wording a bit each time and it still is not showing up on my screen at all. It still looks like it never posted at all.

        That is the first time a post got spiked in this particular manner. It never went in to moderation but it apparently briefly posted and then deleted.

        1. It was important because, with clear bible proofs, that ALL of the land promises under the Abrahamic covenant were completely fulfilled in Old Testament times. There are many that think that the establishment of Israel in 1948 by N.M.Rothschild & Sons, Limited, was somehow the fulfillment of “Old Testament prophecy.”

          God is no respecter of persons. There is no special country in this world and there are no special people with their own special of way to getting to heaven.

        2. You are correct Dash, I was going to say more but I’m not in any mood for long debate.

        3. Dachsie, I agree with you that God is no respecter of persons and nobody has their own special way to get to heaven. The Jews have to come to salvation exactly as Gentiles. We are told that it is the Father’s desire that we should all be one, just as Jesus and the Father are one. But God did choose the Jewish people to bring His message to the world, and that all the world would be blessed through them. God’s promise to do that was fulfilled, in that our Savior came from the Jewish people, as did all Biblical Scripture.

          They have been severely punished because of their rejection of their Messiah. The nation of Israel was destroyed and the Jews had no homeland for more than 1,800 years. Now to us, we may look at the rebirth of Israel as an act of men, but God’s hand has been working behind the scenes to bring about what was prophesied by many of the Old Testament prophets. Just as the prophet Daniel gave the exact day the Messiah would come, the rebirth of Israel was also on the exact date foretold. God made an everlasting covenant with Abraham to give him and his descendants the land of Canaan forever. They lost it several times temporarily because they were disobedient, but it was restored to them again in 1948, and they will not be uprooted out of it again.

          I am not a Zionist sympathizer by any means; in fact, I would add that Jesus himself called such people “of their father, the devil”, but not all Jews are such. I believe that God has not turned His back on them or blinded their eyes forever, as He is still fulfilling the ancient prophecies through them.

          The following is from a book by Bible scholar, Ken Johnson, entitled, “Ancient Prophecies Revealed”:

          ~~~~~From these two prophets we are told the time of the second return of Israel. To see this we must first convert the Jewish years to Roman years so we can see the outcome on our modern calendar. 2,520 Jewish years times 360 days per year is 907,200 days. Cyrus issued his decree freeing the Jews and declaring the state of Israel to exist again on August 3, 537 BC. This date plus 907,200 days (plus one year changing from BC to AD) brings us to May 14, 1948. This was the very day that the UN declared Israel to be a sovereign state. (To see the complete pattern for timeline prophecies see the Death of the Messiah in the section on the Messiah’s First Coming.)~~~~~~

      2. Elfmon, thank you for liking my comment but the comment you liked is still not showing as posted. It must have briefly posted for you to have liked it but strangely the full comment is now again missing in action. The comment began with these words…

        The modern nation state of Israel, founded in 1948 is not the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy. It is the fulfillment of N.M. Rothschild & Sons, Limited’s plans.

        1. Your welcome, thank YOU! I got all of it. I sent to a friend, printed it and saved in my archives. It helped me to further understand and was a new piece to my puzzle in putting things together as I muddle through all this mess.

        2. It is still extremely odd that even though I posted the full comment at least six different times, and two times the post apparently did briefly show on the MHB, the post is disappeared.

          There have been at least ten unusual irregularities connected with my attempts to post this comment of mine and that leads me to think that the “MHB Administrator” did not like the content of the posting so did everything possible to suppress it.

          Elfmom, since you say you have saved the full comment, the comment that is now again missing in action, I ask that you please attempt to post it as a reply to this FreeFormFriday’s original new posting, not as a reply to any comment so far in this thread.

          And if you attempt this favor for me and it does not post for you, please let us know by another comment.

        3. Alright! This IS very strange!!! I just posted it and it is GONE! POOF!! Not even in moderation!!

        4. Yes, if you could repost it that would be great. I am curious and would like to read it. Thanks.

        5. Dachsielady,

          When you post and it turns into Vapor, 9x’s out of 10 it Will show up.
          If you keep rewording it, it just complicates the mess for James must now look at all the posts and try to determine which one to post.

          Been there, done it. Never re-post, WP sees it as the same post.

          Sometimes the next day I see my post. My biggest gripe has been I can’t Respond/Talk in REAL Time.

          We used to at least get a prompt: Moderation, but not anymore.

          Just throwing my 1,5 cents in as a good Samaritan.

          Your Posts are always welcome.


        6. Your new comment re: “Free Friday” is showing up on my phone but not here. If it’s in mod why am I seeing it on my phone? I don’t know how any of this tech stuff works.

      3. I saw it too, but did not find it all that interesting. Kind of obvious. Genesis, Joshua, Kings, Nehemiah. So what?

        What’s important is the regathering that has happened in our time, and the prophetic clock it restarted. Isaiah 43:5,6. Jeremiah 23:3-6. Daniel 12. Revelation 7. Hosea 5:15-6:2. Zechariah 12. Romans 9, 10–and especially 11.

        They are still “of their father, the Devil,” just as we all are until we accept the free gift of the removal of our sins, as we acknowledge Christ’s work on the Cross–but it’s easier for us to trust Jesus than it is for them. Their problem is that God has done to them what He did to Pharaoh: He has hardened their hearts, as Paul says in Romans 11. They are pretty cheerful about it, too, thinking they can get away with anything, cheerfully ruining the world. But when the Antichrist they are preparing finally rules the world, they will be crying just like everyone else. That’s why they will finally relent, and “look upon Me whom they pierced,” as Jesus says in Zechariah 12.

        The “generation” Jesus said will not pass away until all the prophetic events have been fulfilled is now getting old, if we calculate its birth as 1948 (I do). And we can see all around us the “signs of the times.” Excitement awaits all who are listening to God’s stopwatch tick, tick, tick.

    1. I’d love to see what you posted and agree completely with your statement that God is no respecter of persons (Rom 2:11) in this dispensation. The Israel we see today is anti-christ’s counterfeit Israel. When anti-christ “appears” he will appear to Israel who will welcome him with open arms and introduce him to the world as “messiah” as they missed their actual Messiah when He came to them 2,000 years ago.

      Perhaps you might post again?

      1. I just tried two more times to reply to you, grace country pastor and it still will not post.

        I am beginning to wonder exactly WHO is the MHB administrator.

  6. “Anonymous” raised eyebrows when they attacked ISIS: an entity, many of us had already learned, were a group funded, trained and used as geopolitical chess pieces in an, oil shell game by the allies of the power elite.
    Now they are aiming their sights squarely at Trump.
    Can we be left in any doubt that this “group” is ran by the same power elite for the purpose of disinformation, veering the anti-establishment rhetoric in a favorable direction ?
    Or is Anonymous just a bored man who works in the cubicle next to the one marked “Lenny” at the NSA ?

    1. Ric, don’t be so hard on them. They said it was due to “human error” with their new meter toys. Would your gas company cheat you? How do you expect them to pay for all that lost gas while they were poisoning the neighborhood?

      1. I got one of their meter toys.. The Gas Co told me it would cost me $75.00 bucks a month more if I didn’t let them put their little Cell Phone devise on my Meter to pay for the meter reader.

        What can you do? Who can can fight against him? He is the Anti-Gasman Christ…

        I’m kidding of course but you know what I’m saying.

        1. I refused it, although it’s a hollow…and pricey…gesture. I was feeling ornery when they were coming around (in the middle of the day, mind you). They must be taking the fee a little at a time, because our bill’s only a little higher. Bastards.

        2. I had No Choice. Oh yes, I could pay big Bucks. The Guy who installed it told me “they” are taking our Jobs.

          Very Sad.

        3. Oh, This gets better, The unit they installed is basically an Cell Phone.

          Check this out.. The Battery is good for 10 YEARS is what he told me.

          That’s what he said they told him. I don’t know.

          But it’s a glimpse into what they aren’t telling us.

          The Tech. is so far advanced but it isn’t practical in a Market based venue. It would destroy any and all jobs

        4. Love it. Are you surprised? I’m not. We get the surplus crap from China or wherever they put lithium ion batteries together, GasCo gets the space-age stuff. Seems fair.

          Can somebody stop this marble we’re living on? I want off.

        1. Mick, you keep talking about the vast power Schneerson wields from the grave (http://www.chabad.org/therebbe/article_cdo/aid/244372/jewish/The-Rebbe-A-Brief-Biography.htm)…

          …but you don’t explain how he does it. Are you saying that he really WAS the Messiah, and that he defeated death? I’ve never heard that before. I remember the crisis of faith his followers had when he died, because so many of them were convinced that he was the one. But you are the only person (it seems like for weeks now you’ve been saying it) I’ve encountered who claims he either came back from the dead and still walks among us, or that he is sort of like God, and can effect action on Earth from the Spirit realm.

          Who else believes what you do? Links would help.

    1. Elfmom,
      Download the free e-book “Nobody died at Sandy Hook” and you will see all those pictures plus all the “staging” of the furniture in the Lanza house and the fake bullet holes at the school.

      1. Dub, I don’t understand your problem with these people.

        They only want to enslave you and steal everything you have, Is that so bad?..

        All the College Kids now in 2016 want to be slaves after Clinton took over the education system in 1994 almost 22 years ago. It’s the New Normal…They’re not Brained Washed. They just need “Safe Zones”.


      2. Sounds like something Trump would say, to Mexicans,
        lets not be a party to low-brow behavior towards any group-
        the Zionist are a criminal Syndicate cult and need to be jailed, executed and deprived of all the money they stole from their victims,
        but heckling is something for a Jack (in the box)

    1. BOOGER!!! Now THERE’S a class act. I thought irony died the day he “won” the Nobel Prize. He will henceforth be known as “Booger Henry”.

  7. So, why on a free Form Friday, do posts now get heavily censored? My previous post never showed up.

    This desire for a Jewish homeland echoed down the centuries and found expression again. "It was among Ashkenazi Jews, [The Khazars, from the Caucasus Mountains]" says the Encyclopedia Americana, "that the idea of political Zionism emerged, leading ultimately to the establishment of the state of Israel....In the late 1960s, Ashkenazi Jews numbered some 11 million, about 84 percent of the world Jewish population." 67
    At times Arthur Koestler, in his broad and extensive treatment of this subject, appears, as a Jew himself, to wrestle with the glaring contradiction that the Jews, <em><strong>who have no genetic or true ethnic identity, are entitled to land they have never, by any right of descent, owned or possessed, and whose ancestors have never occupied.</strong></em>  Then, claiming to be the state of Israel, created by United Nations fiat, they arbitrarily removed that land from the possession of those who have legitimately owned and occupied it for thousands of years. Mr. Koestler claims that such right "is not based on the hypothetical origins of the Jewish people, nor on the mythological covenant of Abraham with God; it is based on international law -- i.e., on the United Nations' decision in 1947 to partition Palestine...[actually declared, May 14, 1948.]" 68
    Thus he eliminates what would logically seem to be the most legitimate grounds (if there are any at all) for the establishment of Israel (possession by racial lineage), and bases his argument on the vaporous contention of what he calls "international law".
    What the United Nations did in 1948 was arguably to make its first official act a violation of its own charter in the dispossession of over four million Palestinians for the purpose of creating a nation that had no ancestral or current right whatever to the land.
    The apparent conflict in Koestler's mind becomes evident in an apparent contradiction as he concludes that the faith of Judaism "transformed the Jews of the Diaspora into a pseudo-nation without any of the attributes and privileges of nationhood, held together loosely by a system of traditional beliefs based on racial and historical premises which turn out to be illusory." 69 Succinctly stated, he maintains that the idea of a Jewish national identity is based on an illusion created by a history that does not exist.
  8. Hello, Dr. Tracy and the commentariat:

    I want to thank you, Dr. Tracy, for being of incalculable inspiration for my own writing. For the second greatest mortal inspiration would be Cervantes, whose Don Quixote was a satire on the media of his own times. Specifically tales of knights errant, and their disingenuous accounts of foreign wars. Readers are said to have laughed themselves blue in the face for numerous pages, before it dawned on them that they were Don Quixote during the fading Spanish empire. Cervantes wrote his satire during the inquisition – a time when you could have your head cut off for anything. Or nothing whatsoever. To be continued if this post takes…

    1. Hi, this is horsegirl. This treacherous system is thwarting me something fierce.

      Anyway I have been writing a piece inspired of Don Quixote for eight years. Had the typical writers’ issue of voice. Three things happened: first, when I saw the false flag “shooting” in Norway of 2011, shortly before Sandy Schnook, I realized it was an art form. All the pretty boy shots rather than the grizzled chins and bleary eyes related to mug shots. No blood, etc. After that I knew Sandy Schnook stunk right away but was a couple years out from discovering Dr. Tracy’s excellent research. Second thing was that discovery of Dr. Tracy’s website. The third came in prayer. I prayed for voice. The first thing that occurred to me upon awaking the next morning was Mr. Ed. The snoopy, impudent talking horse who monitored human communications in a manner to put the CIA to shame. So I present my emerging blog, the Famous Mr. Web. All about an alleged interspecies internet invasion by horses. To be continued if my post takes…

  9. Can’t seem to get the second comment to post… anyway if you click on my name you’ll get to my new blog, the Famous Mr. Web about an alleged interspecies internet invasion by horses. Hope my second explanatory comment finally appears. WordPress sabotaging me like the fiends would have it…

  10. Caesar compares what is going on now in the Ukraine to what is happening in Palestine, total annihilation.

    She in fact quotes the Rebbe as saying the Slavs are a most unbending people who cannot be conquered due to their pyschological and intellectual abilities created over many generations. However he feels they can be destroyed. There will be a need for a sharp reduction in their numbers before they are liquidated.

    The Rebbe is from Dnepropetrovsk in the Ukraine where the largest holocaust museum on the planet is located. It is slated to be the next promised land.

    Ideological and economic methods will be used according to the Rebbe, pitting them into small weak countries and encouraging civil wars for their mutual destruction.

    This is the kicker here, the Ukrainians think they are against Russia while they become fully subdued by us.

    “In this war of fools, the Slavic moronic herd will be weakening itself and strengthening us, the main controllers of the chaos, pretending to stand aside, not only without participating in the bloody events, but also without involvement.”

    What a guy!


    1. We will see Sun.

      If the Progressive Neocons and Progressive Lib/Democrats take him down via Fraud as they have already said they will.

      And if the Presidents of China. Mexico, Britain, France, Federal Reserve, Bilderburg Davo’s, NeoCons, Rino’s and Demonrats are correct as you say.

      I will Apologize to you and put a Dunce Hat on…

        1. No Matter what in that “World” you have to play with the Piggies a little, just try not to get too Dirty.

          One of the reasons they hate Trump, unlike all the other Congressman/Senators is, They got “Nothing” on him to blackmail and control. 99% of are so called leaders have deep secrets of perversion to down right criminal activities.

        1. Oh Heck Dub,

          You “Caught” him..haha

          Next you’ll find a Pic of Trump worshiping Molech and drinking the blood of the Goy children…

    2. (look what its done to this blog….:)
      Really Sun?

      No One Talks Politics here.

      Your right we should all stay home and just accept Hillary Clinton as our next President. After all they got it in bag all ready and everything is fake so why participate.

      They Win………..

      1. 1.) New (unspecified) Clinton criminal investigations kill her shot at presidency
        2.) People accept Trump as inevitable winner, prefer the self-esteem of slandering him to opposing him
        3.) Surprise scandal leaves Trump ineligible as candidate
        4.) Jeb Bush returns as remaining viable candidate
        5.) It was Bush/Clinton the whole time, and none were the wiser

        1. There is Nothing original about the theory Trump is secretly working for the Clinton’s and He’s going to “Throw” the Race. It started in July ’15. In fact he was supposed to have “quit” by now. But being it never panned out so it has been conveniently changed to”He will get the Republican Nomination then Quit or ?” To Throw the Race.

          If anybody throws the Race to Hillary it will the Establishment Neo/Rinos to keep their Jobs and Power. “They” in fact have stated publicly that if Trump were to win the nomination they would All back Hillary Clinton or they will use the “Contested Convention” to destroy him, which will just hand the Presidency to Hillary either way.

          So, just that alone kills that theory. So, both Trump And the Rino’s are working for Hillary? No.

          Is it One Big Club and “we ain’t part of it”? Yes, but there’s more at play here which is why the entire cabal of criminals world wide have butted into our Election and even threatened us if Trump wins.

          If the Neo/Rino’s do this they will lose complete control of the House and Senate without a doubt.

          Don’t forget Chairman Bummer stated “Trump will Never be the President”. Strange thing to say for a sitting President. Veiled threat? I think he will try every dirty trick he can use against Trump.(NSA,IRS and on)

          Now back to the Trump secretly works for Hillary and Obama and the Zionist theory.

          AIPAC slams Trump for talking dirt on Chairman Bumkin their Hero. They don’t like either.

          Now, check this Guy out. Pastor Manning. He has almost exactly the opposite theory going.
          You should watch it all but his theory starts at about 2:30 or so. Who is right? It’s just another “Theory.


          My Theory is very simple.
          If Trump does wins the nomination he will go on to defeat Hillary.
          If the RNC takes him out via contested convention, no matter who they put in Hillary is the president.
          I don’t believe that if Trump won the nomination he would “pretend” he was “really” running until late October or so and then quit because he has an ingrown toenail and hand over the presidency to her.
          Could there be a huge scandal played on Trump if he won the nomination? Of course, we are dealing with a Global Cabal of the most corrupt human beings the world has ever known.
          As far as meeting with someone from the CFR or AIPAC that’s all par for the course.

          But nobody really knows.

      2. I really have comment again on what you said Sun referring to people wanting to talk about Trump or anything else on Free Form.
        “(look what its done to this blog….:)”

        Look what all the Zion/Jew thing has done to this blog. It’s virtually smothered this blog and nobody can even start a conversation on any other topic without some rant about “They did it”.

        We Know!

        I don’t know “who” your trying to convince and or even why.

        Not dogging on you just 90% of Free Form is.that Topic now.

        There is so many things going on beside that old news.

      3. I am only making note how bizarre it is that people view Trump, who has NO qualifications to lead a super power is vaunted as “our hope for change,”
        when in my youth if a candidate got up and insulted the Latino population, along with the other very troubling remarks he has made-people would be protesting his run, his rallies etc.-and I don’t mean these little stunts his campaign is pulling, or the typical trash element that resorts to these tactics-I mean he would have been run out of town literally,
        there are NO real candidates running in the 2 party facade government party, they are all stooges or in Trump’s case, I think he is there to grease Hillary’s skid marks into the WH
        but hey don’t let me stop the conversation,
        we all need diversion and entertainment,

        1. Our Current Chairman had none, and still has “NO qualifications to lead a super power”.

          The “O” never accomplished anything but get a Govt. Job.

          He grew up in a very well to do family.

  11. This may have already been discussed I haven’t had time to read lately, but how is it that the Riverside “shooters'” condo is up for sale when before it was an apartment the landlord let the media into and was always referred to as an apartment?

  12. I can’t imagine what would have happened if Republicans protested Obama conventions and blocked people from going. I’m sure they’d send tanks and machine gunned troops right away and paint them as racist and everything else under the sun.

    1. Man,
      I don’t know what to make of that youtube on German refugees-I had no idea this many were streaming into Germany, its so terrible i can’t believe it until i verify it with other sources, what kind of a crazy PM would do this to their own country?
      I have read reports where Obama has secretly been taking in refugees all over the country for years under the radar,
      these are weaponized gangs, not refugees,
      if they tried that here in the US I am quite sure locals would form armed militias and resist them, judging from their outlandish crimes they are committing in the host countries

      1. https://pjmedia.com/michaelledeen/2016/03/20/guilt-and-the-immigrants/

        “Merkel’s policy, then, can be expected to fundamentally transform the makeup of her country, and it goes hand in hand with the original motivation for the creation of the eurozone (and hence the EU itself) in the first place. Helmut Kohl, the architect of the euro, accepted the negative stereotype of his people; he believed that, left to their own devices, the Germans would kill again. His great mission was the elimination of Germany from the map, the dissolution of Germany as an identifiable nation or people. The euro was, so to speak, the acid in which Germany—as symbolized by the deutsche mark—was to vanish, becoming just one piece of the new Europe.

        “Merkel shares this vision. She and her followers are tortured by recent German history. They do not want to lead Europe, let alone play a primary role in the Western alliance. She fears her own impulses, and those she ascribes to her people. The immigration policy is a piece of that self-hating vision.”

    2. One quote in this article stands out”
      ““The orgy of murder, torture and pillage which followed the Jewish triumph in Russia has never been equaled in the history of the world… Christians were dragged from their beds, tortured and killed. Some were actually sliced to pieces, bit by bit, while others were branded with hot irons, their eyes poked out to induce unbearable pain….Some were nailed to the ceiling by their fingers or by their feet, and left hanging until they died of exhaustion….Others were chained to the floor and hot lead poured into their mouths. Many were tied to horses and dragged through the streets of the city, while the mob attacked them with rocks and kicked them to death.” …Pregnant Christian women were chained to trees and their babies cut out of their bodies.”
      Eustace Mullins

  13. If you vote at all, you are insane. The modern Plato Cave has voting buttons under the seat. But in all fairness, enjoy your insanity while it lasts.

    Dust be diamonds,
    Water be wine,
    Happy, Happy, Happy all the time, time time.

  14. Bill Clinton Slams Obama’s “Awful 8 year Legacy”

    Thin Skinned Chairman O’bummer is going to “Flip Out”‘

    I’m telling you people Something is happening New in this round,

    It’s not the “same old”.

    Every Globalist/Commie/Scum Bag hiding in the Shadows, working behind the scenes are coming out and exposing themselves for who they are on Both and ALL sides.

    This Really IS Different this time.


    Hilliary IS going to Jail. Thanks Bill…..

    1. The message is a little confusing,
      the idea that people are focusing on just one element of the picture
      and missing the forest from the trees is true enough,
      but who has convinced anyone that Hitler and Stalin were heroes?
      There is the direct link between corporations and political leaders,
      are you saying it is the boards of the corporations that are behind all the shenanigans, or have they been simply co-opted?

      1. There is a certain click in the alternative news that keeps the goose stepping front and center with the idea that Hitler saved Germany from communism. It was all a front for rich industrialists to plunder both countries as Stalin was trained at Tavistock with Hitler, they played chess together and both were tribe and jesuit trained.

        Miles Mathis has a pretty good take on this and I mirrored it myself. The beer hall putsch clearly shows Hitler had help with the famous beer hall pustsch from the Prussian Royal Theatre of which Eckhart was connected to.


        1. Miles Mathis must be a disinformer. Why otherwise does he make senseless claims about fake photos of Hitler, being pasted in among other putchist’s and nazis. His reasoning about lighting is not at all persuasive and the photos dont look doctored. Except one where Hitler’s head looks like it has been pasted but so what, somebody joked.
          Mathis role otherwise appears to be intended to whitewash the total dominance of the angloamerican rather than german industrialist’s. Hitler’s backers mostly had american’s on the board.
          He does mention von Papen’s suspicious treatment by the Us who let him loose despite him being involved in espionage. But while he briefly mentions the global oligarchical octopus, Mathis claims german intel is the actor behind the scenes, while not explaining how anything benefitting german interests would be allowed to do so, when WWI had been arranged by Britain for crushing them, for using them against Russia and ultimately to humiliate them. From 1918 and on Germany has been under the thumb of the angloamericans. Intelligence would be working for foreign interests.

  15. According to Eustace Mullins, New History of the Jews,
    he claims that Jewish Ritual Sacrifice is still being practised,
    and accounts for a significant number of missing children in the USA, and specifically mentions Chicago as a center for this ancient Jewish practice, along with a number of important criminal cases that were covered up by Jewish officials in police investigations,
    quite a document, with information you rarely encounter

    1. Even worse Sunaj57. There’s a book that exposes this, written by a Jewish Italian Scholar(who was subsequently threatened out of his university)…Ariel something or other. Either case, the book: “Blood Passover” can be found in PDF form.

        1. Well heck-
          actually I think you must be talking about Blood passover (as you said!) here it is, download it before it gets scrubbed

          (Oh, and so I don’t make another post-Eustace Mullins affirmatively stated that Jesus was NOT JEWISH, that puts a new light on things…)

  16. There was a discussion some weeks ago about how the nation of Israel began in 1948, despite the typical BS propaganda we hear from the Jewish controlled media about the fulfillment of God’s plan and the courageous suffering Israelites…..I on the other hand reported that even the British hated the Israelis at this point,
    Eustace Mullins records this in History of the Jews:

    “In 1944, the Stern gang assassinated Lord Moyne, highest ranking diplomat outside of London, at his home in Cairo, in order to force an
    English decision to give them Palestine. They then began a series
    of tortures and killings of British troops who had been sent to
    Palestine to prevent atrocities by the Jews against the Arab
    homeowners there. Most of these troops were lads in their late
    teens. All England was horrified at the deaths which these lads died
    at the hands of Jewish torturers. Their mangled bodies
    were then booby-trapped so that their comrades were killed when
    they tried to give them Christian burial.
    In 1948, the Jews murdered Count Folke Bernadotte in Israel.
    Although he had made every effort to get them what they wanted,
    they killed him to speed up the process. A hotel was blown
    to bits in Palestine, mangling and killing hundreds of innocent
    victims. A heartsick England reluctantly agreed to give them the
    country, and the State of Israel came into being after a series of
    murders which had horrified the civilized world.”

      1. For the last 7 years under this administration Freaks like this have been empowered.

        This chick is BANANAS and should be locked up. And now this disease called Liberalism has spread to all of our schools.

        These people don’t even know why they say these things or why they’re protesting. They just do what’s cool and what they are told from some other Nut Bag.

      1. Dub,
        It’s Chardonnay! Merlot is Transmission Fluid…..Haha

        I ranted today on the “Z and J” act that dominates 90% of this blog but I am still stuck in Utah going through all the new servers.

        1. Dub,
          I was joking about being caught in that new NSA Spy facilities Servers which is located in beautiful downtown Utah….

          Last time I was in Utah was about 1970 or so.

    1. This poor white girl,
      talk about having your head screwed with,
      unfortunately this has been the plan all along,
      divide people from their ethnicity and turn citizens against citizens

  17. You all should check out this video that was tweeted out on MHB this morning:

    It’s a Craigslist ad for the training of special “medical patient” crisis actors in the San Diego area. Here’s the website of the training company:

    The website describes the “cut suit” that crisis “patients” will wear during the “hyper-realistic military or trauma scenario.” Check out this cut suit description:

    “Features Unique to the Cut Suit:
    The system can be worn during intensely physical scenarios at the POI

    The system weighs approximately 30 lbs (approximately equivalent to a current defense issued, fully-loaded individual body armor)

    Body armor, uniform, clothing and equipment is not only don-able over the system but usable

    The system allows for interaction with a live patient during the emergency assessment and treatment process

    The skin and organs are user repairable, allowing for multiple uses per unit (well beyond fifty repairs to fully lacerated skin)

    Interchangeable organs, variable rate beating heart and variable blood flow

    Wounds created by the user

    Breakable and repairable bones (ribs & sternum)”

    The false event producers must be trying to keep skeptics from identifying false events from the laughable fake injuries we’ve seen in the past.

    The Strategic Operations website is a goldmine. I haven’t gone through the whole thing yet, but it’s pretty new. The company’s news archive only goes back to October, 2015.

    1. A few years ago I saw footage of someone wearing what is called a “gel suit” which significantly changes ones appearance. This gel suit started falling off the wearers neck but I have not been able to find the video since then.

      1. elfmom, I’d like to see the cut suit designs now. Bet they’ve improved.

        It would be useful for someone with a medical background to become familiar with this technology. It’s not real medicine and can probably still be identified as such.

        I’d like to know how much of it is just gore for shock effect.

      1. I can see it, Ric.

        From the home page:
        “Building on training support experience from OEF, OIF, and Overseas Contingency Operations… Strategic Operations, Inc. (STOPS) offers innovative solutions for the challenges our war-fighters face in this increasingly unstable world. Future threats to our nation’s security more and more will come from failed states and under-governed areas where instability, chaos, and human misery foster breeding grounds for terrorism and insurgencies. Terrorism will not be so much the cause of our future problems as it will be the result of our failures to understand the human domain. As our military becomes more agile, flexible, and ready for the challenges ahead, so must our understanding of the physical, cultural, and social environments in strategic parts of the globe. Our training must be based on these understandings. STOPS creates Hyper-Realistic™ training environments and simulations based on human terrain analytics, an understanding of human geography, and the social and cultural awareness that can help our military and civilian counterparts shape the human terrain before instability morphs into threats.”

        “STOPS introduced “The Magic of Hollywood” to live military training by employing all the techniques of film and TV production integrated with military tactics, techniques, and procedures.”

        “Since 2002 STOPS has provided pre-deployment training support to more than 700,000 military personnel (and still counting, every day) using our STOPS created Hyper-Realistic™ environments. STOPS is part of Stu Segall Productions, one of the largest independent TV / movie studios in the country.”

      2. Ric, I had trouble too, in Firefox, but it opened in Microsoft Edge. It was still funky, with the flash elements hanging up a little, but it works it out in a couple of seconds. So, maybe try another browser.

      3. A guy by the name of Stu Segall is the man behind the curtain at STOPS.

        Again, from the website:

        Strategic Operations has changed the face of tactical training by introducing to the training world “Hollywood” movie and TV-making techniques to make live training as realistic as safely possible. This innovation has been made possible by Stu Segall who brings to Strategic Operations more than 35 years experience as a producer of feature films, television movies and shows….

        Stu brought the television series Silk Stalkings to San Diego in 1991 creating the first and only full service studio in San Diego. This facility provides prime time network quality Television Series, Movies of the Week and Pilots. Stu Segall Productions is now one of the largest independent TV and film studios in America with 10 sound stages on 20 acres….

        Stu Segall Productions has produced for ABC, Beacon, CBS, Disney Channel, Fox, NBC, Paramount, Showtime, Sony/Columbia/Tri-Star, Studios USA, Universal, UPN and Warner Brothers.

        In 2002, Stu created Strategic Operations, of which he is President, with a mission to provide “hyper-realistic” training for the military, law enforcement, and other organizations responsible for homeland security and public safety.

        Using the “magic of filmmaking,” Strategic Operations creates tactical scenarios in great detail by controlling and manipulating both the physical and sensory environment. Design experts and public safety officials help movie industry professionals create a state-of-the-art, next generation tactical training environment unique in the U.S.

        1. Recynd,
          Looks, like Stu Segal had a regular production company that he has now turned towards training crisis actors. It was only a matter of time.

          Here’s Stu’s production company website:

          He even has these offices which are local to me:

          And here’s his IMDB profile which goes back to 1970, ” Producer | Director | Writer | Production manager | Actor | Miscellaneous Crew ”

          “Hyper-realistic military and trauma scenarios” must be a lucrative pursuit.

        2. I have not dug into this yet, but I happened to be listening to a podcast where the claim was made that Hollywood and the aerospace industry work hand-in-glove, specifically relating to CGI technology.

          It’s kind of obvious, I suppose, but I hadn’t linked the two directly. Both industries have heavy-hitters who are deep into the occult, that’s for sure.

    1. Toni, I’ve checked the vid out & followed up on trail left by the others, and MAAAAN are they blatant! I mean, Strategic Operations?!! But, isn’t that what these “false flag staged terror mass casualty-producing” events are? Strategic Operations…or rather SPECIAL EFFECTS!!

      The cat’s out of the bag!! Greek Drama plays in real(reel) time. I mentioned before that the power of “terror” is NOT reality, it’s our collective belief in the event storyline. And that this is admittedly a Military contractor makes this…..a bonified PSYOP.

      Yet, in a perverse way, the fact that people like us who are keen on this stuff know is actually part of the PSYOP…called Predictive Programming. In seeing & consuming much of the memes embedded in the media, pop culture, movies(like Batman/Superman), one gets a sense subconsciously of the “inevitability” of what’s coming(what they’re making happen); that’s the overall meme in ALL OF THESE PSYOP STAGED and REAL(the fact they’re coordinated & rehearsed makes them “staged”) events, that it was inevitable, that it will NEVER BE STOPPED…which is why we must prepare…TO ACCEPT INEVITABILITY & RESPOND TO THE CRISIS INEVITABILITY BRINGS!! See the religious undertones here; the TERROR OF DEATH fits nicely with…ARMAGEDDON, right?

  18. Disbarred lawyer and father of Paris train “hero” indicted on federal fraud charges:


    The thwarted attacker on the Paris train was on 4 countries security/threat lists for YEARS before attack. He managed to get a job at a telecommunications firm in France YEARS after being multiple watchlisted.

    IMO, he was mobbed and gang stalked for YEARS before the attempted attack, and the 2 military “heroes” were gang stalking him and knew exactly what he was up to-they pushed him to it:



    1. Just from the articles posted I don’t see the connection,
      as far as the father being indicted-seems to be unrelated to the political intrigue,
      not sure where you are getting any evidence to suggest this man was being gangstalked
      perhaps you are referring to some other information than the link

      1. This man, the thwarted Paris train attacker, was on no less than 4 E.U. countries watch lists as the highest security risk. His watch listing began in 2007 Spain for suspected radicalization. Europe has the same reactionary threat assessment system as here. I.E., they identify a threat, and proceed to harass, follow, disrupt, bankrupt the threat until no other option is left than to commit suicide or martyr oneself. This is a reactionary atavism deeply ingrained in the intelligence community.
        The relevance of the disbarred father’s felonious conduct shows that they are employing bad actors. Deceptive, criminal behavior runs in families.

        1. Huh,
          so they use this as a tool, harrass, gangstalk a person until they crack, and they use this person? OK, so why would he save a person then?

  19. Has anyone else noticed how the MSM seems to like running videos with the “WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT” heading, although often-times said videos are not only NOT graphic, but most show absolutely nothing?

    This “harrowing” video on Daily Mail helpfully informs viewers that they are watching a “blood-covered baby” crying over her mother’s lifeless body in the rubble after the Brussels attack.

    The footage is said to be filmed by a
    “taxi driver” searching for his soon amongst the rubble. Although he apparently films the child, we never see him pick her up or speak to her. Daily Mail assures the readers though that he is “haunted” by her cries, of course.

    The actual footage is grainy, shaky and the only thing I can make it for certain are a bunch of large tiles. I think there might actually be a baby in it, but I can’t say for sure.

    Scroll half-way down the article for the video.


    1. Impressions…that’s what we’re given. And those impressions are highly managed. We have to be told what we’re seeing: much of that video footage was so grainy that it would be hard to determine what we’re seeing. Funny, the CCTV pictures are better than those taken with cellphones. What’s up with that? My phone takes pretty awesome pics.

      Mr. Izquierdo (the first witness referred to in the article) kept calling the crying infant “the child” or “the girl”. Judging by its cries, it was a BABY. And he left it there, with her dead mother? But he doesn’t feel guilty, he says, because HE didn’t hurt her. Besides, he was looking for his adult son. Really?!

      I didn’t see any blood on the ground, but one person was bloody UNDER clothing that wasn’t torn.

      Strange article…no new info was released, so what’s the point of it? IMPRESSION MANAGEMENT.

      1. Every time there is an “Incident”, None of the 100’s of High Definition CCTV Cameras ever work.
        But if they do, the Picture is about the quality of a B&W TV set from the 1950’s running on “Rabbit Ears”.

        Yet no one seems to notice this.

        But if they Want you to see something, the Picture is HD Perfect Quality.

        1. Recynd and Ric, you’re both right. They always have to set the narrative, which they exploit for maximum emotional effect.

          It reminds me of a lot of the talking heads after Sandy Hook repeatedly saying they weren’t going to show the victims or footage of the shooting because it was just “too graphic.”

    1. I askew youe befoe-
      This Captain you quote,
      quite a fascinating character,
      a ship captain,
      but is he a true historian?
      he makes this claim:
      Boars, as in male pigs, have tusks. . Human genetics were mixed with those of the wild boar to create the domesticated pig. Because the domesticated pig is a combination of human and animal genetics, eating it is a form of cannibalism. Jews and Muslims followed this concept. ”
      Hmm, pigs are similar to us genetically, but does that mean a pig really is the result of breeding of humans and boars???

  20. Mick that is quite a reference you made re: Trump,
    so now we have Michael Glassner, Trump’s campaign manager, an AIPAC member, who now has a rock solid link to 9/11 PERSONALLY-
    and there are still people arguing for the candidacy of Trump, and claiming he is not owned by the same Zionist Syndicate that owns both parties, and all candidates…
    Bro Nathaniel talks Trump https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G59mNNfLZx8

    1. Vote Hillary!! Hey , Don’t Vote!! Hillary wins!!!

      This gets this Tyranny happening right now! Why wait?

      Lets not mess around anymore. We Lost!!

      2017 Communism!!

      We won’t be able to argue any more on the internet because anyone who talks sh&t about President Hillary will go to Jail just like Tayyip Erdoğan in Turkey does…

      Yea.. Hillary!!

      1. I do not suggest anyone vote Dem/Repub, instead at least vote 3rd party, if voting has any effect (and that is questionable) the only choice is to vote out the 2 party system, although frankly I think we will have to have a social revolution to depose the traitors and reset, which will not happen until people come together under Constitutional Law, a return to law, what we have now is lawlessness, hopefully it will be more or less peaceable,
        falling into the old dichotomy of you have to vote the least worst candidate doesn’t cut it

        1. I’ll take it further, Sunaj57: you can’t vote your way out of a system you’re voting into, just as you can’t invest your way out of the market, nor spend your way to riches(lotto ticket may be exception?). The main solution is don’t add fuel to the political system & wonder why it always turns into a raging inferno…IMO.

    1. “Kitty history, somewhere in quantum space, mathematically this had to take place!”

      Pretty funny. Love how he actually delineated all those conspiracies as real in a totally goofy song. His other videos are good, too. Hadn’t seen them before, so thanks, Recynd.

      I wonder what it’s like to be musical, but unable to sing anything with a straight face, without joking. You know you could never take anything this guy sings seriously, like if he tried to sing, “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” or something.

  21. Remember in January they had that fake lock down at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego. They called it off and said some one phoned in they saw a man with a Gun but never named the caller.

    Well Well, it happened again. The exact same scenario.

    “Lock down lifted at Naval Medical Center San Diego after gun scare”


    A report of a man with a gun at Naval Medical Center San Diego….

    Now, 2 things are happening.

    Either next time it will be a Real (fake) Gun Toting Killer on the lose or
    the plan is just put out Fake stories about Guns and Terrorism and watch the Public squirm and shelter in place for conditioning.

    After all, it’s Free. No Crisis Actors to pay or anything.

    Operation Gladio for FREE….

    1. Yes, creating terrorism is the new specialty the government and their media seem obsessed with.

      Ft Gordon GA with all 4 branches of the military and about 25,000 workers had an active shooter drill, that went live for real! and it was all cancelled due to miscommunications.

      It is very peculiar that the local sheriff would handle an active shooter on a military base, it must make locking it down very confusing for the gatekeepers.

      When working at a nuclear power plant, all 911 calls go to the control room, which is perfectly logical as they do have trained medical and fire personnel on hand always.


  22. Dozens of College Students ‘in fear’ After ‘Trump 2016’ Chalked Across Campus
    “My reaction to the chalking was one of fear,” says one frightened student



    “I’m supposed to feel comfortable and safe [here],” one female student told Wagner according to The Emory Wheel college paper.

    “But this man is being supported by students on our campus and our administration shows that they, by their silence, support it as well … I don’t deserve to feel afraid at my school.”

    According to the paper, one student even wept.

    Many students crapped their pants but they were wearing the new fangled fad “Adult Diapers” that have become so popular on College Campuses since the big “Halloween Scare” last year said Ric from MHB.

    Folks, It’s Time to CLOSE all these Schools !!!


    1. Well get Ready for this. There’s a group in Israel that say the “Dome of the Rock” is built over the Temple but the adjacent land was the “Court of the Gentiles.”

      So, they want to rebuild the the Temple on that land right next to the Dome.

      Is it just me or is something terrible wrong with Idea?

      1. Mainstream Biblical archeology has pretty much focussed on the location of the Dome of the Rock as the location of the Second Temple, but there are alternative theories within the mainstream that consider the possibility of its being located elsewhere on the Temple Mount–the vast, elevated platform where the Dome and the Al Aqsa mosque are located.

        The Western Wall/Wailing Wall is the portion of the retaining wall of the platform just below the Dome of the Rock–that’s why they pray there; it’s the closest proximity to where the Temple used to be, supposedly.

        But there are very real problems with these theories. First, there is Jesus’ prediction of the events of AD 70 in Matthew 24: 1 Jesus came out from the temple and was going away when His disciples came up to point out the temple buildings to Him. 2 And He said to them, “Do you not see all these things? Truly I say to you, not one stone here will be left upon another, which will not be torn down.” One look at the Wailing wall and you suspect something is wrong. Those stones were not touched.

        Another is the location of Fort Antonia. If you go to Jerusalem, the tour guides will tell you it was somewhere around the neighborhood just northwest of the Temple Mount. They have no idea. Jerusalem was the permanent base of the 10th Roman Legion (5,000 men), and in the siege of AD 70, three other Legions joined in the effort. It’s not just 20,000 soldiers of course that had to fit in the fort. These guys had to eat, get haircuts, house and care for their horses. This takes a lot of space. Additionally, they worshipped pagan gods–which would be completely unacceptable to the people Rome was occupying.

        It turns out that there is a simple, if unorthodox, answer: the “Temple Mount” was Fort Antonia. It’s plenty big enough, and the location of the Dome of the Rock would have been where the Temple of Jupiter would have been; the platform would be deemed to be outside the Holy City, so it couldn’t defile sacred geography. Ernest Martin explains all this and more in The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot (http://www.askelm.com/video/v130317.asp?bn=6).

        If he’s right, and I’m convinced he is, the Temple was in the City of David, just to the south to the “Temple Mount” (you can see a schematic of the structures at the link), over the Gihon Spring. There is essentially nothing there today.

        One faction, called “The Temple Mount Faithful,” is indeed prepared to rebuild the Temple, any day. All the materials necessary are in storage, awaiting the go-ahead. Only politics stands in the way. But if that hard-headed, stubborn, people would examine D. Martin’s work, the politics would vanish line the morning fog. Anyway, Islam is pagan idolatry, just as was the religion of the Romans. That platform has NEVER been holy ground, and it can’t be sanctified. Israel should wake up to archaeological reality and decide to let the Moslems keep it, just as it was no problem letting the Romans live on it it 2,000 years ago.

        I believe that this will happen. Antichrist makes a deal which Isaiah called a “covenant with death,” that “solves” the Arab/Israeli conflict–but only for three years. Then it gets ugly. But that’s plenty of time to build a new Temple in that empty section where no stone indeed remained one upon another after AD 70.

        This is the natural solution. All this talk about Yahweh sharing a space along side Allah is an impossible compromise. Most of Leviticus, after all, is all about sanctifying the Temple precincts and keeping it sanctified. Yahweh agree to having Allah worship right next door? Don’t make me laugh.

        1. Interesting Pat,

          This is the group I was referring to.


          They may be associated with group you mentioned and they also claim they have all the Architectural drawings completed and also the furnishings in storage ready to go.

          I couldn’t find the video where he explains this but it is worth watching if you can find it.

          You are correct when you say there is only way they can build anything and that is with the false Peace Treaty.

        1. That’s it Recynd.

          RignotCasence..Nick Danger backwards as he reads his name on the Glass of his door from his perspective..

          They also have a gig of UFO’s and Eggs…Think “Sugar Cubes from Berkeley” I’d say “Frisco”, but the locals hate people from other places calling it “Frisco”.

          “Frisco”.”Frisco”.”Frisco”.”Frisco”.”Frisco”. I feel better now,,,

      1. Very interesting, what do you know about the good CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL? Does he have good general support in the academic community? (Not sure if that would be a plus or a minus these days…)

  23. Well get Ready for this. There’s a group in Israel that say the “Dome of the Rock” is built over the Temple but the adjacent land was the “Court of the Gentiles.”

    So, they want to rebuild the the Temple on that land right next to the Dome.

    Is it just me or is something terrible wrong with Idea?

    Ric it is a long story. I know you don’t like long explanations but ….


  24. Sandy Hook, the cash cow they keep on milking.


    “The state police lieutenant who oversaw the agency’s investigation into the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings is spending the week in Hawaii, his latest stop on a three-year speaking tour that has taken him across the country.”

    Don Ho toasting and welcoming Sandy Hookers to a vacation extraordinaire. Aloha……


  25. Many of us cannot comprehend how so many have co-operated with the evil cabal, especially when the whole town is participating.

    When you have adults in CT trampling toddlers for their candy, that is proof the population has been brain dirtied!


    1. “the population has been brain dirtied!”

      No, individuals within the population have been soul dirtied via Judaizers.

      It has happened in hundreds of countries over the centuries.

      Greed, avarice, multiculturalism, loss of national sovereignty, everybody in materialism and debt up to their eyeballs, everybody being politically controlled via depraved sexual promiscuity and deviancy, everybody feeding on television filth, spoiled brat children, liquored up, drugged up parent(s).

      “the population HAS BEEN brain dirtied!”

      Forget the passive voice.

      Or is it forbidden on “FREEform Friday” to identify the DOER of the ACTION in a present voice declarative sentence?

      Yes, individuals are weak and prone to doing wrong, but the Judaizers know well our weaknesses, indeed study and and use them, capitalize upon them, to control and enslave and revolt to create disorder of every hellish kind for their Satanic one world death and slavery system.

      Self discipline and obedience to God and His eternal, written-on-our-heats law is the price of truth and freedom.

      Will the “MHB Administrator” will post this comment or is MHB dead in the water?

  26. He has no support in indian academic communities or media as he points out they are like America, taken over by Rothschild agents. They have even tried running stories that Vishnu had a homosexual affair. LOL

    What he has though is over three million hits on his site and is making the indian establishment nervous.

    Have you heard about TETRAGRAMMATON-



  27. Two things:

    There’s a very affective video at Jon Rappaport’s and linked at the newsfeed:

    Robert DeNiro has pulled the documentary, VAXXED, out of his Tribeca film festival due to pressure from authorities, and the video is an interview with the producer.

    Hopefully this will get the documentary more publicity than if they had quietly just shown the doc. Maybe that’s what DeNiro is thinking; he has an autistic kid himself.

    Second, Hillary has vowed not to debate Bernie Sanders till he changes his tone! His TONE! HA! He’s been kind of obsequious to her up till now. Maybe she thinks she’s in trouble to have to conjure up this objection. Does she really fear debating him? What happened to her bluster?

  28. Many years ago I read a book titled “When Corporations Rule the World”.

    SoCal Gas Company, BP and many other corporations now rule the world.

    Even Los Angeles Times exposes the thoroughly corrupt Southern California Gas Company.


    “Despite the Porter Ranch disaster, the top executive over SoCal Gas is getting an enormous bonus.”

    “It brings her total compensation for 2015 to $16.1 million”

    I cannot express enough the contempt I have for people like her and the corporations they serve.

  29. Another instance of disinfo, with the usual tactics of baiting you with the alternate to politics as they take you on an alternate route…back to politics while demonizing skepticism along the way: http://www.globalresearch.ca/climate-disruption-in-overdrive-submerged-cities-and-melting-that-feeds-on-itself/5517770 . Another dupe, obviously & this piece makes a good case against the 1st piece: http://drtimball.com/2016/environmentalism-of-the-left-is-religious-socialism/

    1. Its also NO coincidence that this is alarmism(can we say “terror campaign”) is being increasingly promoted as we get closer to the HOLIEST of environmental holidays: EARTH DAY(which also coincides with the signing of the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS). Funny how climate alarmism uses the same techniques as THE WAR ON TERROR to accomplish its goals…hmmm.

  30. Are there any other homeschoolers here at MHB? I’m looking for some reading recommendations for children, especially quality science and history books. They are hard to find!

    My oldest (9yo) has all of the Rush Limbaugh kid series (I know, I know), but they are pretty decent compared to a lot of what’s out there, and she loves them.

    She’s also read Mary Pope Osborne’s “Magic Treehouse” books and Laura Ingalls Wilder. Other than that I try to stick to the classics, poetry. So many of the new books are filled with misinformation and adhere to the official government stories.

    1. I have a couple of good books for homeschooling moms and would be willing to just mail them free to anyone who wants them, but they relate to reading and phonics and spelling and pronunciation for early grade schoolers. (I enjoy following fouch-o-matic YouTube channel family that is homeschooling three young children off the grid. Don’t know if Esther Emery, the Christian mom, has any tips on home schooling. They do allow time on computer for kids for fun and learning but they have to allocate energy use very carefully.)

      As for science books, depends on whether you want your children schooled in evolution and millions and millions years old earth ideas.

      I am a Catholic young earth creationist and good books from that perspective are scarce as hen’s teeth but will get back to you with a reference on that. Would suggest Answers in Genesis Store or maybe Dr. Dino’s Kent Hovin son’s site, Eric Hovind, has some good science books.

        1. Haley, I got the names of some science and history books from Hugh Owen who is the president of KolbeCenter.org, sort of the Catholic version of Ken Hamm. He travels around the world explaining that it has always been the clear teaching of the early Church Fathers and doctors to believe in the book of Genesis as written. Theistic evolution is the result of Church infiltration today but it really is nonsensical. You may want to skip the Theology books, but not the philosophy or the rest of them. (Mr. Owen has raised nine children and is an educator himself.)

          This is a valuable list.
          God bless you.

          Some of these books are available from the Store at KolbeCenter.org, others elsewhere.

          Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation
          952 Kelly Rd., Mt. Jackson, VA 22842
          Tel: 540-856-8453 E-Mail: howen@shentel.net
          For me You have created the skies scattered with stars . . . and all the beautiful things on earth
          (St. Maximilian Kolbe)

          I recommend the following materials for an introduction to the theological, philosophical,
          historical and natural science arguments in defense of God’s revelation in Genesis 1-11, as
          understood by all of the Fathers, Doctors, Popes and Council Fathers in their authoritative
          teaching. Most of these items are available from our web store at http://www.kolbecenter.org If they
          are available elsewhere, I have tried to indicate that. The age range appropriate for each item is
          indicated in parentheses.


          Creation vs. Evolution by Eric Bermingham (10-adult)
          A Catholic Assessment by John Wynne (14-adult)
          “I Have Spoken to You from Heaven”: A Catholic Defense of Creation in Six Days by Hugh
          Owen (14 –adult)
          “The Traditional Catholic Doctrine of Creation” (Kolbe website) (14-adult)
          “The Difference It Makes” (Kolbe website) (14-adult)


          Metaphysics and Evolution by Fr. Chad Ripperger (14-adult)
          “Philosophical Critique of Darwin” (14-adult) [posted on Kolbe website]


          After the Flood, by Bill Cooper (12-adult)
          “Historical Evidence for Dinosaur and Human Co-Existence” (Kolbe website) (12-adult)

          Natural Science Overview

          “Evolution as Seen by Modern Science” (DVD) (12-adult)
          All the presentations on the sciencevsevolution.org website.


          “Our Created Stars and Galaxies” – Spike Psarris (DVD or Youtube) (10-adult)
          “Moses Sizzles; the Big Bang fizzles” – Fr. Phil Wolfe, FSSP (audio on Kolbe website) (14-adult)
          Doctrines of Genesis 1-11 – Fr. Victor Warkulwiz (chapters on the Big Bang) (14-adult)

          "Ariadne's Thread" - www.kolbecenter.org  (14-adult)
          "A Question of Time" - www.kolbecenter.org  (14-adult)
          "Evolution as Seen by Modern Science" - DVD (10-adult)
          "Dinosaurs and Dragons" - DVD (10-adult)
          Radiometric Dating 
          Radiodating - Jean Pontcharra "Are Radioactive Dating Methods Reliable" - 
          sciencevsevolution.org  (14-adult)
          Carbon-14 Dating of Dinosaur Bones - sciencevsevolution.org  (14-adult)
          Genetic Entropy by Dr. John Sanford (14-adult)
          "Genetic Mutation and Race Formation" - Dr. Maciej Giertych (DVD) or presentation at 
          sciencevsevolution.org  (14-adult)
          "Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution," I, II and III (DVD) 
          A DVD of our standard seminar will be available soon in the Kolbe web store.  Please subscribe 
          to the free Kolbe newsletter, to be notified when it is available.
      1. Hey Dachsielady,
        Let me ask you an honest question,
        How can you embrace the catholic system,
        with what is discussed here re: the Vatican, Knights of Malta,
        and especially the sexual perversion rife in the Priesthood?
        I’m not attacking you, but frankly most of the catholics I meet are typically what we would call “asleep,” obviously you are not

        1. The “Catholic system” as you refer to it does appear to have gone very wrong. However the Church as Christ founded it is a hierarchical system. It has been the main target of Satan since it was founded on Pentacost. However, the Church does not have a monopoly on this evil degradation – all of human social and governmental life on this earth appears to have been taken over by the Evil One.

          A few months before His death, Jesus said, “Upon this rock I will build MY church” (Matthew 16:18).

          I believe when Jesus said MY church, it was the one, holy, universal (catholic) church the Savior referred to.

          Jesus said, “no man cometh to the Father but by Me.” “I am the way, the truth and the life.”

          Jesus was the perfect God man, fully human, fully God.

          He died on the cross as the only perfect blood sacrifice for all men who ever lived or will live. That redemption opened the doors of heaven and the New Covenant whereby we have grace to remove our sins and help us walk in the way he wants us to live our lives.

          We each have free will and we must respond to or cooperate with God’s grace, so the Redemption is not the same thing as Salvation or automatic salvation. The redemption was once for all people, but salvation is a lifelong process. I have been saved, I am being saved, I will be saved is how the words of Christ describe it in various verses.

          There is hope and blessing for each one of us, but it is by following Jesus Christ and being not conformed to this wicked world system.

          We each have to do our part and cooperate with grace and we each will be given enough grace to be saved, no matter what our circumstances. We should pray for help in our decisions and do the right thing based on the answer to those prayers, answers we will receive.

          I am on in age now and I know that the Catholic Church (“Roman Catholic” church term is a bit misleading — either means the Roman rite of the seven or so different rites in the Church or sometimes “Roman Catholic” refers to the headquarters, the Vatican, located in the city of Rome. Those who hate the Church use the term Rome or Romish to mix in the idea of the pagan Roman empire of the time.)

          The Church has become infiltrated by Judeo-Masonic entities as prophesied by Jesus.

          This infiltration has been an insidious gradual thing that has been going on since the Garden of Eden. It is called the mystery of iniquity.

          There will be a ‘great apostasy” or a great “falling away” as one of the necessary events that must happen before Christ returns in Glory to end this world and install a “new heavens and a new earth.” I believe what has happened to the Church, especially since the Vatican II Council that was from 1962 to 1965 has been the main impetus for the great apostasy we now see.

          The Church has a beautiful millennia long history of identifying and stamping out heresies against Christ, and there are thousands of canonized saints, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of saints who were never formally canonized, who were graced with brilliant minds or simple beautiful virtue of suffereing and martyrdom to save souls. We have those saints to remember and hold up in our thoughts. They are in heaven and can pray for us and send graces to us to this day. We can never say for sure if someone has gone to Hell but we do make a strong bet that these precious souls who lived such heroically virtuous lives in Christ are in Heaven.

          It is very scary that the two most recent canonizations of Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II appear to be very wrong saint making. Pope John XXIII may have himself been a Freemason or at least was strongly influenced by those pushing for Vatican II council to radically change the liturgy, discipline and doctrines of the Church. Pope John Paul II, as well as Pope Paul VI just turned their heads the other way when all the abusive priests were reported to him. THAT is egregious mortal sin and is not saint material.

          “The Plot Against the Church” by pseudonym “Maurice Pinay” but actually written by a group of traditional holy priests and bishops, perfectly describes the Judeo-Freemasonic forces infiltrating the hierarchy of the Church leading up to Vatican II. It is available free online.

          Still Jesus said
          “And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Mathew 16:18

          Even if there is only one true Catholic alive on earth when Jesus returns, the Church will still be alive and will go into the Church Triumphant – the heavenly New Jerusalem.

          As an individual, I have to just pray to stay on the straight and narrow and not get caught up in all the deceptions that are now part of what is called the “novus ordo Church.” Many learned priests say that what was devised for the novus ordo Church that began in 1965 with all its false “ecumenism” nonsense is a completely different sect. It is not the one, holy, catholic Church that was founded by Christ.

          But as far as teaching what Christ taught, I believe the leaders and teachers in the Church over the centuries have most closely adhered to those true teachings of Christ. They have stood strong for Christ’s truth. )There are many “hard sayings” of Christ that should be still be taught from the pulpit but are not. For example – the sanctity and indissolubility of marriage and no artificial birth control and the real presence, body soul and divinity of Jesus in Holy Eucharist.)

          I hope and pray for myself and each of us that we find the Lord and cling to him every step of the way in our lives. We are so blessed to have a loving merciful Savior.

          God bless us each and every one in the Name of the One Who is Truth.

        2. We don’t know that Jesus said any of these things. The bible is a work of a Roman Ceasar Constantine trying to hold the roman empire together. I was put together in Turkey by his assistants. It was debated as to whether or not Alexander would be equal to Jesus. Much of it was just plagiarized Vedic scripture.

          The emperer Constantine convened the council of Nicaea around 369. He called all the “holy men” of the day who were “under divine guidance” to meet in Turkey as it was convenient for all. Eusebius was the only deacon invited due to his recent war record where brought the sword of the Lord against Arianism. The doctrine of reincarnation was done away with and it was even debated whether or not Alexander would be divine also and equal to Jesus. Books on Arianism would be burned and anybody caught with one would be executed. That is when the killing went into high gear in Europe the Irish and Germanic nature religions would convert or die to the new Christianity of Rome.


        3. “We don’t know that Jesus said any of these things. ”

          No, what “we don’t know” is the truth about what Dublinsmick says “we don’t know.”

          As for the “overpopulation problem”, try to realize that that problem was created and then exaggerated as a tool to kill us off. The tool has been very efficacious in is selective use.

          Conservatively, Stalin genocided at least 40 million and Mau also about 40 million, with untold millions more since these revolutions. It has now backfired on these countries. These countries’ populations have plummeted to dangerous low levels for the maintenance of a viable sovereign country. (Stephen Mosher , https://www.pop.org/ ) This man was deleted from his Ph.D. study because of his truth about “population control” scams. )


          The Population Control Agenda
          Stanley K. Monteith, M.D.
          “One of the most difficult concepts for Americans to accept is that there are human beings dedicated to coercive population control and genocide. …”

          “In “The First Global Revolution,” published by The Council of the Club of Rome, an international elitist organization, the authors note that: “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine, and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention …The real enemy, then, is humanity itself.”
          (The First Global Revolution: Club of Rome, Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider, 1991: Pantheon Books, New York, p 115 )

          Lastly, there is the primacy of God’s Law over
          Natural Law.
          Naturalism is the heresy of the primacy of Natural Law over, i.e., making an idolatrous religion of nature.

          I do not expect those who do not believe in the One True God to understand this and realize they can only consider the utilitarian solution — reality and whatever works.

          If each human life, created in the image and likeness of God is not of infinite value, then one cannot possibly understand about
          intrinsically sterile forms of genital activity or
          intrinsically contrary to the natural moral law all practices which intend to deprive the conjugal act of its procreative power,

          If this pagan way of looking at human life and rejecting Logos is carried to its logical conclusion, why not get into eugenics, soft kill and hard kill, full speed ahead. Why not eliminate natural human sexual activity altogether and leave lab creation of human life to the “scientists”?

          Knowing and following God’s Supreme Eternal Law is what works. Always has been, Always is, and Always will be.

          Contraception is wrong because it’s a deliberate violation of the design God built into the human race, often referred to as “natural law.” The natural law purpose of sex is procreation. The pleasure that sexual intercourse provides is an additional blessing from God, intended to offer the possibility of new life while strengthening the bond of intimacy, respect, and love between husband and wife. The loving environment this bond creates is the perfect setting for nurturing children.

          But sexual pleasure within marriage becomes unnatural, and even harmful to the spouses, when it is used in a way that deliberately excludes the basic purpose of sex, which is procreation. God’s gift of the sex act, along with its pleasure and intimacy, must not be abused by deliberately frustrating its natural end—procreation.


          But for Christians wanting to understand this in quality detail, I suggest this article.


          There is supposedly Natural Family Planning – non-artificial – form of birth control methods these days. The Church does allow this – in a guarded manner – because it involves abstinence by both partners, and it has even proven to be more effective than unnatural chemical, The Pill, which has serious medical side effects and is in fact in some and many cases an abortifacient.

        4. You are all over the board and difficult to respond to.

          What Dublinmick says can be proven. There are copper tablets from the era in question written during that time. They directly refute what Constantine cooked up. Everything is not a big mystery it just called for a bit of common sense.

          We all know about population control and that has nothing to do with what we are discussing other than the fact the catholic church itself is responsible for killing over 50 million people worldwide. This conversation won’t go very far if you don’t realize it is the vatican, the richest corporation on planet earth that controls very much of what we are seeing around us today. They control the City of London and the City of London with their 13 banking families are behind the American counterfeit money printing set up.

          God’s law over natural law? Natural law is God’s law. You are so separated from yourself you don’t know up from down. That is the point of the shell game you are trapped in. You place your confidence in a belief system, and that is all it is a belief system over natural law.

          Your “beliefs” are certainly much different than those of Thomas Jefferson.

          “The question before the human race is, whether the God of nature shall govern the world by his own laws, or whether priests and kings shall rule it by fictitious miracles? ~John Adams, letter to Thomas Jefferson, 20 June 1815”

          As you say knowing God’s supreme eternal law is what works. The problem is you have no idea about any of what you are saying. You don’t seem to know how it works.

          You mention the Club of Rome, but don’t seem to understand why “ROME” is included in it.

          Stalin genocided 40 million people because it was his job, he was an ordained jesuit priest from Georgia. He played chess with Hitler outside the Tavistock institute in London. They were both of the eternal victims who control you catholic monstrosity. Their job was destroy Russia and Germany for Rothschild. They did a bang up job. Stalin admitted this to Ludwig Cohen.

          Your scattered understanding of Rome, nature and just who is behind much of this is very sad. I left you some links that fairly well clear up most of this. Obviously you can’t understand them, didn’t bother to read them are they don’t fit your obfuscation model.

          In the Essene Gospel Jesus is seen clearly stating one must do the laws of nature to live a wholesome life. You on the other hand disavow this and say we should listen to the dead words of dead men handed down in death books from Rome. It is a control system and is severely outdated.

          The Christos is nothing new, it has always been here and will always be here. It is in everything and everywhere. It is the light you see when you split the atom, it holds molecules together. It is even in rocks. It keeps the heart beating. The Christos came long ago and it is never leaving. It is the life force. Jesus Barabbas wasn’t the Christos, he was the messenger. He was certainly enlivened by it as few men are in fact the avatar but that is not the Christos. There is a little common sense for you.

          Jesus is not the first either it was Krishna, 11,000 years ago. Constantine decided to lift this and call Jesus Barabbas Christ. He studied in India before he wrote the bible.

        5. In reply to…

          https://dublinsmick.wordpress.com says:
          April 4, 2016 at 4:38 PM

          “I think you are going to need a little more research before we proceed much further.”

          I think We are not going to proceed further. I go to a different library.

          Abstain from every form of evil, and even from the appearance of evil
          I Thessalonians 5:22

          Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honorable, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.
          Philippians 4:8

        6. Probably correct I am of a different library than you, the Library of Alexandria which was burn down by Rome. It was done to bury some of the ancient Vedic truths I have been trying to relay to you. Done to make bible thumping much easier.

          I have no who Thessalonian was, his academic or Ecclesiastic credentials. I have my suspicions I would not be impressed however. I never met him, he is thousands of years old apparently and has no resume except maybe this:

          The popular history of churchianity begins from 325 years after Christ, the 20th year of the reign of Constantine the Great, when the famous Council was convened at the City of Nocea. Those who have read the life of this august Roman Emperor will remember how remarkable was the character of this so called pious supporter of the church dogmas. He put to death his own son and his wife Fausta on groundless suspicion, cut off his brother-in-law Licinius and the unoffending son of Licinius and massacred everyone of his rivals. Nevertheless the Greek Church has canonized him, and adores the memory of St. Constantine.

          A bishop was kicked to death by another bishop in course of their arguments, and 137 corpses were left in a church to attest the convincing reasons by which the most ruffian side proved its orthodoxy.

          Such were the assemblies of saints who formed the pillars of the structure of Churchianity. We can easily imagine the nature of the guiding spirit of those councils, which established the creed of the church. From the beginning of the history of churches, down to the present day, freedom of thought and freedom of speech, that are the most essential characteristics of true religion, have been suppressed; and fanaticism, bigotry, curses, anathema, religious persecution, tortures of inquisition and diabolical crimes have been committed in the name of religion. Hatred, cruelty and fighting have reigned in the place of love, mercy, kindness, peace and goodwill.”

  31. This from the Daily Mail: “CIA accidentally leaves explosives material in Virginia schoolbus engine for a week after K-9 training exercises at local school.”


    Hmmm. “Training exercises” at schools with explosives. For some reason, I was under the impression that all of these drills and incidents at schools involved DHS and FEMA?

    We never hear what the CIA is doing so I have to wonder who leaked this to the press and why. Turf war maybe?

    1. “with everything that comes out of the literary department at Langley, it is full of inconsistencies, impossibilities, and transparent absurdities.”
      That somewhat summarizes Miles Mathis own writings. But that said, I do agree about him being clever. And the thick layers of science BS are probably intentional errors. A protective garb for someone who addresses himself to those willing to sift out the sparse golden nuggets.
      I agree about the Nash movie having the purpose Mathis suggests. To undermine seemingly logical investigators of elite conspiracies.

      1. I won’t comment on the math, as college algebra was my peter principle. I don’t even like math. As for his other writings I have found them well researched and have yet to run across anyone who can discredit them with actual facts and their own research. All I have ever seen is is a simple drive by with no explanation once in awhile.

        1. In the nash doc you quoted he links his doc about faked nuclear tests and concludes all tests are faked including Hiroshima.
          He also mixes it with the moon landing hoax so that may be a motive. Since the nukes are real, by implication (him being wrong despite having impressed some of you), he helps Nasa in this manner.
          (While many arguments miss the point, the speed of the Saturn V for Apollo 11 was measured using unedited film proving it went much slower than according to its official data and that proves it couldnt have brought the needed payload. A flaming gun that one.)
          He also links his paper on Eugene Debs. At the end of the document he shows two photos and writes: [my remarks in sqare brackets]
          “The second photo looks real, but the first photo is simply based on the second. It is fake. Look at the identical hand positions,[they are not identical and Miles knows it] which was my first clue. I can’t tell you why they faked it. I suppose they needed a photo from 1908, so they grabbed a photo from 1912 and manipulated it to make him look a few years younger. In support of that, we find indeed there is a gap in Debs bio at that time. Between 1905 and 1911 his bio is blank. Perhaps he was out of the country on another assignment. Maybe he was involved in the Tunguska event.[and that too was faked, right?]”
          Take a look at those photos. It is deliberate BS.
          Same with most of the Hitler photos.
          If he wasnt clever, attracting an audience, and I didnt think he made deliberate mistakes, I wouldnt bother so much. But as things are his effect is to undermine the credibility of the struggling and seriousminded altmedia crowd. UNLESS WE POINT IT OUT and thus show discernment. For Miles everything is faked. The msm propagandists say scornfully about the alt media; “nothing is true and everything is possible”.

        2. There is much about the alternative media that is true. I link some of them myself, however much of it is just a limited window designed to block anyone trying to reach further. Mathis is most cases tries to take one through the window.

          He doesn’t say “everything” is faked that is your enlargement.

          Tests run on supposed victims of Hiroshima show no genetic damage. That is quite telling.

          The mainstream “alternative” media takes many forms. It is best as always to use discernment.

        3. I wrote “..everything is possible” not everything is fake. And that was quoted from the msm propagandists, predicting how they would see that confirmed when seeing the type of BS he needlessly includes in several docs I have seen. When you try to come across to the incredulous with something unexpected, it is unwise to mess it up like that unless you dont want to be taken seriously.
          At Hiroshima those who drank the water after the black rain had a very high deathrate. That rain took most of the downfall. And there was apparently some lying about how the bombs operated. They never achieved an efficient spherical implosion in 1945 only a linear guntype. A much lighter version would have had the same effect otherwise. And the Japanese pilots were not given order to attack the b29 before any of the two bombs despite intelligence knowing the b29 was on the way. Apparently there was an understanding between the Us and Japan to let it go ahead. They feared Russia more I suppose and wanted this demonstration of might. I thought maybe there was a freemasonic branch in Japan behind it but I wasnt able to confirm that they had any in Japan. But some secret liason must have existed.
          I wonder what the Japanese think about the nonukes variant of the ‘nothing is true’-theme.

        4. This thing we call truth, can only exist for the individual. Truth is in the eye of the beholder as they say. All we can do is look for what constitutes a preponderance of the evidence. So we see with a jury they call it guilty or innocent beyond a “reasonable doubt.”

          In most cases Mathis has done very well with this as in the Lincoln assassination post.

          Lincoln knew he was dying of Marfan’s disease before the election. After the supposed assassination, Johnson was installed, a guy they did not think could be elected on his own.

          The hit took place in a “theatre”. The Booths were actors and eternal victims at that. There were 200 soldiers “outside” the theatre who took forever to come inside, after Booth made his speech, after he jumped 18 feet from a balcony.

          The Ford theatre was later sold for $100,000-no investigation. It certainly wasn’t Larry Silverstein type money however.

          Mrs. Lincoln didn’t bother to go to the funeral, which by the way took place in the back end of an army fort where nobody was allowed to go.

          Of course we know today hollywood actors would never be used in crisis situations! 🙂 Oh wait maybe they are, as Sharon Tate was an actor, Polanski was a movie director who specialized in slasher movies. The Spahn ranch was a former movie set and Angela Lansbury a noted British actor had given her under aged daughter a note allowing her to be in the Manson clan. That along with some of the other girls who were noted as very good fledgling drama students in high school.

          All we can look for once again is a preponderance of evidence. For some no explanation is needed, for others no explanation is possible.

        5. Freemasons? After WW2 perhaps but not back then or is there something in the videos you linked – I won’t do random listening it takes up the monthly GBs. My kids use up a lot.
          Incidentally I remember General Graves insisted on bombing Kyoto but was twarted. That might be the secret deal. You stand down and let us take out Hiroshima and Nagasaki and we skip nuking Kyoto, the industrial centre.
          One Japaneze intel officer at the time claims the pilotes were just waiting for order to go ahead but nothing happened.

        6. @ Peter it is a long long story concerning Japan.

          The khazars began funneling down the silk road when Alexander the great tried to surround them. In the book the generalship of Alexander it is mentioned the Greeks decided to put an end to them due to human sacrifice. They were then confronted by Genghis Khan who apparently did not appreciate chutzpah.

          They moved into Japan and there began the ninja wars. The khazars became shinto. It has a temple of solomon, sacrifice pole and ark of the convenent, the whole show. Samarai comes from the word Samaria.

          Mainline Buddhists were restricted to the nunchaku as the defense against the shinto. The mainline buddhist lost the ninja wars. The royal family of japan has always displayed the seal of Bethlehem on their gates and the star of David on their monuments. The royal family is basically eastern jews and they are in control.

          Why do you think kamakazi pilots shouted tora tora tora? (jewish torah)

          So yes they were allied with Rothschild controlled nazi party in Germany you may remember the history is very skewed. German jews migrated to Japan to join the betar legion which resulted in 20 million chinese being murdered also. The doctrine of burn all, loot all, kill all. The alleged anti-semitic frenzy stirred up in Germany was really to get them in camps and get them ready to live on kibbutzes in Israel in order to steal the land. Hitler was a Rothschild and he did not die in the bunker either. There are several books on it now and the FBI is even now admitting he escaped and probably fled to Argentina with his daughter Angela Merkel, Heidi and the other daughter, to Bariloche.

          So I say there wasn’t much of a reason to bomb Japan, they were ready to surrender anyway. I think it might have been a deal struck as in fire bomb the two Christian areas and we will all stick together and call it a nuke attack.

          When the Israelites came to ancient Japan


        7. You’re weird man , Tora means tiger, symbolizing surprise attack.
          You probably know that so you’re another one who doesn’t want to be believed. And the Hitler being a Rothschild theory has been convincingly refuted.

  32. Now here is a dilemma,
    we know there are secret societies that are actively carrying out their agenda of population control, e.g., Bill Gates,
    yet after doing some research on game animals, culling of herds to balance availability of food and resources, game management, it becomes obvious that humans have the same requirement,
    it is our species that has no predator to control our exponential growth, and it is our species that is destroying the world, (Fukashima), causing the premature extinction of other species, strange that humans do not practice culling our own herd.
    While the conspiracy among secret societies to kill off %90 of the population for the rest of the %10 to serve as their slaves should be met with their extermination, I can’t ignore the fact that it is our own species that is destroying the planet, causing the premature extinction of thousands of species,
    where did we ever get the idea we as a species could procreate exponentially and refuse to cull our own herd?
    Perhaps we should start with the %1

    1. “culling of herds to balance availability of food and resources, game management, it becomes obvious that humans have the same requirement,
      it is our species that has no predator to control our exponential growth”

      “It becomes obvious” that The Predator from Hell has been doing a splendid job of “culling the herd” of “our species.”

      Lies, Killing, mass murder, annihilation, genocide and

      D E A T H – bring it on!

      1. Well we could cull our populations by addressing birth control (sorry, I don’t see this as satanist, just the way the world is), more importantly family planning, better technology for birth control (methods that don’t create disease in the users for instance),
        just intelligent humans dealing with a problem intelligently-
        that’s a far cry from war, greed, slavery, madness, etc.

  33. Filmed in California on December 20th, 2016. It cannot be denied. The cosmic convergence group tells me they know the camera man also. Note there is a lens flare to the left. The big planet is not flaring simply sitting there and you can see the outline of trees and leaves in front of it. The trolls always shout lens flare. That is very hard to do in this one.



    1. If there really is an astronomical event on our way it would make the ultimate False Flag event, it could be used to take complete control, think about how it could be exploited

  34. For the MHB Music Department…


    Pavarotti & Clapton Holy Mother For War Child 1996

    ja jane
    ja jane2 months ago
    In this benefit concert for Bosnia in 1996, Eric Clapton performed a song he wrote for the Blessed Mother along with the renowned Italian opera singer Luciano Pavarotti and a terrific Gospel choir. The words of the song are a real prayer for Clapton. In his memoir, Clapton: The Autobiography, the musician writes about a rock-bottom moment he had in rehab in 1987:
    “I was in complete despair,” wrote Clapton. “In the privacy of my room, I begged for help. I had no notion who I thought I was talking to, I just knew that I had come to the end of my tether . . . and, getting down on my knees, I surrendered. Within a few days I realized that . . . I had found a place to turn to, a place I’d always known was there but never really wanted, or needed, to believe in. From that day until this, I have never failed to pray in the morning, on my knees, asking for help, and at night, to express gratitude for my life and, most of all, for my sobriety.”

    Here is the back story on this song by Eric Clapton


    Eric Clapton’s Song to Virgin Mary was Stolen for Princess Bride film
    by Dr Taylor Marshall

  35. The Scopes Monkey Trial was Staged

    We are told the hoax was started when the ACLU offered to defend anyone accused of violating the Butler Act against teaching evolution. Already, everything is upside down, since the ACLU is supposed to step in to defend a person after he has been arrested. The ACLU is not supposed to be inciting unlawfulness, is it? That would be unlawful in and of itself, wouldn’t it? The next problem is
    that no one needed to be defended. Apparently no teachers in Tennessee felt restricted by the law. Not to be deterred, Intelligence just inserted their own man. Twenty-four-year-old John Scopes was just out of college. The mainstream reports admit he was hired by the town elders specifically for his role in this project, but I will show evidence it went higher than that.


  36. Mick is there a reason why one cannot reply to your posts?
    That’s fascinating info on Japan, tell me what do you know of the allegiance of the different Ninjutsu clans? First time hearing this, longtime practitioner

    1. Your comment posted. First time posters there are held up for review. After one approval the posts automatically post after that.

      You have no idea the spam I get, foghornleghorn, salvatore, whitesnakehunter etc, all pumping the vatican and usually refer to me as dubby boy the spook. I think they are a software program.

  37. When I was reading Eustace Mullins and Ezra Pound
    I remember Pound telling Eustace that he had gotten a real education, and that what was being taught in schools changed, and they stopped teaching many important historical events,
    I can’t remember exactly when he was saying this change occurred but my best guess was about 1910, and of course this trend has rapidly expanded, I am hearing horror stories about Common Cause,
    I have been keeping my eye out for old history books to verify this claim

  38. Dub,
    They’re Opening an “Portal” for you…haha

    Will A Gateway Be Opened When The Arch From The Temple Of Baal Is Reconstructed In Times Square?

    “n April, part of the Temple of Baal that stood in Palmyra, Syria will be reconstructed in Times Square in New York City and in Trafalgar Square in London. The specific portion that is being erected in both cases is the 48-foot-tall arch that stood at the entrance to the temple.”


      1. So are saying this should be looked at, Considered, and maybe a “sign of the Times”?

        This is pretty Crazy. I told my wife, I don’t think 30 years ago anyone in America would want to Erect what the “Powers that be” consider the Arches to the Temple of Baal?

        The Smithsonian Institute has spent Billions to date to collect up any Artifact that doesn’t fit in to their agenda. All the “Foundations” Contribute.

        I’m sounding like a Conspiracy Theorist…hehe

        1. Pretty quick turn around huh considering I just ran into this about 30 minutes ago? I was just perusing some visits to the old blog and saw this from the Netherlands. Absolutely hysterical. Mason Wells head shrinks in the youtube.

          Big Obese Blonde Was At Brussels-Sandy Hook And The Oregon Umquah College Shoot Out- Mason Wells overleeft 3 terreuraanslagen en spreekt voor het eerst


      2. Hey Mick,
        Did you ever get my question, re: child ritual sacrifice-it seems too evil for humans to do this without some foreign influence, I asked you if you felt there was an alien component to this, or do you think that all men have this evil capacity in them?

  39. We should keep our eyes open April 19th.
    Maybe O’Bung will walk through the Gates……

    As a supposed act of defiance, The Institute of Digital Archaeology, Harvard University, and UNESCO are erecting 43 foot tall 23 foot wide Arches of the Temple of Baal in New York’s Times Square and London’s Trafalgar Square.

    The date to unveil the arches falls directly on the celebration of the all important pagan holiday Beltane, and anniversary of the massacre of The Branch Davidians at WACO and The Oklahoma City Bombing, April 19.


    1. But the truth is that many of the elements of ancient Baal worship are being mirrored in our society in 2016.

      So considering the child sacrifice (abortion) and sexual immorality(LGBT) that we are engaged in today, perhaps it is only natural for us to have a Temple of Baal in Times Square.

      But all the old statues of Confederate Soldiers MUST be removed!!!

      I just think the liberal mind is a terrible to waste, don’t you?

  40. Focused on Neoconservatism the past week.

    Here is a great interview of Paul Craig Roberts.


    Paul Craig Roberts-Neoconservatives Driving World to War
    Greg Hunter
    Greg Hunter

    Starting at about 13:14 onward it gets very interesting.

    Even if Trump, whom PCR acknowledges is looking to be the best candidate, were to win, it would not solve anything really.

    PCR said the oligarchs, the neoconservatives, ARE our government. We really no longer have a government.
    Hillary is equal to eminent nuclear war.

    PCR said the only glimmer of hope for saving USA is if Europe just stops being USA vassals. If they drop out of our neoconservative ruled game, there will be a run on the dollar and US economy will crash – and that is seen to be the possible salvation, the good thing that could happen to avert complete achievement of neoconservatives’ goals for “American world hegemony” as PCR puts it.

    There are problems with some PCR’s analysis but generally he brings clarity and brings us closer to truth. In my opinion, the oligarchs / neoconservatives don’t care a whit about American / America. The neoconservatives have a nehilistic, self destruct, pathological deep seated “wish” and they do not really care about any country’s national sovereignty, not even Israel’s.

    Another video I watched on neoconservatism was


    All of these false flag events are run from this same oligarch / neoconservative cabal and all work to destroy America and Americans as well as innocent people of many different countries.

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