Trailed by Unknown Parties, Receives Menacing Emails, Suspicious Package

Submitted by Doretta Wildes

The following concerns malicious emails and mail fraud that I have been the recipient of. I am posting it for two reasons:

1. In the hope that if anyone knows the identity (or can help determine it) of the anonymous perpetrator, “New Town,” that they will be in touch with me so that the local police can add your information to my case file.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 12.36.19 PM
“The Ducks of Sandy Hook Elementary”

2. If anything malicious, life-threatening or deadly should happen to me, a family member or loved one, this post bears testimony that may be related to such an event, and I strongly urge investigators to pursue it.

Shortly after I posted my last blog about Sandy Hook on this website on Saturday, January 23, I received a taunting but (I thought) helpful comment from a person calling him/herself “New Town.” This person uses an email address of Thankful for the person’s timely alert to a mistake I had made in the post, I quickly took it down and apologized, doing so through my personal email (a big mistake).“New Town” responded with comments that became increasingly hostile and threatening.

At one point, I invited “New Town” to have lunch with me and discuss the Sandy Hook matter – since s/he said that s/he is from Sandy Hook and knows for a fact that people died as reported by the mainstream media. Indeed, “New Town” wrote that s/he knows the aggrieved parents personally, including David Wheeler, and was very angry at the “hoaxers” for adding to this man’s grief by saying that no one died at Sandy Hook.But my lunch invitation only escalated “New Town’s” anger. Toward the end of that exchange, “New Town” was letting me know that s/he knows exactly where I live. This unsettled me.

The following comment of “New Town’s” unsettled me even more:

“I have a friend who can’t wait until a real hoaxer confronts him. He’s close friends with one of the families. He’s looking forward to the opportunity to punch someone’s lights out. Frankly, many of us struggle with our emotions here, because the bad guy is dead. So it won’t be long before some stupid hoaxer gets a broken jaw. I WISH we were in on a huge conspiracy with the government. Then we could simply send drones and special ops and take all of you out. But all we can do is be angry, and sad moms and dads. [paragraph break here] This has been a complete waste of time, but it’s been cathartic. Enjoy your delusion. Avoid seeing a psychiatrist. Mumble on your park bench blog. I’m sorry I even noticed you existed.”

On Wednesday, January 27th I received a small package through the regular U.S. mail, but without a postmark. It was addressed to me. The Florida return address was that of Wolfgang Halbig, the Sandy Hook researcher I had been in touch with on a few occasions. For this reason, I assumed that the package was indeed from Mr. Halbig. I was wrong.

It contained two images on photographic paper; one was a photo of my home; the other was an aerial map image from Google or another online resource with my address. Both of the images were printed on heavy photographic paper with a matte finish on the underside. There were no marks on the back of either of them.

The package also contained a rubber duck, identical to those that Wolfgang Halbig, Dan Bidondi (formerly of Infowars) and Jonathan Reich have received through the mail or, in one case, left on a car and in the car’s fuel tank.

I have provided a photograph of the duck I received here. Note that I placed it in a plastic bag for reasons that will become apparent below :


(I have not included images of the package, the map or the photo of my residence, since these all contain personal addresses or identification that I do not wish to make public for obvious reasons.)

I immediately called Mr. Halbig who confirmed, as I suspected, that the package was not from him. He cautioned me against touching the rubber duck, due the possibility of its being coated with toxins, and asked me to take photographs of the package contents and the packaging itself, which I did. I then called my local police, who arrived shortly thereafter. I gave them all of the materials in the package and the package itself. I also gave them copies of “New Town’s” emails to me, my emails to him/her, and his/her original comments to my blog. The police started a case file based on this evidence. They were and remain suspicious that “New Town” is the sender of the package (or is in some way affiliated with the sender) containing the duck and photographic materials.

So far, it’s been determined that the IP address is from Monroe, Connecticut. See below: map_type=1&zoom_level=7

Monroe, CT

Fearing further malice and possible violence against myself or loved ones, I mothballed this blog for the most part and devoted my free time to a novel and other related projects. I heard nothing more from “New Town” and received no more packages.

However, on Tuesday, Feb. 2, I was followed home from a doctor’s appointment by two men, each standing near a truck, then jumping in once they saw me and tailing me. Within 5 minutes of my entering my home, a person was knocking on my door. I could see it was a woman. She said she was “from the phone company,” but I couldn’t see a Frontier truck in my parking lot. Nor had I requested service. I told the woman I was busy. This may or may not be related to the foregoing, but the police found it interesting.

On March 3, 2016, I received another email from newtown2amazon with the title “Not Cinderella – A Witch.” Here is a screenshot of that email with my email address erased:


I did not respond to this email, nor do I intend to.

On March 4, 2016, I received another email from “New Town,” titled “12/14″ Meeting.” The screen shot follows:


I’m not sure which “pile of crap” is being referred to by “New Town,” but, needless to say, reference to my whereabouts is taken as a threat, as are the goading comments that “New Town” concludes his email with. I did not respond to this email, nor do I intend to.

On Friday, March 4, at my request, two local policemen came to my home and I provided them with these latest emails to add to my case file. The policemen, who said that the threats are real and are against the law, are looking into the matter further along with other related information I have disclosed to them. They have assured me that they will be happy to return should I need further assistance or if other suspicious activity resumes.

In the meantime, I have taken all legal measures available to protect myself in case these written attacks should become physical ones.

If you know who this troll is, or if you possess computer skills that would assist me in determining his/her identity for law enforcement purposes, please be in touch. If you are this troll, be aware that you have been blocked from this blog and from my email account.


[The following is excerpted from a October 2015 Fellowship of the Minds post concerning the probable parties behind the threatening communications Mr. Wildes recently received.-Ed.]

“Sandy Hook ducks” are the inception of a self-described Sandy Hook “school-based police officer” who founded a Facebook page called The Ducks of Sandy Hook Elementary. [See here for glowing coverage of “The Ducks of Sandy Hook” in the Hartford Courant.-Ed.] The page was created sometime in January 2013, just weeks after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre on Dec. 12, 2012.

The page’s self-description says:

“A collection of rubber ducks to bring smiles to the faces of the kids and adults that need as much to smile about as we can give.

I am assigned to the Sandy Hook School as the school based police officer. A donor had sent approximately 500 small rubber ducks, which the kids loved immensely. My counterpart and I spread them out everyday in the lobby of the school kids, and yes adults, take them to keep. The joy the ducks bring to everyone can not be put into words. We plan to keep buying ducks and placing them out everyday as long as the school is in use. Anyone that would like to help us with the purchasing of the ducks, your help is greatly appreciated. If you would like to send a monetary donation or order ducks contact me and I will provide an address. Everyone in the school enjoys the ducks and we never want to have to tell anyone we don’t have any to give them, child or adult.”

The Ducks of Sandy Hook Elementary asks for donations of ducks or money to be sent to 261 S. Main St. #312, Newtown CT. 06470.

Here’s the address on Google Map (click map to enlarge):


A search on Google for “261 S. Main St., Newtown, CT 06470” shows one result: the UPS Store, which has a mailbox service.

In other words, The Ducks of Sandy Hook Elementary‘s address is a rented mailbox at the UPS Store on 261 S. Main St.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.39.18 PM

Curiously, 261 S. Main St. is also the new address of HONR Network, a “business” of Lenny Pozner, father of alleged Sandy Hook child victim Noah — that Noah Pozner who died twice, the first time at Sandy Hook Elementary School; the second time two years later in a school shooting in Peshawar, Pakistan. Lenny has been using HONR Network to harass bloggers and YouTubers, claiming that their publishing images of Noah violates copy right, although the source of those images is the Noah Pozner memorial Facebook page Lenny himself had set up. The page can be viewed by anyone, which means those images of Noah are in the public domain.

“Duck of Sandy Hook” and Connecticut Gov. Dannell Malloy. Image Credit: The Ducks of Sandy Hook Elementary and Hartford Courant

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  1. you know….. if you take the crisis actors, and their supposed kids that got shot…we know they are fake, they supposedly carted the kids off to the mortician, out of town….hey wait,,isn’t there one in town??..anyway, the parents were not allowed to see the kids, even to id them, they was shown pictures…and the caskets were a parent, I would be suspicious….I want to see my end this once and for all, their needs to be a federal judge order to exhume the bodies, (of the actors) kids, and see if there is a body there or an empty coffin. Just a thought.

  2. I do feel bad for Lenny Posner. There’s just no telling when…..or in what part of the world…..his son might die a third time.

  3. Doretta, I only know you as “Cinderella”, and I have really enjoyed your informative and insightful blogs. These people are dangerous; thank God you contacted the police. Please make sure you are equipped at all times with a weapon of self protection. I am praying for you, that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Take care and be safe.

  4. My first guess is that this is an FBI or other government agency undercover policing operation. As you know, revealing the truth about government ops is sufficient to make oneself a target… hopefully though, they are only attempting to scare you into silence and nothing more (bad enough though). Wolfgang Halbig’s family was also apparently threatened and last I heard, effectively. I’ll post this blog entry to my FB page but so far, the American people seem little interested in the trials and tribulations of activists or the means used by secret policing agencies to rein in their activities. On the other hand, if it is a lone nut then there is hope he will caught; sounds like you have some good leads. Wow! So so sorry to hear about this! But the best protection is often notoriety. Let’s hope many others will help spread the word.

  5. Reblogged this on The PPJ Gazette and commented:

    “””””It contained two images on photographic paper; one was a photo of my home; the other was an aerial map image from Google or another online resource with my address. Both of the images were printed on heavy photographic paper with a matte finish on the underside. There were no marks on the back of either of them.”

    1. There are, however, marks that the printer leaves behind that can be forensically identified to the device itself. If it is a public printer, you can obtain a warrant to have the store tapes subpoenaed; if it’s a private device, you can nail down things that way.

      This person was extremely stupid.

  6. Start using counter surveillance. Even your cell phone can be used for video/pictures and audio recordings. Keep an accurate journal with times and dates of events. keep a list of license plates. This can be done using a phone’s memo pad or just texting them to your own number. Criminal harassment networks have been known to conduct indefinite stalking/surveillance/harassment against targets. Needless to say, their is a lot of taxpayer $$$$ behind this.

  7. Reblogged this on Dolphin and commented:

    Lenny P. Ozner…? I certainly hope the police are taking this seriously. It is unsettling that some of the people involved in this cover-up ARE the police…can you say Nazi Germany? I knew that you could.

        1. Nutshell: P’Orridge (or “P-Orridge”) is a ghastly s/he Occultist from the art/music world, best known for founding the industrial-experimental rock band Throbbing Gristle. When P’Orridge was still male, he married his sweetheart, Lady Jane. Together, they decided to actually become one: a “pandrogyne”. They each embarked on numerous transformative plastic surgery procedures with the goal of becoming “twins”. Alas, Lady Jane perished before this goal was reached, but P’Orridge has continued the quest, and the result is, to put it mildly, freakish.

          P’Orridge rubs elbows (or has) with such illuminaries as Johnny Depp, Timothy Leary, Kenneth Anger, William Burroughs, Robert Anton Wilson, and David Bowie, and is a follower of Crowlean sex magick.

          S/he is considered the inventor of the “cut-up” or “mash-up”, an early form of musical “sampling” (like musical collage).

          If I had to guess, this whole crew’s Intel. L.P.O.= Lenny P. Osner, or Lady P-Orridge. It’s just where my mind goes…but it brings in the whole Satanism angle, too.

        2. Recynd, what’s your take on Johnny Depp and his starring role in getting his buddy, Damien Echols, and the other two West Memphis Three killers out of prison? I know this is off-topic, but I just had to ask.

        3. I think it is mighty suspicious, especially in light of Depp’s affiliation with the likes of P’Orridge. I think they’re into some heavy duty black occult magick. I mean, there are artists, and then there are ARTISTS (of the Kenneth Anger ilk, I mean).

          There has to be a deep connection between the occult and CIA/Intel. Miles Mathis thinks it’s all just Intel, but I think there’s a much darker agenda, including such perversions as the Franklin cover-up and the Belgian sex rings.

        4. Another quick thing regarding the Paradise Lost/WM3 case: I think we’ve been had.

          I totally bought into the filmmakers’ narrative that the three boys were railroaded by a narrow-minded prosecutor. I don’t believe that anymore.

        5. Wow. I had no idea. I keep reading of satanists causing the destruction going on…and my own personal view is that those feeding the Dark Side are at the heart of destruction of the Earth, the country, the economy, and endless wars. I mean, not to get all preachy, but it makes sense if you believe God created the Earth….who else would want to destroy something God created…? Who would kill people just for the pleasure of it? The economy thing comes in when one goes against their good heart and does things for money that go against the Light.

          (Yes, I know of Darwin–studied Biological Anthropology in college, but they refuse to acknowledge there is a Higher Being because they can’t prove it. But things have happened that they cannot explain. Therefore, they conveniently ignore what they cannot explain)

          Just my take. Your mileage may vary.

        6. Watched an interview with Eustace Mullins and another guest who talked about the promotion of homosexuality by the oligarchs in our society, in which they made a clear distinction between recreational sex (which he was unconcerned about) and homosexuality as a psychological tool to break down the moral fiber and structure of society, along with other psycho/social/neurological conditioning methods

        7. Recynd, regarding Depp, Echols, WM3, Paradise Lost, etal., I remember when those three little boys were killed in 1993, but I couldn’t follow the case and I really had no idea what the outcome of the trials were. My kids were very young when that happened, and I was extremely sensitive to anything that involved the death of children, especially the most brutal, cold-blooded murder of three little friends out riding their bikes one evening. I remember watching a documentary about the convicted killers being falsely accused and found guilty by “Satanic Panic” that had engulfed the small town of West Memphis. They talked a lot about how the Hollywood movie and music crowd, especially Johnny Depp, had donated the money to have the case re-investigated by new attornies. I am assuming it was Paradise Lost, but it could have been some other program. I thought, wow…that is really nice that these stars would help get three men who were wrongly convicted out of prison…and that was that. Then a year or two later, I heard an interview with William Ramsey about a book entitled Abomination, that he had written about the case. By the time I finished listening to his interview, I knew he was telling the truth, those men were not innocent, and Johnny Depp and Company had used their money and fame to let three child murderers out of prison. And I felt totally sick to my stomach about it! I wanted to read Mr. Ramsey’s book, but I am still too sensitive…I just can’t do it. I have listened to quite a few programs about this case on the Opperman Report, and there is simply no doubt that Damien Echols has been a card-carrying satanist for many years. They have read the psychiatric reports about him from years before the WM3 murders, and he was drinking human blood, performing satanic rituals, threatening to kill people, and killing animals for a long time before he killed those little boys. I am also convinced that the main players who helped get those three men out, know very well exactly what Damien is and that those three are NOT innocent.

        8. Exactly, Maryaha: that’s the same case, and you hit the nail squarely on the head. At the risk of sounding hysterical, these Satanists are EVERYWHERE. While watching a couple of interviews with P’Orridge, I was flabbergasted at the names s/he kept dropping. A-List actors, authors, poets, musicians, journalists…and they spanned multiple generations (it’s not just a group of peers around the same age). So much drug use and perversion, but all cloaked under “experimentation” and “artistry”.

          It’s really worth a peek at a few interviews with P’Orridge on YouTube…you’ll see what I mean.

  8. I know they watch and giggle like they have got the world by the tail … there is a yen to the yang and certain duckies may be finding the fortune has turned upon them for this tangled web they wove has loose threads they neglected to bind and left a pot upon the stove!

    1. I have been targeted for many years and experienced a lot. After reading your story, I have an additional piece of advice regarding safety. One of the most dangerous situations you might find yourself in is an attempt to run you off the road at highway speed. Given my own narrative, and other targets I’ve spoken to, this will usually be done by a much larger vehicle or commercial truck. My advice is to be cautious. If you feel that this situation is beginning to play out then call 911 on your cell and start with the plate number/partial plate, color , and make and model of the vehicle. Then give your location, direction and any additional details such as bumper stickers, etc. You can also use a dash cam in which case you might either preempt an attack or get charges that stick.

    1. The term “dead ducks” comes immediately to mind, suna57. A moving line of wooden ducks is a customary target shooting attraction in carnival booths. Yet, at the same time, rubber ducks appear to be innocent children’s toys. So if someone wants to send the message that you are a target or that you are being hunted, a rubber duck conveys this from within the handy pretext of innocence. “It was just a rubber ducky,” the perp might say. “How can that be interpreted as menacing?” Well, it can be within the context of mail fraud, in which the receiver is given proof that the anonymous actual sender knows where s/he lives. And the purported sender is not the sender at all. Two people (two ducks) have thus been targeted with one stone. That is the case here.

      1. Velvetshoes,
        Agree with your take that the ducks are a dual symbol. If you ask too many questions and start to present details/facts that bring into question the official narrative as Doretta (and many others) have done, the forces behind this coverup will send you the duck to let you know how easily they can “get” to you, the sitting duck, all the while hiding behind the pretext of a child’s innocent “toy.”
        And… like any fairy tale, the public faces of the event just can’t stop saying, “We choose love.”

    2. The color green is the symbol. Notice anytime Hilary went to a hearing she wore green( Benghazi) . S/H families all wore green. Just pay attention to the color. Go back and look at some of the most important issues discussed and that person is wearing green.

      1. Yes, Anne…. green is their coded color.
        Check out the Sandy Hook Promise website
        Scroll to the bottom of the page, take a gander at the items they have for sale in their “STORE.” Gee…. every single item, from a $68 Bellini to a $15 kid’s T shirt is….. GREEN.
        Now… remove a dollar bill from your pocket and take a good look at it.

        1. Yeah, I know. I suspect there are other things the two images have in common, but I just can’t bear to look at that hideous Baphomet for more than a couple of minutes. I still feel like there is a secret group with secret rituals at work here.

      2. You obviously get together as a community, pick the right shades of green and hire a web designer and graphics person right after your kid has been shot. You pick out a slogan and do a marketing blitz, ‘We’re Sandy Hook. We choose love (in lime and forest green).” Right!

  9. Reblogged this on Fellowship of the Minds and commented:

    I ask the same question I had asked Sandy Hookers who attack, attempt to get YouTube and WordPress take down posts and entire blogs, and send hate and life-threatening emails to Sandy Hook researchers who are simply exercising our Constitutional First Amendment right to free speech and free press:

    If you have truth on your side, why would you behave as you have towards Doretta Wildes, Dr. James Tracy, Wolfgang Halbig, Tony Mead, Fellowship of the Minds, and countless other SH researchers? What are you so afraid of?

      1. Pozner is a very shady character. He goes by at least four different names, has multiple addresses, and several different businesses using mailbox drops as addresses. Who knows how many internet money begging accounts he operates. Sub-human people like that don’t like having their cons interrupted or questioned. The guy seems to be CIA, NSA or one of those rat class of creatures…

  10. Invest in a handgun and and have a Marine relative or old family veteran friend, teach you how to use it effectively.

    I was gang stalked for two years when I got out the military for asking the “wrong questions” And conforted my stalkers by posing a picture of myself with a weapon, their IP address and a google map screen shot of their location.

    Fear is cancer to the soul, death is an old friend and truth is a wart on your nose.

  11. Peacefrog: I was nearly killed a while back, by a vehicle at 4am, while on my way to work. It took me a couple of weeks to figure out it was no accident. Why I was targeted? Maybe the places I go on the net. Who knows? but it was real, it happened, and the cop was uninterested. In fact, he turned OFF his dashcam while he spoke to me on the interstate. No investigation, no police report, NO RECORD OF 911 CALL.
    Truthseekers, watch your six. I am forwarding this site to a private investigator, who also has a podcast.

    1. A couple of things come to mind Larry. One is that most states have laws that preserve records like 911 tapes for a period of time (usually years). They should be available if a Freedom of Information request is sent (under the state FOI law) to the custodian of FOI records. Second, police have protocols for everything, if this cop shut off his dashcam, then he might have broken some internal rule or administrative law. You should look into it with internal affairs, or if their is a civilian oversight board in your jurisdiction. Lastly, there are numerous factors that can play into why you got targeted:

  12. Just when you thought you could stop hearing about these phonies, this time in Boston –

    “Doctors later pulled a 1-inch piece of shrapnel from her leg. She was on her way to recovery after several surgeries and many physical therapy sessions.”

    As you all know there was no shrapnel in Boston. Notice she never got any on her face or arms. This part of the Boston drill story is an insult to all vets of real military operations, who suffered from painful shrapnel injuries.

      1. And in the Globe article, it is a single car accident, where two males, one a Canadian boxer, also die. Pretty tight quarters in a two-seater (as it was described).

        Tracking back, perhaps the real fatality was the Canadian boxer and his friend, and they added the girls on after in order to dispose of them before their supposed graduation date at Northeastern University. This way, they won’t have to show up for the cameras and pretend they are going through the ceremony with real students.

        1. Musings,
          I think you got it right. It’s all fake.

          Notice everyone has the same old picture with her Legs airbrushed out or obscured by some artifact of Bad photography?

          The Boston Herald reports that McGrath and Torres were in Dubai when the accident occurred. Fox Boston reports that the pair were on a private trip and not studying in the city. There has been no official confirmation their deaths from the U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi.
          The deaths of McGrath and Torres came a day after Canadian nationals James Portuondo and Cody Nixon died along with another unnamed man while riding in a Ferrari in Dubai, reports CBC.

          Dailynews article different:

          Victoria McGrath, a young woman who survived the deadly Boston Marathon bombings, died Sunday in a fiery Ferrari crash in Dubai that also killed her friend, a Canadian boxer and his cousin.
          The four victims, identified as 23-year-old McGrath, Priscilla Perez Torres, Toronto fighter Cody Nixon and James Portuondo, were killed in a 12:40 a.m. crash when the sunshine yellow Ferrari 458 Spider slammed into a pole — hours after Nixon boasted of his speedster rental in a haunting Instagram post.
          It’s unclear how McGrath and Torres knew Nixon and Portuondo prior to the crash. ???


          The deaths of McGrath and Torres came a day after Canadian nationals James Portuondo and Cody Nixon died along with another unnamed man while riding in a Ferrari in Dubai, reports CBC.

          CBC: Doesn’t acknowledge McGrath or Torress as passengers.
          Portuondo, along with boxer Cody Nixon, died when the Ferrari slammed into a lamppost at about midnight local time. A third person, who has not been identified, also died in the crash, which split the Ferrari in half.

          So they died a day apart in the same Car??? AND, there still is another Guy. So, thats 5 dead people Right?

          James Portuondo, 27, identified as 2nd Dubai Ferrari crash victim
          3 people died Saturday when Ferrari slammed into lamppost and was split in half
          The second of three people killed Saturday when the Ferrari they were riding in crashed in Dubai has been identified by his family as 27-year-old James Portuondo of Toronto.
          Cody Nixon, a former boxer, killed in Dubai Ferrari crash
          Portuondo, along with boxer Cody Nixon, died when the Ferrari slammed into a lamppost at about midnight local time. A third person, who has not been identified, also died in the crash, which split the Ferrari in half.

          “They” are keeping these stories alive, not Us!
          Just as 911 and all events such as JFK, the witnesses or victims keep disappearing.
          I often wonder whatever happened to that lady from San Bernardino fraud that insisted it was 3 big white guys with guys who came in and all the shooting began.
          She has either changed her tune or is “disappeared. No One from MSM or even Alt-Media ever interviewed Her either!! Just as Rick Thorne from SHES

        2. This article says that all four occupants of the car were killed, including “[t]hree men and a women (sic)”. I thought at least two were womens. (Sic, sorry.) Strange.

          It also says that the quad were merrily speeding along at 80kph. (So fast!). Except that’s just about 50mph. I do that in my Saturn all the time, and it’s not even a “super car”. I have yet to split the car down the middle with a pole (thank heavens

          Oh, this has “stinky” all over it.

  13. “Bruce Mendelsohn, who was attending a post-marathon party in a building overlooking the finish line, rushed outside to help and saw McGrath lying on the ground, bleeding heavily from her left leg. Mendelsohn said he tied a scarf or T-shirt he found nearby around her leg as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, a move McGrath’s doctor later told him saved her life. Mendelsohn flagged down a firefighter, who carried McGrath away from the scene in what became one of the most widely used photographs from the bombing.”

    Mendelsoshn is a former academic and current Executive Director of “Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces”.

    I’d love to know what she might have said on the phone or in “private” social media communications about the Boston Bombing event…and who was listening…

      1. Add to that she comes from Weston Connecticut, 18 minutes from Newtown. Could she have been recruited at a young age at the CIA? Her mother lives in Madrid according to Facebook (interesting given the train bombing connection). We know “accidents” happen to police, journalists and witnesses in these types of cases. The color of the blood alone makes me a believer that the Boston Bombing was a drill. Tsarnaev’s family was warned by the FBI, prior to the event, that they were under surveillance according to the mother. I wonder what Fetzer thinks?

    1. You should see the Boston Globe article on these room-mates, and how they died in a rented two-seater (sic) Ferrari with two male companions, who also died. Looks like a back-pedal because they had the photos of the Ferrari pre-crash, but maybe women are not allowed to drive there?

      Yes, the undergrads on their way to Spring Break in Bali stop over in Dubai and die in a single car crash into a light pole. How very sad.

      They are roommates since the bombing, and they are these luft-menschen you might say, both coming to Northeastern from elsewhere and sticking to each other like glue (not saying this would never happen, but it is convenient for the purposes of an intelligence operation to have them only really know each other and not be part of a wider student gang where loose lips would sink ships). They are posed cuddling together as Victoria gets treatment for her leg injuries which look in the photos no worse than a bad shaving accident.

      1. I did some google image searches for bloody accidents and war scenes. Barring some clearly photo-shopped pictures, real pools of blood or blood stains on concrete, etc., are a dark, crimson color. This is the same color you would commonly see blood in test tubes and blood bags. I do not believe that the bright red colored blood in the BMB scenes is real, or even a professional Hollywood fake. I do believe that the Tsarnaev brother awaiting execution believes that he did the bombing. McVeigh was put to death believing that his fertilizer truck bomb caused the damage seen to the Murrah building. There is nothing unusual for a patsy to believe in a big lie created by intelligence operations that deal in deceit on a daily basis. The number of government actors who would have to assume new identities in these theatrical events is dwarfed by the tens of thousands who assume new identities in witness protection (there are also some faked deaths that precede entries into witness protection).

      2. I had to shake my head at the Dubai car accident news today.

        Loved the description of the “shaving accident” – as I shared that thought; That crazy colored fake blood all over that event was pretty amazing.

        Interestingly, today I received an email from a travel site (I never subscribed to…obviously it was shared from some other vendor) titled, “Planning your trip to Dubai”.

        No thank you. Perhaps it was a message from the Universe 🙂

      3. So how many were reportedly killed whilst riding in this “2-seater” vehicle? Three or four? Was there a driver? (That’d make five.)

        I didn’t realize you could drive to Bali from Dubai, or that Dubai was a big stop-over to Bali, but what do I know?

    2. I find it hard to believe that blood can actually come out of silicone rubber prostheses. However, should the person lose a lot of blood, do you transfuse with blood or silicone? Does a prosthesis come with blood or without blood? Is it possible, just sayin’, that those bags of real blood at the scene came out of the silicone and were packaged by alert explosion victims who did not want to lose it?

  14. A friend of mine was planning to move across country to the city where I lived and asked me for help in finding an apartment. I signed up for apartment alerts. Oddly, I received alerts on apartments in two cities – my own, and Arlington Virginia. THAT had me feeling a little stalked.

    Cinderella is a natural investigator of the highest order and has unearthed several pieces of this puzzle. She found that the assisted pre-massacre event 2012 lunch program numbers were identical at both Chalk Hill and Sandy Hook. Her ability to find local school data has someone scared. If a link can be made to our chief suspect, I hope she files a restraining order and a litany of stalking, harassment, threat charges to finally shut him down.

    Just some FYI: Recent legislation was quietly put to a vote regarding the transition of the end of the Obama Administration. I am unable to find the specifics of the bill, which was expected to pass. Was it some sort of protection from the incoming administrations discoveries regarding the fake ops that have been coming Fast and Furiously since the POTUS took office?

    Centcom was busted for changing the intel of field intelligence personnel. They falsified the assessments of our military progress against ISIS, to make the Obama administration seem more successful than reported. Gen. Lloyd Austin lll, commander of Centcom steps down today. This of course followed the firing of David Petraus – who shared classified pillow talk. Hillary shared passwords with her staff who could all then read and share classified information.

    Also, the State Department has been responsible for developing and producing propaganda videos. Their attempts have been so ridiculous, that the project has been turned over to the Department of Defense. I read this stuff in the news. Journalists, or should I say ‘Media Partners,’ have thrown in the towel.

    1. One merely says failure to allow access to documents is a “matter of national security”. Should that fail to deter aggressive investigations, one can go to plan B, “it’s for the children”. If anything, this regime’s modus operandi never, ever changes. It’s simply utilizing our new legalese which is “we no longer have a nation of laws”. With no laws, nobody worries about breaking same. MSM stays away as the administration refuses to prosecute what are likely best described as pro-monopoly. All bets are off, the PTB do what they please and braindead Americans go about their business while being hypnotized by their 6pm news anchors.

      And the seasons they go round and round
      And the painted ponies go up and down
      Were captive on the carousel of time
      We cant return, we can only look behind from where we came
      And go round and round and round in the circle game

      Buffy Sainte-Marie

  15. How one deals with harassment is an individual decision. I would not expect any help from Law Enforcement, but creating a public record of any harassment with Law Enforcement is not a bad idea.

    But if one is going to seek, expose, and speak the Truth then you must prepare for a response and resistance. The ‘War on Truth’ is nothing new. Just ask Upton Sinclair, Jim Garrison, Aaron Swartz, Danny Casolaro, Gary Webb, or Michael Hastings. But the internet has changed the game. Just as lies can spread instantaneously so can/does the Truth.

    The Truth is the mortal enemy of all those who live by deception. And we live in a time of universal deception. The good news at this point is that the lies are so numerous, so implausible, so brazen, so poorly executed that they are becoming more and more obvious to more and more people.

    I’ve already paid a heavy price for speaking the Truth, I’m regularly stalked and have been for 3 years now. But I’m all in. I’m going forward with the Truth. I cannot shut my eyes and pretend the countless injustices and assaults against humanity do not exist. Nor can I go off and try and live a quiet life, declaring the world’s problems are not my own. So I expect more and continuous resistance. Anyone honestly seeking and speaking the Truth has a giant bullseye on them. They are targeted, and numerous ‘agents’ are employed (both virtually and in person) to distract, discourage, and/or redirect. Seeking and speaking the Truth in our current circumstances is choosing the road less traveled, the hard road. And depending on the situation can also mean putting your very life at risk. But we are in a War. A war not of our choosing, but thrust upon us.

    I have yet begun to fight.

    1. I would expect that this case of James Tracy is extremely high profile. James is a coast to coast known figure, and I would be very surprised if so-called police or law enforcement types would be summarily chosen to act in his defense. The South Florida area is very informed about James, he does not receive attention of any sort from underlings. Am I saying James won’t receive the best, most caring attention? Just the opposite. Attention will be metered out and all one can do to measure its effectiveness is observe and analyze how well this helping hand is being implemented.
      Being a major, landmark case, it is clear that the authorities mentioned should immediately turn to FBI for analysis of the emails as well as the packaged items. Just as the Gabby Giffords tape about a week ago showed a barely clever but blatantly obvious identifier by her speech pattern that showed virtually no deviations from a sine wave sameness that, if analyzed sonically, was far too regular indicating that the subject was clearly acting under control and not subject to what aberrations would accrue from, in this case brain damage, a thought process well under her control, control we would NOT ascribe to her due to her alleged damage. Combine this with reports we read about on this website some time ago and you have a case of an individual who is asked to deliver a magnificent solo like Renata Tebaldi, but instead sounds more like Whoopi Goldberg.
      In cases like this, it takes much more than mere truth to deliver the results wanted. We had this expression in the Army, “if the Army wants to get you, they will”.
      Look to the left, look to the right. You are surrounded with the truths yet you can’t get any satisfaction. That’s where we stand and that’s our problem. We are in the midst of a takeover and the rules of law may not survive much longer.

  16. Under the hypothesis that Sandy Hook was another poorly covered street theater play, this is not amazing. The Master SH conspirators, once they have secured the cooperation of actors, witnesses and investigators, necessarily spend energy deterring proper reporting by the mass media, the alternative media, the GOP, the NRA, the Oathkeepers, similar foreign institutions, “rogue” governments, etc. Finally, they have to watch for any sign of independent investigation and reporting, evaluate its credibility and influence, and pressure, if applicable, its authors to stop. “It’s not personal, it’s business.”

    Whoever direct this SH conspiracy have enough data collecting ability to be well aware of the harassment against Doretta. Therefore, they have tolerated it–perhaps even authorized or requested it–and they have enough clout to “persuade” the harassers to step the harassment up or down. They also have enough influence to persuade law enforcement or criminal investigators to use limited competence–or even coincidental incompetence–in their investigations.

    As other commenters have stated, Doretta’s best defense is documentation and publication, so as to produce outrage if the harassers do much harm. I’ll offer cautious optimism, based on the old French proverb that dogs that bark do not bite.

    I’ll respectfully add that working on 9/11 is a little less dangerous, because the self-evidence of Building 7’s controlled demolition provides a convenient, albeit indirect, way of exposing the imbecility or malice of the harassers and to educate people who know nothing of the conspiracy. Behold my email thread with some potentially dangerous 9/11 holy inquisitors:,%20Handling/challenging%20on%20Baby%20Step/_reorganized/jdl/thread.htm


  17. Here is one way to determine who the perp is.

    Go here and key in the IP address (

    A map will come up with a left column full of data. Look for the latitude and longitude coordinates. Write them down, then go to Google maps.

    Key in the latitude and longitude coordinates (divided by a comma) in the search tool.

    You’ll end up with a map pinpointing the exact location. It works.

    The address you’ll find is in Newtown. Either the person who owns the house (on Sugar Street) has a server on site, or someone there is newtown2amazon. Or there is some other mysterious explanation.

    A fun project for the evening. Try it.

    1. GREAT! It looks like it’s owned by J. Gu

      See who she is connected to! SOTO! Is that just a coincidence!!? or is that just a coincidence?!?! How did I eve guess that name would be connected to that address!?!?! It appears to be 81 to 85 Sugar Hill Rd, Newtown, which is owned by the Gargiulo’s, and related to the Soto’s! Not sure if by Marriage, or an alias!

      Who is Laurel Soto and Santiago Soto? No doubt connected to Penny Ozner!

      1. A few of us tried it and the Google Maps pushpin landed smack on 83 Sugar Street, Don. Don’t know why your result was so different. You have to use the exact coordinates on the search tool, then click on the pushpin symbol on the map. A dotted line will appear going from the woods to the house. Very precise. As said, the home resident may not be the perp, but may just be someone who has the server. Seems to run some sort of business from the house, which could be related to IT. Anyway, whatever or whoever sent Ms. Wildes the emails seems to be related in some way to that address. Interesting.

    2. velvetshoes, I had a fun time trying. Thanks for the tip. I ended up at one address only – 83 Sugar Street in Newtown. So who lives here? None other than James E. and Barbara Bernier. Who are they? Well, James E. Bernier has been head chef at My Place Pizza and Restaurant in Newtown since 2009. What is so special about My Place?

      The food and drinks there must be excellent since it was the favorite hangout of one Nancy Lanza – or is it Anne Haddad with the many names? The owner of this pizza parlor even claimed to be a personal friend of Nancy. Small town with lots of coincidences.

      Btw, I have permission from the Sandy Hook researcher who’s been stalked to post this information.

      1. Anne B., your info mirrors mine, spot on. I wonder what AMR Associates is, the home business that came up in my gleanings. Could be the source of the server. Hard to tell. Thanks for sharing the info about the pizza palace. Appreciated.

  18. Check out all of the Pozner Real Estate Transactions since Sandy Hoax! Then, see who is financing it! GE ring a bell? The same people that helped Obama by pulling accounts for any small business owner that sells guns? Also the same company that gave a huge pot of recovery money to help them get thru this hoax! The same GE that the Lanza dad allegedly worked! Anyone that has investigated all of the seedy branches knows where GE has popped it’s ugly head!

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