Unautopsied and embalmed Supreme Court justices, politicizing/internationalist popes, the Zika virus’ origins, NATO provocations in Europe, mandatory mental health screenings and state parenting, Anderson Cooper sued for defamation“hate group” proliferation in America, and much more.

freeform2One of the reasons many thoughtful readers come to MHB is to peruse the discussions that emerge from our posts. Free Form Fridays are forums specifically geared toward generating such exchange on the most pressing issues and events of the day. A hearty welcome to another Free Form Friday! Thank you for your continued readership and support-JFT

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    Probably on my end, but just wondering. I’m getting other email.

    1. I stopped receiving notifications from MHB about six months ago of new articles and comments on articles I have comments on when all of my MHB emails, and only those, were hacked in my inbox and moved to my spam folder. The only notifications I get are of likes of some of my comments.

      1. All my missing emails came in at once just now, so I don’t know.

        Dachsielady, sounds like you are getting wordpress notifications but not ones from MHB. Have you tried unfollowing this blog and re-following it? That might work.

        1. Look up there at the top of the right hand column, under the masthead, where it talks about followers. If you have a wordpress account, which it sounds like you do, it should have a link that says “manage.” Click it and in the next window you can click off the “Following” link next to MHB. Close the page.

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        2. Yeah, I had one of my comments that “went missing”, suddenly appear for no apparent reason. I suppose even Comments need a vacation.

        3. lophatt, it is likely that it went to the spam folder; James does not check it all that often, so a comment “lost” days ago can suddenly return from limbo.

          Yesterday, I lost one that way, a pithy response to Peter about Apollo, and immediately asked James to dig it out for me; this can often take a few days (Sofia told me he has more than one email account, and the one I write to him with is not his highest priority one for checking emails). Anyway, he posted that comment this time within a few hours, so I got lucky (Toni “liked” it, so I found out right away). Maybe that’s when he noticed yours in there, too, if it happened yesterday.

        4. I unfollowed and then about two hours later pressed follow button and it said if I did not receive a confirmation email to contact them. I guess I will do that tomorrow morning as I did not get the email and am still not getting notifications.

  2. Thanks for another Free Form Friday. These discussions are MHB’s claim to fame.

    Wanted to throw out a few random thoughts on Scalia and related matters.

    I have been in the alternative way of looking at events for 18 years. My withdrawal from mainstream media is about 99 percent complete.

    Dr. Fetzer on his last show had a retired attorney as a guest and they were expressing their outrage at there not being an autopsy and serious investigation of Justice Scalia’s death. In a way, I do not quite “get” their outrage. Influential people or “persons of interest” in various false or suspicious events have been being disappeared, in various ways and in timely manner, for decades.

    Colonel Craig Roberts wrote several great books and one of them was “The Dead Witnesses” listing the suspicious deaths of over a hundred named individuals who knew too much regarding the JFK assassination. There are similar lists of similar suspicious deaths, called body count lists, for Clinton and the Bush boys, naming names and highlighting the timeliness of their demise.

    Another thing I don’t quite get is what business does a Supreme have going off hobnobbing with a bunch of Texas corporate millionaire crooks. Aren’t judges supposed to avoid even the appearance of unethical behavior?

    As for proper legal and judicial procedures and actions regarding Scalia’s death, many of us with alternative info journeys similar to mine have been aware for almost two decades what a complete “wipe-out” our entire Just-Us system is, federal, state and local.

    I was blessed to come across this recent video that in the latter half gives much information about how the Supreme Court works. It also has input from a Saint Pius V traditional Catholic priest, Father William Jenkins, that explains Christian truth in relation to what is going on in our USA world of today. Unfortunately, the video’s commentators refer to Scalia as though he were a true conservative and real Catholic, when the article by Michael Hoffman stated Scalia voted FOR same sex “marriage. Scalia was an empty shell, a false front.

    But still, I think there was much valuable insights in the video and I was inspired by Father Jenkins’ Christian witness.


    Judicial Activism
    Published on Oct 7, 2015

    James Birch, Thomas Condit and Father Jenkins discuss the courts and our legal system today from a traditional Catholic perspective. This show was recorded on 30 September 2015.

        News & Politics 

    Let’s end on a note of humor…


  3. The huge showdown between Apple and the FBI on the San Bernardino terrorist’s uncrackable phone is purely meant to bolster sales for the failing corporation.

    Who wouldn’t want an encrypted phone that the all powerful government can’t crack? The truth is there is nothing on that phone that is not also on the all seeing cloud!

    Sales are bleak and not looking any better, stock prices are sliding south.


    $68 billion in debt?

    1. There’s nothing on the phone because there is no phone. There’s no nothing…. a bogus car chase and a made for TV apartment raid. Add in some Bloody crash-test dummies and Voila!

      But yes I agree that the headline is also bogus.

      Most headlines are PR. Gotta keep this consumer-based society afloat somehow!

      1. I’m glad you pointed that out Kodiak.

        I was going to comment earlier and said why bother.

        This whole Fake fight over this nonexistent phone is all about encryption.

        The Govt. has been whining about encrypted data all last year and now they have found the “Perfect” reason/example of why No One should have a Private Anything.

        And, Most people and of course ALL MSM is Pushing this Lie..

        If People only knew the truth of the phony War on Cyber Security. It’s ALL Pure Bull and ALL Criminals know it.

      2. “There’s nothing on the phone because there is no phone. There’s no nothing…. a bogus car chase and a made for TV apartment raid. Add in some Bloody crash-test dummies and Voila! ”

        Well said, Kodiak !

        I listen to Greg Hunter on Fridays for his weekly wrap up (USA Watchdog) and he continually references the real event of San Bernadino with 14 people killed and 22 people shot.

        He is an example of how I go into not wanting to listen to him at all anymore because he is not making any legitimate attempt to correctly address the facts regarding this so-called “Muslim terrorist events.”

        When big truth like that is avoided and even rejected, one has to wonder what truths about his subjects, the economy and financial matters, he is avoiding or exaggerating or whatever.

        1. So what’s your opinion on that one, Ted? It’s struck me as bizarre from the start. The victim’s family comes across as authentic, so I’m inclined to assume it happened. But the 13 year old girl was sort of homely and chubby… Why would a nice looking 18 year old boy take interest in her? If he was a true pedophile it doesn’t seem like she was a true child judging from comments attributed to her.

          And the guy’s accomplice, Natalie Keepers, garnered far more headlines than the actual murderer.

          It’s extremely strange.

        2. My apologies for the late reply, Sue.
          Bizarre it was, and that’s how they like it.
          The “they” is the CIA, Virginia Tech has always been a hotbed for the agency recruitment and experimentation on young,impressionable minds. This was ritualistic in nature, and here are my points on it.
          1. Young age of victim -13
          2. Male & female accomplices (constant mention of normalcy as high school students.)
          3. The young girl body disposed of out of state.
          4. Most young male “pedophiles” don’t have an female partner.
          5. The reasons Natalie Keepers ,got more attention was the esoteric emasculation of David, and the promotion of goddess worship.

          Do you remember the Amanda Knox saga? Natalie was also an intern at NASA and there is enough known history on its occult research.

          6.The police department are not forthcoming with David & Natalie relationship.

          Some of the items in the above link, I disagree with, but most of the points are factual based on my research.


      3. One of the actors on the ‘news’ show actually predicted the terrorists are all going to buy up all these new ‘secure’ phones!

        Donald Trump is calling them out with this latest sales gimmick calling for a boycott. The polls would be thrown into the lunatic conspiracy bin if they call out the hoaxes, but they can use them to their advantage.

        Even the Drudge cannot stand the overkill on this..

    2. Not to mention in this piece on the APPLE/FBI saga http://www.globalresearch.ca/fbi-wins-court-order-forcing-apple-to-install-backdoor-in-iphone-security-systems/5508715, APPLE admitted that essentially (paraphrasing) “c’mon Feds, we’ve already have an ‘understanding’, nudge nudge, wink wink between us behind-the-scenes arrangement”; don’t air this issue out in public, because then the public WILL KNOW!! That, & they’re taking a hit on the “error 53” technocratic shutdown code(a big controversy in UK).

  4. Looks like WordPress is back to assigning inane, silly and almost insulting cartoon “icons” next to our names. Can this once again be corrected, Dr. Tracy? It’s demeaning and someone had to have been on crack to have drawn them (haha).

    I am reposting here the link to a “tornado drill” coming up next week in Alachua County, Florida (upstate from FAU) since one can’t recall when this type of “drill” has ever occurred in the county despite the story alluding otherwise. Aside from the fact it makes me queasy to see ANY story with the word “drill” in it, I find it rather deplorable that there is a “hashtag” for it and officials are encouraging citizens to take “selfies” once they “find” a shelter! Hey, it’s a party, y’all!

    Gee, I wish we had basements to actually avoid any tornadoes but our water table is kind of high in Florida, so basements are rarely built with houses. So, exactly how are we to “practice” this drill? Duck and cover? Run to a closet? Jump in a ditch? Pray? Oh, and don’t forget to smile when you take that selfie because tornadoes are so much fun! Sorry, I just find the notion of this drill simultaneously spooky and hilarious.


        1. Ric, one of my all time favorites. I have the vinyl version in my collection. Used to drive around with it blasting from my 8-track.

        2. Lophatt,
          Those were the days….I forgive Ginger Baker….He was going a little Fast……(we are not talking musical timing)

          One of my all time Favorite Drummers on the Planet.

        1. Oh…what IS that little critter? Are we stuck with what we’re given? I think they’re “Gravitars”. I’m going to figure out how to use my own picture, like Pat and Lop do.

          Well, it could be worse…I could have YOUR funny little guy, Ric!

        2. Being you have a WP acct. already it’s easy to pick your own Pic.

          I’m stuck being a Blue Meanie…

        3. Ha! I love the artist (Sas Christian) and I always use one of her girls as my avatar (at least until I’m hit with a cease-and-desist, I guess). They’re all beautiful, big-eyed, and slightly demented, sort of an alter ego, I guess. Better than the Gravitar bugs!

    1. Ella has such fantastic breath control, but it comes out silky and effortless. I have some of her famous ones, but had not listened to this. I always loved “Miss Otis Regrets”. Same theme, I guess, as “Frankie and Johnny” (which I don’t think was in her witty and sophisticated repertoire). He done her wrong, and she done him in.

  5. LAX has to be the worst excuse for a mass shooting event ever staged by the FBI. Not only did they rerun a very famous crisis actor, Nick Pugh from 9/11, but they created a story whereby a TSA officer was shot 18 times, by a government hating gunman, left for dead for 35 minutes, then raced down the outdoor corridor of the airport in a wheelchair. His uniform shirt was the style used for baggage handlers, not checkpoint officers, and the shirt was bullet-hole free. The small chubby Mexican dumped into the wheelchair magically transformed into a superman physique, and resembled a crash test dummy. The photo of him shows a huge puddle of red tempura paint on the carpet – his clothing doesn’t match witness statements, and the body is impossibly contorted looking again like a dummy. The shooter’s (Paul Ciancia,) tounge was split and he could not speak. Not a single one of the 3000 CCTV cameras in the airport caught him on video, and we have yet to see or hear from him. LA police announced that they had run an identical drill just a couple of weeks prior. The wife of the ‘victim’ sued the LA Police Dept for 23 million dollars, and bragged that her son will attend Harvard Medical School.

    Special Agent David Bowditch ran the LA fiasco, and it was to this same FBI office that they turned to when they (DOJ) wanted to create a scenario to give the NSA the unfettered access that they once enjoyed. So, we get another crazy event in San Bernardino that makes zero sense. Yes, another drill was running. The witnesses saw three tall men in tactical clothing and guns go into the party room. We had a government employee in a government building which was rented by the government for the day, ostensibly for an employee Christmas lunch. (Dec 2nd? – a little early for that.) The patsy couple left the scene of the crime in a rented black SUV, then returned three hours later to throw pipe bombs at the police! Their apartment was opened up for the press to rifle through on live TV.

    The entire purpose of San Bernardino was to force the big communications entities to turn over keys to the encrypted technologies which have recently been created to protect the privacy of all Americans.

    1. Sandy,

      CCTV Cameras Never work whenever a crime is Staged by the Govt,

      See, OKC, 911, SHE, Aurora Theater, San Bernadino, I pretty sure Every shooting, Where’s all the footage from BMB?

    2. Re San Berdoo – isn’t it funny that Donald Trump is calling for citizens to boycott Apple until they turn over their back door to the FBI so the shooters’ phones can be accessed. He sounds like he is more than willing to enable a few rights to be out the window. Now whether or not the government already has this access is another matter. But just by taking such a position he is presenting himself as a believer in the blood and guts reality of what to anyone who pays attention must have been a drill/hoax, and also as one who wants the government to take sterner measures of control. But some of us had him pegged this way a long time ago. I suppose that because the perps were identified as Muslims, it’s okay in his book to use the situation as a case in point of some sort as to why most of the third world cannot be trusted. So accessing everyone’s phone should be just peachy.

      1. Musings, people should understand that individuals DON’T pursue “higher office” in government, unless they BELIEVE IN GOVERNMENT POWER(not that I’m imputing that to you). No one should be surprised by Trump’s statement there: he, like ALL MAJOR REVOLUTIONS in history, bring us…to the same darn place we’ve been all along. The Earth revolves around The Sun, The Moon around The Earth. Where are they after a year/a month(in the Moon’s case): the same place they were before!! He’s there as part of a Hegelian Dialectic to lead disgruntled, dejected, disenchanted, angry “voters”… back into the POLITICAL PROCESS; the same process that got them disgruntled, angry in the 1st place!

      1. We are getting so cheap here in America for the almighty Buck.

        Did you hear?

        DHS and All the Alphabet agencies are going to “out source” all future Hoaxes and False Flags to same money…

        The new shootings will actually be on “Sets” in foreign countries then portrayed by MSM as American Cities…

        We need to sign a petition to keep All of FF’s and Hoaxes here in America….jez, these people are insane…

    3. To add insult to injury, where did TSA Behavior Detection Officer Gerardo Hernandez live with his family? In Porter Ranch.


      That was the morning my daughter witnessed (on her way to work) a whole squadron of police cars speeding south on Sepulveda Blvd. towards LAX – sirens blasting and lights flashing – about an hour before the lone gunman went berserk at the airport. Or, an hour before the starting pistol for the drill went off.

  6. New York schools are going to be starting a new program “cradle to career”, parents and the state TEAM will be in partnership for the child’s best interest.
    Next it will be like China we will have to register our pregnancies.
    More Chinese policy creeping into our lives.

    1. Alan Watt of cuttingthroughthematrix.com has covered that at length: in Scotland the equivalent is called GIRFEC(Getting It Right For Every Child). This is what SOCIAL(IST) WELFARE ultimately leads to. But, of course they repackaged it with “Progressivism”…a century-old canard being rehashed by that particular NYC Mayor: Bill DiBlasio. This is the same ideology that gave you “HeadStart”, ” Universal Pre-K”, etc. People interested should look into Woodrow Wilson’s WH “handler” Colonel Edward Mendel House’s statement on “Social Insurance” he made…in 1913. IMO that tells us all we need to know about what the NWO is shaping up to be…or being SHAPED by “change-agents”.

  7. Has anyone seen this, certain states pondering legislation that immunizes the cops from the Freedom of Information Act?


    Murphy’s bill calls for the police to be privy to what HIPAA previously protected, and soon their names and offices, etc., will be hidden from public view. The entire due process is under legislative assault. We’re on the verge of a true Stasi State.

    1. Yep! That’s my state Sue. There has been posturing about passing that bill for years.

      But in NOVA , there is too many ex alphabet agency’s employees and the police state knows better than to harass them,for fear of dirty secrets.

      But they do make a pretty penny on the immigrants population and their constant harassment.

    2. What I have noticed is standardization of police vehicles for different communities. It used to be you could clearly tell which town the police were policing, but the brand new vehicles all look the same, black and whites with the name of the city, town on it. Wondering how is it possible that all these agencies can afford to get new vehicles at the same time?

      1. bewise…This is the result of”Free” Federal infusion of money,leading to the ultimate militarization of our local police…we have noticed it too…everywhere.

  8. After reading the article on hate groups I am more convinced than ever the Southern Povery Law Center is a 5th column terrorist organization, plotting againt the people of the United States under the color of civil rights-these people should be tried and imprisoned asnd this evil group shut down

  9. I hope everyone (including the Zionist schills) take note of the latest scoop-
    “Israel calls on world nations to regulate social media anti-Semitism
    The foreign Ministry today called on governments around the world to regulate social media in order to combat anti-Semitism and violent incitement, reiterating the government’s support last year for Internet censorship during an anti-racism conference”
    Imagine that-Israel dictating to citizens of the world fall in line with The Jewish Crime Syndicate or expect to be harassed, jailed and fined
    Now how is that for hate???

    1. I’d say, it’s about damn time. Open, pervasive incitement to murder has been quietly endured for plenty long enough.

      The crybabies on the Moslem side, of course, were Johnny-on-the-spot when their hoards started raping and pillaging Europe, demanding that the same corporations stop any expression of resistance on the part of their victims. And the companies complied.

      Likewise, the Moslem countries have been pushing through a UN “law” that would make it a “human rights crime” for anyone in the world to tell the truth about Islam.

      I’ll bet you don’t feel any dudgeon about those “scoops” though, do you, sunaj. I wonder why that is almost a sure-thing bet? I know…it is about hate. You hate the one, and didn’t care one little bit how disgusting the behavior is on the part of the other.

        1. I have noticed that Startpage results can’t be delivered as a link,Toni, so just do a search with this: “Open incitement to murder palestinian television”

          The whole culture is a cesspool of murderous hatred. When a mass murder happens, a bombing for instance, the culprit is lionized, a street named after him, people rejoice in the streets, handing out candy. Every damned time. This is not the imagined phantasmagoria of our folkie friend. It is verifiable history.

          Yassir “that’s my baby” Arafat, one of the most evil men ever to draw breath, was instrumental in creating this death culture. Now, it is in full bloom. Hamas, who do Arafat one better, launch their rockets from hospitals and schools, so that they can blame the retaliatory strikes that kill civilians on the people they are trying to terrorize and murder. They LOVE the death this way of their children, because propaganda is the most valuable weapon of war. No people in human history have ever become so debased as to think this way.

        2. So you want “governments around the world to regulate social media in order to combat anti-Semitism and violent incitement,” as the article says.

          We’ve been over this a thousand times. This is the antithesis of free speech. It negates 1st Amendment protections. Is this not our concern here at MHB?

          You’re calling for censorship that will target this very blog.

        3. Patrick, I wanted to add that your “it’s so horrendous that it’s ok in this case” argument is not valid. Recall that Sandy Hook was covered up with much the same argument.

          Free speech obtains or it doesn’t, appeals to horror notwithstanding.

        4. Of course I don’t want that. I’m an anarchist who’d be willing to settle for libertarianism. I don’t want any institutions to exist that are that powerful. And I’m a free speech absolutist.

          I was just attempting to point out this commenter’s rank hypocrisy.

          And also to point out what I did, that while the world is now supine in the face of Moslem intimidation, it is very close to flipping over into the prostrate position of those who submit to Allah. It has come to seem absolutely natural to accept the “specialness” of Islam’s demands, no matter how unreasonable, even as it has come to seem absolutely natural to accept as unworthy of investigation or objection the anti-Semitism that inspires the vicious, unhinged, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

          I’d like that to stop, so I said it’s about damn time they started fighting back, instead of just taking it. Bullies have to be punched in the nose; if they are going to stop their harassment, they have to be dealt with directly.

          In any effort to curtail free speech, certainly I want the complainer to lose. I just want these anti-Semites to stop effortlessly winning the conversation by intimidation.

        5. Patrick, you’re advocating “fighting back” with censorship, hardly the hallmark of a “free speech absolutist.”

        6. I hope my reply covered your second comment Toni. I certainly agree with you.

          I just get so tired of that general theme around here going without any push-back, except by me, seemingly. And it’s not the bridge I’d like to be standing on, defending. The situation is so complex, and very few people who have strong opinions about it have any real insight into those complexities; I’d rather talk about something else.

          Still, my patience occasionally runs out.

        7. Well, I won’t beat you up about it, but your position censorship is untenable.

          I’ll put it down to your passion for the subject.

        8. We’re ships passing in the internet night, seemingly; we were both writing at the same time.

          No. I do not want any side to win in this battle. I see it as a propaganda war. The Moslems are winning it. The side they are attacking has to fight the war on the ground the terrorists have chosen; this is never a good situation to be in. Still, they have no choice, and I’m delighted to see them, finally, joining the battle. The world needs to see how absurd the Moslem position is, and playing the same game is the only way to do it.

        9. You can let it go at that, which is fair, but allow me one final remark in defense of what I have tried to say. The Moslems, world wide, as a political ideological movement, are winning the censorship effort. Many of their demands, completely indefensible demands, have already been complied with. But they declare themselves immune to reciprocity. They can say anything they want, target one tiny class of people, and the world seems to have no trouble with that.

          What, I ask, is that targeted class supposed to do? They tried remaining silent about it. But that silence has only emboldened the bullies. So they finally concluded, two can play at that game: we demand that the same rules are applied on both sides.

          This does not mean that I advocate restrictions on speech. It means that the only way I can see reversing the restrictions the international Moslem political ideology has already won is to force their chief target to attain the same restrictions: to stop the incitement for murder they have to endure day in, day out. If the Moslems’ target achieved that, then the absurdity of restricting speech might be revealed, and the world would see who is the bully, and have to face its emasculation in the face of it.

          The abject prostration of the world in the face of a horrible ideology disgusts me. I want to see all bullies stopped. If the object of their bullying is forced to use the same techniques, because there is no other way, then I can accept that. War, as they say, is Hell, and propaganda war is perhaps worse. But the bad guys cannot be allowed to win.

          You bet I’m passionate about that.

        10. I’m not letting it go, Patrick. I was giving you a way off the bridge you said you wish you weren’t defending.

          But I guess you don’t want off, so let me annul my magnanimity.

          Your position regarding the necessity of restricting free speech is as untenable as ever, no matter how many times you reiterate it.

        11. Well, one time was when you said this:

          “It means that the only way I can see reversing the restrictions the international Moslem political ideology has already won is to force their chief target to attain the same restrictions…”

        12. That has nothing to do with my opinion of or advocacy regarding free speech. It is a recognition that when a vast, world-wide entity implements a strategic plan, successfully using specific tactics, it is only sensible for the targeted victim to utilize the same tactics in response. It’s brilliant.

          For the longest time, the Moslem juggernaut thought it could get away with restricting free speech for everyone else, but could itself relentlessly incite murder, with impunity. Its targeted victim stood like a deer in the headlights feeling unable to respond.

          It is absolutely fantastic to see this chess game being reversed. A feint no one could have anticipated. Truly delightful.

          Of course, if it ends up in an expansion of Islam’s already secured restrictions on free speech, it will be a disaster. The hope I hold is that this will force Islam into a disastrous defeat, where the wins it has already secured will be reversed. The companies will be forced to stop protecting Islam; if EVERYONE can’t claim such immunity, no one can.

          Call me an optimist.

          Somehow, what I thought I was clearly stating this day has not come across. I hope finally, I have managed it. I hate being poor at communication.

        13. You are communicating clearly. You’re advocating restrictions on free speech. Again.

          It doesn’t matter that you think it’s part of a war; how many times have we heard that line? Pretty soon they’re inventing the war to implement the restrictions they seek.

          You can’t just “hope” that this will all go away once you’ve “won.”

          Think about it. “The War on Terror” itself was imagined in order to suppress the open discourse of political events. Think what this discourse may have saved us, had it not been demonized and banished to the fringe.

          Maybe Tracy would still have his job.

        14. Nope. That dog won’t hunt.

          I am a free speech absolutist.

          And at the same time, tactics and strategy in war are practical realities that cannot be escaped. Things we do not advocate must be allowed in war–if we do not want to be forced to learn another language and submit to an alien god.

          I am NOT “advocating restrictions on free speech,” and nothing I have said can be construed to indicate the opposite. I don’t have any equivocation about the issue.

          The question is, how can we reverse the elimination of free speech that the Moslem juggernaut has effectively put in place? This story is a hopeful sign.

        15. You misunderstand the meaning of the word absolutist. It means you can’t add, “on the other hand.”

          Besides the schizophrenia in your argument, Patrick, you’ve conflated the fact that Israel wants the governments of the world to police social media for anti-semitism, with some war which you say “we” should be fighting.

          “We” would like to talk about that. You know, freely. But you say ideas must suppressed and speech must be vetted by the government during this war.

          See the problem?

          One wonders what you have learned here at Memory Hole, Patrick.

        16. And YOU misunderstand the meaning of the word “advocate.”

          You apparently completely misunderstand my position.

          I do not want Israel to succeed is getting the governments of the world to police social media for anti-semitism.

          I keep reiterating that point, but you don’t seem to be hearing me.

          What I am delighted with is their finally expressing the thought, publicly. By doing so, they are indirectly calling out the cravenness of those governments that are doing exactly that, actually doing it, on behalf of Islam.

          I am delighted, because the world is completely unconcerned with the truly evil rhetoric in Moslem media, directed at Jews exclusively, constantly; no one cares.

          And I am even more delighted because it might just end up shaming the despicable advocates of the BDS movement (alright, maybe that’s a dream too far).

          Again, I think it is completely unacceptable what governments are doing in terms of censorship on behalf of Islam, and it would be horrific if the UN were to make it a human rights “crime” to tell the truth about Islam.

          And It would be just as great an evil if Israel succeeded in getting Jew-hatred policed and criminalized. I keep saying this, but you can’t hear me when I say it for, some strange reason. There is no clearer way to describe the opposite of “advocate.” I don’t advocate censorship, and I am not making an exception HERE.

          What I advocate is Israel rubbing the hypocrites’ noses in their hypocrisy. As I say, it’s about damn time.

          As for this: “…some war which you say “we” should be fighting,” you misunderstand. This is a general idea, with the royal “we.” It is not referencing “some” war, but war in general, and the “we” is anyone who finds themselves fighting a war they did not chose, not one they “should” be fighting. As I say, if we, any “we,” are under attack, and don’t wish an enemy to take away our way of life, we have to defeat them. Israel is in that position. I’m glad they’re finally taking the battle to their attackers, using the same weapon that is being used against them.

          Israel finds itself, unwittingly, in a propaganda war. There are few tools at its disposal. They should use them. As should anyone who finds themselves in such a position.

          You conclude with this utterly false, complete misunderstanding of my position: “But you say ideas must suppressed and speech must be vetted by the government during this war.” I have never said that, here or anywhere else, because I find the idea utterly abhorrent.

          You say “See the problem?” Yes, I do. It’s your inability to comprehend my writing on this matter.

        17. Why would they ever get so upset about 9 tenths of their country stolen from them, their children used for target practice by the Israelis? Abducted and their organs stolen from them on the way to school? Their wells poisoned and their olive trees bulldozed? What is wrong with these people.

          The Islam we hear about is concoction of the jewish Al Saudi dynasty instituted by Rothschild, spurred on by Lawrence of Arabia the gay jewish rothschild plant who incidentally had a hermophridite muslim partner.

          This is why many muslims seem about half nuts, it is Wahabbism. They have been trained for centuries by the crown and this is their day in the sun. Time to unleash the hordes on Europe who are uneducated and all they know is a madrassa somewhere. Yes the zios plan to capitalize on it big time and push their war between Islam and Christianity. Only problem what we are seeing in the field is nothing like what Mohamed preached most likely.

          Many muslims in the United States will pretty much tell you the same things I am saying here. This doctored Islam managed to kill about 80 million Hindus and blow up statues 300 foot tall of Buddha that were thousands of years old.

          Erdogan is jewish, he is a part of the masonic cult that has owned Turkey ever since the Ottoman empire. They don’t have a whole lot to do with Mohamed.

          It is like Peter the Great once said, never trust Turk.

          I am not a big fan of any of the abrahamic religions, they are all just facades as far as I am concerned. Jesus or Mohamed would likely have nothing to do with any of the constructs in their name today in my opinion. It is all Constantine hocus pocus.

        18. http://ajitvadakayil.blogspot.in/2011/12/stonehenge-of-arkaim-russia-capt-ajit.html


          Listen up—and listen good !

          The King of Calicut CHERAMAN PERUMAL went to Mecca to meet Mohammad at the Shiva temple of the Oasis ( Kabali khestram -KAABA ) and get converted ( sic ) and he gave permission to build the second mosque of this planet CHERAMAN PERUMAL MOSQUE at Kodungallur ( a Shiva temple ) in his kingdom

          Isaac Newton was NOT the father of Calculus, as the British love to boast . He stole everything from a mathematician of the Kerala school of Mathematics , Parameshwaran who wrote several books on Modern Calculus 200 years before Newton, including Drigganita.

          Isaac Newton was NOT the father of Calculus, as the British love to boast . He stole everything from a mathematician of the Kerala school of Mathematics , Parameshwaran who wrote several books on Modern Calculus 200 years before Newton, including Drigganita.

          In 300 BC Indian emperor Ashoka talked about Kerala in his writings.

          Jesus Christ was at Calicut for 3 years learning Astrology, meditation, healing, dowsing before he went to visit pyramids in Egypt with Mary Magdalene . He then suddenly burst upon the scene at Jerusalem, upsetting everybody .

          Pythogarus ( 570 BC – 495 BC ),  Socrates ( 469 BC- 399 BC ) and Plato (727 BC to 347 BC ) studied in Kerala, India.  

          The disciple of Plato Aristotle did NOT come to India , but he had very clearly written that Jews originated from Kerala in India.  Aristotle wrote that Jews came from KALANI in India.  He has written that Kalani was famous for their raised Kundalini sages ( maharishis ).  These are the same sages who built the Egyptian pyramids.

          Alexander the great went back from India via Socotra by ship, to get some life saving Aloe Vera which was a spice trade outpost of Calicut King,  like Mecca and Salalah .

          This is the reason why King David took a wife from Kerala named Bath Sheba. King Solomon took a wife from Kerala named whom all call Queen Sheba.  

          Jesus Christ took a wife from Kerala named Mary Magdalene.  All know that Jesus Christ suddenly sprung up at Jerusalem from nowhere.  He was in Kerala India, learning healing, meditation, science, philosophy etc.

          By 45 AD a ship wrecked Malayali gave to Eudoxus , a Greek ship captain the secrets of Arabian sea monsoon wind and current patterns to the Mediterranean world. Very soon Augustus Caesar had his soldiers in Kerala.

          St Thomas ( of doubting fame ) landed here in 52 AD to build a church for the Jews who were already here—Babylon exodus from Assyrian emperor Nebuchadnezzar . He had a look at the 5000 year old black idol at Guruvayoor. He was the only one of 12 disciples who went to foreign lands. He had imagination, that he why he wanted to see Jesus’s wound after resurrection and even touch it . Probably there were Criss Angel prototypes those days.

          By the way Queen Sheba, Bathsheba and Mary Magdalene –all dusky skinned long haired beauties, are from Kerala and they went to Jerusalem from Calicut.

        19. judaism was created by some disgraced ex-communicated kerala namboodiris who migrated to palestine 3200 years ago by sea. there they went and created a BIGGER racist society and the TALMUD.

          in fact david saw a namboodiri woman taking an open bath ( kerala style ) and fell in love with this married woman . she is solomon’s mother bath sheba.

          A lot of major Biblical charcters are lifted from Hindu scriptures . Adam is Adama and Eve is Hayyawati , characters from our Hindu Puranas.

          Adama was the son of Vishnu Kardama. Kardama was the father of Kapila of our Sankhya Philosophy.

          The bilblical serpent that tempted the couple to eat the apple of the garden of Eden (of the Papa Vriksha- tree of sin ) was Kali Purusha.

          If all these connections are accurate that would make Adam a younger brother of Kapila.
          This forest of Eden was on the eastern side of Pradan city 16 square yojanas in size. The Mlecchas are descendants of Adama.

          Noah is Nyuhah , a descendant of Adama

          Kali purusha who is the presiding demonic angel of this immoral age of darkness (kali yuga) is verily the Satan mentioned in Abrahamic religions , as per our Bhavishya Purana stolen by Rothschild.

          The Stone of Jacob appears in the Book of Genesis as the stone used as a pillow at Bet-El. As Jacob had a vision in his sleep, he then consecrated the stone to God.

          Th Templar Knights found a black Shiva Lingam ( meteorite stone ) which was called the Stone of Scone .

          In 1296 the original black Shiva lingam stone was captured by Edward I as spoils of war and taken to Westminster Abbey, where it was fitted into a wooden chair, known as King Edward’s Chair, on which almost all English sovereigns have been crowned.

          Over the years the original black stone has disappeared and a duplicate red sand stone put in its place.

          The stone of Scone is none other than the Shiva Lingam black meteorite stone used by Jacob as a pillow..

          Jacob performing a bath to the stone, decorating it, applying sandal paste to it, a Vedic ritual named Maha-Rudrabhishekam

          The Stone, was mentioned in Macbeth: “… [we shall travel to be] crowned at Scone ..”
          The duplicate Stone of Scone was last used in 1953 for the coronation of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. The original is in the vaults of Rothschild.

          King Robert the Bruce, the hero of Scotland who led Scotland during the Wars of Scottish Independence against England. Was crowned while sitting on the original black shiva lingam or stone of scone.

          On Christmas Day 1950, a group of four Scottish students (Ian Hamilton, Gavin Vernon, Kay Matheson, and Alan Stuart) tried to steal this duplicate stone of Scone from Westminster Abbey for return to Scotland. In the process of removing it from the Abbey the duplicate red stone stone broke into two pieces.

          The original black meterorite Stone of Scone ( from a Kerala Shiva temple in India ) has become a HOLY GRAIL in its own right. Men and women have fought to possess it or to obscure it from those unworthy to lay claim to the Stone.

          Punch into Google search-

        20. Mick, your fevered imaginations of bizarre fake history are not even amusing. If you actually believe this, well, I don’t think you actually do. Why do you make up such worthless foolishness, and then waste our time posting it here? Are you mentally ill? Why do you want us to participate in your fevered, incoherent, fantasies?

      1. I recently read portions from books dealing with the anthropological and sociological impacts of the different histories of certain ethnicities. What really blew me away was how much of our culture is likely influenced by such factors as climate and geography. The influence results from how these factors lead to behaviors and ultimately underpin the culture of societies.

        The theories presented made sense to me. These studies weren’t focused on any particular ethnicity, but I found the distinct differences between the Jewish culture and that of, say Nordic people most interesting. The Jews are the descendants of people prone to collectivist behavior, treating outsiders as less trustworthy and therefore didn’t grant them the same standing as their own. Americans, with a large number of Nordic descendants or otherwise individualistic people view strangers as a mirror of themselves. The individual is given higher standing. This attitude is, no doubt less likely to lead to a racist culture. That puzzled me, given the lengthy history of claims of antisemitism.

        I’ve taken to referring to myself as anti-judaic, since I object to Judaism but don’t object to any ethnicity. I’m on the fence when it comes to the other major religions, short of Baha’i or Scientology. But I came to my views on Judaism after reading countless snippets of both the Torah and Talmud that screamed racist intolerance. More significantly, the quotes of prominent and everyday Rabbis largely promote intolerance to gentiles. The only thing standing between my present acceptance of self-declared Jews and a strong opposition to them is the belief that they don’t subscribe to the racial superiority tenants.

        Learning about how present day cultures were largely the product of past societies, I now wonder how much of the intolerance of Moslems spoken of by Patrick can be attributed to that. He seems to suggest it comes from views that are irrational, some of which can be attributed to religious scriptures. If so, are there other aspects of their society that reflect that intolerance? For instance, in largely Moslem countries do they have laws that limit or prohibit intermarriage with people of other ethnic or religious orientation? I’ve heard arguments that Israel in particular restricts intermarriage, and others that they have no such restrictions. I’ve seen enough that leads me to suspect Israel is very restrictive.

        Not being a Christian technically, I don’t have many views that would grant Israel a get out of jail free card in consideration of international affairs. I understand that some Christians view Israel through the lens of prophesy. Are we basically looking at 2 forms of ethnic or religious intolerance here, or is either the Jewish or Moslem form somehow based in a more rational perspective that I’m missing?

        1. This will be in two parts, both long. A third might be required.

          Part I:

          You make many valid observations.

          This is a complex topic, and a response here cannot do justice to all of it. It is true that geography, homogeneity, and isolation lead to specialized cultures, and some become more likely to accommodate outsiders than others.

          I have avoided this for years, for various reasons, but since you pose your remarks so nicely, I will tell you how I understand these matters. For references to validate individual assertions, just ask.

          The Jews are a unique people for many reasons, some which are reasons that changed over time, and some that have not. At the Tower of Babel, the Bible says, God was fed up with the rebelliousness of the human race, and assigned lesser gods from His Divine Council to rule over the nations created at that event. The Bible puts the number at 70 nations (multiple gods might administer each particular nation). These gods became corrupted by this power, and God eventually pronounced judgement on them for it, but that’s a topic for another day.

          God had a plan to rescue the whole human race, though from its tendency toward iniquity. It involved creating a new nation for Himself to rule over, starting with Abraham. He made a covenant with Abraham, and reinforced it personally with Issac and Jacob. Hundreds of years later, through Moses, at Mt. Sinai, He made an additional covenant, this time with the entire nation of Israelites. He would protect them and through them the entire world would be redeemed from its sin; in exchange, they had to worship Him alone, and obey the laws He gave them at that mountain. The laws were in three categories: ceremonial, dietary, and moral.

          They were to follow the law as an expression of devotion to Him. These laws separated them from all the other nations. That was the point. The Israelites were unique and distinct not only in that they were the only ones who worshipped Yahweh, and by the way the did it, but also, their diet was restricted in ways unique to them, and their body of practical law stood alone as well. All this was to reinforce their distinction from the rest of the nations. They would not be like any one else.

          Alas, they did not keep up their end of the bargain, and God punished them by having His servant, a pagan king, carry them into exile for 70 years (there are lots of 70s in the Bible). While there, the final edits to the collection of books we call the Bible were completed, rendering the Old Testament the perfect expression of God’s Word, designed to lay out how and why and when Yahweh would come to Earth as a Jewish man, a descendent of King David, and fulfill the original promise to Abraham, to redeem the world through him.

          Over the centuries prior to their exile they had been as rebellious and unfaithful as any of the nations that were ruled by other gods, and they developed very unbiblical notions that they came to hold to be as valuable—even more so—than the books of the Law and the Prophets. These traditions of men were ALSO codified in Babylon, in a book called the Talmud. (Also, the mystical practices of the Kabbala, but let’s not go there.)

          So when they were released from exile (only about 10% returned; Israel had gotten quite used to life in that luxurious country) they came back to Israel with both books. Essentially, two competing religions were put in practice in the re-created country. And that’s the situation Jesus found when He arrived, right on schedule, just as the Bible predicted. His hostile interactions with the Pharisees are a window into that: when He denounced their “traditions,” He was talking about the Talmud. Alternatively, there is His admiration for John the Baptist, who preached the Word of God, not the words of men, as the Pharisees did.

          Well, the Talmudic types, for obvious reasons, could not allow the God of the Bible to fulfill the Bible’s plan for the Jews to spread the Good News of salvation to the rest of the nations through this usurper. It would eliminate their power, their role in Israel, and they would have to repent of their wicked traditions—they would have to become like John the Baptist. So when it became clear that Jesus really WAS the promised Messiah, God made Flesh, the Jewish rescuer of humanity, there was only one thing for them to do: kill Him. He had to be stopped. Unfortunately, they had not been studying their Bible, apparently, devoting all their time to Talmudic study, so they didn’t notice that it says very clearly that that was what they were going to do. If they had not done killed Him, He could not have conquered death and released us from our sins. The worst bad guys imaginable were mere tools in the Master’s Hand, and they had no idea.

        2. Part II:

          There were two reactions to the Resurrection: repentance and adherence to the Bible, the people following this route developing what became Christianity; and hostility to this turn of events and a hardening of the Talmudic heart, which developed into Rabbinic Judaism.

          Still, the Jews who refused to recognize their Messiah did not abandon the Bible, they just wanted to carry on having it both ways, as if nothing had happened. So they could have read only the Bible, see the error of their ways, repent and come to the truth–at any time. And many of them did, and many still do every day.

          Now, the Pharisees were a lawyer class, codifying the practice of Biblical Law, and decreeing to the people exactly how to run the gauntlet of avoiding infractions of the nuances of the Law as spelled out in the Torah, the Old Testament, and they continued to do that without interruption—which meant that those who followed them retained their sharp Biblical distinction from the other nations.

          God, unsurprisingly, was displeased with their rebellion against Himself, and used His servant, the Roman Empire to destroy the Temple (in AD 70), so they could not carry on the ceremonial Law, which He had fulfilled in His Person as Jesus. And in AD 135, after the Bar Kokhba revolt, Rome again fulfilled Biblical prophesy by utterly and completely destroying the city of Jerusalem itself, rebuilding on its ruins a Roman city they named Aelia Capitolina (a name that would stick with the place until the Moslems stole it from the Christians half a millennium later). Oh, and they banished the Jews from the region—they could not return, under penalty of death.

          As the Jews were the largest minority group in the Roman Empire, and greatly admired by the Romans for their practice of charity, the displaced Jews had plenty of places to go, where they could carry on practicing their Rabbinic Judaism in synagogues throughout the empire. And the rift between Christianity and Judaism grew over the centuries. After Rome fell, and a new, Christian, Europe emerged, the Jewish distinctiveness became more and more reinforced as they congregated in exclusively Jewish enclaves, often being forced to do so by the Christian societies that were emerging around them. And being considered Christ-killers, they were subject to routine persecution through the centuries for their stubbornness in refusing to repent collectively.

          So from both within and without they were maintained, as God originally ordained, as a distinct, separate, people, wherever they found themselves as they migrated throughout the world. They all continued speaking the same language (the holy books, especially the Bible, were studied in Hebrew, which meant that no matter what country’s language they used where they lived and dealt with the public, children were taught Hebrew as well), restricting their diet the same way, etc.

          As Western Civilization transitioned into the new one we are now living in, secularism took a very strong toll on Jewish distinctiveness, especially in America. Most Jews in the modern world are fully assimilated, so much so that it’s hard to know who’s a Jew and who isn’t most of the time. And they are greatly beloved by our culture, for the most part, because they make swell friends and neighbors. Most Jews one meets in life, who have a “Jewishness” about them, one could imagine playing walk-on rolls on Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm, for instance, or in a Mel Brooks or Woody Allen movie. They know very little Hebrew, nothing of the Talmud, and in my experience are for the most part Biblically illiterate. They don’t hate gentiles. They marry them.

          This process of losing their distinctiveness was a big part of the enthusiasm they had for Zionism for most to the 20th century. A huge percentage of middle class Jewish families sent their kids to Israel for a season to learn what it means to be Jewish, working on the Kibbutzim. Because they weren’t getting it back home. But this also created a growing rift between American Jews who just wanted to be Americans, and Israel, which just wants to be Jewish. It is just this tension that causes liberal Jews to vote for political candidates and donate to organizations that hate Israel (like universities. They also fund the Israeli Left, despises Israel and is constantly working to destroy it from within.

          But this vast majority of benign, assimilated Jews are not all of them.

          There is a very powerful minority who are Talmudists and Shabbateans, extremely evil people, who are actively working to reconstruct the world into something so dark and demonic as to be essentially unthinkable. It is far darker than most conspiracy watchers—or anyone else–can imagine. It’s a safe guess that many of them are in active communion with the rebel gods of the Divine Council, who are far above mere angels and demons in power and hostility to the human race.

          Of course, you don’t have to be Jewish to be in that club; true, unfathomable, evil has many pathways leading to it. But Satan’s hatred of the human race is only second to his hatred of Yahweh, so the Talmudic Jews are his key agents of his plans for the future: they killed God once, and they are willing to help Satan do it again.

          The Israel of our day, as we await Jesus’ return, is ruled by evil, rebellious, men, exactly as it was the first time He came. And just as they murdered their Messiah because of their dedication to the darkness their traditions cultivated, they are working overtime to prepare the way for Satan’s one world rulership today. Jesus predicted it, telling them about Antichrist: I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.( John 5:43)

          If it is indeed true what you say, “I came to my views on Judaism after reading countless snippets of…the Torah…that screamed racist intolerance,” someone has given you a fake Bible—throw it away and buy a real one, because there’s nothing like that in there.

          I’m glad to hear you say “The only thing standing between my present acceptance of self-declared Jews and a strong opposition to them is the belief that they don’t subscribe to the racial superiority tenants.” Most Jews I have known are embarrassed by those things.

          We should not hate the Jews–not just because they are mostly nice people who make us laugh and write wonderful songs–but because God has maintained them as a distinct nation under absolutely miraculous, impossible, odds. He did this for a reason. No other ethnic group has ever survived, much less prospered, after being scattered across the Earth, much less been regathered in their original home, speaking the same language as thousands of years before.

          Biblical prophesy never fails, and there are plenty of future prophesies where Jews play an important role at the end of the Age, which is, essentially, now. God drew them back to their ancestral homeland after 2,000 years, from North, South, East, and West, just as the prophets foretold. The country was reborn in a day, as Isaiah marveled when he was shown that astonishing event. Jesus can’t return until the Jews ASK Him to, so in their stubbornness they are essentially holding the world hostage. Jesus, in Zechariah, tells us that “they will look upon Me whom they pierced.” This will happen before the generation that started after Israel was reborn passes away, if Jesus is to be believed. So it’s very soon.

          Finally, I am not intolerant of Moslems, as you assert. I am intolerant of Islam, because it is evil, and makes those who submit to Allah prone to terrible personality pathologies. I love Moslems, and wish for them to stop submitting to that tyrannical, false, god.

          I could reply to the rest, but these two replies, both of which are certain to go to moderation in any event, are already too long.

        3. Another user posted an author who explains that Judaism is not an ethnic designation, but one of ideology; the vast majority of Jews are Ashkenazi, a tribe that adopted Judaism in the 6th century,
          the article is superb reading, as soon as I find it again I will post it

    2. This is strange…I received an e-mail notice of a new post on MHB with the same title as the article you linked from the jpost. When I clicked on the link in the e-mail, I got a “It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for” error, and there is no new post with that title on MHB this morning. Something screwy is going on.

  10. Lew Rockwell this morning published a fantastic story about the courageous, nationalistic leader of Hungary (https://www.lewrockwell.com/2016/02/linh-dinh/dare-hungary/). Here is a section regarding the Moslem invasion of Europe:

    What you have, then, is a nationalist leader, and in Europe, we haven’t seen one in a long while who’s so unapologetic without sounding shrill. In his speeches and interviews, Orban explains himself quite clearly and candidly. To Die Weltwoche, a Swiss newspaper, Orban said in November of 2015, “There are terms and concepts which for a long time could not be uttered, but which are once again beginning to form part of public discourse. For example, ‘borders’—are they good or bad? We can once again say that they have their good sides. Or ‘nation’: this word can once again be used in a positive sense. “Christianity”: most European leaders – including myself – are advised not to use this word too frequently, because most Europeans no longer feel Christian. Now, however, this word is once again returning to political debates. Or ‘pride,’ as in ‘the pride of a nation’: once again it has become a legitimate expression. A positive consequence of the migration crisis is that once again we are attempting to talk openly about our continent’s identity—more freely than in the past two decades.”

    The refugee/illegal immigration crisis has also exposed the impotence of the European Union, “This negative impression over the EU’s helplessness already existed before the migration crisis. The citizens of Europe saw it during the financial crisis and the crisis over Greece. They criticized their politicians for not being able to find a way out of the financial crisis. The stagnation of our national economies is still evident […] European citizens are convinced that their leaders are not effective. The migration crisis has, however, created a new impression. This is not related to effectiveness, but to democracy.”

    With citizens having no inputs, and most European leaders unable to make decisions in their nation’s interests, one is left to wonder who are behind all this mayhem? Orban, “It is hard to shake off this thought. We were debating for months, but the outcome was always the same: ‘Let the people in.’ And on top of this, in the first few months, for some reason no one was able to say out loud that this is an issue of the utmost importance for Europe. For months it was first regarded as a humanitarian issue, and then as a technical problem as to where the refugees should be settled and how they should be distributed. No one raised the question of whether the essence of the matter is more about our existence, our cultural identity and our way of life. I do not know for certain what is actually happening, and I do not want to blame anyone; but the suspicion arises that none of this is happening by chance. I am not brave enough to publicly talk about this as a certainty; the suspicion inevitably emerges, however, that there is some kind of master plan behind this.”

    End of quote.

    “… the suspicion inevitably emerges, however, that there is some kind of master plan behind this.” Indeed.

    1. Patrick, thanks for the posting. New “migrants” are flooding into Europe and so far this year women and children outnumber men. The wringing hands and bleeding hearts are out in full force because these are, for heaven’s sake, women and children!

      Viktor Orbán: “I am not brave enough to publicly talk about this as a certainty; the suspicion inevitably emerges, however, that there is some kind of master plan behind this.”

      Mr. Orbán has never been invited to a Bilderberg meeting and is not firsthand privy to the master plans from that crowd. However, he has a suspicion and who in their right mind does not when watching Europe transform into something else than it once was?

      Bilderberg attendees are vetted for compliance before invitations go out. To Orbán’s credit he did not qualify. Several top political flunkies, bankers and royalty from my old country made the requirement for invitations.

      And then there is Willy Claes, Bilderberg member and former NATO Secretary-General, who in a rare moment of candor while being interviewed, stated that Bilderberg attendees back in their respective countries do implement plans from these meetings.

      Perhaps Viktor Orbán is the last of a vanishing breed to the loss of nations everywhere.

  11. This appeared on my blog for any interested in vaccines.

    Hi Dublinsmick,
    Agree totally re vaccines, I am very anti vaccine. My daughter was the only girl in her 80+ girls secondary school class to not get the HPV vaccine. SO SO glad she didn’t. A little girl in her class, had a very bad reaction to the HPV and is still suffering with no end in sight (headaches, tired all the time, aches and pains everywhere). Her parents are in agony. Another girl who lives down the street and is a year older than my daughter, has developed Crohn’s disease after the HPV. Their mothers are now telling everyone, don’t get the HPV vaccine.
    I have noticed that my daughter now seems to be very far ahead of her classmates academically even though she is not the greatest studier and was on a level par with them at the start of secondary school. She tells me other girls often say to her, how come you can remember things so easily after reading them just a couple of times? I think their memory and ability to recall have been impaired by this vaccine and these are girls who didn’t have any outwardly bad reactions to the vaccine.
    Even if I am forced to get a vaccine for myself or my daughter, I won’t take it or allow her to have it, I would rather go to jail.

    I don’t know if Ashkenazi is an option with vaccines here in Ireland. I suspect it wouldn’t be as there would be historically no jewish presence around here. As my surname is very irish, the HSE would smell a rat and probably give a “normal” ie tainted vaccine anyway.

    Also the HSE would probably demand proof of being Ashkenazi.
    I do remember when I refused my daughter’s HPV vaccine I got in the post the next day an eight page A4 questionnaire from the HSE to fill out regarding the vaccine refusal, wish I had kept it so I could scan it and put it online so people can see how people refusing vaccines are treated. It asked hundreds of the NOSIEST questions I have ever seen. I was so angry I threw it in the bin straightaway. Fair enough they wanted to know the reason for the vaccine refusal but the form did not ask just that. It asked everything about me from my educational background to my occupation to how much money I earn to my family background to my GRANDmothers maiden names! It would have been like writing a complete autobiography filling it out! Just because I refused a vaccine the HSE wanted to me to give them my entire life history! I felt really targeted and still worry what they might have done with the information had I filled out that form.

    Then when the second batch of HPV injections was done last year I got a bossy letter from the HSE the day before, telling me that the HPV vaccinators were coming to the school the NEXT DAY and to make sure my daughter would be wearing a loose sleeved top to facilitate the injection. I thought this letter was so frighteningly worded, and it was strange they sent it to me knowing I had refused the first round of injections, that I kept my daughter off school the next day for fear that even though she doesn’t want the vaccine and I have rejected it on her behalf they might forcibly inject her anyway.

    I think everyone whose daughters were due the HPV got that second letter, reason being girls have started to feel ill shortly after having the HPV and the HPV vaccinators want to be out of town before any adverse reactions occur so they won’t have to deal with them.

    1. Interesting! My daughter lives in Northern California. Her oldest daughter was vaccinated once against HPV at age 12. I had a talk with her and directed her to anti-vaccine support groups. Lots of people here opposed to mandatory vaccines. As the threat of forced vaccines nears, she’s preparing to homeschool, as are many from her church.

      1. Increased homeschooling is one of the positives to come out of the forced vaccines bill. I, myself, chose homeschooling for my son once I finally realized how similar public schooling was to prison. After a few months of “independent study” through the school district, I filed my own Private School Affidavit, and it was off to the races. Best decision I ever made! My son is happy, healthy, and ambitious. He’s 18 now; he “graduated” at 16 and has been working nearly full-time since then.

        I don’t know the ages of your grands, or how they feel about homeschooling, but FWIW, this fellow Californian totally supports homeschoolers of all types. ?

    1. Am I the only one who keeps getting “zinged” with some new bit of information that creates a feeling of culture shock-

      ” the real mother of Angela Merkel is either Eva Braun or her sister Heidi Braun and Angela Merkel was born in Argentina. There she was handed over to the vatican which place her with the Krasners who are very much jewish with her father posing as a Lutheran minister in east Germany. “

      1. Nobody wants to believe and the “mainstream alternative news” I call it will not touch this subject. But hey follow the links, it is all there and they speak for themselves. There were many books on this banned in the Soviet union and were not on the NY times best seller list for obvious reasons.

        The pic of Merk and papi say it all. Anybody can look at it and tell they are related. The goal is the same, destroy Germany and Russia. Take Russian resources. How do they do that? Sanctions on Russia from Germany and trouble in the Ukraine.

  12. Has anyone watched the television show True Detective? I have just watched the second disc (episodes 4,5,6) for the second time. I can’t wait to see what happens next, although I have some guesses.

    It looks like corruption of the nature we examine so often here at MHB is what is being discovered, and the impossibility of revealing it through the system.

    Beautifully written, acted, filmed. This is indeed a golden age of television. These one season shows are like 10 hour long feature films, not at all like “made for TV” movies. Movie stars as the primary actors. Genuinely compelling, truth investigating, stories.

    1. Pat, I agree with you. I’ve seen both seasons of TD, and though I liked S1 better–but Colin Ferrell IS damned nice looking!–both were very well done. (Sadly, I don’t remember the details of either well enough to discuss at any length.)

    1. Waterbury newspaper “Republican American” has the same photo of grandson and grandma with a different background. It can be found in the link below, a collage of Republican American copyrighted images. The grandma is also featured in solo positions in additional photos here. A lot of 15 minutes of fame for random people. In the Republican American photo we see two additional persons behind the pair, a young boy and someone with an arm over his shoulder. The foursome clearly belong together.

      Picture yourselves living in New Britain, CT on 12/14/12. You hear about a shooting in SH some 40 miles away. You load yourself, grandma, a young boy and another person into a vehicle which has to be fairly large. Why large? Because on the way you stop to get 26 white balloons which will take up a fair amount of space in this vehicle.

      Now, ask yourselves, this random group from New Britain knows there are 26 victims even before Carver knows what the heck is going on. These are minor players, but as they say “the devil is in the details”. And who in their right mind brings grandma and young boy to an active mass shooting? It is bright daylight outside, so this group is not late arriving at the scene.

      The photo in the video shows the grandson and grandma in the exact same position, but not the same background as the newspaper photo and without the young boy with someone’s arm over his shoulder. The video photo is copyrighted by sports photographer Tim Clayton.

      From Republican American:


      NEWTOWN, CT, 14 DEC 12-121412AJ17- Zulma Sein, of New Britain, is comforted by her grandson Kevin March while praying for victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. the family brought one balloon for all 26 victims. Alec Johnson/ Republican-American
      Copyright:Republican American

  13. Forgive me if this has already been mentioned but did you see that Andrew Solomon has a new book out called “A Mother,s Reckoning.” ,that he wrote with the Mom of Dylan Kiebold, of Columbine fame. This follows his book about Adam Lanza, written with Peter Lanza’s help. He also has written a book about his own battles with depression, and a book about how one shouldn’t classify people with autism as violent or dangerous. He comes from a Pharma family. Interesting literary cannon, interesting man.

  14. FYI

    Darrel Bradford Smith’s website, Iamthewitness.com , researching criminal Zionism, no longer exists. This website which has been around for over ten years, was eliminated in the last 24 hours. I noticed that Smith has not posted many new items to his site over the last few months. Now the site is gone.

    Smith is the brother of Rick Adams who has the Uncensored show on Saturdays on RepublicBroadcasting.org

      1. Listening to Bradford’s last words is rather chilling,
        this brave man was never afraid to name names,
        and systematically routed out the Zionist element that pulls the strings at the top,
        he must be under some pressure to step down like this,
        I had hoped he was going to relocate,
        get his downloads while you can before they get scrubbed from the net (compliments of the Jewish Defense League, a subversive Zionist organization) and their many co-conspirators,
        working as a 5th column in our country

      2. Thank you, AnneB, for posting that video with Morris108 YouTube Channel.

        YT URL for that video is


        just for the record.

        It is ironic that DBS expatriated US about 20 years ago to get away from what is now a reality in France but is not quite the reality yet here in the USA, i.e., constitutional enactments of police state.

        He mentioned another scenario, similar to my mention, that THEY actually want everybody to buy lots of personal firearms so that when the reality of THEIR making the food supply shut down we will then start shooting each other for food and that accomplishes THEIR depopulation agenda.

        Again, the whole Second Amendment / gun control agenda is worked so that no matter how it plays out, THEY win. They can even have it work out so that it looks we the crazy public are the cause of all the bad things that happen.

        That idea of the food supply being shut down does strike me as being a very real and imminent. You can see like for example when there is a threat of a big hurricane coming to your area soon that all the grocery story shelves become bare, especially of bottled water but also of all food on shelves. People rush in at all hours of day and night to the store and just buy up anything they can get their hands on and there is an ugly greedy pushy atmosphere among the customers in that semi-panic mode. That way of people’s behavior and reaction is well known to the perps of all emergency type events, including weather modification techniques. When people get panicky and greedy and ugly with each other, THEIR little “false flag: sort of goes on auto pilot and we the people carry out their killing plan most efficiently for THEM.

        Personal sacrifice, penance, and prayer to God by each one of us is the only real action I can see that will give present and, most importantly, eternal help.


        Still getting jicky’d around by WordPress and cannot get notifications by email.

        1. …https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPkHI9CovF8…

          Erase leading and trailing elipses.

          Me catch on not so quick.

  15. I’m proud to be surveilled on your comment sections! Truly this blog is making a positive difference in the world by disrupting the staid thought which prevails in America as an almost tangible malaise. Thank you and keep up the great coverage of linchpin events like Sandy Hook and Scalia getting whacked.


  16. Raised under the Talmud,
    whose mother was a Mossad agent ,
    dual citizen to a foreign country (Israel)
    Michael Chertoff served as head of Department Of Homeland Security, and “headed the criminal division at the Department of Justice where he “helped trace the 9/11 terrorist attacks to the al-Qaida network.” (gotta love that)
    This is an act of treason, an obvious Mossad agent serving in a high ranking position in our government,
    and only demonstrates the JEWISH occupation of our government

    1. “Dr. James Fetzer’s thrice weekly show on MediaBroadcastingCenter has not aired for, as of today, the last three show dates.”

      I learn this morning that Dr. Fetzer’s show of Friday, February 19, did broadcast and that Allan Powell was the substitute show host for Dr. Fetzer and that the guest for the first hour of the two-hour show was Dr. James Tracy.

      I did not receive the usual email notification from


      that I normally receive at the time that the show is beginning to air.

      The three show dates I did not receive notifications on were

      Wednesday, February 17, 2016
      Friday, February 19, 2016 (The show with Dr. Tracy as guest and is new separate article posting here on MHB)
      Monday, February 22, 2016

      (The last regular Livestream notification email I received was for the show on Monday, February 15, 2016.)

      On the three dates listed above, I did, at the time of the show scheduled start time go to the MediaBroadcastingCenter.com, logged in properly, and tried to see if the show was airing and that I just did not receive the Livestream email for some reason. I could not see any indication on the MBC site that the show was airing “live.”

      The shows are archived and posted on the YouTube backup channel


      within 12 to 24 hours, sometimes less time. As of this comment posting, none of those three shows have been posted on YT. The only way I found out about the show of February 19 was here on the MHB article…

      February 22, 2016
      James Tracy on The Real Deal w/ Allan William Powell

      I find these many “failures” in the normal routine for Dr. Fetzer’s MBC Real Deal recent shows to be quite anomalous and cannot attribute them all to MBC personnel or equipment failures.

      If anyone else is a regular Livestream subscriber to Dr. Fetzer’s MBC show, it would be valuable to document in this posting of mine if their experiences of similar “failures” in the normal procedures.

      1. It appears that Dr. Fetzer’s shows are now being presented via a completely different platform. No longer Livestream and no longer emails from Livestream right before show starts.

        I stumbled upon the new way to tune in to the shows on Mon Wed Fridays from 7:00 to 9:00 Central time.

        It is now with YouTube live streaming. Guess this truly is live streaming whereas before it was a streaming of a show that had been recorded earlier in the day and calls from listeners were not taken.


        MBC is still the network and their homepage indicates live calls are being taken on some shows so I just do not know what the deal is about that for the Real Deal show.


  17. What is the Jewish power in America, and what are the effects of this disproportionate influence? Jewish American scholar Alfred M. Lilienthal states:
    ” “How has the Zionist will been imposed on the American people?… It is the Jewish connection, the tribal solidarity among themselves and the amazing pull on non-Jews, that has molded this unprecedented power … The Jewish connection covers all areas and reaches every level. Most Americans may not even sense this gigantic effort, but there is scarcely a Jew who is not touched by its tentacles…
    “The extent and depth to which organized Jewry reached – and reaches – in the U.S. is indeed awesome … The most effective component of the Jewish connection is probably that of media control … Jews, toughened by centuries of persecution, have risen to places of prime importance in the business and financial world… Jewish wealth and acumen wields unprecedented power in the area of finance and investment banking, playing an important role in influencing U.S. policy toward the Middle East … In the larger metropolitan areas, the Jewish-Zionist connection thoroughly pervades affluent financial, commercial, social, entertainment, and art circles.”

  18. “Jews played a key role in prodding the United States into war in Iraq. They included: Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Secretary of Defense; Richard Perle of the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board; David Wurmser in the State Department; and, Douglas Feith, the Pentagon’s Undersecretary for Policy. These men acted in accord with Zionist plans to overthrow the Iraqi regime that were already in place well before Bush became president in early 2001. / 18To sum up: Jews wield immense power and influence in the United States. The “Jewish lobby” is a decisive factor in US support for Israel. Jewish-Zionist interests are not identical to American in­terests. In fact, they often conflict….
    As long as the “very powerful” Jewish lobby remains entrenched, there will be no end to the Jewish-Zionist domination of the US polit­ical system and the American media, the Zionist oppression of Palestinians, the Israeli threat to peace, and the bloody con­flict between Jews and non-Jews in the Middle East.

  19. Starting at the top, the last column trap having grown unbearable. Again. This is in reply to the always amusing musings of Mick from Dublin.

    “Why would they ever get so upset about 9 tenths of their country stolen from them, their children used for target practice by the Israelis? Abducted and their organs stolen from them on the way to school? Their wells poisoned and their olive trees bulldozed? What is wrong with these people.”

    File this in the “when will you stop beating your wife” folder. None of it is true. The question is, why does anyone believe these wildly ridiculous lies? That’s what is really at issue here. Such rubbish can be widely accepted only because the press tells only lies.

    It is difficult to know what you are replying to, Mick, the thread having grown so long, but I’ll take a wild stab that it is to do with the last comment with a “reply” button. If so, you seem to be a fan of incitement to murder, broadcast through social media. Bravo! A man who admits to enthusiastic support for terrorism is a brave soul.

    Or maybe not, if it’s Moslems who are trying to get everyone to hear the message. In this new civilization, Moslems are exempt from civilizational norms. Anyone (like me) who points this out these days is being impolitic. But I don’t mind putting turds in the punchbowl, when the party is an evil one.

    Of course, my utter delight is what’s in view here. Moslems can demand that what used to be the West censor any criticism of Islam, even as they rape and pillage Europe, and those weenies who inherited what used to be the West bend over, grab the ankles and shout PLEASE, SIR, MAY I HAVE ANOTHER!!!? As if Islam is the superior civilization.

    Well, it’s not, and I am sick and tired of the pretense that it is.

    Meanwhile, Israel has endured for decades Palestinian media inciting hatred and murder against its citizens, and done nothing about it, like a deer in the headlights. What to do?

    Finally, they found the way to counter the propaganda. Knowing full well that the world in our time will never defy Allah, they say, hey, you guys are full-on-board with media censorship favoring Islam, so we want the same deal! Stop the incitement to murder all the time! We want the same deal Islam is getting!

    Now, the world will be forced to acknowledge its cravenness. Why indeed does Islam get this deferential treatment? And why is Islam’s declared enemy supposed to endure, day in, day out, incitement to murder its citizenry being broadcast to its neighboring Moslems, who can actually enter the country and act on those incitements?

    Will anyone in the public press answer that question Israel’s proposal was meant to pose?

    And how is it that anyone does not notice that this is a propaganda counter-measure, designed not to impose censorship, but to ask why censorship is already being imposed by a truly evil political ideology, and no one seems to be bothered by it?

    Unless it’s a question of hate. I contend that it is.

    1. This wasn’t about Islam which is just another Abrahamic religion. I am not a fan of all three of them, being basically distorted by the hucksters to take in the naive such as yourself.

      Most anybody is having their country stolen, whether they be Eskimos, or Easter Island residents are not going to be happy campers.

      But if you are serious about the muslim problem complain to the management.

      Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society launches petition drive to increase this year’s refugee quota from 70,000-100,000

      Citing the crisis in Syria and Iraq, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, one of nine major federal contractors has launched a drive to petition the Obama Administration to increase the Fiscal Year 2015 admissions to the US.

      Always keep in mind that the contractors are paid by the head to resettle refugees to your towns and cities. Readers will remember it was Nezer who earlier this year said we should take 75,000 Syrians over 5 years.
      Although she says they are trying to save Christians and religious minorities, interested readers should call them and ask how many Muslims they resettled in recent years and ask what percentage of the Syrians in the pipeline for America right now are Muslims.

      Catholic charities is right here in the middle of it.

      If you think this is too outrageous to even consider, it isn’t. Remember HIAS has helped resettle over 100,000 (mostly Muslim) Iraqis and over 100,000 Muslim Somalis to America. Nothing would make them happier than to see 200,000 Syrians (90% will be Sunni Muslims) for you to care for where you live. And, the Christian ‘charities’ will be right there with them!

      1. Checked your site out,
        interesting articles,
        if I understand the jist of your message,
        your answer to the upcoming (and present day) upheavals is to simply trust in God-is it really just that simple?

    1. “Look what they done to my brain, Ma…”

      I’m not a Miley Cyrus fan, but Lord Almighty, can she sing! She has a Janis-Joplin-y quality to her voice: gravelly, but far more melodic, and has the power of a man. Such a shame her talent will be abused and discarded like yesterday’s fish.

      1. Recynd,
        Do you remember this song from when you were a kid? The French part is supposed to be like Edith Piaf.

        I agree with your remarks about Miley’s voice. You gotta figure she’s been singing that country style her whole life. Too bad she can’t be authentic to it.

        A friend of mine worked with her on a Disney promo shoot when she was sixteen and says she was a nightmare. She was dressed like a stripper and yelling at Disney execs about being underage. She even made racist jokes. He says this doesn’t really convey how repulsed he was by her, even though she was so young.

        She seemed to have no work ethic like some child actors, unusual in that she’s not just a Disney kid, she’s also from a show business family.

        My friend made the observation that she is cooperating with the tabloids because she never gets in trouble for anything, like smoking salvia and then talking backwards on video. I said she’s cooperating with more than that – I bet she’s not coming up with the “Let’s tease the pedophiles!” pageants on her own. (See pedo bear and the MTV video awards show). Or her videos, or her entire persona.

        She might be sociopathic.


        1. That’s really interesting, Toni. Not that I pay too much attention to pop culture icons, but I hadn’t been able to pin down Miley’s “deal”. Unlike many other queen celebs, she NEVER seems vulnerable. I mean, I understand image cultivation and preservation, but in this day and age of the ubiquity of high-quality cameras, you’d think someone would catch an unguarded or introspective moment.

          I am not convinced that all these stars are “MK Ultra’d” (though it’s an interesting theory all right); more likely, they’re just highly commoditized and controlled (though that doesn’t explain Brittney’s or Amanda Bynes’ or Lindsey Lohan’s…or Anna Nicole’s, sheesh!…breakdowns).

          Aren’t the music and tv/film industries basically the same? It’s hard to believe that one would be all MK Ultra’d and the other not be, but you rarely hear that accusation being levied at the tv/movie industry.

          Anyway, it’s all interesting: who gets famous, and for what, and all the corresponding power and wealth.

        2. VC, of course, is all over that, and I’m right there with him. He’s done numerous articles about the sad descent of the Disney girls.

          Whenever I read those pieces, I think back to the early decades of the recorded music industry. As you know, I love Cole Porter and the Gershwin boys, and Harold Arlen, Irving Berlin and all the rest. The singers of their songs were not under the control of the record companies and their producers. Something changed. Dave McGowan’s work points to the pivot point.

        3. Yes, there’s clearly SOMETHING going on…and Intel is a key player, I’m sure.

          I wonder at the relationship between the military, Intel, and Satanism (broadly defined), and the level of understanding of the participants, from the artist, to the producers, to everyone in between.

          I read VC, but it seems like he’s taken a theory (MK Ultra) and run with it. There’s very little analysis done outside that filter.

        4. Yes, he’s got a one track mind. But I’m glad he’s on the case.

          Incidentally, Recynd, I’ve read the AV Club articles (up to episode six) of True Detective (http://www.avclub.com/tv/true-detective/?season=1).

          A reference/link to the meaning of The Yellow King is offered, and the writer tells us it’s essential to understanding the show. It’s truly frightening. It infected, in fact, my comments about history, in a two part comment yesterday in another post. The genuine respect for the depth of evil we are facing.

          The final two episodes will arrive in the mail tomorrow, Netflix assures me. I shall watch them, probably twice, and then put all three discs right back in the queue to watch straight through. I think that show points directly to the core of the evil all the troubles we examine here at MHB. Two episodes left, but I think I’m right.

        5. I need to re-watch S1. I remember I was a wee bit disappointed with the ending, but I’m eager to hear what you think. I read a bit about The Yellow King, but much of Rust’s (bleak) philosophy went right over my head (at least I was able to realize how much I was missing!).

          I’m going to go back and read AV’s analysis; maybe that’ll help. But I’m glad you like it :). It’s a deep one.

        6. Again Recynd, I agree with you, even though your new “look” sorta creeps me out! It’s a notch or two beyond “edgy”.

          I’ve read much of the speculation about rock music and stars, etc.. From some measure of personal experience I know that some of it is bunk. I don’t disagree that the image and message is there for a purpose. I don’t know, for a fact, how much of the participation is totally voluntary or willful.

          It is pretty obvious that today’s music business is pushing images and memes more than music. The imagery is pretty awful. That part is certainly not accidental.

          Whether these stars have been brainwashed or not is another matter entirely. Just because the imagery is present doesn’t mean that those who star in these pageants have been subjected to it.

          In some ways it could be a simple as wanting to be an entertainer and having your career managed by those who insist that you play their roles. Either way, the message is Satanic. It is unhealthy. It is primarily aimed at kids.

          Only those who wish to destroy the fabric of society would engage in this type of thing. It isn’t a “naturally occurring” phenomenon. Most of the music is dreadful. Miley’s a good example. She can SING. Her material sucks.

          I read a pretty interesting piece about her handler. He’s a world-class pervert. He’s the one who came up with the outfits and the “image”. Her dad’s obviously up to his ears in music industry slime as well.

          I think (and I certainly don’t know), that Miley is reasonably intelligent. With her I think its all a game. She gets lots of attention, money and never has to “grow up”. Nobody interviews her for her insights.

        7. Toni, your comments about your friend working with her reminded me of something.

          My wife worked at a university for several years. It became a habit for us to meet several of her friends and coworkers every Friday night at a club in the college town. It was an old 19th Century saloon, very nicely done up with real period furnishings, etc..

          Sometimes some of my musician friends and I would play a few tunes for the crowd. On this particular night we arrived a little late and, to my surprise who should be sitting at our table with my musician friend Bob but Vincent Price. It turns out that he had a relative who attended the university and he was up for a visit.

          What a marvel this man was to be around. He (being gay) was enamored with Bob (who was NOT), but he took it in good stride and entertained us with stories for hours. People kept coming to our table to say hello and at some point I got up and introduced him to everyone there. He took over the entire place. He told stories, he told jokes, he did a scene from King Lear (there wasn’t a dry eye in the place). Lastly, he sang a bawdy song.

          He had great warmth and everyone around him felt that he was lavishing his talent on them alone. At the end of the night we put him in a cab and sent him on his way. He made a grand exit, shaking hands with everyone and giving them his warmest smile.

          Now, contrast that to what you just described. I certainly don’t follow her as a fan. I know virtually nothing about her. She is obviously talented. Talent doesn’t excuse bad manners nor is it a license to insult your coworkers or your audience.

          I doubt that many will have the same sort of memories about our Miley that I do for Vincent. I suppose that’s the difference between being a product and being great.

        8. lophatt, what a cool story about Vincent Price. Now there was an entertainer. You’re totally right about the difference from Miley. Couldn’t be greater.

          But then I can’t think of anyone nowadays that’s like Vincent. Maybe Nicholson.

          Maybe Justin Timberlake could entertain a tavern like that. He was a Disney kid, too, but he didn’t come out all demented. He’s kind of an all around entertainer, with the acting and all.

  20. Here is a good article explaining the lead contaminated water in Flint, Michigan, and would you believe 6 other Michigan cities with even more lethal levels of lead in the water.

    Fluoride greatly compounds the problem and this has been known for many years, but Flint apparently committed a deliberate misdeed to the detriment of the people.

    Be sure to go to site and use hyperlinks in article to get the full picture.

    “To be clear, Flint’s lead problem was primarily caused by the decision in April 2014 to obtain drinking water from the corrosive, chloride-laden Flint River, which was further compounded by the city’s inexcusable failure to add anti-corrosives to this water. These two factors were sufficient to create a major corrosion problem in Flint’s aging pipes, even without fluoridation.”

    The whole sordid history of fluoridation of municipal water supplies goes back about a full century and is connected to the most evil moneyed powers who run the USA. This is all related to vaccines and BigPharma as well, and even BigFarma too. Chemicals to poison our air, our soil, our water, our food and our bodies and minds.

    The poverty connection, ergo minority children being particularly hurt by lead poinsoning, has to do with old kind of water pipes in older residential and industrial areas where poorer people live and work.

    If you were to examine very carefully what happened in Flint, you would most likely find much more than just a few people who just made a few bad decisions.


    Fluoridation: Worsening the Lead Crisis in Flint, and Beyond – Fluoride Action Network
    Residents of Flint, Michigan recently had their lives turned upside down by revelations that their tap water has been poisoned with dangerous levels of lead. The staggering health ramifications of lead poisoning, coupled with the scandalous actions of local, state, and federal governments in turning a blind eye to this poisoning, has captured the nation’s collective horror.
    Left unspoken, however, in the media’s coverage of the Flint tragedy is the role that Flint’s fluoridation program may have played in intensifying this crisis.
    In the following FAN Special Report, we explain why fluoridation may well be magnifying the hazards of Flint’s lead crisis, not only by increasing the corrosivity of water, but by facilitating the uptake of lead into blood and aggravating lead’s toxic effects on the brain.
    The lead crisis, and fluoridation’s exacerbation of it, is not just a Flint problem, it’s a national problem, as millions of Americans from all corners of the country are drinking fluoridated water that flows through lead-contaminated pipes on route to the tap.
    We hope this report will serve as a useful primer for those looking to understand this important, yet poorly understood, risk to public health.
    Michael Connett
    Executive Director
    Fluoride Action Network
    Los Angeles, CA


    Fluoridation: Worsening the Lead Crisis in Flint, and Beyond – Fluoride Action Network

  21. The Coup begins..Same thing with Syria. The Military had about had a belly-full of taking orders from the Muslim Brotherhood in Chief.

    Issa said it was up to U.S. military leaders to decide whether to follow Obama’s plan, which he said was unlawful.

    “Are they going to obey an unlawful order, an unlawful order to move people from Guantanamo, an unlawful order to close the base?” he said.

    The California congressman added that the deaths of thousands of Cherokees occurred because the military followed a President’s order rather than the law. He further suggested he’d support military leaders who refused to implement Obama’s plan.

    “Remember the Trail of Tears was only possible, the murder of those Native Americans was only possible, because the military obeyed an order in violation of the U.S. Supreme Court,” he added. “So do I believe that the military may push back on the President if he’s given an unlawful order? Actually, I do. I can see flag officers resigning rather than obeying a clearly unlawful order.”

    Watch below:


      1. Was thinking this has to be yet another distraction since the Kalamazoo thing isn’t going so well.

        He said they can save from 60-80 million a year, ummm that is peanuts compared to the billions squandered.

        Our Senator indicated that it will take many hundreds of millions to make the old Charleston brig secure. There is also this slight problem since it was abandoned – it is now a nice community of homes and schools, one grade school in 1/2 mile away.

    1. I have never heard so much rubbish in my life-what exactly is the problem with closing an illegal prison site where the American Government tortured people, many of whom were simply collected with no particular rhyme or reason? And linking it to the Trail of Tears? OMG what a bunch of criminals running the Governmen

      1. Sun,

        Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. It is the oldest overseas U.S. Naval Base.

        At the United Nations Human Rights Council in 2013, Cuba’s Foreign Minister demanded the U.S. return the base and the “usurped territory”, which the Cuban government considers to be occupied since the U.S. invasion of Cuba during the Spanish–American War in 1898

        This is what is at stake. Not GitMo Prision but the actual Base.

        This is what O’ you know who is fixing to give back to the Cubans to Hurt the US.

        The Prison propaganda is a ruse.

        We must Never abandon this Base. 100% guaranteed it will wind up in the wrong hands.

        Remember the Cuban Missile Crisis?

        1. Haha….You know what I mean. Screw O’ Ya know. He’s trying to give it away. Thats all I’m sayin’

    1. Yesterday in the car, listening to the sad excuse for a radio station KFI, they were discussing the demise of the Bush dynasty now that Jeb is out. One had a brainstorm and thought he remembered a cousin who might continue the dynasty, but could not remember the name of this cousin, only that he has some Hispanic blood.

      During a break the able assistant came up with the cousin’s name – one George P. Bush. Yep, that was it. The cousin was George P. Bush, but no mention of whose cousin in the Bush crime family. On to the next silly topic. These radio jocks are paid too well to be such idiots.

      George P. Bush is the son of Jeb and his Mexican born wife. His credentials in order to continue the Bush crime family dynasty:

      George Prescott Bush is an American attorney, U.S. Navy Reserve officer, real estate investor and politician who serves as the Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office. Wikipedia

      1. I don’t know too much about him other than he seems to be being groomed for political office.

        Rumor also has it that Chelsea C. is being groomed for the same. They’re like roaches…will we never be rid of them?

        1. He’s sort of a “Latino Forest Gump”. He’s like his dad, only not as sharp. Think about that.

      1. Dub,
        “when we are successful, and we will be” You know he is..haha

        Don’t feel bad, I’m one of those Lizards that have to go back in the Infrared light(4th dimension) to rejuvenate until they finish Spraying and lowering the Carbon levels.

        All Good, We have Lizard Monopoly, Lizard Yahtzee..we’re good.

        We still are talking your planet….(Cue Scary Music) HeeHee Haa Hoo

  22. To the detriment of the world, NASA rejected Hillary as an astronaut. Apparently the Marines did not want her either. She retaliated by becoming a politician.

    This is line with her being named after Sir Edmund Hillary who rose to worldwide fame in 1953. Hillary’s parents over in Chicago, who most likely had never heard of the mountain climber in 1947 when the would-be astronaut was born, waited six years to name their daughter after him.

    Her 1961 photo shows a cunning face even at that age. Approx. 1 minute if you can stand it:


    1. That woman gives me an awful case of The Horribles. And the point of packing the audience with females was…? Ugh, she’s so flipping transparent, how everyone can’t see through her astounds me.

    1. Another Defeatist telling everyone don’t vote, it doesn’t matter just like in 2012.

      I know many will disagree, but I heard from the horses mouth how this works.

      Wonder why the Demonrats spend so time busing people in to vote?
      Or spending so much energy having people vote using other peoples names that are active (whether they know they are or not) all across the country?

      Think it’s for their health?

      Because to win by fraud, the vote must be a “Tight” race. Just as 2012.

      It’s very hard to commit Fraud in a “Landslide”.

      Yes, they do count the vote and yes lots of fraud but thats not the point.

      “They” want YOU to stay home, they bus them in and win in a hands down non-disputable Win.

      That’s how it’s done.

      A Dog and Pony Show. But, they need dogs and ponies to actually vote to win.

      That’s what the head Fraud Dem said…

    2. This guy is an unrealistic dreamer. If you ignore the state, blowing off its decrees, as he says is the best approach, the state will put you in a cage. And others in adjacent cages will sodomize you. Apparently, he doesn’t know that.

      Not paying attention to the state can’t make it cease to exist. The state is violence. Defiance of the state is a ticket to a cage.

      Rose is a fool if this is what he really believes.

      1. Pat, I hate to disagree, but I think Larken Rose is the Man. He’s been in the cage, so he knows of whence he speaks.

        Here’s the full version of his most recent talk at Anarchopoloco:

        His message is actually very simple: No one has the right to act immorally.

        Now, whether that can work or not’s another thing altogether (we know Utopias are impossible I’m this fallen world); but the more who believe this principle, the better.

        1. With a hierarchy destined to rule comes loss of morality in and around the ruling elite. Larken Rose, in his talks, objects to persons giving themselves the power to rule over others and the exemption from morality. He does not advocate taking up arms against this hierarchy, but to abstain from violence and practice peaceful non compliance to the best of one’s ability. There are ways to accomplish this while keeping away the gendarmes.

          Like Larken said, perhaps one day there will be no need for non compliance, and no need for talks like his due to the eventual and natural elimination of the hierarchy due to people being informed.

          What the hierarchy/oligarchy, or any other names that fit, have accomplished so far is not in the interest of humanity. Have perpetual wars and voting time and again for the lesser of two, three or more evils, benefited said humanity? I’d say no. So why not do something different, akin to skipping a flat stone in water and watch the ripple effect – a beautiful sight.


        2. Yes, to a large extent I agree with what he says. I think it is vitally important, however, to understand the nature of power, those who seek it, and the consequences of resistance.

          In my lifetime, I can well remember when, as a nation, we had an ethos that at least recognized individual freedom. While much of it was a myth, of course, the power mad at least played lip service to the concept. I actually believe that they were afraid, at some level, that there was an invisible barrier that couldn’t be crossed without their losing power.

          Certain pivotal events, like the JFK assassination, have shown that their power is virtually limitless. Those who appear to be in control are at the beckon call of others. What power they desire over others they guard jealously.

          I have said many times that people need to stop asking permission. I completely believe that. I also believe that, rather than asking is something “legal” or not, one should use one’s conscious to make those decisions.

          Having said that, I wouldn’t mistake those statements for believing that no consequences will ensue. Control is the life’s blood of the psychopath. They will destroy anything and anyone who threatens their control.

          I have also said, like Larken Rose, that we need to ignore them. Believe it or not, this requires a certain degree of creativity. Depending on the circumstances it may even require someone to nod assent while doing the opposite.

          A few things are beyond question. Those in power do not seek office in order to do things that are good for us. Those in power will NEVER admit to not being in control of something. The more we ask those in power to “solve” problems, the more powerful they feel. It only encourages them.

          So, with all that in mind, do I recommend going to the nearest street corner and shouting out your new status as freeborn citizen? No! Openly challenging power is, as Patrick so correctly says, a ticket to a cage. It may make the prisoner feel righteous and Godlike in their ways, but, as a practical matter it isn’t comfortable or productive.

          There are small but powerful ways to live authentically. Each action requires discernment. Above all, we need to stop further empowering those who rule from their egos. What we need, if anything, is humility. Both in ourselves and in those who would serve their respective societies.

          We once had a common ethos (at least on paper). It was taught in school and in church. Those who “lead” were at least required to acknowledge it. That’s why I do not agree with Rose when he claims that “its getting better”. No it isn’t.

          What we have these days are “gladiators” who woe the crowd with tales of their egos and their power. They divide their people into warring camps and then assail the rest of the world like it is a “winner take all” contact sport.

          Here’s a suggestion, whenever possible, complain about ANYTHING they propose. Do not ask them to do ANYTHING. If they do it on their own ask; “by what authority do you do this?”. If we don’t ask, they shouldn’t do.

          We need to stop “looking up” to them and start staring down at them like the self-serving vermin they are. If anyone believes that one of these bought-and-paid-for ego maniacs is going to “fix” anything, you certainly don’t understand what I, or Larkin Rose, are saying.

        3. Okay, okay…I think I changed my avatar. Is this one better? Will anything I say be taken seriously, you think (if it ever was, that is)?

          Your comments are the greatest generally, but this one takes the cake. You said it PERFECTLY. I hope you save these comments to pass down to the next generation of Little Lophatts. “See? I told you Grandpa was smart!”

        4. Recynd and lophatt – yes, it’s true. The “silent” revolt has to be done as not to warrant a one way ticket to the nearest FEMA camp. I am up against two major obstacles now and say no way. Nope. The repercussion I can live with, although my so-called freedom will be diminished a bit. Nothing I can’t live considering the alternative. On the third obstacle I did it my way and sailed through.

          Reynd, what on earth replaced the strange face?

        5. You’re a tough customer to please! I’ll keep this for awhile, and see how it fits. It’s just so delightfully undignified that I just couldn’t resist it.

        6. A cat? I thought it was bloated tick. If you ever see one under a microscope, you’ll know what I mean.

        7. I really do need those eye glasses, have been procrastinating too long. Have three of those critters myself (not ticks) and I should know a butt licking feline when I see one.

  23. PayPal Dishonesty and Chicanery

    Received this oddly worded notice that I have to somehow update my account because they have encountered some kind of problem with my account. it came from odd address


    which may be a fake PayPal communication or spam. The email does seem to contain the actual PayPal logo.

    I have avoided PayPal like the plague for a long time but I noticed that in the last few months they were processing some donations with me donating as a guest and not using registering for or having an actual PayPal account so I did donate as a guest about two or three times in last few months but not at all use of any kind since Dr. Tracy’s PayPal button was forced to be taken down.

    Notice of changes to the PayPal user agreement.

    Dear Customer,

    Log in to your PayPall account as soon as possible

    We have recently encountered a problem in your account.
    when you created your PayPal account to make sure you're the account holder
    Click the Activation link and Follow the instructions. !


    Get more out of your account

    Now is the time to make your PayPal account even more useful:

    Account Overview

    Get up-to-date information about your payments.
    Add or withdraw money from your PayPal account.
    See a detailed transaction history.

    Yours sincerely,

    There is no way you can trust email communications regarding PayPal and I have no idea if this email is the real deal or not but know enough not to “click the activation link and follow the instructions.”

    Caveat Emptor!

  24. “Homegrown violent extremists can be motivated by any viewpoint on the full spectrum of hate—anti-government views, racism, bigotry, anarchy and other despicable beliefs,”
    John Carlin Assistant Attorney General in charge of anit-domestic terrorism (October 2015)

    As one can clearly observe, Assistant Attorney General, John Carlin, is clearly stating that if one disagrees with the government, they are considered (under the Patriot Act) to be a Homegrown violent extremist.
    ( Extracted from an article on thecommonsenseshow.com, by Dave Hodges..)
    So, George Bush was prophetic.. who would’ve guessed it?


  25. Since we had a few comments about the utility of the 2nd Amendment I thought it good to post this rather unnerving excerpt from The Global Research webpage, re: what is coming up-

    “…Another anonymous career insider from Homeland Security just admitted:

    'Preparations have been finalized to respond to a crisis of unprecedented magnitude within the United States. The response will include the use of lethal force against US citizens under the instructions of Barack Obama.'

    The whistleblower described the atmosphere inside the DHS mega-bureaucracy as forebodingly paranoid where no one trusts anyone and workers are leaving in droves. Afraid of information leaks, conditions have become so oppressive to create an ultra-hostile, toxic work environment. The DHS retiree maintains that the upcoming crisis will be “rooted in an economic collapse.” He said a key precursor just before the crash to look for will be falling gold and silver prices. The orchestrators behind it are the Wall Street bankers who of course like with every fixed crash in the past will be busily buying up all the precious metals for untold illegal profiteering. The insider maintains that America’s already sliding into crash mode though most people don’t realize it yet, adding:
    The ‘big bang’ comes at the end, when people wake up one morning and can’t log in to their bank accounts, can’t use their ATM cards, and find out that their private pension funds and other assets have been confiscated.”


  26. “Preparations have been finalized to respond to a crisis of unprecedented magnitude within the United States. The response will include the use of lethal force against US citizens under the instructions of Barack Obama…
    Additionally what is coming will be unlike any civil war in history, it will be very personal, the government will call the Patriots forces terrorists and traitors, they will arrest, intern, torture and murder suspected terrorists families, this will result in bloody reprisals which will start a vicious cycle lasting for years”

  27. Here’s a short, fascinating interview with the 2 daughters of Lee Harvey Oswald. This is the early 90’s, during the Clinton presidency, the girls Rachel and June are in their 20’s.
    Interesting snips of info, such as the feds took all the girls’ personal possessions etc , even though they were babies at the time…, including their birth certificates. June says she wrote to the White House, asking for her birth certificate back, so she could apply for a passport and was ignored.

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xS63tVSFCKA&w=420&h=315%5D

  28. On the most important civilizational trend in any of our lifetimes, ongoing:

    Taki, as usual, gets it exactly right: http://takimag.com/article/here_in_the_fifth_circle_taki/print#axzz40oU5sqyU

    Also, Michelle’s Mirror: http://www.michellesmirror.com/2016/02/suicide-is-painless.html#.Vs3txceJX9I

    Except that civilizational suicide isn’t actually painless. We are going to suffer, terribly.

    When Allah demonstrates what his will looks like, will those who abandoned faith in Jesus repent? What will those euroweenies say?

    1. As Sweden Collapses Norway Promises to Close Border
      Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg is “prepared for the worst”

      The failure of the borderless Schengen Area scheme implemented by the European Union has prompted Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg to warn her country will abandoned the Geneva Convention and close the border if Sweden collapses.

      “In October Swedish foreign minister Margot Wallstrom said the tidal wave of immigrants entering the country has destabilized the government and placed an immense burden on its socialist system. In response, the government is now considering hiking taxes on citizens to pay for the influx. Like”

      They will do this to us in a while. Libs think everything is free, someone has to pay for Open Borders policy.

      “I think most people feel that we cannot maintain a system where perhaps 190,000 people will arrive every year—in the long run, our system will collapse,” Wallstrom said.

      Good Bye Sweden-
      NWO/Libtards -1
      Swedish People – 0
      Raped Swedish Women – Minus -100000

        1. Dub,
          That’s a great Pic of you. I thought you were Older.
          This Guy can’t be more than..say 6 Thousands years or so?


        1. I stole this from Dubs site from a link he provided.

          This is Heads of Hungry. a Nation, talking like we do.

          They are saying this…Something, the Nwo? is causing all this and must fight them. They won’t name them directly.

          They don’t even know who they are but know they exist,

          As Spock would say: Fascinating….

      1. According to Europol an estimated 40,000 migrant smugglers have set up shop. It’s become a gazillion dollar industry. The new Migrant Smuggling Centre is now established to combat these entrepreneurs – another onion layer in addition to Rape Education Centers and such. In the meantime newcomers proudly display their electronic “refugee packages” on the way to the promised lands.

        The Hague, the Netherlands
        22 February 2016
        Dimitris Avramopoulos, EU Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship
        “Today Europol launched the new European Migrant Smuggling Centre (EMSC). The goal of the Centre is to proactively support EU Member States in dismantling criminal networks involved in organised migrant smuggling. The Centre will focus on geographical criminal hotspots, and will build a better capability across the European Union to fight people smuggling networks.”

        Here is a classic example of Problem, Reaction, Solution with the migrant invasion expanding the Orwellian state. The bureaucrats are now in the Solution phase of the Problem. David Icke explains Problem, Reaction, Solution in a four minute segment here He’s even discovered No Problem, Reaction, Solution.


      1. STEPHEN GLOVER: Why DO so many Lefties and luvvies loathe this country?
        It it Exactly the same here! Why do Lefties hate Freedom?
        Answer: Brainwashing via Political Correctness and the White Privilege meme.
        Funny how it’s always the People who got Rich off our system they loathe..Libtards

    1. First off, the ad that played was the promo for “Risen” (the voiceover was in Spanish, for some reason), and the dialogue included, “Show us the body!” and “We killed him!” I thought it was a spoof on Scalia’s death for a second there.

      Second, the song is great, and the video suited it perfectly.

      Finally, was I the only one who was totally mesmerized by the women’s legs? Yowza.

      1. Didn’t know there was an ad! sorry

        Yeah, you said it – those skaters are mesmerizing. Better than strippers!

        They never mess up either. Cool video.

        Chet Faker took the name because he’s influenced by Chet Baker – fun fact.

        1. No, the ad at the beginning was unexpected, but unexpectedly apropos! Sometimes the Fates just happen to conspire in your favor, and this was one of those times. (I’ll take it!)

          The skating girls had/s the most gorgeous toned legs e-vah! Man, I skated tons as a kid (at the world’s famous Skate O Rama in Downey, where roller disco got its start), but my skinny legs never looked so good as the babes in the vid! Rowr!

    2. Thanks Toni

      They are truly beautiful!

      Will be looking for those old style skates again! I remember they were almost as smooth as my flying dreams…..

      No commercials for me…

      1. I wonder if these people might be lying? They wouldn’t do that, surely.

        Although they do, of course, use their television broadcasts to encourage Palestinians to enter Israel and stab innocent people, or run them over with a car. They are telling the truth about that, shamelessly, every day, to the listening audience: we think is good if you kill Israelis whenever you find the chance, and if you get killed when attempting murder, you become a “martyr,” and we’ll tell the world that Israeli “snipers” are randomly picking off innocent Arabs for absolutely no reason, in a program of “genocide.” And the world will believe it, because in this matter the whole world is populated by Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokels. What a culture.

        And then there’s Hamas, who launch rockets from hospitals and schools, in the hopes that when Israel retaliates children will get killed–so they can get on shows like this to complain about being subject to “genocide,” in the full assurance that all the Cletuses will believe it, because, well that’s what Israel is all about, isn’t it?

        Meanwhile, all the building materials Israel lets into Gaza as a humanitarian gesture are used to construct invasion tunnels into Israel. People in Israeli towns near by can hear the construction racket deep beneath their houses, and live in terror, awaiting the day gangs of marauding murderers will burst through the floorboards and torture them to death.

        But it’s Israel that’s not to be believed when wild propaganda campaigns are ginned up. Sheesh.

        These are very, very sick people. They lie. And the world believes their lies, knee-jerk fashion.

        We are doomed.

        1. Doctor admits Israeli pathologists harvested organs without consent …
          Dec 21, 2009 … Israel has admitted pathologists harvested organs from dead … his post in 2004, when some details about organ harvesting were first reported, …
          Jewish human organ harvesting – Metapedia
          Dec 13, 2015 … Jewish human organ harvesting was revealed by Swedish freelance journalist Donald Bostrom when he began to investigate United Nations …
          Israeli Organ Harvesting: From Moldova To Palestine | WRMEA
          WRMEA, November 2009, pg. 15 Special Report Israeli Organ Harvesting: From Moldova To Palestine By Alison Weir In August Sweden’s largest newspaper …

          2009 Aftonbladet Israel controversy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
          [edit]. In December 2009, Nancy Scheper-Hughes, an anthropology professor at the …

          Israel harvested organs without permission, officials say – CNN.com
          Dec 21, 2009 … Israel harvested organs from bodies in the 1990s without permission … Bostrom, who accused Israel of stealing organs from dead Palestinians.
          Israel Admits Harvesting Organs From Dead Bodies Without …
          Dec 21, 2009 … (AP) JERUSALEM – Israel has admitted that in the 1990s, its forensic pathologists harvested organs from dead bodies, including Palestinians, …
          Israel blasts Palestinians after accusations of organ-harvesting …
          Nov 4, 2015 … The Israeli ambassador to the United Nations on Wednesday rejected Palestinian allegations that Israel had recently harvested organs from …
          The Big Lie Of Israeli ‘Organ Harvesting’ Resurfaces As YouTube …
          Jan 21, 2010 … The Big Lie of Israeli organ harvesting for profit has again resurfaced and gone global practically overnight, according to the ADL.

          Baseless organ theft accusations will not bring Israel to justice | The …
          Baseless organ theft accusations are a propaganda gift for Israel, and deflect attention from its well-documented war crimes in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

          PressTV-Israel ‘harvesting Palestinians’ organs’
          Nov 5, 2015 … The Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations (UN) says the Tel Aviv regime is harvesting the organs of Palestinians killed in clashes with …

        2. Odd. Half your links are refutations of the accusation. It’s all lies, probably, especially because the ones making the accusations are the world’s champion liars.

          It’s just a modern resurrection of the Blood Libel.

          I particularly like this part: “…and deflect attention from its well-documented war crimes in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.” Of course, there are no such things. What we DO have is well documented war crimes of the PLO and Hamas. Suicide murderers, and launching rockets from hospitals and schools so that you can hope the attacked accidentally kills little kids when they retaliate. Talk about a sickening culture.

          Why don’t you trumpet THAT, Mick?

        3. I happened to be digging my way to your brilliant and thoughtful 2-part response to my earlier questions when I saw this post. I’m thinking you may have become a little frustrated and that led to some less-noble or maybe just less-scholarly comments. Either that or your appreciation of Israel for its functional role in Biblical prophesy is influencing your understanding of the very imperfect, imprecise and even unpredictable way of things.

          Israel, as I understand it is a fairly crude nation that often embarrasses its Jewish-American expats or Jews otherwise living afar. I’m in no way an expert in this matter but pick up things as I go along. It appears that Israeli Jews and Israeli society both fall short in aiding the world to understand their plight and by setting a good example. The rabbinical class and fundamentalist/orthodox Jews are extremely rigid thinkers by and large, which isn’t great considering their role in the larger future of Israel.

          In a nutshell, Israel is squandering and nail-biting and crying wolf while Israelis themselves harbor unfair views of Gentiles, be they neighbors or half way round the world. I won’t add my views regarding the holocaust narrative and the way in which it’s held as more painful than other suffering. My opinion on those issues doesn’t blind me to what’s taking place on the ground in Israel, where the holocaust isn’t bandied about as it is elsewhere.

          Patrick, I’m positive you’ve seen the stats that show multiples of deaths of Palestinians to Israelis. It’s only more pronounced when you remove all military personnel from the figures.

          I’ve heard about the invasion tunnels and even did a little “digging” into the claims myself. However, I’ll admit I wasn’t able to see a clear picture given the fog of propaganda on all sides. I did find the words of Dershawitz interesting. He claimed that Hamas was tunneling under Israeli kindergartens and middle-schools, presumably to use as an attack vector or as you say to “…burst through…”

          In essence, the claim was made that the proximity to children would lead to children being harmed. What I wondered was, for what purpose would Hamas want to harm Israeli children? Wouldn’t any military strategist prefer the relative concealment and surprise element as a place from which to target military targets?

          Along those lines of thinking, you refer to Hamas launching rockets from hospitals and schools hoping to guide the retaliation to those locations. In this case, you suggest that the target would be Palestinian children rather than Israeli children.

          Before I conclude with a question here, I think it might be interesting to consider this scenario for a moment to fully grasp the reality. If, as you suggest the best military option for Hamas so as to launch an arbitrary attack that I’m assuming lacks any legitimate purpose is to fire from a location that is certain to be bombed in return, that might be acceptable. But for them to specifically choose either hospitals or schools, in one case inviting further destruction of their medical facilities and in the other inviting the death of their young that’s bad all around.

          But my question about the rockets is simple. Are they rockets of known type, or are they more easily thought of as the kitchen sink option? What I’ve seen isn’t anything that could be considered military hardware, and I’ve even seen a video demonstration of Israel’s iron dome in action. It was a non-special-effect attempt to show 100% successful rocket deflection. I suspect the rockets used for testing weren’t the substandard variety I’ve seen lobbed into Israel.

          What puzzles me more than anything and gets me thinking that your view of Israel is far too skewed to make sense, if not for the prophetic role of Israel is how you don’t see the irony in some of what you’ve said. You mentioned that Gazans were “allowed building materials” as a “humanitarian gesture…” Personally, if I were allowed building materials I’d probably be too weak from a low-calorie diet to be very industrious with it. More importantly, are you not blatantly describing a prison which is, when convenient referred to as half of a 2-state nation? I don’t claim ignorance of the various offenses against Israel. I just think the problem is so misreported as to be totally backwards. The language used points to this.

          Lastly, I had to check this to be sure I wasn’t missing the joke. I don’t believe I am. You are saying that Gazans are tunneling under Israel, causing some Israelis to await murderous hordes emerging from underground to torture them to death? Is any part of that exaggeration; the torture part at least?

          “They are very, very sick people.” Well, by all means then. Let’s ask what Hitler’s Germany would have done. What’s going on, Patrick?! I figured you were so right about the big picture that the little picture stuff was right there. You can’t argue that the “sickness” is genetic or even ethnic or risk redirecting the finger back at the Jews. The antisemitism that promotes that Jews are “very sick people” is thought by some irreversible. So it may be true as well for other groups. I don’t know.

        4. A very fine response, with excellent points and objections.

          First, let me say that when discussing this topic I assume a lot more knowledge on the part of the reader then they probably have, and some of my verbiage is jocular—at least to me, and people who keep up with this stuff. That is, I’m a little off-hand about it.

          So let’s look into your remarks.

          You say: “I’m thinking you may have become a little frustrated and that led to some less-noble or maybe just less-scholarly comments.”

          That’s true. I have little patience with the low-grade, hateful chatter on this topic.

          “Either that or your appreciation of Israel for its functional role in Biblical prophesy is influencing your understanding of the very imperfect, imprecise and even unpredictable way of things.”

          Guilty, again.

          “Israel, as I understand it is a fairly crude nation that often embarrasses its Jewish-American expats or Jews otherwise living afar.”

          That, too, is certainly true. Your instincts are good.

          “I’m in no way an expert in this matter but pick up things as I go along. It appears that Israeli Jews and Israeli society both fall short in aiding the world to understand their plight and by setting a good example. The rabbinical class and fundamentalist/orthodox Jews are extremely rigid thinkers by and large, which isn’t great considering their role in the larger future of Israel.”

          Again, you are quite correct, but it’s important to keep in mind that this does not matter. I don’t care if Zionism is a good thing, if those first European Jews SHOULD have moved to the Ottoman land of Israel starting in 1879, and decided to only speak Hebrew. What’s important is that it DID happen. The prophesies started to be fulfilled. The Jews were evil when Jesus came the first time, and they will be even more evil the second time. We don’t have to like them, or what they are doing, to appreciate this important reality. And we definitely should not dismiss it. Good, bad, indifferent, it is the Bible coming true. Before our eyes.

          “In a nutshell, Israel is squandering and nail-biting and crying wolf while Israelis themselves harbor unfair views of Gentiles, be they neighbors or half way round the world.”

          Again, this doesn’t matter at all. The Jews murdered their Messiah. They are going to be instrumental in installing Antichrist as the dictatorial ruler of the world, with a plan to stop Christ from returning, and restoring the world (and just as the first time, they should read the Bible and see that it predicts exactly this, and is required for the events to come to pass). They are not good. Israel is not good. Who cares, though? What’s important is that the end-time stopwatch is ticking, and Israel is it. The fact that Israel is that stop-watch does not make it noble; to the contrary, the Bible indicates a genuine ugliness is in view.

          Skipping over a bit, but let’s say that it really doesn’t matter about how many on each side are killed. The people of Israel are just like us. They live in cities just like ours. They are being terrorized. Those who live near Gaza hear the workings under their houses. They have rockets falling in their yards. The inexactness of those rockets adds to the terror. The children are PTSD. Which is the goal. The tunnels cost millions of dollars to build, and there are dozens of them. This is not what humanitarian aid, in the form of building materials, is intended to finance. But it is exactly what severe restrictions on what Israel allows into Gaza exist for. It’s exactly like any wretched country, where the rulers do fine, and the military does great, but all the foreign aid ends up in the ruling elite’s Swiss bank accounts, and the people starve. Israel can’t force Hamas to be humanitarians, and it can’t force Gazans to wish to become Singaporeans.

          Remember, Gaza was won by Israel in 1967, in the Six Day War, from Egypt. Israel only came under attack from Gaza after the horrible Prime Minister Erik Sharon decided to give it autonomy—whereupon its evil inhabitants decided that Hamas should rule over them. As I often say, Islam makes people insane. If the Gazans were smart, they would make friends with Israel. Instead, they act insane stupid. They want the world to hate Israel, and drawing Israeli fire toward their children is a good way of doing it. No other people in history has ever acted that way. This is essential to keep in mind; anyone who doesn’t, has an agenda. What is wrong with the people of Gaza, that they plot a way for Israel to kill their children, so that they can go on television to talk about how evil Israel is? Islam.

          Finally, you say this: “What puzzles me more than anything and gets me thinking that your view of Israel is far too skewed to make sense, if not for the prophetic role of Israel is how you don’t see the irony in some of what you’ve said.”

          I hope I have cleared that up.

          You quote me as saying “They are very, very sick people,” and I stand by that. Islam destroys human souls. Gaza is the best demonstration of that. It’s not “genetic or even ethnic,” as you write. It’s Islam. If the people of Gaza asked Israel to make them Singapore on the Med, Israel would happily help them become that. But they never will—unless they can find their way to telling tell Allah to go back to Hell, and leave them alone, forever. Alas, the Bible does not tell us they will. Bad times are coming to Israel, because the Arabs here will not walk away from Islam, And the Sabbateans are in charge off the Jews. The common man on both sides can’t cut a break.

  29. Steven Goddard

    “My position on global warming: The claims of 97% consensus are a massive lie. Only 52% of American Meteorological Society members believe that man is the primary contributor to global warming

  30. Just thought I would start a little conversation with myself to post some of the more important sources in my journey in trying to understand our world.

    I believe there is one overarching conspiracy.

    I read the book,
    Conspiracy Against God and Man

    By Rev. Clarence Kelly

    On page 7 in the book’s Introduction there are several important quotes attesting to this one overarching conspiracy including quotes from Winston Churchill, Benjamin Disraeli, and Pope Leo XIII.
    Here is the quote from Pope Leo XIII, March 19,1902, Apostolic Letter, Parvenu a la Vingt-cinquieme Annee.

    “…Including almost every nation in its immense grasp it unites itself with other sects of which it is the real inspiration and the hidden motive power. It first attracts and then retains its associates by the bait of worldly advantage which it secures for them. It bends governments to its will sometimes by promises, sometimes by threats. It has found its way into every class of society, and forms an invisible and irresponsible power, an independent government, as it were within the body corporate of the Lawful state.”

    See also this late 1980s video interviewing Father Kelly.


    Secret Societes


    1. Thank you for posting this. I LOVE interesting lectures and presentations, and I’m worried I’ve seen them all(!).

      I’d love an ongoing list of notable videos (YouTube or Vimeo) that I could go to when I’m in search of something to listen to in the car, or while getting ready in the morning, or doing the dishes, or whatever.

      Here are a few I’ve really enjoyed:

      Uncovering Judicial Corruption in Los Angeles
      (~1 hr)

      The Exploding AutoImmune Epidemic–Dr. Tent
      (~2 hrs)

      UN: False Solutions for World Peace–Cornelia Ferreira
      (~1 hr)

      1. Here is another little saga in USA conspiracy history that I became familiar with at first by transcribing an interview Dr. Stan Monteith did of Dr. Dunnegan.

        The audio CD is available at Amazon. The transcript I did may have been given out w to those who ordered the audio tape directly from RadioLiberty.com. I still have the transcript file.

        Rather amazing information.


        Product Details
        Radio Liberty: The New Order of Barbarians (Volume 1)1997 | Original recording
        by Dr. Stanley "Stan" Monteith and Dr. Lawrence Dunegan
        Audio CD
        $34.95used & new(1 offer)
        5 out of 5 stars 2
        Books:See all items

        The following is a series of interviews of Dr. Dunegan by Mrs. Randy Engel and was the impetus for Dr. Stan getting Dr. Dunegan on his show. These are 4 audio casettes in a set.


  31. Interesting book reading and Q&A with author Jesse Walker, “The United States of Paranoia, a Conspiracy Theory”. The author looks at the US’s rich history of conspiratorial leanings, without the usual disdain or derision.

    Worth the watch (the Q&A was particularly interesting, I thought), but I wish he’d had two hours rather than just the 45 minutes allotted.


  32. Mark Zuckerberg just gave us a glimpse of a future – not just where virtual reality is center – but where the masses are put in a box and completely blinded by their own fancy and distraction… A place where only the oligarchs operate in the real world.
    The day is coming when censorship means editing the world in real time – and dissent is merely blacklisted from reaching the millions (and billions) of people who will be 10x as immersed in their virtual reality world than they are today in their smart phones.

    Tunnel vision syndrome will infect nearly everyone, and the age of walking zombies programmed with lies and distortions will rule.

    And it’s called Oculus Rift, and they’re about to make it as cheap and ubiquitous as possible.

    It is a future where decisions are made by an elite few, and the people have less connection with their masters than ever before in history. In this dystopic future, the only escape they will promote to the masses will be inward, into a digital matrix of meaningless pleasure and fantasy.

    Aaron Dykes is a co-founder of TruthstreamMedia.com. As a writer, researcher and video producer who has worked on numerous documentaries and investigative reports, he uses history as a guide to decode current events, uncover obscure agendas and contrast them with the dignity afforded individuals as recognized in documents like the Bill of Rights.
    This is one example of where Larken Rose’s tactic of non compliance and ignoring those who continue to enslave us can have a positive effect on our futures, without the risk of ending up in prison as Patrick says it would….
    I have never and will never go on Facebook. I will never subscribe to or even engage with any product related to Oculus Rift.
    I will never use a Virtual Reality headset.

    We may not succeed in changing the future the cabal have planned for us, but we need never be active accomplices to our own enslavement.

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAJN45l7bqs&w=560&h=315%5D

    1. I have been self-employed since the start of the 1990s, primarily because I cannot abide the system. I am entirely in favor of an escape from the binding tentacles. Philosophically, I am an anarchist: I believe, as the Bible advises, there should be no state; civil government cannot be anything else but evil. As I often say, I’d settle for libertarianism. Thomas Jefferson said “that government is best which governs least,” and he was correct. No services of any kind should be provided by the state, and no money confiscated from the people to provide any services at all. Almost no persons should have a job that depends upon the forced extraction of money from their neighbors; 99% of government employees, in other words, should be finding something else to do.

      But that is not going to come close to happening.

      Unfortunately, in our day, the state keeps growing ever more tentacles. Any opportunity we experience today to evade the tentacles is systematically being eliminated.

      When I say that I am an anarchist who’d settle for libertarianism, I’m not saying I’m a dreamer, incidentally. I know full well that it doesn’t matter what I want, or would settle for. We are going to get a world government that controls every element of our lives; a one-world, cashless money system; and a new age one-world religion everyone will have to submit to. We will be electronically marked to enforce that system.

      Increasingly, our options for evading the system’s demands that we conform will be less and less. The cage, and sodomization therein, will be the only alternative for those who do not want to comply, as a policy, but the Bible tells us that some of of us will manage to make it through that gauntlet, refusing to take the mark of the Beast–even though that means we can’t buy or sell–but also that most in that number will have their heads chopped off. The darkness, as Jesus said, will be darker than anything the world has ever seen.

      It’s coming soon.

      1. Pat,
        You didn’t Build That…The Gubermint supplied all the roads and infrastructure,

        Only O’ ya knows kids are truly “self employed” via Free Everything.

      2. So, what you are saying is that the tiny clique of power mad control freaks who rule the world cannot be stopped, presumably because, in your view, they hold all the cards, the money supply, the military, the tax system and so on.

        I think, also, I’m detecting a certain excitement on your part at the prospect of our descent into total slavery and doom… you want this so as to vindicate the ” prophecies” you see in your Bible… you want the final post on MHB ( or anywhere on the internet) to be from Patrick chats amiably saying ” I told you so ! ”. I’m sorry, but that’s the road to madness.

        We don’t have to outgun the Powers That Wanna Be.. try a longer version of Larken Rose, who you so quickly dismissed last time I posted him. Instead of believing in dubious ”prophecies” from thousands of years ago, try believing that we can shape our own future…

        [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z49sGYeBUxs&w=560&h=315%5D

        1. You don’t know me, Steven. You have no idea how wrong you are in this characterization of what enthuses me. You have no idea what I know of Rose, either. You are presumptuous. Stop it.

          True prophets that see and warn of doom do not WANT doom. If they did, they would be evil.

          You are calling me evil. Why?

          The Bible is true. We know this by many proofs, but the easiest is that it makes thousands of specific prophesies throughout the thousands of years is was being written, and they always come true. Many of them have to do with the culmination of history, and we are seeing them fulfilled in our lifetime; many of these prophesies were disregarded as utterly preposterous just a couple centuries ago. Israel reborn in a day? A technology that could “mark” everyone in the world and make it impossible to buy or sell without the mark? Get gone, you loon.

          Not loony any more.

          To argue as you do is to declare that suddenly, in our time, the Bible will fail; its 100% perfect predictive power over millennia will abruptly stop. That’s a bet only the most foolish of fools would take. Especially when you can see with your own eyeballs the prophesies being fulfilled. Israel exists. They speak Hebrew. They are planning to rebuild the Temple.

          Coincidence? Give me a break.

          Seeing these fulfillments and advising people to prepare accordingly is no the same as wanting the evils predicted, Steven, any more than the watcher on a ship who sees icebergs ahead wants the ship to sink when he reports the bad news to the captain.

          You are a mean-spirited little man if you really mean what you said about me. I’d advise you to elevate your temperament, for your own peace of mind. Thinking the worst of friendly people is not a healthy lifestyle choice.

        2. Patrick…no, I don’t know you, but you don’t know me either. At least I addressed you directly and I didn’t call you names. You are incapable of responding to my posts without sneering at me, plus, worse, you quote me to other people and tell lies.
          For example, in a response to Peter Grafstrom, you said something like ” and Steven thinks the Commie inspired British national health service is a wonderful thing whereas it enslaves people” or words to that effect. I’ve never mentioned the NHS on MHB. I’ve never expressed an opinion for or against it. You just gratuitously libel me, simply because you are a vicious, arrogant person and you seem to have a thing about presuming my opinions, then repeating them to others for no apparent reason other than to beef up your own vacuous beliefs. And you call me presumptuous !!

          I don’t believe any bible prophecy has been accurate. I’m no biblical scholar, but I’m well read on ancient history and Jewish history in particular, as well as middle eastern archaeology, ancient civilisations and so on. I’m not boasting here, I’m just giving you a friendly warning not to treat me like an uneducated person, incapable of following your arguments. I can follow them, I just think their nonsense. Revelation, for example, isn’t prophesising thousands of years ahead, its talking about the Romans. Just because certain things, like the creation of the modern state of Israel have occurred, doesn’t validate biblical predictions, its just a coincidence and I, for one, don’t think it was ever unlikely that eventually the jewish people would get their land back.It was the central obsession of their entire belief system for two thousand years…” next year, Jerusalem”, is at the heart of the Jewish faith.

          You challenged me to name anywhere that practised FGM that wasn’t muslim. I named six countries and you came back with one lame reference to Egypt, ignoring my points. So now its my turn, you name a few biblical prophesies that have ” come true”, especially any that have occurred in, say, the last thousand years or so.

          The bible may be true….( who am I to say? )…. or it may simply be a collection of transcribed oral histories, myths and legends, written down in different centuries by different people and largely repeating the belief systems of earlier middle eastern societies, specifically the Babylonians, the Assyrians and the Sumerians. I do believe the latter is the majority view these days, but I’m not arrogant or presumptuous, so I stay open minded, respecting your opinion , even though its based on blind faith, not evidence, because, hey, you might even be right, who knows.

          For me, those other worldly entities , like Jehova and his angels, his Watchers, his Shining Ones, the Giants, the Nephilim and so on, were ET’s or ”other dimensionals”, a view which you no doubt find preposterous, but one which I think is no more ( or no less) preposterous than your belief that the Bible is literally true.

          As for your point about prophets of doom not actually wanting doom? Ok, I’m not certain I believe that entirely in your case, but I will take you at your word and apologise for that particular implication on my part.

          By the way, it was the sentencing in the Rotherham case today. The three main culprits got 19 years, 25 years and 35 years in prison. The six defendants, including two white English women who helped them, got a total of 102 years in prison. As I’ve said before, your claim that muslims in Britain escape conviction or punishment with impunity is false .

        3. First, let me say, Steven, were I to come to your formerly green and pleasant land, and we have a few pints together down the pub, I feel certain we’d be fast friends. These internet conversations can be wonderful, but the human element is stripped away.

          Alright. Here’s what you wrote on February 12, 2016, in Free Form Friday X, at !:00 PM Eastern Time (all timestamps at MHB are anchored to that standard):

          Ah, Patrick, I can always rely on you to make me smile…. you really are a funny guy, you should be a comedy scriptwriter, seriously, you’re that good! Shame you base your entire life around one big crazy belief and see the world through that prism….

          Why aren’t I nostalgic for the world of Jane Austen? Are you kidding me? In those days, women had no rights, owned no assets, belonged to their husbands… no right to vote of course, no rights at all. That’s half the population oppressed. The poor people got sick and died. No national health service. No health care at all unless you were rich. No schooling or education, except for rich people. No part in the legislature unless you were male and owned property. Treated as a heretic and ostracised or worse if you didn’t happen to believe your christianity, or, as Mick rightly calls it, ”Churchianity’. I could go on for fifty paragraphs…this was your fabled ”western civilisation” ! Paradise for the obscenely privileged few, hell on earth for everyone else. And don’t get me started on the vast global oppression we Brits imposed on most of the rest of humanity. Ironic , isn’t it, we oppressed what you now call USA and now you, USA, oppress everyone else with your psychopathic foreign policies.

          Interesting how you only focused on the one sentence of my post that mentioned you. So self absorbed. Sad.

          Interesting new show on Fox. It’s on after the X-Files. It’s called Lucifer. Absurd but entertaining story… Lucifer gets bored with Hell, moves to Los Angeles. Opens a nightclub. Of course, he’s played by a Brit. Hollywood always uses Brit actors as the Bad Guy, probably a hangover from when we really were the bad guys… lol. Now, we’re just a bunch of Lefties, trying not to hate our fellow humans.. you should try it sometime.

          End of quote.

          Key words: “No national health service.” I told Peter that you claim to be an anarchist, yet find the notion of no NHS horrible to contemplate, which I find preposterous. Did I misread you? Forgive me if I libeled you, as you accuse me of doing. Perhaps I can’t comprehend what I read. Did you mean it another way?

          Moving on. Fulfilled prophesy. Isaiah 44:28 has a king of Persia, named. A century and a half before he was born. Cyrus. Isaiah foretold a king by that name would release the nation from exile, and authorize the rebuilding of Jerusalem. This was, of course, impossible for him to know in advance. But then, Jeremiah wrote that the captivity would last 70 years, and he was right about that, too. Daniel foretold the exact year of Jesus’ birth.

          As I say, there are thousands of astounding examples like that. Impossible. When the Magi came to Herod, having followed the “miraculous” star, all his court knew exactly where to look for the child. The text (actually, many texts, all working in unison) was absolutely clear about it, but it was hundreds of years before that it had all been written down. And it happened right on schedule.

          The nation’s faith that “next year in Jerusalem was well founded. They just didn’t know which “next year” it was going to be. Only God knew.

          My reference to Egypt wasn’t “lame.” It was perfectly apposite. No people slice off their girls’ genitals except Moslems, in any country. I gave you a specific proof, in one country of that fact. In Egypt, it’s only the Moslems who do it. Any other country that is not 100% Moslem will prove to be the same. If there are other people in any country where the genitals are sliced off of the girls, no one except Moslems will be doing it. That’s a fact.

          You write this:

          “For me, those other worldly entities , like Jehova and his angels, his Watchers, his Shining Ones, the Giants, the Nephilim and so on, were ET’s or ”other dimensionals”, a view which you no doubt find preposterous, but one which I think is no more ( or no less) preposterous than your belief that the Bible is literally true.”

          I do not find it at all preposterous, Steven. It in fact is the core of my understanding of the Bible. It’s what the Bible describes, in amazing detail. It’s quite a rewarding study.

          As for Rotherham, I saw the reports. Too bad for the girls, though. More than a decade later, they remain ruined. In the country you live in, the Lefties and the Luvvies (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-3452193/STEPHEN-GLOVER-Lefties-luvvies-loathe-country.html) really feel desperate to protect the Moslems. Shame, that. Poor girls.

          What Would Enoch Powell be thinking? Or Mr. Chips? Or Mrs. Miniver?

        4. Hey Patrick… I agree, come on over, share a few beers, solve the world’s problems… you ever do actually come, you have my permission to ask James for my email. Contact me and I will be happy to meet up…
          I do miss real time passionate discussions…although there is a thing called Meet Up, perhaps over there too, where you can create or join a Group to talk about anything you want. I recently joined an ET group and its fascinating, but I’m not much of a joiner generally.

          On the national health service point… wow, you found one sentence in one long post, 10 days ago, from a thread with hundreds of posts! I don’t know whether to be impressed or creeped out.. lol.. maybe you keep all my posts in a folder, nah, that would be creepy too…

          Anyway, you’re still wrong on this point. The context was the world is better for the existence of a health system that benefits everyone , not just the rich. Its not contrary to anarchism. As Larken Rose said, once the control structure has gone and we are truly free, people will naturally choose to collaborate with one another in areas where its advantageous to do so, like, in my view, health care for all. Of course it would be more local, more homeopathic and holistic, very different in many ways from now, but still with the clear objective of best available health care for all without the obscene cost that, for example, you Americans pay to your leeches the private insurers. The third biggest cause of bankruptcy in the US is through inability to meet healthcare bills. That’s a disgrace. Think about that before you sneer at ours, or call it ” commie inspired” .

          Moving on. Prophesy.. well, I’m not convinced. Predicting the end of the exile in Persia 70 years ahead? I’m sure there were many predicted, back in the 50’s, the end of the EU by 2020, 70 years, and its very possible that will happen. The Persians only ever used a few names for their kings, maybe a one in three chance the key one would be ” Cyrus”. Predicting the end of exile, well, that was a reasonable bet, the Jews were always troublesome captives. Look at Egypt. ”Daniel predicting the exact year of Jesus’ birth.” I don’t believe Jesus existed as an historical personage but, okay, I’ll bite, link me to the passage…and if its so precise, why do the jews maintain the messianic prophesy remains unfulfilled?
          ” All his court knew exactly where to look for the child”.. I seem to remember they actually ran around frantically looking for the child,all over the city, but its been many years since I studied this stuff so maybe I’m misremembering. And so on. The accuracy or otherwise of prophesy is an endless, unsolvable debate.

          I’m confused by your response to the ” God was an ET” point. I thought Christians believed the God of the bible was the creator of the universe, not some et or other dimensional entity ( and entourage) who happened to be in the neighbourhood

          As for Rotherham, no argument there. The lives of those girls were traumatised beyond belief. We can only hope that the justifiably harsh sentences imposed on their abusers serve as a deterrent to any future similar crimes. Just as I believe we will rein in, control, adapt the criminal behaviour of some of the current refugees who are getting all the headlines here and in Europe.
          Here’s an article you will like, a parting gift… it supports your view, but in a calm, rational way I can relate to, rather than the irrational, bigoted, ignorant histrionics I read on MHB from the likes of our more prolific haters on here ( not you)….


    2. Yes,”but we need never be active accomplices to our own enslavement”. Exactly.

      I am blessed (or cursed, you decide), with an internal alarm system that begins to sound at the first hint of manipulation. I am also a realist. Ignoring the implications of what we see doesn’t make them go away.

      Resistance, whether personal or cooperative, has to begin with the personal. If the circumstances prove to be such that all we can salvage at a given time is survival, survival is what it will be.

      I too do not go to Facebook, or its corollaries. You won’t find me “never looking up”, gazing abstractly at my I phone either. Those are two choices that are very simple.

      You will not find me glued to the TV, rooting hysterically for the egotistical parasite running for office, or allowing myself to hyperventilate over the breathless sports coverage provided the “campaigners” by the MSM mouthpieces.

      I know that no one on a white steed is going to ride in and save the day. The day begins in each of us. We do not have to bargain for our futures with this motley bunch.

      Manipulation demands dependancy. The less dependent we become, the less vulnerable we are. Many of their recent actions and trade agreements reflect that knowledge.

      Basically, a slave is someone who cannot say “no”. Given the sophistication and planning that has gone into this effort, it will take creativity and personal determination to avoid the trap.

      We all have a much better chance of surviving if we live by our conscious’. The payoff is the freedom and the righteousness of it. We must live honorable lives. There is no honor in abandoning one’s beliefs to placate evil men.

      The trick here is that they have labored long and hard to convince us that we need them. We don’t.

    3. Makes me think back to my viewing of the movie, Idiocracy. It shows how totally insane the world will be in a few hundred years. We are already there, fer chrissakes.

  33. This is all in One Week.
    Mexico, China and the Vatican are scared of Trump?

    Thats good news then……….right?

    Former Mexican President Vicente Fox to Trump: We’re “Not Paying For That F***ing Wall”
    China Warns U.S. After Trump Wins Nevada Caucus,Trump has promised to punish Chinese currency manipulation
    Pope and his comments about building a wall is not Christian yet lives in a 100 ft high Walled Fortress.

    This doesn’t even include the Davos Group, Rino/Neocons,Demonrats and MSM who hate Trump.

      1. Interesting poster. Love how the bottom left guy looks like Burt Reynolds a la “Bandit” and bottom right guy is definitely Walter Sobchak (albeit thinner). 🙂

  34. Of all of Michael Hoffman’s books, the one I have most wanted to read is Judaism’s Strange Gods. I know I will never be able to read this big book these days so I looked around for reviews or videos about it but to no avail. Today, however, I came across an excellent summary of this book in an audio on YouTube read by Michael Hoffman and it was posted to the YT site just today.



    Judaism’s Strange Gods
    The Knowledge Archives
    The Knowledge Archives

    The basic idea that Mr. Hoffman dispells is that the religion we know as “Judaism” has its basis in the Old Testament, the Tenach, of the Israelites and the Hebrews. He also dispells the term Judeo-Christian.

    1. Dachsie, I completely agree with him. As popular a notion as it is, there is no “Judeo-Christian” anything. Well, I suppose you could create a category that encompassed various “Millennialist” sects that attach their “salvation” to the Judahites.

      It was a profound mistake when finalizing the canon of Scripture to include the “Hebrew Scriptures” in the same camp as the rest. Don’t get me wrong, allegorically they can be useful, and they impart a certain “timelessness” to our view of the human condition.

      It has to be known that when the Pharisees transcribed their oral traditions into written form, Deuteronomy being the first, they were politicized and their common meaning was substituted in favor of a ruling priestly class. So, certain “redactions” were made in order to enforce the temple cult.

      This is precisely the atmosphere into which Christ came and the subject of much of his earthly scorn. This “legalism”, that seeks to control, rather than liberate and empower.

      The wisdom from the oral traditions exists, in modified form, in the Old Testament, but it has undergone editing in the service of a ruling class of elites who chose to use it as a vehicle to enslave their people.

      When the Pharisees returned from the “Diaspora”, and read their product at forced assemblages for the people, it became known as “The Day The People Wept”. They insisted on dissolving marriages, wrecking families, absolute isolation from their neighbors. Those born in Judah but living elsewhere were rounded up, using the foreign king’s armies and brought to Judah forcibly.

      Serous Scripture scholars know this. In fact, there is a whole lexicon of editors of the original oral traditions that are assigned abbreviations for their particular contributions. The goal was not to enlighten, the goal was to enslave.

      So, he’s quite correct. So was Christ for that matter. How anyone can misunderstand His teaching on this is a complete mystery to me. This is also why orthodoxy is needed. Without it, people have almost miraculous ways to twist their fantasies into ever more creative meanings. Without the basic understanding of what they read, all they can hope to do is to trade ignorance.

      1. This is a matter I have addressed.


        Question 4. How important is the “ultimate benefactor”, the Pope, The HOLY SEE, in the scheme of things? Move through history till modern times and pull Public Law 88-244, which follows Public Law 88-243 – the institution of the law- merchants Uniform Commercial Code. Are you shocked that the Pope is listed in this Public Law?

        Doesn’t the United States have an ambassador in the Vatican? Why? Is it a government like all other nations such as France, Japan, Spain or Brazil? The Vatican runs the world, it controls the British Crown.

        “Organized churches” are given special tax privileges because the Vatican dictates to the sixty United States trustees through the trust document, the U.S. Constitution created by the 1783 treaty between the King, frontman for the Vatican, and Adams, Hartly, Laurens, & Franklin who were operating for the King and not the people of America. Look at Article VI of the Constitution for the United States for your answer as stated in the “New History of America”. (6)

        You see we are still under the Pope who rules over all nations as he declared he did back in 1213.

        The 1783 Treaty did say in the opening statement quoted exactly as it appears in olde English;
        “It having pleafed the Divine Providence to difpofe the hearts of the Moft Serene and Moft Porent Prince, George the Third, by the grace of God, King of the Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender, of the Faith , Duke of Brunfwick and Laurenberg, Arch-Treafurer and PRINCE ELECTOR OF THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, & C. AND OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, . . ..”(Emphasis added in caps).

        “Did you catch the last few words? This is from a King (man) who can supposedly make no claim over the United States of America because he was defeated? The King claims God gave him the almighty power to say that no man can ever own property because it, “goes against the tenets of his church, the Vatican/Holy Roman Empire, because the King is the “Elector of the Holy Roman Empire’”

        The King James version of the Bible is just that. A version concocted by the King under the guidance of the Pope so as to hide the real truth. I was taught by the church I went to, which is government controlled as it has to be by the treaty of 1213 and reiterated in the 1783 Treaty between The Pope’s Elector, King John and the First President of the United States, Sam Huntington and Charles Thompson, Secretary.

        I read the passage, when Jesus was on the cross, from a very old manuscript that said;
        “Forgive them NOT, for they know what they do.”

        This is different than what most people believe he said;
        “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

        Who is the “Harlot” in Revelations?

        Does the Vatican come close with a mortal calling himself the “vicar” of Christ?

        1. Copying this text to your site is hardly “addressing it,” Mick.

          This exact text is all over the web, so it looks like your plagiarizing again, because you didn’t cite it.

          Hoping someone will think you wrote this stuff?

    2. Finally getting around to watching this video,
      only into the first part, utterly profound reevaluation of what we have been taught in school about our so-called religious history,
      this is going to take a little while to rehash, verify and digest:)..

      1. OK After watching more of this film it turns out to be Christian theological exegesis and not a scholarly work on the subject,
        you can’t expect a Zionist to give you a true perspective on Israel, and you cannot expect to get to the truth about the Vatican by reading the Pope’s lectures:) This is fail:(

  35. Israel receives 3 billion dollars in welfare directly from the United States taxpayers, with estimates of arms technology etc, many more times that,
    in todays news we have one of many reports that Israel receives top secret military technology and SELLS it to other nations, China, rogue nations, etc.

    “Secret U.S. missile and electro-optics technology was transferred to China recently by Israel, prompting anger from the U.S. and causing a senior Israeli defense official to resign.”

    I will be also posting documentation shortly re: Israeli involvement in theft and dissemination of NUCLEAR WEAPONS AND TECHNOLOGY
    imagine the impact of this, small nuclear weapons sold on the black market by Israel, and some of those same bombs being used in a terrorist attack here in the States, considering that this country is currently in upheavals from State Sponsored Terrorism (as Webster Tarpley coined the phrase), with False Flag events like 9/11, fake shootings, etc., a nuclear terrorist attack or dirty bomb is just what the handlers may have ordered for the next big 9/11 event

    1. More from the same source-
      “Israel has a long record of getting U.S. military technology to China.
      In the early 1990s then-CIA Director James Woolsey told a Senate Government Affairs Committee that Israel had been selling U.S. secrets to China for about a decade. More than 12 years ago the U.S. demanded Israel cancel a contract to supply China with Python III missiles, which included technology developed by the U.S. for its Sidewinder missiles”

      1. “Israel had few qualms about proliferating nuclear weapons know how and materials, giving South Africa’s apartheid regime help in developing its own bomb in the 1970s in return for 600 tons of yellowcake…
        in 1976 that has only recently become public knowledge, the CIA deputy director Carl Duckett informed a dozen officials from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission that the agency suspected some of the fissile fuel in Israel’s bombs was weapons-grade uranium stolen under America’s nose from a processing plant in Pennsylvania.

        Not only was an alarming amount of fissile material going missing at the company, Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (Numec), but it had been visited by a veritable who’s-who of Israeli intelligence, including Rafael Eitan, described by the firm as an Israeli defence ministry “chemist”, but, in fact, a top Mossad operative who went on to head Lakam.

        “It was a shock. Everyody was open-mouthed,” recalls Victor Gilinsky, who was one of the American nuclear officials briefed by Duckett. “It was one of the most glaring cases of diverted nuclear material but the consequences appeared so awful for the people involved and for the US than nobody really wanted to find out what was going on.”

        The investigation was shelved and no charges were made.

        1. If anyone is wondering why these posts will be attacked by the Zionist and their schills-

          Avner Cohen, the author of two books on Israel’s bomb:
          “The policy of opacity [refusal to publicly discuss Israel’s nuclear program, and its history] in both Israel and in Washington is kept in place now largely by inertia. “At the political level, no one wants to deal with it for fear of opening a Pandora’s box. It has in many ways become a burden for the US, but people in Washington, all the way up to Obama will not touch it, because of the fear it could compromise the very basis of the Israeli-US understanding. [the nuclear program of israel, theft of nuclear materials, selling of nuclear materials]”

        2. “The Israelis stole W88 nuclear secrets from US labs and provided that technology to China in an arrangement whereas China for its part assembled both the delivery system and the W88 payload. There is no longer any doubt that US missile technology was also transferred illegally to China by agents of Israel and by Israel directly. The Israeli effort was designed to develop a submarine launched nuclear ballistic missile to augment an aging nuclear deterrent, and in an attempt to circumvent US hegemony over Israeli political and military ambitions beyond the Middle East.”


      1. Yeah but Ric you never fail to crack me up. We must all hold to our sense of humor in the dark times!

        As I always say.

        Sometime around 23 hundred years ago we see in the Mahabharata Ydhishthira has a vision of the age to come: I see the coming of another age, where barbaric kings rule over a vicious, broken world, where puny, fearful men live tiny lives, white hair at sixteen, copulating with animals, their women perfect whores, making love with greedy mouths. The cows dry, trees stunted, no more flowers, no more purity, ambition, corruption, the age of Kali, the black time.”

    1. In June 2011 Erna Solberg, then leader for the conservative party, attended the annual Bilderberg meeting. So did the crown prince of Norway and two others from that country – high ranking members of Norwegian industry and academia.

      Shortly thereafter, in July the same year, an alleged lone gunman/bomber goes berserk, kills 77 and injures 319 people. Interesting numbers.

      In October 2013 Ms. Solberg became PM of Norway. In 2014 her predecessor becomes NATO Secretary General. Lots of action for a small country.

      Bilderberg Meetings St. Moritz, Switzerland, 9-12 June 2011

      The theater for public consumption in EU circles is quite amusing. We’ll have the same end result if these high paid bureaucrats were mixed together in a blender – shakes and floats.

      Ms. Solberg/Bilderberg, having performed to specifications, is now attaining saint status, while Merkel at her end is the wicked witch of the west. Scripted role playing – that’s all.

      Good comment to the Politico article:
      About time the EU and its overpaid dictatorship dies. Rot in hell and to all its diplomats: get a real job.
      Posted on 2/26/16 | 12:17 AM CET

      1. My dad was a dentist, and now my brother-in-law. They’re not so bad 😉

        (To be honest, I fear going to the dentist as well. Fortunately, I was blessed with hardy teeth and trained in good oral hygiene. In my 47+ years, I’ve never had a cavity!)

        My greatest fear, I think, is being faced with having to choose between ghastly medical treatments (namely chemotherapy) and a certain, painful death. Worse, watching as my CHILD (now of majority age) has to make that decision. THAT’S my greatest fear.

        Ugh. I’d rather be afraid of spiders.

        1. I was just kidding. You know that song he sings I was afraid of dentists and pretty girls and starting conversations

          Cancer, that scares me because I would never take their poison so I guess I’d just die?

          Only 2% of people who get chemo survive and of those 2% some say they Never really had Cancer to begin with.

          I really don’t know whats true but a famous Female doctor said if a man gets prostate cancer he should just live with it and self cure. If you let them open you up (biopsy.) you surly will die..

          Who knows? Pray I never have to be in that corner.

        2. I’m with you, Ric. I refuse to get mammogram’d or otherwise probed…if they don’t find it, they can’t try to “cure” it. I’d rather die.

          That said, my aforementioned bro-in-law (whom I love very much) is currently in the hospital with the Big C (colon), and it has spread. So it’s on my mind. (I don’t generally worry about things outside my control too much).

          I’m not scared of dying, I’m scared of hurting.

  36. Do people think the Kansas shooting is real or not? Kalamazoo I suspect was staged, but there are more victims/eyewitnesses to this one and they seem more authentic:


    The shooter had been served with a restraining order from his girlfriend 90 minutes prior to going on the rampage, although his workplace was targeted, not her, which is very very odd for abusers and statistically improbable (during the Viet Nam years almost the same number of women were killed by their male partners/ex partners as men died in the war, yet seemingly none went on workplace shooting sprees).

    I believe there exist copycats, especially when a behavior is normalized no matter how extreme or bizarre. Perhaps this is an example…

    1. He was a black felon which made his guns illegal, not part of the normal script for their scary movies. Seems there is very little coverage outside of CNN. which makes it appear real!

      Cannot believe the anti-gun gabby gifford’s commercial that just aired in favor of the only female presidential candidate that will be tough on guns! Guess they did not get the memo Americans are not believing their bs anymore!

      1. http://www.dcclothesline.com/2016/02/27/forced-mental-health-screenings-a-push-for-communism/

        The felon, though, got his guns from someone who bought them legally, which seems to fit into the script as it makes the case for massive gun confiscation. I think his blackness may also factor in because when white men are portrayed as having grievances against anyone their skepticism gets aroused (I’ve studied this). So white males are now being portrayed as killing out of ‘spontaneous psychosis’ or some non-racial grievance.

        What’s extremely odd is her logic. She left the guy in July 2015, and retrieved her guns from their digs with the cops, but then decides to give them back to him? Even though he was probably abusive during their cohabitation? That she or anyone would even sell guns for money to a convicted felon and abuser is hard to buy.

        His actions are also hard to believe. The stats and basic human motivation would have had him going straight for her after being served with the restraining order. Why would he be willing to die/go to jail for life for killing random people he doesn’t care about? Why would a protection order from her instigate violence towards others? That’s just not the norm nor even believable.

        I don’t know what to make of it. Overall there seems to be a shift away from ‘he showed signs of mental illness only a few saw’ to ‘he/she was messed up emotionally but maybe not mentally ill or noticeably so by mere mortals.’ The notion that only ‘psychiatrists’ or ‘trained experts’ could have picked up on these shooters’ ‘symptoms’ seems to be the current angle, probably as a means of undermining Cornyn’s addition to the Murphy bills.

  37. A couple of interesting recent articles by Paul Craig Roberts related to “false flags,” the media, and Dr. James Fetzer’s work and experiences in investigating false events.


    Do Americans Live In A False Reality Created By Orchestrated Events? — Paul Craig Roberts
    February 24, 2016 | Categories: Articles & Columns | Tags: | Print This Article Print This Article

    Do Americans Live In A False Reality Created By Orchestrated Events?

    Paul Craig Roberts

    I personally think it is important to remember that Dr. Roberts believes real planes hit the Twin Towers and the nanothermite theory is very important.

    Excerpts from article…

    “Maintanence [sic] personnel report experiencing massive explosions in the sub-basements prior to the building being hit by an airplane.”

    “An international panel of scientists have reported the presence of reacted and unreacted nanothermite in the dust of the World Trade Centers. ”

    Below is the entire article with an embedded video…


    Professor Jim Fetzer Tells Us Things That The Presstitutes Do Not
    February 25, 2016 | Categories: Guest Contributions | Tags: | Print This Article Print This Article

    In this video Professor Jim Fetzer examines 9/11, Boston Marathon Bombing, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, and the Paris attack. It is a very challenging presentation that reflects exhaustive investigation.


    The Real Deal Ep # 170 The GOP Debate / False Flags are Real
    Media Broadcasting Center Official Channel
    Media Broadcasting Center Official Channel

    This is last nights Real Deal show “live” streamed on YouTube. and the full video referened in Dr. Roberts’ article plays in full beginning at about 28:10


    I do not appreciate or imbibe anything about the current election season performances.

    If all of our exposure of “false flag” events over the last 20 years have any validity at all, then this is the elephant in the living room that ALL of the candidates for any political office, great or small, are forbidden to speak about. Any slight reference to one of the events by a candidate is just part of the baiting manipulation script.

    1. I guess I have to say that as a former Anaheim resident (childhood) who knew Pearson Park very well and even took my children there when they were little, I was chilled by story of a KKK rally there. I know that there are biker bars which are no-go zones, and I did not like the Anaheim police cautioning families not to be there on Saturday. It seemed like creating the same space those biker bars want for themselves (or did a few years ago in places like Point Fermin, San Pedro – not sure the same bunch are there, but they were creepy and hostile.

      So I felt the police were kind of enabling the Klan.

      Then I saw the blood from the alleged stabbings, and I am going to go out of a limb and see the entire demonstration plus violence against counter-protesters as, well, an attempt at some propaganda. It seems there are possible Klan members who have endorsed Trump. Anaheim is traditionally Republican, and the establishment Republicans are very upset about Trump’s success with the voters. Super Tuesday is almost upon us.

      I would have believed in the mayhem – it possible, unlike the Boston Marathon hoax. And it is still possible. Until I saw the color of the blood. So close to Hollywood but I fear no cigar. Yet I am sure it will be splashed everywhere, until people agree that the blood looks just like that in the Pulitzer Prize winning photos around the Boston story.

      I am not a Trump supporter. I am for Bernie. But this whole mess looks like someone is worried about the power of the voters. For a moment it seems that they are unsure they can control the ballot box. But maybe that too is an illusion.

      Was it real or was it fake? I shall continue to reserve judgement for the time being.

      By the way, Paul Craig Roberts wrote a most courageous article.

      1. It could be real, but manipulated.

        I hear more and more people crying out against “hate speech”. A common comment is that “the KKK should be disbanded.” Yeah? By whom? I don’t worry about the KKK or La Raza, I worry about those who think they should be made to shut up. Maybe I should take my happy ass to the next demonstration and pass out pocket Constitutions.

        I live 10 minutes away, and yet I read about it at MHB first!

        1. I like to check the LA Times every now and then, and found the story yesterday, that this event was to take place. It seemed weird that the cops were telling residents to stay away. Since my childhood there have been some real changes to the lovely Pearson Park. It had a big “plunge” once which to me looked Olympic sized. There was also a big wading pool for little kids. They then created a smaller pool with more limited hours and maybe a membership system (like they have where I live now near Boston). I felt the happier free-for-all days were over when for a dime you could swim for a couple of hours. But the older central part of Anaheim with a lot of mama-papa non-franchise stores was also torn down near by in favor of a mall-like space. “Progress” isn’t like that everywhere in Southern California, at least. But Anaheim chose it, which is too bad.

          All the stories today repeat alarmist stuff about Klan having been big for a time in Anaheim. I suppose that was true for a brief “Birth of a Nation” period of “nostalgia”. A lot of business-oriented downtown LA was settled by former Confederate folks, but they must have been or may have been uncomfortable from the get-go surrounded as they were by Jews and Catholics (such as the founding families of Anaheim who were still living there where briefly the Klan took control). George Patton, the general who grew up in San Marino/Pasadena came from one of those defeated Confederate families. A whole bunch are buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetery (where I once saw some special costumed tribute to them while visiting the grave of my Jewish in-laws). You know, Klan nonsense just doesn’t get much traction, even in the OC (which is far more Asian than it was in my day).

          I think it is one thing to provide an opportunity to exercise 1st Amendment free expression (and I suppose Klan members can sue about their rights being violated), but it is another thing to enable them where the public is asked to tiptoe around them and turn their parks over to them.

          I’m guessing this whole thing is a crock, but as a demonstration of policy considerations it is perhaps instructive. It will certainly help the talking points of more traditional Republicans against Donald Trump, however.

          I believe that California has just been named a pivotal primary state if there are any contenders left by June when its primary happens. So it won’t be part of Super Tuesday, but if the coffers of other Republicans still have money in them for further campaigning, it could make a difference. Did dirty campaign tactics just meet a false flag? It remains to be seen.

        2. An odd feature of the Anaheim story, a place where I lived from first grade through high school, is the false impression the reporting echo chamber is trying to give that the place has a “long history” of the Klan. It is only long in the sense that the Klan was openly active there for a brief period in the 1920’s, when it also marched down the streets of Washington DC and when some of its popularity drew from a romanticized portrait of the group from the movie “Birth of a Nation,” where the group’s vigilante acuities after the fall of the South in the Civil War resulted in an insurgency.

          But the reality of Anaheim was different. I don’t know how the group was able to prosper in the 1920’s, but the core founding families of Anaheim were Catholic. There are still businesses founded by members of the former wine-growing families such as Carl’s, Jr. The Klan was a nativist group and in those earlier days, Catholics were still seen by some of them as alien. By the time I was growing up, although there was fear of communism and some recall elections of school board members, plus a growing presence of people who had fled communism in Europe and who spoke at Catholic churches to women’s groups, none of these people would have either accepted or been accepted by the Klan, which was never the kind of presence it would have been in the South in the same era. There was no Cozy Corner Cleaners like I saw in Memphis when I first drove through there in the 1970’s. People who conflate conservatism with the Klan – as seems to be falsely promoted in the newspaper accounts of this story are bad historians, whether deliberately or not.

        3. You are totally right. I noticed that exaggerated claim about the KKK (and even “white Orange County”, which it really isn’t anymore).

          Anaheim, like Garden Grove, where I live, is big and diverse. There are really crummy parts of each of these cities (Anaheim has a large Mexican gang population), but also very pricey, very solidly middle-class parts (my own home could be sold today for $640k…and it’s not that nice or very big; Anaheim is the same); there are also chunks of very touristy parts of each city, with Disneyland being the main destination for thousands of families every year.

          To make it seem like there’s a bunch of Confederate flag-wavers is just…wrong. To make it seem like OC is predominantly white any more is wrong, too.

        4. The timing of the event, with spotlight on David Duke’s sort of endorsement of Trump and Trump’s sort of refusal to disavow Duke’s support (he’d done it at an earlier date however) is beyond suspect.

          The KKK was mostly FBI after the 1940’s. Keep that in mind.

    1. Ric, I’m curious,you said ” oh yes you are” when posting that Vicente Fox said he would never pay for a wall…… why do you think Mexico would ever agree to pay for the wall on the border.? Do you think that Trump, if he actually became President, would threaten to invade Mexico if they didn’t contribute to the cost of the wall? How else would he compel them to pay? If so, does that strategy seem sane to you?

        1. Thanks Patrick for that answer on the Mexican border wall. Whilst I follow what you mean about tariffs, I don’t think that’s what Trump was meaning. He meant the Mexican government would pay a lump sum and the Mexican leader said no fu***ng way. I doubt Ric was thinking ”tariffs” till you mentioned it.

          I did write a long response to your previous piece on bible prophesy etc, but it seems to have gone down the wordpress hole….

      1. He says that figuratively. The corps who operate there will probably be the ones who pay via Tariffs and such as Pat said, but ultimately the end consumer always pays.

        Don’t forget. Congress passed a bill and authorized that wall over 10 years ago or so.

        Obama and DHS head stopped it and stole all the funding when he was elected in 2009.

        The wall is still authorized to this day.

        1. Ric… I never knew the wall had been authorised years ago.
          Vicente Fox didn’t sound ” figurative” to me… he clearly isn’t paying and neither you nor Patrick explained how you can force the Mexicans to pay, other than slowly, in small amounts through tariffs, which didn’t seem to be Trump’s blustering claim. It doesn’t matter, I can’t believe it will ever be seriously considered as a real project, but then I’m a foreigner, what do I know, eh…

        2. ” I can’t believe it will ever be seriously considered as a real project”

          The Wall is a football that gets bandied about every presidential election season.

          Last I heard of Vicente Fox, U S educated, ex- US Coca Cola exec, he was all buddy buddy with George W. Bush in working for the North American Union. Both arch globalists. The Wall has always been a total never-gonna-happen reality to them. Many people and groups who seem sort of conservative, like the Libertarians, despise the thought of a Wall. It is of course it is the bane of all environmentalists, left wingers, and neocons, many of whom infest the upper echelons of the Obama regime. The internationalist financiers / builders of the trans Mexico, Mexico to Canada via USA highway corridors won’t have a bit of it.

          In any event Fox has no say in what Mexico will pay for.

          Only the small numbers who are right wing America-firsters like the idea of a Wall but these see how this project was sabotaged every step of the way and was mainly used as a carrot and stick issue to get votes and donations.

          The years since Fox was el presidente have only brought the North American Union, by whatever name, exponentially closer.

        3. No one who supports Trump cares about specifics. They know that we’re always being lied to, so the guy giving the liars the finger, and saying what no one is supposed to be allowed to say, and telling the press to piss up a rope–that’s plenty good enough.

          I’d be shocked if anyone really expects him to build the wall. They just like the fact that finally, someone is telling the truth about the issues they feel are important.

          And when a tin pot dictator of Mexico, retired, pipes up, using the “f-word” against him, well, Don couldn’t ask for better publicity. If Trump could line up more Popes and former rulers of Mexico to spout off about him, his popularity will be record breaking.

          The thing is, Steven, Americans feel the decline in our bones, just as Britons did after WWII. But we did not have military demoralization. You folk had to endure rations, and London being bombed, and all the hardships. We have had nothing like that; we were only recently on top of history’s greatest achievements. Yet now it all looks bleak, and no one can explain why. Don claims to endeavor to make America Great Again, and stick it to the sneaky trespassers who are stealing our jobs. That’s better than any of the other scoundrels are saying.

          It is not a good scenario I am laying out, but it’s what it looks like to me.

        4. Thanks for that observation on the wall and Trump, Patrick. Its fascinating for me to hear ”ordinary” Americans’ views on these things, rather than relying on the media, even the ‘ alt’ media.

          In the 60’s and 70’s I used to subscribe to Rolling Stone magazine, an expensive print only import, of course, in those days, but a great insight into the American culture of those times. Sometimes on MHB it feels a little like that, although I’ve come close to disappearing when reading the ignorant ” hater” sentiment that all too often appears.

        5. Mark Steyn is very helpful on these things. A Canadian who now lives in New Hampshire, he spent much of his life in England, where he worked in Fleet Street and for the BBC. He’s been on a lecture tour in Oz for the last couple weeks, and they’ve asked him about this stuff.

          Because he’s a subject of the Queen, and his intimate familiarity with the whole of the Commonwealth, he has a unique take on the travesty that is American politics Here’s a good recent example of his observations on this topic: http://www.steynonline.com/7482/super-du-jour

          An excerpt:

          “~Ultimately, Trump’s hostile takeover of the Republican Party has only been possible because of the rigid inflexibility of America’s party system. The two-party one-party state, unchanged in 150 years, is unique in the western world, where parties are born and die according to whether there’s a market for them. If a genuine market in parties were possible here, this season there would be probably be a nationalist party, a conservative party, and a soft-right party – and, over on the other side, a corporatist party and a socialist party. In the British House of Commons, there are currently 11 parties represented, plus four independents. In the Canadian House of Commons, there are five parties. In New Zealand, seven. When The Washington Post’s Michael Gerson warns that a Trump nomination would break apart the Republican Party, the implication is that the health of the Republic depends on maintaining the same two parties of the Civil War era for all eternity. Why?”

        6. I did read the one that included this link, Steven; it’s the one I replied to by saying that God is an ET in the sense that He’s not terrestrial, and that there are no space aliens. That led to a response to another point you made in the comment, that you wanted me to demonstrate to you that Biblical prophesy is real. Here’s what you said:

          “Moving on. Prophesy.. well, I’m not convinced. Predicting the end of the exile in Persia 70 years ahead? I’m sure there were many predicted, back in the 50’s, the end of the EU by 2020, 70 years, and its very possible that will happen. The Persians only ever used a few names for their kings, maybe a one in three chance the key one would be ” Cyrus”. Predicting the end of exile, well, that was a reasonable bet, the Jews were always troublesome captives. Look at Egypt. ”Daniel predicting the exact year of Jesus’ birth.” I don’t believe Jesus existed as an historical personage but, okay, I’ll bite, link me to the passage…and if its so precise, why do the jews maintain the messianic prophesy remains unfulfilled?”

          Key words: “I’ll bite, link me to the passage”

          So I did.

          I did not address THIS request, however (slipped my mind) : “and if its so precise, why do the jews maintain the messianic prophesy remains unfulfilled?”

          I address this very subject right here, where we are now, in a two part reply to Tyrannynews (click the “Older Comments” button twice; it’s half way down).

          It is my opinion that space aliens are a deception, the thing Paul references, the “strong delusion” that leads people in Daniel’s seventieth week to believe a lie which keeps them from knowing what will really be going on in those horrible days. The “space brothers” will be here to help us, that sort of thing. It is because the Bible is true, and I can prove it, that I believe that they are rebellious members of the Divine Council, and lesser divinities from the Unseen Realm. That is, the aliens we have experience with are definitely visitors from another world, but it’s not a planet. If you want to explore the worldview that is my default position, Michael Heiser is the man to go to. He’s got lots of lectures at Youtube, and his web site is http://drmsh.com. His newest book, The Unseen Realm, tells the whole story. His Facade book (a novel) is a great entry point; he’s a master ufologist, who knows every in and out of the New Age interpretation of all the arcana, but he is an expert in all the ancient languages of the cultures surrounding Israel when the Bible was being written, so the story he weaves has almost ever element in it.

          My position overlaps his almost perfectly.

        7. I think we are still overlapping posts a little, Patrick, which is irritating as I think one of mine hasn’t appeared… however, I understand your position, it comes up a lot in ufology which is my main area of interest and research and has been my entire life.

          As I said before ( although it may have been in a post that hasn’t appeared) , we have much in common but will always be parallel rather than convergent, as you link non-terrestrial entities to ”another realm” which of course lends itself to interpretation and explanation through the bible, whereas I link those entities to this physical dimension, whilst being open to the possibility of ”other-dimensional” entities as well, so I can interpret them without recourse to the bible

          I don’t see the aliens as the ”new agey” types do, here to help us etc.. my instinct has always been that they have an agenda which is not in humanity’s best interests…

          Thanks for the link to Heiser, I always like to read people I haven’t heard of before on these topics, so I will definitely check out his website…

  38. I wonder how many are aware O’ King has been secretly trying to steal Hawaii from the USA behind the scenes since 2009?

    He’s made public comments such as the US duped the Queen into an agreement with the US that is invalid.

    The 1st stage of this plan is treat Hawaiians as Native Indians with self governance.

    A constitutional convention of Native Hawaiians has adopted a governing document that will go out to a vote for ratification, the organization behind the gathering announced

    The proposed constitution, approved Friday by an 88 to 30 vote with one abstention, allows room for recognition by the U.S. government while holding out for the possibility of independence, said Na’I Aupuni, an organization that says on its website it’s dedicated to “establish a path for Hawaiian self-determination.”

    The government would be led by a president and vice president and advised by an island council, plus a legislature with 43 members representing the islands and Native Hawaiians, as well as a judicial authority.


    Big Mistake Hawaii, China is watching……..

  39. Prophecies from 1937 and 1968.

    I have not heard of the 1937 prophecy, but the one from 1968 I had read about way before the recent invasion of Europe, the formation of EU (1993) and the Schengen Area (1995). Thus I can verify the 1968 prophecy is not a latecomer. Gunhilda Smelhus, a ninety-two year old lady back in 1968, saw the future invasion of Europe from third world countries. She also saw what was to come after that.

    Aside from Gunhilda perhaps being a secret agent with inside knowledge, she was 100% right about the future up until today.

    The two prophecies in English:

    The daily rag “Aftenposten” has a story about the prophecy lady today. A subscription is needed to read the full article, no thanks, but there is a family photo here of Gunhilda Smelhus from the early seventies. She is holding a great grandchild on her lap.


    1. A “prophesy” might have some meaning if it could be well documented that the event was genuine,
      pulling a note out of storage that was supposedly written 30 years ago seems dubious, if not still interesting

      1. The blind Bulgarian psychic Vanga predicted a muslim invasion of Europe that would turn it into a wasteland. This was when Russia was still under communism. She also stated that Russia would not only survive but would dominate the world of which not much would be left othet than the glory of Russia and the glory of Vladimir.

        She also predicted many tears for Kursk. At the time they thought it dealt with the town of Kursk, but that was before the sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk on which all about died.

        She also said Crimea would detach from one land and join with another as has lately happened.

        Just as Nostradamus predicted the rise of the Mongols and Muslim caliphate attacking Europe, which he refers to as no worse of days.

        Alois Irlmaier sometimes called the German Nostradamus predicted more of the same. Three great cities will die, New York and London will sink and third Rome will just collapse and the pope flee just as Nostradamus predicted and Edgar Cayce, the shoe salesman from Kentucky who went into trances which were transcribed. Many of them Rothschild had destroyed. He also predicted that Russia would free itself from communism and become the hope of the world.

        The predictions of Greek monk Joseph and the Elder Paisios are almost the same.

        An attack by Turkey upon Greece in the Balkans. It could be considered Turkey is doing that right now. They are flooding the Greek Isles with ISIS types and now said to be sending weapons behind them. He goes on to say that just when it appears there will be no Greeks left, Russia would lose patience and attack Turkey with tactical nuke weapons and Turkey would cease to exist. What would be left of Constantinople will be given to Greece the former owner.

        1. http://www.presentationministries.com/publications/SeekProphecy.asp

          Definition of the term “prophesy” from a Christian perspective.

          Human beings are partly of spiritual nature and in one sense “the gift of prophesy” is a natural gift that some people have.

          But in my readings, being able to accurately predict future events is not much of anything in and of itself.

          Does the prophesy help people toward stronger faith in God or does the prophesy wow people temporarily and bring in bucks for the prophet or make for wow fare as an Oprah guest?

          There is a difference between clairvoyance and the charism of the Holy Spirit called the “gift of prophesy” and it includes more than accurately predicting the future.

          Several cannonized saints had the many psychic abilities but they never spoke at all about them, did not really seek them, and relied on God to use them rightly. These supernatural charisms do not count as miracles for cannonization and are very very common among spiritually advanced people.

          There are some people who sell their soul to become spiritually advanced in the wrong way and they can tell the future for worldly gain.

        2. I speak of it from an eye witness perspective as I have known many mahatmas over the years who could tell you what you ate for breakfast last month, when your uncle would die and many other things. So it is not an abstract point or subject of debate for me. It is a matter of knowing and not believing.

          I was skeptical at first myself when told my a relative was going to die that month and leave me some money until it happens. But I suppose until most are fortunate enough to see it happen, it will be a point of debate, whichever perspective they are trying to wrap their head around. It is always better to know than to believe.

          From their perspective, it was a Christian perspective as they understand the Christos to be a living energy or light known as prana in the orient which enlivens the pineal gland or in the words of Thomas (thine eye be single). In the east the Christos is not a subject from a book to be debated but a living energy one can access and some receive the gift of prophecy.

          So in the case of some we read about such as Cayce, or Nostradamus etc, I don’t have to wonder about it. Some have it and some don’t. One must use discernment when looking over the history of various seers and it must ring true to you. I was fortunate enough to be told by mahatmas which psychics could be relied on.

          In the case of Geronimo he was asked by the calvary if he had any medicine men. His response was, there are many medicine men, some have the power and just talk.

          In the case of Jesus who may well have been the greatest seer, his method was the same as any prophet. The (Christos energy we receive from the earth travels through the feet to the sexual chakra, up the spine and into the pineal section of the brain. This energy or prana is also received through the breath and the food we eat. It is simply a matter of harnessing it. Energy is in two forms, positive and negative, when they unite the form lightning in the sky, form a child in a woman’s womb. The woman is negative energy and the man is positive energy. At times when the meet in tantra it can lead to enlightment. If not is still an enlivening process which leads to physical health.

          So yes it can be from a Christian perspective but one has to understand exactly what the Christos actually is first of all.

        3. I speak of it from an eye witness perspective as I have known many mahatmas over the years who could tell you what you ate for breakfast last month, when your uncle would die and many other things. So it is not an abstract point or subject of debate for me. It is a matter of knowing and not believing.

          I was skeptical at first myself when told my a relative was going to die that month and leave me some money until it happens. But I suppose until most are fortunate enough to see it happen, it will be a point of debate, whichever perspective they are trying to wrap their head around. It is always better to know than to believe.

          From their perspective, it was a Christian perspective as they understand the Christos to be a living energy or light known as prana in the orient which enlivens the pineal gland or in the words of Thomas (thine eye be single). In the east the Christos is not a subject from a book to be debated but a living energy one can access and some receive the gift of prophecy.

          So in the case of some we read about such as Cayce, or Nostradamus etc, I don’t have to wonder about it. Some have it and some don’t. One must use discernment when looking over the history of various seers and it must ring true to you. I was fortunate enough to be told by mahatmas which psychics could be relied on.

          In the case of Geronimo he was asked by the calvary if he had any medicine men. His response was, there are many medicine men, some have the power and just talk.

          In the case of Jesus who may well have been the greatest seer, his method was the same as any prophet. The (Christos energy we receive from the earth travels through the feet to the sexual chakra, up the spine and into the pineal section of the brain. This energy or prana is also received through the breath and the food we eat. It is simply a matter of harnessing it. Energy is in two forms, positive and negative, when they unite the form lightning in the sky, form a child in a woman’s womb. The woman is negative energy and the man is positive energy. At times when the meet in tantra it can lead to enlightment. If not is still an enlivening process which leads to physical health.

          So yes it can be from a Christian perspective but one has to understand exactly what the Christos actually is first of all.

          There is the religious theory that Christ or the Christos must be let in our heart. This energy is what holds the atom together. If it were not already in our heart it would not be beating.

        4. This is the problem with substituting prophecy for facts and research-
          if you wait long enough, most nations will be overtaken, dispersed, borders changed, etc., it is the nature of civilization,
          of course every time an event like this occurs the religious crowd always finds a passage that “proves” their “bible” is the word of their god, etc.,
          not to knock spirituality but prophecy, while interesting falls very short of illuminating current events

      2. My math tells me that it was 48 years ago that Gunhilda reported her vision. There was no Internet in 1968 and ordinary people relied on the spoken word that later was written down on paper. What proof do you need that this 92 year old, living in a remote area in the mountains, walked a long distance to tell her vision to this religious evangelist? She had heard he would be preaching a good distance away. There were no CCTV cameras to follow her, nor could she take any selfies of herself as proof. Local news and events came by messenger.

        I read about her vision (in her native language) in a detailed version many, many years ago. Look around you. You don’t see that her vision so far has come true? I certainly do.

        1. Anne, thank you so much for sharing the link to the amazing prophecy lady. I believe with all my heart that the Lord does indeed give people words of prophecy, and just like people in Biblical times scoffed, they are scoffing now. Oh, how they love to limit the power of God.

      1. I case you have not noticed, a subscription has become more of a norm even for newspapers. Even small town papers. In case proof is needed, I have that. Sometimes you have to answer a questionnaire before being able to read certain articles. This new form of censorship knows no international borders.

        The newspaper in question here is the biggest source for so-called news in its country. Once in a while they will print something worthwhile, but in many previous posts here I rightfully refer to the paper as a rag.

        Comparing this rag to Rense is like comparing apples to oranges. They are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Know of what you speak before you do.

        1. I don’t expect writers to give their books out without being compensated but I find it amusing so many writers put out an article that they claim is vital information that citizens must read to end their slavery, … etc. but you have to SIGN UP

        2. The excerpt in the paper was from an article published in a special Sunday edition by the same paper. The Sunday edition is by subscription only. I searched and found another source on the Internet.

          No one has claimed that the content of this article was of vital information to end ones’ slavery. Why don’t you attack those who make such claims and have you go through hoops to end this slavery of yours? It will make you more credible instead of flinging out nonsense.

  40. Starting at the top with Steven, the last column having grown too long.

    I should probably have unpacked this, but I had other fish to fry first, so we’ll do it now.

    You said: “For me, those other worldly entities , like Jehova and his angels, his Watchers, his Shining Ones, the Giants, the Nephilim and so on, were ET’s or ”other dimensionals”, a view which you no doubt find preposterous, but one which I think is no more ( or no less) preposterous than your belief that the Bible is literally true.”

    They are indeed all otherworldly, and literally from another dimension. The spirit realm. There is no such thing as space aliens, sentient beings on other planets, but the Unseen Realm is rich with sentient beings. They are all in fact “extraterrestrials,” because they are not from here. The Bible is literally true, and it says that they exist, that they visit here, that they designed and created our world. Paul, for instance, in Ephesians (chapter 6), tells us that we wrestle against “rulers,” “powers,” “world forces,” and spiritual forces of wickedness in heavenly places.” These are territorial and hierarchical designations. The other side is complex, more complex than our own world.

    The nephilim are in fact giants, and their gigantism came from their being hybrids. In Genesis 6 (lots of other places, too) it says that “the sons of God” came here and mated with human women, and produced a race of giants. Evil giants. The “sons of God” were elohim–gods. They did this in defiance of the God who created them, Yahweh. Their hybrid offspring were not gods, because they were born here. The Greeks and Romans called them “demigods,” for the obvious reason. This gets complicated, but in any event the dead nephilim have nowhere to go, because they are not designed to exist in the created world; they are what we know as “demons,” and this explains why they wish to embody people–because they have no place to go. Space aliens and alien abductions and that whole category of modern mysteries is tied up with this, as we are now approaching Daniel’s seventieth week.

    It is with this in mind that we can comprehend the mystery of prophesy, in fact. How can the Bible be a supernatural message system that can see through space/time like a man holding a snow globe can see everything going on in the little village depicted in the glass? Ah. God stands outside of time, and His Council administers the world with Him. And some of His Council has gone rogue, using their free will the same way we use ours. Depths of evil we cannot comprehend suffuse the world. Fulfilled prophesy is there to prevent us from despairing.

    Daniel 9 starts out: “1 In the first year of Darius the son of Ahasuerus, of Median descent, who was made king over the kingdom of the Chaldeans– 2 in the first year of his reign, I, Daniel, observed in the books the number of the years which was revealed as the word of the LORD to Jeremiah the prophet for the completion of the desolations of Jerusalem, namely, seventy years. 3 So I gave my attention to the Lord God to seek Him by prayer and supplications, with fasting, sackcloth and ashes. 4 I prayed to the LORD my God and confessed and said, “Alas, O Lord, the great and awesome God, who keeps His covenant and lovingkindness for those who love Him and keep His commandments, 5 we have sinned, committed iniquity, acted wickedly and rebelled, even turning aside from Your commandments and ordinances.”

    God answered him. He knew that Jeremiah’s prophesy was of seventy years in exile, and he was part of that contingent. Starting at verse 20, he tells the story:

    20 Now while I was speaking and praying, and confessing my sin and the sin of my people Israel, and presenting my supplication before the LORD my God in behalf of the holy mountain of my God, 21 while I was still speaking in prayer, then the man Gabriel, whom I had seen in the vision previously, came to me in my extreme weariness about the time of the evening offering. 22 He gave me instruction and talked with me and said, “O Daniel, I have now come forth to give you insight with understanding.”

    Gabriel is a messenger from Yahweh, an “angel,” sent from the Unseen Realm to explain things to us, in advance.

    23 “At the beginning of your supplications the command was issued, and I have come to tell you, for you are highly esteemed; so give heed to the message and gain understanding of the vision. 24 “Seventy weeks have been decreed for your people and your holy city, to finish the transgression, to make an end of sin, to make atonement for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy place. 25 “So you are to know and discern that from the issuing of a decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince there will be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks; it will be built again, with plaza and moat, even in times of distress.

    Seventy “weeks” is seventy times seven years, in Bible-talk. “The issuing of a decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem” is God’s messenger telling Daniel that when Isaiah’s “Cyrus” does what Isaiah predicted, a clock starts running. It was Babylon that a took them into captivity, but Persia had conquered Babylon, and Cyrus inherited this population of Hebrews; when he decides to let them to go home, the stopwatch begins counting the days until Jesus arrives.

    26 “Then after the sixty-two weeks the Messiah will be cut off and have nothing,…

    Jesus will be killed.

    …and the people of the prince who is to come will destroy the city and the sanctuary….

    Since it was Rome that destroyed the city–in AD70–many scholars take this to mean that Antichrist will come out of what once was Rome (“the people of” the future Antichrist destroyed Jerusalem way back then).

    Anyway, Jesus was born right on time, was killed right on time, and the city destroyed, right on time.

    …And its end will come with a flood; even to the end there will be war; desolations are determined. 27 “And he will make a firm covenant with the many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering; and on the wing of abominations will come one who makes desolate, even until a complete destruction, one that is decreed, is poured out on the one who makes desolate.”

    This is about the seventieth week, the “Great Tribulation,” when Antichrist rules; a gap of thousands of years. It is soon, however, because many, many, other prophesies are coming to pass in our day, after very little happening prior to the 20th century.

    All the prophetic books–hell, ALL the books–are in the Bible for US. Today. In chapter 12, the last chapter of Daniel, it says:

    8 As for me, I heard but could not understand; so I said, “My lord, what will be the outcome of these events?” 9 He said, “Go your way, Daniel, for these words are concealed and sealed up until the end time. 10 “Many will be purged, purified and refined, but the wicked will act wickedly; and none of the wicked will understand, but those who have insight will understand.

    Prophesy has increasingly become unlocked in our time. Things no one could have understood until recently are now obvious. It was intended that way; it says it right there in the book.

    No one could have known when the seventieth week would begin, and everyone scoffed at the prophesies that Israel would ever be reborn. Zechariah wrote that Jerusalem would become a “cup of trembling” for all the world, but in the 1870s, when Zionism began, it was nothing, and had been desolate for centuries. When 19th century evangelical scholars took notice of these prophetic verses, and confidently taught that it would soon be prophesy fulfilled, no one could imagine how it could happen.

    The “Tribulation period” described in Revelation in such detail is the last seven years of Daniel’s prophesy. It all has to do with Israel. We will live through it. It will be very unpleasant. We need to prepare ourselves.

    1. hey Patrick… I hope that very long comment wasn’t addressed just to me, as I didn’t need the ”bible lesson”. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m fairly well versed in these issues and I know the Daniel prophesy and the alleged predictions of the coming of the messiah, the periods of tribulation and so on.

      Whilst we share a similar understanding of the Nephilim and other beings and non- terrestrial entities, we differ on the starting point, so we disagree in parallel, rather than on the detail…

      To explain… you start with ” There is no such thing as space aliens, sentient beings on other planets ”. You then admit ”other realms” and claim the bible explains them. This is very neat, because it makes your version of the meaning of the biblical stories completely plausible, or at least possible and makes your bible the ultimate font of knowledge.

      Unfortunately your first premise is an opinion, not a fact. There may well be space aliens and if one accepts they exist, then its possible to give an equally plausible explanation of the biblical stories, without resorting to a belief in Yahweh as the creator of the universe, and as author of the development and ultimate fate of humankind.

      I believe there are space aliens and that they were physically present on Earth back then, shaping events amongst humans. I believe they still exist among us today. I further believe I have had personal interactions with them, mainly in my childhood, but also in adulthood.

      Accordingly, my views are shaped by those experiences and by alternative explanations and meanings of the sources and events of biblical and other ancient world written and oral histories, myths and legends. Hence our views sometimes converge, but seem likely to always run in parallel.

    2. Patrick, I did write a reply to your bible prophecy post, but its failed to appear so far. My previous post from a day or so ago has now appeared but lost down the thread somewhere….not sure if you saw it or not…

      It looks like its the longer posts that disappear…. don’t know why…

  41. I recenty discovered a series of videos and interviews put out by WCBOhio YouTube channel. The interviews apparently started in late 1980s and continue to this day, but apparently the posting of the interviews of the earlier interviews did not happen until about 3 or 4 years ago. I really enjoy listening and learning from them and they resonate with my conservative and traditional Catholic mindset.

    The hosts and the guest priests are all traditional and are no longer in communion with the Vatican or what is called the post-Conciliar or novus ordo Church. If I had children I would wish I lived near one of their traditional mass churches and schools. I take no position on that because I am simply too ignorant of all the issues. I do know that the last fove popes, excluding 33-day in office Pope Paul I, and most especially Francis are doing and saying things that are totally irreconcilable with my Catholic teaching. somewhat limited as it was. As I age, my faith becomes more simple and direct to the One I want to love more and more every day.

    I found this particle two-part video set on

    Free Trade and the New World Order

    with William J. Gill as the guest to be most informative and interesting. You will learn much from listening to this learned man, Mr. Gill, who conveys very objective fact.

    The actual video and interview was done in approximately 1995 but was not published on YouTube until March of 2014.

    Mr. Gill, now deceased, was a frequent guest on Dr. Stan Monteith’s radio show and I used to like very much the way he explained the history of our US government’s policy toward destroying U S sovereignty and toward a New World Order, as accomplished via “free trade.”


    Trade and the New World Order Part 1


    Trade and the New World Order Part 2

    1. dachsielady – The short-term was Pope John Paul I, from whom John Paul II took his name. There’s also a scene about his death in Godfather III – fictional of course. John Paul I was drawing on the names of his predecessors, John XXIII and Paul VI. My anticlerical relatives in Frances asked – “What next – Pope John Paul George Ringo?” so John Paul II disappointed them, somewhat.

      1. Pope John Paul I, made Pope in about 1977 or so, was legitimately elected but was in office only 33 days.

        I think he was the guy that was really going to clean things up. Sorry for expressing this so crudely but that is the plain simple truth.

        For that reason he had to be eliminated by the Judeo-Masonic infested Vatican.

        I read the book, In God’s Name, by David Yallop. And the author gives a plausible explanation of how this healthy Pope was poisoned and eliminated.

        John Paul II was an extreme let-down to traditional Catholics. He was very popular with the public just as Bergolio is. That’s a big clue right there he was not the real deal. JPII canonized two people as saints – Pope Pius V who was the real deal

        and a polar opposite…

        Pope Paul VI (Cardinal Giovanni Battista Montini ) not the real deal.

        There can be seen wise political maneuvering to have JPII perform one totally false canonization and one true excellent canonization.

        I do not know a lot about all this but it looks like JPII was the first “Pope” who adulterated the canonization rules and procedures.

        There was a whole new Code of Canon Law put out in the 1960s and is part of the whole Novus Ordo debacle.

        Paul VI Montini is written about in a book, Rite of Sodomy, by Randy Engel. She claims he was under blackmail because of his homosexual activity.

        Now JPII has been canonized a saint and that is very disgusting to many tradttional Catholics.

        Daryl Bradford Smith had a link to the free online book, The Plot Against the Church, by Pen Name Maurice Pinay, actually a group of clerics.


        Very interesting showing the infiltration of the Church from the top down starting many decades before Vatican II council. It shows how the Judeo-Masonic influences were very much active in Italy and Rome for centuries. The “The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita” lays out very clearly their game plan.


        I have made it a practice to no longer just use words Freemasonry or Masons or Masonic. I always from now on try to append Judeo- to these terms.

        Books like these found here…


  42. Listen to Nigel Farage campaign for a win on the referendum to extricate Britain from the EU: http://tapnewswire.com/2016/02/farage-pulls-a-crowd-and-calls-for-victory/

    Many Americans feel the same way about Trump as Nigel’s followers do about him. Sadly, while Nigel could actually rescue his country from its horrible rulers, that is not the case with Trump. They’re both charismatic and fun to listen to, but Nigel actually knows what a leader of a great country needs to know–and he has the courage to face down unhinged opposition without compromise. Trump has neither thing going for him.

    I wonder what dirty business the monsters who rule Britain will involve David Cameron in to thwart the rescue of Britain?

    1. Farage is correct when he says the June 23rd Vote will be the most important political decision any of us will take in our life times,’

      Just as our Nov. 2nd Vote will be the most important political decision any of us will take in our life times,’ here in the US.

      We can only win by Landslide, I can’t stress this enough.

      They can only cheat if no one shows up and it’s a “close” race.

      Hillary will be your President Period if you sit this out as I always hear as I did in 2012.

  43. This is hilarious.

    Jude Law, Mr. P.C. Hollywood elite made the journey to northern France last week to highlight the plight of child refugees who are being evicted under a move by French authorities to demolish the southern part of the camp.

    The Rape-fruges attacked and Robbed them..hahaha


  44. Get Ready For the Great Cash Grab 2016-2017.

    The Davos Group announced at the last meeting that they want to eliminate ALL cash transactions.

    I’m quite confident this was discussed at last years Bilderberg Group meeting. The only difference between the two groups is Davos announces to the public what Bilderberg told them to disclose.

    They said they will start by eliminating the US 100 Dollar Bill.

    I saw an interview with I think Lew Rockwell and he said Americans better wake up “they” are going to start rounding up the Cash. They are going to claim this will “clamp down” on the drug trade and street criminals. Sounds fair, right?

    This will also eliminate All Garage/Yard sales, (unless you have a device to take Bank cards) Craigs Lists sales, working for cash/day labor, even borrowing a few bucks from family or friends ’till next week.

    This will put the Govt./Banks and even Politicians in charge of All of your Money. Sound like a familiar story you’ve heard all of your lives? It’s really here.

    Now to my little story:

    I wasn’t even thinking about this whole cash thing, it was a nice Sunday so I decided to head down to ARCO gas station (I don’t know if these are nation wide) to consume mass quantities and get me an 18-Pack of Beer to chase down my bottle of Chardonnay…..

    When I pulled up I noticed all the gas pumps were taped off and they were installing new bank card readers. The Arco up the street had just done the same. The purpose of the new readers is to eliminate the “Cash” terminals on the islands were you could just put cash in and pump gas.

    This is where it gets good.

    I walk into the store. Mind you it was Sunday and all the pumps were closed so the place was basically vacant. I know the owner very well and asked him “ are you guys taking away the “cash” option to force people who want to use cash walk in to the store to pay?”. He said “Yes”. “They don’t want cash.”

    I found this fascinating being Atlantic Richfield (ARCO) has always been a Pro-Cash business from their beginning. Cash and Debit cards only and No credit cards. That has all changed starting this year.

    I have never discussed anything political or Conspiratorial with the owner before.

    Out of the clear blue sky he looked me in the eye and said “it’s the New World Order, they want to get rid of cash”. I almost Wet myself and played along then said “Yea, I heard that was their plan”.

    He went on to tell me in a Corporate meeting they announced to all the Franchise holders that they would be eliminating the Cash Terminals to start the process and he’s against the whole Idea. As I said, I was amazed he was telling me all of this. He also looked flustered.

    We started talking about issues and I made it clear I Knew exactly what he was taking and brought up how this will control/destroy person to person cash transactions and enslave us. He said he never really thought about it like that and seemed surprised.

    As I was getting ready to grab my beer and leave he blurted this little nugget out.
    He said with a slight laugh “ I don’t even know how I’m supposed to do this. They want us to “confiscate” all 100 Dollar Bills. People are going to get angry”.

    I said I had heard that “Phase 1” was to reel in all the 100 Dollar Bills first.

    Then he added “They told us that whenever a person pays with a Hundred dollar bill we “Can’t” give them their change back in Cash!” I was like What?

    He went on to say all the change from any 100 Dollar Bill transaction will be put on to the persons Visa/Debit card but they can still give change on 20 Dollar Bills until further notice.

    This is for REAL. It will be implemented this year or at least we will be “Nudged” Cass style.

    There is a TV commercial playing in some states where a guy is made to look as a fool for using cash at a store and holding up the line dropping change and such. Everyone in line has smartphones/ApplePay/PayPal. The Message is only Fools use Cash.

    Last night I was floored to see a PayPal commercial playing in SoCal saying it is “The New Money” and showed pictures of paper money,100’s and 20’s as the “Old Money”. This is what prompted me to write this Rant.

    Never Give up your Money to the Banks for you give up your personal sovereignty also. It’s Not Their money to take so I expect to hear soon from the Un-Federal we have No-Reserves Bank.

    Let the Propaganda begin.

    1. Thank you sharing your experience at an ARCO station.

      I recently noticed my credit union has started changing little rules to make it harder to withdraw cash. You now no longer can withdraw over $2000 in cash via the drive-in. You must go inside. There will small incremental changes at banks and credit union like this.

      I would like to know just what we are supposed to do. I am trying to go all-cash but it almost seems impossible.

      Another thing I do not like is when a merchant says they will accept a personal check and then they treat the check like a debit card and immediately get their cash and the put a mark on the check and hand it back to me. If I wanted to have and use a credit card, I would. I want personal checks to be treated in the customary procedure.

      1. This would be an enlightening and helpful discussion but I am not sure it can be given justice in this thread.

        It would be valuable to think of all the little telltale signs or steps that we may be experiencing in our daily lives in the very near future.

        Here is something I thought of.

        Let us say that a person is retired and receives a government Social Security retirement check as well as a pension fund retirement check as their entire livelihood and they want to move away from banks completely and toward strictly cash.

        The person wants to stop having the checks directly deposited via electronic funds transfer to their personal banking account. The person wants to have the checks send in the U S mail to theirself and then take the check to their bank and cash the check for the full amount of check and request to receive the cash in twenties or maybe fifties and twenties. The person will always keep a sufficient balance in their account to equal and somewhat exceed the amount of the check being cashed. One would think that the bank would have no problem in cashing these checks, especially since the checks are from solid sources, the U S SS Admin and a large public pension fund, and the customer has a good record with the bank and maintains decent balances.

        I suspect in the very near future that the banks will say no to cashing these checks in these circumstances. Banks are going to require and insist that you arrange to have the checks direct deposited. In fact, when banks first open new accounts for a retired person, then seem to place much emphasis on direct deposit of pension checks, unless of course your initial deposit form and amount is impressive and solid. It looks as though banks and credit unions will not deem to even open a new account unless the new customer proves that they are signed up for direct deposit. I think banks and credit unions. and I am not sure at all about this, actually have the forms or the information to give to the customer to start having their checks directly deposited from the issuing institutions to the bank. The bank will tentatively open the new account and watch to see if the checks start being direct deposited. If after a month or so, there is no indication of such, the bank will contact the customer and ask them why. This seems highly irregular but I do not think I am letting my imagination go unreasonable.

        Thinking about these possible scenarios before we experience them makes more possible alternative strategies to get and hold on to cash.

        Really though, to achieve cash-only status equate to dropping entirely out of the system – internet, credit cards – all of it.

        1. I think you’re missing the point. The plan is to create a cashless society. Here in Britain, its openly discussed by politicians, economists and so on. They talk likes its WHEN, not IF.
          You won’t be able to ” achieve cash only status” and hoarding cash will be pointless. You will be given a fixed period to pay any cash you have into your bank account. All cash after that date will be worthless, all transactions by card or chip. The end.

        2. Perhaps I was missing the point and I do realize what the end game is. This time right now before the total shutdown happens is crucial for most of us if we want to not be totally fleeced and actions that can be taken now are important to consider. It is not reasonable to just say ‘ well, they have us and there is nothing we can do’. That is not the present condition and we need to make the best of our time that is running short.

          People will need to try to get their money out of the bank right now and try to do something with it that will help them through when the total shutdown happens. Food, water, shelter, heat/energy.

          When the total shutdown happens, all the savings you have in the bank will be taken by the bank. I cannot say exactly how that seizure will play out, but I know banks are already requiring negative interest rates so that you have to pay a fee, in the form of paying interest to allow the bank to hold your money. They will just subtract those fees from your balance according to their rules of the day and probably with a daily floating interest rate. (I have already indicated how they may require payments or fees to be allowed to open a bank account and you will have to have a bank account if you want to buy or sell.)

          Carpe diem !

        3. Dachsie… I wasn’t saying ”they have us and there is nothing we can do”…. I was saying your notion of accumulating cash was pointless because it won’t be legal tender.

          I agree there is much we can do… convert cash into goods and supplies, ideally a little land and shelter, the whole ”prepping” thing if you believe a shutdown of the economy as we know it is going to occur.

        4. “Thinking about these possible scenarios before we experience them makes more possible alternative strategies to get and hold on to cash.”

          I guess that what I wrote could be interpreted as “your notion of accumulating cash” but that is not really what I was getting at. I was mainly trying to explore how we can get the cash we are due now and how we can control that cash that we do “get our hands on” in the wisest way.

          I know right now cash is still being taken and cash “talks.” It has extra power in certain situations.

          I personally am not sure how wise it is to actually try to go totally cashless. If you have a way to keep options open, keep doors open to the new economy, that needs to be discussed and evaluated.

          I do see getting away from credit cards and debit cards as much as possible very wise.

          Having a piece of land that you can live on in a structure you build sounds ideal, but one has to realize that one never owns “real property”, land and the residential or business structures on it. You are only renting for the rest of your life from the government via property taxes.

          Things are going to get very rough. I wonder how the people in Cypress fared when their bank deposits were stolen from them a couple of years ago.

        5. Revelation 13:

          16 And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17 and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.

        6. Dash,
          As you say “little by Little” is how they’ve been doing it for years.
          Remember when using ATM’s and your “Debit Card” was free?

          Then they fired all the Tellers and now they make a “Transaction fee” when ever you use your card or up to $3.00 per ATM.

          These transaction fees amount to 100’s of Billions per year in Free money for the banks and “They” have Your money . Brilliant.

          I bank at B of A. If I write you a check and you go to my bank to cash it they will charge you $7.50 if you don’t have an acct. there. If you do bank there, the money will be added to your acct. first (so they can add to their daily balance sheets) then you have to withdraw it as cash.

          Soon we will Pay for using cash and checks and be looked at as misfits and Holy rollers trying the buck the system.

          So if you keep spending 100 dollar bills when most of it has been taken out of circulation you will stand out as a person of interest to the Luciferian control grid.

      1. ⚛ ⚛ ⚛

        “Although all men are born free, slavery has been the general lot of the human race. Ignorant–they have been cheated; asleep–they have been surprised; divided–the yoke has been forced upon them. But what is the lesson?…the people ought to be enlightened, to be awakened, to be united, that after establishing a government they should watch over it….It is universally admitted that a well-instructed people alone can be permanently free.” –James Madison

        ⚛ ⚛ ⚛

    2. Ric, how in the world did that crazy old man named the Apostle John, in that old, out-dated book known as the Bible, predict 2,000 years ago that one day, all buying and selling will be scrutinized and controlled? 🙂

      I worked for the Dallas FDIC for a long time back in the 90s, when there were so many bank failures occurring. Even then and even though people knew their deposits were insured, when a bank would be closed and taken over by FDIC, panic, anger, and hostility would quickly ensue by the depositors. Imagine what it’s going to be like when people find out what has been done to them, and all of their money has been taken from their accounts. I figure the first thing they will say is that they sure are glad their deposits were FDIC insured. People don’t understand that what was once true is no longer true. The rules have changed and the bankers can take it all out of deposit accounts as “forfeiture”. And if you try to tell people this, they will say you are cuckoo and add that “our government would never allow something like that”. I like to remind them that the Cypriots thought the same thing until just a few years ago.

      Know what I mean, Vern?

    3. Thanks for this story, Ric.

      Over the past several years, I started hoarding cash and stacking silver; my kid buys mostly gold and platinum (you can tell which of us is richer). A big chunk of my cash is in $100 bills. I wonder if I should exchange them with $20s while I still can? Anybody have any ideas?

      We’ve got barrels of water and months worth of freeze-dried food, plus other necessities; we’re good in the “consumable” department. But there’s no point in hoarding anything that can’t be spent or used…

      1. I know many will disagree with my interpretation of the end times but the real hard troubles coming will only last for 2.5 months. There will 5 months of watching it brew, but the last 2,5 months will be the hardest.

        If your prepared, you will make it through.

        If they times had not been shortened, no Man, even my Elect, would have survived.

        I will not debate anyone on Gods word. Your free to think anything you want.

        I mean that very nicely and in good faith.

      2. Hi Recynd… I would say convert your $100 bills right now. If the transition to cashless is orderly, you can pay in your notes and withdraw smaller denominations when ordered to do so, but the bank and the ” authorities” will make a note of the fact you were hoarding large bills and put you on their list of ” suspected dissident or domestic terrorist”. Ok, you probably figure you’re on there already, but that one extra tick might make them start actually investigating you rather than just being aware of you like now.

        If the transition to cashless is disorderly i.e. banking collapse, breakdown of mainstream business activity etc, then you also don’t want high value bills as people will be reluctant to give you lots of small bills as change.

        I understand investing in gold and silver, but if society breaks down, I feel it may quickly become useless. You can’t eat silver or make anything or build anything with gold or platinum. The best things to hoard, according to the prepper sites I’ve followed for years cos I was a believer in the ” end of the world, Maya prophecies/Calendar to occur on 21st December , 2012…” ever since the late 80’s…… are medical supplies and seeds, preferably heritage seeds. They are vital for the survival of yourself and your family and the surplus are easy to store, light to carry and perfect for barter. Why hoard stoves, solar panels, gardening equipment, building tools, all heavy and bulky, when you can trade for them.?

        I like an American TV show called Z Nation…its just zombie fantasy escapism on the surface, but its a cool satire on western civilisation and its fragility beneath, with clever insights on how the survivors deal with the post apocalypse.. worth a look…

        1. That’s all excellent advice. After the credit disaster of 2007/2008, I wanted cash on hand and it seemed ridiculous to have piles and piles of $20s, so I got $100s. But now…well, not so much. I love the idea of seeds. We’ve got some, but not nearly enough. We also keep medical supplies/surplus prescription meds and ammo to trade, if that’s ever necessary.

          I’m a believer that, after all we can do, God will take care of the rest…but good preparation can only help, not hinder. I prepare for the worst but expect the best. Or something like that.


        2. I forget who it was on Dr Stan who said the best barter will be one ounce (airplane) bottles of whiskey–stock up on cases of them. The best currency imaginable.

          Still, the Bible says the vast majority of people alive when the trouble begins will be killed. Can’t stop that. All we can do is plot a way that we’re not one of them.

          Lead will also be far more valuable than gold. A small chunk of lead, strategically placed in the chest of a monster invading your home, is worth more than a chest full of gold coins–if the monster got his way.

          I can see how a reputation can be gained with a few ounces of lead, and a few dead monsters rotting in the front yard containing them, where trade in ounces of whiskey for valuable commodities could be established.

        3. I think Glenn Beck, actually, suggested the little bottles of booze. (He was one, anyway, who did.). It’s not a bad idea.

      1. Haha, as you said “Can the world get any crazier”?

        Some people notice, Some just move through their lives.

        This Planet is one amazing place..Hold On.

        It all works out…………Enjoy the Ride!

        That’s why you’re here……Now.

      1. Dub,
        Did you hear the story about your fellow Floridian Marco Rubio?

        Marco Rubio admits on Jimmy Fallon he went to “Foam Parties”.
        Go to about :36 on video. He asks Fallon “remember those Foam parties” Fallon looks aghast for he knows exactly what Rubio is referring to. Rubio then pulls the “Oh, I only went one time” act.

        Unbelievable what Karma can do. Let’s see if the MSM will even touch this for it’s their agenda and don’t want to put their own agenda in a bad light.

        Go to the article and zoom in to the pictures. It’s Rubio, No Doubt.

        Wayne Madesen put out this report and I guess the Nation Inquirer is going to run with it. And now this interview with Jimmy Fallon concrets this. Rubio’s camp is claiming that’s not him in the Picture.Haha.
        Yes it is.
        Go to the :36 sec mark.



        Article: Kit Daniels is reporting.


  45. Speaking of prophecies, for anyone who hasn’t read it, I would strongly recommend Allan Eckerty’s “A Sorrow In Our Heart” The story of Tecumseh.

    Tecumseh and the New Madrid Earthquake

    A warrior image that continues to hold great charisma in the American psyche. Tecumseh, too, was portrayed in my history lessons as a great and powerful warrior, whereas he was in truth a diplomat, a peacemaker and, most intriguing of all, a prophet.

    However, what I was never was taught by either Earth Science of American History is that Tecumseh didn’t merely predicted the New Madrid earthquake. In truth, Tecumseh didn’t merely “predict” this tectonic event, he actually “prophesied” this greatest earthquake ever to hit the continent. Tecumseh’s prophecy was given many months in advance of the quake, and was accurate down to the very day it occurred. One of the odd enigmas of truth hidden under the veneer of American History is that this quake was actually his signal to the Indians of North America to unite in an army and drive the invading, land stealing whites off the continent.

    This true story reveals a hidden dimension to American History and Geology which shakes not only the earth, but our very rational conceptions of the relationship between Science and Spirit, between Geology and Gaia. This is what I call “Herstory,” and it is covered up because it forces us to confront certain political, racial and spiritual realities that are embarrassingly inconsistent with official dogmas. Yet, any thoughtful person must give a long pause to contemplate the implications of this untold tale.

    What might any geologist give to know how Tecumseh was able to predict with such accuracy? Most likely, what a geologist would have to sacrifice are his own sacrosant beliefs in the separation of Science and Spirit.


  46. If you are a Californian like me you may be suprised to find out that some of the highest ranking members of our elected leaders are dual Israeli citizens, Senator Feinstein sits on some of the highest security committees,
    imagine what that means, people who have declared allegiance to a FOREIGN COUNTRY are sitting in the highest echelons of power and State secrets, I am personally quite certain that some of these are former Israeli intelligence officers which I will post later


    1. I tried digging into the dual citizenship list a little and could not find any supporting documents. The only “evidence” are just other lists.

      Apparently, Bernie Sanders was asked about his dual citizenship and he flat out denied being a citizen of anywhere other than the US of A. Does that PROVE that he doesn’t hold Israeli citizenship? No, but it holds at least as much weight (and probably more) than some anonymous list claiming the contrary.

      Do you have more evidence than just that link you posted?

      1. All Jews have a right to claim Israeli citizenship, for the simple reason that they are Jews. That’s why the country was created, after all. Whether this creates a question of loyalty, well, Jews have been accused of that ever since they were banished by Rome, and went into exile amongst the gentile nations. They’re used to the accusation.

        1. I did not know that (obviously). Is there paperwork that needs filling out to claim citizenship? How is Jewishness determined? Last name isn’t helpful, as Jews are matrilineal; I assume one need not be practicing/observant?

          This is very interesting.

        2. Thank you, sir.

          I know shamefully little about modern Israel and the fight with Palestine. (I do know enough to not form an opinion about it based on the teensy bit I actually do know, though, which is more than can be said about the general population, I think.)

          Thanks again for the link.

        3. They were not banished by Rome. Around 30-40 jews were taken prisoner and enslaved in Europe for revolting. All other jews happily went into Europe with the express intent of making money off the gentiles, during both the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages.

        4. Sorry, Sue, not true. You really should read up on this subject. Here is everyone’s favorite source, Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bar_Kokhba_revolt

          After the Bar Kochba revolt, in AD 136, Jerusalem was utterly destroyed, and it was made illegal for Jews to live there, or return there even to visit. Rome rebuilt the city from scratch, calling it Aelia Capitolina, which had a Roman street-layout. When you go there today, and see the digs that reveal ancient Jerusalem 40 feet below today’s surface, that’s what you need to keep in mind. When tourists walk the so-called Via Dolorosa, they are walking streets Rome built high above the ruins of the city Jesus dragged His cross through.

          It was under penalty of death that a Jew would return there to live. Since there were so many Jewish communities flourishing throughout the Empire, naturally, that’s where they relocated. They had many homes-away-from-home. The Temple had been destroyed in AD 70, so their reason for clinging to Jerusalem had already been severely damaged, their religious identity being so closely tied to Temple ritual practice–but after the city itself was wiped away, and they were physically banned from returning to the region, they had to give up the dream. Jewish life in the land would never be restored—until 1879, with the first Zionists. Of course, their banishment from their homeland did not take their homeland out of their hearts, and always they confidently declared their faith, year after year, for two millennia: “Next year, in Jerusalem.” An eternality in their hearts.

          This is very well known history, described in many books on my shelf. But for here, Wiki is a reliable source.

          Here is a second Wiki entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish–Roman_wars

          “The Romans then barred Jews from Jerusalem, except to attend Tisha B’Av. Although Jewish Christians hailed Jesus as the Messiah and did not support Bar Kokhba,[23] they were barred from Jerusalem along with the rest of the Jews.[citation needed] The war and its aftermath helped differentiate Christianity as a religion distinct from Judaism (see also Split of early Christianity and Judaism).[24]”

      2. Hello
        I am following this study up and will post more references,
        as I already posted i called Senator Feinstein’s office and the staff refused to answer to my question, citing this information is “personal,” which is ridiculous

        1. Yes, I did catch that you’d called. She’s my Senator too, and I’m interested in her response. I just want to make sure I know what it means.



        Beys Afroyim
        A 1947 photo of Beys Afroyim and his infant son Amos

        Beys Afroyim (born Ephraim Bernstein, 1893?–1984) was an artist and active communist.[33] Various sources state that he was born in either 1893[32][34][35] or 1898,[36] and either in Poland generally,[35] specifically in the Polish town of Ryki,[32][34] or in Riga, Latvia[36] (then part of the Russian Empire). In 1912, Afroyim immigrated to the United States, and on June 14, 1926, he was naturalized as a U.S. citizen.[36][37] He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, as well as the National Academy of Design in New York City, and he was commissioned to paint portraits of George Bernard Shaw, Theodore Dreiser, and Arnold Schoenberg.[32] In 1949, Afroyim left the United States and settled in Israel, together with his wife and former student Soshana (an Austrian artist).[32]

        In 1960, following the breakdown of his marriage, Afroyim decided to return to the United States,[38] but the State Department refused to renew his U.S. passport, ruling that because Afroyim had voted in the 1951 Israeli legislative election, he had lost his citizenship under the provisions of the Nationality Act of 1940.[39] A letter certifying Afroyim’s loss of citizenship was issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) on January 13, 1961.[36]

        Afroyim challenged the revocation of his citizenship


        PS: I’m getting real tired of all this misinformed Jew bashing. There 2 types of so called “Jews”. One is real, One is Fake.Long Story if you don’t know by know.

        I’m sure this heading to the “Hole”

      4. I ran across this excellent article about dual citizenship in my files and the link is still active.


        Dual Citizenship — Loyal to Whom?

        by Dan Eden

        Please also see Omert Humiliates America and Who Controls Hollywood and the Media?.


        Phillip Zelikow, not mentioned in this report, is said also to be a dual citizen. He gave us the 9-11 Commission report, most probably planned and basically written several months before 9-11. This fellow is an expert in the “creation and maintenance of public myths.”

        I read somewhere that he now lives in Israel but I cannot document that. He attended my university alma mater at the same time I did.


        1. Thanks for posting the article. This is obviously a contentious issue, but I don’t know if it’s as important as it’s being portrayed to be.

          I recently heard an NPR podcast that was discussing the issue of water and grazing rights. Turns out, Middle Easterners are purchasing land in Nevada and Arizona on which to grow hay for their horses and cattle. Apparently, it’s cheaper to grow the hay here and ship it to Saudi Arabia than it is to try to grow and water it there in the Mid-East.

          While the majority of the American ranchers in that area didn’t care a whit about who owns the land (they’re glad enough for buyers of any kind), I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. What if there are huge reserves of water under that land? Minerals? Oil? I don’t like the idea of the Chinese owning US utilities, either. But, then again, I don’t like government of any kind “owning” land…but how would it be controlled otherwise? Would any unowned property be up for grab? Land would be hoarded by the most powerful.

          I realize this isn’t the same issue as “dual citizenship”, but it’s got similar, difficult elements.

          (Forgive any typos; I’m still thumb-typing, sadly).

        2. I am hearing a lot of talk that the US is selling our lands to foreigners to pay off debts, troubling to say the least

        3. Sofia Smallstorm did an amazing interview on Red Ice. It’s worth the price of a subscription to hear the whole two hours. Plus, James was interviewed on Caravan to Midnight, another sub service, but well worth the listen.

      5. There’s another thing to keep in mind: this phrase, “dual citizenship” is a metaphor, in essence a lie as the people around here are using the term. These people, ad to say, don’t mean it at face value. They mean it as a stealth cover for their Jew-hatred. All they care about is Jews who hold Israeli passports. Jews, for these people, are inherently evil, and cannot possibly be loyal Americans–because they are Jews.

        Before returning to the point, I’d like to express my dismay at witnessing how a very clean web site has in recent months become a haven for open, despicable, Jew-hatred. The stench is going to drive me away if James can’t find a way to deal with it. There are plenty of places for such people to express themselves. This didn’t used to be one of them.

        That said, here’s the point: no government can control a private person’s multiple citizenship. Ted Cruz, for instance, was a dual citizen all his life–and the United States government could do absolutely nothing about it, short of going to war against Canada, winning, and forcibly deleting him from the citizenship roles. Likewise, a Mexican who comes to America. Mexico simply cannot stop its citizen from becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States, and the US can’t stop the guy remaining a Mexican citizen; what if the dual citizen from Mexico is told by the US that he must renounce his Mexican citizenship, and he asked Mexico to take away his citizenship, and Mexico refuses?

        Another consideration is people who fear the coming tyranny, and believe that the only port in a storm to escape the police state is to hold multiple passports. Many services expedite this. Cambodia, last I looked, is a popular rout, as is Panama. The good news is that The US government can’t stop it, even if it wanted to. I’d like to be a multiple passport holder. Since I’m not a Jew, the nasties infecting MHB wouldn’t hold it against me.

        The Jew-haters that are colonizing MHB don’t mean dual citizenship when they say those words and express their “concerns.” They are using the phrase as a euphemism for “Jew.”

  47. Super Tuesday Colorado Republican Caucus results? none. Why?
    Delegates are pledged at the state convention in July. So why would anyone attend their precinct caucus? I don’t know. In July the party chairman hands the delegates that he has hand picked to the front runner as decided by Fox News. What a joke! And they wonder why we have a Governor named Hickenlooper. Denver, the jewel of the west. Yeah, right! The homeless line Park ave. in Denver just like every other city.

  48. I thought this was a very faith building discussion of the Anti-Christ and the times we are living in. (I think this video must have been broadcast about 1996 on Cincinnati local public access TV.)

    This reflects my perspective and corroborates the many books I have read about the traditional Catholic perspective on “end times.” The Truth is the only One Who will hold our souls fast and steady in this most evil time of the end.


    Antichrist (newer)
    Published on YouTube on Mar 1, 2014

    The “traditions of men” in the New Testament refers to the Mishna or oral traditions of the Pharisees at the time of Christ on earth and were later printed in the Talmud.

    The “traditions” referred to the words of St. Paul here refer to what was taught to the apostles by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of which only a small portion were recorded by “letter” in the New Testament scriptures.

    “So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter. ”

    2 Thessalonians 2:15

  49. I previously posted that MANY members of Congress, Judiciary and the Executive branch are DUAL ISRAELI CITIZENS,
    I have been calling the offices of Senator Feinstein to verify this with her office and NO STAFF WOULD ANSWER MY QUESTION,
    Also, after looking through some of my material from Michael Collins Piper in his book The “Judas Goats” Michael Chertoff, Homeland Security et. al. mother was a MOSSAD agent,
    anyone who has even casually read a spy novel knows that this is the way deep cover operatives are inserted into a foreign government (in this case the US),
    this information should be rocking the citizens of the United States

      1. Sunaj, I think it is pretty safe to say that high-level operatives from other countries were involved in 911. There most assuredly was fore-knowledge by members of the NWO elite who have no allegiance to any country, but rather to a “religion”.

        But don’t ever allow the guilty psychopaths that planned and carried out, from the highest seats of power, this heinous act on Americans to escape even one whit of blame for what they did. Their names should be in bold capital (preferably red) letters at the top of any list of guilty parties.

  50. Hey Recynd, this is right down the street from you.

    Egyptian Immigrant Posts That He’s ‘Willing to Kill Donald Trump and Serve a Life Sentence’ — It Backfires in a Major Way

    ORANGE, Calif. (TheBlaze/AP) — A flight student from Egypt is facing deportation from the United States after being investigated by federal agents for posting on his Facebook page that he was willing to kill Donald Trump and the world would thank him.

    While U.S. prosecutors have not charged 23-year-old Emadeldin El-Sayed with a crime, immigration authorities arrested him last month at the Los Angeles-area flight school he attended and now are trying to deport him, attorney Hani Bushra said Wednesday.


    1. Again, good catch!

      Such a bizarre story: an Egyptian who was raised in Saudi Arabia, who comes to Orange County, USA to go to flight school. Why? Don’t they have flight schools in the Middle East? Who’s he planning on working for? America Airlines? Why would they hire him?

  51. i have a topic I am hoping other users might have some clarification on,
    there is a lot of talk about Law, Admiralty Law, Law of the Seas, Law of the Land, etc. Not having any formal training in law I was wondering if anyone has done any research on this,
    the gist of this (from a lot of commentators) is that what we all have been brought up to think of as “law” is not the law that rules us, and that there are many laws that govern us, with far reaching effects that people in general are not aware of, affecting the land we own (some say we don’t own it at all), and debts we may be responsible for from foreign entities, etc.
    Thanks for sincere honest responses

  52. This really upset me.

    “Tracy received a letter from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS), dated February 1, 2016, that FDACS had “received information” that Tracy may be in violation of a Florida law, Solicitation of Contributions Act, because he had not registered with the FDACS “prior to soliciting contributions from the public in Florida.”

    I knew Florida was one of the top 5 most corrupt states in the union, but this really pushes the envelope!

    I wonder if donation-soliciting website owners had to register with the FDACS prior to soliciting contributions from the public for their websites originating in Florida by server or whatever of vicsims and vicsims’ family members in relation to 9-11. Sandy Hook, and Boston. And I wonder exactly what state agency is responsible for diligently and in an unbiased manner ENFORCING this Florida regulation.

    Trust me, this regulation that is now being pulled out of corrupt Florida’s little bag of tricks does not bear close inspection. I doubt that this veiled threat will be carried out or followed up on so just keep on donating to Dr. Tracy’s Legal Defense Fund or purchasing from Moon Rock Books.

    Keep on keepin’ on for Dr. Tracy and truth and justice.

    (There are many of us who are ready, willing and able to do such a close inspection of the Florida state agency responsible for LAWFULLY enforcing this regulation. The state agency responsible is probably the Florida Dept. of the Treasury or the Florida State Comptroller of Public Accounts or something like that.)

    This source article has hyperlinks to all the ways to financially help Dr. Tracy.

    Saturday, February 13, 2016
    The Hounding of Dr. James Tracy: An honorable man who deserves your support
    by Jim Fetzer and Dr. Eowyn


    But even that effort is now blocked. Tracy received a letter from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS), dated February 1, 2016, that FDACS had “received information” that Tracy may be in violation of a Florida law, Solicitation of Contributions Act, because he had not registered with the FDACS “prior to soliciting contributions from the public in Florida.” Failure to comply with that law may subject Tracy “to a cease and desist order and fines up to $1000 per violation.”

  53. Here is an EXCELLENT review by StarLarvae of the book, “The Influencing Machine” by Brooke Gladstone, that Amazon refused to publish for some unknown reason.

    The only salty-ish language used was an appropriately-used “turd”; that term has since been edited out and the review has been re-submitted. Time will tell if this was the reason for rejection this first time around.

        1. I finally read that review this morning. Very good. I spent decades as an NPR addict. I remember Brooke’s voice, but not much about what she ever said.

          The nightmare we live within includes exactly what the review points out: these people are gatekeepers, defenders of a monstrous Matrix-like environment. It doesn’t matter what city you live in, if you work in the media, you become a pod-person (to change metaphors).

          This is the real reason for the Trump phenomenon. People are sick of it, in their bones. They know they are always lied to, and called stupid when they question the Matrix, and start to hate the pod-people. Pod-people like Brooke, of course, probably have no idea that they are no longer human. She lives and works in Washington, which means she never has any exposure to real people, at all.

          Speaking of Mordor, keep what I just said in mind when watching this Mark Dice hoot-fest. People really ARE this uneducated, but normal people have little interest in the things that consume the lives of the likes of Brooke Gladstone, and NPR employees can’t comprehend why. These really are two different worlds:

          [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGEx0gRI3AY&w=560&h=315%5D

        2. Ohhhh my. I stopped watching Mark Dice, but this never really gets old. Every single one of these people, I’d bet, has had AT LEAST 13 years of formal schooling. I can’t help but think of the Scripture that warns that we will be “…Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” (2 Timothy 3:7 KJV)

          Do people just not think on their feet (I don’t, always, but I don’t then just make stuff up, either), or are they that conditioned against thinking? THAT’S what school does, after all: conditions us to freeze in the face of a question. And to hate reading, among other things.

    1. Yes, indeed, that is an excellent review. Pearls before Amazon swine.

      I am always fascinated by words such as “objectivity” and “facts.”

      Our world is telling us there is no such thing. It’s all relative.

  54. http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/03/01/sandy-hook-puzzles/

    Sandy Hook Puzzles
    March 1, 2016 | Categories: Articles & Columns | Tags: | Print This Article Print This Article

    Paul Craig Roberts

    This is a good article but I have this gnawing feeling that there is something not quite right about it.

    Example here…

    “What is disturbing to me is that I do not know if Sandy Hook is a real event or a hoax. In place of evidence such as bodies, body bags, death certificates, we have what appear to be faked photographs. Why?”

    Since when are “bodies, body bags, death certificates” absolute evidence of anything.

    A basic fact is that we have no way of determining if an entity that we are told was killed is actually a real person and is the real person that matches the alleged real-life environment (family, friends, co-workers etc.)

    The Simon Shack forum group received a newspaper or other media sourced list of those people alleged to have been killed in the Twin Towers. The forum members searched hundreds of names and found that no one checked out. They all turned up as “no last known address” or other similar dead-end inconclusive findings.

    Even DNA as evidence is something that can be falsified. Frederick Whitehead was head of the main FBI crime lab and I think he wrote a book explaining all the ways “evidence” can be manufactured.

    All Paul Craig Roberts seems to be saying is we need real investigations and real evidence. Well, duh!

  55. Not many people have a pig pen these days, so a person might not be aware of the wide-ranging appetite of a voracious porcine, or that it extends to human remains.

    You may already suspect that this capacity may have been used in the furtherance of villainy, and you would be right. Witness the well-researched HBO series, Deadwood, in which prostitutes are starved to death, but the hog is always well fed, right up until he’s what’s-for-dinner at the mess table.

    Who writes a love song for an animal like that? This guy, I guess.

    “Hog of the Forsaken” from the mid-70s fit so well in theme and feel into 21st century Deadwood that were I a mystic I would say that the song predicted the series.


      1. Yes, pretty bleak in a lot of ways. But also instructive on how to build a society from scratch; establishing the law, a press, a bank.

        Interesting how quickly coercive business practices, in the person of the elder Hearst, moved in on the mineral wealth

  56. I am going to raise this issue again,
    we all know that sooner or later the ruling oligarchy are going to depose the internet if possible, already have in many ways, we have orgs like the so-called Jewish Defense league that actively gangstalk users who are exposing the Zionist crimes in society, the Military has an internet organization of thugs that do something similar, just to name a few,
    I have been seeing a real downturn in internet activity, comments, responses, etc.- since the “closure” of the Oregon Standoff (which was more or less an FBI fabrication)
    anybody else experiencing this?

    1. “I have been seeing a real downturn in internet activity, comments, responses, etc.- since the “closure” of the Oregon Standoff (which was more or less an FBI fabrication)
      anybody else experiencing this?”

      I am experiencing this in some ways but it has been gradual over last few years and not, I think, related to Oregon Standoff point in time.

      I notice my own Internet activity is less because my awareness is more. Some of my favorite frequented sites are now defunct or my comments have been consistently blocked so I stop visiting.

      For example, I used to be able to listen to some of the shows on GCNlive but I now see an overall “agenda” there that is enforced apparently upon all the show hosts.

      My current level of awareness has made me particularly sensitive to the left/right paradigm in discussions and I eschew that because I feel that is totally controlled out of the gate.

      My Christian worldview makes me particularly sensitive to philosophies of writers, speakers and commentators who obviously do not have the same understanding of the nature of man, that he has an immortal soul and is made in the image and likeness of God and that his soul has an eternal destiny. The City of Man is not all there is.

      I feel that it is just a matter of time before MHB becomes somehow co-opted. If there are ways we can take certain steps to preserve its longevity, that should be done.

  57. Who is above the Rothschilds? The more I study secret societies the deeper the rabbit hole goes, the group you never see mentioned much on this blog of widely read users is the Jesuits,
    many people in government are Jesuits:
    Jerry Brown
    Pat Buchanan
    William F. Buckley
    Zbigniew Brzinski
    John Bennan Homeland Security
    Joseph Califano – U.S. Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare in the Carter Administration
    William Casey – American former director of the CIA
    Bill Clinton
    Raymond J. Dearie – American judge, Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York
    Jon Favreau – head speechwriter for U.S. President Barack Obama
    Alfred Hitchcock
    Lyndon B. Johnson
    John Kerry
    Patrick J. Leahy – United States Senator
    Peter Lynch – American financial leader
    Janet Napolitano
    Gavin Newsom
    Charles Osgood – American media commentator
    Leon Panetta
    Tim Russert – America politician and anchorman
    Tom Snyder
    Clarence Thomas
    Donald Trump
    Adam Weishaupt – German philosopher and founder of the Order of Illuminati
    This video I am posting is not about Jesuits per se but I am starting off the discussion with this


    1. I do not know a great deal about the Jesuits and I am not an unbiased person when it comes to attacks on Catholics.

      When you say someone “is a Jesuit” it is kind of misleading because technically a Jesuit is a cleric who is either a priest or a brother who was trained in a Jesuit seminary and was ordained in the Society of Jesus order. However, someone is referred to as a Jesuit if they are not a cleric but received their higher education at a Jesuit cleric run educational institution. For example, the Catholic University of America in Georgetown near Washington D.C. is a Jesuit university and it is directly under the Vatican. It is a papal university as is also Notre Dame in Indiana.

      St. Ignatius was truly a great saint. He was in the military in Spain I think and received a rather severe back injury which ended his military career. He at about the age of 30 went to university in Paris and formed freindships with other younger men, all of whom came from wealthier families and who received excellent educations. They decided to form a group for the Church to defend it from the onslaught of the Protestant Revolution – Martin Luther and John Calvin and others. They were very intelligent learned men and they succeeded in defending the doctrines and dogmas of the Church.

      The Jesuits were the first Catholic or Christian missionaries of any kind west of the Mississippi and are largely, if not wholly responsible to civilizing the native American tribes in the Western USA and that, of course, greatly made possible the settling of the Western frontier and expansion of the country. They were loving helpers and guides for the native Americans and provided work and livelihood for them and their families on the missions in California.

      Somehow this religious order, known for their intelligence and scholarliness came under attack by the monarchies of France and the Pope was persuaded to suppress the order. It was some kind of political gamesmanship of the new Protestant power brokers who were taking over whole countries at first in norther Europe. The order was almost completely wiped out and years later when the suppression was officially lifted they returned to their work but they were never the same. Their zeal to defend the Church was somehow gone.

      They became infiltrated by Judeo-Masonic influences just as the Church at large was. Today, there are some good Jesuit clerics and there are some bad ones. All of them are very smart, well trained scholars. Unfortunately some of them use those gifts for worldly gain and not for the saving of souls.

      An example of a good holy man who helped many poor souls in the El Paso / Ciudad Juarez area was Father Rick Thomas, a Jesuit who worked with a strong Christian group of lay Catholics in El Paso to help the poor and imprisoned in Mexico. They experienced many miracles in performing these corporal and spiritual works of mercy. All of these people tried to live in poverty and simplicity just as the people they were trying to help had to.

      1. Well that is a very interesting reply from a Catholic point of view,
        I’m looking forward to bringing this group to my own personal light,
        The Jesuits are one of the historically significant secret societies,
        I’m sure this discussion is going to get lively before its through:)

  58. For all the Trump supporters out there,
    AIPAC, The Israeli spy agency in DC has their man Michael Glasner in his campaign as his National Public Director
    the Zionist own everyone of these actors

  59. Dachsie digs this quote…

    “Economically, the modern pagan is a socialist, seeking to solve man’s poverty by creating a super state which redistributes the wealth of those who work to those who do not work. And so it makes humanity into one great blob or mass where everyone has the same rights despite their qualities, their intelligence, their diligence. Everyone has the same rights to the same money. That is socialism in its perfect expression.

    Ironically, the most ardent socialists are people who live in the Northeast, drive BMWs and various other products of capitalism. And they sit in their beautiful apartments on the upper east side of New York as socialists, paying perhaps $25,000 a month for those apartments. It is absurd. But nevertheless they are socialists …”

    Traditional Catholic Bishop Donald Sanborn


  60. All the Elites have exposed themselves as to what and Who they are all because of Trump. He’s going to ruin their world domination plan.

    From the Pope to China,Mexico,Davos and on and on now this:

    According to AppleInsider, technology leaders, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, and government insiders met over the weekend at the American Enterprise Institute’s annual World Forum held at Sea Island, Georgia to plot the downfall of popular Republican presidential candidate and frontrunner Donald Trump.
    In addition to Cook, Google co-founder Larry Page, Tesla and SpaceX chief Elon Musk, and Napster creator Sean Parker were in attendance at the secretive confab, along with government insiders, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan and a number of Republican senators. Republican strategist and former dirty trickster Karl Rove was also reportedly in attendance.
    Influential members of the private sector were present as well, including billionaire Philip Anschutz and The New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger.
    Paraphrasing Karl Marx’s communist manifesto, leading neocon and Weekly Standard editor-in-chief Bill Kristol emailed from the meeting that a “specter was haunting the World Forum—the specter of Donald Trump.”

    1. Does anybody here care about wold events, Politics?

      This is amazing whats going on and how they have reveled themselves so callously. It’s in your Face. I posted Newt saying Trump didn’t join the Secret Societies and thats why he’s not in the Club…Insane!


      Skirt and Dub seem to be the ones interested.

      I’d like to have a conversation with someone?

      I dig the topics but I’d like to talk about this insanity thats going one.

      Read my last 2 posts. If not..thats Good too.

  61. Israel Directly involved in 9/11 Dr. Alan Sabrosky:
    “What we need to stand up and say is not only did they [Mossad] attack the USS Liberty, they did 9/11. They did it. I have had long conversations over the past two weeks with contacts at the Army War College, at it’s headquarters, Marine Corps and I made it absolutely clear in both cases that it is 100 percent certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period.” –
    Dr. Alan Sabrosky, March 14, 2010 – listen to podcast http://theuglytruth.podbean.com/2010/03/14/the-ugly-truth-podcast-march-15-2010/

     Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D., University of Michigan) is a writer and consultant specializing in national and international security affairs. In December 1988, he received the Superior Civilian Service Award after more than five years of service at the U.S. Army War College as Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute, and holder of the General of the Army Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research.

    Citizens, wake up, this man is basically (if not officially) military intelligence,
    It is time to name names and hand down indictments, ans demand ther presidential candidates ANSWER these charges, -WHAT IS YOUR ANSWER???

    1. Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D., University of Michigan) is a writer and consultant specializing in national and international security affairs. In December 1988, he received the Superior Civilian Service Award after more than five years of service at the U.S. Army War College as Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute, and holder of the General of the Army Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research.

      He is listed in WHO’S WHO IN THE EAST (23rd ed.). A Marine Corps Vietnam veteran and a 1986 graduate of the U.S. Army War College, Dr. Sabrosky’s teaching and research appointments have included the United States Military Academy, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Middlebury College and Catholic University; while in government service, he held concurrent adjunct professorships at Georgetown University and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

      1. Rahm Emanuel, Chicago mayor, congressman, WH Chief of Staff served in the Israel Defense Force according to Sobrosky, although another source claims “Emanuel is a U.S. citizen who volunteered as a civilian at an Israeli supply base” which in my opinion is a meaningless distinction, as this appears to be a way of concealing his true working relationship with the Israelis (sorry, but if you join the Israelis in their killing sprees you are an Israeli working under cover)

        1. BTW-The security company in charge of all 3 building that came down by controlled demolition in 9/11 was an ISRAELI company

        2. Rahm Emanue is a Duel Citizen of Israel and is registered as an volunteer Israeli Defense Force military man and served in the IDF in Israel.

          All the Contracted security at every airport where the Hijackers were allowed to board the planes was Israeli security contractors.

          This is why Duel Citizenship should be illegal or at the very least not allowed in any Political or Govt. Job.

          Michael Chertoff who officially formed DHS under Bush was an Duel Citizen of Israel and was allowed to Head the security of the entire USA..wow

        3. sunaj: Three buildings were not destroyed that morning. SEVEN building with WTC in their names were destroyed that morning.

          Ric: as I wrote in reply to Recynd recently, it is impossible to make multiple citizenship illegal. Ted Cruz has been a dual citizen all his life. He renounced his Canadian citizenship (a mistake, in my opinion), but Canada had no obligation to purge him from the rolls. For all I know, he might still be a dual citizen even though he tried to not be. The United States has no power in this matter.

          I also mentioned that multiple citizenship will be the only means of escape from the coming tyranny. Do you think that avenue should be taken away?

        4. Pat,
          I understand what your saying but up until 1967 you had to chose to either be an American Citizen or not. Duel Citizenship was not allowed. It was matter of loyalty to America.

          But your correct. Now the US has no say anymore but I don’t think you should be able to a Congressman or Any Govt. position that requires a security clearance at any level.

          This is part of the problem and how AIPAC/La Raza and all these other groups get so much power.

        5. Sorry, my friend, but you are wrong. No country in the history of the concept of citizenship has ever had any power in this matter, except the power of conquest.

          That is, country A can say “duel Citizenship is not allowed,” but country B reserves the right to say “piss off, you wanker; our people remain ours, whether you like it or not.”

          If you are saying that Ted Cruz should never have been allowed to be a senator, because he was a dual citizen, we do not agree–and never will. If you believe that, should Canada have refused to accept his renunciation of his Canadian citizenship, and thus he could not escape being a dual citizen, he cannot hold public office in America, well, I think you need to think about that. Neither Ted nor the federal government have any power over that. He was born a dual citizen.

          As I told Recynd, the only way to end multiple citizenship is conquest–the way of the neoconservative. I’m not one of those–and I hope you are not one, either.

          Unless you think ending multiple citizenship is a goal worthy of conquering the world and forcing other countries to change their citizenship rolls, you just have to relax, and accept it as normative in a world of nationstates.

          The alternative is the one we will soon indeed live with: a one world government, where there is no escape.

        6. Dual Citizenship in the United States
          Dual citizenship had previously been banned in the United States, but in 1967 the US Supreme Court struck down most laws forbidding dual citizenship.
          However, the US government remained disdainful of dual citizenship for some time. To this day, candidates for US citizenship through naturalization are forced to (at least hypothetically) renounce their previous citizenship at the United States naturalization ceremony.
          The renouncing of one’s previous citizenship is part of the oath that new US citizens must take, and failing to honor that oath could result in the loss of citizenship in the United States.
          Some cases that have been brought before the Department of State in the past involve people who became naturalized US citizens but maintained a residency and life in their country of previous citizenship.
          While most countries recognize the Oath of Allegiance in the United States to be a binding contract regarding one’s citizenship, other countries have stated that the oath has no effect on their own citizenship laws. The US government used to aggressively pursue these cases to get the dual citizens to renounce their citizenship, but this is no longer the case.
          Additionally, young children who naturalize in the United States along with their parents didn’t take the Oath of Allegiance — even though their parents did — and can technically still hold on to their previous citizenship.

          This is how it used to be: Before becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen, immigrants must take an oath that says, in part, “I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen.”

          This doesn’t apply anymore but may in extreme cases.

        7. Speaking Ted Cruz

          Ted Cruz hires Jeb Bush’s career-criminal brother Neil Bush to run his campaign finances
          What’s stranger than Ted Cruz hiring a career criminal with a decades-long history of financial scandals as the newest member of his campaign finance team? How about when that career criminal just happens to be the brother of his former rival Jeb Bush? In one of the most surreal storylines of an already impossibly surreal 2016 election cycle, Jeb and Cruz have sorta, kinda, maybe, not really, but probably, joined forces in a manner that’s embarrassing to both. So what’s this all about?

          If Cruz was looking to make a clean or impressive hire, Neil Bush would have been the last name on his list. He also has 2 former CIA guys on his team as advisers and his works for Goldman Sacks which also helped finance his campaign.

          He’s a “Real” outsider isn’t he? All smoke and mirrors as a phony alternative candidate.

          Meet Chad C. Sweet, Ted Cruz’s campaign chairman, former DoD/CIA/Goldman Sachs/Homeland Security.
          Sweet co-founded the Chertoff Group with former Bush and Obama administration Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff.
          As a leader of the Chertoff Group, Sweet “advocated for expanding NSA metadata collection.”
          Meet one of Ted’s foreign policy advisors, James Woolsey, who was a national security specialist and former Director of the CIA under the Clinton administration.He heads up many Neoconservative groups including being the Chairman of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and Founding Member of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

          Meet Elliot Abrams, who helped craft Ted’s foreign policy. Abrams is a leader in the neocon world, and he is a leader of what is perhaps the most powerful and pernicious group in the neocon network: the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).
          While the CFR is the most notorious of the associations of Abrams, it isn’t the only one. He is also a member (or former member) of the Center for Security Policy, Hudson Institute, National Endowment for Democracy, and many more.

  62. ODIGO INSTANT MESSAGES Israeli Foreknowledge of 9/11

    There is ample evidence that many Israelis were forewarned of the attacks through an Israeli instant messaging service called Odigo. This story, which presents the clearest evidence of Israeli prior knowledge of the attacks, was reported only very briefly in the U.S. media – and then completely forgotten and deleted. According to the news reports, at least two Israel-based employees of Odigo reported having received warnings of an imminent attack in New York City hours before the first plane hit the WTC. “The messages said something big was going to happen in a certain amount of time, and it did – almost to the minute”…
    Odigo, an Israeli-owned company had its U.S. headquarters only two blocks from the World Trade Center, yet Odigo failed to pass the warning it had received on to the authorities in New York, a move that would have saved thousands of lives…Shortly after 9-11, Odigo was completely taken over by Comverse Technology, which had been part owner of Odigo since early 2000, if not earlier. Shortly after 9-11, five executives from Comverse were reported to have profited by more than $267 million from “insider trading.”


    1. “Alexander, former head of the Israel-based Comverse Technology, was, until his crimes were discovered one of the highest paid executives in the United States…Alexander, was recently allowed to flee the United States after he and two other former Comverse executives were charged with securities, mail and wire fraud by U.S. prosecutors in Brooklyn, New York. A warrant has been issued for his arrest…Alexander, an Israeli citizen and a former military officer, wired $57 million to an account in Israel at the end of July and was evidently allowed to flee the United States”
      Israel is most definitely a Terrorist State that harbors American fugitives from justice (q.v. Marc Rich, Clinton pardon)-
      the unmitigating gaul of Israel, and their treasonous Zionist spies in high ranking government offices who leech off our taxes, bribes and buys our politicians, , intimidates and ASSASSINATE our leaders and make safe haven for these evil people

    2. This is a very weird comment.

      I am admittedly a little confused here, so help my out sunaj.

      First, there WERE no “attacks” on 9/11. So there can be no foreknowledge. Thus, no warnings.

      We don’t know who did 9/11, although we know many of the players. But we do know this: there were no planes, no Arabs. Whoever was behind it was in complete control of the pageant from start to finish. Anyone on the inside knew what they had to know. No surprises.

      Second, aren’t you of the tribe who believes that “Israel did it”? I thought you were. Unless I am mistaken on that, how do you square that circle? Are you saying that they warned themselves about what they were going to do?

    1. If you have been following Oregon from the start you must conclude the LaVoy shooting is a staged hoax,
      shot multiple times on snow-no blood,
      FBI throughout the inner cell, etc.,
      this latest footage is obviously more of the same,
      the occupants of car are way too cool for a couple of girls that just “happened” to get right in the middle of this group,
      tear gas inside the car is way too benign, if they had shot 100 rds into the car it would have looked a lot more horrific, the fact that they had time to make such good videos while being hot at, etc.

      1. Sun.
        Interesting and food for thought, But if we are that far gone and this is a Ruse we are in a Heap of Hurt.

        I think this was real, but the fact the FBI released this from HER camera makes it suspect.

        But as I said, if this is fake as you say we are doomed as as Nation.

        1. Ric I have been studying false flags all year and specifically Oregon, have taped all significant videos (video evidence is being scrubbed from the internet),
          all the signs of a staged event are present,
          we have FBI provacateurs in the cell doing things like calling for war on muslims, burning the Koran (nobody does this kind of shyte except pozers), another FBI insider is rousing people to take up arms against the government,
          then there are the cameos of idiots in camo with ARs talking typical planted crap like “FBI whatcha’ gonna do when the militia comes for you? Come and get some, patriots!”
          I won’t repeat what I already said about the latest film,
          but you have some of the main characters like some of the occupants of the car, who according to them just happened to get involved with this “patriotic cell,” yet after the LaVoy event they were released (?),
          LaVoy had a close casket funeral, the public was not allowed to attend the funeral,
          I also noticed they had the typical Paypal/Donation site set up before his body was cold (this is supposed to be a big rancher with land and cattle, supporting 11 kids-why is there a donation for his funeral? Are they really that broke?),
          you cannot shoot someone in the face and mutiple times and not have blood on snow visible,
          you cannot shoot 100+ rds into a van with 3 people and not have a bloodbath,
          all the power and utilities were never turned off at the refuge site,
          listening to the final audio of the remnant that was finally arrested in the building, and more particularly analysing the characters who were “talking the remnant out” it is very apparent it is staged, they paint these guys as religious kooks with guns, suicidal, religious patriotic nuts, etc, it is obvious that this rant is out of the playbook of the people fostering false flags around the country

        2. Sun, I guess that’s your name now, you make many important observations. I have not studied much at all this event.

          One other piece of “evidence” popped up yesterday, and I do not have the link- probably on rense. Supposedly there is now a video that shows beyond a doubt that the FBI actually murdered LaVoy.

          I always like to put ALL the possibilities on the table.
          LaVoy could actually have been killed, not necessarily in the exact official-story, made-to-appear way. Maybe THEY mean to scream phoniness.

          ‘See, no matter how obvious the hoax, no matter if we clearly actually murder someone, you can theorize and react all you want but there is nothing you can do.”

          How can they fast zombify us? Let us count the ways.

  63. America has become a “Petri Dish” for the Elites to study Chem-Trails,GMO’s ,Vaccines and “How far you can push a Nation against their will.

    Today was Brutal here in SoCal. They sprayed all day.

        1. My Last comment just went to Gitmo and is being Water boarded as we speak.

          Being He is just a comment, He can do a Long Hunger Strike………………

          Hey, Don’t hate on me

  64. Mark Levin has just exposed himself as the Zionist as all they say here.

    Syndicated radio host Mark Levin endorsed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for president during a broadcast late Wednesday.

    “I support Ted Cruz for the president of the United States because I believe everything I’ve just discussed with you he appreciates, he embraces, he understands and he has fought for throughout his life as well,” Levin said. “That is the Constitution, the Republic, individual sovereignty, separation of powers, the Bill of Rights, family, faith, a secure border, our national security.”

    What a Joke. When asked “Your not qualified to be President under the Constitution as Obumer wasn’t he said “we’ll lets the courts decide”?

    Pure Scum

    Think about this:

    O’King and Cruz and Rubio are not qualified to run for POTUS.

    Yet they run them….

    It to set a precedent.

    If you were born here, no matter how,,,And your 35 years Old you can run for President…Haha

    That means, any Illegal Alien and anyone on a Visa thats made it to 35 years old can Run for President.

    People wake Up.

    In the United States, a person must be at least 35 to be President or Vice President, 30 to be a Senator, or 25 to be a Representative, as specified in the U.S. Constitution. Most states in the U.S. also have age requirements for the offices of Governor, State Senator, and State Representative.

    “They” are putting these losers up to see what you do.

    Our Founders WARNED us against this…Crickets.

    “This Guys a Bummer Dude, Lets regurgitate a False Flag Man and those Zion People Dude”..

    1. Ric,

      I hear you. Cruz is a major downer! He’s ‘altogether ooky’…and not in the ‘Addams family’ offbeat way. He’s completely creepy, repellent, and oozes unctuousness. Out of the rogues’ gallery running for president, he makes my skin crawl the most.

      Unfortunately, my husband and I live in the same state as him, although we’re transplants of the ‘East Coast intellectual snob’ variety (Massachusetts). 🙂

  65. I haven’t had time to research the case of dual citizenship just yet but you can take one guess who brought that change into law, it didn’t happen by itself, as nothing just ‘happens” in politics,
    but i must say I have learned to steer clear of Wiki, there have been more cases of fraudulent articles on Wiki that have been written to suit the establishment by manipulation for me to put any trust in any of the more controversial subjects, it has really become part of disinformation apparatus

    1. Get Real Sun,
      I laid it out with links about Dual Citizenship in 1967.

      Yes as you hope it was a Jew..Happy?

      We playing Games?

      We all know the sugar but do you know the Meat?

    1. C’mon People. A 78 yr old Punching a disrespectful thug…..Classic.

      Oh, your right Politically incorrect. If it had been a White guy he punched it would have been Cool.

      Sorry, Just trying to catch up.

    1. C’mon Ric-
      If I read this correctly,
      the gov is now admitting that the chemtrail “conspiracy” is actually a fact,
      I’m waiting for you to run with this story-this ought to be front page news across the country

      1. Sun,
        Not an admission to Chem-Trails. They’re just announcing they are going to be actively Seeding the Clouds as they have for 40yrs.

        It’s just interesting and the Daboo Guy is making an issue.

        But what if they announced in the paper they were going “Spray” Chem-Trails in LA for the next 4 years. Would anyone notice or complain?

        Little by Little.

        That’s what I think this is about.

        1. This is what one source says about silver iodine:
          “The Office of Environment, Health and Safety, UC Berkeley, rates silver iodide as a Class C, non soluble, inorganic, hazardous chemical that pollutes water and soil. It has been found to be highly toxic to fish, livestock and humans. Numerous medical articles demonstrate that humans absorb silver iodide through the lungs, nose, skin, and GI tract. Mild toxicity can cause GI irritation, renal and pulmonary lesions, and mild argyria (blue or black discoloration of the skin). Severe toxicity can result in hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, shock, enlarged heart, severe argyria, and death by respiratory depression.”
          Ric, if this isn’t geo-engineering/chem trails, what is? They say they are spaying silver iodine, but i have read that heavy metals and other chemicals like aluminum are being sprayed, which are neurological agents,

        2. Yummy,

          They are saying they are just shooting “Flares” and not Flying Aircraft but as I said it is a 1st admission of Guilt. “Hey, We Posted in the local paper we were gonna do it” mentality just as anyone can post “These debts are not mine ” Act, such as divorce or closing Business, if you know what I’m saying.

          But Yes, Heavy Metals Yuck.

          I just think it’s a precursor to “We will be Spraying you Cockroaches April thru Oct.

          Breath Deep the Gathering Gloom.

          Just Saying….

  66. I thought this video presented some balanced, reasonable and truthful commentary on some important subjects, including priest abuse of children, partial birth abortion, a sense of responsibility and justice for actions taken by political leaders and church leaders, and the importance of good moral character for the leader of a country.

    I thought it was interesting that Pope Pius the XI, pope from 1922 to his death in 1939, had a priest shot by a firing squad at the Vatican for having sexually abused a child.