4 out of 5 Americans suspect foul play – Poll


scalia1[The corporate media have perhaps purposely failed to scrutinize the many anomalies surrounding the death of senior Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, calling commentators who’ve questioned the especially unusual circumstances surrounding his death “conspiracy theorists.” Yet there is no disputing the fact that several international and domestic political economic agendas will be hastened by Scalia’s removal from the highest court in the land.-JFT]


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46 thought on “The Suspicious Demise of Justice Antonin Scalia (Video)”
  1. The ‘official’ narrative is weird and obviously goes against routine ‘death’ protocols. Scalia was definitely an ‘insider’ and therefore a secret society member privy to all kinds of ‘special’ info. We all know the NWO psycho magicians like to mock and trifle with the ‘peasants’ and certainly have no qualms sacrificing one of their own. Maybe common sense is starting to break thru to some of the peasants and they are getting tired of having their intelligence insulted. We need to ask the spin meisters where is it written that we need to believe ANY thing they say cuz they pretty much lie about everything.

    1. After Sandy Hoax Elementary School, and COUNTLESS Hoaxes and False Flags over the past 7 years, how do we know that Justice Scalia is even deceased? And please don’t tell me that it is common knowledge and broadcast on the news…that has next to zero credibility.

        1. There is strong circumstantial evidence that Lincoln knew he was dying of marfan disease so he went along with the fake assassination to get Johnson in the white house, a guy they knew could not be elected.

          His wife did not even attend the funeral which was a pretty closed off affair and the plot was in the back of a fort.

          Remember the Wilkes brothers were actors and the supposed assassination took place in guess what (a movie theatre). His guard conveniently took a break before the alleged shooting. The military just outside the theatre waited for quite sometime before entering.

          The Ford Theatre was then sold to the US government. Ford did not make the killing that lucky Larry did however. We will probably never know what happened. John Belushi bought a place in Hyannisport just before he “died.” or grew tired of the spotlight.


        2. Thanks DM. Interesting but like you said we probably will never know the truth. I enjoy things you post and will read it tomorrow.

        3. You should read The Personal Memoirs of Julia Dent Grant, that may be one of the best books in American literature. Julia writes that the day before the assassination she was having lunch in the Willard Hotel (the original before the fire) when a group of strange looking men were staring at her all during lunch. The morning of the event, she writes a scruffy man knocked on her hotel room door and asked her to make sure that she and Ulysses attend the performance at the Ford Theater that night. They had already planned to leave town that day.
          I was in the Ford Theater not too long ago and without a guard on the door it would have been child’s play to enter the box, and there should have been a guard inside the box as well and there wasn’t. Several more surrounding the entrances would have been appropriate but security was extremely lax considering the hostile atmosphere.

        4. DubsMick-Very interesting…You have already read Dave MvGowan’s take on the Lincoln “assassination”,I’m certain…I enjoy Dave’s humorous take on things as well. Thanks for posting this one by MM.

        5. Well, to add an item to the “things that make you go hmmmm?” column, there’s this:


          When you add this to the judge being Opus Dei, (ultra-conservative Catholic) and allegedly being cremated, things start to get weird. It is no longer impermissible in the Church to be cremated, but it isn’t “preferred” either. His family would never elect that.

          So, yes, he was old and fat, but the actions of the authorities after the death are highly suspicious. Why go to a judge who waits for messages from God to decide matters outside of her discipline?

          What was the rush? Why the Osama II treatment?

  2. At the end of this video appear the words, “Majority Rules” with regard to the informal viewer poll asking the question, “Do you suspect foul play in the death of Justice Scalia?”

    Just a thought regarding majority rules: “Since God already gave the Torah to the Jewish people on Mt. Sinai we no longer pay attention to heavenly voices. God must submit to the decisions of a majority vote of the rabbis.” BT Bava Metzia 59b.

  3. Why do they bait us with what are ridiculous procedural errors and obvious conspiratorial rhetoric? The power of divide and conquer and the benefit during a transitional period to deflect everyone off another event that is taking place.

    This has to be related to the TPP, the Paris negotiations on Climate-Gate and the coming financial transition to a full “flying economy” Cashless buy/sell/trade and full spectrum surveillance provide the control of a current system that is on it’s last breath.

    When TPTB operate the Hegelian Dialectic, there are always multiple benefits that include a redistribution of wealth but also the maximum of opportunities. So we may look to the reason for creating the vacancy but also focus on the big picture and not get too sidetracked. Like Sandy Hook?LIBOR, there has to be a prime factors in this event with a psy-op to boot.

    There were several reasons and a dozen groups who wanted JFK dead. The usual suspects in Scalia’s death are similar here as they were back then.

  4. It is legal in some counties in Texas to rule on the cause of death from an office as happened here. What is troubling is the so called replacement being considered – the anti gun gang moll judge Loretta.

    Scalia ruled at times when he should have recused himself such as after duck hunting with not so bright overachiever Dick Cheney. All of a sudden Cheney’s energy commission could meet behind closed doors without disclosing the two hundred chemicals fracking releases into the ground and water supply.

    The following video of LeVoy Finicum’s family’s statement is truly touching.

  5. 79 and obese is a much easier sell than “suicide” or assassination. These deaths (seal team, eye witnesses, expert witnesses), always seem to help those in power.

    In America your chances of being shot by a toddler or a cop are far greater than being harmed by a “terrorist”.

  6. Despite being no fan of Scalia, I’m extremely troubled by antiquated Texas law. In most countries and states, the death certificate must be signed by a doctor and in situations where the death is unattended (ie doesn’t happen in a hospital), an autopsy is obligatory.

    If this can happen to Scalia, it can happen to any of us – another excellent reason to stay out of Texas.

    1. Don’t bash Texas, it’s the best state in the Union! I wouldn’t live anywhere else if you paid me. You may one day in the near future wish you were here…that day when we decide to secede from the aforementioned union. 🙂

      1. Oh my! I will help you ANY way I can!
        PLEASE secede, and take Rick Perry and the whole Bush Crime family with you.
        Then you can be fracked, drilled and mined in to oblivion, as Mexico’s drug lords just buy their way in to power.
        Asta La Vista Baby!

        1. You are a bit lame in your thinking, but then again, you believe you are a member of a Galactic Family, if I remember correctly from a previous comment. What’s the matter? Aren’t the Mexican drug lords part of that family too? And be sure you remember who has been showering all those weapons upon those drug lords, in order to eventually confiscate guns in this country. But if it’s any consolation to you, we have such an enormous stretch of land called the State of Texas, that I don’t live anywhere close to the Mexican border. It is gorgeous down there though.

          I will be glad for Rick Perry to stay here; he has proven that a man can be honorable and be governor at the same time. His successor, Governor Greg Abbott, has also proven this. They are two governors whose names are on the short list of those that take a stand against the same-sex marriage mafia.

    2. Texas isn’t any worse than California-we just had one of our first major Obama False-Flag events for gun control and the Police State in San Bernadino, and under the patronage of Jerry Brown, you know, that guy that used to host a public service broadcast out of Berkeley Public Radio, and the one who personally went to Israel to broker the business alliance of Israel and California?

      1. Crazy Jerry is something else. He completed Jesuit training and says he was brought up on the truths of Ignatius Loyola, who just happened to be tribe. He also went to Yale law school (skull and bones). Yes the papal bull of 1233 claims the vatican owns the world. A treat gives them ownership of the City of London and it cannot be revoked without papal permission. You know the people who print American money.

        There are pictures of him at the people’s temple with Jim Jones before all the killing started. He met mother Teresa in Calcutta, another fraud who used dirty syringes over and over.

        He and slick Willie lurv to flash the magic signs to each other. And now Jerry wants mandatory vaccinations in California. No matter that many disabled young girls complain it is like their brain is on fire after the papilloma shot.

    3. You apparently know zero about Texas. If there is one state in the union that has state leadership on 10th amendment issues, it’s Texas with Gov. Abbott leading the way on reigning in federal overreach.

      Not sure where you live but without knowing, I’d bet you are allowed less freedom under the 2nd amendment and more regulation than in Texas.

      By all means, make the fact that professional courtesy is exercised in many places that it shouldn’t be totally warp your understanding of what freedom is. I’m glad you want to stay out of Texas. You’d never make it here.

    1. Excuse me for engaging in name calling, but Fred Grimm and the Mimi herald are pigs, I quote the article:
      “[conspiracy theorists ] …that George Bush plotted 9/11 and the Katrina floods, or that Obama invented Sandy Hook…
      I’ve noticed that James Tracy, the infamous conspiracy-theorist professor whom Florida Atlantic University finally fired last year, has added posts about Scalia and Zika to his netherworld blog. Tracy’s prevailing obsession remains that “Nobody died at Sandy Hook,” that the awful elementary school massacre was only theater, so many fake deaths contrived to allow Obama — such a busy conspirator — to confiscate our guns.”

      Don’t tell me the news media doesn’t have an agenda!

      1. Yes, the news media has an agenda of covering up staged homicidal operations, but is it necessary to provide them ammunition by pandering to rumors of assassination without a scrap of evidence?

  7. One more conspiracy? Who is still counting? Anyway, the alleged Scalia conspiracy is puny and hardly worth any attention. Scalia has always been a good boy. He has never hinted of doing his job regarding 9/11 or any other major real or alleged conspiracy. He did not even bother to publish a mental health certificate that he would not be an essential psychopath or some similar mental deviant deprived of empathy, which would have added some legitimacy to his legal opinions.


  8. Off-topic but I found this interesting. A “Tornado Drill” is to take place in Alachua County, Florida, on Feb.24. Cannot recall any other “tornado drill” taking place in the county. What’s involved? See link or read below. So, if you’re driving a car, at 10 a.m., you can stop in the middle of the street, jump into a ditch, and take a selfie. Right? Let’s hope that the “drill” is exactly what it says it is.


    ‘Great Alachua County Tornado Drill’ Feb. 24

    Published: Thursday, February 18, 2016 at 6:29 p.m.
    Last Modified: Thursday, February 18, 2016 at 6:29 p.m.

    In conjunction with Severe Weather Awareness Week, Alachua County Emergency Management will hold the “2016 Great Alachua County Tornado Drill” Feb. 24 at 10 a.m.

    The drill encourages residents, whether at home or work, to practice the actions they would take if a tornado should threaten their area, a county news release announcing the event said.

    This year, residents are encouraged to demonstrate their participation through social media. Participants can follow Alachua County Emergency Management on Facebook and Twitter, and after securing shelter during the 10 a.m. drill, take a selfie and post it to Alachua County Emergency Management’s Facebook page or Tweet the photo using #Gatornado.

    The person who submits the best photo will receive an NOAA Weather Radio.

    1. TOTALLY agreed–maybe everything he has to say is well founded, but he completely lost all credibility with that boner. Seriously, how many billion times have we all heard the name “Scalia” pronounced correctly on radio or TV? Pfft.

    1. And 1 out of 10 who are really awake suspect that he is not even dead at all.

      Extremely remote location
      No photographic evidence that he was ever there, alive or otherwise.
      No autopsy because of no body?
      Public officials signing off over the phone?
      Unbelievably remote location, miles from anything.
      The ranch/resort itself looks absolutely awful. I would rather stay at a motel 6 in the ghettos of Dallas than there.

      Check out elfmom’s very telling video further down in this blog.

  9. The narrator says Paul Volker was Fed Chair under Nixon, and he helped take us off the gold standard. Volker was Fed Chair from 1979-87. Pretty simple fact to get wrong.

    1. Easy to confuse the actual job Volcker had-
      From 1969 to 1974, Volcker served as under-secretary of the Treasury for international monetary affairs. He played an important role in President Nixon’s decision leading to the suspension of gold convertibility on August 15, 1971, which resulted in the collapse of the Bretton Woods system. Volcker considers the suspension of gold convertibility “the single most important event of his career.” In general he acted as a moderating influence on policy, advocating the pursuit of an international solution to monetary problems. After leaving the U.S. Treasury, he became president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York from 1975 to 1979, leaving to become the chairman of the Federal Reserve in August 1979.

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