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UPDATE: I wonder what Justice Scalia, a strict constitutionalist, thought about the TPP, the TTIP and their Investor-State Dispute Settlement provisions? Because not only do these provisions undermine US law as it stands, but they also supersede the constitution and even rulings of the Supreme Court.

Justice Antonin Scalia appeared to lack adequate security at the time of his death, Image Source: Wikipedia

Obama and the leaders of 11 other nations signed the TPP earlier this month. Obama was granted Fast Track authority, but the corporate bill of rights passing as a “trade deal” will still have to be approved by the senate in an up or down vote. It will pass and Obama will sign it leaving just one obstacle: it will certainly be challenged in the Supreme Court on the grounds that it is not constitutional.

Scalia was apparently brought out to the ranch owned by a vulture capitalist to meet with 35 substantial business people shortly after Obama signed the TPP and Obama’s offering to take Scalia’s place is a pro-business neoliberal shill?

Interesting timing, right?

Justice Scalia was found lying with hands folded on top of the sheets. It was first reported that he was found by a housekeeper, then the story changed and he was found by the owner of the ranch and “a friend”. By the time they called anyone about the death, Scalia was already cold and they failed to inform any of the authorities of the identity of the deceased. Justices are provided security by the US Marshal Service which didn’t appear to be on the scene at the time of Scalia’s passing. The cause of death was determined to have been by “natural causes” by local officials “over the phone” based on “credible information” provided by that same ranch owner and “a friend”. At first officials said he died of a heart attack but now that official says she “misspoke”. The hearse carrying Scalia away was a “decoy” and the family has opted out of an autopsy.

Scalia was brought there to meet with 35 “substantial business people” and Obama has offered up a “business friendly” judge as a possible replacement for him on the court. A business friendly judge who defended Enron, Rio Tinto and Exxon mobile back in his days of practicing law. He’s a favorite of both sides of the One True Party, the Business Party of America.

Sound interesting?


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  1. The following is a slightly editing repost from Fellowship of the Minds;

    … It is not unusual for a 79yo to die suddenly of health related issues. The current life expectancy of a male in the USA is 76, so he already passed the average, and was on what I call… bonus time. However…

    This was not some random male, or random male judge. He was a conservative US Supreme Court Judge. With numerous important cases on the coming docket. This gives Obama the opportunity to appoint 3 SCOTUS judges, all liberal of course.

    He was not at home, but visiting power brokers in a private location,
    ‘without’ his US Marshall security detail. His described position, pillow or not, is of someone who was ‘laid to rest’ after they died. This description, whether it be true or not, is a signal to those in the know.

    No one actually dies of old age, everyone dies of a specific cause. But since it not unusual or suspicious for a 79yo to die ‘in their sleep’, it makes it very easy to murder and cover up a senior citizen. It cuts both ways.

  2. Here’s what our lawyer friend said when I asked him about the pillow over the head, “First I heard of a pillow over his head, but I would be more suspicious of a hotel manger who doesn’t check on a 79 year old man for three hours after he misses breakfast.

    No autopsy? Family can request that. I am more concerned that a judge (not a medical examiner) can pronounce a man dead after only getting a telephone call. Sounds like Christian Science medicine to me. When my mother passed away alone in her own house, the deputy coroner (an M.D.) drove to the house in February to examine her. How can any civilized society let a judge pronounce a cause of death based on a phone call from a police officer?

    Texas is just another planet.”

    1. I agree that not checking back on him seems like negligence, but then with such an eminent guy, there may have been the fear of annoying him. He’s 79, but pretty active and he went to the place on his own. These places usually have an emergency phone in the bathroom, if someone falls. But I do think that bears scrutiny.

  3. This is guy who found him Dead…Spook

    Darpa, NSA you name it. Convicted Felon- Iran-Contra

    John Marlan Poindexter (born August 12, 1936) is a retired United States naval officer and Department of Defense official. He was Deputy National Security Advisor and National Security Advisor for the Reagan administration. He was convicted in April 1990 of multiple felonies as a result of his actions in the Iran–Contra affair, but his convictions were reversed on appeal in 1991. More recently, he served a brief stint as the director of the DARPA Information Awareness Office for the George W. Bush administration. He is the father of NASA astronaut and U.S. Navy Captain Alan G. Poindexter.

    1. I think I got the wrong Poindexter.

      The who found him is John B.Poindexter

      I think O’King is just going to bypass congress and appoint a Judge to stack the deck and Congress will just watch helplessly,

      1. Ric – you mean this John Poindexter, the one to the far right.

        “Members of the Order of St. Hubertus, the highest honor for international hunting enthusiasts. Founded in the late 17th century, the order has 250 U.S. members and 600 worldwide. The Southwest Priory, which includes Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and New Mexico, is the largest member chapter according to its leader, Houstonian John Poindexter.”×920.jpg

        1. Hmmm

          “…the highest honor for international hunting enthusiasts…”

          LUPERCALIA {the feast of Lupercus, the mighty wolf hunter}. The ancient Roman celebration of Lupercalia was held in honor of Lupercus, the deified great hunter of Rome.

        2. Patron saint of hunters. Often shown with a stag with a crucifix glowing in its horns. Very Christian. Very pro-hunting, like Scalia. Scalia stood up for the good life of wine (hear!hear!) and blood sport (from his Sicilian grandfather who used to hunt and left him his shotgun).

          I am not creeped out by any of this. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and a cigar aficionado is not someone with a phallic complex.

  4. Keep hearing the strange report that his pajamas were not even wrinkled, does that mean they will were still neatly folded? Also there was a pillow over his face!

    Just a few days ago a landmark Supreme Court Ruling halted the agenda of crippling America with CO2 climate change craziness.

    The anti-epa ruling is a first, the court ruled a stay in the implementation of the horrendous rules before they or the lower dc district court heard the case. The energy providers pleaded implementation would ruin the coal industry before the courts heard the case. Now it will be under the new President when the case is decided and hopefully our new President will cancel all of these illegal executive orders.

    Mr. Trump appears to be our only hope of ending this madness, he too will probably be assassinated before they let him take office.

  5. Scalia was the head of the fledgling Federalist society before he was appointed to the Supreme Court. Since NAFTA was never ruled against by the Court, there is little reason to believe, Scalia, who had a pro-business stance as an attorney and a federal judge, would have had to have been removed. I think that this line of inquiry fails on the threshold question of motive and cui bono?

  6. Why wouldn’t his wife and children have insisted on an autopsy? If they knew he had a heart condition and that his death was imminent, that is one thing, but that doesn’t seem to have been the case. It makes me think that his family was told that he was found in a compromising position. There are three versions of events to think about here:
    1. The truth, which we don’t know.
    2. What we have been told, which doesn’t make sense.
    3. What his family was told, which may be the key to this mystery.

    1. Everybody in England today, I have heard, is a descendant of Edward III. These Plantagenet’s are also ancestors to all settlers, North and South, from the 17th century. This is only odd if you think that America really is so very multicultural. It hasn’t had time to include all the later immigrants in the mix. I might as well tell you that I too am descended from all these people. I happen to know about the well-documented New England branch. My Irish ancestors lost their records, however, so one might think they are left out. I doubt that they are. British and Irish genes are indistinguishable, they are so mixed together, in spite of recent enmity, and ongoing enmity through the centuries. But it was a mixer going between them for centuries.

    2. From the 14th century they share grandparents to the 18th degree! This seems humorous to me.

      Rumor has it that our family is distantly related to the Kennedys, but as Grandpa despised them for reasons I never understood, our family tree is a mystery. Perhaps we are all related!

      1. You are not familiar with the Atlantean conspiracy. It is far more dark than you could imagine. 44 presidents have carried European royalty into office. 34 were descendants of Charlemagne. His boys did away with the real Merovingians and usurped the original royal line in favor of zion. Charlemagne was descended from Bertha Big foot.

        In fact the candidate with the most royal genes has won every single US election.

        Usually disinfo operatives try and smoke this fact as it is not great evidence that America was ever independent of the crown. The Windsor bloodline in fact merges with the Bush bloodline.

        Al Gore is a descendant of Roman emporer Louis I.

        1. Yes, I know about it, and it’s interesting. I DO believe that heads of state are all hand-picked, and most are blood-related…but 12th or 16th cousins isn’t all that compelling, that’s my point.

        2. Putin: Western Governments Are Enslaving Humanity Through Vaccines

          When your children are barely human, psychologically-altered bots, their nerve cells and synapses failing to connect, and their neurodevelopmental processes dulled to the point of restricting them to sub-human level repetitive grunts and gormless stares, what are you going to do then?

        3. Are you asking me directly? Do you really think because I wonder about/question the validity of/ importance of exceptionally-distant relationships that I’m more apt to allow my offspring to be subjected to toxic vaccines?

          Or maybe you weren’t addressing me personally, in which case: what’s your point?

        4. Hey Mick…. you say the candidate with the most royal genes always wins the American presidential election…

          I’m a betting man, so please tell me which candidate this time has the most royal blood, so I can place my bet on him ( or her)? As you’re so certain about this, will you refund my bet if I lose?

          Thanks !


      2. I would like to make only two observations about this: 1) All U.S. presidents probably were related and they descended from European ruling classes. And 2) None of them appear to have been blessed with good looks.

    1. Awesome.

      I hadn’t realized till just today that there are NO protestants on the Supreme Court. Just like the Pope sent the Jesuits to assassinate Queen Elizabeth, who began her reign with a tolerance for the Catholics, the probably jew-controlled Vatican is still sending romans to sabotage and subvert the european people. The romans’ origins have never been determined, but if they’d come from Europe historians would probably know it.

      Many posit the struggle for western civilization as between ‘whites’ and non-whites. ‘Caucasian’ is somehow synonymous with ‘white.’

      I see the struggle as between the native europeans and the mediterraneans, specifically the jews and italians.

      Scalia was no champion of true european values at all. He was a repulsive north african grandiose blowhard vaunting his own people’s parasitism and imperialism.

        1. Historians don’t know where the Romans came from. If they were so germanic they wouldn’t have regarded the celtic and germanic tribes as so foreign, or so similar either; in Germany the romans didn’t bother distinguishing between the two groups. There’s a reason the french, who were invaded earlier and who live far closer to Rome, don’t look fully native european. It’s because they’re not.

      1. The treaty of 1233 gave the vatican control over the city of London. It can only be abrogated with the consent of Rome. London and the crown have always been lackeys of the Roman empire. The queen is a figure head, get out of line and meet the jesuit black assassins.

  7. Scalia was a fat old man who was found dead in Texas. If the media would give us more heartwarming stories like this one, it would gain credibility among the American people.

    Scalia was a rightwing thug who legally advocated racist violence both explicitly and implicitly. His delight in oligarchical business power was only exceeded by his contempt for the American people and people of the world. The fawning of both the mainstream right and left, and apparently the conspiracy right as well, would induce nausea if there were not so many politically more significant issues to provoke it.

    1. Folker it is always an amazing day when you and I can agree on anything. The narrative here is to provide gas to the mindset of people who are still brain washed by the liberal vs conservative false dichotomy.

      Scalia served his masters the P2 lodge of Rome which controls the city of Rome, which in turn passes orders down the the City of London who in turn issues orders to their military regime in D.C. as far as which enemy or war to engage in next.

      Children, the Roman empire is not dead, it was never more alive. The vatican is the richest corporation on earth. Their banker the Rothschild’s 13 families are not broke either, said to be worth some 500 trillion dollars.

      The global trinity rarely execute one of their own unless there is some serious disobedience.

      As I said before, he was a soldier of Rome, honor him.

      Let the show go on.

      1. Very profound statements,
        after watching the series Spartacus over again it became very obvious to me that our society appears to be very “Roman,”
        we have Roman Law-how could we be anything but Roman under Roman Law?
        Our armies scour the world and rob, pillage, rape an murder for gold, resources, slaves (of sorts),
        our modern “arena” (media, tv, radio, internet) is every bit of Roman propaganda techniques that are meant to entertain the ‘mob’ while controlling and guiding the mob to the “Roman” state of mind for the purposes of the oligarchy-
        “the more things change the more they remain the same”

    2. Folk,
      Let me Guess, You like he’s dead…..

      You are So wrong.

      This is the Best Gift your king and the party could have every got.

      Notice king isn’t capitalized…

    3. It doesn’t matter one bit what your feelings for Scalia are, nor my feelings or anyone else’s feelings for him; the last time I checked, murder is still a crime. When there is a death with too many “coincidences” and unanswered questions, it is only proper that decent people should expect that death to be investigated. When the deceased holds a powerful position, the people should not only expect an investigation, they should demand it. Then, should it turn out that he did indeed die of natural causes, no harm has been done.

  8. Well, if you believe as I do that the elite are occultists and do everything by the numbers, there are some occult signatures in Justice Scalia’s death. He died on the 44th day of the year and was quite a thorn in the side of the 44th president. He was Roman Catholic and died on the first day of Lupercalia, a pagan Roman festival. Not to mention the similarity of S-calia and Luper-calia.

    The details concerning his death seem to change and I have never heard of a person being declared dead by way of phone call. Add in the fact that he had no U.S. Marshals for security, the lack of an autopsy and a quick embalming, and I think the situation deserves some attention. Of course, it goes without saying, that the truth is never allowed to be told.

  9. When you click through and read the whole article, you find a picture of the bed we are told he died in. It is a scene of pristine linens, as all of us have slept in, typical of nice hotels.

    What is wrong with that picture?

    What happens to your body when you die? You defecate and urinate (

    Pee and Poo

    While some muscles spontaneously contract after death — and though all muscles eventually tighten into rigor mortis — others are loosening their grip entirely. Meanwhile, the part of your brain that regulates involuntary functions is shutting down. Specifically, the region of your brain that controls the muscles that hold your sphincter closed becomes incapacitated following death. Just like those rare occasions where you laughed so hard you peed in your pants, you will pee and poop in the spontaneous relaxation of your muscles following death. In fact, it’s not just the muscles but also the gas produced inside your body following death that will cause peeing and pooping. There’s really not much to say about this, right? Death is simply not pretty, nor was it meant to be.

    That guy did not die in that bed, because the sheets don’t have excrement and urine in them.

    Furthermore, no one dies without movement, much less with hands crossed carefully over their breast–especially a victim of a heart attack.

    Death is dirty, and the body contorts when it happens.

    1. I don’t think the published picture showed you the sheets. I doubt that reports would dwell on his excrement.

      Scalia had a history of going hunting with everyone. How was this hunting trip different?

      You look at the guy and he’s 79, and clearly obese, and you have to wonder that he appeared to have no health problems. Someone near and dear to me and only 60 was hospitalized with shortness of breath and when they checked out his heart, the main artery, the “Widow Maker” or LAD (kind of cute, huh, because it looks like this is the “kill switch” on males more than on females) was more than 90% occluded, along with several other arteries, some entirely blocked. Think about it – walking around one day, then all of a sudden dead. Anyone who knows a heart attack or sudden death victim in their sixties has seen this. Maybe Scalia’s red wine consumption helped him up to the end, but if he died of atrial fibluation, it would not be too surprising.

      If his family did not want an autopsy, then that is that. They decided it was not suspicious and they are the ultimate arbiters. Let’s stick to more obvious conspiracies – the pageants are so much easier to spot.

      1. Are you a Catholic musings? Obviously that’s a gratuitous personal question, but when you mention irish ancestors I’m just wondering. Certain attitudes you take up seem more catholic than protestant.

        I myself am mixed, more catholic than protestant. Mostly from Ireland and Great Britain and the surrounding area.

        I personally don’t think a family is ever the final arbiter of who killed their loved one. They’d often be the least objective so it just doesn’t follow at all. People who ascend to the higher echelons of power aren’t usually going to rigorously question those who put them there.

        Patrick, I discovered the dead body of an old sick woman and there wasn’t any obvious evidence of defecation or urination (I didn’t check too hard but she was naked and lying on her stomach, having died sometime in the 12-16 hours before). So while I’ve heard some of the things you describe personal experience confirms it’s not the case in all manners of death.

        The biggest issue I see is how the officials handled it. And where it happened. And the description of the pillow on top of the body. That could either indeed be a signal to those who should know, or it could be a rumor spread to make ‘conspiracy theorists’ exercise themselves and look paranoid. I doubt that it was spontaneous.

        1. In a very good murder mystery I watched recently, someone had a new name for conspiracy theorists. The elderly Miss Marple type was referred to as a “mystery aficionado”. I like that a whole lot.

        2. Thanks for the question , Sue. While it is true that I was raised Catholic and have seven younger brothers and sisters, it was my mother and not my father who was the Catholic. My father kept applying the brakes the whole time I was growing up. Ours was never a family which appeared in church all at once (except for a special occasion, if then, like someone’s First Communion). My dad also talked about why he was an atheist (though raised a Methodist). He was a mixture of WASP (very old lineage) and German (Prussian). I was really divided in my loyalty by the time I was an adolescent. I did not associate Catholicism with manliness in men (and celibacy creeped me out). Yet I am now more tolerant, I think, and understand why certain people might take joy in their Catholic heritage. For me, it often felt like a burden which I couldn’t reconcile. My mom’s went farther into mysticism than I liked – although she did strike up a great correspondence with the monk Thomas Merton, who wrote to few people in those days. I never appreciated him then though I do now.

        3. If I were, Sue, how would it be relevant in this context? I will now say gratuitously that my conscience will not allow me to accept certain dogmas and to assert belief when I do not have it for certain doctrines. I realize looking back that having had an atheist ex-Protestant father in the house caused me to feel that my family was not like most other Catholic families around me. The pre-Vatican II attitudes, while they afforded a church that was magical and mystical, also prevented me from attending services with my Methodist side of the family, and this felt weird. I prefer rationality, although I can appreciate the sense of belonging that some people derive and also the discipline of following some religion or another.

          The false sense that Christian churches like Episcopal, Catholic and Methodist (some of my family’s origins) are so different was very divisive back in the day.

          The cult-like branches, such as Opus Dei, to which Scalia belonged, can, I think, lead someone into irrational thought processes that interfere with, say, being a Supreme Court justice. I look back on his career and find that he was kind of childish in some of his ways. Maybe that made him lovable to some, but not to people who wanted a guy who had everything on deck and was fully able to explain his views rationally.

      2. Sounds like you believe in Mohammed Atta’s participation in 911, right? Also, 4 planes took off and hit their targets, right?
        You’ve taken a well defined tack in your direction with your comments. You seem so gullible…..

        1. Don’t know who the heck this is directed at, but if you think there is one opinion the herd must have about Scalia, then you are falling off the other end of the horse. Gullible? And this leads inevitably to believing in the myths of 9/11? In other words, unless you swallow one bunch of stuff whole, you are guilty of believing in and swallowing the other bunch of stuff whole. I think people are capable of better discrimination than that. And ad hominem attacks are worthless and make you look bad rather than your target.

      3. Families don’t get to decide if there was a crime, and what the punishment is. In Islamic religion, when someone is killed it IS up to the family to forgive or allow punishment. But not in America.

    2. This is not true-
      at the time of death a corpse does not necessarily include incontinence of bowel and bladder although it can,
      the only thing that seems clearly out of place at this time is the fact that the family allegedly refused an autopsy,
      in a situation like this with a SC Justice with apparently no immediate major health issues this seems odd

      1. Read Jon Rappaport’s current article on Scalia and you’ll see there were many possible corollaries to the events of the death. There are many possible scenarios in this event and we need to watch and see if obstruction of these adjuncts takes place. As in, “move along, nothing to see here”. Of course, the “family” seeks privacy in these hours of grief, etc etc.
        Once the name John Poindexter comes up, does that not arouse some well defined curiosity? Not John Doe, John Poindexter. Think….think.

    3. I have seen this more than a few times. If you had dinner and wine/cocktail and then later myocardial infarction, you would defecate and/or urinate. Especially larger persons. Now if you were poisoned or suffocated that may be the clean sheet variety of heart attack the coroner signed off on.

  10. I recently said these event and staged narratives keep getting weaker and less convincing. I was on this one early and nothing adds up right. Like Patrick said the death and body functions, the pillows, the circumstances of the trip, the TPP and other considerations make this an assassination for sure. The AP reports that his doctor said he was too weak for shoulder surgery due to decling health yet all his associates and friends said he was well, happy and strong.

    You have to be to travel, hike and quail hunt. Hey Ted, tell everyone what firing a 12 guage bird shot will do to a bad shoulder. So if he was too weak to have simple Arthro shoulder surgery, what the hell would make him want to take the recoil?

    It was a setup. Here’s what i believe. The GOP wants the TPP so bad they will kill for it, constitutional; or not. Obama wants Climate Change and a carbon economy. The two wings of this dirty bird will continue to play as if they are at odds but we will get a replacement for Scalia. A TPP pro and a moderate with extreme weather views.

    A backroom deal as secret as this assassination and the TPP itself is nothing to the new DOHA rounds where the US sells us out to third world status by giving the foreign partners what they want. I assure everyone it will not be in our interests.

    AP: Feb. 15, 2016 6:55 PM ET–Scalia/id-0523603d05904322a9fe271dd97f4e95

  11. Cocaine and coca cola
    Coca-Cola as “Big Brother” and the Echelon worldwide spy machine

    [See our website story “Buying A Judgeship”.]

The federal courts are the very foundation of stiff control by the Establishment, “the powers that be”, the ultra-rich, the Ruling Class – in short, THEM. Throughout the history of the United States, the larger outlets of the popular press promoted the fairy tale, that the federal judges, all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court, are not “for sale”.

Seldom mentioned is a heavily-documented book that shows the major corruption is in the U.S. Supreme Court and on-down the federal court chain. [“The History of the Supreme Court” by Gustavus Myers.] Most university and other large law libraries do not have the book. The librarians of the same would deny that there ever was such a book.

    Daddy Bush also in 1989, knew that CIA’s involvement with driving the Soviets out of Afghanistan was ended. AND, that the Bush Crime Family’s business partnership with Osama bin Laden and others of the bin Laden family, in the major opium trade from Afghanistan, through Saudi, and then to Europe, would have to come eventually under more direct control by the Bushies.

    That date was supposed to have been a secret and apparently refers to the date on or about which the law clerks for some of the dissenting judges in Bush versus Gore somehow latched onto certain records of Justice Antonin Scalia proving his corruption and criminality in the litigation where he was the so-called team leader of the five-judge majority.

    [I was later contacted by a supposedly elite government investigating group. As to my federal court presentations in the Coca-Cola case, they said they were going to immediately grill gangster William F. Cellini, a gangster who I contended in the Coca-Cola case buys and sells federal judgeships and bought Manning the federal district court judgeship for one million dollars.

    At the time, a major owner of Edison, according to U.S. government reports, was the Pope, a faraway absentee owner and landlord as to Chicago.

A member of our group petitioned the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to forbid the Vatican from proceeding with its plans to build further Nuclear plants in Illinois, already site of the most in the nation. Federal law prohibits a foreign power, such as the Vatican, from owning nuclear facilities in the U.S.
    The Vatican-owned Edison arbitrarily cut off the electricity to her home, as a reprisal. She won a damage suit against the Vatican after sixteen local judges disqualified themselves, some not even Catholics, but beholden to the Church Hierarchy. [“Electric Scandal”.]

    1. Clearly? I am just old enough and have seen enough of what has happened to my peers not to assume that foul play is the most likely with a guy this age. When I was growing up, 79 counted as really old, and when people even younger than that died, it was chalked up to “old age.”
      Usually it is something about the heart or an embolism.

      1. The point is though that being in a position he is, there is always an investigation or a least a postmortem! To have nothing is HIGHLY suspicious indeed. Secondly as I work will elderly people I know today 79 is young, I’d say 90 odd is average. Also working with elderly who have conditions known I know that even they have a postmortem if they had not see a doctor in a few weeks and they have cancer! So yes this IS HIGHLY suspicious!!!?

        1. I think the Supreme Court justice, because he never has to be re-elected like a member of Congress or a first term President, occupies a unique political realm which although public is more like private academic life with real tenure (although they can be impeached for misconduct).

          Therefore, all Scalia’s medical problems are not public knowledge, though some are. His family would be privy to them. His wife is still the one who would make a decision, probably consulting with her able sons and daughters, a group with a lot of professional responsibility who would know what is what. The decision was made by them, and they would have known much more than the public about his health and prior problems.

          Given the traditional nature of that family, and probably its zeal for privacy in an old school sense, you probably won’t find them exposing their husband/father’s detailed medical history. Why did they not request an autopsy? I do not know. Perhaps they simply accepted his sudden death without suspicion (evidently they did). Their minds did not immediately, I would assume, jump to the assassination of JFK, where Jackie was bullied into submission temporarily, herself traumatized by being in the line of fire (or feeling she was). No, this is a situation where choices could be made dispassionately, and they did.

        2. Musings….. What’s your observation on this very straightforward comment by a retired senior detective who not only worked homicides, but also taught detectives in homicide school? I got this from John Rappaport’s article today on his :

          NY Post, 2/15, “Detectives question lack of autopsy in Scalia death”:

          “Bill Ritchie, a retired deputy chief and former head of criminal investigations for the DC police, said he was dumbstruck when he learned that no autopsy would be performed.

          “‘I took a look at the report and I almost fell out of my chair,’ Ritchie told The Post from his home in Maryland.

          “‘I used to be an instructor in the homicide school. Every death investigation you are handling, you consider it a homicide until the investigation proves otherwise,’ Ritchie said.”

  12. Judge Cinderella reasons that since Scalia visited Dr. on Wednesday and Thursday for a shoulder injury (!) he must have died of natural causes on Friday.

    Put another way, if she is revealing the nature of his visit to his Dr. (which is obviously immaterial in that people don’t die from shoulder injuries…unless they bleed to death), then why is she not crossing the Rubicon and revealing the underlying causes which ostensibly convinced her to forego an autopsy Justice Scalia?

    Furthermore, if Scalia was in such dire health that he visited his doctor on consecutive days immediately prior to his trip, then why did he persist in attending this shindig where he seemingly knew none of the guests personally? And why did he insist on being free of his normal security detail?

    Very odd… BTW, the name Cinderella (in this context) is just too rich. One can’t make up such a surreal framing for another spectacular false narrative.

    I wouldn’t care if it was Scalia or Ginsberg. No one deserves to get whacked for cynical political reasons. Obama’s had his chance to restore people’s faith in government. He has squandered that by running a neocon lite playbook. What a travesty from a “constitutional lawyer” who obviously learned the document merely to subvert it. Disgusting…


      1. After Sandy Hoax Elementary School, and all of the other countless False flags, how do we know that Justice Scalia even died at that ranch? The news always tells the truth, right? No autopsy, no photos, no credible witnesses, etc.

        Is it possible that he died somewhere else and was placed there? Is he even dead at all? There is not much truth left in Amerika.

    1. It is possible that it was shoulder pain rather than shoulder injury per se. That raises many medical possibilities which might have gone overlooked. I imagine that if Scalia wanted to do something, even if he felt pain, he might have argued effectively not to be admitted to a hospital for more tests until he returned.

      1. I will concede that he was old and fat. That said, without an attending physician, found in an arguably unusual state, pillow on his face, bed clothes unruffled, etc., would that not require an investigation?

        I’m told he was embalmed within the day. They didn’t even do that for Osama II.

        Do I think he was murdered? Could be. Would Obongo and Friends do such a dastardly deed? Absolutely.

        Just sayin’!

  13. Here is an important article by Michael Hoffman about Justice Scalia. I posted a comment on the article that has not yet been accepted.

    Justice Scalia’s Sordid Simulacrum

    Mr. Hoffman makes an observation

    “Materially, it manifests in the intelligence agencies and secret police of many nations, including the U.S. Most of the ones fawning over Justice Scalia imagine that the FBI thoroughly investigated the assassination of our late Catholic President John F. Kennedy, and did an equally fair and judicious assessment of the attack on the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City in 1995, and the Twin Towers and the Pentagon in 2001.

    about Justice Scalia that is analogous to one I made [ dachsielady says:
    February 13, 2016 at 8:40 PM ] about our current political candidates.

    “All of these false events being carried out against the American people makes any thinking American just regard political elections and all the related rhetoric and shows as a total irrelevancy. Who wants anyone ruling over them who has sworn to never do or say anything about bringing justice to rectify the harm done to our nation and our people. ”

    There is a deep ideology, and tacit compromising and agreement, that pervades our nation and all of our most influential personages are held captive to that ideology. Mr. Hoffman perhaps does a much better job of describing and identifying that deep evil than many other contemporary authors who purport to do the same.

    THAT is why we will never get truth and justice regarding these major egregious false events and that is why we will never get viable political candidates for any public office, and that is why we will never get truth and justice as to the real cause of deaths of so many influential people.


    I recall that Scott Creighton believes that all 7 of the World Trade Center buildings were destroyed by the standard kind of “controlled demolition” using “explosives” such as RDX and TNT. I have heard many 9-11 commentators say how many tons of explosives it would have taken to be expertly placed in each building for the destruction to have been carried out, and that is why I do not pay much attention to Scott Creighton.

    1. Hey, dachsielady,

      So I noticed that a couple of times you have said that you don’t read a certain person or publication because they got something wrong, and I wondered how you got there.

      Do you think people should be discredited in all of their opinions, if they are wrong about one or even several things? Does it invalidate everything else they have to say?

      Just wondering if you maybe have deeper reasons, like you think it’s deliberate, or something.

      1. Hi Toni

        I think you ask some fair questions and I have thought about why I stop imbibing certain writers and speakers’s words and ideas.

        The reasons differ from person to person. I have tried to learn the concept of “eat the meat, spit out the bones.” I tend to be an all or nothing kind of thinker and I have to guard against that so I am working on not deciding to just abandon completely someone who does have some very good information and insights to relate.

        But still there are times when I think it best to just not spend my dwindling time on certain individuals, especially when the time I have invested so far in them does not seem to produce value or worth to me.

        Scott Creighton years ago spent quite a bit of time on his site telling just how, in detail, the traditional controlled demolition schema was really the only way to look at the WTC building destruction. He seemed to engage in some marked mental gymnastics to show how his schema was viable and do-able. He seemed to put down people who did not immediately buy his ideas. To me there are many data points or “evidence” that makes controlled demolition look almost absurd. So you have an intelligent articulate person pushing an idea or theory that is in start contradiction to a large amount of data or evidence that attests to the contrary. I will not go in to specifics here but suffice it to say that I have read about 99 percent of the hundreds of articles and books Dr. James Fetzer has written or co-written or edited on 9-11. I am not a died in the wool fan on any researcher but I have always felt that I would stay closer to quality thinking if I followed Dr. Fetzer’s ideas in most cases related to 9-11 study.

        Sometimes, as with many of these big false events, the totality of the evidence is simply overwhelming and confirms clearly that the official explanation, or any sly variation on the official narrative, cannot possibly be true.

        Sometimes certain commentators seem to deliberately want to sell one of these sly variation theories to lead away from truth. I just have to trust my gut on judging these things but no harm is done if I judge wrong. If I feel strongly enough on the matter, I will try to explain my reasons and try to get other people to carefully assess what is being peddled.

        Other people, I avoid because I find that they are frequently employing logical fallacies, defense mechanisms, lies, or little entangling set-ups to get me into dialogue, dialogue that typically proves unfruitful. That is when I start acting unrighteously. (Also, I am blessed with a health problem that gives me immediate negative reinforcement when I get angry.)

        I bear no ill will to anyone and I personally pray for everyone to come to the Truth. I do not “hate” anyone and have never even hinted at such.

        Having a Christian worldview noticeably affects one’s way of approaching the study of these false events. The rules one goes by in seeking truth through faith and reason are different than the rules with sola ratio.

        1. Thanks for explaining, dachsielady. I didn’t mean to imply that you had ill will towards anyone. I don’t think that.

          Your history with Creighton explains your position.

          I wonder if you would mind expanding on this:
          “The rules one goes by in seeking truth through faith and reason are different than the rules with sola ratio.”

        2. I wonder if you would mind expanding on this:
          “The rules one goes by in seeking truth through faith and reason are different than the rules with sola ratio.”

          On a sort of macro level, I think this video, especially the part that talks about so called “vestigial organs” explains anti-science masquerading as science for the greater god of evolution.

          On a more micro level I think of the quality rules of investigation seemingly suddenly thrown out the window. With some of what I consider to be the better investigators and investigations of these false events that have been happening here in the USA over the last century, I observe how certain “truths” appear to be suddenly abandoned in favor of something more dear, some pet theory in the particular case/ event, or some ego value, or in favor of some major foundational worldview belief, such as Darwinian evolution. The rules prescribed for other past false events studied are set aside and not employed or followed. A new false event will only be investigated in a somewhat more discreet or separate way. Features or aspects of the event will not be subjected to the standard rigorous rules of inquiry and investigation but now will rather be only summarily accepted at face value, features that have falsity written all over them.

          That inconsistent way of studying false events conflicts with my search for truth.

        3. If I understand what you’re saying, there is a priori knowledge to be accepted on faith, which precedes, and supersedes, reason.

          Is that correct?

        4. “Toni says:
          February 17, 2016 at 5:07 PM

          If I understand what you’re saying, there is a priori knowledge to be accepted on faith, which precedes, and supersedes, reason.

          Is that correct?”

          Not exactly. You search for truth and facts using the most objective, sound standards possible. This goes for all researchers – Christian or otherwise. You don’t cook the books, stack the deck, or sell engineered outcomes to the highest bidder.

          But as with the vestigial organs example, you keep searching for truth until you find it based on the four described principles and one of them assumes purpose and function. It is not permissible to assume that because the purpose of an organ is not readily apparent to assume that the organ must be a holdover from earlier stage of evolution. The scientific approach is to keep studying until you find the function.

          If all of the best data and evidence point to a worldwide flood, you cannot a priori rule out such an event because it goes against preferred evolutionary reasoning.

          When you look at evolution, it looks very much like a religion, but not a religion that respects true scientific inquiry. The adherents to that religion have a lot of faith in it and they often are willing, a priori, to accept that which cannot be explained using present-day observational scientific methods and apply the old stand-by milions-and-milillions of years hypothesis. But even that explanation is being shown, more and more, to be not enough time to do what they claim it does in the way they claim it is done.

          Christian scientists a priori assume there is an Intelligent Creator and that that Creator, according to His character, encourages. nay commands, search for truth.

  14. There is nothing whatever odd about Scalia’s death. He went down to Texas to receive his marching orders from the business oligarchy, as all US pols do. This conspiracy business diverts attention from his being publically recognized as being feted by money.

    He was a very old, fat, sick man, with a history of high blood pressure and a heart condition. My wife, a supervising appellate attorney, says that in addition to being a disgusting and vicious reactionary, he also originated some opinions that were highly imaginative. That should take a few thousand years off his Eternity in Hell that I hope he believed in, and that I occasionally hope exists.

    Sometimes I get a little doubtful that the White Conspiracy right is ever going to emerge from political delusion. Inforwars ran a poll where ten times as many commenters thought Scalia was murdered than thought not. There is not only no evidence whatever that he was murdered, there was no reason to kill him, outside of natural desire. But making up wish-fulfillment stories is precisely what the power system does, and when Conspiracy blogs do it, it discredits the real homicidal staged operations that really do occur.

    1. There is no evidence he wasn’t murdered nor was the ‘crime scene’ or body given the treatment of suspected circumstances. No coroner viewed the body and a justice of the peace certified the death by telephone. The man was embalmed shortly after his death. The death may be natural, it’s highly likely it is. The respondents on Infowars is not a cross section of the American public, who I’d posit (sans evidence) that of those with an opinion many believe that Scalia died in suspicious circumstances.

      To dismiss ‘conspiracy theorists’ is a typical response from those that either control or accept the official narrative. It’s used in a derogatory manner. It also glosses over the likelihood that many in power are using that power covertly for nefarious or self-serving ways.

      Scalia stated that the constitution was a dead document, ergo, in his reiteration, that it cannot be changed. He was (according to many) a staunch supporter of conservatisms (for the most part). His loss will make forwarding liberal agenda’s, such as gun control and health care reform go unchallenged by the Judicial Branch.

      I would be more concerned if he has(d) an appointee on call and tried to install him during the congressional recess, which is NOW, and another window will open in August. That being said, it’s more likely that Obama will find and nominate a centrist that appeals to both parties. If he does that the Republicans may be forced to accept the nomination, or hurt their political reputation.

      1. Let me just say this, Pat–foosh. In some contexts the absence of evidence is the evidence of absence. It’s true that the handling of the death was sloppy, but after all the US is becoming a third world country.

        I am in favor of gun control and health care reform. The guns should be taken away from the military, police, and intelligence agencies, and the money go to fund a decent health care system.

        1. Folk lays his cards down….
          “I am in favor of gun control and health care reform. The guns should be taken away from the military, police, and intelligence agencies, and the money go to fund a decent health care system.”

          I agree 100% but you left out one part.

          All these Guns taken away from all you say should be “Sold” to the Gangsters, Muslim Brotherhood and illegal Aliens including all the Middle Easter Types sneaking in so we can “Afford” the Health Care we’re going to need when they Shoot and Kill Us.

          Other than..Great Idea Folk…/Brain Back On

        2. Hitler thought this disarmament thing was a great idea. Even today the Germans who survived this maniac’s wars which managed to get 30 million Germans and 90 million Russians snuffed, find themselves still disarmed as mass migration and rape now threatens to wipe them off the face of the earth. I am sure his daughter Angela who is now running Germany is eternally grateful for the work dear old dad put in.

      1. I’m afraid you’re right about the shift to change it, Dublin. It’s necessary to take the money away from the oligarchy, the guns away from their gunmen, and the truth away from their truthsters.

  15. Events such as the unexpected death of Antonin Scalia are the reason we perform autopsies. When I heard the news, my reaction was visceral. After all, on January 27th, Hillary Clinton announced to the world that she planned to nominate Barack Obama to the Supreme Court.

    Who died? Did someone retire? I wondered if I had missed something and prayed nothing had befallen Scalia or Thomas. We can’t know the cause of death, but can easily see how the uncanny timing of this dovetails with the creative thrust of control now waged by this administration in its waning hours.

    Yes, we will demand that Obama step aside on this decision, and wait for the next President to choose. He will offer his choices as a ruse, knowing that they will never get approval. Hillary was bought and paid for many times over. No mater the outcome of each and every past and future scandal, she will reign – and she will appoint Barack Obama to succeed Scalia, and this country will be lost as a Republic.

  16. Recall when our leader promised to bankrupt the coal industry and he was very close to doing just that until the Supreme Court put a stop to it and for the first time in history halted implementation of epa rules before the long drawn out court battles even began.

    That alone was motive enough for murder by these treasonous leeches. The family probably knows there is no justice to be found even if murder was determined and nothing but more heartache would be gained.

    NYS recently declared without any fanfare that nuclear is green after all, it would be impossible for utilities to produce enough green power required by their new green laws and indeed dirty coal plants will have to be built to keep the lights on if the nuke plants shut down.

    This climate scam is probably the biggest ever dreamed of, $50 billion in subsidies is slated for wind and solar in the current budget, even though they have been proven to be insignificant in producing power even with all the trillions already poured into them.

    1. If the family of SCJ Scalia did indeed refuse an autopsy in such a very short time frame window of 24 hrs or less before they made the decision,
      that would suggest they were threatened in some way (if indeed this man was murdered, a speculation at this point),
      it just doesn’t make any sense a family would jump to a decision like this,
      the first reaction 24-72 hrs is typically grief, especially with the passing of a significant official,
      we have refrigeration these days folks,
      bodies can be preserved as long as needed-
      this seems out of place

  17. From original article.

    “It will pass and Obama will sign it leaving just one obstacle: it will certainly be challenged in the Supreme Court on the grounds that it is not constitutional.”

    They are moving and shaking these days everywhere.

    In Germany the coalition parties will meet on March 1st through March 3rd to decide if they are going to ban the NPD. They call it an extreme right party because it is against mass migration, wants to move away from the Euro as a monetary unit and leave the EU.

    They also call themselves Germans which is now taboo under the EU. There are no Germans, simply EU persons and it does not matter to corporate molech who the citizens are as long as they pay taxes and shut up.

    In other words if you call yourself a German now days over there, you are an extreme rightist. You can’t get much more Orwellian than this. Germans find themselves being raped to death, the police are told to ignore it, mass migration continues on.

    Illegal alien centers are being torched at the rate of 1.4 per day now in Germany. 335 burnings in 238 days. Politicians who were all in with the mass migration have now been polled and 50% are now against it. Merkel’s political career is over. Unfortunately Germany may now be over also.

    So yeah TTP, GMO and mass migration move on to our genetically dictatorial role where the elite manufacture exactly the type population they desire. Vaccines are helping out. It is quite astounding when the prime minister of Russia comes out and says western politicians are trying to control and enslave humanity by vaccines. It is even more astounding when the western press hides this statement.

    Russell Means was entirely correct with the statement before he died, “Welcome to the reservation.”

      1. Molech Has Germany Next On The List: Annette Kahane Formerly Of The Stasi In Charge Of Keeping The Lid On Thousands Of Rapes By Illiterate Illegal Aliens Boated In By Merkel And Erdogan Employed By Merkel To Censor Social Media In Germany-NPD To Be Banned: Native Americans On The Ropes: Palestinians On The Ropes: Germans Next

        1. “Molech Has Germany Next On The List:

          Hahaha..Dub, this is true comedy.


          I agree..they’re all Devils….

  18. Some indication of what happened to Scalia can be gleaned from the behavior of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the liberal justice. Ginsburg is now 83 and suffers from various minor ailments (her cancer is no longer a problem).
    Justices worry about two main things, other than satisfying their own egos. One is their “legacy, the other is preserving or advancing their ideology on the Court, by having the right person succeed them.

    Ginsburg is not stupid. She knows that she can’t go on for more than four years, and probably less. She is waiting for the right time to resign.

    In 2014, when she was 82, she said to a reporter that she couldn’t resign at that time because Obama would not be able to replace her with the right kind of person, i.e. a very “liberal” judge, probably because the Repubs controlled the Senate.

    So if Ginsburg thought it likely that a Republican would succeed Obama, she should have quit already, or even now. But she hasn’t.

    Ginsburg knows something that we don’t. The Establishment must have reassured her that Hillary Clinton will definitely win, maybe with a higher number of Democrats in the Senate. In other words, the “fix” is in, and has been for several years — Hillary is the next Empress (God help us). Right after Hillary wins, Ginsburg can quit, and Hillary will appoint a liberal woman (maybe jew or minority) to replace her.

    Now it is easier to understand the Scalia situation. They may have bumped him off because he might object to the next set of cases coming up (e.g. TPP, Obamacare challenges, gun control). It wouldn’t matter if his seat remained empty because Hillary will fill it next year, plus the Dems would get publicity advantages from Republican intransigence. Hillary is all set to implement her police-state agenda when she takes over, with a Supreme Court majority behind her.

    It all makes sense now.

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