Less than three weeks before the December 14, 2012 Newtown school shooting, the Obama administration’s Department of Justice and Connecticut state officials introduced “Project Longevity,” a “comprehensive initiative” coordinating federal, state, and local government agencies and non-government personnel to purportedly “reduce gun violence in Connecticut’s major cities … New Haven, Hartford and Bridgeport.” But was the program solely about preventing gun violence, or was it a cover for an intricate gang stalking operation used to set the stage for the Sandy Hook event and intimidate participants and the local citizenry into silence in the aftermath?holder-longevity

Keith Labella Esq. of gangstalkingismurder is our guest on the February 1 Real Politik. Mr. Labella has researched gang stalking for several years and will discuss its history in the US, his personal experience with such harassment, and the wide scale media blackout of the phenomenon.

Below is the November 27, 2012 press release from the DOJ announcing the operation.-JFT

Project Longevity Launched to Reduce Gang and Gun Violence in Connecticut’s Cities

Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs
November 27, 2012

Government Officials, Community Members, Service Providers and Law Enforcement Join Forces in Statewide Anti-Violence Initiative

Attorney General Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney David Fein and Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy joined members of law enforcement, public officials, social service providers, community leaders and researchers in New Haven today to launch “Project Longevity,” a comprehensive initiative to reduce gun violence in Connecticut’s major cities. Project Longevity uses a strategy that has shown violence can be reduced dramatically when community members and law enforcement join together to directly engage with these groups and clearly communicate a community message against violence, a law enforcement message about the consequences of further violence and an offer of help for those who want it. To accomplish this, law enforcement, social service providers and community members are recruited, assembled and trained to engage in a sustained relationship with violent groups.

“Project Longevity will send a powerful message to those who would commit violent crimes targeting their fellow citizens that such acts will not be tolerated and that help is available for all those who wish to break the cycle of violence and gang activity,” said Attorney General Holder. “Today’s announcement underscores our commitment to working together – across levels of government and jurisdictional boundaries – to protect the American people from the crime that threatens too many neighborhoods and claims far too many innocent lives.”

Project Longevity is based on a model that has been successful in reducing gun violence in multiple neighborhoods across the country and represents the first time the strategy is being implemented statewide.


“On the state level, I have directed my administration to focus our criminal justice resources on urban violence,” Governor Malloy said. “We agree that no strategy will be effective without the support of the community. This means parents, clergy, neighborhood leaders, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles – everyone working toward one goal. We are working to regain the trust of the African American and Latino communities. We need their help. The lives of these young people are too valuable not to act.”

Funded by federal, state and local sources, Project Longevity is being launched initially in three Connecticut cities – New Haven, Hartford and Bridgeport.

“After more than a year of hard work and preparation by so many public and private partners, I am pleased to announce Project Longevity, our statewide anti-violence initiative,” said U.S. Attorney Fein. “Many dedicated people and organizations have come together to support this proven strategy to reduce gang and gun violence through focused deterrence.”

A critical component of the Project Longevity strategy is the “call-in,” a face-to-face meeting where partners engage group members and deliver certain key messages. First, that group members are part of a community, that gun violence is unacceptable and that the community needs it to end. Second, that help is available to all who will accept it in order to transition out of the gang lifestyle, and that social service providers are standing by to assist with educational, employment, housing, medical, mental health and other needs. Third, that any future violence will be met with clear and certain consequences. The next time a homicide is traced to any member of a violent group, all members of that group will receive increased and comprehensive law enforcement attention to any and all crimes any of its members are committing.

Yesterday, the first call-ins of two groups were convened in New Haven. At the call-ins, approximately 25 individuals heard the Project Longevity message from senior leadership of the New Haven Police Department, federal and state prosecutors, outreach workers and other members of the New Haven community. One Project Longevity participant, Adult Education Director for the New Haven Board of Education Alicia Caraballo, spoke about losing her 24-year-old son when he was shot and killed in New Haven in April 2008.

Project Longevity is based on the Group Violence Reduction Strategy developed by the Center for Crime Prevention and Control at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. The research behind the strategy, which was first implemented in Boston as “Operation Ceasefire” in the mid-1990s, has found that violence in troubled neighborhoods is caused predominantly by a small number of people who are members of street gangs, drug crews and other identified groups. These groups, whose members typically constitute less than 0.5 percent of a city’s population, often have little organization, hierarchy or common purpose, and commit violent acts primarily for personal reasons, not to achieve any economic gain or other advantage. The Group Violence Reduction Strategy, which also has been deployed in areas of Chicago, Cincinnati, Providence, R.I., and elsewhere, has resulted in a 40 to 60 percent reduction in group-related homicides in certain neighborhoods. After Project Longevity is established in Hartford and Bridgeport, the program may be deployed in other Connecticut cities if research and data analysis of a city’s homicide rate determine that the model offers an appropriate solution to gun violence.


The Rev. William Mathis has been appointed as Project Longevity’s New Haven Program Manager. The Rev. Mathis is also the Pastor of Springs of Life-Giving Water Church in New Haven, an attorney, a former prosecutor and an adjunct professor at Quinnipiac University and the University of New Haven. As program manager, the Rev. Mathis is responsible for developing effective and sustainable working relationships between law enforcement, service providers and community members to insure Project Longevity’s success.

The organizational structure of Project Longevity in New Haven includes a Governing Board, Strategy and Implementation Team, Research Team, Law Enforcement Team, Community Service Provider Team and Community Engagement Team, all of which meet regularly. Project Longevity’s Governing Board includes: U.S. Attorney Fein, Governor Malloy, State Senator Toni Harp, State Representative Toni Walker, New Haven Mayor John DeStefano, New Haven Alderperson Jorge Perez, New Haven State’s Attorney Michael Dearington, Court Support Services Executive Director William Carbone, Connecticut Department of Correction Commissioner Leo Arnone, Director of the Center for Crime Prevention and Control at John Jay College of Criminal Justice David Kennedy, and Yale University’s Vice President for New Haven and State Affairs and Campus Development Bruce Alexander.

The Strategy and Implementation Team is co-chaired by New Haven Police Chief Dean Esserman and New Haven businessman Howard Hill, and includes members of law enforcement, service providers, researchers and the community. Chief Esserman has previously partnered with the Center for Crime Prevention and Control to implement a similar strategy when he served as police chief in Providence. Several community and business leaders in New Haven, as well as members of the New Haven Clergy Association, are also actively involved in Project Longevity. In order to assist identified individual transition from a destructive gang lifestyle, Project Longevity has engaged nine service providers in the New Haven area, including Children’s Community Program of Connecticut, Community Service Administration for the City of New Haven, Consultation Center (Yale), Gateway Community College, Elm City Communities, New Haven Family Alliance, Project Model Offender Reintegration Experience (M.O.R.E.), Workforce Alliance/CT Works and United Way of Greater New Haven. The University of New Haven, Yale University and the University of Cincinnati are working with law enforcement to collect and analyze crime data and provide research support to identify the groups and individuals that will be contacted through Project Longevity. Many of these individuals are already known to law enforcement and/or are under the supervision of probation or parole officers.

Other participating Justice Department agencies in Project Longevity include: the FBI; Drug Enforcement Administration; the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; and the U.S. Marshals Service.

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27 thought on “Was ‘Project Longevity’ a Gang Stalking Operation?”
  1. Approximately one year ago, the New England governors announced a program to reduce drug usage and step up drug control measures. I wrote each governor and asked if they were, as individuals, aware of the well known fact that drug smuggling into the US was handled by the US military as well as flights by private CIA contractors, many of whom wrote articles and books about their experiences. Not one governor wrote me back indicating his/her feelings and awareness of the facts behind drug smuggling and it’s massive effects affecting crime as well as the results leading to drug addiction. Not 1!!!
    The war against drugs has been a farce for a long time. Money sent to places like Colombia for drug control was likely used to bribe high ranking officials and facilitate our free entry and proliferate the huge number of drug flights and other methods of drug introduction to the US. Monies obtained from such activities then and NOW are used for the multitude of black ops throughout the world. Drugs that lead to huge piles of money are important in maintaining the “health” of many very large banking establishments. I mention no names. You know who they are.
    We are being taken to the cleaners by our high ranking politicians and other hangers on. We are esssentially lawless now, a fine kettle of fish, eh? The efforts of these banditos are directed toward tearing down our national identity and ultimately reducing our population by many and sundry methods of outright murder.
    What happened in Connecticut 3 years ago is best described as a travesty. A massive travesty rooted in corruption it was and still is.

    The desperate hours are drawing closer.

    1. Yes, remember the movie “American Gangster” with Denzel Washington playing the guy who imported the heroine inside dead Vietnam servicemen ? It was made after true events. The military was involved,the mafia was involved, and 75% of NYC drug cops were indicted after the scamp was uncovered. A true story that no doubt is going on today. No doubt the coffins are loaded with drugs.

      1. And this is why they don’t want drugs de-criminalized. The system makes too much money off it with increased prices for stuff that is illegal, lawyers and judges who make money off the system, a law system that gets to confiscate the assets of the competitors they bust, and banks that launder the money. But, we all know this and yet nothing ever changes.

      1. I just purchased a book titled, “The Ugly Truth About the Anti Defamation League” by the Executive Intelligence Review. I haven’t read it yet, but I heard of it via an older youtube recording of Bill (Milton Cooper) recorded circa 1994, wherein he discusses the Anti Defamation League (on behalf of the Bnai Brith) running the drugs, the laundering of the money, etc., etc. This is the youtube link. It’s lengthy, but interesting.

        1. Do read the book, stllonginus. It’s an eye opening. And Bill Cooper is the man ,I’ve been listening to him since I was 13.
          Those Zionist boys are everywhere.

    2. I remember being made aware of U.S. official involvement in the import of narcotics back in the early 80s, listening to Irv Homer on WWDB radio in Philadelphia. Irv was a forerunner to what we now refer to as the truth movement. His show content basically consisted then of what we now find all over the internet. Tragically, the frequency his show broadcast on, 97.5 FM, is now consumed with brain dead sports talk, and voices like his have fallen silent on AM and FM radio.

      Irv produced a number of programs back then which exposed the relationship between martially controlled Burma (now Myanmar) and the CIA, in which the highest ranking Burmese general confirmed that there was a routine, continual transfer of narcotics from the opium poppy fields of Burma to the mouths, noses and veins of countless numbers of addicted Americans.

      These are issues which those here on MHB I am certain for the most part are well aware of. It is only through sheer, willful ignorance on the part of the vast majority of Americans, who would deny that their own government would be complicit in the misery cultivated by drug addiction.


    3. Gil,
      That took some kahoochies to write them with the truth. ( they already knew)

      You should check your mailbox for a little red dot stuck underneath…Ha

      1. Still, it is not easy to know, for sure, if those governors are “in on it” or not. It’s one thing to be suspicious of people, but it’s another to be sure you are right about them.
        Is Trump a 33rd degree Mason, anybody? It seems that the last 14 presidents have been. Truth is stranger than fiction, we are so utterly controlled, it’s boggling.

        This thing is not going to end well. It makes us appreciate the enormous weight on Jim Tracy’s shoulders, his challenging of a potentially usurped First Amendment shows the extreme gravity of the mess fermenting in this country at present. Makes me wonder if civil war is on our horizon…..all at the behest of the Elites, of course…….

        1. I understand just how you feel.

          It seems the inevitable is inevitable.
          All we can do is take a deep breath, hold our heads up, and have Faith.

  2. We are working to regain the trust of the African American and Latino communities. We need their help. The lives of these young people are too valuable not to act.” Governor Malloy.

    I’ve just thrown-up from laughing to hard… Really…

  3. The Gub’mint’ runs the drug business, fund the gangs who deliver their drugs to our children nationwide. Even now gun violence continues to decline so they have to ‘stage’ it. When it gets so low as reported by the FBI they will have to ramp up gladio. Bringing in the criminals from outside. They have to maintain the gun free zones or they’d have no statistics. El Chapo is a fabrication and a complete fabrication of a central drug and crime figure. The real Chapo has never been identified.

    You can begin to connect the dots. They certainly have the ammunition now. A few billion rounds being distributed among Education, IRS, BLM, FDA, EPA, Dept of Ag, FBI, DEA, BATFE, etc, etc, etc. These agencies merely run covert ops (gangstalking) and cover (fraud) for the continuing global ponzi. The War on Drugs like the War on Terror are state sponsored enterprises. Now Operation Gladio foreign operatives are coming into this country as bogus refugee/investors and under the corrupt State Dept. through SB-1, EB-5 and H1B. Obama is emptying the prisons of the worst offenders. He hopes it will increase the gun and violent crime numbers.

    You have to give them credit as they are making billions while destroying this country. The “Stakeholders” could not be happier or wealthier than they are right now. Sandy Hook, Aurora, 911 and all the way back to Oklahoma City all had one thing in common, that being they all were a state sponsored event to divert, deflect and destroy evidence of a huge financial crime. WTC Building 7 was full of evidence as was the Murrah Bldg. Aurora and Sandy Hook LIBOR.

    Market crash robs $2.3 trillion from investors- January 15, 2016


    It’s not about missing money, it’s about the untraceable, the unaccountable, the undocumented and unprovable. Connecticut is a haven for criminals of finance. Of all the threats to this Mafia, an armed citizenry and the truth are the biggest. At the core it is all about the money, power and eventually total control over the world. Everything else they do is part of maintenance.

    1. Good observation on el Chapo. Likewise, when you interject Fast and Furious into this melange, you find that our rabid DEA “efforts” against Colombia back around 20 years ago to stem the cocaine tide were nothing but a coverup. Go farther back to 1980 and you can find independent CIA contractors hauling dope back to the US through Miami and Mena…. Since then, these pilots have told of their exploits in books and movies, often at the cost of their lives. Colombia was a distraction, a construct and it worked. The Sinaloa cartel as well as some other Mexican drug cartels are also likely collaborations between the US and Mexico.
      The pattern for smuggling is painfully obvious, is it not? Just as we smuggle dope back from Afghanistan aboard pilot-less drones through Kosovo and then into the US, this jazz about the “War on Drugs” was nothing but a diaphanous distraction. We’ve been had….

  4. “We agree that no strategy will be effective without the support of the community. This means parents, clergy, neighborhood leaders, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles – everyone working toward one goal…”

    Yes governor Malloy. Throw in there the FBI, ATFE, Homeland Security, Ct. state police, Newtown police, state and local 911 dispatch, S.H. Volunteer F.D., Barrack Obama, Eric Holder, Michael Bloomberg and so on and so forth.

    My apologies to any omissions of those who participated in making Sandy Hook a successful and as of 1-31-2016, ongoing production.

    I am particularly fascinated as well as disturbed at the role of “clergy” in all of this. I am aware only of the ABC on air interview of New Hope Community Church “pastor” Jim Solomon regarding the Sandy Hook event. There are, however, numerous other established churches within close proximity to 12 Dickinson Dr. What is personally disconcerting to me, a biblical Christian, is that these institutions have named the Name of Jesus Christ as their foundation. For these congregations to be complicit in the staging, execution, and continuing cover-up of 12-14-12 is unspeakable.

    This, however, is in no way surprising in the least to me. The fact that all of these “houses of worship” are all registered with the state as 501(c)3 non-profits tells me all I need to know. They have been bought with ANOTHER price.

    And I know the effect the interview of Jim Solomon must have had on Christianity in general. I am sure they were easily persuaded that Sandy Hook was an actual event, since this “pastor” essentially verified it. No need to dig any deeper. This is tragic on so many levels, foremost among them being that a true Christian is to love and uphold truth, not only the truth of the gospel, but ALL truth.

    I have no doubts that those “churches” in and around Newtown, Ct. were, and are, vital members of the Gang in this gang stalking event.

    1. Very interesting thoughts, thanks. I have one question. How far will a Christian Zionist go to “protect” Israel? We are told there are around 60 million CZ’s in the US and they are important factors in voting for politicians who are sworn/bribed to protect and defend Israel. Is this true?

      Thusly, I ask if these churches can, in a twisted fashion, support nefarious events in the name of Israel? Multiculturism, as we know it in our generation, is a construct of the jews. Look back to 1880 and notice how emigrations to the US were planned by the resident population of jews in the US at that time. These were persistent, overt operations.

      1. What they call “Christian Zionist” used to be referred to as “Christian Identity” back in the ’90s. Or, as Bill Cooper called them: “British Israelists”. That may be on his old HOTT broadcast…on YouTube.

  5. Little late to the party, was expecting another article with a direct download link. Thanks for the interview. Well done. Insightful, interesting, and disturbing.

    I will assume gangstalking in some form is ancient. But technology has radically changed the game in favor of the stalkers in the past few decades. Which seems to also have open the flood gates for an increase in gangstalking activity overall.

    1. Thanks for the comment Kevin,

      Professor Ken Westhues, who has researched the connection between mobbing and mass shootings, has pointed out that Christ was a victim of mobbing. I believe that gang stalking, in its present incarnation, is a largely privatized version of COINTELPRO. Former FBI Chief, Ted L. Gunderson (deceased) wrote, in an affidavit submitted to federal court, that this Program could only be funded by the government, and, that gang stalking made the COINTELPRO of his day seem like a Sunday school operation in comparison.

      I hope that we can have a group discussion of gang stalking on one of Dr. Tracy’s broadcasts. I have followed your posts and comments here, and, I would be happy to join you in the discussion of this important subject. I have been in contact with many experts, including ex-law enforcement, and active private investigators. I’m sure that I could help find a third interviewee to talk about gang stalking.

  6. If Sandy Hook is indeed an act of morbid theater, its single most challenging undertaking has been the censorship: the process that has been “persuading” the overwhelming majority of information providers–way beyond the easy culprits of important politicians and mass media–to dutifully and flawlessly sing the official cover story. This post sheds light on what could be an important aspect of this system.

    Incidentally, nobody should be amazed that Sandy Hook could be censored. It is a relatively simple challenge compared to broadcasting live to the world the Twin Towers’ terrorist controlled demolition and convincing most people that it was the obvious belated result of Osama bin Laden’s earlier attacks.


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