Manic depressive markets, the Demopublican race to the White House, fired “truthers,” the ensuing war of terror, the Zika virus, polluted water supplies, and much, much more from today’s headlines to keep you in a perpetual state of general uneasiness and fear.


Time for yet another MHB Free Form Friday and beyond from the best darned blog commenters this side of Xanadu.-JFT

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  1. I have been researching the “5 Dancing Israelis,” the Mossad agents caught filming the 9/11 attack, otherwise seen on several occasions high 5ing in the park, etc., and finally arrested with bombs in their car;
    They were posing as muslims in order to shift blame to muslim extremists, which is the narrative of Israel, and Zionists occupying our government, they were doing everything to draw attention to themselves in order to be caught,
    then of course Intelligence services quickly released them,
    which shows clearly that they are all part of the larger plot of 9/11;
    The Israeli Media did a sham interview with (allegedly) these same Mossad agents, attempting to pass these people off as some benign group who were not Mossad agents at all, which is par for the course for this evil regime,
    all of this shows foreknowledge by the Intelligence agencies, Israel and more

    1. Or is it peckerwood bad acting? Anyone who would get into an armed incident involving standing up next to that whackjob Pete Santilli is probably a agent provocateur. If these assholes are hoaxing us, they are sell outs and traitors, for which they probably should be shot, but by a firing squad, after a trial.

        1. Michael K… I don’t play coy, whatever that means….

          Are you suggesting Mr Finicum did not die?

          Whether the ” Standoff” , as a whole, is a false flag or not, is irrelevant to the video I posted and the question I asked..

        2. The video you have posted is a grainy silent picture lacking in enough forensic evidence to amount to conclusive proof of murder, much less that anyone even died. Yes, I am suggesting that “LaGoy Finicus” is an actor.

        3. Michael K…. Besides the 13 second video, I also posted a link to an Oathkeepers article which featured 2 further videos showing LaVoy Finicum’s death…one is 12 minutes, one is 26 minutes…perhaps you should watch them before rushing to judgement.

          There is no evidence Finicum was ” an actor”, nor that the death didn’t occur, All you posted was a link to an unsigned , probably photoshopped image… and a generalised comment on the standoff from oathkeepers

          I encourage you and anyone else interested , to read an excellent article about the life of LaVoy Finicum, written by Anthony Hall, on this Link


          “Numerous major national militia groups, including the Three Percenter movement and the Oath Keepers, have come out to publicly condemn the actions of the Bundys. Many in the community have deemed those involved in the standoff as potential federal agent provocateurs, who in no way represent the militia movement and are instead meant to undermine its legitimacy.”

          So now the troll army is at work promoting this hoax, and creating a false dialectical argument along the lines of whether “LaVoy Finicum” was a dangerous man or a martyr, when both are probably equally false.

          Finicum’s family is probably all actors too, his past would probably fall apart under serious scrutiny. And that is exactly what the troll troof army is out there to put a stop to, by inciting an emotional reaction.

        5. Go back to selling fake watches, Komerade…

          Gordon Duff of Veterans Today being interviewed by talk show hosts Mike Harris (Short End of the Stick), Kevin Barrett (Truth Jihad) and Jeff Rense (Jeff Rense Program).

          Recording dates – October, November 2012

          At 70m35s into the Mike Harris interview Duff makes the following statement:

          “I don’t know know any imaginable way you can get information…First of all…Because, about 30%, based on what I believe…and you know what? Who says I’m right? According to my belief, and I have as good of, uh access to information as anyone in the world, probably, anyone I know of. About 30% of what’s written on Veterans Today, is patently false. About 40% of what I write, is at least purposely, partially false, because if I didn’t write false information I wouldn’t be alive. I simply have to do that. I write…anything I write I write between the lines.”

        6. Michael…if you had bothered to read the article about LaVoy Finicum , by Anthony Hall, you would have seen that Veterans Today, disagreed with it and declared themselves separate from the writer’s opinions….

          In other words, its an independent article, not the view of Veterans Today. I have no sympathy with VT, I rarely agree with anything they say.

          What Anthony Hall says about LaVoy Finicum, amongst many other things is
          1 He was a member of the Mormon Church

          2 He was involved in the previous standoff at the Bundy Ranch

          3 He was raised in Four Corners, alongside the Navajo Reservation and a strong supporter of native American rights. In particular, he had publicly deplored the fact that Malheur Refuge housed native American artefacts in dank conditions in a basement instead of returning them to their rightful native American owners

          4 He quotes Cliven Bundy on Finicum ….

          ” It appears that America was fired upon by its government. One of liberty’s finest patriots has fallen… We’ve got one killed and I can say he was sacrificed for a good purpose”’

          Still think Finicum was a crisis actor? OK, go fact check those 4 points. Come back to MHB, show us how you debunked those 4 facts and prove me an idiot.

          Until then, I’m satisfied one of us is an idiot and its not me.

        7. There is a scene in the film “Ronan” where DeNiro alludes to a circular firing squad. I’m afraid this shooting looks a bit like that – where one cop could actually shoot another cop if he fired on LaVoy Finicum. Yes, a lot of this does have the smell of a pageant to it.

        8. Thanks for video about Santilli. The brouhaha with Dr. Fetzer and Dr. Reynolds and Santilli is coming back into my memory now after viewing that video.

          Santilli is now coming into my clearer view now also as an opportunistic sociopath or psychopath. Fact that he was mysteriously recently exonerated from weapons charge and was proven to be a paid FBI informant in the past lends credence to there being many paid government provocateurs in Oregon on both sides of the issue and Santilli being one of them.

          Santilli and Dr. Reynolds really did Dr. Fetzer wrong and spoke against Dr. Fetzer on air in very negative and aggessive ways, and yet Dr. Fetzer went on Santilli’s radio show a year or so ago and apparently forgave or forgot what Santilli had done. I posted my puzzlement at that.

          Now Santilli has posted some good info about crisis actor, “Liz” in her various roles and appearance at various false events and this has boosted, back up from the pits, his credibility quotient with the alternative news audience. If he is working for the “government”, it sure shows how they can use somebody to expose ostensibly damning truthful information, the indisputable crisis actors for the ulterior purpose of getting the truth seeking audience terribly confused and not knowing where to place their attention and loyalties. The goal of having characters like Santilli out their for us to try to figure out is that many will just throw their hands up and give up on truth seeking altogether.

          If Santilli has posted good info about crisis actors, all on his own without assist of handlers, the good info being put out their is just a false use of good info for personal gain of Santilli.

          Psychopaths as well as Sunsteinians can use the same tools and their purposes and goals can be different but equally evil.

      1. Michael, I watched this video of “Pete Santilli Exposed” a couple of days ago. Did Pete really do all of the stuff mentioned to Vinny Eastwood and others? I’ve only watched his show a few times when he happened to have a guest or two that I like. I certainly picked up on his gigantic ego right away, but I had no idea he treated people so horribly.

        1. What I have seen of Pete Santilli comes from YouTube recommendations which were intelligently adapted to fit my supposed preferences. And in this case it was this Spring with the JADE HELM 15 flap. And I will admit that it didn’t take me long to see this guy as a dangerous clown of some eminence Gris behind the scenes. Never found a bigger agent provocateur type anywhere. Getting in a foxhole with that guy? This is like a stupidly written reality TV show, and “LaVoy Finicum” is a jaded attempt to invoke Lavon Helm’s spirit, have the FBI kill him in effigy, and then pick the emotional wounds until it gets nasty.

      2. The Oregon standoff is a complete Hoax. Check out the no dis info site. Crisis actress Victoria Munoz, from Sandy Hook, The Boston bombing, and the Navy Yard Shooting is caught on scene giving an interview. I can’t do links from here, but please investigate and check it out.

        1. Have not studied Oregon event deeply but I must point out that it is NOT a dialectical matter of either / or.

          Either it is a “complete hoax”


          it is a real event (ergo shooting and death were real too)

          This particular event is something that COULD BE BASED in realtty and just cause.

          The BLM has been doing Agenda 21 and now Agenda 30 for a long time. They have been unjustly treating farmers and ranchers for a long time and have been defrauding them regarding their grazing rights leases. That is my understanding anyway.

          Dr Edwin Vierra, Ph.D. and J.D.

          PART 1 of 3

          tried to explain the rightness of militias and the right way they should be formed and operated.

          Needless to say, he was probably largely ignored in his admonitions and the militia movement is fraught with infiltrators of every kind.

          Nevertheless, people fighting the government over land and water and grazing rights agreements is part of the real America we should cherish and uphold.

          Compaing Oregon as a “false or hoax event” to say for example, 9-11 are apples and oranges.

          It was totally against the laws of physics and aerodynamics to have those buildings disappear the way they did and for big Boeings to travel at 500 mph so close to the ground and to meld effortlessly into steel skyscrapers. No possible basis in reality or something that could possibly happen – AT ALL !

        2. I read Vierra’s piece on the Militia,
          interesting read but he only addresses the Select Militia (organized),
          and says nothing about the unorganized Militia (citizens),
          he also emphasizes how the organized militia serves under the president orders/instructions,
          further goes on to castigate what he calls ‘private armies,’ and in that he would include the Oregon Standoff,
          The National Guard, which I assume most people today equate with the Organized Militia seems to me to be more of a standing army at the complete disposal of the President,
          if the President is a Tyrant how does the National Guard have any effect on righting government wrongs??? Have you ever heard of the National Guard taking any action against tyranny in government?
          If under his guide, nobody ever organizes to fight government corruption, they just support the national; Guard and, and….well nothing I guess!
          This is not Militia 101 for people

    2. Why is air footage conveniently overhead at this time and at this particular location? That is either one strange coincidence or it was ordered ahead of time. If it is the later, it proves that this event was 100% staged. If it was coincidence, well then the odds of that are very slim indeed.

        1. So, in what kind of “armed occupation” do we get in our SUV and go driving around, abandoning our defenses, and virtually proposing to get caught? When did it go from static to mobile “standoff”? When Randy Weaver’s son went for wood from the shed, he got shot to death. Strategically it was not even a realistic, rational option, if the Feds were involved in an armed standoff, how did these guys break out from encirclement to go down to the beer store?

        2. Michael K…. Who said they abandoned their defences? I’ve not heard that nobody remained at the Refuge.

          if you bother to actually read the 21st Century Wire article I linked to, you will have satisfactory answers to your questions

        3. No, Steve, the 21st Century Wire article you linked to answers none of the questions I posed about what the heck people involved in an “armed occupation” which is a “standoff” are doing cruising around in their SUV. It just superficially examines the scenario and goes straight to accusing murder on the cop.

          What a load of horse crap. Love the picture of “LaVoy Finicum” with his huge Mormon family. Ever heard of the Mormon CIA? Those crooked cult weirdos could easily fake his entire family and supporting genealogy. Look a little closer and this nonsense will com apart at the seams like the proverbial straw man.

          “Satisfactory answers” ? How about plausible lies? That’s your story. And what stake have you got in proving the “alt-meeja” emotional reaction script? How do you arrive at such certainty with so little yet proven?

        4. Michael…now you’re just boring me.
          As Ric just told you, they were not cruising around, they were invited by a local cop to a town meeting and were entitled to assume safe passage. There has been dialogue throughout the standoff.

          Your comments about Mormons are irrelevant and offensive.

          Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire is a respected writer and sometime associate of Dr James Tracy who gives us this forum, so referring to it as ” horse crap” is not a viewpoint that will be well received on here.

          This started with you saying LaVoy Finicum’s death was faked…and that he was a crisis actor.

          Regardless of all or any other details, you have shown nothing at all to support those two ridiculous claims. Unless or until you do so, you don’t merit being taken seriously and I shan’t waste my time engaging with you further.

        5. They were heading to some king of “town meeting” and I guess they thought they could just move freely and then ran into the road block.

          Mistake on their part to assume the Feds would be nice, but they did leave several people at the camp to hold the fort.

        6. Yes Steven, precisely. One seldom discussed aspect of hoaxes or “false-flags” is that they can also be used to sow dissension. For example, I personally don’t care if Pete Sentelli is an opportunist or not. All I care is what is says or does.

          Then there’s the “if you spot crisis actors, its a hoax and nobody died” crowd. Actually, one thing has little to do with the other. They can, and do, kill people whenever it suits them. That is not the definer of “hoax”.

          In a sense, everything they did from the outset was a hoax. I don’t believe at this time that the occupation was fake. The feds and their psyops in town and everything that follows from it was “a hoax” in that it was pure theater. I’m afraid that at least one died, however.

          Of course the plane was there per plan. They had planes and drones and snipers, oh my. It was all set up before hand and someone “inside” tipped them when they were leaving. Remember, they came and went at will. They weren’t confined there.

          They had no reason to suspect that they’d be ambushed going to a meeting. They went to town all the time. I believe the recording made by the 18 year-old girl who was in the truck. There are lots of other shots of this as well, trust me. We may never see them, but they’re there.

          I sincerely hope that they will use this in their future planning. They got some of it right. They got most of it wrong. Not everyone has the same talents. It is easy to criticize, but I do appreciate their courage.

          Like I’ve said before, going to the totally corrupt government and asking them to fix something is a bit unrealistic. We’ve seen before how power responds to demands. Despite the errors made, this did respond with quite a few. They are not going to televise that, however.

          No person or group can seriously expect to prevail against the resources of the government in a situation requiring force. Something like this as a rallying point might work if there were a number of other actions preceding it that gained momentum.

          They did succeed in showing the “authorities” for the worthless bunch that they are, on several levels. All events like this accomplish is to force them to do in the open what they do in the shadows. “Resist and we’ll ambush you and gun you down on a public highway”. There was a time in my life when this would have raised more than eyebrows.

        7. Michael K… so, you’re back, with your nonsense. No, I can’t link this man saying he values his freedom with ” the whole thing being staged”.

          He was murdered. He was not a crisis actor. Read Lophatt’s two recent comments. Try to open your mind a little. There is always a bigger picture and your not getting it.

        8. In your defense, Michael K, it is difficult to say with 100% certainty, that this event depicted did or did not happen. I worked for the Govt for about 8 years, and I have a good idea at how things are done. I have never seen a video released SO FAST! It takes a minimum of two weeks to get the approvals all the way to the top, even for the most egregious things.

          What I am saying is that whether or not things happened as depicted, there is no way this could have been released in less than 36 hours, period. This event could not have been recorded any later than January 12th to be released when it was. That being the case, well one can draw many conclusions. It is always correct to know that the television and the Govt has an agenda.

          There is no way the Sandy Hoax event occurred on 12-14-12. Climate and sun evidence points to a much earlier time, perhaps one month prior to the date.

          The Govt is not good, efficient, or accurate at running anything. They do a poor job of putting on a play, and their glaring errors always show through. Video of this nature is never, ever, released this quickly without thorough review. Many good investigators have noted key items such as lack of muzzle flash, incorrect time stamps, and missing footage.

        9. Lohatt… yes, I share your take on this.
          I’ve got a poster here called Michael K, telling me Lavoy Finicum is alive and is a crisis actor. Sometimes I think I’m back in the 60’s tripping in my student room.

          There needs to be a lot more care taken and distinctions made between ‘hoax’, ‘staged’ ”false flag” crisis actor” and so on

          I do hope the Oregon standoff as a rallying point, might stir up more kick back from the people. All resistance to oppression starts real small, often leads nowhere, occasionally grows. We shall see.

        10. Oh I get it, Steve. You’re irrational and prejudiced determination that “LaVoy Finicum” was “murdered” has no more basis in fact than my claim that he is a complete sham and an actor. Yet you come off like you are a normal person who accepts what he sees on TV as reality, and I am a kooky conspiracy theorist tripping on acid. In fact, you are purveying an conspiracy theory in which the government is murdering Christian resistance in cold blood, and all you have in your defense of this blood libel in “come on man, be more open minded.” Who is tripping?

          So you are running with this narrative and spreading it far and wide, not because it has all the evidence behind it, but because you, “do hope the Oregon standoff as a rallying point, might stir up more kick back from the people.” Now, why do you hope that? What good could this possibly embody, considering that the militias, the ranchers and the townspeople all wanted peace and not this atrocious instigation?

          It looks to me like you want to see more “LaVoy Finicums” not less, because you want more bloodshed and mayhem. And what worthwhile cause is there for this catastrophe? You answer,” All resistance to oppression starts real small, often leads nowhere, occasionally grows. We shall see.” So you want to see it probably lead nowhere, but that’s good enough reason for you.

          You have proven your bias for seeing everything in the worst light possible, no matter how far from the official story that goes, and that you hope it leads to essentially futile acts of violent resistance. You have also proven your strong bias for the “alt-meeja” arificial consensus, and being a true believer and echo chamber for it, which makes you a willing participant in a psyop. You are a troll, Komerade, and your day is coming.

        11. Michael, what a strange fellow you are! Let’s just keep it simple. I don’t have a ” narrative”. This began when I reacted to your claim that Finicum is not only alive but a crisis actor. Despite your latest rant, you haven’t shown a shred of evidence to support that.

          I don’t know what Komerade is, never saw that made up word before and I’m no troll. I was part of the counter culture in the 60’s and my viewpoint is largely unchanged. I never advocated violent resistance, but I do support those who challenge the status quo which is, essentially,oppression by the few of the many.I never said I wanted resistance to lead nowhere. Exactly the opposite.
          Everything else you said is nonsense. I don’t know what ” alt-meeja artificial consensus” means, let alone why its a ‘psy-op’.

          The only one promoting conspiracy theories is you.

        12. The only one promoting conspiracy theories is me? Saying this, you ignore that you promote a blood libel against the FBI, that they ambushed and murdered a man in cold blood, which is a conspiracy theory of the first magnitude.

          Have you considered that not all alt-meeja outlets are for real? Not all are products of grass roots journalism, but some are “Astroturf”. You claim not to see even know what that is all about, that you are clueless about state actors in the press. Seems strange for a counterculture movement type who knows all about COINTELPRO. But it doesn’t even have to the US government, anyone can play on this global web, including the formerly Communist bloc. But you wouldn’t have any Communist sympathy now would you, Mr. Sixties counterculture? You wouldn’t willingly go along with agents in the media who play to your preexistent bias.

        13. Whoah, Michael, so many negative waves ! You’re really ruining my buzz here…. Of course I was a communist in the 60’s, everybody under 30 was, unless they were brain dead .Actually, I was an anarchist, we were sort of brainier than the commie guys… lol ….Times change, I’m not attached to any label now.

          We all have a pre existent bias, how could we not?

          When I made the comment you disliked about small protests, like the Oregon standoff, perhaps being a rallying point, a seed which could spread and grow, maybe into disenchantment, then maybe larger protest and onwards and upwards, I was thinking about The Tiny Dot. Its a little video by a guy called Larken Rose. Maybe you know of him. I know little about him, I don’t know if he’s a communist or a libertarian right wing type, I don’t want to know, I just enjoy the message. The few control the many. The few are evil psychopaths who serve themselves, not us. If being a member of ” Us” makes me a commie, fine, but I don’t see it that way. I could say the FBI are agents of the evil oligarchy, but then you would call me a commie again… never mind , just kick back, light up a stokie and spend 7 minutes with Larken

          love and peace Steven ( not Steve)


        14. Michael…. that video makes a big deal of the date &time stamp, but if you watch the original, unedited, video released by the FBI themselves, on Youtube, the FBI explain that pilots fly on Zulu Time, or GMT, essentially English time, which is 8 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time.
          If that’s correct ( and its easily checked so I’m guessing its true), then we are left with the videomaker’s other claims of editing, missing minutes and so on. I’m not qualified to argue those technical issues,but I hope I’m open and honest enough to change my mind if I become convinced the shooting was staged as you believe.

          What I did see in the footage was a man who appears to have been shot, being left unattended for at least 8 minutes. If he was shot, then surely an effort could have been made to check if he was dead or alive and transport him to the nearest medical facility, where perhaps his life could have been saved.

          As Lophatt said earlier, this confrontation on the highway should never have happened and if the claims of ”it was staged” prove unfounded, then a man lost his life totally unnecessarily.

        15. Lophatt, Do you agree that this video was released in unbelievable record time? That has raised a very large Red flag in my observations.

  2. Where were trauma helicopters at Sandy Hook?

    Yale New Haven Hospital: Level One trauma Plus Pediatric trauma

    -45 min by ground- (15-17min) by air- Were they called to go on standby?- No

    Hartford Hospital
    Level One trauma and level I Pediatric
    Flight time (approx. 20)min
    Were they called?- no

    Air Medical
    Based outside of Watertown, CT. Private air company
    Shorter flight to any number of Level One/Level 2 trauma centers
    Were they called? No

    West Chester Medical CTR. NY- Level one with Aeromedical (52min ground-approx 25min air)

    Mid Hudson Hospital- Poughkeepsie- Level 2 with Aeromedical
    Any EMS person who is responding to the scene and is certified by OEMS:

    • POLICE
    • Fire Personal
    • MRT, EMT all levels
    • Nurse or Physician

    Mechanism of Injury
    • Fall from over 20 feet
    • Apparent high speed impact
    • Ejection from vehicle
    • Death of another passenger
    • Passenger with multiple injuries
    • Major vehicle deformity- outside/inside
    • Vehicle rollover
    • Pedestrian struck at speed >20mph

    Physiologic Factors
    • Systolic BP <90 mmHG
    • RR 29
    • Respiratory Distress (drowning, fire)
    • Pulse 110
    • Cardiac Event with unstable vital signs
    • Hypothermia/Hyperthermia
    • Anaphylaxis
    • High Risk Pregnancy/Complications
    • GCS <12
    Situational Factors
    • Prolonged Extrication
    • Increased Travel Time
    • Rural of Isolated Area
    • Medical or Community Disaster

    Anatomic Factors
    • GSW to Head, Neck, Chest, Abdomen, or Groin
    • Penetrating Injury to above
    • Severe Burns: >15% of BSA
    • Burns to Face and Neck
    • Possible Spinal Cord Injury
    • Amputation
    • Fracture of 2 or more Long Bones


    • When the patient looks bad or the source of injury is impressive
    • The aircraft can always turn around
    • Work within local Fire/EMS protocols
    Level one trauma centers: Yale, Hartford
    Level two: Bridgeport, Danbury, Stamford, St Vincents

    1. Greg, I’m sure that no real trauma personnel were called; they would have known right off the bat that this whole event was a lie. Real trauma workers were outraged after this event, believing that 20 children were allowed to die when some could have been saved. Real trauma workers would have taken the roof off the school to rescue those children if they had to.

    2. I’m sure you could bypass all those guidelines and check off lists if you just said:
      Hey, 26 people have just been shot. The Helicopters would be dispatched instantly.
      Half way in flight to SHE they would receive another call:
      Never Mind.
      Lieutenant Vance just said, they are probably all dead anyway and to just call Wayne Carver and get a “Big, Magnificent Thing Over here!”

  3. Pete Santilli is a mixed bag. To the good side, he was the only alternative reporter who diligently followed and was present at the Burns Oregon ongoing event, and he did some recent good work on the crisis actors of Sandy Hook and Boston. To the bad side, he badly fumbled the ball a few years ago when he came out strongly against Dr. James Fetzer’s 9-11 work and sided with Dr. Morgan Reynolds. Dr. Reynolds did some excellent work, in fact THE best work, exposing 9-11 No Planes, but somehow Dr. Reynolds went against Dr. Fetzer on the nukes vs. DEWs issue so Dr. Reynolds seemed to totally discount the totality of Dr. Fetzer’s work. Santilli has a very shaky or questionable background.

    The main discussion topic I would like to thrown out here and do not know if anyone would be interested in exploring this.

    I see sort of a “conflict” between the logical fallacy of “special pleading” or “cherry picking”, “when you cite only evidence that is favorable to your side and ignore the rest”


    Something called NLP, Neuro Linquistic Programming.

    Allan Weisbecker calls James Corbett on using NLP regarding a speech he gave wherein Corbett matter-of-factly referring to Flight 77 having crashed into the Pentagon 23 times. .

    There is also the issue of professionals, each in their own discipline, declining to ever comment or write about issues not in their specialty area.

    I think that there are many videos, alternative Internet radio show interviews and guests who dishonestly and deliberately, like by using NLP methods, communicate false information directly to their audience’s subconscious. It is what I consider to be an evil form of mind control.

    There are two main areas of 9-11 that have been retained, albeit done often in these very dishonest forms of communication ways, throughout all the hundreds of shows and videos and articles about 9-11 —

    1) WHO did 9-11 and the strong pointing toward Zionist/Mossad/Israel interests


    2) Real commerical jetliners with passengers having crashed into the four disignated sites on 9-11.

    The perpetrators of 9-11 apparently must hold on to those two areas of study of the events in order to maintain tight mind control over the event as a whole for its general purpose of accelerating the imposing of a one world death and slavery system for all.

    1. Forgot to mention the man “limited handout” videos and articles wherein much solid truthful and very impressive information is conveyed but that also, often most subtly, conveys false information of the kind that is foundational to the understanding the event or topic being discussed.

      Is the leaving out of true information or the subtle communication of false information deliberate or not?

      Does there not come a time when we must hold the communicator responsible for having certain knowledge about certain foundational aspects of the event or topic of discussion? I think there does. I no longer will read or listen to James Corbett even though he does do what is ostensibly good commentary on many subjects.

      1. Interesting comments, d-lady. I noticed recently that Sibel Edmonds, Corbett, and Pepe Escobar et al. will be assembling a news website that hopes to be financially self supporting. That being the case, should Sibel be forewarned about this excellent critique by Weisbecker?
        Is Corbett a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Should be be universally exposed and condemned?

    2. Hello Dachsilady, I`m providing a link to NLP methods, for those reader and bloggers, who have no ideas what it is.

      To me, like yourself, its more “mind rape” rubbish ,that advance psychology has known about for years, and when 911 was implemented , they decided to use this methodology.
      On the your concern between the “professional conflict of academics” I see it as created posturing and that some of these individuals ,have agreed to promote their own narrative as a sociological experiment just for sh*# and giggles.

      Im going to be a bit nuisance, but Ill highly recommend “American ” it has a wealth of downloadable books that are not in print anymore. One of Antony C. Sutton book, ” How the Order Controls Education” will give you a historical analysis of the current state of academia in the US & the world.

      You will have a “Ah Ha or WTF ! moment and realized why Dr.Tracy was fired so blatantly and a majority of fellow professors, played the three monkey`s.

      By the way, Antony C. Sutton was labelled a tinfoil hat wearing nut job,and couldn’t print books for a long time in America.

      1. Nice posting, Ted. I used to hear Dr. Sutton with Dr. Stan Monteith and loved the story about Dr. Sutton coming back to his office at Stanford University after a conference or business trip and finding his office locked, and his name taken off the door. And that was at least 15 years ago so the treatment Dr. Tracy is experiencing is nothing new.

        Love Dr. Sutton’s work and the phrase “the best enemies money can buy.”

      2. Gary North gives a capsule history of Sutton’s fall from grace on pages 64-66 of his book Conspiracy: A Biblical View, which is dedicated with these words: “This book is dedicated to Antony Sutton [and] Otto Scott
        who did their homework, published their findings, and paid the price.” (a free copy can be downloaded here:

        These are the first two paragraphs of that passage:

        Want to become unemployable at any university in the United States? Write Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, and have it published by Arlington House, the conservative publishing company. Demonstrate that the “kook” theory that New York bankers and big business leaders financed the Bolshevik revolution is really not so far off base. Name those businessmen who actually did it. Show why they did: to win lucrative trade monopolies with the new Communist government. Show that Lenin paid off, and that his successors did and still do.

        Then write Wall Street and FDR. Have Arlington House publish that, too. Show that Franklin Roosevelt began his career as a lawyer with the law firm whose principle client was the New York banking firm of J.P. Morgan. Show that he got his first appointment in government, as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, because of the intervention of Morgan partner Thomas W. Lamont. Show that after his ill-fated candidacy for Vice President in 1920, he became vice president of something else: Fidelity & Deposit Insurance Co. of Maryland, and resident director of the company’s New York office. Franklin Roosevelt was on the board of directors of eleven corporations, the president of a large trade association, and a partner in two law firms, 1921- 28. Show that, by profession, FDR was a banker and an international speculator. Entitle Part III, “FDR and the Corporate Socialists. “

        1. Thanks, Patrick for the link. I’ve read all of his books. And most people have no clue ,how deep the rabbit hole really is. Ah well Im preaching to the choir.
          ll just run off now and do some more researching.

    3. I am not sure what you mean by this:

      There are two main areas of 9-11 that have been retained, albeit done often in these very dishonest forms of communication ways, throughout all the hundreds of shows and videos and articles about 9-11 —

      1) WHO did 9-11 and the strong pointing toward Zionist/Mossad/Israel interests


      2) Real commerical jetliners with passengers having crashed into the four disignated sites on 9-11.

      The perpetrators of 9-11 apparently must hold on to those two areas of study of the events in order to maintain tight mind control over the event as a whole for its general purpose of accelerating the imposing of a one world death and slavery system for all.

      End of quote.

      Judy Wood, as far as I can tell, is the only person who insists that we keep in mind that ALL of the World Trade Center buildings were destroyed that morning. No one else talks about WTC3, WTC4, WTC5 and WTC6.

      The other thing that should be central to the conversation is that whoever planned the destruction of WTC1 and WTC2 was EXTREMELY careful to not damage the “bathtub.” If they got that wrong, the Hudson River–essentially the Atlantic Ocean– would have filled the tunnels and subways, and New York would be toast. Wet toast.

      So the planners used a technique that evaporated the towers, and ruined all the rest of the buildings with WTC in their names, but none of the surrounding buildings were targeted. Lophat argues that Veterans Today made a persuasive case that tiny little nukes, strategically placed, could explain it all. Judy Wood says it is a technology we have never been told about. No one else comes close to addressing the dilemma. The mass of the buildings WTC1 and WTC2 cannot have crashed down without cracking the “bathtub.” That mass evaporated and blew away.

      But why were all seven buildings destroyed?

      Obviously, your item number 2 is risible, since no one ever talks about Building 6, much less 3,4, or 5. It’s enough to discredit the whole story in itself. The only reason everyone is not always laughing about it is the press never told anyone, so no one knows.

      But it is your item number 1 that is of real interest to me.

      Why was the entire World Trade Center complex destroyed in such a careful way? We are well beyond financial motivations when we examine the evidence (WTC1 and WTC2 certainly paid enough via insurance claims), and the launching of a “war on terror” has to be secondary, too. It was too targeted, too specific, and too carefully done–and too masterful, as well. The technology used, the accuracy accomplished, and the complete removal of all aspects of our defenses (which allowed the airplanes story to be used as cover) are the key to the question. Mike Ruppert, a bloviating blowhard, wrote a book called Crossing the Ribicon which documented that, what was it, 17? hijacking drills were being played that morning. The fake hijackings tricked Air Traffic Control, because those drills were going on. Could Israel set that all up?

      If Israel is at the center of absolutely all aspects of American society and government, that is a conspiracy beyond belief. Israel must then have access to the technology that sliced Building 4 in half, and made one half disappear, that drilled those vast holes in Building 6, and made the contents that used to occupy those spaces disappear. Why did they use it in that way, that place, that day, and only then? If they have such mind-blowing tools, why don’t they ever use them? What was it about the WTC that was so special?

      In other words, it is preposterous to contend that “Israel did it,” if that’s what you are doing.

      Obviously, they were collaborators. Who did this, and why? We can’t know, because we have too little information. Some of the operatives have been identified–hired hands or partners, it is impossible to say.

      It is all very strange.

      1. Will not bother to rehash this with you, Patrick. You have not studied 9-11 and have chosen the Dr. Judy Wood camp. I was there too a long time ago but I rehabilitated myself and was not there long.

        Don Fox and Dr. Fetzer have better addressed all the evidence that Dr. Wood claims to address. I am not one hundred percent sold on mini and micro nukes but so far it looks far better than the DEWs theory to me.

        The Reynolds / Wood duo is an interesting pairing. He is Mr. No Planes and she for many years avoided ever saying a word about planes and stuck completely to her area of materials science and egineering expertise.

        I will hand it to Dr. Wood that she was the first to point some important matters such as all the buildings with the WTC designation being destroyed. Many other things too that were important contributions but she did a little too much tap dancing when it came to the nitty gritty of DEWs theory. She claims Building 7 went somewhere too by DEWs. Bout all Dr. Wood and Dr. Reynolds, her compadre, can tell us about DEWs is that they exist and they have a link for that.

        Dr. Wood also went off on the tangent that there is free energy for all the world now and we should know that. That seemed like a deliberate diversion.

        You know very well I am not saying ” that “Israel did it” or ” Israel is at the center of absolutely all aspects of American society and government” and that is your what I consider to be dishonest straw man stuff. That is why I never read your entire postings. That would be the definition of insanity on my part. Same old, same old.

        I feel it is morally wrong to twist and sidestep the involvement of the Mossad, Israel, and the Zionists and equally morally wrong to avoid like the plague and investigation of the most like WHO did 9-11.

        1. “You know very well I am not saying ” that “Israel did it” or ” Israel is at the center of absolutely all aspects of American society and government””

          I DON’T know that “very well,” dachsie. It’s what I wanted you to clarify, because you said:

          “1) WHO did 9-11 and the strong pointing toward Zionist/Mossad/Israel interests”.

          “Dishonest straw man stuff”? What are you talking about?

          Now you say “I feel it is morally wrong to twist and sidestep the involvement of the Mossad, Israel, and the Zionists and equally morally wrong to avoid like the plague and investigation of the most like WHO did 9-11.”

          I did not such twisting or sidestepping, and it is very bad form to accuse me of it, much less calling me “morally wrong.” Who do you think you are? I laid out the elements of 9/11 that the people who did it had to be in control of. This includes not only Air Traffic Control, but NORAD and the Pentagon, the White House, and the media. Not to mention most aspects of the government of New York City. If that’s not “absolutely all aspects of American society and government,” it will have to do until the real thing comes along.

          You seem to be denying that you believe that this all-powerful agency is Israel, after you said that it is in your original comment, but then restating that in fact you DO believe it is Israel. Are you confused?

          I am also amused when make the utterly preposterous claim that I “have not studied 9-11.” How you came to that conclusion is strictly one for Ripley (is that operation still a going concern?).

      2. To be fair to the late Mr. Ruppert, he vehemently opposed the notion that Israel was behind 9/11, emphasizing that it was entirely an inside job. He seems to have believed the motive was to do with diminishing world supplies of oil. He felt there was a motive which its perps felt was actually patriotic, but that they were into an infinite growth model of our economy, and this was bound to fail.

        Yes, he bloviated and took off in a lot of wrong directions, thinking he had “solved the crime” and playing far too much on his minimal experience as an LA cop (with lots of paranoia associated with that). But he never blamed anyone but the ones involved up to their eyebrows – our establishment and secret government which is never averse to staging big deceptions to achieve some objective or other.

        1. In the supra-governmental level the same entity controls the US and Israeli governments-The Rothchilds Zionist Syndicate
          so yes,
          they were BOTH involved since they are 2 heads of the same Hydra

        1. Of course, I don’t doubt the evidence that is presented in this regard is truly valuable. And the same branches of the same entity turn up like a bad penny in lots of the events we examine here at MHB, so there is definitely a there there. I’m not disputing that. I’d just like people who sound like dachsielady to explain the extend of the role played. She makes it sound like they are the whole of the conspiracy.

          (I am speaking obliquely, because the specific words are a guaranteed trip to moderation.)

          For some strange reason, she has a visceral dislike of me. As you say, I really am quite amiable, and usually liked, and I like her. She worked voluntarily for Dr. Stan, for Heaven’s sake! If HE, a very cautious man, trusted her, what’s not to trust? But she says she hates me so much that she doesn’t read my comments. Weird.

          I’d sure like it, though, if she explained just what portion the people in question had in 9/11. She DOES make it sound like it is 100%. Which is preposterous. She doesn’t strike me as a person worthy of ridicule, so she must have an idea of what percent role they had, and how.

          Since she says she won’t even read my comments any more, maybe someone else could ask her. I’d sure like to know the answer, because, as you say, Sarah, it is a meme, and memes often point to something bigger.

    1. This is sad, though I guess I thought the Onion had sold out years ago.

      I don’t know how to avoid the problem of takeovers like this: when a website gains any popularity or social significance, one of the Big Corporations (many of which have cooperation agreements with the government) swoop in and buy it. Why wouldn’t it be this way? I wonder about companies like Carbonite (a cloud-based computer backup service), that promises all kinds of security from external threats. But what about INTERNAL threats? What’s to keep a corporation from purchasing Carbonite, maybe for a vast sum (but not necessarily), and all the private information as well? What keeps this from happening to StartPage?


      dachsielady says:
      January 26, 2016 at 11:05 AM
      My three top nominees for
      Hollyhoax Crisis Actor Walk of Shame

      “Liz” in her debut role at…
      Sandy Hook Nobody Died Massacre, 12-14-12
      AND would you believe at a separate false event three months later…
      Liz played two completely different scenes and locations of the
      Boston Marathon Smoke Bombing April 15, 2013
      AND would you believe a repeat performance at a completely different false event — Sandy Hook Nobody Died Massacre
      Here’s Liz at Sandy Hook event, 12-14-12
      Massive Hoax Blown Wide Open
      FKTV.IS – Alexandra Bruce – January 12, 2016
      This is “Barry Soetoro’s site and is mainly about David Wheeler but at about
      On this outstanding one hour and 57 minute video.
      “Liz” working hard for your tax dollars.
      Super witness “Liz” just happened to be a live on the scene at the finish line of the Boston “Bombing” April 15, 2013
      https //
      CNN Caught Red Handed Interviewing Crisis Actor : Boston False Flag
      In same video
      Super witness “Liz” just happened also to be live on the scene at the Watertown shootout 4 days later on April 19, 2013
      https //
      at about 1:35 mark, Liz is interviewed again by CNN, but this time at the Watertown shootout.

      They’re really in our faces now with this woman, just as they were with “Rebeka Roth” entity. THEY just could care less how she has been fully exposed and identified as a “crisis actor.” THEY can get away with anything at this point because there are so many people still watching TV.

      Conors comes to some questionable conclusions and seems a little late to the game, nevertheless it is very cool that we now see her at at least the fourth different false event.

      In Oregon, she’s working for the “environmentalists” and at Sandy Hook and Boston she seemed to just reinforce the official narrative. Nevertheless, she is working for only one side and “it ain’t us.”

      1. I believe this lady was also on hand as a witness to the Pennsylvania train crash incident a couple years ago. She is wearing a short bleached-blonde wig, but the glasses, facial expressions, voice, etc. are the same. If I can find the video, I will post it.

    2. Interesting! The FBI and Friends have been conducting psyops on the locals since this began. They close their schools, disrupt traffic, follow them around and generally do everything they can to make them hate the protestors.

      Listening to the young girl’s recording of LaVoy’s murder and watching the aerial footage is telling. What they don’t tell anyone is that the reason he took off in the truck was that his passenger was trying to surrender and they fired at him.

      They were trying to kill everyone in the vehicle. It was a planned ambush, probably with infiltrators help. Regardless of what anyone thinks of the protest and the way it was managed, murder is still murder. This is the type of world we live in today.

      These guys were going down to the FBI encampment on a daily basis to talk. They could have arrested them any time they liked. Instead, they setup an ambush and killed a guy. They had hopes of killing more.

      This whole passel of “protestors” in the video are actors. Basically the whole town government is corrupt and the “sheriff” abdicated his authority to the feds. He’s a former BLM employee.

      All the MSM is showing are actors or selected townspeople with a view toward showing that the whole town is against them. They’re not.

      I can’t tell for certain if this is the same woman as in the other productions, but she certainly could be. All reported events are nothing more than fantasies. If they do one in Africa she’ll show up as a Bantu tribeswoman.

      1. Lophatt, this protest/stand-off reminds me of the 1993 Waco Branch Davidian massacre by the BATF. David Koresh was out and about all the time, according to townsfolk, and he was well known to law enforcement. If he was such a boogie man, why didn’t they just arrest him in town instead of raiding where all those people were living peacefully together, not bothering anyone? We know the answer to the why: because the BATF, FBI, DEA, etal. enjoy killing people. They don’t mind killing children either, as evidenced at Waco and OKC. The world would be a safer place if Charlie Manson and his Family were out on the streets, and these killers with badges were locked up.

  4. I was hoping for a Free Form Friday…

    Obamacare was Obama’s 1st term objective. Gun control is his 2nd term objective. Obama was re-elected in Nov of ’12, SHS happens in Dec of ’12.

    I am surprised that another shooting has not happened in the US since San Bernardino, which was Dec 2nd. It got me to thinking about why. SB got de-constructed pretty quickly online, and I still contend that it was a gun control op that got hijacked by the pro-war, terrorism group. Maybe this is why? Worried about their next op getting derailed?

    I’m going to assume that Obama has some serious incentives/disincentives for gun control. Which means he is going to have to go BIG. Bigger than SHS, bigger than the Port Arthur, AUS shooting (which btw lead to the banning of most semi-auto rifles in AUS).

    Imo the cavalcade of smaller gun-control false-flag psy-ops has failed. In fact it appears this over-use of false-flags (and not just for gun control but in general) has just provided more proof of the existence and use of false-flags. But this does speak of the desperation that is evident in much of the recent globalist actions. Simply put, trying to enact gun-control before the shit-hits-the-fan. They are not as far away as some think. If they can enact this no guns for those on the no-fly list, that is a huge step. For from there they can easily put every anti-government gun owner, every person who may potentially resist, on the no-fly list. The list that we have no idea how one gets on, and is almost impossible to get off. They are not going to get the Australia style ban, maybe the no-fly list ban is their concession?

    So Obama’s got really 9 months to pull this off as it has to happen before the election, and with enough time to enact the legislation. Summer? It has to be BIG. And, I hate to say it, but they are going to need real casualties this time. Obviously it will be a shooting, and it will include the standard AR rifle and semi-auto handguns. The younger the victims the greater the shock and impact, they’re not gonna hit a Retirement Home. I can think of a location with lot’s of young children that are completely insecure and unprepared… pre-schools. And they are everywhere. So how low will Obama go? Rest assured, we’re gonna find out.

  5. I’m bringing this conversation over here from page three…

    Patrick says:
    “Yes. I’m saying that God can speak through people because a message He wants delivered that the artist is unaware of needs to be delivered.

    “Of course, we can’t rationally examine that. It would be, to my way of thinking, something separate from the normal creative process, which is in itself mysterious. I’m just acknowledging that God can and does do that sometimes. It’s just an additional element that must be allowed for….

    “…Which brings us back to predictive programming. Who embedded references to future events in cartoon shows adults watch? Who knew to popularize David Rockefeller’s 9/11 plans decades before the event?

    “I have no idea. Well, yes, I do. It is supernatural, possibly?”

    If I understand you correctly, Patrick, you’re saying that God and Satan surreptitiously insert messages into media (and probably do a lot of other stuff, too, but this is what we’re talking about now.)

    Here is my problem with this. Supernatural intervention means the game is rigged. If God or Satan can step in at anytime and make whatever changes, then free will is void and human action is meaningless. It denies the creative power of the individual to effect change, and becomes an excuse to do nothing.

    It seems to me that there’s something in the human mind that corresponds to a divine order, to a standard of righteousness that makes it possible to discern good and evil, and to act on it. Through the exercise of free will, human actions express this moral difference and the consequences are reflected in the world.

    With attention, human agency can become an objective. A series of righteous moral choices creates its own momentum toward better things. Wells called it the “reconstructive creative urgency.” It urges that something be done to remake the world.

    Right action made with a magnanimity of spirit is the alternative to social decay. Through conscious acts of moral imagination, reason unites the free will of the individual with the will of God.

    1. I would argue differently. You say

      “Supernatural intervention means the game is rigged. If God or Satan can step in at anytime and make whatever changes, then free will is void and human action is meaningless. It denies the creative power of the individual to effect change, and becomes an excuse to do nothing.”

      I don’t think so. You believe the two things are mutually exclusive. I think there are layers that overlap. We can act out of our free will, which God foresees, and he can have someone else write about what will happen because of our choice. He can see the future, in other words, without directing it. Our choices are valid. We are not automatons, even if a being who stands outside of time can see it all before it happens. For God, the created world is like an aquarium in His study, the water being time and the fish being us. It all plays out in front of Him, outside the context we are trapped inside of.

      Daniel 12:8,9 says ” 8 As for me, I heard but could not understand; so I said, “My lord, what will be the outcome of these events?” 9 He said, “Go your way, Daniel, for these words are concealed and sealed up until the end time. 10 “Many will be purged, purified and refined, but the wicked will act wickedly; and none of the wicked will understand, but those who have insight will understand. ”

      Daniel had no idea what the things he was writing actually meant.

      In verse 4 of the same chapter it says “But as for you, Daniel, conceal these words and seal up the book until the end of time; many will go back and forth, and knowledge will increase.”

      That is, no one else was going to understand it, for thousands of years, until the time would be ripe, and it would become obvious.

      Daniel 12 is overt hiddenness, but I contend that the creative process produces plenty of covert hiddenness. We hear about “automatic writing,” which is probably a real way that gods (the word in Hebrew is “elohim”) deliver messages through human beings, but that is people in a trance state. When we are creative, and conscious, God, and lesser gods, can–and do– use us to deliver messages we know nothing about.

      One of my favorite books is Ken Kesey’s Sometimes a Great Notion. I have read it many times, and it informs me as I journey through life. I think it deserves a place along side the great works of Western Civilization, in my opinion. Did Kesey understand what he was producing? Did Shakespeare? Milton?

      Kesey explained, later in life, how he constructed the book, keeping all the elements in mind, with intense concentration–but he said only a young man could be up to the task. He couldn’t do it again. He understood, in other words, the magic he was a part of, the privilege. It was all his free will, his effort, and if he didn’t push through, trying to get it right, it would not have happened. But messages were delivered there that he was a useful channel for. It’s part of greatness. What greatness really means. We are collaborators in shaping the creation with God. When we are lucky.

      1. However, in most cases, this is not the awakening of kundaiini, but a release of pranic force called pranotthana. This preliminary awakening starts from mooladhara and ascends the spinal cord via pingala nadi, only partially purifying the chakras until it reaches the brain where it is usually dispersed. This experience is traumatic. In this type of awakening the experience of shakti is rarely sustained. However, it does prepare the aspirant for the eventual awakening of kundalini, which is something altogether different and more powerful. After the awakening of kundalini, the individual will never be the same again. Here there is an ascent of force accompanied by a psychic awakening which is permanently accessible. Even though it may fall back again, the potential will always be there.

        “As one opens the door with a key, so the yogi should open the gate to liberation with the kundalini. The great goddess sleeps, closing with her mouth,, the opening through which one can ascend to the brahrnarandhra… to that place where there is neither pain nor suffering. The kundalini sleeps above the kanda… she gives liberation to the yogi and bondage to the fool. He who knows kundalini, knows yoga. The kundalini, it is said, is coiled like a serpent- He who can induce her to move is liberated.” Hatha Yoga Pradipika v. 105-111

    2. Positive and negative energy are the two most powerful forces in the universe, they cause lightning in the sky, divide the cells in humans, form a child in the womb, make the grass grow and the rain fall, keep the planets in harmony revolving around the sun. Every atom in the universe is capable of connection to every other atom. The universe is a living conscious spirit capable of knowing itself. It is the Christos.

      The male is positive energy and the female is negative energy. That is the base of tantra. It is how almost all major religious groups raise the kundalini. The female transfers her male energy to the male and the male transfers female energy or negative energy to the female. This doesn’t happen reading books and discussing theories. When you see an attractive female that makes the hair on your arms stand up straight, it is the negative energy, the power of the universe!

      The book of the Gnostic Thomas disappeared for good reason. When he said thine eye must be single, it was an allusion to the pineal gland or third eye. When he said the two must become one to see heaven he meant tantra. This book did not make the cut for the bible. So yes the body is the temple of the spirit. The book of Thomas is very different from the traitor Paul who had never even met Jesus. In Syria, the sacred literature relating to Thomas is closely related to the wisdom gospel of Thomas; Thomas is understood to be the twin of Jesus and the guarantor of his wisdom and knowledge. The old King James Bible I used to have contained a definition of Thomas Didymus defining it as the twin.

      So yes there were secret teachings for the disciples not available to the general public at the time. These teachings managed to get Mary Magdelene stoned. They called her a harlot due to her interest in tantra.

      When Jesus suggests that one be wise like the serpent, what does this mean. Well serpents coil together and lie motionless! (tantra) How is one born again? You must re-enter the birth canal from whence you came! (tantra) Now many people will absolutely burn down mentally when broached with this but it is a symptom of just how much disinformation they have been fed during their entire lifetime.

        1. No it is not just my opinion, it is scientific analysis dating back 11,000 years detailed by the ancient Rishis and put into written language about 7000 years ago. We live in an electric universe where indeed everything is interconnected. It is connected by the Chrtistos, a form of energy that pervades the universe and holds the cells together. Jesus seems to agree.

          I am afraid Jesus would turn away and laugh at Billy Graham and Oral Roberts.

          Calculus was stolen from India and patented by British psychopaths before they took their gold. In fact Plato and Pythagoras studied in India.

        2. I have told you before, Mick, either the Bible is true or it’s not. I can prove that it’s true, and that the gnostic writings are false. It is indeed your mere opinion that those false teachings are true. All that material is based upon nothing that can be proved. The Bible can be proved to be true beyond any standard science requires. The only reason people cling to those obviously worthless writings is because they want to believe the Bible is not true.

          As for your repeated, asinine, contentions about how Western Civilization stole everything from Hinduism, well, that’s not even worthy of comment. You are an ignoramus; when you venture in that direction, you embarrass yourself.

        3. Right. Gnosticism is true. Your ridiculous nonsense is to be believed. Thousands of years of philosophy and theology and archeology is false. Western Civilization is entirely fraudulent. We need to convert to Hinduism, our true civilizational home.

          And I’m the stupid one.

          Got it.

        4. You guys are really pissing me off.

          Your both right!

          Pat, the Bible is Real.

          Dub, there are mysteries beyond the Bible that are true.

          I have studied my whole life.

          It’s not the simple and for me to go into it it would take a 200 page PDF.

          Bottom Line is God is Real and Christ and neither of you deny that.

          Thats our common ground. We ALL want the End.

          As Steven says, John Luv and I think Joseph…

          Peace and Love

        5. You are cool, Ric, in my book, but here you are wrong. Mick, by embracing those heretical books (the worthless trash of the gnostics), and insisting that Constantine “wrote” the Bible, and constantly asserting that everything Western Civilization claims to be its own is actually stolen from the Hindus, is utterly and completely declaring himself our enemy.

          He’s not a good guy. He’s openly declaring himself to be opposed to the civilization our minds were created within. Like Kevin Barrett, who it constantly saddens me to notice James Tracy can’t see through. Oh, well. Civilizational enemies who sound like nice guys, I guess, in our time, just have to be given a pass–even if their ideas are toxic and certain to destroy us.

        6. Constantine did write the bible along with his cohorts from the roman empire. Anyone who has done a minimum of research outside sunday school is well aware of this.

          Few are aware that Constantine had journeyed to India and studied Vedic text under Brahmins. Then he went to work. The Papacy was “a Vedic priesthood” until Constantine the Great killed the Vedic pope to replace him with the head of the hitherto unimportant Christian sect. This instantly ensured the Europe-wide triumph of Christianity because of the “sacred sway of the holy hoary Vedic priest known as the Shankaracharya” There has been debate over the veracity of his faith because he was baptized only on his death bed. See article on the Constantinian shift. He was British born.

          The chief priest (the Pontifex Maximus) was from the time of Constantine forced to call himself a Christian priest. Maximus is the Sanskrit term Mahattamas, i.e. “the topmost”. The emperer Constantine convened the council of Nicaea around 369. He called all the “holy men” of the day who were “under divine guidance” to meet in Turkey as it was convenient for all. Eusebius was the only deacon invited due to his recent war record where brought the sword of the Lord against Arianism. The doctrine of reincarnation was done away with and it was even debated whether or not Alexander would be divine also and equal to Jesus. Books on Arianism would be burned and anybody caught with one would be executed. That is when the killing went into high gear in Europe the Irish and Germanic nature religions would convert or die to the new Christianity of Rome.

          It was a step away from true spirituality, whose tenets presented a clear danger to the establishment then, and as it still does today. In the late 16th century, immediately prior to the KJV becoming the de facto standard bible, Sir John Dee, left, was an Enochian black magician. Dee and Francis Bacon, the author of ‘The New Atlantis’ were both instrumental in the production of the KJV. As the Bible itself exhorts us to stay away from occult and witchcraft practices, it is paradoxical that Christians should embrace a work mastered as it was by high-ranking members of the occult. As well as being Queen Elizabeth’s ‘spymaster’, Sir John Dee was a prominent member of The Worshipful Company of Mercers, which are Masonic Lodges by another name, led by a Worshipful Master.”

          If this is not true please explain who did write the bible and provide us some links please, it should not be asking too much as you most likely know the answer. At least you should you go on 24-7 with the Abrahamic religions front and center.

        7. Dub,
          I like you but this statement is in Err:

          “Constantine did write the bible”


          I thought you could see beyond the BullS*it Muck we call Religion.

        8. The most fantastic nonsense I have ever read, Mick. Bing! You win! Nothing more historically ignorant could have been composed, were the prize in the six figures! And you are just making this shit up for free! Just for out amusement! Bing!

          I think you need go to bed now, pal. The mental muscle has been stretched perhaps its limit. Recovery time is important, even when using one’s imagination. In the morning, you can fantasize some more.

        9. Let met me add this.

          Yes, Constantine played a Big part uniting the Pagan and Christian worlds. I disagree with his MO.

          There are Great works all should read if your strong(No Milk Christians)

          The Books left out of the Bible are great study for those who are into the “meat”. That’s why I applaud People who “Think out of the Box”.

          But if you think the Hand of God did not create the Bible your mistaken and you should take 2 steps back because I know your on the same journey.

          I just don’t know what to say…

        10. Ric
          Taken from the Greek, religion is defined as the search for truth. Ironically that is how Hindu is defined, the search for truth. Who could possibly be against that? In fact that is what I am engaged in right now as we speak. Even the atheist can be considered a Hindu for he has embarked upon his own search for truth.

          Whatever you belief system as the Native Americans say, walk the good walk. I am a firm believer in Jesus myself, I am simply suspicious of those who claim to be working in his behalf.

          If you speak with a thousand different Christians you will be painted a thousand different portraits of how to “escape the fire”.

          I am more at ease with the saying written over the entrance to the Potala in Tibet, “A thousand monks, a thousand different religions.”

          As for Thomas and gnosticism, he was a gnostic and his manuscript was fairly recently discovered in Greece. It corresponds for the most part with what I have mentioned here. And Thomas was a part of the family of Jesus, his brother, unlike Paul who had never met Jesus and is responsible for much of what is viewed as Christianity. In short Paul was working with the Romans to devise the current control system.

        11. Dub.

          Hindu is the only Religion I DON’T have a problem with.

          I can’t elaborate without a 7K PDF.

          They are Before God set his Word and from the world before if you get that. It’s all Good Really but don’t discount God’s intervention that supersedes….

          This is Not an argument who’s wrong or Right

      1. Matthew 10: 16 – 23
        16 “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.
        17 Beware of men; for they will deliver you up to councils, and flog you in their synagogues,
        18 and you will be dragged before governors and kings for my sake, to bear testimony before them and the Gentiles.
        19 When they deliver you up, do not be anxious how you are to speak or what you are to say; for what you are to say will be given to you in that hour;
        20 for it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.
        21 Brother will deliver up brother to death, and the father his child, and children will rise against parents and have them put to death;
        22 and you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved.
        23 When they persecute you in one town, flee to the next; for truly, I say to you, you will not have gone through all the towns of Israel, before the Son of man comes. Matthew 10: 16 – 23

        dublinsmick’s private interpretation goes thus…

        “When Jesus suggests that one be wise like the serpent, what does this mean. Well serpents coil together and lie motionless! (tantra) How is one born again? You must re-enter the birth canal from whence you came! (tantra) ”

        Thanks for saving me future useless reading, dublinsmick.

        Wise like a serpent means being objective and detached and thinking instead of emotionally reacting. We ponder things in our heart. The Holy Spirit shows us what action to take.

        Christians understand what “serpent” means and so do Kabbalists and Freemasons.

        The cold blooded coiling of a serpent means lying in all its forms, manipulation and control – to lie, kill and destroy. The end justifies the means. Do what thou wilt. That is the whole of the law.

    3. Toni, what a great response. As much as I want to try and be tolerant of the brilliant people like Patrick Chats out there who genuinely believe that a certain book, on one planet, at one small part of history is the “word of God,” it is becoming harder and harder.
      I have been following Patrick Chats Amiably for almost 2 years now. He is brilliant, documents his assertions, and is, in fact, amiable.
      But his entire world view, (make that galactic view) is colored by his belief that the “Bible” is somehow elevated above other man made tomes by some special endowment.
      We are about to be born, macrocosmically, like a child in to a greater family. There are lots of Bible people who think our extra terrestrial relatives and midwives are demons! Of Satan!
      The worst part is my fear that deep down they cosmically WANT an apocalypse! Like, if their finger were ON the button they would push it to usher in a “rapture” that is never even mentioned in the Bible!
      Sigh. Thanks for your comments. Let’s get on the ball and figure out how to really support Dr. Tracy.

      1. Your thoughts are perfectly understandable, Sarah (and your complementary remarks about me are appreciated).

        I contend that Western Civilization came to an end with the 9/11 event, and that the 20th century was a transition phase. Antonio Gramsci, the Frankfurt School, and the cultural revolution of the drug and music culture of the 60s, among other things, steadily, systematically, replaced the Mind of the West with the one you describe. To think with the Western Mind is a revolutionary act; it is swimming up stream. It’s hard even to learn.

        Francis Schaeffer came to Chicago in the late 60s to teach a class, and many of the most prominent pastors showed up. He told them on the first day that we were in a post-Christian society now. They scoffed (many did not come back, so outlandish did this sound), pointing out that in America there’s a church on every corner. He said that Christianity is driving on fumes, no gas left in the tank, and it will be powerless to stop the near-term legalization of abortion, euthanasia, and the killing of old people because they are inconvenient. They thought he was nuts. Americans would never allow their country to become so evil.

        What will this new civilization look like? What will be the background assumptions that declare the nature of reality? The kind of things you mention, probably, along with the wild stuff Dublin’s Mick believes about Hinduism being the root of all civilization. We’re in the early innings still, just getting a feeling for the thing. One thing the Bible tells us about it, though, is that Christianity will be outlawed, and Christians will be beheaded in large numbers.

        Now, to address some of your specifics. The Word of God does not address “one small part of history”; it is about its entire sweep. From the creation of Adam to today; from Adam’s fall, God instituted a plan to redeem the human race. That’s what the Bible spells out. Men were used by God to write the Bible, but it’s not a man-made book. It is infinitely layered with codes and themes that prove its source is supernatural. There is no other such book in the world. It can be studied like other books, but doing so always takes you into cosmic places, revealing God, the author.

        There are no other planets, no such thing as evolution, and thus no advanced societies on other planets that evolved. There is indeed a spirit realm, richly populated with various orders of sentient beings, but they are not allowed to enter our world unless on a specific, temporary mission (we are not allowed to attempt to cross over into the spirit realm, either). Those who visit here, whether physically or spiritually, claiming to want to “help” us, are evil, no matter how they cloak themselves as angels of light, or beings from another planet. The Bible assures us that in the last days there will be a great deception, that everyone falls for. I suspect that these rebellious beings, claiming to be space aliens, will be a part of it. You yourself already think that way, after all, and they haven’t even arrived yet!

        And, oh, the Bible teaches that we should look forward to the rapture (it is hinted at, and sometimes specifically spelled out, in many places in the text), but if you know anyone who thinks they can engineer it, you are dealing with a nut. Jesus said no one knows the day of hour, not even Him, but only the Father. You should understand this, even if you reject the truth of the Bible, because it can’t be read that way. Human beings have no such power, and they can’t make the Bible say they do have such power.

        And only a lunatic wants the apocalypse to come. Christians want that day infinitely pushed back, because we want more people to be saved. When the rapture comes, and Christians are no longer here to influence human society, the depraved nature of fallen man will be fully realized; Antichrist will control every aspect of life. It will be terrible in a way no one can possibly imagine (the Bible evokes it in symbolic language, giving us some idea, though). The apocalypse is a rescue mission; Jesus said that if He did not arrive at just the last minute, “all life would be destroyed.” Only a truly evil person wants the world to get to that point.

        1. Well said Patrick. As a believer in the Bible and a follower of Yeshua, my hope is that bloggers or readers of MHB, wakes up from the darkness of deception that the great fallen angel Satan has cast on this world. Excellent comment.

    1. Yes, that site by Aangirfan – Aanirfan has a lot of great info … Disturbing re the Oregon group, that some people there including the jailed Hammonds, seem to be involved in some awful child abuse & exploitation on their ranches, partly abusing their own children & also gov-funded ‘foster kids’ used as cheap ranch labour… kids being described as ‘like cattle or dogs’

      Situation in Oregon & with the Bundys in Nevada also tied to funding from the right-wing Koch brothers, funding rancher ‘useful idiots’ with the long-term goal of privatising fed lands for the billionaires

      But it also seems that some of the blowhard Oregon ‘militia’ were hired ‘Crisis Actors’ – asked on tape to sign ‘Talent Release’ forms !

      And the LaVoy Finicum ‘shooting’ video from US gov FBI seems to be shown to be a fake …
      Either (a) a staged ‘re-enactment’, or (b) maybe no one was killed at all

      Ron Johnson of STF ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ News argues persuasively the LaVoy Finicum shooting video is fake … time-stamp mis-match & also mis-matched with the editing … weapon muzzle flashes missing from negative … His conclusion is we either see a re-staging of original shooting, or there was no shooting of Finicum at all … ‘Did FBI Fake LaVoy Finicum Shooting Video?’ on YouTube

      On Henry Makow’s site, someone has posted a video & audio excerpt from the ‘LiveStreaming’ from the Oregon militia encampment which the viewer recorded … At one point someone comes in & asks the ‘Oregon militia’ guys … to sign ‘Talent Release Forms’ (!)… the ‘militia’ rush to turn off the microphone & camera … It seems they are ‘Crisis Actors’, & that the whole Oregon thing is a fake

      1. Re : the tape of the “talent signing”
        I haven’t seen these 2 identified as part of the Oregon Militia crowd,
        they are obviously part of the PsyOps in around this event but no one so far has identified these 2 characters
        Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water yet

      2. You seem to be mixing facts with propaganda here although you are bringing up some very important issues that are being analyzed and discusses/debated, the last reference to militiamen-I have seen no proof suggesting these characters were part of the Oregon Militia standoff, they are the same people you see being bantered about depicting the Militia as a bunch of gun-toting dangerous rednecks see @ 4:30
        which put together spells crisis actors, with apparently HBO being part of this coverup

  6. The people of Flint, and their children, were poisoned intentionally to privatize the Flint and Detroit water systems. The relevant e-mails and other evidence for this assertion is increasing daily. The media story that the transfer to Flint river water to save money is utterly false. It cost 20% more than the proposal by Detroit Water and Sewage. But the money for Flint water would go to the banks and corporations, even though it was undrinkable and dangerous to wash in.

    The e-mail from the Detroit water authority was published yesterday, or a few days ago, which verifies the costs. It was well known that the Flint river was a cesspool, and anti-corrosion chemicals were not provided even though required by law, and would only cost $100 a month.

    Flint was poisoned deliberately, and the water around the county is also being tested by fake tests, with the convivance of the EPA. There still are not any new pipes installed in Flint, and the whole matter is essentially being treated as a public relations problem. Maddow from NBC went out to Flint to paper over the situation, and pretend that Obama and the feds were on the people’s side.

    They are not. Obama has a long time consistent policy for privatizing the schools and water systems, the later being the major money assets of local governments. But there is a quite real public relations problem, both in the USA and abroad, because this situation is echoed all over the country.

    1. Why would anyone in their right mind deliberately poison a hundred thousand people and 9 thousand children. It’s quite simple; governor Snyder and his colleagues are not in their right mind. They are power mad. This notion was suggested to me by the perceptive commenter Ramona. She compared Snyder to the New Jersey governor Christie who also suggested privatizing water.

      Christie, a Repub, punished a town that was Dem by causing a monstrous traffic jam for some perceived offense of its mayor. It is conceivable that Snyder, a Repub, was punishing the Dem Flint town in the same way. He probably did not intend the horrendous results that occurred, and thought that this would be a temporary condition, but even in the current reaction of US opinion, this is crazy. At least a dozen people died of disease, and the brain damage of children from lead is irreversible.

      What is even crazier is that no one in power, from either party, called him on it. For nearly two years the public water was discolored, smelled bad, and tasted awful., and the people of Flint complained bitterly. But it did no good, because the American power system was not only a gangster power system, unaccountable to the law, but a pathological gangster state. The vindictiveness was a power tactic, unrelated to the money aspect, which is why the law that required corrosion chemicals that cost only 100 dollars a month was not administered. Snyder wanted to punish Flint.

      I know this is very hard to believe, but going over the entire episode in a holistic way, it is the only explanation that makes sense. This should be considered in the context of military leaders making war that they know they cannot win, as Japan did in ww 2 in attacking the US, or Lyndon Johnson did in invading Vietnam. Political leaders will commit mass murder for power reasons; American political leaders are now doing so against Americans.

      1. When you’ve fallen on the highway
        And you’re lying in the rain,
        And they ask you how you’re doing
        Of course you’ll say you can’t complain
        If you’re squeezed for information,
        That’s when you’ve got to play it dumb
        You just say you’re out there waiting
        For the miracle, for the miracle to come

    1. Have some more respect for the good guys and stay away from promoting the works of zionist scum like Leonard Cohen. Good music is no excuse. Do you not know that the entire music industry, especially at that level, is comprised of those who sold their soul, intentionally help lead the public down a dark path and mock is along the way. I saw that zionist pig in concert two nights in a row several years ago before I was as awake and disgusted by such jerks as I am today. His backdrop and the image on his posters, basically the logo for the tour, was a freakin’ six-pointed occult star, only made with two hearts intersecting.’ Not only was it the dirty symbol fools call the Star of David, it also represented the Masonic sign of duality.
      Cohen is one of the many whom I refuse to listen to any more. If you want a better world and a less corrupted mind you must move beyond such things even if they bring you pleasure. CAT equipment can help a lot on construction sites, but they should be boycotted for their role in oppressing Papestinians. Many might think that is a silly analogy, but I think it’s really a similar, proper way of thinking when good is the goal and boycotting evil is a solution.

        1. Toni,
          Haha LMFAO!

          I’ve been waiting all day to Hear the answer to your question:

          “Who are the good guys?”

          Greg, read the Parables of the Fig Tree. All of Tribes are not evil…..

          And that’s just 1 out of the 12 Tribes if not 13..

          That’s a whole different study

        2. It’s a puzzling comment from Greg.

          I’m still pondering his admonishment that my mind is corrupted by the things that give me pleasure.

          Lot of accusations around here lately that minds are corrupted, susceptible, asleep, etc.

          Each person’s mind is stronger than all that.

          And it doesn’t take a PhD either. A few mental pushups will put you on top of it, and you can create your own truth in face of anything out there.

          Be not afraid.

        3. Toni,
          Have you ever found out who “the good guys are”?

          I’d love to here the answer……………..

  7. Remedial freshman U.S. History last night on Dr. Fetzer’s show with James Perloff doing a speedy review of all the U S instigated false flags since sinking of the Maine. Interesting interchange where Dr. Fetzer asked Mr. Perloff what he meant by communism and the reply was that it means fascism.

    I was a 60s college “co-ed” and if I was not a communist and was braindead, I thank God for that. I remember an exchange I had with a local guy my age who was very smart and home on break from Harvard where he was a raging SDS student. Here I was a little ole Catholic girl from a graduating class of 19 girls trying to keep my head screwed on straight at a large state university. He asked me something like ‘why do they tell us all this nonsense?” meaning why do our parents tell us the God, country, mom and apple pie stuff? I answered him something like “because they love you and don’t want you to get messed up.” He seemed impressed with that answer and I think it still holds true. It helps me forgive the errors of my upbringing.

    The Real Deal Ep # 158 A Short History of U.S. False Flag Attacks
    MBC Official Backup Channel
    MBC Official Backup Channel

    1. He is pointing out something very important that needs to be discussed by the Truth Movement,
      What part of the Oregon Standoff is genuine, by well intended patriots who are assembling peacably to bring the issue of corruption in the Federal Government and western land management out in the open,
      and what part is psyops?
      He shows clearly the 2 “militia types” who appear to be agent provacateurs, with ramblings that could only be characterized as fraudulent crisis acting.
      there is also the clip of the same people signing “Talent Release,” which is a smoking gun,
      I think one has to have a firm foundation in the previous Bundy Ranch event to understand these characters in this recent event in Oregon to understand my question,
      it is important to examine the autopsy of the people killed and the crime scene in Oregon to start to flesh this out,
      I don’t personally believe most of the characters in the Oregon Standoff are anything but patriots, but there is no doubt PsyOps were/are a major part of what we are seeing in the public eye at this event
      RIP Lavoy Finicum

  8. Finally some useful information from the propaganda rag Aftenposten in Norway. Credit goes to Per Anders Johansen for this information. If Per investigated his fellow countrymen contributing to the migration scam, that would be appreciated too. That said, this information goes a long way to “prove” that Russia can’t be trusted – something NATO wants us to know.

    Very short, translated excerpts from the article by Per Anders Johansen:

    According to the Russian TV channel 5 in St. Petersburg, several people were arrested in connection with a Syrian visa scam. Syrians arriving in Russia were given false work permits which allowed them to stay in Russia before departing as refugees to northern Norway.

    The mastermind is a former diplomat in the Russian foreign ministry. Until 2012 he was assigned to Syria. He belongs to the Generalov family who is behind five fictions companies responsible for the fake work visas. The companies are Atrium, Alkair, Avenue, Arctic and Focus.

    After arriving back in Russia from Syria the former diplomat established these companies with family members as directors and board members. In a rundown apartment serving as headquarters for the companies, police found equipment for making false work visas, receipts, cell phones and a large quantity of cash. The article states hundreds of thousands of US dollars and rubles.

    What will they do when the NWO goes cashless? Anyways, this can’t be an isolated incident. It is probably repeated all over Europe by similar masterminds. Where did the US dollars come from? Perhaps the diplomat helped himself to some of the generous “donations” from here to Syria.

    The article shows some interesting photos from the apartment in St. Petersburg, but I don’t know how to post them here. The culprits must be enjoying an extended stay in Siberia – the diplomat section.

        1. Toni,
          I just responded to something you said earlier and got Zapped.

          Oh well, it or may not show up but it was funny what you said………….

        1. Who cares what you think. I posted maybe two or three music videos here perhaps months ago, however I don’t try and put up every song I have ever heard in my life.

          I am surprised you would feel that way Toni. But since we are being honest I have never 100% thought of you as spam, just one focused on the mind numbing mundane and the trivial. Do seem however to fancy yourself as some sort of status quo enforcer. But whatever floats your boat.

        2. I, for one, care what you think, Toni, and could not give the slightest rip for what Mick thinks–I picture him as Peter in Family Guy, or Homer Simpson, a fat slob with a keyboard, and opinions, typing away on a ratty couch.

          You are very measured. Very thoughtful. And very historically knowledgeable. I think the first time we chatted, you had responded to my positive reaction to the musical interlude James posted, The Big Rock Candy Mountain. You advised me to watch a Clint Eastwood movie, and I put it to the top of my Netflix queue, and I’m glad I finally watched that movie (I’m not an Angelina Jolie fan, so that’s probably why I had never watched the movie). Your study of the hobo history was absolutely new to me.

          Anyway, even when we have disagreed, or had troubles between us, it must be stated that you have always been wise and serious, and if anyone does not care what you think, that says more about them than you.

        3. I’m not YouTube.

          And at least I don’t try and pass this music off as mine, as a plagiarist would do.

  9. Breaking out of the last column prison, where I last declared I PITY THE FOOL!, I shall give Dublin’s Mick an answer to his question, which was,

    If this is not true please explain who did write the bible and provide us some links please, it should not be asking too much as you most likely know the answer. At least you should you go on 24-7 with the Abrahamic religions front and center.”

    Moses, David, Isaiah… Oh. I’m guessing you mean the New Testament.

    Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, Peter, Jude, the guy who wrote Hebrews…am I forgetting anyone? We have the first century manuscripts of those writings. Constantine was not even born when the New Testament was written, you fool.

      1. Patrick I am trying to keep the subject simply on the bible. Discussing the Enuma Elish or the Sumerians is far beyond your capability. Use of such terms as dumb etc etc does nothing to establish your credibility and makes you appear more as an incensed child.

        Sitchin needs no defense, his books are translated in dozens of languages and are selling like hot cakes all over the world, including China and India, those whose civilizations first brought the light to man’s mind. That was long before you and Billy Graham pronounced them as heathen destined to burn.

        An Inuit hunter asked the local missionary priest: “If I did not know about God and sin, would I go to hell?” “No,” said the priest, “not if you did not know.” “Then why,” asked the Inuit earnestly, “did you tell me?” ~Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.

        1. This talk of yours is nonsense. Follow the reasoning. Step through it. It’s what scientists do. Are you capable of that? Read the material, understand it, and then you will begin to understand what Bible study is. Refuse to do it, and remain a fool.

        2. Scriptures: the sacred books of our holy religion, as distinguished from the false and profane writings on which all other faiths are based. ~Ambrose Bierce

          The question before the human race is, whether the God of nature shall govern the world by his own laws, or whether priests and kings shall rule it by fictitious miracles? ~John Adams, letter to Thomas Jefferson, 20 June 1815

          Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful. ~Seneca the Younger

  10. The Oregon operation seems to have been a psy-op/trawling exercise. Pete Santilli is a long exposed government provocateur involved in both these BLM incidents.


    Oregon Standoff is STAGED! Militia Actor EXPOSED! WARNING! PAY ATTENTION! (Redsilverj)

    The Unauthorized Biography of Pete Santilli

  11. Segregation Begins in where else?
    Segregated dorms for males ‘who identify as Black’ coming to UConn

    “It is a space for African American men to, one, come together, and validate their experiences that they may have on campus,” he explained. “Number two, it’s also a space where they can have conversation and also talk with individuals who come from the same background who share the same experience.”
    They are building a 200k sq. ft. Dorm just for the men.

    “The white portion of the University of Connecticut is probably not ready for it,”

    “You have people who are going to go against it because they are just racist and they see this as a form of segregation or that we’re getting better things than they are.” Isaac Bloodworth, a puppetry major, said of the criticisms.

    Are the women next? You Bet.
    My initial thought was what about black women and girls – what about us?” Haddiyyah Ali, a fourth-semester Africana studies and political science major told the Daily Campus.

    So your a racist if you think this is racist? 2+2=5

        1. Recynd,

          White Girls evolved and learned to dance but White Guys never did…

          Someone had to design the Rockets and write Computer Code…Haha

          Zappa is an acquired taste but he spells it out here.

          “I may be totally wrong, but I’m a dancing fool”

          I may be totally wrong is the kicker at the end of the song.

          Love your finger nails too.

        2. From the notable “Sheik Yerbouti” album…and with a xylophone backbeat!

          (I don’t know if that was even a xylophone, or what a “backbeat” is, but it was quite a song.).

    1. LOL
      What would be the reaction if they built a white identity dorm? You know doncha know where white American men come together, and validate their experiences that they may have on campus?

      Quite amazing.

      Last 5 year s 500,000 salafist immigrants entered america and that is what is expected the next 5 years. This is a talmudic dream of final extermination of their favorite target.

      1. It is a collosally stupid idea to build a segregated dorm. Of course, if there is a “black” identity dorm, there shouldn’t be an issue with a “white” identity dorm. Of course, then follows an “asian” identity dorm, then an “indian” identity dorm…when does it end?

        Anyone who states to the contrary is a tool.

  12. Japan Swindler’s List-Chiune “Sempo” Sugihara’s List (Let’s Take A Look Between The Lines Of The Japanese-Nazi Alliance)

    Editor’s note: It is highly likely that Sempo helped funnel them to Manchuria to help with the the rape of Nanking where Jewish Betar legions joined in with the Japanese.

    1. Now this is a fascinating post,
      first I have heard of Jews involved with Japan in WWII,
      here’s a quote from the article:
      “During the 1930s Japanese officers developed a plan to create a layer of trustworthy middlemen between them and the locals by importing Jews in a scheme called the Fugu Plan. The role of Jews as middlemen between alien ruling elites and the people is an ancient and recurring theme of Jewish history”
      Would appreciate any info you have on this subject

  13. What’s with the stupid icons next to our handles/names? I didn’t approve of the incredibly stupid one next to my name in another post (the recent SH article). If we are to endure forced icons, can it please be something not as ridiculous? And, no thank you, I don’t want a Word Press account.

  14. Why Is Obama Flooding Small Towns In The Most Conservative Parts Of America With Refugees?
    By Michael Snyder, on January 31st, 2016

    Why are small towns in conservative states being specifically targeted for refugee resettlement? Of course the Obama administration will never publicly admit that this is happening, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what is going on. Just look at the uproar that refugee resettlement is now causing in small communities in Idaho, Montana, North Dakota and Kansas.

    If you drop a few hundred refugees into a major city of several million people, it isn’t going to make much of a difference. But if you drop a few hundred refugees into a small town that has only a few thousand people living there, you can start to fundamentally alter the character of the whole area. Could it be possible that this is yet another way that Barack Obama is attempting to “fundamentally transform” America?
    In particular, I would love for our country to take in Christians from Iraq and Syria. The things that ISIS has been doing to those that believe in Jesus Christ are almost too horrible to put into words, and yet Barack Obama has been almost totally silent on the matter.

    Instead of taking in persecuted Christians, it has been estimated that well over 90 percent of the refugees from Syria are Sunni Muslims, and surveys have found that a significant percentage of them actually have a favorable view of ISIS.

    Wait until the Saudi’s start FUNDING the building of mosques in all of those small towns. they will then begin to demand Sharia Laws be recognized….right after they take over the Town/City government. Look at Dearborn Michigan and Hamtramk Michigan and numerous small towns in Minnesota

    Obama is all about Islam. Transformation of America to Islam is the destruction of America financially, socially, religiously, politically, economically, educationally, and any way imaginable.

  15. Just ran across this in my old files when I first started hearing Dave McGowan back in 2003 and offer this as a remembrance of this man’s good work.

    The only one I have read is
    Linda Hunt Secret Agenda

    When I first listening to and reading McGowan’s work, especially about mind control of the trauma based kind, I found it made me depressed of the clinical kind, so I chose to stay away from his work. I read all of the articles about the Laurel Canyon matter which he later turned into a book, but I got bored and irritated with reading it though that was more due to his writing style than to his thesis, which he did make a good case for.

    I would wonder if Mr. McGowan was also one of those truth seekers and truth tellers who met mysterious early deaths.

    I think in the last 15 years since this list was published, my ideas regarding Hitler, the Holocaust, and the NAZI versus Communists issues have changed radically and I am still working at understanding all of this. Hitler to me was not a nice guy even if the Holocaust was largely a hoax.

    Recommended Reading
    Constructing an accurate account of American history and of the current political situation is akin to putting together a puzzle in which many of the most important pieces are kept hidden. The books listed here will provide various pieces of the puzzle that are left out of most history and political science texts, although many of these works contain varying levels of disinformation and/or misinformation as well. Many of these books are no longer in print, and some are exceedingly difficult to find. Click here for assistance in locating out-of-print titles, which appear in purple on this list.

    U.S. History: The Essential Trilogy:
    David E. Stannard American Holocaust, Oxford University Press, 1992
    Far and away the best pre-Columbian history of the Americas, documenting the almost incomprehensible level of genocide perpetrated on these shores over the last five hundred years, and continuing to this day.
    Howard Zinn A People’s History of the United States, Harper and Row, 1995
    The definitive populist history of the United States by America’s premier alternative historian. [click here to read chapter 1 of Zinn’s book – “Columbus, the Indians, and Human Progress”]
    William Blum Killing Hope, Common Courage Press, 1995
    U.S. foreign policy is laid bare in this exhaustively researched and documented accounting of nearly sixty years of U.S. covert and overt military interventions around the world.

    U.S. Ties to Nazi Germany:
    George Seldes Facts and Fascism, In Fact, Inc., 1943
    They just don’t write them like this anymore. This vitally important work is essential for understanding exactly what fascism is, and what it isn’t (all other titles by Seldes are strongly recommended as well).
    Ladislas Farago Aftermath, Simon & Schuster, 1974
    Notable for being the first book to document the role played by the Pope, the Vatican and various other elements of the Catholic Church in collaborating with Western intelligence services to help Nazi war criminals escape justice.
    James and Suzanne Pool Who Financed Hitler, Dial Press, 1978
    This book provides at least some of the answers to the question posed by the title, covering the rise of the Nazi party from 1919-1933 and the political machinations and the funding that brought it to power.
    Charles Higham Trading With the Enemy, Delacorte Press, 1983
    Documents the complicity of numerous U.S. corporations in trading with and arming Nazi Germany both before and during World War II. [click here to read a recent article from The Nation on this subject]
    Charles Higham American Swastika, Doubleday, 1985
    Traces the Nazi connections and funding of numerous American pro-fascist and anti-war activists during WWII, including Charles Lindbergh, Father Coughlin, Errol Flynn, and numerous others.
    Lenny Lapon Mass Murderers in White Coats, Psychiatric Genocide Research Institute, 1986
    Traces the parallels between the psychiatric and eugenics movements in Nazi Germany and the United States from early in the twentieth century through the present day.
    Tom Bower The Paperclip Conspiracy, Little, Brown, 1987
    One of the essential books on Project Paperclip, the CIA program (actually several parallel programs) that actively recruited Nazi scientists, academics, military and intelligence personnel, and chemical and biological warfare specialists for use as intelligence assets in the U.S. and around the world.
    Christopher Simpson Blowback, Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 1988
    Another essential book on the Paperclip project, focusing primarily on the recruitment of fascist �igr�groups for use as stay-behind ‘anti-communist’ guerrilla armies, disseminators of pro-Western propaganda, etc.
    Linda Hunt Secret Agenda, St. Martins Press, 1991
    Yet another essential book on Project Paperclip – and one that is particularly difficult to find. Hunt reveals that countless Nazis were brought to the U.S. and strategically placed in military installations, universities and private corporations, regardless of their wartime records.
    Burton Hersch The Old Boys, Charles Scribner’s Son’s, 1992
    With heavy doses of disinformation, this book traces the origins of the OSS and the Central Intelligence Agency, providing details about the Dulles brothers, Richard Helms, William Donovan, William Bullit, Frank Wisner, William Casey, William Colby, and the rest of the old boy network.
    Christopher Simpson The Splendid Blond Beast, Grove Press, 1993
    Relates how international law and international finance, which Allen and John Foster Dulles played key roles in crafting, have thwarted efforts to prevent acts of genocide and prosecute war criminals from WWI through the present day.
    Martin Lee The Beast Reawakens, Routledge, 2000
    Though perhaps inaccurately titled (the beast never actually went to sleep, it just went into hiding), this book provides a wealth of information on the post-war international fascist infrastructure and its connections to Western intelligence services.

    ‘Conspiracy’ Anthologies:
    The National Insecurity Council It’s A Conspiracy!, EarthWorks Press, 1992
    Along with The CIA’s Greatest Hits, this is one of the best ‘bathroom readers’ ever written, with an abundance of information packaged in an easily digestible, user-friendly format.
    Mark Zepezauer The CIA� Greatest Hits, Odonian Press, 1994
    Clever, concise summaries of some of the CIA’s more dubious accomplishments of the last fifty years. [click here to read chapter 1, “The Gehlen Org,” which covers some of the U.S. intelligence community’s ties to Nazi Germany]
    Doug Moench The Big Book of Conspiracies, Paradox Press, 1995
    Don’t be fooled by the comic book format! This book contains a considerable amount of information on various assassination plots, U.S./Nazi ties and, regrettably, the seemingly obligatory UFO/alien nonsense.
    Jonathan Vankin Conspiracies, Cover-Ups and Crimes, Illuminet Press, 1996
    A comprehensive overview of a wide range of conspiracy theories, scandals and cover-ups. A mixture, like many of the titles on this list, of good information and disinformation.
    Jonathan Vankin and John Whalen The 70 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time, Citadel Press, 1998
    An encyclopedia of conspiracy theories, many with an impressive amount of documentation. Like Vankin’s other book, a mixed bag of legitimate research and red herrings.

    The MK-ULTRA Project: [click here for a crash course]
    George H. Estabrooks Hypnotism, Dutton, 1943
    Long before the MK-ULTRA project officially existed, and before the CIA itself even existed, Estabrooks (one of the agency’s pioneer ‘spychiatrists’) spilled the beans on the intelligence community’s experiments with, and successes with, the creation of hypnotically controlled agents. [click here to read an excerpt of a Science Digest article penned by Estabrooks in 1971]
    Jose M. R. Delgado Physical Control of the Mind, Harper and Row, 1969
    Another agency ‘spychiatrist,’ recruited from fascist Spain, reveals here how his experiments with electromagnetic control of the mind met with resounding success. Delgado receives bonus points for ending the book with a chapter entitled “Toward a Psychocivilized Society.” [click here to read a 1965 article on Delgado]
    Donald Bain The Control of Candy Jones, Playboy Press, 1976
    The story of Candy Jones, one of America’s favorite pin-up girls, who discovered that she had been programmed as a CIA courier and possible assassin. [click here to read a recent article concerning women telling similar stories]
    Paul A. Verdier Brainwashing and the Cults, Wilshire Book Company, 1977
    A classic in agency disinformation, Verdier’s book acknowledges that hypnotic mind control is a real phenomenon, but attributes its use only to ‘Communists’ and cult-like groups. Verdier scores bonus points for ending his book with a chapter entitled “Benevolent Brainwashing in the Future.”
    Walter Bowart Operation Mind Control, Dell Publishing, 1978
    One of the most difficult to locate books on the MK-ULTRA program. Bowart’s expos�is worth searching for, but expect to pay a premium price for any copy you can locate.
    Peter Watson War on the Mind, Hutchinson, 1978
    Written by a British journalist and published in the UK, Watson’s book only indirectly addresses the MK-ULTRA program, but it nonetheless contains a good deal of valuable information.
    Peter Schrag Mind Control, Pantheon, 1978
    Schrag’s book does not focus specifically on MK-ULTRA research, but rather looks at how the entire field of psychology/psychiatry was developed and is used as an agent of control and repression, particularly through the use of behavior control drugs.
    John Marks The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, Times Books, 1979
    This book is readily available and is a good place to start for anyone unfamiliar with the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program, but do not make the mistake of assuming that the story told here is anywhere near complete.
    Martin Lee and Bruce Shlain Acid Dreams, Grove Press, 1985
    Also readily available, this book provides further details on the CIA’s MK-ULTRA projects as well as a look at how the 1960’s counterculture was co-opted from early on by CIA-connected acid gurus.
    Gordon Thomas Journey Into Madness, Bantam, 1989
    Yet another hard-to-find book that is essential reading both for information on MK-ULTRA as well as for background information on Dulles, Helms, Colby, Casey, Gottlieb, Buckley, and various other key players in the CIA.
    David Black Acid: The Secret History of LSD, Vision Paperbacks, 1998
    Not particularly well written and with poor production values, this book nevertheless makes a nice supplement to Acid Dreams, filling in some more of the details on the shadowy Ron Stark.

    Satanism, Satanic Crime and Fascism:
    Yes, Virginia, there are Satanic cults in modern-day America, committing the most heinous of crimes. And no, this is not a fundamentalist Christian website. The books listed here primarily approach the issue from a secular viewpoint. In the words of Carl Rashke, Satanism should be seen not as a religion, but as a “sophisticated and highly effective motivational system for the spread of violence and cultural terrorism.”
    Ed Sanders The Family, Dutton, 1971
    A much different take on the Manson Family than was presented by hack prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi in Helter Skelter. The UK edition is much better than the heavily censored U.S. edition.
    Dusty Sklar Gods and Beasts: The Nazis and the Occult, Crowell, 1977
    Sklar traces the occult roots of the Third Reich in a book that is out-of-print and very difficult to find, but worth searching for; expect to pay a premium price for any copy you can locate.
    Jan Hollingsworth Unspeakable Acts, Congden and Weed, 1986
    Hollingsworth provides a lengthy and very well documented look at a multiple perpetrator/multiple victim childcare ritual abuse case in Florida that was successfully prosecuted.
    Maury Terry The Ultimate Evil, Dolphin Doubleday, 1987
    A compelling account of the Son of Sam and Manson murders, and why they weren’t what they appeared to be. Read this in conjunction with Acid Dreams and The Family and then play ‘connect the dots.’
    Larry Kahaner Cults That Kill, Warner Books, 1988
    Investigative reporter Kahaner talked to law enforcement personnel across the country about their experiences investigating occult crime; many of them had stories to tell.
    Kevin Marron Ritual Abuse, Seal Books, 1988
    Journalist Marron closely followed the ‘Canadian McMartin’ case for eighteen months before writing this expos�of a ritual abuse case that ended in convictions.
    Carl A. Raschke, Ph.D. Painted Black, Harper & Row, 1990
    The director of the Institute for Humanities at the University of Denver looks at occult crime and traces the intricate connections among Satanist, Skinhead, White Supremacist, and neo-Nazi groups.
    Gordon Thomas Enslaved, Pharos Books, 1991
    Thomas’ book tells “The chilling modern-day story of abduction and abuse in the global trafficking of men, women and children.” It is indeed a chilling collection of tales.
    Henry Scammell Mortal Remains, Harper Collins, 1991
    A well-documented case of ritual crime perpetrated by a Satanic cult in a small, picture-perfect Massachusetts town — which just happens to be the former home of Lizzie Borden.
    John Decamp The Franklin Cover-Up, AWT, 1992
    Former Nebraska State Senator DeCamp chronicles the crimes of a pedophilic cult composed of Omaha’s political and business elite, and the cover-up that left a trail of dead witnesses.
    Michael Newton Raising Hell, Avon, 1993
    Author Newton has structured his book as an encyclopedia of Satanic crime, providing a valuable reference book for any serious student of the occult underground and its fascist connections.
    Linda Blood The New Satanists, Warner Books, 1994
    A former mistress of Col. Michael Aquino (founder of the Temple of Set and a ‘former’ U.S. intelligence asset) details the Nazi connections and ideological basis of Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan and its various offshoots.
    Peter Levenda Unholy Alliance, Avon, 1995
    An invaluable book that details the occult underpinnings of the Third Reich, and the connections to American and British occult groups and to modern-day neo-Nazi, Skinhead, and Satanist groups.
    Daniel Ryder Cover-Up of the Century, Ryder Publishing, 1996
    Ryder provides an overview of a variety of documented cases of Satanic cult crime, and the massive cover-ups that have kept these stories under wraps.

    Other Noteworthy Titles:
    Herman Morris and Harry Henderson World War II in Pictures, Doubleday, 1942 & Greystone, 1946
    A Time/Life-style, three-volume series that was written and published as events unfolded (i.e. without Cold War revisionism) and therefore presents a decidedly different version of the war than what now passes for history.
    Alfred W. McCoy The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia, Harper and Row, 1972
    The definitive work on the global drug trade and the key role played by the Central Intelligence Agency (A newer, updated version is currently in print under a slightly different title).
    Robert Harris and Jeremy Paxman A Higher Form of Killing, Hill and Wang, 1982
    The most accurate history available of chemical and biological warfare from World War I through 1981, including decades-old efforts to develop ethnically specific biowarfare agents.
    Douglas Valentine The Phoenix Program, William Morrow, 1990
    An in-depth look at the CIA’s notorious torture and assassination program that claimed tens of thousands of civilian victims during the Vietnam war, and the connections to other death squads both before and after.
    Leonard Mosley Dulles, The Dial Press, 1978
    Ridiculously disinformational in its analysis and tortured rationalizations of the actions of various members of the Dulles clan, but a valuable work nonetheless for anyone with the ability to read between the lines.
    Burton Hersch The Mellon Family, William Morrow, 1978
    Ridiculously disinformational in its analysis and tortured rationalizations of the actions of various members of the Mellon clan, but a valuable work nonetheless for anyone with the ability to read between the lines

        1. It DID post, actually, to the previous Free Form Friday. I didn’t write about WP specifically, and it’s not really insightful enough to repost; it was mostly a “clarification” post.

          I agree with you and Pat on this one, and it’s hard to say it any better than you guys did. 🙂

  16. Interesting interview with a local rancher in the Burns, Oregon area. He wasn’t part of the protest and seems uncomfortable taking sides, but clearly he’s shocked at having been stopped at a road block set up by the State police. He was asked for ID , while they approached with guns. This appears to be a ” papers please” Gestapo style response in Oregon to the Malheur refuge standoff.


      1. This is the Left in a nutshell. They do not care about rape–if it is Moslems simply expressing their civilizational proclivities, that is. They care, of course, very deeply about dismantling what remains of Western civilizational attributes.

        If “The Force” video is not from The Onion, and in fact is an official expression of officialdom’s lack of reality about what’s going on over there, it is further proof that the West has long since ceased to be.

        Additionally, perhaps the victims of invading Moslem rape-gangs can consult the egregious Kevin Barrett, who recently told James Tracy in an interview that it’s just another lie the poor, innocent Mohammedans must endure, and the stupidos who read the reports naively believe like slack-jawed morons–those girls are just imagining the groping, the rape, the intimidation. And apparently officialdom believes the false reports, too, when they are not actively surpassing them, and go on to issue the advice to their womenfolk to simply not go out of the house if they don’t want to invite attacks. Kevin has the answer: it’s all just made up! Irrational Islamophobia! (Note to Kev: if Moslems are so horribly besmirched by this terrible culture, why not use your bully pulpit to advise them to stay home, and the victims of “Islamophobia” who are already here to self-deport, for their own emotional well-being, this being such a hostile environment.)

        Similarly, I think “The Force” video should be broadcast constantly on Chicago television, to teach the residents of its slum districts to miraculously repel all the bullets being fired each week. Question: does the maneuver work for negro men as well as it does with nordic chicks? And if the black dude being shot at is a drug dealer who’s gotten crossways with a junkie, is “The Force” going to be with him?

        We live is truly stupid times.

        1. It’s Real Pat !!! As Far as I know.

          In Germany and Sweden the Govt. is telling all the women to keep an “arm’s” length from “them”.

          You remember like in elementary school..

        1. I had a friend once, an Orthodox Jew, whose family had to flee South Africa; they migrated here, and it was a tough row to hoe.

          I read “Don’t Let’s Go to the Dog’s Tonight”, this song reminded me of that. Heavy.

  17. From Iceland Chamber of Commerce. 8 pages on the country’s financial crisis and how to deal with it. Seems they did well everything considered. I see no date here, but the common sense approach is worth a look at. The economic fundamentals listed below, even in times of crisis, are impressive. Iceland could teach the world a lesson or two, but that is not the kind of teacher the globalists wish for – be it in politics or education.

    Short-term difficulties…favourable long-term outlook
    Despite the fact that the recent financial crisis has hit Iceland hard, the economy is still strong and resilient. This can be attributed
    to strong economic fundamentals.

    − High income
    − Good education system
    − Sophisticated health system
    − Abundant natural resources
    − Favourable demographics
    − Fully funded pension system
    − Flexible labour market
    − Diverse exports and industries
    − Competitive tax system
    − Strong fiscal position
    − Strong Infrastructure
    − Political stability and International co-operation

      1. Toni, yes I saw it. That is why I posted the info on Iceland. Even so, Icelanders are not happy with the current administration due to the hesitation in joining EU. Imho that is s good thing – not joining that behemoth.

        This is a Google translation (one of the better ones) from inside Iceland today:

        1. Have you read Simone Weil? Her book, “The Need for Roots: prelude towards a declaration of duties towards mankind,” describes the modern condition of rootlessness as cutting the individual off from the community and the past, not just geographically and culturally, but spiritually, as well. She says:

          “To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul.”

        2. Thanks Toni, excellent suggestion. Simone Weil experienced WW2 firsthand and thus knew what being uprooted means. Not quite sure why she would starve herself to death.

          Iceland, cut off from the rest of Europe by salt water, has managed to remain faithful to its old Viking roots, all the while developing into a modern nation. I believe that is about to change, sorry to say.

          Interesting review in the Guardian of Simone Weil’s work by Pankaj Mishra who writes: Having recently moved to a Himalayan village, I felt Simone Weil’s focus on uprootedness spoke directly to me.

          Three excerpts from Wikipedia…..

          ~Weil asserts the need for truth is the most sacred of all needs. It is compromised when people don’t have access to reliable and accurate sources of information. Because working people often lack the time to verify what they read in books and the mass media, writers who introduce avoidable errors should be held accountable. Propaganda should be banned and people who deliberately lie in the media should be liable to severe penalties.~

          ~Uprootedness has many causes, with two of the most potent being conquest of a nation by foreigners and the growing influence of money which tends to corrode most other forms of motivation.~

          ~Albert Camus was so taken with the work he wrote it seemed to him “impossible to imagine the rebirth of Europe without taking into consideration the suggestions outlined in it by Simone Weil.~

        3. Anne, you made me laugh with your starving remark. Did she think some famished person somewhere was getting her share? I suppose it was more abstract than that for her, a kind of spiritual practice.

          Some people say she died of “love.” Weil, herself, says that obligations precede even rights. What about her obligation to herself? It seems to me self-love must come first in order to sustain a love of others.

          Thanks for the lovely article, and the quotes you chose, Anne, especially the one that says truth is the most sacred of all needs.

    1. The Nationals are great; I’d never heard of them. I like the guy’s deep gravelly voice from “Bloodbath Ohio”, but more recent albums sound more…U2-ish. ??

      I love being exposed to new (to me) music!

        1. What a lovely blast from the past!!

          The video style employed by the Modettes lives on in Kathleen Hanna’s “The Julie Ruin” (admittedly not for everyone):

          I’m off to explore the “Ladies of 70s and 80s Punk” playlist suggested to me by YouTube ?!

        2. Probably no connection at all (wink wink)!

          The 80s turned out to be an incredibly rich time for music: punk made making music accessible to everyone, synthesizers made experimentation with sound fun and easy, and (maybe most importantly), we (the youth culture) were coming from such a bleak period, musically-speaking. The late 70s/very early 80s still had its share of people clinging to groups like Cheap Trick, Journey, Foreigner, and Aerosmith, or folksier/singer-songwriter acts like Elton John, Neil Diamond, and Olivia Newton-John, but young people wanted something completely different…and they got it.

          The second British Invasion didn’t arrive a moment too soon. Though I always preferred American punk to the imports, I also loved New Wave and its artier cousins (groups like Bau Haus, Nina Hagen, Japan, Cocteau Twins, etc.). Before Nine Inch Nails or Marilyn Manson were even conceived, there was “death rock”, or “glam”: 45 Grave, Alien Sex Fiends, Sisters of Mercy. Remember the birth of electronica (Trans X, Pop Will Eat Itself)? What fun that was!

          Music was so FUN then…people weren’t taking themselves so seriously. Well, the Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, and the Smiths people did…but we grew out of it 🙂

          Memory Lane! I’m feeling all gooshy and nostalgic now.

        3. Recynd….its interesting how our likes and musical memories differ with age….I was teens and 20’s between early 60’s and mid to late 70’s.. I didn’t like punk or most of that music you obviously liked in the 80’s,and I hardly recall any of those bands you namechecked and certainly didn’t listen to them! Of course I ” discovered’ & enjoyed some of them later, but mainly in the 80’s I was still only really listening to 60’s and early 70’s bands, plus a lot of black music and what I call nightclub music, a lot of Luther Vandross, Isaac Hayes, Terence Trent Darby, I don’t know, I no longer remember… for me the 80’s was mainly a dead zone music wise,( I lived in Spain and so only heard Spanish bands on the radio, TV, bars ,clubs etc) …. indeed I kind of believed that no world changing music happened after 1980 and I still kind of think that way… once an old hippy, always an old hippy… lol.. though these days I listen to a lot of opera and classical, something I never did back then….

          Its fab though to browse youtube and just go wherever you go…


        4. Are you a hardcore Spooky Tooth fan, Lop? (I read that in the video description and it made me laugh.)

          I actually had a boyfriend once who had the most amazing vinyl collection. Like a radio station. Anyway, he turned me onto Spooky Tooth, although I never became a “hardcore fan”. They’re excellent musicians, clearly, but my musical tastes are actually more simple (maybe that’s pretty obvious by now). But an excellent blast from the past!

        5. Well Recynd, I was in 1969. I still like them, they contribute to how I play in some way now. I have all their records on vinyl. Music is my joy. It just gets better and better. My playing has grown along with my fascination. I love it all. If I put another band together it would look a lot like this:

        6. Well, I’m mainly a guitar player. I play bass, piano, fiddle, saxophone harmonica and a few others. Guitar is my main thing, however.

          Yeah, I like all of Peter Gabriel’s stuff. I suppose I’ve “evolved” into that sort of fusion form of music. I do it all, but you can really be free and let it go with that format.

          One of the jazz greats, I think it was Joe Pass, said that you must learn everything so that you can forget it all when you play. I know exactly what he meant. There’s a lot of mental work in writing and arranging, but playing is where the joy comes in.

        7. Hey Lophatt… you said music is always better live….. so true…

          On this video, I appear live with The Who…. yes, really !

          I’m in the audience at this concert… lol.. its 1970, I’m 18 and its one of the best nights of my life to that point. Unknown to us at the time, the concert was being recorded and it became a big album called ” Live At Leeds”. Shame there was no video in those days or we might see me!
          But you can hear me during the last 30 seconds, well, me and a few hundred others ( it was a small venue)…
          Ah, I can still remember watching Keith Moon that night and thinking, how can anyone move their hands over a drum kit that fast? Then watching Townsend and thinking , how can anyone play guitar that fast and jump two feet in the air at the same time…. those were the days….


        8. Joe Pass, I believe, is referring to that elusive state generally called “mastery”. Once one has mastered an instrument (or tool, or information, whatever), that’s when the real magic happens. Then there are certain master-musicians who can combine the most diverse cultural flavors into their music, and the result is a most amazing alchemical stew that appeals to almost every palate. Peter Gabriel is like that; another that comes to mind is the drummer Ginger Baker (see “Beware Mr. Baker”, available on Netflix streaming). I agree with you, “evolved” is a very good term for it.

          My father made sure that we were exposed to the classics from very early childhood. Saturday and Sunday mornings (before church) were devoted to Mozart, Hayden, Beethoven, and Bach. We also loved “Peter and the Wolf”. I took piano and violin lessons (not at the same time) for several years, and I could proficiently read music. Alas, I was not musically inclined, but I did learn to appreciate it, and I have always had musicians in my life. ❤️

        9. Hey Steven, that was great. I’ve seen the Who live twice. Once in San Francisco and another time in Germany. I know how much Daltry weighed because he stepped on my hand, mod boots and all.

          I thought they were wonderful. It was the loudest band I ever heard, save Jimi Hendrix.

        10. Well Recynd, here’s Ginger….and friends. I’ve heard that Jack Bruce and Ginger weren’t on speaking terms very often. Nonetheless, its hard to beat a lineup like this:

          As to what you said about Joe Pass and music, you nailed it. It sounds like we had very similar backgrounds. My mother was a music and dance teacher. I grew up with a grand piano in the living room and I used to sit with her and do duets.

          I was in orchestra all through school and I love orchestral music. But, bad boy that I am, I’m a guitar player. That’s an addiction I don’t want to shake.

        11. I’ve always had a thing for guitar players myself (really, who doesn’t?)…but guitar players generally tend to love their instruments more than anything (or anyone!) else 🙂

        12. Hey Lophatt…. the other day Recynd and I were swapping videos, especially early 80’s punk and I explained I lived in Spain in the 80;s, listening to mainly Spanish music, obviously, on the radio, in bars and so on.. the younger crowd were mainly listening and playing Hispanic and Latino music, but those of us a little older were loving traditional Spanish guitar and flamenco and Sevillana rhythms .

          Anyway, this guy is for me what Recynd called a Master of his instrument. As a guitar player yourself I’m sure you know his work, though perhaps most Americans are not familiar with him



        13. Thanks Steven. He is indeed a “master”. Of course, I don’t really believe that there are any “masters” of guitar, just wonderful players. It’s too challenging and potential filled to ever be mastered.

          I love “Spanish/Latino” music. I like African and Caribbean music as well. Everything I play tends to come out rock, blues or jazz. It has bits of all the rest in it though.

          Classical guitar players are a funny lot. They tend to be “snobs”, thinking that the form is more important than the function. For me, I don’t care about any of that. If it sounds good, it IS good.

          I really think the best music happens when egos are suspended and forms are forgotten. Just get together and play. When its right, everyone will gather inspiration from everybody else.

        14. Steven, Lophatt: I wrote a reply to you both and it got sucked away. It was about how lovely it is to discover new music and re-discover old favorites, and about the universality of music.

          Anyway, I’ve appreciated this recent run. ?

      1. Recynd, I love Bloodbuzz Ohio because it’s written like the writer was drunk and making up lines to the feelings he has. I get the sense that he never was in Ohio, and the bees are the buzz in his brain.

        Also, I love rhyming “money I owe” with “Ohio.” It has a western ring to it, like a line from a cowboy song.

  18. Obama should Arrested.
    Over 7,000 Cubans a week have been crossing the Border since January not to mention all Arabs and Latino’s. Mexico should be sanctioned. What, they can’t see 7k Cubans strolling across Mexico towards the US?

    Border agent: ‘We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether’
    n a shocking reversal of policy, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents are being told to release illegal immigrants and no longer order them to appear at deportation hearings, essentially a license to stay in the United States, a key agent testified Thursday.

    What’s more, the stand down order includes a requirement that the whereabouts of illegals released are not to be tracked.

    “We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether,” suggested agent Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council.

    Obama reinstates ‘catch-and-release’ policy for illegal immigrants
    The Obama administration has revived the maligned illegal immigrant “catch-and-release” policy ordering Border Patrol agents not to even bother arresting and deporting many new illegal immigrants, the head of the agents’ labor union told Congress on Thursday.

    Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, said Homeland Security was embarrassed by the number of illegal immigrants not showing up for their deportation hearings, but instead of cracking down on the immigrants, the department ordered agents not to arrest them in the first place — meaning they no longer need to show up in court in the first place.
    Mr. Judd said the releases are part of President Obama’s “priorities” program.

        1. Toni.
          HaHa.. I was just saying how does an American Artist get Knighted.
          They call us Yankees not me..LOL

          Is Van English?

        2. Ric! He’s Irish, you freak!

          You’re just missing his entire context is all. No big deal.

          Really, Ric, I feel like I don’t even know you anymore.

        3. I had no Idea Van was Irish. I only know of couple of his songs and have never heard him speak in an interview.

          PS: What happened to your shiny Moon Pic?

        4. Toni…lol… poor Ric! We all have strange gaps in our otherwise well rounded musical knowledge…I haven’t heard of many of the American bands you post, although I love nearly all of them when I listen…

          I never knew Van M had ever lived in America…. he is of course a Belfast, Northern Ireland native and he’s so Irish in his speaking voice and his song catalogue is so essentially a modern twist on traditional Irish folksongs that , in the end, I must reluctantly agree…my faith in musical Ric is shaken, sorry Ric !

        5. Steven, your description of Van’s music regarding Ireland is perfect. He’s also always sung about all of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, as kind of an entity, a mystical homeland called Caledonia.

          Van lived in the US in the late 60s, early 70s. He lived in Marin County in California, but he also lived in Woodstock, NY. His parents had a record store in Fairfax, California. Might still have it.

          All the great early stuff, after Astral Weeks, was all written in the US. Moondance, Tupelo Honey, St. Dominic’ Preview (a total San Francisco album), His Band and the Street Choir.

          He’s always been influenced by landscape. You can imagine he would have absorbed the countryside in Northern Cal and Upstate NY.

          Catskills, NY

          Marin, CA

        1. Isn’t this the most asinine thing you’ve ever witnessed? How it is that these NWO flacks aren’t getting chased down the streets is impossible to understand.

          Little girls are getting raped, pensioners are getting assaulted and the politicians are lecturing the populace on their obligations to refrain from blaming the culprits.

          I was searching my mind the other night for a corollary. I didn’t find one. We’ve had invasions, but they have generally been opposed. About the closest I could remember was the king who let the Saxons into England because he was afraid of the Picts. That didn’t go well. They stayed and brought their relatives.

  19. Not sure what

    Memory Hole News Analysis
    purports to do but it does not appear to be news analysis by MHB.

    Again, we are linked to another Washington’s Blog article.

    It is clear to me that is article is a moderately sophisticated limited hangout and disinformation piece of journalism.

    I have commented before at MHB on two other similar pieces of journalistic deception by Washington’s Blog, so the whole site is, to say the least, not about quality journalism.

    It concerns me that this is thought to be a good article worthy to be called “news” or “news analysis.”

    February 5, 2016

    Memory Hole News/Analysis Wire

    • False Flags Are Just a Conspiracy Theor … Admitted Fact February 4, 2016

    hFalse Flags Are Just a Conspiracy Theor … Admitted Fact
    February 4, 2016 MHB Administrator Headlines/Top Stories


    Then to read the whole article you click and are taken to…

    False Flags Are Just a Conspiracy Theor … Admitted Fact
    Editor / 2 days ago
    Presidents, Prime Ministers, Congressmen, Generals, Spooks, Soldiers and Police ADMIT to False Flag Terror
    from Washington’s Blog:
    “In the following instances, officials in the government which carried out the attack (or seriously proposed an attack) admit to it, either orally, in writing, or through photographs or videos:” SNIP

    When you click on Washington’s Blog you are taken to the original article there at

    False Flags Are Just a Conspiracy Theor … Admitted Fact
    Posted on February 2, 2016 by WashingtonsBlog
    Presidents, Prime Ministers, Congressmen, Generals, Spooks, Soldiers and Police ADMIT to False Flag Terror

  20. Ric, did you see this? It’s worse than anyone thought.

    “Fukushima Class Disaster” – L.A. Gas Leak Spewing Lethal Levels Of Breathable Nuclear Material

    “A leaking natural gas well outside Los Angeles is spewing so much naturally-occurring Uranium and Radon, that “breathable” radiation levels have hit “lethal levels” according to a Nuclear Expert group.”

    “For those living in the area, be warned: you are inhaling deadly radiation. And while the dose is not immediately lethal, prolonged inhalation and exposure may lead to a spike in cancer-related disease and deaths over coming years.”

    1. You guys are living in a petrie dish. Hey, eat your GMO and poisoning is good for you. I haven’t read a plan to fix any of this yet. Have you?

      Of course, as a former Californian, I’m surprised they haven’t assessed a fee for the privilege of breathing this stuff. Maybe that’s part of Gov. Moonbeam’s plan. If they poison enough of you they won’t have to worry as much about drought.

        1. Wow, PeaceFrog, poor guy. He predicted it.

          I’m always speechless after I read one of these stories. And in Fresno; is there anywhere they won’t go?

          What is heartening is the comments to the article you link to, which are from all over. Mostly they are defending the man and calling out The Fresno Bee for lousy journalism. Some even say reporters at the paper are to blame as they buried the earlier stories.

          In fact, the Fresno Bee article here says nothing about the events leading up to his death, or his prediction of it. Just that his gang stalking, police informant neighbors had no information about the murder, or the fire.

          The Bee is letting people comment, though, which is something.

        2. Yes, Fresno occupies a subdivision of Dante’s Ninth Circle, right next to Lodi. Those towns are so crooked they bend light.

          They run these like feudal fiefdoms. Several years ago one of these Central Valley towns experienced a wave of cop snipers. I can’t remember which town it was (they are all alike), but the police became humble for some time. it was very instructive to watch.

          Citizens had gone to the local mayor and his minions with their complaints of police brutality, etc., and been totally ignored. Indeed, the cops ratcheted it up a notch or two. Then they started falling like flies. This happened when they filled up for gas, were out harassing teenagers, or merely roughing up old crippled people.

          What made it remarkable was how quietly it went away. No full-tilt boogey chases through the streets blasting away at anything that moved, no, they just started behaving themselves.

          When they know that they’re powerless, they are frightened, and humble.

        1. Mick, you’re right, I misspoke. I meant what Jerry and the boys had planned to fix this before Mother Nature takes care of it for them. Gaia take a more “cosmic” approach. The problem for us is that we end up being “sin eaters” for the arrogance of those in power.

          As you point out, the ultimate arrogance is believing that you’re in charge.

        2. We had some Cali boys in Germany. One of them when he left and went through processing wrote us back. He said they found his hashish pipe in his suitcase. They tested it out, had a conference and afterwards kept his pipe and said just get on the plane head for California!

      1. There is too much confusion here said the joker to the thief, I can’t get no relief!

        lophatt when I got out of the army, they sent me a letter saying I still owed them 80 dollars for a mistake on pay. I told them to go to hell they owed me for two years of my life. Well they called me back up for two weeks of guard duty to be on hand for the republican convention in Miami as the leftists might disrupt it.

        I gave this guy a ride from Huntsville Alabama to Jacksonville Florida, he was in rock band, even wore a wig covering up his long hair as he was afraid they would cut it off. He played Dylan songs on his guitar the whole way back.

        Old Yudhisthistra had it right I am afraid.

        Sometime around 23 hundred years ago we see in the Mahabharata Ydhishthira has a vision of the age to come: I see the coming of another age, where barbaric kings rule over a vicious, broken world, where puny, fearful men live tiny lives, white hair at sixteen, copulating with animals, their women perfect whores, making love with greedy mouths. The cows dry, trees stunted, no more flowers, no more purity, ambition, corruption, the age of Kali, the black time.”

        1. “I see the coming of another age, where barbaric kings rule over a vicious, broken world, where puny, fearful men live tiny lives, white hair at sixteen, copulating with animals, their women perfect whores, making love with greedy mouths. The cows dry, trees stunted, no more flowers, no more purity, ambition, corruption, the age of Kali, the black time.”

          Ok, I know it’s bad out here, but jeez…!

          This is more like the kind of bad it is…

        2. This is the Open Letter that the Fresno Bee should have printed:

          John Lang

          January 17, 2015·

          Open Letter the the USDOJ and the FBI – Please Share ASAP

          I am fairly entertain that Fresno Law Enforcement is trying to set me up on some type a charge related to child pornography. I’ve been trying to figure out why they would send Child Molester George Adams Ramirez my way when I was renting the property next to me for Don Green. Also I was at a loss as to how Fresno LE was able to turn so many people against me so quickly. The only thing that makes sense coupled with George Ramirez situation is if Fresno LE told these folks I was a child porn suspect. Imagine a police officer dressed in his official uniform pulling up in a police cruiser. Imagine the same police officer or detective telling a group of coworkers of the accused or other folks that said person is a bad guy who is under investigation for the crimes of child pornography, and cops would like their help in putting a really bad guy away. This would be a no brainier for most reasonable people. There is no more heinous, hideous, and inhuman crime than that of a child porn person. This crime evokes more human emotion than any other. And it is to that effect that Fresno Law Enforcement uses to suit their purpose in my situation. It’s Fresno Law Enforcement’s “weapon of mass destruction”. This would also explain why the FBI shows little interest in my pleas for help. There has long been a believe in Law Enforcement circles that if someone is guilty of something, then helping that process along by fabricating evidence is completely acceptable. This rational can provide a loophole for truth and justice to be ignored when an innocent person is charged or suspected of crimes, as it is with my situation. Let this example serve as a warning to all my activist and blogger friends. We are by no means free. If and when the Government targets us, we are completely and utterly done, and there is really nothing we can do about it. Through my example the Government is trying to drive home the point that they want obidient, submisive, and loyal subjects. And they will settle for nothing less..

          I’m also fairly certain I’ve figured out how Fresno Law Enforcement handled the actual access and internet distribution of the offensive material. Let’s just say that the FEDS should re-investigate all Child porn cases in Fresno where ATT Internet Services provided the Internet service. Especially cases where the accused had a conflict with the City Of Fresno or high ranking City of Fresno personnel. Other elements are simply handled by planting various elements of false evidence here and there once they enter a residence. That is why Fresno LE was so determined to get a search warrant for an official home entry in my case. As I’ve mentioned in the past Fresno LE had already illegally and secretly entered by home, copied my hard drives in order to get a good game plan for the eventual false arrest. There also appears to be a pattern here. Anyone who has ever talked publicly about, accused, or discussed Jerry Dyer’s suposed sex scandle with that 16 year old girl has found themselfs in some type of legal peril within a few short years..

          And with this letter I have for certain signed my death warrant with Fresno LE.

          Kind Regards,

          John Lang
          Fresno Ca 93728

        3. Exactly! The Fresno Bee should have printed it beforehand, but they didn’t pick up the story.

          Lang’s youtube channel is an awesome video archive of his ordeal. You guys said in the interview that documentation is so important. This guy was diligent.

        4. Nope.

 commented on Free Form Friday X.

          in response to lophatt:

          You guys are living in a petrie dish. Hey, eat your GMO and poisoning is good for you. I haven’t read a plan to fix any of this yet. Have you? Of course, as a former Californian, I’m surprised they haven’t assessed a fee for the privilege of breathing this stuff. Maybe that’s part of […]

          There is too much confusion here said the joker to the thief, I can’t get no relief!

        5. Toni, let’s back up. In response to Mick, I was referring to Yudhisthistra’s prediction, i.e. “he must have been talking about Fresno”. It was a joke, i.e. “your women are whores, your cows are dry….etc.).

          As to the petrie dish remark, same thing, i.e. “joke”. The other parts regarding the nature of Fresno are not a joke. Neither is the nature of L.A..

          My advice would be to get out while you can. I remember when all you had to worry about there was dying from smog inhalation or those “driving while asian”.

          Ric is in even worse straights. If they don’t fix that it’ll be another Love Canal. I’m sure they’ve greatly reduced your property taxes and sent you a large stipend for your troubles. Hah! That too was a joke.

        6. Ain’t been to Fresno but I am very familiar with Winterhaven, California, across the Colorado river from Yuma. LOL It is still no mans land. I watched a hippie there one night playing pool with an illegal alien. There was a dispute and he chase the alien out with a pool cue, screaming I will kill that 089uy9594222999.

          This hippie had shoulder link hair and looked like Leon Russell.

          He came back in the door and the bartender said the drinks are on the house. Apparently he couldn’t catch the alien.

          Red’s bar and barn was a log cabin with a settler wagon on the roof, the sign said you seen the rest now see the best, “Red’s Saloon.” The place had rubbers hanging from the rafters, women’s soiled panties complete with addresses.

        7. I can definitely relate to that. About two years after I got out I received orders to report for active duty. They claimed that I missed reserve meetings. I was assigned to an “inactive” reserve unit.

          I had to run around getting endorsements and all sort of garbage until I finally called an office in Baltimore and they told me “this place is so big one side of the building doesn’t know what the other is doing. Forget the whole thing”.

          Scared the crap out of me. I had nightmares about it. People today probably don’t fully comprehend what their darling government can do to them. People like us know first-hand.

  21. Ric
    It is definitely a psyop with the flat earth lunacy. FLAT EARTH ‘THEORY’: The Ultimate PSYOP Wages War Against The Truth Movement.

    The Millennium Report could not resist posting this excellent submission from the Society of Flat Earth Debunkers. They have exposed a new and dangerous dimension to this ongoing and intensifying PSYOP known as the Flat Earth Theory. This thoroughly fraudulent ‘theory’ is quite aggressively promoted by a highly dubious and deceitful organization known as the Flat Earth Society.

    1. The National is such a great band, music and lyrics. I love them live. This performance of Graceless is extraordinary.

      I like the way the lyric in the song moves from graceless to grace. I think the song is about forgiveness after the singer has been acting crazy. He is in a state of gracelessness; he hates this, wants to erase it, wants to find a way to escape it. He is not his “rosy self,” he’s left his roses on his shelf.

      But the song says the way to grace is to put the flowers you find in a vase. Don’t let them die, it’s a waste.

      So that’s my sermon, this Sunday morning.

  22. There is nothing to worry about. SoCal Gas and BP Oil mouthpieces say so. It must be true. They would not misspeak.

    From CBS News……
    Southern California CEO: Gas leak danger has been overblown
    The CEO of Southern California Gas, the company responsible for a gas leak that’s forced 2,600 families from their homes, says the problems residents are facing are short-term inconveniences. Methane has been leaking into the air around the town of Porter Ranch since October. Mireya Villarreal has the exclusive interview with the CEO.

    ~“The data collected thus far shows that the environmental catastrophe that so many feared, perhaps understandably at the time, did not come to pass, and that the Gulf is recovering faster than expected,” Geoff Morrell, a BP senior vice-president for communications, said in an email.~

    1. Why he sounds just like Lord Farquatt. “It is but a minor inconvenience. I, on the other hand, have suffered a great potential loss of product. You may have to compensate me through rate increases. I is the least you can do”.

      It is a minor inconvenience in the way that branding is an inconvenience to cattle. They must “earn”, therefore you must suffer. Somehow I don’t get the sense that he feels your pain.

      1. My daughter, who lives in the South Bay area, just received her latest bill from SoCal Gas Company. It was three times higher than the previous bill, and they had no increase in the actual use of gas. She is going over the bill with a fine tooth comb. No doubt the customers will be footing this disaster.

        1. “Stand and Deliver!”. They will have their pound of flesh. Just like charging for poison water. When we think they’ve hit the outer limits of audaciousness, they excel.

        2. My Orange County neighborhood is abuzz due to really high gas bills: many people saw previously $40 bills sky-rocket to $200-$450. The Gas Company says that it’s “user-denial”, that consumers refuse to believe that, yes, they used THAT much heat; after all, it’s been a colder-than-average winter (4° colder!).

          My bill was only about $40 higher; I expected more because I refused the SmartMeter, and we did use our central heat a couple of times. But I didn’t get a $200+ bill.

          Ridiculous…I hope there’s a class-action suit brought.

        3. My thermostat showed a temperature of 78 inside today, with all the windows open. It was actually nice with a gentle breeze and no chemtrails. I do not have gas here where I live, it is all electric which has been very reasonable, nor do I have the notorious Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power (LADWP). So I’m very grateful for the small blessings in life as long as they last.

        4. We had a nice, clear sky (finally!), too, but hot Santa Ana winds. I couldn’t believe how warm it got. House stayed reasonably cool, though. Like you say, small blessings 🙂

        5. My Gas Bill has doubled after they forced me to take the Mark of the Beast Smart Meter. Haha

          Same thing happened at my last house I was remodeling when they “slipped” a Smart Meter in because we changed the Panel and service lines.

          I Told them “My Bill is almost double”!
          She said “well maybe you haven’t been paying what you Really use”. Was she parroting King O?
          The 50% not on Welfare need to pay their Fair Share?

          I don’t know.

        6. Smart meters apparently produce all kinds of spikes, which one gets charged for as electricity “use.” I learned this from Brian Thiesen in Canada — Google him on fighting Smart meters!

  23. Some good news, for a change, on the Moslem invasion of Europe:

    Apparently, Russian males, unlike the metrosexual eunuchs in the rest of Europe, are still actually men, who won’t put up with their women being abused. Imagine that. No wonder the propaganda demonizing Putin is so thick and constant in the Western press. And excerpt:

    “The Muslims had previously been ordered to leave Norway for “bad behavior” and tried their luck in Russia. What they didn’t realize when they went out clubbing in Murmansk is that Russians have less tolerance when it comes to sexual assault on local women than other European countries.

    “The Muslims allegedly groped and harassed women in a similar manner as the assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. A group of male Russian took them aside to “educate” them that “Cologne is 2,500 kilometers south of here.”

      1. Perhaps I’m being irrationally optimistic. I’m not generally prone to that.

        Hungary did the right thing, and sealed its borders with razor wire. They had suffered hundreds of years of hell under the Moslem boot-heel, and have not forgotten. Poland is 98% Polish, and likes it that way, has likewise refused to commit cultural suicide, and won’t allow itself to be invaded to begin with. This is just good sense; not a case for optimism on my part.

        It is the observation of the invaded fighting back that gives me hope–because it is so unusual. You might be correct, if I understand your meaning, Toni, in saying that this might not be a cultural pattern we can count on, in the case of Russia. But I have reason to think it is.

        Russia, while European, is an Eastern Orthodox country, for one thing. It has none of the flaws that come with Catholicism or Protestantism, that have made such countries prone to preemptive capitulation to the arrogance of swaggering invaders from an inferior, alien civilization. Their pride in their heritage was undiminished even after three quarters of a century of grinding communism, apparently.

        At least, that’s what I optimistically interpret the story to be about.

        Whereas the Swedes and Norwegians and Germans and Danes and Belgians and all the rest, the “men” in those countries, simply passively accept the affronts inflicted by an invading army of savages on their women, here is an example of the spontaneous, instantaneous, righteous reaction of a manly race. It is war, brought to the Russians, and they instinctively fight back. While rest of Europe tells its girls to stay home if they don’t want to be raped by these savage invaders, the Russians beat the living shit out of them–and the police help.

        God bless the Russians. Hope they drive the invaders out of Russia completely.

        By contrast, in, what was it, Belgium?, a young woman drove away her would-be rapist with a can of pepper spray–and SHE is now in the docks, because she used an illegal “weapon.” That’s what cultural suicide looks like.

        It is also the most damning refutation of feminism imaginable. No feminist who does not vociferously denounce that insane government will ever be able to speak for women, ever again.

        So yea, possibly, the Russians are not different than the euroweenies who simply accept the destruction of their way of life by these modern-day Saracens. But I dearly hope I’m right, and they really ARE the instinctive defenders of the fairer sex this story indicates they are.

      2. I wrote an eloquent reply, to the effect that I certainly HOPE Russia is truly different from the rest of Europe in this way, Toni, but it went to the spam folder. I have asked James to recover it, but who knows how long that will take.

        1. The article offers no proof of its contentions (the proof is pretty weak – the videos don’t show what they say they show).

          But nevermind. It’s not germane to the argument you are making for Russia, which I understand and appreciate.

          Patrick, thank you for writing that beautiful comment the other day; it made me too shy to comment on it over there at the time. Your ready responses and your enthusiasm for my comments is always a gift.

      3. Since that one got posted, I’ll take a shot at a bit more content. The idea is that Russians really are different, civilizationally. They are not from the Catholic/protestant West. They are Eastern Orthodox, admittedly a branch-civilization of the West, but apparently strong enough to survive three quarters of a century of communism.

        That is, they recognize that this is war, and they instinctively fight back the invader–especially if that enemy attacks their women. The rest of Europe is pathetic.

        I do hope I’m right, and Russia truly is going to beat back the invading army and make the rest of Europe look like the girly-men they should be ashamed to be (but won’t, pathetic wankers they are).

        Well, fifths one does not go to spam, I’m lucky. We shall await the first message, when James gets to it, where my main point lies.

        1. Well for one thing Patrick, the EU member nations have been completely absorbed into the NWO entity and are run, like here, by those who have no loyalty to their respective nations.

          Russia is not in the boat. Indeed, they are offering an alternative to a “unipolar world”. In the West, especially Europe, from grade school through adult institutions they are assailed by political correctness and taught that their native societies are “unworthy”.

          I certainly know who’s behind this but I won’t go into that now. This is a planned invasion by Wahabi/Salafists to destroy the customs and traditions of the “host” countries. The use of the word “host” should be regarded like it is when attacked by parasites.

          There are movements growing daily in Europe to counter this. Of course, those are being manipulated as well. They are hoping for a “Far Right” reaction that can be labeled “Nazi” and martial law declared to deal with it.

          These young zealots are merely pawns in a larger game. That doesn’t make them any less dangerous. They have been told that it is OK to act as they do and that nothing will happen to them. So far, that appears true.

          The respective governments, on the other hand, are telling them that it is unacceptable to identify and resist the invasion as they have an “obligation” to “learn” from them and adjust as necessary.

          They have been breeding and training this group for years. It’s what they do all over the Middle East. They use them to cause chaos. Then they declare martial law. Then they install their puppets.

          This is also why there is so much Russia bashing and false accusations. Putin isn’t playing. He won’t tolerate it. Neither should anyone else. We are under attack and these “immigrants” are the weapons.

          These are not war refugees. Does it make any difference whether an invader comes in, guns blazing or simply storms the walls and forces their way in under other pretexts? They should not allow them to cross their borders. Whatever force that takes, they should use it. It’s a lot harder to root them out once they’re in.

        2. Lophatt
          In Norway they have what is referred to as the doomsday seed vault. It is an underground city basically and one politician came out years ago and said Norway could take about one half the population underground in case of nuclear war, a pole shift etc. He said the others would have to fend for themselves above ground. The elite plan to go underground while the rest stay on top to battle it out as entertainment to jawweh. The more salfists the better. They probably see every one of them as a good bet to eradicate someone in the host countries when they emerge from the bunkers.

          Russia has something similar, they have very large bomb shelters for instance in Moscow. 5000 bomb shelters were completed there in 2012 alone. There is also what is known as Yamantau Mountain. It is approximately 400 square miles. Large railroads lead to it.

          There is more in the Kavinsky mountains. The Clintons complained about them in the 90’s. Now ask yourself why would a low rate politician like the Clintons be zeroed in on what Russia does in the freaking mountains. Well, Russia was supposed to fall after Jeltsin to the NWO but then along came Putin. The planners went crazy, all of these shelters could now house humans instead of the dragon clan.

          Russia is showing signs of actually a will to exist as a nationalistic country. This is like flashing a silver cross to dracula. As the dumb downed masses of the west are forced into internecine warfare with incoming rapists, Russia will go stronger. They still want Germany destroyed before just as in WWII before it comes to it’s senses and reaches out to Russia.. Hitler and Stalin managed about 30 million German 90 million Russians killed. Now we have Merkel, his daughter show up with the final solution, breed them out of existence.

        3. As always, Mick, your take on these matters is amusing to me. I chuckle when you write “The elite plan to go underground while the rest stay on top to battle it out as entertainment to jawweh.”

          Here is the Word of “jawweh”, as you would spell His name, on this portentous future event. Revelation 6:

          12 I looked when He broke the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair, and the whole moon became like blood; 13and the stars of the sky fell to the earth, as a fig tree casts its unripe figs when shaken by a great wind. 14The sky was split apart like a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. 15Then the kings of the earth and the great men and the commanders and the rich and the strong and every slave and free man hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains; 16and they said to the mountains and to the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the presence of Him who sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb; 17for the great day of their wrath has come, and who is able to stand?”

          You can mock the predicted future, and call the self-inflicted torment of humanity God’s choice of entertainment, if you wish. It is, as we used to say as kids, “a free country.” God gave you free will to mock Him. Have at it. Knock yourself out.

          But this part confuses me: “The more salfists the better.” What the hell is a “salfist”? Is that some sort of Moslem thing? If so, you’re mixing apples and oranges. The Koran and the Bible don’t mix (that is, if by “jawweh” you were mangling the name of the God of the Bible, and didn’t have some other incomprehensible idea in mind).

        4. You can always be depended upon Patrick to miss the point altogether and throw in some voodoo along the way.

          Your prophet Constantine who wrote your book on behalf of Rome to keep a fading empire together has little to do with God. In fact nothing much has changed. Rome loved tossing Chistians into the coliseum to battle lions and barbarians. Jesus would turn away from you and the whore of Babylon.

          At this point in time, the entire western world is the arena and Rome is still alive and well. They control all of the Abrahamic religions, top to bottom. Their followers believe what their parents believed and taught them to believe. And it is all held together by khazar enforcers. They are the vatican’s bankers, the Saudi Royal families installed with the help of Lawrence of Arabia, the gay sex maniac by order of Rothschild and the Sassoons.

          The Borgias and the Breakspeares held Rome together with cash during hard times for centuries. They are still running the show.

          You don’t need conspiracies when everyone is taught the same thing and consider themselves enlightened. Just fall in line from the Mufti, Iman, pope, priest, or rabbi. The sheep always need a middle man.

          I haven’t mocked any predicted future, that something from your own fevered imagination. A Salafist (spelled correctly) would indeed be moslem. To put it in terms you might possibly be familiar with, let us say Muslim Brotherhood. Perhaps you ran into the term when you were not busy memorizing the passages of Constantine. Have you managed to memorize the 7 pillars of Islam also?

          The law is life, but preach on if it makes you happy.

          Your conception of the divine is a disease of the ego. You believe your brand of righteousness will vault you over the rest of the poor hapless souls who were not intellectual enough to understand it. I have some news for you, everybody is going to heaven. It is just as you would say most likely, there are many mansions in the heavens. In other words you leave town (this physical plane) as your consciousness. Yours is pretty low from what I have seen.

          Your brand of religion it seems is a lot like the American political process. There is only two choices, democrat or republican. Your idea of the spiritual world is basically my way or the highway.

          It is not scientific to believe that everyone could not be “saved” whatever that means before the advent of Jesus, nor is it rational to think that everyone after him will burn in the fire unless they memorize your book. It is a control mechanism to keep the masses in line.

          I didn’t come here to follow, I came here to lead.

        5. Dublin, wow.

          Nice long essay. And you turned it around in an hour from Patrick’s post. Enviable.

          You should write more often.

        6. Rome? Controlling me? Don’t make me laugh, Mickey. I’m a protestant, old friend. Nondenominational. I’ve got no truck with Rome, or Constantine–and for God’s sake, no spiritual connection to the Borgias. Sola scriptura is my bag. The original texts, in Greek. Written hundreds of years before Rome was converted to Christianity. Popishness R NOT us–er, me. You must be confusing me with someone else.

          “You don’t need conspiracies when everyone is taught the same thing and consider themselves enlightened. Just fall in line from the Mufti, Iman, pope, priest, or rabbi. The sheep always need a middle man.”

          You are an ass. This asinine statement bears no resemblance to me. You don’t know what a nondenominational protestant is, do you, Mick?

          I would advise you once again, as I have in the past, to read the article I have linked to (more than once) by Mike Heiser, which definitively proves the true origin and meaning of the word “nephilim.” It is a window into genuine Bible study, which requires a deep knowledge of the Mesopotamian cultures and languages and context the Bible emerged out of. Rome has absolutely nothing to do with any of it.

        7. I would Toni, but the constant vanishing posts to moderation really disrupt from the flow of the conversation. What has gotten into you? You accuse me of plagiarism from time to time. (leave links which vanish) Sometimes I have to do that in futile attempts to keep Patrick up to date on the current discoveries.

          If nothing else this boy is genuine entertainment.

          It is sometimes necessary to establish an ideological and fact based foundation before we can offer content that makes sense.

          Quite frankly I have been blessed in that I have met Mahatmas from India in my youth who were quite psychic. They could tell me many things from my past and many things to come. It always was correct. So I know the Christos can be involved in the affairs of men. I have experienced it. One told me I would inherit some money soon. I said yeah sure. In a couple of months, my uncle died and left me several thousand dollars. I could go on with this but most wouldn’t believe me.

          You know when you meet these type of personages who change everybody around them you are blessed. You don’t need books. They change you and everyone they come in contact with. So I am pretty convinced I know what I am talking about.

          In fact Jesus, probably the greatest seer and prophet who ever lived, had no books. He was teaching a condition of the heart, a love of nature and God’s creation. He had no churches, no organization structure. It was all about the awakening of the human soul to the divine nature of the creator and pointed out others can do this also. I have found in my limited travels this is so and I am graced with meeting a few of them.

          We are all going to heaven …… relax.

        8. Mick says:
          “What has gotten into you? You accuse me of plagiarism from time to time.”

          Nothing. Just trying to make a positive response to your comment without using the “p” word, but let me help you completely dismantle that effect by confessing that, yes, I wrote to you out of sheer joy, for I detected no plagiarism in your essay.

          Seriously, you should write more. Moderation doesn’t take that long. You have a voice that sounds just like yourself, and it’s better to read your summaries than figure them out from your links.

        9. In the old country all “newcomers” are “entitled” to immediate economic assistance. Why are they entitled? What gives them this right? It’s a sure way to empty the state coffers sooner than later.

          I sent out Christmas cards early last year to the old country with a simple question to two dozen family members and friends. Are they for or against the invasion. Only one friend is totally against it and up in arms. She is retired and sees her small pension shrink as the number of “entitled” newcomers swell. The rest were perfectly fine with the situation. We have to help, they wrote. I was not too surprised about the overwhelming positive response for their country being invaded. Only they do not see it as an invasion, but as a humanitarian effort

          Another way to pay for entitlements to the newcomers has been to tack a 15% tax off the top of pensions received by Norwegian retirees living abroad. The pension they worked for all their lives has shrunk considerably. Many moved to warmer climates for health reasons and for the lower cost of living. So a whole new bureaucracy was invented to tap around 40,000 retirees living abroad. It gets deducted before the monthly pension is sent out and there is no way to get a refund.

          The latest in the propaganda rags over there is to bash Putin’s family. Today his daughter and ex-wife were sent through the wringer. They are getting silly and desperate.

          This Russian journalist is advocating open borders across all continents. He writes that will ensure people of all persuasions to live in harmony. He wants an open Russia and everyone is welcome. They do have space in Russia, but do they have the means to take care of millions of newcomers who can’t speak a word of their difficult language?

          “It seems nobody has reacted more emotionally to the migration crisis in Europe than the Russian people and the small community of Russians who have themselves migrated to Europe. Those who predict that Europe will inevitably collapse under the flood of refugees from the Middle East and Africa seem to have logic on their side. Meanwhile, those who advocate an open door policy can only meekly argue that the world should be free from national barriers.”

        10. Anne, well there’s the result of a great marketing campaign. How many of those people realize that they are pawns in a global game?

          Charity is a good thing. Generally, when someone needs help, they are humble. They do not insult their hosts.

          There is also a distinction between a registered “refugee” and an illegal immigrant. Each country on the route is required to stop those at their border from continuing if they do not meet the criteria.

          This is not a humanitarian exercise. These young men do not mean well. They are not fleeing certain death. They have been funded and organized and the disruption is deliberate.

          So, as your film clip so wisely predicted, their representatives at the EU and in local government have sold them out. Some appear to be ready for absorption into The Entity.

        11. This writer to the Moscow Times misses the central point: this is about a clash of civilizations. By definition, civilizations are incompatible with one another–but some are more incompatible than others. Islam is the worst; it is the most inferior, but it has a superiority complex.

          Central to Islam is “jihad,” which takes numerous forms. In the early centuries, it was savage conquest, and the subduing of the conquered peoples with an intolerance rarely seen in history. But it can also take the current form, of gradual, at first imperceptible, migration into the targeted country. Islam holds that when there are few Moslems in an alien culture, they are to lie about their intentions, because when weak they must play for time; when large numbers are finally present, the truth can be expressed. Allah, after all, told Mohammed that some day all the Earth will submit (that’s what the word “Islam” means) to him. By force, coercion, or choice. Since all other civilizations are inferior to Islam, there is no way people with Moslem Minds can truly assimilate–in fact, abandoning Islam is a capital crime.

          The reason we have borders in a decent world is minimize the clash, and to preserve culture. The West, because it is an expression of Christianity, which is a truly universal thing, has been able to absorb people from all civilizations and cultures, in small numbers. The mistake is to think it can be done in massive numbers, with no expectation on the part of the migrants that they are to assimilate. This guy does not seem to understand that.

          Japan and Arabia are places that have never assimilated any outsiders. They are essentially closed places. Japan’s birth rate has in recent decades fallen off a cliff, and is now so small that the population is aging faster than anything seen in history–but they refuse to allow aliens to immigrate there, even to do menial work that needs doing. Arabia, on the other hand, does indeed allow in aliens to do menial tasks, in strictly controlled numbers, but they are kept completely separate from society, and can be deported at any time on a whim.

          China has grown by absorbing surrounding ethnicities over the centuries, but these people are ruthlessly expected to become one with Han Chinese identity. The restive Moslems in the Western provinces refuse to do that, so the clash will continue until Peking wins. There is no “multiculturalism” in China, and never will be.

          This guy does not seem to understand any of that. He wants Russia to stop being Russian, just as the enemies of Britain are delighted that Englishness is disappearing. Same with France, Norway, Germany, and all the rest.

          As lophatt said, this is all planned. No one, though, expects Japan, or Arabia, or China, to throw open their borders. No one is telling them to wake up and accept the inevitability that their culture and civilization will be diluted by aliens, and learn to like it.

          Only what once was the West is being targeted in this way. And we are powerless to stop it, because we have abandoned belief in what made the West the West: Christianity.

          That’s why I found so heartening this story: the spontaneous willingness to defend their culture by those guys in that bar; cheerfully sending the enemy to the hospital sends the message that the jihad stops here.

        12. Patrick, there are borders because of natural boundaries and imperial pasts. There is no overarching reason to keep civilizations contained.

          I grew up in Southern California, which always had a significant mestizo (Spanish and Native American population) — more indigenous than our Anglo one which mostly came post-war. The fact that more people have poured in from Mexico and Central America is not too remarkable. I have recently read the history of colonization from Mexico in about 1775 – deliberately designed to keep out the Russians and others. Alta California was a frontier. From the East came families like that of General Patton (after their loss in the Civil War) — LA was full of ex-confederates (there is a whole section in the Hollywood Forever cemetery from the days before the film colony, filled with these vets).

          I never regarded it as strange that Chinese people were attracted to California either – they only followed on the heels of their predecessors. We all know the story of Japanese internments. They were truck farmers before, and shop keepers.

          But the dominant, underlying culture, as the English one was to New England, was Spanish, and directed (if you see the histories of the records from Mexico and Madrid) at planting themselves squarely in California.

          When we allow ourselves one prejudice, it is like eating salt peanuts, and everything else falls in too. Since I do not believe 9/11 happened as described, I am loathe to attribute all the troubles of this time to Islam. But if I did, I might run mad and start screaming about immigrants too. Or imagine that I was anointed to save the white race from being swamped. Whom the gods would destroy…

        13. Yes Patrick. It is ironic that the Christian doctrine of charity and love for others is being leveraged into forced acceptance of those who have no respect for Christians. It is being sold as an “obligation”.

          On the other hand, these young Muslims are the product of Wahhabism and are taught that their new hosts are evil and they should have no respect for them. Their stated goal is to force “conversion” or destroy them.

          Soros is up to his slimy eyebrows in funding this. Meanwhile the EU politicians are prancing around scolding their citizens over their reactions to this onslaught. Of course their politicians don’t have to live down in the street in the middle of the rabble.

          To be honest, its an amazing thing to watch. They are so arrogant, disdainful and abusive. The politicians paper over all of this abuse and keep harping on the residents that it is their duty to put up with it.

          Borders were, and are, there to protect those who live within them. If love evolves to a point where they are no longer needed I would be truly happy. We’re not there yet.

        14. Another problem of unregulated immigration is the exorbitant taxes those of us already living here have to pay to cover social welfare programs. Immigrants just arriving haven’t paid into this system; the women and children (many of whom don’t even speak English well enough to gain employment), who get the majority of welfare benefits (or public schooling, free lunches, transportation, after-school programs, tutoring, etc.), won’t be paying into the system for years, if at all.

          So there’s that, too.

        15. Recynd, yes, but if your goal is ultimately to reduce everyone to the level of cattle its a pretty good ploy. Just throw them all in the pot and let inertia level it all to the lowest common denominator. If some of the previous residents die of exotic diseases, that’s that many more they won’t have to cull later.

          Chaos and turmoil are their friends. If we have to struggle to eat and survive we don’t have time to keep our eyes on who’s robbing us blind. People are puzzled because on some level they believe that these “leaders” are trying to do the “right” thing. They aren’t.

        16. If -I- can see the economic impact, anyone can. So why they don’t is the question. Of course our “leaders” aren’t doing the right thing, but I wonder why more of us little people haven’t caught on. It was like the housing bubble: the houses in my area jumped 200% (or more) in 15 years? Yeah, right. Where did people think that money was coming from? Trees?

          I’ve seen an exodus from So. CA (middle class folks of all ethnicities). So where’s the increase in population coming from? Poor immigrants? They’re not living in my still-middle-class (not upper-middle-class, like South Orange County) neighborhood; property values are too high. But this can’t last forever. Unless they start tearing down SFRs to put up multi-family dwellings, I don’t know how it’ll ever be “affordable” (compared to anywhere else in the country). The job market’s not exactly booming.

          Maybe they’ll turn my area into an Agenda 21 “stack-em-and-pack-em” village; we’re so centrally located and all. I shudder to think.

          If we weren’t trapped by the old “golden handcuffs”, we’d be outta here too.

        17. Patrick
          It is the christian religion that makes the sparsely populated north react in such a meek manner to the invasion. Before christendom was forced on the nordics, they would have killed or enslaved those immigrants. Btw some of the terrible viking visitors who didnt like their enforced christening later took it out on the wealth-laden monasteries they visited.

        18. I disagree, Peter. There is little “Christian religion” remaining in Scandinavia. The churches are empty. What replaced it was Leftism, secular humanism, and an insane belief that all cultures are equal.

          Christianity, it’s true, tends to encourage “turning the other cheek,” but it also is an expansionary, manly, philosophy. Since its very identity revolves around the confidence that it is the Truth, and that there is no way to the Father but through Jesus, it is unnatural for Christian lands to be overtaken by anti-Christian hoards, unless to invite them to convert Christianity, doing so with real enthusiasm. The fact that Scandinavia is actively encouraging this population replacement, with absolutely no effort at evangelism, is ipso facto proof they are no longer Christian up there.

          Vlad the Impaler. Now, THAT was a Christian. He scared the hell out of the invading Turk, and drove them back, terrified. The Crusaders, who valiantly started to fight back after Islam had stolen so many Christian lands, as well–although they waited too long; Islam was too deeply entrenched by then, and far too few warriors made the journey if the Moslems were to be driven back to Arabia, where they belonged.

          Then there is the example of the noble Spaniards, who after 800 long years finally finished the job of getting the Moors out of the Iberian Peninsula–THEY were Christians.

          Wimpy, namby-pamby, limp-wristed passivity is NOT an expression of Christianity. Christians do not invite enemies inside the gates, unless it is to convert them to Christianity. Nothing about the way Scandinavia is behaving is in any way an expression of Christianity. Those Moslems, who should be considered a mission field, are coddled, pampered, and encouraged to remain Mohammedans. Unthinkable, from the Christian point of view.

        19. Point taken but the vikings were not lefty’s before they were christened and the wimpyness could be implemented on the remains of the christian virtues. The vikings however did have some variant of civilized grassroot democracy(for men…) to sort out differences in an organized manner. Protodemocracy sort of.
          The sparsely populated cold north meant there wasnt so much of gangmentality while tacit cooperative instincts came naturally among (semi-)strangers. So the nordics softened by christendom and transformed by liberalism are not prepared when they encounter those southern gangs.

        20. Recynd 77 – regarding “pack ’em and stack ’em”. Continuing the migration madness, Norway’s Foreign Ministry requested 30,000 (thirty thousand) new welcome centers for the “newcomers”. This in country of approximately 5 million residents.

          But lo and behold, what tripped up this grand scheme? Lack of funds. Finally reality has surfaced, that is until they find new ways to fleece taxpayers and retirees for the cabal’s vision of “pack ’em and stack ’em”.

          It occurred to me that nature separates the species in natural habitats. Alligators like water, monkeys like trees, snakes prefer hiding under large rocks, we have cold climate species and warm climate species. What would happen if all these species were forced to live together in a pack ’em and stack ’em environment? Sort of like the vision for a new Europe; humans with nothing in common forced together by invisible powers and minions galore. Nothing good comes from either situation.

          Montana covers a land area about the same as Norway. Add 4 million to Montana’s current 1 million population and then propose 30,000 welcome centers for “newcomers”. As I keep saying, the inmates run the asylum for their invisible masters.

        21. When rats get packed together too tightly in a cage they start to eat each other. That’s what we’ll do, assuming we’re not drugged to the gills with sedatives and SSRIs (oh wait, we are).

          On a more practical level, imagine the potential vermin problems. One unit gets cockroaches (or rats, or bedbugs), they ALL get ’em. Oh, I shudder to think!

          Stefan Molyneaux (who I do not love, but he often makes interesting points) talks about average IQs of people from different parts of the world. Another wrinkle in the whole micro-diversified world, isn’t it?

          But like many a fool has said before, “What could POSSIBLY go wrong?”

        22. Recynd, please don’t confuse my writing about something with my “liking” it. I am willing to look at things as I think they are, even when it brings me sadness.

          Most people don’t want to believe the truth. It is too painful. It also leaves one with unwanted choices to make.

          It is easier to believe that the current invasion is simply the wretched dross of countless wars and disharmony looking for relief than it is to realize that the whole thing has been engineered, funded, and used for another agenda.

          It doesn’t take a Mensa candidate to see that such disruptive clashes are bound to drag down the standards of those subjected to them. Of course we are taught that we owe our brothers and sisters whatever they require to survive. This is predicated on the notion that these events are simply random, unplanned consequences.

          It is easy to tell by the attitudes displayed by these “refugees” that they have been told that much awaits them in their new homes. They have been told that the people living there are evil and unworthy of consideration. They have been told that they are doing their part in a jihad designed to destroy the host civilization and replace it with their own.

          I don’t see how anyone could avoid that conclusion. If the respective countries involved have “leaders” who are willing to sell out their own on such terms it suggests to me that things may not be as described.

          At a certain point one has to make a leap. They have to reluctantly conclude that “their” governments are not representing them. They have to learn precisely WHO they are representing. Then they have to decide if they want to cooperate with their own extinction or push back.

          As ugly as these actions have been I can’t help but be more amazed by the fact that these NWO shills aren’t universally chased down the street by howling mobs.

          Since approximately the 1980’s we’ve received a steady diet of “austerity”. Basically, there is no hope. You must learn to live with less. It isn’t your lot in life to have things, that’s for us, the rich.

          There is a world of difference between a society that looks forward to the future with hope and excitement, and one who is taught to learn to accept their miserable lots as the sum of their worth.

          Lack of hope and acceptance of misery are not Christian tenets. They are Muslim tenets. Many miss that distinction. I actually see this introduction of Wahhabism (a perversion even of Islam) as part and parcel of the new religion they are developing. It is a control freak’s wet dream.

          Without getting “preachy”, there is a simple test to apply. Good seeks to liberate. Evil seeks to control. Which is this? Does this serve to develop each to their maximum potential? Does this work to inhibit creativity and keep people in their place?

          It is often necessary to demolish something prior to building anew. That is what we are looking at. This is no accident, cosmic or otherwise. Chaos is their hallmark. Remember “Ordo ab Chao”

        23. Oh Lop, I wasn’t griping about you, I was just…griping. Watching the nonsense around us unfold, the unnecessary division, the manipulation, and the general lack of anything resembling common sense has me feeling like a wrung-out, moldy washcloth.

          I know ya’ll get it; most of you see it as clearly as I do (and probably better), and that’s why I do my griping here, among friends.

          Happy Thursday, all.

    1. That is an excellent video. I was looking at one the other day on youttube interviewing poles on the issue of so called migrants. One pole said there are not many in Poland and are not going to be as they are afraid of both Poles and Russians. The EU is pushing it however. I will see if I can find the videos.


    So apparently american citizens are such a threat that their most basic right to liberty and bodily integrity can be shoved aside while ‘immigrants’ from Syria can’t be vetted to ascertain potential dangerousness…

    Chris Murphy of Connecticut is the author of the Senate companion bill to Tim Murphy’s House one that allows the state to imprison citizens without any due process or science for merely having some attitude deemed a vague potential danger. He’s batting 1,000 for inconsistency with this one.

  25. Since we find ourselves, again, in the far right lane of traffic, I’ll start at the top with my reply to musings.

    First, your last thought. I have expressed here, numerous times, my acknowledgement that there were no Arabs (and no planes) involved in 9/11. It is possible that none of the other widely promoted false flags that are blamed on Moslems actually are perpetrated by Moslems–or, in the case of the first WTC bombing in the 90s, hapless fools are tricked into doing it by the FBI.

    But that’s sort of the point, isn’t it? While no Americans had ever seen a Moslem before the late 70s, because outside of Elijah Mohammed’s wacky black guys in bow ties starting in the 60s, Americans have only recently had any reason at all to know anything about Islam. Of course, no one reads serious books about such things, so when the government and the media tell them that “it’s one of the three monotheistic religions,” and that it’s a “religion of peace,” and that it has some connection to Abraham and the Bible, and that they acknowledge Jesus in some way, they think they now know all they need to know. It’s all false, but they’ll never find that out–unless they listen to people like me, who HAS read the books and knows the history and the theology of Islam.

    So the people setting up the New World Order no longer have communism to blame our troubles on, so they needed another foil. It is said that Albert Pike predicted in a letter to Giuseppe Mazzini that three world wars would be engineered to bring in the New World Order, and the third one would use Islam as the foil. I’ve heard that contention countless times, but I’ve never seen the letter. Still, like the Protocols, said to be a forgery, the fact is everything that letter supposedly says came true.

    The thing is, communism was a great foil, because it really IS evil. It’s nightmarishness is easily verifiable. So the Cold War did not present us with a fake enemy, even if the Cold War was indeed fake. Same with Islam. Islam is evil in a way that it is very hard to acknowledge. It is deeply insidious. It produces monstrous behavior, and insane ways of thinking about the world, but it also produces very nice people, and agreeable customs. One observes the nice guy who owns the falafel restaurant and can’t believe the ideology he grew up absorbing assures him that in the end we must submit or die. This gives the Western Mind a bad case of cognitive dissonance.

    The Bad Guys use this to wondrous advantage. Take the events in Paris, for example. Everyone knows that if you mock, or even draw a cartoon of, the wretched monster Mohammed (or talk about the dead blighter that way), good Moslems will feel compelled to murder you. The cartoonists in Denmark found that out, as did Theo Van Gogh. Then the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo decided to rub Islamic noses in it, drawing the predictable insane, blind, Moslem rage. Was Charlie Hebdo a cutout, an agent of the New World Order conspiracy at the time, and these cartoons published as part of the scheme to get everyone in the world to see the dark reality of Islam?

    What seems entirely evident is that the attack on Charlie Hebdo and the Kosher market (and probably the Bacalan) is that Moslems didn’t do it. But it was set up to make everyone think they did–because it really IS what they do.

    But the key to the con is that all and sundry, 24/7, insist that Islam had nothing to do with it. And anyone who SAYS Islam is violent and insane and incompatible with European life, is a bigot. No Islam to see here.

    But everyone knows that officialdom is lying about that, because everyone knows perfectly well that Islam did it. Those, after all, are Islam’s fingerprints all over the scene.

    I am reminded of Dean Wormer’s Double Secret Probation.

    Islam has been humanity’s deadliest enemy ever since Mohammed became demon possessed in that cave in Araby 1,400 year ago. Just because the New World Order is making up crimes to blame on Islam to terrorize the world into accepting their plans for us, using Islam’s M.O., it doesn’t mean Islam is not the deadly it always has been. Because it is truly toxic it makes the PERFECT enemy.

    The invaders really ARE raping and molesting, en-masse, all over Europe. It’s what Moslem men, gathered in groups, do (and always have done) to women out in public. They consider it a game, and it has a name: “Taharrush” (

    But guess what? True to form, officialdom denies it is even going on.

    It’s just what Moslems do. It’s part of what makes their civilization so completely incompatible with our own.

    But our masters tell us not to believe our lying eyes.

    This got too long. I’ll address some other points later.

  26. My response to musings’ remarks, continued.

    Starting at the top, about why there are borders.

    ” there are borders because of natural boundaries and imperial pasts.”

    That’s one reason. But China built a wall, as did Rome, to keep out the Picts (actually, they built two of them). It’s the same reason in the ancient world cities had walls around them, and in medieval Europe people lived behind walls and in Castles–to keep out Moslems and Vikings.

    “There is no overarching reason to keep civilizations contained.”

    It depends upon the civilization that wants to get in. Vikings were really horrible visitors. A hoard of Islamic invaders made a visit from Hannibal Lecter look like tea with grandma of a Sunday afternoon.

    You talk about the history of So. Cal. It was a very sparkly populated place when we stole it from Mexico, because it is so arid. It was the water projects that WE built that made large population possible there.

    Two thing come into play here. First, once Americans started developing the place, it became completely and totally Western (in the civilizational sense). The mestizos that development attracted became anglicized.

    Secondly, mestizos were already half-way Westerners. Certainly, the Spaniards left in place many Indian tribes in the lands they settled, but whenever they blended their blood with them, culturally and civilizationally those people ceased to be Indians. People who theorize about the nature of civilizations tend to put Latin America in a grey area. Still, when they came to California, they became more like us, and the character of the place was more “American” than New York in the first half of the 20th Century.

    So, So. Cal. can only be analyzed as a clash of civilizations in recent decades. The Aztlan movement is not organic. It is an Op. It is entirely fraudulent: the Aztecs never lived that far north. It has tricked disaffected people into rejecting the West. It is part of a systematic plan to destroy what remains of Western culture.

    Why would they fall for that trick? Because the West has ceased to exist, and something has to fill the vacuum. Lies will do just fine.

    Moving on. Chinese civilization is not an invasive one, the way Islam is. It does not seek to replace the civilization its people migrate to. It’s just not confucian to do that. They adapted very well to life in the West, because of that. Same with Japanese civilization–at least Japanese who came here. I don’t know enough about what they envisioned Manchuria would look like when they were done with it to comment about that.

    As for “prejudice,” you make that sound like a bad thing, but if that’s what you call the thing those Russian blokes felt when they saw those invaders molesting their women in that bar in Murmansk last Thursday, well, I’d say we need a hell of a lot more of it. Our more salt on those peanuts! If we don’t fight against hostile invaders, put them in the hospital, and drive them out, we don’t deserve to own the land we live on.

  27. To continue the conversation below…..
    Patrick, yes, the Russian journalist is another one not looking into the future, just the present. He is not keen on where Russia is heading though:

    Dagbladet, tabloid rag # 2, reports that during the month of January 661 “migrants” have vanished from their quarters in Norway. This includes 28 children. 2,207 newcomers vanished without a trace during all of 2015. The report does not mention where they may have gone. Perhaps Sweden.

    Many of the missing lived here at a former office building in the city of Stavanger on the west coast. A three year old boy reportedly was raped here last year. Around 800 newcomers are housed here at taxpayers’ expense.

  28. Patrick, the Los Angeles area was indeed a desert not that long ago. An uncle of mine at age 14 worked on a Norwegian merchant ship that eventually harbored in San Pedro, CA. The year was 1925. His first sight of California was quite a shock. He said that as far as the eye could see there was nothing but sand and chicken coops.

    Where I live now has an interesting past. Being fond of all things old there are numerous treasures around here to visit. Water being the essence of life, it was brought to the emerging city by some very clever engineering through the area here. Previously Los Angeles depended on water from the Los Angeles River.

    Some great photos from the process of bringing water from Owens Valley (Owens Lake is now bone dry)…..

    Water pipe inching its way to Los Angeles through a pass here in 1913:

    1. Anne, when I lived in Sacramento we had plenty of water. There were three major rivers feeding the area. It was surrounded by rich farmland.

      Over the years billions were spent on various schemes to siphon off Northern California’s water for use in Southern California (a desert). Along the way they developed a huge canal system running the length of the state.

      Due to runoff from fertilizers and pesticides, the water became increasingly toxic the farther down the canal you went. To this day more billions are spent in detoxifying the soil and water necessitated by the lure of big crops.

      Human engineering IS amazing. Maybe more amazing is “WHY?”. Did I mention that it was a desert? When the Spanish missions were established they didn’t dream of supporting the number of people who live there now.

      Outside of the weather and ocean views, why would it not have made better sense to establish industries where the water was? The same could be said for Las Vegas. It’s a puzzle.

      1. lophatt, indeed “WHY?” And don’t forget Phoenix in addition to Las Vegas and Los Angeles. In the meantime cities like Buffalo with plenty of water are not doing so well. Granted, there are fewer days with sunshine than the southwest. Everyone wants sunshine.

        We have friends near Sacramento living next to the American River in Carmichael. It is very pretty with hiking and biking trails along the river. The area reminds me of the mid west.

        A mission in the San Fernando Valley is aptly named San Fernando Mission for short. It originated in 1797 and has seen many ups and downs over time. Today it is a magnificent structure in the Mission Hills section of the valley.

        A history with images of the mission from Water and Power Associates:

        The San Fernando Mission today:

        1. Yes Anne, we used to live in Carmichael. We used to float down the American River in inner tubes. I’ve also been to that mission.

          We left to get away from too many people and too much heat. 110 is not unusual in summer.

          I had relatives all over the state so there aren’t too many parts I haven’t been to. Two of my daughters still live in California. It used to be a nice place.

          There is no comparison between what it was like for me as a teenager and what it is now. They completely ruined it.

        2. lophatt, what do you think of the Lake Tahoe area? Few states, if any, have the variety in nature that California has to offer. It may be too late for any resemblance of sanity in this previous golden state, even if we sent all politicians from top to bottom down the river on inner tubes and out to sea. It must break your heart to see the transformation when you’re in California.

          I’m into photos these days. Your old river – Río de los Americanos……

        3. I used to like to go to Lake Tahoe. It has gotten very built up and expensive, however. When I was in bands playing at “Stateline” was a treat. They gave us cabins to stay in, dressing rooms, star treatment…, it was great!

          Since the advent of legalized gambling things have changed. Thousands used to break for Tahoe every Friday to go gamble in the Nevada casinos.

          Besides the American River we had the Sacramento River, the Feather River and the Consumness. There was also Folsum Lake. Besides those, everybody had swimming pools. We needed them, it was 110F!

          For those thinking of escaping California I think Idaho or Montana would do nicely. It’s bitter cold in winter, but beautiful in Summer. Tahoe is nice, pricey, but nice. It’s pretty frozen in Winter as well.

          I suppose its all in what you’re looking for. If you don’t want people your choices are better. My ideal is somewhere where people mind their own business, like Nevada. Of course, as we grow older, and weaken, those places are more of a challenge.

        4. Lophatt
          Best friend I had in the Army was from Sacramento. We corresponded and planned to get together when I was in the border patrol in Arizona. Then his wife wrote me and said he died, diving off the Sacramento bridge onto a floating log while partying. I miss that guy.

          He was about 5-8, 175 and pound for pound, one of the strongest kids I have ever seen. He never lost but 1 fight I saw him in. I tried to break up one from behind and he flipped me in the air and I landed on a bar table back first and slide over it. He would do about 150 pushups a night without fail.

          In Germany he always turned heads, had a long coat, yellow, brown and black plaid with a fur collar! Those were good days. I was always after him to let me wear that down town. Crazy little guy, when dancing with the German girls, he would at first, go into a stance, not move and twirl his wrist, just staring at them.

        5. Mick, I bet I know the bridge. We used to dive from it all the time. It wasn’t very high, but there was a lot of debris that floated down stream and you had to keep an eye out for it. The current was so strong that I’ve seen whole logs get sucked under.

          Interesting about your friend. There wasn’t another soldier from where I came from that I knew in Germany. Of course I was probably too stoned to remember.

          One interesting “coincidence” happened to me in Marburg. We were going to a concert and I saw some people slipping and sliding along the walk up to the auditorium. When I got there it turned out to be three people I knew from Sacramento.

          The odd part was that the greeting was rather non-chalant. “Hi Dennis, how’s it goin'”. We exchanged addresses and went our separate ways. It was only later, when I’d thought about it, that it struck me what the odds were of that.

          There was a perfectly logical explanation for it, but it was strange. They each had at least one European parent and they all ended up attending the Max Planck Institute. I, however, was slogging through my involuntary enlistment.

        6. lophatt, thanks for the input. It’s been 5 years since my last visit to Lake Tahoe. Beautiful and many refugees from Los Angeles there. The pricey real estate is sure to keep the mere mortals out. On the same road trip we did 26 ghost towns in Nevada, an experience I’ll never forget. No traffic and no people. It was heavenly for the duration, but we need a little of both in these modern times. Just a little.

          You once mentioned Pia Zadora, I can’t recall the context. Saw a movie last night on Amazon prime with her from 1982 that her then much older multimillionaire husband had financed. IMDb did not give the filming location, but I recognized the area being around Searchlight, Nevada and the road from there that goes down to Cottonwood Cove on Lake Mohave. If anyone wants a desert road trip worth its sand, this is the area to visit before it gets destroyed with miles and miles of solar panels on the desert floor. Thanks Harry Reid, they paid you well. I hope they leave Eldorado Canyon up the road intact.

          Mark Twain once tried his luck in the Aurora gold mines. The gravel road going there for miles was well maintained. Not much left of the town but bricks, broken pottery and glass. The cemetery, a history book in itself, is well maintained by people from Hawthorne. One family lost their four children during one winter month from diphtheria.

          Road to Aurora, Nevada:

          Rhyolite once has 10,000 residents during the gold rush. Not much left but shells of buildings. Rhyolite, Nevada:

          Even this place had been deserted, not even a gas station left:

        7. Yeah Anne, my great grandfather moved from Maine to Nevada when it was still a territory. I had several relatives in Austin, in the middle of the state, and we went there at least twice a year. I loved it.

          One of my aunts moved to Reno and my father was a surrogate father for her two boys. I spent a lot of time there. What I liked most about it was the freedom. I’ve seen ghost towns and some that “should” be ghost towns that you wouldn’t believe.

          Mining is like that. You strike it rich (you think), then the stamp mill robs you, the merchants rob you, then the banksters get in on the act. Next thing you know, you’re prospecting again.

          As to Pia Zadora, I mentioned a David Sodaris routine. He said that he went to a broadway production of “The Diary of Anne Frank” and Pia Zadora played Anne. That’s funny enough, but he said that her performance was so bad that when the Nazis entered the house someone in the audience hollered “she’s in the attic”.

          For what its worth, my grandfather actually got rich from a mine. Of course he promptly invested in another and lost most of it. Then he died of “black lung”. It’s a risky business.

        8. On the subject of ghost towns, recently I watched a movie filmed in Argentina. Much of the action took place in an area that had the appearance of being demolished by a bomb. It looked very real, not staged for the movie.

          Had not heard of any warlike turmoil in those regions since Falkland. Not until today have I been able to find out where half of the movie was filmed. Here:

        9. Recynd77, that was a great deliverance. This man is a treasure – a gold mine.

          Jordan Maxwell, in a recent interview on Red Ice Radio, talked about diamonds, diamond mining, how the gems became a “must have” and how the entertainment industry was assigned to promote diamonds on Broadway and in the movies with songs such as “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”.

          Out west here the anointed one graced Palm Springs once again with his presence on their golf courses and Los Angeles for fundraisers.
          All this additional public land being protected sounds very nice. The question is protected from whom?

          “LOS ANGELES — President Obama on Friday designated three new national monuments in the California desert, a 1.8-million-acre landscape of mountain ranges, lava flows, Joshua trees and sand dunes that nearly doubles the amount of public land he has protected as president.”

          “Obama got a standing ovation from the crowd before he even took the stage. People held their cellphones above the crowd for a photo as other clapped above their heads.”

        10. Recynd, I completely agree with everything he says. That was GREAT! The scary part is, he looks enough like me to be my brother. Thinks alike as well!

          I just summed up what I’ve been saying in pieces for a long time.

        11. Yes Anne, he “designated”, that’s what royalty does. Our job is to “observe” (and applaud).

          This man in the video understands relationships. Just like my little discourse on mining is an allegory. That doesn’t mean it isn’t true. It is illustrative of how things ARE, not what most believe.

          It is all manipulation. People create their own prisons. We can talk about episodes and events, but only the long, historical view, sheds any real light on our lives.

          Look at the stack of law books. See what a monster has been created to protect the manipulators. As he says, all sophistry. I’d love to have a chat with him. I’m sure he knows that you can’t “win” by using the systems they designed themselves.

          Still, knowledge is essential. The more one understands of how things are, the better armed they are should they decide to resist. It is no special honor to do things stupidly. I’m very glad he said what he did. It saves me having to say it.

          Interesting that Big “O” plays so much golf. He must not have taken fiddle lessons. The fact that he does so much harm and has an agenda that the antithesis of human dignity, does not seem to affect him at all. Your Brazilian town is what they want for us all. A controllable citizen is a needy citizen.

          They create “precious” metals and gems for use in enslaving those who dig for them. Then you must obtain those in order to by “their” goods. It has never been about the acquisition of wealth, it is the control of it that counts.

        12. I can’t use the ”Like” button without joining something or other, but if I could I would ”Like” Lophatt’s comment, too, and all his others from yesterday that I’ve just read. The time diff, here in UK to you all over there, is annoying!

        13. Maybe someone already answered you, but you can try going to the comment itself (on the actual website) and “like” it from there (click the little star).

          WordPress seems to work different ways on different devices. I’m not even sure how many people use the “like” function.

          Fwiw, your comments seem as timely as everyone else’s, at least from where I sit. 🙂

        14. Recynd… thanks I will try the ”like” button thingy!

          I did realise you only pulled me on the 22 times worse than CO2 thing…..

          Hope you like augureye…I would recommend reading the 3 parter on Fukushima first, its a brilliant analysis. Apart from that, he’s a bit ” new agey” but in a good way. The best for me are his stories of living with wolves in Alaska and episodes from his childhood… for me, a Brit, its a wonderful insight and pleasure on what is best about America, a bit like your conversations with Lophatt about the old western towns, the mining and so on.

          oh, and don’t forget The Man In The High Castle… I’m guessing you haven’t watched it yet as you haven’t mentioned it… sorry, now I feel like I’m being a pest…. just ignore me….

        15. From riches to rags, the Bowers mansion was built with Comstock mining profits. Now owned by Washoe County, the mansion is halfway between Reno and Carson City and open to the public during the summer months.

          Another Nevada treasure is the small town of Genoa, first settled by Mormon pioneers. Nevada’s oldest bar is still in operation here. There is even a Diebold safe from way back when. The Diebolds have been around for a while. I asked the proprietor why the door handle was so low on the front door. The reason was perfectly logical. When the miners left the bar crawling they would not have to stand up to open the door.

          I can’t leave out Snowshoe Thompson. For twenty years (1856-1876) he delivered the mail on skis between Placerville, CA and Genoa and Virginia City in Nevada. Not only that, he delivered the first silver ore to be mined from the Comstock Lode. He was never paid for his mail delivery service. I imagine immigrants of the old were made of a different stock than the “migrants” of today. Ok, I admit it. I am very fond of Nevada, much more than California.

        16. Here’s the town my family landed in for a few generations:

          I still have a claim near there, on the way to Battle Mountain. There is still lots of silver, and some gold to be had there. The problem is that it is locked in a granite matrix and takes the cyanide refining method to make it profitable.

          I have some interesting old memorabilia from there. If you think bankster cons are new I have news for you. I have shares in the “Reese River Barge Company”. Did I mention that Reese River is about two feet wide and six inches deep? Those are from the 1860’s, They sold like hotcakes in San Francisco.

          Still, a miner could make five to seven dollars a day in 1860. That was big money. A locomotive engineer could pull down $10.00/day. I believe that the bar at the International Hotel is the oldest in the West. It was built in New York, shipped around the Horn, and hauled by mule team from San Francisco.

          I read a story once that centered around the Tonopah Territory near Austin. During the Civil War a private deserted. An Army detachment was ordered to find him and return him for trial in Carson City. There was a hand-written daily log by the captain in charge. They rode all the way to Los Angeles where this kid had hooked up with a notorious Mexican desperado.

          General Grant had issued orders that, due to the desertion rate, deserters were to be hanged. The kid’s testimony was in the record and he was hanged as promised. What got me was that I’ve driven all over that area. It is immense, largely without water, full of hostile natives (at the time), and you would be lucky to make ten miles a day.

          We think in terms of hours. They thought in terms of days and weeks. If you messed up, you were dead. If you ever find yourself back in that area try to imagine crossing that on horseback. Just you, the jack rabbits and the rattlesnakes.

        17. lophatt, thanks for this wonderful story. I am a sucker for everything from the past, but as you say, try traveling this territory on horseback with the company of jack rabbits and rattle snakes. Better to read about it and then follow the pioneers’ footsteps in comfortable cars. We are a spoiled lot.

          U.S. Route 50, that goes by Austin, Nevada is claimed to be the loneliest road in America. From Maryland to California it is over 3000 miles long.

          Where I live now also lived a western movie star from the early days of silent motion pictures. He was William S. Hart, originally from NY state. His home is a museum here.

          Came across a silent, western movie from the twenties on Amazon Prime staring William Hart. The bankers and the rest of the pillars of community featured in the movie were as crooked then as they are now. No words were needed to get that across. So yes, the more things change the more they remain the same.

        18. Me too, Anne. Some of the old stories are amazing. Think of Vitus Bearing. He crosses Siberia on horseback and foot, goes all the way down to Monterey, courts a senorita, gets engaged, goes back to Russia and returns to marry her. I’m not talking about going to the airport here or even getting on a ship.

          Some of these explorers and pioneers had to be hard as nails. The myths surrounding life in the colonies and the early days of the US are simply rubbish. There was horrible exploitation, every bit as bad as in the old country.

          The one difference was opportunity. The rich owned everything in sight then as now. If one was talented, industrious and clever it was possible to build a brighter future. It was also possible to die in squalor as an indentured servant, apprentice or factory worker.

          Life has always been hard. It just takes different forms.

  29. Another great interview on Red Ice Radio. Adam, not his real name in fear of losing his job, is a firefighter in Kent, UK assigned to the Eurotunnel. He has experienced the “migrant” carnage first hand. As we know, the invasion of Europe has nothing to do with what we have been told.

    Is this really a humanitarian effort to save the downtrodden of the world in their bombed out countries? Far from it. Those who advocate open borders and welcome peoples of vast different backgrounds from faraway lands, simply do not understand that this massive operation has nothing to do with saving the poor and the unfortunate of the third world, providing them with warm and welcoming open borders. Instead they are underwriting their own slow demise, Viking “spirit” long since removed from Nordic genes.

    What this firefighter tells of his experience, he’s still stationed at the Eurotunnel, gives an insight into the kind of people who will be Europe’s new residents. If you have the stomach to read on, what one “migrant” did to avoid police touching and detaining him, was to defecate in his hands and spread the fecal matter all over himself.

    The discussion goes into all the new deceases that arrive with the masses. This is not an operation of sanity, but one of deliberate insanity by the faces we do not see and the names we do not know. It has nothing whatsoever to do with intermingling nationalities into peaceful cohabitation worldwide so we can sit around the campfire singing Cumbaja with Ric and lophatt providing instrumentals.

    Adam – Eurotunnel Insider Speaks Out on Waves of Migrants
    February 8, 2016

      1. For the hard skinned, in this Red Ice interview it was revealed that recently a young goat in a Swedish petting zoo had to be put down due to its injuries. Someone had sex with the goat and then proceeded to set the poor animal on fire. They are pretty sure it was not done by any Swedish males.

        This is the kind of mindset Norwegian politicians are now fighting among themselves to flood the country with. The brand new female immigration director wants stricter rules and more control on the invasion. Who the heck does she think she is? Now she has the rest of that political insane asylum wanting none of her recommendations. They want more, more, more “newcomers” and the families “left behind” processed faster to join those who made it to the promised land. Did she not get the memo?

        What on earth would these politicians/generals/CEOs/etc. do with their time if they did not have manufactured chaos to make them look busy and important? What a way to make a living and what a sad state of irreversible affairs.

    1. So who’s the FBI handler in this call?

      I think Michelle may be. She’s the woman on the phone in a car, who purports to be part of the Rev. Franklin Graham party that is coming to walk the people out of the siege.

      I also think the guy in the studio whose patching through the calls and stuff, may be compromised. Both he and Michelle keep trying to “soothe” the situation and blaming it, inexplicably, on the American people. These two also keep inquiring about things like combustibles and logistics.

      Michelle keeps saying that this livestream is what is keeping the FBI from killing these people. As if!

      All these things make me suspicious. The FBI could of course shut this down at any time.

      Thankfully, the people under siege are questioning these pronouncements.

      Oh, now, Michelle is extending guarantees from the FBI that they will not be aggressive tonight and that the people should all just go ahead and get some shut eye.

      She’s like an FBI handler from Central Casting.

    2. As I understand it, the people under siege are a group that wanted to leave the Oregon Refuge protest, and were allowed to move, but only to this in-between kind of “no-man’s-land” where they are now surrounded.

      1. Sort of, as I understand it. The woman who wants them to pray and is on the way is purported to be some sort of state representative (according to her).

        After they ambushed and murdered Finicum, these holdouts were told that they could leave. When they tried they wouldn’t let them.

        As an example of how “nice” the FBI is, Pete Santilli’s people had them call in their rental car as “stolen” and ask Enterprize for the code for the “On Star” so they could listen to their conversations in the car.

        They had been paying for the rental and made the necessary arrangements. They had to have their lawyer call Enterprise to straighten it out.

        No matter what anyone thinks of him, personally, he’s in solitary confinement for alleged journalism. I don’t know what their plans are for the holdouts. They wanted to leave a long time ago.

        They are toying with them like a cat toys with a mouse.

      1. Yeah, they arrested him on a host of charges. They won’t give him his blood pressure meds either.

        As to you Mick, I’m not so sure that this is theater. It could be, of course, but the feds have a long and disgusting history without any help.

        I don’t have any personal attachment to the Bundy’s, but I have followed the progression of these types of conflicts for several years. Basically, if people are content to let government decide what they can and can’t do with every aspect of their lives, I guess they’ve arrived.

        Regardless of the personalities involved, “public” means us. Supposedly they are managed for us. They are not “owned” by the feds. They are owned by us.

        In a communist society this is not a problem. Nobody owns anything. All I’ve seen over the last several years is a constant creep toward “we the people” being relegated to the status of observers. That cuts across all intersections where “the public” meet “the government”.

        It could be, as you say, that it is designed to show what happens when mere citizens push back. Designed or not, we are getting a pretty good demonstration of where they regard us in the grand hierarchy.

        Judges rule, cops rule, politicians rule, us………, well, get real! Just look at the proportionality of this show. Four (count ’em, four), heretics holed up in the middle of nowhere. How many Stasi, with full military accouterments do you reckon were there?

        I see smaller versions of this right in my town. A kid on a skateboard can draw half a dozen swaggering goons. If he gets mouthy they might call in an MRAP.

        I don’t accept the need for this or the passive acceptance of overwhelming force applied to enforcing globalist orthodoxy. I could say a lot more. For those who feel the need to publicly resist, I think they need to get more creative. If you know you’re hopelessly outgunned, it isn’t wise to stage a standoff.

        We should all be asking ourselves, in who’s name are these overblown operations conducted and by what authority? These goons should be ashamed.

  30. Comments coming soon after moderation.

    I would Toni, but the constant vanishing posts to moderation really disrupt from the flow of the conversation. What has gotten into you? You accuse me of plagiarism from time to time. (leave links which vanish) Sometimes I have to do that in futile attempts to keep Patrick up to date on the current discoveries.

    If nothing else this boy is genuine entertainment.

    It is sometimes necessary to establish an ideological and fact based foundation before we can offer content that makes sense.

    Quite frankly I have been blessed in that I have met Mahatmas from India in my youth who were quite psychic. They could tell me many things from my past and many things to come. It always was correct. So I know the Christos can be involved in the affairs of men. I have experienced it. One told me I would inherit some money soon. I said yeah sure. In a couple of months, my uncle died and left me several thousand dollars. I could go on with this but most wouldn’t believe me.

    You know when you meet these type of personages who change everybody around them you are blessed. You don’t need books. They change you and everyone they come in contact with. So I am pretty convinced I know what I am talking about.

    In fact Jesus, probably the greatest seer and prophet who ever lived, had no books. He was teaching a condition of the heart, a love of nature and God’s creation. He had no churches, no organization structure. It was all about the awakening of the human soul to the divine nature of the creator and pointed out others can do this also. I have found in my limited travels this is so and I am graced with meeting a few of them.

    We are all going to heaven …… relax.

    1. Today a Los Angeles chemtrail activist sent this video to likeminded. In L.A. they are once again painting the skies making the video timely. Dr. Vandana Shiva is interviewed in Germany – the interview is in English. She refers to geoenginering as a whole as hubris, arrogance, and stupid science by evil minds.

      On second and third thoughts, the Porter Ranch gas blowout may be a geoengineering experiment.

      12 minutes…..

      1. Vandana Shiva’s point of looking at the big picture before worrying about the details is a good one, and one that has been brought up here time and again. We can get so distracted by the trees (or the leaves, in some cases) that we lose sight of the forest.

      2. Today they said that they had successfully capped the leak. They said there was more work to do, but it was stopped.

        Hadn’t they been saying that it was impossible to fix at least for several months? What happened?

  31. I think it was just yesterday that some hearings were held in Congress regarding Texas Senator Cornyn’s proposed ‘mental health’ bill, which seeks to impose due process on the psych system’s negation of Second Amendment rights, and to reallocate as opposed to create budget funding for the related Murphy bills. Cornyn wants full court hearings (as opposed to in hospitals where many supposed ‘hearings’ for committals take place that lawyers wouldn’t even call quasi hearings) to be required where a citizen is guaranteed representation and the proceedings to be deemed adversarial as opposed remedial. As things stand now in some to perhaps many states, if a citizen is even granted a hearing in the committal process it is one that assumes the person is ‘ill’ or ‘diseased,’ so the claims that established that status go unchallenged and the state assigns a public advocate who at best argues with the accusing commissars aka psychiatrists over how compliant with ‘treatment’ the accused is and ‘improved.’ In extreme states there is no due process whatsoever wherein someone can bring witnesses or evidence or challenge to accusations made by biased invested parties (usually people who would profit financially or emotionally or both).

    So Cornyn is being accused of trying to ‘make it easier’ for ‘the mentally ill’ to possess guns, when in fact all he is doing is imposing due process on a completely bogus scientific racket. He is also blockading Murphy’s and Obama’s attempts to force the taxpayers to restore the dwindling profits (insurance companies have become resistant to recognizing pseudo diseases) of pharma CEO’s, upper middle class psychiatrists and union bureaucracy. Murphy is trying to allow the federal government to fiscally blackmail states to pay for his proposed enormous expansion of the Psych Police State. Medicaid is not presently forced to pay for psychiatric hospitalizations, etc., although the more communist states already force taxpayers to pay for them.

    Many people don’t realize that the constitutional rights (it wasn’t even presented as such but as human or civil rights) issues driving the curtailing of the psych state’s domination of ‘the mentally ill’ wasn’t the only significant force for change in the late 1960’s. The US was running into a serious recession and states simply could not afford to float a behemoth, cancerous bureaucracy that had zero transparency which could grow exponentially precisely because it had no accountability. ‘Doctors’ and the entire apparatus couldn’t provide any evidence of where the funding they drew was going and weren’t asked to.

    Further, during the same time period americans began choosing alternatives to institutionalization of a whole slew of people whose internment had previously gone unquestioned. Special ed and various programs and attitudes formed that made institutionalizing a family member with Down’s Syndrome or autism passe. State institutions had served the role of housing for far more than the supposedly ‘mentally ill,’ and often were mostly warehouses for those deemed undesirable or difficult to care for. Even today in Big Psych states such institutions are filled with way more developmentally challenged and other dependent or problematic demographics than of those deemed ‘mentally ill.’ Some have already made those found criminally ‘guilty but mentally ill’ main components of their census count. One in a mafia-dense state actually houses a bunch of geriatric mafiosa whose families dump them on taxpayers since no private hospitals will tolerate their belligerence. This can cost the taxpayers $40,000 a week at the least. Instead of sending poor juvenile delinquent males to military camp, as was customary in eras past and among middle or higher classes, the same states will simply include such difficult youths in ‘the mentally ill.’ Almost all internees are poor these days, and the vast majority do not suffer from any organic brain disease.

    Cornyn refuses to allow the Murphys to force state taxpayers to fund this aggressive cancer, and now we’re seeing a new angle on the media’s lobbying efforts:

    Women, specifically white, have been featuring more prominently in a range of recent psychological operations designed to condition the public to support Murphy’s crusade. Anyone read about Natalie Keepers at Virginia Tech? How about those two high school girls in the Columbine area accused of plotting a mass murder on school grounds? While not all aspects of at least one are fake, both seem to angle towards the increasing pathologization of white females as dangerously ‘ill.’ Interestingly, they are portrayed as more obviously hurt or damaged somehow by society than as afflicted by some conflation of psychosis with malicious character, as is the case with the male protagonists.

    1. Well my attempt at a semi new alias seems lame and besides, the latest out of Arizona should have me claiming my own psychic powers:

      Now it’s white teen lesbians who are apparently crazedgunpeople. Dorothy Dutiel is said to have shot her asian girlfriend and self out of revenge for being rejected.

      Notice how during the video of the murdered teen’s sister the camera pans on still photos of the school while the real wet sobbing is supposedly happening. Except the tears don’t even sound real.

      I shouldn’t rush to judgment. Maybe this isn’t fake but so far the victim’s sister sounds it.

        1. (I knew it was Sue, too, but I didn’t want to blow her cover.)

          Very strange interview with the sister. What am I saying: the whole story is strange. Well, not the “teenage murder-suicide” part, but the school’s and police’s reaction. The school was on lockdown for hours? Oh, brother. It looks like the entire area was in lockdown, for that matter. Nice, measured response.

        2. @ Toni, thanks for the support. I intended to make it hard to connect me to me in another setting but it’s too logistically hard and goofy anyway.

          The first link is very suggestive about LGBT being related to ‘mental illness,’ which is being increasingly interpreted less as featuring psychosis and more as just life sucks. I suspect the second link’s show of challenge by LGBT groups to Murphy’s bill may have been partial motivation for the Arizona psy op. Does anyone really believe the victim’s sister’s fake sobbing? Or that there were no witnesses?

          People should know that most of these gay rights organizations are not the more powerful mainstream ones, which have almost all been co-opted by corporate interests (if they weren’t begun for them from the start). But there is still at long last a challenge being mounted…

          Cornyn squares off against Murphy in the last link, insisting that he’s only imposing due process on the suspension of citizens’ Constitutional rights. I’ve come to understand that when these articles mention a ‘Court’ or ‘legal authority’ most people don’t get that that doesn’t mean there will be an actual court, or that the ‘legal authority’ is just some psychiatrist making claims behind closed doors.

          Americans don’t seem to care, though, that ‘scientists’ won’t proffer any proof for what Murphy calls ‘the disease,’ other than claims which they stand to profit from. And which in the context of ‘dangerous’ take on wholly political implications.

          I think it was just a matter of time before the orchestrators turned their attention to white females. Certain white women have been drawing attention to the victimization of white women by diversity, and the theme also seems to counter Cornyn’s crusade. He demands either science or due process for political claims and Murphy’s schema can’t tolerate either, so now the definition and criteria must be shifted. The young lesbian wasn’t really ‘mentally ill’ in the psychotic way, so there’s no science, and since she’s just a victim (presumably for being a lesbian, 15, suicidal and even a girl) depriving her of due process (which wouldn’t even totally apply to a minor) is really an act of love and care for her and society.

          If a boy had done the same thing there would be a sense of anger and feminists would weigh in. Society generally would regard it as aggression, not ‘disease.’ There is a push towards ‘early intervention’ and Natalie Keepers, the Columbine girls and this latest all seem to promote the latest talking points.

          Last, even during eras where significant numbers of men killed their female partners out of rejection anxiety and narcissism, male teens rarely did. The statistics alone make the Arizona incident highly improbable. College age is when the character traits and life situations begin to congeal such tendencies.

        3. OMG, that it was a psy-op in Arizona.

          Sue, really interesting comment and I think you’re totally right about the messages being pushed here. The first article does seem to be saying that, “Of course everyone wants to kill themselves. It’s natural.” Part of the “life sucks” meme that you mention.

          One outcome of this strategy seems to be a social media variation on the old, “If you see something, say something,” in this case posts or tweets.

          You’re right, the girls’ lesbian relationship is not being demonized beyond the message that this murder/suicide thing is kind of par for the course with teens, like we should come to expect it. It’s made to seem probable, as if it’s a likely outcome that could happen to anybody.

          This is a good way to advance a message: take the particular, and generalize it over a population: See these two? Teens! They’re all unstable! They need more monitoring!

          It’s part of the “push towards ‘early intervention’” that you astutely point out.

    1. This is a recent screenshot from the weather satellite app, from NOAA…. the yellow area is the methane cloud, centred on Porter Ranch…

      90 days and counting….methane is 22 times more deadly than CO2 and contains lethal carcinogens, like Benzene….6 billion tons of methane escaped… the damaged well contains 160 billion tons…. no real signs of plugging it, not to mention the potential future leaks from hundreds of similar wells in the same area……

      That’s on top of what Fukushima radiation is doing to your Pacific Ocean…now virtually a dead zone and its effect on the western states as well…

      Anne B said, in reference to the refugee influx into Europe, that ” Europe has gone”….. most of the American MHB posters seem to support that view. I think that’s nonsense….. we Europeans can and will absorb them , shape and control their civil behaviour over time and keep our ” western civilisation” as that mad fundamentalist fanatic Patrick calls it…it may take a while, but the refugee numbers are a tiny percentage of our 500 million plus population, its doable and it will be done.

      Despite what most of you seem to think, I believe most ( admittedly not all) of the refugees are ordinary people, escaping the destruction of their homes and communities within Syria and Iraq. The wars were begun by America, 95% of the air raids are American, the rebel groups are sponsored and financed by America, from the ” moderates” through Al Queda to ISIS.

      The psychopathic foreign policy of America and the West displaced these people, with no justification. You’re playing into the hands of the NWO if you allow the influx of refugees ……(and the unacceptable behaviour of a tiny number of them) …to sew dissension, civil strife and urban chaos and lawlessness in our cities. Divide and rule is the NWO game…don’t play!

      Also below, a short video of Syria’s third largest city..Homs… part of the civilisation known as Assyria, a mighty civilisation thousands of years before ”western civilisation” ever came into being. A huge part of global civilisation. Look at it now. Go on, its 90 seconds or so…filmed a couple of weeks ago by a Russian drone….. tell me those who lived there, now forced to flee for their lives, were all able bodied young men hell bent upon jihad and taking over of our way of life…really?

      Europe hasn’t ” gone”. California? well, that’s a big maybe.


      1. “…that mad fundamentalist fanatic Patrick…”

        Steven, I’m touched. I didn’t know you cared.

        I’m hoping someone invents a time machine, because I want to visit all the European countries, as they existed before the Moslems transformed them beyond recognition, and before people who think like you existed. When Switzerland was Swiss, and Norway Norwegian. Greece, Greek. Ireland, Irish.

        I have a theory that when we cross over, one of the ways we spend eternity is researching all the cultures and civilizations humanity developed. It is my hope that we can travel to them from the other dimension, in fact–that that’s what people experience when they think “ghosts” are present, that sort of thing.

        But I surely do not relish visiting the Europe you, Steven, welcome the creation of. One Rotherham is far too many. One Pakistani child bride, one “honor killing,” one clitorectomy, is too many. But that’s just me. It’s how “mad fundamentalist fanatics” rock. We wish for Mr. Chips, Mrs. Miniver–you know, a world where the likes of Anjem Choudhry is simply incomprehensible.

        What’s weird for us mad fundamentalist fanatics is how a fine civilization produced YOU. Why don’t you long for the world Mr. Chips and Mrs. Miniver lived within, Steven? Jane Austen? Why do you hate it so? Why do you want it all erased and replaced by the most evil, debased, indeed disgusting civilization ever to emerge in the world? David Cameron is obviously your great pal, because he’s aiding and abetting just that (as did Tony Blair), but I’m guessing that you can’t acknowledge that. Kind of a shameful thing, like a homosexual still in the closet.

        Me, I’m a Nigel farage man, as you know. I wish Harold Wilson never ruined your country, that your last, best, hope had been heeded: Enoch Powell. But you LIKE what Labour, and now Cameron, are doing to you. You HATE that Maggie bought you a few decades of prosperity.

        And I’M the “mad fundamentalist fanatic.” Madness, thy name his Leftism.

        1. Ah, Patrick, I can always rely on you to make me smile…. you really are a funny guy, you should be a comedy scriptwriter, seriously, you’re that good! Shame you base your entire life around one big crazy belief and see the world through that prism….

          Why aren’t I nostalgic for the world of Jane Austen? Are you kidding me? In those days, women had no rights, owned no assets, belonged to their husbands… no right to vote of course, no rights at all. That’s half the population oppressed. The poor people got sick and died. No national health service. No health care at all unless you were rich. No schooling or education, except for rich people. No part in the legislature unless you were male and owned property. Treated as a heretic and ostracised or worse if you didn’t happen to believe your christianity, or, as Mick rightly calls it, ”Churchianity’. I could go on for fifty paragraphs…this was your fabled ”western civilisation” ! Paradise for the obscenely privileged few, hell on earth for everyone else. And don’t get me started on the vast global oppression we Brits imposed on most of the rest of humanity. Ironic , isn’t it, we oppressed what you now call USA and now you, USA, oppress everyone else with your psychopathic foreign policies.

          Interesting how you only focused on the one sentence of my post that mentioned you. So self absorbed. Sad.

          Interesting new show on Fox. It’s on after the X-Files. It’s called Lucifer. Absurd but entertaining story… Lucifer gets bored with Hell, moves to Los Angeles. Opens a nightclub. Of course, he’s played by a Brit. Hollywood always uses Brit actors as the Bad Guy, probably a hangover from when we really were the bad guys… lol. Now, we’re just a bunch of Lefties, trying not to hate our fellow humans.. you should try it sometime.

        2. Just so. The world as it existed prior to the conclusion of WWII is unspeakably horrible. Socialism is unspeakably good. Christian civilization was unspeakably unpleasant. I take your meaning, Steven. I know your type.

          Of course, I replied only to your mention of me because I was so flattered. You LIKE me…you really LIKE me!!!!

          The rest of your comment was, let’s say, kind of boring. America-hatred, coming from a Leftie, self-hating Briton, well, it’s soooo “been there, done that.” You want Britain to be a part of a generic “Europe.” Check. You want “Europe” to blend with Islam into Eurasia. Check. You want the world to revile the memory of the culture Britannia spread across the world. Check. You actually think, (gagging on the puke emerging up my esophagus), Nelson Mandela was a decent man. Check.

          In other words, you hate your culture, your heritage, and the civilization that made you possible. And you can’t wait until no evidence of it remains.

          You are pathetic.

        3. Hey Patrick, I do really like you, you are funny, as fanatics go, so I don’t care if you think I’m pathetic!

          It might surprise you to learn that in the forthcoming referendum, here in Britain, on whether we remain in or leave the European Union, I intend to vote ” leave”. As a lifelong anarchist I’ve never voted, but I feel so strongly anti-European that I will vote this time….. not because I’m a British patriot or think ,like most Brits, we are somehow superior to everyone else, but because the political union is simply another facet of the oligarchy, the cabal, the NWO…it doesn’t give a f***k about the ordinary citizen…so far, the polls are looking good for a ”leave” victory, which I’m sure pleases you, although for different reasons to mine.

          Another recent national poll won’t please you. They surveyed the religious views of all British people, all backgrounds, and discovered that 54% of British people , under age 40, do not identify as Christians. Admittedly the figure for over 40’s was still majority Christian, but it shows the way the wind blows. The headline in my newspaper ( The Times, not a Leftie rag), was ” Britain is now a post Christian society”. Your view, Patrick, is the past and no matter how old you are, I’m old, I’m 64, you need to face the future, deal with it, or you just become an irrelevant anachronism… Your faith is your own business. I will defend unto death your right to believe in it… just don’t be so arrogant about trying to sneer at those who don’t share it…

          ” You want to revile the memory of the culture that Brittania spread around the world”….
          no, Patrick, we imposed our culture on people who didn’t want or need it, cos they had their own. We did that to secure our tyranny over them, not to ”civilise” them. The Brits never cared a crap about ” civilising” foreigners…they were just assets to steal from. If you don’t see that, then you are incredibly naïve.

          I lived in India for a year. One day I was waiting too long in terrible heat for a train. I complained to the ticket office guy, we argued, I lost my temper, raised my voice. He then said to me, ”You, British, you don’t own my country anymore, you can’t shout at me”……..he was right. He was young , but he still felt the pain, the shame of being oppressed by an alien culture from half way across the world… and I still felt a pang of guilt for belonging to those oppressors, though obviously it was way before my time.

          So Patrick, I don’t hate my heritage or my culture, but I do keep it in perspective, try to see it and live with it from all sides. Its called being moderate and rational, not extremist and didactic like certain others seem to be.
          Our empire stole, pillaged, raped and murdered its way across half the world then systematically exploited those people and stole their resources for our own enrichment. I’m supposed to be proud of that? Nope. I understand that barbaric mindset, in an historical context, but no more.

        4. I understand this perspective, Steven. The way I see it, though, you’re throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I’ll use my own country as an example.

          It is my opinion that we did the right thing in breaking away from Britain. The colonies, however, should have remained separate countries. Our first constitution had it that way; it was a loose form of cooperation between sovereign states. The Constitution, which ended that almost a decade later, should never have been ratified. Jefferson should never have purchased Louisiana from Napoleon. We should never have stolen the South West from Mexico. Lincoln, that despicable blighter, should never have invaded the south, when it did to Washington what we once did to London: exit an unfortunate union. After Washington destroyed the South, it proceeded to destroy the Plains Indians. Next came our war against Spain, and the capture of Cuba and the Philippines. And then the theft of Hawaii.

          I could go on with the horrors Washington committed in the 20th century, but the 19th is quite bad enough to make the point.

          I am an anarchist who would settle for libertarianism. Radical decentralization. America was too big under the Articles of Confederation, in my opinion. North America should be made up of dozens of independent countries, many of them Indian, some founded by black people, once the economic burden slavery imposed gradually caused it to fall apart, and it peacefully ended just like it did everywhere else.

          But we didn’t get that history. We got the most evil empirical system ever crafted instead. Neoconservatism, which is the American ideology of the 21st century is Trotskyism: the imposition of a way of life on all the rest of the world.

          That’s a focus on the bad. Meanwhile, we invented electrical power, and the telephone. Mass production of automobiles, which drove the price down to where everyone could own one. Flight. Recorded music. Film. All the stuff electricity can be used for, like lightbulbs and air conditioners, which we also invented.

          American culture, which has been pretty fantastic, was made possible by the evil system. I love a Gershwin tune–how about you?

          Likewise, with Britain. Mr. Chips and Mrs. Miniver are genuine windows into a world of cultural decency, as are the worlds portrayed by Austin and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Oscar Wilde. P.G. Wodehouse.

          The money the monsters made was used to craft a decent, lovely culture back home. The characters in Austin novels can live in that world without knowing what crimes were being committed to make it all possible. It is that culture that is systematically being destroyed, and I don’t like it one little bit.

          All the countries of Europe are undergoing the same process. Their populations are being replaced by cultures that are inferior in every way, and it is being done intentionally. And I can’t understand how the victims (that would be YOU Steven) think you deserve it, because your culture was made with money made in bad ways. Most fortunes are made in bad ways; this is a fallen and evil world. But the money survives the crimes, and the families of the criminals grow up not needing to commit crimes–perhaps knowing nothing of the history that made the money.

          Your country made a very foolish choice when it chose Socialism, and you made a very fine choice in choosing Thatcher to (partially) undo that disastrous decision. You made a catastrophic blunder when you brought in Tony Blair, who opened the floodgates of Moslem immigration, which fundamentally transformed your country. Fewer than half the residents of London are British. Its getting worse very rapidly, and you’re loving it.

          Very, very sad.

        5. Patrick
          “This carefully documented “J’accuse” addresses what the author terms the “Austenizing” of history or the deletion of awful realities from historical writing.
          Colonial rapacity, holocaust(of british colonial populations) denial and the crisis in biological sustainability
          including a Jane Austen works and connections Index.
          by Gideon Maxwell Polya” [a lefty probably but one who cares for facts]

        6. I don’t deny any of it, Peter. Read my reply to Steven (just above). But as say to him, it’s entirely irrelevant. You Swedes don’t deserve to be replaced by Moslem savages just because the lovely culture you inherited was made possible by crimes committed by evil men. Same with the French, and the Germans.

          Tony Soprano’s and Michael Corleone’s kids don’t need to feel guilty for having a nice, cultured, life. They know nothing about what it took to make their lives possible. And it would be incredibly stupid of them to hand it all over to a vastly inferior, ugly, bunch of reprobates.

          What used to be the West is committing suicide because of that kind of unearned guilt. It’s people simply can’t live with the shame.

          That’s a shame.

        7. One other thing. I’m no Austen scholar; I just use her as an example of the English life that is being thrown away, because everyone has seen the movies that depict it.

          There is one movie I know of an Austen book, Mansfield Park (, that has as a central plot element the very problem both you and Steven are addressing. The heroine, Fanny Price, grows up in the vast house of a typical Austen landed family, and as she matures she becomes aware of the crimes behind the fortune she benefits from (slavery in the Caribbean), and comes to grapple with the moral dilemma. Can she continue to live such a nice life knowing it is paid for by something horrible, ongoing?

          I am unaware of the book you link to, but reading the summary of it, and keeping this in mind, one wonders if it’s a tad bit one sided. Sounds to me like Austen did not hide from the quandary at all.

          The fact is that everyone could not be rich, and the poor had it very tough in England back then; these works of literature often ignore that, preferring to depict the niceties of the manners of the lords and ladies, and the, but at times they deal with it directly. The Merchant/Ivory film Howard’s End, for instance, and The Golden Bowl. (I tend to read nonfiction most of the time, so I get my novels from the movies, for the most part.)

          Then, there’s Oliver Twist, representative of a whole genera we call “Dickensian.” Incredibly popular, Dicens’ books apparently fascinated the middle and upper classes, who were made aware of the atrocious conditions of the poor (Mansfield Park includes that element as well, incidentally.)

          It’s not as if English culture was evil, in other words, just because the empire was evil, and the class system very cruel. The literature tended to focus on what people could see around them, it seems to me. The navel-gazing that generates the unbearable shame European peoples have taken up in recent decades is in my opinion deeply foolish because it is obsessed with crimes people alive today bear no responsibility for. That the writers who lived when the empires were spreading around the world tended not to focus on the bad things the empire did overseas is perhaps not an intentional whitewashing; we might be imposing our sensibility on people in the past, people who really didn’t think it was all that important for one reason or another. I don’t know enough about that to argue the point, but I suspect there might be something to that. Sentimentalizing the benighted heathen in remote places might be a modern fashion we can’t blame people in the past for not having. I don’t know.

          One thing’s for certain, and Steven is right about this: the future of Europe belongs to Islam, because the peoples of Europe want it that way. They are incredibly naive if they think their colonizers will gradually become like the cultures they are colonizing. It will be a world remade in the image of a sharia-complaint brand of Moslem, intolerant and cruel. Ignoring that fact because political correctness is second nature in the hearts of 21st century Europeans makes it all the more inevitable. That’s the problem, in a nutshell. PC is the lobster trap Europe chose to walk into.

        8. Patrick
          Europe didnt choose anything. The angloamericans imposed two world wars and the bolshevikrevolution, where communist jews were inserted in Russia. Meanwhile H S Chamberlain managed,( as confirmed by Dr J Goebbels praising Chamb for it), to direct and program the hardline antijews constituting the third reich. Thus an antagonistic pair was created enabling the wanted germano-russian bloodbath with the angloamericans cheering. After having successfully crushed the germans and in line with the presented aim, also humiliated them and coerced and indoctrinated them to forthwit wear a grindstone of collective guilt around their necks, the control of europe by the Us has worked smoothly. Bilderbergs and Nato and the EU are all designed for puppeteering the europeans. Our cretin leaders are programmed at the bilderberg reunions – without any democratic oversight. The previous ‘conservative’ swedish leader was apparently brainwashed by them to hate his own country more than the extremistic left. The massimmigration however is probably a more complicated thing. There is a genuine racial mixing program as indicated by one of the puppets Peter Sutherland who appears to follow the Khalergi-plan from the 20s-30s in which europeans were to be reshaped like brownskinned ancient egyptians.
          The idea may be to create genetic differences between the rulers and the masses. The british elites were entertaining such ideas a century ago. And later the plan may be to get rid of the masses with genetic weapons.

        9. I’m guessing that’s what the lobster always says. The lobsterman made me walk into the trap. It’s not my fault. Now, I can’t get out. Maybe, he won’t eat me.

          Well, the people of Europe don’t have to put up with it, do they? The problem is, they LIKE their slavery.

          Let’s take Steven as an example. He recently said that he’s an “anarchist,” and to prove it he confessed to never casting votes in elections. Yet he also heartily embraced the National Health Service, a communistic plot to enslave the entire population, forever.

          He thinks he wants zero government, but loves totalitarianism, when it comes to it.

          Europe was forced to march into the trap? Give me a break.

          Britons can vote for Nigel Farage. French can vote for Marine Le Pen. You can exit the trap. But Europeans seem to love their slavery, and love blaming the Yankee for holding the keys to the cell. That seems to comfort them, even though the keys are really in their own hand.

          Stop committing cultural suicide. It’s in your power to do it. Walk away. The lobster trap is in your collective mind. Fight back. Wake up. the matrix can be defeated, if you want to leave it.

          But, alas, people really like the matrix.


        10. Patrick
          You forget that this conversation is held among people who have a heightened awareness via the alternate media, while the sheeple dont consciously like the matrix, they dont know they’re in it. Instead they are wearing a grindstone of guilt vaguely related to other ethnic groups and are even proud of the generous immigration policies. And also personal emotional ties of friendship have been established between the europeans and some immigrants so the europeans feel uncomfortable about sort of distancing themselves from their pals. Of course logically they may understand the difference between those who grew up here as part of a minority on one hand and what might happen if they come directly from a different culture without the assimilating effects of being in a minority. But this still is a matter of felt loyalties.
          It is only the altmedia which have begun to turn the tables, a little bit.
          I personally have actually raised a couple of times the issue of revolution weapon in hand, arguing that our politicians are committing treason. But I think the military and police have to be converted further away from pc before that would stand a chance. Otherwise there would probably be a civil war of the kind the globalists are hoping for. And the media would ‘explain it’ as nazism rising.
          The immigrants ought to be told: We dont hate you but we are determined to send you back. Not that they are evil muslims if they happen to be. Any reference to religion only strengthens those who are presently cleansing the ME from christians. That ought to be backed by on overwealming number of people in arms so there is no chance to oppose and bloodshed may be avoided.

        11. What you say is obviously true, Peter. And practical. I was speaking as an idealist, which is not altogether helpful.

          That is, what I said is true, but so what? Your point is that if the masses don’t know they are in the matrix, how can they know if they like being there? This cannot be disputed. In the clip I provided, the guy has been out of it for 9 years, and learned that he hates freedom. You have to become free to be able to know the difference. But once you wake up, you can’t go back. I suspect that many people sense this, which is why they refuse to entertain the ideas we discuss here at MHB when we tiptoe into them.

          Still, you guys can’t keep blaming Washington. You have to grow a pair. Stop cooperating with your own slavery. You, yourself, are awake and aware; people like Steven for some unaccountable reason revile Enoch Powell and Maggie Thatcher, and wouldn’t dream of helping Nigel Farage rescue his country from inevitable doom. Why? He’s half-way awake, by which I mean that he’s aware of the matrix, but can’t stand to turn his back on it, if it means that his chums down the pub will make fun of him for supporting UKIP. At least that’s my best guess. He’s an “anarchist” who thinks the NHS is a triumph for his country, after all, so all bets are off in interpreting his thought process. I’m no psychic.

          But isn’t that the case across Europe? How many French would find Marine Le Pen most appealing as the face of French politics, but could never endure the dinner parties if the swells they circle with found out? Shame drives human affairs more than any other emotion, I am increasingly convinced.

          Ignorance and shame. Disaster awaits.

          Anne and lophatt referenced “classes” being put on to teach the savages invading Europe why they should not rape the native women once they get settled there. What a brilliant strategy. Grow a pair? Ha! Bruce Jenner is the face of Europe’s future, I’m afraid. Him, along with that transvestite with the full beard who won that stupid pan-European music award a few years ago.

          Anne is right; she got out of Europe while the getting was good.

        1. Ah, Miss B….would you care to particularise which part of my post you deem to be ”nonsense” ?
          Was it my view on the methane leak? My remarks about Fukushima? The possible apocalyptic desolation of California? The refugees into Europe? Maybe my distaste for Jane Austen? Perhaps then I and maybe others could seek to oppose your ‘articulate’ contribution…thanks !!

        2. Is carbon dioxide “deadly”? To whom? How can anything be 22x (or 100x, or 450x) deadlier than nothing?

          According to this morning’s news reports, the gas leak’s been “capped”. [Warning: sarcasm ahead] Good thing! Everything is under control…now I can go back to sleep.

          Isn’t it enough to poison us? They have to treat us like we’re imbeciles, too?

        3. “Is carbon dioxide “deadly”?

          Yes, to the democrat’s….oh, And Wall Street,Bankers and Globalists.

          There’s Benzene too which is very bad..

        4. Steven, over here people often say “back to you” in response to a statement. Such as “I love you” and the response is “back to you”, meaning the love is returned.

          You wrote: Anne B said, in reference to the refugee influx into Europe, that ” Europe has gone”….. most of the American MHB posters seem to support that view. I think that’s nonsense…”

          I sent your nonsense back to you. Quite simple, really.

        5. Hi Anne, thanks for clarifying ”back at you”….. although I quoted you in my remark, I did say ” most MHB posters agreed with” etc., so ”nonsense” referred to that view held by most MHB’rs rather than being a dig at you personally. I read all your posts on all threads and agree with you more often than not. No offence intended, I hope none taken.

        6. Steven, let’s shake hands across the pond. It’s better to be civilized than not. That said, I agree with Patrick’s remark in a reply to Peter above. He wrote: “And it would be incredibly stupid of them to hand it all over to a vastly inferior, ugly, bunch of reprobates.”

          I am not much for arguments. Had enough of that with the ex husband, a stubborn Norwegian.

        7. Anne… fair enough, no arguments, I’m more of a love and peace guy, anyway, except when Patrick infuriates me… lol.

          Consider hand duly shaken!

        8. Ha!, Anne…I’ve got a stubborn Norwegian myself, but I’m still married to him! (Sheesh, who knew how stubborn they are! I’m a little Czech girl, myself.)

        9. Recynd77 – you are Czech girl, perhaps that is why you’re still married to a stubborn Norwegian. Do Czech girls have more patience? Mine ran out after 20 years.

    1. Recynd…. on your response to the ” methane is 22 times more deadly than carbon dioxide”….. I got that figure from a blogger I greatly admire. I strongly recommend him to you and anyone reading this. The blog is called Augureye Express. He doesn’t have many followers but he’s a remarkable man.
      It’s written by a guy who is in his 60’s , lives in a cabin in a remote part of California. Incredibly well informed and passionate about the environment. Intense knowledge of Fukushima and its effect on California. Used to live in Alaska, lived with 3 wolves in his house. Unusual guy. Brilliant writer on many subjects. Wonderful stories of his childhood, fishing with his folks in remote places. Read one post and you will devour his archive, I’m sure!

      I share your doubts about the well being capped. Only 2 days ago, I read a quote from Socal, saying the cap would complete ” within weeks”. The well blew cos they didn’t replace a valve that wore out. That almost certainly goes for dozens more of their wells in that Canyon. I doubt this problem is over.

  32. There are 115 gas wells in the hills behind Porter Ranch. Unless a constant surveillance of those hills is in effect, next time a similar situation happens SoCal Gas will deliver an enhanced version of the fine art of obfuscation. Practice makes master.

    ~”In spite of the leak, SoCalGas has no interest in closing its facilities. “Aliso Canyon is an incredible geologic formation perfect for the storage of gas,” Donovan said. “And it’s critical for the reliability of the region, so we feel strongly that [the facilities] remain open.” Still, 18 of Aliso Canyon’s wells are about as old as the newly-plugged one. The company will have to make sure none of them spring a leak—or risk Porter Ranch turning into an even bigger environmental hazard.”~

  33. Just read this (very) short blurb in a medical ethics blog that discusses a second piece that compares Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) with the upper-class British custom of shipping their young’uns off to boarding school. It also compares (incorrectly, imo) FGM with the increasing labiaplasty more woman are apparently getting (by choice, which is why it’s not the same, though it’s incomprehensible to me, just as the craze for removing all pubic hair is, but I digress…).

    Anyway, “Goodbye, Mr. Chips” is referenced, and I thought this an interesting subject (including male circumcision) to perhaps briefly discuss here, if anyone’s interested.

    1. Very good find, Recynd. It is full of the horrors we face today.

      First, like the Moslem inversion of the English word “martyr” (in what once was the West, it refers to a person murdered for his faith; in Islam they trick us by using it to describe a murderer who dies in the attempt to force Islam on an unwilling world), the term “circumcision” is entirely inappropriate.

      A clitorectomy is the equivalent of slicing off a boy’s penis. Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin of the penis. It is not the removal of an organ, completely transforming on’e future life.

      I particularly like this paragraph:

      “As Oxford bioethicist Brian Earp points out in a paper in the Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal (in press) there may be a double standard in the discussion of this practice, which is almost universally decried in the West. Why isn’t FGM also applied to the increasingly common cosmetic surgery for young women in Western countries? And if we condemn FGM, shouldn’t male circumcision be subject to the same standard? As bioethicists continue debating the issue, there seems to be growing sympathy for permitting at least the minimally-harmful forms of FGM. – See more at:

      This idiot asks “Why isn’t FGM also applied to the increasingly common cosmetic surgery for young women in Western countries?” Because they are not slicing off their sex organ, you moron. And if families sliced off their boys’ penises because they are trapped in an evil ideology, it would be right and proper to jail them, just as if they routinely chopped off baby’s hand or foot.

      Sharia is slowly sinking into the Mind of the world that used to be the West. People have no anchor anymore, so they can’t detect what is happening to them. It is Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

      Furthermore, the comparison of the boarding school to the removal of a girl child’s ability to experience sex for the rest of her life is particularly sickening. Moslems think this is good for their daughters (note that they don’t chop off their sons’ penises) to never enjoy sex because their minds were formed by an evil ideology. Islam makes human minds insane. The comparison to boarding school is so stupid that even I find it hard to believe academia has sunk this low.

      Here’s another bit of nitwitery:

      “Johnson argues that the only way that “FGM or male circumcision will disappear is by people in practicing communities gradually rejecting it collectively themselves”.

      This reminds me of this (

      To set aside the horrors of British Colonialism in India, such as the late Victorian famines (Holocausts as Mike Davis describes them) or the Bengal Famine of 1942 induced by war time mobilization, some good was done.

      The suppression of the ancient Hindu practice of Suttee, burning a widow on her husband’s funeral pyre was one such good.

      Charles Napier, the British Army’s Commander-in-Chief in India, faced with local complaints about the abolition of Suttee, replied:

      ‘You say that it is your custom to burn widows. Very well. We also have a custom: when men burn a woman alive, we tie a rope around their necks and we hang them. Build your funeral pyre; beside it my carpenters will build a gallows. You may follow your custom. And we will follow ours’

      End of quote.

      The way to end the slicing off of young girls’ clitorises in the West: chop off dad’s dick. THAT’S “the only way that “FGM or male circumcision will disappear”. Better still, send those savages back to where they came from.

      1. I like your solution, Patrick, except in many cases, it’s the WOMEN who inflict this barbarism on their daughters. (However, cut off a couple of penises, and see how quickly the women come around!)

        I am ambivalent about male circumcision: on the one hand, it’s an unnecessary medical procedure inflicted on an unwitting and unwilling participant, to remove a perfectly healthy piece of flesh. On the other hand, it really is more akin to ear-piercing than it is to female genital mutilation (FGM), for the very reasons you state. It’s not intellectually fair to equate the two (male circumcision and FGM).

        In Voluntaryist/Peaceful Parenting circles, (male) circumcision is viewed as flat-out abuse. However, I’ve never heard anyone argue against piercing the ears of infants. Maybe because Voluntaryism is comprised of mostly white people, and it’s mostly Mexican babies I see with pierced ears? Hard to say.

        In any case, I’m with you: FGM and male circumcision are incomparable, just as FGM isn’t comparable to labiaplasty. It’s not even fair to compare male circumcision with labiaplasty (though the procedures are fairly equivalent), since nearly all male circumcisions are performed without consent, unlike labiaplasty, which the patient herself seeks out.

        I think my reasoning is logically consistent…yes? If not, where am I wrong?

        BTW, in the specific accounts of FGM I’ve read (two memoirs, several news articles/essays), the young girls were held down by other women (aunts, mother, older sisters), and grandma hacked away at the girl’s private parts with, on one occasion, the lid of a tin can, until her genitals were a bloody, pulpy mess, after which the child’s legs were bound together with cloth for six or eight weeks for the injury to heal. Horrific, and incredibly traumatizing.

        1. Actually, just because the objects of these attentions are roughly located in the same area, that is largely where the similarity ends.

          A clitoris is not a penis. Some say (after all this time there is still debate on this, believe it or not), that a clitoris is a “vestigial” penis. I don’t believe that this is so, even though it is the organ from which a penis forms when the sex of an infant is determined.

          It is not hollow and does not contain a urethra. We all start out as female, the males organs mutate into male organs from the female ones. It’s actually more complex than that but the description is good enough for this conversation.

          There is no legitimate reason for a female mutilation. Women who seek cosmetic surgery usually do that because they are embarrassed by their appearance. Barring some actual medical problem, I find this idea of “designer vaginas” repulsive.

          Circumcision is debatable. One part of me says that if it wasn’t there for a purpose it wouldn’t be there. Another part of me says that it is healthy in terms of hygiene. Regardless, few of us had any say in the matter. Most parents rely on the advice of their doctors.

          There was a time when us Catholics resisted circumcision. I was not a Catholic at the time. I think this derived from ideology (countering the Jewish practice). In Rome, where they wrestled naked the Romans used to laugh at Jews for their circumcisions.

          Female mutilation is more of a reflection of hatred of females, control, and the desire to make sex unpleasant. It is a despicable and barbaric practice. I am guessing that the women who help with these things think that they are doing something to help their sisters to avoid temptation and possible death.

          From time to time something gets into me and I try to expand my knowledge of things like this. It is truly amazing how little is actually known about human sexuality. There are no shortages of theories. But even medical books use terms like “it is thought” to describe organs and their functions.

          It certainly makes better sense to me to leave our bodies as God provided them. If there are genuine medical problems in need of intervention that is another thing.

        2. Recynd… I think your assessment is spot on. Its typical of Patrick to play up the ” muslim” angle but, as far as I understood it, FGM was and mainly still is an African tradition and probably pre dates Islam and is far from exclusively an Islamic practice, but perhaps I’m wrong…
          in any event, as you say, its a tradition through the maternal line . Its shocking. Its carried out by unlicensed, unqualified people, nearly all women.

          I was circumcised as a new born. I’m 64 now, had no health issues, no sexual issues and no psychological issues. By contrast, the victims of FGM all suffer, general, sexual and psychological issues….

          It’s illegal here and parents can go to prison. The article says prison is too extreme and deprives the girl of her parents… he doesn’t say that the law is supposed to be a deterrent as much as a punishment… if you commit the crime you will do the time. Exactly like Patrick said, quite rightly, about the practice of Suttee in India. For once I also agree on his solutions. Its an unforgivable disfigurement and should be harshly dealt with.

          Oh, and I lived in Spain when my daughter was a baby. Nearly all girls have their ears pierced during their first year… my daughter too. She’s 31 now, happily worn ear studs just about every day of her life !

        3. Name a people, outside of Moslems, who slices off their girl children’s sex organs. I dare you.

          And, while it is technically illegal to do that in Britain, Islam is a protected political ideology, and those who hide within it are largely immune from prosecution. They got away with Rotherham, don’tchaknow, for a decade or more. They can do anything they want, seemingly, and you natives pretend that you are not being played for chumps. PC. They laugh in your faces, and you apologize for hurting their feelings.

          Did I use the word “pathetic” of late?

        4. Patrick…now you really are being impossible….”technically illegal” ? Its illegal. The sentence is a big fine or prison. Since Rotherham and similar disasters, our enforcement is much stricter. Nobody is immune.

          The awareness of FGM in the media and public awareness is huge. Everyone condemns it, including the majority of moderate muslims. You’re out of touch. I live here, you don’t.

          FGM crimes are vigorously pursued and dealt with. Unfortunately, the die hards who still want to disfigure girls are sending the girls back to their home countries to have it done there, during our school holidays. Obviously, that’s very difficult for the police here to prevent, but even this tactic is being faced and liaison with other countries, monitoring of girls at airports and all sorts of other measures are in place to deter this from happening. Not every girl can be saved but huge efforts are made to try to do so.

          Name a people who do this other than muslims? I admit I’m no authority, but the people who get name checked the most for FGM are West African countries… Ghana, Senegal, Gambia, Nigeria, Liberia, Ivory Coast and so on… yes they all have some muslims living there, yes , some are majority muslims, but in every article or TV documentary I’ve seen or read on FGM, I don’t recall the ” experts” who explain the origins or history of the practice as saying its exclusively muslim. I admit I could be wrong but, as Recynd said, its the women who perpetuate this practice. Its a deeply ingrained tradition based on superstition, rather than religious belief, or that’s how it looks to me.

          Even if I’m totally wrong and its only muslims, you’re still using anything to insult muslims in general, rather than simply condemning this one unacceptable practice. Some Christians beat themselves till they bleed….does that mean we should condemn all of Christianity?

          Let’s face it, Patrick, you hate muslims because they are not Christians. You can’t believe what you believe without also believing that all other beliefs are inferior, even an insult to your Christian god. That’s fine for you, I get it. For most rational, educated, moderate human beings your belief is at best an eccentric, minority view and, at worst, an insult to billions of your fellow human beings. We are all Terrans, all the same species and we have to get along as best we can or we shall self destruct… constantly advocating hatred and separation leads us down the road to ruin. Personally, I’m what you would call a pagan. I’m a part of the endless cycle of nature, both here and in all dimensions and I’m part of The All That Is, whatever that may be.I’m a celt, a druid, maybe a Wiccan. Our mother earth will probably shrug us off like fleas if we don’t learn to live in harmony with her instead of plundering her bounties… and so it is. Yeah, I know, I’m pathetic. I really don’t care in the slightest what you think of me.
          If you demonstrate to me that only muslims do FGM I will back down, say I was wrong. That’s the difference between us, you’re never wrong and that’s why I occasionally refer to you as a fanatic.

        5. “Let’s face it, Patrick, you hate muslims because they are not Christians. You can’t believe what you believe without also believing that all other beliefs are inferior, even an insult to your Christian god. ”

          No, we won’t “face” that because it’s untrue. I LOVE Moslems. Love them so much that I long to see them freed from the ideological prison they’re trapped inside of: Islam, which is one of the most evil thought-systems the Earth has ever seen.

          You are, however, correct about Christianity. There is no way to the Father, the creator of Heaven and earth and every one of us, outside of Jesus. Anyone who does not believe that is by definition not a Christian, because Christianity is the knowledge that Jesus is God made flesh, who paid the price we all owe Him, for our sin. He paid it by dying in our place, then he proved it by rising from the dead. He offers this gift to everyone, because he loves them enough to die for them.

          Islam denies all of this. The devil (Allah) wants Moslems to die in their sins. I don’t. I want desperately for them to be freed from the poisonous ideology they have been taught and practice–which is why I point out the various evils Islam compels Moslems to do. I don’t have to go to this trouble, this educational effort. I do it because I love the victims of this hellish ideology enough to take the time.

          In the countries where they routinely slice off their girls’ genitals, it is only Moslems who do that. For instance, Egypt is 90% Moslem (the other 10% are Copts (a brand of Christians). 90% of Egyptian women have had their genitalia scraped off (the UN compiles these statistics). Take a wild stab at how many of them are Copts.

          Moslems remove their women’s ability to enjoy sex because Islam has poisoned their minds. No other people would even imagine such a thing, much less do it. The devil inspires insane behavior like that because he hates the human race, and wants us to suffer. The Koran, in fact, describes Allah as spending a large part of his day in a fiery hell, where he roasts his enemies over physical fire until the skin of the victim burns off–whereupon he miraculously regrows it so that he can enjoy torturing the poor fellow all over again. Repeatedly, forever. That’s Islam. That’s what Moslems are taught is true and good. And, poor things, they believe it. They truly fear Allah, for good reason. Christians, on the other hand, know that God loves them, is personal, wanting the best for them, wanting even His enemies to be adopted into His family as sons.

          You’re damned right I regard Islam as inferior.

          Many Moslems have been rescued from Islam, and the joy they feel is indescribable. I have met them. They are so grateful that Allah no longer enslaves them. I wish this blessing for all Moslems in the world.

          My problem with Europe’s embrace of Islam is that it has absolutely zero interest in freeing its captives. One can look at it as God sending these slaves the the one place they can learn how to be free, and no one bothers to tell them about it once they arrive. Political Correctness makes that seem somehow rude. That’s why Rotherham happened. Moslem men who have child brides (there are daily flights from Pakistan to the Midlands, packed with your cousins for the geezers to marry) at home under lock and key groomed and raped under-age British girls every night, who were essentially sex slaves for old Pakistani men. And the establishment protected them for over a decade, largely because no one wanted to make the Moslems look bad. It is the same reason you euphemistically call them “Asians” over there–to subconsciously cover up the fact that you’re talking about Moslems.

          But get this: it was only Moslems who raped those girls night after night, year after year. And they didn’t feel at all bad about it, because that’s just what Mohammedans do (unless you are talking about Afghans, in which case the children are boys, called catamites–you can look it up).

        6. I think your reasoning is entirely reasonable, Recynd.

          The thing is, this is horrible beyond slasher-film imagining. But the authorities in Britain try to protect it–as they do all the other outrageous depredations Islam is committing in their realm. They are despicable (the government and the press).

          If the stupidos who invited in those Mohammedans cover up the savage mutilation of those people’s daughters, I think THEIR dicks should be chopped off, too.

          But that’s just me.

        7. At the far end of the spectrum, back east I knew a female fashion designer in her golden years who was adamant that all male fashion designers hate females. Thus the reason for designing uncomfortable clothes and shoes for the other sex. Perhaps she was on to something.

        8. Feminism created the lie that there was some class of men or women. There never has been, really. It’s just rich, poor, middle class, etc. It tends to be on the fringes that gender takes on a more pivotal significance in someone’s status.

          So women make up the class of people that attacks another, and often, women oppress other females more enthusiastically than most men. In some african societies breast ironing is a tradition, devised supposedly to ‘protect’ women from men. The women are the ones doing it.

          It’s impolitic, but overall I think women are crueler to other women than men are. I think it might be the nature of the she beast. Most prosecutors try to fill a jury for rape cases with men, as women refuse to convict the attackers of their rivals.

          Women designed the Violence Against Women Act and it ensures that women remain in a victim status, as it posits all anti-women violence as a function of intimacy, as opposed to of classism. Any woman who defies the codependent model of deriving power and self through men can be attacked without recourse or even recognition of such attacks; indeed she, the anglo female who is the official scapegoat, is called ‘mentally ill.’ Most acknowledged women ‘victims’ are just emotionally weak women who can’t be alone, no different really from the codependent men they couple with.

          In class systems pseudo alpha females try to horde the benevolence of the alpha male, thereby preventing her rivals from seeking his defense against lower status abusive males. It’s called wealth and is probably a function of our homo sapien ability to conceive of symbols, ie status by wealth.

      2. We all had mothers. A lot of us have had sisters, daughters, wives. Well adjusted people love women. They are our “better halves”. Objects of beauty, wisdom, comfort.

        Societies that abuse women are sick. We are two halves of a whole. Women depend upon men to protect them. It is the obligation of being a man to do so.

        Animals are not abusive of their females (generally). This is a human characteristic and learned. There are no words to describe these societies in which women are regarded as less than human.

        As unpopular as the idea has become, Christianity is largely responsible for Western attitudes toward families and relationships. Even then, it took time. Men abused their superior strength. They feared their women.

        Believe it or not, there was a time when young boys were sent away to schools and taught music. Some were castrated in order to hit the high notes. This was regarded as acceptable.

        I confess to being intolerant of cultures who practice these barbarities. Preying on the defenseless for whatever reason is unacceptable. Just as in Cologne and other places recently, any man who witnesses acts of abuse should take measures to stop them.

        We live in a world where “leaders” teach that we must accept the unacceptable. THEY decide who we will live among and what we are “allowed” to do or say about it. Feudal serfs were better off.

        1. Indeed.

          Why can our women strut about looking like whores, with little fear of being attacked? Because uniquely amongst civilizations, the West, which is (was) an expression of Christianity, elevated women to genuine equality.

          I don’t think our girls should dress and act the way they do, but I applaud our culture for not accepting the idea that by doing so they are “asking for” sexual assault.

          We gave up a lot when we gave up Christianity, as a defining characteristic of our cultural matrix. Soon, I predict, we will have lost that element. Already, the authorities in Europe are advising women there to stay home if they don’t want Moslem savages to assault them sexually, and if they DO go out, do not dress the way young women normally do in what once was the West.

          Islam is winning. We are not going to fight back. And our girls are the first victims. If there’s anything to be ashamed of, it is that.

          In America, we still have the right to carry firearms. In Europe, even the use of a can of pepper spray is illegal. Damn them for accepting such emasculation.

          If it were up to me, all women in Europe, now, would be mandated to carry a firearm, and be encouraged to pug potential rapists without hesitation. Alternatively, they should be required to have at the ready a pepper spray that contains an indelible ink–and any Moslem rapist found to be covered in that ink should be hanged in the public square without trial, as soon as he is caught.

          But Europe is like a lamb happily walking to the butcher’s. They won’t fight back. Their women will be the first to feel the knife, and the men won’t do anything about it.

          This is a very unpleasant job, this being a prophet.

    2. I’ve been noting this seemingly depraved labiaplasty stuff, popular even with young girls apparently. My god. What has society come to.

      But comparing this FGM to sending kids to boarding school is also depraved. They’re just desperate to grasp for analogies because there isn’t any for the british colonization of the ‘Third World’ when it comes to treatment of women. Non-white immigrant men are raping young british and european girls (especially british) but no pattern ever emerged of british men doing the same to indian females, etc.

      Their desperation has actually made me contemplate the assertion that european colonization overall improved conditions in the Third World, bizarre as that might have seemed at one point.

      1. Sue, as wildly controversial and un-PC as it is to suggest that the Third World improved under colonization overall, I have heard it stated before, and not by rabid supremacists, either. (It might’ve been Dennis Prager, but I’m not positive.). I distinctly recall a black South Africans who said that, under Apartheid, kids were safe to play in the street, but after, NO ONE was safe in the streets any longer.

        I am not justifying colonialism; I, too, am an anarchist/voluntaryist, and do not believe in unprovoked aggression, individual or otherwise. I also don’t believe that the end justifies the means.

        In response to Patrick, I totally agree: Self-defense is a God-given right…we all have the right to life, and self-defense is the flipside of that coin.

  34. Anders Behring Breivik is suing the Kingdom of Norway.

    In about four weeks there will be another trial regarding Norway’s most famous prisoner – Anders Behring Breivik. The “terrorist” has been in solitary confinement since his incarceration some four years ago. That is what the trial is about – should he or should he not be kept in such a confinement.

    For obvious reasons the power structure wants him isolated. Anders did not do what he is accused of alone. He was a patsy and as such they are afraid of him spilling the beans to other inmates. However, he has been declared insane so why would it matter what he says?

    During the four days set aside for the trial I suspect Anders Behring Breivik will be heavily sedated. It will be another circus pushing the migrant invasion on the back burner for a while. Speculation is that the trial may end up in European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

    From The Independent January 2013:
    “The judges at Strasbourg may have become the whipping boys of British politicians and the popular press but to most of the 819 million population of its 47 member states the court remains a beacon of hope, a last gasp attempt at justice, often from states where human rights laws are shaky at best.”

  35. On the subject of mining and treasures in the desert, who knew there was a treasure smack in the middle of Death Valley? Well, there was and still is – the Armargosa Opera House and Hotel, but no longer with an audience and performers on stage.

    It began many decades ago when Broadway dancer Marta Becket and her husband set sails, or in their case wheels, towards the west. Their luck ran out in Death Valley when the car broke down. They never left the valley and established Armargosa Opera House and Hotel in the middle of nowhere.

    Being creative, the husband and wife team transformed existing structures into pieces of art work. The Beckets gave performances until the husband died. Eventually Marta teamed up with another great male performer. He too died after a decade or so and Marta became the sole performer at the Opera House until she retired in 2012.

    In the hot and barren desert, this lady from Broadway and Radio Music Hall in NYC became another diamond in the rough. The hotel has 23 rooms and I believe room 14 is the one rumored to be haunted. For cat lovers everywhere, Marta shared her desert domain with dozens of cats.

    Seven years ago I had the pleasure of attending one of Marta’s performances. It was amazing for a lady of her golden age. Visions of what she was like on stage in her prime became quite clear.

    The young lady in charge of the Armargosa gift shop had newly arrived from Sweden. Enthralled with her new surroundings, she said she would never leave.

    Marta in Death Valley and the Turtle Lady of South Padre Island had long been on my bucket list. The visit to South Padre Island is another story.

    This link is interesting but not valid since Marta, due to her age, no longer performs:

    1. I’m in the process of getting glasses. It’s not Armargosa, it’s Amargosa. First the eyes go, then the body goes and finally the mind. Sometimes it’s the other way around.

    1. Oh My God,
      I was just thinking this today what if Obama owned the Court.

      Obama will be the first I know to stack 3 Judges in his favor.

      It’s over People. Every Case will be in Obama’s Favor.

      It will be ruled the President can do anything, anywhere, anyhow and ALL Executive Orders are as Good as Gold.

      I Hope the Commie, NeoCon, Progressive Republicans will refuse to let him nominate a new judge with only 9 months left.

      I saw this coming..
      Bye Bye

    1. NAILED IT, Toni!! How I love Love…CIA operatives or not. On a trip to Big Sur a million years ago, we listened to Love the whole way, there and back. It was magical.

      An old boyfriend went to one of Arthur Lee’s shows, but Lee was so wasted he passed out on stage. Tragic.

      1. lophatt, looks like a great show. Thanks. I love these guys. I’m bookmarking it for tomorrow though. I’m trying to write four different things right now.

    2. Toni…thank you. One of the greatest tracks of all time !

      I saw Love in concert …. magical and this song, almost witchy somehow. I had a close friend at school who loved this song so much he listened to it constantly, never played anything else…to the point his parents sent him to a psychologist ! He was always a little strange after that…… I’m probably nuts, but for me that song has a surreal power, I almost want to say ‘ dangerous’….

      1. Steven, I agree with you that the song has some kind of ooky-spookiness to it. So many people have a strong reaction to it.

        The song is ironic in that the singer says the line about being “in love with almost everyone” but still he’ll “be alone again tonight.” By choice, I guess.

        Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Steven, if you celebrate. I don’t know if you do that over there, what with your lost culture and all.

        1. I think the spookiness of the song is somehow in the musical structure….I wish I knew a musicologist who could break it down…. on second thoughts, no I don’t, its better to keep it a mystery…

          Yeah, over here in lost culture land, Valentines Day is a massive deal still, maybe the ” muslim invaders” didn’t get around to squashing it yet…. so happy Valentines to you too….

          I won’t be celebrating it personally, I lack a beloved unfortunately…… but one lives in hope, even at my age..

          Your post on the X Files thread, by the way, was superb….

          Have a great day S

        2. Thanks, Steven. Don’t worry about having a beloved today. You can always “be in love with almost everyone.”

          (I think you may be right about the musical structure of that song)

        1. Ric, All these great songs. I love that little red book song. It’s Burt Bacharach, but you wouldn’t know it after Arthur Lee gets done with it.

          That live recording of Lee is mesmerizing. What is it about him?

          Here’s the song with full sound. Nobody drives this song like Love.

        2. When I learned Burt and Hal wrote Little Red Book I fell to floor.
          Then I heard their cheese- Wiz version and realized How Love made that song their own.

          Fun Facts: In 1995 0r 6 the Super wealthy Family, I can’t say, owed the house next door in Bel-Air.

          Burt and Carol had divorced. They bought it Cash and asked me to go check all electronic systems out and what we will need.

          I stood in the Studio Burt and Hal wrote so many songs,

          I took a deep deep breath and absorbed the Vibe.

          Unreal how many people went thru that studio.

          I have more stories like that….I have no Idea Why, It Never amounted to to a hill of beans in the long run but was interesting days

        3. Sun,

          I didn’t want the girls to think I picked that video for Girls out of respect.

          Not really bad but that video didn’t represent the song to me

          All Good.

        4. Toni – Lord have mercy, this one better not get into the hands of Linda Hagen’s migrant students at her rape seminar.

        1. lophatt, just caught up with listening to this – so cool. You had to know without asking I was into the blues.

          Wonder what year this was. Butterfield sounds as sweet as ever. And can we talk about that guitar player? I love his comping behind Paul’s harmonica. Then his solo is classic less-notes-are-more style of blues. The spaces between are as evocative as the notes.