“Academic Freedom Has Limits. Where They Are Isn’t Always Clear.”

Kevin Carey
Chronicle of Higher Education

[Editor’s Note: One would think the Chronicle of Higher Education might get its facts right, particularly given its readership. However, author Kevin Carey, “director of the education-policy program at New America,” repeats the corporate media falsehood that this author sent Lenny and Veronique Pozner a certified letter out-of-the-blue “demand[ing] proof that their son had ever been alive.” In fact, the letter was in response to Lenny Pozner’s harassive March 22, 2015 copyright infringement claim filed against Memory Hole Blog, where I requested evidence that Pozner was the rightful owner of the image in question–indeed, the same image that emerged following a school massacre in Peshawar Pakistan in December 2014 purporting to be one of the decedents! This request was also made following Pozner’s many dubious copyright claims against alternative media outlets that I contended amount to a muzzle on First Amendment-protected free speech–the same constitutional safeguard showboated by so many major media outlets, including the Chronicle.

Source: Chronicle of Higher Education

Subsequent evidence has emerged suggesting that Pozner has led an online harassment and stalking campaign against citizens and alternative media who’ve attempted to publicly question and research the Sandy Hook School massacre. Mainstream media outlets have turned a blind eye to this pattern of likely criminal activity. -JFT]

His efforts in this regard included mailing a certified letter to the parents of Noah Pozner, a 6-year-old Sandy Hook victim whose body was torn to pieces by .223-caliber bullets fired from a military-style rifle, in which he demanded proof that their son had ever been alive. When they protested, Tracy called them “alleged parents” who were financially profiting from a hoax.

One of the most difficult jobs campus leaders face is choosing between academic community and academic freedom. Florida Atlantic got stuck with a tenured truther, and showed him the door. It is not the only institution recently forced to choose between academic community and academic freedom. These values, we are learning, are not wholly reconcilable at a modern university. One of the most difficult jobs campus leaders face is choosing between them.

Tracy’s repugnant conduct has few defenders, none among the sane. Other cases are more complex. Wheaton College, in Illinois, a mostly-white evangelical college, insists that it is not firing Larycia Hawkins, a tenured woman of color, for wearing a hijab in solidarity with oppressed Muslims. The official reason has to do with Hawkins’s suspiciously coincidental failure to adhere to religious doctrine involving the tripartite nature of God, a dispute that mattered a great deal in England 400 years ago.

Religious belief instantiated in college policy is, more or less by definition, indisputable. But if that’s the case, one wonders why Wheaton bothers to employ scholars to explore theology; it would be easier to just hand down the Word from on high. Churches and colleges are not the same thing.

Ward Churchill was officially fired by the University of Colorado at Boulder for research misconduct, but was actually fired for his senseless and inhumane denunciation of the thousands killed by terrorists on September 11, 2001. Steven Salaita’s tenured job offer was canceled by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign because of his profane anti-Israel writings on social media. At least the Illinois trustees didn’t pretend there was another reason, and they paid Salaita $600,000 to settle his lawsuits.


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  1. “Tracy’s repugnant conduct has few defenders, none among the sane.”

    What does that mean? I am an ardent defender. Is challenging the Sandy Hook narrative the new litmus test for mental stability?

    Clearly, the author has never done any research into the bizarre anomalies of Sandy Hook nor read any of Mr. Tracy’s writings which primarily ask reasonable QUESTIONS. (which, for the most part, remain unanswered.)

    A questioning mind is essential for substantive academic inquiry. If we silence all questioners, the university model becomes a sham.

    1. “A questioning mind is essential for substantive academic inquiry. If we silence all questioners, the university model becomes a sham.”

      I’m with you.

      The mental stability theme has been attached to this story from the beginning. A meme meant to curb free expression is being pushed that says one’s opinions determine one’s mental health. It’s put out there by the “journalists” and picked up by their readers who reflexively assign terms from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, to any expression or behavior they don’t like.

      In the comments sections of the various online publications across the net, readers do the work of connecting all the fear themes for the government: Tracy is a schizo/psychotic/paranoid who is worried about gun control. Better check the gun owner list and find out if he has one because crazy gun nuts go back to their workplaces and shoot up the place. Or he could get violent with the Pozners, he’s that maliciously off-balance.

      These memes are actually being voiced, and I don’t think by trolls. Scary stuff.

      1. Clearly the people, forgive the assumption, who write these rants are taking orders from the big boys on high. I could easily see Soros and Mikey Bloomberg behind such an effort.
        That said, will President Trump be partially, totally, or non-supportive of Israel when he becomes president? Are professors that voted for Obama not once, but twice, still considered sane in light of the massive destruction wrought by the President over the last 7 years? Will Trump become a vassal serving the jews? What would it take to convince said professors that they were dead wrong in electing this Major Domo Marxist whose real name escapes me?
        Toni is dead on the mark, the heavy hitters supplying the ideology to these handmaidens are under the tutelage of the movers and shakers that want to transform the world into one, massive serfdom. Multiculturism has always been supported by the same group of people. That has never changed, neither have the proponents of this damaging return to feudal status.

        1. “Will Trump become a vassal serving the Jews?”

          Trump is already a vassal serving the Jews, specifically the ones who set up the grand combination insurance fraud, financial fraud investigation evidence destruction (WTC 7, Pentagon), underground vault looting, Constitution shredded War On Terror mass murder kickoff known as 9/11. Late last summer Trump appointed former AIPAC lobbyist and 9/11 suspect Michael Glassner to his staff as Political Director. Shortly thereafter came forth from The Donald the official narrative reinforcing memes we should all be familiar with (celebrating Arabs, planes taking down bldgs on own accord, OBL, etc.) along with pledges to Israeli security.

          Donald Trump is a self-funded sellout and the results of his election will serve to lull the public further away from the truths of 9/11 and the state of political subversion in the US due to Trump’s falsely applied label as political renegade.


          “Aryan Skynet already exposed Trump’s phony populism for the controlled opposition it clearly represents, and few, in view of the fact that his name appears along with those of Alan Dershowitz and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak in billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s “little black book”, should need much convincing that Trump is an irredeemable lowlife; but what connection, if any, does “The Donald” have to 9/11? Just last week the mogul announced the appointment of Michael Glassner, former Dole and Palin handler and Southwest Regional Political Director of AIPAC in 2014-2015, as Political Director of his own campaign. Glassner’s most interesting credential, however, is his 1998-2001 tenure as Chief of Staff to the Chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

          Full article:

    2. A reply to Elain, Toni, and Gil. The purpose is to label anyone who questions Sandy Hook as insane… that is what Elaine’s blocked quote is implying.

      This line of reasoning has been tossed around since last year. Those who challenge the official story are crazy. The label they are using is ‘oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)’ – one who defies authority, or an anti-authoritarian. So if you don’t believe the official Gov’t sanctioned narrative(just another lie), or worse challenge it (and especially with reason, logic, and calmness) then obviously you’ve got ODD.

      And if you’ve got ODD then you certainly don’t need any guns!! Of course not. In fact you need treatment through Obamacare, and if you refuse treatment then you won’t be covered for any other medical costs. Buy you’ll still have to pay for Obamacare!

      Gun Control = anyone who is opposed to government will have their guns taken. Technically it is opposed to CORRUPT government… but let’s not split hairs shall we?

      And I believe the evidence is in that the University system IS a sham.

      1. A more truncated version of the points you’ve made: “you’re either with us, or you’re with the TERRORISTS”. Oh, how they love FALSE DILEMMAS.

      2. The cryptocracy counts on most of the peasants to self-censor and not cause them any trouble. Those who do question the lies are handled with differing levels of severity, depending on how much traction they may have with the peasants-at-large. Some with be ostracized. Some will lose their livelihood. Some with be told they are ODD and are deemed to have O.D.D. and will be forced into re-education via the pseudo science known as psychology. Those who are very problematic will be forced into ‘psych’ wards for the latest mind altering drugs. And there will be those who will be dealt with in the harshest possible ways; i.e. one car accidents, swinging from a rope, etc.

    3. Elaine, you wrote: “Clearly, the author has never done any research into the bizarre anomalies of Sandy Hook nor read any of Mr. Tracy’s writings which primarily ask reasonable QUESTIONS. (which, for the most part, remain unanswered.)”

      If he knows what’s good for him, the author WILL NOT question or research any of the bizarre goings-on, that we are told are just accidental history. There is no rhyme or reason for anything that happens. It’s all just very disjointed, and you can’t make any sense of any of it. If you try to understand the powers behind history, YOU have oppositional disorder.
      Remember, and this is the last time we’re going to tell you this [sarc]: There are no conspiracies….ever, about anything..ever…and evermore.
      Now, please turn up the volume on your te levi sion, sit back and relax.

  2. doc Tracy,
    You keep on championing the truth and I will defend you . And proud to do so.
    I can never be a supporter of ”Lies” which is obviously all they have.
    As was on display the other night in the state of the union address.
    Your over the target so keep the mission going.


  3. Carey claims to be “confused” in his tweets. I’m sure he passes that confusion on to his readers by cherry-picking certain facts to fit his agenda while conveniently leaving out other facts. So, technically, his writing is fact-based. He’s a writer for the NYT and lives in DC.

    But what do I know? Apparently, just posting a comment here means that I am insane according to that lot.

  4. The footnote to this article states that the author’s latest book is: ‘The End of College: Creating the Future of Learning and the University of Everywhere (Riverhead Books, 2015).’

    What is the University of Everywhere? Well I’ve spent the last ten days tucked away in the public library reviewing all the pro-globalism books I could locate. Although I have not read the book noted above, I did pick up from my review that there is an attack on tenure because tenure is the stumbling block that’s standing in the way of taking education global where it becomes a global business run by corporations and taught by educational companies.

    I can’t be sure but my condensed notes from above surely sound like what could be described as The University of Everywhere, the end of College and a new way of learning. I get a strong sense that the end picture would be the end of Professors and also the end of the physical buildings that hold the students in the environment painted as not safe to be anymore. Maybe and possible, learning through technology and online which I picked up on by connecting many statements to attempt to draw out the bigger picture.

    Is that what this is really all about?

    1. Were you able to pin down the exact date when “global citizenship” started being pushed on to K-12 students? I know it started at least as early as 1991 or 1992; I worked in a Title 1 middle school (98% Mexicans, nearly all designated ELD) back then, and the curriculum included global citizenry, learning the 5 Pillars of Islam, Ghandi, Mother Theresa, and Cesar Chavez. Mostly, the kids fought and/or had sex with each other when they weren’t distraught from abuse at home. Sad.

      I agree with your conclusions: ultimately, it’s about centralization of power and technocracy. Make sure you know about the occultic influences behind the UN (specifically Lucius Trust and its history).

      1. I believe it began in a real sense in 1987 with the founding of VIF International Education which prepares programs as in this link:


        Thank you for the reminder of the occult indications and I am familiar with this.

        1. Excellent! Thank you for the link; I’ll check it out. Have you checked out Charlotte Iserbyt’s work (old and new), or read any of the blog invisibleserfscollar.com? Robin Eubanks is the owner of the blog, and she’s dogged in her pursuit of what’s really at the roots of public education. Both of these ladies helped convince me to take my son out of school; he’s 18 now, gainfully employed (been so for over two years) in his profession of choice, and he’s a certified gemologist. He’d still be slogging away in high school if we hadn’t veered from the well-travelled road!

          I don’t mean to brag; I’m still breathless from the years of holding my breath…I went the radical unschooling route, and I did it on pure faith and very little support. It could have gone either way…but it WORKED! And I’m pleased with myself for seeing it through.

    1. Yeah, that’s good. There are two of these out now. One has a little more detail. This was quite the production.

      This was sort of a “command performance”. Obongo is all over it. AF1 flights, all expense paid lobbying. If there were any justice they’d be chasing these people down the streets.

  5. Perhaps you’ll be awarded $600k to settle your suits, Dr. Tracy? Hope does spring eternal…

    These education rags are priceless bits of Marxist blathering. We get them sent to us, too, and every one is utterly and unapologetically Progressive (Communist). We read them for the shock value, mostly, and to keep up with what the Enemy is doing. At this point, it’s stomach-churning.

  6. Tracy’s Editor’s note makes the relevant point here. News about this case conforms to the predetermined story that the Pozners were harassed by Tracy. Journalists start with that, and for many readers, the story ends with that.

    Talk about begging the question. The assumption is made that the Sandy Hook mass casualty event took place, and that Noah died there. All subsequent analysis must proceed from this premise.

    Must be like a thousand publications out there that all parrot this same fallacy. I could find no original thought anywhere on the subject, outside of friends of this blog.

    1. Thanks, that was a good piece. There is a lot of this going around lately. This ploy of claiming harassment while doing the actual harassment. Unfortunately and shamefully some are willing to cooperate with it.

      In this atmosphere of total PC phobia, it is getting traction that it previously did not. I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised. After all, anyone willing to participate in something that heaps lies upon lies would have little problem adding a few more to “punish” a researcher.

      When that group is tied to “our” government what do they have to fear? “Lenny” sings the lead and the corporate media fire up the Wurlitzer and covers the chorus.

  7. I commented on the Higher Ed cite, and you can too. Since I assume that the audience is academic, I would downplay the rhetoric and make it brief and simple. For your own protection, I would suggest a pseudo-name.

  8. This article is absolutely fantastic. I clicked through and read the whole thing.

    This guy is talking about academia and tenure the way the greatest enemy of the Second Amendment talks about the right to defend oneself. Who is funnier, Groucho Marx or Steve Martin?

    I’m busting a gut here!

    Normally, I’d cut and paste the thing and interject my acerbic replies to the ridiculousness, but what’s the point, in this case? It is so stupid.


    These people make mockery too easy to bother with.

    If this is what the academy has descended to, perhaps James was done a favor by being shown the door. They are morons, with no intellectual rigor. And people actually take this stuff seriously?

    1. Patrick, “they” are not morons. They are androids marching to the beat of the NWO. I get the feeling that some of these pathetic perps are without jobs and are starving. Are they devoid of powers of reason and judgment? Could be. Likewise, when listening to a pathetic screed from one Marco
      Rubio declaring his love and adoration for dear, dear Israel, one can only retch and puke. Are we headed to civil war? America is rife with people who, subconsciously, absorb and potentiate the mendacious verbiage that comes to them subliminally and this grows on their subconscious until it is ripe and it hatches as their embodiment of truth.
      Nevertheless, I relate the story of a friend whose wife is a doctoral level molecular biologist who insists that talk of an economic Armageddon is pure poppycock. “It can’t happen, won’t happen, that’s ridiculous” sayeth the professor. Lots of intelligent people are, sad to say, mentally blocked and ignorant of anything but their cherished disciplines. There is but one truth, mine…..

      This is why our country is sinking like a stone. Too many believers, not enough skeptics. It’s better to be endergonic than exergonic, apparently. Stick your neck out, express a well thought out opinion, and you are soon lambasted for your beliefs and your audacity to differ from peoples’ superior brain products.

    2. One thing’s for certain, he’ll know what is acceptable when he hears it! I have to admit, I have NEVER understood people like this. There are many things that I find “offensive”, or troublesome, but I would never attempt to silence someone just because I don’t agree with them.

      If universities are not free to inspire youth to develop their curiosity and research skills, as well as introduce them to critical thinking, what is the purpose of them?

      In this current era, how could anyone associated with teaching ‘Communication” or “journalism” NOT explore this? They are literally creating false news. If someone doesn’t point that out, those students will believe that its always been so.

      Besides that, what a person believes or explores is none of their employer’s business. I suppose they can question a syllabus or lesson plan, sit in a session, etc., but what does that have to do with what someone does “off the clock”?

      It is infuriating. There is no respect or consideration for personal rights. Where is their duty to Dr. Tracy? Why is “Lenny” more important to them than their faculty?

      In simple terms, what they did and continue to do, is to stalk people and attempt to damage them. That is not legal. Setting aside the maudlin, heart-wrenching rhetoric in this clown’s article, none of that has anything to do with, nor does it provide an excuse for damaging one’s character or livelihood.

      At the heart of this that is really what they’re saying. They are telling us that there are certain “boundaries”, universally accepted, that we must not cross, or else. As he says, anyone who doesn’t believe the corporate media is “insane”.

      This man writes for an alleged “newspaper”. Is he not obligated to learn something about which he writes? Should we call his employer and tell them that our hearts are deeply troubled by their employee’s lack of understanding of basic human rights?

      No, anyone with his degree of tortured logic should be pitied. He’s an obvious fool. “Lenny and the Latter Day Chekas” are not “heartbroken”, they are agents. Besides, since when did being emotionally distraught trump free speech?

  9. “One would think the Chronicle of Higher Education would get its facts right, particularly given its readership.” No, one would not! Assuming Sandy Hook is a not-too-hard-to-understand act of theater followed by fake bereavement and fraudulent criminal reports, one would think that the Master conspirators were smart enough to predict that the Chronicle of Higher Education would find compelling reasons to expose the hoax. Therefore, the Master Sandy Hook conspirators must have taken precautions, at the inception of the Sandy Hook project, to ensure that should they find it convenient to fire a tenured university professor, “the Chronicle of Higher Education would get its facts” not right, but wrong, “particularly given its readership.”

    If anything, this particular article provides a perspective on another piece of cement in Plato’s very big and very thick cave.


    1. Firing Tracy may have opened up a new avenue to discharging truther professors. Now that the precedent has been set, this might be the new paradigm.
      Ever wonder how after you bundle your precious children off to college where they get to meet people in administrations that plot to get rid of faculty not sharing their mindsets? Does it give parents joy that their children will be around anti-Constitutionalists and progressives who believe the Bill of Rights should be dismembered? Do administrators have children, do they worry about the ability of their children to think and reason and make moral judgments? Will we soon see a grand arch at an Ivy League college that features a placard that says “Greed is good”? Or, is it preferable to seek out a college like Hillsdale that incorporates teaching of morality and religiosity?

      1. As an educator, I candidly point out to my critical thinking students that higher ed aims to teach them conformity. And then I make sure to point out how group think is so weak to default to….

  10. Posted on behalf of Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    (Waiting to be approved by The Chronicle of Higher Education moderators.):

    Here is part of the Wikipedia entry for Mr. Kevin Carey born Oct. 6, 1970 at Santa Barbara, California:
    “Carey was born in Santa Barbara, California.[1] He obtained a bachelor’s degree in political science from Binghamton University in 1992, and a Masters in Public Administration degree from The Ohio State University in 1995.[13][14]
    He lives with his wife and daughter in Washington, D.C.[2]”

    Here is a suggestion for Mr. Carey.

    Retract this worthless hit piece on professor Dr. James Tracy, Ph.D.. Do some real investigation of the facts yourself and especially read the only banned book which challenges the official lies about the massive Sandy Hook Hoax on America December 14, 2012: “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” by professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., professor Dr. James F. Tracy, Ph.D. et al. This book was for sale for about a month on Amazon.Com for about $16.00, received mostly 5 star reviews from those who actually read the book, and sold about 500 copies before it was removed from the shelves about Dec. 1, 2015 without explanation. Nineteen other books which blindly took the sympathy party line about this incident were not banned however.

    The authors then decided to make this 486 page book available for free to all interested readers around the world. You can download your free copy here http://www.rense.com. If you are really interested in the truth, Mr. Carey, as you claim, read the scientific evidence and facts of this book before you make insulting comments toward the only professor at Florida Atlantic University, out of about 1000, evidently with the guts and gumption and intelligence to seek the truth.

    Mr. Carey, you have it backwards: It is Florida Atlantic University which must be fired from its failure to instill the concepts of critical thinking, scientific analysis and the scientific method and the rules of logic in students, faculty and administrators alike.
    Mr. Kevin Carey blindly accepted the official government lies about this massive hoax on America without question and couldn’t even get them right. It looks like he has problems with understanding the scientific method and rules of scholarship and research, not the person he seeks to criticize, professor Dr. James F. Tracy, Ph.D.

    Don’t expect any apologies from this worthless piece of propaganda garbage publication The Chronicle of Higher Education which should change its name to The Chronicle of Lower Education and Brainwashing. It is little more than a propaganda mouthpiece for many of the current crop of institutions of lower education and brainwashing in the United States today.

    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

      1. I guarantee the Chronicle will not show these comments.

        Unless you are bashing Tracy, your comment will not show up and you will be banned permanently for pointing out that the story is full of lies.

    1. In legal terms that we all understand, what did it mean to “ban” “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”? Amazon did not ban the book, they stopped selling it, please correct me if I’m wrong about this.
      Correct me again should I be wrong, people like Carey are ideologues and not morons. Isn’t a moron characterized by an IQ range?, very low in this case. Carey does not have a low IQ, he has a low tolerance for freedom of speech, very low in this case. Does he really believe this ideology or does he have to support his family and this job he holds is all he could get?
      Yes, it is very highly likely that liars masquerading as 6pm newscasters are traitors. They are paid to lie and they ask no questions about their newscasts provided to them for their subsequent delivery. All we hear on the major media is one lie after another. As a former CIA head once said, “we’ll know we are successful with our program when people believe all our lies”. A huge amount of people are behind this attempted overthrow of our government and way of life and they are all in bed together.
      It’s going to be a fight to the death, too.

  11. Posted on behalf of James Henry Fetzer • 15 minutes ago
    (Waiting to be approved by The Chronicle of Higher Education moderators.)

    This article is an obscenity: it displays massive ignorance, willingness to believe the official account of practically anything, and no research or intellectual ability at all. I had published 30 articles on Sandy Hook before I edited NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015), a 425-page volume that demonstrates beyond any doubt whatever that the school had been abandoned by 2008, that it was a two-day FEMA drill, that no children or adults died and that it was done to promote gun control. The proof is massive, thorough, detailed and compelling. Read it!

    This was a two-day FEMA drill, with the rehearsal on the 13th, going LIVE on the 14th. Some participants became confused and put up donation sites on-line for an event that had yet to occur. Adam Lanza’s death was initially recorded in the Social Security Death Index as having taken place on the 13th, which makes his accomplishment in shooting 20 kids and 6 adults the following day all the more remarkable. We even have the FEMA manual, which I made the Appendix A.

    The book was too hot for the Obama administration and was banned less than a month after publication–it had already sold nearly 500 copies–by amazon.com, where Jay Carney became Senior Vice President when he left the White House. I suspect one of the reasons is that I included another appendix demonstrating that, when guns are banned, crime goes up. Does anyone seriously believe that criminals are going to be intimidated by citizens who have been disarmed? Far from “an epidemic of gun violence”, it has been dropping steadily since 1993.

    There are thirteen contributors to the book, including six Ph.D. (current or retired) professors. Among the others is Paul Preston, an LA area Superintendent of Schools, who was so troubled by what he observed being broadcast from Sandy Hook that he reached out to his contacts in the Obama Department of Education, each of whom confirmed that it had been a drill, that no one had died and that it had been done to promote gun control. When it was banned, I released it to the public as a pdf for free. You can find it many places, including at rense.com.

    Far from James Tracy harassing the Pozners, they were stalking him. The son they claim to have died on 14 December 2012 was also reported to have died again 16 December 2014 in Pakistan. And when Kelley Watt, who had spent more than 100 hours in conversation with Lenny, told him she did not believe a word he said, that she did not believe he had a son or that his son had died, he sent her a death certificate, which turned out to be a fabrication. It’s in the book (p. 181).

    Tracy was seeking confirmation from Lenny that Lenny had a bona fide copyright claim to the photograph of Noah, for violation of which he had lodged a complaint against his memoryholeblog.com. James has been among the best students of Sandy Hook and authored the first scholarly article, focusing on the bizarre press conference held by Wayne Carver, M.E., who observed in passing that he hoped this did not come crashing down on the people of Newtown. It’s there as Ch. 1.

    We have 50 photographs of furnishing the Lanza home to serve as a prop, where the most striking is of the Nancy Lanza bedroom, where Adam is alleged to have shot his mother four times in the head. There is some red stuff on the bed (which you can see in color in the pdf), but it is not blood and not in copious quantity. It looks to me like raspberry jam. On a wooden chest, there are forms, where they were keeping track of how they arranged the furniture. And beneath the leg of the bed is a blue moving pad, which they forgot to remove in their haste (Ch. 7).

    We also have 50 photographs of them refurbishing the school to serve as the stage, including the moving vans and moving tags still on the nameplate for a classroom. The topper is Exhibit 26 (of Ch. 8), with the SWAT team already in place, the windows of Classroom 10 undamaged (where they would be shot out during the event), the flag at full mast, crime scene tape up for a crime that has yet to be committed, and Wayne Carver relaxing with his armes folded awaiting the arrival of his portable mortuary tent. I have published it many, many places.

    We also have photos of the windows of Classroom 10 BEFORE and AFTER and of the perps drilling holes in the window frame to simulate the effects of bullets. We also have photos of pink rods extending from those holes, which are at 90* angles to the window panes and 55* angles from the purported location of Adam Lanza when he fired them. Each of them is perfectly parallel, which is what you would expect if you knew how they were created but which would leave you in a state of disbelief if you did not. These are not the effects of an actual shooting.

    Because James is an excellent scholar, Lenny has been worried that, if the truth were to become public, he may have to return more than $1,000,000 that he has received in donations from sympathetic but gullible Americans and might even be prosecuted for fraud. Others have benefitted as well, where the “first responders” have split $2,300,000 for participating in a charade. And Newtown has received $50,000,000 for a new K-4 school, when the average nationwide is $7,000,000. Both the actors and the community are being rewarded for participating in a drill.

    So we have an author for The Chronicle of Higher Education who writes about an event about which he knows nothing. Not least shocking to me is that the fact the book was banned drew a lot of attention from the alternative press. The fraud is so massive and the stakes are so high that even The New York Times and The Washington Post are publishing palpable disinformation and propaganda about Sandy Hook, as I document in the latest of my blogs at jamesfetzer.blogspot.com. It infuriates me that something this reprehensible should appear in The Chronicle.

    This is a perfect example of the arrogance of academicians who think they have superior access to knowledge and to truth. Since my retirement in 2006, I have been devoting myself to unraveling the controversial political events of our time, which includes JFK, 9/11, Wellstone, Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing. None of them are as we have been told by our own government. But unless you were to expend the time and effort required to sort them out, you would never know. It pains me that a journal I have so long respected should fall so miserably short.

    1. In Oxford your views on SH should be welcome – professor there says, “We need to expose our students to ideas that make them uncomfortable so that they can think about why it is that they feel uncomfortable about and what it is about those ideas that they object to.”
      Professor Louise Richardson
      The problem is she’s talking about emotional or religious beliefs rather than fact based proofs like Jame’s and Jim’s SH, so fact based proofs should be more than welcome there.

    2. I want Dr. Tracy to know that I am cancelling my subscription to the Chronicle of Higher Education for printing Kevin Carey’s story full of lies.

    3. Guys – The Chronicle will not let these comments appear to the public. If you don’t join in the anti-Tracy circle jerk, you will be banned permanently from posting on their website.

    4. I think we need to call them out as and clearly collect evidence which identified them for what they are: Information Enemy Combatants. I need a hand settling down on the definition if anyone cares to assist: << http://tiny.cc/infoenemycombatants >> ; At present it is a loosing battle due to our collective tolerate for the propaganda being waged by those with massively deep pockets. They can afford thousands of agents, and like porn actors, there will always be those willing to sacrifice values for a few dollars for whatever reason – desperation etc. As such, trying to attempt “reason” is not going to work with the criminal elite and their immoral agents – we need laws to fix this issue. We need to clearly identify the problem – information warfare – dishonestly – propaganda – bring in laws to outlaw it and then arrest the perps. I feel we are 50 years into a massive information civil war. We had better start taking it seriously – rest of ideas in the link. Ideas welcome.

      1. As much as we often insist that those people who would act as traitors against the US by taking part in these corrupt practices for a few pesos, let’s not forget that they could just as easily be working full time for the NWO forces for good wages, even very good wages. When you read a number of VT articles, a large number over time, you are acquainted with the word “Zionist”. You realize that this word has a very distinct meaning and magnitude. That is, there are forces in other parts of the world just champin’ at the bit seeking to destroy the United States for any number of reasons. It helps to keep one’s friends close, and one’s enemies closer…..

    5. Whomever this author actually is, he certainly reveals how intellectually lazy he is, not to mention that he goes full Alinsky suggesting anyone with questions is insane. Carver was a twilight zone embarassment, but the parents, not a one demanding to see their children, to me demonstrates that as parents, they weren’t anything more than self aggrandizing sociopaths. That’s what puts this in the domain of a highly improbable ‘real’ shooting for me.

      1. I’d give my eye teeth to know and understand how 30000 Newtown residents are so divorced from the realities behind this case. Nobody has leaked the real facts behind this abstention, are there any solid theories that might explain this lack of dissension in the ranks?

  12. No shock or surprise here. Smacks of the fifth columnists that have organized and operate as ‘paid’ assassins of the truth. Those who’s character are assassinated and livelihoods murdered are examples to be raised into view and praised for not succumbing to the pressure of what we know is a zionist operation.

    Pozner and the Sandy Hook extension are what the Southern Poverty Law Center and other agencies are for other attacks on the freedoms. I am a bit surprised that the antisemitism angle has not been incorporated here, though I don’t rule it out as we continue as a force in opposition to INGSOC and the newspeak of this “politically correct” insanity. The deeper agenda moving into thoughtcrime sends such a chill up my spine and panoptic surveillance will take it to a new level. Such creeping fascism is now in view. It all ties into domestic and global agenda and religious freedom comes after intellectual freedom.

    Kevin Carey should have provided his facts and evidence beginning with a photo of Noah Pozner’s .223 riddled body. His piece has all three modes of persuasion.

  13. I find myself flummoxed by this entire affair.

    No one listened to me. I would have counselled James Tracy to never engage in any capacity whatsoever with any of the government operatives posing as ‘victims.’ They’ll lie, is what I would have said. No matter how innocent or even provoked such a simple gesture as responding to an abusive copyright infringement claim is, the governmedia will distort it and even lie outright to make it something sinister and/or criminal.

    This time I have no satisfaction in being proven right.

    1. I guess a person has to have the confidence to know that, in spite of threatened lawsuits, he is dealing with a Potemkin village of stage sets and phony legal process. If you flinch, you lose. I live in Boston, where the temptations to run down a manifestly false event have been legion.
      Funny, but the first inkling I had of both the falsity of the event and the resistance there would be among loved ones to understanding it as such, came with a video of the security guard Sean Collier’s sisters kneeling at the spot where he was allegedly killed and praying the rosary. I said it looked phony as hell. The response? “How can you be so heartless.”

      But I think one responds in one’s own territory in a certain way based on prior knowledge and understanding. The man’s body was supposed to be in the hospital, MGH, just over the bridge from MIT. The killers were supposedly at large. The place he was shot would have been a no-go crime scene. Who takes a rosary immediately to a crime scene before your brother’s body is even cold? Crisis actors, that’s who, working with a very bad script.

      The so-called trial of Tsarnaev – a courtroom barred to the public – come on. And so forth.

      I did not know at the first how phony it was, but sisters in prayer really started this cradle Catholic down the road to disbelief in the event. They were acting just like a young man I went to high school with, who appeared in a photo on the front page of a newspaper back during Vietnam, posing as a chaplain, with his rosary hanging over the body of a dying soldier. We were both still in high school and he was NOT in Vietnam, although I think I knew him from my journalism class.

      It was brave, perhaps, of Tracy to attempt to force the issue. But it was a dangle all along. They need enemies to mock. Otherwise, they are nothing. Is the public just indifferent? Perhaps. But having an engaged public is having people who will be vilified, after their initial stumbles over what they thought was true, but found out otherwise. Don’t take the cut glass candy.

    2. Either we engage or we give up the ship, Sue. Yes, it surely appears pointless to go back and forth with these wastrel sayanim, but the other extreme, total withdrawal, does not seem completely meritorious either. To a great degree, these puppets are stalling for time, allowing the trained propagandists in the background time to concoct retorts as the truthers make points extracted from analysis of evidence as Jim Fetzer would do. We’ve all noticed that action is followed by reaction and we are constantly jousting verbally with these craven hourly wage workers. By and large, we’ve not enjoyed the bully pulpit and we are always falling back after we step ahead thanks to their efforts. I suspect most of these folks are NOT Americans, one must always realize the Tribe is always around things like the forced refugee migrations into the EU thanks to Soros and these financial conundrums in America that threaten to take us down.
      You raise some interesting points, no doubt.

  14. If you connect this Posner harassment/terror campaign with the dismissal by FAU, the book ban by Amazon, now this blatant ad hominem/straw man-filled hit piece(where facts can’t get in the way of the agenda), & the recent orchestrated bully pulpit of Obama…it seems to me this is COMING FROM THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION, ALL THE WAY UP TO & INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT HIMSELF. That’s my “conspiracy theory” for the day. Any takers?

    1. I have entertained NO doubts that the White House and Impostor Presidente’ are behind these false flags and other events that smack of truth suppression. Obama has never told the truth and while he is essentially a vassal for the real power oligarchy, his nastiness, racism, and hatred of Whitey coupled with his acquired Marxism were always behind his nefarious agenda. What kind of people, then, would support such an agenda, harass and stalk truthers, and show themselves to be overt traitors?

  15. Listening to Delphi-Deanna Spingola’s latest show, with guest who’s an ex cop talking about race & crime. Beginning at 1:24:30, out of the blue and obviously without knowing Delphi’s SH position, cop says:

    […] if you don’t realize Sandy Hook, by now, is a complete false flag, you’re, you’re DEMENTED!! […]”

    and the dialog goes on from that priceless statement for the next 7 mins; I won’t transcribe but check it out!


    1. This segment you point out is very entertaining with the cop blasting Spingola about SH, but hey, Spingola may be writing like a turkey about SH but she should be a heroine to the many anti-Zionists who frequent this website with her epic huge book reducing world history to the evil swarthy bankers who financed everything.

      1. Yes, I’d guess 80+ percent of Delphi-Deanna’s podcast guests focus on historical revisionism esp WW2 & debunking Big Zionist Lies like the often state-mandated Holocaustianity & 911/Warrenterra-Hoax-Ism; as well as exposing Big Pharma/Med as evil. So what an “odd choice” by TPTB she is to be a Pro Official Sandy Hoax Story Key Opinion Leader, right?

        Well I’d guess TPTB viewed her more as a “ripe choice”; and they made her some sort of offer she couldn’t refuse. Even if few/none of Delphi’s “followers” took her SH bait; TPTB believed they would succeed in wedging/dividing the (zion-wise subset within the) Truth Movement.

        I made some images satirizing this 1984-ish “paradoxical reality” Delphi exists in since her Jan 15, 2014 show introducing her new Pro Official Sandy Hoax Story KOL role within the TM:

      1. It would take less than 5% of the people to withhold their tax money to bring these crooks, that have hijacked our gov, to their knees. They are broke already and it would take only a tiny push to topple these Bolsheviks. Then we give them trials for TREASON, and if found guilty (which they will be), they get a proper tar & feathering and a rail ride down to the hanging tree.

  16. The comments on the Carey article, as well as a previous one on James firing, have serious implications. All the commenters, including the few defending James, KNOW that the Sandy Hook atrocity occurred, and that James was delusional in denying it’s reality. They know it because it was written down many times on pieces of paper that authority distributed and posted on computer screens. And, most important, anti-authority opinion was EXCLUDED from Serious truth, and left to wild, demented, and racist truthers on the internet.

    Power delusions are apparently most effectively instilled by the exclusion of anti-authority opinion. The stray opinions that do come the way of academic or journalistic truthers consequently appear to be unfamiliar and surreal, denying the known truth. That is why truth revolutions take so long historically to legitimate. In the 17th century scientific revolutions, you could look out the window and SEE that the earth didn’t move, except in earthquakes or mudslides or events of that kind.

    The people could see it because our perceptions are guided by our historical conceptions, and they viewed the earth as separate from the other planets. Indeed, as Exceptional from the other planets because it was the homeland of people, just as the USA is conceived as Exceptional by authority, being the homeland of Americans. What was NOT allowed in the feudal truth tradition was the opinion that the earth was a planet like the others, and moved as they did. This required a rising capitalist class to legitimate.

    James’ thesis, that the Atrocity was probably a Fema drill, is being told to academics mostly unfamiliar with these drills by the military and police, partially because the truth about them is excluded from academic thought, indeed, from professional thought. My two line comment defending James was deleted along with an unknown number of others, and prof Fetzer’s defense was not printed the last time I looked.

    Therefore, one is dealing with a professional community that does not have the intellectual background to assess the reality of the situation, as occurred in the 17th and later scientific revolutions. But implying to a professional, especially an academic, that they are lacking an intellectual background will not be received with sweet reason.

    The intellectual background, such as Fema drills and false flags, must be legitimated first before the truth about fantasy scenarios can be considered credible. This is a big project, changing the world-views of commenters. This occurred in the scientific revolutions as well, as Thomas Kuhn illustrated in THE STRUCTURE OF SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTIONS. The problem is smaller here, but of the same kind.

  17. The Zio-Nazis are attacking America ! The Zio-Nazis are attacking America ! You can always spot a Zio-Nazi because they have no adherence to American values and the Constitution. When I was a boy it used to be, ” I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend with my life your right to say it”. Nowadays, it is “oh my gosh, what you say grieves me to my core, so I will take your job away if you say it”. What a bunch of pussilanemous finks, who think they are in control, we have today. They are always going around ticked off at everybody because they wet their bed last night. Oh, and Lenny, I know you will read this. Please tell us why your sons picture was on the wall in Pakistan ? And how come your friend was walking around at the drill site dressed up as a retarded sniper, carrying his gun by the ammo clip ? And ducking every time he came around a camera ? You know who I mean, David Wheeler ! IMHO, you and your partners in crime are TRAITORS, and after your trial I hope I get to pull the lever. POS !

    1. great video, Dublin, although it claims too much. It impressed my wife, who is an appellate lawyer, and tends to view Conspiracy Theories with great caution.

  18. I think Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” said it best. Our formal education system today exists only to brainwash and indoctrinate little children; molding them into obedient consumers who are to never question authority. Our religious institutions also realized that if they could get some one really young to brainwash, they would still carry the same beliefs eighty years later. Did 6 million jews really perish in the Holocaust? Was Osama Bin Laden really behind 9/11? Perhaps “Peter Pan” said it best; I don’t want to go to school/ Just to learn to be a parrot/(Just to learn to be a parrot)
    And recite a silly rule!

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