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Adam Lanza has been studied, labeled, categorized, mythologized. Like Gumby or Stretch Armstrong, Adam has been contorted from super-human to super-killer.

Who or what is Adam Lanza, and why did “he” become the “shooter?” The 2nd release from the producers of “We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook.” An in-depth look into the life of Adam.

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7 thought on “The Life of Adam”
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    Once again the Commander in Chief runs out the propaganda on Sandy Hook with tears while the parents of the children weep none. Not one tear for the millions of men, women, and children starved, dispossessed, murdered by the US military complex, based on false flags and lies around the world. The House of cards will fall like all empires in history have and when the people see the truth and have nothing, they will have nothing to lose. They are coming for your right to defend yourself, family, but most important, the right to live as a free human.

  2. They did a stellar job with this.
    Having AbleChild involved was a GREAT idea.

    It is the treatment of AbleChild by the state of Connecticut and certain Sandy Hook parents that really got me questioning Sandy Hook.

    And that alone speaks volumes about the official story.
    If it is like they say it was….AC should be welcomed with open arms.
    They truly are dedicated to finding out what went wrong with the supposed shooter.
    They want to at least try to stop this from ever happening again.

    You would think the victims families would be thankful for such involvement.
    Since many of them have appeared on TV and in print blathering on about more gun control to stop this from happening again.

    What has AbleChild received?
    They have been harassed and even threatened.

    No tin foil hat here.
    Look at how AC has been treated and tell me something isn’t wrong!
    If you can’t, you’re part of the problem!

    Interestingly enough, AbleChild was invited to Newtown by a concerned parent. She wanted to know just what the heck happened and what caused the supposed shooter to do what he supposedly did.

    I guess I can understand not releasing info about dead children.
    Not that I agree with that.
    But why is everything having to do with Nancy and Adam Lanza classified?

    I really appreciate this blog.
    I don’t know what happened that day but it is sure as heck not the way we have been told.
    The few times I have commented here, I have not been bashed or verbally threatened. That is certainly not the case in most other places on the internet, when you ask questions about Sandy Hook.
    Thanks for allowing my thoughts to be heard.

    1. I am glad to hear that you feel like you’ve been treated with respect here. I feel the same way: I don’t always agree and I’m not always agreed with, but I am free to express myself without fear of attack. The same cannot be said coming from the other direction…and if that fact alone doesn’t wake people up, I don’t know what will.

  3. I’m looking forward to a citizens tribunal for these treasonous traitors in our government running these psy-ops on the citizenry,
    this is the land of The Brave and people are waking up to the tyrrany running the US government

  4. Thanks to all those dedicated to knowing the truth and the valor it takes to pursue it.

    The public hearings produced by the gov commission were painful to watch but thanks to those who participated and broadcast for the world to see. That phantom judge called the child advocate was invisible and managed to conceal all records of the also invisible Adam Lanza.

    The organization Ablechild should be awarded a huge grant in compensation for all the harassment those ‘acting as’ ‘child advocates’ threw at them for simply asking questions.

    The image of 120 pound, 6 foot Adam reminds me of loved ones close to death who could not walk unassisted and certainly could not carry hundreds of pounds of lead around.

    There were two long guns found in the trunk of the car at night, everything else he carried in. Funny he would actually bother to carry in 6 empty bullet cartridges

    Taken to Sandy Hook Elementary:
    Two 12-gauge shotgun magazines
    10 30-round .223 magazines
    6 30-round 9mm magazines
    6 30-round 10mm magazines
    20 12-gauge shotgun rounds
    301 rounds of .233-caliber ammunition
    116 rounds of .9mm ammunition
    90 rounds of 10mm ammunition
    Izhmash Saiga 12-gauge semiautomatic shotgun
    Bushmaster Model XM15-E2S .223-caliber semiautomatic rifle
    Glock 20 10mm semiautomatic handgun
    Sig Sauer P226 9mm semiautomatic handgun

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