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What Do We Know about the Sandy Hook School Shooter?

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  1. A Delphi Story.
    This afternoon I had the dubious pleasure of listening for two hours to the spin of Deanna Spingola on Republic Broadcasting Network. I was delphied to the floor, almost ready for a bottle of something extra strong.

    Ms. SPINgola has a new book out titled “Screening Sandy Hook: Causes and Consequences”. Amazon has 4 reviews, all 5 stars. Not banned yet, not ever. Delphi Deanna took some tepid calls and had the callers almost come over to her side. I could see these guys scratching their heads after getting off the phone with her.

    One caller asked where she got her information from for the book. She answered 5% from the police report and the rest from other sources. Then she proceeded to recommend sites to go to for reliable information – sites set up by Sandy Hookers.

    She also was adamant that no helicopters came to SH until two hours after the shooting. She claimed it’s not always customary to call for medivacs, but assessed on individual cases. So a mass shooting by a guy strung up on drugs (according to Delphi) does not qualify as a case where medivacs may come in handy? The message in her book is that prescribed drugs are the culprit behind all these people going off on shooting sprees.

    Oh, and no drills go on at any schools, not even at high schools according to our Delphi expert. The trauma would be inexcusable. What about St. Rose of Lima School? And Robbie Parker was not acting, he showed the true face of a grieving father. The video was taken out of context according to our expert while she compared Parker to Russell Yates, father of five children who were drowned by the mother. We are told both fathers showed the same stoic faces during unimaginable grief and stress.

    Wolfgang Halbig and James Fetzer did not escape Spingola’s wrath and indignation either. Wolfgang especially is a liar after Fetzer set him up to it. So she said.

    A caller accused Deanna of practicing the Delphi technique. SPINgola claimed that only provocateurs do that and CNN does it all the time. It takes one to know one.

    1. Forgot to write about the listener who called in to ask why no blood was seen at SHES. Delphi went into shock. No blood? How could he make such a statement? There was blood all over the place, inside and outside the school. Tons of blood. The man did not argue with her. Guess SPINgola never got the memo from Vance – now directing traffic at a local intersection – that he never saw any blood. Perhaps he is color blind, not a good thing for someone who needs to distinguish between red, green and yellow.

    2. There was a drill conducted at a nearby elementary school last year. At least one parent (a gentleman that I know) was outraged. Made the papers.

      Wonder if she would retract her statement if I sent her a link?

      1. You can try. It would certainly warrant an interesting response, if any, but I’ll guarantee you’ll get a good dose of her technique. This woman is good at what she does. I was in awe at her skills.

        She can’t deny anything she said because the program is archived at Republic Broadcasting Network.

        1. Ugh! Remember my post about her book? I’m not sure I agree with her “skills”. I think she has mastered the posture of haughty superiority and lets that pass for knowledge. She’s a ringer.

      1. This isn’t “live shooter training”, it’s obedience training.

        Where is the evidence that these drills are beneficial in any way? What about negative outcomes? Where’s the evidence that they help more than they hurt?

        Oh, right…there isn’t any.

        Why people still send their kids to school flabbergasts me.

        1. That is precisely right. People see this monster growing and their response is to burrow in. “If I keep my head down they won’t see me”.

          Those who imagine that their willingness to surrender to the tender mercies of the overlords are in for a surprise. It is a combination of willful ignorance coupled with laziness and fear.

          People who wish to live their lives must take control of them. Granted, that can be risky. That is why being ignorant isn’t helpful.

  2. Newtown families split $1.5M from estate of gunman’s mother
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    By Associated Press | December 22, 2015 @ 7:54 am

    BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (AP) — The families of more than a dozen victims of the 2012 school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, will split $1.5 million under recently finalized settlements of lawsuits against the gunman’s mother’s estate.

    A lawyer for several victims’ families says the settlements were finalized Dec. 17. Details of the agreements were first announced in August.

    The lawsuits said Nancy Lanza failed to properly secure her legally owned Bushmaster AR-15 rifle. Her son, Adam Lanza, used the rifle to kill 20 first-graders and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012. He killed his mother before the school shooting and killed himself afterward.

    The families of 16 people who were killed will split $1.5 million from Nancy Lanza’s homeowner’s insurance.

    Victims’ families also are suing the maker of the Bushmaster rifle.

    1. Not only that Annie- But get this, he’s “afraid to touch metal” and somehow is able to handle mostly metal guns, and triggers? He won’t touch a door knob, but will handle a Glock apparently.

      Of course, they also told us “there’s no digital record of him” and yet, somehow simultaneously he ONLY communicates with his mother via e-mail, even to have food delivered to his room.

      Can’t have it both ways, over and over again.

      Besides, what kind of “real person” skips Junior and Senior year in High school to attend college, especially a “learning disable” child? I have heard of people skipping one grade, but never two.

      He can’t tie his shoes, yet is attending college 2 years early? I don’t think so.

      Of course, no images of “Adam” at Western Connecticut State either.. Because he’s fake and just based on Ryan.

      Hoping Prof. Tracy “allows” the quite detailed comment I left recently regarding St. Rose of Lima just being the source for this entire hoax- including “Annie Haddad” and “Mary Maloney” Haddad who appears to by “Nancy Lanza” and Maloney who appears to be “Dawn Hochsprung”

    2. That argument would work had he were autistic. See , Aspergers is wildly different than autism. But you knew that because you know more than anyone when talking SH

      1. I’m not sure if you’re being facetious or not. I don’t mean to come off as a know it all, I am just sharing my research and conclusions regarding points that do not add up, and my discoveries regarding St. Rose of Lima and the “clones” we see at Sandy Hook..

        That said, it is rather irrelevant what they say “Adam Lanza” had, as he is a total fictional character. No kid ever skips two years of high-school to go to college at Western Connecticut State, or anywhere, it’s just unheard of. Regardless of what “his” disorder was, “not wanting to touch metal” and then going on a shooting rampage is almost as ridiculous as having “no digital footprint” and communicating with your mom solely over the internet.

    3. What would any of these people know about autism? I’ve lived with my autistic daughter for 43 years. I’ve been around more people diagnosed as “autistic” than most.

      It is a “construct”. While there are similar behaviors associated with that diagnosis, it is very loose. There is a wide range of behaviors and severities.

      We have often commented on the psychological business. If you get ten of them in a room you get eleven “diagnoses”. IN GENERAL, “autistic” individuals DO NOT like loud noises of any kind. There is a long list of other things that those with autism react to. In general, anything chaotic or out of the ordinary is a formula for trouble.

      My opinion is that they selected this disorder as an example of “mental illness” and planned to use it in their scheme. Obviously, they didn’t do their homework. I am repeatedly struck by how poorly they designed their scenario and how they use outrageous indignation as a tool to bludgeon those who question it.

      You can either decide that this is intentional or the product of stupidity. I think it is more “modeling”. They want the tale to be unbelievable enough to attract comment to enable them to shout down “deniers”.

      The message is: “we decide what is believable. You must actively assume your role as subjects in the New World Odor. You are merely observers”.

    4. Excellent point Ann. It was known that Adam could not handle the door bell ringing so how could he function at a shooting range? Even those with extensive range experience get unnerved at the range because there is non stop random blasts all around you and ear protection does not eliminate that it only reduces the impact.

      The evidence that Adam and his mother did any shooting is extremely limited and highly questionable. A thread that addresses that subject is below and is well referenced.

      One person in town that knew Nancy Lanza very well said she never talked about target shooting AR-15s or Saiga 12 gage shotguns, nor was he aware that she was involved in any shooting activities at all.

  3. Being one of the first people to publicly state “Adam didn’t exist” and having gotten a lot of flack for it initially, I would like to clearly state exactly how I believe this entire event went down.

    It appears the planning for Sandy Hook were in the works probably 2006, after a movie-script had been written for this tailored scenario, large numbers of actors and aspiring musicians were moved into the Newtown neighborhood, some through “gifted” homes.

    This, combined with a number of other locals, connected to St. Rose of Lima were then used- as this apparently is a very “connected” Church/school to the partically-opened Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    The main character “Nancy” would be played by Anne Haddad lived 2.7 miles away driving time (less than a mile away as a crow flies), on Cobbler’s Mill Road, and would be asked to live “part time” in the Yogananda house.

    Anne complied, and would always park in the garage, to avoid anyone seeing her daughter with her son. Most of the time she would bring at least her son, and maybe leave the daughter at home.. Which is why a lot of people said they didn’t see the younger son much.

    She did however, apparently bring the daughter over some times, and would need diapers, which she forgot to remove from the Yogananda home before moving back to her real house at Cobbler’s Mill Road.

    Of course, the entire house would have to be destroyed after the fact, to ever avoid a thorough forensic fingerprinting of the home. Had there been, Anne’s fingerprints would be all over, and that of her son and daughter.

    If anyone ever came to the door, a woman would answer, who would also answer to Nancy. A monthly mom’s night out meet up (not always at her house) was the pefect way to “exist at the house” without putting in too much time and effort.

    “Adam” of course did not really exist, and was just a personality based on bad photoshops of his brother.

    Anne/Nancy of course worked at St. Rose of Lima school- the school that had the real police called to it as a distraction – The school we were shown LEOs running into – and also, amazingly, a school that has a principal who looks exactly like an older Dawn Hochsprung – Mary Maloney.

    In fact, it’s no surprise a journalist thought they had interviewed Dawn Hochsprung after the fact, they had “spoken the the Principal at the School” – The spoke to the principal at St. Rose of Lima- Mary Maloney who apparently was playing “Dawn Hochsprung” for some visits to SHES. the SHES images appear to have been shot a few years before this event, and Maloney, much like Haddad was already into the packing on the pounds part of the deal.

    The actual “shooter” stuff was called in regarding St. Rose of Lima, not Sandy Hook Elementary, and the entire story we were told from the beginning had to do with St. Rose of Lima.

    “His mother was a teacher at the school.” – This would make sense if of course Anne Haddad was a substitute teacher at St. Rose of Lima- We know she worked there, but in what capacity?

    There were 3 “shooter” calls and lockdowns during the morning, leading until after lunch at St. Rose of Lima, there were even reports of “a gunman walking toward the kindergarden” – Which is alarmingly similar to the story we were told unfolded at SHES.

    It is admitted Ryan attended St. Rose of Lima, and his mother – “Nancy” worked there would make sense if Anne were being confused with Nancy.

    As the St. Rose of Lima Principal visited the shooting drills and other drills that would take place for the largely learning-disabled youth, standing by, and making few appearances- people would say “Ahh, there’s Dawn Hochsprung the Principal” – When in fact they were just seeing Mary Maloney sans her usual clown looking makeup and hairstyle.

    Then, during the “confusion” of the multiple shooter calls at St. Rose of Lima, send all the real media there, send the news helicopters there, and have a bunch of corrupt cops standing around, waiting for the live camera feed to begin, so you can start running in for an action shot.

    St. Rose of Lima’s parking lot also exhibited very strange parking, with cars lined up as if ready to be driven to a fairy. Under closer inspection, it appears to be the same number of cars we would later see parked so strangely at SHES’ parking lot.

    So, St. Rose of Lima recruited perps. to play roles at “both schools” it served as the staging area, and it served most importantly as a “distraction school” to keep any real, true law enforcement away.

    Similarly, the entrance to Dickenson drive would be made to look as normal as possible, as not to attract attention, and completely inaccessible, while St. Rose of Lima quickly became “mistaken” for Sandy Hook Elementary. St. Rose of Lima would then take on its role as the place to get photographs and news clips- That’s why nuns are standing around in so many Sandy Hook shots, it’s St. Rose of Lima having it’s shooter drills that day- The place real journalists and cops were sent.

    Anne would just return to Cobbler’s Mill Road (likely a week before, A.K.A. “the vacation” ) Adam would poof into thin air, being fake and all, Ryan would get questioned a bit, but ultimately be let go. Peter wasn’t even a player in this and also probably isn’t who we were told he is.

    Then, Maloney who played “the principal” just returns to be principal at Immaculate, then quickly moves on to another job to get out of the area.

    1. This story you unravel is as complex as any Agatha Christie ever was. But since the identity of Adam, once demolished, undermines the whole story I suppose it is necessary to go to complex backstory.

      I tend to go with parsimony.

      Here is one of the problems: if the planning began in 2006 (during the Bush administration), it would have to be what we know now during Obama. There are two explanations of how that could happen (among perhaps more) – 1) There is an unchanging federal bureaucracy which unfolds its plans no matter the administration or 2) This was a state initiative from the beginning, done under the noses of the NRA headquarters.

      I think of it as something done by the current administration, and that the details were filled in. Just as the school was unoccupied, so probably were the houses, with no necessity for elaborate residency. They were condemned buildings, a Potemkin village, and exploited for this pageant.
      Someone mentioned an underground pipeline. I’ve seen signs for one of these in a neighborhood in Massachusetts. They exist. If there is leaking the EPA can condemn them, and people be subject to eminent domain. But what if something like that could be secret, with nondisclosure agreements? Or perhaps there was a landlord or developed who owned them all.

      Sorry, but I think that as fascinating as Christie is, she is generally regarded as dealing in that which is impossible in the real world. And since this was a real world fiction, it has to have happened too fast for anyone to look under the evidence. They would not have wanted to make it run for too long because they could have been caught.

        1. They ask you to answer some questions before showing the article. I read this back in the spring without any hoops. The map outlines the pipeline to go from NY state through Connecticut, Rhode Island and into Massachusetts – from west to east almost in a straight line.

      1. There is no “current administration”. There are no “past administrations”. There are employees.

        They do not and have never worked for us. Anne is right about the pipeline. I suspect it is important.

        It matters not who is occupying a particular political office. They are all reprehensible or they wouldn’t be selected to be there. It isn’t “their” agenda they’re pushing.

        We are approaching the denouement of a very old plan. The pace is picking up and the results are simply more obvious and harder to ignore.

        1. I was able to copy the article….

          Ernie Garcia, 11:52 a.m. EST March 4, 2015

          The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued an order Tuesday issuing a certificate for Spectra Energy’s Algonquin Incremental Market Project stretching from New York through Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.
          Buy Photo
          (Photo: Joe Larese/The Journal News)
          Story Highlights
          • The expansion will allow an increased flow of natural gas from Ramapo to the Northeast

          A federal agency has given its approval to the Algonquin natural gas pipeline expansion in New York.

          The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued an order Tuesday issuing a certificate for Spectra Energy’s Algonquin Incremental Market Project stretching from New York through Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

          The expansion will allow an increased flow of natural gas from Ramapo to various cities’ delivery points in the Northeast.
          “We are pleased that the certificate has been issued,” Marylee Hanley, spokeswoman for Spectra Energy, said in a statement.
          “We are committed to responsible development, reliable operations and respectful, ongoing engagement with the communities we serve,” she said. “The AIM Project will bring natural gas from domestic supply sources to meet regional demand, connecting homes and businesses with an environmentally attractive, cost-effective energy alternative.”
          The New York Department of Environmental Conservation still has to issue permits to Spectra Energy for work in the state. The DEC’s representatives could not be reached for comment, but they can’t block the project.

          “The Commission encourages cooperation between interstate pipelines and local authorities. However, this does not mean that state and local agencies, through application of state or local laws, may prohibit or unreasonably delay the construction or operation of facilities approved by this Commission,” FERC’s order stated.

          Susan Van Dolsen of the group Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion said she was disappointed that FERC would issue the certificate in light of what she said were unanswered questions about the impact of a major pipeline breach near the Indian Point nuclear power plant. “There’s no proof they can protect the nuclear plant and the people living in Westchester,” she said. Van Dolsen said FERC was rubber-stamping the plan without enough evidence. “I’m dumbfounded that FERC could just be blithely going ahead,” she said.

          The route of the Algonquin natural gas pipeline. (Photo: Spectra Energy)

          Both Entergy, Indian Point’s operator, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission have written to FERC stating that the pipeline would not endanger the power plant even if it exploded at its closest point to the plant.

          Verplanck resident Bernard Vaughey, who wrote to FERC to voice opposition, said he and his collaborators have to consider other options. “We have to go to our state officials because it appears our federal officials have not done what they could,” Vaughey said.
          FERC’s 67-page document essentially stated that most opponents’ concerns were adequately addressed by the project’s environmental impact statements and proposed remediation efforts.

          Staff writer Elizabeth Ganga contributed to this report.
          Twitter: @ErnieJourno

        2. Thanks Anne. At the time there was much speculation and a little speculation as to how this relates to our spectacle. They confiscated the necessary land under eminent domain. There was a subsequent class-action lawsuit which resulted in a compromise.

          Some of the land became “public”. Somehow, some of the land was sold to a developer which resulted in some of the houses in interest being built. We wondered how this happened and how the State of Con. managed to acquire some of it.

          If I remember correctly, one leg of this ran behind the school. Later pieces by a few locals indicated that older structures and some businesses were demolished to make room for this. It seemed like a great way to build a Potemkin village.

          Later video footage up and around Yogananda Street showed zero activity. It was very strange. On a walking tour one man filmed the sound of barking dogs without dogs, perfectly manicured lawns, no traffic and not a soul in sight. Soon one of Newtown’s finest arrived to give him the bum’s rush.

          The general sense that I got from some posters early on was that this was the “turning point” in Newtown’s evolution from sleepy, working class burg to yuppie enclave. This seems to have occurred over much objection from the locals.

        3. Assuming there may even already have been an obsolete pipeline in the area, subject to replacement (which might be the Algonquin one) it is not necessary to have had any of the actors pretending to live in these places – because none of them would have had any neighbors to impress. Or we might assume a neighborhood built by a developer (Yogananda St. – quite creative for Connecticut) which could not find buyers, with our without a pipeline to force people out because of environmental concerns. Remember 2008? Not a good year for housing. Broke people do not get mortgages.

          As for the barking dog sounds – it seems to me one of my neighbors had a tape like that for when they went away.

        4. Two decades ago this part of Connecticut was serviced by electricity. Oil and wood were used or heating. The only gas I knew of were propane in tanks here and there, but nothing major. I don’t believe there are any real old underground gas lines in this area. We have a home in a town next door to Newtown, still heated by oil and electricity for all the rest. We also have a very efficient wood stove there.

          I do recall the controversy when talks about natural gas began. No one wanted this gas line that runs from north to south. To my knowledge most of it has been completed. It’s the line going from west to east that remains to be finished. Two different gas companies are involved with these lines.


          ~Many are still rankled by a remark that Mr. Davis made last year about how Iroquois was no longer bothered by telephone calls from the playwright Arthur Miller, who lives in Roxbury.~

          ~The pipeline, a connection off the huge Trans-Canada pipeline, was announced in 1986. It crosses the United States-Canadian border at Waddington, N.Y., zigzags through upstate New York and enters Sherman from Duchess County, N.Y. From Sherman, which was added to the route in 1987, the pipeline will burrow to New Milford in Litchfield County, into Brookfield, Newtown, Monroe, Shelton and Stratford in Fairfield County and then into Milford in New Haven County before running under the Long Island Sound to the Long Island Lighting Company’s Northport station in Huntington. Then it would be buried along a Lillo right of way to the South Commack substation.~

          Excess gas from around the country is now stored in the Porter Ranch hills north west of Los Angeles. Part of Porter Ranch has become a ghost town which I can attest to after driving and walking around there on Sunday.

        5. Musings, Anne has it right. There was no “replacement”. I did not suggest that people pretended to live there, I stated it outright. Some did, for a time.

          My point was, if the government takes land and condemns it, how does it get into the hands of a developer and, ultimately, becomes a Potemkin village?

          Maybe I don’t understand your point and it doesn’t matter anyway. If you saw the video of the “walking tour” you would be hard pressed to say you found it “normal”. I fully understand the barking dogs tape, that’s what I meant.

          I have lived in suburban neighborhoods most of my life and this one was odd. If I wanted to set up a spook community somewhere it would look just like this.

  4. May I be one of the first to break the disheartening news that Shanley’s $5 trillion has been thrown out for the argument that no one died lacked any merit. Now there’s a shocker

    Hey, I heard that the plug is going to be pulled on this site

  5. Paulstal’s comment below is a prime example of what has happened to this site. What a joke. Mhb used to be semi credible. Now… It’s just a sold out rag, belonging next to the nat’l enquirer at the grocery store. Shame. Maybe the spooks weren’t such a good idea after all?

      1. @ Reprehensor: It’s just my personal findings, I have no agenda, except to expose the truth the the American people and the world to the best of my abilities. I have a feeling you’re upset because my research has actually gotten somewhere, should lead to some arrests, and actual fingers pointed at who did what- while so much of the “recommended” Sandy Hook topics and comparisons are total dead-end time-sinks.

        The Jim Fetzer program as of late has been hawking some very shady image comparisons of people that look nothing alike, and has also had “Dallas Goldbug” on his program. He uses my material very often, yet won’t acknowledge my existence, or persistent e-mails and messages to get him to address my research. That should tell you something- Gold Bug is on and lauded, and I can’t get the guy to admit my research, or views exist, even though somehow he’s using my videos in his videos. Makes you wonder 😉

        1. Paul I think you do have a legitimate complaint that you are not included on Jim Feetzer’s radio show with Dallas Goldbug. In my opinion you definitely deserve to be included in those discussions.

      2. Zeetip.. 9/11 Blogger is very much a shill run website now. Do you have any recommendations for “Good 9/11 Truth Info” a forum would be good- I’m banned from most of them- Cluesforum, LetsRollForum, Above Top Secret, Reddit, Godlikeproductions. Banned from every single one – Mostly for talking “9/11 No Plane Theory”.

        I also got banned from Live Leak, Daily Motion, and Vimeo for uploading the Annie Haddad videos proving she’s the woman who was playing Nancy Lanza. This was before we had the coordinated mass-upload we had, which appears to be the point they decided not to try and censor every single Haddad video uploaded, for fear of being totally obvious.

        1. I’m not first-hand intimately familiar with any of those forums you listed but I’ve heard of them, and have spent at least a little time at most of them over the years as particular threads would be linked to at other places I frequent. I know all of them explore the more “way out there” theories. But I know “Clues Forum” is the home of devotees to the “September Clues” docu by Simon Shack, which is a pillar of the “No Planes @ WTC” hypothesis. So why on earth would you have been banned from there, when you’re on board with their main reason for being?

          Anyways I do a critique/brain-dump re (the notion of getting preoccupied with) the NP@WTC theory here:

          Also wondering what the holdup is with IMS’ new “Life of Adam Lanza” docu? We’re just a few hours from 27 Dec across the US now, and no release of the Lanza docu, and silence from everyone involved? Smells foul, considering the censorship attempts of IMS’ first SHES docu a year ago, and given the increasingly desperate measures which the Sandy Hoax perp’s have gone to very recently to silence the opposition: banning “Nobody Died…” from amazon, firing James Tracy despite his tenure, and most recently harassment with threats to Tracy’s email & home plus hacked university email sending out fraudulent email “from James Tracy.” 🙁

    1. Exactly which point that I made would you like to dispute?

      I make no profit doing my research, I make zero money at all from anything I have ever done on YouTube, or the years of work I have done looking into Sandy Hook.

      What alarms you, I have a feeling is how close to the actual truth I have gotten, pointing out the many connections between St. Rose of Lima and SHES – even pointing out these “strange and alarming physical similarities between one “Anne Haddad” (With 6 other aliases) and SHES and also the principal at St. Rose of Lima who happens to look exactly like an aged Dawn Hochsprung (so close a similiarty that even say a news reporter could be confused which principal he had just interviewed.

      The connections between St. Rose of Lima and Sandy Hook are too many to keep repeating, but they are more than just 3 “shooter calls” into St. Rose of Lima during the same day to distract police and press, but most of the people supplying the SHES kids turn out to be St. Rose of Lima people. It’s also where they staged the cars for the quick SHES deployment, and practice sessions in my opinion, with bizarre car lined up explained by me in this video:

      St. Lima, was not only the school we were shown on TV with police intereting, and later the Church which most of the “funerals” would take place at, but also had a “shooter call” very similar to that following the official narrative of the “Adam Lanza” shooter character.

      I best illustrated this in the video “Sand Hook Hoax: Everything In It’s Right Place at St. Rose of Lima.”

      The entire media narrative was centered around a shooter call, where first reports were the shooter “Was dressed like a member of the clergy.” “People in nun outfits driving away in a purple van.”

      “His mother was a teacher at the school” – Ryan and “Adam” we were told attended St. Rose of Lima, and Anne (Nancy) Haddad who was married to a Peter worked there.

      Easy to get confused on that point.

      Similarly, the interview of “Dawn Hochsprung” shortly after the event as “the principal” would be an easy error to make considering you were speaking to a woman who looks like her older twin – Mary Maloney, the then St. Rose of Lima principal.

      This is a video I did on their uncanny resemblance:

      So, it’s a very big “coincidence” that we find two women from St. Rose of Lima who look very much like “twin” characters at the other school.

  6. Thank you to Dr. Tracy for posting this announcement of our upcoming 2nd documentary. It’s great to see him conducting business as usual in light of the barrage of negative press, coordinated and largely with parts of the story completely misreported.

    For anyone interested I’ll share a few details about our new documentary, “The Life of Adam.” First, it’s not a collection of individually-produced segments like the first. It’s more like a main-stream documentary but wasn’t produced or even funded by evil clowns. It is, however a collaborative effort no less than the first was.

    We considered a much shorter production since the last was excessively long at 2:45:00, which is more like the length of a 2 part series. Despite that, after writing up the outline and realizing what parts needed in-depth coverage it would up being about 2 hours anyway. It could have gone much longer just with material we’ve cut.

    Which brings me to the topic, Adam. We do branch off into other areas, but do so from Adam as the focal point. My thinking, and that of the co-producer MrStosh was that the whole story begins with Adam. Had he not gone to Sandy Hook that day, there wouldn’t be a story. I’m not claiming to know ‘he did’ go to the school that day. Even if he did, he might not have shot anyone. The bottom line is that the narrative includes Adam as the central figure no matter how debilitated or brilliant he may, or may not have been.

    One thing I’ve learned in the process of creating our second production is that we’re far better suited to the task than even we ourselves thought. I was immersed in SH related articles and video reports, including Frontline’s “Raising Adam Lanza.” So I’ve been keyed in to where they fall short. Only about half way through did I pause to consider how what we were creating compared. There’s no comparison to make, really. Not only that. Even the depth and balance of the research and reporting is incomparable. Most drastically different, of course is our willingness to employ common sense and honesty. Nothing reported by main-stream press does so. The independent media sources have to a degree.

    But, although I respect and appreciate many independent reports on the general topic few truly seek out the evidence themselves and follow it where it leads at the same time. My expectation is that some of these people have already developed a negative attitude toward us simply because we’ve entertained the existence of Adam Lanza to any extent. What they don’t yet know is whether we allude to his existence, his non-existence or whether he actually did what they claim he did.

    This documentary is a comprehensive view of the Adam Lanza character and contains nearly every single point of evidence used within the narrative and official documents. The point of this is to get everyone on the same page. How we think we’ve done this through profiling Adam so thoroughly is by de-weaponizing and de-mystifying him. We hope this will help to bring the real problem into view, authority and secrecy. Sure there are specific efforts and operations that are working to various ends. But the simplest way to view Sandy Hook is that it’s a big secret. It almost doesn’t matter what the details of the purported events are when considering that they won’t allow us to learn what they’re not telling.

    The other major theme or message in our production is that the problem can be overcome through both changing our views and taking action. Changing our views would include withdrawing our consent and deciding it’s worth it to hold views that are largely disliked by friends and the deceptive power structure. Taking action would include working within and without the system combined with equal parts surprise and creativity. You’ll be surprised when you realize how effective you can be and they’ll be surprised that you’ve figured it out.

    That should be a sufficient introduction and disclaimer for now. We at IMS hope you’ll tune in on xmas day and tell others about something we and we think you will be very proud of. Just make sure the kids are out of the room or at least buried under gift-wrap!

        1. There was no need to post a teaser trailer hyping a Christmas Day release, if the project wasn’t in the can and ready to upload.

          “Coming Soon” would have sufficed, and prevented the appearance of lack of professionalism.

        2. From the Comments of IMS’s upload of the promo

          Hey everyone….quick update. No one is hurt or anything, just a minor set back. This should be up late tonight at the very earliest, or within the next day if not. Cheers all!

    1. Nice work! Thank you. My hope is that it gets others to ask questions. In your approach you let some of the evidence (or absence of it), speak for itself.

      Many of us here have spent a great deal of time on this. There are many aspects that deserve scrutiny, but you have offered a good selection. After all, it isn’t necessary that we all agree on the answers, it is important that we recognize the anomalies and demand answers.

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