Recent MHB contributor interviewed on his article “Anatomy of False-Flag Events

With Fox News 1450 on the Kate Dalley Show. Fox you say?!? That was my initial reaction when I got the request. But it turns out this Fox radio station is in
Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 10.38.11 AMUtah. Mormon country. Wait, Mormons!?! Yes, and it appears at least two Mormons in Utah are very awake.

Kate and David were gracious hosts, and very well versed in the often false reality world we live in.

This was my first interview of any type. And immediately after it was over I thought it went terrible. But I forced myself to listen to the recording and felt like I did alright, hence the post.

SoundCloud Link of Interview post –

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58 thought on “Kevin Scott King: What is a False Flag?”
  1. “Wait, Mormons!?! Yes, and it appears at least two Mormons in Utah are very awake.”

    Whoa there, Kev, Recynd is LDS (although she does live in Cali), and SHE knows what’s going on.

    Kidding aside, I have often thought I came off terribly in a radio interview and felt better about it listening to it later, also. I know the feeling. I will listen to this shortly.

    Oh, and it’s nice to be invited onto the radio to talk about the ideas we write about. A pleasant validation.

    1. You have to distinguish the Mormon church–or the Catholic church, or Jewish church, or Muslim church–from the people who practice the religion. One is born into a religion, culture, or race and has no choice about one’s origins, but develops their own views within the heritage restrictions. As most MHB truthers know, Recynd has a sweet disposition that shines through her comments, and she would probably have it no matter what geo-group she was born into.

      We are all like that; it is necessary to distinguish the people from the power grouping whose leaders determine the policies. People must be distinguished from power because the interests of the people and power often diverge historically. The American people must be distinguished from the policies of Washington and the anti-people values of the oligarchical media controlled by power.

      Israeli power or Zionism, as an obvious example, must be distinguished from the Jewish people it claims to represent. Israel through its lobbies around the world fosters anti-Semitism to induce Jews to support Israel and emigrate to Israel. Support for Israel-Zionism- is promote by both Jews and non-Jews, and some Jews, like myself, are anti-Zionist and anti-Israel, but not against the Jewish people ruled by Israel who, as is usually the case, tend to support the power that is oppressing them.

      Because someone is born a Muslim, or African American, or Hispanic, it will determine their political culture. But it will do so in a variety of ways.
      To categorize the people as all supporting the geo-racial culture is the common form of bigotry prevalent not only in the USA, but in all countries. The distinction between people and geo-racial power is a crucial one, but power does not want it made, and generally promotes the notion that all the group that it rules supports its power. It is a very destructive political delusion.

      1. Oh, my folkie friend, I think you misunderstand. I love Recynd. She’s my friend. Kevin acted shocked that Mormons could be hip to the situation we face. It was a joke. And I joked back.

        Another joke, I guess, in terms of your reply to me is this: she was not born a Latter Day Saint. She converted. She’s told us that. You need to pay closer attention.

        But, outside your weird jargon (“geo-racial power”????)…oh well. I give up.

        1. The conceptual language, reprehensor, is restricted and fragmented as part of the specialized truth and specific information, to segregate the truth in fragmented sections, preventing the people from connecting the truth. It can be integrated by develop holistic conceptual structures, as is done in the natural sciences, to make the specific truth meaningful in a general way.

          A geo-race is a grouping of people who live in a particular homeland who are united by a heritage of genetic and cultural bonds. a nation is a particular kind of geo-race. developing general concepts allow one to make general assertions in social science in the same way they are made in the natural sciences.

          As an obvious example, marxism, the major world social theory in the 20th century from a people’s perspective, maintains that the major form of oppression is class oppression. And this is true within a nation or geo-race. But from a world perspective, the major historical form of oppression has been geo-racist oppression. The USA, as an example, was founded on the genocide of Indian Americans and the enslavement of African Americans.

          It is difficult for Americans in an age of reaction to accept new ideas or even understand them. But as the Western tradition decays, it is giving rise historically to new ideologically world-views.

        2. I don’t think geo-race, as folktruther defines it, is a useless construct. I would aver, though, that while genetics can be a powerful element, it is not necessary. One can feel this attachment to the place they grew up, in a particular environment with a shared culture, even if they are the first generation to do so.

          I think the opposite of the geo-race concept is the worship of a foreign or imposed culture, which in the Soviet Union was defined as cosmopolitanism. The famous Soviet Jewish writer Ilya Ehrenburg wrote:

          “We know that art is connected with the land, with its salt, with its smell, that outside of national culture there is no art. Cosmopolitanism – a world in which things lose their color and form, and words lose their significance. We love in our past all that we consider native, wonderful and fair.”

          Folktruther, I wonder how you would relate geo-race to the extreme politicization of the concept in the philosophies of “Blood and Soil” and “the Rootless Cosmopolitan.”

        3. My soon-to-be-published response to you, folktruther, alludes to the following quote, which I neglected to include:

          Folktruther says:
          “A geo-race is a grouping of people who live in a particular homeland who are united by a heritage of genetic and cultural bonds. a nation is a particular kind of geo-race.”

        4. good questions, Toni, but nothing occurs to me, other than ‘blood and Soil, was a Nazi conception, among others, and ‘rootless Cosmopolitan’ was a Stalinist one.

          I got the notion, or at least refined it, from GUNS, GERMS, AND STEEL which argued that the difference in economic evolution of races was a consequence of the environment, the territory, climate etc

      2. “Israeli power or Zionism, as an obvious example, must be distinguished from the Jewish people it claims to represent.”

        Right on Folk. That’s what I keep trying to say.

        Not to throw religion in on this, but anybody who claims to be a Christian should this.

        The Good and Bad Fig, The Wheat and the Chaff Parables.

        We are to be learned and not interfere either. That’s a study in it’s self….

    2. There are a few very awake Mormons (a previous Prophet, Ezra Taft Benson, was a great one), but nowhere near enough. The fact that our kids are generally public-schooled, combined with one of our Articles of Faith having to do with remaining subject to governments and kings (which, as an anarchist, I struggle with but ultimately comply), has created a bunch of socialistic, obedient young people. BYU is a major recruitment ground for Intelligence, I’ve heard, in part due to the moral incorruptibility of our kids (comparatively speaking), and also because so many have served foreign-language missions.

      Utah Mormons ARE a whole different breed from California Mormons, though. Plus, I’m a convert, so I don’t really count. My son, for example, is inactive (much to his father’s chagrin). Unlike many Mormons I know, I would never make church attendance a condition of “living under my roof”. Hell, I unschooled. (And I just said “hell”.)

      But there ARE a few of us 🙂

      1. Recynd,
        Check out this British-born-of-Nigerian-parents American singer doing an “African Hipster” cover of this famous song. He’s LDS, the Utah kind as per your conversation with folktruther.

        Plus it’s advice we could all take.

        Taylor Swift – Shake It Off – 1989 (African Hipster Version) ft. Alex Boye’ & Changing Lanes

        1. Gag.

          I read Vigilant Citizen and the like, so every “Illuminati gesture” he made in the “Shake It Off” video I caught. One of the hazards, I guess 😉

          No one makes it very far in the entertainment world if they don’t toe the line. It’s hard to blame them.

        2. Reading his bio, I think he may have joined LDS to gain access to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Typical entertainment opportunist. They’ll sell their souls.

      2. Heck is the word utards would use. That and “pop” instead of “soda”, ” flippin” (because “freakin” is too close to the f word), etc.

        I was going to mention my gma is actually Bensons great cousin. And yes he was pretty cool for a prophet, only one I liked. He was very down to earth.

  2. I just received an email from a friend in Phoenix with this information. I don’t know how to post the photos attached, but the Situation Manual is called “Capitol Tower Active Shooter Table Top Exercise” and lists 10 agencies involved including DHS. The last one listed was “Voice For Victims”.

    This exercise is scheduled in Phoenix for December 22nd. This is a copy of the long email, wonder if it will post without any problems…..


    “Every patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.” – Ed Abbey

    Just a few hours ago a fellow US veteran friend gave me a file folder. Take a look, he said; You think Phoenix might be having one of those terrorist events like in Paris or San Berdoo?

    We met at Dunkin Donuts here in Phoenix. Just like the donut shop John Kerry went to in Russia. The old Army veteran handed me a slim folder of five or six pages with the date of December 22, just three days before Christmas. I asked him where he got it but he narrowed his eyes and said a friend of a friend of a friend gave it to him. The photos you see here consist of the pages and I wondered if we might be doing something illegal. Nope, said the old veteran, pointing to the last page where it says ‘Easy Sharing’ and a link to a FEMA website

    “So why should anyone be concerned then?” I asked, handing the folder back to him. Probably these training drills are happening everywhere, every state, every large city, with a bunch of well-paid public servants, some wearing body armor, eating donuts just like us. The old veteran shook his head.

    “Seems to me that drills like this one happens just before every terrorist event. And you hear about it in the mainstream media for the first half hour of the broadcast, but then you NEVER hear about it again after that. Happened in New York on 9/11. On Monday, September 10, FEMA was there in New York, and then on Tuesday, the Twin Towers are hit.”

    “Probably just a coincidence,” I said. “Al Qaeda got lucky that day.”
    “But the media reported drills just like this one at New Town, Connecticut for Sandy Hook. When Wolfgang Halbig and Jim Fetzer tried to look into it later, they got harassed and threatened. Same thing at San Berdoo. People reported drills, just like this one. Next thing you know, we have an alleged shooter scenario. And bodies lying all over the place. I don’t want that happening here on December 22 or any day. I would feel really guilty if I knew beforehand and stayed silent. I want to go on record beforehand. No public servant ever comes forward later and say yeah; we had drills. Why is that?”
    “Terrified of losing their pensions, I guess. They would rather lose their country than lose their pensions.”

    “Funny thing about those so-called jihadists in San Bernardino,” the old fellow continued to reflect. “They had Christmas ornaments in their apartment but shot up a Christmas party. Lot of things don’t make sense.”

    The old Vietnam veteran told me they had porta potties and 26 Christmas trees behind the fire station in Newtown before the so-called school shooting ever happened. One tree for every alleged victim but the media never reported that. Then Jim Fetzer and Wolf Halbig – along with hundreds of other patriotic citizens – began to ask questions about Sandy Hook from the local authorities. When people began to report those anomalies, folks like this old veteran received only a suspicious silence from the mainstream media. Drills occurred that day in New Town, just like this one pictured.

    We looked at the long list of participants here in Phoenix in the file. ADOT, DPS, Homeland Security. Even one called Voice of Victims. What was that? And why did they choose Arizona, I wondered?
    “Arizona is a pro-gun state. Pro ownership, open and concealed carry of firearms are allowed here. Although few here in Arizona exercise their Constitutional rights, everyone has a Constitutional right to do so,” added the old veteran. “But anyone with eyes can see the agenda of the deep state. Operation Gladio on steroids. Problem, reaction, solution.”

    Operation Gladio in America?
    Operation Gladio (Wikipedia) was called a conspiracy theory until it became a conspiracy FACT. The Italian prime minister admitted it existed for almost fifty years in 1990. The deep state would plan and execute terror attacks, killing and injuring hundreds of innocent civilians, and blame the attacks on various factions. Predecessors of Al Qaeda and ISIS, many of them imaginary, wholly created by the deep state.

    “Donald Trump was just here in Arizona too. If we alert people now, the Gov cannot very well create some Gladio-style event just before Christmas and blame it on terrorists, can they?” I nodded my head. But then considered the devious implications. What a great coup for the gun control mob, if they could carry this out, to have a so-called terror attack in Arizona just before Christmas.

    “Probably they cannot have a bunch of Chris Kyle’s Craft International people standing around with their Punisher logos and identical black backpacks,” I said, “like they did at the so-called Boston Marathon bombing. All those former special forces, standing around in their civvies, allegedly providing security. Some security they provided. Look at the Google Images of those dupes. Too many Smart phones and too many CTTV cameras nowadays, even for Big Brother.”
    “But they own the media,” my old friend said, shaking his head sadly. “The American media is the enemy of the American people. That’s why we have to alert folks here, even if this is just another drill.”

    Since I agreed, I submitted these photos for everyone to see.

    1. Anne B, link says there is an error and info cannot be found. Also said my attempt was recorded! So, FEMA puts out info to us dumb goy but when we try to find out what they are up to that info is recorded.

      1. I just posted some more info on this Phx drill. It vanished out of sight. I too got the error message to the link. The following was included in the vanished comment, but I’ll try to post it here as well. Found the closeness of the dates interesting…..

        “I briefly caught news on the radio the other day (Dec. 18th) about a drill downtown Los Angeles that had involved 400 participants.

        Three days prior to this drill we had the bomb scare and lock down of all LAUSD schools.”

        1. More military terms: “muster”, “tactics”; I wonder how they got all those LE together so quickly…don’t they have a strong union? They can’t all be on call all the time, can they?

          I long for the days when policemen were report takers (or didn’t exist at all).

  3. I just received an email from a friend in Phoenix with insider information of a big drill scheduled in Phoenix on Dec. 22nd. I posted the entire email here with all the detailed info and it vanished. In case it never shows up, all the usual agencies are involved including one called “Voices For Victims”.

    1. Our friend with the numerology will have a field day with that. Yeah, its “fast and furious II”. I suppose it keeps the actors employed. There was a clip yesterday of someone near San Bernardino on the freeway. There was a big convoy of Bradley Fighting Vehicles going down the highway headed South.

      They had a full compliment of calvary on board in all their gear. Maybe they’re moving in the props.

      1. I had never heard of Voice of Victims, but here they are – another nonprofit:

        I got the error as well to the link. Wish I knew how to post the five attachments because they are quite revealing in scope. The drill is supposed to take place on Capitol Mall.

        The five official attachments are titled (copied the way it’s written)
        1) PHX Drill front covers
        2) Area Involved
        3) PHX drill overview
        4) GOV Groups involved

        List of groups involved:
        Governor’s Office
        Governor’s Detail
        AZ Dept. of Administration
        AZ Dept. of Economic Security
        AZ Dept. of Emergency and Military Affairs, Div. of Emergency Management
        AZ Dept. of Health Services
        AZ Dept. of Homeland Security
        AZ Dept. of Public Safety
        AZ Dept. of Transportation
        American Red Cross
        Voice for Victims

        The budget for all these drill has to be astronomical. I briefly caught news on the radio the other day (Dec. 18th) about a drill downtown Los Angeles that had involved 400 participants.

        Three days prior to this drill we had the bomb scare and lock down of all LAUSD schools.

  4. This may have been well-covered here before (I regret not having internet and hope one day to participate on a regular basis), but for quite some time the Army itself has openly said that the majority of war is now “unconventional warfare.” Most people probably think that has to do with weaponry. Rather “unconventional warfare” means attack by proxy, as in false flag.

    Not to take a whit away from the excellent presenters here on MHB. So glad all of you are dedicated to the truth.

    1. Yes, precisely. It goes something like this: They either “join” the group, and cede sovereignty, or economic “pressures” are applied. If that doesn’t work, “rebels” are inserted, funded and supplied. It’s an offer they can’t refuse.

      If the current leadership won’t play ball they install a new one. There is only room for one ruler in this scenario. Russia and China present problems for them. Not only will they not knuckle under, they help smaller nations in the same boat.

      Hence, “ISIS”. Clearly an American/Israeli entity. They can deny all involvement. As we’ve seen recently, it will not stand scrutiny. If they want to invade, they claim ISIS is causing trouble.

      Like you said, war by proxy.

  5. I thought Kevin did a great job in the interview. It certainly helped to have a sympathetic interviewer, but even so, he didn’t sound nervous or raving or defensive (as I worry I can sound).

    Two thumbs up!

    1. Thanks to all for the kind words. It is refreshing to run into new ‘voices’ who are aware like Kate and Dave. And also a good reminder that peoples of all nations, religions, races can be and are ‘aware’ of the insane false reality we all unwillingly find ourselves in.

  6. that’s interesting, Recynd, that Calif Mormons have a different outlook than Utah Mormons. My daughter is living in the house in the Bay area with an old friend who grew up as a Nevada Mormon, along with the guy who became the Senate leader of the Dems. Terrible politics but a strong moral view of the world.

    People who live in different places, even if they ascribe to the same Proclaimed ideology tend often to have different world-views. When I was a college student I went throughout Yellowstone park and the girls working there were all Mormons. They didn’t drink or smoke but it didn’t slow them down much. You just can’t tell the operative world-view of a person from the formal ideology.

    That is why I developed the notion of a geo-race, a grouping of people living in a particular homeland united by a genetic and cultural heritage. It is very difficult to develop a holistic ideology with our current restricted and fragmented conceptual language. Since a spiritual ideology of some kind appears to be necessary for people to live together in a homeland under a common power system, conceptual innovation is necessary for ideological and spiritual innovation.

  7. Mormons are just a stone in the pyramid like all controlled religions. They are controlled by the vatican Donmeh. They are fascists, in fact you cannot get a job in many parts of the west unless you are a professed Mormon. Just say no to triangle underwear.

    There is a live shooter drill in Phoenix on December 22nd. Anyone there should beware.

  8. The Mormons love to import the Japanese to Utah, another branch of the khazar haplogroup Y-DNA grouping E1B1B in order to advance the bloodline. See Wayne Newton the just oh so famous half Japanese mafia chief of Vegas fame. Was he talented or just connected?

    Polygamy helps with the process. Couple that with the process that you cannot work in a seven eleven in Utah without being a mormon and it is close to ethnic cleansing.

    1. Dub: you clearly know (or think you know) something I don’t.

      Except in parts of Utah, being Mormon generally hurts more than it helps in a job hunt. And polygamy was outlawed ages ago. The FLDS still practice it, but for regular LDS, it’ll get you excommunicated.

        1. Dub, you said it happened “all over the West”, which is a stretch, even for hyperbole.

          Of COURSE in a church like LDS, people hire people they know and trust, and who share similar culture. They might attend church together, their kids might be in Primary together, the older kids might be in Seminary together…it’s a tight group, but like I’m a living breathing example of, they WILL let you in, but an effort has to be made. So what? Mormons act like everyone else! How newsworthy. Not.

          So what? Can you choose not to live there? Betcha could.

        2. “Mormons hiring Mormons in predominantly Mormon areas” is a far cry from “not being able to get a job in the West”. Of COURSE they’d prefer to hire someone they may already know (or know of) over some Joe they know nothing about except that they aren’t one of the flock (or downright Mormon-haters like you are). Duh.

          But since Mormons make up, oh, probably less than 1% of the U.S. population (hell, let’s make it 2%) at large, and even a smaller percentage of that are in the position to hire you, I’d say your fears are, at the very least, over-blown.

          Hush, now.

        3. I see we have some new status quo enforcers around here. Anyone with knowledge outside the bubble is a shill right? It takes a little background to understand the process however most organized religions are tied together. They have a prophet who is usually several thousand years old and you listen them and them only, put money in plate and you will be saved from something or another.

          reprehensor are you wearing your pyramid underwear?

        4. Where did you get your Mormon info? I hope you vet your other topics a lot more carefully.

          Which LDS Prophet has been around “several thousand years”? I personally have only been passed a plate at an Episcopal church I used to attend when I was a child. You really should sit in on an LDS church meeting block. You might learn something. Our Prophets aren’t older or healthier than the average person who has never drank or smoked. I don’t know of a single polygamist personally, though I know some offshoot sect does that (the FLDS), but we don’t mix.

          We read the Bible (OT and NT), plus The Book of Mormon (I’ll send you one if you’d like), Doctrine & Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price, with the books of Abraham and Moses. Pretty “occult if” stuff.

        5. No thanks Recynd77. Many mormons have no idea what is going on at the top, just like the catholic church.

          Mormons Testify Of Human Sacrifice!

          Mormon Bishop Glenn Pace conducted an investigation of satanic ritual abuse within the Mormon Church that never did make the news. Testimony from 45 of the 60 victims included the witnessing of, and or involvement in, satanic human sacrifice. Utah State Attorney General Brent Ward was also involved in the exhaustive investigation.

        6. Oh, and what makes you think YOU know what’s going on at the top? You’ve got some super-secret inside information the rest of us aren’t privy to? And if it’s so top secret, how do YOU know about it?

        7. From the hundreds of stories out there on Mormon. Take your pick, are they all lying? The old wrong link dude doesn’t cut it with this topic.

          Judy Byington 3 years ago
          Why defend child rapists and murderers? 1984 APA members formed ISSTD ;1985 ISTSS to treat thousands ritual of survivors, 1989-1990 California Office of Criminal Justice Planning Research Update, 1990 LDS Church “45 members viewed human sacrifice, 1991 Bottoms, Shaver Goodman: 30% of 1,709 APA members reported treating ritual abuse survivors; 1992 ISSTD poll 88% of 1,185 therapists treated survivors.; 2007 International Extreme Abuse Surveys 2000 persons from 40 countries reported ritual abuse. 


        8. I own the book. His is NOT the final word on the matter. In fact, though his work is interesting, it has not be replicated. This doesn’t make him wrong, but it doesn’t prove him right, either.

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