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An Unconventional Shade of Grey is a call to action film. We are currently moving forward with the Aerosol Collection Project where we are taking airplanes into the aerosol plumes and testing the mmurphycontaminants.

Positive tests will provide us with inarguable court admissible evidence proving that geoengineering is occurring and changing/manipulating our climate. Our goals are to expand the aerosol collection project and then bring evidence into courts around the world with the goal of reversing climate agreements, related laws and mandates and thus; stopping geoengineering. It is only then that we can determine weather the planet is warming or cooling.


Our goals in “An UNConventional Shade of Grey”

Again, if the climate agreement is passed, it will provide the framework to legalize geoengineering programs worldwide without our input and remove our ability to take legal and legislative action. Proving that climate models are incorrect (due to ongoing geoengineering) is the most effective way to stop these damaging programs. Demanding that all climate related legislation is halted until our air is free from geoengineering is the only way to prove any accuracy of climate models. It literally forces those who are supportive of climate change legislation to support stopping geoengineering. We have the airplane, collection devices and scientific team.

We absolutely need your support to bring this information to the masses
We have the airplane, collection devices and scientific team. We need your support to pay for the flight and to document this historic test and project.

An Unconventional Shade of Grey is a call to action film that is expected to provide the data and call to action plan to the word. Because a collective effort is required, we need your support.

Please go to: www.unconventionalgrey.com to learn how you can become and Angel and/or Pre-order the film. This is how we were able to fund and wake millions of people up around the world with WHAT and WHY in the World are They Spraying? Be a part of the film and process that will stop geoengineering for good!!!

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  1. Chems aside.
    Contrails are believed to heat the planet. After 9/11 the absense of flights made it possible to estimate the effect. It turned out contrails cause daytime cooling and about twice as much nighttime heating due to trapping of outgoing ir. Thus a net heating. The reason for the much more abundant contrails as compared with passed times may be caused by the smaller dimensions of exhaust particles. The heating of nanosized particles due to solar radiation is approximately proportional to the linear dimension of the particle. Thus the temperature rise due to the sun goes down with size and therefore more long lasting ice crystals may be preserved. For older airplanes with bigger soot particles the temperature rise would quickly melt the ice crystals and there would be no persistent contrails.

    1. Peter, that would be totally consistent with normal cloud cover. If it is clear in the morning the temperatures are lower on the surface. When there is cloud cover it acts as an insulator.

      Where I live this is very obvious. When it is cloudy morning temperatures rise as much as twenty degrees. That is because the stored heat from the day cannot escape.

      I’m in a quandary over this. I can see the trails. They persist for a VERY long time. They are laid in obvious patterns. They turn into haze or clouds.

      There are no commercial flights that criss-cross the sky where I live. There are a lot of commercial flights in certain “lanes”, but they do not spread out all over the area.

      This is why I haven’t formed any opinions. All I know is what I see. I can posit theories as to what they are for. But that’s all they are, theories. I would be lying if I said otherwise.

      So, if they are not for weather, what are they for? It is undeniable that they are there. From what I read they seem to be more consistent in certain places. Perhaps some ideas could be derived from that.

      In winter here it is always raining or snowing. Occasionally it clears. When it does, it’s COLD. No fear of ‘warming’ here. Obviously, I can’t see if there is anything going on above the clouds.

      All I’m prepared to say at this point is that they are spraying something. Why they are doing it seems to be other’s speculation. They may be right, they may be half-right, or they may be wrong.

      1. lophatt
        I have on rare occasions seen strange crisscrossing patterns too and actually suspected this might be caused by some kind of drone outputting water vapour just to confuse, not necessarily for any serious motive. But I am sure related things may occur through natural causes. Sometimes nature may produce turbulence causing characteristic scales to appear and hence apparent crisscrossing. I’m not saying this would be the only explanation but it would render it harder to single out artificial activities.

        1. Peter: It happens all the time in Southern CA. Not occasionally or sometimes, but more often than not. Places like Tucson and Durango, CO have skies that bear little resemblance to those of 20 or 30 years ago.

          I have more photos (taken myself) of this phenomenon than you can shake a stick at. This isn’t “steam” or “ice crystals”, it’s stringy and iridescent, and sometimes loopy. It lasts sometimes for HOURS. It creates the illusion of two Suns, or “sun dogs” (supposedly quite rare), and sun halos (also rare). It happens frequently, not rarely.

          I don’t care if people “believe” it or not. It IS happening: I see it with my own eyes.

        2. Our eyes are the best camera. Here in California it is nonstop spraying now. Rarely a day without.

          Europe is not immune. Many recent chemtrail videos from Scandinavia are available on the Internet for anyone interested.

          This article was written for Rense in 2008 by a friend of mine in Denmark. He was from Wales originally and wrote many articles for Rense and others about the NWO. He died in 2009 from suspected poisoning.

          Chemtrail Attacks On Millions In Europe Continue

        3. Peter, I understand what you’re saying. The ones that I’ve seen are obviously artificial. In fact, when I notice I tend to be conservative about it. If I can’t differentiate, I put them in the “natural” column.

          I know that people are passionate about this and I understand why. I am not saying that they are not there. They are.

          All I’m saying is that I’m loathe to jump to conclusions as to the how’s and why’s. As Anne says; “our eyes are the best camera”. I see them, no doubt about it.

          There is also, occasionally, “stuff” that layers the snow. Sometimes it has color. It came from somewhere. It isn’t natural.

          I have not formed a complete theory of this. This seems big enough to be able to get to the bottom of. Obviously they must take off and land from somewhere. There must be a recognizable pattern concerning when and where they spray.

          Speculating can be “fun”, but it really is like chasing one’s tail. So perhaps the authors are on to something. It seems to me that what’s needed are planned experiments.

          Like so much else of what we look at, the response is to stonewall. Silence is a very effective tool. It can even lead some to self doubt.

          If you pick another subject such as 9-11 or SHES, the silence results in our continual re-evaluation of evidence. This is because they refuse to engage in discussion. It is obvious that the weight of the evidence is substantially on our side.

  2. Well Peter,
    That’s a great argument and probably the exact argument the Climate Tax UN Despot/Tyrants will use if we can ever confront them.

    Problem with the theory is that only Govt. Planes flying non-commercial Traffic lanes are the only ones spewing this crap out.

    As a matter of fact Flight Tracker doesn’t even acknowledge these planes and their trajectories.

    Plus, when they do spray, there is about 40 planes which is about 3 times the normal traffic on any give day.

    Besides all that. You may be right and thats why Congress and the entire American Govt. and for that matter, ALL Govt.’s in West can’t seem to see them. Just us Folks here in Ground Zero.

    PS: Whats even more proof (and even laughable if were funny) is that you can See with your own eyes a Commercial Plane, flying 5k to 10k feet Higher than the White Govt. Planes spraying and they are emitting a Real Con-Trail that disappears in a few minutes if not seconds latter. Amazing

    1. I am so confused about chemtrails. It’s obvious that there is something different about the trails that persist, but then again I have a trusted friend who was an airplane mechanic and swears there is no way to spray stuff out of planes. But it’s also possible that he just wasn’t in the business long enough to encounter that.

      1. Sara,

        These are Govt. USAF Planes. Not the regular planes your friend worked on.

        This is how they keep the lid on this.

        In Black Op’s and everyday defense workers at Lockheed or Northrop they are compartmentalized so no one knows the whole story.

        Example: If your working on a secret plane or project you have one job.
        Install the part you were trained to install.

        When you enter the plane, everything else is draped off so you can’t see the other components so they have no idea what the final product is or have anything to sell to a foreign spy. Its smart.

        The Military is running the whole Aerosol campaign in the USA period.

        They would Never left regular workers at any airport be a part of this scam…

        1. Good points…how do we know they are government planes? Would binoculars be sufficient to tell the difference? My friend and I are still debating the issue.

        1. I should note that Evergreen abruptly shut down in 2013 – around the time people started making this connection.

        2. When I was more involved with chemtrail activists here, Evergreen came up constantly and never in a good light. Their HQ was in Oregon with a huge maintenance facility in Arizona. That facility was sold in 2011 to Relativity Capital LP in Virginia and not involved in the later Evergreen bankruptcy. Never let a good maintenance facility go to waste.


          Who runs Relativity Capital? An impressive list of “formers” from places such as Morgan Stanley, Aspen Institute, Carlyle Group, Cerberus Capital (SH/guns) and BAE (defense contractor).


          From Wikipedia:
          On December 31, 2013, Evergreen International Airlines filled a Chapter 7 petition in federal bankruptcy court in Delaware. The bankruptcy filing lists seven entities as submitting the Chapter 7 petition: Evergreen Aviation Ground Logistics Enterprise, Evergreen Defense and Security Services, Evergreen International Airlines, Evergreen International Aviation, Evergreen Systems Logistics, Evergreen Trade, and Supertanker Services.[10]

        3. Some years ago a group of “conspiracy theorists” in Arizona went to Marana just north of Tucson with the intention of getting photos of Evergreen’s base there. They were not successful. The entire facility was ringed by a huge dirt berm. To see anything they had to climb on top of this berm where there was a security fence all around. From there anyone trying to look at the facility were in full view of the security guards. So no photos.

        4. Headquartered in Langley, VA? Hmmmm! Three ladies in the top executive spots. Probably married to parasites abiding across the Potomac.

          I have seen a video once of a guy visiting a smaller operation. They claimed to be operating under government contract for inducing rain for farming purposes.

          I don’t understand the laws regarding this. I’m reasonably certain that if I chose to hire a plane to spray a city with chemicals there might be some permissions involved.

          These things are impossible to trace from a funding perspective. They do not show up as line-item costs in anyone’s budget. The costs for something like that would be staggering.

          They don’t have to be military planes to turn off their transponders. ATC would have to aware of them to avoid problems, however.

          There are thousands of shell companies related to spook activities. Some are owned by them, others just cooperate for money and valuable prizes.

        5. Here is a 5 minute video about the company Kevin linked to. We see an impressive list of worldwide customers for a small company in North Dakota:


          Weather Modification, Inc. was founded in 1961:

          No doubt the weather modification industrial complex from A to Z is a giant in the new world order.

          Was weather modification mentioned by any VIP during the festivities in Paris? I read that Obama is celebrating and drinking champagne because this climate agreement will save the world (his words tonight). I did not know that he cared so much (sarcasm). I assume he wants his golf courses green.

        6. Anne, that’s an amazing clientele. There are a number of theories out there as I’m sure you know. No matter which a person subscribes to, the fact that we are exposed to this against our wills and without our permission is enough.

          I suppose the lesson I take from this is that they can pull off these immensely visible and expensive operations with no real problem.

          In this world where nothing exists but what is on TEE VEE or leering at them from their I-phones, reality is electronic. I really don’t want to believe that people are so unobservant, but they are.

    2. Cooling and warming aside, what they are spraying comes down to earth polluting air, ground and water – the basics for survival of flora and fauna. The UN climate change conference in Paris is a sickening display of useless (useful?) idiots at work. There is only one solution – stop these madmen behind the spraying.

      I have watched some very recent movies filmed at locations less advanced than the famous western world. The sky was a spectacular baby blue with beautiful white cotton ball clouds. Perhaps residents there will be the last survivors on this planet. Made me cry in despair.

      This is for Ric who lives close to Porter Ranch. I heard Erin Brockovich on KFI radio this afternoon. Two days ago she spoke to a crowd of 2000 at the Shepherd of the Hills Church on Rinaldi. Yesterday a no fly zone was declared over the gas leak area. Chemtrail planes too?

      With all the fakery and fraud committed around us, the situation in Porter Ranch is real. If those hills should ignite somehow or an earthquake happens there, goodbye Los Angeles. There are large underground caves in those hills and Sempra Energy is storing gas there. Also gas from around the country is trucked there and stored in those caves. A relief valve is being drilled, but due to the depth of around 9000 feet, it will be spring before done.

      As the afternoon hosts on KFI said, the Moonbeam should be here declaring a state of emergency instead of dining, wining and whoring in Paris. Moonbeam’s sister sits on the Sempra Energy board. As for earthquakes, the big 1994 Northridge EQ happened in this very region where Porter Ranch is located.

      Oh yes, my local grocery store had big signs at the checkouts today: Please donate to the San Bernardino victims.


      1. Anne, there was a similar situation in Louisiana a year or so ago. They were storing gas in salt caverns. The roofs caved in. I never heard the result.

        We often talk about what the media says. Sometimes what they don’t say is just as important.

        Look at the Fukoshima debacle. It’s still leaking, right into the Pacific Ocean. Not a peep from the “news”. Should we consider that “irresponsible”?

        In the good ole days they covered up for politician’s affairs and being found trussed up in leather with rubber balls in their mouths. Now they allow life-threatening events to go unreported.

        In today’s fascist odor, corporations are immune. You can tell who the parasites serve by their silence.

        1. lophatt, are you talking about Bayou Corne in Louisiana? I have read that those salt caverns had both oil and gas stored there. Articles a couple of months ago stated that the situation is far from over.


          Rense regularly updates information on Fukushima, but msm can’t be bothered. Their masters tell them not to.

          The gas storage caverns in the Porter Ranch Hills were there before massive building started below in the seventies and still going full steam today, making sure not a square inch of dirt is left to its own devices. I am sure Ric knows of the massive building going on north of Rinaldi from the Simi Hills in the west over to Granada Hills in the east.

          We bought a home in Porter Ranch in 1985 from the original owners. I don’t know if they were informed of the existing gas storage caves, we certainly were not. The ex still lives there today and I often do house sitting when he’s away. Last time there a couple of weeks ago I could smell the gas and I’ve had a strange rash on my hands that is now finally drying up. Maybe it came from fiddling in the garden and the soil there.

          Don’t know what this will do for property values and for the golf course many homes are built around. When all is said and done, the health issues are the most important for people and animals.

          The wild fires in 2008 did a lot of damage in Porter Ranch and surroundings. It was heart breaking later when walking the dog on the trails with burnt trees, vegetation and wild animals. They did not have a chance.


        2. lophatt, you wrote “in the good ole days they covered up for politicians’ affairs.” The media did not cover up for Wilbur. I kind of miss those good ole days when the news were fun. Who can forget Congressman Wilbur Mills (D-AR) and stripper Fanne Foxe in the Tidal Basin scandal. She was one of Times’ top ten mistresses.

          Times’ Top 10 Mistresses:


        3. Ha, ha! I’d forgotten about that. Yeah, usually when they went public it was because they were in bad smell in some way with the other parasites.

          I grew up in a state capitol. I remember watching those “legislators” acting like Shriner’s at a convention. They were immune. They triple parked in front of the cathouses.

          Yes, Wilbur in the pool. I remember that now (sigh!).

    3. Ric, I am always at a loss what to say about this. I can certainly see it with my own eyes, on the other hand, the sheer logistical nightmare and cost seem implausible.

      I’ve said before that there is a “no fly” zone over where I work. Occasionally there are military flights over it. As you say, they do not show up on the tracking programs.

      I can also see the lanes for certain commercial flights in the distance. I have seen the exact thing you describe.

      We do not get the level of spraying that you apparently do. It is sporadic. When they do, however, it is impossible to ignore. They crosshatch the sky right over where I work. The trails persist for a very long time and turn into haze or clouds.

      Any pilot would notice this. Why are they not questioning it? Pilots always watch the weather and atmospheric conditions. They know when contrails should form.

      There are also, obviously, ground crews who would have to load the chemicals and prepare the planes. Also, the FCC’s would certainly know they were in a given area.

      Still, I can’t deny the evidence of my own eyes. How do we know what they are doing is for weather control? Another thought is that HAARP needs certain conditions to work as designed. Could they be “painting circuitry” for another purpose?

      One year we had the weirdest snow I ever saw. It looked like snow, but it didn’t melt. It turned into some sort of stringy plastic-like material.

      Lastly, there doesn’t appear to be a pattern (here at least). We can have days or weeks of clear skies. Then they will be spraying again.

      I read what others say about this. I understand what they are saying but, somehow, something’s missing. I see what’s happening up there, I think they must be military, but beyond what others say I’m not sure what they’re up to.

      1. We get the persistent trails regularly, and I live in a smaller town in central VA. I notice then several times a week now that I’m looking. We do have an airport within 10 miles.

      2. ” I can certainly see it with my own eyes, on the other hand, the sheer logistical nightmare and cost seem implausible.”

        Thats why we are 21 TRILLION Dollrs in Debt.
        “We do not get the level of spraying that you apparently do. It is sporadic. When they do, however, it is impossible to ignore. They crosshatch the sky right over where I work. The trails persist for a very long time and turn into haze or clouds.”

        Your Lucky. they don’t spray you away. There must be a reason in your region. It may have something to do with the Jet Stream, distribution, I don’t know.

        “Still, I can’t deny the evidence of my own eyes.
        Neither can I and hope you keep looking Up.

        “Another thought is that HAARP needs certain conditions to work as designed. Could they be “painting circuitry” for another purpose?”

        That is one theory that seems to make sense but only a part and maybe even be a plausible excuse.

        “I see what’s happening up there, I think they must be military”.

        It is, they are doing the work of the Masters. No Govt. is in Control of their Country.

        I know from People that have been there and it scares me to even say that on a Blog.

        It’s worse than you think

        1. Ric, I am in no way “downplaying” the importance of this. I am not given to hand-wringing about anything, however. If is our fate to be eliminated by those “Masters of the Universe”, there may very well be nothing to do about it.

          No matter what the case may be, it doesn’t do any good to simply speculate and declare that “they are changing the weather”. Maybe they are, I don’t know that, however.

          Now, they should NOT be spraying us and the environment with anything without our consent. To me, that is the fundamental problem until and unless we learn for certain what’s going on.

          So maybe the authors here are on to something in terms of trying to collect evidence. I don’t know what one would do with the evidence, but its a start. I understand that some have already done some of this.

          Some organization is in charge of this program. I doubt very much that they will admit that. You will not get the media to help. Perhaps if people were incensed enough and waived their evidence in the right faces with the right amount of publicity they might be forced to admit something.

          If I had to guess I would say they’d claim that “global warming” required them to do this and they are doing it for our own good.

          I’m not making light of it, I just don’t know what more to say about it. Many people see it. I’m certain that the ones responsible are fully aware of that. It is a lesson in how little they regard us.

        2. There is no doubt in my mind they are doing this.
          They just refuse to address it for they would have to admit they bypassed congress and much more to stop global warming.

          Who knows what in the trails? I’ve heard the antenna theory.

          They don’t spray everyday but sometimes they will 2 weeks in row spraying everyday.

          But the best we get is about 3 days a week on Non-Spraying.

          I’ve been watching this unfold now for about 7 years when they really stepped this program up here in CA.

          It started off just spraying from Oct to March. Now it’s all year long.

          Until they tell us we will never know.

        3. I go on a lot of blogs that frequently discuss chem trails, among many other things….I confess I haven’t personally researched the trails, but I’ve read theories that I find quite convincing and which haven’t been raised on this thread yet, I don’t think, so I will just mention them as possibilities…

          First , all the possibilities everyone has suggested are feasible, but add these:…

          Some people test the fallout from the trails, such as the cotton type ” snow” and so on… it seems they contain a substance that is only found in the residue of coal burning powers stations and chemical plants and so on… disposing of coal waste and other plant residue on or under ground is very expensive, but the corporations must comply with emissions and waste legislation, so the mining corporations are paying to have their waste dumped in the air…..

          Next, is the defense from missiles theory…. foreign powers sending missiles to destroy another country’s cities or infrastructure etc rely on guidance systems… the chemtrails play havoc with those systems, essentially deterring the enemy from launching them cos theyt can’t guide them… we don’t get told because of ” national security”

          there are other theories that the trails contain toxic substances which indirectly affect fertility ( so population control)…. sedatives ( to keep the populace apathetic, uninterested in protest, hard questioning, public disorder etc )

          There is even the theory that the trails are hiding the approach of an object from space… Nibiru, Planet X, a comet, other huge scary body, so as to avoid the panic an ” imminent collision” would inevitably cause….

          The coal/ chemical waste idea may seem the most prosaic but to me sounds the most likely…. especially as the article I read on it was full of convincing looking test results from a respectable testing lab….

          On a personal note, I live on the south coast of England and I walk the sea front every day…I have a huge open panorama of sea, horizon and sky… about 12 months ago, the trails lessened, then just about stopped… I rarely see them now…. although this may be a good or a bad thing… impossible to know!

        4. “On a personal note, I live on the south coast of England and I walk the sea front every day”

          Can we do kind timeshare swap act where you come here to the Fields of Los Angeles and I get to walk the English Shore?

          Of course if you agree you will never see England again .HeHe

          Just learn to talk Spanish and Jive and you’ll be fine. I’ll send you pic’s of the English Shore in Autumn.

          I know, I need to learn Arabic……haha

          All in fun

        5. Hey Ric… ha ha, that’s a tempting offer…..

          Luckily, I already speak fluent Spanish as I lived in Spain for more than 20 years, though its sort of different to latino Spanish that your local Spanish speakers speak….

          I’ve been to 43 countries, but never the USA…. I tried to run away to San Francisco to be a full time hippy in 1967, but I was only 15 and my parents stopped me… lol…. since then, I had, lets say, philosophical differences for many years, like opposing Vietnam and, dunno, other travel priorities ….

          You’re welcome to come visit me anytime!

        6. Steven
          I have seen this suggested too and they claim biological waste material may be dumped as well. They dont have to pay for waste disposal proper but someone gets the bill for the flying. And it was suggested that people are deliberately rendered ill from the waste and will consume more medicine.

        7. Steven,I have read of several theories that speculate that they are creating a gigantic screen upon which to project holographic images of some sort…of what, they seem to have no real idea. Impossible? Maybe…maybe not.

        8. I totally think the “projection screen” idea is possible, though probably not the main goal (cost prohibitive/they could find a cheaper way to do it than spraying).

          I’m familiar with all the conclusions as to “why” they’re spraying, but I’m not married to any of them. I DO know what I see in front of my face. I find it insulting when someone (not you) tells me (or implies) that I’m crazy for worrying or talking about it.

          “They’re just ICE crystals.” Whatever.

        9. Ray and Recynd….

          Yes… the projection screen theory is a widely discussed concept on various sites. It probably arises out of a very interesting piece of investigative journalism by a Canadian called Serge Monast, I think in the early 90’s.

          Monast picked up on the alleged observation of Werner Von Braun, the famous rocket scientist whose assistant, Carol Roisin has always claimed said that the final move in the Elite’s steps towards a New World Order would be a faked alien invasion. Just as Reagan famously speculated, the world would unite to face the ” threat”. Then, a world government would be installed and a new one world religion ….

          The method is a secret -state programme called Project Bluebeam. According to this theory, which Monast claimed had been confirmed by his ” deep secret state” sources, ( and the technical reason behind chemtrails ) , there would be worldwide terrifying thunderous booms and strange lights, followed by the appearance ( caused by holograms projected on clouds) of ” alien” spacecraft in our skies , along with visions of a Messiah – like figure who would urge us to unite to defeat the threat…

          Monast , I think, then died not long after in dubious circumstances and Project Bluebeam has remained a controversial and heated discussion topic in certain circles ever since….

          As some of you may know, there have been loud unexplained booms in the skies all over the world, which many attribute to Bluebeam testing and HAARP is often tied into this theory as well…

        10. Steven
          I dont doubt it, but technical difficulties are such that they will never achieve high definition. So they will have to provide some dreamed up ‘explanation’ about those alien ships not being quite in the same subspace or some other excuse for the fuzzy images.
          They will flunk the whole thing and be made a laughing stock. They’re too late after internet and all alt-media. Makes me think of the wizard of Oz and his smoke puffs.

        11. Peter… I don’t agree that they can’t achieve high definition projections, nor do I think that just because we have the internet and ” alt media” that most people won’t accept it as real….
          I think the sophistication of deep state projects is way beyond what we think they are capable of and if this happens and the mainstream governments and media validate it as real, then the vast majority of the earth’s population will believe the official narrative and the ”evidence” of their own eyes…this wouldn’t be like ‘Sandy Hook but in the sky’, we’re talking a whole different level of deception..

          Here’s the link to Monast’s presentation, back in 1994

          ca. 1994

          1994 Serge Monast Transcript Explaining NASA’s Project Blue Beam (April 15, 2010)

          At the end of the linked page is another link to what what is alleged to be an American Airforce Airborne Holographic Projector…..

        12. Steven
          The source contains commonly occurring disinfo about mindcontrol using ELF-waves. The brain does produce ELF, but from basic physics considerations ELF cannot even be used to transmit more than extremely low bit-rate. That argument alone is devastating to the mind control thesis. In addition even if you accept the low bitrate there is no way for the brain to use ELF info. Its less probable than trying to start a car engine by immitating its sound. ELF from tge brain is an envelope resulting from the billions of independent neuronal electric activities. It cannot be inverted. Its what is known as a many to one or many to few relation.
          The inversion of that is a prohibitively ambiguous relation.
          But lets focus on holograms using laser beams. It would require enormously powerful laser beams. With that kind of power you would see the beam as something much stronger than the search lights driven by intense (carbon arc or acetylene? ?) lamps in WW2 familiar from the nightly bombing raids.
          In the night it might require less intensity but the beam also would be much harder to hide.
          Moreover the hologram substrate would be limited to what you could arrange in the sky using what? Particles seeded from airplanes?
          Peraps they could use intense pulses of invisible light to produce the hologram structure and intense visible to probe it.
          It would be extremely unreliable with chaotic fluctuations. Both due to the local turbulence and due to the shaking laser beam.
          In order to pass for something real it would have to be rendered under apparent foggy conditions so people wouldnt question the fuzziness.
          It would be much easier to produce fake videos and line up fake witnesses. Something the mhb crowd is familiar with.

        13. Peter…..

          I’m not sure you read the whole article?

          I have zero technical knowledge of ELF systems, but Monast talks about much more than ELF… every TV set, every computer and hand held gadget in the world will transmit the desired information and not just in words or images, but directly into the brain. No doubt most will think this impossible, or pure science fiction, but there are endless snippets of information from a huge number of sources that at the least imply that these mind control and manipulation techniques have been worked on for decades and reached a level we can only speculate about….

          As for the laser beams, they will emanate from space satellites, not ground based projections and will be invisible from the ground… the holographic content will not just be images…. we won’t be sitting around on MHB discussing whether these images are faked, like Sandy Hook etc… no, the information in the holograms will directly mess with our minds, our beliefs, our individual ability to question or doubt what we are seeing and our ability to absorb or resist the messages, the programming, that will be directed at us…

          look, I know it sounds crazy and even to think it could be real is a seriously scary prospect, but many of us know or at least are open to knowing, that our psycho rulers and the forces behind them will not stop at anything in their pursuit of ultimate control over all of us…

          We can hope that Monast and all those since him who see this scenario coming, are hopelessly wrong, but to discount it on purely technical grounds is not realistic.

        14. Steven
          I dont think its crazy, just technically too difficult to carry out without revealing its fake. Both because of its lack of definition and tendency to fluctuate in a way different from any real physical vehicle its intended to mimic. And due to the unwanted sideeffects from the beams needed to make the hologram.
          A hologram needs a semitransparent 3D substrate so it doesnt help if the beams come from above. They, the so called zeroth order beams, will still be easily visible through the substrate. In addition there will be the wanted much weaker radiation constituting the actual hologram emitted over a wide solid angle. Depending on the height of that substrate above ground there will be a path through the athmosphere above it where intense Rayleigh scattering will take place in a dipoleshaped distribution ie in every direction around the beam. Lets assume the substrate is so high up there is hardly any air above it. Then how can the substrate be made dense enough to contain the intricate pattern of phase data? A normal hologram has the density of solid matter and contains information with very high spatial frequencies. Seems like that would be impossible.
          And we didnt even consider how clouds will complicate everything.
          And TVs will only mind control people in the nontechnical way, not by sending signals to peoples brains. To get inside the mind by technical means they need an electronic interface wired to the nerves communicating remotely. They do possess such things and like people to believe otherwise. Therefore the kind of disinfo you cite may be deliberately planted.

        15. Peter… I don’t agree with you at all. Its no use pointing out the technical obstacles, no matter how much knowledge you have personally of laser beams, electronic frequency devices, remote mind control etc…. those are only obstacles to you and current publicly available information. The black budget projects are believed by many to be 50 years ahead of what is publicly revealed. Those obstacles may have been overcome decades ago.

          As for ” citing disinfo”…. I’m not sure if you’re saying that I’m doing that, but I’m not…. I’m simply drawing attention to certain views held by Monast in particular and many others in general. Its not disinfo….. its simply a conjecture based on admittedly anecdotal evidence, but still something which may be accurate or may not…. so to call it disinfo is inaccurate and disingenuous.

        16. Steven
          It isnt about belief, but about fundamental scientific limitations.
          You underestimate the engineering aspect.
          I didnt mean that you have the intention to mislead, just that some of the things are physically impossible, such as communicating effectively with ELF. No budget in the world can change basic logic concerning info-content in an EM wave. I think an 18 year old, Claude Shannon, gave name to the theorem . You go figure. And the real mindcontrol tech is indeed secret and was maturing already 40 years ago. It just doesnt operate in the way you have been misled to believe. That type of disinfo is all over the web and is wanted by the ptb since they dont want people to be aware of its akilles-heel: the necessary physical hardware interface involved.
          And the hologram in the sky is not impossible just too difficult to be convincing. The athmosphere is a chaotic medium and always fluctuates not to mention clouds etc. Our perception is very sensitive to unnatural shaking movements of a vehicle, revealing that it is just an image and not a real thing. I guess you might put an enormous hologram substrate outside the earths athmosphere. In orbit like a satellite. Not ideal but at least the image quality would be attainable.

        17. Peter….. thanks for that…. I understand what you’re saying and we shall have to leave it there. I don’t believe this concept is deliberate disinfo. I accept your explanation on the limitations of ELF, but my answer would be that Monast simply misunderstood his own sources’ explanations on the technicalities, he wasn’t an expert in that field. On all your other technical objections, I maintain the same views as explained before.

        18. .http://educate-yourself.org/cn/sergemonast1994transcript.shtml
          ca. 1994

          1994 Serge Monast Transcript Explaining NASA’s Project Blue Beam (April 15, 2010)

          As a follow up to my last post… above is a link to a 2010 reissue of Serge Monast’s original 1994 presentation on Project Bluebeam…

          If you go to that link, you will see another link, at the foot of the page, to a photo of an Airborne Holographic Projector which is claimed to be openly illustrated on the American Airforce website.This the description of the Projector


          • Precision projection of 3-D visual images into a selected area
          • Supports PSYOP and strategic deception management
          • Provides deception and cloaking against optical sensors

          Enabling Technologies (MCTL)

          • 4.1.4, Image Processing (holographic displays)
          • 10.1, Lasers
          • 10.2, Optics
          • 10.3, Power Systems

          White Papers

          • Q, Special & Humanitarian Operations
          • N, Strategic Attack

        19. Peter and Ric… I’ve tried twice to post a link to Serge Monast’s original 1994 presentation on Bluebeam and both have failed to appear…just coincidence or is the link to his work ” toxic” I wonder…
          Will try again:
          ca. 1994

          Oh, and I don’t agree that technical capability is not up to the job, nor do I think that most people wouldn’t be fooled…. the level of this deception would be at a whole different level to anything seen before…

  3. Stealth geoengineering is a very valid concern. Canceling it may be an insurmountable challenge, though. The same opinion-makers who keep frightening their gullible subjects and supporters over irrational warmongering and islamophobia rather than simply accepting that Osama bin Laden’s hijackers had very little responsibility for the Twin Towers’ destruction can be counted on to try hard to not understand the much more complex demonstration of geoengineering’s existence and danger.

    On the other hand, the ordinary people who are incapable of drawing logical conclusions from Building 7’s video record are unlikely to understand a documentary on geoengineering. If they do, the Master geoengineers will effortlessly summon the above-mentioned opinion-makers to ridicule and demonize them. This will–conveniently for them–yield the wedge issue of “the geoengineering conspiracy,” which will pit activists against each other for some time and achieve very little.

    On a more positive note, the chemtrail conspiracy, if it exists, is supported by a well-oiled system of keeping the public misinformed. Accordingly, a sure way to cancel it would be to act against this systematic, worldwide, permanent and cross-disciplinary censorship. If that censorship’s Achilles’ heel could be found…


  4. I’m signing out for the night.

    I always find it fascinating that whenever James put’s an Geoengineering story here everyone disappears.

    It seems the Chem-Trails theory disrupts 90% of people here. Either they just don’t know or don’t want to discuss or care.

    What’s so hard to see if Monsanto, Bayer,DuPont, Dow and more, have Genetically modified our food and we have no say even to Labeling…They would be Genetically our Atmosphere .
    They are Genetically modifying our Chickens for some Vaccine legally.

    Only in America are we forced to eat this without any warning. It’s illegal in most countries.

    You all know Climate Change/Global Warming is a scam.

    Whats so hard to realize?

    They are Genetically/Geoengineering our Atmosphere right in front of your eyes….Just like our Food. Think About it.

    1. Who are you talking about?

      There’s actually not that much to say about chemtrails: I see them, I gripe about them, and I’ve even demonstrated against them, though that does little to no good. I wear tshirts telling people to “look up”, I’ve donated to documentaries about them, and I talk about them to people I think are open to it.

      I do not, however, share any conclusions because any I may have are pure speculation.

      So what’s to say?

      How about we talk about “Constitutional rights”?

      1. So What your saying is you really haven’t made up your mind on whether Chem-Trails are Real or not?

        Well, that’s what I was talking about.

        The Constitution is a conversation I agree, but this is now and different.

        All Good.

        1. Recynd,

          I ain’t looking for an argument but you said it yourself.
          ‘I protested against it” “Lets talk about the Constitution”

          To Who?

          The Violations of the Constitution?

          The Genetically modified Food?

          The Open Borders and Refugee Program?

          The Gun Grab False Flag/Hoaxes?

          The Chem-Trails?

          Who do we talk to?

          Who do we do we Protest to?

        2. “Who do we protest to?” Good question. I surely don’t know, and besides, protesting to our evil masters is stupidity…they’re the ones doing it. “Please, master, don’t spray is so much!” That’s why I stopped. I still wear my T shirts, but only as my own personal protest.

          If spraying is weather-related (not sure it is), then companies like Monsanto and other chemical companies are involved. Massive I nsurance companies, aerospace, NASA, NOAA, EPA, etc are all involved. I’m sure it’s linked to Agenda 21 (or 2035). It’s NOT stopping.

          Look at the issues around a vaccines: how successful have protesters been there? Protests only “work” if they benefit the masters somehow.

          My solace lies in that the earth herself will revolt eventually. There will be deaths all right…but the Elites won’t be able to hide (though they’ll try…Rev. 6:15-16).

          So again, what’s to talk about? Are they tied to GMOs? Probably, but try proving it. If you can prove it, what are you going to do about it?

        3. Recynd.
          “Please, master, don’t spray is so much!”

          Haha I Love it…………

          “Would you kindly please stop Genetically Modifying our food”…


          All we can do is watch from the audience…Shakespeare/Ian Anderson

          You won on that ..hahaha

        4. Back in the day, say mid fifteen hundreds, it seems people had the same problems being ruled by a minority of the population. Frenchman Étienne de La Boétie wrote about it. He only lived for 32 years, but long enough to understand the absurdities of his day. Then like now – who will listen and act on our concerns? He wrote that the answer is to withdraw consent.

          La Boétie’s book “The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude” attacks monarchy and tyranny.

          Mises Institute has a good page on this book, even an audio book. https://mises.org/library/politics-obedience-discourse-voluntary-servitude

          “La Boétie’s task is to investigate the nature of the state and its strange status as a tiny minority of the population that adheres to different rules from everyone else and claims the authority to rule everyone else, maintaining a monopoly on law. It strikes him as obviously implausible that such an institution has any staying power. It can be overthrown in an instant if people withdraw their consent.

          He then investigates the mystery as to why people do not withdraw, given what is obvious to him that everyone would be better off without the state. This sends him on a speculative journey to investigate the power of propaganda, fear, and ideology in causing people to acquiesce in their own subjection. Is it cowardice? Perhaps. Habit and tradition. Perhaps. Perhaps it is ideological illusion and intellectual confusion.”

          This is 1553 – not 2015. Nothing has changed except for the methods.

        5. No, Ric. Like Lophatt (who put it better than I could), I know they’re (military-type planes without transponders) spraying something, probably barium, strontium, lithium, and aluminum. However, my hair samples were clear for that. But I KNOW they’re spraying; I can SEE it.

          What I can’t say is WHY. We can speculate that it’s to effect weather, but that might not be it at all. Could be for other reasons, like an extension of Star Wars technology, or telecommunications, or applications we never even thought of.

          But they’re “real” all right. No doubt.

  5. Not only are they poisoning our bodies through food, water, air, medicines, vaccines and dangerous emissions from a multitude of gadgets, but also our minds now with Common Core education, entertainment not fit for human consumption and psychological warfare. If that is not enough, there is the constant fear of the next world war which in reality is here already, just fought in an unconventional way. Not even a cold war, but a war on body and mind.

    Speaking of entertainment, there is an invention called Justin Bieber, a musical gift to young and old according to those in the know. Two months ago, during a “by invitation only” concert, he walked off stage after one song because a girl in front row accidentally spilled water on him. He did not finish his concert and swore he’d never be back in that lousy country again.

    Well, that did not last long. He’ll be back next year and tickets went on sale yesterday. The fans who lost out last time are offered free standing room tickets only, while the rest go for US $ 2,000 a piece. They expect a sold out concert.

    Yes, there were Elvis and the Beatles and Sinatra back in the day, the good old days. But there is something so disturbing about this Bieber person, almost like he’s not quite human. More like he’s been put together.

    This was just an attempt on my part to show the manufactured distractions paid at a high price in more ways than one. Instead of looking up to the sky or peek behind the green curtain, we get Gladio style events and Bieber.

      1. Patrick, thanks for that “illuminating” link. Bieber may meet the same fate as so many other singers, death at a young age. Parents selling their children into this Satanic industry are most likely programmed themselves.

        Here is a short video of Bieber walking off stage after the water incident. It looks like he’s displaying a moment of true independence and says to hell with it all.


        1. Anne, that’s interesting. What little I know about him suggests that he’s thoroughly screwed up. Apparently his father beats his mother for entertainment.

          Everywhere he goes there’s trouble. He is the “anti-entertainer”. Those other examples of yours would do the expected “be nice to your fans” schtick. Not him.

          He is modeling the new global citizen. No respect for anyone, no consideration.

        2. Speaking of Miley Cyrus, here is a bit of gossip. While living in Nashville I overheard a conversation between two ladies in a restaurant. They were practically crying because their idol Billy Ray Cyrus had fathered a child out of wedlock. It was later I realized that this child was Miley.

          Nashville is a breeding ground for Satanism in the music industry. Many singers made famous though Nashville were and are MK Ultra victims.

        3. Here’s a weirdly relevant story: my son works at a gem shop that also buys and sells gold, so street people often bring in scraps to sell. Tasha, a hooker who is clearly mentally ill, is a regular.

          My son told me that Tasha had been in yesterday after an absence of a couple of weeks. Matt said that she was far more reserved than usual. He’d asked where she’s been, and she claimed that some men she didn’t know had taken her to a facility “for testing”, but that they didn’t/couldn’t finish because she “kept wetting the bed”. She also said that she’d been “flying with the butterflies”. She insisted she didn’t know the men or why they took her, but just repeated that they were doing “tests” on her.

          My son asked me if that sounded like Monarch programming to me (it did); he also asked if EST/ECT could do that to a person (it can). He was visibly upset by the encounter…he has a soft spot for poor Tasha.

          Isn’t that strange?

        4. Recynd77 – Perhaps the plan was to program her for some later incident where a mentally deranged person goes berserk? We truly live in an evil world controlled by non humans with psychopathic minions doing the dirty work for them.

        5. Why are you guys doggin’ Bieber?

          I haven’t seen this much Talent since the ’60’s.

          Lennon/McCartney, Jagger/Richards, Paul Simon, YES, ELP you name ’em have never shown at any level the talent this boy has shown.

          And if you believe this……………………….

        6. Ric, I don’t know if you’re joking or serious. Personally I have never heard Bieber sing, he may be very talented, it’s the orchestrated circus around him (and the others) that turns me off. Not that the singing stars of the past did not have their own controversies and handlers, it was not so much in your face like nowadays. And I like good music as much as the rest of you.

          Those purchasing the $ 2,000 tickets for the next Bieber concert have the option of 24 month financing at a good rate.

          Speaking of Elvis, a coworker of mine from the past down in the South Bay area was married to one Elvis Presley’s bodyguards – a Samoan karate expert (that was a story all to itself). Several times a week she would relate stories from the Elvis compound. Some of those stories I have no words for. Thankfully we did not read about it the next day all over the place, or see it on YouTube.

        7. Yeah, I think they were going to let him do the Pres. gig but Central Casting overruled them. We ended up with BO.

  6. relevant once you get past the Trump/Jones lede – they’re after the “kook conspiracy people” again:

    Donald Trump has made misinformation into a campaign tactic. (Mary Schwalm/Reuters)

    Trump has embraced some of the ideas by radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

    Alex Jones may be America’s most successful conspiracy theorist. On his website, Infowars.com, and his daily radio program heard on more than 100 stations nationwide, Jones regularly promotes a variety of ­beyond-the- fringe ideas: alleged government conspiracies in the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 and the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001; fluoride-in-the-water health scares; suspicions that the moon landings were faked; doubts about President Obama’s place of birth and birth certificate.

    Once a small fringe, this “alternative” information ecosystem now includes websites, talk-radio programs, newsletters, conferences and “citizen journalists” who promote, debate and inflate such questionable causes as vaccine denial, climate-change skepticism , and the supposedly imminent imposition of sharia law in America. The fringe nowadays often injects its ideas into the mainstream by gaining the attention of sources broadly popular among conservatives, such as Fox News and the Drudge Report, which devoted attention to rumors that the Operation Jade Helm military exercises this summer in the Southwest were a prelude to a crackdown on civil liberties.

    “There’s an information-age tsunami out there that just keeps getting bigger and bigger,” said Steve Smith, a veteran newspaper editor who teaches journalism at the University of Idaho. “When you combine this digital tsunami with the loss of quality and quantity in American journalism [due to cutbacks and economic woes] over the years . . . journalists just don’t have the ability to keep up once a false narrative gains speed.”

    due to cutbacks and economic woes – LOL. Bet they have a room full of trolls loading the comment section on this one


    1. “The device works by pretending to be a cell phone tower – mobiles automatically connect to the nearest one so latch onto the box – and can sweep up data on tens of thousands of phones in one go.

      The operator is able to locate a person’s location quickly although they are not able to listen to calls.”

      So what would be the purpose of this, unless they know precisely who they’re trying to locate?

      1. oh – just caught this part
        “He described how fixed-wing aircraft are making use of another surveillance technique known as ‘Wide-Area Surveillance’ which involved a super high resolution camera being fitted onto the undercarriage of a plane.”

  7. Response to all… (after I read through the thread).

    Yes they are spraying something, as others have mentioned contrails are at high altitude because a contrail can ONLY be created in cold air. Contrails dissipate from seconds to minutes depending on the engine. Chemtrails are at mid altitude and they persist, they flatten out, and eventually turn into a fine wispy layer of cloud.

    What and why? First, it absolutely is weather modification… but on a global scale. And certainly one purpose is weather warfare. And for the skeptical;

    Yes I know it’s Wiki but the point is that weather warfare was ‘real’ enough the ENMOD treaty was created and ratified in Geneva, SWI in 1977 banning ‘environmental’ modification.

    If they are able to manipulate the world’s weather, then this is a tremendous tool of control, no rain = drought, massive rain = flood.

    I personally don’t need to go any deeper. Do I think a group of people, who already want to rule the world, who have the technical know how and means (which they do) to manipulate global weather would?? Not to mention the whole megalomania side of the equation. Of course I do.

    But as with any significant op/event there are ‘always’ multiple objectives… always. And it is this ‘other’ objective that most concerns me. What else are they spraying and why? This is the dark side of geoengineering. And down the rabbit hole again we go… Poisoning the planet? Poisoning us? Nano-particles, human cells?

    I concur we need to capture and test what they are spraying. We need to physically track these aircraft and follow them back to wherever they land. We need to film them spraying, especially capturing the turning On and Off parts. ID the aircraft, if possible. We need to sample whatever is being sprayed before it is sprayed.

    Capturing and IDing what is being sprayed is the key, and frankly it’s got to be something other than just weather modification to stop the spraying. Because weather modification fighting climate change BS will be the globalist excuse for doing it… and people will buy it.

  8. The Climate talks are a Joke. Anything for a “Deal”

    First, Planes and Ships will Not be included in the “Carbon” count…..

    Obama has pledged 100 Billion and up to a Trillion for “Developing” countries

    China is really pushing the USA to fulfill this monetary promise.

    Here’s the Kicker.

    China and India are the Biggest Carbon polluters in the World.

    They are exempt from the treaty until 2050 and fall into the category of….
    Developing Nation Status !!!

    That means they get the largest Split of the 100 billion to share with the other 195 Undeveloped/Developing Nations…What a Joke.

    China is the largest economy is the world now with more manufacturing factories than ALL the other so called Developing Nations Combined.

    So, we are going to borrow money from China (via bonds) then give it right back to them and still owe them the money to cover the bonds…?

    How can Anyone consider the USA a “Rich” country if your back acct. is overdrawn 21 Trillions Dollars. We are the most in-debt nation in the entire world !

    How can anyone in their right mind call China or even India Developing countries?

    Oh I Know, Obama.

    1. YEA…We’re all Saved. No More Wars, Terrorism, Mass Shootings !!

      Paris climate talks: world leaders hail deal as ‘major leap for mankind’

      Almost 200 countries sign historic pledge to hold global temperatures to a maximum rise of 1.5C above pre-industrial levels

      ISIS is collapsing as we speak..The run Carbon Fumes….

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-EaYIwzwI8

      Riding on a Railroad
      James Taylor
      We are riding on a railroad, singing some else’s song
      Forever standing by the cross road. Take a side and step along.
      We are sailing away on a river to the sea. Maybe you an me can meet again.
      We are riding on a railroad, singing someone else’s song Sing along.
      Time to time I tire of the life that I’ve been leading
      Town to town, day by day
      There’s a man up here who claims to have his hands upon the reins.
      There are chains upon his hands and he’s riding upon a train.
      We are riding on a railroad, singing some else’s song
      Forever standing by the cross road. Take a side and step along.
      We are sailing away on a river to the sea. Maybe you an me can meet again.
      We are riding on a railroad, singing someone else’s song.
      [instrumental and fade].

    1. Yes very chilling! Got about halfway through, we have known for a long time about the lizards amongst us and yes chemtrails are all part of the world plan.

      Those who claim coal ash or the big scary planet are the cause have proven themselves to be shills.

      Wiki is useful with the history of haarp experimentation with all the best universities and it was just given to the University of Alaska to rent it out for more, but don’t worry it is done at 70 miles high. For sure there are military and weather manipulations going on.

      Continuous darkness is very depressing and wonder why more people don’t relocate to less hostile places. Those of us aware of the evil on this earth must not let it consume us.

      The Louisiana Sinkhole began in 8/12 and continuously has consumed more earth, residents were bought out, but many were just outside the line but not the stench. LA has to be the most corrupt state and the lawyers ensure the raping of the land is never one proven to be any one player. Hope the CA folks fair better.

      This will make you feel safer:


      1. This happens all the time. The problem (besides the obvious) is that even though the Congressional Oversight Committee members get all worked up, then NOTHING HAPPENS. Think of “Fast and Furious”, the IRS scandal, or Benghazi. Nothing.

        I’m so glad somebody watched (even part of) the video I posted. It has really stuck with me…I hope everybody here watches it (or some of it, anyway).

      2. There is a wonderful little movie from 1948 titled “Louisiana Story”. Life on the bayous seems almost magical, but this was real and the boy and the couple portraying his parents were local residents, even the boy’s pet raccoon. I was mesmerized by this black and white gem from a gentler time that was on the cusp of major changes.

        Imagine my surprise when I later discovered that this move was commissioned by Standard Oil Company to put them in a good light.

        Louisiana Story (1948) is a 78-minute black-and-white American film. Although the events and characters depicted are fictional, it is often misidentified as a documentary film, when in fact, it is a docufiction. The script was written by Frances H. Flaherty and Robert J. Flaherty, directed by Robert J. Flaherty, and was commissioned by the Standard Oil Company.



      3. Pedantic Skirt… you say that those who claim coal ash or big scary planet as cause ( I think you mean motive) for chemtrails are shills….

        I posted a couple of days ago on this thread and mentioned those two possible motives, so I want to make it clear that I only raised those scenarios as info on what is out there on the chemtrail topic, not as a personal belief of mine, so if you were criticising me and calling me a shill then you were wrong.
        If you were calling ”shill” in general, on proponents of ‘ big, scary planet’ and/or ‘dumping toxic industrial waste’ , I would be really interested to know what you base your accusation upon?

        Although I haven’t reached a definitive position personally on the motivation for chem trails, I have read lots on ” big scary planet” ( in many contexts, not just the trails) and the article I read on coal waste was full of scientific data from very reputable American labs and seemed to be well researched… to be clear, I’m not defending those views, just interested in why you conclude as you do….

      4. Pedanticskirt
        I reacted in exactly the same way as Steven regarding your reasoning about coal-ash and shills. I never see any (certain evidence for)chems where I am and only rely on americans about it. From my perspective it wouldnt seem impossible that they would use (phaps subsets of) industrial waste in order to hide climate engineering since the analysis would help scapegoating ‘normal’ pollusion.

  9. Instead of writing multiple replies throughout the thread just putting all here. And initially wrote this as a response to a comment but it would not take so just putting it here.

    Anne B – Thanks for the The Politics of Obedience book link, which I am re-linking because of its importance;

    Imo the real battle is about understanding and exposing how the tiny few control the masses, which has been going on since before recorded history. But a book of 500 years age certainly proves it’s nothing new.

    Sara r – remind your airplane mechanic friend about crop dusting and sky writing. There is absolutely nothing complex or special about slapping some spray nozzles on a plane, hooked to an internal tank, and then flying at what? 10k feet and spraying. But show him this link if he persists;

    And in reference to the link above. Here is a private company doing weather mod on a small scale. There is documented proof of weather modification during the Vietnam war and that was 40+ years ago. You think they’ve gotten better at it since then?

    lophatt – “…on the other hand, the sheer logistical nightmare and cost seem implausible.”

    The scale is the hardest part to wrap your head around, but the proof of spraying is international. This is a massive program. But so was the Manhattan project which gave us the first nuclear weapon. The USA is in a ‘State of Emergency’… and in fact 30 of them to be precise;

    If a group is able to control the weather on a global scale… then could they not hold the world hostage? And if this is possible then would not the globalists make the commitment to make it happen? Makes me wonder if other nations are trying to counter what the Western alliance is doing? And maybe this is what the Paris Climate Summit was really about?

  10. Hispanic activists vow to flood voter rolls with 1 million immigrants, punish Trump, GOP at polls


    Who didn’t know this was the Demonrat plan along? Haha

    At least they admit it.

    Don’t forget the 262 Thousand Muslims Obama has let into our country every year since 2009 and not to mention the “Free Visa” ones and our open border where 200k pass freely a year……

    The Dems will have a One Party System soon

    They all stand together on the left.

    The Right is fragmented and suspicious and accuse each other of being a Troll….

    They’re Winning

    Sorry for the Bad News.

  11. “It is dangerous to be right in matters where established men are wrong.”

    “Doubt is not an agreeable condition, but certainty is an absurd one.”

    “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”


    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
    To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

    Richard Buckminster Fuller

    The Cowardly Lion Courage Speech – YouTube

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiWk0T3jz9c&w=560&h=315%5D

    1. Steven: Good one. He’s absolutely right that “if you’re not mad, you’re not paying attention.”

      I have prayed my own version of “Protect me from this poison and dissolve this from my presence” prayer. However, I know we are not immune from the sins of our fathers. “Thy Will be done, not mine,” is what I pray, every day. I would go crazy for sure otherwise.

      1. Recynd… I hear ya….
        I may not pray in the way you do, but my heart and my mind move to the same beat …

        I’m just watching a TV series called ” The Man In The High Castle” …..even if you don’t usually watch TV dramas I can recommend this one… its very unusual….. and its a fine example of how we all may end up if our wanna be masters fulfil their plans……….

        1. I’ve seen the first couple of episodes of “The Man in the High Castle”, but I got distracted. I’ll pick it back up. It IS an interesting story (written by PK Dick).

        2. Recynd…. Yes, its excellent…I’ve just reached what I think is the final episode… well worth watching…should be compulsory for free thinkers on MHB and everywhere!

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