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A witness described one of the Paris terrorist shooters as “white”.

Similarly, three witnesses interviewed by local news media, Juan Hernandez, Sally Abdelmageed, and an unidentified black man describe the California terrorist shooters as “white”.

Hernandez: “Where I was at right here we’d seen three white men in military fatigues, taking off.”

Reporter: “What were they driving?”

Hernandez: “They were driving a black Impala–or SUV.”

Reporter: “Do you think they might have been the shooters?”

Hernandez: “The way they were driving? Yeah.”

Reporter: “And how many shots did you hear?”

Hernandez: “A lot. It was a lot. Like I said, it sounded like a gun range. Just like shots going off like crazy. It was a lot–a lot of shots.”

Sally Abdelmageed spoke with CBS News’ Scott Pelley shortly after the shooting.


Pelley: One of the witnesses today is Sally Abdelmageed who works at the Inland Regional Center where the attack took place. She saw the attackers enter the building and we spoke to her by phone.

Abdelmageed: I heard shots fired, and it was, you know, from an automatic weapon. So, very unusual. Why, you know, why would we hear shots? I looked out the window. A second set of shots goes off–pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop. And we saw a man fall to the floor. We just looked and we saw three men dressed in all black military attire with vests on, and holding assault rifles. And they opened up the door to building three, and one of them opened up the door to building three [sic] he starts to shoots–he just, you know, shoots all over into the room. That’s the room that we typically have conferences in. And we just heard more gunshots go off. I got my phone. I reached for my phone. I called 911, and I just hid under my desk. I didn’t see any more. I just heard more gunshots go off as I was talking to the dispatch. We went into my manager’s office, locked the door, barricaded it. We heard running and things happening upstairs. About thirty minutes later someone came to the door. Knocked on the door. But we didn’t obviously answer. [sic] And then another fifteen minutes later someone came and took us to a secure room

Pelley: Ms. Abdelmageed can you describe to me in as much detail as you can, what did the gunmen look like?

Abdelmageed: I couldn’t see a face. He had a black hat on and, from my view all I could see was just a black hat and black long sleeve shirt. Possibly gloves on. He had black cargo pants on, the kind with the zippers on the side and the big puffy pockets. He had a huge assault rifle and he had extra ammo. He was coming ready for–he was coming ready for something. [indecipherable] I don’t know. I couldn’t see what else. I saw it was–I just saw three, dressed exactly the same.

Pelley: You’re-You’re certain that you saw three men.

Abdelmageed. Yes. It was like they [indecipherable] They looked like they were athletic build and they-they appeared to be tall.

Immediately following Abdelmageed’s above reaffirmation that she “saw three men,” Pelley downplays her observations by concluding, “And of course we’ve just learned that one of the suspects was actually a woman.”

This was information no doubt obtained from federal authorities already busy reshaping the narrative from “three white men” to the preferred Islamic State extremists storyline.

Finally the following brief interview excerpt with an anonymous observer describes the getaway vehicle that “passed right by us” transporting the assailants, and the driver was “just [a] regular dressed, regular white dude.”


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119 thought on “San Bernardino Shooters Were “White” – Eyewitnesses”
  1. guess this makes more sense here –

    my conclusion (based on the initial 3 white males report) is that it was intended to be right-wing perps and support the gun control issue, but somehow it was hijacked by rogue elements feeding the ‘no more refugee’ crowd.

    Or, these witnesses were watching the drill, not the event? The whole thing has a cluster-cluck feel to it…I think that’s why we got the speech Sunday night?

    also suspicious how Trump is playing into this so brazenly – if he were Really for the average man, he would be asking the same questions we are

    There was a lot of ruckus at one point about the name Abdelmageed – anagrams, etc. It is kind of odd –

    1. I think there are lots of layers to this. There are different, not necessarily complimentary motives as well. All of the politicians work for the same boss.

      They obviously want to disarm the citizenry. They also want to keep people fearful of “terrorists” as it enables them to expand their fascist aspirations.

      We should not forget that they set up and use these various groups as proxy armies in other countries. Why would they not turn them loose here as well? They do not care one whit about any of us.

      In this case I’m strongly leaning to total fabrication. There are others that seem more opportunistic. If we had real proof of dead bodies here I would still say this was a hoax. Under the circumstances, being such a controlled environment and all, I’ll vote for total contrivance.

      Having said that we should not forget that the FBI openly courts and encourages this type of behavior. Then they can point at it and say “see, its scary out there. We need more authority”.

      The one constant is that the agenda advances. It isn’t hard to see or predict. They will keep at these and adjust as necessary until they attain their goals.

    1. Exactly…..anything coming from mainstream media is something we are meant to see……we only see what they want us too…..
      I agree and also remember Sandyhook with the men running in the woods next to the school and the witnesses who also stated they saw men in cammies……when in reality there was no shooting at all at Sandyhook……makes me think the same happened here.

      1. I wrote once on here that the purpose of the dad in camouflage was to create movement and chaos and distract people’s focus from the lack of it going into and out of the school. What’s your sense of the purpose of this sidelight story here?

        1. Seems like these side stories serve to split the truther community into different groups( the 5% that are paying attention) it does not have any influence on the masses whatsoever as they only listen to small news soundbites and are simply not paying attention to the detail.

          The second shooter or alternate shooter stories are used to somehow lend veracity to the actual event …that a shooting really took place. The same playbook was also used in the Aurora theater shooting where a handfull of witnesses stated that they saw multiple shooters and a second gas mask was conveniently placed outside the theater.

        2. Those who plan the future don’t worry about the general mass of people. They worry about those who think. Therefore, those are the people who must be divided and conquered. So, ‘the truthers’ are given umpteenth scenarios to chew on and to argue over the details so the big picture gets muddled. For goodness sake; people are still arguing over who killed JFK and no one other than the patsy ever took the blame for it. Same thing for RFK, MLK, etc.

          So, the general mass of people can say, “look at those silly people who go looking for conspiracies everywhere; they can’t agree on any of the details, so they must be wrong about all of it. And who cares anyway? It didn’t affect me. I can still go to the supermarket, drive my car, go online, buy beer, etc. It’s easier for them to take the story that is neatly tied with a pretty ribbon for them by the ‘authorities’. It’s really altogether too much work for most people to think about the world around them. Their fantasy world is just so much easier to ‘live’ in.

  2. It sounds like what these people were seeing was the police set-up for how they were staging the chase, etc. And speeding away to get to their new location a few miles away. Because I keep going back to the IRC where nobody reacted until they saw cops coming down the sidewalk. If there had been gunshots inside the facility, they would have run from the place, and they did not. A few would have taken off in their own cars, too, rather than waited around to be escorted away. No, they even figured it was a drill – but a real gunshot would have spooked everyone, whatever experience they had with drills, and they’d have fled the facility.

    1. The witnesses we’ve heard have described suspected shooters fleeing the scene, but has there been any witnesses who saw partygoers running away? What did those people do in the four(!) minutes before the first responders appeared? Contemplated their navels whilst sheltering in place?

      1. They said “shoot me. I hate guns. I’d rather be dead so, go ahead, shoot me”. “I hope someone comes quick because I’m incapable of deciding what to do next. Where are the AUTHORITIES?”.

        Musings is right. The only way this one makes ANY sense is in light of it being a total fabrication. That being the case you can’t determine whether any “witness” actually saw the play or is a part of it.

        Obviously, if the “news” was really the news we would be seeing all sorts of pictures, video, witness statements. This one really has the information locked up tight.

        “See, there’s a car. Thirty minutes ago this car ran over 10 school children. No, we don’t have any proof. You’ll just have to trust us on this. Would we lie to you?”.

        In the very beginning one of the “news” readers said “we have been instructed not to film any action and to keep the helicopters out of the area. All images are to be reviewed by police officials prior to release”, or words to that effect.

        It was an off handed comment. So the new normal is that information belongs to the police. People must let their “superiors” vet things for them.

        Anyone could surround a building and claim there were hostages inside. You could make up a whole story to go with that. You could even produce a ransom note.

        So now the media is just another arm of government. We are spectators. Those who question authority will be determined to be dangerous or in need of “help”.

        It would be easy to get depressed over this. All of this has been predicted and it is certainly proceeding according to plan.

        1. Yes.

          The only thing that surprises me at all is that anyone believes this tripe. I mean, “surprised”, but not surprised; you know what I mean.

          What the hell are our kids and grandkids going to do? Mine won’t go to college for all the brainwashing and brainwashed there. He’s going to be an outlier, and while I thought maybe that would serve him well, now I’m getting nervous. Oh well…it will serve well, ultimately.

          Just as an aside, what “peace-nik” Steven wishes on Patick, the rest of us are already paying the price of, though we were not the cause. No, we’re suffering the consequences of the actions of others. I’m not to blame for the plight of Africans or Mexicans or whomever (either here or there); my kid certainly isn’t. Why is it if I move to Africa, I’m a colonist, but if they come here they’re immigrants?

          This is all so dark and deep and sick and twisted. Where’s the exit? I want out.

        2. Everyone gets their turn in the barrel and this is ours. For what its worth I absolutely abhor those statements that we are responsible for the psychopathic parasites that rule us.

          Nonsense. I’ll be damned if I’ll take the blame for someone else’s doings. I didn’t sign on to be a sin eater.

          I’m no one to give advise but your son should learn a trade. Find something useful and pleasurable and be good at it. When it gets worse he’ll be able to trade what he does for what someone else produces.

          I had to unlearn most of what I was taught in school, including college. It is much better to be an autodidact. If you have the will to learn and good skills you can become much better educated that way. Having the piece of paper doesn’t mean much these days.

          While I fully understand that BO is merely an employee, his owners do allow him some latitude to pleasure himself at our expense. He quite clearly hates America and a large section of the populace. He is getting even for having parents in the CIA, growing up with agent mom in Indonesia, being raised by CIA grandparents and Frank Marshal Davis.

          They formed him and nurtured him. It’s all in the plan. How these self-hating idiots came to be is another mystery. The only things I feel guilty about are things I did personally.

          Cheer up, we’re the sane ones, no matter what “they” say.

        3. let me just say this, Lophatt—-fooosh. Obama doesn’t hate anyone, that’s unprofessional, especially if you are a CIA killer. he is trying to do as good a job as he can for the oligarchy so he can give speeches to them at a hundred thousand dollars a crack and amass the wealth to join them. Like Bill Clinton. and he is an even better political conman that Clinton.

        4. Folk, yeah, he knows his schtick. I still say he’s full of hate. If he could (and maybe he can), he’d kill us all.

          He is a 100% manufactured droid. He is still jealous and angry. Just look at him. You’re right though, I suppose he’s a better con man than Slick Willy.

          It’s all in the hypnotic gestures and sonorous tones. They probably spent months in the lab.

          I didn’t spend months in the lab, however, and I escaped my Skinner box early.

    1. I agree, Anne – that is always my first thought: Where are all the iPhone photos? Hell, smartphones are now used as an extension of one’s hand (actually, I don’t have a smartphone myself, but…). Social media is filled with shots of the flotsam and jetsam of every day life – why? Because they can.

      And in this case with the Christmas party at San Bernadino, that is a perfect scenario for multiple photo opportunities. I don’t pay attention to mainstream media – so has anyone shown any “before” photos of the party as proof it actually happened? Is law enforcement taking all cell phones after these events as “procedure” – what gives them that right to do so and what would happen if someone said, um, no? Anyway, the way we are constantly inundated with photos from smartphones on Facebook and/or Twitter, I find it highly suspicious that we never see any proliferation of photos when these events occur.

      1. This. Does anyone know whether pics taken from an Iphone are stored immediately in the cloud (I think they are but don’t have one). And if so, can those pics be accessed without the actual device in hand?

        1. I think anything on “The Cloud” is up for grabs, so to speak, but I am admittedly a luddite.
          The term “cloud” reminds me of the (“classic”) Star Trek episode titled, “The Cloud Minders” which included elite characters who inhabited “Stratos” (a city literally built in the clouds) and the majority of the populace who lived and toiled on the planet below, and who went by the name Troglites or Troglodytes. They performed mining tasks and were afflicted by reduced cognitive abilities because of a naturally occurring gas (xenon) present in the mines.
          Wasn’t a book published some time ago with a title something akin to, “Everything I know I Learned From Star Trek”?

  3. In a hail of gunfire, nobody stopped, took out their phone, punched in their PIN, chose the app, framed the shot, and snapped a picture.

    Strange, That must mean Obama is behind this

    1. Sammy,
      For some reason, Camera’s don’t work when a Hoax or False Flag is occurring.

      And any physical camera’s as in OKC or 911. They will be confiscated by the FBI

      It’s an electronic thing I guess……Shoot me

  4. the political implications of these witnesses are ominous. They indicate of course that this is a false flag and the married couple were patsies murdered as part of the scenario. the media takeaway is that this was a terrorist attack inspired by ISIL. It increased fear in Americans and increase a desire for a more militaristic response in Syria/Iraq, including troops.

    But this isn’t Obama’s policy; he doesn’t want an invasion of Syria/Iraq since no military/ political Win is possible. His strategy is Divide and Ruin, Balkanizing the countries and keeping the resulting pieces devastated and weak. So he used the Oval office as a pulpit to argue to the American people; don’t be afraid and don’t demand an infantry war.

    Which means that he didn’t initiate this false flag, since it would have an effect that he didn’t want. But, then, who did? There must be another group of neocons who can work their will independent of the Obama power structure.

    This was illustrated by the testimony of the incoming head of the Joint Chiefs, Dunford. He testified to Congress that Russia was an “existential threat” contrary to Obama and Kerry the sec of state.
    If he can do that even before he is confirmed in office, then there must be an alternate political consensus and power organ that Obama can’t, or at least, won’t, publically oppose. A ‘deep state.’

    it is very difficult to fight what you can’t even see. if a deep state can stage false flags in the USA, they can do it in other countries. And thus they can instigate wars, including nuclear wars. and we don’t even know who are rulers are.

    things are in the saddle and they ride mankind.

  5. I don’t always agree with Professor Doom but he does root out a lot of interesting material.

    In this case he appears to have found a potential diamond. I don’t know if we can confirm the make of the AR-15s used by the ” terrorists” in San Bernadino but the configuration appears to be exactly and precisely consistent with the AR-15s used by Homeland Security and the ATF.

    If the make of the rifles are the same I would say the odds of a coincidence are incalculable

  6. Ok,
    3 white guys shoot up the place with Fake bullets.
    They take off in the Black SUV.

    2 People say they saw the 3 white guys drive away.
    They get away..but the Black SUV returns to scene of crime..remember?

    2 of the white guys bailed out after they first escaped leaving only 1 white guy driving.

    Syed and his wife are already dead in the back seat of said SUV. Syed is Handcuffered as the Lawyers have stated on national TV.

    This why the Black male withness says he saw the SUV that got all shot up being driving by ONE white guy.

    That makes 3 now. The white driver plus Syed and his wife. The 2 original perps are eating dougnuts with DHS cronies.

    The remaining White Perp positions the SUV for the cameras and Bails out to safe haven (DHS)

    The SUV gets blasted to smithereens with Syed and his wife dead in the back seat.

    The News reports the 3rd suspect got away. Then drops the story.

    The aerial photo’s show Syed handcuffed about 15ft from the SUV.
    The wife’s body is lying there in shorts and a short shirt which DHS has pulled up to expose her Bra.

    Cased Closed.

    1. Correction:
      I didn’t mean Entire Case Closed. Just the whole SUV production part.

      And, as I’ve said many times here. There is infighting amonst the Bigger Piggies and Obama didn’t like this little “swap” the perp’s game at the end.

      The original story Obama was told was it was going to be 3 white guys, AR 15’s and one with a Bible.

    2. Or it could have been 2 reticulated (sp?) dummies in the car driven by the third person (who conveniently got away), but in either case, it doesn’t matter. We have our perps; end of scene.
      Move along, but ‘never forget’ (what you’ve been told by your betters).
      Avenge the dead, even if it means bombing people in other countries who had absolutely nothing to do with the scene. Too bad we can’t bomb those truly responsible.
      All the world is a stage.

  7. the Council of Foreign Relations is a major voice of the American oligarchy that owns and rules the USA. It is in favor of de-escalating the Syrian war, deferring the discussion of the fate of Assad, back channel talks with Russia, and assembling a coalition to fight ISIL. this would be a moderate defeat for US power, since it could not accomplish its aim of deposing Assad, but the Council feels this is the best of a bad situation for the USA.

    However the San Bernardino false flag had implications that were strongly opposed to de-escalation, and fostered escalation against Syria. This is promoted by the neocons and Israeli Lobby, as well as elements of the military, who obviously have organs that can stage their own false flags.

    This is a bad historical development, because now different political groupings can foster their own homicidal operations, and can control at least part of the media to amplify their own strategic policy. This indicates that there will be MORE staged homicidal operations, even when the Repubs get in office as they probably will in the next election.

    It bodes a dismal future for the US and the world.

    1. It bodes dismal propaganda, you mean. It bodes people being hooked on explanations for things that herd them along the party line of the initiatives taken. It does not mean (yet) that murder is breaking out everywhere, only that fear is. Or even terror if you will, which causes people to strike out and scapegoat the innocent. That is the way it propagates – in a cascade – from the propaganda. Soon, no one is asking why we are making so many poor and helpless people suffer. We are letting our leaders unleash hell on them. Hellfire singly or collectively. But back in the Homeland (what a horrible word), things are still at the magic show stage because the public buys it. Once they no longer do, we’ll see where things go. Perhaps we should be grateful for keeping our own skins a bit longer due to the utter stupidity of so many believers.

      1. but the problem, musings, is for people not to buy the propaganda of the power system they must have alternate explanations of reality that gain traction. these explanations must be repeated, just as the media repeats the untruth. this requires a people’s organ of some kind that can unite Americans to oppose the wars and banks increasing terror.

        see any sign of a people’s cohesive occurring? the American people have lost control of American power, so the powerful can do whatever they want. and want they want to do is to maintain their power. the major weapon they have is para-war or quasi-war or proxy-war, and this is being directed by and against nuclear powers. how long can this occur before war, which has its own inertia, breaks out.

        you see what happens with just one staged homicidal scenario, people want to bomb and invade. in Orwellian hypocrisy he argues against it publically while putting thousands of troops in Iraq and Syria, and bombing Syria.

        I don’t want to depress you, but I don’t see a solution.

        1. Yes, you have identified the surreal quality of a government staging a phony homicidal event, and then urging us not to generalize from it to scapegoating people not personally involved in the event but who belong to the same out-group. That’s cognitive dissonance very hard to accept. Just was watching the PBS News Hour – a snippet – and you see two Muslims talking very articulately about their disgust at being the goats for election year demagoguery. They mention the US history of immigration quotas based on religion, ethnicity and skin color, and how it impacts them today. They call out racism. Then a very fair skinned fellow, not on a monitor but sitting at the same table with the host (tonight it is Gwen Ifill, who is black) with a Jewish name goes on to reify the notion that indeed these are real attacks, all of them, but we should not make much of them vis a vis the wider Muslim citizenry. What his personal views about Palestinians are, he did not state. One begins to wonder, because people are not laying their cards entirely on the table. Which ones are evading something?

          My instinct is to see the Muslims on the show as window-dressing, though they do get to have some say (and the woman in the hijab was very articulate and forceful in her delivery). The underlying purpose of the segment seems to me to keep the cognitive dissonance going – yet the Muslims stink of jihadism, but we have to be polite and not order them out of the country or into camps. That doesn’t seem to satisfy most people – so they tend to say “Enough!” and go with the demagogue that is Trump. But we are not most people, here. And we would deal, I would hope, with these events by asking what they accomplish. Certainly they were never staged or truly acted by Moslems, let’s get that straight. From that it follows that we don’t have to love or hate Moslems, we just have to treat other people fairly. I hear little about that, about equal protection and civil rights. No now we are supposed to have the correct sentiments, even if it turns people inside out (because they believe the domestic terror tales).

          In other words, people are being asked to feel guilty for their normal emotional reactions to what they have been told are attacks on their schools, athletic events, social service facilities. That seems to be the purpose of the “oil on troubled water” speeches after the psychopaths have staged their psyops. It’s to get everyone behind the real killing – the wars that come of it.

  8. Don’t want to be a stick in the Mud, but, ..

    John Lennon was assassinated by the American Govt. Today.

    I know some say he was MI6 and Tavistock.or whatever this is what I say:

    ” I think I know I mean a “Yes” oh yea but it’s all wrong
    That is I think I disagree”

    1940 to 1980

    God Bless

      1. Can you imagine John here today? He wasn’t a Liberal or an Republican, He called it as it was. No sides. No Agenda.

        In 1972 or so on the Dick Cavett show here in the states, Dick brought up how the left were saying the world is too small for all the people and all that tripe. (Yes, way back in ’70’s) (Global Cooling)(running out of oil)

        Lennon just destroyed that theory without blinking.

        That’s who he was. No one owned him and if you were full sh&t, you were full of sh&t.

        1. Nice tribute to Lennon there – how he dismissed the alarmist notions of the day. I would love to see the perpetually bemused yet not quite befuddled Cavett interviewing him. Will go looking.

        2. Ric…yeah, absolutely, Lennon was really special….

          I’m so happy to read all the positive and affectionate stories about Lennon on this thread…

          I actually lived on Penny Lane in the late 60’s… lol… I had to move, though, it was always so full of sightseers and visitors from all over the world… I couldn’t walk twenty yards without a Japanese person saying ‘scuse me, where Yoko live? I would patiently explain ” not in Liverpool”… try London…
          So many Americans too.. ”hey bud, can you direct me to the barber shop? Can I get a shave there? I think I used to say ” the barber moved, his customers couldn’t get in the shop for the visitors!”

          Strawberry Fields is a little park nearby..I used to drop acid there and enjoy ” nothing is real”… ah, those were the days…

          Now I’ve got Recynd calling me a ” peace-nik” and I’m not sure if its a criticism or a compliment… either way, I’m comfortable with being a slightly eccentric old hippy and I hope John is smiling down on me and all of us…

          love and peace S

        3. you mean, Steven, that Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields were real?
          in Liverpool? I never was much into popular culture.

        4. Folktruther…not sure if you’re ribbing me but… yeah, of course Penny Lane is real… and Strawberry Fields…I really lived on Penny Lane, paid my rent for a room in a house there..

          For a long time, souvenir hunters would steal the street sign…the local council would take ages to replace it, so the street was kind of anonymous for weeks at a time and we would enjoy a break from the tourists…

          Eventually they built a big column, .with ‘Penny Lane’ on it and words about the Beatles…too heavy for anyone to steal…

          there are hundreds of references to places in Liverpool in the Beatles work…

        5. no, I wasn’t ribbing you, Steven. In LA everything is so Hollywood, (where I lived for a time) that it is a wonder that the Beatles were real.

          I was startled that Liverpool had tourists. we’ve mostly kept to London when we are in England, which I love because many of the natives speak a kind of English. this is less common recently, with the number of languages increasing from east Europe, but the people are so friendly that it hardly matters.

        6. Folktruther… I’m glad you enjoy London, but, yeah, of course Liverpool has tourists… hundreds of thousands a year, from all over the world…

          There is a wonderful Beatles Museum…devoted entirely to the Band… and there are Beatles Bus Tours showing you all the Beatles-related places of interest, obviously Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, the Beatles’ homes and so on.. I lived around the corner from where Lennon lived for a while…

          there is even a Yellow Submarine in the harbour that you can ride on… yeah, I know, kind of tacky !

        1. Yeah, me too!

          I’m a Brit and I lived in Liverpool in the late 60’s, early 70’s….and again a few years ago, I always identified with John, love him, cry a little every year on the anniversary….

          love and peace S

        1. People think she’s crazy, but she’s a performance artist.

          Remember that story about when John came to Laurel Canyon, and he’s hanging around the intersection with a kotex on his head? Didn’t have the same “performance” effect. People just thought he was high.

          I think he was missing Yoko.

        2. That was at the Troubadour (Los Angeles) and he was smashed out of his mind. He went into the women’s bathroom, threw his quarter in the Girlie machine, and walked out with it draped over his face.

          The Management said “You need to leave”. John said said “Do you know who I am”?

          They responded “some guy with a K@tex on your head…..

          That’s my Hero…hahahahah

        3. Am I crazy or haven’t I seen a picture of him hanging on the stop sign at the store in Laurel Canyon? It’s daylight and the photo is grainy, he’s got the “feminine product” on his head?

          I might have conjured it up. I have a vivid imagination.

        4. Both incidents could be true.

          Too funny he got kicked out of the Troubadour. I bet he was ruining their laid-back West Hollywood thing.

          Take that mess down to the Roxy!

        5. did you guys see this?

          Ringo Starr’s personal copy of the Beatles’ The White Album, numbered No.0000001, sold for a world record $790,000 Saturday at the Julien’s Live auction of instruments and items from Starr and wife Barbara Bach’s estate. Starr’s White Album carried a pre-auction estimate of $40,000 to $60,000, a number that was easily shattered during bidding.

          it was part of a fundraiser for Lotus Foundation

        6. Regina, lot of money. Ringo’s “incredibly rare” watch that sold for $179,000 seems like a paltry get after all those big numbers for his other stuff. 2.2 million for a drum set – wow.

          I don’t know too much about the Lotus Foundation. Their web presence is underwhelming.

  9. This following is a theory, it’s my intuitive thoughts based on how the story broke and was reported. It felt this way to me from early on.

    I believe that this was a Gun-Control(democrat) false-flag event that was hijacked by the Pro-war, terrorism, anti-muslim (republican) side.

    My reasoning… Clinton and Obama both came out very quickly denouncing this event and pushing the gun-control agenda. At the very beginning they were using ‘long gun’ terminology.. which is rarely if ever used by the media, but regularly used by gun owners /enthusiast. Normally it’s ‘assault rifles’, but ‘long guns’ is a MUCH broader category. In fact any personal firearm that is ‘long’ is classified as such; .22 rifle, shotgun, hunting rifle, target rifle, bolt, semi-auto, basically anything longer than a handgun. But the long gun description disappeared and then very quickly it became terrorism, anti-muslim propaganda.

    The target of a facility for developmentally disabled adults, hence an attack on defense-less innocents, just like schools, churches, falls perfectly inline with the gun-control agenda.

    The suppression of video of the witnesses who saw 3 tall, white, athletic men in fatigues – overwhelmed by the terrorist Muslim meme.

    The media ransacking of the ‘purported’ perpetrators house was theater and designed to create anti-muslim, anti-immigrant sentiment. If this was actually the home of the alleged perps the media would have been unable to enter.. period.

    I do not believe any victims died, I do believe the innocent framed couple was murdered.

    We just witnessed a media war between the left and right sides. I do believe both sides are controlled by the same powers but that does mean that they do not compete to implement ‘their’ solution, either way the globalist win.

    1. Kevin,
      100% Right on.
      “I believe that this was a Gun-Control(democrat) false-flag event that was hijacked by the Pro-war, terrorism, anti-muslim (republican) side.”

      The Piggies are fighting. We may pay hell in the short term but this is how we worked way back in 50’s. Jewish, Irish, Catholic Mafia’s kept each in check. (there’s more involved so pls)

      It all changed 1963.

      For those who don’t what I’m saying, All the ABC Organizations fought with each other for power/control and we sheep benefited. We had a “separation of Powers” if you will, That all ended 9-11-2001

      They are all one now, in lock step. The Progressive Uni-Party Party and their plans don’t include you……Well, as a toilet cleaner/Slave ya know

    2. Kevin, for the record I commented on your comment but WP/NSA is still trying to figure out to post it or arrest me.

      1984/1932 is here. History repeats it’s self because and no one notices,

      I’m heading down to Strawberry Fields where in 2015 everything is real and we should get hung about.haha

      1. lol… it’s always good to say ‘Hello’ to the NSA…

        and the CIA, DIA, ONI, GCHQ, Mossad, AT&T, Time-Warner, Verizon, Bank of America, Chase Manhattan, Google, Facebook and a whole slew of other entities spying on all of us!! Filthy, lying, scum. I am not afraid. I know what kind of people (voyeurs) spy on others. You SEE me and I SEE you…

        It’s not a question of IF you are being spied upon, recorded, observed.. it’s how MANY organizations are. That is the real jaw dropper… and frankly I’d bet money I’d be shocked at the actual total.

      2. They are not showing any photos of the girl shooter & the atty speaks of her in the present tense (twice). Once he said, “She only wieighs abour 90 lbs, probably couldn’t even carry the gun.”

        Why wd CBS air 1 major & I think 2 minor witnesses mentioning 3 shooters? Especially cuz it’s already known that the official story is husband & wife shooters. CBS is MSM. Only 1 reason I can think of– to enlist us in one version or the other– thus co-opting us to the idea that the shooting did occur. It’s quite possible therefore that it did’t.

        1. 1932 was the year before Hitler gained Full power. He did everything Bush?Obama team has done prior to the coup without Windows 10 !!

          It’s been 1932 brewing here for about 7 years if you get my drift….

      3. this is an alternative theory that the homicidal scenario was staged by a ‘deep state’ organ. is it more plausible? I don’t know, Kevin. the murk is so thick that we are speculating at the very edge of the real. it’s certainly worth considering.

    3. Kevin…yep, Im with this…being in the UK, I’ve missed around 50 posts while I’ve been sleeping, but on a quick read of all I’ve missed, it seems most on here are coalescing around this analysis… I intuited the muslim couple were patsies from the first day and whilst that’s not yet certain, I still lean that way

      Incidentally, the Brit press this morning are pointing out Farook’s guilt by saying he withdrew $28,000 a few days before, ” probably” gave $15,000 to his mother ( implying for his kid after he’s gone) and $10,000 to the neighbour who sold him the guns…oh, and the gun seller, Enrique something, has checked himself into a mental health facility… say what? Avoiding the media? Bizarre….

    1. “Colored Spade” too funny. Would have loved to hear that!

      That was back when everyone understood that you “take back” words to diffuse them, instead of making them taboo because they’re “hurtful.”

      That conviction started with Lenny Bruce and ended in some university somewhere.

      (Recynd, I can’t stop laughing…)

      “And President of the United States of Love!”

      1. NWA

        tried to do that in the mid nineties and got destroyed by the left wing media.

        How dare you try to diffuse our words that we use to attack the right?

        What do you guys want? Peace or something?

        In case you don’t remember it was the “N” word..oh my God I just said it ahhhh

        Dr. Dre, Ice Cube were in the group.

        I wish they had succeeded but the Demo’s weren’t have any of that power taken away even if it was Black people doing it.

        Ironic, don’t ya think?

        1. Ric, I do remember that. It was a big deal.

          You know what’s weird is the words/phrases that are allowed to cross-over into “polite society.” Words like “suck” that you hear everywhere, including from children. Considering its provenance, I never would have thought it would normalize.

    2. Awesome posts,
      would like to hear more of your right-on comments,
      my question is why are there almost no pictures of the woman? What I have seen doesn’t look like the same person, and the news keep showing a black silhouette ?

  10. 3 white guys driving away? 3 white guys seen doing the deed? patsies dead at the scene. bullets from a strange direction? a handcuffed dead ‘terrorist’ who obviously struggled frantically against the cuffs before his death, as evidenced by the serious cuff cuts on his arms? participants wearing and seen turning in badges? ‘long guns’ the focus of the gun grab, again? no videos/pix from camera phones? practice of the future event held a year prior in the same room? msm lackeys doing their usual 3 blind mice routine? smells a lot like the sandy hook hoax, doesn’t it.

    imho, they want the long guns. people can’t really object to tyranny too effectively using pistols, or bows and arrows. long guns are what armies use primarily, and what wins revolutions and revolts. long guns are only used in a very, very small portion of crimes. that’s why they are doing these false flags. nobody is going to even talk about taking the seldom used long guns away from joe citizen unless this corrupt government gives them reason. there will come a point in time when this corrupt bunch will need to enact martial law following a horrendous mass killing. its just a matter of a few months now. I just read where sheriff joe has staggering news to present about our little boy toy’s fraud and extensive criminal past. around march they said. time grows short. kypd

    1. Dave – I had never considered it that way – the importance of eliminating arms that might be used to defend against invasion and tyranny. A lot is said about handguns, yet so many (if not all) of these psyops involve the “long gun”. If you looked up deaths-from-guns statistics in the US you’d more likely be able to find at the top of the list, overwhelmingly, the “Saturday night special” handguns, from gang killings to suicide. It is the rifle which is used by sportsmen and ranchers which may be the target, if you have it right.

    1. Well, he sure fills in a lot of gaps – once it is questioned about the cars, the cellphone photos, etc. But where is his reaction to all his dead co-workers? I think someone paid him to say this or pressured him as an immigrant. Because he is just too glib. He also acts like he cannot believe who the shooter was (and he never mentions the woman).

    1. If Craig’s List runs an advertisement for (crisis) actors for the San Bernardino area for the dates of December 2-3, 2015, and specifically states that anyone hired will be required to sign a non-disclosure waiver, then what are we to make of a “former” NSA/CIA contractor who lets it be known on Press TV that mercs from Craft Int’l were on scene in San Bernardino on those same dates?

      I mean, is there such a thing as a FORMER NSA or CIA contractor?
      Or is it logical to think that anyone who has ever worked for either of those ‘intelligence’ agencies would have been required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (with the attendant civil and criminal penalties) as a stipulation to their employment?

      And if the answer to that question is in the affirmative, then why would this person identified as Steven D. Kelley be permitted to speak on Press TV about Craft having been on scened in San Bernardino?
      He claims people are ‘waking up’ very fast during the interview. I don’t know about you all, but I don’t see people waking up at all.
      Cui bono?

  11. So, now Donald Trump says we need to close down the Internet…he’s going to talk to Bill Gates about it ( lol )

    Freedom of Speech? Well, he says, that’s for foolish people!

    I’m sort of speechless myself, right now..

    At least he only came third in Time Magazine Person Of The Year.. the winner of course was Angela Merkel for” championing refugees”…

    oh, and ISIS came second

    You couldn’t make this stuff up…


    1. Steven,
      The subject was ISIS using the Internet to recruit simple minded people by MSM calling the Terrorist “Masterminds” and such.

      He was saying, as many on both sides. have said “why can’t we just shut down all their Internet, Twitter all social media?

      The free speech whining he spoke of comes from the left saying ISIS has free speech rights and should be able to recruit.

      Just like Silkroad was shut down for selling drugs and many people have lost their sites due to the digital millennium copyright act which unfairly was shutting some people down.

      It wasn’t an attack on Our Internet rights.

      Just ISIS’s rights using our own free Internet against us.

      This will be twisted all day by left here in the states and then as always he’ll clarify and it will go away.
      Whoa,I sound like I work for the Donald. I do not. 100% Guaranteed

      1. yeah, it’s like all the “unconstitutional!” cries about not allowing refugees – since when does Every person in the world have U.S. Constitutional rights? I thought those rights applied to U.S. Citizens – and boy hasn’t That line been blurred.

        1. I have been saying that for years. If you cross my border, you don’t automatically inherit our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

          The Left pushes this for illegal votes and power.

        2. get this –

          Congress to Consider Easing Passage into U.S. for Immigrants

          Congressional source: ‘The amendment is intended to be a response to Trump’s statement’ about Muslims

          Congress is set to vote on Thursday on what some have called an “unprecedented” right that would allow immigrants easier access to relocate to the United States, according to new legislation offered by a Democratic senator. (Good ole Leahy)

          “The legislation essentially extends the U.S. Constitution to inhabitants from other countries, which has never been done before, the source said.”

        3. “The legislation, which is being offered by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D., Vt.) as an amendment to a larger bill governing nuclear safety, would prohibit the U.S. government from barring any individual from entering the country based on their religion.

          Good, send them to Vermont.

        4. It’s the Global Citizen, right Anne?

          Do we really think he just stayed up all night devising an amendment that makes a major change to US code because a comment from Trump ticked him off? Nooooooooo – this has been in the drawer for a while, just waiting for the right opportunity to present it.

          NOW things seem a little more clear to me – why they went with the terrorist route on this event. Agitate people, muslim-bait, then pull out this amendment and shove it into a Nuclear Safety bill (which the president Would sign) and push it out the door before they go on holiday. While everyone is worried about them beating the govt. funding deadline, they’re fiddling around with a nuclear safety bill?

        5. Regina – yeah, we are all global citizens now. Here is a recent quote to Burlington Free Press from career politician Patrick Leahy who’s been in DC since 1975:

          ~”We should be talking about how more countries should be involved in this fight,” Leahy said. “ISIS is our enemy. The people fleeing ISIS are not.”~

          Whether he knows who’s funding ISIS or not (he ought to after 40 years in DC), there is plenty of space on his 300 acre Vermont farm to show some hospitality for the less fortunate:

        6. I would rather stake out some nice virgin territory in Antarctica.

          The “Loonspeak” coming out of D.C. is even stranger than normal these days. NSA is supposed to be able to tell what toothpaste you use in the morning. Somehow they are incapable of finding or stopping the fearsome “ISIS (ooooh!)”.

          They have lists for their lists, just like Joe Stalin. Nobody dares suggest that “them” is “us”.

          So, out of one corner of their mouths they are saying “beware, there are Islamic Extremists” everywhere”. Then they want to import hundreds of thousands of them. Makes sense to me.

        7. I’m not trying to be difficult (or, God forbid, a “leftist”), but “Constitutional rights” are “inalienable rights”, granted to us by God. Not because we’re American citizens, but because we are children of God.

          Every human being has certain rights, some of which are laid out in the Bill of Rights, just by virtue of being human. However, once they aggress on another, they forfeit some (or all) of those rights.

        8. Recynd, I couldn’t agree more. We need to remind people of that. We don’t receive our rights from government. We “say” that the Constitution “guarantees” our rights. That’s the theory anyway.

          It’s actually a tenet of English Common Law that we get them from God. “Roman law”, on the other hand, vests all authority with the State.

          In truth, no matter where we are or live we have an absolute right to do anything we wish. Now, there may be consequences for doing something that is declared to be “illegal” somewhere. Those are not the same thing.

          A subset of that is asking permission. We have been taught to do that. I believe that we must make a conscious effort not to do that. In fact, when authority demands to know why we do anything we should remind them that it is none of their business.

          As an example, the gun confiscation issue constantly comes up. The argument goes something like, “why do you need that type of gun…?”. The answer is “it’s none of your business”.

          All of this is a ploy. Once people start responding like there is some merit in this argument, they’re lost. The simple answer is that I can own anything I like. If you want to pass a law that says that I can’t, in theory you must show why your desire that I not own it trumps my God-given rights.

          I have a concealed carry license. In my state the information that they give you quite clearly states that they do not believe that requiring this is Constitutional. It is heavily weighted on the side that they have no right to “infringe” on your Constitutionally protected right.

          That is a good thing. A better thing would be for them to stop equivocating and simply declare all such infringement illegal.

          So, other than self-defense, and the protection of others, it is illegal to shoot people. I get that. If I do that I can be charged with a crime. Having a gun is not illegal, nor should it be.

          In places where gun ownership and possession are illegal they are basically saying that such possession is dangerous and unnecessary. If it becomes necessary the “authorities” will defend you. I feel sorry for anyone who believes that.

          None of us should, under any circumstance, cede our God-given rights. Those that are protected by the Constitution should be beyond debate. Circumstances do not warrant exceptions. If they are afraid of their constituents perhaps they need to rule with that in mind.

          I would much prefer that they respected us. Barring that I’ll settle for fear. Whatever works.

        9. Beautiful comments; I agree wholeheartedly, obviously. I do not currently, but for years I carried a concealed weapon. I did not ask permission (it would have been denied, anyway), and luckily, I never needed to use it. But if I did and I went to prison for it, so be it.

          Everyone, everywhere, has the right to defend him/herself. Hell, we have the RESPONSIBILITY to do so. When we abdicate our responsibility, we end up first like children, then like slaves.

          Everyone has the right/responsibility to rear and educate their own children. Access to (only the access, mind you) basic needs (food, water, air, shelter) are a fundamental right. Freedom of conscience/thought/beliefs/expression.

          I would never have thought that basic freedoms for all humans (and not because the UN says so) was all that controversial, so I was surprised by Ric’s (and others’) assertion otherwise.

        10. Lophatt, you captured the idea beautifully. Bravo!

          Mark Steyn was invited by Ted Cruz to appear with some climate scientists on Tuesday. As you can imagine, it was an amusing (unprecedentedly so) bit of Washington arcana. He wrote about it yesterday (hierarchical).

          Here’s a wonderful excerpt:

          “So by the time Senator Ed Markey turned up, I’d had enough of it. Markey is the Massachusetts guy (whom I discussed on the radio with Howie Carr yesterday afternoon) and he began by comparing Rear Admiral Titley to Galileo – at which point I threw up my arms. I would have let this twaddle go, except that Markey then went on to insult the three scientists on my right. And, as with so many of the staffer-insulated ignorant bullies of the Senate, he did so with no intention of letting them respond. Dr Judith Curry is a very brave woman who has withstood an extraordinary onslaught from the ugly misogynist types that climate alarmism attracts. She was not cowed by this know-nothing senator and she wished to respond, as she indicated discreetly.

          “Markey ignored her. Again, we’re way beyond the rules of the Senate here. In the rules of life, a gentleman does not insult a woman and then stand on parliamentary dignity to deny her a reply. If that’s the “decorum of the Senate”, then Senator Markey puts the dick in decorum. Nevertheless, with characteristic pomposity, he sought to use the Senate’s crappy rules to prevent those he’d abused from responding to his crude insults:”

          And here’s the money quote, which your remarks inspired this reply:

          “Unfortunately, the “decorum of the Senate” means that there are never any debates and only performance art, procedurally rigged to the advantage of the posturing preening senator. It’s easy for Fabius Maximus to fight vainly the old ennui at this particular bit of performance art, but in fact it was most unusual. I’ve been told that there’s never been an occasion where two witnesses turned the tables on a senator and bombarded him with questions. If that’s the case, Americans shouldn’t wait another 200 years to do it again. No citizen should consent to be insulted to her face by a mere elected representative.”

      2. Ric…well, what can I say..I didn’t hear Trump’s full speech, just that extract, so I will accept your explanation that he was only referring to Isis and his ” foolish people” remark was directed only at those who think Isis should have free speech and use of the internet etc….

        I’m still uncomfortable about it in some ways……it sounds easy to say restrict free speech and internet use by Isis this week, but who will it be next week? Al Qaeda, maybe the Iranians, how about Turkey cos they buy oil from Isis, or Russia cos , well, they’re Russia, then its those pesky bloggers and alternative media types and Steven and Ric on MHB.. lol.. slippery slope, no? Or maybe I’m just one of those foolish people…

        1. ” slippery slope, no?”

          Yes, it sure is. Censorship on anyone is just a backdoor Trojan Horse for the tyrants to exploit in the future.

          Besides, All criminals use the dark web and direct IP’s to contact each other.

          The whole “we got regulate the internet because of criminals” is such a joke.

          FACT: You Can’t control or shut down the Internet only the law abiding people who play by the rules using domain names.

        2. Ric…yeah, I’m with you on all that…

          As for control of the internet, shutting it down and so on… I’m curious, is that even possible? In a previous post you said Isis shouldn’t use our internet( or something like that)… who is ” our”? I’m ignorant on this, I really don’t know… do you mean its America’s internet, or the western world, the corporate or scientific establishment… I probably shouldn’t admit I don’t know this stuff, but I don’t, I’m a techno moron…. I don’t think its actually ” owned” by anyone as such, is it?

          I seem to remember the UN described internet usage as a ”universal human right”, but maybe I imagined that…

        3. I mean “Our” as all the Good People’s of the world.

          ISIS is abusing “Our” collective right by abusing it and it will only hurt “Us” if they try to control it because as I said.

          ISIS, The Mafia, CIA,MI6 you name it, don’t use domain names to communicate.

          They whole “we got to control this” is a ruse against all the freedoms of the good people and hurt a single hair on any rouge group.

        4. think of the ad revenue – the commerce – the banksters would scream loudest if it were shut down…but it could Certainly be curtailed on the administrator’s whim.

          Steven, here’s my nickel tour of how it works:
          (It’s a lot more complex, and you can wiki all of this – y’all feel free to correct any errors I’ve made)

          There’s a distinction between the internet and the “web” – the internet was created as ARPANET and was designed by the military, then deployed for government business use, then education. Then the college kids started playing around with it, and along came the world wide web, which is when pictures, sound, web pages etc. were developed – that was basically the beginning of the domain name system of .com, .gov etc. That was also the beginning of online advertising 🙂

          Before the web (and in some cases still), only IP addresses such as (hoping that’s a junk IP lol – don’t try this at home!) were used instead of “names”.

          This is what Ric means by direct IPs – it’s numbers that connect directly to another server without going through a separate Domain Name Server resolution process, where the domain name is translated into numbers.

          The whole thing – IPs & domain names – is controlled through an organization called ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), because it was a little too much for the One Guy who originally registered all the domains. ICANN has a board, etc. and supposedly doesn’t answer to the U.S. per se

          The U.S. Dept. of Commerce has long held the contract to administer ICANN, which was supposed to expire last April or so, but they’ve somehow magically extended the contract

          So, in essence, the U.S. “runs” the internet domain system…effectively controlling the internet

          which I believe also means they could disable any parts they want to get rid of?

        5. Regina…. thank you for taking the time to explain all that… I really appreciate it and feel much better informed…..

          Your last sentence is really the crux of the matter, though and you end it with a question mark… I’d like to hear your ( or anyone’s) personal view on that point…

          Thanks again!

        6. Regina,
          I’m impressed.

          You must drink Beer and have a Bad Back ..haha

          Reference: Kevin Kline Movie.

          You nailed it.

          I could say more but it would not be helpful. The scum already now and that’s the joke on the American people about the Internet.

          The Gov lies about Internet Security….

        7. Ric – yeah, I used to give this spiel to the suits who wondered whether “this internet thing” was worth the budget

          My all-time favorite idiot CEO quote:
          “No one is Ever going to BUY anything on the internet!”

        8. Steven – my opinion is that they Can disable any domain/IP they don’t want people to access. Hackers can do this by sending a billion requests to the domain name server and create what’s called a Denial of Service attack – they overload the translator server, so no one can open a specific website. I would assume that the ICANN administrator could just disable a website any time they felt like it.

          The ‘slippery slope’ you guys were talking about would be a little more complicated, as it would require allowing some users to have access and not others – so it would involve blocking people based on their originating IP address (every connection to the internet has a unique IP address – you have an IP address that’s easily traced by anyone who’s interested) or other criteria.

          This business Hilary and others have talked about – “talking to Bill Gates” (as if he sits around and codes anything haha) is based on the Content of someone’s communications – any discussion/activity based on certain criteria. The stupid part is that they’ve already Told us that all internet traffic is being monitored and stored, which is what’s supposed to help them detect troublemakers. They’re already Doing what they say we need to do – they know who is saying what, they’re just not doing anything about it. Yet.

          The claim (by whistleblowers and others who have worked inside the data center situation where this information is all housed) is that there’s Too Much data, and they don’t have the systems or resources to monitor it realtime and prevent anything from happening. I can believe that – can you imagine how many times in a single day someone across the internet types one of their “hate words” or other trigger words that would indicate a potential threat in the making? On another note, I’d have to research this more but I’m pretty sure the use of certain words in communications (online or telephone) is the sort of thing that can put a person on that No-Fly list that’s being discussed – the list they want to use a basis to deny someone gun ownership. This is why Americans are so upset about this – because the No-Fly list has pretty questionable criteria, and has often included members of congress, etc. (haha – maybe it Should!)

          So the data is basically useless in terms of prevention – they just store it, and when someone ends up in court for one reason or another, they’re suddenly able to pull it out and play phone calls that someone has made, or emails they’ve sent, etc. to ease their prosecution. Even ‘shopper club’ cards at supermarkets are used – I remember one case where a guy was suing a market because he was injured after he slipped on water that was leaking from a freezer case or something. During the trial, the store attys. pulled out a list of everything this guy had purchased (based on the history recorded on his shopping club card) and tried to prove that because he frequently purchased wine, he was at fault because he was likely drunk when he fell. Amazing, huh?

          boy, I ramble –

          My opinion is that Anyone can be blocked from internet use at Any time for Any reason…it’s like turning off a light switch.

          The question mark was intended to throw it out to anyone who had a different opinion –

        9. Regina…. once again, thanks for that really informative commentary…

          plus I loved the story about the guy who bought wine… even though the context of the depth of their surveillance capacity is depressing…

          Sorry, one more dumbass question… feel free not to answer if I’m being a pain….

          You said the internet can be turned off, like a light switch… what about countries? For example, could the American president phone up the ICANN boss and say.. hey you, ICANN guys, I’m seriously angry with all those Isis punks in Iraq and Syria.. turn off internet access completely to those 2 countries right now! ?

          Your funny CEO story? ( the guy who said nobody would buy anything on the internet?)..I was once sitting around with a friend who had great technical internet knowledge in the very earliest days of the Web… he was trying to explain domain names to me,I think, just as you have being doing now, which shows how little I’ve picked up over the years… anyway, I said to him, why don’t we register the names of big corporations like , I dunno, Ford, or Nestle or ( a few big British ones), or Boeing or Pfizer, or..on and on… and then when they want websites they would have to buy the name from us? He just rolled his eyes and said.. why would those kind of businesses ever want a website? Ha, ha….. if only…..

        10. Yes, it can be controlled by country – from

          How is ICANN structured?

          ICANN is made up of a number of different groups, each of which represent a different interest on the Internet and all of which contribute to any final decisions that ICANN’s makes.

          There are three “supporting organisations” that represent:
          •The organisations that deal with IP addresses
          •The organisations that deal with domain names
          •The managers of country code top-level domains (a special exception as explained at the bottom).

          the exception – * There is an important exception to this in the form of “country code top-level domains” (ccTLDs) such as .de for Germany or .uk for the United Kingdom. There are over 250 ccTLDs, some of which have a contract with ICANN; others of which have signed working agreements with ICANN; and some of which have yet to enter any formal agreement with ICANN. ICANN however does carry out what is known as the “IANA function” in which every ccTLD’s main address is listed so the rest of the Internet can find it. ICANN is also in the position where it can add new TLDs to the wider system, as it did in 2000 and 2004 when seven and six new TLDs respectively were “added to the root”.

          …your conversation with your friend shows you’re not as dumb as you think – Many people (mostly kids) bought up domain names and held them hosta…uh, Resold them for a notable profit. In the beginning, it cost about $50 a year to register a domain name – here’s where that sort of activity has ended up

        11. Regina… excellent, I’m finally clued up! I promise no more questions, at least for a day or

          I enjoyed that link.. to the domain name registering story… I think it was ’96 or 97 when I had that conversation with my friend… not many years later there was a story of a big British company, Marks and Spencer, I think ( a department store) having to pay something like a hundred grand to get their name rights back.. I can remember beating my friend around the head with the newspaper containing the story! He’s like, c’mon, who could have known?

        12. speaking of….

          Mysterious hackers attempting to bring down entire internet by DDoS-ing critical servers

          “Only a government could have this much clout

          However, if you use logic, it would take a really powerful entity like a country’s government to have the resources to sustain a coordinated cyberattack that lasted 48 hours and was able to keep flooding the root name servers consistently with a high level of traffic at five million queries a second.”

      3. Trump is the latest Ross Perot….simply a spoiler. Hey, it’s worked before.
        Trump is floating the idea of running as an independent if he doesn’t get the Republican nomination. And then it’s Hitlery all the way.
        I would think Trump owed many people favors and his ‘running’ is payback. Hitlery, after all these years of course, will get her payback for putting up with Bill (to the extent she actually did put up with him) and for waiting around until her mature age for the payoff. I mean, honestly, who really thinks the CFR wants Trump or Bernie Sanders as President? C’mon, people; it’s theater, with VERY WELL PAID crisis actors.

      1. Regina… yeah, she was impressive! Maybe this Trump candidacy will force a lot of the apathy of the sheeple and the mainstream media to be disturbed….

        On a Brit TV news channel today, they had an American woman called Stacy Hilliyard, who was described as a ” Republican analyst” commenting on Trump’s call to ban all muslims from entry…an interesting interview…

        The reporter’s last question to her was… ” Do you think America is one major mass shooting incident away from a Trump presidency?” Of course, she sorted of hesitated a moment, then spoke in vague platitudes, but she didn’t laugh at the idea or rule it out… I was quite surprised at the question, seemed like something that a mainstream tv news channel just wouldn’t have asked, until recently… interesting times, indeed…

  12. Great comments and videos, thank you. I have been reading this blogger, who has a series on Fabian social engineering and his family . Today’s installment #9 in the series, begins with a quote by John Taylor Gatto.

    “I’ve neglected to tell you so far about the role stress plays in Fabian evolutionary theory. Just as Hegel taught that history moves faster toward its conclusion by way of warfare, so evolutionary socialists were taught by Hegel to see struggle as the precipitant of evolutionary improvement for the species, a necessary purifier eliminating the weak from the breeding sweepstakes. Society evolves slowly toward ‘social efficiency’ all by itself; society under stress, however, evolves much faster! Thus the deliberate creation of crisis is an important tool of evolutionary socialists. Does that help you understand the government school drama a little better, or the well-publicized doomsday scenarios of environmentalists?”

    I am understanding a little better, thanks to this blog, but it’s almost like I have to pry my mind away from all the social programming I was exposed to growing up in California in the 70s. John Lennon, The Beatles, and Hair were part of that. This blogger Jasun Horsley, talks about how social programming is generational, a conservative generation followed by a backlash of a libertine generation. Interesting read guys:

    I can’t remember if I saw it here or elsewhere, but I don’t think it can be stressed enough just how broke San Bernardino is. I’m sure this plays a role in these events.

    1. “…but it’s almost like I have to pry my mind away from all the social programming I was exposed to…”

      It’s not almost like Cali, it’s EXACTLY like what you, and I, and all of us need to do. Everyone in a 1st world nation has been exposed to social engineering on a daily basis, through education, entertainment, religion. Thanks for the article link, looks like good info.

      “…but I don’t think it can be stressed enough just how broke San Bernardino is.”

      Good point, I think S Smallstorm recently has been shining light on these events and Grant monies being given to the local Gov’t. And Grant money always has conditions…

      1. Yes, she HAS been discussing this. So have I. This is how “shadow forces” work in so-called government. DHS slops over some of their immensely over filled trough and advances their agenda. Other things like A-21 do the same with various programs that promise big payouts and valuable prizes. All of this “under the table” so to speak.

        Broke or bloated no government entity is going to turn down free money. Besides, there is nothing like cops and firemen for never knowing the meaning of the word “enough”.

        In this country, if you have anything approaching a decent job, it is related to the military, prisons or the Homeland Security scam. The spinoffs are incredible. Everything from training, to equipment, to actors, to mercenaries.

        This is a major factor in explaining why they don’t care what we think. “We” are not where the money comes from. Well, actually it does, but not in the way most think.

        We peons slog through this charade, watching these political pageants, never realizing that they don’t mean a thing.

        Trust me, you wouldn’t be seeing these thousands of drills taking place everywhere if there weren’t funding involved. They get more and more cops and equipment that generates more and more “need” for more and more money. All it produces are prisoners.

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