Earlier this week Alex Jones’ Infowars, the popular libertarian alternative news outlet, posted a story on Amazon.com’s censorship of the Jim Fetzer-Mike Palecek-edited volume Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, which was pulled by the behemoth online retailer as well as its subsidiary and the book’s publisher Create Space just a few weeks following  the October 22, 2015 publication. Infowars staff publicized their article by “Tweeting” it out under the hashtag #StopAmazonCensorship.

Shortly thereafter, however, Infowars abruptly pulled the article without explanation to its readership.


What’s going on here? After all, Alex Jones runs a company called “Free Speech Systems.” He reaches several million listeners weekly with an ostensible message of “defeating the New World Order.” The “globalist NWO” must first eviscerate the Second Amendment to enact its agenda, and Nobody Died at Sandy Hook provides solid and conclusive evidence that the entire event “wasn’t a school massacre. It was a FEMA drill.”

We must point out that Infowars approached the Sandy Hook massacre with no small degree of trepidation. Much like its treatment of the phony Boston Marathon bombing just a few months thereafter, the multi-million dollar news outlet could have sent a pack of reporters to further investigate the still-extremely controversial event. It never did. It still hasn’t. As far as investigative journalism for an alt-news outlet goes this is low-lying fruit, fish in a barrel, etc.

Jones is a talented radio personality, and Infowars frequently produces very worthwhile content, yet on key events like Sandy Hook, indisputably within the terrain of its police state/gun control/false flag “news pegs,” the outlet is uncomfortably quiescent. Why?  Maybe it’s because Jones still sees himself as a juncture to the mainstream vis-a-vis Glenn Beck’s dunderhead audience. Could be a result of Jones’ longtime aversion to co-editor Jim Fetzer. Perhaps Infowars recognizes that it’s no longer a scoop, having already been covered extensively by Rense and Natural News. Maybe it’s something more.

H/t Barry Soetoro, Esq.

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52 thought on “Infowars Pulls Story on Suppression of ‘Nobody Died at Sandy Hook’”
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    As discussed from time to time, the Traders of death and lies live within the fiction of the flying economy. Alex Jones has been co-opted by the ISIS illuminati syndicate. He sells fear and associated products. What he preached to get to his affluence is no longer what he practices. From Bill Cooper-gate to Strafor to this important article tell us that his focus is on building his media empire and wealth. If I had a dollar for every time I have heard his courage in the face of death speech, I’d give it back to him in exchange for a day of Jim Fetzer and Nobody Died.

  2. Some sites are honey pots some are feces pots. Alex got me into gales of laughter when he described being assaulted by demon possessed hipsters.
    I know from experience that his site is trolled by the USSA intel establishment to get names, identies and profiles of commenters that strike their fancy.

  3. The Sandy Hook event failed to reign in new gun control measures, so what difference does it make at this point? (Serious question. Not rhetorical). If the idea is to demonstrate that the government is corrupt and evil, well, I don’t think many people dispute that at this point. What is common public knowledge already demonstrates that clearly.

  4. Immensely ‘deceptive’ is more like it.

    His endless politically correct disclaimers and crazy-making double mindedness is getting worse by the day.

    Expect he will be undergoing therapy wearing paper slippers before its

  5. Jones is a disinfo agent. Yes you can get “some” worthwhile things from the site but there is never any follow through on the big “events” that could take the state down and make people realize just how fabricated the world we live in is.

    1. Jones is a Zio plant. Not unusual for the big media androids to be receiving lofty salaries thanks to the Zio owners of MSM. Limbaugh is case in point, ditto Hannity. The blatant and overt Zio-philia is patently the root of those huge salaries. Limbaugh is loathesome, the biggest hypocrite in the US.

  6. Jones is the “Huffington Post” for contrarians. Huffpo is for those who consider themselves to be “kool kidz”. They believe in party politics and engage in arguments over total nonsense.

    Jones caters to a crowd that knows something is wrong, then misdirects them away from any truth regarding the real sources of the problem.

    Jones is all about Jones. There are innumerable examples to prove this. Any story that threatens to expose the real controllers is shunned like the plague by Jones.

    He is highly paid and allowed to continue because he captures and controls a niche. He loves his wealth and celebrity. The fatter he becomes the more cautious he is of losing his bone.

  7. So is Beck a sell out also? I like Jones but lately he is always with the PC disclaimers, it drives me nuts.
    I notice he takes a lot of time off and never speaks of his wife any loner. No ring either, the hollywood life might be going to his head.
    I don’t know who is real anymore….

    1. There are many rumors on the Internet about Alex Jones and a divorce. How much of it is true or not, none of us here know for sure and do we really care? Alex is another puppet in the bigger picture.

      This is one such rumor:
      “Alex Jones was legally divorced from his Jewish wife Kelly Jones/Violet Nichols on March 23, 2015. Kelly/Violet filed for divorce from Alex Jones on December 18, 2013 and has been engaged in bitter litigation against him ever since. As part of the divorce settlement, Alex Jones was court ordered to deed the family house (valued at $900k) to Kelly/Violet as well as sign a promissory note payable to Kelly/Violet in the amount of $2.7 million (Kelly/Violet also owns an additional house valued at $1 million).”

      1. I got my start from AJ and learned a lot from him and was a BIG fan and supporter of his for awhile but suspicious for a couple yrs. from all I had been seeing online about him. My breaking point was after SH and I KNEW it was a hoax. Why could a dummy like me figure it out and he and his sizable, educated staff could not? I went from respect and awe to complete contempt.
        Who knows if all that is true about his alleged divorce? I heard scuttlebutt not long ago he said FBI was tailing him and he was concerned for his life due to his divorce.
        What if this is all a set-up and he is preparing for his “death” while preparing to live out his remaining days with his wife and little spawn in Tel Aviv? I’ve felt for awhile he was going to plan his own “death” and disappear.
        Mike Adams is also controlled opposition. The only reason I don’t unsub is because I like the health info. He parrots the MSM and censors comments. A few of my comments with info or links have been removed and other people have said the same thing.

        1. Mom, I wouldn’t worry too much about anyone trying to end A.J.’s career early (other than A.J. himself).

          I too can envision him happily bloviating through his days in the Promised Land. Can you imagine the battle of egos once Pollard shows up?

          My advice continues to be, find information where you find it. With some it is more important to vet that information than it is with others. I try to verify anything I come across.

    2. Anne, I think “Tyranny News” (above) has it largely right. I’m not a “follower” of anyone. I don’t get ideas from people very often.

      The service that is provided by Jones and others like him is distribution/publicity. Jones is the very definition of “gatekeeper” in that he strenuously controls any ideas the pass through his network.

      He is deeply afraid of offending his “Masters of the Universe” paymasters. His bloviating is appreciated by the sort of person who wants a “champion”. Let’s face it, this is not deep thought we’re talking about here. His subjects are reduced to the lowest common denominator.

      In short, he’s WAY too “PC” for me. His performance and subsequent censorship of his interview with David Duke is a good case in point.

      He services a niche. He is highly paid and allowed to continue with the certain knowledge that he will keep to the boundaries. The PTB can point at him and say “see, you have freedom to discuss things here”. Really?

      I don’t worry much about Jones. If someone links to him I’ll look. If I can’t stand it I’ll stop. I don’t go there on purpose. I suppose he’s a real disappointment. With a setup like he has he could reach many. I suppose if he did he’d be off the air.

        1. I’ll be more direct. What I was getting at is that many intelligent people seem to be caught up in an orgy of accusations that AJ is a gatekeeper or shill. All I’ve ever asked is for someone to point me to the evidence of this. What I get in return is all speculative. I’m not suggesting we forego our common sense here. But at minimum we could make statements of fact, step back and consider where these notions are coming from.

          Here’s an example. Jones goes on Piers Morgan and Piers starts talking about guns in a way that pissed me off and I’m sure would piss off many of you. Now, imagine for a moment that Jones is exactly as he advertises and is truly acting in ways he thinks will serve our interests. Considering his personality, how would you think he’d respond? Exactly. He got angered and started shouting at Piers in a way intended to show him and others that an individual has rights. Many people keep telling me he was merely acting crazy to demonize “truthers” or his followers. This implies that he can control his behavior and is a great actor. Personally, I don’t think he can do either.

          I’m afraid, regardless of what AJ is up to this is one area where many intelligent people are going to find a shortcut to the truth. Because there’s no shortcut to the truth, they aren’t any likelier to be right about AJ as you or I.

  8. You all are priceless! Seriously, I’m never bored when it comes to observing all the communication happening around me. None of us are immune to taking a wrong turn. And, if you’re like me it makes you enraged and if driving become prone to accident. 😉

    I was a Jonesian & Prison Planet member for years. But 3 years or so back, I graduated and now for some reason avoid any material put out by them. Did I ever have reason to think Jones was a bad guy? Not really. But who of us would go back to school and take the same classes?

    Let me see if I understand the real problem. Jones and his cohorts avoid specifying the “___ish” ring leaders and their particularly nasty form of racism. There’s a brilliantly edited video out there that appears to show Jones commandeering a good ol’, grass roots gun rights protest, so he’s a disruptor. He went on Piers Morgan and god red in the face and pointed at Piers as he shouted about not giving up his right to protect himself and his family with firearms, so he’s intentionally doing so to discredit the movement. Stay with me here…

    He hired a women to become a reporter at InfoWars who was previously the receptionist at Strafor, so this proves his connection to them and that he’s selling out his subscribers and commenters. And, last but not least his ex-wife is Jewish or at least her family is. Did I get all the high points? Is this the most damning evidence that all of us in our collective investigative capacity could dig up?

    I admit to being on his program earlier this year. I admit to viewing the article at his site that featured our documentary. But I’m not a reader, viewer or subscriber. I’m not much into sports, so I haven’t chosen either to support the InfoWarriors or the Joneshillians. I probably won’t choose either team until one of them demonstrates they can get the job done.

    That was fun.

    1. Tyranny News

      I 100% agree with your analogy.

      I could go on and on, but why?

      Jones will break the story but he “Has” to back off and let the fire start if it can.

      People forget. He played a huge part in SHE and BMB and then moved on to let the the ground force take over if you will.

      He has said a million times and I paraphrase: “I can only go so far and have been told STFU.

      You can’t have it both ways.

      I ain’t no shill for Jone’s either on any level. But if your honest. You now you can say so much and hope a ground swell takes it from there.

      They Will take your License..be honest.

    2. Just another variation on a theme of shilling. Thanks for the verbiage, fella. Time for you to attend an Obama rally, right? Run along and make mommie happy.

  9. This is indeed troubling. But at least Alex Jones and InfoWars squarely affirm the Twin Towers’ terrorist controlled demolition. This give them a minimal credibility that the overwhelming majority of the media, all over the world, do not have.

    This incident is a reminder for people who want to understand the world ought to doubt any non-trivial bit of information they receive, even if it comes from a source that properly interprets Building 7’s videos.


    1. How recently? A few years ago in the wake of Sandy Hook Adams made the mistake of scheduling Fetzer for an interview when he was guest hosting Jones’ show. Jones interceded and cancelled the interview. Granted, it’s Jones’ show, but there was no explanation why Fetzer was disinvited.

      1. It was probably Fetzer’s other stances that caused the cancellation – his anti-Zionist and holocaust denier positions. Jones’ wife – or perhaps ex by now – is Jewish and she was also the producer of his radio show. He used to introduce her on air as being in the booth as producer. Hard to imagine her swallowing the anti-abortion and anti-feminist scree coming out of Jones, and he was for some reason forced or paid into that stance.

    2. Mike Adams used to guest-host IW constantly, but he disappeared right around the time Dr Edward Group apparently left his cooperative-partnership with Natural News, and started working with/for Alex Jones. Group’s nutraceuticals are fantastic IMO and very popular, so I’m assuming that Natural News took a huge financial loss in the process…

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    What’s going on here? After all, Alex Jones runs a company called “Free Speech Systems.” He reaches several million listeners weekly with an ostensible message of “defeating the New World Order.” The “globalist NWO” must first eviscerate the Second Amendment to enact its agenda, and Nobody Died at Sandy Hook provides solid and conclusive evidence that the entire event “wasn’t a school massacre. It was a FEMA drill.”

  11. Jones’ recent work has been questionable to me. It’s bizarre how much his show has been going after feminists this year (in really childish hit pieces). I don’t doubt it was possibly retaliation, but it’s really beneath the level of Jones’ operation.

    As far as this story being pulled, it reminds me of the rumors I heard about Infowars doing the same thing with their interview of David Duke. If the whole point of that interview was to flip the middle finger at political correctness, then why suppress the results?

    I will, however, give Jones credit for staying logical when confronted with the thoroughly “Jews are responsible for everything” worldview of Duke.

    Most of all, it seems Jones has unfortunately tamed down the fire and individuality of his show and sites in an attempt to be Fox News lite (or heavy). I can’t help seeing Jones’ current trajectory as a move to join up with the Murdoch beast. Most stories on Infowars every day now are indistinguishable from the garbage journalism of Fox News.

    Jones should be worried less about expanding the scope of his operation (quantity) and more focused on the unique integrity which brought him his initial listener base (quality).


        1. It looks like Hicks had a face lift early on to claim he was 14 years younger. As a voice teacher, I can tell you that Jone’s voice is not natural. That extra flap that can be heard vibrating can only be the result of an injury, illness, or deliberate vocal surgery such as Hicks allegedly had. Deep investigation of the similarities, face lift scars, slips over the years lend this theory enough cred for me to be open.

    1. Totally agree about the “childish hit pieces” on feminists. Every time I see one, I can bet in advance that it was written by Paul Joseph Watson, who used to report on more substantive issues but has lately been almost exclusively writing “stories” about Twitter postings and other fluff. And no, I’m not a feminist myself.

      1. Yeah, he’s the author. I really used to respect his contributions. I don’t know what happened to make him focus on feminists. There’s always some of every group who take things too far, but going after feminists in unqualified attacks is kinda descending to pro wrestling levels of tastelessness.

  12. Until just recently I daily checked InfoWars headlines to see what he was pushing. It was usually a mix of 1/3 internal and 2/3 external content. Normally there was a ‘theme’ for the day, TPP, Ukraine, Pope visit… basically mimicking the MSM, but with a different twist. Always reacting to current events. Fear was a constant.

    As the divergence increases between the official narrative and reality, the more people see the lies, or no longer can deny them. So they seek ‘Alternatives’ to the MSM… which is exactly what InfoWars is. And yet InfoWars looks and acts more and more like MSM with each passing year.

    So then what is InfoWars/PrisonPlanet’s purpose? And btw, those are two fantastic URLs. Just the next gatekeeper? Ultimately is he helping or hurting the cause? Certainly many seeking answers have found some help from him, and others have been turned off because of him. Which is greater? Is he a net positive or net negative?

    I agree AJ has created a media conglomerate, and therefor money rules his decisions. You cannot be a truth teller and get rich, the two are natural enemies. One cannot serve two masters. So anyone getting rich telling the truth ain’t. They are either lying about getting rich, or they’re not telling the truth. And it appears AJ is doing quite well financially…

    I wish I could remember my first exposure to AJ, I’ve remained neutral on him for years… almost like a necessary evil. But at the end of the day I asked myself this question. Would I recommend InfoWars to someone seeking the truth?… Absolutely not.

    So saying all that, why did InfoWars post the censorship article about ‘Nobody Died at Sandy Hook’ and then why was it pulled? What is the game here? I’m assuming there is a ‘website’ editor who approves all articles before posting. Is this just an example of AJ (or his masters) blocking a deeper truth? Back to the gatekeeper role, here is the truth that is safe for you, but don’t look at ‘that’ truth. But why post the article at all then? A genuine mistake?

    PsychologicalWars is what we are in, we’re exposed to constant psyops, each but a small part of the great psyop we exist in. Whatever AJs role is, it appears the globalists are satisfied with his performance so far… he is alive, and thriving.

    1. I recall the first time I heard of AJ. Some like minded friends were going to attend this conference in Los Angeles in 2006 and AJ was speaking. I do not like crowds so I declined to go. Next time I was introduced to AJ was high up in the mountains on a road trip. In a remote area with a fantastic view, on a stonewall there people had plastered bumper stickers and one had Prison Planet on it.


  13. Hey Dude: The truth doesn’t sell. Ever hear Jeff Rense speak about his “friend” named Alex Jones? Bill Hicks has certainly cashed in, that’s for sure!

  14. Here’s a thought I can express but you may not be able to: Perhaps Alex Jones pulled references to, “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” because Jones is a crypto-Zionist, with all that implies.

  15. OH YEAH, my comment disappeared! So let me get this straight Alex Jones/BILL Hicks is a major shill for the NWO. He was seen ranting like a crazy man on Peers Morgan’s program about gun control, I think after Sandy Hook. Bill Hicks was a likeable guy, who spoke truth to power, anyone who knows Bill Hicks will subliminally respond to AJ as a great guy and listen to him. Therefore when AJ rants about gun control, or even presents decent coverage on the out of control vaccine program, it is just to reinforce the meme that people who take these positions are nut jobs who shouldn’t be taken seriously. Then why doesen’t he cover the censorship of Fetzer’s book in his earnest Texas truth teller personae. Too much of a hot potato…….? Does this mean we are “winning”? Is Fetzer’s too a double agent because of his association with a similar kind of site, Veterans Today? This is like some kind of spy novel, and I constantly have to push back against all the social programming I have received. Feeling oddly hopeful however 🙂

  16. Bill Hicks got pretty popular, before the powers that be decided to take him out i.e. artificially generate cancer. Since then, political power has dramatically shifted, and his persona of “Alex Jones” (with some plastic surgery, hat tip to David Duke) is now a “gateway” for millions. In the early days of Alex Jones, he worked with the folks at the Spotlight newspaper, now known as American Free Press. Twenty years ago, you couldn’t build a media outlet that had a “White Nationalist” aka “White Supremacist” slant. You couldn’t get the much needed advertisers! So Jones has cashed in; and marrying a jewess, (who he recently divorced) helped him immensely. During the same time period American Free Press’s paid subscriber base dramatically declined. So that’s saying something about the power of market research. If James Tracy featured a White Nationalist perspective on Memory Hole blog, how long do you think it would be before he would lose his teaching job? We’re about to enter the Age Of Trump, and things will be interesting to say the least!

  17. Bear with me here. “Create Space” is a printer of books that is affiliated with “Amazon”. It is “Create Space” who refused to print further copies of “Nobody Died”.

    As a result of that, Amazon is not listing it, as it does not have a “printer”. This is the situation one finds oneself in when electing this form of publishing.

    To my knowledge it has not yet been determined whether Amazon will list Dr. Fetzer’s book. A simple test would be for someone with a copy of the book to list it for sale at Amazon and see if they’ll accept it.

    I don’t have one so I can’t do that. If my memory serves me, at the outset Amazon did indeed have used books for sale even after “Create Space” cancelled their contract.

    If anyone can successfully list the book for sale with Amazon it can be assumed that Amazon did not “suppress” the book. With a new printer they would probably continue to list it.

    Anybody up for a test?

    1. “With a new printer they would probably continue to list it.”

      Indeed. When you publish a book with a house that is “print on demand” you own the book, and can take it to another publisher, like LULU or AuthorHouse, and it automatically will be listed by Amazon. I can’t believe Dr. Fetzer does not know this.

      Perhaps he prefers the “banned” meme, for publicity’s sake. Certainly, it has generated a buzz that would have been unlikely under normal conditions. Plus, by giving it away for free as a PDF, we all get to see the pictures in color, which would not be the case otherwise.

      In his interview with Natural News, he mentioned that he didn’t expect the book to make much money anyway, so giving it away is no big deal. I’ll take him at his word about that, but given the fact that the “banned” meme can only take him so far, it would behoove him, in my opinion, to take it to LULU, and also offer it for free as a PDF into the future; those who want a real book in their hands will know going in that the pictures are only black and white.

      1. When a book goes out of print, its Amazon sales page stays; it is impossible to get Amazon to delete it. The fact that the sales page of “Nobody Died” was deleted by Amazon means that the book was banned by Amazon.

  18. I’m going with “something more”. While I’m not aware of any other articles being deleted, Infowars have, over the last year or two, been courting a more “mainstream right” audience – focusing more on culture issues and pushing the false left-right paradigm they used to criticise. Paul Joseph Watson now disparages “conspiracy theory” with the same disdain as do traditional media, and aligns himself in interviews with the likes of Michael Savage (whom he once described as an “oily beatnik neocon”) and Steven Crowder. When I joined a Twitter exchange between Watson and Crowder to link to a transcript of Watson’s book about the “New World Order”, he blocked me. And now we have Alex Jones’s sycophantic interview with Donald Trump, having favoured Rand Paul’s campaign until recently, in which he reiterated Trump’s assertions about Muslims celebrating 9/11 while not mentioning the “dancing Israelis” or any other 9/11 topic. Even that alone is an obvious sell-out – letting an interviewee select the topics of discussion in order to gain access. So overall, it’s hard not to interpret the pulling of the Sandy Hook article as being a condition of a move to a more amicable relationship with the establishment than Infowars have enjoyed hitherto, accommodated as part of Infowars repositioning as a more “mainstream” site .

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