Putin Labels Action “Stab in the back”, US Backs Turkey, Special NATO Meeting Convened

Turkey, a member of the US-led NATO alliance, shot down a Russian jet today, claiming that it flew into Turkish airspace. Russia countered that the plane was clearly in Syrian airspace. Was the act a provocation on the behalf of the NATO alliance to begin a broader shooting war with nuclear-armed Russia?

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According to one analyst (below) the pilots ejected after their plane was hit but were killed in mid-air. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov cancelled his visit to Turkey following the incident.

NATO has reportedly called an emergency meeting after the plane was shot down.

This is a major development, particularly in the wake of the bombing of a Russian passenger jet in October, a subsequent bombing in Lebanon targeting civilians, and the most recent 11/13/15 terror events in Paris France.


From Bloomberg:

Every year, hundreds of warplanes stray into disputed airspace. Getting shot out of the sky like the Russian jet downed Tuesday by Turkish forces is very unusual.

Aircraft have intricate systems that pinpoint their locations and detect transgressions into hostile territory. In the event of an incursion, local planes are scrambled and pilots follow safety protocols that include speaking to one another in English on common radio frequencies.
An aircraft goes down near Turkey’s border

If that doesn’t work, they’ll get close enough to use hand signals to tell the trespassing pilot to “get the hell out of there,” said John Johnson, an analyst at Teal Group in Fairfax, Virginia. In the end, downing a plane is “extremely rare.”

More at Bloomberg

Live Updates at UK Guardian.

From RT

Moscow plans to suspend military cooperation with Ankara after the downing of a Russian bomber by Turkish air forces, Russian General Staff representatives said on Tuesday. Further measures to beef up Russian air base security in Syria will also be taken.

Three steps as announced by top brass:

  1. Each and every strike groups’ operation is to be carried out under the guise of fighter jets
  2. Air defense to be boosted with the deployment of Moskva guided missile cruiser off Latakia coast with an aim to destroy any target that may pose danger
  3. Military contacts with Turkey to be suspended

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Sergey Rudskoy, a top official with the Russian General Staff, condemned the attack on the Russian bomber in Syrian airspace by a Turkish fighter jet as “a severe violation of international law”. He stressed that the Su-24 was downed over the Syrian territory. The crash site was four kilometers away from the Turkish border, he said.

More at RT

From USA Today:

Turkey shot down a Russian warplane Tuesday, prompting an angry response from Moscow and heightening tensions in the global struggle over the future of Syria and the fate of the Islamic State.

The Turkish military said two F-16s shot down the Russian Su-24 attack aircraft after it breached Turkey’s airspace — and after Turkey issued 10 warnings in five minutes. Russia’s defense ministry denied the plane ever strayed from Syria airspace.

NATO and U.S. defense officials later confirmed that the Russian plane had briefly entered Turkish airspace, the Associated Press reported. AP said the officials declined to be identified because they were not authorized to speak on the issue.

More at USAToday


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21 thought on “Turkey (NATO Member) Downs Russian Warplane”
  1. Obama is worse than Bush jnr in getting the USA into disastrous wars. The media as usual Proclaims an Orwellian truth to confuse the American people, where the Pretend truth is precisely contrary to the evidenced truth.

    The Russian plane did not enter Turkish airspace, the Turkish warplanes entered Syrian airspace to shoot it down. Turkey, a US ally, is maintaining a ‘safe zone’ illegally in Syria to harbor its Turkman terrorists, recruited from central Asia and west China. Russia was destroying this ‘safe zone,’ Syria regaining its land.

    That was Turkey’s point in shooting down the plane. This was obviously intended before hand because a tv station was tipped off to film the shootdown. It could not have been done without US consent. Obama had previously sent troops and planes to Turkey, so any pretense to innocence is implausible denial.

    The Washington purpose was to stop the drift of Nato allies to Russia’s side, subverting the US policy of Divide and Ruin. Obama did so even though this war action greatly increased the possibility of nuclear war.

  2. Big hidden aspect in this frightening ‘edge of World War 3’ story, is how Russia’s Putin seems to be continually weakening & yielding to the West at crucial moments, despite the ‘tough guy Putin’ meme popular among Westerners too-eager for a ‘hero’.

    Putin has set up this whole situation by his idiotic approval, post-Paris, of UN Resolution 2249 allowing Turkey, Israel & any country at all,to attack any alleged ‘ISIS’ inside Syria. Turkey didn’t even wait hours before taking control of some Syrian territory … and this is after Putin, a few days earlier, allowed Israel to bomb inside Syria … to attack Putin’s ally Hezbollah! … WTF, Vladimir?

    So this deadly game now with Turkey is not surprising at all, it is something Putin invited by his United Nations betrayal of Syria (as Indian Ambassador M K Bhadrukumar has pointed out).

    The sad reality is that, Putin has been continually helping set up & stoke ugly situations of mass conflict & death, present situation included. Putin may be the most clever of ‘fake opposition’, Russia a tool of the West as it always was.

    Half a century ago, UK-born economist Antony Sutton proved that USA was transferring much technology to prop up Russia – it often flowed thru Israel – to make the Soviet Union ‘The Best Enemy Money Could Buy’. Soviet elites got favours, cash, & all Western consumer toys. The whole ‘Cold War’ was a scam. Ex-KGB Putin was a part of that network, & apparently remains so.

    Note how although Russia wields a well-funded, glossy, potentially-powerful mass media empire, Russian media continually ‘wimps out’ on key facts & stories that could really undermine the Western house of cards.

    Look at Putin’s history of rolling over for the Nato-Western cabal, Iran – Libya – Ukraine – Syria.

    Putin went along with ‘Iran sanctions’ because of Israeli-led nuclear-bomb-scare bullshite. Russia could hardly complain when they were hit with ‘sanctions’ by their EU ‘friends’ who betrayed Russia just like Russia betrayed Iran.

    Putin signed UN approval to attack & destroy Libya – Putin later claiming he ‘didn’t realise’ the consquences – as tens of thousands were killed, Libya was destroyed, & Russia’s natural ally Qaddafi was sadistically & satanically murdered.

    Yet, after the UN Libya idiocy which Russia signed, Putin now did the same thing AGAIN after Paris, signing UN Resolution 2249, this time allowing not just Nato, but any foreign country whatsoever, including Turkey & Israel, to attack ‘ISIS-held territory’ inside Syria & Iraq. Turkey moved into Syria immediately.

    After the 2 May 2014 Odessa massacre burning dozens of people alive & satanically strangling that pregnant woman to death, Putin had every excuse to partition Ukraine & save tens of thousands of Russian lives – Western ‘sanctions’ bullshite was coming anyway – but Putin sat on his arse. Tens of thousands died horribly, another country was destroyed.

    Internally in Russia many key people regard Putin as a traitor to the West for letting tens of thousands of East Ukraine Russians be killed. Allegedly Putin is mega-popular in Russian polls … But are people being polled in Russia, truly free from fear to say what they think about Putin not acting when thousands of Russians were killed?

    Pro-Putineers, like that very-possibly-CIA-shill ‘Vineyard Saker’ (who admits being a ‘former’ intel agent), invent convoluted ‘great Russian strategy’ theories for all Putin’s failings where tens of thousands are dead, like Ukraine, like Libya, like Syria … Is Putin just the W W 3 foil & stooge, another oligarch playing Nato’s game?

  3. Turkey uses a Lockheed Martin F16 to shoot down a Russian jet. NATO and the U.S. have sold Turkey on the pipe dream that it will become part of the E.U. This will not happen in this generation. Turkey becomes a tool for NATO/U.S. proxy aggression because the NWO does not want another cop on the world block. How ironic that the Syrian government sees Russia as its only ally? The U.S. and NATO act unilaterally in Syria without consulting the government they dismiss as the “root of all evil” in Syria. The West, led by the U.S., is committed to gunboat diplomacy, universal hegemony, and, a “deformed” World Order. Turkey will lose big on Russian tourism and becoming a gas hub for the region. The West will throw it crumbs in compensation.

  4. there is no report as to what was discussed at the Nato meeting. I would guess that this was because here was a great deal of fear and protest by some countries on shooting down the plane for essentially no just reason. Nato’s head parroted Obama since Washington funds 70% of Nato, and supported Turkey, but this dangerous military action, a step toward war, is strongly against the interests of the other countries.

    The current provocative military action against Russia follows Obama’s provocative action against China, sailing a warship within the twelve mile limit. Does Obama want a major war?

  5. Global Times is the official paper of the Chinese government. It just wrote an editorial stating the difficult decision that Putin has in responding to the shootdown. It is normally very cautious in military affairs, but it included as one of the options, the shooting down of one of Turkey’s planes. This would activate Nato. It stated that in general: “This could be one of the most critical moments since the end of the Cold War.”

  6. Wouldn’t it be funny if the noise machine commonly known as the western mass media hyped this story and “forgot” about the recent downing of a Russian commercial jet in Egypt, which arguably would deserve much more attention? What if the Russian rulers and their media did the same thing? There would be another big peak of worldwide fearmongering–spiced with a flavor reminiscent of the Cuban missile crisis, perhaps complete with Obama playing JFK–, and then everything would go back to “normal”…until the next big engineered scare.


  7. Uh oh. And all Fox News can focus on are college protests. They even aired a the video of the kid getting shot while walking away (clearly a sickening abuse of police power). Why would Fox (the official warmonger network in the U.S.) air this video which undercuts their bigoted worldview? Why are they not seizing on this jet downing? Did Fox just poop themselves? Maybe they didn’t realize how crazy the hawks they shill for actually were. –Paul

  8. This is really not as complex as it may seem. This “ISIS/ISIL” is a proxy army. They can be used to destabilize regimes anywhere they wish without requiring authorization.

    Of course they deny that this massively supplied group is funded by anything but “donations”. Anyone gullible enough to believe that? I didn’t think so.

    NATO and friends are in Syria to overthrow Al Assad. Assad invited Russia to help. We are the interlopers here.

    BO keeps talking about “moderate terrorists”. This is pure nonsense. Putin is saying “you claim to be fighting terrorism. I’ll help”. Of course, that is the last thing they want.

    I predict they will ask for a “safe zone” in the North along the Turkish border. That’s where the oil comes out and the ammo and supplies go in. Anyone serious about stopping these thugs would concentrate there.

    This is another disgusting example of being on the wrong side of history. There is no legitimate excuse for our presence there, or our proxies.

  9. I’m so grateful to all those who are keeping attention on this. Seeing the video of the downed Russian pilot with his killers was so distressing to me that I’ve not even been able to comment. I have active military in my family, a pilot, as it happens.

    I’m extremely anxious about the relentless drive toward war, as I don’t think there’s any way to stop it. Not a good feeling.

  10. ​I wonder if the sudden uptick and one-right-after- another catastrophic events could be some controlled mischief on the part of the PTB. We are after all just days away from the much hyped Climate Change Conference and if everybody’s attention is mired in these escalating, ongoing events then a lot of very, excellent researchers will not be digging up their stored data of all studies into the CC as a big financial wealth grab and the fact that CC is a big, big lie.

    Just wondering folks!

  11. I am so ashamed an American Tow Missile shot down a Russian Helicopter trying to save the Pilot.

    Sexy Sadie you broke the rules.

    It’s all laid out for all to see.

    OBumers only choice will be to throw Turkey under the Bus to save himself for ALL know he has colluded with Turkey supporting ISIS or ISSL as Obumer loves to say.

    He likes the word “Levant”. The Sweet sound of the morning prayer….

    This will be Holed……………

  12. Obama invites the Chinese Military over for joint training exercises and they decide to restructure the entire military after ours.

    Brilliant move EX-LAX

    “”The reform shakes the very foundations of China’s Soviet Union-style military system and transferring to a U.S. style joint command structure will transform China’s PLA into a specialized armed force that could pack more of a punch in the world.”


  13. Putin must be a conspiracy Theorist or Realist….

    He ain’t buying the whole ” I found out when you all did on the TEE VEE” Quote Obama 2009, 10, 11, 12,13,14, 15

    Putin has also accused Turkey of buying oil from the Islamic State jihadist group, whose financing heavily relies on the sale of energy resources.

    Putin said there was “no doubt” that oil from “terrorist-controlled” territory in Syria was making its way across the border into Turkey.

    “We see from the sky where these vehicles [carrying oil] are going,” Putin said. “They are going to Turkey day and night.”

    “These barrels are not only carrying oil but also the blood of our citizens because with this money terrorists buy weapons and ammunition and then organise bloody attacks,” he added.

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