On October 27, 2015, sixteen days before the November 13, 2015 Paris attacks, Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan, former UK MI6 Chief John Sawers, Director of the French Directorate for External Security Bernard Bajolet, and former Israeli National Security Advisor Yaacov Amidror met in Washington DC to discuss how to get rid of democratically-elected Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, particularly in light of recent Russian involvement in destroying “ISIS”–the US proxy army.

The four officials discussed the problem and strategized on a panel (video above) “The Shared 21st Century International Mission,” moderated by Washington Post foreign policy columnist David Ignatius and co-hosted by the CIA and the George Washington University.

In addition to the fact that emergency drills were taking place in Paris on November 13, the unusual elements of the events themselves and the overall geopolitical trajectory leading up to the Paris attacks, this is yet another disturbing revelation previously posted on Scoopfeed one week ago.

As Scott Creighton comments:

Funny isn’t it how all the talk right now is about the “shared mission” we face in the wake of the Paris attacks just two weeks after their “shared mission” conference.

Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

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22 thought on “Major Intelligence Officials Convened to Discuss “Shared Mission” in Syria 16 Days Before Paris Terror Attacks”
  1. All these interviews now with survivors of the attacks – nine days ago. Imagine a man who lost his wife in the attack saying , “The grief is here and I keep it as a treasure.” Really? You have a multitude of survivors, all reeling from the same thing, yet able to produce excellent and diverse copy for CNN and other news services, composed and poetic. Are we to believe this is the French panache, the style of grief? Frenchmen I actually know would have differently. They would be unburdening themselves in a very racist way in the immediate aftermath, they would be cursing the “flic” or police for not arriving sooner, and one way or another, the Hollande government, crying out for a draconian solution. Some would be almost suicidal. But they would not be composing bons mots for the press, because real humans don’t do that, even if they are French.

      1. “She was frozen…..!”. No, the director is not going to go the the trouble to set up a shot and leave the punchline to chance.

        These interviews are teaching moments. That’s where the hapless victim gets to tell us what they want done.

        We all know from personal experience that when we grieve the last thing we want to do is have an audience. The best most of us can do for someone who is hurting is to sit quietly with them. There is really nothing we can say or do, just share.

        I have to keep a sense of humor. These things are insulting.

  2. I am certainly not knowledgeable on these matters as are the experts on FOX and CNN (that’s a joke), but I wonder if the recent Paris hoax was a bit too involved and widespread to have been quickly contrived in response to Russian action, and had been previously in the works? If so, what are the possibilities that Russian had gotten wind if this hoax operation and felt the need to act quickly before NATO launched major invasion, leaving US/France with a decision to proceed or not with hoax.

    1. Some websites, notably Veterans Today, insist Russia is not to be trusted and that they are in cahoots with Israel and/or are being seduced into joining the liars and cheats who plot against Assad as we speak. Putin has been bestowed with hero worship, does he really deserve it or is he “one of them”?

      1. remeber the open mike quote
        – “after the election I will have more flexibility”

        they are all in cohoots with each other.
        This is all theater for the sheeple.

        If we were flies on the wall we would find all these people in the back room laughing at us while they smoked their cigars and drank their Cognac

      2. Just as Putin signed UN approval to attack & destroy Libya – Putin later claiming he ‘didn’t realise’ the consquences – Putin has now done the same thing again, signing United Nations Resolution 2249, this time allowing not just Nato, but any foreign country whatsoever, including Turkey & Israel, to attack ‘ISIS-held territory’ in Syria & Iraq. And already:

        (1) Turkey backed by USA has begun openly seizing control of Northern Syria territory, Turkey even threatening Russia
        (2) Britain’s Cameron is getting ready to launch his Syria invasion
        (3) Britain, Germany & USA are co-ordinating to talk France out of working with Russia
        (4) US-EU ‘leaked’ that sanctions against Russia, which were expected to be dropped, will now suddenly be re-imposed for another 6 months & perhaps forever until Putin yields up East Ukraine to Western desires
        (5) UN Human Rights Committee passed Saudi-Qatar resolution to condemn Russia & Iran role in Syria
        (6) Putin recently allowed Israel to bomb Hezbollah facilities inside Syria
        (7) Putin decided to go along with the US-UK-Qatar ‘bomb on the Sinai Russian plane story’, whilst military analysts say that the plane was more likely hit by Israeli missiles fired from only 50 kilometres away inside Israel

        Retired Indian Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar is very sharply ravaging both Putin & the United Nations who joined to absolutely “undercut the Assad government” with allowance of effectively uncontrolled foreign invasions to carve-up Syria

        What is the argument that Putin has NOT sold out both Syria & even his own Russia to the West & the ‘New World Order’?

        Or are we going to hear more stories that UN-authorising the West & Turkey & Israel etc bomb & seize territory in Syria, is either ‘Putin’s clever strategy’ … or again that ‘Putin was stupid in approving a UN resolution & didn’t see the consquences?’

      3. Gil, “trust” is a difficult word. Here’s what we do know. Tptb are NOT to be trusted. So, the question is, is Putin a part of that?

        I can only judge him by his actions. His actions seem to be genuinely those of someone concerned with his own country’s well being. We don’t have that, unfortunately.

        His actions match his words in terms of not wanting a unipolar world. I don’t either. It isn’t Putin who has let us down, its the appointed “leadership”. Trust me, you vote is nonsense.

        They spend lots of “their” resources to sculpt these parasites. They would never take a chance on the vagaries of a fair and open voting process.

        Look at the ‘choices’. Three hundred million people and THIS is what they come up with? If I want choices like that I go eat Chinese.

  3. Did Obongo get elected democratically when people know something was rotten in the voting booths across America?

    These scumbag countries have the nerve to say Assad is undemocratic?

    Stupid American believe these liars, too.

    When you come down to it, stupid Americans have been responsible because their inane gullibility allows them to believe their 6pm liar newscaster “who would never lie”.They are OK with liars and lying. Give ’em a cheap China-made cellphone and you can snag their vote so easily.

    1. There wasn’t a single chance in hell that he was going to lose the 2012 election, or the 2008 for that matter. I don’t believe there has been an honest election in this country in many years, but I do believe that all of the nonsense we saw in the 2000 election was for the sole purpose of installing electronic voting machines in every voting booth in America.

    2. people are not stupid, we’re crazy. Rather, we are stupid BECAUSE we are crazy. We have been ideologically deluded by power historically to make us easier to rule.

  4. I wonder what your supposed to call four terrorists when their on stage together. A trickle of terrorists? A torrent of terrorists? I don’t know.
    What I do know, is that I’m making my next bulletproof vest out of fake terrorist passports. Because man, you just can’t destroy them things. Throw em in an explosion and BLAMMO!!! they come out perfectly fine.

  5. All Hell Breaking Loose.

    Putin accuses West of Arming and Protecting ISIS (he’s correct)

    Turkey protects illegal ISIS Oil Tankers, shoots down Russian Jets.

    Armed “Rebels” with American Tow Missiles shot down Russian Rescue Helicopter




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