Author and media/geopolitical analyst Brandon Turbeville is featured on this week’s Real Politik to provide crucial insights on the incident’s historical precursors, and what the world may anticipate in coming days and weeks as NATO forces seek a pretext to intervene in Syria, Iraq, Libya, and elsewhere.

As Turbeville argues, most coverage of the the Paris events present turbeville1
numerous curious features, including shifting death and injury tallies, conflicting descriptions of firearms used, and extremely limited video and photographic evidence that might substantiate attacks of the magnitude related in the corporate media’s narrative accounts. Such disinformation
is accepted at face value because much of the public does not fully understand how the US, Britain, and a handful of other countries fund and control ISIS and similar terror groups.

Brandon Turbeville is based in Florence, South Carolina and he is regular contributor at Activist Post and Global Research, and is the author of several books, including Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, and The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President. Turrbeville has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University and has published over 500 articles dealing on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. His podcast “Truth on The Tracks” can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCY.TV.

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49 thought on “Brandon Turbeville on Paris 11/13 and the Roots of False Flag Terror”
  1. If lamestream media can’t get a real photo of a “terrorist”, it feels free to Photoshop a selfie of a regular person and pass it off as real. La Razon, a Spanish paper, swiped a selfie of Veerender Jubbal with an iPad, changed the iPad to a Koran and put him in a suicide vest. Reminds me of how they used a live girl, Lily Gaudette, as vicsim Allison Wyatt in the Sandy Hook dog and pony show.

  2. Paris: I love the footage of the pregnant woman hanging off the window ledge for 3-5 minutes… Whether or not she’s using bars from the window underneath her as support is irrelevant. She could not have known said bars were there and able to support her. The bottomline is that pregnant women hanging out of top floor windows makes for a HELLUVA visual… pregnant women hiding in supply closets, trash bins, etc = not great visual.

    Have you ever met a pregnant woman? They will do anything to keep their baby out of harm’s way. I dont know anyone in their right mind that would consider hanging out of a top floor window.

    Conveniently, a Le Monde reporter was filming out his balcony at just the right moment to give us the granular low quality video.

    Bollocks alert.

    Plus the suicide bomber’s mint condition passport.

    Plus reports of multi-site drills in Paris at the Same day.

    Plus not very convincing footage/lack of footage (paris+concert+national soccer game+Friday night)

    1. Good point. I thought it was suspicious as well. Most people, let alone a pregnant woman, don’t have the grip strength to hold themselves for very long. I don’t buy it.

    2. Oh yes, and there’s more….., much more. We have the restaurant where the “bomb” went off. The windows are unbroken. The only sign of “damage” are a couple of overturned chairs.

      Turbeville’s interview covered a few of my other favorites. Since they taped that it has been confirmed that they were, indeed, having drills related to the exact situation we see. Isn’t that amazing?

      There is a doctor, I can’t remember his name at the moment, that is the “hero” of this sideshow. He was also in the Charlie Hebdo production. He’s very photogenic.

      Meanwhile, everywhere I turn I see the talking heads on TEE VEE hyping this to the stratosphere.

      As James points out, this one has a remarkable shortage of private pictures and on scene interviews.

      That leads to my theory of the drills. I wouldn’t argue that they present opportunities for limited hangouts, but they are a lovely way to get your defensive line in place to keep pesky photographers and amateur reports at bay.

      Now, hold that thought a moment and consider the “extras”. Those were the ‘random” man on the street that sort of sauntered in and out of what meager footage was available. Those are the crisis actors. I’m sure there are many others.

      Don’t forget what Karl Rove said about “reality”. This is the current one. While we’re looking at this they’ll come up with something new.

      1. Whether or not the bodies are dead ones, alive crisis actors, or dummies, there are too few of them for the casualty rate there – and it’s hard to believe so many were put into ambulances while these were inexplicably left behind. As with Boston, the numbers just do not add up.

        Another interesting item appeared on the first page of the New York Times Nov. 18, above the fold. It is that one of the alleged perps of the Paris attack, Abdelhamid Abaaoud was believed already killed in Syria by the family who were already alienated from him. While on the one hand, the purpose of this is to show a sinister something afoot (who reported him dead? Syria? Did they say they killed him when they did not?), it also looks pretty convenient for how to do a false flag with realistic terrorists. You just use fighters who are already dead.

        1. I was referring in my first paragraph to the Balaclan theater shooting where both pixilated and unpixilated images of the same scene are found. Just too few bodies and little to discern why those there were left behind for a photo-op. Why not show the whole pile?

        2. Musings, I completely agree. There’s so much that it is hard to capture all of it.

          As to terrorist bad guys, they’re so bad they have to kill them two or three times.

          If you’ve had the chance to watch that video of the assault on the apartment yet, I’d love to hear your thoughts. They claim that one of them escaped and five cops were injured.

          They fired more rounds than the Normandy invasion. They had cops outside firing inside. They had cops inside firing outside. There were flash grenades going off at regular intervals. Sorta loses the surprise factor after the ninth or tenth boom.

          From the other article today we might question the propriety of leaving “dead” bodies lying around for photo shoots. As you say, the dearth of bodies is hard to explain. Maybe the actor’s scale is high in France.

        3. France should try the American model. Pay a couple of hundred dollars for one time walk-ons on recorded drills, etc. and be done with it. Sounds like France makes it more complicated than necessary, but they do have to contend with strict EU regulations and such. Or they could take the filming of drills to Quebec where they speak the language. US has been quite successful in taking its film industry to Canada, lowering budgets and red tapes.

          Preposterous Film Setup

          ~The entire process is preposterous from start to finish. France should get out of the movie-making business altogether. Instead it pays subsidies to films that the free market would never create, then to pay for that boondoggle it charges a tax on every ticket, every DVD, and every TV station.

          With all that graft, it’s no wonder some actors are overpaid.

          Yet, it’s highly likely that some are actually underpaid. The problem is government would have absolutely no way of knowing. With all the subsidies and taxes, it’s impossible to know who is overpaid and who isn’t.~

        4. True Anne. If they took it to India (Bollywood), they wouldn’t have to resort to blond suicide bombers. That would improve the realism.

          That’ reminds me of Pia Zadora playing Ann Frank. Anyway, they need professional help (one way or another), I agree.

    1. Yes indeed. This IS the core of it. Many seem to have trouble seeing the forest for the trees. With what Mr. Turbeville and Mr. Corbett have said, is it really surprising to anyone that “ISIS” would not be used to destabilize the West?

      The central purpose of the “refugee” operation is the same. Many of us have discussed the overall plan for years. The NWO is proceeding at breakneck speed.

      Look at the pattern, not the details. It is always the same. It is absolutely stunning how easily people buy into their garbage.

      We’ve seen the clips of them claiming that Europe “must” change and accept these hordes of angry desperate people. Why? Says who? That’s the question.

      There are a very few who confront the EU as a concept. It is the same for the UN. Always these things are presented as written in stone. If there is discussion of any kind it is insignificant details of how their plans are to be accomplished, not whether they have the right to determine everyone’s future.

      The pattern goes round and round. It is so obvious what these events are intended to do and where it is all going. None of these governments is doing the will of their people. They are advancing the agenda of their bosses.

  3. Anonymous’ threaten to launch its “biggest operation ever” against the ISIS terrorist group.

    After the Paris terror attacks on Friday that left at least 129 people dead and hundreds more injured, the hacking collective Anonymous posted a video.

    in which the group said, “Anonymous from all over the world will hunt you down.”
    “We will launch the biggest operation ever against you,” the masked person said. “Expect massive cyber attacks. War is declared. Get prepared.”

    Here’s the Funny Part:

    ISIS responds and asks : “what they gonna hack?,” Haha…

    If Anonymous does it’s homework, they will soon realize ALL the ISIS servers are located at Langley, Virginia..Haha

    I’d start by Hacking “SITE” ran by the female Mossad Agent.

    Wouldn’t that be funny if Anonymous announces to the world ALL ISSI communications are American Controlled !

    Now That would be something.
    dreaming /off

  4. Over the past few days several international news sources including BBC and RT interviewed witnesses who were at Bataclan and other venues who witnessed the attacks. Hundreds of bullet holes in a handful of businesses, dried blood, broken glass and other residue of attacks were clear to see on live news reports. The videos, especially of Bataclan are pretty persuasive. This seems to me to be more transparent than coverage of similar events in the U.S. including 911. The real issue here is how people who were on French radar as terrorists pull this off? France like the U.S. is a Gestapo state with a citizen Stasi (you can google gang stalking France/Paris). Like 911 the most effective line of inquiry is if French intelligence and Belgian intelligence (several shooters and weapons reportedly came from Belgium) let the event happen “LIHOP” a la 911.

  5. “Fraud vitiates a contract.” “Falsus in unum, falsus in omnium.” These are words to ponder as new pictures are doled out to bolster the official story of Paris. People balancing on the teeter-totter because of suspicious data and their knowledge of past false flags, now feel they can move to the official side, although with the usual reservations (“It was LIHOP, I tell ya'”)

    You can see at various sites dedicated to unconventional takes on these events that nothing has to be true, but that it provides support for a view they already had – “You can’t trust these refugees.” Mind you, they do not seem to see the forest for the trees. Anyone bombing away at cities and arming militants a la Serbia/Bosnia war, the people who used Al Qaeda still holding power, are going to produce refugees. They become victimized again as they are used as battering rams in Europe, but they are still human beings and most of them have been displaced.

    Time, some feel, to begin to act in self-interest. Where was that self-interest when the wars of choice began, wars sold on false flag information that people were mostly too busy to examine carefully.

    We can remember the anthrax linked by totally bogus stories to the 9/11 hijackers and to Saddam through Atta – wasn’t that a scenario made by a Hollywood screenwriter if there ever was one ?- but it did its work like a fast-acting drug and Iraq was invaded with the blessings of much of the “civilized” world, in spite of huge protests in the streets, protests which are a thing of the past, like grandma’s hat in mothballs.

    When you protest striking back according to the words of the Marseillaise, a very bloody song, a song crying for blood and waving a bloody shirt, then those who say “Hey, wait a minute. We don’t have all the data,” are held to scorn as cowards. Hollande has made the pivot he needed to make – to the right, so as to squeeze out his rival, Marine Le Pen. And anyone left of him is just a cheese-eating surrender monkey, as if anyone cares about left and right any more. They too are antique categories.

    Thus, domestic politics are deeply involved with terror and the “clash of civilizations”. Nobody can refuse to participate. Everyone is co-opted.
    The teeter-totter does not remain in balance for long when something like this happens. Nor do the scales of justice.

    1. These guys must be channeling “Ms. Cleo”. I’ve lost touch with her since they took her off TEE VEE.

      Maybe they’re just taking “be prepared” to a new level.

  6. Assuming the latest Paris terrorist acts are another false flag, I’ll respectfully correct that it is not just the mass media that knowingly proclaims the false narrative. How about French Muslim organizations? How about the Syrian media? How about French pacifist or extreme left political parties? They seem in no hurry to publish reasons to doubt the official story, as if they did not pay any attention to the easily found evidence against it.

    This false flag would have fallen flat unless it was preceded by a very effective and arguably very arduous project to secure the collaboration of just about all independent bully pulpits who would ostensibly greatly benefit from exposing it.


  7. Isn’t it funny your Comment when to the 4th Dimension but when you linked to Google/You tube without any comment worth NSA’s time it went right through..Ha

    Just ’cause i’m Paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after me….

    1. Ric, I’m convinced there’s at least a Fourth. That’s where all the WP comments go to die. They are all out there, swirling around a nucleus somewhere.

      I haven’t figured out the algorithm yet. They can’t be reading that fast. Whatever they do, its for keeps.

      1. Sorry about the Drones Dub,
        but we here at Langley think your kinda Scary.

        As for you Lophatt, we were trying to make sure you and Dub hadn’t “Hooked Up” on the Dark Web.

        All Good. Carry On…..

        You know I jest.

        If I had that kind of Power 85 % of my Govt. would be begging Bubba for a break…..In Which I’d decry..No Mercy

        Me Badd

  8. I don’t know if anyone has published this yet, but I wanted to share a link to the Daily Mail that purports to show the Bataclan theater before the shootings. The first two photos look highly photoshopped to me — am I alone in thinking this? I am not a graphic designer, but there’s a lot wrong with the first two photos (and more shown at the article) . . .

  9. I’m leaning towards a complete multi site exercise with this one. A drill gone ‘live’ with all the necessary complaints in place. It’s not difficult to see the agenda. The tightening of the noose. All the world’s concrete lanndmarks lit up in a neatly packaged solidarity narrative. The flags all in place. The Cui Bono obviousness of it all, with the backdrop of the majority western population falling for it, with very little stage managed propaganda.
    Where is the carnage? If there was any doubt we are living in a twilight zone reality these should now be quashed. We are fully established within the full frontal OrwellIan nightmare.
    While some high profile European football matches were cancelled amid ‘security fears’, the France v England had to go ahead, with perfect timing regarding the aftermath of the event and also the killing of the suspects.
    It’s false flag psychological warfare gone sickly sweet. A scenario in which I do not want to participate in.

  10. Having taken a respite from the hype and propaganda surrounding the latest, I really do not want to read any more cockamamie statements from corrupt and smug “leaders” high and low, I did happen upon this article that I as a dog lover had to read.

    “The Belgian Sheepdog named Diesel is said to have died as it made its way through an apartment building ahead of a tactical team to look for booby traps and explosives. As the dog was going about its mission a woman wearing a suicide vest and toting an AK-47 suddenly appeared, blowing herself up shortly after engaging police.”

    1. Yeah, that’s a slightly different version than the “Daily Mail”. They should concentrate on Kardashian’s derriere and leave reporting to the “pros”, like CNN (ugh!).

      They said that this assault lasted seven hours. Think about that. They didn’t warn any other tenants. Later, they asked for medical help.

      They said that the dog was shot to pieces early on. Then a woman blew herself up (a blonde). Later, another woman did likewise. Her spine and head were found across the street.

      They said that floors collapsed. There were drones looking through the skylight. There were snipers firing into the building. About an hour in the cops allowed the other tenants to leave.

      It is unclear how they vetted the “other tenants” from the “terrorists”, but that’s their story and they’re sticking to it. After several explosions and windows being blown, with their frames, completely out of the building they decided to block the street.

      At about hour three they called in the army. The saddest part was the dog. About seven (if I counted correctly) cops received injuries. They were seen hobbling around with bandages. Those were due to “grenades” being dropped at their feet! Those French are tough.

      They claim that they matched the DNA from the body parts in the street to the suspected woman. How’s that for a record?

      The woman they claim was a party girl who never read the Koran and only in the last week began wearing an arab head scarf. Now that’s a conversion. They said she drank a lot and hung out with a bad crowd.

      I’m either going to have to start snorting pixie dust or find out what sort of drugs these writers are on to understand these things properly.

  11. And the alleged mastermind, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, is killed in a raid… what a surprise.

    So all of the ‘terrorist’ supposedly involved and the ‘mastermind’ are dead… no suspects to talk too. Another red-flag indicating a false-flag.

    Dead men tell no tales. Just ask Lee Harvey, or Jack Ruby, Lee Bowers, or Barry Jennings, Danny Jowenko, or Adam Lanza, or Tamerlan Tsarnaev (or his friend Ibragim Todashev), or Osama bin Laden.

    Note: It was suppose to be the Tsarnaev brothers, Dzhokhar surviving the police fusillade at the boat was quite literally a miracle.

    1. That’s a bizarre clip. No matter what camera angle we see the “broken glass?”, snow-looking, wind driven “mist”. What’s that all about?

      There are three camera angles. All have the same “stuff” drifting down. The guy comes in from the street, goes down the stairs, brings the guy back, etc., while the others huddle in the corner and nobody pays them any mind.

      So, why is the flying glass (if that’s what it is) appear to be below each camera but is unseen from the other views? Weird.

  12. What about the requisite “man who lost girlfriend/fiance'”,then rips through the “Five Stages of Grief” in a mere 24 hours,ala Sandy Hoax,Charleston,and others. “I won’t let EVIL live in my head”,or some such drivel. Worldwide,women are masturbating over THAT one. (Clever,I must say).

    1. “She made me make this album (sniff!)”. No, none of that schmaltzy stuff in this one. This is sheer TERROR, with a capital “T”.

      SYRIAN terror, in case you missed it. They’re the ones who make those “grenades” out of Pepsi cans and marshmallows.

      Of course the cure for this type of terror is to invite 100,000 of them to live here. That’s the sort of people we are. Stupid.

      If someone would have told me this twenty years ago I would have sent them for a drug test. As the queen said to Alice “I think of a dozen impossible things before breakfast”. …

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