State of Emergency Declared

Attacks in Seven Different Locations, Including Soccer Stadium, Concert Hall,

Reports Claim at Least 120 (CNN, MSNBC) or 158 (FoxNews) Fatalities, Hundreds Injured

This is for Syria,” Gunman Declares

As Many as 100 Hostages, Potential Shooting in Mall

Obama and Hollande take to airwaves

Cable news channels and other major media are presently focused following numerous attacks throughout Paris France which occurred around 22:43 GMT.

The world as we know has changed tonight.”–Shepard Smith of FoxNews.

“Greatest act of violence in France since the end of World War Two.”–Brian Williams of MSNBC

Live Updates from Reuters

Live Updates via RTShooting in Paris: Many killed and injured in 3 separate attacks, hostages taken

Ongoing Coverage on CNNParis attacks: 60 reported killed, hostage situation ongoing

Early photos of apparent victims taken by various Reuters reporters (below) show little-if-any carnage and fully conscious individuals being attended to with unconventional triage maneuvers. For example, why are firemen aiding the injured parties (below) instead of paramedics trained in appropriate techniques?

French fire brigade members aid an injured individual near the Bataclan concert hall following fatal shootings in Paris, France, November 13, 2015. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann


Reuters captions the photos below as those of “[a]n injured man holds his head as people gather near the Bataclan concert hall following fatal shootings in Paris, France, November 13, 2015.”


Here he is again, wholly unattended to and amidst other pedestrians who lack any discernible injury. What is his name? Has he been approached for an interview and declined comment?


General view of the scene with rescue service personnel working near covered bodies outside a restaurant following shooting incidents in Paris, France,” a Reuters reporter captions the photos below. It is very difficult to discern the extent of the actual event. The photographer/reporter oddly fails to obtain any photos of the cafe entrance or interior, where the shooting allegedly took place.

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The caption for the Reuters photo below reads, “A general view of the scene that shows rescue services personnel working near the covered bodies outside a restaurant following a shooting incident in Paris.” Who are the three individuals attending to the body? Again, standard journalistic practice would involve identifying these parties and explaining their relationship, if any, with the deceased. (Perhaps this information will be forthcoming.)


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156 thought on “Paris in Lockdown After “Multiple Terror Attacks””
        1. Yes, I saw one her performances where she was spewing clues left and right for the “kool kidz”. She was ever so satisfied with the way things were going.

          As to the plane, the latest I’ve read is that the Russians brought a high tech analyzer to the site and could find no trace of any type of explosive residue whatsoever.

          They did, however, find evidence of problems with the autopilot. They “hinted” that it could have been remotely tampered with. It was quite a long piece and very thorough.

          To summarize, the plane lost all radio and telemetry contact at the exact moment that it dove. It pulled in excess of 4g for 3 – 4 seconds, then immediately climbed at an excessive rate where it pulled over 6g.

          They claim that at this point the fuselage would have come apart and all would have been rendered unconscious. This cycle repeated a couple of times.

          Their main complaint was why the British and US were pushing the explosion theory in light of this. Frankly, I believe them. If they had found residue they would have said so.

          Loss of the radio and transponder at the same time as the anomalies strongly indicate that someone took over control of the plane. They mentioned that the only way this could be accomplished was to bypass the plane’s computer. It has built in safeguards to prevent structural damage due to overzealous inputs.

          In other words, a simple failure would not have caused the violent maneuvers.

        2. really, Lophatt. ISIL wouldn’t have the technology for that; that would require a sophisticated plot ahead of time and advanced technology. It does not leave much doubt about the perpetrator.

  1. The Europeans are paying a heavy price for U.S. misadventures in the Middle East. Their collective response will probably be to roll over to U.S. arm twisting and extend sanctions on Russia. The CIA had a role in creating the EU so that it could exert its influence on a corrupt Brussels, and create a noncompetitive economic regime, and a political hand puppet. Europe evolved out of distinctive and competitive, independent nation states. This is why Europe, dwarfed by Asia, had dominated the world in every aspect of culture and science for centuries. It took American machinations to create the EU, modeled on failed Soviet-block economic and political integration, in what can only be seen as a devolutionary process.

    1. Typically, PeaceFrog, these major massacres Shock and Awe the population to herald a sharp change of policy. 9/11 is the prototype. But the shooting down of the passenger plane by Ukraine, a US proxy, was instrumental in the EU extending the sanctions against Russia.

      you suggest that may be the purpose of this one. Possibly, but the connection between Muslim terrorists and Russia seems tenuous. I would guess something else is involved, perhaps involving Syria. we shall see.

  2. The alleged “for Syria” slogan sounds like a planted hint that the criminal investigation will find that these terrorists are moved by the “obviously false” belief that the Syrian meltdown has largely been a western para-military operation. One subsequent rallying cry would be to mistrust conspiracy theorists, easily identifiable by their affirmation of the Twin Towers’ controlled demolition. But I’m starting to speculate like a conspiracy theorist myself…


  3. The US/UN were about to lose big time in the upcoming Paris conference on global warming. So a distraction was needed. Putin correctly said “there is no global warming, that this is a fraud to restrain the industrial development of several countries including Russia,” And people are listening to Putin lately.

      1. Don’t be down on American journalists. They have been reduced to only spewing Govt. propaganda.

        When the CIA gives them their talking points we will hear from them.

        You expect anything different over this?

        1. All I know is, if I was in Paris, I’d be out there documenting.

          What’s happened? Have they confiscated all the phones in Paris?

        2. A reporter from Vice on the phone with Iraq war veteran and MSNBC anchor Brian Williams this eve remarked that she was confined to her hotel room almost immediately following the purported attacks.

          I would venture to say that this is a similar press management technique employed in Boston on April 15, 2013: when then event was said to have taken place most journalists were back in their hotel rooms filing their reports, and quickly confined thereafter, thus the Boston Globe/NYT, cable news channels and a handful of network affiliates were left to produce coverage of the event(s).

        3. Iraq war veteran, Brian Williams. Heh.

          Press management – wait till the reporters get to their rooms and lock them in. Genius!

          But where are the journalistes citoyens?

          Luke Rudowski is trying to get to Paris, but he’s stuck in an airport in New York. Although it’s possible that people have died and we can sympathize with the French in any case, Luke might be a little stockholmed up here. It’s New York, after all. The trauma is still pervasive.

        4. Well, just like the others, its all about controlling the images. There has to be something to look at while they read the narrative. Lose control of the images and you lose control of the storyline.

          Only their photographers and “reporters” are permitted. No one can say they haven’t had a lot of practice at this lately.

        5. My, how do we explain the extras, er, gawkers, wandering in and out of the action shots?

          My guess is you have to have your “special” press pass on your lanyard for this event. It also accounts for the hordes of firemen and few cops all in a gaggle awaiting further instructions.


    1. I’m sure they’re all in the cutting room furiously writing a storyline that includes pain for what Israel endures “on a daily basis” with a touch of “Russian aggression” thrown in for good measure.

      “Who could have predicted……..?”. Er, maybe someone who allowed hundreds of thousands of undocumented, unemployed, military-aged muslims into their country? Just guessing here.

    2. Look at the back page of the NY Times Art I section and you’ll see a full page ad for a U2 HBO concert LIVE from Paris Saturday. Let’s see what they use it for. I didn’t see any triage either.

    3. We have witnesses, but not on live camera. Not yet.

      A gleaming couple (photo), Claire and Jean-Baptiste Brizou, were among the 60 people locked in a bar for six hours. Jean-Baptiste can report that many cried and were fearful, but they all took care of each other. Coincidentally the name of the bar is L’Embuscade which translates to Ambush.

      From the concert hall, during the performance of Palm Desert band “Eagle Death Metal”, one witness by the name of Fahmi B. (23) tells the French paper Liberation that a woman was shot in the eye.

      The difference between Sandy Hook and Paris? In Sandy Hook a bathroom was used for refuge. In Paris they chose a bar.

        1. Looks like its a growth industry. Lies, prisons and police. Rob Salomon says he has a lot of competition. I suppose when Hollywood wore out the Nazi meme something had to replace it.

          All that’s changed is that people no longer go to the box office.

  4. I think we need to be patient.
    We heard Key words: “This is for Syria” and Pres. Hollande is closing all borders down.

    Now, If Germany announces it’s closing it’s borders it may be a red flag.

    France also just bombed Syria. Which IMO is illegal.

    Don’t forget, even a false flag may have real deaths for an agenda.
    Only time will tell..

        1. Ric,
          I read a comment at another site that said:
          “Open borders combined with leftist social policies are an invitation to migravation and economic ruin.”

          Migravation! Isn’t that a great word?

          I don’t know if he meant it, or he was slurring, but it sure is descriptive.

  5. A FOX newsperson says it’s “significant” that her “contact” is telling her that, though no one has claimed responsibility, ISIS is emailing around a Daily Mail headline from July about “a French jihadi in Syria executing a Syrian military officer and then promising to bring the bloodshed back to the French homeland.”

    Looks like it might be a “homegrown ISIS” narrative.

  6. At FOX news, Shepard Smith just relinquished the anchor after intoning:

    “The French President says we will lead a war that will be pitiless. He sent his military to the streets and put in place a curfew for the first time in the City of Paris since 1944.

    “We are in a new world, with a new future. And what we had planned is no longer important, for there is a new task at hand, and we shall see how our leaders deal with it.”

    1. Fox banner at 6:30PST “ALL ATTACKERS BELIEVED DEAD”

      wow! that was fast – so they’ll lift the curfew, open the border and rescind martial law now, right?

      1. Right! Everybody relax now. Back to normal…

        So many military/leo types milling around now in every television shot. Nobody seems like they are in shock, or even on alert. I’ve seen cops after a car chase act more affected.

        Sometimes a few cop/soldiers will stroll by and laugh because they are on camera.

  7. I don’t comment much. But with machine gun wounds, how much blood is there? I saw a shot deer one time; not too much blood on the bullet holes -most was on the inside but this was after it had been moved.

  8. Breaking News:

    Merkel just announced she wants the terrorists to come bomb Germany to vent their frustrations.

    We need babies and are people are old and listened to the Libs and aborted all their kids.

    Please come you can have everything……………..

      1. Well the Swedes are trying to make ski instructors of them. Maybe Germany can send them to brewing academy. It could work. When I lived in California they seemed to own all the liquor stores.

        1. Arab’s in full gear with AK 47’s and RPG’s make Excellent Ski Instructors….

          You must be a Racist.

          I will refer you to Folktruther for programming….

        2. Ha ha I just “Holed”

          We will try your theory….

          Terrorists make Great Ski instructors.

          My original comment is being evaluated by NSA and is funnier than this one…

        3. And I watched a TV program about german breweries where it turned out they were foreign-owned.

        4. So, old folks and declining birthrate are the culprits responsible for the end of German beer industry? Will importing millions of non drinkers help?

          Two excerpts:

          Today, five out of the six producers in Munich are owned by global majors.

          The reality is that Germany’s beer industry is shrinking — for a multitude of reasons. The country is undergoing significant demographic changes. Like most of Europe, its population is aging rapidly, with a fertility rate of just 1.4 births per woman. Thus, the core beer-drinking population in the 18-34 age group is declining.

          (Not being in Wharton’s core drinking group, I still like German beer.)

  9. Maybe it’s because We are used to 23/7 news and instant internet, but I have been looking at Google images for this massacre and not much blood. I can think of one image with a guy talking on a cell phone with what looked like blood on a white tee shirt…

  10. A few things: regarding Dr. Tracy’s remarks about coverage, totally agree that this is news-poor, with only the commentary feeding us what no reporters can possibly be finding out, from the look of things. Think about it – who is going there and learning anything? There is a kind of “cam” which never moves and just picks up police standing around or appearing to do something. For instance, BBC (I believe) showed them putting someone in an ambulance. One of the EMT’s looked like he’d never seen an IV in his life. Then they shut the door of the overcrowded (by EMT’s) ambulance, it sat there with the fleet of others, and the door opened and someone else got in. Sorry, but it kind of looked like a clown car.

    I realize that most people are deeply affected by this event and take it for completely genuine, without evidence except authority (the media).

    I heard one report that some terrorists had attempted to attack the French naval base at Toulon. Which is interesting. Because it appears the aircraft carrier, Charles DeGaulle, out of Toulon, is headed on Wednesday for the Persian Gulf.

    In the background of all this, we have Russia, Syria and Iran allied with each other, and Russia the recent victim of a bomb on a plane. All tourists of whatever nationality have been taken out of the Sinai.
    It looks like war is coming, and it will be a big one. I wish it were not so. Closed borders, vacationers called home, acts of provocative terror – and it is Friday the 13th which to Christian Europe means something (but not to Moslems), just like 9-11 means something to Americans (not people from the Mideast).

    1. Also, the Telegraph reports that in the upcoming visit of Iran president Rouhani at the Elysee Palace, a state visit to president Francois Hollande, lunch has been cancelled because the French do not intend to offer halal food or abstain from alcohol. I have a feeling that lunch may not be the only thing cancelled.

      I sort of wonder what the French would do about someone wanting a kosher meal. I don’t know the details of this proposed lunch or what the rules are for Muslims if someone else at the table is not eating halal, or for that matter, for very Orthodox Jews if someone is not eating kosher.
      But it seems that if someone comes to your country as a guest, you might do well to accommodate him or at least humor him. I thought the French were famous for diplomacy. But maybe it is no more mr. nice guy all of a sudden.

  11. Without even trying I can see at least 10 different versions of this, all with different body counts. This smells bad.

    How does one waltz into an event wearing body armor and carrying an AK-47? This one looks remarkably like the Australian one a while back. If they throw in a kosher deli we’ll know for sure.

  12. I agree with all your questions in your post, James. Just like in the Australian event, there are bystanders in the potential line of fire, etc..

    The groupings seem staged for effect. Does anyone think that, in a state of emergency”, as we’re told, they would just allow people to wander around the scene?

    Some of the coverage was talking about bombs. Would that have an effect on how the crime scene was handled?

    The early reports had the oft repeated claims of “sounds like firecrackers” and “some booming noises”, etc.. One had an alleged shooter standing in the street sort of greeting people until he shot someone. Where are the Gendarmes?

    It’s been a while since I was last in France, I admit, but I have a hard time imagining the Gendarmes allowing a gunman to stand in the street shooting people.

    Perhaps they didn’t want to offend anyone.

    1. Yes, that’s a good shot. Very dramatic. Tell me, if they are dead, why are they not moved out of the pool of blood and covered?

      If they are still alive, why aren’t the EMT’s working on them? Why would the “civilian” be standing in the middle of this?

      They are claiming that over a hundred (depending on what source you’re using), people were killed or wounded. Wouldn’t you think it would look like a conga line of gurneys coming out the door on the way to ambulances?

      Bombs were reported several times. It is unlikely they would let anyone near there until they had secured the entire area. Still, we have footage of people wandering around.

      There is footage of firemen carrying chairs, not bodies. The same thing happened in Australia. In that one the cops were firing right through the other cops in front of them and bystanders were right behind them while the supposed perps were shooting at them.

      So, in this country a guy can rob a sporting goods store and they put snipers on cranes. In France they have “terrorists” standing in the street blasting away and nobody takes a shot?

      If they do another Charlie Hebdo march I’m gonna hurl.

        1. You’re right Mom, if they can wheel amputees sitting up, why not this? You get better footage of the dangling limbs that way. I wonder about the particularly well-mannered firemen, waiting their turns and all. What have they done to France? In my memory one had to beat them back with a stick to hold your place in the queue.

    2. I would definitely expect a lot more pics and videos if over 150 were killed last night. everyone has a smart phone that takes quality video and pictures. I will say the girl on the left appears to be real judging from the videos I’ve seen of real shootings.

        1. I checked around. Everyone seems to have the same blurry pic’s with no mass casualty scenes

          Dailymail has the most Pic’s

        2. I find it strange there aren’t any pictures or footage of the gunmen. I’m guessing the number of casualties are being grossly inflated. until I see more definitive proof I’m going to be suspicious of what happened.

        3. I agree and don’t forget there’s nothing wrong with having a few real dead bodies in your False Flag Event to add some realism.

          Think OKC and 911.

          There is NO doubt this event has many purposes.

        4. Now you’re getting the picture. You are quite correct, sir. They weren’t worried about death when they pulled those buildings, either. It is always interesting how many died, but it is not definitive of a “hoax”.

          A hoax is an artificially created event. It can be done to generate fear, i.e. “Operation Gladio”, or in support of a meme. It can be used to justify something they’ve done, or inspire support for something they plan to do.

          What they are not is naturally occurring events. Just as they form and use these imaginary groups to destabilize Middle Eastern countries, what makes anyone think they don’t do that to destabilize the West?

          Those who are awaiting some sort of announcement of tyranny are going to be waiting a long time.

        5. “It is always interesting how many died” that’s the Ticket.
          They are always exaggerated regardless.

          Hey, whats a few dead bodies to the New World Odor.

          Maybe people are getting spoiled because ALL of our King’s FF have been total hoaxes excluding AZ. where the Republican Judge was a REAL target and Died.

          I honestly believe King O thinks because no one died in His and Eric’s hoaxes he can’t be convicted because propaganda is now legal in America via his Exec. Order on the Muntz Act?

  13. Paul Craig Roberts considers the possibility that it may be a false flag, and it does indeed smell like one. It appears to be the 9/11 for France. But I don’t see the point of it yet, or what it was intended to do. Why would Paris need a false flag to go to war with ISIL. The point of the attack may be clarified in the next few days.

    1. Because France is a part of the EU and Germany cannot single-handedly expel the refugees if it wanted to without being called bad names. One hand is helping the other here.

    1. The interesting thing is that the metal group that was scheduled to perform at the theatre was American and it did not seem to be inside when the event occurred. Unlike the soccer players, they weren’t up and performing. I think there is some attempt to indicate that the soccer field was attacked, but then I heard it was a McDonald’s nearby. So you have a lot of US involvement here, potentially. I didn’t think UK automatically when I heard the words about gunshots.

      1. Musings..I’ve just seen new footage shot by a witness in the theatre… the band are on stage and playing……the footage is very dramatic, gunshots, people running, bodies on the ground…a woman hanging by her fingertips from a window ledge….. I have no doubts now that at least part of these events was real and with real murders…you can argue about who did it and why etc, but it happened

        1. According to some reports, the group had not taken to the stage. What you see is a picture of them performing during their tour, but not at that venue. All the stuff you saw is from such a distance (at Pam Geller she links to Le Monde) that it is impossible to detect actual details – all of it could easily be acted out, including the fascinating hanging by the fingernails person….

          We can believe or not, but much of the story is hinky, and oh-so-convenient (encore une fois).

        2. Musings…

          You are wrong. Here is footage of the band playing as shooting begins…

          You can discuss who did this, who is behind it, whatever, but you need to show some respect for the 129 innocent people who lost their lives and the 352 injured men, women and children, including, by the way, at least one American woman..


        3. Are you sure this was not the warm-up band? Who are you to tell me to have respect for innocent lives?

        4. I can’t say I’m completely sure its the American band, but the footage was supposedly taken by the girlfriend of one of the band members and she is directly quoted on that so its fairly conclusive…

          My comment about showing respect came from feeling exasperated at the way you and many others seem to want to deny that innocent people died, even though they obviously did. This isn’t Sandy Hook where fatalities are doubtful… this is a terrible loss of life and whilst its right for us to question the mainstream narrative ( and I most certainly do ),I just felt I should point out that we all owe it to the murdered ones to keep that context…so it was more of a general comment than a personal criticism of you, but nevertheless I apologise for any offence given…

        5. Musings… I replied to your comment but it doesn’t seem to have I’m trying again..

          The footage of the band was taken by a girlfriend of one of the band members, so its unlikely to be the warm up band…. but even if it is, its hard to argue there was no mass shooting in the concert hall…

          I apologise for the ” showing respect” remark. .I’m just exasperated that some seem to doubt that the killings occurred….. and I find that disrespectful, in a general way, not just pointing at you…


    Le Carillon and Le Petit Cambodge are a café-bar and a Cambodian restaurant, respectively, that are located directly opposite one of the city’s oldest hospitals, the Hôpital Saint-Louis. These aren’t especially fancy or controversial places in themselves. They’re fairly typical of the area around the Canal Saint Martin, a traditionally working class area of Paris that has become fashionable in recent decades. A witness who arrived at Le Petit Cambodge just after the attack gave the following statement to Le Monde:

    “I was on my scooter with friends when I arrived. There were people on the ground, and I thought a car had driven into the Petit Cambodge Restaurant, because the window was smashed in. I didn't understand what had happened. There were lots of people on the ground, loads… I'd say, from memory, a good 40. There were four or five people standing, no more… I didn't actually see blood. The Fire Service arrived fast, but it was very calm, that struck me. I think there were Anglo-Saxons there because one slightly dazed girl said ‘gunshot, gunshot’ to me.”

    Here’s the original text from Le Monde…

    Rue Bichat (10e), près du restaurant Le Petit Cambodge où une autre fusillade a eu lieu, une femme d’une trentaine d’années, hébétée, les yeux rougis par les larmes, raconte être arrivée sur les lieux juste après les tirs : « J’étais en scooter avec des amis quand je suis arrivée. Il y avait des gens par terre, j’ai d’abord cru qu’une voiture était rentrée dans le restaurant Le Petit Cambodge, dont la vitrine était défoncée. Je n’ai pas compris ce qu’il se passait. Il y avait plein de gens par terre, énormément… Je dirais, de mémoire, une quarantaine, il y avait quatre ou cinq personnes qui étaient debout, pas plus. (…) Je n’ai par contre pas vu de sang. Les pompiers sont arrivés vite, mais c’était très calme, ça m’a frappé. Je pense qu’il y avait des Anglo-Saxons car une fille un peu hébétée m’a dit “gunshot gunshot”. »

    1. He saw bodies, but no blood. – .. was one of the quotations from the text from Le Monde… makes me ask questions.. BBC in UK have stopped all normal news to make Paris events the whole show…Not sure what to make of the event..The TV crews seemed to get there quick enough, a man showed his mobile phone hit by shrapnel..” As I showed you at the time”.he said the the reporter,.. as if the reporter was standing with him when it was happening.. Well maybe he was..fresh sand scattered on the pavements.. wouldn’t this be soaked..? Am I being to unkind, not to take everything they say on TV.. they are so convincing, my friends are on facebook, giving their outpourings and feeling the fear….Tragic in many ways…

      1. Yes, it is tragic. My sister who has been getting over the death of her husband recently, who has been coping, has been plunged into this. But where is the evidence for it? It simply does not smell real to me, and I have spent time in Paris – once for a period of three months – and while the accident that killed Princess Diana seemed real (I had seen so many accidents nearby – almost daily – constant drinking and the macho behavior of drivers – gave it a plausibility for me as an eyewitness of a lot of this kind of thing in just that short time) — well, this is not emotional enough for a somewhat Latin country. The Parisians can be very emotional – where are they? They are out at night a lot – where are they?

        But don’t have the sense of the place – you will believe, especially since most people have surrendered their personal judgment to mass entertainment and information. In that passivity, they can take us anywhere, and don’t think they don’t count on it.

        1. So he has no signal? His foot has been professionally treated somewhere. It is still night. He has “blood” on his shirt. He has taken the magic elixir of healing given to all actors in these things.

    2. So – she thought a car had hit the window, because it was broken. There were about forty people on the ground, but no blood, and what struck her was the calm of the few people standing. She heard someone speak English and say gunshot.

    3. This didn’t format correctly…

      “I was on my scooter with friends when I arrived. There were people on the ground, and I thought a car had driven into the Petit Cambodge Restaurant, because the window was smashed in. I didn’t understand what had happened. There were lots of people on the ground, loads… I’d say, from memory, a good 40. There were four or five people standing, no more… I didn’t actually see blood. The Fire Service arrived fast, but it was very calm, that struck me. I think there were Anglo-Saxons there because one slightly dazed girl said ‘gunshot, gunshot’ to me.”

  15. A little geopolitical mischief to sufficiently shock the masses into acceptance for increased ground troops in Syria to counter Russian success in exposing air strikes on ISIS as fraudulent (along with the entire War on Terror). Boots on the ground will essentially be human shields daring Russia to continue its successful campaign of squashing US-NATO proxy war against Assad. –Paul

    1. Oh, believe me, as of yesterday, they are buying it without critique. We are outliers because we do not take the bait immediately, but so many do that our effect is negligible and our free speech is not impinged on, since there is no real antiwar movement nowadays.

    1. Breaking! They’re heeeeeere!

      First load of 10,000 Syrian refugees has arrived in New Orleans, being resettled into 180 unsuspecting US communities

      Ironic Timing – Report: First load of Anticipated “10,000 Syrian Refugees” Has Arrived in New Orleans….

      This is very concerning. It would appear most of the “refugees” are economic jihadist males between the age of 18-45 years old. They have recently arrived courtesy of President Obama, Secretary Kerry and the State Department

      1. And, as the news has it this morning, one of the terrorists was traced to Syria because he left his passport behind (or it was on his person, not sure how it got into the hands of police, yet). So as we know, passports will not be considered a seal of approval by some government, but simply a way, after the fact, of pinning the terror attack.

        All these extras are necessary to allow the war to continue, the proxy war with Syria, Russia and Iran, that is. They are being used.

      2. I live in one of the drop-off cities, and near another. My city is very long and narrow and I’m clear at one end, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled. I can’t imagine how the refugees (is that what we’re supposed to call them?) will access transportation or get housing (hey, maybe that’s what all the new Agenda 21 building is for?? Dear Lord!)…the bus system is terrible here, and housing is incredibly expensive (at LEAST $1,000 per bedroom per month). Plus, there are few jobs available. So they’ll be doing…what?

        There might be an upside: if I can just figure out a product that Syrians love but can’t get here, and then provide it…I’ll make a fortune! Like the Siracha King ?!

    1. it reminds one, Regina, does it not, of the pristine passport of the lead Terrorist that floated down amidst the flames and destruction of 9/11. The British Guardian headlined the passports of three countries were found on the Terrorists, when it is common policy for members of an operation to remove all identification from their clothes. But even the media felt that this was too much, and they took the headline down while I was reading the article.

      1. Actually, they’ve updated the linked article to state Syrian and Egyptian passports (along the lines of the article you noted) – maybe by Monday they’ll have recovered their iPhones and car keys?

    2. I want to know the maker of these passports. I’d like to build a house of that material. It would be indestructible.

      Have they found the manifesto yet? Perhaps they’ll post it on their “untraceable” website. They know all about who’s been naughty or nice but they can’t stop the incredible “ISIS”.

      I suppose if you can create an imaginary proxy army to do your bidding you may as well make it indestructible while you’re at it.

      1. Ding Ding Ding…

        You won a Free Monza and a baby’s arm holding an Apple.

        And if you don’t know what a Monza is your much younger that me.
        Think Ford Pinto or your not in this country which may be a good thing…Haha

  16. From my local paper;

    Death toll mounts after terror attacks in Paris (Title)


    Associated Press

    “All of the officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to be publicly named in the quickly moving investigation.”

    This was the lead article of the online edition. The above paragraph was about located at about the 1/3 location of the article. I’m assuming this is the official ‘Associated Press’ narrative. So ALL of the sources are anonymous and unauthorized, not that I trust ‘authorized’ sources either, for the main article about the Paris attack. I almost missed this short paragraph while scanning the article.

  17. A little off topic, but the death of “Jihad John” is very suspicious in it’s timing, and as fake, IMO, as the killing of OBL. This happens just as Obama is looking foolish in Syria with Putin going after ISIS. We are simply supposed to take the word of the MSM and the Obama administration.This, of course, if the character of Jihad John was real in the first place, which I doubt.

        1. Here’s what I don’t understand, possum. Let’s say the editors of the Economist intended these numbers as predictive of this event. That means someone would have to rearrange the numbers to pick out the correct date from among many possible dates. Assuming someone assembled all the possible dates, could they then go on to predict the Paris attack?

          So let’s say that the numbers were not provided to predict the date as much as to serve as some sort of confirmation after the fact. What good is that? Are we supposed to tremble at the power of an entity that can publish numbers?

          Other demonstrations of the power of the elite are much more effective against those who question events, including the complete takeover of the media coverage of the attacks, the astonishing consensus among members of the military, government and MSM, and the military response from Paris to the world.

          The Economist cover is a pastiche meant to goof on conspiracy theorists. Their biggest laugh is that people take it seriously.

        2. My apologies Toni if that offends you. What seems amazing is that the numbers they chose can be rearranged to the dates in question. I’m a very broad minded researcher, travel all roads of info and my number #1 rule is: leave no stone unturned. Symbols are important, they carry information as to meaning.

  18. I have to say this: the true targets of terror are NOT the people killed…it’s the rest of the population; after all, dead men CAN’T be terrorised. And it’s not the event itself that terrorizes, it’s the coverage & reportage of the event. It was Marshall McLuhan who said that “the Medium is the message”; that’s all we need to know as to who the true terrorists are, since more than anything in human history, ALL TERROR ATTACKS ARE BY DEFINITION MEDIA EVENTS(no matter what kinds of media were channeled at the time). Was it NOT a scientist who indicated they were working on technologies that could make people feel the pain of others in far reaches of the world. Well, what better example than the media to illustrate that: the Hegelian Dialectic. And as Brandon Turbeville demonstrated in his latest piece on this blog, we can figure what ” their” solutions already are.

    1. Quite right. Just like some say “cui bono” for predominately money-based issues, we must look at the targets of the psyops, not the “victims”. What is the message? Trust me, for those who can’t determine the take away, they will supply it in no uncertain terms.

  19. To cut to the chase, the Paris event was planned and executed by Gladio soldiers and their techniques, fully backed by NATO’s henchmen and French insiders. In this case I do believe people died and were injured, which is nothing new in Gladio events. Although I watched a video where Paris sidewalks were being cleaned, and even before they turned on the water hoses I saw no blood or guck.

    International psychological warfare is improving vastly, but if “they” want to enhance their image as fear mongers they need to let go of the passports. Remember the suit case full of intact passports from MH17? Also, fingertips and cell phones need to be taken out of the script as lifesavers when bullets fly. Just a suggestion to WGPWB (Writers Guild of Psyops, Western Bloc).

    I have studied Gladio, Stay Behind and NATO for a very long time. Their goal is a populace so fearful they’ll agree to anything that’s coming down the pike from these psychopaths. After that it is smooth sailing for the destroyers whose icing on the cake is wars and more wars.

    I apologize if this somewhat interesting information from Times of Israel has been posted on MHB. I’m running behind on reading:

    “The Bataclan theater, targeted in Friday night’s Paris terror attacks, was Jewish-owned for decades, but was sold two months ago, its former owners said.”

    “His brother Joel, the co-owner, told Channel 2 that they sold the theater on September 11”

    1. Anne, yes. The name, ISIS, ISIL, Fred, whatever, doesn’t matter. They are all constructs that they think will strike fear into the people of TV Land.

      I agree that it looks like they may have killed some in this one. They don’t care. Whatever is expedient. It is, however, a false flag.

      The passports are there to fix blame (however tangentially) on Syria to justify an invasion. They want Al Assad out. Israel doesn’t like him.

      There is also some nonsense about “refugees” with passports being distinct from those without and the takeaway is supposed to be that letting the mongol hordes into Europe must be done.

      So they’re stepping on their own toes a bit here. Their bosses are pushing total homogenization and destruction. They don’t want their false flag and planned coup to get jammed up.

      Not to worry however, if everyone gives up even more rights they’ll keep them safe. You have to give them credit for raising on a busted flush.

    2. .

      Another pushing the “Gladio meme” …

      What evidence leads you to conclude that the Paris events on 13 November 2015 were carried out by :

      “Gladio soldiers”

      “fully backed by NATO’s henchmen”

      “and French insiders”

      If it’s just speculation on your part then please add that caveat.

      Otherwise, you run the risk of being criticised for the crime of “baseless assertions” …


  20. NEW !…
    overnight raids by police in Paris..woman terrorist has blown herself up, another one dead, some arrests, Siege ongoing with TV not close enough to see besieged building (?)..alleged mastermind of Paris Attacks Abdelhamid Abaaoud suspected among the dead or caught.

    .it’s 10 30 am in France as I follow this in UK on 24 hour news channel called Sky News… raid began 4 20 am local time

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