Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.52.24 AMFormer State Trooper Pleads With Local Sheriff For Protection

[As Wolfgang Halbig uses FOI requests and court actions to unearth more damning information suggesting that the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was fraudulent, he and his loved ones are experiencing increased harassment, including “gangstalking” and death threats. Mr. Halbig’s new website is Sandy Hook Justice Report.-JFT]

Wolfgang Halbig
Sandy Hook Justice Report
(November 9, 2015)

From Wolfgang Halbig’s Facebook Page:

I need to share with all my Sandy Hook Justice supporters that what happened yesterday to my wife being harrassed at her workplace with her work e-mails and all the people who work for her where also harrassed with their work e-mails which is uncalled for.

My wife loves her job and this has now caused us me to make a decison. I cannot do this by myself begging for donations and then be slammed by these scumbags everyday that I am a FRAUD.

I thought that the donations would also help me in hiring Private Investigators which this case urgently needs. Whoever takes this on in my place I will suport you and transfer funds remaining.

I cannot loose my wife of 39 years and to hurt her and my family when she has nothing absolutley nothing to do with this investigation is very cruel.

They are now stalking me physically, taken pictures of me while traveling and then telling me that I should not give the ducks to my grandchildren because they have been specially prepared makes me think some kind of poison has been added to those ducks.

The ducks make it seem funny but when you specially prepare them for my grandchildren and then give me a warning it must be true.

My phone number will not change, my home address will not change but I need to step away so these people whoever they are will leave my family in piece and not hurt them.

You wil


Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.51.45 AM  Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.53.38 AM

—–Original Message—–
From: Wolfgang Halbig []
Received: Wednesday, 11 Nov 2015, 9:37AM
To: []
CC: []
Subject: Why is your office hesitant in protecting my family and I simply because I am investigating the Sandy Hook School Shooting?

Sheriff Borders:

You and I know each other and I respect you in your position who can make things happen in protecting someone is in fear of his family and my own life.

I do not know what else I can do in requesting help from your office.

Officer Hauss comes to my home after requesting assistants form your office.

He refused to read or look at any documents that would show my concerns for me and my family.

He simply told me to fill out a report and the Investigators will come out and handle it from there.


The problem is that Officer House decided that the incident only rises to the level of a misdemeanor which I have a hard time believing since he refused to look at any documents.

Corporal Bedgood came out after I complaint of Officers Hauss visits and how he decided the course of action which was do nothing.

I told Corporal Bedgood that I am in fear for my family’s safety as well as mine.

When I am being targeted with Cyber Attacks and Stalking and having someone place an object in my mailbox in Red Tail a Gated Community then I perceive we have a problem

I have attached for you my concernsidentified in which the other two refused to look at or take those documents with them for investigators to review .

My request to find out who these people are which I identified four main players it was said that this would be to costly to investigate.


When threats in my opinion place me and my family in fear it should not be a deputy deciding whether we are in fear for our lives since they have not read all of the documents.

My father was in a Nazi Prison Camp in Poland for over 3 years and the Cyber Attack with labeling me as a Nazi leader is in my opinion that this is a serious HATE CRIME.

Hiding behind a First Amendment Right for Free Speech should not protect these individuals who know what they are doing in daily Harassment, Intimidation, threats to poison my grandchildren in special prepared items.

They placed me on notice after watching me receive those items not to give them to my grandchildren. Your deputies could not see the connection hopefully you can as the Sheriff.

I need to issue Restraining orders on the four individuals that that Corporal Bedgood has. I cannot issues those orders unless I know their True Identity which they did not get either. I even told them that I would pay for finding them if the sheriff office could not afford it.

So please help me Sheriff it is my family that is all I have.

Wolfgang W Halbig
25526 Hawks Run Lane. Sorrento. Florida 32776

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38 thought on “Halbig Family Harassed By Forces Seeking to Quell Investigation Efforts”
  1. Reblogged this on Today,s Thought and commented:

    It is sad but inevitable that the evil that has taken over, governments, justice, banking, business, the military, education, religion will tramp, destroy, murder, everything that is right and just until one day the shine has been taken off the penny and the blind can finally see the truth, and only then will there be an awakening perhaps to late.

    1. We take back the government, we pray for the whistleblowers, we pray for Wolfgang, and we pound the politicians with demands for an investigation into sandy hook. BTW, no arraignment for thief Robbie Bruce, co-hort of Ryan Graney, and guilty of stealing $73,000 from Newtown Youth Academy. YET SENATORS CHRIS MURPHY AND RICHARD BLUMENTHAL DON’T HAVE THE BALLS to have Bruce arraigned, because, imo, Bruce has them by the culjones, as he knows the things was a hoax. Murphy’s dad’s law firm handled all legal affairs for not only Newtown, but many other Ct. school districts. We also need an investigation of John Woodall, Newtown resident, and founder of the agenda 21-inspired “unity project”. Yes, Newtown is a “transition town”. Our sovereingty will not go into the toilet on my watch. I support Wolfgang, and the many stellar researchers into this vile, freedom-yanking hoax.

      1. Could not agree more, Maureen. The hoaxing committee sends tone-deaf shills like ‘reprehensor’ to these boards to mislead those new to spotting the many issues this hoax represents. They can’t seriously think a weak sister like reprehensor fools anyone with a working brain. Can’t wait for the traitor trials.

        1. I marvel at how much effort all these new commenters put into halbigs image. Its scary really. We all know that people are paid to comment, especially with product reviews, but I think the average reader will note that the regulars have all steered clear of this topic – knowing what halbig is all about, and all we have left is random commenters (and a few we’ve seen before that may be exposing themselves) selling something to us: a product. And that product they hold so dear is halbig. Just why is he so important? Is halbig to be martyred as the chosen one, ever so credentialed, that even he would fall to his knees against this unstoppable beast? Does the casual reader really fall for that?

          I think back to when I first started questioning things, and it took me a while to stop believing the emotion laden, entertainment articles on the alt media sites. Eventually I learned to question everything, everyone, all the time. Even my favorite bloggers whom i have donated to and trust – i still question their motive, their sources… any angle I can think of that may reveal a hidden agenda lurking behind their years of accurate opinion and reporting. I guess I’m paranoid…. I guess I’m proud of it too.

  2. Halbigs credibility with the law seems to be on par with his credentials and overall life. His ignorance of the law is as astonishing as his (weak) grasp of the English language. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that this is deliberate on his part though.

    The deputy advised to fill out the form and an investigator would follow up. Where is the problem?
    Halbigs doesn’t determine whether a misdemeanor or felony took place. That is for the cops and ultimately the DA to do.
    This was (again) so poorly written that I couldn’t ascertain what significance the ducks were, as I am sure the recipient of the letter did as well.
    Halbig has a penchant for raising money and doing so fraudulently. This is his only source of income, save a couple years of real actual work
    Halbig is known to lie, and continue to lie when caught. I would take this with a grain of salt.

    I would also be astonished to find he hands over ANY funds he has raped from his unwitting donors. The only reason he is quitting is because now that the money is gone, its time to move on. What a pig.

    We can all thank halbig for taking our small amount of credibility and flushing it down the toilet when his circus went to Newton to ask the most ridiculous questions possible. Unearth children from graves??? Hopefully we never publish another thing about him again. Disgrace.

    1. There are at least two hundred thousand gang stalking targets in this country:

      Every one of them would know what Halbig is talking about. I hope you and your family never have to worry about being poisoned, or stalked by groups of cowards who obviously are working under law enforcement. Perhaps these stalking networks will be used to frame a civil rights 18 U.S.C. 241 case against organized crime-justice will then come in Blood Atonement.

      1. I didn’t deny gangstalking peace frog – you are better than that. However, halbig using gangstalking as an excuse for his departure from the limelight (or scrutiny of the IRS) is an embarrasmemt to the TI community as he is through and through a shill and fraud. Don’t believe me? Google 2 words: halbig, fraud. Certainly we all exercise good researching by reading opposing views from time to time, don’t we?

        1. It is without a doubt that you, sir, are one of the gangstalkers. Florida Satutes regarding stalking and harassment are clearly defined. It is negligence on the part of the Police to ignore his pleas for help.

        2. The only community you belong in is the truth-obscuring community, shillboy. I see you don’t answer my question about what YOU, PERSONALLY, have done that brings even the merest spark of light to a hoax that Halbig has mastered, and will soon prevail in. You got nothin’, do ya sparkles? Pathetic. Guess you need that nickel-a-post, huh? Get an honest job for a change.

    2. For those who question what ducks have to do with Sandy Hook, see below. I also posted this information in the comment section under the post “Crisis Actors” Twitter Feed.

      “NEWTOWN — On those nights when Amy DeLoughy’s children can’t sleep, haunted by memories of the massacre at their elementary school, or on those mornings when they can’t face the daily routine, she calls in the ducks.
      Doctor ducks, military ducks, postal worker ducks, princess ducks, police ducks and, of course, white ducks with green ribbons — the symbol of solidarity and healing for Sandy Hook Elementary School.”

    3. Really, Reprehensible?

      Halbig has more credibility than anyone posting on this board. At least he has TAKEN VIABLE ACTION.

      Pray tell, what the hell have YOU done that in any way, shape or form has moved this case forward in the courts?

      You sound like a shill within a shill within a shill. Come back when you can list your actual accomplishments in clearing up this matter, or at the very least, bringing it to the attention of the public at large, other than your whining about it.

      1. Ladies and gentlemen, talktotrees has demonstrated that he is a paid shill! Using backwards logic he makes it sound like halbig has at least done SOMETHING that was beneficial to our movement. This is not the case. Please read Brendan hunt or the forbidden cw Wade. Hell read American everyman. It’s easy to recognize when someone needs a handler and a hundred thousand dollars that they may be a shill, very similar to our aforementioned commenter. These people are parasites.

    4. yes @talktotrees, he’s taken more action then any of us. He has the balls and the mouth and my money gladly to bring the full court press to the CT liars As for you @reprehensor the ad hominem is the first refuge of the intellectually bankrupt.

  3. Assuming Sandy Hook was another act of hysterical theater, this is not amazing. Halbig’s approach of proving by contradiction that government agencies would spend much energy dancing around his sensible FOIA requests was bound to prove even to reasonable skeptics that:
    * irrespective of what did and did not happen at Sandy Hook, there was an important cover-up;
    * this cover-up was directed by individuals with enough clout to convince public servants to commit actions ostensibly unprofessional enough to get them fired.

    Unlike other SH researchers, who have been focusing on unmasking actors and liars, Halbig was eventually going to unmask the masterminds of the conspiracy. It stands to reason that these masterminds are intelligent enough to understand the danger Halbig’s work represents and have enough clout to “suggest” that law enforcement make enough “innocent” errors to not endanger his harassers.

    Halbig seems to have received a first strong warning which he dislikes. If he doesn’t heed it, he may like the second one even less. Too bad this first warning was not an offer for a high-paying do-nothing job at Homeland Security!


  4. Targeting his family, his wife and grandchildren is a cowardly, low and desperate act. Wolfgang is a patriot, a leader and is clearly rattling the cage (as he and we knew he would), as the scumbags and gang stalkers come out.

  5. Maureen Crowley is no stranger to the Sandy Hook event, having attended Wolfgang Halbig’s FOIA hearings and speaking here:

    This letter from Maureen appears on Freedom Connector. It is long , but detailed with information many may not know. Thank you, Maureen.

    Maureen Crowley wrote a comment on Letters to Our Government.
    3 days 13 hours ago
    November 9, 2015
    Dear New Haven office FBI Agent Clifton, and FBI Director Comey c/o Speaker Paul Ryan, Senator Ted Cruz, and Senator Rand Paul;

    I am a senior American Citizen. I have volunteered at the Janet S. York Correctional Center in Niantic, Connecticut. I obey the law. I don’t lie, I don’t cheat, I don’t steal.
    But because I despise corruption, I do speak out.
    And if you haven’t seen me speak, check out this link as I spoke out to the State of Connecticut Safety and Security Commission
    Yes, initially I really did believe what the media said, about the events of December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut. It shocked the hell out of me. I had known of the Newtown Bee newspaper, 30 years ago when it was the antiques/collectibles Bible. When Sandy Hook happened, my sister told me she had made trips to Newtown for pumpkins and apples.
    I looked at my phone, saw Drudge reporting 26 dead at a school. Nobody can forget the shock, horror, empathy, devastation.
    Honestly, I did wonder where the perfect portraits came from so fast. But, I didn’t question it. I wrote a letter about it, that Bob Grant, WABC NY liked. I spoke of the mental cases falling through the cracks in Ct., citing the 9 year old girl stabbed at a street fair in Middletown, and the Lottery mass murder – both horrors from several years past.
    I watched the early “conspiracy theorist” videos- things like the hand me down dress of Emilie Parker stuff. Weak. Not impressed.
    Then I happened to read Infowars in the spring of 2014. I read about former Florida state trooper and Safe School Commissioner Wolfgang Halbig being threatened by homicide detectives at his home in Florida, for merely asking 16 respectful questions about the inconsistencies of Sandy Hook. I had to ask, “Why are they hassling him, unless they have something to hide? I delved into as many aspects of Sandy Hook, as I could, separating the disinfo from the facts, as any good researcher would. Incidentally, the state of Connecticut strictly protects senior citizens from rip-offs from phony foundations. Mr. Halbig, a senior citizen, when he still believed a real shooting had occurred, mailed a check to Sandy Hook Promise, one of the many sites that has had zero oversight by Congress or the IRS. Estimates of the amount of money pouring into Newtown go as high as a half billion dollars. I connected with Wolfgang on Facebook, met him in person and attended the media-ignored FOIA meetings in Hartford. I tried to learn as much as I could about Sandy Hook.
    I read of the “funerals” in Newtown. I read about someone in charge of overseeing all funerals, located not far from my house, yet 81 miles from Newtown, Pasquale Folino, owner of the Neilan Funeral Home in New London, Ct., and at the time, President of the Connecticut Funeral Association. He claimed to have personally embalmed three Sandy Hook victims. Here is a link to that article:
    On election day November 2014, I visited my old friend, Rob Simmons, former US Congressman, the father of two of my former piano students, and former CIA. He was busy, didn’t really want to speak to me, told me “Sandy Hook is Over” He said he “believed children died”. That day I also visited the Neilan Funeral Home for the first time. I met Chris Neilan. I handed him my essay on Sandy Hook, told him it was clearly a hoax. He yelled at me, turned red, and demanded to know if I thought a child that died six weeks after SH, whose services were handled by his facility was also a hoax. I told him of course I did not believe such a thing. I told him I was a Catholic, and that the truth mattered. He told me he was a Catholic too. He told me to leave or he would call the police. The feeling I was left with, was one of him having extreme fear. I had begun to speculate that the Mafia were the SH low level henchmen- what with Maneeley Catering all the way from South Windsor, (61 miles from Newtown), transport company Hartford Trade Service, for the “remains of Adam Lanza”, from equally far away East Hartford, “Adam anecdotes from John Anthony salon and “My Place”, etc.
    Then, this past May 19th, I went back to Neilan Funeral Home. A tall man in glasses ( I believe him to be a man named Mark Ennis) denied any Sandy Hook involvement. I told him Chris Neilan and I had already discussed it where he was standing! He summoned the owner Pasquale Folino. Please note that Folino co-ordinated ALL funeral service offers for Sandy Hook. I nervously told Folino if he came forward with the truth about Sandy Hoax being a hoax, he would likely get a decent immunity deal. He told me I needed to leave. I reached for the door, and heard him say, “Go with God” as he smirked. I popped my head back in and said, “I am a Catholic, and the truth will set you free” and told him not to fear the Connecticut Mafia. I was outside on the public sidewalk as he came chasing after me. He admonished, “You have been here before. In Italy, we have a saying, three strikes and you’re out. If you come here again, I’ll have you arrested.” I asked, “On what charge?”. He said, “trespassing”. I told him again, not to fear the Ct. Mafia. Inches from my face, he screams, “Not the Connecticut mafia the ITALIAN mafia!” Yes, he put the emphasis on the word, “Italian”, not me. He was walking away, and I shouted at him, “Don’t you threaten ME with the mafia!!” Yet I was shaking like a leaf. Since that day I read the Huffpo piece again, not realizing that he was running the whole funeral show!
    By mid July I found the courage to go to the FBI. And I mean, literally, “go”. I drove to State St. in New Haven. I explained to a very nice guard named Mr. Sims, that I was scared, it had to do with organized crime, and I needed to talk to “someone”. He could not have been more professional, more caring, more helpful. He said he would have an agent come down. He asked for my drivers’ license, and I happily gave it to him. About a half hour later, two young men came outside, dressed in plain black suits, white shirts and black neckties. Their names were agent Clifton and special agent Kelly. I told them the story of what happened at the Neilan Funeral Home, and then I handed each of them a copy of the Huffington Post Article, about Folino. They listened to me, agent Clifton took his pen, and circled Folino’s name in the article I handed him. They did not give me their business cards. Agent Clifton wrote down my name, address, and e-mail address. (to be honest with a half hour of my driver’s license, I assumed they knew everything about me already, including who my 4th grade teacher was, but I didn’t say anything). They said it would take some time, and they would not be getting back to me for a while
    Fast forward to Oct. 31st, a few weeks ago. I hadn’t heard from the two agents. I called, left a message, got no answer. I called again on November 5th and Agent Clifton told me I would have to go to another office of the FBI, and tell my entire story all over again. He said he couldn’t take any more information from me. He cut me off mid-sentence. He said he couldn’t tell me who he gave the Folino information to. I told him I feared for my safety. He said to go to local police. I told him, that New London Police were probably going to be on the side of Folino. Gentlemen: I must be the most naïve person on earth. I had this foolish idea that the FBI cared about organized crime, they cared about people threatened by it, victimized by it, scared by it. Is it all the fault of Agent Clifton? I would say, probably not. I am scared for him now. Who “got” to him? Who wants to demonize those that are legitimately skeptical about Sandy Hook? How powerful must these “powers that be” , be? Gentlemen, I’m scared for myself, but I’m scared for America, even more. In effect, Clifton told me America is over now. Gone, fallen privy to agenda-driven hoaxes, that the media is “in” on, as well. We and our Constitution are shredded, our sovereignty is a quaint concept of a bygone era. We are the appendage of the UN with its small arms treaty, that I have feared, and addressed in numerous letters to Congress. We are run by George Soros, and his fat cat puppets. Gentlemen: the fear is bigger than I’ve ever seen it, in America. How can the name “Rothschild”- a TRILLION DOLLAR FAMILY, be the most forbidden of words, throughout all the media? Do they not have Euro Central Banks in every country except Cuba, Syria, North Korea, and Iran? Do I have that wrong? If my own government and the media is scared that an anvil will fall out of the kitchen ceiling, if the name “Rothschild” is uttered, what in the hell does that tell you???
    I KNOW right from wrong. I have heard from many mothers who really lost children. None of them grinned about busting out sharpies 48 hours after burying a little girl, unlike the insidious Lynn McDonnell. a “parent” at Sandy Hook.
    Gentlemen: Have you researched the fact that Newtown, Ct. is what is known as a “Transition Town”? This is transitioning toward Agenda 21, with group think, and zero American identity, or room for diversity of thought. Here is an online quote about Newtown’s Transition Town status: “
    “The Transition Initiative is a vibrant, grassroots movement that seeks to build community resilience in the face of such challenges as peak oil, climate change, and the economic crisis. It represents one of the most promising ways of engaging people in strengthening their communities against the effects of these challenges, resulting in life that is more fulfilling, equitable and socially connected. Transition Initiatives engage their communities in home grown, citizen led education, action and planning to increase local self reliance and resilience. Now is the time for us to start re-creating our future in ways that are based on localized food, sustainable energy sources, resilient local economies and an enlivened sense of community well being.”
    Gentlemen, know that the Committee on the Psychiatric Dimensions of Disaster filed its “situation report” on Sandy Hook on December 12, 2012. THIS WAS TWO DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT! I sent the umbrella group, the Massachusetts Psychiatric Society a certified letter, asking for an explanation. My letter got ignored, just like every certified letter I’ve sent to the Ct. Legislature and Governor Malloy’s office. Know also, Gentlemen, that former Harvard Psychiatrist, John Woodall , a resident of Newtown, is affiliated with this Mass. Psychiatric Society, and he is founder of the globalist organization, “The Unity Project”. The mental health aspect of the Sandy Hook Hoax, cannot be understated, but now I’ve shown you that the psychiatric community was among those who planned the Goddamn thing!
    And Senator Chris Murphy, and Senator Blumenthal both need to hang their heads in shame- that is, if they HAVE any shame. Murphy’s dad’s law firm Shipmen & Goodman, handled all the legal contracts for the Newtown School system, as well as hundreds of Ct. towns.
    Gentlemen: the Whistle blowers of the Sandy Hook Hoax need to be protected. Some have taken baby steps to come forward, but then got scared off. Understandably so.
    I lay awake at night. I am scared. I am in fear of the Mafia, for God’s sake, and Agent Clifton has been rendered powerless to protect me. How is that possible?
    It is possible through the thickest corruption imaginable, thickest brainwashing through false flags, thickest ignorance, thickest denial, thickest blackmailing of Sandy Hook participants. It is apparent that those blackmailed got a pass for their past criminality. It is my opinion that Kaitlin Roig, a bar fly of Mafia bar “Sam’s Place” in Port Chester New York, is in that category. And speaking of “teachers” at the non commissioned, non-functioning Sandy Hook School, maybe someone can explaine “deceased” school psychologist Mary Sherlach being licensed by the state of Ct. in January of 2013, after she died! Don’t even get me started on the criminality of the state known rightfully as Corrupticut, where the Guardian Ad Litem system hands off children to molesting parents. I know that a teenage girl in Newtown was targeted for trafficking. Know also that Newtown First Selectman Pat Llodra testified under oath that the infamous “Everyone Must Check In Sign” came from the Department of Homeland Security. As Eric Holder met with Governor Malloy 17 days before Sandy Hook, it was indeed a Capstone Drill passed off as a mass casualty, live shooter event.
    This is an outrage, and the American People, for God’s sake, deserve the truth. Minimum: Congressional and IRS investigation into Sandy Hook Promise. And that is just for starters. Letting the “powers that be” get away with the most vial hoax in history not acceptable, for as I said, it will mean that America is over for good.
    I pray to be heard, I pray that America can survive this level of corruption.
    Cc: Wolfgang Halbig
    Dan Bidondi, Infowars
    Town of Newtown, Ct.
    Cousin of James Comey, Shelia Matthews of “Ablechild”
    Usual media outlets « Less

  6. Thank you Mr. Halbig for what you have been doing. If Sandy Hook is exposed as a fraud, it could have a domino effect which would be wonderful (or catastrophic, depending on which side one is on) in that it would prove the ability of intelligence organizations and the news media to propagate a false narrative. It would show that the only significant terrorists are on the same side of the 15 year War on Terror as the legislators who come up with snappy, draconian PATRIOT acts. If Sandy Hook was a sham (which I believe it was), then there would be high-level people in the US government guilty of terrorizing the American public with a mashup of Orson Welles radio panic and black-op “carefully-prepared aliases” stretching back to the Operation Northwoods ambition of the JCS so many years ago. What juicy irony it would be if the authors of “anti-terror” laws eventually fell afoul of their own legislation. –Paul

  7. I always suspected Halbig to be a straw man player brought in to steer the herd.

    His blatant mis-spellings are likely intended to deride the truthers.

    I’d bet Halbig & Lenny ‘Pedo’ Posner & working together on Halbig’s latest strawman chapter. The big bad jewish pedo scare tactics have two purposes. Withdraw Halbig from his role & disuade others from pursuing justice.

    The reality is that all players involved in the Sandy Hook Hoax are traitors and these goofs deserve nothing less than death for their treason.

  8. I’ll add, with the caveat that I have a very limited understanding of Halbig’s predicament, that he may want to publish online the evidence of harassment, at least the emails, and if possible photos and voice recordings of people bothering him. Professional harassers and their protectors thrive behind anonymity. Even partial visibility may give them incentives to tone down their activities.


  9. No one is going to fill his shoes. All of a sudden his feet are cold? That’s because he is a nuisance to Brennan & Holder.

    His wife should IGNORE THE INTERFERENCE – she knows the motive.

    Wolf had no team from day 1. Big mistake.

    Try spellcheck on his posts.

  10. Our Soldier has run out of ammo. So I donated again. Because it is important to prove to the public at large how maggoty the federal, state and county governments are rotting. It is important that people are confronted with evermore treason in the public domain in order to position themselves for the civil war that the next president will preside over. In that most vicious of all humane conflict there are no neutrals. Wolfgang, I commend you for stepping in the footsteps of your Father by taking on yankee fascism.

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