YouTube Shut Down, Nuke Industry Operatives Allege Harassment

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23 thought on “Fukushima Activist-Researcher Dana Durnford Arrested”
  1. You’re probably not aware that Durnford was arrested for threatening people with violence and murder. Unlike his followers, I suspect you do not support such degenerate antisocial behavior.

    Please watch that video and decide for yourself. That’s a sample of his threats, made a few days before the police showed up. And that is not an aberration, he constantly published threats and calls for murder.

  2. I’ve never seen anything like this before. They act as if they just ignore it, it will scab over. The Russians offered their help at first and Japan turned them down.

    We all have a vested interest in this.

    1. Apparently at last night’s debate Donald Trump said something along the lines of praise for Putin for taking care of business re/ISIS (Roger Simon at PJMedia thinks that discredits Trump (

      Neoconservatives, at bottom, are a menace. For me, this is the most sensible position to take. Certainly, using our attack helicopters as parade marshals to escort ISIS to new lands to conquer ain’t the right policy, any more than sending in an American army for a new war to get mired in.

  3. For sure Fukashima’s nuclear plants were of poor design and a terrible disaster, the earthquakes and tsunami were devastating. Chernoble in Russia was another disaster due to poor design and management. They were able to entomb Chernoble in concrete, given Japan’s location near the ocean, that solution was not possible. Surely what spewed out of those plants years ago, have now been diluted in the Pacific Ocean.

    Enenews is not a valid news source, it is only an anti-nuclear propaganda machine that spews out lies to frighten the population. Every little blip that US nuclear plants report to the public, is distorted as a major disaster with no basis in facts. Wonder how many folks have evacuated based on their false hysteria.

    No one has died as a result of nuclear power in the US, it is in fact one of the most environmentally friendly sources of electricity. We have spent billions on safe storage of the waste at Yucca Mountain in Nevada that dirty Harry renigged on – they should pay us back if they never open it.

    1. The power plants at Fukushima were not of poor design. They had all the backup systems required to keep the plant cooled even after a complete shutdown (by running the cooling pumps on steam produced by the reactor itself). However, those backup systems were deactivated (most likely by the Stuxnet Virus). This was an international attack on the power plants. BTW, an Israeli company was in charge of security at these power plants.

      1. Oh yeah, there is no danger to people from any leaking radioactive water from the power plants. Even if the amount they say is leaking into the ocean, the Pacific Ocean alone contains quadrillions of gallons of water. Anything leaking into such a large volume would be diluted below detectable amounts, seriously. Freaking out about the radiation in the ocean is akin to freaking out about little Johnny peeing in the public pool. There is absolutely no harm being done.

  4. Student journalist MOBBED by professor of communications and director of Greek Life who walks/talks/acts like a cop:

    Both professors actually touch and push the student who is not physically bothering anyone. This is a common law tort of battery and any sensible professor should never do this especially with so many students openly holding cell phones. There is a large black cop standing behind the Greek Life professor posing as a student. This is a much more muscular response than anything I remember on campus pre-911. You have to wonder how much this aggressive approach actually leads to violent acts, especially if it is a controlled aggression over time.

    1. I wonder if those thugs had any comprehension that they were inadvertently expressing their vicious racism. Couldn’t they see that the reporter they were abusing is Oriental? I assume that under normal circumstances he’d be called a “person of color.” (Yellow IS a color, isn’t it?)

      So here’s this colored fellow, trying to document a racialist outburst of hysteria amongst the fragile snowflakes this new civilization is spawning, and they lash out at him with no self-recognition at all! It’s a “hate crime,” if I’ve ever seen one, and they don’t realize they are committing it!

      Perhaps, if he is of a mind to properly mock these morons, he can declare himself a negro, like that ridiculous white woman who the National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People put in charge of their Spokane office (I think she’s now a hairdresser, poor thing, since being found out): “I identify as black,” you racists! But of course, he doesn’t have to pretend to be black, because he’s an Oriental (I’m guessing some part of Indochina, but I’m not good at that sort of thing), but on campus, Orientals are cheerfully discriminated against as a matter of course, so it’s better to go with the black thing.

      What fun that would be. A Vietnamese-American chap who claimes to be a negro, being abused, and assaulted, by race-obsessed fledgeling non-adult Millennial know-it-alls on a college campus, as they protest imaginary racism! I’d like the movie rights for that one. In the role of that asinine, dictatorial, media prof, while skinny in real life, it would be tempting to cast Rosy O’Donnell. On second thought, Sandra Barnhart would be perfect.

      1. “What fun that would be. A Vietnamese-American chap who claimes to be a negro, being abused, and assaulted, by race-obsessed fledgeling non-adult Millennial know-it-alls on a college campus, as they protest imaginary racism!”

        Pat, I didn’t think you had such thick skin when it came to the plight of Jewry:

        “Three weeks later, on October 24, a swastika was drawn with human feces at a university residence hall.”

        BTW, the Atlantic article gives us reason to believe the Mobbing culture came from the top down:

        “Last week the English Department made a vote of no confidence in Loftin’s leadership. Today, nine deans signed a letter to the UM Board of Curators and to Wolfe saying Loftin had created a “toxic environment through threat, fear and intimidation,” according to the Columbia Daily Tribune. ”

        Sounds like their talking about a police station; then again with an FBI agent behind every college mailbox!!!

      2. Yes, soon all these “micro-aggessions” will end, whitey will be stripped of his “privilege”, and the true nature of the Universe will be restored.

        Anyone who can allow themselves to be led around by the nose like this should just go immediately to the store and buy a box of diapers.

        I’m sure that’s how Whitey earned his “privilege”, by letting……..others (?) do for him. If it weren’t for Whitey these people would all be making perfect sense.

        1. Apparently, while we’ve been studying other things, we were at war and lost. The 9% of the student body “demand”…..? The rest are “yeah, I’m with my hyper-sensitive betters”.

          Forgetting for a moment that this is an engineered situation, these people are too stupid to be in college. They need to be in day care. They need their tender feelings of inadequacy and imagined oppression assuaged. Poor dears.

          So what has been taught? That “Black lies matter”? I’m not sure. “Somebody in a pickup called me a name (sniff)”. Oh, the humanity!

          All I can say is that my fellow geezers better enjoy themselves. These people are doomed.

    2. Hey hey, ho ho,
      The First Amendment has got to go!

      Here’s part of a commentary on the Mizzou incident from someone familiar with the campus and participants:

      “Basler and Click… behaved inexcusably—as adults in positions of some authority who should have known better. They should have known better than to think that people gathered in public have a right “to be alone,” and known better than to call for “some muscle” to “get this reporter out of here.” Basler and Click treated students at their own university, journalists or not, in a way that dishonored the public trust placed in educators.

      Moreover, as public employees and arguably government actors under the federal constitution, Basler and Click tried to regulate First Amendment activity in a public forum (i.e., the media’s peaceable assembly and newsgathering).* That potentially exposes them and the University of Missouri to liability under 42 USC § 1983, a federal law that allows individuals to sue public agents and entities for deprivations of civil or constitutional rights. Because of the physical contact shown on the video, it’s even possible that they could be liable for assault in the third degree under Missouri law.”

    3. Commentary on the Mizzou incident from “Photography is Not a Crime,” a site belonging to a 1st Amendment activist associate:

      “A mass media professor from one of the country’s most respected journalism schools delivered an embarrassing blow to the school’s reputation after threatening to have a journalist removed by force from a campus encampment where protesters had set up tents during an ongoing protest that led to the resignation of two top university officials Monday.”

      Among other ironies, Carlos notes that it was less than two months ago that Missouri Governor Jay Nixon passed the Campus Free Expression Act (CAFE Act), which prohibits public colleges and universities from restricting student speech to tiny, out-of-the-way “free speech zones.”

      Now the students/faculty have instituted the inverse of “free speech zones”: media-free “Safe Spaces.”

      1. It’s not surprising. I still remember the vicious article against prof Tracy by the Columbia Journalism Review. When I was an undergraduate at Chicago I was on the wrestling team, and they gave a banquet for all school athletes at the end of the season. The chancellor,. Kimpton, spoke at it and stated, famously, “we are going to kick every queer kid off campus.” He then had the gall to lie about it and say he never said it.

        The school newspaper ran a headline the next day: “Aristotle Swartz, last queer kid kicked off campus!” Since Chicago was on the Oxford system and you didn’t have to go to class, they had a hard time finding him, the article said. But they did finally, the paper said, and gave him a bus token to downtown.

  5. I don’t know how anyone can’t watch an animal die for 800 miles and call it science. Sometimes you have to wonder whether most people, not just some, are evil.

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