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A St. Louis-based company made waves again Sunday, after it released a new coloring book on Islamic State (ISIS) – “ISIS: A Culture of Evil.”

Wayne Bell, CEO of Really Big Coloring Books, reached out to Arutz Sheva to discuss the work – which follows two other coloring books on Islamist terrorism.

“I publish this book because it’s very real, very factual, very accurate, and on-target,” Bell began. “The American people want to know what’s going on with ISIS; the pictures are brutal, they’re absolutely correct.”

“ISIS is an evil force on the world and everybody needs to know it.”


Really Big Coloring Books caused controversy last year when it re-released two previous coloring books – “The True Faces of Global Evil Terrorism” and “We Shall Never Forget 9/11: Kids’ Book of Freedom” – to feature pages with Islamic State.

Bell acknowledged the controversy, however – noting that that, in fact, is somewhat the point.

“We publish this book knowing that it was going to be a very intense book for America,” he noted. “In fact, some of the PR newswire companies in America have refused to publish this book because it is so factual and so accurate, they are afraid of it.”

Despite being a coloring book, Bell noted that the content is primarily meant for “adults and young adults,” but added that “if parents want to educate their children with the books, I encourage him to do so.”

“I think it was simply time somebody in America tell the absolute, total truth in black-and-white about ISIS and not be afraid to do so.”

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47 thought on “Politically Incorrect Anti-ISIS Coloring Book Debuts “to Educate America””
    1. ISIS is only following the Quran, even if it is funded by us or US, or others. Those reading this site would do well to read a more correct, academic translation of the holy book, which explains how what we consider evil is approved sociable behavior.

      Sample here – “A Pew poll released on December 2, 2010, found that even today “The majority of Muslims would favor changing current laws in their countries to “allow stoning as punishment for adultery, hand amputation for theft, and death for those who convert from Islam as their religion.”
      “The best-known chapter of the Qur’an is al-Fatiha ‘The Opening’. This surah is recited as part of all the mandatory daily prayers and repeated within each prayer. A faithful Muslim who said all their prayers would recite this surah at least seventeen times a day, and over five thousand times a year.
      The hadith literature make negative references to the Jews and Christians in connection with this surah. Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan and Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din al-Hilali incorporate this within their translation. Ayah 6-7 thus reads; “Guide us to the Straight Way. The Way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not (the way) of those who earned Your Anger (such as the Jews), nor of those who went astray (such as the Christians).
      It is remarkable that the daily prayers of every Muslim, part of the core of Islam, include a rejection of Christians and Jews as misguided and objects of Allah’s wrath.”

      and it’s perfectly okay to defile non-Muslim women as described here –
      There is no equivalent term for ‘rape’ in the Qur’an. Likewise, there is not a single verse in the Qur’an which even remotely discourages forced sex. In contrast, there are several verses that permit rape and other sexual crimes against women. Qur’an chapter 4 verse 24 discusses lawful and forbidden women for Muslims. . . The Prophet used to take the Pledge of allegiance from the women by words only after reciting this Holy Verse:–(60.12) “..that they will not associate anything in worship with Allah.” (60.12) And the hand of Allah’s Apostle did not touch any woman’s hand except the hand of that woman his right hand possessed. (i.e. his captives or his lady slaves). [meaning non-Muslim women, so it’s fine to go after European women and teens.]

      1. But anti-people perverted values is espoused by all the religions, Marzi, especially the Abrahamic ones. The Old Testament, the Jewish Bible, is full of slaughters of other peoples and rapes, tortures and other crimes, all advocated by crazed Deity who was not only homicidal, but had the vanity of a schoolgirl. And I apologize for slandering schoolgirls.

        Christianity was one of the most bloodthirsty of the religions, so much so that it was necessary separate religion from politics after the 30 year war killed about a third of the central European population. And the Holy Inquisition existed from about the 12th century to nearly the 19th.

        Nevertheless it appears that people cannot live together under a state power system in a particular homeland without a spiritual-esthetic ideology of some kind, so any truth revolution must include a religious revolution to transform the anti-people delusions, superstitions, and perverted values into person-oriented truth. And including the simple truth that there are over seven billion persons on our small planet who must be conceived with cultural respect.

      2. Well, Jews and Christians are misguided. Also, have you ever read the book of Esther in the bible? Talk about a violent, war mongering piece of “literature”!

      3. Wikiislam is the most false misleading fake and untrue site designed to cause damage to the religion of Islam and cause hate from the false translations and misguided opinions. It is all written by anti islam parites. I have read the Koran ..cover to cover ..and all that you stated is untrue or translated incorrect. From my interpretation of my readings it is a very peaceful book and teaches its readers to be tolirent of all religions with absolutely non of the musgiuded and false quotes put out on all anti Islam pages and websites. My understanding of Islam it is the third chapter of one long book. All Muslims beleive in the book of the Jews ( Moses, 10 comardments ect) The Bible ( Jesus) and believe the Koran ( the thitd anf final chapter)was revealed to Mohammed by the Arch Angel Gabriel and is the word of god. The only difference is Muslims do not belive Jesus is the son of god. Please read a religions book in full before making false accusations and spreading false propaganda like this site you shared. I could list hundreds of sites that would prove the misinfo of that site but to be honest I have more important things in my life to be attending. Do not spread hate or you will play straight into the hands of the NWO . Peace -a former Christian now Muslim. (And a fan of Memery Hole Blog)

      1. The cretinous bigotry against Muslims and Jews has largely been fostered historically by the gross deceptions of the Christian religion. Christianity began in Roman-occupied Judea where Jesus and his disciples were all Jews. They opposed the orthodox rabbis of various sects in Temple, who supported the execution of Jesus by Roman execution. Some of the Jews became part of what would be Christianity, some didn’t, and in order to separate the Christian religion from the Jewish religion, Jews were demonized. Anti-Semitism became a traditional part of the Christian religion, and still is.

        When the Moslem religion developed in what is now Saudi Arabia, the Christian religion had largely migrated, along with Roman power, largely to the Greek city of Constantinople. Christianity therefore clashed with Islam, and in the 15th century Islam, under the Turks, captured Constantinople. The Crusades in the 12th and 13th centuries from Western Christianity previously attacked Islam, and attacked the Orthodox Christianity of Constantinople as well.

        A recent book by Karen Armstrong, FIELDS OF BLOOD, defends traditional religion of all kinds from the obvious historical evidence that they tended to instigate violence. This is most obvious at the present time among the Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In the USA war has usually been fostered by religion, whether it has been Atheistic Communism or the War on Terror against Muslims.
        The inheritance of the traditional bigotry is especially prominent in the more primitive sectors of American culture, but it has also extended to the universities and academic tradition which has encouraged it.

  1. I was afraid, as I have been saying for a while, that the US power system would switch over to more vigorous form of police state. A recipe for martial law and permanent war has been released a few days ago by the Pentagon in the LAW OF WAR MANUAL. It is a thousand odd pages of directive, approved by American power, which operatively puts the US military above civilian and constitutional law during times of war, which we have continuously experienced under the War on Terror, and which Obama has stated we will continue to experience for a generation.

    The best short review of its implications has been written by members of the World Socialist Web Site, in four parts. It’s implications are mind blowing, for those who have a mind to blow. That is the future of the USA, given that the economic inequality and subjection continues. And there is no effective opposition to it. It is being done in an age of hydrogen bombs and other weapons of mass destruction, and this Law of War Manual explicitly allows the use of nuclear weapons.

    1. An interesting segment was shown tonight on 60 Minutes. There were three “failures” of security clearance shown: the shooter at the Navy Yard, who allegedly killed twelve of his top secret colleagues; Bradley/ Chelsea Manning; and for real failure-to-detect-disloyalty gold, the guy who is holed up in Russia right now, Mr. Snowden.

      I found the so-called female witness who remembered a lot of her unrecorded, unprovable conversations with Manning (such as his indifference to the American flag as a symbol), one of the worst possible proofs of Manning’s state of mind ever. But I suppose she was there to take the viewer’s minds off Manning’s actual exposures of things like a helicopter attack on a journalist. Imagine 60 Minutes wanting to take the heat off a government which countenances the killing of photographers and journalists!

      No, the common thread of the alleged murderer and these “traitors” is that they are disloyal and unpatriotic, and all prone to impulsive attacks (why Manning supposedly threatened his relatives with a knife and then entered the service to find some kind of focus in his life). Manning it may be assumed is indistinguishable in his previous life from a large percentage of those volunteering for military service these days – very bored, very under-employed, somewhat confused about their roles in life.

      They gave Snowden short shrift in this thing, mainly because, well, he was a lot more technically skilled than the others and he exposed a seriously important truth – that all of our communications, contrary to the supreme law of the land – the U.S. Constitution, which every office-holder much swear to protect – are being recorded and held by our government which they may use at their pleasure. That’s an important thing to make public. Snowden’s refuge in Russia pales by comparison – but the dummies watching the show are supposed to salivate at the bell and think “he was a spy who defected to his spiritual motherland, a man who was disloyal as hell to the homeland.”

      Unfortunately, the slick little piece put over its story quite well. You could argue it was “really” about how poorly the government performs background checks (they had a trio of dumpy looking middle-aged women to represent the ‘heavy’ that was the contractor vetting these people – the most stereotypical-looking dull bureaucrat-types they could possibly find to cast in the role). But it really isn’t about this. It is about smearing whistle-blowers and putting them in the same class as killers who wipe out their fellow employees at the work-place killing.

      Why would you run a story like that unless you were trying to chill further whistle-blowing? Why would you treat non-murderers like murderers unless you were planning draconian measures to make someone who tells ugly truths about the government the equivalent of someone with loose lips who sinks ships? Isn’t this about another war shaping up and the penalties for going against the grain this time around?

      1. It will get worse, Musings. The LAW OF WAR MANUAL operatively maintains that military commands are legal no matter what the civilian law is, including the Geneva Conventions and the US Constitution. And that a soldier should assume this, and he will not be punished for implementing illegal policies against civilians, journalists, dissidents, or whoever.

        Including American citizens. It is not a question of breaking the law because there IS no law; or rather, the law is now the commands of authority. And this will encompass the militarized police as well, or as the Wall Street Journal referred to them, the Warrior Cop. In Boston, where you live, they shut down the whole city and put the population under house arrest under the pretext of hunting a lone teenager.

        Was this legal? The real question is: is the law relevant? Increasingly, there is no law. If a cop wants to shoot someone to death, he does; he is trained to do so. The military is now functioning under the same form of lawlessness. If they want to massacre a bunch of protesters, it is not illegal now, because authority can now point to the MANUAL to justify it.

        And the mass media, and the leadership of both political parties, will sanitize it, as they are doing increasingly. After all, there is a War on, a TerrorWar. And there always will be while the current oligarchical power systems lasts: a low intensity, endless war unless it expands catastrophically. This MANUAL, like the tv programs, are essentially aimed at Americans, because the American oligarchy plans to continue the economic subjugation of the American population. And this inequality can only be maintained by violence. And both the inequality and violence can only be sanitized by deceit, delusion, distraction, repression, and irrationality.

        1. Illegality in the name of the joo. This is where corruption originates. I happened to stumble on a fascinating book recently called the Nameless War. In the book, the author describes how 4 wars started thanks to the machinations of the joos, including Cromwell’s war against the king, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and the Spanish Civil war. All instigated by the joos, just like today’s fiascos in the Middle East. The joo is nobody’s friend once again. This book is a great read, I might add.

        1. I wasn’t so interested in pursuing the Navy Yard shooting, which could easily be a hoax. Given that the general public has accepted it as true, to me the real story was comparing Snowden and Manning with this alleged murderer, whether real or phantom. It could well be a cartoon character, but the relevance is in showing those who leak damning information on the government as both traitors and by implication murderers.

      2. There is an excellent documentary on Netflix called “Silenced”. It covers three whistleblowers related to the US’s handling of terrorists after 9-11. Thomas Drake is one of the storylines; the others are the first CIA agent to speak out against water boarding, and the attorney who worked for the Ethics Committee and GAP office.

        Funny, none of these folks got the kind of coverage Snowden did; they all paid a much, much higher price as well.

        Worth checking out.

        1. The reason that they didn’t get the same media coverage, Recynd, is that they tried to go through the system, which was devised to mute, limit, and defuse exposure. Then they started criminalizing exposing the truth, putting a truther who exposed torture in prison, rather than those implementing it.

          But in my experience in these kinds of things, luck is also involved. You just keep banging away and, more or less at random, a particular truth bomb manages to smash its way through.

  2. Thank you, professors, artists, writers and all other participants in seeking the truth. The reason for all the false flags and distractions was to keep us from seeing WWIII in progress.

    Was going to post the outrage of the gov of MN telling his citizens to leave if they did not want more immigrants from Somali, but a town of 4000 in Germany told they are getting 3000, sounds much worse.

    The stores are looted and closed along their raping, murdering path, the citizens have no arms and have been successfully programmed to obey.

    1. I am rather suspicious of Pamela Geller’s (married name Oshry, until the ‘untimely’ death of her husband) motivations.

      Wiki’s info on her is (to me) telling as well. She didn’t finish her degree at Hofstra (Long Island) but landed jobs at the NY Daily News and then as an ‘associate editor’ at the NY Observer. I would think that took a few connections.

      Suddenly, after the ‘untimely’ death of her husband, and a life which gave no clues as to her ideological leanings, she is coming out with an anti-muslim blog and obviously some funding to run the foundation. Just real intelligent and passionate, I guess….

  3. They’ve always used this format to communicate a message to the slaves. It’s simple and easy to understand. Something that they can mentally grasp.

    Disagree with the “politically incorrect” statement though. It helps to perpetuate the war on terror and feeds the Zionist agenda. As a bonus, it opens the door for a future globalist solution. Even has the US seal of approval next to the bar code.

    I’d even wager that this little project was subsidized.

    Yet the ultimate solution to the evil ISIS menace never gets mentioned. Defunding.

    1. Wow! Never before has comic books been used for propaganda purposes! Oh, never mind:

      To ensure the American public never forgot the concept of total war, propaganda was unleashed in many forms. Most adults saw this in the forms of posters in shops or in short films before a movie. But for children, the rise of a new form of literature that became popular in the 1930s became the gateway for propaganda to be conveyed to a younger generation. The comic book embodied the virtues of what it was to fight evil during World War II. In fact, the comic book still embodies those same virtues today.

  4. Reblogged this on The Most Revolutionary Act and commented:

    People who like this coloring book will also want to check out other Really Big Coloring Book titles, such as The Republic Party – Grand Old Party Coloring and Activity Book and Ted Cruz to the Future: Comic Coloring Activity Book (I’m not making this up). Kinda makes you wonder where they get their funding – from the Koch brothers, the CIA or both. According to their website they “use green technology that’s friendly to the environment.” Thank heavens for that.

  5. Can anyone explain why every Isis flag, and this comic book in question, always displays the following “scribbled but obvious” quote:

                      all !

    In this particular depiction, it appears plain as day above the head of the “Isis” fighter with the flame thrower. It is in gold print in the white circle. In the black Isis flag, it appears under the string of characters.

    Infowars banned me for asking this very question.

  6. Only appropriate seeing as how ISIS is a comical construct in the first place. Someone in the geopolitical marketing arm (Rendon Group? Hill & Knowlton?) of this undefeatable Toyota truck army must have made the call early on that ISIS was too transparently a “brand” made for Western consumption and tried to audible to ISIL. But it didn’t work. ISIS was too catchy. And so the multinational intelligence community responsible for ISIS’ rise were ultimately victims of their own MBAs. –Paul

  7. How bizarre, but I guess easy reading might get people knowing the truth. I’m kinda of an intrigued, although I not big on colouring, but it’s the new crazy apparently 🙂

  8. The current racial struggle at the U of Missouri was preceded by a similar struggle at the U of Wyoming in 1969. Wyoming had a nationally ranked team at the time, largely, as now, by recruiting Black players. They were to play UBY and 14 Black players asked their coach if they could wear Black armbands to protest the exclusion of Blacks from equality in the Mormon religion. They were kicked off the team, and Wyoming could no longer recruit Black players, causing them to lose their ranking.

    The difference in the protests is that the White coach and players supported the Black players in their protest, while at Wyoming, the Black players were completely demonized by Whites. It takes a long time historically for the protests to reach effectiveness, but eventually they will, the arch of history bending toward justice.

    This is important to remember in a racist and anti-Semitic blog like this one. Eventually reason and humanity do triumph, despite racists like Patrick and others, because reason and humanity endure while people eventually turn away from the malice and deceit. They have a enjoyed a revival as US power decays historically and people are afraid as Whites lose power, but eventually people will learn to live together, if we are to survive.

    1. This is important to remember in a racist and anti-Semitic blog like this one.

      Mark, if this is what you truly believe about the blog, I cannot understand why you maintain such a strong presence in the comments sections, unless of course you’re a (admittedly overqualified and probably under-compensated) troll.

      1. That is what I truly believe, professor Tracy, and I am glad you asked. When Obama was devastating Libya, he evolved the notion of “leading from behind.” The Western ideology, and especially the American ideology is decaying and a new revolutionary one is in birth. This ideology, which will expand and replace marxism, will “lead from below.” But what it must lead is an American people who have been indoctrinated and conditioned to support racist violence.

        Marxism assumes that the major form of oppression is class oppression. And within a national homeland it usually is. But if we conceive political and cultural reality from a world historical perspective, then the major form of oppression historically is what I will refer to as geo-heritage racism. This definition of ‘race’ includes both the cultural and genetic memes that unite a people living in a particular territory or homeland.

        The American people have been taught to accept and support violent racist imperialism against non-White people. It is part of American political culture. Under the War on Terror this imperialist policy of Divide and Ruin is being directed against the American people as well as the people of the world. Unfortunately, just as a White worker did not generally understand and accept that Black slavery undermines his own wages and power position, Whites do not understand that that traditional racism against non-Whites undermines the power of White people against American power.

        The only way this can be changed is to change the political culture of the USA. What is ideologically effective in doing so? That is what I am trying to discern in your blog. And in other blogs as well. Also I admire your talent and courage for sticking your neck out, a very rare feat for a working academic, and, in addition, you have journalistic talents that I don’t possess.

        But I am really interested in the commenters, who change over time ideologically in very subtle ways. I intend to include the memes that induce these changes in a theory that I have been working on for many years.

        I have tried to support the blogs that I comment on, given my critical approach, but, as you have no doubt noticed, I tend to be an intellectual primitive and not totally diplomatic. And you are quite right that I am grossly underpaid for this work, still waiting for my first paycheck, but fortunately I have plenty of money so it doesn’t matter. I want to know the kinds of people who change, and what changes them ideologically. The changes are small but over months, real.

        But right wing populism is not my tradition. For example, Rense has a blog where he explains that Hitler was really a nice person, and the Nazis got a bad press for the good work they were trying to do. Given that my grandparents were killed by the Nazis in the holocaust , it is not a position that I enjoy. His position is that Nazi Lone Wolf killings in the US and abroad don’t occur, the holocaust, now an industry of Israel power, didn’t occur, and world war 2, largely a war in Europe between Germany and the Soviet Union didn’t occur, echoing mainstream American history.

        This kind of drivel drives conspiracy recognition into a racist and anti-Semitic mold, making it more difficult to legitimate in the mainstream truth. It also fosters the police state that is currently being imposed on the USA. So my theory aim tends to be conflated, and conflicted, with the political aim of fighting the White racism that will evolve to support this police state.

        Of course it is your blog and you and stop me from commenting at any time, but if you don’t, you have to take the hide with the fur. My aim, or one of them, is to put the conspiracy tradition in anti-racist ideological setting, and that will be revealed when I publish a preview of it in the next few months. But let me assure you that I have no intention of making needless trouble, and that I think that this blog, overall, serves a valuable purpose.

        1. Folktruther….

          I enjoyed that post from you and I want to place on the record that I completely support your position and, furthermore, I think I understand why you continue posting on here despite the sneering responses you often evoke…
          I, too, feel sickened by the blatant racist hatred and virulent anti-Semitism expressed by some commenters on here, but I also continue because of the otherwise high level of educated, articulate debate shown on many topics….

          Its disappointing that Dr Tracy used the word ” troll”…..IMO, that accusation is often used when the accuser has no constructive response to the points being made by the person they are replying to…. obviously there are paid trolls, but it should be clear to anyone that you’re not one of them…

          I admit I was about to give up on this otherwise admirable blog because of its race hate elements, but in light of your comment, I will persist, if only to see how you expand on the idea of anti racist conspiracy theory because, as I think you were saying, the ridiculous race haters are undermining the genuine conspiracy theorists among us who seek to reveal truth and speak it out loud to our wannabe controllers…

        2. Your response is the first one in years, Steven, that is openly and honestly anti-racist. However, I don’t know whether further posting will be possible, because the censorship is increasing, not only here but all over the internet.

    2. I like your constant use of me as a representative example of the prototypical “racist,” Mark. It’s de-lovlely, as Cole Porter might say.

      Here’s why: it’s so obviously nonsense that every time you do it, you reveal what’s really going on with the race-hustle industry. In poker, it’s called a “tell.” It’s the subtle thing that gives away an otherwise very good player’s hand.

      No one with sense could call anything I ever say racist, because I never say anything that’s racist. That’s because I don’t hate anyone just because of their ethnicity. You, on the other hand, can’t see that. Because you know full well I am not a racist. I am a “racist”–one of your weird constructs. Not a racist. A “racist.” An imaginary thing.

      I don’t know how you will react to James’ thoughts about your persistence here. Most of us who stick around here like what Tracy is doing. We find it true, and valuable. You like to denigrate it. You also delight in denouncing the ideas of people who feel comfortable here. You are definitely a weirdo, because of this. Do you hate us as much as you seem to do? If so, why don’t you just go away? And what is it in you that drives you to make up all these imaginary accusations of “racism”? Either something is gravely wrong with you, or, as Dr. Tracy postulates, you really are a troll.

      1. Here’s a great take on race:

        “In his 1926 shorty story, “P. and O.,” Somerset Maugham wrote, “Singapore is the meeting place of many races. The Malays, though natives of the soil, dwell uneasily in towns, and are few; and it is the Chinese, supple, alert and industrious, who throng the streets; the dark-skinned Tamils walk on their silent, naked feet, as though they were but brief sojourners in a strange land, but the Bengalis, sleek and prosperous, are easy in their surroundings, and self-assured; the sly and obsequious Japanese seem busy with pressing and secret affairs; and the English in their topees and white ducks, speeding past in motor-cars or at leisure in their rickshaws, wear a nonchalant and careless air. The rulers of these teeming peoples take their authority with a smiling unconcern.””

        For the record, I composed my response to Mark’s irrational rant at the same moment he was doing, and we both went to moderation. Ships passing in the night Reading his response to James’s remarks, I appreciate the nuance in Mark’s response to him, and while I think the ideas expressed therein are entirely nonsensical, I see his point. If I had seen that comment before I wrote my own, I would have written differently. Notwithstanding that, my main point stands: it delights me when Mark accuses me of racism, because it is as easily disproven as if he accused me of being a quarterback for the Chicago Bears.

        It’s hilarious, Mark’s notion of “racism.” It is stupid on its face, yet it somehow has power to attract people to believe it.

        The problem is that his view is the same one that the mass hoax that just took place in Missouri depends upon–and the media supports it 100%. Racism is a myth. In America, the only racists are black people, and they only hate white people because people like Mark encourage them to hate white people, making up fake history to justify their dissatisfaction.

        But this is entirely predictable, according to my theory–which is being increasingly borne out every day–that Western civilization is no more, and this new civilization will soon evidence no traits of the on that once was the West. The Christian civilization of the last 1,500 years is being expunged, before our eyes.

        It’s unfortunate that Mark is an atheist Jew. And he can’t see how unfortunate this is. He decries what he calls “anti-semitism,” but his advocacy of the under-construction New World Order, his love of the destruction of the multitudinous cultures that emerged within Western Civilization, his delight in the prospect that none of it will soon exist, plays right into the hands of the anti-semites he complains about. This site is chock-full of people who think the Jews are behind all of it. It’s ironic, and I’d call it delightfully so, if it wasn’t so tragic. Mark provides these theorists with all the “proof” they need. He’s a Jew, and even though he doesn’t believe in the God of the Jews, or the Bible (much less the Talmud), he’s really enthusiastic about he destruction to the civilization we all grew up in. Even though he’s a white person, he delights in the prospect of the day when there are white people no longer.

        You see, I believe the Bible. I can’t, therefore, hate the Jews. I can’t be an anti-semite. God, essentially, is a Jew–because Jesus, a Jew, is God–the visible Yaweh.

        So here we have Mark. A Jew who hates the Jews, and decries Jew-hatred–in the name of building a sort-of neo-Marxism (which his response to Tracy outlines). It’s all very weird. But my love of the Jews stems from the fact that every page of the Old Testament has Jesus in it, many of them clearly predicting His coming. Christianity is Judaism fulfilled. All the early Christians were Jews who recognized that the prophesies were fulfilled. Their predicted messiah had come. Jesus, himself, on the “walk to Emmaus” (Luke 24:13), explained that.

        All this talk about Jews is guaranteed to send me to moderation, but it’s early enough in the day that, presumably, it will be released in time for the late night folk to read it.

        To sum up, my thesis is that sad souls like Mark have no idea that they play right into the hands of the enemies they identify. And, in truth, I am his best friend, even while he regards me as his true enemy. I am no racist, and am a lover of the Jews. The people he thinks his philosophy will appeal to will hate him, when they come to power. But then, what is it the man said? Who is it the revolution consumes? Robespierre? Danton? I forget.

        1. You make strong points except that the Talmud is not Torah and vice versa. Talmudism is self-worship, institutional deceit, and extreme race hatred of the ‘other’. It drives the agenda of world hegemony.
          I don’t know who ‘Mark’ is and I don’t honestly care except for the fact that he uses the ‘anti-semitism’ canard to quiet anyone from thinking. That is enough for me to think that he isn’t an ‘atheistic’ judaic.

        2. It’s hard to say. He claims to be an atheist, and to have been saturated in Marxism (he once said he used to pester dockworkers in Los Angeles, trying to get them to help start a revolution–presumably because those overpaid middle class family men are so horribly oppressed by the running dogs of American capitalism). Communists are atheists.

          The thing about Jews, in my experience, is they are proud of their heritage but don’t explore it very much; they often know very little about the Bible, much less the Talmud. If they really studied the Old Testament they would be very tempted to become Christians. If they really studied the Talmud, they would truly hate Christians. I see very little of that.

          The Jews are not like ants, or bees, all cooperating and coordinating, functioning as a singular hive mind. Most Jews I have known think of their ethnicity the way I think about being Irish–it’s peripheral, and does not affect my daily living. It’s nice, but not that important.

          In one way, though, in their uniform refusal to acknowledge that Jesus Christ fulfilled all the messianic prophesies of the Old Testament, they DO function like that. They are like Frankenstein’s monster: God, who created them as a new, separate, nation, out of parts of the existing nations, had a purpose for them. Like in the myth, they turned on their Creator, refusing to keep up their end of the covenant He made with them. But then, don’t we all (turned on our Creator, that is)?

          Lest this simile sound offensive (I sure hope not), remember that God is endlessly forgiving (it’s why He put on flesh and let Himself be murdered for His trouble). He loves the Jews, no matter what the dark masters of the Talmud attempt to do to the world God loves so much. He will never break His covenant with them, and they will, in the end, “look upon Him whom they pierced,” repent, and request that He return, and rescue them from their horrible folly. Their calloused, stoney hearts will be replaced with new ones of soft flesh.

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