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Flurry of Negative Reviews Attack New Book

Numerous “trolls” and “shills” have harnessed the world’s most popular retailer to attack Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, posting an array of “one star” reviews and derogatory remarks on the book’s Amazon page. The collection of essays was released October 22, edited by Prof. Jim Fetzer and author Mike Palecek, and features in-depth contributions from several academics and independent researchers.

A telling aspect of this controversy is that many of the reviewers admit they have not even read the book before submitting their review. There is the strong probability that this is part of a more elaborate organized campaign led by the well-heeled parties that have directly benefited from the false event.

On the other hand, reviewers who have made the effort to purchase and read the book are unanimously submitting “five star” reviews, often with detailed commentaries.

“A titanic war is taking place on amazon.com over this book,” Fetzer explains to MHB. “Everyone who has read the book has posted a 5-STAR review. A blizzard of 1-STAR reviews is appearing from a legion of phonies, trolls and shills.”

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 9.47.08 AM

For example, here is one of several very positive reviews.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.02.28 AM

Such reviews are offset by very negative assessments, such as those below, one of which dismisses the volume as “fictitious propaganda.” The second review is submitted by “HONR,”–referencing Lenny Pozner’s “HONR Network,” the dubious organization that has filed bogus copyright claims against the media outlets of independent Sandy Hook researchers.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 9.38.17 AM

The editors and contributors of NDASH are seeking to get the word out against a clearly coordinated program to suppress the evidence and expert analyses encompassed in the book. Here is a recent presentation of the book by Fetzer on his interview program, The Real Deal.


Fetzer also made an appearance on Susan Lindauer’s Covert Report, broadcast on Truth Frequency Radio.


Jim Fetzer delivers a shattering analysis of his brand new book, “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,” which relies on his legendary research into primary sourcing to expose the absolute incongruities of that day. Backed by photos of the crime scene– before the shooting ever took place– Fetzer shows how the psychological operation was planned and executed. Keen observers have noted puzzling omissions of death certificates for the 20 children and 6 adults who allegedly died that day. And the absence of blood saturation from the crime scene.

But Fetzer takes it further, examining ballistic reports that no way did shell slugs at the scene get fired from Adam Lanza’s gun. The ATF report that neither Oto Lanza nor his mother frequented gun ranges in the Connecticut area, and therefore could not be labeled “gun aficianados.” Once again, whether you agree with all of Jim Fetzer’s conclusions, his research is highly provocative and necessary to a complete analysis of whatever events transpired— and did not transpire— on that day. It’s another great interview with a tremendous guest, with a genuine expertise in false flag and psychological operations. He makes a powerful argument that Washington’s playing “Operation Gladio” with unsuspecting American citizens for the sake of ramming gun control over the resistance of America’s untrusting citizens. This interview is Jim Fetzer at his best!

The entire interview is available at Truth Frequency Radio

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  1. The use of logical fallacies is one of the best ways to determine if a commenter is being honest of not. A “One Liners”, one short sentence contending the commenter is delusional is an example. You can google the phrase logical fallacies to get a good handle on what they are and what to look for. The trolls will even accuse you of making a logical fallacy when it is not so it’s a slippery slope when dealing with the underworld. Good luck and always seek the truth.

    1. You’re right about Jefferson, hski. He said more than once that people who didn’t read any papers were more knowledgeable than those who did, and said he seldom read them himself. But then, what was the Free Press and what was its real function as opposed to its Ideal function. Under the Terror War it just serves a propaganda function, but what was its function before it became the corporate media.

      Is it possible to have a real information press when it is financed by business advertising? And if not, how should it be structured.

    1. Thanks for this suggestion, legioncult.

      I went to amazon and did as legioncult suggested and reported the 1 star reviews as abuse. It wasn’t hard to refute all of the bad reviews as none offered any argument against the book at all.

      I urge everyone do this, as it would help to eliminate the one-star reviews whose only purpose is to bring down the ratings of the book.

      In the report abuse comment box, I mostly said that the review attacked the authors without reviewing the material or offering any counter-argument; that the reviewer uses invective or disgusting images; review is nothing but name-calling; that the review’s only purpose is to pollute the star rating of the book.

      Read some of the comments on all the reviews while you are there. I was especially disturbed by the comments of “Emmanuel Goldstein,” about whom I reported this abuse:

      “Inexplicable naming of author’s family and hometown constitutes veiled threat from reviewer.”

      What a backstory to this!

      1. That woman ( can’t remember her name) that has a new about how her kid died at Sandy Hook has been truth bombed by all of us calling Her book a fraud at Amazon

        All of these reviews are filed under the “1 Star” but are at least they are there for All to read.

        They too have asked Amazon to remove all of the comments calling her book a fraud.

        Amazon responded and said all and any comments, bad or good will stay.

        So, it’s a good thing.

        Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

        We trash her book, they trash ours. At least people can read all reviews and make their own minds otherwise we all get censored.

        1. I think so too, Ric. When Oliver Stone’s movie RFK was being made, an enormous and unprecedented media attack was made on it six months before and after it was released as well. 9 million people saw the film and 50 million, according to Stone in 2011, were reached by it in other ways.

          The best thing that could happen to this book is if Obama wrote a critical review of it, echoed by the NY Times and Fox News. Americans have been lied to by American power so much that we are becoming more sophisticated, slowly, and are drawn to the current controversy that they focus on.

        1. Thanks, PeaceFrog

          The article states:
          “Amazon spokesperson Julie Law said the company uses “a number of mechanisms to detect and remove the small fraction of reviews that violate our guidelines… We terminate accounts that abuse the system and we take legal action,” Lew said.”

        2. Would you, folktruther, would focus on them? Your advice is so valuable.

          The report abuse button is vestigial, having been smashed to irrelevancy by so-called truthbombers.

          So it’s a numbers game, pure and simple. No thought to it.

          I feel nothing for this game.

        3. I’m certainly glad that you value my advice, Toni, even though I’m not a policeman that you admire so, and haven’t shot anybody. But when I read a review, it is what it says and who says it that makes an impression, not numbers. But perhaps I’m not typical.

        4. I’ve been monitoring police activity in the field since the day LAPD officers were acquitted in the Rodney King beating case. I went down to South Central and videotaped the neighborhood when cops WOULDN’T go, and later that night, when they locked down the city in a curfew, I went out and confronted police.

          That was 1992.

          Since then, I’ve belonged to a group of 1st amendment activists. We use photography, video and now live-streaming to publicize the interface between police and political speech. I offered to exhibit these documents here, but was blown off.

          What do you do, folktruther, about ANYTHING, besides moralize about people for whom you have no respect?

        5. I’d be interested in seeing the work you do, Toni. I must have missed your post(s) about your activism; this is the first I’ve heard about it (though it doesn’t surprise me at all…you seem very “dialed in” [that’s meant to be complimentary]). I try to read all the comments, but I get overwhelmed by the sheer numbers sometimes.

          I was finishing up at CSUDH (“Cal State Duh”) in 1992; those riots were serious business. You have major cajones to insinuate yourself into that, even for the most noble of reasons. Props to you. Do you have your work showcased anywhere?

        6. Thanks, Recynd. I didn’t post anything about it so you didn’t miss anything. I’ll post something soon in the Freaky Fridays thread for you.

          “Cal State Duh” heh

        7. Really, Toni. But how does that square with your assertions that the police are on the side of the people, and we shouldn’t try to separate them. And when a musician’s van broke down in the middle of the night, a cop instead of getting him help shot him to death, while you argued that we didn’t know what happened.

          And what do you mean that you tried to exhibit the documents here but was blown off?

        8. Why should I write out my argument again? You haven’t addressed it the last four times you’ve accused me.

          Perhaps my perspective is informed by years of interaction with police. They are dangerous and we can easily make them more dangerous. Or we can try to claim them away from the increasingly federalized police state.

          Or, perhaps its that, unlike you, I’m able hold two thoughts in my mind at once.

          Talk about a flat earth.

        1. yes, cal, he was the Trotsky figure that the power system focused on as The Enemy, as occurred in Stalin’s Russia.

        2. Actually, Orwell was right tactically but wrong strategically. He thought historical tyranny would emerge in the communist countries, underestimating the vitality of Free Enterprise. The US power system has evolved from what marxists called a bourgeois democracy to what might be characterized as an Orwellian oligarchical terrorism, Proclaimed and Pretending to be a Democracy.

          The oligarchy is based on money, violence, and untruth. A few hundred families control the banks which hold the stocks of the corporations. Oligarchical money finances the Electoral candidates who promote their policies once Elected.

          The control of the Elected controls the legislation authorizing money for the military and wars. The creation of the CIA under Allen Dulles gave Wall Street control of the secret police, and other violence organs.

          The ownership of the corporations mandates control of the corporate media, of Free Press as it is known ideologically. The universities, churches, and other truth organs are financed by the oligarchy so the American people are subjected to Orwellian untruth, where what is Proclaimed or Pretended is precisely contrary to what is operatively done.

          Money, violence, and untruth, the trilogy of Orwellian oligarchical terrorism.

        3. Excellent description folktruther. Jefferson would have said, “the only honest information coming out of the main stream media is the advertisements. And yet every Sunday morning I just know millions of idiots are listening to all the garbage being spewed by the talking heads and believing it to be truthful. Very disconcerting.

        4. Actually, Toni, I’ve had experiences with the police as well. but you are right, I only have one thought at a time, And charming the police away from a police state was never one of my thoughts.

          It seems that you developed new thoughts since 1992. I’m familiar with the Rodney King case; indeed I live not far from the court the set free the police that brutalized him. You now find it too dangerous to oppose the police who shoot Americans, torture them, hang young women in cells, put them in vans to bash them around? You now think these police are on the side of the people?

          Does the rest of your Civil Liberties group think so as well?

  2. Shouldn’t Lenny “The Poser” Pozner be at DHS headquarters planning his FAKE son’s THIRD fake death at yet another fake school massacre?

    I don’t think Lenny Posner’s thirst for Fraud was quenched by Fake Massacre #1 (Sandy Hoax) or Fake Massacre #2 (Pakistan). Lenny’s fake kid died at BOTH those shootings.

    The million dollar question is, “Where will Noah fake-die next?”

        1. What I find most puzzling is why the comments are disappeared before they are even finished. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are being monitored.

          On the other hand, some complaints about moderation could be unreasonable. I realize how urgent it is to publish every thought immediately, but life is such that other tasks have to be attended to as well.

          However, in my opinion, given the necessity of reasonable delay, I think that the harassment is going to get worse as the US power system gets more despotic.

        2. Gosh. Well, that means, James, that somebody is taking you, and us, seriously. I suspected as much.

        3. I tried twice to post a comment on another of Tracy’s posts the other day and neither one showed up even to say “waiting for moderation.” Both times when I attempted to submit the comment, it took me back to the top of the site page. I scrolled down hoping to see that the comment was either submitted or in moderation and could find absolutely nothing, even a blank area where one can submit a comment (where at least I thought I would see my unsubmitted comment). I’m not even sure this one will make it past whatever is going on.

        4. That’s the kind of thing that happens, Ramona. Part of it may just be random harassment by the powers that be monitoring the site. I don’t think that after a while American power can allow individual expression on the internet if they can stop it.

        5. Folk,
          It just happened to me again. Yesterday 3 times.

          Comments don’t go to “Mod” anymore as Ramona said.

          They just get “Holes”

          If Tracy is paying a dime to NSApress, I’d get my own site while you still can.

          Matt Drudge said (whether you like him or not) if you got something to say do it now. Get your website.

          The Axe is a coming…

        6. Yeah, it’s happened to me too. I copy them now. If you do that you have to change it after you paste or it will get rejected. I think it works on the word count. Some sort of “Lenny algorithm”.

  3. What we have is a battle line drawn between truthers and government. None of the “reviewers” have any passion to support the Official Story or to defend the lies of the parents.
    There is a deliberate attack on critical thinkers as the edge their way into Mainstream by making enough noise as to not be ignored any longer. The attacks on these Sandy Hook characters’ books on Amazon had to be refuted en masse. You can bet that only the government could organize, employ and retaliate that quickly. HONR group doesn’t have the resources.
    This is an attack on our First Amendment and an attempt to bring Freedom of Speech to the forefront of debate as far as the Internet is concerned.
    What constitutes “hate speech”? Where do we draw the line?
    TPTB want the Internet to be regulated, monitored and controlled.
    We are seeing the gradual process that will bring it about. We will actually become accepting as they implement “security measures” by consensual agreement.
    This has been one of the main agendas of Sandy Hook since the beginning.
    The Internet is that last frontier for freedom of speech that captures a vast audience through Alternative Media. It is, perhaps, the greatest enemy of the state.

    1. I agree about the reviews. But the internet keeps people from communicating — my guess is it won’t go until they decide to drive the bus over the cliff. (IOWs this is virtual it’s hardly a reflection on political movements in the past. Thousands and thousands of people would show up to hear Debbs speak, ect., when travel was much more difficult. It’s also how they watch your every thought so to speak.) It’s hardly a “threat”. People say that over and over, I sort of laugh to myself. It starts sounding like a commercial!)

  4. It is not right that Amazon allows people who have not even read the book to make comments about it on their product page. That’s no different than making vile comments about any other kind of product that you never even used, just because you dislike the manufacturer or seller of it.

  5. Lenny Posner is nothing but a two bit jail goof who will eventually be behind bars for his treason. Hopefully he gets lined up in front of a firing squad because i would be the first in line to put a bullet in his forehead.

  6. Redsilverj, published 2 days ago; 10,393 views presently:

    MSM Angry that Amazon.com Hears the Truth About Sandy Hook Hoax (Redsilverj)

    Nurturing Healing Love: A Mother’s Journey of Hope and Forgiveness:

    ^ check what amazon’s doing wrt their “Common Core Math” calculation for their “4.8 out of 5 stars” average. Four + Five-Star reviews presently add up to 77%. One-Star reviews are 22%. That averages out to about 4.0 stars average. Yet amazon somehow figures that works out to a 4.8 star average review?!?

    Amazon is also deleting comments supportive of the 1-star reviews; though leaving behind “This comment was deleted on [date]” breadcrumbs.

    1. Wow I just checked the amazon listing again for that hoaxtress’ ‘Nurturing yada yada’ emotion-tugger SH book. It’s game-on with the review-wars! Only yesterday, as I documented here:

      …there were 325 total reviews; 73% 5-star, 4% 4-star, 22% 1-star.

      just now: 436 total reviews; 76% 5-star; 3% 4-star, 20% 1-star; with amazon’s Common-Core-Math™ still arriving at a 4.8 out of 5 star average…

      Get busy SH Truther amazon registrees (I’m not one, living overseas for years now!).

      Amazon could really improve their X-star-review averages by, for example, providing 2 averages: one of them, where all (amzn registrees) can review/comment; but then a second X-star-review average, which only counts reviews from verified buyers of the book. This would squash this book review astroturfing nonsense like a bug! And, books where there’s a vast disparity between the “all reviewers” star average, and the “verified buyer reviewers only” star average; would put the lie to books which have had fraudulent, organized review-astroturfing campaigns.

  7. Calling Lophatt, author of:

    …or anyone registered & able to post comments at amazon: Delphi-Deanna Spingola’s SH book, with a chapter dedicated to ad-hom smearing SH Truth researchers (we suffer from various psychosis, groupthink, yada yada); has currently been astroturfed with four 5-star (shill) reviews, making the average 5.0. I have no idea whether amazon is fiddling with the reviews, though it’s difficult to believe no one in the SH Truth community has submitted any 1-star reviews:

    …esp in light of Delphi’s (& Co’s) war against SH Truth; deconstructed here:

    Could Lophatt, and/or any other amazon registrees, post Lophatt’s (1-star) review to Delphi’s book listing? A single 1-star would bring it down to 4.0 stars out of 5… to say nothing of the effect of further 1-star reviews. That is, if amazon doesn’t use Common-Core-Math™ to calculate their average star rating, as they’re doing with that SH actress’ book at:

  8. I sampled the book on amazon and was amazed at Mike’s meandering, stream of consciousness introduction. His history of false flags in poetic style just muddies the waters. Front and center should be Sandy Hook. Jim’s preface is a lot better for putting logic and argument first – this is what is impossible to attack. I would have started with the no death certificates as the first lines anyone reads. As to the amazon government-paid-idiot-squad attackers in the one star area, they have very few neurons with which to criticize, but they still lower the rating.

    1. I would guess, Marzi, that most one star reviewers are Sunstein infiltrators; why would a normal person bother writing a revue about something he dismisses as out of the question.

  9. No matter what the PTB do to stop it… i predict this book will reach millions of people eventually. You know I don’t even need to read the book. I am pretty sure I’ve already read much or most of the contents. I previously mentioned a near fist fight at the top of a ski lift after I mentioned that Sandy Hook was a staged event and no children died. This man had a near violet reaction to my opinion. The F- bombs came pouring out like Niagara on viagra

    I wonder what would have happened if I would have mentioned I didn’t believe the Holocaust or the moon landing either?

    On some topics with certain people… are off limits to questioning. I don’t know where that comes from. I should have also told him the 911 attacks were orchestrated by the US gov’t. He would have errupted like Vesuvius.

    1. The problem, Derek, is that some people have had a strong emotional reaction about the ‘massacre,’ including bad dreams. Therefore when you say that it didn’t happen, you are in effect invalidating their emotion, and therefore their identify as a person.

      An intelligent guy who works for me had just such a reaction, and could not consider the evidence apart from his horror of the event. Fema was probably counting on such reactions to legitimate the occurrence. But after a while, sometimes a long while, the historical truth gains currency.

      You are most likely completely wrong about the holocaust and, especially, the moon landing, but you are entitled to your (wrong) opinion. Some events are fantasy operations, some are not. Indeed, the vast majority are not; you go by the evidence. I think it was Peace Frog who said that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

  10. It is interesting that the Seattle Times (and other papers) published an article on the supposed manipulation of Amazon reviews, on Oct. 31, just about the time that Fetzer’s book came out and the planted negative reviews started. Coincidence or not?


    The only noncommercial instance of manipulation that the newspaper article mentions is the negative reviews given to Scarlett Lewis’ story Nurturing Healing Love (about her (supposed) son Jesse’s death in Sandy Hook).

    For those who want an impression of Scarlett Lewis, you can find an interview here:
    Actually, she is a pretty decent liar, well-rehearsed and almost believable, although she mentions almost no details about actual events (except for the point about little Jesse getting shot in the forehead). She mentions that little Jesse drew several “precognitive” painting, in which he predicts the manner of his death (in one, an “angel” confronts a “badman.”) I found this implausible.

    Elsewhere I did find her making one obvious blooper. In a Stamford Advocate article, she says she revisited SHS at around Christmas 2012 and observed, “It was devastating, the destruction and damage. I’ve been going to that school for 12 years.” At that time her oldest son JT was 12 (i.e. born year 2000-2001). He could not have enrolled at SHS until 2005 or 2006. So why was Scarlett Lewis visiting the school before then?
    (See http://www.stamfordadvocate.com/local/article/Mother-of-Sandy-Hook-victim-finds-healing-in-4170771.php).

    (By the way, another Sandy Hook book, Newtown by Matthew Lysiak, also received mostly 1 or 5 star reviews, with few in between.)

    1. “So why was Scarlett Lewis visiting the school before then?”

      She was preparing for her one of a kind son who crawled around in his crib as a newborn. All the nurses were in awe according to Miss Scarlett.

      The Scarlet Letter was also a work of fiction.

      1. Yes, I had to read it in school.

        That’s a very good question. Halbig has posted some documents on Rense. It would be interesting to see what sort of activity there was in that time frame for internet using their email addresses in the documents.

        I studied them for a while, but there are holes in the narrative. There are police activity reports as well but they don’t say anything.


      2. Actually I think that Scarlett is telling the truth here or rather, she has let the truth slip out. In the period 2004-2006, she was working for AG Edwards in the municipal bonds program. AG Edwards was probably working on a plan to issue municipal bonds to cover the costs of tearing down the defunct, asbestos-ridden SHS. Instead, the Sandy Hook school district was recruited to go along with the SHS hoax, which would completely take care of their financial problems – and Scarlett was recruited as an actor in the drama. Isn’t it funny/convenient that she stopped working at the same time that the SHS scheme was started, in the 2006-2008 period?
        By the way, Scarlett, why are there no photos of you and your supposed child Jesse, or JT with Jesse? I don’t know any parent who doesn’t have pictures of their own kids, or of their kids with their siblings, and many of them. And where is Jesse’s birth certificate, or your marriage certificate in 2000?

      3. What is also noteworthy is that the “official story” stated that “The Governor” told the parents that there children did not survive.

        But Scarlett said “some doctor approached her and got on his knee and said “I don’t know how to tell you this but your son is dead”.

        What I wonder is who is the father of her older son JT ? Since his last name is also Lewis and Jesse was Heislin’s only son what kind of family dynamic do we have going on there ? Scarlett has children from multiple fathers and names them all Lewis ???

        1. The alleged father of the alleged Jessee Lewis, one Neil Heslin, once proclaimed that he would drive from his home (Shelton) to Sandy Hook every morning to pick up Jessee. They would stop for donuts on the way to school. Now, that is one dedicated father driving one half hour every morning when a school bus was available. It must be that bonding thing.

          Miss Scarlett and Miss Kaitlin were the designated post tragedy heart warmers. The rest of the cast split between gun grabbing, fund raising and “mental awareness”. Wonder if there is infighting among the ladies about who’s given the most lucrative exposures.

          And no official news about real estate appraiser Robert Hoagland from Sandy Hook who vanished over two years ago.

        2. “His wife, Lori…is hopeful he’ll be found.” (Quote from a recent update in the Courant about the now-missing-for-two-years Robert “Hoagie” Hoagland)

          I had a dog, Skipper, who would just wander off sometimes, but he usually wandered back home when it was time to eat. I did learn something that Lori might find useful, in the days (then weeks) following that fateful evening when Skipper DIDN’T come home for dinner: “Hoping” wasn’t a particularly effective strategy for finding him. In fact, even my most fervent hoping garnered results nearly indistinguishable from “wait(ing) and see(ing)” and “doing nothing”.

          But I guess “hoping” sounds better.

          Godspeed, Hoagie Hoagland. Godspeed.

        3. Thanks John. I see that Heslin also has a record from California. It must be hard to obtain “gainful” employment with such a background, but he fits right in with the SH cast of characters.

        4. As for Roig… why is it she never mentions her unusual behavior which is described in detail in the official affidavits filed by the troopers (Section 16- State Police Emergency Service Unit Reports, page 57)?

          “Tpr. Poach and I entered the classroom and I approached a closed door in the corner which was blocked with bookshelf. As Tpf Poach posted on the door, I moved the bookshelf and ordered the individual(s) out of the closet and identifying myself as a state trooper. After several verbal attempts, I attempted to open the door and observed the door handle was locked. I asked tall police officer from an unknown town for his badge so that it could be slide(sic) under the door, so that the individual(s) would knew we were the police. I received a master key, I was kneeling, Tpr Poach was posted over me and the unknown officer was against the wall. I unlocked the door handle, as I attempted to push the door open it was forced close, the unknown officer held the door open once I was able to push it open. When the door opened I observed numerous children in a small bathroom with blonde female teacher holding the children back. The teacher began to yell at me “You’re not the police, I don’t believe you”, she repeated this several times and which time Tpr Poach grabbed a couple of the children and the others followed. As the children exited the bathroom they were passed off to the officers and escorted out of the classroom. I stayed kneeling and the teacher stayed motionless against the bathroom wall, continuously repeating “You’re not the police, I don’t believe you.” Once the last child exited the bathroom I reached in and grabbed the teacher, later identified as Kaitlin Roig and she became hysterical and I physically escorted Roig from the school exiting through a classroom door at the [redacted] corner.”

        5. That is interesting. The Telegraph has a different version of the story:

          ~A short distance away in a classroom with 14 young children, teacher Kaitlin Roig, 29, also heard the shooting. She rushed her pupils into a bathroom in the classroom, barricading the door with a bookshelf. As some began crying she attempted to reassure them. One child said: “I don’t want to die. I just want to have Christmas.” Ms Roig, who was eventually able to lead all the children to safety, said: “I knew it was a shooting immediately. “I told all of our students that we had to get into the bathroom. I had pulled a bookshelf before I closed the door in front of it, so we were completely barricaded in, and I turned the lights off.”~

          Miss Kaitlin said that she “pulled a bookshelf before I closed the door in front of it, so we were completely barricaded in, and I turned the lights off.”

          Picture 15 (or is it 14) children already in the small bathroom. Our heroine is busy hauling a bookshelf to the front of the bathroom door. Does the door open inward or outward? She has to get through that door to join the kids. If it opens outward the bookcase is in the way and once inside she won’t be able to pull it closer to the door. If it opens inward, and it’s already so crowded in there that kids are standing on the toilet paper holder, is the door slightly ajar so she can jump over the bookcase, squeeze through the opening and close the door behind her?

          Miss Kaitlin eventually led all the kids to safety according to The Telegraph, but not according to the official affidavit John posted above. Can we blame the scriptwriters for these conflicting stories?

        6. Neil Heslin and Friends.

          March 24, 2010

          “A longtime friend of Shelton developer James Botti portrayed a key government witness Tuesday as a man who was angry over a failed business deal and therefore threatened to claim Botti had bribed Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti. On Tuesday, the defense called Neil Heslin of Shelton, who testified to hearing an argument between Botti and government witness Andre Czaplinski.”

          August 28, 2014

          “James Botti, the Shelton real estate developer sent to prison during a federal probe into corruption within City Hall, was released to a halfway house Tuesday.”

          CNN portrays anti gun advocate Neil Heslin as a former marksman. The last paragraph gives us more insight into his son’s now world famous paranormal skills on the ground and in the air.

          Two excerpts from CNN sob story on June 17, 2013:

          ~…..the two would hold each other and Jesse would confide: “We’re best friends and best buddies!

          ~At the tender age of 6, Jesse had become interested in politics during the November election. He couldn’t pronounce the president’s name: “Rock Bomber” is what he would say. The two planned a trip to the nation’s capital for spring so Jesse could learn more about the nation’s history.

          On December 13, Jesse’s mind was far from that trip to Washington. He was thinking of the gingerbread houses he was to make with his class the next day. Father and son stopped at the Big Y grocery store before they headed home. In the newsstand section, Jesse flipped through a gun magazine. That wasn’t unusual. His father was a former marksman and taught Jesse how to shoot a BB gun, always standing over him and showing him proper shooting techniques.

          Searching the pages, Jesse stopped on one bearing images of three guns: a Glock handgun, a Sig Sauer handgun and a .223-caliber Bushmaster. The next day, Adam Lanza entered Sandy Hook armed with all three.~

          (Just wondering, are gun magazines displayed on low shelves at grocery stores?)

        7. That’s easy. She probably had the two teachers who crawled out a window push the bookcase for her on their way to Subway.

          I must confess, the image of her screaming; “you’re not police…”, hysterically is completely consistent with her current demeanor.

          The cop has the door opening inward, apparently. I can’t reconcile the brave Kaitlin with the hysterical Kaitlin.

          As to Scarlett, she’s almost as believable as Veronique. I’m as curious as Recynd about the name.

          As to Skipper (Hoagie?), Hoagie, come home. Most people at least call the pound when their dog goes missing. He must be playing cards with Judge Crater.

        8. Anne, there’s a term for stories like that…codswallop.

          Imaginary people doing implausible things in unlikely circumstances. They certainly assembled a cast of desperadoes for this production.

          “Rock Bomber” is pretty good for 6. If he’d reached 9 he could have taught him “drone killer”. With all of these scams its hard to imagine him finding the time to nurture the lad like that.

    1. ok here it is -Amazon calculates a product’s star ratings using a machine learned model instead of a raw data average. The machine learned model takes into account factors including: the age of a review, helpfulness votes by customers and whether the reviews are from verified purchases.

    2. I think they factor in the hypotenuse of the rectangle, squared plus the IQ of the reviewer, minus the magnetic declination in the area the review was posted.

  11. If anyone is interested in watching, the premier of the new film by James Jaeger, entitled “MIDNIGHT RIDE – When Rogue Politicians Call for Martial Law”, you can do so tonight between 7:00 and 12:00 p.m. CST.

    From the website: HAVE you noticed the police and surveilance state being quietly built around us since 9/11?

    MIDNIGHT RIDE — the sister film to MOLON LABE — explores what would happen if the dollar crashed taking the world financial system down with it? How would this police state be used in the ensuing civil unrest? Would martial law be declared? If it were, would this be Consitutional? Should such martial law be obeyed? And what is the purpose for JADE HELM 15? The concerned citizen should be asking these questions.

    MIDNIGHT RIDE — inspired by the book, BY TYRANNY OUT OF NECESSITY: The Bastardy of Martial Law by Edwin Vieira, Jr., available at Amazon — explores the nature of martial law and how it relates to the Second Amendment and militia clauses in the U.S. Constitution.

    The final running time of this film is 111 minutes and features patriots such as Chuck Baldwin, G. Edward Griffin, Larry Pratt, Pat Buchanon, Ron Paul, Sheriff Richard Mack, Stewart Rhodes, and many more. The website is located at http://midnightride.us/trailer/

    1. Dub,
      You got it backwards…..

      Brads the Tranny, Jenny is just an average man.

      867 0309

      I have her number, it’s written on the bathroom stall wall.
      Where have you been for a good time? HaHa

  12. Dead Sandy Hook Teacher Found Alive- Turned Transgender- Living As a Man

    So Ann Marie Murphy was supposedly one of the teachers killed on December 14th, 2012, when crazed killer Adam Lanza opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Here’s a picture of her.

    Well it turns out Ann Marie Murphy is now living as a man named Michael Murphy. And not only that…but Michael Murphy attended her own funeral!


  13. The link above to Amazon for the Nobody Died at Sandy Hook book doesn’t work anymore.

    And when you search for the book within Amazon it takes you to a page with no reviews and strange pricing.

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