Another Casualty in America’s Growing Police State

South Florida media have been abuzz over the past week concerning the shooting death of 31-year old Corey Jones by a plainclothes police officer who reportedly did not show his badge during their encounter.

Corey Jones. Family photo via WPTV

Yet there’s an especially disturbing wrinkle for major news media, who have expressed reluctance to cover the story because Jones was a licensed gun owner who had a handgun on his person at the time of the shooting.

“The tenor of the coverage has been wait and see,” the Palm Beach Post observed on October 22.

One national producer … who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the network had not authorized her to discuss the story, said her network lost some of its appetite after Jones was found to have been carrying a weapon.

As of last week Al Sharpton was headed to town, and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office has summoned the FBI for a more “objective” evaluation of the crime scene. “Reverend Al’s” plane has yet to touch down in Palm Beach, even though vigils and peaceful protests have been held, and Jones’ family attracted the legal services of Benjamin Crump, the attorney who gained significant notoriety for his representation of the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown families.

A professional drummer, Jones’ SUV broke down on a highway exit ramp in the early morning hours of Sunday October 18 while he was returning from a performance. He was reluctant to leave the vehicle given the expensive musical instruments in his possession. At 3:15AM, as Jones waited for a tow truck, Palm Beach Gardens police officer Norman Raja, who was reportedly working a robbery surveillance beat, drove up in an unmarked white van, and exited his vehicle dressed in jeans, t-shirt and a baseball cap.


According to Crump, who was briefed by a state attorney, Raja never showed his badge to Jones. “It’s unclear what Raja said to Jones,” the Post reports,

but he said he saw a gun and fired six times. Jones, 31, who had a legal concealed carry permit, never got off a shot. He ran from the scene before collapsing 80 to 100 feet away. His gun was found somewhere between his body and the SUV.

Crump asserts that Jones likely died without every knowing that Raja was a police officer. and experts agree that this is a possibility.

Crump carried a gun because he often played late night gigs and had to transport expensive equipment to and from performance spots. Yet he also encouraged family members to legally obtain a firearm for protection if they felt it necessary.

There’s indeed the strong probability that Jones’ race was a factor in the slaying. (Incidentally, Officer Raja is a Pakistani.) Yet there’s an argument to be made that Jones’ choice of self protection has likewise disqualified him as an ideal victim for the nation’s corporate news media and the “Black Lives Matter” movement to rally around. In fact, Jones brother, a professional football player, more than subtly chastised Black Lives Matter in the wake of the tragedy by declaring that “all lives matter.”

Along these lines, what is almost entirely beyond the realm of mainstream discussion is the fact that police throughout the country are being trained with military-style weaponry and tactics. There is thus a predisposition to assume the mindset that accompanies such training, making law enforcement increasingly poised to recognize the citizenry at large as an enemy–particularly if such a citizenry chooses to exercise its Second Amendment right.

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65 thought on “Armed Black Man Doesn’t Fit “Black Lives Matter” Media Frame”
  1. I have been following this story recently and the first thing that came to mind was that he was legally armed,and I muse , so how are they going to spin this event ?
    I would love to see the “black lives matter” group approach a Hilary Clinton ,Ben Carson or Donald Trump rally and try to grab a microphone !! Oh wait that won’t happen, they get their marching orders from an alphabet agency.
    But it would be entertaining event…
    Just wait until the military weapons equipped police start harassing veterans with the same firepower.
    All lives matter !

  2. My understanding of the law here in the Midwest is that a policeman can approach a motorist, as a policeman, only if his car is marked or he is in uniform. Which is as it obviously should be. A guy in jeans and a t-shirt exiting a civilian-looking vehicle deserves no deference; he could be a crazed, drug-addicted killer.

    In this case, it turns out, he was (well, maybe not the drugs part–but who could know?). Hopefully, the state will execute him.

    Unless, obviously, this story turns out to be just another hoax.

    If Corey Jones had shot and killed the lunatic who rushed him, I would have regarded him a hero. And I would have shouted from the rooftops that police out of uniform, in unmarked vehicles, should learn from this event. Instead, it went the other way. Sad.

    It’s funny. When some thug terrifies a cop, and the cop shoots him, the corpse is examined, and if he did not have a gun on him the media will endlessly describe the miscreant as “unarmed”–as if the cop knew that before the altercation took place. Here, a mad-dog, lunatic cop (unless, of course, this is not just another hoax) actually murders an ARMED man, who didn’t have the presence of mind to shoot his assailant first. Perhaps the copper assumed that his victim was unarmed.

    But, as Bubba’s wife once said so famously, what difference, at this point, does it make?

    1. Aye, there’s a good chance that the killing of Corey Jones was a scam and false flag.
      I might add that here in Connecticut, if a person comments that Sandy Hook was a false flag, said commenter will be summarily roasted, insulted, and criminalized by the vast percentage of state residents. The Hartford Courant is in bed with Malloy the governor, he’s protected like Obama is protected by the national media.
      Until we crack this tight control over media and learn how to deal with the extant corruption, there is no hope. Everything is being thrown at us by the state and Feds and it’s an uphill battle to gain traction against these perps.

      The PTB are having their way with us, we’ve got to find a way out of the Gordian knot. Would Ben Carson take money from less than savory individuals to become president? Would he, like the rest of the clan sans Trump, do anything to get elected? He does not strike me as unprincipled, the rest sans Trump do.

  3. I’m in favor of gun control. Also bomb control. The guns and bombs should be taken away from the military, police, intelligence agencies, mercenaries, and other violence agents that are targeting the American people.

    Until that happens, the American people should arm themselves, especially non-White people who are targeted most frequently by the police. As US-America sinks deeper into the despotism being formed by the capitalist oligarchy, the American people are going to be shot and brutalized more as the economic inequality deepens. The inequality can only be maintained by political brutality, and both can only be legitimated by deceit, delusion, distraction, repression, and irrationality.

    Indeed, there is a real question as to what extend the police shooting of non-White persons is not part of a campaign of some kind to create a race war. This would implement a Divide and Ruin policy in domestic affairs in the same way it has been institutionalized in foreign affairs. Taking the guns away from the American people would make this Divide and Ruin policy easier to implement.

    1. It’s the job of every America lover to fight the Witch from Waukegan and keep her big nasty butt out of the White House.

      Failure to do that will result in each of us getting a one way ticket to the FEMA camp of our choice.

      1. If you think, Gil, that Hillary Clinton is the only presidential candidate who will install the last stage of total tyranny in our government and culture, that explains quite a bit.

        The only problem with the ‘men have fragile egos’ adage is that it fails to specify some men…

        1. Sue, instead of blather, how about you name names? “That explains quite a bit”. Are we accustomed to talking in Babelesque riddles? Arguably there are loads of pathetic, Israel-bribed stoolpigeons running for president and virtually all would have to please Israel because all are bribed and blackmailed and very vulnerable to the ways the joos do things. This I readily agree with but this does not get you off the hook for your vague implications that wend off in unknown directions. Are you fearful of naming names? Or, are you worried about being challenged?
          The wretched taint of pedophilia infests our political structures, our court dockets and our judiciaries, let’s not ever forget that.

          Don’t get me wrong, I know you are trying to defend Hillary in a way that does not scream out loud but the readership is likely up to your tricks. The last step of tyranny will likely be administered by space aliens, anyway. So, in a clever way, you have sneaked a controversial theory into our discussion. Had I a fragile ego, I would have said “you have snuck a controversial theory…..”.

  4. Crump asserts that Jones likely died without every knowing that Raja was a police officer. and experts agree that this is a possibility.

    I agree too.

    Plain clothes officers should make it Very clear they are police officers.

    I saw them in action the other day and I didn’t know who were the Bad or Good Guys until it was over. It was really bad how they handled themselves.

    1. Yeah, let’s look at that. There was a time, in my lifetime, when cops were told to use “minimum” force. To do otherwise was a crime.

      Now they are taught to empty their magazines at a suspect. In other words, kill him. Further, they almost NEVER deescalate a situation. They arrive, barking “orders” and demanding that the recipient obey instantly.

      “Resisting”, verbally or physically is not an excuse for execution. If they are too scared or have insufficient skills to do their job, they should find another.

      Today we find ourselves debating whether or not it was “justified” to blast away at someone based on how they reacted to a police contact. Think about that. Unless someone actually pulls a weapon and tries to use it, what could possibly excuse killing someone on the street or in their home?

      Cops are simple creatures. They select them that way. If they know they will get into trouble by killing and beating the citizenry, they’ll avoid it. If they know that all they have to say is “I feared for my life” to get away with murder (literally), they will.

      I told my son that I would rather see him folding towels in a whorehouse than I would see him be a cop. I meant it. As you may have guessed, I have very little sympathy for them. I would not call them in any situation.

      1. When people call Obama an “idiot”, how wrong they are. He was brought here to destroy America and he’s doing a swell job. The book he reads daily is very short, very simple. He follows Lenin, Marx, and Alinsky, all Bolsheviks who have patiently waited for their time to infest, infiltrate, and destroy this nation.
        We have no defenses against this, the tribe has paid everybody off. Judges are suspect, many are dirty, as are the Congress and other government creepos.
        As I look over the rotting hulk of America, I realize that our interface supporting the commies started a long time ago. Look how we supported the commie Stalin, the commie Mao, look how we denigrated the commie hunter McCarthy. It’s ironic, isn’t it? We projected the dire need to fight communism, but we were in bed with commies from the get-go.
        But, Americans have taken the bait and are too into their materialism to fight the scourge. Schools are horrendous, students are being brainwashed as we speak.

        Used to be a good country, now failing miserably at warp speed…..

  5. It’s difficult to judge what happened here, as only the two men were there. However, the circumstances of the event are less important here than what the political ramifications.

    The point of the post is this: “…there’s an argument to be made that Jones’ choice of self protection has likewise disqualified him as an ideal victim for the nation’s corporate news media and the “Black Lives Matter” movement to rally around.”

    Black activists, like Rev. Sharpton, have not taken up Jones’ case because being armed does not fit their narrative. Apparently only UNARMED Black Lives Matter.

    This exposes the dark obverse of the Black Lives Matter agenda: they support gun control, not just cop control, because “good” blacks do not carry guns, even legally.

    1. And thus ideologically(and paradoxically), Black Lives Matter is a White Supremacist organization. Not to mention a George Soros front group. You have to admit the “power structure” is slick.

      1. Rico, I think it’s a neutering organization, to make people less powerful by making them victims. But they have to be the right victims, properly unoffensive, meaning “unarmed.”

        Notice how often activists use the adjective “unarmed” to describe a victim. They are crafting an image of a “good” black who’s not a threat because he doesn’t carry a gun. This is an image they want emulated.

        It’s beyond racism; it’s like it denies someone their personhood, or adulthood. Their sovereignty. Like they can’t make their own individual choices for themselves.

        Of course, certain people and organizations want to do this to us all, but with Black Lives Matter, black people have their own organization targeting them, especially the young.

        1. And that Toni is precisely what I mean. Not all “white” people are supremacists, but the agenda of all supremacy IS to “neuter” its victims…incapacitate, or what the Brits used to say: “pacify” them. Serving supremacy makes one by definition a SUPREMACIST organization. Black lives matter is designed to pacify the victims they claim to represent…standard operating procedure for an OP. Can ordinary citizens be conned into NOT serving their interests? Sure…it’s called an election campaign. Can a whole peoples’ be conned to NOT serve their own interests? Hmmm….that’s why Soros’ funding is so relevant.

      2. Just more social engineering Rico, look up the history behind the “Phelps-Stokes Fund” of 1911.
        Robert F. Arnove, ed., Philanthropy and Cultural Imperialism: The Foundations at Home and Abroad (Indiana University Press, 1980), pages 180-181

        1. Ted is right. Black Lives Matter is like the Phelps-Stokes Fund in that they both assume “stewardship” of populations considered problematic to the establishment. They know “what’s best.”

          And, importantly, they both use their paternalistic “concern” to cover the execution of political and business maneuvers that benefit themselves.

          I.N. Phelps-Stokes was a real estate developer who made his fortune building the tenements in New York City to “help the poor.”

  6. It is not known what happened in this case. But it is known that Blacks generally are massively more criminal and violent and politically organized against law and order and that police are consequently less likely to deal with Blacks aggressively.

    Wait and see if we were normal … ; wait and see Whites be automatically blamed if standard racist ‘anti-racist’ rules are applied.

  7. Adding to the notion that White cops shooting non-Whites is a planned race war are the comments of the head of the FBI, Comey. He is arguing that there is a “Ferguson effect” which prevents cops from doing their jobs and increases violent crime. That is, that demonstrations, and attention on cops gunning down non-White Americans are causing violent crime.

    This is an open attempt to prevent the punishment of police murder, justifying further killing. This is Obama’s appointment. Obama is arguing against this softly, but would Comey openly argue on the side of police killing without political support?

    It appears, as it does in foreign policy, that there is an non-visible form of power that is driving domestic policy.

  8. My personal opinion: it actually didn’t matter whether the victim was armed or not(except for PR spin purposes). What mattered was this victim aggressed on NO ONE & therefore didn’t deserve to be outright murdered like that! Also, this story(if true) in a perverse way justified the man being armed….for psychopaths like the cop who murdered him.

  9. James Lancia is a retired police officer from the Bridgeport, CT Police Department. Interesting interview on Red Ice about his timely book.

    James Lancia – Downtown White Police: Why the Establishment Turned on Cops – Hour 1 October 26, 2015

    “Downtown White Police: Demonizing the Alpha Cop, Glorifying Thugs, and Militarizing Law Enforcement is a take-no-prisoners exposé of the forces at work in American society that are leading us down the dangerous path to a militarized police force.

    Former police officer James Lancia excuses no one for what is happening in the nation today. Rather, through a riveting blend of real-life cop stories and social and political analysis, he explains the situation like only an insider can.

    Downtown White Police discloses not only the disturbing fact that our police are becoming militarized, but also explains why this troubling trend is happening—and why it has little to do with race.

    What’s more, Lancia reveals how the media, the entertainment industry, politicians, and social justice advocates are shamelessly hyping the news and creating a false paradigm that demonizes the alpha cop and glorifies the criminals in order to fundamentally change law enforcement into an agent of the federal government.

    Whether you’re concerned about your own safety or about the future of our democracy, your eyes will be opened to the reality of crime and the need for citizens to act in order to preserve our civil liberties—before it´s too late.”

    1. Anne, I always have a difficult time being understood on this topic. There are several themes that are often to premise to people’s arguments.

      Before race, there is “class”. There is the myth of what the function of police is, and the reality of who they actually work for.

      There is an implied responsibility to “respect” them. That obligation is based on the belief that they work to protect all of us.

      There is also the matter of whether a person should attain instant respect because they wear a badge of authority, or whether they should earn respect through their actions.

      There are many other smaller themes that run through this. Comparing what I see today to what I saw in London in the late 60’s may be a good example.

      The English cops, by and large, earned respect. They were out on the streets, among the people, without guns. I witnessed several arrests, no once did I see one of them “personalize” it. They politely placed the alleged offender in custody. If they resisted, they used whatever degree of force was necessary to affect an arrest.

      Those days are over in Britain. They have adopted the American style of policing. That style roughly translates to the people are the enemy. They represent the officials and the moneyed interests. They are there to keep a lid on the eaters and return as much in fees and fines as possible.

      They have been militarized by design. Even before that, they were thuggish. Many come to their defense by implying that it is a dangerous job. The statistics do not back that claim. Besides, they chose to do the job.

      While the rich guy down the road might get instant and polite service in the event of a burglary, the “lesser” sorts get nothing or end up sorry they bothered to call. They simply haven’t the time for that.

      The longer this legalized murder and thuggery continue, the more it will escalate. So, while I realize that killing or beating a black, or latino is wrong if it is simply because of their race, I maintain that they are fairly “inclusive” in their abuse. About the only people who aren’t targets are the aforementioned wealthy or politically connected.

      We could easily do with at least a fifty percent reduction in the sheer number. Strip them of all the assaultive equipment. Instead of teaching them tactics, they should teach them manners.

      In most places they would do well to oust the Mayor and let him take his cops with him. Few professions are in more serious need of careful screening. None of this is likely to happen. It will never happen as long as people are willing to put up with it and make excuses for them.

      1. lophatt, same here. My interaction with police in my lifetime has been almost zero except for a speeding ticket in California. I was doing the legal limit of 45, but the cop said I was doing 75. It was at the end of the month and a quota had to be met. I had no time to fight this bs and paid the 75 dollar fine. The other time was when someone broke into my apartment, again in California, and stole all my jewelry. The Latino gang members were caught by a fluke by CHP, but my jewelry was not recovered although they found plenty belonging to others. Some of my jewelry were family heirlooms.

        Bridgeport, where this retired police officer worked, is as gritty as they come on the east coast and with corrupt city officials to boot. I read and pay attention to these stories about police brutality, but have never witnessed such a situation myself. Hope I never will.

        As for London police in the late sixties – oh yes. One late evening a friend and I had been out dancing and missed the last tube to the suburbs. We approached two bobbies with our dilemma because we did not have enough cash for a taxi, although we had a cash reserve where we lived. The two very kind bobbies got us a taxi and promised the driver that these two lovely ladies would pay him the full fare upon arrival. Which of course we did. To this day I recall how kind and helpful they were.

        lophatt, did you by any chance attend lavish and crazy new years eve parties at the American Embassy in London in the late sixties? No? Yes? I think I remember you – you were dancing on the tables with a bunch of others at 4 in the morning. I was very young and even at that time mused about American taxpayers paying for such lavish affairs, and if they even knew about the party budget there.

        It was good to be alive in those days.

        1. Anne, sorry to disappoint but my circle at the time was quite a few rungs down the ladder from the embassy balls. Now, dancing on tables “may” have been me. It’s more likely that I was making music for others to dance on the tables down at some pub or nightclub.

          I was in my early twenties then. Later, I came back as a “government official” and “could” have been invited to such an event. Despite the change in occupations I was still practicing my avocation.

          Yes, those bobbies were generally real gentlemen. They smiled and tipped their hats. You didn’t get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach like I do when I get too close to our Stasi.

          Just as an aside, the U.S. Government paid us a clothing allowance and supplemented our room and board. I’m almost embarrassed to admit how many really nice suits they bought me. They insisted that we dress to the local standard, and we did.

          Of course, after work it was Levis and sweater time. This talk makes me nostalgic. Despite the fact that most had little spare money everybody had fun. Rents were controlled and things were cheap. Of course there was the non-digital money to deal with. I laugh today at clerks struggling to make change with the U.S. currency. In those days anyone falling in water was sure to drown.

          Back here, I too have had the pleasure of being burglarized. I have also had several very nasty encounters with “Officer Friendly”. I’ve never been a big fan of boorish, autocratic thugs.

          I grew up in California and the cops used to hassle us teenagers for the fun of it. It was awful. I turned in several with the help of my father, all to no avail. Finally a band mate of mine got his father to write columns about them in the newspaper. Luckily for us he was a columnist with quite a following and it was election year. They left us alone for a time after that. I can still see them glowering at us.

          Once I actually had my car broken into while I was in a restaurant. They stole my leather coat which had my checkbook in it. I turned in a report. A few months later a local bowling alley called to say there was a guy trying to cash one of my checks and they told him that they didn’t have sufficient cash but to come back later and called me. I called the cops and couldn’t interest them in going over there. He even used his own name when he signed my check.

          So yeah, on balance, I’m pretty under-impressed. I’ve only scratched the surface here. I didn’t even mention the lying. That’s how you get to 75 from 45.

        2. Hi lophatt, I’m getting nostalgic too. I can relate to your fond memories. Where my friend and I got stranded was here:

          “The Hammersmith Palais de Danse, later simply the Hammersmith Palais, was a ballroom and entertainment venue in Hammersmith, London, England that operated from 1919 until 2007. In 2009, the Hammersmith Palais was named by the Brecon Jazz Festival as one of twelve venues which had made the most important contributions to jazz music in the United Kingdom.[1]
          The Palais occupied a large site on the A219 at 242 Shepherd’s Bush Road, London W6, near the circular system under the A4 Hammersmith flyover. The area, one of London’s key communication nodes, has two London Underground stations, a bus station, and the road network at Hammersmith Broadway.”

          London had some fantastic jazz clubs in those days. Café de Paris was the crème de la crème of night clubs. The key was to go there without a date, leaving the possibility open of meeting “a tall, dark and handsome stranger” out of a romance novel or two. As you know, London was very cosmopolitan back then in a glamorous way. Perhaps I went to some of the places you played?

          3 minutes from Café de Paris in 1929:

        3. Wow, Just listening to both of you sparks something in my soul.

          Awesome, I saw images of old, Americana, France, Germany. England.

          Like a movie in my mind hearing both your words and thoughts as youth.

          I remember too all the fun times and challenging times that became Fun After they were over..Haha

        4. Ric, you are the best – class clown or not.

          This was supposed to be a discussion about a black musician meeting his end way too young and in a horrific manner. The same fate was bestowed upon other young, black musicians – not due to a gun, but to bombs.

          Regarding Café de Paris again – this from Wikipedia:

          ~During World War II, on 8 March 1941, the café was bombed soon after the start of a performance[4] and at least thirty four people were killed[5] and around eighty injured[6] Two bombs fell into the basement ballroom down a ventilation shaft and exploded in front of the stage.[5] The victims included 26-year-old bandleader Ken ‘Snakehips’ Johnson,[7] his saxophonist Dave “Baba” Williams,[8] other band members, staff and diners.~

          ~ Guyana-born swing musician Ken Johnson and his band ‘The West Indian Orchestra’ were signed as the club’s resident swing band. Johnson was nicknamed ‘Snakehips’ Johnson due to his smooth dance moves.

          Saturday 8 March 1941 began like any other but ended in tragedy. As ‘Snakehips’ and his band took to the stage, revellers gathered on the dance floor. Before the band could reach their first chorus – of the contemporary hit ‘Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, How You Can Love!’ – an almighty crash and a flash of light shook the building. Two German bombs had fallen through the Cafe de Paris roof and landed in the centre of the dance floor. At least 34 people died that night and around 80 others were injured, among them servicemen and women and most of the band, including ‘Snakehips’ himself. ~

  10. Is it impossible to see this incident for the tragedy it is?

    Maybe it went down like this.

    Here’s a guy, a musician, waiting at night in a van with all the band equipment. Because this isn’t the first time and so he won’t be robbed of the livelihood of the band, he waits with a licensed gun. He sees a car pull up and a guy get outs. As the guy walks up, the musician keeps the gun in sight to warn him off.

    Here’s the cop. He’s on the lookout for suspects in a fresh armed robbery, who are probably dangerous, when he sees a parked van with a guy in it. He pulls up to check it out and gets out, hand on his gun. As the cop walks up, he sees the other guy’s gun. Words are shouted. Melee ensues. The less-well-trained man is killed.

    Is it not possible that these were but two men whose perspectives clashed tragically?

    Maybe the incident doesn’t signify some big political point. Maybe saying so makes the same assumptions Sharpton made in choosing not to adopt Jones’ case.

    1. A nice story, Toni, you could write for the mass media. All you have to do is to take this event out of the sequence of events where White cops are killing and brutalizing non-Whites. Therefore there is no political, or racist, point, just a personal tragedy. Or you could blame Black Lives Matter for a cop killing a musician stalled by the side of the road, instead of the cop calling for backup.

      The major cultural problem in the USA is not class, it is race. And the racism is not the braindead bigotry of some of the MHB commenters, but mostly the kind that you exhibit. The operative pretense that it doesn’t exist and it’s best not to think about it.

      What you are doing here is operatively justifying the police murder of an American who has committed no crime, and not only is not protected by the police who he pays taxes to support, but is murdered by them. As I would guess that the majority of White Americans would do. Making it more likely that a White cop will kill a non-White American the next time.

      1. Mark, I have to say that you were found and America was lost in your second paragraph. Please, define this distinction between how ‘race’ and class were somehow distinct and separate in the history of blacks. This exact notion answers any questions people on here have about jews.

        1. There is a professional-managerial class of African Americans, Sue, that tends to sell out the main Black population in order to maintain their opportunities to profitable serve the White power structure. They defuse the opposition of the African American in organs like NACCP and Black Lives Matter.

          Jews have a financial class that now supports Israeli imperialism against the interests of the world Jewish population. The biggest source of anti-Semitism is Israeli imperialism, which allies with Southern Republicans while most Jews are Dems. Israel fosters anti-Semitism to get the Jewish population to support Israeli imperialism.

          The Nazis in Ukraine, for example, are often led by Jewish oligarchs, like Kolmonoisky. The coup in Ukraine was largely orchestrated by Soris, A billionaire Jewish currency speculator who finances corrupt rand and file organs.

          The ruling class of a heritage race, which includes both cultural and genetic traits, often leads one race against anther historically to serve the power interests of the class. Viewed from a nation or race, class oppression dominates. But ruled from a world historical perspective, racial oppression dominates.

  11. And that’s exactly what I mean, Toni. Certainly, not all “whites” are supremacists, but the goal of a supremacist is to neuter the opposition. The goal of “white supremacy” is DOMINATION and/or CONQUEST of the victim(that’d be true of ALL supremacy). The very fact that an organization can be coopted to attack those it serves illustrates my point: they pretend to fight the very EVILS they
    ultimately represent. Hence, the George Soros element.

  12. I just reviewed the latest unjustified shootiing in south carolina by police. No charges against the cop. Big surprise.

    The dash cam footage showed the cop was clearly in no danger of being run over and yet he killed a 19 year kid. His first reaction may have included shooting out the tires since he was so close to the car and it was barely moving. But he shot to kill and could have killed the passenger as well. I don’t understand it. This kid was executed for evading police. Please go look at the video and tell me if you think the cop was in any danger. More over-reaction by a hot head. My guess is this cop was another gulf war veteran accustomed to shooting first because he was always in danger.

    It reminded me a lot of a deputy sheriff in colorado who pulled over my limo van as I pulled into a convenience store for coffee. I had no idea he was after me as I exited the limo and reached in my pocket for coffee money. he was ready to draw his gun.

    1. there is another factor, Derek; the conflict between the cops and the American people have gotten so bad that the cops are afraid. about ten years ago I was stopped on a main street of a bourgeois town that I live in evening because a headlight had burned out. I got out of the car to get out my driver’s license before the cop came up, and he was nearly trembling, even though he could see my wife and child in the car.

      I explained that I couldn’t even remember the last time I had killed a cop, but he still insisted that I get back in the car, although he didn’t give me a ticket. Now I wouldn’t dare joke with the cops, since they have apparently been trained now to shoot to kill first. I don’t see how this can keep from getting worse.

      You are the first commenter, Derek, that has argued against the police shooting people in the current killing campaign, outside of myself.

      1. Folktruther,

        Have you considered that maybe part of the real agenda here is to alienate people from the police, and vice versa?

        As evidenced above in this very blog post, these “cop shooter” events are cherry-picked to be as racially inflammatory as possible, and then palmed off as emblematic of all police.

        Ever wonder why the entire power structure, from the President on down, comes out to censure the police? It’s to make them sinister. Untrustworthy. Separate from the community. And where does that put them? On the side of the elite.

        So, what you have, in theory, is a police force that is alienated from a populace that is unarmed. This makes it a much safer world for elites whose fear for themselves grows daily.

        These shootings are publicized in order to disrupt any solidarity between the police and the people. Cops are recruited from regular people. They defend them. They are the natural allies of the people, and should be expected to stand with them against any threat.

        Instead, cops are demonized, and people, rather than cooperating, are encouraged to demonstrate their imagined outrage at every police encounter.

        Before you ask, yes, I know there are racist police incidents, and inexcusable police shootings. There is institutional power abuse of every stripe. I live under the aegis of the LAPD. I think you know their reputation.

        1. No doubt scrambling for something “incriminating”. Isn’t it grand to live in a place where one can be summarily executed for breaking down?

          There are even more of these inexcusable tragedies than there are hoax shootings.

        2. I think, Toni, that your defense and whitewashing of the police murdering the non-criminal would be echoed by a large fraction of the American people, perhaps a majority. The American people have been conditioned to identify with power and authority, and have been instilled with a contempt for the people ruled by American power.

          And that is why they, and you, approve of the police state that is currently being created in the United States, although this would usually be consciously denied. it is not possible to increase the economic and racial inequality without increasing the political brutality needed to enforce it.

          And both the inequality and the political brutality are justified and legitimated by deceit, delusion, distraction, ideological repression, and irrationality. Of the kind that you provide. You have a scholar’s respect for truth, but it is overridden by a contempt for people.

        3. You mischaracterize my argument and do not address it in any case.

          In fact, I’m surprised wordpress let you post this comment because it’s identical to your other posts, down to your litany of “deceit, delusion, distraction blah blah blah…”

          But congratulations, folktruther, you finally have most of the commenters in a thread agreeing with you.

          I abandon you to it.

        4. Toni, is it invasive to ask what ethnic background you come from? I’ve noticed certain ethnicities have cultural tendencies regarding the cops. Some seem predisposed to see them as benevolent, and vice versa. Personality, character and life experience obviously weight heavily on one’s posture towards them, too.

        5. It’s because, Toni, most Americans have a thin but basic sense of human decency. They don’t think it’s right that cops kill motorists whose cars break down on the road. And this is not just because they don’t want to be shot, or their family, or that a society cannot persist that allows this kind of thing, but because it is morally wrong. You are exceptional in this regard.

        6. When you are dead, you don’t know you are dead. It bothers only other people. It works the same way, Gil, when you are stupid.

        7. Oh, no, Mark. When you wake up dead, you instantly know bloody well the trouble is only beginning: you will soon stand before your maker. And you won’t make snide, snarky comments to those you encounter as you await your appointment with the Big Guy. It’s best to prepare for that eventuality while you can (read my Stairway book for some tips in that regard).

          As for stupidity, that, too, can be remedied, in lots of cases. Stopping watching television is a start.

      2. What? Either I’m low blood sugar. Or you are arguing cops are scared, and they kill. I can tell you they are trained to act like that and are rewarded for it. Paid leave. I doubt even Nazis had that.

  13. Folktruther/Mark has managed to spin a pakistani likely murderer cop into a white one. Next he’ll claim anglo women are raping black men in the US and female anglo children are raping pakistani men in the UK.

    1. What is White, Sue, outside of yourself of course, is the oligarchy of billionaires, multi-billionaires, or aspiring billiionaires who own and rule the USA. They establish a White professional truth Elite, our intellectual Superiors, which they embed in the media, universities, and other American truth institutions. This produces a White truth consensus which formulates the truth from the perspective of the White oligarchy.

      But in the violence organs, especially the dangerous ones like the military and police, they use non-Whites to the extent that they can, legitimating the brutality that is politically necessary to enforce the gross inequality occasioned by their stealing from the American people anything that isn’t nailed down. These cops, White and non-White, are trained to kill and brutalize the American population White and non-White. They are justified and legitimated by the White media and other White truth institutions, and, increasingly, by White fascists like yourself.

      This cop is going to ‘prosecuted by a White Harvard corporate lawyer who is currently the State Attorney. He supports the White oligarchy even more than you do. So White justice will probably be done, and it will be done to both White and non-White Americans, as it has been for the past few centuries.

    2. The layers of irony here are beyond amusing. The Folkiedecieiver is a Jew who hates white people, so perhaps he agrees with you, who holds the (very odd) view that Jews are not whites.

      This gets a little tangled up, so I don’t blame the reader for getting confused. I’ll try to go slow.

      Mark (the Folkiedecieiver), hates Jews, as much as he hates “whites.” I think all he likes is…well, I can’t say. Just blacks? Here, in this story, we have an East Indian (Pakis are just Moslem Indians) whom he regards as a white guy. Maybe it’s because he’s a policeman who’s not black–so he MUST be white.

      My head is starting to hurt.

      So Mark, a self-hating Jew, also hates himself for being white–or if he agrees with you that Jews are not “white people,” perhaps that cancels it out–he’s not white on both counts, so he can once again feel good about himself?

      I’m confused.

      Allright. Markie hates everything he may or may not be. And he hates Moslem Indians, too, evidently (I wonder if he color-grades the Pakis; the light-colored ones are DEFINATELY hateable, the swarthy ones almost honorary negroes, making them good guys–unless, of course, they are police). I’m guessing the reason he’s an atheist is because he hates God for having not made him a negro.

      I remember chatting here some time ago with Mark about that swarthy fellow (the New Your Times called him a “white hispanic”) who saved his life by strategically placing a small chunk of lead in the chest of his would-be murderer (it was a negro who was systematically smashing his skull into the pavement, as if he was trying to open a coconut). For Mark, that Puerto Rican-looking guy was white.

      And the murderous thug was an innocent child. Because he was a negro.

      OK. I give up.

        1. As long as I can get everyone laughing along with me, the effort in composing my thoughts about your bizarre racial fixation is worth all my trouble, Markie. You are truly a gem.

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